Group Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Title: Who will host the next CARIFESTA?
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Title: Who will host the next CARIFESTA?
Series Title: CARIFESTA Newspaper Clippings
Physical Description: Book
Publisher: Guyana Graphic
Publication Date: 9/16/1972
Subject: Carifesta (1st : 1972 : Guyana), Festivals - Caribbean Area
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: South America -- Guyana -- Georgetown
Funding: Support for the development of the technical infrastructure and partner training provided by the United States Department of Education TICFIA program.
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Source Institution: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
Holding Location: Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
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WILL there be a second .eovwr and the new hosts oeed with their much-l-tiomls-
C ta Which country will tko .o learn all the prob. ed but not yet re ise aud
tot it? Should developing on. whfioh wiil have to be torium and performing cen-
countries take from their 1- fced. tre. These Guyanese built not
ready much-taxed bugetse to nci4 ly, on the ub- oy cultural centre but a
provide exposios of cu e t f u oranisatlonal pro- small city of low4noomne
when there are so many basie blems onea heard the suggest. houses as well Some Jaamai-
ned t tend? .tion offered not at all whinm- cans who saw it feel that
All the-se are questions that caF y that one of the hiret otier trriories could well
have been lying bouen e ponsblites of the Guyan- emulae te idea of involving
surface of the first Caribbean ee fest4 -secretariat will citizen s in special schemes
Festiveg of the Creative Arts, have tao b e preparation such as this.
which began in GeOrgetowan.' of a book of problems and Another reason offered as
Guyana, August 25 and end- how they were overcome. to why Jamaica is one of the
ed yesterday. This coQtapendiumn of pitfalL% best equipped to take on an
S uee uetios will un- and how to avoid them should international exposition of
d0ubtedly cone into the en. t- -= -- ..__- culture is the fact that we
with the host country's eval-1 h ---- ve eperen... in, handling
uatio aferr the festivalhas oi great invasions of peOle, e.g.,
ended. Evetn amidst the ga4e et ly t arbara the ithCmasonae aot Gages,
and ex~berance of the btest and various other large-scale
week of the Festival which international conventions and
I wistneed, there were quiet '|Clnden wieings whi have been
voies wonAdeintg how wmuch ic suheld here over the years. Cer-
the gesture was costing Guy- t__ny t tainlyit is argued, there is
ana. Would it have been bet- ready-made accommodation
ter to have built a new wng then b passed t o the next at the university Campus as
at the denieral hospital instead host country which wic be... well as training colleges.
of a cultural centre? Jam aiua ? Trinidad ? Baba- But what's in it for us ? On
There were other cynical dos ? For it is agreed that the dollars and cents level. I
whisperiogs that praises be only the larger islands in the see it as special tourism at-
to Cauesa and the recent territory are equipped to ac- traction, ,which properly
ion-Aligneed Conference be-i commodate the festival in its planned and promoted, could
cause certain Public projects present concept result in a bright summer
like improved road surfacingg" A Barbados ini ster of season (or enliven a dead
and street lighting were ac- Government.who was visiting winter, if it came to that),
celebrates for the benefit of made the kind of sounds Guyana. not exactly noted as
the visitors. And then there j whi(h seemed to suggest that being on the beaten track for
was th41 rambling that the i his island wasn't going to tourists, attracted more than
East Indaft commulnity of offer to tak oe the next one. its fair share of visitors (al-
Guyaaa Wras anti the whole Up to the end of my week beit many of them Guyanese
culture-festial bit because in Georgetown, there were no and other Caribbean -North
finance had come from the sounds 0 from Trinidad. (Un- American "exAles" who flock-
promise re'Datriation fund der-the-wire stories say there ed to the event. Extra flights
for thme Indiaons who want-i is a bit of frost between had to be added to the Tor-
ed to rtwrn to Ind'a. "WhileE Port-of-Spain and Georgetown onto ard New York routes
it never floated to the top of over matters like bauxite and some people say, it would
the nevs lnd poubl i dipscus- loading insteaJatiions and cer- have been even more, if some
sion wh ile I was r there. thre tain fulfilled promises, but of the Carifesta promotional
wre otiet voices which said that again is internal politics). problems had been overcome
that the reckor'ng would. So, will it be Jamaica ? earlier.
cole w-en the next Guyana~ Certhainy. following th Undoubtede Undoubtedly, a case could
RIouse budget was presented. fantastic success of the Na- be made for material return
... ho tionall Daenc~ Theatre Co- from a tarifesta. There's also.
HOSpIl'AOmLE pany. Louise Bennett and on a Amore emotfwonal, but to
As guests of thi exfatmely from later accounts, the Mys- my mind. no les important
hospitale Guynese QGven-: tie Reveaitionb of Pastafar, l laethe the case for the kind
ment, t would have been plu s tle enthusiasm with of enlihiteninent which an
churlisti for Jamiailcan or a ny which "Smile Orange" was Iterenational exchange of thi
of the 'th country's repre- accepted as well as the visit kind can br!'g. It is the kind
tetati. to meddl- in in- of Mrs Edna Manley with a of livingg getograhy lesson"
ternal Politics. so tiane will small but insortaat collec- which # can offer to children
have tP bing that aspect of tion of Jaa&natani art work, and to those in our society
Guyanse Po ltIes inat tocus. Jainaieca rates high in the art- who are not fortunate enough
The major question for now istie esteem not only of Guy- to be able to see the rest of
is. who will be hadt for the ana but other countries. Is the world every sum~nmer.
next'Fe tival and when ? that reason enough for us to One watched with great in-
In is :5.eech of welcome be the next Carifesta host? terest in Georgetown the re-
at the opening of CariLesta, One way of looking at it action of Guyanese of all
Prime iiW ter Burnhan ex- is that it would de'ntitely t rata ,a they flocked to dance
pressed the hope that it provide fantastic tourism recitals, to concerts and art
Would become an annual af- material. Already Montego exhibtlon,. My own pleasure
fair. T0 those observamt of Bayh.a been hbpnkeing after at the success of the NDTC
the lgistics of programme an international feistlval, so there was not so much the tin-
rrarI 1nent and co-ordina- here is one. Because of the pact which they made on the
tion ei_.tWee countries dis- locatltoi of our tourism fac, more .Qphyticoated section of
versed over a fairly w'de cities. Cazrifesta In Jamaica tie commountyrd but on the
area. ieaT two years seems could be dispersed over vari- presses and dressers, the
a noi- practical suggestion. ous areas of the island. This workrni who helped construct
As one voice said, it would might 1be the lnoernve which the thOatre and all their
give the last hoats time to Montoeo Bay needs to pro- friends who managed to se

