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Title: Funeral Booklet for Ramona Donovan Blades
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Ramona Donovan Blades
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Ramona Donovan Blades
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Subject: Blades, Ramona Donovan
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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I r

I L .-4~fI

Ramona Donovan Blades
APRIL 19,1926 FERUARY 20, 1993

Monday. March 1. 1993: 10:00 a.m.-1-00 p.m.
1:30 pm

Celebmont Monsignor Michae F. Kos



Jw Yovinaq AIfe zno 4

t`. ~-- --
i- r
Ir .,
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'j- C j
--k~-2 --; ''


L )
~- -'1

Ramona Donovn Blades was born in St. Thomas on Apll 19. 1926
to Martina and Theodore Donovan. She attended Dober Elementary
School and at the age of 16 moved to New York where she lived for 25
years n 1951 she met and married Charles Blades and the Union was
bleed with three children twins Annie and Adrian and another son
Ramona returned to St. Thomas in 1967 and was soon encouraged
by a fellow Savanero. Christalla Seboste to oin the staff ofthe Family
Education Program.
During the next 25 year Ramona become the epitome or
commitment to her children. her first and most important priority. to her
community, to her church, to her job. to senior citizens and children, to
the handicapped, the hoels the unemployed. the hungry and the
Ramona dedicated her every action tothe creation of a better lfe
for her fellowmon. She did this through her own voluntary self-
improvement. She trained to recognize child abuse and neglect. to
respond to fires as a defense volunteer, she organized tenants groups
and community organizations to move her people from apathetic
acceptance to awareness and action.
Ramona persued her goal of resident Involvement through The
Family Education. The Catholic Social Center. The Tenants United for
Fairness. The Weaore Rights Organization and Food Stamp Outreach
Program, self-hep housing and organizing evening classes in cooking.
sowing and budgeting. She became a founding member and
president of the Michoel J. Kirwan Terrace Tenant Association and
School PTA she organized summer youth programs in several housing
communities and distributed surplus food and clothing to the needy.
She stated the West Stars steelbond and MKT caval troupe and
maretftes She more recently ran a soup kitchen for the homeless in
O~ald Hoars Court and ao helped Cain with his carnival troup where
she assumed the esponsibilty for the chdren of the troupe members.
Ramon's home became her office after hours the light In her
kitchen was a beacon to anyone with a problem or someone Just
needing a strong shoulder.
As Governor Forrlly sid recently. "We will miss your frendhip.
Mona. but we will be sustained In the knowledge that no mtterwhere
you may ret. we will ways have our friend" She has touched all of us
and the best reward we can give to her s let her light shine through our
lves undaunted and equally determined
Knowing Ramona. I would say that she has already contacted
Gerda Jennings Ruth Dazie. &thop Harper. Dorothy Laong and Mr
Kely for a meeting up there In that great community center In the iky.
no doubt to discuss their priorities for guiding us on the right path.
Thank you Ramona. for what you were and for what you mode us.
Maole Comballo

Entrance Hymn.................................. Amazing Goace
Frt Reading ...............................W....i.Wdom 3:1-9
Knoly Bezer
Responoal Polm ......................... Plm 23:1-3. 34. 5.6
Second Readng ................................... Romans 63-9
Kenya Richard
Goopel............................... Monrignor Michael F. Koeok
Homily .............................. Monsgnor Michool F. Kosok
Ofoy Hymn ................................... Be Not Afroid
Hymn of PKc .......................Let The Be Peace on Earth
Communion Hymn Solo ............................. Ave Maria
Foy Moon
Euogy .............................. Margie Mogra Coroblo
Recesonal Hymn ................................ The Stfe s yO'er

Adrian Charles Boes / Raymond Michca* Blades
Ann Reglno Blads Tuner

Joyc yn Hebrt
Jeuha. Melsa Kell. Joel and Jomal Turn
Keden Turner

Eva E. Cline (Theo)

Iva Can and Julen Venze

Butch Ricke

Numetou NIece and Nephewr Reia s and Flnd

Adrtn Blades / Raymond Blode / Keden Turner
Joseph Jckson / Ln Ricketts / Clement Coin Maga

Butch Rickets / vng Mulcoa


6l oru. 1M ,Ae Py A.f

0wr ARNm e and Fre ds ofr Rmon Bad.

