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Title: Funeral Booklet for Terrecita Moolenaar
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Terrecita Moolenaar
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Terrecita Moolenaar
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Subject: Moolenaar, Terrecita
Human relations
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Terrecita Moolenaar
September 15, 1889 April 1, 1989

John Thomas Funeral Home -
Thursday, April 6th, 7.09:00 p.m.
Friday, April 7th, 830-9:30 am.
Nisky Moravian Church -
9:45-10:30 am.

Nisky Moravian Church
10:30 am.

Family Cemetery Estate Neltjeberg _,

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/ errecita Valencia Mooenaar
Swas born on September 15,
e1 1889, at Netieberg Estate and
was the last child of John P. and
Ann Elizabeth Moolenaar. She was
five years younger than her only
brother, George, and often joked
that she was an unexpected blessing.
As a young adult, she learned to
play the mandolin from Rothchild
Francis and in those days brought
much enjoyment to the many visitors
to the estate by singing in her clear,
high soprano voice while playing
her mandolin. Accompanied by
her brother George on the guitar, she loved to sing her favorites, Ramona, Juanita,
and LoPfoomo. Thereare many today who remember those idyllic days at Nelteberg.
Although Terrecita was physical beautiful and a joy to all who knew her, she
never married. Instead, she was mother and aunt to her sister's (Nathalia) and
brother's children and to the many who frequented the estate. With time she simply
became known to all as Aunt Cita or affectionately as Tan Tan. She was the center of
this family core and became the disciplinarian and peacemaker for her many nieces
and nephews. She devoted most of her later years to the caring of the children of her
brother and sister, their offspring, and the children of many who could not care for
their own.
Aunt Cita was a skilful seamstress and earned a modest living by sewing clothes
for the many who appreciated her talent. In fact, she sewed the first suit worn by
great.nephew Lucien Moolenaar, Jr.; the First Communion and Confirmation
dresses of niece Ulla; and many bridal dresses for the young ladies of the northside.
Aunt Cita had a host of friends who were attracted to her joyous spirit. Week-
ends at Neltieberg resounded with the laughter of good fellowship. shared pots of
well-cooked food, and the glad music of the mandolin and guitar. With time, as her
friends died, their children and grandchildren returned time and time again to
Neltieberg to visit Tan Tan and to remember the good times their parents and grand-
parents had told them of so many time.
Tan Tan was a faithful friend. Even at her advanced age in the nineties, she kept
in contact with the family and friends she loved. One could expect to hear her on the
telephone at any time just saying hello. offering a cheery word or words of en-
Her memory was a marvel as were her enduring optimism that good would
prevail, her love of the little children, her enjoyment of good company, her unending
interest in the activities of the world, her faithful friendship. Her eyesight was a marvel
at her age as was the beauty of her hair which seemed to defy time by retaining its
ebony color and length. Her physical agility even into her late nineties was impressive
to all. How often anxious friends and family, fearful that she would fall, would
admonish her for walking to the upper hout to visit with her great nephews and
great-great nreces. Yet, all knew her iron will once she had determined that she

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would do something. She was mother, aunt, and role model for many.
Her gentle voice, her warm and reassuring hands, her delighted
laughter, her genuine carig for each and everyone she knew are
the traits we will remember and cherish.
Indeed, Terrecita Valencia Moolenar was blessed with a long
life and good health. These were, perhaps, blessings for the tender and loving heart
cultivated and displayed, tor the caring she extended to others, particularly to
children, and for the kindness and friendship she gave to al she knew. When death
came, she knew it was time, accepted it, and prepared quietly for it. She died at age 99
as she had lived for almost a century... in quiet dignity.
The death of Terrecita Valencia Moolenaar marks the closing of the life of the
immediate family of John and Ann Elizabeth Moolenaar. Yet that family lives on in us
who have shared in the legacy that they have left.
May the Good Lord bless her and keep her. May He shine His fce upon her
and give her peace eriasting.

