Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for James Fritzbert Allen
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Title: Funeral Booklet for James Fritzbert Allen
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of James Fritzbert Allen
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Subject: Allen, James Fritzbert
Human relations
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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In Loving Memory


"Big Jim".

September 18, 1905 January 24, 1993

'JoMth Thomas Memorial Chapel
-Fiday January 29, 1993
8:30 A.M. 9:30 A.M.

Church Service
S Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
10.00 A.M.

Western Cemetery No. 2

Th. ~Thows, V1


James Fritzbert Allen was born to Henry and Eleanora Allen on
September 18, 1905. On January 3, 1927 he married his
sweetheart Louise Lucille Emanuel. Together they raised seven
children, 2 boys and 5 girs, of their own and adopted six children,
4 girls and 2 boys. They also cared for in their home, from time
to time, many other children and adults in need.

"Big Jim" was the only name most people knew him by. He was
also affectionately known as daddy, Uncle Jim, Pepe Jim and
grandfather. He was big in everything, his heart was as big as his
size. Many people will remember him for the kindness and help he
gave to them. He was a loving and caring person who could be
found helping someone every day of the week.

One of his great loves was music. Big Jim played a clarinet, the
piano, three different types of harps, the mandolin, the ukelele,
drums, banjo, guitar. He played anything that made music and so
it was he shared his music with churches, at weddings, funerals,
birthday, just about anywhere music could be played. For many
years he supplied the music for the popular Water Islands Hotel
and was featured on their promotional post card. He was a fun
loving individual who was always making someone laugh.

During his early life he worked for the Virgin Islands government
for 35 years in several capacities. He was also an entreprenuer.

The family was guided by the strict rules that were laid down by
"daddy", as he was affectionately called in the home, where love
and music filled the air for the least occasion. His presence will be
missed. The memories of him will remain as the legacy that he left
his family.

God bless him in his final travel.


Entrance Hymn..................BnterReoice and Come In


Wisdom 3:1-9..................Jacqueline A.Denis

Romans 6:3-9.................Rebecca Mare-Jennings

Psalms 23:1-3, 3-4, 5,6........Angelita A. Jennings

Offerto Hym n...'.i r...How Geat Thou Art

Communion Hymn.................Amazing Grace

Solo.................. ......PhyUis Bejamin

EuIogy........... ........Adean A. Monaghan

Recessional Hymn.....;........On A Hill Far Away


James Allen Cerge
D. Michael Monaghan
Angelo Allen Jr.
S. a fAel m A a%

Algernon A. Allen
Steven Allen
Mario Dennis
er WaA Vt WarsA 3W1WYht'


Angelo A. Allen Sr., Oliver Hassel, Graciano Melchior,
E. Ralph deFreitas, Gerald S. Monaghan, Nab Eddie Bobo,
Michael Watley, John Jennings, Kevin Jennings

SLouise L E. Al

Angelo A. Allen
Agernon A. Allen


Angeita Allen JenIags
Ausseita Alkn deFr kas
Angela Allen
AclI AUen
Arlean Aten Monaghan


Oliver Hasel
James Allen CerGf .'


Leone Hasset BOachube
Jaosephie Hassel
WI ba Hassel Yso


B. Ralph deFreoas
Gerald S. Monaghan


Christine Allen
Zorlada Bird Allen

SSinclair Allen

Opharlna Monsanto Wliams
Elia Monsanto Stephens




Jacqueline Allen Dennis
Angelo Allen, Jr.
Michael Watley, Sr.
Laurence Jennings
Marcella Jennings Collier
Kevin Jennings
Keith Jennings
Edithrose Jennings
Annette Jennings Raimer
John Jennings
Rebecca Marie-Jennings
D. Michael Monaghan
Paneia L. Monaghan
EdgarAlien .
Diana Allen
Yvette Allen Lewis
Jose Allen
David Alle
Christle Allen Wiiams
Steven Allen
Stephen Tyso .
Algie Allen Johfson
Anthony Allen
Theresa Allen


Ama L Dennis
Jason Allen
Michael Raimer
Mathn Raimer
Christopher Perry
Paul D. Jennings
Philip Jennings
Jefrey Jennings
Michele Watley
Jamilah Watley
Michael Watley, Jr.
Jonathan Allen

David Hurd
* -. Magen Johnson
SJoshua Alen
S AshlfryAen .


Hilare Francis
Ve na Francis
R. Rphala Francis
Mario Dennis
Nab Eddie Bobo
Joyce Allen
Beverly Jennbigs
Derek Lewis
Terrance Johnson

Many other relatives end fri*ds



The Silence of God
Beloved, "I is well!" God's ways an
always right,
And perfect love is o'er them all,
though far above our sight.
Daddy, we wish you well.
Your loving w(fe and children

Daddy, you are gone but not forgotten. We will always remember your
advice, your jokes, your laughter, your music especially the V.I. song
"Charlotte Amalie" you composed over forty-five years ago. You never
published it but at this time I would like to include it in my tribute.

