Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Diana Idonia Sprauve Jackson
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Diana Idonia Sprauve Jackson
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of Diana Idonia Sprauve Jackson
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Subject: Jackson, Diana Idonia Sprauve
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Dn sovinag tMea
Da Loving A.>emoryj

Diana 3donia Sprauvc ackson
Septber 18,1945 October 24, 1995

Juneral &Srice
Saturday, 2movanber 4,1995
Viewing: 2:00 3:00 pm
Srice: 3:00 pm
2azare&ih Cuderan Church
Anterment at Cruz gay Cmnetery
SkAosIt. 'US 'Virgi D3sands
St Thnms. VI

DAUGCHERS... Demr Herdrlcs,
Devere R Jacksdon Stven, DeJne NJL. Paul
SONS... Mario A. Jackson, Jr, Marino J. Amr o, au H.Thompson
MOTHER... anche Smith Of viere
SISTERS. .. Delta Speuv Robert, Clarice V. Sprauv,
Sona M. Spruv, Neal F. Spmv, iEuBe PFau
BRnTHERS... Herman r. SpraveJr, GAn A.Sprauv
Edwin Spruv David M.Sprauve, Nedl Sprauv
GRANDHILDREN... Mariim, Male and Maro Jacksom, L
Mauic, Derim, Myron Mak mad Marc. Stemw
DAUGHER-N-LAW... Emly Cary
SON-N--AW... Myron SMevm Sr.
BROTHE-IN-LAW... LUon V. Robet, Jr.
AUNIS... Dnma RFan ng Thomm, Evadney Mucare,
Elaine L Spreuv, Clari rnci, Rhynia mTomma, Joa Rbid,
Iddal Vrlack, Lmon George, AMnn Smith Pmn,
Yvonne Smith Mier, Shirley Smith Testmanrk
UNCLES... David E Flming Hiban L Spraue,
Kumweth L Sprauve, Juliur L Spr, Jr, rEoy A. Spanvw
Veon A. Sprauve, LIon A Spnnv, aon Smith. Aed Smith,
ABert Smih, Alfrdo Samih, r, Roy Smith
SPCIAL COUSINS... Henry jadmon, Ri LE Thoma,
Jo ycea Mam, igaoet P eivaL, kIth Berkey
GODPARENHS... Roy Sewer, Valeri Thonm
SPBCIAL PRIENDS... Hen Hndridce Donald Chrtoopher,
Henry hompen, Dwayn Hil, WarMe Hn.dridna,
Bernie Boynes, Judy Sprve, Senaor Arturo Watifgtan,
Cheryl Jennings, Vedore Sna Margaret Thoma,
Mn. T DIan Jadmmn, Naomi Hodge, S9yvia Thoms
Ro e of St Croix
OTHER REATIVES ... Sprave Thomas Ma tthmi aman Sadth
YCAmyor, SamieL Boyn, aR ug, k idi REds, Mya, P
-mny other rdatv and FMd'

Duiana 3donia Sprauve ackson

The Lord s my Shepherd. I hall not want." hi favorite Shephrd
Palm was repeated by Dian Jackson regularly. We a convinced that
th Shepherd heard her pl and took her h om to be with Him.
Dian Idonia Spmve Jackson better known a "Nano, Nook, D',
eateed into thb world an September 18,1945, some 50 yeas ago. She is
survived by her mother, Blanche Smith Olivierue. Her father, Herman
Emanul Sprauve, passed away less han two ye ago. The late mid-
wife, her godmother, Myrah Kcsting Smith delivered her at her home in
Pine Peac, St. John. She was baptized and confided in th Nazareth
Lutheran Chtunh. She w rained by her grandmother, the late Diana
leming Anthony. Her grandparent wee the late Julus Sprauve, Sr.,
Afred Smith, Sr. Emanuelit Matthia and Diana Pleming Anthony.
Diana wa educated n the St. John Public School, Bethany and Julius
B Sprauve. Even though Diana did not attain a formal high school
education, through mere stngth and determination she obtained her
GAD. Diploma.
She loved sport such as volley ball and sotball and wa a member of
h original St. John Royal Sst. She wa
nicknamed 'Mower Hubbard because she P
always truck out and never ot a hit. The
team laughed at her and he laughed with
m. She had a g at sense of humor. She
was the team'mascot always socializing and
making friends for the team. Nano was
afered to a thew "litidan. She would al. r
way say 'Nobody smarter han me.1
Having a deep love for her native homu,
St John, Diana pent mot of her adult life in
Pine Pce S. John. She also loved the Is
land of St. Crox and lived there for a short
whe, made some lifelong friends, a place
whe she obtained her G.E.D.

