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Title: Study of Homeroom as a Guidance Function in the Negro Secondary Schools of Broward County, Florida
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Title: Study of Homeroom as a Guidance Function in the Negro Secondary Schools of Broward County, Florida
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Language: English
Creator: Miller, Marguerite Vertes
Affiliation: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Publisher: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Publication Date: 1954
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or aWROMD owTrr, FLORIa

A fstsb

Prsentd to

t Fi raelty at the SVhool of Grhuadte Sttd

la Parft al urlftallnta
Ylwi& Agr iot.t"l m 1 -m saiv ity

of tn ReaireMtmet fbhrt the Doegr

MaIstr of Solerim tdanAtio

mrgumrlte Verbts iUter

August 19S



NP Wil111

ozi7 flwu-

_~_I __ _~1 ~~___~_ ___~_Y~_ ___ __l__r __ ___~___ _~__ _C__~____~1~ __ _I_______~I ___

F p 7/L-

Is nid this utwdy, the wrter r io aeasur ably glratefl to

aiy itadlvdsiS. Shi is gnrtfl too he Bronard Cou=ty Board of Pdblio

instarwt o, each priaipalo of the seoadary schools in bIward Comuty,

and each hobereo toashr ia tIhr *ehools who hra ovontrlbutd dirosty

ea ladiretly a this atdy. for effliten and unselfish asestneA r la

tie preparation of this tdiy, the writer d2eir to extend special

nowledmarte to Mr. JIeB C aanll, Chairman of ahr Thesls Coumit.

tIe For valab orltiaelam and aggstias to reading this amurn-

sript, acenwldpemr ate anr exlnaded to I.rp A, A. Abraham aId Mr, Qeorp

. orween of the Thesis cominitte. To hoe hahmad and niar i brands,

she aseisowledp. ifstare grntef1lwsn.




Jltroduation * *

The Statemrnt of the roblea .. *

IoAddeao of the Proble *

Xeed for this Study . ,

Baio Asumptione .* *. .

l -imitations or Sope of ZInv+tlgatio

Procedure for Collecting Da ta .

?ratsont f at ** .

Defnitton of Terms . . .

Orgsnisatlon of this d tuty. ..




Caoluioau . . *

BIIOGRP adato *, ,

APPENDIBX* a * * 4 4 4 4 '
A~B33WOZX*** *M**

4 s o
.4.444 J

****w I e
. 4 4 .




4 4 4 4

S* 4.

S4 4 4 .

* * 41
44 ..
4 4 44,,


. 1









41 Distrbutiona of oamerooms Aesordlg to ShoolI* I T

II, Ditribution of Quertionailres . . 18i

1I. Guidanoe Teotniques Used by Bro.ard Cownty

ambro on hes . . 25

IV. Sh ~ ing Aotivitite C arrid QO by brmard County

VRamerwa * .. * *.*. 27

V. h$ g the Length of Bre ard County Homeooar

Periods. *..... ........ .... 8

VI. Showing period of fTime amrse Speneom iesta

With aas . . . *9


r a le Usm tim Va hurom has bn Ma t t o LO a prUtt
uait of tio guides. pnrga. Grup spei"ranose provide ths aSrtiitios

by vhisk hys and gir ls rw mand devlop tino soal belnmp. Isn mrm
Aoett if th e d
dmesorny its lpr t, b nr tfa be doer tar1~ proctiing bdr
tandja ng popMs is wry Iuportat. (bQIs iM of niwtlm thiks ned
is though .fftbtUw parp 1*tdanc to tin hMeremr pprgrs
Obilds arst be nahed a rd to tbhir ve a ntorens

ift thi hae ro is to bto suswstsl.
This imsl tiartlr poa t -alt proS -der in hlwm m B or
nasiattan* It is ths iatestt of this tOs to find out to hat ettent
thus pro a trrenrrte to ho .-re. orgsaimsato This snwetla*
tn is intend ~Lto interest hane tashers in msr.f pelSs iss ad


aT agggt ga f This tody hae a thrnetdd pure
poses (1) to find olt to wtet att hiunw n anpnrs en providing
adSeqeuts tiritit tfoer the dtwlopent of the ppail"s (2) to iad out
ahat dtoris ar utsed ftr the eveautlte of pupil. (3) to saoeurg
mrn atequnte planianga tibn h ro tin Uby* lit ing ativiles ti hat nay bo