My singer sympty i oler to al ol you on me occasi on te unepected d
or our eaer m CMt Mrs. Ramon B 1ades Throuh mwacem mw in our rscty.
Mrs Blades mrae hor prae nce la as a ing wansa to te ucng of Ch
caned out i her deny We.
nHwmg work for Oe obese or St Thoma in m Vrgin IsWias for ovwr ity yars
Mrs Bades mdtrably e empe d t pir of srvIce w ch ctwalwrted te
ooesn Soso Acoon Agency. formwry tef CMssan Communry Consou Cnr
(4 C's). now tf Caiokc Socl Servie No peron ned was too much Woubo or
loo rmsignt or t Mrs Blads' sMon She gme gwwrouly or hrsm to as who
sougl tn hw p. not only as a sympelo c lhelr m sm of noed. bu alo as an
emp a c. oouragou adwMoc Mrs Blade camp ond m cam of al who
dMpendeo on or r sport. enouragemr and ffrmamon
We wd mot cetaiy mis Rnon SOadoe. and we are now ~epnencin gr at her
deeth Yet we beleW onllrd y ft se is bteng welcomed by her Lord and our.
VwA a desewig "We dne. good and tfaimful srvet. nr iwto me joy of mo Lord
May re rmt i pace
Since ey.

Fawr Eot G Thomra
Diocesan Admns or

In Trbuto to Mrs Ramons Bh es
WVM dp sorrow and a snee or rsred lo. I eoind my sympathy to me famy and
mrny hInw or Mrs Ramons elsds Snce 77 it has been my prMvge to know
RaMona Moni" or oladeie as a cou rk ert for tfe Cven Commuvty
Conciou Cenr (CCCC). and moet receny for me CatMoc Socau Servrn
By her mipoeng Mt and sonmbnes niideng manner. Ra nonr nbarty irpred
me with so awe As we rew to know ech olhMr ard to work toge hr. I eiMned to
speI t and oW mte hrt or gold tt sparked Mona's owy acty, and atays
prompt d her to be serWC to otters
Ramon was a rees work as evidence by hr assi tng aV hose w sought her
hrep. supPorng hr pew h nd oce wth hdely. serving as spokespron or the
Tenerts Asooebon and Woaonng annual for te Uned Way Campgn H efforts
UNosty to t o spend mann in which Ramona made it possu e for ad or s to
glimpa vrough ier. t m lo or God. mtm touched our kws nd ou herns
May she rt in epa now. and weome us whn we too croe te finish na Bravo.

LLtk4 cC'


ALuunMs A. FAaLY ||

I xtend since condolences to the famiy and fnends of longtime
community activity Mrs. Ramona Blades. He passing wil sadden many in this
communy for she always gave much of h l tothe needy and underprivieged.
never asking for anything i rtum.
Mr. Blades was an anglel in dmguwi. Sho dedicated ovr 20 years
to working with he Catholic Social Center on St Thomas. among many other
organization such as th welars rights organization. community soup kichen
andlhesel-he housingprogram. Her actvepantcpation n these organization
ar a cear indicabon that she was a caring and devoted woman.
On behal of a grateful community. Mr. Farrelly oins mein attending
condolences to lhe amly and frnds of Mrs. Ramona Blades I pray that God
may comot and sustain them at h tim of great sorrow. Al Virgin Islanders wl
mourn her death for th trriory ha lost a trees solder for the disadvantage
and champion of human rights.

perhaps i wil hep to lessen th sorrow of Mrs. Ramona Bldes' death
1o reaze that so many of hr friends share your famry's grit. The Vrgn Itlands
great pprecated th happiness she so wingy shared and inspired in her
friends Her pleasant vtality and warm, canng attitud towards all people was a
continuous insprtion. Sh wil be remertered by many.
Monique and I axdend our sincer condolences to the tamly and fnends
of Mr. Blades. We hope our crng wil make your sorrow easr to bear. May
she rest in peace


OFOMq oF "a comgo"Dow
aold m C Wlm* Nusl Am
atoi A fta irNWMa


Words fall miserably in expressing the great lose which this
community will experience with the untimely passng of Mrs. Ramoen
lades, a true coaunity leader. tenant advocate, and champlo of the
rights of the underprivileged.

