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Title: Funeral Booklet for Gilroy A. Galloway
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Gilroy A. Galloway
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Gilroy A. Galloway
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Subject: Galloway, Gilroy A.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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/ou 're the ather 's Child
aird to the rather /ou'wve Returied

Qilroyf Anthnyf'i" allaway
March 12, 1973 ay 21, 1994

uertral Service
Wat'nsday, func 1, 1994
Vikwn 8:30 9.30 am
John Chonums A4M orial Chakp
Savice 10:00 am
Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
ntermeatt at Westerl Cemday


/ilraoy Aut ho

'Vila" 6allmaa

1973- 1994

Gilroy was born in St. Thomas, by at health problems, he was forced
Virgin Islands on March 12,1973 to to resign.
Lena Daniel (Deceased) and William Gilroy, your life was short, but
Galloway. His education included your spirit, hopes, dreams and in-
the Michael J. Kirwan Terrace El- ner strength was in abundance. You
ementary School, Addelita Cancryn knew of your illness, but never re-
Jr. High School and the Charlotte mained in a depressed state or went
Amalie High School; from which he around feeling sorry for yourself.
graduated in the Class of 1992. You pushed on.
Gilroy, after graduation started to Our family became stronger and
work at Pueblo supermarket, while motivated from your strength and
making plans for college. Plagued composure seeing your Mother, our
dear Lena suffer. But you remained
firm throughout. We loved you
more for that. We'll always remem-
ber it.
"Gila," as he was affectionately
called by his friends, loved music.
He played music for hours. When-
ever his health permitted, he partied
with his friends.
Our family and your numerous
friends love you. We'll hold on to
your quick smile and inner strength
for our survival. Join "Lena" and
"Ma." Prepare our place till we are
united again as a family. Rest,
Gilroy, rest!

William "Randy" Galloway
Gayle Antoinette Galloway
Christopher Daniel
Esther Galloway
Lelia Daniel, Geraldine Galloway, Kathleen Parsons
Lorraine Daniel, Josephine Galloway, Edith Farrell,
Lorenzo Daniel, Sr., Alphonso Estrada, Luben Daniel, Sr.
Cecil Daniel, Elmando Curtis
Beverly Gumbs Daniel, DorisDaniel,
Deshaun Victoria, Dionne Thomas, Darlene Daniel,
Judith Farrell James, Lorenzo Daniel, Jr., Dornelle Thomas,
Luben Daniel, Jr.
Amos Peters, Jr., Aba Jackson, Kenya Grooms, Anthony Dorsett,
Alex Dorsett, Alston Dorsett, Japheth Warner, Zachary Smith

Amos Peters, Jr., Alex Dorsett, Anthony Dorsett,
Lorenzo Daniel, Jr., Japheth Warner, Zachary Smith

-otoorar Pal/lbarers
Christopher Daniel, Luben Daniel, Sr., Burnett "Butch" Thomas,
Joseph "Blackie" Testamark, William "Randy" Galloway,
Lorenzo Daniel, Sr., Alphonso Estrada

Order of Service
ENTRANCE HYMN ............................ Amazing Grace
FIRST READING: Wisdom 3:1-9 ..................... Dionne Thomas
RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Psalm 23 ................ Phyllis Benjamin
SECOND READING: Romans 6:3-9 ................ Deshaun Victoria
GOSPEL .................................... Bishop Elliott Thomas
OFFERTORY HYMN ..................................Just As I Am
HYMN OF PEACE ............................ Prayer of St. Francis
COMMUNION HYMN ...............................Here O Lord
MEDITATION SOLO: Precious Lord ................ Phyllis Benjamin
EULOGY .................................. ..... Beverly Ventura
RECESSIONAL HYMN ..................... It Is Well With My Soul

fareweC/ ..
My Beloved Son Gilroy ... You were a very loving, sweet, quiet, intelligent
young man; who was slow to anger and easy to please. My son, it is very
difficult to understand why you were taken from us at this time. You were a
young man with so much to offer. Our last conversation will be a treasured
memory of you. May your soul rest in peace.
Your Loving Father IVilliam (Randy) Gallowi('a

To Gilroy ... You are gone to meet your mother. But you have left a lot of
unanswered queshons, why did you keep everything to 'ourself? Why didn't
you say how you were feeling? Why didn't you say what was really wrong
with you? I am blaming myself for not doing more for you, but how can I do
more, when I did not know what was wrong. You are gone, but you will
never be forgotten. Good night
Your granfdlther, Dadd.y

Gilro. You left us at a very young and tender age But as it is stated in
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son
that whosoe\ er believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting hie."

