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Title: Funeral Booklet for Rita Brunn Martin
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Rita Brunn Martin
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Rw Agum a&nn
Wednesday. April 10. 1985
John Thomas Funeral Home
12:00 Noon 2:30 P.M.
Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
3:00 P.M.
: '.t'i CMit- Niwent at Western Cemetery No I.
,' V ;

An S9/n1 CAmWcY



RiFa twiffn ^11Z aMa~lw
March 7. 1929 April 2, 1985

by Charles I. Turnbull

ital Brunn Martin, one of tie most efficient and dedicated public
servants the Virgin Islands has produced, was born on March 7, 1929 in
St. Thomas. Virgin Islands to Adelaide and Ira Brunn.
Young Rita grew up in the Savan neighborhood of St. Thomas.
and she always regarded herself as a proud and loyal Savanero. She re*
ceived her elementary education at Miss Dorothy Desher's Private School
and at Sts. Peter and Paul Grammar School. lHer secondary education was
received at Charlotte Amalie High School. She graduated from that institu.
tion in 1947. Her classmates nicknamed her "Rites." As a girl, her hob-
bies were dancing, reading and going to the movies. To these in later life
she was to add traveling and meeting new people.
After graduating from highl school and prior to enrolling in col-
lege, Rita worked as a secretary in the Department of Education secretary t
in the firm of Wolf-Schmidt Limited. secretary to the director of police
and as an administrative clerk in the United States District Court of the
Virgin Islands.
While attending undergraduate school in New York City, she was
engaged in various part-time jobs. She received the degree of Bachelor of
Science In business management from New York University in 1957. As a
Ford Foundation Scholar, she went on to earn the degree of Master of
Science in public administration and personnel from American University.
Washington, D.C. in 1960.

Rita Martin returned to her native Virgin Islands in 1960 and
began a 25-year career of public service in the Department of Education of
the Government of the Virgin Islands that was exemplary. She served in
successivc.order as Junior Management A-istant, Administrative Officer
III to the Commissioner of Education, Director of Personnel Services,
Departmental Personnel Officer, Director of Educational Personnel Ser-
vices, and District Director of Personnel Services.
As die key Personnel Officer in the public education system for
t die past twenty years, Mrs. Martin was responsible for the recruiting ofa
majority of the teachers, counselors, librarians and other personnel during
this period. She was always searching for the very best. Often her rccruit-
ing trips, of necessity, took her away from the Virgin Isands during times
of the year that most of us would prefer for one reason or the other to
stay at home. Rita Martin never complained. It was not in her nature to
do so. Dedication to duty was her hallmark.
Due to the crucial nature of her job, Mrs. Martin worked very
closely with all the commissioners of education, from Dr. Alonzo G.
Moron in 1960 to the present commissioner. All have had occasion to

praise her work performance. Moreover, her personnel file is replete with
letters and notations of commendation and praise from teachers, princi-
pals, fellow-workers and a host of others both inside and outside the
Department of Education.

The following are but a few representative accolades found in her
personnel records.

"From what I can ascertain at this very early date, we have an
excellent group of new teachers assigned to Wayne Aspinall
Junior High School this year. This is obviously the result of
intelligent and efficient recruitment procedures. I wish to ex-
press my appreciation for a job well done."
John Wilson, Principal
September 11, 1967

"This letter represents a long overdue tribute to you for the help-
ful, cooperative and insightful manner in which you provide Tutu
Elementary School with our personnel. Your judgment in extend-
ing to us a good framework of staff within which we can function
maximally is deeply respected ... Your indefatigable recruiting
efforts and good judgment are very much appreciated by me and
I did not want another year to slide by without taking the oppor-
tunity to tell you so ... In times of a paucity of local manpower,
it is sustaining to know there is a Rita Martin to whom we can
Erma B. Sewer, Principal
May 18, 1971

"A special note of thanks for your full cooperation during my
tenure as District Superintendent, St. Thomas St. John. With
your thoughtful assistance at all times, your gentle prodding, and
your advice, you helped me over many humps, especially budget-
ary ones. It is indeed a pleasure to have worked with you."
Guy H. Benjamin, District Superintendent
St. Thomas St. John, June 25, 1974

"On behalf of the students and the faculty of City College of
New York, we wish to thank you for interviewing prospective
teachers for the St. Thomas schools. You are to be commended
on the professional manner in which these interviews took place."
Harold G. Kindy, Director
City College of New York, June 11, 1979



"As I retire from my position as principal of the Ulla F. Muller
Elementary School (Nisky) I would like to express my sincere
thanks for all the kind assistance you've given over the past year.
Whatever measure of success the staff experienced could not have
been possible without the interest, effort, and help which you so
willingly shared with us all. May you be blessed with many,
many more years of good health so that your work can continue
to affect the lives of all those who are privileged to come in con-
tact with you."
Ulla F. Muller, Principal
June 17, 1980

