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Title: Study of Available Recreation Programs for Negroes in Tallahasse, Florida with Proposals to Meet Exhisting Limitations
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Title: Study of Available Recreation Programs for Negroes in Tallahasse, Florida with Proposals to Meet Exhisting Limitations
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Graham, Naomi Lawrence
Affiliation: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College (FAMU)
Publisher: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College
Publication Date: 1952
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A S%*si
Pneset to b
the rasulty of the DitviteLo ef rasate Statdie
Florida Agrioulture sad (ohsaM eat Gollege

ia Partial ufS1illa t
of toe *Rqusreexts for te Degree
Master of SoLnea Io education

Maoat Lavwreno Grafat
July 1952



A Thests
Presented to
the Paonlty of the Division of graduate Studies
florida Agricatture and Xechanioal CollQge

In Partial tFttlm;s nt
of the Requirements for the Degree
Master of 8acience in ZdGcaton

fto Lawrese G Oraham
July 192


/ 4'' / Lw !" -
... C, /--t

-( n ^ ^
^ i.Z

&tA A

*' cK C L .-;C .- 'T

To Dia Mar 2 M .t x ,r,

T, J4 t -1. ; i t, u.tt P. vt rt, ::y hx.cule

:u. .t* i ;, i. To zj 2 1 1 .. .u -i in : to rjy

t 1 lit a ny :.t +. :; u:.tit1 xw

*: -:ta, t .. .- c co 0 c0 2n ^ t: ^0 Let utl .

I -1 h 1tmt c -n ; r itttu to

44: ot. ssu.



r problem. . . . ..
8tatesent of the pro ble . .
Purp o et the study . .. 3
UlAsati- n tauoaA te tud . .
DPfeatttal s et trs uwse . ... 4
Reoretlote . . 4
aolitet ... .... f f 4 *, $

ulth.. .* 5

Baste AgQU options ,. . .
the lamPrtanoe of th problem .
IU. vXlW Or E t R LT LTMtIU. tURD :. .. a
Summary of related tveature . to
O BDATA T f t t f f f 21
Otnhofd tUsf it gathertagd sta . .. 21
fateationaal Aatvlttaes OffAred by iwa
Organintl.ons of Ta llXahbas, Florid. 3
RoereattLnal AetUvlttes Offered by iegnP
rraternal Orgaslsations fe Tallahassee,
Florid . . . 38

A SrlaratLar e* Reiar ton . 0
@fto eIstL . * *
VAMIyy fl.tA. ?D *? **. *J

Jttlt I *. . s. *

XV, A ,!T9V SsE QjACtijvs .* * * **

immoEary 9 *. *. 4 5*
ZhaJROaApTR . * *..
APPNrDIX * * *


I. Percentage of Church Participation in
AOtive Oaesa by Sex . . .
Ix. Percentage of Churoh Partioipation in
Quiet and Low Organised CGaes by Sex. 25
XXX. Available Faoilities and Bquipment on
Leo Playground for Negroes . .. 2
XV. Available Faoilitles and Equipment on
West Park Playground for Negroes .. 27
V. Activities whiah are carried on during the
summer on school rounds . 28
VI. Percentage of 01ub Participation in Quiet
Oases by Sex . . . 29
VII. Expenditures for Public Recreation in
Tallahassee, Florida, 191 . 31
IIXX. Total Rereation Budget for 1952 32
IX. Standards As Set Up By The National Reorea-
tion Association For a Good Church
Program as Compared with Church
Programs in Tallahassee, Florida 3
X. Standards for Playgrounds As Ret Up By the
National Recreation Association as Com-
Pared with Playgrounds in Tallahaesee. 4
XI. Standards As Set Up By The National Reorea-
tion Association As Compared with Recrea-

tional Programs in Tallahassee, Florida. ..




The growing importance of recreation has made apparent

the need for better programs, better facilities and better
leadership. The lack of adequate recreation akace for
Negroes in Tallahassee, Florida, greA~tly concerns all who
are interested in the development of opportunities for better
recreation in our modern society.
Recreation as a form of leisure is not new in our

democracy, Throughout history, people have alw:.y had some
Newton D. Baker says, 'The control and finanoing of
reoreetion activities of almost every kind, I believe, is a
definite and proper city function."
Calvin Cooldige said, "Play for the child, sport

for youth, and recreation for adults are essenti-.l8 of
modern life. It is becoming generally recognized that the
creation and maintenance of outdoor recreation facilities
is a community duty in order th.'t the whole public might
participate in their enjoyment.

T Newton ., Baker, ,hj Playeround, September, 1912, p. 186.
Calvin Cooldise, tnsg m Introduction ao Parks;
A Manual of Municipal and County arka, prepared bfy'tE h national
Recreation Association.



re L. eaO thI m teS ll s1.S 0 teae, tMs,
sit, Marntis ialudss all rh bsutifuat stll., entU,
MA hebbltes that humaus belags sm pteL tte- a sa lp to the

rea stAestat otwerntas.
that lathe atte With -o pIns aildes sad pen
pelr *rt an th alll, en Ates M stA iu to pette

empeietti ,ntalst tiMst,*a ,--s we bbamig" sets e na o
taU t. totWatt tlwhe fdir tft bur th tsarRt s Bmm it

at ,g emrua toi P spropr te ir iats,

~ler~tiIt $orttar aad other ftelZtitt ftr um rl livla
a o pr~owt fto W a lte r ad m l people.

4f* l p. .
UrrlhritPI R#IP III 0~1~BiB~Zlit~


gWma t wt h PB-t otr thMs
sm f to dIe St ne tbhe sttfs of the parent weieatiamal

*ta the tlsla s mt p mls to seel aists litpt.

milabi. ue.Bial pupam th Nm ItsUinaat.,

miaei. (t) asegasse >m esw, arm a.e. aQpflpilbs
thew tne rerftiau s wiquilnt a aetI ftr lisjtr s
omm, (a) b wmllo l I a fmeti f-tl.tme n1sta
Srlesl, meMr uu S wlwm Xs4am, eIartmrtis, unsa
seitwtv. a Snr StSm nest e (4) B df(esm aiS
pwuSm answ. .,f lautao 0)S .o to ..ee.tleme
satlaMe bel9tes uS Is nms (*) uiaml

te ratel t s et ptrhees Ix Iatlistf twhe alS t pbothe
Ct) a batesmnrthei measie tty t l3ai5me 1fe rnFetlurf n
pears (a4) b n qt UeM otm to mt aIt AL~- liflatt


Semailmaalim ifl la P ttflh IWsO ftlar Is mteitS

fu) leslatil Lartsw Sns (8cr)s as () Dlanmnr,

Is. blaun, nwart

smltifty t, IsSS as Itiadnul tens e ae at freet
ass ~ St sat i S0 te UW ohe n self

rtieity a& asa rs beauI. Iu aoeu or a Use

*f Utes is w tlasur a~sT* as Istwe ett e*ttvtt7
whic nesht ba reinv"s S b3y a"M ubig its bmtpne
afw tact i Sm the r~et et lilta Leat iat appimS '
Semeper Stn S esretsisas aetiflttes ht are atash ta
Utler -ab se at sen ti hrsr awtlt k em rl t bMeSa thno,
eaMt whtia se latively ftun, speaateses -ft reogetI'

A., S1 humi S C rn I!


IZ tha iat of t1te lAtla es stivs tby authvr*
ti,. the invtstiater is s ing the tinwola tam as tin
massnag of r-m ti meatl erentle Isa a tivity *bith sa
t ltviA esmAl in t pluses, umuasent. rwsxat o e
Websftr ss, +la prItn e ta aiti f miatie ef tas

SR tre fIAt atf Webster's e tIttiat the lavftigeter
It afrsg thatb, a prorm pto as satiiu of sotivitte to be
ewe. wit ias tspeeifla east at tam.,
TMMtit fare these atUAteU proprttes ant aets

SneL at mmnt ert o f t.nbt e it

l anir wp l -a ptIs rteles _Leh hel .. .o..