Man spolicam-U y It it tiw perpo of thtis tudy tw

1. Dstermims wthmbr a plmuedb hbnroo progrp eistsf a I es



Dbtormulju. wlwthmv timw bsir~r avtl~i.1 s.1st1.aL
-Airlmxruts~r Or j ciarcb~~lcr~tm

of hMIrwpm

b. Btrusan* to what extent e-A ordL ae keIpt by himeen



Dwtoinw- timw t hsao Iatftt In tho bowosm

6. Prwpol e group aevirltSie that ay be weed errtfFtwly it

the hr-nem.

T. atea tewhatelas fodr estdyin pupil seeds a nd Iator

6 DsrIsr a t)e tIperwtnw of l3gth, tI edat 9uim easy e
Inthe bnwm pem.a

9. witehtae to lmst diswebl pried that howea tashers

heafld ralnss with the puptlh

1o0 Bamdess w9oMs for say ailmar that mayr xst isn ti

S- -Attaa. The h eset is nr 1a weetal pwt St
t .w worp gldmeo prog-ws At p-.s-t *a larp majority of te lrpr

hb* siobs brr or erpaid usemenV psopgmram bmwrw It ias i lwevI d
tbat miet of th sMaller ssmaaciuy seheels hww sat drwlpmld this paso

at thf prt1 gmat.e l tatftuami sub alarmed asob)M leW neogmiasn
tdf~t1i bedtl, naiSltfiSd oeurltuar odlings, oStua' fUflotd
Ular *a*tiitia., ad the >ppr wrat rep guidmnoe hIlpsd to bring
ateat the snt fo g xaster and aero extmasiw heMroar plartag a all

hiM fl? jth anr when so Msome r e tat the harns.ls. is
Wing qufet id4 to its ftesoi, PMpore, *4 n es. Ther is a
ries tor ther. at ,tu lst th daetl of ta e lpp t eI#o yi hp5d
to aidas and howe rtletw~ly the repeartittles rraf Mt tme ttre
its em evidene.s 1th at Uash eonfuston doew r a tosnm s eti hbee-
rrem prame, ad thd t te~ s of Iis enw~r o ooa lat. he pai M
passes rough Masr diftielt phasl s of experts and seede aita~mba
Isn saing adjua .t f Van agreed to the trapeworsoe th bloearn
ma he sat th t.
tb In-an-e.s i on of tihe meIt lspmuwne l.ittla.s Ia
the e aoafsrs. Uelff s3Byd qaeLtte, the dft pe fnres
b senm ter tmen ~rs t es ital avnd tar resahin duae,
peWNterod a ih t shial o i .
Ahiner -a IfluM further nldiCated tiA tapLrtaI of thi hieansI
sad tbe esppnat sedi tfor this phase of gpe m.wldi nh tA y fIats
the baeins is of prtsesry lpqatnIM to the estE l is
stalebhlag a psfsonal sotast with all ppils wbrereV te
of*fi'e J w r the school, both sarriamlar and extra an1te.
tr uum be bet adaptsd to the andlTrdUl snets of thr pupils.
A nwll erapgti sid adequately fmoetitang hbeaeros pograla

a Ta. ugestted to er es Aeviatse for Jnalor Hieh
Baobel.* hEiS .yi baeerr, In,.