Sarewl/ ...
My Beloved Son Gilroy... You were a very loving, sweet, quiet, intelligent
young man; who was slow to anger and easy to please. My son, it is very
difficult to understand why you were taken from us at this time. You were a
young man with so much to offer. Our last conversation will be a treasured
memory of you. May your soul rest in peace.
Your Loving Father William (Randy) Galloway

To Gilroy... You are gone to meet your mother. But you have left a lot of
unanswered questions, why did you keep everything to yourself? Why didn't
you say how you were feeling? Why didn't you say what was really wrong
with you? I am blaming myself for not doing more for you, but how can I do
more, when I did not know what was wrong. You are gone, but you will
never be forgotten. Good night
Your grandfather, Daddy
Gilroy... You left us at a very young and tender age. But as it is stated in
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life."

The Lord gives and he takes away, and yet life does not end, life is everlasi
ing. Rest in peace!
Your Loving Grandmother, Esther Gallowa3

Gilroy ... You were my one and only brother. As I start to write all I can di
is cry. Having stood by your side as you took that last breath. I am still ii
shock that you didn't make it. I couldn't believe it. I felt weak as if part o
me had died with you. About a year and 10 months ago we stood together
side by side to fight the battle of losing our mother, now I am standing alon
to fight the battle of losing you. I will miss the times I came home during;
lunch and found you waiting for me, and I will miss the times we traveled
back and forth to Miami and Puerto Rico to shop. All these memories I holc
deep in my heart. They surely will live on. I know that you have gone to
meet our Savior, but I didn't think you would go soon. I miss you already
Rest In Peace, for we shall meet again. I love you always,
Your sister Gayle

Gilroy... Your untimely passing has left me in shock. You were always sc
quiet, never saying much. When you were sick I never really knew how ill
you were, because you kept quiet. I did what I could for you, but not know-
ing your illness I could not do more. When it was time to eat, I got you you
food first, I will miss that. Whenever you were going out with your friends
you always told me when you were leaving, I will miss hearing you saying
that. I will miss seeing you around the house laughing and making joke,
and playing loud music with your friends. The good Lord took you away
from us, but I know he had a good reason. Good-bye until we meet on the
other side. Sleep on and take your rest.
Your Aunt Lorraine

Gilroy... I will cherish forever the memories that we shared. Your journey
on this earth was short, but you'll continue to live on in our hearts. I love
you. Sleep on beloved and take your rest.
Aunty Lele

Gilroy... Even though you never had much to say, I will always remember
your soft voice and laughter. Now you have gone to rest in the arms of our
heavenly Father and your mother and grandmother where there is no more
pain nor sorrow. You shall not be forgotten because your memory shall al-
ways live in my heart.
Your Aunt Edith

Gilroy .. You were just getting into your prime, but even though the years
were few you were a model. Never any problems. I hold the remembrance
of your smile, your joyfulness. You'll be missed. "LD" called your name
today. Rest peacefully.
Luben, Beverly, Darlene and "LD"
To my son ... We were together as one this Carnival, but I never knew it
would have been our very last Carnival together. When I left you at the
airport as I headed back to Jersey, I traveled with your warm and pleasant
smile. I never knew you were ill because while we were together you always
seemed so cheerful and loving. I'll miss you dearly, but I'll hang on to the
wonderful memories I have of you. I love you and I'll miss you, for you will
always be my son. Sleep on Gilroy, until we meet again.
Your dad, Phonso
Gilroy. .. It is a very sad time for all of us at this your untimely passing.
However, the Lord is there to welcome you home. You are gone but you will
always be in our heart, mind and soul. Rest in peace.
Your loving Aunts,
Josephine and Kathleen
Gilroy ... The Lord has called you home to your final resting place, where
there will be no more suffering; no more pain; no more tears. It is very sad to
lose you at such an early age, but our heavenly Father knows what is best for
us. You are gone, but you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace!
Your Loving Aunt, Geraldine Galloway

Gilroy... You were like a brother to me, the brother I never had. We were in
the same homeroom together, we graduated together, we were always to-
gether. I came home with intentions that we were still going to be together,
living as brother and sister and not cousins, but the good Lord took you
away from me. Now you are with Lena and Ma, and together the three of
you will look over all of us and make sure everything is O.K. I'll miss you
always. Sleep on, Rest In Eternal Peace.
Love, your Cousin (Sister) Deshaun

Gilroy ... You were a cousin and a friend, so loving and caring. Your laugh-
ter and jokes will surely be missed, also not having to braid your hair. Gone
but not forgotten.

