Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: CARIFESTA - a grand experiment
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Title: CARIFESTA - a grand experiment
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Publisher: Sunday Graphic
Publication Date: 9/17/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Holding Location: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
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- a

THE Caribl
f the Creativ
esta '72, is per
significant, and
st spectaou
at to hale t
e Caribbean
ce indepel
me to the V
cae ago.
It was the
ent :in portr
world the rich
xiy of the
ge of 28 cou
gion that w
endure the yok
As it tunii
gely to
which, on T
wed a e
lasis on th
tures of the
e Black folk
nality was cr
le passage
hartedto b
d, on the
tnaed the sh
rity given
of th
ple of the
e Amerindia
tion to mu
like o
paid to
eritage of the
Whether it
M, Dutch, Fr
Ie-speaking C
he element th
he festival w
Mbly Afro. Ai
hat extended
nian and Ind
) our culture
arrived with
tronising to
his may very
aIlted from
eole Ignoran
agency rather
iM For this ti
o cmurt disaster
&1t in temim
"nderance of
ral element ii
bether this
re been in r
aica, the Easte
.iinam, or wl
Slegacy of
ba or A
hae should

bg aboui wh


ceAs rLoyd Best once ob-' LBut was this alI of Oubaj e are yet toe ew M.
ean Festival IsrYn he Caribbean Is a minus the pai.n an agow soe .ct
he Arts,. Cari- bc ulu house with "an poetry recital? Or waste lQ c----was a M6i m re
hp the most African ernality." And involvementt reueted t1h e -~i ."8 ,
An9,. invol cement in totes costo

est indies a Uie w Sateis, Wegro Iouilntral se m et? A roet. t *d.h
ar velop. rbong g to the hwhat it was ia A lot
grand! experi- bck oder-clas of the VENE5ZtELA. BRAZIL in pheobiseu ton k
aying to the Asse as they were shap-
citural heri .. and also try to apprei-ate .-- ota
ntrles in this a the O ulnt h panorama Vene ela'st token invothke- ...a.-' t
ire forced th o ~a C- aribta theoe srefore ment in Ca ifest .I.t bi o
of colonial- it s o* fitting toa the deeper st process of Cet' bur
V'est Indies a the l ita of o fadiz tas of the Ste.

out, it proved in rie to the sh
in experiment jAfriean c ultua heritage zl be avowed to relate o go -"
e one hand, t a mvted u eresy through the Viv rifesta was or
mendous em- hng effehtts or iaVe folklore oup? Th is per.iment by a small and
grand e mperi- VENEZIn BefAeZIL tsa ofb

potpourri of ande blon.r group -ot eve as o-as tte Tuhrdp World country.
survivors of first West Indian land to If for instance we are to
k whose per- eNRICHING THE MIX gait politics t ndepetndemc, rationalise in the contest
utshed in te had he task of relating to of the racio-politial di-
e" that was An we are 6to haly people like; ourselves a< sions which exist, sad which
build Europe. to the "Carbbean. ma pects of the surviving cia- Carifesta underlines the
other o c i it as t tht ra by W e f thait anefta who, t gross under-representation of
mockingly low t h a C& aribban5 were brought to ihemi-.' the cultural heritage of the
to the folk ofur -whch Haitl's here as allaves from western Indo-Guyanese, and not to
eo indigenous ree Pgilon prefers to Sudan and Angola, the matter ignore the very limited ro
Caribbean -- Pm a inteead of, as he tsaid, s languishing iaalr the given to Amerian
ns andl in creole. blaek, mulatp, In- colonial ztue of Portugal culture, then surely the peo-
lti-racial o- ian or Ameerimndane cuture," wi4t which Brazl has pie who have to toot bte
tothe scant ~omet t ems with the Afro- whatever happen ducted in their nae, mItn
the ural aent in our l while to ted ee a- be -given an accurate aess-
East Indans. "t ithe. apetng that ad- the task o ra met of the cost to the a-
as the Engw to nd d ntellgent teog- Mexco Colombia and Belize tional Treasury of CanifestS
d orSpan-. on iO given to the ma w' pch were suuporsed to C72-
be az or en have done s m GROUPS LIKE ASCeIA
eking Brazil ments which, after ni, ea Onc gro der-representation ofof the k-

at dominated onl heip to enrich e Ca- culture of t Amerindlfans? But assuming that we ian
asto thi he the cltural heritaga-tua i.e of thea-tua i.
to the folk i of eowhte does t Iael 8e souv i not have not hafglanese, and th
to the indigenour- eas that n are not to been a quesnol ,o ne inning o fre thver limited ra

Ea landscape sentalion we have 1had at and Colombia. As G this in narrow political termsa
it af iy reBfesta bCk mlattp, Ian- nd e da w osofis culture those suwbOere dpl-
to P the scant nome.toltermsnwith theo- Ad wAducted in their a ske d M64
the fesbyal, see to inamv ute ure atwhle to the a;vojectd represent b e seaen h-an accurate aseein

hap th oui es ntrieve om a n pftcoa tho Boties He mrenl o t t o tle Nor te or-
wvas thae Eng- te andInteogent eog-' eio Colpmbia and Belzes gansaional Treasof Carifesia want

etach or Sn- J Thley. it ubas the East whi.t we ad 1eto o A72. r

n arc t ton ated tado
r thanby d- IArdin and A have done sch r GRO S
ing Brazila, ments whiach after en l, C r n. UW of the u
at dominated help to enrich &l Cat er Bt w