11i, th p a lsg r t dW dmwlopmnt and oxallstin
r wall rounded edueail2
siao our s*o ety sle for d~ lopamn t of thowhtlS ci f

paricipatiF n n a daoa e rey br ia l t avi e for under
the dyamsta ofr sunh a promoe and hor thqr aftli papils.
In r secondary schools of r onard Couaty ther s is a d for

this taderstandilng. 81sa only mwe school ia lrosrd Comrty hss a gp1*
*ae deparate t, the lhorena Mrot do a big job. The grat need to
arn sere interest iAn hs a oo planning ftems the basil for this study,

io A >RlAsMantia & Good homeroom organisation Is Indispensable
to artioalatsa of the prog f st the school
aoresa activities should be planned.
The ha9wroc progr should fit the local attuation.
Th haoweroom ponasr should be oareftly c hosen
LTh h-ra progr er t i tpartant part of the oqordniatd
gwideee prqmpnr .
All hemkma as should he objoetiws.
Bfa howrsa teacher should eUlarly u~tndrnd the oharotr
Itlae orf good bhoetro. prog.rea

PlMaita.tioan t g S A Igveataft Ths study 18s aited to the Negro S!*ondary Schools of troard
Coatty, Florida.
ts6 as2tuy is further limited to th how room within the
oMertdry siohools of Srewrd Comty, rlorida.

d. C. Pnm- r and C. .or t 'Edfaq go ag
(Oterbna, ZTe Ahbllshad by the AMtkns, P.67 p. -

Q eatllonair
A ....

SI Is II I liem ISO *


m at j l~a Thi sa E in be eompile- is aiusy atd
tbular fn s.

p. rrawarrmw or ws
B A rnM petiSd emw bye single eaSier to heisk a
Iae s fthpedr fr paewrp a f et eddnag fttMstaerda, ad aisilar t*A
aLnitltivn dbIti sad io mhish edu atiw hanmre. atbtir tlu my or

Wr aM t -be iarr i oas.
SIn the afei or e ehaiqun o direatng the hlld taowad a
urpwepeve goal b srrmglsg a awlreaunnst that will sense his ~o bet
beel seeda, aSd take purpoeettl steps toeerd sstisylag thin.

qktm The proiedun of omtferriag with group rather
ttns with a Sadisrdual, aud tea the pi*oblas lawntw hrv elmamts
samaa to perss pwes4te a that diseustoA is hblpf l ra vrrivTlag at
desdtase or is preparing ar twr fsolaaehg

Book owt, M 9 a

ilL aMa


Artiat~ r.Th deper of rlatisship nag the different
eusrrulrsst orfel betaee thi owriatMlM and tihn audent etivirtie
and provtaas for pupil golden, or the extent to whieh the various
lewls of the o eflatial system re as o lntrn lad ua to prrovde for
onmtin Mesod toe prldar f of gr o ppils with a males of etffloteaq
and a tin ato repetitla.

oodit alank. The **hool divMSo fltonang the *iMmntfr
abooel, ooaprgslng grades t t eo twl

t wordar S3 A plna for bIping laT tnnltly a o*e
eomt of my s ad ot dat about pupil i inolada the reoord forms,
piu all devices that a hool or mar nit of the school ny use as m eas

f reportiq data so that thiy oan be made a part to the pemasnat record
of th puprOa

Qratsastia ofag Thia St
This t*dr h beem divide d into ohaptes in the follelal




CowPnTR 1

Thws ass- to be a gret desio e the part of teaoher to giw
u ldmeI, and any of the guidnooe services a bag eigmphasis hPe ro
glrop activitis in the homrons. Tm 7 pthe ae of this sae It is
reoogpin d when it is ntrala d that ors ethan half of the sOoe dary
wshoole In the flted states set t he homeroa progr Iny authors
han writtum a the haorou nd its rUlationhip to guidance ad thes
authors haw attptEd to stablish bast reason for fo illur of the

Plmaning i a nw arr tet~ r l olanisixag. Worh while results
oem from Worth while planning
Aa intwerstang aosat of aims suggested aotivitis were stated
by MotKan and they arn; (1) ep book of homeroom activltes,
(2) dovelping and publishlan a homftn oee p~per (3) prontg pub
lUity for the school, (U) assitting in the office oafteria or library,
(5) having and smnd e ting soial aents, (6) dimseu imos with parts,
(7) ete*Ortal nt fr pa rnts, (8) spaoortngs program, (9) beauti.foe
tton proJedt. trh homers argistzatin may uasait in promoting sxtra.
oew~rLtar activities.