In entering our harbor its beauty to see,
A sweet little land of liberty,
Its hills are green, the waters blue,
Sick or old it will make you new.

Charlotte Amalie you are our pride
Close to you we hall abide
Ring out with cheer is the command
Three cheers for our native land

Our citizens we highly uphold
We'll fight our cause both young and old
And never would we fail to see,
Our visitors leave us happily

Charlotte Amalie you are our pride
Close to you we shall abide
Ring out with cheer is the command
Three cheers for our native land

In loving memory Ausso

God is love, and he who abides In love abides In God and God In him.
Our love is brought to perfection In this, that we should have confidence
on the day of/udgement; for our relation to this would s just like his.

I John 4:17 Angelita (Angta)

My fondest memory of Mr. Allen goes back to the mid-seventies when I
often visited his residence with his granddaughter and my friend, Jackie.
I recall his playful humor as he persistently called me Carmen, even
though, he knew my real name. "Daddy, her name ain't Carmen, I tell
you." Jackie Informed him every time. In one breathe he acknowledged
and in the other he insistently and humorously addressed me as Carmen.
That was then the big joke to which we all laughed. Now it has become
a previous memory which I shall treasurer always.
Elaine Warren Jacobs

To a wonderful friend,
You are gone but certainly not forgotten.
You have left us but the memory
of you will always be there.
Your strong faith you have left with others.
You encouraged so many people and they will never forget.
You gave great strength that others could be strong.
You gave love that others could also be loved.
You have passed beyond our ronge toofar for us to see.
We have reached the other side,
We say goodbye today," Pepe Jim"
You have gone to your glory.
We will see you there one day.
Sleep on our friend,
sleep and take your rest.

from the Forbes Family




t i

4. i

I O r1r "

"See ah fou later!"

( .:



Qp^^Wk'^^A '


My grandfather, a man of courage.
My graInather, a man of intelligence.
A man who, I felt as at boy, that he would be one of my greatest role
models and my inspiahton.
My gradfather, a man of determination.
When I was a boy he spoke to me many times about
when and how he built the first house in Agnes Fancy.
When the home was finished, he gave the honor to his wife by naming it
"Villa Louise.
My mranfather, a man who was strong.
He will always be apart of me.
My grandather, may you rest in peace, Amen.

Love Johnny

I knew you from afar, as an observer.
And what I saw seemed alright with me.
It is human to err. It is natural to be perfect.
It is normal to die.
In your death there is life and all is renewed.
Happy birthday! and best wishes on your new life.

Love always, Annette

I always loved. Many people also loved you.
When you died, a lot was taken from me. I wish I knew you better, but
I'm glad to have know you. I'm lucky to have know you for most people
don't even know their great-grandfather as I have been able to know you.

Love, Mathu

Within us your legacy lives on. Your strength, musical gifts, compassion
and fortitude is reflected in your children, grand, great-grand and great-
great grand children. May our ancestors cary you home in regal peace.
We love you.
Kwaheri, Marcella and Eddie

Your strength and being will live on forever in me. Until we 're together
agalip. -.
LovPe, Rebecca

Sleep Granfather a sweet sleep. .
But I'll miss the sounds of your music and the smile on your face never

Your loving granddaughter, Edithrose

Mortal existence is a dieam; moral existencec
has i real entity, but saith "It is I."
Spirit is the Ego which never dreams,
but understands all things, which never errs,
and is ever conscious; which never believes, but knows;" ..
which is never born and never dies.
Spiritual man is the likeness of this ego.
Man. is not God, but lki a my of light which comes from jhe sun,
man, the outcome of God, rejlecti God.

e i .
a -
SI love you, go with God.
SAffectionately, ---
An.n, Chris, DeeDee and Mikey

To A Wonderful Man:
Graiddaddy, I will miss you and your smiling face. You were a gentile,
kind and loving man. Thank you for the time we spent together.
Granddaddy When I was a little boy you would not let me ride in the
back of the truck. I was put to sit between you and grandmamy. But
now I know the reason. So now I have my own truck! Thanks
granddaddy for making me understand why.

Happy the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding
Proverbs 3:13 Angelo Jr.



God Bless you for the man you were. Though big and strong you had
such a gentle heart. You taught us how to share and care for those less
fortunate than ourselves. Although you possessed many material things
they never possessed you. You will always be remembered for your great
sense of humor, and your many and varied talents which you gave readily
to one and all. Rest In Peace.

Love, Led

As long as there is music and laughter, you will have a place in my heart.
You belong to the ages and now you know the sweet music of the angels.

With love, Lena

Daddy reminds me of:

Playing many Instruments like the harp, piano and organ.
Slipping me a few dollars and telling me to hide it from my parents.
Afterschoo a bag of french bread just for me
because I was and still am the "drybread gir."
Playing dominoes and making "fast moves" when I was not looking, then
saying" blind man shouldn't play games."
I could go on forever but I thank you for being a wonderful great-
grandfather, grandfather and father to me. You will always be the only
"Daddy of the family.

Rest Peacefully Daddy, Ama

Reflections of love
No more tears
Just beautiful memories
To last through the years


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