Rita, the dedicated career woman, was also Rita the devoted
daughter, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She was a warm,caring
lady who loved her family and friends. She cared for her father until his
death, and for her home-bound mother until her own passing. She was a
loving mother to her sons, LeVel, LeLan and Karl. She was the all-ador-
ing grandmother to Shaheto, Kwam and Kikou. No matter how busy or
tired she might be as a result of her difficult job, she found time for her
family and friends.
There was also a lighter side to Rita. All St. Thomians (in fact,
the whole Virgin Islands) know Rita the rabid Atlanta Braves baseball
fanatic. Her daily teasing of Addie Ottley and all Los Angeles Dodger
fans and vice versa on the radio, was the regular order of the day in the
mornings during the baseball season. The deeply felt banter soothed
many a listener and kept one's mind off the ugly and awful occurrences
of the modem world. It was good and needed therapy and will be sorely
Rita, a devout Roman Catholic, also always found time for her
God and her church. Her strong religious faith was a fortress of strength
for her during her last illness. On the evening of Tuesday, April 2, 1985,
Rita Brunn Martin quietly slipped away from this world. Before her pass-
ing Rita heard the words of the Lord. She acknowledged and accepted
Jesus Christ as her Savior and King. She ate of the flesh of the Son of
Man, and drank of His blood. And He will raise her up, and He will raise '
her up, and He will raise her up on the last day. Until that glorious all-
triumphant day, may she rest in pease.

| |







Mother Adelaide Ramsey Brunn
Dearest and Closest Friend James Benton
Children LaVel A. Martin
LeLan G. Martin
Karl P. Martin
Grandchildren Shaheto Martin
Kwam Martin
Kikou Martin
Sisters Rita Brady-Creque
Caroley Brunn
Beverly Brunn
Sister.n.-Law Edith Rose Lima Brunn
Brothers Winston Brunn
Charles W. Gomez, Jr.
Aunt Louise Mitchell


Rudel A. Chinnery, St. / Dante De Castro / Dr. Alfred O. Heath
James Mitchell / Austin Monsanto / Dr. Wilburn Smith, Jr.
Dr. Charles W. Turnbull

F/az lea4es
Alphonse Berne / Franklin Newton / Dana Orie
Athniel Ottley / E]roy Pickering / Clarence Thomas


ENTRANCE HYMN ...... .............. They'll Know We Are
Christians By Our Love"
Hymn No. 93

FIRST READING ......................... Wisdom 3:1.9
Mr. Ulric Benjamin

SECOND READING .......................... Romans 6:3.9
Mrs. Alda John



OFFERTORY HYMN ........... "Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest"
Hymn No. 361




COMMUNION HYMN ................ "I Am The Bread Of Life"
Hymn No. 307

EULOGY .............................. Mrs. Helen Vessup


RECESSIONAL HYMN .................... "Alleluia! Alleluia!
Let the Holy Anthem Rise"
Hymn No. 516

1H IIUI IDS 30AW2 0o 0 Iof CMII'

* DONA 4 tIIELC'4-
.uanyr M HanC -
' ifl i4 IMAMinCQANeA

hp I 0. iP ..

rerIl K N). Ib)flc


4SlAG or lfSd a~nCO.usO.nC

7t& Sy(t)re and Staff of the VY.I..Bard of.tduoation
express their profound onrrow oa Ihe pi cln 'bf liTA e.
MARItIPJ a noble na&tlv. Ve'regard'the .(Irv IeoN (that 'R1 : r the nany yoorA.ehoS'orked'in the, epart- .
I ant of Education; oapoolally id perironhol ttdnfillrmtlion'
'a. exceptioonl and of lapting;:bieiet t6 CdlduAtOn..
I oanprlvilkted to h.ave W1"ea oa.ciated with Mras.
Ilartin tai pu blic dYrVLo thOh t4oJerl .aa monil. -
pal govrnuzentS'here.. S.he zi.alt rays senstive to te
accd. o'tabase she erved and Cully banderCtoo our people.
Thaw. hC-e wa aAbl to tTerv tbst rell. She MIS S optinl.-
tie. eoerageous, cad rvaliutoc persea sad so e.oanrcradu
LhreeS in her final )ilt*srd. '
May srhe s jo) eter&&fl 6ret. ay l her rasill be
c rforred io the knmwlqdfo that sba ateade the faIt .
to her aon afn to hbo roa f mu.

