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Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898
Cueto, Emilio
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Pittsburgh, PA
Cuban Studies
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Journal article, pp. 140-245


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Caribbean Area ( lcsh )
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Cueto, Emilio. "Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898." Cuban Studies, 1997, 140-245

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EM T L T O CUE TO Cuban C a r lo g raph y, 1500 1 8 9 8 Tu b study focuses on printed. as opposed to manuscript, maps of Cuba (and sub divi sions th ereof) d urin g th e co l on i a l period ( I 5001 898). 1 B ecause this topic b. us not h ee n discui,!>ed in d eta il during the last s i x t y years, I h ope lo make accessib l e so me basic r efere n ce m a t erht l s to a n ew generat i on of readers. Although thi:-compilrrtion co ntains over 1,000 "C uban" maps. it is neces sa ril y incomplete I exc lud e manu crip t maps, tw entie th -ce nro ry publication!>. and maps where Cuba appears o nl y as pan of a lar ger geograp h ical ureu and i s not Lhe main f ocus. 1 I a l so e>-clllde h ig hl y spedaJ i zed plans concerning topics such a geo l og i ca l struct ure. sanitary co nditi ons. detailed mililary campaig n s, diagrnms of foruesses. etc. B ecause o r u, ese cri t er i a, many important maps relating t o Cuba ( p articularly those of th e sixtee nth a nd ear l y !>evenleenth cen turi es) will b e o mitt ed. Ho wever th e ~e l ection presented will a ll ow Ul, to better unde rsta nd when. where and why maps so l e l y (o r principally) devoted to Cuba were issued and disseminated. M y p o int of d epart ur e i th e d uw assembled in pioneering works by lip s, 3 Figarola-Caneda.~ Tr e ll es / a nd M assip.b H owever, my com pil a ti o n is a rr a n ged in alphabetica l ( not c hr o n o l ogica l ) order, to f aciliate th e retrieval of infonnation and avoid duplicalion. To comp l emen t these basic sou r ces. I h ave s pent twent y-five years updating past r ei.earch and co ll ec tin g Cuban map s. Thi s ha s included num ero u s vis it s to museums, libr.iri e!>. m ap fain,. peciaHy stores. and private co lle ctions, couversations and co rr esponde n ce wit h many m ap dealers and c u ra t ors. a nd review of hundreds of map cata l ogues. articles. and books throughout Europe, a nd North and So uth Amcrica. 7 Wh o N ee d e d th e M ap s? Although t oday m ap co ll ectors proudly display tl1eir an tiqu e m aps in elabora t e frw.ue s. the y were n o t designed primarily as work~ o f art or orname nt. One can admire the beaut y of de sig n calligraphy. and printmaking in a n t iqu e maps. but maps arc primarily a practical t oo l. M aps we r e required, first, by navigators and sai l o r s (a nd th e tradesmen who engage d them ) w h o n ee ded g uid es 1 0 h e lp th em fi nd Lheir way throu gh cha nnel s and bays, and a lon g coasts. European ce nt e r s of cn n ograp h y were a lwa ys l ead in g ce nt e r s of trade a nd na v i ga ti o n. Some o f the se mup sparti c ul ar ly the o lder manu1-cripL chartsare ofte n ca ll e d porr11fa110.1 ( h ar b or c h arts). Some co mpilat i o n s lik e th ose of R oggeveen and The English Pifnr in c lud ed ac tua l 1 40 Cuban Cartography, 1500-/898 141 coasta l silhoue tt es of the regions through whic h th e sailor wou ld pass. as if t o say: "If this u. what yo u sec then this is where yo u l.lfc.'' Muny of tb e grcut Dutch sea a1 l ases of 1he scvenrec111h ccmury added passage churls (pascai>rr, pas ktwn) to guide mariners from lund to Jund. Later on. during the nineteenth century. U 1l! so-called h ydrographic office:. and navy dcparunents in Britain Spain, France, and the Uni t ed S t ates publii,hed many such nautica l map!,. Sovereigns and rulers a l so required map!.. !ii nee the) needed lo learn and to convince others-a b out the extent. :.i.:e. and s h ape of their domain Ind eed. mttny m aps ttrn i mp o rtant because they indicate accepted pol iti cal bOLmdrr ri cs ulU10ugh in the cuse of C ub a, being a n island with nnturol fron tiers and (un li ke Hi spaniola) unshared overeigmy. maps did not have to be prepared for Uiis purpose. 8 Maps were commissioned by co l on i a l ac.Iministraton, who wanted to ascer tain the lopograph) of the region under their command in order 1 0 bulld roadi,. and bridges. discover and improve ~afc h arbors. and exploit the natural re sources of tl1eir territory The primary example of this type of map i !> the detai l ed 1835 Carra Geog, Topv,:rtifica de la /.\In tie Cuha (a l so known m, "Cartu de Vives,'' ruter the S p anis h captain-general who ordered it made). Hu miliated (and poorer) after U1c loss of mos1 of it s colonies in U1 e 1820s. Spain was determined to hold on to Cuba asta lu u l timu p ese t a" (down 10 the l ast pesctn). The Vive~ map. begun in 1824. was a n integral p art of Lhat policy Maps were important to military strategis t s. since intimate knowledge of the landing approach~ and terrain WR!, invaluable to bo th invaders and dc[end e_rs alike in cm,e of ho!>tilitie!>. 