Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Noubert A. Newton
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Noubert A. Newton
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Estate of Noubert A. Newton
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Newton, Noubert A.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
Holding Location: Enid M. Baa Library and Archives, Virgin Islands Department of Libraries, University of the Virgin Islands
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'~ecious In qhe Sqght Of 'ie Lord
Is Tlie eathi Of l s Saints."
Psalms 115:15

9ubert9 kxander9wtot
F.eruary 6, 1911-7une 12,1993
'ewuing at Ocrist Church Methodist
: .. rfday, June 18, 1993
S9:00 A M. 10:00 A M.
SService at 10:00 A.M.
CAfist Chutrch Methodist
Interment at Western Cemetery g. 2

(^ t n^

N9pubert AUexander tiut
Husband, Fathr, Uncle, Gmndfatfer, Brother & Frieut

oubencrtA ander wtonwas boonb F7oebruary6, 1911 onTortoa, Britsih 14rin
Islnds. Siyears nater, he movedtoSt.' gtomas, irPin Islands ieree h reaeivedhis
fonf elementary education. I th an intense desire tofurther his educationt f goafs,
uben pursued4his studies through consyondence cunrse including architecture
drafting and became a Licensed DrftsmnwrL t eing satisfied with his past
acconWpusments,heatterndtedfie 'st Indin ConopanyTlrdeSc~fidforfouryears.
InstructorsaddsuperiLfSOrs wT reT i ,-sedwidith Nubertn ssffsasoa!.uf smlan anld
disability to impar toothers wiat he hadacquiredin theoryandpactice. Asaresutt,
the 'West Indian Company hirndhim as a Construction Forman andpromotedhim
toConstructionSuperintetndnt, apaoitiont wiuirh he held for fory tuo years.

Afterhis retirement in 1970, tpubert uwa retained by West Indian Conyany as a
Bui&fngq Consultant until1985.

(pubert wa aa faithffiuandcontributing member of Crist Church Mietwadst fiom
theageofnine.9esangtenorin tliechurni chiirforma nyyears,anduasinstrumenta
in drafting the pansfor the new manse, Wes;ey 9Methodist Church andte addition
toChristCWurdw.9& ubert was a memberoftlte finance andRopertyCo~nimett and
afo served a Ciape(Stewardfor many years.

. As f spoon, fn uann andgenerous indnviduaf, Nbeukn wasa truegnt(dean
in every sense of the word

N~uben serwedhls od faitifu(ly and quiet.

On MaCb 9, 1939 Noube&rt manied his childhood sweetheart, the (ate g adys
Baschufte, andout of that union came two ch idren Mae 9 wtonm-&avis andsi"th
A. wet on.

jpubert went to his etenarnst on June 12,1993. 91 wui be missed by oaf.

May ris soutrst in peace...

Ocr service

Tribute 6y Jubilaires
1st lW iing John 14: 1.3, 27 ............................................................ Otey f%4X
96jnm 600 M methodist Hyjmn BoofC
2nd' paying PRmans 8:35, 37-39 ..................................... .ntrop L. -aduiro
Tribute By (11.-OO A.. Cfoir)
Tribute by Edr rm o NAfnton
SenIum ................... ........................................ r W..........W Gumbs
Lord's I'ayer
cessiona4Hynm .................................................. making Gmce (894 SantIy)

!.'fAi ibute b M9y fatfi er

For off tfe years I can raf you fwve a(wus 6n there for me.
youguidWedm with wisdom ndpanptien, enn staodba6&and watchedme

I nreaze nowhowd2ffcum f it must hove been tosaoy in tM h6aejgmundas I maff
my own m.istaks, but you never turned awj.
you aouwa believed tMat I uouid mafw the rinht decisions nd find my own
e'aniJmu !Daddyfor your never ending faith in me.
Yourswttenessandyowursmifestwer a(ays there to mao myGfe easier.Youhave
given me so much that I coudnever repay.
I wi a( wys tfionkftc ordfor giving me toyou as your daughter.
Daddy, there wifl never be a dia that I won't thinkof you.
I *uow that you are now in the arms of your Jesus, in th company of my bdoed
1 Dady I wif miss you.
your LovigDaughter, M(ae