* t< .. .
Ni..NWAtW4 aN, ":
M 00 ,K* IGOACCH:.
*A %VNXilE WILU4I5 .
" PAIM k ttv.ura .-4Wt

WI(I~ JlI -Y

IP. 15IlU.
M*. &wOCL A. ClilhtCAf. li.
EA OVrIo Xi. MQooQ ....
. COaCat IMO' "







a ,"

moerWtmtlt eo ttr "1ig t (3lanm of ilyt iilr, Slt.l

PA SeBoxG Dar uoe MAn
SL Thomes VA 0001
Ap l 3. t9I5


The patsaln of sita arman M rtif dstrllct persnnl
director and previously territrill perfonpel director of
the Virgin Illands Departnest of dwestion. has brought deep
andres and a pr loa d a ne. of loss to rhny il the Virgin
Islands conmnlty, especially her fanllyl friends nd cal-
leagues In the ducatlio deparetn t.
The soriro, hwaver, is tempered by An equally deep sene
ao pride In the life. service. achievement nd legacy o Ilita
S. Nartln. ftseesed of a brilliiat, ilctslve sind. stroan
character. forceful personality. a4d a deep comitment to doty.
she provided Inaluable service to the goverswmr t *n4 the people
at the virgit Irlends. especially deats. teachers and parents.
Pita Martit was a Iey of inteOlty. honesty Aha deep con*
Svictoit. She never fllnched Iron duty however urnleasant. Ser-
vic above and beyo d the eill of duty was for her the rule ot
the exception. She w* the civil servant per *eaelneg.
All of us In the Department of Blucaton are sorely grieved.
Mrs. ortil will be greatly talked. Hwevler, we have the exanple
of her life to lmtpire uvs as e novel o0n o pelroma tke chtllenglng
talsk that ever stand before us day after day.
Pay her soul test imo ONc. May hter famly and those cloolst
ad dearest to her be comforted by Cod i all-eddming love. and by
the asotrne that we who knew her end leved her will not pervlt
her rroryo to parih.
rarewell dear tlut

Charles 4. Turnbull, Ph.D.
Corlseeolnor of Cducation


A n9 id uke

Sp until your death, you were "Muddic." You were always want-
ing to know if our rent was paid or how school was going. Although ill,
you showed no sign of weakness or defeat. This in turn gave us the
strength and power to proceed with our lives.
You have prepared us well for this tough flight, and we thank
you. You are gone now, but only in body. You will always remain in
our hearts and minds. We only hope that we can make you proud of us.
You will be missed dearly. We love you!
Your Boys,
La Vel, LeLan, and Karl
Where arc not enough words to express the love and giving of this
great lady. Rita will always be in my heart.
James E. Benton
Dearest and closest friend
wfe all loved her immensely and she will be missed by every one of
us for many reasons.
She was affectionately known as "Muddie," "Brunnie" and
"Rites" by her family and close friends. She was born on March 7, 1929
and was the daughter of Adelaide and the late Ira Brunn.
Her grandchildren were very special to her, and she to them. She
devoted to them a great majority of her spare time, as she did with her
father before his death and her mother prior to her own death.
Rita's love for her grandchildren was no secret, but, Shaheto,
the first-born, was always the apple of her eye. During her long illness she
wanted them even closer to her. They were her pride and joy Shaheto,
Kwam and Kikou. From the moment she stepped into the house, it was
"Muddie," "Muddie," "Muddie" until they fell asleep.
Although Rita knew of her terminal illness, she spent her time
worrying about everyone else. She had, from the inception of her illness,
accepted the fact that soon she would have to leave us. But with great
courage, determination and a strong faith in God that could not be shaken,
Rita prepared herself for the greatest journey she was ever to make.
We all admired her for her strengths our lives have been greatly


The Family

you're e gone, but your memory will live on with us. May you rest
in peace.
Caroley and Beverly
Her sisters



lita B. Martin will always be alive in my memory because of her
desire to live a full life in spite of the adversity that seemingly surrounded
her. Discipline of the highest order, respect for self and others, loyalty to
one and all, honesty, dedication, and compassion were all characteristics
associated with her. Overall, Rita B. Martin was a super human being
who cared deeply about the people of the Virgin Islands, especially its
Although she served in the federal and local governments in vary-
S ing occupational capacities, the one job that profoundly impacted on the
lives of scores of Virgin Islands children was that of Director of Education-
al Personnel Services. In this post, Rita B. Martin interviewed and hired
thousands of teachers and other ancillary personnel to educate the chil-
dren in the public schools of the Virgin Islands. Through her charming
personality, patience, and dedication to the stabilization of the personnel
recruitment program, the public schools in the Virgin Islands have
experienced a low turnover rate in personnel, which in turn has been most
beneficial to the children of the Virgin Islands. I dare say it could not be
done without the competence and hard work exemplified by Rita B.
The Virgin Islands Department of Education has indeed lost a
true professional, a dedicated and hard working employee, a most compe-
tent and loyal colleague, and a concerned Virgin Islander who demonstrat-
ed deep compassion for the needs and wants of fellow human beings.
What high standards she has set for those of us left behind to follow!
Her legacy has left our hearts filled with pride to continue the work she
has started which will eventually fulfil the educational dreams of our most
precious jewels (our children) and see them through to a most productive
adult life.
Rita B. Martin has left us on this earth, but has ascended to a
S most precious place called heaven and will bless all of us with her spiritual
presence during periods of happiness and despair. She is God's choice at
this time to leave her suffering on earth and to enter the gates of heaven
to carry on the rest of her precious life. May she rest in peace.
% Wilburn Smith, Jr.
Assistant Commissioner of Education