Diana made a living performing several jobs such as a Volunteer for
VISTA; Librarian and Counselor Aide at the Julius E Sprauve School;
part-time Agriculture work, contract work with Senator Arturo
Watlington; Clerk at Dial-A-Ride; including a Corrections Officer, St.
Croix and St Thomas. When she served as Corrections Officer, she broke
her leg thereby causing a permanent injury. She also tried her hand at
selling materials such as clothing and shoes.
One can truly say that Diana Jackson was very friendly. She always
possessed a smile and had a kind word to say to everyone. If she didn't
believe in something, she would let you know her thoughts. If she be-
lieved in someone, she would defend that someone all the way (like she
believed in Senator Watlington). She loved people and family and knew
most of the family in St John, Tortola, and St Croix. Diana was joined in
matrimony to Mario Jackson, Sr. That union brought three children,
Mario, Deverell, Ludriska (deceased). Diana's other children are Dessire,
Mariano, DeJenne, and Esau.
Diana was a faithful member of the St John Missionary Baptist Church
which she joined several years ago. She desired always to serve the Lord.
The change which took place in her life was very evident Diana endured
pain and suffering before her death. She lost her house roof and her home
received major damages. Two weeks after Hurricane Marilyn, Diana
suffered a major stroke and was admitted into the St Thomas Hospital.
While attempting to purchase goods, she collapsed in a store and was
assisted by Mrs. Lburd who called the ambulance. The stroke left her
paralyzed on the right side and with the inability to talk. She tried to
communicate with family and friends during their visits by squeezing
their hands or sometimes trying to shake her head. She attempted to
smile when the Pastor talked to her about Jesus. I think the inability to
speak hurt "Nano" the most, for she really love to talk.
Diana finally departed this world on Tuesday evening, October 24,
1995. She walked through the shadow of death; fearing no evil; for she
knew that Her Lord is with her; his rod and staff comforted her. "Surely
goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will
dwell in the House of the Lord forever." 23rd Psalm.

Order of &rvice
Officiant.... Pastor Dr. Kortright Worrel
of St John Missionary Baptist Church

MUSICAL SELECTION: .............................Emanuel Boyd
OPENING & WELCOME REMARKS ...... Pastor Kortright K. Worrel
HYMN ........................... ...... "How Great Thou Art"
THE EULOGY ...................................... DeJenne Paul
REMARKS ................................... Senator Watlington
FIRST READING: Psalm 96, Verse 1-13 ............ Dessire Hendricks
SELECTION ........................... Women's Missionary Union
St John Missionary Baptist Church
HYMN ......................... "What a Friend We Have In Jesus"

2ND READING: Revelations ...................... CherylJennings
HYMN ........................................ "Never Alone"
SERMON ............................ Pastor Kortright K. Worrel
RECESSIONAL HYMN ........................ The Strife is OCer
PROCESSIONAL SELECTION:.....................Emanuel Boyd
"His Truth is Marching On"

Mario Jackson, Jr., Henry Jackson, Herman Sprauve, Jr.,
Neal Sprauve, Julius Sprauve, Deron Sprauve, Mariano Amaro,
Glen Sprauve, Vern Sprauve

21onorary ?abearers
David Feming, Sen. Arturo Watlington, Roy Sewer, Liston Sprauve,
Hilton Sprauve, Hulbert Frett, Donald Christopher, Ishmael Jackson,
Mario Jackson, Sr., Elvis Sprauve, Jerry Frett, Elroy Sprauve

To a Wonderfu Mother... Momny, wods alone ot expre the
pain ad rrow we felt upon your paying. You have left an empty po
inour live. We loved you, but God loved you better. Heha enfitto
take you into his ever loving awn and out of your suffering. We will
mnis you, but we won't be sad because you a embarking n a path
many of us dream of walking. Ma, you always maid we would nmis you
when you left us. If you only know how true e those words ae. Event
though your are absent in the physical sawm, you'll always be in our
hearts. Pine Peace will never be the same without you screaming for one
of your children. Farewell mom, but love always,
Your children, Dem Deiern, Mario Mwnois Dreifne ad Em
To My Deret Dughter... You were the send d my children and
many times we never saw eye to eye. But I stllovd you. What hurt the
mot was the fact that if I didn't get to talk to you in your lat days. Diana
Idonia Sprauve, the name I gave you, will always remain in my heart
You were the second of my ten seeds and no other can replace you in my
heart. To my beloved daughter, farewell
Low satwys. Bland. Oltierie 'Modher'
Nano... As we sit he stil trying to accept your death it is not for us
to question why. We know you are with your Lod and Savior in that
beautiful sky. We'll always member the good tiae we have spent
together. Rest in peace.
Your Broter ad SisUi, Ne ad Neu i
Life cn never to be the same without you. Did I hear you caing?
Perhaps. Calling four time in one day? I would say, "Nano again." But,
we communicated. Sometimes I felt you were ovebearing. But you
always wanted to talk to me. am going ton mi you. Youw always
proud to say This i my sler." You loved and rspected me. Loved and
respected you, too Your favorite nece and nephew oed you, too -
Tutiwelyn (Lewelyn), Ranleo (Uonel) and Kakey (Laqae), as you
lovingly caled ham
DesM P. Sprwm akserts
Dia ... lhe viory now is yourad Our love gos with yo. We
reoice that you a in the ce of Him whose love or you remeds our
Rt in peace. ad
TlI Svmai (Aunts mud Uands)