a rlrd R HeCarkle and jf Dalvid 0*ea0 # Sonm Problems of Hoserom
Tech re," T1a 1r eAA Q\id Jan a.tm 3224060, Daember, 1953.

t sr cry. m 0.aost i (Nw Tarts IeOrm-aifl Bae
OWapaWny, 3eg, 19 S ), p. f1

Objeotiws are oena to any oreaisation and in order to provide
dirastion for any nit or group, there amst be objeotwivs According to
Mel 3 objeStiws for the homeroom ay sumed up in four main headings.
hese headings ephasised stuaent-teaoher relationship, pupil guidance,

attributes of itimaship, and adaintstrativ functions
Sine the homeroo is somtims thought of a the c nter of the
uidanee prqgra, it is essential that planning and organisation lad
themselws eaaly to that activity. In ordr to maintala balance nl

msbership, it is advisable to hav in eahs homeroom boys and girls with
a wide distribution of ability.

In comparing the hoeroam plan o organisation with the teacher
type plan stranm stated.
The hmrooaa organiatioM and planing differ from the
subjetateacher rgamisation in being less loosely re
latd or eaumeated with aoadeaie institutions, omerooms
wre related to restore guidance dsvlopmnt of slader.
ship and self-wepression. The teacher must be convined
of values There mut bo understanding. There aust be
sufficient tim to work."

Studies concerning the troubles of the homeroom ea be found in

mWnr instance, MeCork3e and O'a reported a study made from the
teachers' point of view ad the cmolusion wa that many homroom teachers
ae troubled by the consequence of inadequate administration polices,
and p p po alnning on the part of the teacher.

a ~ppg. 179 iaO.
th Stin, Deto ?cv h t a frsolsst as sa (New Toht

5 McOorkle and O'Dea, m. aiX. p. 2LY.

t ho baromw plays a s lportant part in the guidano wori of ti
smeol. Ina the bowra m there will arise probles in planning.
vr6U has gi vn a nrtaer of problems w dah may be Invrold in

planting hemroom,. using fnl heading he b* olsif tes tasp (1) *sti
dent, (2) teacher, (3) timu ad perod, (t) spies and .quplamat,
($) e-ordtlation and ainislatraton.
aleit7 wSde as Interesting exprimeat in a junior high oshool of
Isatolair, lew Jersey It occurred to hir that student alght be harbor
iag r~ nte nts and Irrtations abut school istters. The griD a
sniht be doitortIon of ta.ts, and it brought out into the openi m ols d rb
nsilUy righted. HI orlginted In his bhoroUas partod iawrO Ua the
gripe* ass in. It was oen*mted that this msson 1s valuable to both
pupils ad teaobhr In bring t the aot prae o problas
Ila hbmenro planning, t teachers tt do De on In as wngimrned
fhtma and studies show that so many tU t teacher fail to include
Umse8 In his report of ten hew&ro- proved what aould be do
rwhe the obje stiw are knowa The inreapsIs was Soob s a
prore servd to encourwest t istndivid~ality and Sgve the teacher
the Wpportmity for rmmdlal aid in pupil probls.

6 jbr s, B ., sense.U. I.r..tioa. ( thl Efta. amloro M t t
hkblf ls, haober, 2*31.
pebnn Mntst *The Orip. Seson," Clsg Hw l6l98408,
abssmBer 19U*.
an a.9 *20 O tti notato Aions to 8******' IDHA"M-
gkan w a1s86 ass, 4.r, 1968.


