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Title: Funeral Booklet for Theovald E. Moorehead
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Theovald E. Moorehead
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T 6J4A

3n Loving JMemory

ieovald Cric JMoorehead
QWovember 1, 1916 December 3, 1995

Funeral Service
Friday, December 8,1995
TVieing 5:00 6:00 pm
Creque's Juneral 2ime
Sunday December 10, 1995
ieing 2:00 3:00 pm
Service 3:00 pm
azareds udwern Church
Dnterment at Cruz Bay Cemetery
t Thowas. V.I.


Theovald ric JMoorehWad

1916 1995

Theovald Eric Moorehead was born to Eugenia Theodora Moorehad
on Nobmember 1, 1916. On May 18, 1943, Theovald, known to the
community as "Mooie," married Genevieve A. Hendricks. One daugh-
ter, Theodora E. Moorehead was born from this union. Theovald was
a graudate of Charlotte Amalie High School.
The second St Johnian to be publicly elected senator from the
district of St. John, Theovald Moorehead succeeded Julius E. Sprauve,
Sr. on his retirement. Elected in 1956, Mr. Moorehead enjoyed the
prestige of continuous election and served in the First through the
Eighth Legislatures. During these sixteen years his bills and those he
cosponsored represented his keen interest in St. John and the general

T eCi

welfare of the Virgin Islands. Some of these included: Conti-
nuity of government in case of emergency or enemy attack
or disaster; scholarships for deserving students; a sewing project on St.
John; the purchase of land on St. John for homestead development;
development of a playground at Benjamin Franklin School (now Guy
Benjamin School) on St. John; tax exemptions to certain persons who
are over 65 years; a home loan building fund for persons who have
served or are serving in the armed forces; establishment of an insular
trade school on St. John; a petition to Congress to amend the Organic
Act; a recreation park at Estate Profit, St. Croix; amended the Virgin
Islands Code to provide for an elected Washington representative of
the people of the Virgin Islands.
In addition to serving his people in the Legislature, Theovald
Moorehead was elected representative of St. John as a delegate to the
First and Third Virgin Islands Constitutional Conventions. During the
latter he was selected chairman of the Committee on Amendments,
Initiative, Referendum, Recall and Schedule.
Besides politics, Mr. Moorehead has distinguished himself in the
areas of real estate and insurance. To qualify himself in these areas he
capitalized on his intellectual powers, self-discipline and determina-
tion by enrolling in correspondence
courses with the hope of acquiring a
law degree. Not only was he success-
ful in earning a law degree from
Blackstone Law College, Illinois (1952)
but he also earned diplomas from both






Weaver School of Real Estate, Missouri (1966) and La Salle Extension
University (1970). In addition, he was awarded a certificate from Lee
Institute of Real Estate in 1968.
He established and operated several businesses on St. John. In 1956
he opened Mooie's Bar and in 1966 established his real estate agency,
Moorehead's Real Estate. Following this in 1970 was the Mooie's Cor-
poration in which he served as president.
His interest in business is also reflected in the organizations with
which he was affiliated. These include both the National Association
of Real Estate Appraisers and the American College of Real Estate
Consultants. From 1958-1964 he served as vice-president of the St
john Corporation. In addition he holds membership in the National
Association of Real Estate Brokers, National Home Relocation Ser-
vices. He has also been appointed a court appraiser for both territorial
and district courts. Other boards, commissions and authorities on
which he has served are Public Works Acceleration Authority, Virgin
Islands Lottery Committee, Virgin Island Port Authority, President's
Advisory Committee, Small Business Administration. The Boy Scouts
of America Program is also of special interest to him and he has served
as chairman of the Advancement Committee of Boy Scouts and Dis-
trict Chairman. An active member of the Nazareth Lutheran Church,
he has been president of the Church Council and Chairman of its
finance committee. He also enjoys being a member of the St. John's
Lion Club.
Serving his country in the United States Army for eleven years, he
achieved the rank of Master Sergeant before the end of his term.


Genevieve Moorehead
Theodora Moorehead
Gwendolyn Moorehead
Andromeada Childs,
Emelie Ramdhanie, Myra Solomon, Julia Jackson,
Etoile Moorehead, Hope Griffin, Shirley Sewer, Diann Stephens
Vincent Stephens, Marvin Moorehead, Patrick Moorehead,
John Moorehead, Eric Moorehead, Douglas Thomson,
Mirhandra Ramdhanie, Alie Solomon, James Stephens

Patrick Moorehead, Eric Moorehead, Austin Dalmida,
Vernon Marsh, Julien Harley, Paul Thomas
Fritz Boynes, Warren Wells

2lonorarAy altearers
Calvin Goerge, Roy Sewer, Julius Sprauve, Jr.
Norman Gledhil, Tony Sewer


