Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Hugo O. Bornn
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Hugo O. Bornn
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Estate of Hugo O. Bornn
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Bornn, Hugo O.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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S1902 -1966
i )hnrg1l V.'.

(Corner Nye and Crystal Gades)

OFFICIANTS: The Rt. Rev. Cedric E. Mills
Rev. Raymond E. Abbitt

ORGANIST: Leopold E. Benjamin

SOLOIST: Nina A. Corneiro

December 23, 1966
4:30 P. M.

:.UCO 0. Wn 1002-1w. musician. professor. aesthete.

re lived his life a symphony the theme. the develoemet.

the triwph of acievement. and the the all too unepected final.

'e remember "uo in his youth at the COeveot des Scree

Coeur*. seOrclli,. Seia t as only the aesthete can approach life.

e craved the mjoymet ad creation of beauty ad art is this world.

MtL friend recall then early incliatioe aend the fulfilemtl He

*ailed free the shors fr other Lceads. still is cstant imrseit

of thee musical e artistic bttioes. wether in Mea ToVr. LeJdes

Paris Visma. Kthai or waeever. he could be (feud i ewical circle.

As early a 1924 he entered the fId Jtuiliard Ietitute

of Nsicel Art in ow tIer City. from which he wa gradested is 192

(rm the regular course. md in 1)31 frta the profetsiolea corst.

Pe the engaged himself in the teaching of muaic sad concert work while

still in this metropolis, as well as i the ar lhborie cities. I

held the position of Cerreltoet ad teacher of advanced piasao l the

Central VraPrttan P, ic Ceoter. g t this was met emugh. t leoted

to the Old Uorld and its musical (gi- e tes.i' for the Parts

0per.a the Leoden Symphonic oetpourings. Tetre Alla scale. and the

like. In short. he was headed for the artist life e the ether side

of the Atltatic. Swvely. there was much there to leIar. to achieve.

to experience. .ith this is mid. it was Sot Ion before he wes

entered at L'tcorle o*Nle de Ieique of Paris. France. There he

studied the piano with Alfred CO6TOT. ad comeotiou with .adia

M9LAnGf P* littened to. ad we included i.s circles of Weber

and Cabby CASAIMstIh. echangiag techaques amJ chit chat setr rmede

struggle continued between the orgo nd piano wortb.

The highlight of Hugo's orgea wvk we the achievement of

the coveted homer of Associse of the Aerica- Culld of froeietts.

which he received. This detemslad as it were the preference of

the two intrments.

to 1956, Iugo term we elected to serve as Prfolesor of

music at Imptoa I-titute, Virginia. Here he also served a

Organist for accalaureato aed other special services no the

Institute, a wll as for the St. Cyprian Epicopal arurch I* the

city ol "Impton. At the lstlatte he developed new music teaching

techiques which were embodied to kht doctoral dissertatioe.

Our latest mery Iof Nete' musical interest is of the very

well atteded lecturee a popular native and folk music iven at the

College of the Virtgi I1sland dLring the smer of 1W. Thew

lectures were based ea extemasie re search e this subject spread

ver meny vwiits be. Seb of this mwuic is preserved is his


At the time of his very uncimely death, he wn engaged it

the ptrparetiom of a publicatie designed to collect and recapture

the fok usic of his beloved Virgin Illeads. in music and lyrics.

ay will v oisew his pasitg. but his flily Mad friend

will cherish the meory of his gentle ature, ever thoughtful.

lway kind, tad say of hi as pe rhape e w would Ihe gid:

The syph y of his life we ended with a startlima and ever

to be remambred creutede : at yuletide.
21 dec.c.

by the beamtiful sotlerrn FIreac leadscapr. r ford.ews. I.-w he

also appeared ao pimas soloist with the w ul new L.vrw',t-

orchestra ir the celebroced elle C.ave.u. i1.l .*ich am n *r,.casted

over madie statioe ie ow race.

leluctaftly. at the outhreak of ":rld var II. *-rturned

to the I'lited t ates an vw Yor. %ut not ru res. r w.,s ever

strivig (for perfecttao ad proficlencv is i* chwn f|ild. Slowly

the piae we p.tvlrl wray to the orxma. 'is te.ctinae costiued, but

e did his studies. In the meantime. w *peialsed ina organ

studies with the famI- Oerpist of tie t rahvdrai of St. Ja l the

Divie.. ?1PaM Ct-JPCWTT. me served so nrastmt and ChOir

trector of St. Andrem rpiacpal Church. faw org recital and

directed chlral prresetatiees for eumy *etcial entse itn the City.

Very sean after his retcrs to :ew Tork. we find hiL reia-

rterd at Celibias UiLersity's TeacLher Collee where he Wearse his

Sachelor of Science m muoic. na oeickly thereafter he look his

Master of Scrend *"rsc at UicLa TheloIel cal Sentmiry is Jmne 1949.

I1 Jne 1964. he c lmpleted his tnctorerte la "sical rdcatlon. ar.l

fre TYeacher Cnlele of Colebli lteirstly (PJ.D.. 194. tusic).

The Theies is eLtitled

r*a. 194. 39' a. (N'crofilm 6 XCereraphy offset
Ci-wrniLv "Icrof l-e. lec.. A*e Arber. "ich.)

T>ese years of study ami teaclkt in *l York were

freo.Miti .~eactsMed by visits It his nativc ft.r.asem amd his

bklc Ifl~le. erp S e gave ocrasloal srwnr pitae concerts sad

irr-. :t trerrals. a uell *a or*-- 'rorrana in his favorite Lofesd

Cr.t.l-. a. well s In the Lthefr Ts &Md atodiit Churches. The


Prelude "Come Sweetest Death.Come. Blessed Rest"
J.S. Bach

*The Opening Hymn -No. 331 "Lead Kindly Light"

*The Opening Sentences

Solo "Sunset and Evening Star" Nina A. Cornciro
(Words. Alfred Lord Tennyson Music. Jcseph Barnby)

*Psalms 121. 122 responsivelyy)
23 (unison)

The Lesson

The Anthem "Be Still. My Soul Choir
(Muqic from Sibeliius' FINLANDIA
Words Psalm 46)

The Minister: The Lord be with you

The People: And with Thy Spirit

The Minister: Let us pray.

All: The Lord's Prayer

The Minister: Additional Prayers

*The Blessing

*The Closing Hymn No. 917 "Forever with the Lord"

The Recessional "Dead March" from SAUL by
G.F. Handel.

* Indicates Congregation Standing

(Hymns No. 64 and 271 to be sung at the graveside.)

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