Now,* or iero w

ALI- n~f Mt~~ifi Ti~ii


to)ua, tah0 e Isleon
r (5tawin an oa sWi ff& t urraytos o eatats
steaur (1) nQ sa orcaiEU4 Iear of itealtt- amft set-e
fnatimeon wLy a vital vet is t ther tl d*S rlliit St
Srlt, (3) USt Sa pper m at e wUs leswe tILm ywaiet
im pittv mtesM t of btafe t* a) that t wen a
an still ithet Spte pieoqt lappems t pare.
ia weptetti to udrarmeeri (4) 1im reenatla~a
uidse t Ua fMe Isfary lirengor l cetrette e
e roeeftiiantf fttUitte

mv staM is iprtais a t aa Iavewtiwatwm
of SIhne atastit JISMS 1 SStIwAI t1ent t th

crn-ity7 ls isavsteatw of this pitlM my tb of sem
help Ia ssitngs a better n rarm teh wi smoo the A

o isu in att atMetec related to the

peobl tma *Raice benuo qixttxa rfr, nltevlisegi,
SmCaist sat related SIttlotwe it sw eMU to s .teulta
the worstrat atlatnes, poesM, aelutti.i al letot -.
Steesm- A

Uhth itlra MY bfl Vtgtlteae ia h5l4Spy othIhp
to mraktau tie isus or rocrettan and 3l*Irae, ea
to iav. their wrsaatisA pr-Irams
kr mbr Ie eluga tuic mtoW that the reftlo
or jvtatS lttmtw. to aenuSar Stf o tlewSlwit
Lsdhur tt iame xa, rereattea progsg, euatitlwte
bflltsetite, plpreme a *aml rIitty m*k
A sweetaS raretteia asrgtroe sitIAbtg ot trmasw
t yps of .atntits o sh re metar s-o to smoWse
isa nersatol preus, sheIAt meet thei maed Ct wi Snldrsn,
- pwing pe.4o uS e rn rSL

CAPtuR it

n ot th gr etet ehalleges of our li tn is th
Italttl anda pleaant e of letsl time. Do tio reus
pope of ow torn haew niotmta to do tat stand oa tha
stint teraw for uws os wee wsna T 5* tiny tequet
poctrenmo oat other asematentf to theY -lasion of goet
nsiM Me ftdoj* ply see o*ial meotwasxs sit yeas
people o*f bt sent9 tat tey wat sot atf a1 is a
Ceuse to a meeta toethe d ma joy eoe er's wPeseoe
sa s pirit Cr uhlsam at..sAren ..,
the thilwte of ur pnp2Le to aMnie at appreeate
the i tt. of wesestion hIa been Ofe et eaour eaic retard
ia( the Jt pres of o ra mattoml propeN.
JeB, edusatios, health, eat esre*attlo we e nao
ret t peUe att.t youth et all r ets in satisfyin aswre.
We ay tha be sure d that t iemew s Ame ot U Iabae
Ldi s ad matto ouAdet study ia I which they
tnslatd a prlated list ef twe*iMkt activities, mhey o
llwamd to fid out takt ay activity es are aest snr

L*. C. Lian alt P. A. itty, A
( L bTes: A, 5, hinse si B S


Yassa tn by rwecSltat~ive peae fe rive to twemttp.
tw yeOas of e, thOse bet IkelS by these tidvl4mAls,
their Ies and other play ctivitistts ~g peatest
anvti orf tuie, atm ths erets pon behrfalw at *u aLmae
as *, s*t, eeK selsen, iajtanllsee nA niMfiti, aonas
tim. t t" at tshe r ed e enni and rafts nwp

exat ,bepta sepl to s vies, nstt alette aspor,
piepttatio ian vri m n aes and sports, S in n at o.
mobl b Atg eae ams,* a a vte ty of o re activities

e netd fat glsettm rertm t. o), it as r aM A~i ti t ah of
as twohaemrn activties listed in th Play Quiz had bm
pIraitItRI Sa i oey nr -mae satSIdar fela tha e nn
at a week9 bte f a eflitty at th isat as inessed ba y
a~n tidialsC e em e XlwS Xn m istaSe nc, las Ua
i0 pre seat of toe adremt oe a ivea age prtieipa tod Ina

de nane eof asetivAtte than A the o3A emss.
she Itudy asd trhe ttiomi aeeratloB Asseatiet
nurlns th early yaws oa ths derasia, i we dstss th

%ftfas ndl MotnIo AssoIatIon, a
fetil ma* orBt ) ingmjf&I go

eewtaa Wt peptL LiA if sars thear frne tins, US
a CI newMeL Sa the W t teoim wia ta Wne
p rims to so tflr, aaa 'rt replmasS reant ert
lar it ptt A tin it ,l-~t
Sbpke ^otn.4b MtItL$tl*S V humn. eM if fte

tes tis, attusiag eata,- vlstflms gith 4,r Beeialiag
awtLfkr) ru nn;Y im fat tadnl f l- r |teR

s., wats iflstSa Wtrsn0, et mstiAi g" aA-se.,
awmuius witta inw be tee, reti eantsf..l jree.a, a
ante m satier wtsi t rte l pt itetr 1 it. InaetY

pflid plia. la Sm. epeesitrri l ts srutS rinatbs
4o W eon te *1 btets ft caw of thee es trtIti.s wron
mWeP tn i he ~e~ pft eiptfte la hne uetiltte
e s pinols rEst.ll ta dro ti perSewas pm eau l
flt. Atsotitte teaseL fl pw ea @n14is
mamf bad h ma Ukpr-, e. ,434fl te~at tet ti U

later dhfl h* eope ts, a fltw Ur aftl o

SW Gimeat m e U uo pItfteS anre Was f

bu So 2 Riesm mhrans. sR is 1asI

~~- u rn'-I ---~--- ----P-LI- --a -Y


a ae peam .atta Ut surSe by saa @ w1 lei$am
Ult, s.wa Stm ifl S gr eqjtpmes, eet, efr a
sfltwia tWo a LeatXv pnanud, msS, abnr 41 sum,
mi'mtmg S** fls b* S bufl empiass, beauS e ves,

ma bfimEks raslttac es flM mhaw Ue flenlbca 1inS
eppeertttr nrsdLI ass tee tea bit V tas bLra ear
lm f aftusAg W

A nnefl bala lrltl e tlu S a asl. cilae
tat taet *a,. pesam&, aLm WmEtw *s-h -meit

taMatrsJab, emi abO t m wqdweet eta atr a isIf

estitties wa sthiS me Us urns nr by me spfis
as me e, Urn. sat flts to halseelns steM et oto ee
qt a IWNs (fl ap6 eA 4el *t lthe* &*ww flatelug
aM u roa), utitss thigs (hr pel etM tblas (r10pe

enI tels Mattes Sl rtMI IS atw am c lm a .
-.M"& AmkssIm e .06. (se at MoA s Am.

Oas sea ; fs s 1948), al I6 at
rr) rs ~rl~hlt r01A -Wl 1191 l IrrQ LY

"Ia#Lrkd1p~tS ]IIvow1Wr toao


EZuge T. LUSe Snde a stuaf t ithe smber of schools
~tht offered umer playgrosai und*roee. ~Pa questlonnanren
retrnetd by416 eLtiesi oe0elued tht 47 per nat of them did
Iot olnduet suMmer school playgronat a nda omst* that, This
obviously to a poor shoviwj.* the a o *af Iset sot prostsent
is the smallerl etties a4 in the rr4al ditriote e Loes
questionanoire did. not tInolue olt~tes of les them 5,000 popualaf*
A survey oe individual youth eentenfi6n tlirtyfoer
states (usla queettoanrlrs to gather the dott), in
Seomattlte raging from seven hundred people to city of
900,000, saved that eema te centers are ohi efly for the
age group fourPten to eihteen (a tfv I yolger or older One),
that the Oenters are vrritoely sart*d and sponsored, and
that they so eant a wVide rosag of actfvlties. a. first of
tho 303 olabs we establisthd t 1939,# but met of thlr
sprafg up wlring the **0rl years the war.
Iarnest lttff, of the attoinal Mousing Agesor?, *a*
a serve of eomamity faerllit i to seveatyesx pblie heouasing

(Reve. t A r8.
(Mew Totrkt th A, 5. ZarnieAs a Wi~iur


proeeot ia fifty-three ei1tee, oe~ated in tvntpaee states
*aa the lietrie at ole b luai, alt Lo the Federal basing
Au thrit"ye igoht r egi"o. ie Untfited te~mt otw forse
o. ofSaity services. The recreation eerv*ree L rvelve
dasning, Cras ties, hobbies, Lntfoerl play, aioite, st.ai,
seelal recreation, speoal reve-t, table gases, Bad a variety
of ports. Of the em&slte programs in eos-nity faeilitiee
La the *vltty*lx hbous ing 4relopdentts, sixty*eeven reported
various to fo of eroeetion (etho than sports sad physteal
aetivittLe), slxtyFtive reported sports a4n phyteoal activitiee,
sad ltftylaix slt4 youth orgft naties.
Sorenka eat Bexrgr8tRAo a study of what kind of
aetiit tee occupy the iladTrtaelo twenty6four hoars, how
oftea each activity ti r epated dming the tweatyrfeor hoars,
hav ine tire t given to e.O sotivityttl, wrat part an indta
vlagal spends alone and vh t part with others, and th
difttresees 1n thes repeot beotwoee tadividuals of different
sexes and itffertet ages. okey took FtUeday as a typleal
wek Aay, a Saturday, and a uatday for tehr study, *u.ng
the a ry method sa getting the tafonrtion.