Gilroy... When I think of you I see your face with that sweet smile and you
look of innocence. For you to have left us so quickly after our last conversa.
tion, when we sat and mapped out your future, is unbelievable. But the
family has faith that we will be reunited some day. Until we meet again!
Your Loving Cousin Judith James and Family

Gilroy... You weren't just my cousin, but my true friend. You were always
there for me as I did the same for you. We understood each other. We shared
so many great memories. Little did I know that our time together would end
so soon. Your sudden departure from this earth left a void in my life. But I'll
cherish all memories of the times we spent together. I know you are up there
watching over me. Have a peaceful rest. Good-by
Your Cousin, Dionne
In Tribute to Gilroy, My Brother ... Seems like only yesterday we used to
run and play. Then we got bigger, day by day. I would have never thought
that by this time you would only be a memory in my mind. Your untimely
passing left me very sad because you were like the brother that I never had.
As we grew older, our bond became stronger. It seems as if without you, 'll
live no longer. But I'll cherish all the good times we had. The good times
that are no more. I want you to continue your journey onto that golden door.
So rest on Gilroy, this is your day but before I close, I'll like to say "I Love
Loreno, Jr.
To Gilroy ... A family is: People who love you, people who care, people
who listen, people who share; Days filled with laughter and fond souvenirs
of memories cherished down through the years; Joys that grow deeper, bonds
that are strong, love you can count on a whole lifetime long.
The Battiste Family
Gilroy... We are here today to say good-bye Gilroy, until we meet in that
loving world that God has made for us.
Love Cousin, Inches, Shamika, Lil G and Shardnae

Gilroy, or "Porchman" as I personally named you, It's going to be hard to
believe you won't be on your porch when I pass down the hill nor will I hear
you asking me to lend the BMW. I refuse to say good-bye, just so longma
rest in peace.

Gila ... Nice, kindhearted, loving and understanding are just a few adjec-
tives that describe Gilroy. For the time I have known him I enjoyed every
week, day, hour and minute of his company. Gilroy is a person who I never
thought would leave my life so soon. When I met Gilroy it was like I meet-
ing a person just like me. He had a great sense of humor and his soft voice
was filled with laughter; only God knows what I would do just to hear Gilroy
laugh again. When I come home from school feeling down at times, all I'd
have to do was call Gilroy and he'd cheer me up. His name holds his every
meaning of him:
Sis for that great smile and voice of giggles
J is for the intelligence he showed
C the loving ways that he had
Sis for the Real friend he was
0 is for the outrageous ways he had
V is for the young wonderful person Gilroy was
I will always remember him. He will be a part of my life every step of the
way. Rest in peace, Gila
To Gila ... I did not know you very long but I certainly wish I had known
you longer. Your kind, quiet and loving ways made you easy to relate to.
These are some of the finer qualities you displayed, that's what made you a
great guy, Gila. I still can hear your laughter in the air and picture your face
on the walls of life, the younger brother I did not have. Rest in peace.
Lennox Lettsome

Gilroy... You were one person in my life that I really could lean on. You
were always there no matter how much I would argue with you, you'd al-
ways speak to me. The feelings that I felt for you are feelings that are totally
different to what I would feel for another. You were always there to make
me laugh when I cried or make happy when Im sad. You were very special
to me and always will be. For no one can replace that special space I have for
you in my heart. Gilroy, I'll miss you, but never forget you. May you rest in
peace forever.
Love your specialfriend, Kenya

Gila ... I didn't get to know you for as long as I wished, but the time that
spent with you I'll always cherish. For the five months that I've known you
you were always there to bring me up when I felt down. Well now you'n
gone and there's no one to make me laugh or smile the way you did. Gila,
there will always be a place in my heart that will say I love you, for you were
like a brother to me. So rest in peace until we meet again in heaven.
Love, Lisa
To Gayle (My adopted daughter) ... Blessed are they that mourn, for they
shall be comforted. Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. We all loved Gilroy ("Gila")
but God loved him more, he is resting in the arms of the Lord. Remember
the word spoken by Father Gumbs when Gila took his last breath... "Miracle."
Love, Mommy Janice
Gila ... It's been approximately two days since your untimely passing and I
am still wondering if I am dreaming. Your death came as a shock to me and
I still can't believe that you are gone. I have known you all my life and you
have known me all of yours, we played in each other's backyards until now.
The secrets we've shared all through the years are memories I will cherish.
The times we spent going out and having fun I will miss, but I know you will
be there with me in spirit. You were like another brother to me. There were
times when we dressed and did many things alike which I will miss greatly.
Sleep on my brother and Rest In Peace.
Brothers Forever, Amos