9 ln fact. maps were often seized a!, precious war trophies by i n vad in g o rmi cs to facilitate U1 e campaign. w And m aps were impor uu1t tu an inc.:reasingly etl uc;at cd public interested in current affa i rs and military developmenrs. h is no coincidence lhat maps of Cuba and l l avana proliferated during times of international and domestic conflict (e.g .. th e 1740s, 1760s. 1 850s, 1870s, and l 890i.). It ii, almost axiomatic thut war and maps go together. Depending o n the need and use (a n d cl ilT ere nt maps may f ocw, on harbon;. approaches to coast!>. passages between land s, ci ti es. provinces. countries, o r en tir e reg i ons). map!> were eit h er printed ru, broadsides o n sing l e sheet!i (e.g .. map s designed fo r a voyage o r t o commemorn t e an event). bound into atlases. or ins e rt e d in specialized books and period lcals. Mo st C uban map s in ge neral n tl ascs (such us th ose of L afrer i. Ortelius. Coronelli. Lo pez) are u s u ally sing l e maps wiu,in a much lar ger compi l atio n H owever the following compilations contai n a number o f relevant Cuban maps that merit special notice: l Jcrrcrys. Descrlpt/011 of the Spt111ish l slantl.1 (Lontlun, 1 762), A General Topog raphy of North J\merica (London 1768). uncl "isr In dia J\tlw. {Londo 11 1775 1818). 1 2 14 maps


142 EMll 1 0 CuBTO 2. B ellin, P e tit Atlu:. Maririme ( Pari s, 1764 ), 6 maps. 3. Ru eda. Atlas America11r> ( M adrid, 1766) 5 mnps 4 The !>e ries of Curtns E.sfericas and o th er maps by th e Spu Jll s h Direc c i 6n H ldrogrnlica ( 1 799 1805, 1821 1 837, 1855 I 879) 44 maps 5. P ortulu110 tie ltt America Sepren tnmwl ( Madri d. 1 809: rpt. Madrid 1 8 1 8. M ex ico. 1 825). 34 maps 6 A series published by the H ydrogntp h ical Office o f th e Bri tish Adm ir a lt y {Lon don. I 822 1 826). augmen t ed a ft er I 838 a nd corrected during th e 1 870s1 890,. a pp roximu l dy 57 map~. 7. Lu Sagra. Ailm de C,1/Ja (Paris. 1842 ). 4 new mups and reproductions of 1 6 an lique Cuban map s. 8. R odrfguc;,, Atlas C11btmt> ( H nv.ana, 1 84 1 1 842). 1 61 7 city map ~. 9 Ourcfu de A rb o l eyn. M r mual ( H nva m i. 1 852; rpt 1 859), 7 map~ 1 0. A se ri es publi s h ed by th e Fr enc h m1vys D~po t de Canes throughout the nine t ee nth century. ~omc of w h ich were rei i.s uetl in Kerhai!el. Mm1111 :I de la Naviga1io11 (Pari~. 18 561 858), 2 1 map s. 11 Pi c h ardo, Cllrta Geo t apogrclfica (Ha vana, 1875), I O city maps 1 2. Name11clawr(Havana, 1 883), 2 1 map~. 1 3. A series by th e U.S. I l ytl r ograp h ic OIIi ce (Was hin gm n D .C .. 1 870s1 890s). 29 map~ 1 4. Pirula. A11a/es de la Guerra ( M adrid. 1 895-1898), 22 map~ IS C!urk. Commercial Cuba (Ne w York, l 898). 1 3 mans 1 6. U.S. Wur Dcpurtmen l Military NfJ l i!f n n Cuba ( W ushing t on D .C.. l 89RJ 15 map~. 1 7. U .S. W ar Department, At/111 of Porfa, Cities. and Localiries of rlw l s la11cl of C u bll (Wa,hing t o n D .C .. 1898). repr od u ci n g I 4fl 1nn ps or sectio n s thcreof 11 Who Made the Maps? A!Lhoug.h map s are u s unll y identified b y o n e nam e on J y (e.g .. Mer c ator Ptol e my Viv es), Ut e c reation of a map r e quire s th e ski ll o f at l em, t fo ur individuals: l l ) a s urv eyo r -ex pl o rer-navigat o r (2) a draft s man. (3) a printmaker. and (4) a publbher 1 2 Th e s urvey or, of t en commissione d by a gove rnm e nt or co lonial offic ial drnw s a s ket c h o f the coas tlin e, land sca pe or ci t y grid; h e mu s t bt: ve r sed in geography, astronomy, me as uremenLS. a nd tri go n o melry LO transfer thro edim e n s i o n a l ph y:. i ca l reuliL y lo paper. The draf ts man w h o take s U1e orig inal s k e t c h and redu ces it to sca l e. mu s t be able l o follow the urveyor's description plot th e m ap to a r e quired size and a dd th e topog r aphical co n ven Li o nul marks fo r river s, mountt1in s and water d e pth s e t c. The printmaker, who pr e p are th e drawin g fo r printin g, mu s t be trained in the a rt of engraving (tra n s f e rrin g a n i m age by c uttin g into a wood or metal s urfac e). e t c hin g (tra ns f erring a design t o a m e tal 1. urfa cc by co n os ive acid), or lithography (p rinting from II s t o ne to which the d esig n h as been tran s ferred). Fi nall y, the publisher m a rk ets and db,Lributes lhe print ed map s, which are cos tl y to produce Cuban Carwgrc1phy 1 500-1898 14 3 Some maps clearly indicate who did what often i11 Lat i n ; auc./aucw r e, del./defineavit. or inv.linveni t fo r d r aftsma n : scripsir fo r the a rti s t doing lhe l e t teri n g lan d a l so drafting th e map ?); .1c.lsrn lpsit,Je c.lfec it. cae /a./cae/,wit or lith. for printmaker, depcnc.ling on th e medium; and apud, ,1 umptib111 o r exc.l exc11cli1 for publisher M ap o m eti m es a l so menti o n u, e n ame o f th e com mi s i oni n g ol'lice r who o rd ered th e map (e.g., A n ge l Laborde. Gil de l a Cuadra. Antonio Alcala Galiano. Conde d e Sa l aLa r ). M os t maps. h oweve r do not g i ve c redit 10 aJJ co ntributor s. In addi t io n man y maps borrowed informm i on from other c hart s witho ut ucknowledg m en t. Since the first genera l co p y ri g ht l aw~ date on l y from th e eighrccnlh ce nrury ( 17 1 0 in E ngl a nd 1 790 in th e United S ra tes, 1793 in France) the r e was Uttle fear of censure o r pro secu ti o n. and l hus a m ap\ true author m ay not be th e mapmaker claiming au th ors hip. Also, a publisher mi g ht go o ut of bu!>ine~& or merge with a n o th er publi s h er, Lhu s acqu irin g the o ther' s copper plates and s tock. Cove n !