Drnamor and nll9 have pointed out four major iguidane objese
tin of the hammms an pplemnted by tuth other local emphasi as ay
see desiable at vricos grade lewls. They ar
1. to ae msutable school adjustment for all pupils.
2 To devlop desirable civic and sootal attitudes in
t~sats and to provide opprtottdes for their
etha in school ituattaon
3. To oeumourge and develop worthy and intelligent
leadership and *"tell shipp"
To prWide oenpationea, l information and to halp
pupls appreciate vosetional significance and
vl~ais of school aetivitits
ing horoo i m tf ie another important fture of tie

prop s. Iealeltitm of the homeroom teah.r has bes a o atrowrsal
issue a to failumr or stenss of the hoeroom. The t eniy to disem
gate sbplelie guidalme a oMtiom to mtratned hoomroow teachere appear
to be a sio roe of truble.10
Tn a Survey condotedt by MCorkU and 0fD teachers Ire asked
whther or mnt they had anything to say about being assrgned to horrx
Itn ropanse, sew*ntrsfwmr per oeut (7Th) t tvhs tashers asked said that
they had nothing to say abaut it, ntieten per oent (19) said that tiby

C1la00 C* no0o1r andI Lard a l.t.r# Ouiao i g0

iO D s. arkt wand 0Dn lSoms Problmem of Homerooa TVaabrt,1'
r MasltL BH Z M AM., PP. Owe-er, 193.

U 3M ., pN1* so8son.

ad a had in it and sew n per cent (71) ade rno r ply RppUas to the
qwstioQaaiw tether rnvalId that fiftywsem per sent (57%) of the
tahefm from the 268 slsoted howroo bad a limited met f special
training ofr hoaroom work.
maeh bw bnwa witten about the qualifitatim of a heroes teaeoher
Aoording to ai) sot every tehr n amoeeHat fully handle group
aotivitieo in guidance, thereforms sel9etian of teachers who haw tbe
mwlivatia, perea4l traits, eduation, and training should be mad ti
ardr to achite Ueec mes
Soa of the apparent qualifications of hoakmra tmeahers the
niser frr MWeonstal or wBa esfil tisroom pnrognamr So i t te
teacher so is the boaroom.
Smaoy t the horoo plm s hae bean Iposed upen both
teachers and puptlh, a poiy which eapliostes or destroys the -titi-
Ute at both. It i lApertat that pupil aindilduality be oosmrwd is
the h sersor. The priaotpal caass of umeroeaR diLeatisji aftia 1r in
the fast that after asrrsignmts are u* thbres failure to ftrnius
efftctiv leadership to hoer m tiawhrs,13

C1 larence Vflsr5, *Qrmp attivi ti in Outause 8errioee"
Mi ampnna l d Ouidmw Jiammtis 2 l 19J
.am at I.fd i a rse9 Re, taa.~ teari c

6nl N tltr lefep

Chirsh mlau epred fto asury made to find out tbe equlpmnt
amd supplies id the hm t hat s pplis and *quipment do not
peanMt a jar problems. Teahere parti ipattins g~eporte a desire f
adtquste span, filing cabinet, record forms and sue available guldanio
litanurn In the light of tw supplies needed anything heort of this

r hneadlap the work.
Thine d towor infration abaut pupls is important if the tomber
is to help the pupil 51 ar his problems. lisoords eonatttute ane pert of
a balaned prog for the baomro am
oChshoal15 eaedlud this about records isn hme roow or mny

uidaoae prog u
i, Thiy fo a sytaII stieo etudy of the pujpI
t. They forn a basis for sypathetio undertLP tndl
They help to eval to progrs.
TWy faro th basis for reooasidration t pljs eOae
aolg growth and states of pupils.
Aessibtlty of r rds it n iimpo ite in the hmrea m

Dtggln17 agree that adthnistntia reeks high among the fmntioms

of tie hm rem. l pract g iolfly hormeo a organization it is ea of
the fstions. I n schools h sr hoMba oom portod, are short, it is the
principal ftOatioa.

( Ir Tor.ct Amrwt.. Ble.e CoW.apy, 19f5), p. 351.
l$ Ia Pi*' 1 l9647.

Iat aosts* annum (lew Yrost tin Ronald
Prese Copany, 199^), p* W.