Gilroy my Brother, my Friend: I knew we would be friends until the end. I
never thought the end would be so soon. But rl never forget all the times
we spent together laughing as always. But before I depart I'll like to say, I
miss you and I always will. So long Gil-Gil.
Your Friend, Tony
Gilroy.. Giving and caring is how I'll remember you. ll never forget the
time we spent together as we grew. Life will not be the same without you
my friend. Real friendship I knew, even to the very end. Only God knew
why he allowed you to pass. You are asleep my friend and at peace at last.
Japheth Warner
Gila ... Your nickname "Gila" was given to you by your brothers. You were
the oldest of us all but looked the youngest. You were the quietest of the

crew. Your home was always ours. You never said no even on days when
you felt like 50%, you still gave us 100% Gila you have played a big role in
our lives that will linger on forever.
Your Brothers, Amos, Lorrenzo, Anthony and Japheth

Gilroy ... Today I'm overwhelmed at the grief of your passing. But the
memories we have of you will be kept alive in our hearts. Your suffering is
over, you're free from harm, and you'll always be safe in the arms of the
Almighty Father.
Love, Kymia, Shani and Shara

Gilroy... It really shocked me when I learned about your sudden death. I
didn't expect this at all. Gila, I could think of a few great words to describe
you, but the three that describes you best are; nice, easy going and respect-
able. We will always carry your memory in our hearts and souls. Until we
meet again, may you rest in peace. "To everything there is a season and a
time to every purpose under the heavens." Eccles 3:1
Love Always, Stacey

There is a music from above
That takes away our tears
It is God's melody of love
It quiets all our fears.
Bearing people's heavy burdens
Shouldering their pain and grief
Shows the love of Christ to others,
Bring them His sure relief.
Rest in Peace, Gilroy, Juanita Saddler and family

To the great beyond your soul now rests, even though we may not know
your place of rest is the best. So, rest in peace, my friend until we all meet
again. You're gone but not forgotten, Gilroy.
LuM, your friends, Paulette, Shamelle, and Family

It was just Saturday evening when I had called to check up on Gayle but had
the sad misfortune to learn of your sudden and most unexpected passing.
My heart sank because I could not comprehend nor digest this revelation.
Although I never got to know you intimately during the past six years of
friendship with Gayle (because of your quiet nature), I always admired you
as a decent, well natured young man which is not too common these days.

You were always smiling and whenever you finally got into a talking mood,
you always made me laugh. I know you are now smiling even more where
you are. Rest in everlasting peace.
Beverly A. Hermon Ventura

Gayle You are solid as a rock, because the Lord is your foundation. You
have gone through too much but you're still going and you'll continue to.
Gilroy will most certainly be missed by you as he had become your "son" as
well as your brother. No longer will you be able to sneak off with his things
when he's not looking and have him yell at you for it. At times you may
break down and cry that's okay. Let it out. Just always know that when it
gets too rough you can always go to God in prayer. He always listens and
always eases your pain. Also, because God knows that he cannot be with you
in a physical state, he gave you a family and good friends who love you and
will always be there. We love you.
Beverly A. H. Ventura and W. Angela Straun

To the family of Gilroy: Life is Eternal
"Life is eternal," the good Lord said, so do not think of your loved one as
dead. For death is only a stepping stone to a beautiful life we have never
known, a place where God promised man he would be eternally happy, safe
and free, a wonderful land where we live anew when our journey on earth is
over and through. So trust in God and doubt Him never, for all who love
Him live forever. And while we cannot understand, just let the Saviour take
your hand. For when death's angel comes to call, God is so great and we're
so small. And there is nothing you need fear, for faith in God makes all
things clear.
Milicent Francis and family

To Gayle... Words cannot express my shock and sadness on learning of the
passing of your beloved brother, Gilroy. It was only a couple of weeks ago
that I last saw him in front of the doctor's office. I really enjoyed seeing his
quiet and smiling face. We will all miss him dearly. But if you must mourn,
mourn only because you miss the happiness that Gilroy brought to our lives.
But don't mourn because he has gone to another place. For whosoever liveth
and believeth in Jesus, shall never die. Gilroy, you shall rise again in the
resurrection at the last day. Sleep on until then.
DeeAnn Vessup (Your other adopted Mother)

rhank you ..
The family of Gilroy "Gila" Galloway wishes to thank the medi-
cal staff of St. Thomas Hospital and Dr. Murli Daswai for their
untiring and dedicated efforts to assist our beloved Gilroy. Spe-
cial thanks are also extended to Father Ambrose Gumbs of St.
Andrews Episcopal Church for the blessing he bestowed us
during our need of comfort. Special thanks are extended to the
employees of the V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue for their cleri-
cal help and support. Thanks are also extended to everyone
whose sincerity was imparted via telephone inquiries, cards,
floral tributes, prayers and for just being there.

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