_t A_ u_ S A- L ---_t 0 -e- mmn.....e, --,
%Ltirts A. Sorfln aat Claren6e Q. BSerge,
rera Gavetis rr tftj Q1939a,) p.N 26a s


Yittpyfive foe ofe overt activities were tudled.
It was ound that on th aver age, a person dovo'ted neSrly
Xeleven ad a quarter Lheao to pstychologiosl activities,
eaoh as sleop, *ettal, health, and exoerciel slightly over
*eten heour to *ooanoio activities o teor: ehoores, and
tre sportation to and free work) and the rnstaiter of the
tw-tyfLteir hours to soolal al OUltatnl otivitle, vhioh
tsok nearly two heors, tanotiU~la rligious, nlteleetual,
and artstite Prsultts.
DPring the war a Amb of stAtdes of reerealtlo
preftereases were sar. Oar eash s*dy MnportA tho
pretere*es or 1 ,107 Iavy sme, wvao *reket the acstlittee
they xke4 in six tifereat r*eeeatio oleselftr atioastn
major and minor cases sootal aetivittes, individual ports
nntoests, uiwsto, reeratlontai ports, conteets, sad table
(gaes. *sose* liked pool (8Iab), Lasoi n (716), basket-
ball (682), boeling (666), baseball ( )54), roller oatiBng
(501), parties (402), toooh football (358), vith t irt

- U ---------- --'-- -r-
9ber atlen xxmII(Jvatly, 1944), p. i05. Qaestio
stirLe were sent ot by the Welfare and nRe ration Dealnt,
Uatte! States Sval rese itlg Barrnte, Ubhmakor, QalIrt.


ether aoti ties listed by sore than a beeart ean4 btt
hvy P. Tests obestoles earse box ball, hLae
bhan eone tQ and sveraw ir lsoelneoe Itaes scored very
One of the most oosprehefnsiv alertede of roeaation
In a eniuslpallty t e hta been ause In recent y ear to th
QShiago SRtey.0 Theo vlrw on petrtile WoeetonR ov
the hlotourloal an ad atatltntlve aspeoet, as vll as
fraitlites *an pngrae.r
Th st y of eommental aeinmetsw ervaer tre soop*,
khIta se,*igaInkt le acnt the theta of ecturol. Private
ree t* ton orgaiata on Lo e elate the hrhs, eOats, srtld
sotmteantos4 eMa *mtNity *eters, o n Ahe beeto material
regarding the various fon e of r eYrtion wae orgaan so on
th esaemilty bets.
Tb data wa tabllat4t srlapIy and present gr apht1i
17fy r each of the sOv entyr*twn e i itry eas *ate i ol
COteage is ditdet*. Thl Gto Iollwet by o anelAyDig ireprt
oe major ie Qnags at weeaomnt.at s.

....va P Po g e &. e eatlo a .'o 44. umInt,
Privato kreanSic, W i V in ,e lt'ereatie by QMuet
Areas,' VTe. V, *Re'o3mMaatiost and ?Inu&NIS* l' (i9* )l
The reeetse w o iotly pieorse4 b1 he Ch es Reer eatlon
am siB s aIn Northea tepra Untve ty witlh ArtIe r oeAA
as Chairman of the Reoare greup.
~P f~r ~ ~AWkmMMMMr aJ&

rrr,~~. I rol;;;i~tr~r ud r~lu~~ALI) r~lr~


tI S.avetiSPtor usAt the vrties Af~Hatua of
nresareholst.rievel qwUeatieoas ie, asu eXe, O Wepon-
aseo, eobaeratlon, oonea tltSions of oloel reports,
nevepaper ftile, apaeblishJot data, ant prItelely paubitshed
repor ts.
A pernsal of ti s*rJey resale the the outnds
ft aittfrent i tsttuef ion sa deqrgtiOe t*hat provid4
rOeerotion at anreenst tIn met0nrpoei.tai are.,
In a storey published by the R atitLo Rsreeo*tio
Assoelstion la 193$6 e t follvl ta onls4ioas vn sta ttsl
Batveon 1923 atA 1933, the rWa er of p1ai reea s tes lea er.,
plyr nates ~ landoor entor iSaeease**d etaeh an rapidly
t o tlet vwith rora eUo aqenohes. s tshe e early epression
7ars, 1930-1933, re ration boni ade b W far the besbt
sheovig Lton taia ilag appropria-tioesa fr leaAdership sadt
the mambesr of leaders, pla Nedn eat nrtert*, In 1935,
490 of the oi ty msleag o tr o es vt th ppefLttson over 30,000
bad year.nroad reCaro. tio pmr*rt sa ** o wired with 4t of
theo layorr40oanel, sad 7? of the seeosll on oveOeta Olties.

atI~B l eeo re euli Anaji, t, Resalenis.
Jesasry, 1939.

Uttenal tmerati.sU nmad a sty of reoreat o.
sert eeand fat t* ties In a relatively largely"pope6Uted
oe4ty I upstate evw York. The puirpe of the star was
partly to 4tiiover the *nasy re osut4ttude the iy lUlits
by roretsrtieo agea le. hey also made study of e*xitin
progress ton the sowty sheVtaig spe*n "hip, leaderhip, sBd
fStan6t they2. o fast tuht they rten w tion program aon
a heole was nay nparte bites of pref b l~lMag ibn provide
by many groups.
SlUns Mad Vitty (1921) steWet peritloAeit t
play by thea s. of the ehara Pfn y lt ftr the agoe f to
l9* years. Ty eat that the trafitin tra e age to age
vwe very aftedl TThere vae a st gl age at w hth the
rtvesrity of Laterests satAesty laser ow r decreased by
aprte. Rather, t hey f n tt tha the treas of play streets
ltht shapseterar a tivesn gmp by *ae ses to be the result
*f gratdmal oheawe ooourtag daring the growth period.

- 1 ft U
1tjoafl Rkrestier Afssetsaon, 4 Eraimt .
Ieteary, 1952.*
ltksabethi aS Zre, unfl castaa.
(n** TeXrt NoGraww.if llAe bSepesy, bg) p, aBg

L~teae (1927) satist the frfefe of the osoest
et pabeseee e8 to lplay it a greap or girls ranigtag t
oag ftea 8 to 1a y s. ee oO grgi rlsr w s keeset it Si

ht4 played Just for ten* with 4*ll, 4doll loth., DIll
earriLte, *to., eraltg the pwoe lna week Aftte the age
Of 9* ears, there ts n rp1d f0ti e Laft the penetsr
ot girls t sh age Igoup v] pllayS Atrh b41 Ll U et
s pt deslUre ~ u betwvOa the agsm of 1 a nd 1 y Leos,
but there w*s as osiagle age V vel at dha the Aeeltae tI
interest ltol 4seLs Oearet t all girls, Just as thee lt
as age level vwhn usb paery oeuns tot afl. Lbsans eot iOtdA
tha there vs a m oarfet rletaonehp between the oNse of
pubemses eat a Loetsn in Laterest ta tells.
PetrLCe (1938)S i a s 14 eof the play ativities
of Sev Zerk City boysl t e4 to I ? ywr fitO A dtitlla l
isejsa rrf taIeret n ls r g n asu ebtles sat La par.
~1iptIagnl ift sluewte satd steedy doreae La later t
in ooswly sorties, *taking aiLplaes, umrOiq in prades., eat
rnaBag Aeteatire store .

M pp. a 09.
1I* e PP. 290*293.


A stur r out.rt *ehl aeerrvities of w Terf
OQCy hig~h seool girls byr 0r an Rd o (19w32)16 sale4
~tht i, per *aet of ther eaget Is ae e, *xtr* w rleIar
aOttlvitIt s S8 per ont red books Oethe thua selko a tsige a
e**ats 39 per seat et to the thea er as aeoh &as er a
weok ra enRe.wutrtUl to oe*.M alf of the groba p had dates at
hom, wita l*tlres or sevwd
en.as na n eO l*(19,), n a m stdr et extra.
*delnew r aorS ities of the atoleseenste fotA that at
sat after 1U yeare of age leure aetit~lits tad to become
s oe Meteseesnsat.
Letis8aret sle earstranttoiaal as ivrtee of se v6ere
*tudied by Ieotrlwtie (19)9) to eternime whether as boys
e se m had engaged tIa eaeh k tt tvittie It wvs fteur
t'ht 94 per enat of tbhe me eN~ joe saih aetivtle Ist

'8 31w M1 M
18A. ll

JM at oskMidaA lit t thea ThlUavestigatowr,
in as effort to e**6re oeo li ot ea tho problem, ade a
etritoal review of iteratwer whieh gave may of l arit
feetors of hov yoUtth epen4 their, leaum aMetivitiee bI t
e joyed, and progrras *ieh see* t o be elofsly roUete
to th problem.
The results of the review of related liter tu
shoVn that any ettdias hfav bree eardPed ot relative to
this problems. All author that re takon lato eoeaoer
tion in this review, agreed to some extent that the
roreational interest of hoy andt girls are rnay and vSrieod
ant to meet their naoo nd sa atnerosts a variety ar
activities toe all ages is a ase**sary factor.
the revtiv of rolatut later au e late fr 192?7


CAPmu R Ix


MItb* AsltM Af stsia Z.a I to ryNotag to
Setesltie the availaable ree tion propres, for Nepees is
Tallalhsre flortda, the liveestigatoa r nea thwe norstiv
Owrvey setho4.
Data fo t his stty we gathered ftrom the o allow.