-mrandfatheryou met yourLordin the moving when tlet day uwsdt its Bst, and
Shis presncne came fik sunrise as you wnt toyour eterntlrest ...
I wi ffmiss you very much qrandfather, I wifafways rrnember andcherish my
memories of alT the happy times.
Gmnndfather, I am sad because you wi m t be here tosay 'WloSeetrr heart" and
to share my thoughts and dreams, houweVr, I can just see you and anny as you
I hope that one day I wriff epcrince the (ow that you both shared I T miss you
MayJ you rest in peace.
yourLovi qm ndfDaug6 ter, 'ricki

Gmndfither, you atfways hada smile to brigften my day, and yourspdcialuwmo s
of wisdom andgiuidance wiialfays! be my beacon through tife.
Iwi~ mivsyo Grandfather, but lnow thatyouareat peaceandhappy to6be rwi
Gn ny.
you wif always be in my thoughts and I wif cherish your ove fo.ver.

your Gmnd'iDaauAter, feather

A Man, father, (uasbandandrandfather.
At.fuw s 'erythiig to Eeyone.
fAfas qfhere to Dry a Tear.
Afwarimshere to Impart Some Peart of WMsdonL
ifm~ Rjs Rad to Love.
AlwMays R ady to Defend.
Gmrndfather You a re Aflwas ltthin Our Hearts.
Afruw ayaar W.

y aourLoving Gmndedidren,
Sngid, 'itho, andjristine -
Coumbusn Ohio

* mndfather,
I koeRw that one day I vudidhave to saygood 6ye. I thankgodforhaving you in
my fife.
I wiffuways rmem6cryourf inddnes, yourgente your a rtw s ofwisdonm
liankyou qrandfaaftrfor you r(ove. 'honkiyou Gmndfatferfr obig you.


one of.9uCnd

addy 9puben was a man f great sf disciplne and upet for his family and

Oneofa damov men, cause of his upght, edicatedanddignifiedstandard
of fing w/ic he maintained despite ever changingsocietarfas and monds.

!Daddf(gpubert has teft us, to runite Uwit his 6eiowed '(othie. I am kessedto
have hadhim as an unem, teacher, fiend and mast importantly he has positively
impacted the ife of my dghter, hisgieat-niece ziree.

One ofa Qnd those are the on words I can use to describe my ilDaddy puert.
I wiff trufi miis presence andsef(Jfss fow, but I rejoice knowing his 'i.fe-After
wiff6 with Godand hisb eoved (otfhie.'

Yourlovingj ece, '"anice' Mabel )


Xith N4fwton
tTae (uwon-.Davis
ftpeusv whoufm fe nmised)
9iufndoph Baschuftte
Joseph 'Boscfufte

Zupafiterin Law
1Mota fuwton, A.D.

Son in Law.
iyrone '. 'Dais, Sr.

sister in Law
'ertia C. 'Boschu/te


9Mdonita georgbw
Claudma Mfauro

Brother in law
Atty. Joftm I Mfduro

Tffba q'Tomas...
A fanmify member of52 years

Keitih Nmwton
Ingrid, Alana &
K(ristine 9Iwon
Ericka & l9eather Lee

.Speriof rqat -Mfuce
Azirre (mfuro.-Pemberton

2 ftKarers
Claude Juanito Maduro
'inthmrp L. Maduro
A(pbeurt N'wton
Krith A. Mwton
Ifom s Pry
Lester 'an Beverfouft
loseph Etans, Jr.

John S. Moorfead, M.'D.
Atty. John .. uaduro
'Edanrdo Wtunmn
John wton
7rtne 'Davis, Sr.
Ot(fey F(a,
Paifip Corneiro

iyitmerous 9 eces, pipeuws,
Cousins and Fiends.

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