> and M o rti e r. for exa mpl e. acq uir e d th e sloc k or Sanson. J uillot. Deli s l e. Vissc h c r. and d e Wit. so a mup ma y in fac t he hoth 1 Vi ssc h e r map and u Cove n s and Mortier map 11 Add in g LO the confus i on, mnp cata l ogues often li s t the e ntri es under o n e n a m e on l y, making il extreme l y difficult ro iden tif y an indi v idu a l it e m w ilh ce rtaint y. M os t m aps are n ot individually d a t ed, but thi s infonnalion ca n some tim es be asce rtain ed by tracing Lh e atlas or publi ca ti o n w b ere the 111ap appeared ( although some tim e~ it appeared in more th an o m .: p l ace or at variow, tim es), or by s t udying it s s ty l e. cal li graphy, o r watermarks. Al ot h er time!., dates can be g u esse d b y ce rtain l andmarks (e g .. n fort, the nnm e of n c it y) w h ose dut e is ce rtain F inally, there is o ft en a time l ug between the s Lu -vcy uf a n ar eu anti Lhe printing of a map so Lh n t a map ha s mo r e th an one daic. 14 1 h ave made an effo rt t o asce nam th e accuracy of da t e in th.i s c h ec s t. w bkb focuses o n th e d a t e of prinlin g. C hrono l ogka l a n d Geograp h ical Overview A map w ith a lat e r date is n ot n ecessa ril y mo r e acc urat e than ear li e r m aps. Geo gra phi cal knowled ge ( particularl y on manuscript map s) did not travel qui ckly many ce nturie s ago. Ali-o, so me publi s her i, reprinLin g an ea r lier work (s u ch as The g/is l, Pil ot) found it c h ea p e r t o r e pr o du ce a n o ld map al r eady in SLock than 1 0 c r eate a new mop in accordance with the l a t est deve l o pment s. Th e fir st map s h ow in g Cuba as a n island (albeit distorted) appeared in a Span i s h manu c ript. L h at o r Ju a n d e 1!1 Cosa, fr o m a ro und 1 500 Thi s wa!. to be expec t ed for a co l o n y discovered o n the first Columbus voyage. 1 5 Over th e n ex t three ce nturie s h owever. it wa not Spain but seafari n g European n a ti o n :. curry ing o n fr ee rrnd e w h o we r e the leaders in Cuba n p rint ed c urt ogrup h y l 6 Th e gravi tationa l ce nter m oved fr o m Ital y ( purticuJwly Ve ni ce), to th e L ow


1 44 EMlLlO CUETO Countries. anti l1n11lly to France. Great Britnin. and-as for as Cubn was con cerned-the Uni t ed States. Gcnnany and Portuga l also made .,ignificuot cont ri butions to mapmaking. particularly in the sixteenth century. Only afler it had lost the bulk of ib vaM colonial empire in lhe nineteenth century did Spain devote se1ious effort to preparing and printing maps of Cuba. ltaly' 7 Cristoforo Colombo l 1451-1506 ), a native of Genoa. first discovered Cuba by way of Europe and was the fir~t to ystcmatically explore its coasts (over I 04 days in the course of three trips). H e was Lhe firn 10 hi r e cosmogrupllers a n d mariners whose accounts led to U1c preparation of the first Cuban manuscript mops. ~ I n addition. ll alian world charts (bolh manuscript and printed) of the first half of the sixteenth century allow us to trace U1e earliest development of Cubun cartography. The works of Conwini/Roselli ( I 506), Ro se lli l 1506), Ruysch (1507-1508). Maggiolo (1508), Sylvanus (1511). Freducci ( 1 5 1 4, 1556) Vespucci (1524. 1 526), Verrazano ( 1 529), Ramusio (1534. 1556), Ag nese ( I 5..J-2/3) Florian us ( 1550-1555?), Ghisolfi ( ca. 1565) and Nerennium Pecciolcm ( I <,04) are prime examples. Moreover. the first mup exclusively devoted to Cuba (although it is almos t unrecognizable) appeared in Benedetto Bordone' s lwlarin (Venice. 1 528); the second (u significant improvemenl. bul s till crude) was included in the 1 548 edition of Ptolemy's Geugmphia. also published in Venice by the famous cartographer Giacomo Gastultli. The Gastaldi map was a prototype f or la t er Halian maps. including tho e by Ruscclli (1561 ), Bcrtelli/Forlani (ca. 1 564, 1 556). Porcacchi (1572-1620), and Lasor a Varca/Suvonarola (17l7. 1728) into the eighteenth century. Finally, there is an undated (ca. 1560s), ano n ymo u s, and very primitive lt a l iun map often attributed to Bertelli. 1 9 After the epidemic or 1575 1576. when 46,000 Venetians died, a n ti w 11h the Medite r mncan lolling it preeminen t trade po ition lo Atlantic port~. Ve n ice ceased to be u l eader in cartography. The next Cuban maps prin t ed in H a l y o f any consequence are those of Dud l ey (Florence, 1646 1647) and Coro n c lli (Venice, l 690s). 211 NOi umil 1762. the year of the Briti:-h-Amcrican invas i o n o f Cuba. tlid the Ga~ettiere Americtmo publish some Cuba n maps (mo:Ll y of Engli~l, lineage) Nine t eenili-cen1ury It aly produced nothing of impo rt a n cc.~ 1 Porwgal At the cutting edge of discovery and explora1ion, lhe Portuguese prod u ce d superb maps of the New Wor l d during the ixteenlh ce n tury. Several 1 502 1505 manuscrtpl 1 ru1ps ( th e so cu ll ed Caveiro. Cantino, Ki ng H amy a nd "Kun tman II "),~ and l a t er works by t h e o u thor of the "Mil l er a ll a!' ( 1 5 1 9): Jorge Reinel (1519), Diogo Ribero (1529). Pedro R eine( (1535), Anlo ni o Pe reiro ( 1545). Lopo Homem (1554), Diego 1-l omem (1558). A n dreas H o m e n Cuban Cartography, 1500 1898 1 45 (1559). Lazaro L uis ( 1563), and F ernao Vaz Dourado (1568. 1571, 1575). among olhers, uJI show Cuba within its larger comex1. Cubas pecific maps, however, are hard 10 locate J am aware only of a H avana manuscript map by Joao Teixeira (1630); the H avana and Malanza., map first printed by Pimentel in Li sbo n in 1717; and the Havana map showing it s capture by t he Briti h in 1762 published by the Ga :.e ra ExtrMrdinuria (not unoriginal work. but clearly copied from Engli s h source!