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Title: Funeral Booklet for Dorothy Millicent ONeal Lizama
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Dorothy Millicent ONeal Lizama
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of Dorothy Millicent ONeal Lizama
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Subject: Lizama, Dorothy Millicent ONeal
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Dorothy Millicent O'Neal Lizama
was born on Virgin Gorda, British
Virgin Islands, on August 7,1916, as
the first child of the marriage of
Hubert O'Neal and Antesta O'Neal.
At a young age she went with her
mother and brothers to the island of
Santo Domingo where she became
an adult. She was a typical repre-
sentative of the Caribbean family
connection. She was trained as a
seamstress and worked as such as an
adult to help herself, her mother and
her children.
She procreated four children in
Santo Domingo, Eduardo, Femando,
Humberto and Felix. She was an
active member of her church where
she became a musician in their mu-
sical group; she was also a member
of other society groups in the church.
She left Santo Domingo to go back
to Virgin Gorda to help take care of
her mother who had returned ear-
lier. She later became a resident of
St. Thomas, which she loved very
On St. Thomas she procreated
two other children, Thelma and
Debra. At that time she made sure
that all her children from Santo
Domingo would join her here. Dur-
ing her stay in these Virgin Islands
she married Mr. Roland Lizama,
who passed away last year. Both
raised a seventh child, Ellianette,
which she made her own. She
worked as a clerk-seamstress in a

Main Street store until her retire-
ment. She was crowned as WSTA
Valentine Sweetheart in 1986. After
retirement, she continued to work
independently and as late as this
year she was an Independent Cos-
metology representative.
During all her adult life she
guided, taught, cared, counseled
and gave whatever was needed for
the well-being of her children, not-
withstanding their ages, and usually
gave all of herself without expect-
ing something in return, other than
that the son or daughter benefit. In
addition she was also available to all
her grandchildren, nephews and
nieces and other relatives that would
seek her understanding.
She was a very hard working per-
son, a very caring mother, a very
good family person, a very indepen-
dent and active person who believed
that all persons should be honest,
that all persons in society should be
taken care of and have access to all
social, educational and economical
commodities. She was a strong be-
liever that all persons on the face of
the earth are equal.
Her hobbies included music, lan-
guages, reading and politics. She
spoke fluently English and Spanish,
and a little French and Patois. She
was aware of all world happenings.
It is very safe to say that she equally
and eternally loved all her children
and descendents.


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Nacio en Virgen Gorda, Islas
Virgenes Britanicas el 7 de Agusto de
1916. Fue el primer vastago del
matrimonio de Hubert O'Neal y
Antesta O'Neal.
A una edad temprana se traslado
con su madre y hermanos a la isla de
Santo Domingo, donde se hizo
adulta. Ella fue una tipica represante
de la conexion familiar caribena. Se
hizo modista y trabajo como tal para
ayudarse y a la vez cuidar de su
madre y mantener a sus hijos.
Micentras vivo en Santo Domingo
procreo cuatro hijos: Eduardo,
Fernando, Humberto y Felix. Fue
miembro active de la Banda musical
de su iglesia y miembro de otras
agrupaciones de su iglesia.
Dejo a Santo Domingo para
regresar a Virgen Gorda para ayudar
y cuidar a su madre que habia
regresado antes. Luego se hizo resi-
dente de la isla de St. Thomas la cual
amo grandemente; en St. Thomas
procreo dos hijas Thelma y Debra. Al
mismo tiempo se aseguro de que sus
hijos de Santo Domingo se reunieran
con ella aqui en St. Thomas.
Durante su estadia en Isla
Virgenes se caso con el senor Roland
Lizama el cual fallecio el ano pasado;
ambros criaron un septimo vastago
Ellianette; la cual adopt y crio igual
que a los suyos.
Trabajo como Modista -
dependiente en una tienda de Main
Street hasta la edad de retire. En el
ano 1986 fue seleccionada y coronada

como la Novia del dia de San
Valentin de la emisora radial WSTA.
Ella continue trabajando
independientemente y todavia a esta
altura ella era una Representante
Independiente de Cosmeticos.
Durante su paso por la vida ella guio,
educo, cuido, aconsejo e hizo lo que
fuera necesario para asegurar el
bienestar de sus hijos sin importar su
edad y sin esperar nada a cambio que
no fuera el bienestar de sus vastagos.
En adicion ella siempre estuvo
disponible para todos sus nietos,
sobrinos y otros familiares que
solicitaran su entendimiento a
cualquier situation que le
Ella fue muy trabajadora, una
madre abnegada, un buen familiar
era una persona muy active e
independiente quien pensaba que
toda persona debia ser honest y que
debia cuidarse y tener acceso a todas
las comodidades sociales,
educacionales y economics. Era una
fiel creyente de que toda las perso-
nas en la faz de la tierra son iguales.
Sus hobbies preferidos eran: la
music, los idiomas, la lectura y la
political. Hablo con fluidez Ingles y
Espanol, un pocode Frances y Patois.
Estuvo al tanto de todos los
acontecimientos mundiales a travez
de los medios de comunicacion
sociales. Se puede dicircon la mayor
propiedad que ellla amo con
igualdad a todos sus hijos y

