Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: De Festa and me
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Title: De Festa and me
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Dathorne, O. R.
Publisher: Sunday Graphic
Publication Date: 9/11/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Bibliographic ID: CA00199939
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Holding Location: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: CARIFESTA I 1972

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B- O. R,


WREN dis Indian girl get
it- de car she ask we to take
she to town. We say, where
you want go? She say she
want go to Carifesta where
dy have a lot a people.
So me friend and me stop'
off at de hotel and she say
"So this is Carifesta?" She
look roun and she feel happy. -
Another day a black girl'
come round and I was ask-
ing she how she enjoy Ca-
refesta. She say she
.it gwine..elp. we nation-
That is really what I like
about de whole thing. No-.
body can say that dis is a
middle-olass business, all de
people in it. They really
like it. -
I didn't see everything
but-what- see-was good I
like the Barbadians because
dey does dance just like
white people. And the Ras-
tas and the Haitians was
good; even if I didn't see dem
I would sey dey good be-
cause dey black.
And I like all dem writ-
ers. When I could catch hold
o some of dem when dey
wasn't drunk, dey begin to
talk about publishing house
In* region- how dy is
exiles living abroad.and ow
every three years some Gov.
ernment must pay' and' let
dem come down here. -
Dey like Guyana and
dey walk round by the man-:
oion and drink dey mauby
and rum. And now de whole
thing going to a higher level.
Is good we got a fellow who
understand how to mold a
We only got a few days
ie& now and after dat cul-
ture done. Because when all
dern artistes and the artists
go way what we got? ....
I mean all dat costume
and clothes Chinese women
use to wear, and dem foot
bangle the Tndian pool.
I to -.t on and dey
temple and mosque, all do
que-que demr black people
does go in fo have to done.


You hear me,
done till next Ca
cause people can'!
all dis kind o tin
Govment tell the
body ain't gwine c
pray, get baby or
Carifesta come a
Like thi girl si
tionalise de whole
If you ain't get
people--- drous
gwine dance and
if dey can get a t
It dey can't ge
Could always pas
look at de roof
proud we pay
Or another
could do is stan
festival city and i
dat -going --on insi
People who
de country" side
UI -miusi and, dan
ain't want nobody
talk o .-dem,,bout
Georgetownii is
whah. is, whah.
You can neo ho
we get. We stop
ket. and tie' busin

Festa and me
wearing we shirt-Jac and ily-one in h de car. That ain't
ordinary shoe and pants. We nutting to get vex bout.
building road and importin I born and grow Ihre- ad
rover so we boys dem can I know de white pe6pl
get roun to inspect the place,- uses to do the same ting. So
De hospital can waite and I ain't eomplainin now me
all dem boys walking roun own .mattie get de chance.
tievin people. money only DiS country is a black man
lazy. If even dey get a wuk country. Buck people does
They ain't gwine want it. So -.*ve in de bush and spin dey
lef 'dem. ..... ..- straw. Coolie people does
Like a fella -tell dem, all -wuk on de rice plantation
you can tief but don't do it and when dey fine
when we get visitors heah money dey does comret
Sor I can loss you in de lock- Georgetown and live Uik
. up. You see how quiet dey niggah people. We ain't min
sitting down. dat. As long as is not '"6"t
What I dnt like ws al many. Dey ain't nationalist
What I didnt ike was allyet, expect a faw o dem we
dem fellows who criticisin. des have round to inspie
does have round to inspire
Is easy fo criticise. But tink the others.
bout how much trouble went One time a friend carry
Into organising dis ting. One time a friend carry
me up to FIRST NAME where
One fella (I read it in de dey does look after bauxite.
papers) say dat dem writers Dat nationalise. Is all black.
must meet in de night when I like de place.
people ain't wukking. He e
crazy. He ain't want wuk in One man house have four
NE de day like everybody else, servants and three draw
it must especially after dey pay he room and he goin fishing at
ifesta. Be- fare down here? People don't week-end just like white
t go in to have noa gratitude. people. Another man house
uness a Another felw have a bar (but he didt
Sunless a Another fellow say he get mauby although I k
m so no- ain't coming back. Well leh fo it). Another man houe
ldmarr he stay wheh he day. We l .t) Anoto hil e isI
dance ti nationalize o ting now, de WOKR.
ain girl right.
ay we na- I like the way DE MUAN Is the amle on the sugae-
otsg. go- bout. He nxn wit -di cane estate dem. Everybody
;-ad give people. Even though he is know he place. If a boy go
i im, dsy ah king he doant- behave-li way, and buss he brains
wine up- one. He drinking he mauby stidfin when he cote back
ticket and sorrel l1ke everybody he have a ie better dan
t one, .y else.WOLK R
s by and And nobody can ay we In any casa Granny y
and feel ain't got a democracy Be I no Se pSttin DE WO)K .
o ito cause we does give do other o in ly ooLow DEsY oi n
thin de one who houlda win d only pol ,
l outs de election a chance to talk veryime I come back I
.Ip outside
,agine al.l bout Maxism and Leninism does feel better. Dis time I
de.... n1. til et.Grment. No feet better-ass-bettr D
body -in't. living inbody keeping quiet and gem demn G ,eo w b s I been

ce but dSg Wha some people 'dont' Chinese man quiet, Cocl.e
me and unersetan Is we is al de =mn eating he wata rle,
anything' sam but some more same. a obr and rich niggah man
Le place to Da ils all. iefin, Potage pa npn r
we kno0w Like one night dr sen 'a to' Cauada. ybo iy.
war to me iad it tik he out in miqueade ad happy.
w advance to. fetit city a d When WAT WILL mAPN
all dis jac- time come to go home day WHEN THE DANCING
ess and. we tell. me som minister, fam. 'WlOPST D OI, OUI EfOOt

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