>). Gen11011_v Germw1y provided a third ingredient most necessary to printed map s: printing. I ndeed, tile invention of movable type printing by Gutenberg i n Mainz around 1 450 revolutionized t h e world and allowed map!> and text to he printed and disseminated ror t he l ir,I time. Marti n Wa l dsemil ll er (1470-1511). Johan Schoner ( 1477-1547), Peter Apian ( 1495 1552) anti Theodor De Bry (ca. 1527-1598) were all impona.n1 mop (and globe) makers and pub l ishers wbo produced many early and significn nt works w b ere Cuba uppears. I ndeed, the De 13 ry maps :. h owing Cuba, pnrticulnr l y h i s 1591 map or Florida ("Floritlae Americne .... after a sketch by L e Moyne in 1564) and his I 594 map of the Caribbean ("Occidentnlis Americae parti!> ... Lo illuslrate U 1 e adventures of Ben:rnni) arc ofLCn reproduced in Cubun publications. Cuba-specific maps, on lhe other hand, are not so common in Gennuny. I n ~ pile of a very early c,tar l (a smaJI map of Cuba by M ilnl>ter was first p u b li shed in Basie ca. I 550. which was then picked up by H ooter in 156 1 and re p rinted in 1585), i.t i!. not unt il 1630 that we find an addi ti onal Cuban item It is u small Cuba map appearing as an inset to u Matumms view in publicaiion~ by Ens ( 1629) anti Meri an ( 1630. I 63 I, 1634, and 1655). lt was 1101 however an origina l map, but 1J1e reissue of a Dutch pla t e by Visschcr. No t uni ii the mid eigh 1 eenth century do we find Lhc next Cuban map: f n 1739 tile Homann family in Nuremberg devote(] a map solely 10 H avana, but, again, this was not an origi na l map. bul an Englls h derivative The fo ll owing year Seuuer/Lotter included an i n se t of H avana i11 Lheir North Americ~1n map: and aro un d 1 758 Raspe printed a map of Cuba During lhc n ineteent h century, Cuba (or H uvuna) appears by itself in the works of the Weimar Geographical Institute ( 1824), Schlicben ( I 829-1830), Weiland ( 1834, 1837), Meyer 's ( 1844, 1 875), May (1853). B r ockhaus (ca. 1870), Spammer ( 1874). Natio11t1/ Zeiltmg ( 1896), Reimer ( 1898). lfl11strirte Zi!it1111g ( 1898), and F l emming ( 1898), as well a.c, in ome geogruphy books. nou1bly the Neue Geographie ( I 850s?). 23 n1e low Countries When commercial and naval power went from lt aly to Holland in cbe laic !iixtecnth century, so did cartographic supremacy. Univcr;a l ly recognit.ed is the


14 6 E MILI O CUETO n ame o f Gerard M erca t or, who fir t coined th e term atlas ( 15 95) and who in 156 9 hud d eve l oped a sop hi st i ca t ed sys t em of "projecting" the reality of a s pher e ( th e ea rth g l obe) o nt o a fl a t s urfa ce tt h e world map). a t ask th at r eq uire s a compro m ise betw ee n th e s h ape. th e size, a nd lh e l ocat i on of th e l andmass. C ub a ap p ea r s in seve ral o r M e r cator's works. panicu l a rl y in lat er co mpilati o n s bearing hi s nam e ( 15 951 640s). Man y fam o u s c:utograp h e r lfrom the Low Coumrie s uch w. Gerard D e J ode (ca. 1 509 15 9 1 ), Lu ca.,; J. W aghc nacr ( 153 31606 ?. I 534-1598?). P e tru Pl ancius ( 15 52 -1 622). Jan Hu yghen V an Lin sc h o ttcn { 156 3 1 6 1 0), J odoc u s H ondius ( I 5 63161 2). H e ndri c k H o ndiu s ( 1 573-ca 16 30), J o han de Laet (ca J 582-1649). J o hanne s Bla e u ( I 596 1 673), Ju s tu s D a n ckens ( 1 605 -1 70 1 ) and so n s, H e ndrick Don ckc r ( 1 636-1699). and J an "Bar c nd E l wc tea 1 7851 809). produced impo rtant We s t ern H em i s ph ere a nd Ca ribb ea n maps. 'Two early Du td1 map s de scTve s p ec ial m e nti o n : a smH II r o und map o r Cuba. appe ar ing in 1 595 (as an in se t in a W es t e rn H em i s ph ere map b y Mi c h ae l M ercator) a nd Lh e first printed map o f H avana. whic h was includ e d al so a n an im,ct. w ithin a W es t e rn H e mi s ph ere map b y Claesz around 1602 ln addition. Cuba (o r so m e o f it s c it ies) was the objec t o f p a rti c ular a tt e nti o n i n th e works of Ort e liu s ( 1 570). WyLni eL ( 1 597), Lan ge ne s ( 1 598-1609). Will e m J a n s zoon Blacu ( 1608 ), th e Visschcr fam il y (I n co nne ct i o n wi th Lh e ca pture or th e S il ver H'leet off M alll n zas b y Piet H eyn in 1 628). Gerr i l!>l (ca I 631 ), D e Wit l 1 63 4170 8), Jan sso n (ca. 1650 ). Rog geve n (J 675). Van K eu l e n ( 1 680s), Schenck/ V a lk (ca. 1 688), Monier (ca. 170 2). AA ( 1707 1 713. 1 729), Cha t e l a i n ( 1 719), Covens a nd M o rtier (ca. 1720 ). Cor~a l ( 1 712), Visibles A v a111 ages ( 172 7). Ot t en:. ( 1 730. 1 745). H d e L e lh (co. 1740), and Ba c hicnc ( 17 85). ln s triking co ntr as t 1 0 U,i s ri c h a nd g l o ri o u s pa st. the n in e t ee nth ce ntur y <.lid not see much rel eva nt ac ti v it y i n th ese co untri es exce pt for Lh e Va nd cr M ae l e n map of Cuba printed in Bru sse l s in 1827 Also. L l/l11 st rwi tm E11ropee11e and Le Porriore 11/tLYtr e publi s hed so m e s mall engrav in g durin g Lh e 1 898 war. Fran ce Cuba mad e it s appearance in six teenth -ce ntu ry Fra n ce in th e g l obe f as hi o ned b y R obert de Baill y (ca. 153 0) und in manuscript map s b y the aut h o r of the H ag u e" a tla !( I S36-1S40). J ea n R ott ( 1542), N k h o l as De s li ens ( 1541. I S66. 1567 ). Guillaume Br o u sco n ( 154 3). Pi e rr e D esce l im ( 1 546 1 1550 ?1) on d Gui ll au m e L e Testu ( 15 55). F or ear l y printed m aps, we 1um o ur a ncntion t o Orom:c Fin e ( 1 53 1. 