Dearest Nano ... You were always there for me when I needed
someone to talk to. I will forever mss your phone cal early in the
morning May you ret in peace.
Loae whay, Daunghier-ln-Lt E.ily
To My Auntie "Nano" ... You were always there for family and
friends, and now that you have gone an to a better place, may you rest in
peace. Put in a word to the Lord for me, and tell my father, grandfather,
auntie, mama Dukoo, and Richard hello for me.
Lo yo ways, Deon (Baohe)
A Tribute to Can Can" ... We could always count n you for support
and your kind words of wisdom. You a gone but not forgotten in our
hearts. We love you grandma
Lorelays, te grandchildren
Diana... For the short time I have known, cared for, and lived around
you, you have shown me nothing but motherly love. To me our rela-
tinship depicted the true spirit of neighborly love. I am glad I met and
hav come to know you.
Lor shwmys, "Dr De" and
Auntie Nano... I am at a lo for words but I know in my heart that
you ar not suffering any pain. I fed compelled to tell you that even
though you'll be rely mixed, your spirit will remain in contact May
you ret in peace.
Your niece and gVt-n Tishi and Tejnw
My Dearet Nano... We loved you, but God loved you best. Rest on
peace, Diana. We will miss you very much.
Loe alows, Gory, Midwd and Janmu
Our Deart Nano... There are so many thing that the Hendridc and
Rymer families want to say to you. Nano, you were around u for o long
and you visited our home so often that you became pt of our family.
We were so used to having you around. And now that you are gone, you
will be missed. Although you are gone, your spirit is still with us. When
you needed financial and spiritual support we tried to be there for you.
Our only regret i that we did not do more for you. Anyway, you are
now in God' loving care. You will no longer have a need for anything
There will be no mor sickness and no more sadne. May you ret in

To Nans ... A wonderful and super friend, always there and helping
others. May you rest in peace. Palm 213-4 The Lord is my Shepherd
shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads m
beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths
righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the vall
of the shadow of death I will fear not evil for you are with me.
Warren, Annett DVaqhun and Deshwn Hendridck
Death is only an old door set in a garden wal On gentle hinges i
gives at dusk when t ththrushes call. Very willing and weary feet go ove
thatsil. Thee is nothing to hurt at al Death is only a quietdoorin
old wal Rest in peace.
Duwyne andfamil.
The last two contacts I had with my cousin Diana shall remain forever
in my memory. Prt, because they were 80 recent and second, becau
they were so typical of the Dianna I knew and whom I held very dearly,
devoted mother and caring family member. Her voice was filled wid
pride when she called to tell me how very well her daughter Dejenne ha
done at the University of the Virgin Islands. And on August 13,1995
when she joined the rest of us at Magen Bay at the reunion of th
descendants o Julius and Hethlnda Potter Penn, she made sure that he
chdren and grandhidren were introduced to the other family mem
ber. The bet tribute we can pay to the memory of Dianna would be t
support and encourage her children and to continue to be as a family th
dosely knit, moving group that she witnessed at that reunion.
Ruth E. Thon
Diana, om the time I met you, you were a very cordial polite an
motherly peon to everyone you met, giving advice as you saw fit Wih
I announced my candidacy as a senator for the St Thomas/St Johl
District, you were one of my biggest supported on St John. I will never
forget your guided tours and advice on issues you thought were impor
tant to St. Johnians. My staff and will miss you deary as we remember
your warm smile and positive attitude. We are truly thankful for you
unselfish contribution to this community. We pray that your soul ma
rest in peace.
Sea. Arturo Walington. fr. and Sta

so 4ak

P.O. Box 1187, St. Thomr, VL 0001 (809) 776-1187
Printed in the Vigin Islands by SL Thoma Girphks

Thank you for coming today. We love you
and express our heartiest thanks for your
prayers, support, assistance, flowers, and your
kindness. We pray that the Lord bless and keep
you always. A special thanks to the Nurses in
the Intensive Care Unit and Surgical Ward of
the St. Thomas Hospital.

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