Eduardo, Femando, Humberto and Felix
Thelma, Debra and Ellianette
Luzgarda Villar de O'Neal, Lilliana Belardo de O'Neal,
Elba Mesa de O'Neal, Confesora Perez,
Bruce Brewster and Agustin J. Lima
Winston O'Neal, Eve Walters and Florence Ackers
Muriel O'Neal, Margaret O'Neal
Janet, Noel Dora, Hubert, Xiomara, Millie, Chimoy,
Maggisel, Amelia, Michael Kissy, Kassy, Damien,
Eion, Horace, Alejandro, Tianna, Chantelle, Lianna and Krystle
Rafael Alexander and Hubert
Rudnell, Emmanuel Caroline, Rommie, Marris,
Regginald, "Elick" Nathaniel, Jeremy, Lorraine, Angela,
Lorrelle, Emily, Ethelyn, Tanny
Zunilda Fortuna, Ena Knight, Nancy Camacho,
Elsa Rodriguez, Lillian Godwin, Carmen Guerrero,
Ramon Almonte, Luis Altagracia, Maria Santiago
Clementina O'Neal, Eudocia Wells, Teresa O'Neal,
Ana Martin, Horace O'Neal, Derek O'Neal,
Roberto O'Neal, Evelyn Hassel

ca$e of service
FIRST READING: 2 Cor. 5:1,6-10 ................... Chimoy Richards
RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Psalm 23 ...... Xiomara O'Neal Brea
Response: Though I walk in the valley of darkness,
I fear no evil, for you are with me.
SECOND READING: Rev. 21:1-5,6-7 ............... Michael Caviness
Spanish Version: Maggisel O'Neal
GOSPEL / HOMILY ..................... Monsignor Michael Kosak
and Rev. Vincent Darius, OP.
MEDITATION SONG .............................Deseriee Francis,
Jacqueline, Adams, Gwen Creque Harrigan
EULOGY ...................... Eduardo O'Neal and Elsa Rodriquez

Eduardo O'Neal, Fernando Moscoso,
Humberto O'Neal, Felix O'Neal, Kenneth O'Neal, Luis Altagracia

mneora7y oafl6earer
Ramon Almonte

Noel O'Neal, Hubert Moscoso, Chimoy Richards, Michael Caviness


Mother... Although I will miss you, and there are no words to describe
how much, I know you are in a much more beautiful place. We shared a
special kind of love. You were never afraid to show that love and I feel
privileged to have acquired you special nurturing. Because these attributes
have been embedded in me, I have no choice but to pass them on to my
children. You would always push aside your needs for the needs of your
children and others. You gave advice when asked, but always with the
understanding that it was only advice, leaving me free to make my own
choices. You gave a listening ear when no one else cared or had time to
listen. You were always, always there for me. You were always a part of
the special events in my life, and I have the pictures to prove it. Your
morals and strong family values will be with me forever. I was fortunate
to spend a lovely afternoon luncheon with you a few days before your
death, and you were so beautiful and laughed so much. This and so many
fond memories of you will forever linger on my mind. I am proud to be
your daughter and I love you with all my heart.

Mama, I will miss you. Rest in peace.

In Loving Memory... To the one who I could go to for help in anything.
To the one who loved everyone in her own special way. To the one who
encouraged me to do my best in everything I tried to do, and to the one
who made us laugh with her sights and sounds, my wonderful grand-
mother. Mama!! May you rest in peace. We will all miss you.
Love always, Chimoy N. Richards

We love you Mama, we will miss you, but we know you are safe with
Papa in heaven. We will always remember you and the stories you told us.
We will miss your Johnny cakes. No one else could make them like you.
Eion and Trace