1 566). L a urent Fries ( 1 535) and A ndr e Th eve t ( 1 575) With Nicholas San so n ( 16 001 667) and so n !.. th e e!. t ab l ishmcn l o r Lb e Pari s observa t o r y in 1 667. and th e deve l opme nt by Cassini of n ew as tronom i ca l m et h ods for dc t cnni nin g l o ngirude u n ew em opened fo r French c art og ruph). P ierre Duv a l ( 1 6 1 91 683). Alexis Juillot ( 16 3217 1 2). Gill es ( 1688 1766), and D idier R ober t de Vaugondy ( 172 3 1 786), G uill aume D e l'l, l e Cuba n Carrography, 15 00 1 898 1 47 ( 16 751 726). J ean BapListc d'Anville ( 16 97-1782). Philippe Bu ac he ( 1 700 1 773), Loui s "Bri o n de l a Tour (ca. 17 56 -1 803), and Adrien Hub ert B rue (17861 832) among olhcr:,, d epic ted C u ba in wider. particu l ar l y Caribbean. se ttin gs. France'!. stro n g po li tical presence in the Anti ll. es accou nt s for it s sm, tai n cd intere s t in th e regio n C ub a-specific map s ar c l o be found in lhe wor ks of Ju s t e ( 1 674?. 1684), De Fer (en. 1 7021 705?, 1713), Le Pautre ( 172 0), La va l (1728), Le R o u ge (1743, 1745 ), Th omas L6pez l 1 758), B e llin ( 17 62, 1 764), B ea ur a in ( 17 65). B on n e ( 1 770s -l 780s), M al l et ( 17 83) a nd Tard lcu/ M ente ll e ( 1 782?. 1 7971 80 I ) during the e i g ht ee nth ce ntu ry. Throu g h o ut lh e nin e t ee nth cent ury man y important mups were pub li :. h ed periodica ll y b y th e D e p o t de Ca rt es de l a Marin e ( 1800J 890!>). I ndi vi du al map:. are also to be fou nd in works by Hum boldt ( 1 820, 1 826), Bu c hon ( 1 825). Steetz { 1 825), Hub er ( 18 26). Ja gc r sc bmidt ( 1 83 4 ), Fremin ( 1 836), Du fo ur (I 842, 1867). Sngrn ( 1842), C o uli cr ( I 840 ), H espe ( 1 850), Vui ll cm in ( 1 851. 1860 ), K e rha l l e t ( 1 8561 858). Charton ( 1 863), R obiquet (ca. J 860s). Peli o n ( 1 863), Pich ardo ( 1 870s). Gr egoi r e ( 1 876), Peg o ( 1 879), A l o rd a ( 1 88 1 1 882), R o drfgu c2 E cay ( 18 82), S ocie t e Agricole ( 1 883). G am i e r H e rman os ( 1 885, 1 891) and Ni ox ( 1888 ). 14 Fin a ll y. th e Cuban War of In dependence pr o mpt e d French periodica l s t o offer var i o u s map s of th e i s l and. s u c h as t h ose in A1111af es de Geographie. Fran ce lffu stre, L fllu stratio11. l' lll,mr e Soleil, and the P e tit J o urnal llf,wr e. In thi s sa me war co nt ex t ex il e publication s ( Me s tre and La R ep ubfiqu e C u bai n e) also publi s h ed Cuba n map s. Grear Britain As in o th e r co untri es th e fir s t r e nditi o n s of C ub a in BriLi s h map s appear in l arge r geog raphical contexl!>. Ear l y examp l es include Lh e manu sc ript w o r l d m ap:, by Th oma~ H oo d ( 1 592) a nd Edward Wri g ht C 1 599). and the printed map!> by J o hn De c ( 1 580). Mi c ha e l L ok ( l 582). and John Speed ( 1 626). Later. th roug h o ut th e e i g ht ee nth o nd nin etee nth cc1 1turi es, th e r e we T e num ero u s Ca1ibbean map s prin t ed in Eng l and, n o doubt b cca u .sc scve rul Briti s h colonies were close t o C ub a and bccatL~e Eng l and maintain ed important commercia l and military in t e r es t s in the region. Th e fir. I maj o r Bril ii.h ca rt ograp h e r l o mak e a c parat c Cuban map wa s R obe n Dudl ey ( 1 646), b ut s in ce h is map was e n graved a nd printed in I taly i i i considered an I tali a n" m ap. F o r Cub aa nd H avana-specific En g li s h m aps. we tum Lo John Sel l er ( 1 675). John Th o rnt o n ( 1 680? 1704 ?). The F ourth B ook o f The Englis h Pi l o t ( 1 689-J 794), L ea (c a. 1 700) M o rd e n / Moll (ca. 1710. 1 720) Th o m so n ( 171 8), Cand l e r ( L 730), a nd Popple ( 1 733). War provided the context for the n ex t ge n era ti on or C u ban maps print e d in E ng l and, h oweve r Gr eat Brit ain's renewed int e r es t in Cuba a r o und th e Lime of the ~o-ca lled War of Jenkin s's Ear ( 1 7391 742) c ulminated in th e military ln vasion of Guantanamo in 1 7 4 0. And dur in g the F rench and Tnd! a11 W ar ( 1754


14 8 EMILI O CUETO 1762), H avana itself wa occupied by 1he British in 1762-1763. Mapmaking closely fo ll owed U1ese events Exwnplc!.> o f lhe firl.l group include t h ose in Ule Geographical and Hi sror ical Descriprion ( 1741 ). and map by Chas s ereau ( 1739). F os t er ( 1739-1740), Gonwlez Carranza (J 740). Tom!. ( 1 740). M oll ( 1740). R ythe r ( 1740). Durell ( 1 7 41 -1742). B owen (1747, 17 52), rnd Gilbert (1755) A decade Int e r. the sci?Ure o f lhe H avunna h was ce l ebrutcd in journals s u ch as the Dublin Maga:.ine, Gentleman s Magazine, Ge111lema 1 1 'sand London Magazine, Im pe rial Mogt1 :. i11e, London Muga ., ine, Royal Muga :. i11e, Scots Mogc,:.i11e, U11il'er wl Maga.,ine, and Universal Museum which proudly displayed Lhe newly con quered is l and. This m omen t ous eve n t was also recorded in pu bli cations by Ex!.>haw. Kit chin. M acgowa n. M a ni e. Mon.imer. and Wright. 15 A l so around this pe ri od. th e canograp h l!r J effery devoted much mrnmion to Cuba and its c iti es and p o rt s in hi s Spanish I sla nd s ( 1 762), hi s General Topography of South America ( 1768), u nd his West Indi a at l ases ( 1775, 1783-1787, 17 94. 1 807, and 1 8 1 8), pub li s h ed by Sayer & B ennet and L a u rie & Whitrle. 2 6 Speer ( 1771 ). Millar (ca. 1782), and Ga uld ( 1790. 1794). close the E n g li sh production of the eighteent h cent ur y. The per f ecLion of the chro n ome t er by J o hn H arrison i n 1 772. which per mitted lhe cu l c ul a li on of l ongitu d e al sea; the voyages of Captain Cook end in g in 1775 w hi c h signu led the ri~e of the Briti s h Navy: and the crea ti on in 1 795 of th e H y