Sta fSy reported by bIwerU a group of trohrs ho t pnds d
asgatiwly to spijal training fo hmiroamr worm k wr W t" d to be devott6 n
the hoawsom prt od laaatnly to acdministnit routine and had hom.
room poerodt eof het duSt tion
Ths prlnaipfl played a h ar~ii at pr in the notes of tn h hom

roo progre. Aeoordina to ChlOt la19 be to legally and fienlly
reepaleble for tihe oope and qmlity of the or.
In reeew t yea .mar e 3-reiular *Sudet activities has been more
ad aor se rnogatae thereforej at" ttia wast be given to t hr organta

sttiooin t h Uht of that M be their potmntiaites ftor dir"d
p pl gristh, and net all of the tim spent in abirnttratiw routines.
Ferdbro ee lat. tail in dfseorlbin a wl rganlurd howrai.
Ih this dsniptlam she lists s s sactivittes that proved semra Sul and
myr be Srwseo tl tlin other situations. The importnt oo ares

I* Getting acquainted hear
to Pasnl dinsesl s*i With psmar in the cgamity
3 HBOmrb skitesl, plys or drmstiretimo.

o. Pastea asho
5. fla lepta hobbtl .

9 Oabhelma, 4~eS.a, ppP. $2 3S-.
(Rev Torks

6. Humans nraopbook
7, Qr*olwation of oasittee
Then a e amy w by whch the hoerono tesobr my plan tod
ae-et as ltvties fr the haomrea It apppran t"ht som ao n
bwsly a engBdl in ti o b in horoomp guMadnoe Homroa guid~ra
plr mlr fflea iit tin for this servio
BIvi@ in6 a tudy of puiidaoe in 31 P3N sylvami high schools
di#Hwed that auong 85 high school of feer than 00 pupils only
fifty per cent (50) had hoabos parted long a thirty miautes
amng 6 wshools of mor than 500 pupils sixt+y4hnr per cent (63%) ad
perids of thirty as e or Mre in lnagth. It s eanoluded that
schools with hbonesr periods le* tian thirty minutes m not doing
siqarlor halumoe wor, hbawr, the establisha nt of a long period dome
parate a ouse$ul progessr
n sOWr and MllUt2 agm tha nturm aer and length of hoe
mroom a ia win trry ifrO heol to school, but therI should be a
d&ily hoa.row period of at least thirty minutes. This tfta wauld I.
elSse peituian foar school reuti e l hioh should not exceed i i or ten
tauts daily, thu leaingr a azlesa o twenty tnutes to be dvated
to %mIha aetvtl

Pslek 0, t Dris, S.at- s a- Oadda w ltain 131 2ounsylvanU So .
aruyftr Sea aslt slAnnis9tP13iasa BA, N. O 1,kn,0, 1936, pp. 3$.


fiyL~s&^yj$sa5i^W)?i ?g? ^BB

AlS fr i tInitmi of reoUtleiat ips StnrWag witos that it Is
desirbls faor horom group not ea to ba o periods of adequate
legth but it Is dsitu ble for the group to rtsin with *t esB hoe-
noM toater fo s wral yra. It io v bnidt thaUt udrnwtding ai
help an Invitebsa.
It has be tfnd that the meet ocman assuilmat of tarhwrs
to h-nnar Xlas .o ratinvly aort-e yr or a semsfer'-but it Is
dsireble that the ~ hTeO teaober nmain with the groap,
With regird to btuhaiqs d Il dis.srtarl ng ds ftnd ti erets
Tnri.rA p.sta ott some t~ iaiies that ~p be uid. SQms et t). as

1. Zabkfri- he eort atmwiirele twd mtsthniqure-M I
rest bt parttlarly earefl thatie n laerview rwtes
set tks on Iaqsisitanr shesleetriete.* Pupsis should j
tbe s n -rad to talk t~flly.
2to usMtasrdr S haroanns may aMe s mht mht of
gtrt"tg tain areoten, in ftet, with youagr puapia it

3, ats. ia ny timns a uraet ad objeeti~ inforratioa
5i lelptia and Ita ha dtietd aatthrough tuting. A
good helo sca teacher nyg adliaistor test,.
k res, uia we mesbdrtaldlg pupil neds ar his

$. Pts rsts iiCo his *A be htrafal it not sd
wstelr. s8 petafs ott that he- vilef should

(Arear Y. 7htdr, trpr a i(IIt Yor rpr
and Bcthtshre Publishanr, I *I pp iM
bne a13ea (N., Touts
wuyowt ofas ll pl .