.t is with deep sadness that the office of the District Superin.
tendent, St. Thomas St. John, mourns the passing of Rita Brunn Martin.
Her recruitment efforts for department personnel will always be
remembered as one of the most important driving forces behind the im-
provement of our educational system through the years.
Her legacy will be cherished by all of us. May she rest in peace.
Winston A dams, District Superintendent
St. Thomas St. John

y staff and I extend to the family of Rita Brunn Martin deepest
sympathy in your bereavement at the death of your loved one.
In this hour of darkness, please find consolation in the knowledge
that she lived a life of devoted service which was important both for its
own contribution and for the example it set for others.
Gloria H. Canegata
District Superintendent, St. Coii

g during my years of service with the Virgin Islands Department of
Education, it was my pleasure to observe Mrs. Rita B. Martin work toward
the establishment of a personnel section in the Department and later be.
come its efficient and dynamic head.
Mrs. Martin could always be depended on to perform her duties
in a highly satisfactory manner without fuss or fanfare. Her charming per-
sonality and wit contributed to the enjoyment of life for her associates.
She will be missed by all who knew her.
I extend my sincere sympathy to Rita's mother, sons and other
relatives as I join the numerous friends who mourn her passing.
Jane E. Tuit
Commissioner of Education, 1963-1966

saddened by the death of Rita Brunn Martin, I began to write this
message and I suddenly realized how long we had known each otller as
friends and professional colleagues: more than three decades, the greater
portion of our lives. As I reviewed those years, I recalled most her dedica-
tion to the Virgin Islands and its children, I recalled the efficiency with
which she performed her duties and the manner in which, in her assign.
ment as Director of Personnel Services, she protected the rights of teachers.
Mrs. Ma-tin was an efficient and effective worker who contribut-
ed very much to hde development of the public school system of these
Virgin Islands. I know about the many long, extra hours she stayed at
her desk or on assignment elsewhere in order to recruit employees, assist
them in the search of housing, prepare documents in order to facilitate
on-time salary payments, and often to soothe the outburst of an angry
person. Her tasks were difficult, but she did well.
Rita was a gem; she will be missed.
Dr. Arthur A. Richards
Commissioner of Education, 1966-1969

ilth the passing of Rita B. Martin the Virgin Islands has lost yet
another dedicated and concerned public servant. Mrs. Martin believed that
this society's most important task was the identification and training of its
young people to discharge the essential leadership responsibilities. I be.
lieve that we can do the greatest honor to her memory by renewing our
commitment to this important and urgent task.
Phillip A. Gerard
I Conmmissioner of Education, 1969-1970

Xioncl Richie's song, "Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady" surely
must have been inspired by Rita B. Martin, for among all of the women
that my family and I had the honor of knowing and loving, Rita Martin
stands out singly as a great lady.
SWhat made Rita so special to my family and me was, first, that
she was a consummate professional person whose life was devoted to find-
ing and bringing Into the Virgin Islands Department of Education the best
talents she could find anywhere in the world. She knew firsthand, the
child; she knew the staff; she knew the special hopes and aspirations of
Virgin Islanders for their children, their islands, their schools and she
had an uncanny ability to see through the charades and facades of every.
S day people so that she could pick out those who she knew would serve
the Virgin Islands well. I quickly learned to trust her judgment and advice
without question, because whether I agreed with her or not, I knew that
she spoke the truth unfettered by partisan politics or other concerns.
Rita was a great lady. More than many others whom I can name, Rita,
in her firm, soft-spuken way, enabled me to become an adopted Virgin
Islander and to make an honest contribution as Commissioner of Educa-
tion. I am eternally indebted to her for that.
My family joins me in weeping at her passing, and rejoicing that
we were among those so greatly enriched and ennobled by her friendship
and love. Three Times A Lady? The song was written for her, and she
lives in us.
Dr. Harold C. Haizlip
Co missloner of Education, 1971-1975

e rs. Rita Brunn Martin's long, dedicated years of service to the
Virgin islands Department of Education in particular and to education in
general will long be remembered. A bom-and-bred Virgin Islander, Rita
S was brought up in a happy home and completed her elementary and
secondary education in the upper tenth percent of her class. Rita had a
disposition which encouraged friendships, kind acts, and a camaraderie
among relatives and peers.