cure vlMdalsare vantagee
points the edge the un-
finished theatre building from
where they craned and gawk-
ed and cheered louder tan
the paKgra in the best seats.
When we visited the inter-
national art exhbition, the
greaE pleasure wsa not only
in the comparisons of the 9rt-
wtic styles of tIe various
counties, but in the genuine
interest shown by the chauf-
feurs who toured along with
the guests whom they took
there and the muisber of Boy'
Scouts, Guides and other
youngsters who were enjoy-
ing being tour-guides for the,
Individual displays. There was
the talk we had with two
young men who were in-
trigued to hear about Ja-
maica's School of Art and
said they had no idea what
went on at that sphere of life
in this nart of the world.
Then there were the obser-
vat.ons of other cultures and
customs of other visitors.
There was the memory of the
anguish of the 'urm.nmer
poet as he told of years when
he was forbidden to write in
school in the patois language
of hs people and how he
could not identify his lite-
rary development with the
language imposed from Hol-
land. He spoke at the first
meeting of writers, of how
he and other Surinamers
eventually found their path
'of artistic self-discovery and
of how they publish today in
the patois. but In small vol-
umes, of poetry and short
stories to be within reach of
the buying public.
The delegate from Apft
spoke of similar problem,
while a Curac*ao novelist-
playwright solved his own di-
lemma by doing his novels
in Dufit and his plays in
7Ib* was the fun of watch.
ing the Cubn writer beet his
breast Ir NegrOltde and then
clash, va interpreters with a
Haitlan, as to who had the
greatest right to the Black
idenfty. And there was the
Puerto Riean protest poet de-
claiming with the fury of the
barrio. sutably clad in fat-
igues and Apache headband.
And through it all, the cab
of Giryana's senior men
of letters A. J. Seymour who
was a controlled chairman,
with the wisdom of years,
having come through the
whirlwind of rushing ftim
one end of the Caribbean to
another to br'ag to frutlton
the special Carifesta antho-
logy of new Caribbean writ-