John Wesley oce said. "Do all the good you can. in all the ways
you can. to all the souls you can, in every place you can, at all the
time you can., with all the eal you can, as long as ever you can."
Mrs. Blades truly lived up to that ideal, and this coimaoty is a
better place to live because she did. Her anvolvement in organisa-
tions such as Teuant United for Fairness, Welfare Rights Organistioe,
Family Education Program, and the Michael Kirwan Terrace Tenants
Organization demonstrated the kind of comicent which she had for
helping the people of the Virgin Islands to achieve self-sufficiency.

Even though this kid. compassionate. loyal public servant will
so longer be with us on chls earth, the memories of all that she wa
and did on behalf of mankind can never be forgotten. The stafff of the
Department of Iumae Services Joins me i expressing sincere sympathy to
Mre. Blades' family aad trust that they vill fnd some degree of comfort
Ln knowing that she left us all a legacy of service that will be emulated
by many.

May *he rest In peace. -

(Mrs.) Juel T.l. nolloy /1

As compaortiv lotecoes to this land o St Thoma we two Siste did
not know Ramona tor a ry long ime. aly yet n e past thee yoas w
wee blessed with the prvg of coming to know thi woman who h left a
dep. dep personal impkssio on uL one who hoa mode a lgnifcant
impact upon the lve or mhow t has touched
As part of ou orentaton process Ino m multocted ie of the people of
this wonder Wand. we were dreced to the 4 Cs. s It was then coaled In
Owald Hart Court by former 8Ohop Sean OMalye. and Intoduced to thi
eMcepltonal woman whom heart yVe -eNicd in sze her not lnconsdroble
phycal dimernon
Bodswe" was 'nonoroeenu woman. Fom he tormatve yards under
the dicton of her beloved Siw Martha I.CM. Ramono had captured a
vlon of prcticl service to the community In which he ved. and most
especkly to Is needlst mei sThis vision. growing stronger and clea as
the yean roll by. always remind her driving ftorc en as it provided hr
with inpiration tor loersh ir cement. w and response to an ermidenrng
cilt of peceivd nOeds In the community
"v their lunit you shal know them No hardship which she experience
during her long yer of service ew ucceedd In sakng her keep loyay to
her God and er church in which h vision was so frmly rooted A dctorof4
C' ltfr enomed Cathoc Socal Seric Ramono was copabof imbulng
hr cowoa(ws with her own prit of uroling genos response
communicated to them by word and he personal eMompo of aless service
"Lord when did we n you hungry and eed you or th ry and gie you to
dirnk When did we we you a mangr and make you welcome naked and
cdotfed you sick or n prison and go to se you? And the Kion wll anrr. 1 el
you solemn. n so tar as you dd this to orw of e leat of thes brothers o
min you did It to me Come. you whom my Forh has blessed tae for your
heritage the ndom ppoaed forou since th foundation of e word" (Mt.
25:37-40 34).
Blessd ae you. Ramona Boade woman of fath. unur g heolrn. Your
name has ono been written In the Book of Ut1. Take now and md those
pages so much ceaer now In the raodnt eight of eternit. And. evn as we
poa for you pay for us now. and at the hour of our death
sW Amoso aInnom
SWr Gabeile Jaey
Maeit M onay este

We wee the lost survr of our poantw lve chldln and now you hove
gone and left me aloe. I know that wheeer you a w you wis aioy be near
and dear to m You we a good and loving peson and God ww ward your
good wor0s Ret In peace dear lier. st In the arms o your Mask for you
hae done we and now COme honm to Him n triumph.
Loe alWo
Yourw i. Theo

It is wAh g Mt en ct ord goaotlud that I wIothMese wodsaalewel
tor a Qeat community V Iodr. Romono Blades She has touched and
changed so many Im with her coing and low wao cannot adequately
rMesM ol at te things he has done In ir community. Many young people
wUI wrnerrber her for her dedication to tem by InirnghO att thoy had uMe
the community center and had playgaounds how te helped them to keep
cuwU r and ats ale
1he oldew ros wI merem Ter how te h teed Itm to get qLuick mouts
ktwm the Houkng Autthokly h en Choruonol methods to el Her tbleWre
edot to tain good communicoan n the community and among rhe
tenant She was nrew too buW to hea the many problem hat a ommvuty
ktMces tom broim n ireme door to ftay faucet s ti was concernw
We we fy mi h her. h won and chamdnl poesonoly. Mr Ramona as
wi alwy caed vr. ha been a champwon for the poor and needy and ess
fortwaoe In our community.
The dnorrr has died but the dream w alkorfWeww Montinuewh *esth
le oa. and conhi nu to *irs to male a communry that M Ramona would
be prud o.
st In peace and it aured that vour ws wov not how been in va.
Vice PiMalen. MIKT Tenanrt Aoc.