In the early 1960's, when Virgin Islands education facilities were
being taxed to the limit and there was also an urgent need for more class-
room instructors, Rita was asked to help in their recruitment.
This was her professional calling for she brought to the new job
knowledge gained as Administrative Officer to the Commissioner of Edu-
cation and ideas from advanced work in business education.
During succeeding years, she brought together an efficient and
energetic staff. She became adept at finding the best recruiting areas;
deciding on the best recruiting time of the year; and helping new person-
nel to become adjusted as soon as possible.
It is to Mrs. Rita Brunn Martin's credit that many teachers from i
abroad are still with -is. She will be remembered in education circles and
by our Virgin Island apartmentt of Education.
Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of
thy Master.
Gwendolyn E. Keen
Commissioner of Education, 1975-1978

R ita Martin was a devoted, caring person, deeply concerned with
the welfare of her Family. Even during her illness, her greatest anxiety
centered around their future well-being.
As Director of Personnel for the Department of Education, Mrs.
Martin was capable and efficient. She took her position seriously. Each
year she traveled to tie mainland to interview and recruit prospective
teachers for Virgin Islands schools. Her greatest concern during the early
years was to secure adequate accommodations for them on arrival.
Mrs. Martin was always available to administrators, including
principals, with ready suggestions for meeting classroom and other needs.
She continually upgraded her office for more effective performance and
she trained her office staff well. She will be greatly missed.
Rita made her peace with her God and now she rests from.her
labors. To her family I extend sincere condolences.
Hrulda A. Joseph a
Former Deputy Commissioner of Education
for Curriculum end Instruction

0Rita Martin a caring, sharing, dedicated and committed profes-
sional. Her personal touch and sincere concern for others will always be
God grant her a peaceful rest.
Delta M. Dorsch
Former Deputy Comnmissioner for
Curriculum and Instruction

c Department of lEducallon has lost a faithful and competent
public servant due to the untimely passing of Mrs. Rita Martin. Those of
us who mourn her passing can find solce in the fact that she lived a use.
Sful and productive life. She has Ifl a egacy of quality public service to
all of us. May she rest in peace.
Stari .A. Bracdy
FormerDeputy Cortmmlssloner for
SCurrlculhl Iandl InsinicHt

Tueday. Aptll 2, 1985
Tuetay in 0Holy Week
John 12:20-36
1'f any one serves me, he nmut follow me: and wheleFlam, theei
Shall my servant be also." (v. 26a)
"I don't knowwhat to do. It's as if I am paralyzed, unable to act.
I can't make a decision, I can't take a step in any direction. I feel so hurl,
so betrayed. My life seems at a standstill. Why did this happen to me?
Is this how it was for you. Christas you cried out the trouble in
your soul? Is this how it was as you faced the scheming Pharisees. the
fickle crowd, the disciples who could not understand, and the future that
held only a cross? Was there such despair in your heart, Iord,.as you
knew thu hour of your ,dclth wns nonr andno one sccfmredlto kow
You've been there too, haven't you, Lord? You've known all
my hurts and wounds and more. You've been there. Lord; be here with
me now.
Lift me up from my despair, Jesus. Remove this heavy stone
from ny heart and this darkness from my cycs. Lead the way
and helpme lo follow. Tun m-e inside out, merciful Savior, Ihat I mlay
know wllh you the joyful peace of giving myself or others.
Save us, Lord, from the despair of living turned in on ourselves
and lead us to the joy of giving oursehles for others as you gave yourself
for us. Amen"
SJoanne i'illiams
Depurm Commissfurtlu r of Education
for Busiwnes anid A anagcnm en

"'* behalf fmyelf and the staff of the Division of Curriculum and
Instruction, extend deepest sympathy to the family of Rita B. Martin.
I had the good fortune to hare been acquainted with Mrs.Martin
for the past 16 yes, as she was the personnel Director when I entered the
Department of Education.
I found her to be most helpful in trying to accommodate the

needs of teachers and administrators, but keeping foremost in mind the
needs of the students. She responded to the pleas for increased recruit-
ment of Virgin Islanders studying abroad and also the need for a greater
recruitment effort at the College of the Virgin Islands. Mrs. Martin took
her job seriously and worked diligently to ensure that teachers were pro-
vided to cover classes even in the days of massive teacher turnover.
With the passing of Rita Martin, the Department of Education has
lost a dedicated employee, the Virgin Islands has lost a fine citizen, and
we have all lost a dear friend.
May her friends and family find comfort in the knowledge that
she served her community well and that she has passed on to a much
deserved reward.
Ruby Simmonds
Deputy Commissionerfor
Curriculum and Instruction

CJ came to know Rita quite well, when we agonized together over
filling the elementary school classrooms with teachers every year. It was a
pleasure to see Rita work so hard in a job that very seldom elicited praise.
When I was leaving the Department of Education for the College,
she expressed the hope that our relationship would continue to grow. The
press of duties made it impossible for us to meet often, but we continued
to be friends.
I know we will meet again for we have both made a commitment
to Christ. I am glad!
Vitalia L. Wallace
Former Director of Elementary Education

e. rs. Rita Martin gave much of her life working tirelessly with the
Department of Education. Many educators will long remember her with
fond memories since she was responsible for their recruitment.
May she rest in peace. ,
Glen J. Smith
President, St. Thomas- St. John
Federation of Teachers, Local 1825