LOOKING BACK: Guyana's-Prime Min sister Forbes Burnham, the man whose
brainchild Carifesta is, enjoyed the farewell performance of the Jamaican
Dance Theatre Company and then joined the members back at the end of
iit. The show was, superb and Mr. Burn ham must have complimented this happy
iaember of the company for her part in it
ina Tolit e cerssion, one
wondered qJud' why Mr.
Seymour haOt been called
onstage for bows at the end
of "Legend of oaieteudr the
oratorio by Philip Pilgrim,
the deceased brother of one-
time JBC executive Bill Pil-
grim which Bill (now back
wor]sng in Guyana) condnut-
ed durpg Carifesta. on his
own birthday and on the an-
niversary of the cooser'~s
death. It was A. J. Seymour
who wrote the words for the
"Legend". He l-shrugged away
the suggestion mat he should
have been taking a curtain
call along with the 150-odd
ensemble of s:,ogers and
r,usicias which included a
cqre of steelbandsmen (add-
ing, incidentally, the only
real excitement to the per-
A week at Carifesta was
seeing fhe Cuban in action.
It was not always announced
but they were on every varie-
ty show, always at the end,
for that's how they deinand-
ed it. With perhaps Inisguid-
ed cynicism, one noted..... ~
Inost of the dancers. men and
Women, were black. ThoMs THE YOUNGSTERS were not left out of things. Here
Who spoke for the Literature these youthful dancers from neighboring Freack'
end Oe Ctre were at-n Guiana do a typical peasant dance much to the amuse.
cellent group of musi.ans, mIent of the Queen's College audience at one of the
Who have survived changes of International Presentations.
regimee, were curiously out- fun (and it was) t now; it was a bald-beaded
dated in sombre, wide knee, everyone: "See Daddy at e," dancer and a stalwart' cultist
tight ankle trousers, quite u- .from Brazil; early modern
like the 'physohedea of our Carifelsta wM the Mpontane- d a n v e techniques and
low music mak oser hosPitalit of drivers. andl folk son% tm f arromrl
-hoiusehold staff. It was itiner-_ bald f. uerriene
Carifesta was Culture Min~* ant poetry, peddlers and for Guytna's hinterlant. Louise
ster, Shirley Field-Ritey in. my vart, I've never seen sg Benett urtting e- er wits
ekqu'ste African iinsu5red n-V unabashed sef-rapub agalkst Auntie Cumisee, her
cristumes, day and night. It.d eti anywhere. It wi a
was the relaxed shirt-4IC at-. -- po- =_qw- I I 17W
fnosphere of the offial open- to buy a copy of "ir BgjrA- from. Java via Surinam;.kine-
ig cer aony wheMrs. the Prime ham's Garden", a tribute toi i t from Venezuela. a
Young daughter baniy the Prime Minister in verse m41wJ
her own tribute to the leader and song which will never of the great Wooden .buld.-
of the Co-operative Republial Win cital awad. that' a na d .ihre canals filed with
while he exhorted all "Corn- for sure. It is a CARIFTA water lilies, the land w mh
*rads" in the Carlbbea product too the lab .r-. W O l
the waves. o ing tho stanp of a Weding everh ear ne y ;feover
the wa Jamaiican recording. laughing at t.e io. lL, ty.
The first week of the first 14 WL cariiant 1 to -
he c ce on her bright ibbea FestiVl of Crea- de-.t rd the Whed
.40 thought it was Tve Arts was:'4ouvade", a lsea
unknown- and. st

i -~;
Lr~ r 3 .* r ~
aS,~.'; ".' .pib~ I.*:

Z~ .

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