Order of &rvic

THE EULOGY ................................ Dr. Gilbert Sprauve
HYMN ...................................... How Great Thou Art
THE LITURGY OF THE WORD .......................... pg. 207
FIRST LESSION ...................................... Isaiah 25:6-9
PSALM 121 ........................... Rev. Ralph Prince, pg. 279
SECOND LESSION ......................... I Corinthians 15:12-26
HYMN ...................................... Blessed Assurance
THE GOSPEL .................................. St Luke 1235-40
HYMN .......................................... The Strife Is O'er
THE CREED ........................................ .. pg. 209
THE PRAYERS / LORD'S PRAYER ........................ pg. 209
THE COMMENDATION ................................. pg. 211
HYMN ................................... Nearer My God To Thee

ITCJ4 __

3n Tribute to Theovold Joorhead

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Theovald Moorehead,
a local hero of the U.S. Virgin Islands. A community and political
activist, Mr. Moorehead was a mover and a shaker. He was deeply
involved in designing landmark legislation which helped to shape
our way of life. And, this Territory will remain grateful for all the
deeds that he accomplished in the many years that he served in the
Legislature of the Virgin Islands.
Mr. Moorehead can be truly credited with effecting change in the
laws affecting St. John and the Territory as whole through his personal
involvement and his fortitude. History will prove to be kind to the
memory of former Senator Theovald Moorehead, for he was more
than a public figure residing in St. John. Mr. Moorehead served his
people and his country in the U. S. Army, he was a legislator, and he
was a family man. But he was more than that, for he was also an
advisor, a friend, and a confidant to many of his constituents and those
who knew him well. It is always my hope that persons such as Mr.
Moorehead will influence young persons to also take a personal inter-
est in effecting a positive change for their community. For I believe
that the active involvement of the local citizenry in community affairs
is key in trying to forge ahead toward a better future.
On behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, Mrs. Schneider joins
me in extending condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Theovald
Moorehead. May they find comfort in knowing that his memory will
live on in the pages of Virgin Islands history. But, more importantly,
Mr. Moorehead has left a unique mark in the lives of the long-time
residents of St. John, as well as the proud and grateful people of this
Territory. We pray that God will bless his soul.
Roy L Schneider, M.D.
Governor of the Virgin Islands

Dear Mrs. Moorehead and Family ... It is with a great sense of
sadness that I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family
on the passing of your family member, my friend and role model,

7e E A

Theovald Moorehead.
Theovald was a special man to the St John community and the
entire Virgin Islands. I have known "Mooie" as he was commonly
known, all my life and have shared many special moments with him
that will be cherished forever.
Theovald taught me many things. One of them was his love for the
game of pool I remember when he along with Clarence Lindo, Victor
Sewer, Loredon Boynes and Amette Marsh use to shoot pool at Sput-
nik. They were the best pool players on the island and occasionally
they would allow me to join in their exciting games. It is because of
them that I learned the art of the game. I also learned some wisdom
about life and the need and importance for nurturing friendships.
My fondest memories of Theovald however are watching his ac-
complishments as Senator from 1957 to 1970. He had the opportunity
to serve with many outstanding Virgin Islanders such as Bertha C
Boschulte, Earl B. Ottley, Ron deLugo, Augustin Doward and Fritz E.
Lawaetz. He did an outstanding job influencing the direction of Virgin
Islands development As a senator, his legislation always focused on
the growth and development of St John in which he also nurtured the
agricultural community.
Theovald was a visionary ahead of his time. He sponsored over 50
pieces of legislation, which included a resolution urging the U.S. Sen-
ate to pass what is now known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He was
also a founding member of the St John Corporation, which was the
first kind of inter-island transportation in the territory. He was also a
veteran and served as drill sergeant during the Korean War and be-
lieved in entrepreneurship, having owned Theo Moore Corporation
Theovald's life had a huge presence in the lives of many St. Johnians
and it will be hard to envision St John without him. During his later
years in life, I found it an honor to chat with him on the latest political
In this moment of grief, remember that your beloved family mem-
ber will always live in your heart and one day, we shall see him again.
On behalf of the entire Uburd family and the members of the 21st
Legislature, I offer our heartfelt condolences and prayers for his soul to
rest in eternal peace.
Almando *Rocky" Liburd
21st Legislature of the Virgin Islands

T 6 A

When Theovald E Moorehead was an elected representative from
St John, I was a young teenager. But I was old enough to understand
the words of appreciation expressed by friends from St. John. They
could not speak highly enough of Senator Moorehead and I recall one
particular tribute... "Unlike some senators he is a serious man, serious
about everything he does, he is so sincere, so dedicated".
I never forgot those words, mentally recalling them every time I met
Senator Moorehead in the intervening years, which, incidentally,
was only several weeks ago at "Mooie's" where so many people con-
gregated just to chat As we spoke of the political scene, one could
sense so palpably his sincerity and dedication ... those words I first
heard years ago describing him. It is no wonder his passing is a
profound loss to these islands and to all who were fortunate in having
his friendship.
Senator Lorraine L. Berry
21st Legislature of the Virgin Islands