(1) Qe*stiamnatree, (2) iLterviewes (3) relaft*
littmr .a aq ,! e stadrQ (4) sheik iDt, mad (5) aden-
erary report fron the lR tional Reredsto Asseistion.
ITe eoalqvr e of< questiamnatree and itesrviewe
are sbartal iatoA by Leb smn a s ittyy to ate thea
(nsttifis t*re, aM latewievw are tte
to best methaodas **n or.ning int" ftioi en
yerenteon prolsrs. ativYitie, sad letiwer
time aorte ts.*
Ntationat eeeo tier o Assoona tie~ a ay tha ts
the questions .aee nrtmag pr tinnrt
iafeor ttaoi eO dttrt eiwsna, l eer ti e
soehedulse sat bIdgets Sheat be Imeve
by the ehe4ltst WheM is the buet method
o no int seeLurla this type of information.*

a-n... --, ill I _. -- ........
.. Lea. sad ?. A. Witty, a
PlA A lzyl t (Ner torW t T A. rs s97)

*mat*onal Reeve atle Asactso tiem, lam* a vs
la e yti(l9^) MUMeographed.




ioestianiLres wre gitove toe stl ors eN all
ASa siuatoel presidents of Olube, eror1ItOe, fr*
tUrttlena it phystoal edat~ion iastruoters of t le sihoo
of the *&ty by the writer, 7tle preosArwe eas ts*d n
that the tvestigar vill eoie 1l dir t oon teet waitth
iadivldtutls and stao t-he resot for sal te tim Iptanee of
the quo simsaiMe.
To arseera J the tmprtanoe e reoreaStioal
prorsa, the qastlonnielro Ilml eod qd tionst ont .ctivtl
tXie, avaT able te soititees, 'Op of pnegrane, an6 laaer
ef pa telpatae.
ron th*e Minstr frt, sa Imer of tables were
femal toe. Tkey shov the poeretar oft participant. in
active gpIens by ahere, uIber eof par ivpants in quiet
antd 1orv egansei gask* b7 arPae vafl else fetlties
Ran equipment oa Xeqs pUrsa ulAtSe eivitte offered oet
SON ol gro a&to, eStivite offered b4y rt rtt altires sa
sororittie, peroantge ot partetpeats i qsate gases by
etaub, total sreresti b ~ et for l95 -1952, and
stanar4lr for a poo elbre pro r a r ea "tion program,
sad stadar~L as for a reo plarppa.

tlCuk :

ansuss0 or amC mA!IJATION IX ACTIVE 0I 3
Ssl e

$* 0. **.CL 0 u I i 7 1
St. A a. a 1 a0 3 t 2

osto 0 St. 0 0 0 9
L. 1e ma. *2 0 1 2
th. Cfse t ph. tS6 o g
ai*m0n 00. 04 9 9
St. *JMeMe A.K.. 9 O 3 19 0
nllha4pli as 9 9 9 9
st. job"'t A. s. o4 7 9 4 3 4 199
St. 40esoa 99 0 10 12 3 25
atw ckuttl 7 2 I 3 13 93
Yl lfrm S B. 50 0 0 0 0 0

ats **e d tro quent nuatlrs.



As rev' led xin TABLE I, ptge 23, inore
pate in ctlve ... th-n toy3 more women p..rttcip..te th: .n

men, only 12 per' cent of the tot.1 meIDerahip of-tbe 21

churches covered In thli sj stuj*y tAk; rn active part In the

church ;rorr'm.

As Bhot~n in T SL.. II, pge 25, more boya prrticipeL-to

in qUitt .n low ort Izev ...l me th..n Airl-, saore women

particht te ti n men, Cnly 7 .per c nt of e hle tot.;1 memoTr

shtp of 21 churches covered In tn,.u atudcy t toe t -..Active

part tn u'et ..n l ow organized ,amts,

s i~ndic~ateoC n TiM 3L. II, page 26, the 5:vtilXule

f:cilitiete and eA. ulmeint on Lee playground. which boa an

rrea of 3.8 '.cre0 located on Kacomb and Fourth Avenue, are

Iim Itet

TA3BL IV, page 27, 3howa the rv:: I. ble e-Sulz:ment

and ftcitlitio on hcst Park playground, which ha; 4n arer.

of 0.9 acre; locc.ted on Dewey a d Virr;S-ia.

TAB3L V, ;I.ace 23, ahows th- v riou,, r:ctivitiFvs

thU:t ..r ci rried on during the sumater months on school


As revealed in TA.3L& VI, pzge "9, more 4ilrl:s -prtic!i

;arte t: wuet g .e, ti.n boys, smore women than ten, Of

the tot 1 club particltp,;tin" only 154 :.re active in the

proGr m:



**dtefa o n, lo 3 1 14 9
w ta--6--- or *4 3 3 t J4 87
RIt a. Fl. 1 1 1 I x 9
Steia Chapel 20 3 t Q X2
ite St. any 5 1 1 9 6
rlit. fi na. 181 2 0 1 a 4 1
aIse.se*e c. t. 164 a 1 2 O 5
St. J esu ct. 1 L 0 2 1
t. Jtts A..r 50 0 0 0 0 0
t, lli chael A. P. 14 X 1 1 1 4 29
lirS Pe^asat 75 2 0 2 0 4 %
$t I &to 14 2 ) X 1 Y oo
Aeppa dCt a O o a a
r a. o t oeI 1 A
iii~-i-. gi i r nA*&

*eData s*emred fr"o qaesftotnanI".



FoR RSmOmw-s

UlaatttA*a 4a



Ianla itas et

basketball ne1 t
teether sball ne t
liglteA eeteWtal f i*l
ealvlpant shelter wtth est
eblef te beard *euwt
**neelte teaAs ouarte
kesu ter ebolterw
IflMlebMll Pert
hrkw e.be pit






sfooter bea*s
ot of doslineo
pn pong ost sad table

afleaI bell

tmaila oart
tuefla.~ g le

tltaid kt

imp w
oet of horesos
~ip r ID(WIPI

*ete seeore4 free them wise's esetliat,

I-II~'L~~.P ~t~i- _.~-_I L-~---- -- I-~_jMIC-------~.-- -------.--1-~- -__ ----~Cl---- I---*I1~---~---~~-~-I~L(I~Y~~ I IEIY- ----~. I

ur~~ r

tALus XI


mSn tesasalt

1 settbanll fiel

Sbtsketball eaou
Svolloyball eaort
1 auowat *heit
I 1brsebelo pit

1 tllteballe
2 tofellls
1 verlqball R*t
t pingpc*g balls
Svlaget a

1 i~as ai t11I.
1 firt aMr ktt

I ainta "aeLr

1 set of ehoka r

k*fDta seeonrd from tb vritere shnoktiet.

rAaI 1 & aS ma

-^ '--~~I-.'--'-------;~~ .~~--" "' ~^----~." -' __L------~ -C --- ~-1-~---1--1 ~_ I-- ~---~I --~I- ---- -- I~-~---~Y -L L~ --~--~ -I.--- ~~-Y-i~-
`~.'-`-. ~~`~~.~--I-~ -~----~~~ .~ ~.I~. -~.-.-.-.--~ ..~..--.~. 1.-1----.- -~--~-~I--~.- ..~ -~-`-..~~-~..--

Ill~t~~~_& ~JC~~..,......._~ _., ~,_,_.~-.- .~~..- -..~----.I-.~I-- ~.~-I- ---c~ _~~~~ 'Ilt 11'9 ~C-l~.., ---c---------.



.. . .. . 11.* _": .*- ': 2. J -- .... . .. .. .. -,:: ,' ,-- ... 1 ....... ... .. 1 ;_ -* 11'1111-11--_" "-- ? i;_-:i ; i--;1-"- _--& ;..=

-A --A mA a a





AA,& w4 aam

Sqre Atn dtgir
Story teilng
Special events
aLrerafts l
foltk aanela
aSinaging gense

4wiet Iram
Reaela p
lger pablttai
Letter *akltng
Poster acting
Crdbtar6 eaonsttinrUson
Dresetie S
e.k, Correction,
Coslt r~radnng
Drivers *Augostion



i i

tqufare As6eix
ruil a .ia
First iat
Sooster racing
Antnur -hor
Set tbll
Tell eybal
Pa% o toenLIs
Mardi Gra **&k
fEppetatoll parade
Stats t* umbltwg
Treke-fie14 events
Olymptos Week

*tea oeeur4 from quoestionalres.

A~EE~.Tir~Jt~ _....,._LI_--C._- ----- -- -~ I ~-.~- -f n~r 1 ~ YPV -L A L-.AR---

--- -------------- ----------- ----.---U..--e ~~.1 -~~C-~l~--.-~ ...-~~~II~ I~-~~~~-.-~-C.I..~I~- -_---~_ -_-----__--~~ ii -C~LY~~~Y ~~. -~IIIIW_
I- ~II -.1.-1.~ ~ ..~1~...~~~'~-~ _____~~~_ __~__~__~__ ~_~, ~___.,__ ,_-..,.,..._-- ..,,.., ~,- ., Y~-.~ --I~~ ~-.11- .

isaTAs 0s or015 r pAlyhPATIoS ZN I tV UAess i aVis

Stllfwor A lssu 9 9 5 0 a S
Ladies Utie Wlork
eSe 2 70 0 0 0 7 o0
setfll a Cla 30 $7 5
.tatt-leae Clb 0 3 100
Ok a 1 : W.... ..... "- -t.. .

*Reta eeoure frtw qmentotansitr1e.