150 EMILIO CUETO printed mup to s how Cuba and then only in iii. Carribbean co nt ex t did not appear until 1511 (in the Seville edition of Peter Martyr' s Opera). 'Two hundred fil'ly years elapsed however, before lhc first "Spanish" map d evo t ed so l e l y L O Cuba alone was published, and it wa s not even print e d in Spain. 10 Thi s unJm pre ss ive little map was prepared by Th o ma s L 6pez for an atlas published in Pari s in 1758. Hi s atlas al s o included two miniature map s of Havana and Santi ago Ba y copied from an Engli s h map edited by Poppl e tw e nty -five years ear lier ln 1763, Ganzino print e d (in Cadiz?) a map o f Hav ana's allack by Lhe Briti h (an d mu s t probably co pied from th em). and in 1766 Rueda publi hed five maps of l ocali tie s on the north coast of Cuba. The fin.t important map of Cuba printed in Spain was that of J uan L6pe.z Tomru: 's so n. publi s hed in 1783 -al m os l three ce nturie s after Lhe Columbus (a d )ve nture and the first importanl Spanish map of Ha vana wa<; published by Tomas Lopez in 1785 .lt T owar d the e nd of th e ce nLUry, the Spanish H yd rographi c Office began publish in g map s based on the s urvey s of Cosme Cliurruca t l76l 1805 ) Ventura Bnrc a itztcgui. Dioni sio GaLiano. Juan Enriquez de la Rigada, Juan del Rfo. Jose Salazar, and Baud. Early in the nineteenth century, the valuable and informative P n rr11/an o in c luded 34 map s of Cuban ports edited by the Hydrographic Office. Through o ul the century, the Dire cci6n Hidrografica of Madrid and CAdiz printed impor tant map s ( particularly Lhe Ca rra s Esfericas se rie s) by del Rio Seijas. Failde, Costilla. Ar~valo. Arag6n, Anrequem, Orta!. Serrano, and orhers. Notab l e maps of this peri o d also in c lude those by Cam.ilo A labem ( 1 850). Coello { 1851. 1853 ) .Bachiller (l852I 853). Campuzano ( 1852), Gutierrez de la Concha ( 1 853, 1875 ), Pczuela ( 1 859). Puerta ( 1860), F erre iro/ Alabem { 1864), Grilo ( 1 871, 1876 ). Arnntavc ( 1872 ). Valverde (1880), Riera ( l 880s). Domfnguez ( 1880 s) Gonzalez de la s Pena s ( 1881 ). Vierge { l 881 ), Montojo ( 1 881 ). Lenz.a muzga ( 1887). Barri os ( 1888 1898 ), and Castillo ( I 890). as well as t hose inserted in Pirala b oo k about the Ten Years War ( 1868 1878) whose publica tion coincided with Cuba's final War of I ndependence ( 1895 1898 ). But the truly ou t s tanding work of Spanish cartography i s the monumentnl Carra Geogr' Tupogrtifica d e la I sla d e Cuba, printed in B arcelona in 1835. I t wus commissioned b y Captain General Vive~ (a nd i s so metime s referred lo by that name ) It was prepared by Jasme-Vt1l co url. drafted by Roca. and printed by Valen cian Domingo E st ruc ( h). Thi s extraordinary map. mea s uring 14 X 5 fee t was the re s ult or ~even year.; of ~ urvcy s by nw11t::r0L l S experts and four years of drafting and printing. lt s production was so difficult and elaborate ( never before had s u c h a map been printed in Spain) that it r eq uired unique hand l ing ::ill t h e way fr o m the se tup of the e ngra ving workshop to the manufacture of speciul ordcr paper. Jt was tbe first 1op og raphi ca l map o f Cuba and includes maps of scveru J cities as wcJl. 32 The war years 18951898 saw another flurry of Cuban maps by Arbex. Cuban Canography, 1500 -/898 1 51 Guerrero, Larra Mauc ci, Ortiz. Pampillon Riuda vets, So l as, and u, e Spani h War D epanmen t {C uerp o de E stado Ma yo r Dep 6s it o d e la Guerra) Smal l er engravi n gs h owe d up in the illustrated press (llusrraci6n Espaliola, J/11srra ci611 Arr(srica, l/u srrac i 6n Jberica etc.) throughout l1 1 e conRict. 3 J Maps P r int e d i n C ub a Printing ca me t o Cuba after two ce nturie s o f co l onizatio n in 1723. 34 T o my knowledge. the first map printed in Cuba depicted the entire island. II was drafted by Ci'idiz-bom Antonio L 6pez Gome z ( activ e cu. J 790~-1820s) and engraved by Cuban Franci sco Ja v ier BaeL ( 1748 1848 ) and it appeared in the Cale11dario Manual y Gula de Forasreros ( J 793). 35 Baez also may huve en graved the fir s t Havana map printed in Cuba (1809). Nineteenth -ce ntury Havana witnessed the production of three outs tanding mapmakers: 1he Atlas C11ba110 co ntaining six teen or seve nteen c ity maps by Rodrfguc z ( 1 84 1 1842), the H avana map by Albear ( 1874). and 1he monumen Lal geotopographical map of Cuba. in 36 s heet s, by Pichardo ( 1875 ) .w Other imp o rtanl map s were prepared or publi s hed by Sirubaldj ( 1822 ), Lani e r ( 1823 18 39). Laborde ( 1829t Pichardo. father and so n ( I 840s-1880s), Felipe Poey ( 1840. 1848. 1 857). B ourre l ier ( 1845 ). Andres Poe y ( 1848), Jose Marfa de la Torre ( 1 849, 1867 J 871, 1 877), Curles ( I 850s), Dulong ( 1850 s) Oarcfa de Arboleya ( 1852 ) Jose L6pez Manfne z ( 1852 ), Monte ( 1 853). Al fonso ( 1854 ), Loma Ossorio ( 1855), B e rnardo ( 1 856), Uribe (1856. 1860) Cue ta (1859). Coloma ( 1 859), Jo se L6pcz t l859 J, Loyra {1863), Alvarez t 1864 ), Napo l e ( 1869 ), Pego/Torre ( 1873 ), Caine { 1874 1877 ), Gonzalez d e la Vega { 1 877), Ros s i ( I 878), Duma i, ( 1881 ). Girnll ( 1881 ). Figarola ( 1881 ) Lhe Nome11c/a1or ( 1883. 1884 ) Ba c hiller rt 883), Gon7..alez Simancas ( 1884). Rui z ( 1884). Jimeno ( 1885 ). Pnmn ( I 894), Gimlt ( 1895 ), l/11srraci6n de Cuba ( 1895 ), Men e ndez ( l 895, 96, 97). L 6pcz Pantoja ( 1 896) and Ventura { 1897 ). During the twentieth century, important efforts have been made among ot her s, by Juan F. Veulen s. who published an atJas (82 s heets ) in 1908: Lhe Cuban Army. which published a 72, heel map of the i~land in 1914 (updated in 1931 ); 37 the cartographical team supporting the work of U:!e 1 943 Census; 38 Gerardo Canel: 1 ~ and vario u s Cuban Geographical lnstilute:,. 40 Even more ac c urate and detailed map :, can be produced in the futur e through the use of :.a t e llite photogniphy and other sop histic,ued device.<.. And. who know s per haps paper atlases will someday be totally replaced b y cybcrspuc:t:: technology F i na J Ob e r va li o n s With Lhe invalmtble help of earlier compilers. I hav e identifi ed abou t 1 060 maps pecilical l y devoted to Cuba during co loni a l lim ei.. The first co nclm i o n