0"e are saddened at the passing of Mrs. Rita Martin, one of the most
known and important pillars of the Department of Education over the
Her devoted interest, her wise counsel and loyal support for edu-
cation were invaluable to all of us. None who was privileged to be associ-
ated with her in her communal, humanitarian, professional or social life

failed to be impressed by her charm, convinced of her sincerity, and en-
riched by her warmth.
The example of her dedication and friendliness will remain and
serve as a source of continued inspiration to all of us. The void which now
prevails shall long remain.
With profound sympathy.
Cecil R. Bennamin
President, St. Croix Federation of Teachers
AFT Local 1826

Hd s a colleague Rita B. Martin was one who always looked for ways
to solve problems instead of making excuses for their existence. As a
friend she was the embodiment of selflessness, genuine concern, thought-
fulness and encouragement.
In spite of her illness, her thoughts remained turned outward,
toward the welfare of others. She lived with faith one day at a time,
and to the very end was an inspiration to those of us who knew and
loved her.
Ruth A. Thomas
Principal. Charlotte Amalie High School, 1969 1982

e in the British Virgin Islands were deeply grieved to learn of the
passing of Mrs. Rita B. Martin.
She was a colleague from across the seas who believed in inter-
Virgin Islands unity and progress, especially in the field of education.
May her soul rest in peace.
Alfred Christopher
Former Assistant Chief Education Officer
SBritish Virgin Islands

w n behalf of my wife, Mary, my mother, Iris, and our entire family
I wish to express our deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved
daughter Rita.
To us she was the epitome of a good, sincere friend. As a base.
ball fan we'll miss her on radio and as a devoted District Director of Per-
sonnel Services, Department of Education, this community will surely miss
her services.
'But because she has touched all of our lives, today we are better
off as individuals and a community. May God give you, James and her
children the strength to live on and the assurance that her death was not in
Athniel C. Otley

,3ita.B. Martin was respected and loved by many with whom sihe
came in touch. She wil be greatly missed by those who knew her.
In the field of Personnel, she served with devotion and high
efficiency. She dealt with the greatest asset of any orgnizatin human
resources. he was truly concerned for the human elements. For us in the
Central Personnel Office, we will remember her dedicated service and
conscientious effort in the activities of personnel management.
The staff of the Central Personnel Office m'ourn with her family '
and many friends andpray that we may be comforted .in this time of
sorrow. May she rest in peace..
S-. Elien Miurraine
A cling Director, Personnel Office

I ~. ta Martin could always be depended upon to be helpful and
resourceful. The faculty and staffat Julius Sprauve School extend deepest
sympathy to her family.
Eloy A. Sproue
Principal, Julius Spraume School, S. John

have been privileged to serve and work with Rita!B. Martin
for many years during which she has been an insplralonito me.
She truly exhibited stellar qualities, such as dedication, loyalty,
fair.mindedness, 'tenacity; truthfulness, candor, honesty, thoroughness,
;a christian and community spirit, and love and concern for those whose
needs were essential to the well-being of education and her community.
Her absence diminishes all of us.
i7rk Benjamin
Former Director of Peronnel
Ditric of St. Croix

"Me membcis of the staff of Educational Personnel Services In the
St. Croix district:have had the opportunity to benefit from the;guidanca
of Mrs. Mrlin, She has served asasourca of Inspiration tdous 'all We ox-
press stncore condolences, andi we hope that the strength which she por*
strayed will help to guide all:those who mourn her passing. May she rest
in peace.
Ferne McAlpln
District Director, Educational Personnel Senices
Sr. Croix

,ita was always there when we all needed her. She was our guide,
philosopher and friend. She was very reserved and did not like too much
fanfare. She loved music,dancing and meeting people.




In that frail body, she always had a very powerful voice and one
always wondered how she got so much energy. Every day, after a hectic
full day on her job, traveling between the islands or being away there
was Rita in the kitchen!
She always said and believed that while she "can" it was her
duty to take care of her family and friends. There was an abundance of
good food and comforting words.
Rita was kind but firm. She was truly gifted with courage, deter-
mination and superior judgment. Her place will never be filled in our
hearts. Those of us who were fortunate enough to be close to her will
cherish fond memories. "Dear Rita, you were a wonderful person and a
joy to remember." Seela Perera
Very dearest friend