IALE VIX, Pasg *1, shows the total *xpendaltu s
tef pOublioe rnweorae n i Tlahaee, lerida, 1951.
TAILK tVIX page 3t, reveals the total expendituwes
for pablie rere tiesjL itr fllmahaeae, norida, 1952.
tLUe ZX, page 33, shows the Sutdards as set up
Ib the Rattoasa Roreaftion Assooeltioe for a good
reeves tien karah progpm.
TAJE X, pal 3 r, neeai s the Stjdares fto play.
gromuntd as st up by the national Reopeatte Aoeoelatles
as oenure4 with TXalabassee.
TAIS XI, peo )$35. ashvs t aulndareA ftr a goot
rreeosontie pg.orMsa set up by the latsi lteeS R rettUon
Aeseeoatioa as ooqparae with tllahasseH .




khbta LAmsaeMt

kalalries at Vages
LihUrL and rw e
TeoTpo no *and T 2*Xgrph
Travelitr Expeasos

@Otttiee a spplie p
leRt t f Artery
Rleer. tieo committee WpeSe
Zprosvent t te Plagunae
Juater lf
"qmewmw -W ipa btlhse~a1J
jraallr ryi

40, .0


*Data frou Bnrantte3eo p srtaeat.

~P~ ~E_~ _.I.,._ ,.,-....~~:.^....-1.-.-I-I..L~ .ill .I --1~ C- -~~ILL~.I-IL-Y)---_L_L. -i~Yl ~~ ~~L ~ II --~I~- -r------L1 -i--


AM. fl IU


" -Il.. ---a a.- .. .. ... .. .. .. -- -- -- --'I -- ii ...... -- Il ill . . ..... ... .. ... .

Selartes sat Vages
LAMt a d **as
YelpeA aaat Toleg ph
TrTvel Expase
aep. Aflrw
Aate Allevinlao
qtipment aM t Sppftle
Offi. supplies
Reat o Atory
elo*Stien Gealttee KxpeoaAiLtarp
xpseveii t o to w ruJl eNs
*road Ttsal


*Dta t r r the Rer-tto Departlent.

----; -I~ 1C*I~9~r~l




I Fl ,- i m w-r qr r WfVl T' A

ab*taaat *aa as 5

Chamnnhnm It n Talibaamaft

1. A oh ar program mast be
al t on the best i teroest
o* the people, w ether soial,
reetiTve, metal, or th
*eire to be of eertvie to
their tellof sea.
t. It nmt meet he n*ee4 of
various ag*e ro ps ws
Sunday Btetol to the amre
advanood ages.
3. It suet vary, itlUsting both
a9tiVe and pasovei fernI of

4. It munt be rih with
activities that you set
and Oyeno n s an *a jo
toe thbero

1,. The sharsh progrbU to
not tbult on the btile
interest of the inl-

2. the o~l~rh promgrs does
not mest th neets of
various age groups.

3. The ohmach proegi~ 4aoe
not very with asetle an
arssive forsm of reeresa

4. The oharh roreeotion
prgn ito not orgeaLsod
to brea together young
men and young waoon.

*StndardS ftr the Isttioal e+ereat le Asoeetatin.



Wa*4kaaat filaa2Aaas

Watt a ai ais St afaiaa iA a

"Itl7 r itv (r Iif~r I eIrk. m

1. Tro rwah a psl A ,
ru peron AoL bver
to walk ere tha f
quarter ile la densely
butlttsp neaghorbeoAes.
2. rSac~k ty acds ee sore of
pla.ygrovrat for eO 800 o
the presr t and futuar popu-
la tIes.
3. The playfrouna hoeoul provide
i eorar for pr -setel


5, Oyea spwee* fonr iarml

4. A srvurtees re fp o urt
tosa, T es toenae, binse
Well uole teaits, oflflte

8. Area for sary tlltaig,
ratfe, Arusatitos, q st*
games eat abelter house.

1. other is not a play.
read within very
mile of eakh home.

2 rJPU-a- a feor
2. pla r a or $060
ios eof 8,805
are vo7y asoh ered4
for this are.
). Plasnuat spase ti
vey limited.

#. Mltet standasrparttelly.

,. Me*ets tandard partially,

6. SPtrfa area available
Ma pltyarounA (I).

7, Partially *eet require

8* Avallable *psee for story
tellian, erafts, and qulet
gee,. Ne salaig pool fOr
preo-sool eh~ldren.

* BSt ndrds ftr" the aio lonl Reoratons Assoetation.



S......- ar e .p-as
.. .. ., ,, .. ,,,, .. ..% ,,, .. .. .m .;_nO. n _

M i lq' !1ul ql

1, Thes progres shbold tffor
equal opportunity in the
way t of 0*ltlteO a 9t
aetititto to afll part of
ae oity k olst 4 b. t
whoald be Regloet4).
2. Aetiitite *soe ult e w eli i
tribteta throughout Sr eatlir
-yar (pr e amhoula aso b
rerU-Lt to u-ISr seath
or wiger eaietoas).
. The progress shoeald e**e a
s.e "ps iolutdLBag the old

4. Ie

proarln shaal providA
var o lvels of sUlls
ab aUtfe

S. Afterd epportualttl e fto 0
eporation to tU plantial **at
oandaettsa eft ora vit es
6. Oet pa rtieipeatn a onseH to
the psannlag and eoleio t of
/ ativitiLes

. Affort reoreation vorkers a
rtfinla opportunity to umil
eaO year or season speelttt
suwjostions regarding tie
prog ra.

I. Neriattes antd aetiwitte
are not br41l fe or ewm
is Tallahasse, Pr ria.

4, Aotiuvitte a partially
S distrtibe"t throui out
sth year.

. bee anot o**t the Reeb
of all ypoag people nor
*14 folks.
4. Dfb sot asnsider skill
t a tbilIts altogether,
but toe l to A extent.
$. n sPtLotito i vr0Tr
10iteOd on eoa plUnreo*r .

6. ParttetpaAs do not plan
heir aoetivities but
oenduot low orsatsed

7. Suggestions are Tery
pro trgT.
p o",

---..--Y II --L^*I Y ._ Rtasflfls YYI-- L_---- -L----- i _C-i4ll tnt.. the1 Sat-al Ree att Asolatton.-_-~ ~-ll


RearstItonal AoetItfvIL Oftterd IqWaro
Ornelisatussl a f ftllhasseoe,

XtaelttLd thn tre gre organlsttola ofs tMhe lty are
the by ftsoute, i r e Sooente, Aaertens Lbiog Clvio Leagoe,
A thae enoLtes Ltags. seL et tihee rgaiansatitois has
Sa or*aniseL pr r itt vate youth may b boeflit te as
Vll *s Salts, ft vsaIln, plonoife, atd ramplnag are very
popular anoag bAy Ooests u t IrAl Seouts. er aree ether
aetivtles vhsleh are oarrie6 oa, blt met as extensive as
the aboveooTasetiofd astivties.
lagro orguiusation ar gradfaslly ba~sig awar
of the oft that noreation is a Vwital ftetr t~ the total
denlopment of youth. Jgoe athletes have won aoclait In
MaW flel4*, bat their atinvidual **ssO lha.s only s*erve
o highlight the problems t play, roereaUoon, a leseur
tar W"ege youth, t problem is ast alone one oat rres-
tional tfaetl aJs ahb as playgre adss, parks, rere*tional
entered, aooSal ttlemetaU, % theaters ad oma.eroial aeuse-
neat parks, bat it Io sia L problem of pObllO attLtuAe.
VtiliStion ot letisur has ben as o egleoetd saluo
RWpOarsl iB lla tassel*, Poria tiht thSir play litf has
largely been soastin4 to twe fores (1) neeatrollet ant

unrgasln d ra aoe activity e the part of ellM4e*, ant
passive timevsaltiag em the prrt of the LaAivisal, ada
(2) oomaeroial reoreatlontial ativtitsi.s a hep aglbsti
tate for the tsLt of sootaUld A sed fiUtott is to lgro
eemuarrty. Ths swmiuing pool, the *joenmt, sith as
sloetrio talktr g asainae playing the latest rer eor g or
poplaUr song an asnee masto, the bsee patter, the movies
all of thse point to tkh isao of oargaisetd4 rreatloe
aI the Nfegro soBamity.


Reoroational Aotivitles Offerod by Negr
Fraternal aPaations ln
altlaha 19ee

Prateral organizations of Tallahassee are not
sftiloleatly oneerned with the total development of their
youth, hence assay of these organsations do not offer any
reoreational outlet for youth.
Most of our fraternities have been giving to charity
lhioh was thelr for of contribution. It wVs an eseollest
otep to take, but our recreational problems amet be considered
lS ,o. At this poutit it vie to aske nation of the
excellent rorenOsional program m U that i betg sponsored by
Delta Eappa 0aSga Chapter of Alpha iappa Alpha Sorority
which ha a total maberashp of thirty. There are ts n
adults taking a active part Ia this program.
Terp are one hbadred te-awagers cneoated with this
program" being equally divided a;ang boys and girls. These
boys and girls have the opportunity of stating the activiteeo
which they would like to take part In and the things they
weolt like to do. To thi vreter, this aeeas to oftrer an
excellent opportunity in hbeping youth to plan and wvor
together. The age level I this program ranges from 1) to
20 ineolslve.