Sthe design is doubted, made a lasting ra been a quesad ote ex finnee ficanigit of the fatiuayv andto

ian ments th arb t the representati f t
all 30week n ,ion we have had att and Coombi. oA f uthis in narrow political teram
Sitof a e hpr, tfesta But oleary,, it w d the case n ioulhtd those who were daie
nc the feut seem to have beenu beQkh d ..7 al ectly responsible wothoe n-
hawpened to a'eprew ie-map ofitl rethe- bto respond to the critd.. m
mi cassO-If gro lke An IA
e han ds col- instanceA, dboagt- the authunt

ko we ar.ythe representation
er. taeastWi. slid vis Afro-

0o we are, tuft teattv"L


tion of a poititca c'uture.
If for (political reasons it
may be thought expedient
by his 1 tractors to ignore
him, are we going to bene-
fit from any explanations
from the orgaisers of Cari-
festa '72 about why things
were done the way they
were done or were not done?
The previous Minister of
Information sand Culture
Mr. Eli *lliD now
,Assistj,t. I ef s_ etary
of the.-iifg PI in-po-
icy statement last Novem.
ber to the .Na~-itOnl-iry
and .Arts C6 wil"
Incidentaly, does not legal-
ly exist at presenit said
The main- purpose of: Ca-
rfiesta most be -to .breati an
awarenes .of the Guyaneso
people ih thear on identity,
to highlight ib he achieve
ments and goese of the Gu..-
anese nation and to create
and enhance mno aiprseaolato

Some West India, .- et
of the Governnmenit, among
them West Indian -writra
who permitted.the sprea to.
quote. theamnd not seem
convinced that Carifesta
achieve what the government
had in mind when Mr. Me-
David spoke as a Cabinet
But it wi be -onl. reason-
able to benefit from the-as-
lessment of the people, tech-
nicians and politicians aij ke.
who were d y.e* involved
in organisI Cares '.72,
And of neI .W. "
have to pay 'ne nisane to
pe3cly in t1e, context of
the. governen t's own ae-
"promoting trlture as a ba-
sis for econoami develop-
SThe vision which gave.
birth toe Cariftsta '72 aiihd
which can be identified w-ith
Mr. Burnham's adi'eCr to the
'Caribbean Writers aid u-t-
ists' Conference that .td6k
place in 1966 as part'of,.He,
Hipendence Rocelebrations,
called for the festival to be:"
S*Inspirationa. educational
and to people ad
be entettainin on a scale
nd ino a fashion that would
"ommenc d se h to the gen-
erat mass, of the people Who
live within and around the
great guif of sea existing
between North and -Souli
Writers an- artists like
Pdward. Braithwaite, Karl T TREASUR.D Festival SymboL- br~hwUhand clasping
Parboosinab, Austin Clarkee the edim uAp.
soar H and Robin 'Dobr'.
aveles, while differing on havel the production of the contribute.
equesionof govrmental 5lhye mate of dei based In, relation to ow own
luavement in the organisa- on a. ittlehoiler' u I t iA r a 1 rpresentatipn,
tion of a festival of the "Shadows Move r U a lot of GWanese who
Sdistinct from saivunent- we have. in the f of of the aristeo from Jaqpaca,
control of t- ar"it. al sc*lture nd the speaL Trbdd and other Etstern

.I-Oflz not be eon.aeed ;wlii +he Natuonai Park, ak part Of offer.
h il urbia ei-bud dtti-.. the festi'#l. GUYAN-AS Own1

We h C gird' ene,,nr. Aei what we presented
seary ft-6*d png- theo`whi t Mr- apart from the Le-i
.yi wute t fe t a
'adt ine

sed of Kaiteur -
into insigniweanc* ~
compared with the fn I e
formaneea of cootinghl
like those from Jamai' -.
which had the widest Uan
moat spetaotslar re' enta-
tion at Carifesta, Cuba, Sgi
nam, Trinadad aOd Btrib
dosa, particularly i relation
to its Dance Thetre.
But both in the fifid. e
drama and art tfe. we
much to view, to stftahjn
stimulate and educcat.
And having reoPiseM the
limitations placed on U
responsbMae for tbh rtag
of the festival as it wan ar
us also recognis the r-
mendom amount O worka
dbjpI by flow Gwane-e
citizens who, Ionufst ofs j
eriatf there had frot t Uht
Caribbean Festival in Pbmto
puilo and the xefie*avc ofCA
carnival and o0 theWr@ tal
programnnes in the w1a6a.
dies must have faced vma
difficulties in orpblawb* i
festival of snome 4.O ow,
cipants from 28 couftfie I
sustain the interest sf
was for three weeto.
Let u ab tcossiae aloto
with those writers and art-
ist whbo signed tU* Dedaz
tion proposing t erbKto.
meant of a CfibbeMa se.
tariat ofthe Art th at "tb
has been an ailiafl
publo response to fle sti.
vaT', and that the
tions, charactersetad wiLb.
abuinbaoao of "creatvi -e
versatility," revealed i16
potentiMa for developing -
tmhdesired Caribbea -
tuxal identity."
Speculation wt
about the political ot .
tiono behind Guyans'a boa
dbe btout the ca to lok,
in relation to other doaert

writies and the Carf~si
cwhral took'a in ttei o -of
periw prolong t a
general election.
But if Curifesto 'n oaa
Stnprevin pdov de *m<
*fTOlving a niohnazy.Ib2.
tegrated ultur. and In -
mating the thrust towa-
bean celgwe, then, ioeat y
we would be able to lok
with pride at CarIuLea -M2,
which took'a little of ix ;afe
of 28 eountaia Into s0 msu.
s 1i44.-

I---- ----Y~-- ;- -I I 1. w-~;


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