I was deeply touched by the passing of the great Mr. Theovald
Moorehead, who volunteered valuable advice to me during my cam-
paigns for elective office. Mooie, as he was affectionately known, not
only kept up a noble tradition of looking out for St. John, but was at
times a unifying force for the Virgin Islands Democratic Party during
the 1960s.
Always generous in his greetings and compliments of others, there
were those who mistook it for flamboyance. Unfortunately for them,
they missed an opportunity to witness and appreciate Virgin Islands
pride and warmth.
Mooie, was respected by many and proved he was a very modest
man. He never encouraged others to make a fuss over him. He avoided
as best he could, opportunities to present him with honors and acco-
lades, always feeling that some other unsung hero deserved the en-
couragement to continue their good service.
I offer you, the family, my prayers in these days of grief.
Senator Adlah *Foncie" Donastorg, fr.
21st Legislature of the Virgin Islands


"Force Ripe," as he always called me (since the Victory "66" and
Beauty & the Beast Campaign), was my godfather, mentor, political
advisor, and in general, as to everyone a good friend.
Mooie, as he was affectionately called by all, never held back his
opinions, he was forthright and outspoken, as he stayed abreast of
current local and international events.
A humble, conservative, family oriented man, who always put St
John first, as he struggle through his many years of public service, was
a fore runner and one of a kind, in many ways, politically. He champi-
oned many unmentioned causes for our island, and was satisfied to sit
back and see them come to fruition without taking credit.
During my tenure in the Legislature we attempted to name the Cruz
Bay Park in his honor, and he did not hesitate to refuse the recognition.
We then tried naming the Centerline Road in his honor, being he was
so vocal in getting roads open and reconstructed and once again he
refused that honor suggesting we recognize his brother Edward for
which that road is now named. He felt his contributions of so many
years were known, and not done for credit
We spent numberless hours, discussing how our home island could
have been made a better place. Knowing he was a master statesman/
politician he always hastened to point out when I went wrong, politi-
cally and never never was too busy to listen or offer advice, politically
or otherwise, and will be sorely missed by those of us who loved him
dearly, as we cherish the memories of his outstanding humor and
May he rest in peace.
Oeon Cneque
Former enator-at-Large

It is with deep regret that I offer my condolences to Mrs. Moorehead
(Ms. Genny), the family and friends of the Honorable Theovald
Moorehead, a stalwart of St John, United States Virgin Islands.
Mr. Moorehead was a man dedicated to the upliftment and ad-
vancement of St John and its people. He had a long and illustrious
career in public service. During his tenure, he spearheaded major
development programs for St. John.

T 16 i

As my friend and confidant, his soft voice and powerful philosophi-
cal thought was a constant reminder to me whenever I faced a serious
decision. Although I was very far away (Rhode Island) from home, Mr.
Mooie will often come to mind. Whenever I came home, the first
individual I would seek out, was Mr. Mooie. I can best remember him
saying to me, as a young lad growing up on St. John, "strive to the best
that you can be at whatever you wanted to be." One of his greatest
asset was that of humility. Yes, he was a great man, but very humble
indeed. The loss of this man will leave a great void in the island of St.
John. No longer would this gentle giant be seen surveying the town of
Cruz Bay. Nevertheless, his policies of goodwill, will forever remain in
the hearts of those whom he have touched. Rest in peace, you Great
and Humble Friend.
Wade Smith (Rhode Island)

Uncle Theovie... I'm going to miss our nice conversations and your
famous, yet encouraging words: "Keep the good works up." On
Sunday, November 26th, when you stretched your hands out across
the Anniversary table and shook my hand as you said, "Keep up the
good works," I didn't realize that would be the last ime I would hear
your voice and those special words. Uncle Theovie, I'm going to miss
you dearly. Rest in peace.
Your niece Shirley and family

Pepe Theovald ... As you were affectionately called, I was very
supset when I heard of your passing, but I guess you know that
everyone here on earth who lives you needed another angel high
above to look over us. I'll miss you. I love you.
Your godchild Avilda A. Matthias

Dear Moorehead... You will be greatly missed by us, because you
were a mentor to us. I could go to you with my problems, whether
financial or personal. You would always ask me why my uniform was
always so white after a full shift at the clinic, or a word of praise to the
St. John Drill Team. You would say, "That I would probably give out
before I give up." It would be nice if we St. Johnians would start a
Scholarship in your honor. You would be greatly missed my friend.
Always, Ina Lee & family

n liew of flowers
please sent contribution
to the
ir gin islands 2leart
and Cung association

rthe family

of 7heovold .Moorehead

would like to express

thanks and appreciation

for your support and prayers
during our time of bereavement.


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