Delta Kappa Onmga Chapter of Alpha Eappa Alpha

Sorority haa endeavored to determine the need for rearea-

tion for youth in tallabasser Florida ad has ueceessfully

planned a variety of activities vhbh will meet tone of the

baste needs of youth.
Ineludod an their program are the following aotvit-

Uiees (1) welner roasts, (2) health lecture, (3) movies,
(4) folk dancing, (5) square dancing, (6) parties. (7)

quiet gases, (8) open house, (9) pionis and sany others
tt are not listed here.

Anyone uho Is qualified nl the area of Wealth sad

Physical Education ay volunteer their services to this

program, as this steas to be a vital key to sueooes.

_ __


&L9 al

A Deolara tion tof R.eoe.tt

Wh in the *oours. of husn events it beoomas
Sat00eear for a p leop to Aliesolve the beads of ignoranoe,
tttidity, or topAl*toato vjisob eshaokl the3 to drab or
blriQag a svpWrfieal or atltitfylag exietoeoe, ant to
aseume among the *oPeaturoes of the eartP the a tdn nturn antd
satieffitg statto of, *say a handorafter, a desent respelt
for the opini.a of sankiat requires that woe shoel t i" f
t housetops ant write it in letters, iso rl that he vi e
rus say road, that we the pele AM 3OT BUT 0 A FRIZGT
We bel these tt to st t, b*ltee- de. hat all
era are klillaabunry, tJuhat t are e dovwe by their
Creartr with ertals potonttal skills that moag these
arnetal skllr, sat maots al *mkill, leading to Uf e, LXberty,
and the parisit of a Mftby.
tkst to seore these skills* oasmes are ineti-.
atotd among the bewltere, aertving their Inspiration
freo thr at of the goverte, U kt wheInever any recreational
system beooe so shallow that it eals only in parehased
easement, is i t he rikt of the enlightned person to
abolish it.
We, therefore, ther Iengetttertnt people, bo
solemnly publish ad ft. telere that our reorstios sall usually
Aid in the proetAston of thef vtlue of life
Shall inorseo individual r esou*s for the enjoyment of
l~taroe, by opreatia tor individuals penraaeat and broeentag
oelp sen and vome to isaover ad e p thr ln dasop th r te
Lk divtdulaSe lrwith gret heats iterests ana traditional
provide socltl ontaots oan a high level;
Provle so opportunity to bweoe k* llftl ia the *ee of
tools tof e sortr;
Offtr Osbnoee to enjoy kinmhi vith materialel
Girve rhytktmie eana opaiint JPl
Av0i great opportunity ftr Oheie
a8o* regnlen,tlaons


Aat for thUe rapport of thistle Pelatrnt vLwth a
tiM retlanee on the proteotiton of Tnetwro of leoiAo
and AAdeTive pe, we m tually pledge to eekh othef, oer
tools, our blut-printe, and our seoroed sau-pper.*

I 8nn Rohfbol. O] lgf I&eltu ma lai.t UX |ft)1
U (DelvsIF Ohol swapttii we Rntu yr
IWT;P li. X8*


1I Ther" iS 4 hcek of orr, n'zed rcr-rstton :roer ai
for Wegres s ta T'alih;aae, .1or ia,

20 There t1 a l1ok of "nter at In the otiatitle.i thAt

are ,etinr offered by the ohurchtn of the city,

3. C0ommurty Mtagi .ana ohoruser :.re the most popul r
actlvttits tl-t tre ecr. led on In churches.

4S Amrican LeLion off ra~ aoftb~ 11 as .thel:r a Jor

5. Toy tCouts offer cwspin d e picnicng
6.S Cltr )coutas otffr oftball tn tCt;.in

7 ttlwtnesaa Leoa gue n:1 Civlc Lebrue do not off:r ny
reorerti cnrl Gretivlttia for ycuth.

8. There ta only one 4 0oo ity entafed an or Igen-toed
rcreoattsin 'O;. r^ .m.

9 'b!er I$ no permarnenrt equipment for ~esroe oni

oEdsa' Pl ,grm nd

1./ Tter 1: a horthr" of trainedt :rcrtno.rzl in rrer:a-
titn for Negroon.

fl* i'here is no vtevr nor toilet fPc.litiea on 'et rar~

Pl' grod A for a eg o0P

12, 1th hourly a.l., rl.rs f!or Negros.. r-n e-. fror oi0 to

70 centa pec hour,

1)3 The *Lty roorCtetia d&partmat eha ai tret ooatrl
over one plagron4t for Ngoeoos L TalUabsJrs., FU rida
X4I. TI pfla rnde spres tr *t o playsyunt Is vnry
Itjstet toer th. daily tI antw e.
13. Tierwe are for iumlarees thtet have a orgawlslAf
reireati u progL toIn Tallahasees.
U. itaseto ,s seobI ended ola the p lygrounss.



The grown~ approotation of rnreo-tion r.nd its im-
portD.nee, its contribution to the well-beinc of the Individual

,-nd the comnity, and it recognition as : n eeenti-.-
service for ,11 is of vit-l isportc:nose. The activities in
the area of reorsertion hb e meet the desires of the comtmunty

to a limited extent ther%,foro, all individuals cannot

totally appreciate wht it betin olerea. To the young

children it ts fun; to edulta, it i ple sure; to society,
it is enjoyment, All of the: ee are evidence for more equips

meat, better facilities, tad more trained per.son.-el.
Equality of recre.;t13tnal opportunities in the way of

factlitieoas n aotivitie should receive a ch attention in the

area of variety, quantity, and quality,
The many boys nnd girl who h. e the privilose of

particip- ting in. pl ygaround activities s.oes not mean that

they ,de utely preclate whvt is beicn offered.
Tho problem is not one of recrettional facilltilen alone
such :,: pJt1Iysround., p..rks, recreational cnters, social settle-

meatn, thcatcr-, n4d co~serci,.l amuse-en t purks, but it i;
alSo a problemm of public attitude-;a theroeore-;, thi-: study

is left open for further rflearch in the are'. of public

attitudes toward reersa.tion.


snwArX, CooLoaaiosa, lAS rifDi I

Attor nkL. oritia*l revTi, nasy saothIro ogro
tt rcor* national itaolerte of yeots a* e m$ay daS varia.
Idy agre a t the1 exeth t the- best y tf dfet sla
haow o4 a rr-estwoa program i, is to do etmla the
limber of partloipaste La a g1tTnr aettvIty. Rasy asthrve
agreo that play it **loS 1t-.tLr A tek win L thikh the hit
ts asooerslag to hIs mm tLaterot.
ReoCrnu-er a th fi4 ofl l r~srtioes ho* a ti
th point that a ivrotifltod pre)r iLs me rede d it
easy ar*s ot f the m y. aT further ta*"te tt,
oa nust et8 tenet that haroteos "at ftnw' ttlsy play
0 vital ole ist the rer&ational pfirogm for yeat.
kaml e starberr toagre4t to the poist that pAartiLoSpatto iLa
as .ativity ti me the ftana nt terrtr, bkt loatrohtp is
teI dteritatlBt fltnIr.

l9umary of 4stestnaastires, IB terutew, aaL Okseatlst

?s the flxaiagl thnug T trebe, olbe.,
*oratMastioSe aMtn -t1elo i te sil ty f t lltasso, feori4e
Sw writer states th flevlota
1. flahbasee 1grg e, are grautlly boseelta
awR& e of the tpertamoee f wr rs oti, bat an
skint sAlttle o*f ta rbst I ailable.
2. the aterest of eroh peope te rd rreA-
Stea has to be uoaeadoRd t he extent that
everyone vwil be vr111a to s1hae to wvat ti
ibei etoffere4.
). TallhU see. vt th 8,It 05 igelpes eai*asot
aem atoelyr revive withe the i atttd foeliti'es
atd penesnel.
4. tillassee prOae have to be orgastns*
o meet the eos ef e o -esmality*

Ooeaet lea

Pres the ttdiu l ig tis f ,, the writer enoeluto
Slat (1) there MlA rbe as rganiso rer nteateon pverons It
aue Careh or *h eIty; (2) .eah olirtnisatoea sh.lsd ttffer


a variety of actiuvtiee tn esaeh *o tie of s otty so
that all ehlldrrre w l have a obhse to participate (3)
tW bave a goA progros ant oeoperatlea, leadership Mat
Ib roesgase4 (4) ltaoilttrias nt equip t mNst be
avanible La order to attract youth to pwrteitpate.