I thank the Lord for setting you free, of all the pain and agony.
I thank the Lord for giving me the understanding as to Why? When I
asked Him to bring you back to life, He did not
I know now that you are at peace, whether you are with papa, I am not
sure, but I do know that you are with the Lord.
As you look down upon us, we are all sad, when we should really be
very glad.
But Mommy, it is very hard to comprehend the loss that I feel inside,
knowing that you are not going to be by my side.
No more talking, sharing, laughing, caring and being there for one an-
You were more than a mother; you were my friend.
As it is written in the scriptures: John 5:24
Verily, verily I say unto you,
He that heareth my word, and
believeth on him that sent me,
hath everlasting life, and shall
not come into condemnation; but
is passed from death unto life.
Until we meet with the Father: everlasting love,
your loving daughter Debbie

Missing you dearly!
Tinny, Michael, Tino, Yianna Liawna

Mama... Words cannot express the feelings that I feel inside, the emp-
tiness that I feel at this present time. I'm sorry that you had to leave me so
fast, but I'm glad that you are there, because you might see Papa, and live
in peace and harmony. I'm ever grateful for all that you have done for me,
Everlasting love, your grandson-son Mic&ael

In loving memories of a great woman, whom I am proud to call my.
Mama you always were so understanding, loving, caring, kind and ever
so proud. You always went out of your way to try and help me to be the
best that I could be. You helped me through the transitional stage of child-
hood into adulthood. You taught me to be proud of who I am.
After all, I am an O'Neal.
Mama, I love you so much and I will never forget the times we shared,

the endless talks we had. There are not words enough to express the love
and admiration I have for you.
I will always remember you, and I will make sure the generation that
follows will know the great Dorothy Millicent O'Neal Lizama.
Love always, your loving granddaughter, Xiomara Y. O'Neal Brea and

Dear Mommy,
For 30 years you were there to give me love, encouragement, comfort,
scolding, advice, words of wisdom, guidance, warm embraces, everything
a child needs from a mommy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Any woman can be a mother but only a special person can be a mommy.
Even though you did not give birth to me, you gave me everything I needed.
If more people had hearts as big and as kind as yours, truly the world
would be a perfect place.
I will surely miss your warm smiles, but will never forget them.
You were there for me when my son Damien and daughter Chantelle
were born, thank you again.
You were a person that could not sit still for a minute, without finding
something constructive to do, and would get on me for it.
I could go on and on with praises to you, but for now, Rest Peacefully,
Love from your daughter, Ellianett M. Lizama
Grand kids, Damien, Chantelle and Krystle

To the greatest Grandmother in the whole world. I'll always love you
from the bottom of my heart, and I know someday that you'll be proud of
your future generation to come. And I know God will be watching over
you. You will finally be at rest with the heavenly Father. I will be forever
more being Merry and Happy that you are in heaven. I'll always cherish
the loving memories we had. I will never forget you. And Ill miss you.
Bye! for now!
Your granddaughter
Kizzy Kanene Moscoso

MAMA was the best grandmother anyone could ever have. She helped
us when we needed help and we helped her in her time of need. Mama
was one of many other people who really did understand me, and all of us

loved being with her. I love you Mama, we all do, and we'll never stop. Be
happy in heaven with Papa, and now you will live for eternity. I'll miss
your dumbbread, I also miss watching soaps with you! We'll all see you
Love from your granddaughter Kasey

Hoy te fuiste, nos abandonaste, dejaste en todos un vacio muy grande,
un dolor incurable pero estamos conforme porque sabemos que fuiste una
gran mujer, que supiste valorar cada minute de tu vida, que luchaste por
sacar tus hijos adelante; no te importaron los tropiezos que encontraste
siempre seguiste adelante; por eso siempre nos sentiremos orgullosos de
Hoy Dios design to partida, consider que ya estaba bueno de luchar y
es hora de descansar.
Descansa en Paz Mama,"
tus nietos Janet, Noel, Millie y Maggise

Mama! 'Such a meaningful and lovely name that can only be applied to
a beautiful, caring, lovely lady as you.
Mama! you were strong, loving, considerate, forgiving. Words are so
inadequate to express fully the love and the joys we shared, the precious
moments spent together over the years, the thanks we sometimes forgot to
say or the many acts of kindness we took for granted. The warmth of your
smile that lit up the room will always be a treasured memory.
Mama! many times you were my source of comfort and your presence
often brought reassurance. You were always there for me when I needed
you. Your daily telephone calls to your son, your knowledge of important
issues and your wise counsel will be greatly missed.
Mama! I have been one of the happiest women in the world because
you gave birth to a son who has helped to make my life wonderful and
Mama! You nurtured and taught him well. You instilled in him a strong
sense of values, respect and love for family that he has cherished. Your
memory will live with us for the rest of our lives.
Mama! you are now at rest with papa and I know your mansion is await-
ing you because you were a great believer in the Lord Almighty.
Love always, Lillana Belardo de O'Neal

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