The qlflttg ito ot.. aSSe Nastrra5 wI4at bae e appt tob tim
*em hstnldsd bhown. wnt swwy mpsn hioen a tte ts it
ito oan that too Oetf teshem ha a training is groq gul a
too little time fltted fwe te humeasa prteod, too aeq aittntstnttnw
npmsatbilitin te emns and too litt ple na by thm bowmroas
fLemter. 2ntar anr ie wash benwroe atkla..** migr deastsy tte ***ft

"wow p44rar
l amy p srwtesl tabtttequu pofelare, tad reiXtL to howe
rmr pleataga ihep em to unestrand the itagagtnt positite of th



BSIae the h4 orwbees MI enauderd tas sa ftant Wit of the gtudan' e

prasrwa, this Vtas poplar Vto point oat houernna pretloem a# d their
iaplioations for guidance* Il thUis hapter the preetiee found In ter

Negro esondary abhoole of Browrd county, Plorida axn listed*

Tab3l I hOwms tihe sahools ptiatpating S this lwnvetigption uad

the -naabr of hareeO ilo esch ahool. It 1i revfaMed that twhemre a
five seoolis, twE jusiir high sOhoola, and there mater high sshoole with

a total of stlxy hoa rooms


h Zo16
awwsi tic or orRoipOQam A-CC R TO SCHOL5

Aittuak High Shool 7

taIter Actior Nigh shool 7

aftltwasielte Asor Migh BSeool 1

tOrAL 60

Tabl X indic4tl e the distribution of the questimnnaire awd i
this study, S'en (7) or one-hunired per cent (o&o%) return was re
reitd frt hoaerotm teacher in three~ ohoolma-A&ttuok Senior Righ,
arethwait Ju nior High and Lanter Juaior itgh. wlen (11) or sixty
eight aMd sewsw thrs per ewat (68.7%) return from Niache E1 ly sener
Sigh School, and ninteen (19) or ixty .flw ad f1w-t3enth pera sea
(65.5%) return from X#ilrdi S ior liSg school. he total ntea r dia.
tribute wU sixty (60) and the nu-wd returned a fortftve w ((S).
This scw f rturn percentage of fart-flw (h5) or wewntrftw (75%),


8eheolRh '

Dillanrd igh School 29 19 65.5
sBla na ly igah Sohool 16 11 68.7
AttMu=ks igh Sohool 7 7 100.0
Ineri JA nr h S~n l 7 7 100oo.0
b'ith--it Juno r 0i4h Sehool 1 1 100,0

tOTAL d60 15 7.0


RiepIs ftw t r sixty qwsitta Bl ee emt to the haAmeom
ahoer sf Bwraw Cowty welet ta fonllowing flea
U l Thirty-re (33n) r tfifty-flw per emnt ($%) oft the h1a-
rem ti e reported plmed prog and t ty W (27)
twrtf4iw p.r ats (USE) naprtd tainting hoarsme that ar not organpated.
2. .hat tha htin bMeam pronr W pmaw"I d by thirty (0) ar fifty
per mt (0o) of the hmjaemw tebrrt, and tirty (30) or ftift per
nrnt (50%) do set bar w progre p3auntng
3. Tft fotur () or six and sen nII5us per oomt (6.7*) wa
asprogrm that I plned by tie prnwipflm and fitty*mlx (56) or ciaty-
thrae ad tnw A smthds (93N.3%) aid that plannaig is doe by th. ho.*
roam ttacir gidgrI by pth riEetps,
1i. that six (6) or ten per ownt (IXO) of t anoer es ahw
aid sePI mte p g =at tee ted n th asnohal and fttyo.ft
(C&) or ~a pr ont (90S) wprt no *ehC omittee.
5. That ttey.ftwv (2S) or fortr m land srandn ppA
ost (1.175) plas the hqoemo a brm h year, and thirty.f.ou (31)
or fiftpyeis and raes-enths per seat (56.%s) &d not Qoe (1) or -MM
and se~-tn~ per e nt (1.7%) did not rply.
6,. TIt twetyraix (26) or tfrtywrc d .r-end th (33.%)
had aw ray oar proras fros ar U to y7ar and thirty (30) or fWty per
am (5%) rpfalted ao ah program, sfa"d fear (4) or six and sewn.atentbs
(6.7?) did mA rsponda.
7. that thirtytiwe (3%) or fifty tght and thrw-tentct per
**t (58.3%) of te horea teachers fomulate objaOiw tasthd d tA