laeammAat ties

ta Sr light eOf flAisge, the wr fr efferthe
te l o 3at, aem attuless 0 tkmn llOa a ',Y4 P ooa
1. Stat Atnate play rnas pftsp be se ret and
equipped vithl taolittes adtette to an*t t needs
of lgqrIes is tallahassee, fratr.
2. that tra ade personnel be hired to gutt e4 the
nijitUie. Ifet R e outhb.
3. Samt stumtag pool, ooanvataetly leesteA,
b eoastmcetl oa r lNegae.
thaat a eMatAy ** ter or Park for ftegr s be
t up .tlly equipped 4a MsaintairSd by tbh oety.
$. Tha t showers be tasrtaled t eaSh pulygreup s
with hot act **o a sd r talt ttiUes.
6. that elvis and fiateroal organizations, shwrsoe
OseNols, Nlgro tbeatness i s prefeslonal l aers and
lay groups take an ti mote part iS reevsation for
Ifegres lt tallsahasee to 1he at that we ana
bettor playronads tfr Iegro s nay be obtatan4i

t. 7bere chala be at pGr~era lasted Is .a1h
se*tiso of th ett *o theat all children vill hiav
SehaJeu to partloipate tis aonivtlues an e*aOy th
preseaM of othre.
8. In planning, adequate eon# itdran eould be
given tro eash *f the age group to be served by
the area.
9. Provide foiUtlttee that will Sappal te e
peplc vt th widely Aiffrtet isntwc sts eat sbk
pessltbl a A2lrenilft pregrea .
10. Assure safret by ureft sol etes saon p aeeat
tr sritable apparats, boerde ta islterier ftea ,
leastion of eonactr e, a drrs agomdt of fetura es
e0 the ate.
2. Stat a slatitg risk tad a g olf Ourse bo
provided ftor Sepgee ti sklahssee.
S2. Rst budgetary allevanoes for Negreoo be the
Me as that allovoe for other.
)3. Wiat ade6quato recreational btuildigag be o
strue j e oiln oa plagrOua~a
14. that a dertaite rer~rtion programs be organisel
torw sor/e viath slitable rite, abequate play spao#,
aM foslitieos, organised leadTrehip sad ba dget to
sect *th sodso.

15. eal plalle td uowI be 1omnated tQ rn th
uns etf population is nseeatrnted hi a pertlulter

3*. Peta fte rreeestional prgra s is tohirhes
tad selbas should ooe fr a the oity, aluab, sad
are seona e a equal ibests, tan fdat ftr e1ty
rere. titonal progress ~as heiA ane from the r elar
tanetal budget of the eity.
17. That adequate provilltes be ade to take are
of the Rnuber of people partlelpeting in playgrTp a
asetiftl e.

owAI~a V

naore*toa inmets ont be njgleeted feo ow
ahkllrtea. thhe r, 6tk WOrt, thedlob, thl
r &niasatUoa, Sat the seAkrity mast nosfGe6r tn is&0
pertaoe t ef os tien.
Te writer, is the lght of iafat~e stioa i4
tns th ~~Sy of the pn ble preset the ftlloag
pronrgns, faich aneuD bae of. SO hlp is th. anr of we**
rMtaone, th writer vAll prpesat a prog~r rr..
UtIa whikh will b) flexible Iouh a tlMt a11 raeser
wvil gt ea tn ers tastlug of the program. Bhfer as
lAteligently p~annet prnoraF *ea be set up, we mot
kew the tverttl of aetivftnU wl i eL aw seittblue
tild~re of different *ages, h iadviaafsi oheuld be
*noersaet with the pbjieall *Ust, t adg eastioUal
growth of the ywg gS p.
Rlor*eUtes takes a tihbastt flm*e. It liraitoe
a hea~Bj kinds of sports, oe *P Ot 4fftftrelt arts aA
ewrftto iastei l expresaion of a ses klat1a, and a greit
dt*as ore.

le rfftl a r. stita prw n bI.e~ oe Mf.t Il
nner~at Amkeeiiea S"tiaraf t m WnemS fr I

1. b tn* afl eit4 bhew 1 partleipat. is
raveePrteoa4 ati tcinse.
2. tl prvIUe eppeortWatti fnr soetal el*v4p*
at wtr .sa. rin iateUoe .h.r tnA et aLxa tsarinr
to talk eastily, tseewse manfully, at to si.bt
wvit etr Otlltes eat Saet,
) take part Is wBltVame%, wigense, haTppy
play, maktlnag few 4wbinbte pbretni gnIv*l eat

i. b teve+rop malit .. af euepsrt en, tai~tStive,
ftai play, at **s*ies is SlhnnttA wlit playtarig

Platenr tO be eneteniet ir s ptaudag Se. pigres

a. Ag. A. 1 satLew
b. Sia* e. Otmasti aut tiee

e. AVt1eble faettia f. 1.adwOhlp


Xt I. esteelt that a egClr be lppotSea s
iptrylser etf t,11 lq pl3le o s Isn t elity aA that
tite ,en SAlln be npeotiMbe to- .l4etm iet hiring
ts t.r tow the eewento pvrarn"ss. s asi-
atu, ino *n s e, he pwrna 1sd list the al n oet
Olrt t t ad teI tl e~llotes vwit at le t ea ye r ot
p)extil eX permesa either as p1ystel dlaostoi tiLnOe.o
tor or playg M iPeetems.
s r-ersotn tluprler s l hitAs staff et playgftnr
tlnflwe shevit seve as to tmerin esMise* tM e-
*rttRMte p1*s with the etty Atriewifr, I Wgyels pith sat
adulet o1 the otiy. PlUss aete be made is the iaght of
lSo meets, as lterntre, sue Me alit y et the otty ena
eaity s td ptrhIaU thsne si n*toE S. atbttgf b asf tly
ausl i ptri.1 It S. futreast se ,i o tsst i fae lerlp

tow S. Rereloa ts eows be i o*n f f3lo000 $maAlly
at that a bos ~awty f ow m psrhtl Atiwtr t* X$.0nwo0

it *sOre l with t flaer tior*y el *art partiwtalr pesOt

%maueaias here.tin. Aset o tin X .
It----- ~r~-~"~- -- ~"~------ r^

an th optiaea n f thv witer, it is ugent tht~ the
West Park POXlyroUa, eaSted at Virginia s nt Devey strtos
be rvead near the Xerthvest Ieenatary Sohool. This
suggestion is beaset pA th fat that the property onf whit
this park is preosntly looated0 i privately oved, is ti e
uclss to tJh ror ida tate Ulaverity property, has no
pVraenot txtures looUat upon it, and it 1 anot large enough
to justify speianag any W onoy for poerUment oqtipnlt.
The est for the renral of this pUla roet will be
appreoxt1 tely $2,500 inetalud the purehlsain of the lam
ain etquipsEt. Te shtiArn ra rom Vest Park P ygraYtur ea
very vell attest Lee PUgrPouad ~ih is 1 fted on MoOoab
san Seath AveTne.
It i also a very great possibility that a proposeA
swiAniag pool for oegreeo will be looat~od in the area nor
th.e orthwlt Oehool, whioh goes to ake the loestont of a
playraund in thia area altl the nore teelable. T", te
egro population is dtveloping rapidly in tohi area.
A oeamsity onter for Nroes ef Tollahasseo its oh
nes*Ae. The tallahasase Civic Leoge is presently negotiating
for a site oea*ted aheot three* ailos southwest of norida A.
ant X. College for eh a eMnter. he land res tfer eaoh a
site should be not lo** than fifteen sores and shoelt ilta tde
* baseball field at softball field, tw basketball oourts,
one voIleyball ouart, a picnic area, a oovtretd pati o, asl

ialnorator for disposal of wvate, a snaok bar, an office,
a reading roon, servioe tand toeage rooms, and lounge. This
will eest approx lately 10,000.00 with equipment, tfaolities,
and paesaent fixtures, Tb haTe a ooamnity center with
available equipment and facilities will help to solve the
ansa probleor of youth of the oity.

There Is a definite lac of interest in recreation on
the part of oivto and fraternal organizations, ohurohes anm
laymen of TallaMssee. The writer feels that until these
groups become lntereste4 in and mako their interest know
to the oity officials, there will alway be a lack of ferilie
tieo, equipment, an fd ds ftor reoreation for Xegroes in
Organized activities are very muoh in absence among -all
of the Negro playgrounds. This may be attributed In part to
the Slak of trained personnel and the eager pay which these
workers resoeve.
Xo pains should be spared in providing safety apparst
on all playgrounds. These should be located In onspaieous
places andd should include fences borderIng all streets
beading the playground, red sign td danger areas sauh
as the vswiming pool, padding utility poste inside the play
area and providing good, strong bleasher seats. These
bleaohor seats will aOat approximately $900.00.

The writer feels that the city should array liability
insurance coverage on *al playgrounds to gcard against
possible liability resulting frea injury to an indivldnal
whil on the playground and actively taking part Ian th
It was brought out by thia stdy that facilities tor
a Nragr population of 8,805, vwhih io tentative, Tbeeuse
the census reports were not complete at the tie of this
inTvetigation, are inadequte to meet er t seds of the
eomutnity. aU eise of play rounaL that are neaessary varies
rith neighborhood population. NTo Yield a zi Ltal return,
areas and faeilitiesa st be properly l atead, adequate in
sise, have capable loaders and related to Oth e ty* Waster
plan. It is suggested that forty to serenty-fivoe squtr
feet should be provided for eash child, from the age of
aise and up. children up to eight years of age who are
to be eared for on the play arpe should have 5,000 square
feet or more. Out of the city*' reoreation funds should
soe fifty dllars per year to over injuries. These
funds should sore reo a tfoir ef liability asuranse carried
by the city em each playgraoud.
The fuadt for reereatton facilities should come from
the eity budget. Appreziately 3j00.00 per year sheoul be
alloe~te for rereationtal facilities for Negroes, that is,
the upkeep of the playgruna, ooerts, a ad beautification.