A wondr woman that i wrt wvi need to cal her
Jus gik her a tok and te would comlee I
Jt tow hr a need and tw would lnd a way to ll
Show he a hurting chid or adult and te would comfort
Show her an obktacl and te would oocome it.
A tiue champlan dof "t poor and needy
She Ooe unseMshy at her tme and talent.
Compoelan was hr firs name
S Caroe n middl
GMn., hr last
We we rwmermMer hw alwas for what i has doe n our Im M Rst in jpac:
MudwI Wee and Nots w~ m (CISO)

Mr Blodes was a rwmer of the Tenants United for Fairne for ver many
ors and was aoo the posldent She wel Iuly be mlised by many lenants o
public housing espc av at Michaeo Krwon Tarace whe t Mlded Alo by
th o te f e rom the Soup Ktchen whro ev wortd for many yVea
Ms Blodes was lMd by all Sh gae t Hong Authorty h when they
wm waron and prsd twem when they wMM rt.
To hfor fmly. her chdMn and my Ustr-lnaw. the fight we go on The
irugog we continulf
Maoyn HOayn
SPmlder. TUlF

L.J ltbl a person to depend on
A.MfctAl tonale a peon to meet
M.MedSator for oal
0J..DWewrhmnge ow
I.-Nurttng eewvon*
A.Acquanlannc ~ NOwr*sav on
For the naor of p bi housing. weeping may endu ar a night. but oy
comh in the mmonin (Psalin 35)
May you Ra In Peac
Eudurr Chahtw. Se (tUF)

A lght siring in a dark and deay word
A tower of rce and si gth for her elownen
This Roamonoa od
A Wend 0 oal minds
A wanior for tho opp ed
A mother to everune e met. a comirter.
Ronona. outr aend comnorter. porter. ouri wrong tok you wl be mied
not only by your ctoma ly but ooalo byl ofour doped chden big and
imal Thank yooutor bing you. ou h held so mony. serd so many.
been o many thing to us o
You haw gone on to col et your rob and aowr you has flkneld t e
ace and wea hr "We dor yvegood and talfu ronw. You ar now n the
bosorm woopped in Hs to but rer tagonen by us down he.
Soup Kcen SWa

You an gone but nerr forgottnr I kP you.
Ma MOasals

We nmrw undersood your acon
We nwwr~ f your och and paln
e nmrw knew why you had to urOr
Mut God knew al those thing thars why He chose to cal you horm
I lo you do
Jo (Ja~w)

You am goe and God knows why I wI always -menebr thethngs you
taugL m I we mri s you

Blodik my Mwed you wee a jew. and a champion tr the caso or th,
The many years that w how world togefr en hough you had a
onmy o your own. It was ne too earty In the morning or too at at night for
you to hep somons
I w always emewmbr the days Wen It was eaovy rough. you would say
Clocda LARD. we GAT to help h* Iomly
Now that you work on earth done. you ham left foot prit In the snd o
rs haod to say goode Blodi. so Shatom
Cboclrwa Ckaon

l\ rr epare

warded to

In mcopklor of the msfactory coplebon of
Fire Trainlng

June 17. 1978
0v0ap .acoa.
Dep PeOIau s

Virgin Islands Government
(fficc of Civil Defense ;nd Emergency Services

L4 a tirnnre4



,%t off t1ndy lad.01 4c h 9in 4 W Mlaea?6fu4t


V. L M C. U. S.


has completed
College of Medicine and Dentistry
Rutgers Medical School
S Division of Youth and Family Services.
D iState of New Jersey
D .tco 6. 1977
Director v Date


L- I

c.) ices


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