SUrsula Kriaer / UaD Muler / Una Dad
VanLeer Marsh / Gismonda Hassel
T. Almero Jacobs / Leroy Jacobs
Great Nephews
Courtney Jocobs / Cordel Jacobs / Cleve Jocobs / Dr. Ala A. Marsh
Warren S. Marsh / Alarc Kriggsr / Ashton Krigger / Dr. Lucien A Moolenoar 0
Keith C. Moolenaar/ George Moolenoar / Kar C. Moolenaar/Ken C. Mooenoar
Adrian Parrott / Merri Parrott / Ashford Parrott / Leon Upshaw
Great Nieces
Gloria Bertmin / Janice Krigger / Carol Jacobs / Jewel Marsh Moolenaar
Dr. Gwen-Marie Mooenaar / Gwynneth Moolenaar / Elmo M. Francis
Pamela Davis
Nieces and Nephewse n-law
Lucy Jacobs / Ruth Jacobs / Madeline (Addi&) Moolenaar / Ruth Moolenaar
Arthur Davis / Emile Hassell
Raymond Benjamin / Rev. Galeston David / Austin Parrott / Leon Powuis
Eric G. Smith / Marjorie LaPlace Berry / Helen Vessup / Iris Wilcox
Special Friend
Bertha C. Boschulte / Mary D. Classen / Carmen Esquiin / Eva Francois
Norma Gimenez / Anesta Lewis / Ada Maduro / Lucia A. Mitchel
Florence Moron / Rosalia VanBeverhoudt
Specially Attentive Relaties
T. Almero Jacobs / Ursula Krigger / Ela Mae Moolenaar
Madeline (Addie) Moolenaar / Ashford Parrott

Cordel Jacobs / Courtney Jacobs / Ashford Parrott / Merrill Parrott
Dr. Lucien Moolenaar / Alarick Krigger / Keith C. Moolenaar / Hugo Moolenoar

Leroy Jacobs / Almero Jacobs / Dr. John S. Moorehead / Leon Powis
Eric G. Smith / James Nicholas / John C. Newton / Ashton Krigger

~scede4& to- J2 am8 ~ta~

Aunt Cita, or Tan Tan as she was affectionately cooled, bore no children; yet
she fostered several children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. AD of her
nieces, nephews and friends were her "children. She caredfor them as though they
were her very own. Her favorite words about her friends were "Oh, he/she is
so nice"
Six days before her death, Aunt Cita had her picture taken with her great and
great.great nieces and nephews, as they visited her on Easter Sunday. What a joy
she radiated as she laughed and chatted wih them. That was not unusual, because
she was always cheerful and grateful to God for having spared her life for 99 years.
Aunt Cita had established over the years her own Phone Feowship, a method
of calling her friends on the telephone on a regular basis to inquire about them. A
few days before her Lord CALLED her home, she made several cas to herfriends,
including this recorder. She stated, "I just called to say helo and to know f you
are alright." May her example of caring for others be an incentive to all her family
and friends. Truly, that would be a Ruing memorial to her.
Lucia Mitche, Friend and Nurse
The last time I saw Tan Tan was when we went out to the country, Neltberg,
to give her a cross on Palm Sunday. She died at age ninetynine, about to turn one
hundred in September. Tan Ton was a faithful person. I remember just when I was
an infant she came to my blessing and was holding me. She was well and strong for
her age. She uied around many people, Merril, Aunt Sude, and Aunt Addie. She
talked wel on the telephone always saying something happy.
Love, AshleyRuth Mooenoar (great-great nece, aged 7)
Our sadness and remorse is tempered by the many fond and warm memories
we haue of our dear Aunt Cita. We remember our childhood days on Estate
Netebg her understanding, warmth and kindness. Memories of her joil
and restrained humor are ours to savor. She gave our lues love, tenderness and
special wisdom that come from an accumulation of year. We are of better because
of her.
Her death to us is just a pause in a continuing journey. She is away for a short
time. Our memories will keep her aiue and eer so cose and dear to our hearts.
VanLeer Mooenaar Marsh, Jewel Moolaar Marsh & Sons,
Dr. Ahl A. Marsh & Family and Warren S. Marsh & Family