It is euagesaht that shovere be tietllea ; *aoh
playground for w egro, so that the idviLduals aon take
a shower on the play ehnda rlthr thn havwtng to walk
hoMe before one oan bathe. The tastallosat of this equip-
seat will eoie from th eity governments funde. Th e et
of hese ns tatllstias will run from $300.00 to $500.00.
It is proposed that a plargrund be open for Negroe
is Xast Tallabassue to serve tihe any untrortnate ohldreat
in that erw. It shaoul be heated oan the land plot which
is three books east on the Perry lighny. his last sit
to owned by the eity, and ao fnds are noesosary fte the
puaroasting of the property, bat equipmaat, peronnel and
permanent fixtwuos nrt be considered. The approximate
eost for the necessary itea will range frona o.0o to
$700.00. Funts from the aity budgt are available to
more recreational aras.
Xt ito neoesary to have adequate t~aellitie o* play*
groudst, in order to attr at ilividuals to *the. A good
plains should have a basketball oourt, a toniS eeaot,
a volleyball OOurt a horseaoe pit, a softball field, and
a shuffleboard oeurt. Money fot thaes faoslities hold
be made available threag the ONIre ties progra'sa depart-.
eant, Qnesideration should be given these aneseites vthen
the otty administration plan fr gaIs atnd sports. three
hatred dollars per year should be allooated for *quipmest
*whoh will be used.


Negroes in Tallahasaee should hve a skati ne rink and
a solf course, To have thee, the vried interests of indla
viduals will be met. As the budget grove ~ ad the needs
are recognized, the things desired will come. The approximate
coat will range from $1,000.00 to $2,000,00, The money
should oOme from the eity budget,
Tallahaasee has sn area of 124 aerea at present with
all Regro plsygroauds tdten into consideration. Bonds pl.iy-
ground has an area of five area and a tot 1 of one hundred
and tAn particlpnnts daily. There are 550 people served
on this p1i yrowud per week,
Lee Playeround wbich has Ea are( of 3,2 sora b ha a
daily attendance of mon hundred and twenty-tive people.
Sweat Park Plyground h.s an are. of 0.9 Ocres, .nd
a daily attndance of sixty-five people. There are 325
people served in thls area,
college Park has ,a n area aof to aores whtch is located
on Canal and Boulevard. This playground does not htve
trained leadership to offer their serves to iadl.viurla
daily therefore, an adequate aecoumt cannot be given as to
the number of p, rtictp nts who are served by the playground.
This play are Ma designed mostly for football, bc:ebtball,
aad aoftb~ 11, t is owned by the city sad tate, 1d the
city ftrnishea soae equipment| but if this land could be
purchased by the city, more permanent rixturt:a would be
installed for the many unfortunate children there,

toe tnotl aber of popl aeuv. on1 all pla1rtounaa
per vwek I 1,623. With the lXitedi fatolities sat posonnel
tallsahas 4 M ant adeqOtatly 4 *re all Of its people.


It has been the pUtrpo-e of this proposed prosroa

to ahow the noede of the o'iotnly and the need for trained
personnel. The nappropritton of funad for Saoegro reerortion
In Tila cfsa^ e should be on equal baala with th*t of :ly
other rocrection protG.r ar
Trtinead ersannel ia o an eaasantl.sl oontritution to society
ard the i~lviiu ., ;Ithout the help of theus inivri u 1a,
a rercr. tion prort a oanoot adequately saarvo the omunitj.
Trained personnel should receive a.lar&tie Ooa=enam;urate i&th
their tap;OrtEance
Asquate S apte for pl-7yroWuIa8l es-ent1 for the
suoceas of a welrara ended reoreitlon progr m.
One of the am-ay ounes for Juvenile deltnouenoy is
inr-dequrAte rocro tion f"oiltltion -:nd lck of proper guta roe
for youth dur'tn- their leloure pcto:te,
cI oaiaiLty Cont- for Neetro youth 8 n very alI
asrvc -:s oaa method of ourb!tn Juvenlio dliUn.uency.
Civic and fratdrn orgfoni'LttonS churches, and iy
maetbwrz o'an be a smain factor in OcrektinL ainterest for Incr 3ae0
neabere of recr-:tionrl. pVygrouns r f -cilitiEas

Liability tam e octd be a respasibiitty left a
tirtly to ther City Ct Talahus-. ant at tlhe Utviaial
Xt hMa beem aeC thi staey that tbrtis-ta
tpll itie ascrelag to t*he pwer t 3. popslatioan (aw),
We sm4^iafe la asre to atttmt aativdlSi to the
iappem~as* swiM wri*ty eC activities eat equitme
__watt bpe tlbx,
SIwefore, it it the olrstleU t the wte that
the City of ri lahlases abolp 0 all.st -ee e amr pg] t t
asr tstae stayrbra, boter tsilitie 0a4 .rme tnladM
r~Peomal, t eWder to m a hla pila rlou at wwteetoat
ftheitite seeea eaay to amnre

113&S M~iMIi8t~



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Oandlyun oteth btAtBs ton, I a ea TTti
fo Ryeol Pless, 1946. 10 pp.
national Renr etns Aseenesa A 3MumEX of Xuat-Apale alt
Geanty Iawks i As
Matisoal PeonroBoa Aenotla tiae, 4S AEft AJWL

National Reoreoati Asseia tei, ~ as. Jutary, 1938.
M ttional Reoreation Asso latien, ae.ation. Janusry, 1952.
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Tlme U. Renrntta by asi Orty .AUre* itcl iX.
Reo.menaatoel san Pisndig,* ylra- IV, id9to1940.




I. Do yP W rrav staanrd arirttra for ia good roeeroat
2, Po you bae train4 pnrsanel oa Vqo playgnraetast

b e youS htb any7 Ioe yeatr-Sroea rerf tion vrkers
5. WVt vwa tshe tota rlortroatn stud L fir J952t
6. I00t are the total roereaton budget for 19511
t. Rev auIa rhe.vs do play leaders wok pnr wkt
8 P. r a ve Mvolratewtor rriTe on the playgreapuy
9. e you hbave playgrounS d oopetiton.
10. po yom av. any otbe *seatrLbtiLons to iPWIatieo other
than taxzetl
1U. Sev mana elroA eurrkVW r are Aired ftr e play ran
te. Rw 1a IOas fly ito pprprla~te yearly tf o pr~ ipatt
13. What awr tih expenattuios for pubLi teeartienOt
10. a n ae e qua liteattenluo *o1 al rsrearte n vorkerst


A Survey fort for Organised ereatton Progrms for legroes
in Fraternities n d ororitles

1. what is the salu of yeor fraternity or sorori ityt

2. What is thoe Wtfl Smebi hip t
PO ywo have at organselr reere tion progna t
4. Plea she*ekL (A) all th *activities at IoledA pyor
progrPa. Chbk (AA) before tho beest enjoyed.

....... vltleytbe Ull
a nnso- m ti stunats
...strel s shove

..... ,oMrt *ringane u

...,,, aa....... s
,~eatie games
,Mating, iaa


n-.0 hinges ohockers

..,.. 7 er la 7s
^$Iu^ffkat e boart
. jkIseails danering

... ... t anet i
.oerv.. ig Pwor wood

.....n.. dsuP1 wiaqii
oarrae gaes
.^p Asniaon
segAe cbrat

-^:.. ,,r a^rM g n *f f

5. What ag e group do you eatertsinV

.n,,,J 022g

6. Do eou have adeqaste spaceTCl



) NoO


7. Hov Often do yoeu e** wit h yontht

otwe a week onoo a sonth
tvieo a week ,wtviseQ a srath
8. So you have adequate faollitielt( ) ees ( ) No
9. rev many boys san girl d o you have participating
in your prograS?








A Survey Per for OrgIanize4 oeremttino Progrmse for epgro e
Ia COur th Proegr'a in Tallashaswo

I. hmat is eie nane of yoWr O hiThaP ....... ... ......
2. What is tie total aeuberehipT ..... ... ..._ p.
$. Do you hbve orga alased reoreatlon program LA yefr
T _,I ..... ., : _^ -__-_ .. .-__. -^ -i. + -~ ...- ... .._i..
.. flat I. ti. total imerslh, p et n
5. Pleas* oak40 (A) all the aOtIvItieo included &a your
program. P lo**o a osble (AA) before theo beat enjoyot,

l..........~ t ll

.....Z. s, altti

........1 t plays
en, tfolbt 1ni1tse


J.ftory ting

rtte r

,g._ esgt#i4g garts

S, *I, Afeld tripi

6. y6 you have the following slebs n yourprog alt

.ttfeoanml old It
r gth io elub
OWN W ds- 41 MID

travel olub
4teranry eltab
sae fsad folk tantiag

7. Do yeo 1thAV th folllowina fraiotfe n

...rejll l roonM
, .. rgaam oesi

rration plant
ts r t swlet taoitIgipo
, t indoor swimming peoX


8* Do you hive adalt partiilpa tionlt

Nov snrn

ii... m y: ......

( Yes ( ) N


, Rlow many boy do yte have partiolpattag in your pgro t

-.. 20


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