R.ta, you have really shown that we are part of the Psalm of Life.
You have left your footprints on the sands of time. You were a
real hero in life and a hero unto death.
You could not have picked a better time to be with your Master
in Paradise.
You will be dearly missed. Your home was mine, and my home
was yours. We were a family.
Eda Rojas and Family

he members of the Class of 1947 of Charlotte Amalie High
School are deeply touched by the loss of one of our beloved and dedicated
classmates. Rita B. Martin.
Our only consolation is the knowledge that we were privileged
to know and work with Rita over the years. During her life we came to
know her as a person of intelligence and integrity, always eager to help;
whose life and career were,indeed, an inspiration to all of us.
Our hearts and our prayers are with the family at this most diffi-
cult of times. "Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe
also in me." John 14:1 Class of 1947
Charlotte Amalie High School
'm only human, I'm just a human. Help me believe in what I
could be and all that I am. Sho, me the stairway, 1 have to climb. Lord,
for my sake, teach me to take .,. one day at a time.
Do you remember when you walked among men? Well, Jesus,
you know if you're looking below, it's worse now than then. Cheating and
stealing, violence and crime. So, for my sake, teach me to take one
day at a time. front Mrs. Martin's Staff


R ita served the people o the V.I. for many years,
Oftimes exerting herself beyond the call of duty,
She put forth her best at the Department of Education,
And many can attest to her tremendous dedication.

To her family she was ever loving, kind and true,
To others she was always willing to lend a hand,
She was a wonderful person at work or at play,
An ardent baseball fan who often called WSTA.

Well, we'll no longer see her smiling face
Or hear her friendly voice,
Rila has bidden us all goodbye
And gone to her Saviour in the "sky."

Though our eyes may be dim with tears,
We know site is free from sorrow and pain;
Let us her wonderful traits emulate,
Until we meet her at heaven's gate. Rufus A. Graham

yn memory of a friend and colleague, the late Rita B. Martin,
I am asking the Department of Education in its strive for educational
excellence to continue the constant efforts of our co-worker whose pri.
mary concern was improved educational opportunities for all children of
the Virgin Islands. For this reason, our teacher recruitment / selection
strategies must always emphasize choosing the most effective teachers for
the children of the Virgin Islands. In doing so, Rita's work will always
live on.
Concerra C. Culliver

eY_1 suffered much and very long
Who dare could say it was for wrong,
Some are chosen in due season
To be a martyr, who can tell the reason.

God made it clear that man will die
Would anyone dare to question why
She heard God's call, she knew lis word
Farewell, as you journey to meet the Lord. .ildred V.j. Chinnery
Classmate and Friend



A comrade and friend;
A leader among leaders,
A fighter to the end.

Her work will not be in vain;
The marks which she has left us,
Will not easily be erased.

Braves' mightiest fan;
She carried their banner
With pride to the end.

Heaven's team she now joins;
Her average will surpass that,
Of anyone on earth.

The battle was won;
Her fight is now over,
Her rest has begun.

How sweetly she lies;
Resting peacefully in Heaven,
With God at her side.

But we must go on
To give comfort and guidance,
To "LOVED ONES" she left behind.

Edwita "Tintin" Gumbs
on behalf of Lockhart Elementary School & Staff

r 4

p nWmn 00@CE F o 1cOFuL f Pt4POTMAIOiGWC SV
TEN & GOOOMN P. 0. ~~ Chavtem ll e S& Them 0 W S, VVinslM 1WO
APa Phaer Des rO
nO1 t s22 5Ap rilt 3, 1985
CoMaissiona of Edcation Charles W. "ur4bll. today exprels3d
profound sorrow on the passing of laog-tine education oftele8a
Rit Bnrun Martin.
Krs. Martin, aose most recent position was ditrlet director
or educational personnel services. *"an a highly dedicated public
servant who devoted ber working career to the people of the
Virgin Islands, particularly the children and teachers,' the
coaniaietn r noted.
*She was a lady of honesty, Integrity and deep convictions
uho could be counted upon to work above and beyond the call to
daty,* Dr. Turoboll added. Hr passing is a great lose to our
omnunity. All of us at the Department of education are sorely
grieved. She will be lapsed greatly.'
lita 8. Martin served the depsrtunat for over 25 years, start-
ing as a runiaglnst assistant in 1948. shortly afterward, she worked
at the Dept. of Public Safety 1i months before continuing
her tablic service as an administrative officer in the U.S. District
Court for five years.
Mrs. Nmrtin pursued her bachelor's degree at that point, receiv-
ing her B.5. in business asdnitatration from Xew York University
in 195T and than, as a Ford Foundation scholar, her e.S. in public
administration frco Anerican University, Washington, D.C, in 1960.
She returned to St. Thonas that year end began a 25-year stint
vith Education that wae virtually unLcinrtrrte until serious illeases
overtook her in 1984. She bad been on official leave since that timn.
Beginning in 1960, Mrs. Martin rose from the position of Cadsn-
iatrative Officer III to department personnel officer before
beccamng district director on March 9, 1981.
Her office vwl)s bear testimony to the naly individuals and
organization that appreciated her devotion to daty, including t
certificrtes and awards free eight different education coonissioners.
And her files bear additional praise front scores of othre.