} a h 5Ltuy Ao A ont 3,ewtcda* *Veiew J/wodyo/^aac

TAN-TAN will be missed.
She was a calming voice in the stormiest of times;
One of God's liing instruments of peace who brought a joyous quiet
to aff who knew her.
Certainly she wil be missed here in our corner of the world,
But we know that she wil be welcomed in God's heaven.
Ruth Moolenaar, Gwe-Marle Mooalnaar
Lucien Moofloar I, Gwynneth Moo naar

Of the three Mooenoaar fames who owed Estate Nel*ebers two were
rated to the Mlin faml of Estate Sorgerf and so there was no distinction be.
tween relatives.
Terrecita Moolnar has always been "Tan Tan" or Aunt Cita to me another
members of my family.
Aunt Cita was a person who loved people and who did whatever she could
to hep others, including the use of her skf as a seamstres.
When she became unable to get around to meet people she kept in contact with
them by use of the telephone and as late as three days before her death I had my
usual cal from her, though she reported she was not feeling wen at the time. As
Thursday was my birthday, she called me on Wednesday to wish me "Happy
Birthday" in advance. This is proof of her alert mind at age 99.
In addition to personal communication with her, when she could no longer
write, I had the privilege of being a messenger between her and some ofher friends
abroad, including Mrs. Terencia Rodriquez in Puerto Rico and certain relatives
in New York City.
The memory of her caring nature will be an inspiration to all persons of good
wig. May she rest in peace.
Bertha C. Bo@chute

Nen Cita,
You were a shining example of one who showed kindness, love and caring
for one and al. At this moment we are sad, but we must reoice since you are in
the arms of your loving master. You have had a long and productive fe and now
youhavegonetotokeawel-earnedrest. Wewilau ayscherishfondmemoriesofyou.
Your godchld, Helen Vssup

Tan Tan,
If I could be as thoughtful kind, friend and considerate as you have been to
everyone with whom you came in contact, I would feel satisfiedwith my accomplish.
I I could be as wiring as you were to share whatever little you possessed, even
to the point of leaving yourse without, I would be proud of my unsefishness.
U I could have a many loyal, fithul and loving friends and relatives who are
always attentive to my needs and wishes, as you had, I would consider myseV as
If I could ive to be 99 and be as alert and aware of everything and everyone,
have al my senses and be able to say when that time comes, "Thy will be done," I
would be happy.
We do miss you. Sleep peacefully.
Your niece, UlV

Terrecita with her
niece Giunonda on
her Golden Anni-

SP'At left, Terrecit
and her great, great -
niece Lucienne Adina
Margaret. At right, at Neit e-
with her friend Azalea Maduro.

Aunt Cita and niece
Ula Mufler on a
wedding anniversary
of her sister-in-law.

O9cdeA oexwt9eacue


Hymn ................................. "Blessed Assurance"

Service for the Burial of the Dead .......... pp. 8-& of booklet

Hymn ................................. "Amazing Grace"

Scripture ........................................ Psalm 91
Iris Wilcox

Hymn ........................... "The Lord's My Shepherd"

Scripture ................John 14:1-4, Gwen-Marie Moolenaar
Revelation 21:1-8

Solo.................................. Genevieve Thurkand

Meditation .............................. Rev. LeRoy Miller

Burial of the Dead Liturgy cont'd .......... pp. 811 of booklet

Hymn ................................... "And Can It Be"

Benediction ............................. Rev. LeRoy Miller
Note: Prior to the Cal to Worshi, Mr. Ahryn Rchards ul render two saxophone
slectio. The Men's Feouhip and Sister Helen Vessau wi render special
selections in memory of "Aunt Cta".

Cita, aged 92, at christening of great great niece Ruth, age 1 month 4 days.

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