152 EMILIO CUETO t o be c.Jrawn is lha 4 in s pite of importalll ninete e nth-century map s produced in Cuba. "Cuban" colonial map s were c~sc ntially the work of forcigners. 41 And lhe few map s printed in Cuba were essentially the work of H avana printing conce rn s. An occasional map printed in Santiago Matan7.a s, or Cienfuegos is just thaL Spain, we have seen. h ad a very late sut rt. Neverthele s1, iti. nineteenth century production was truly extraordinary and unparalleled el1,ewhere in tenns of number of original s urvey s. scale, detail and n.ccurncy. U.S map production did not ~tan until 1822 bul picked up trem endously toward Lhe end of lhe century. The Kelly/Lanier map of H avana ( 1837), the Torre/Colton map of Cuba ( 1861-186 2), and the Bryan map of Cuba ( 1896) are by far the most beautiful American piece s of this period Th e Library of Co ngr ess has copies of t:ach. Other than CLLba Spain, and the United Stutes, a s malJ group of countrie~ {seve n We s t ern European nations) comp l ete l y monopolized th e production of Cuban map over four cc muri es. Exceprions are a token map from 1lirkcy. the 151 3 Pi ri Re is map (alt.hough not Cuba-specific it deserves mention because it i!, ..,aid lo have taken information from Co lumbu s~ own map, now lost): from Canada (a wood engraving from an illu stra t ed periodica l ): irom Austria (an 1898 war map by Um l auf!): and from Greece (an 1 898 map by Salive r os). L u.tin America produced a lm ost nothing, wi th the exception of Me xico. There was an early cr ude ~ketch in the seve nt eenth cenLUry. 42 Le!>!> origina l but mori:: interesting were the maps ordered to be printed by Pr esident Victoria in 1 825: the 1818 Spanish Po11u/a110 with 34 map s of individual ports and the "Carui fafcrica" by del Rf o published in Spain in 18 21.~' There muy have been srnaJ J maps in Western H emisp h ere books or periodicals during the 1895-1898 War or I ndependence, but they were c l ear l y minor works. Sim il arly, Scan dinavi a. Eastern Europe, and Russia s h owed l i t tle inlereiil -1-1 as did China and Japao. 4 T h e rest of Asia. Africa. and Australia remained who ll y uninterested in Cuba. 4 6 Why were Cuba maps published? War and trade. we have ~een were the main incentive s. Cuba's Caribbean location, surrounded by English. Frt:nch. and Dutch colonies, and near t h e Gulf Stream, had much to do wit.hi t You ca n hardly find a map or the Gulf of Mexico, the southern United States, the Caribbean. or nor1hcrn SoUlh America that does not include so me part of Cuba. Of the Cuban map!> identified, about 220 relate specificn!Jy t o Havana eit h er a s entire maps or inset s in larger unill>. H avana \\ as a major seaport in colonial times The p ictorial border of a 1622 Dutch world map by Dir" Lons contains a view of Havana as ooe of n select group of eighteen world ci ti es. And in the border oi another 1690 map by Visscber H avana is one of on l y nine c i ties presented (others include Amsterdam. R ome, J c r susalcm, Mexico C it y. and Bahia) Havana\ importance grew in the eighteenth cenrury: to get th e city Cuban Cw1ography. 1500-1898 153 back from the British in 1763 Spain Lrc.1ded the whole of Florida in exchange. B y 188 1 American sc ho o l c hildr en were learning th at H avana wa~ "t h e second city in the New World in foreign commerce (presumably after New York ) "and the greatest sugar market in the wortct:+ 7 Other major Cuban cities ~uch as Santiago and Mat anzas appeared in a liule over 50 map s each. Pinar del Rro, on the other hand is depicted only once in a small 1853 in, el. Only thi1teen different Cuban mops -o ther than reprint s irom the same plate-were produced in the sixteenU, century: eigh1 by l talinns, three by Dut c hm en. one by a Gennan. and one by u B e l gian. Thirty-thre e were produced dwing the seventeenth century, 162 during the eightee nth and over 800 maps in lhe nine1ecntl1. l1 1e 1895 1898 conflict was fo ll owed by ut l east 1-1-5 maps from t en dilferent cou ntri e The mapping of Cuba was clearly a nineteenth century phenomenon. A few fir sts: Cuba's fir s t appearance in a printed map was in Contarini R ose lli (1506). Th e first map exclusive l y devoted to Cuba was U1e 1 528 Bor done map. The first printed map of H avana was an in se t in the Claebz map or around 1602. and Santiago harbor first appeared in an inset in the 1 733 Popple map :'~ The first map about Cuba p1i n tcd in Cuba was publi shed in 1793. It was engraved by B aez, C uba 's first printmaker. Mapmaking was almost universally the work of white men. Lone excep tions were Florentine signo r (in)a Violanlil V anni in U 1c cighteenLh century and Jose D o l ores Espinosa. who may have been a mu l ano. I n addition to printed and manuscript m aps on paper. c l ot h or ve llum some Cuban maps were engraved on olher s urface Some H avana" and 'Matansia" plans were engraved o n animal horns u se d t o keep gunpowde r dry. Powd er horns with engraved c i ty m aps became popular during the Fr ench and lndian War in the 1760s. and a few have sui-vivc d with (c tude or imaginary) H avana and M ata n zas plans o r view _-1 9 Ep ilo g u e : Original Map s and Reproduction s To repeat. unlike manuscript map!