. iMl

1 dild
I said
I "d

EaiHETIA AKIN worker,".aid Ar i r Riciidrds; Artd bfi onlrnued to care for
, Ne rolS paLident of the College of the her lavaili moille, "So wesa
vNewSrtoll a islands esud EidEail(n very titlee' peaon," Olky
sldesmt wlUtla Andl vulidu Commiaionar in the late 1I O. said.
Cdltlocal0o ( byil Wed- "Incallherasanmoeteticiden Martin Jrst came to Uth
ty 'oetrned the drath ol peri a" and-one wlh was EdrcaLsin Depliarlncr IIn i
Brian Martin. whoselong dced aled to the chlrcftl f 13 u Ima Ruanaftagemt siUlantL
wilh cancer ended Tule- YVtin lands. She worked feo )& ma ts at
nlt at l SL' bomas llo(0l- blie was rememrj edl Wed- the police departmenutL a fiv
neseay not only for ber wad. years as an admantstrallve
I Eiation emplaye- t r but for her play Ite An she olicerlnDlst rctCOU l.
rthan e2 ar,Marluiwas eJdeddatoCirnlvl],btrole She h jquil wt to punue a
ki director of eUetJulcaii official apoltwoman fot bacbelr's der. e In business
oInnl srrics unlil Iat Alladn Braves lr as o Althei adminisraUian at- New York
Swhe she took Jeave *'Ald liOJefu radiaabiw. Inlversliy. As a Foar r nda-
ustaillnes. '"W. became very ctot lat ixl~r. aulor, ieamed' her
al was her iUle, but bse personmat llt eol' through Ibe maJier'a in uhilk adnminislra-
4 herself a "miolher Jen." teasic over mtdch teau was lioc in lha lrm hbe Ahnercan
EducaUnn Commissioner. beer (he Braves or the UniversltylnWashlustonD.C.
klt TrntbuU. sbe hired DPoetsOlltyri4d. When re-h relunm d lo St.
oI f Ut traders a Uie At a December dianet pirty thomaS, She rlturce to Ed.-
ic school system. She u ia at hib home, ,larUn became calaon.
first oflical lhUr nmee uad chilled nd be provided a "**lr orNice walls bear toti-
ae to whom Ity turned II Dodgers Jacketl tie took se v. nla to 110 al y indh Idials
ldproblens, eral piotbs of hae, placAinl t* and ertianisaton thaL appre-
Irs Martli wee a highly keep thuI till lhe ise fin coated her devotime lo duy,
aled public servant nato llatted and he coW "do a iocludinSg Ces(Jellets an
Led her lAwing career a numblercImbr." ards ftwe i ght differeat
people e VJrio e k tw h be hatl cancer n r," Edgtaltratioa aisloners. And
nds, prtllullrly the Oltlcysaid."ShaeknewL hate er Ales bear additional praise
Iren'aou the Itedictl pCw noeis wia po. very good from acres of others."
lhrrhuJt. tba she elinued to live bcr 'rnhnullsaid.
dun'l UidrJk w ute bwve ire fully. FHita n49t tons- tumte4 UNrvrit are prLd-
a moar COoASClntllous rlaine." IaS.
----- ---------- -a---

The Daily Newn, Seturday, April 6; 1985
pm.., allowed brservics at Sla.
1eter and Paul Cathedral al
Deathm. Burial will be' Wern

Rifa Brunn Marlin f Monday, April 8, 1985
S)emorll services wil be held I Tfiule to Marli
Wedne\doy for Rita Brunn CGo. Jen J Luis ias plad tribute
Martin, who died T meday at als loaa Martin oreht Ufetrving
S4 afler 9 lengthy bout with dedication and commnilsment li
cancer. serving the Educalion 'Deatr-
Ralirti or Esate Canlai No. mnnt and % L community tor
,s, was d idilet Cbrtor ofr duca-. rcelyltrtdecads.
elan perwnlI urvics for the "lier prolYssionlism and ilcl-
Education Department. with rity in fulfilling ber re-
whichsheserved otrLyears. sposibililles as director of
SSe is survived by her asther. personnel aserVetlM wret im-
AdelaIde rucnn: 1 1th uons Smranbi bnenalt to r W p ic
lat Las. a -ind. Keel. Marlin: school leam, 0 d 1101u6m with
irotber Winston BSnt: tI-o s- om she worked directly arr
erm. Beverly and Croley Bruwn S r aitLs .
andadearfrriendJantoRIeWm r diedM arYiLa loa tenure
Other Sueviors iamlOe IreAadipoie Sevlct s a
gra nld it, m i. noe ,lw Istrong h dican. that Iet truly
iedother welbaves. cared or tlhepe of the CO. -
cView l be at John'ms, m y whom bised
Chapel beurn nora a-d 2:1

The Daily News, Thursday, April 4, 1985

Rita Brunn Martin is dead,

served Education 25 years

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