Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: Man and his work : well-known Guyanese artist, Philip Moore, who views his talent as God-given, talks to John Agard
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Title: Man and his work : well-known Guyanese artist, Philip Moore, who views his talent as God-given, talks to John Agard
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Agard, John
Publisher: Sunday Chronicle
Publication Date: 9/10/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Throughout your work, there
seems to be a recurring cen-
tre or third eye.
"Well,'you might call it the
third eye, but I might call it
the point of concentration.
I'm not just doing art for
art's sake, but I am doing
art to awaken the subcon-
scious mind and thoughts of
people. Just as how I be-
lieve sound has some kind
of influence upon the hu-.
man mind and the human
body, so I believe it's the
same for colours and form,
and in my work I like to
create some kind of mental
consternation in the minds
of people. That's why I al-
ways get a central point
whereby when you look at
it and by looking at it, it
creates a hypnotic state in
the mind."


I heard a person looking at
your paintings the other day
say that you want to trick
the people. What do you
think of this reaction?
"Well, some psychologists or
ministers might use words
to trick people-mentally, and
if I can use my painting to
undo the tricks of these so-
called intellectual vandals
then I'm going to use it to
trick the people. And why PhMIp
I call my wor= the Institut" ALL .I 1 A I I
of Godmaniness is WELL-KNOWN GUYANESE
I believe God created man.
to be man, and man must b RTIST PHILI MOORE,
called God's man, and there' ITI .l M U ,
fore I am trying to retrick
the people so they can thinkI
for themselves hey wre WHO VIEWS HIS TALENT
tricked mental and they
were tricked physically and AS GOD-GIVEN TALKS
therefore, I have to use my [ .- jv w-t I m
paintings to retrick them so
that they can come back to TO JOHN AGARD
sober consciousness." I J AG Ru U
So, the whole woerk takes on
a religious meaning g my work is methodically Well, perhaps they
"That's why I call my art col-I planned." tles creatures. Th
election, Moore's Methodical II can see ma afademyi and that when they. an
Meditation Museum. very very Uear edam a or doing thin s, thi
piece of work was methodi- politically conscious i their way and when
call and spiritually planned nrow minded sense ngd your thing ,
for the repr~apndisement word, saying tt i t their way, 1
of the humas mnd, so try-1 work h nosoeia i i cannot work.
ing to make man see for the, o al must remade in a free
Matm doi unt thinker Vhw

through from the physical
to the mental, to the spirit-
uaL By this.1 mean to have
a fusion of all the great reli- -
gious thoughts and ideas
bound together plus the
magical and animistic be
liefs of the African people "
The whole work then, is a
cosmic totality?
"Yes. Some of these works
here I actually have to put
myself in a kind of hypnotic
sleep and then I see the I
work, I see the form and the
colour of the work and then
I work to it. Every part of

o~g say. 0o Wa
never met such, what we
:all technical vandals like
lome of the peole that call
hem ves critics. To me
vandalism is not just to
lestoy worb of rt, but
when you try to destroy the
norals and intentions of a
ood-minded ma. The same
people that say that my
work has no social value,
when they come, around me,
hey may be lawypnr sport-
ng their big motor car,
when they come to buy
omethin frmn me if
charge S for it, they want
to pay me $2."
raps, they aee yow work
hm no social vam becaum
they want somd logi
and Uiaw to =M$p to
-ty tidtu l dis-
tb thUwm

ual consciousness, that soul
conscousnes, that spiritual
birthright that man was
created ith must be d.
Sveloped from within man-
--*_' without guns, without sword
and when man sees and un-
demtands that he is his
brother's keep, ma would
try to do thing for the
ao0mnallstio benulit;l his,
b=mer man. I do
to please man and wa
re spine- wer context of polite they
ey want come in, they come in."
e sayi I tIlk tim is a denite
S "doit reiBng out to M i bae
you are cause I se Anmeidan
ou must
but that' echoes, I ase Africus mab,
* arst I Te actiul gmu" looking
individ- like Hmin ls 5od WIa- tbb

I T am 'SO?

concerned here i my"Yes. I grw up on the Coren-
father and all does anything tWynpe aU p t r
wroM I would tell him and ousm Cnsuau liis po
if my mother comes up ple that practise cut -
from the grave and I see her obeah and al these thins.
doing wrong I'm gong to I remember lons ago w I
tell her." used to put my mythology
in my w people used to
What b yor view of tba laugh and te me I am a
of t m artt bl nrtlou to Corentyne man, a ui-Rti
potltr a we bnow It? tfous man all other "th .
"The rol e aof t artist in Today I see everybody a.
lati.o to politics ha to do in about folklore y-
...-..---. .ana. But when started
with the ooniolousams and people used to mock me and
the education of the artist. ll me prmitiv non-lntel.
There are are som. arst who i lectuAtl t- .t..
are just soinelescreature. hl1p, what few worM o
They lust shift from one poll. love would love with
trial party to another and the opl o ep awaa
hang heir mouth whore the their sprit taret
soup is droppln And I know "All that we e to do in
when some I them same thbi CIult ta. is to
politicians come and ay down to a "ad o eMI
ow to the pept.,, so denomint ,O and thi o
Mthem just mean to take mon dienomintoi r Its ou
out a white devil and put and whl_ f 1 U te

stant changing until all know 4L1BM 1 "
in bl~p devil, But my I utnd -

man s acknowleuogd aW cU. .i trt
a a beir ,ThtW adM. pis" I

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