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Title: Things that really matter
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Title: Things that really matter
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Taylor, Jeremy
Publisher: Sunday Graphic
Publication Date: 9/3/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
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The t



Music and Drama Critic,
Trinidad Express.
IT DOES not matter wlat
agua ryou speak or what
aalen you have absorbed
ia a matters .s your iaeo-
ogy. So said the leader of
Ce Cuan delegation to Cari-
esta, Dr. Suardiaz, in discus-
ion at the Library on Mon-
Smrarnmig; and his state-
nt was r:hghtly received
3B1t at the Cultural Centre
ale same evening, a perform-
ce of "The Legend of Kale- .
nbu managed to refute this A A .
iew. For the writer, artist
musician, it is enough that
.ou say what you need to say,
tng whatever means you '
'ae: but for an audience, the .
y uy say it, the language
us the vocabulary you
Ve learmt, Is still decisive. MR. JEREMY TAYLOR
Which is not to say that
he Legend was poor music Which all seems ideologi-
r poorly performed. On the cal!., sound, especially d'mce
ary: as a really substan- Kadl e died to preserve w the vil-
woik on a local legend. lages "where each tribe work-
e.pels admiration. ed all day long", surrounded
Although A shows a wide by a versatile tapestry of
rf musical inferorce. a song".
it themes are frly easy to So what went wrong? Ae-
olw several of them cordintg to theory. everything
e .carefuly punted In the should have been perfect.
MoegMue and much of It is difficult to know
w iting carries real dra- whether the acoustics of the
pic ower. Cultural Centre or the audi-
The sleelba_ blended well ence did more to kill the ef-
t t1he choir and Pianos, and feet of ath music.
*Ispayed a wider range of The unfinished Centre Is
y and dynamics than hardly maroe than a cdlcus
l0e uised to Iheaxnmg. tent alt the moment; nearly
Th large choir under BiEl a1l thl sound of the large
w at sang well, aeid the choir was swallowed up be-
piantos I lRay Luck and fori it had a d~ance.
s3MOry Ran'deholl and The two iiares sounded
he thrde soloists Stanley like ;toys. The words for the
tAley, Barbara Burrows and most part were totally in-
k Daniel all rerform- audible.
ed exowtllenl. As for the audience, it was
A. J.Seymour's poem, with so little enigagied by the piece
rater dated rhyming that It played all its tricks.
".Pe ;. paints an idyllic pic- Laecomners arrived tlhrioinh.
tu of life beside the Fotaro out the vreformance. shuffling
beOre ie arrival of the "sav- nolisly up and down the back
kge Caisthi,". The aged chief, wall
C 7*e W iho "knew the cure Babies wailed, baby-coutcdl
Sall men's ills and fears", ers shwhed. Children chat-
l'tmled the mountain to seek tered and clapped, and ol e of
roPs the god Maklonamna to them read the performers'
kII ow w to keep his pro- biographies aloud for her
against this threat to mother.
'lhe lives. Some people amused them.
The iod'a answer was that selves by scraping clhirs
1W6 rihmself should be a along the floor, others by
Wcific* for his people, and kicking sweet-drink bottles.
PI4 h1 6erifecial boat over The barman amused him.
U self by loudly stacking crates,
0 ate aulaitted to the One loud voice Insisted, "Give
S test of leader's me gtrq. sweet-dIksn", and
,s h t6 s pleoe, ada oaster. "Ah want :back mlii
ip dl."


It w 4ould be asy lft to
blame the audience for this,
but more important Is what
it shows: thal the perform-
ance did not make contact
with thf It was a compe-
tent performance in a bsicGl- dancers moved slowly, delib-
ly European tradition. which erately in a very hig
would be praised in Europe styled manner, almost like
but nt necessarily so here. toys. And the audience
The music, altuh it couldn't take IL For them it
dealt with a legend Of Guy- was too slow, too monoton-
ana. showed no local stylist i us for too long. The lanKgu
influence. According to the age wa too unfinMtar to be
programme, it was intended utjin od; it asked too
to include some dance or much.
mime. nd it may have been f u dancers had summed
limited rehearsal time that p heir audience better and
prevented this; but the whole reduced each dknce to a quair-
work rie out for St. ter of I e length, even though
The audience wanted move- the 4acPes themselves would
nment. dance, d frama, familiar bave -sffered. more people
musical idiom. What was a little oratorio, and for their strange beauty. But
they did not much ca for .
go the language and thed b
style are important. Art is to huin was iked.
nothing without an udiece; noiTng was given
so Carifesta cannat petaM Th show ended with a s-
to be more than a gtheag quence from the Cuban OQ-
of the elite, unless it mag hestra Aragon, and a Cub~
to i2bawove the actual au dance sewuece that was a
enees, however na ,they are. whirl o vtait .
however naiow Iteir expieta- pa ret warmly applaUd-
tions. ed, anT the audliec really
At Monday's Ifte% o~ respond to the 8la4ngu h
eusmi ,or ewt pe. coommit.- daieers spoke: the language
ment ip bteuratr was a basuo of movement, of confllet ad
asumt.Mon and dach Mtate- drama. of rhythm. This was
meant to that effect was Sp- understood, for its own ske.
lauded; but how r bve And fi this' way the-Ctbns
the writers managed to get too proided a sy reftitbsto
their ieas st ough to tIe of Dr. Suardtae .
Carifestia audience?
The same McUdi fi ty' ecmr-
red at tibe Second Interqsaiton
at TPresentation at Queen's
College- on Tuesday night.
A group of Javanese danc-
ers from Suwinamt presented
three long and beautifully
performed dance. They came
from another Eastern -
world, a timelqw world et
stilness and no hbary: the
munfanmll-iar instruments cast a
sort of hypnotie spell, t.he


Baritone DANIELS

L artist's creation for the cover of the programme for the "Legend.


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