the hn roo plal~, aid atp atiw (25) o forty-ons and sLtaiomt
per ant (hft.) did not oave objnetive imlotnad In hboarooa planning.
8, Four (4) or ax and swn-.tmths per oent (6.7%) of tih hoes
roe toahre r nolsvt e ggd etions givn by the county, ifty-tker (94)
or nimty per nat (90%) did acwt reel r an sugeMstons. Four (I) or
rhreo and t ra nthe per t dd not4 reply.
9. PForte (11 or twenty-4hre d threetenths (23.3) aot the
home oa teachers did not knewr vat sniapmmnt will be ginw them Sf
the income 7ng yas oarfwtyret (46) orw evwatyjtsi and ias-tenthe per ent
(76.6%) did knew.
10. That fifty-ft (55) or nInwty~.m and siatenths per oent
(91.6) of the haberoe teashr 1e ore a tose irrt epetwu of qaalIfitwt
tiaon m edl four (4) or si and enan n ns pr oent (6.7%) aJ ch
ea bhaul of hbpn.aroa eprnere ond qaliftlatiam., Qe (1) or ea sad
sren tenths per ont (1.7%) *ne r repuase.
i. That tbirty (30) or fifty per at (50%) anderstood th ea+m
n aof tih hoare prog aIn d thirty (30) o iffty per eant (500)
rpeorted ant darly Padr~t gaiina the prgrna
2. thatI sitaen (16) or tnty.eaix asd eia.tnthe per eowt (t696%)
or t he maknaows tea cprsd fealty mtasings With tia deoted to
the dfsoanaem a othe use oa th hesaroom period ead fartywvoe (12) or
awaiy per at (T70) reported having o diseassalonas durag taulty
metMangs a( ee a tha howIreao, a tare (2) or thrs mad threwe4enthe
(3,3%) mas so reply.

13. That six (6) or ten per ocnt (10%) of thew horoo teachers
reseiwd needed mtertals for hoeroom work from their schools, and
fiftywthne. ($3) or eightymeight and thren-tnthe per mcent (88.3W) .r*
aiesi o n materials a t at. One (1) or ane and sewn-tenths per cent
(1.7%) said nothing.
1ik That tenty-elght (28) or fortywix and six-tnth per agent
(446.6) of the bhamasro tacherne keep nroowdt, thirtyo3as (31) or fifty.
e per cet (51%) keep sno record. On (1) or am and ftsem -tenths per
omet (1.7%) had nothing to sy about records
1. fine (9) or Lfftem per oent (15S ) of tha lhomroom teahhr
an inquird to follow their classem mtil graduation, anad fitntVc e (51)
or eighty-fiw per cent (85%) do not follow their classes
16. htrty-eight (28) or forty-six ad lx-tenths per ent (46.65)
of the hbomron had pupil participation In planning, and thirty4on (31)
or fifty M-r ad sx-t eths per oat (51.6t) bad no partloipation frm
pupils. One (1) or eo and sew -enths per cent (1.7%) naid nothing.
17. That -evnte (27) or twntyleght and thre-tenths p.r
oset (28.3) of th heaerev teseltrs did som testing, and forty-two (2)
or aemnty per omnt (70) did no testing h l nam and so nths (we7-)
did a t respond. Fr t stot mr reported sed by the teachers of rramrd
Comty, nanmly, (1) the Californa Aohlevement baot, (2) Auder Prebfrenoe
(Voeatlonal), (3) oa Quick Soaring aMtSal and (1) XoosWy troblea Check

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