> o r which U1 ere is on ly one origina l p r in t ed maps a r e both origina l s and reproductionl>. Reprodu c tion. however, now mean s a photomechnnicul co py w h ereas a mup i!. conside red original if i t was printed directly from the e n graved s urfac e ( wood. m etal, or sto ne ), eve11 thou gh severa l iden ti ca l copies may exis1. Antique maps are kept in mu seums. archives. libraries and priva1e collec lions. [n the U nited St.a t es, Lhe Libra ry of Congress holds the s ingle large s t co llection of printed Cuban" map s in lhe world. many within precious and rare atlases. book and periodical s) .' 0 The New York Pu blic Libr'..try und uni versity libntriei. also worth visiting. The H avana National Library ha s an import.a nt co ll ec tion-whi c h include!> the Alla .\ Cubanu und the massive 1 875


1 54 EM ILI O CUETO Pichard o map And in the Cuban Nationu .l A r chives are a remarkab l e group of manuscript plans and map s.~ 1 lmpormm collections exis t also in Spain, Great Brilllin France, lhe Netherlands, and in It aly (particularly the Marciana Library in Venice. th e Maru ce lliana Library in Florence and U 1e Vatican L ibrary). 5 2 Old Cuban map s ha ve been repr o du ced i n Cuban geography a n d hjsrory books. as we ll as encyc l oped i as. Th e Arla.I' de Cuba ( 1842). edi t ed in Par is by la Sagra, was probably Lhe first t o reproduce old C ub a n maps (Toduy. these re-engravings are a nt ique maps t.l1 e m selves.) C u ban magazine s, parLicularJy Social ( J 9 I 6I 936). are a l so a good so ur ce of r eproduc t ions. 1n recen t t imes ( 1 980), th e l1 1su 1u1 0 C u ba n o de Amistad co n l os Pueblo s ha s i ssued copies of i mp ortant antiq u e maps. Finnlly tho se wishi n g L o tra ce how Cuba was depic t ed in th e ear li est wor l d and hemi s ph e ric maps -and ome s hape s are truly odd s hould consult so m e recent r efere nce s. 53 B euer yet, go 1 0 t.ll e main l ibrar i es and c h eck. t h e origi nal s them se l ves. B o n voyage! NO T ES I Because mnnuscript map~ did no1 cirt: ulnl i.! aad were not gen~mlly known, the y often did not influence otbercunollniphcrs. I n addition, r heir purpoEe. focus, p l ace o f origin, a uth or, manner of prepurutlon. num ber. locu1ion today. and availabili1y fur ncqubhion nre quite dHTeren l from lhose or primed maps. 2. Cuba appears m all world mops ond globes Western H errnsphere mops, North American mups, Curibbeun :rnd Mexican Gulf map s, and In many South Ameri ca n :rncJ U S mnp,. A complete li,1 of "Cuban" mups. lhcrcforc. would be s1aggering Moroever. after nbout U te 1760s. the larger c n cornpas~ing mups <.lo not ~lgnificunt l ~ e n hance our geogrnphical knowledge of Cubu or our understa n ding nf r hc dt:vclopmelll (l(thc mnpprng ol Cuba 3. P Lee Phillipr., "Mnps of C u ba Pono Rico u n <.l 1h c West I nd res in A P C Griffin. U 1 1 ,if Books Re/ming m C11ha. U.S. Se n Doc 1 61 (\Va~hington, D.C .. 1898 ); A l..i n "JM/IJ/S nf Amrrica In che Library of Congnss (Wnshrngro n. D.C . 1901 ): --Map s Rein li ng 1 c, Cuba." in Gon1nl o de Quc sn da. Horrdlmok ofC ulm IWa~hington. D .C., 1905); and A Us, ofCeowaplurnl Aliases m 1he library ofCm1gress, 9 vols. (Wushing l on 0 C.) the l ust live vol ume s arc by Le Genr, 1 909 1992. ~ume pruu reprinted rn A m~ten:lllm, 1971 ). 4 Domingo Figarolo-Caneda Car1ogrofr11 C11ba11a de/ Briri.-,1, Muu11m 2nd ed. ( H nvnnn, 1 910), l isting 128 map s 5 Curios M. Trelle s. Olblio1e ca Gmgrdficn Cuhrma (Mntunzn~. 1920): S11pplcme n tcd by his llibho11rofTa C11/Ja110 dl' los Siglos XVII XVT/1 (llnvnna, 1927 ) am 81/1/l ogmffa C11btma de/ Si,:lo x rx 8 vols. (Marn111ab. 19 1 1 1915 ). 6. Sa l \ ndur Mns~ip. "C11r1ogrnrro Cubnnn: In Rl'1fr10 Blr11e)tre C ubt ,,rn ( H ov11Du, 1 932). 397-4 19 arid rhrd ., 1933 90 J3K. 234-13, 259 70, -HJ 30 Hls list however cxtlurlc$ maps after I XW .ind, uf i1 s 600 cn1rie\ on l y 1 4 2 rufer 10 Cuba ,pecifiC(llly. 7. As a grad u a1io11 gift many ycuts ago, u friend offered rnc 1h e fir5t lmpl)rtn nL mop in my co l lection, together \\ilh n ~olemn l ookmg Ccnificutc of Aulhenticny rrom n repulllble mop denier In Ne" York. Elated nmJ in1rlgued by my m:w Lrea.1ure. I began t o do some :.ericJUS mup re.1eun:h o nl y to discover thm my mup. n l lhough indeed authcnue had been mi~idcn1il1ed in the CcrUficuie It lln ~ been uphill ever si nce Thmuglmul th e,e,, I remuin particularly i nd ebted to the smfTs of Cuba11 Cartography, 150 0 -1 898 1 55 the H ovnnn Nnti o nnl Librur} t rncJ the Llb r-.11) of Cong~. Re searc h of course, i~ by no menns co ncluded. ( I t never will be.) 8 I n 1768, ~urvcyor& Charle, Mason und Jeremiah Dixon completed a Pla n se ttin g forth the boundaries belWl!CJI Mnry l umJ, Delaware and Flmn,ylvania . The Mason-Dixon line 1hus created hnd for reaching repcrcus1on~ for the U S.10 lhc nineteenth century. Only CivLl War would settle the i~~ue 9 The intcrcs1 and assrstam::I! o[cr'c(J by the Spruw.h authoriii~. ti ll er 1869 10 Pi chardo's cnnographic ventures 1n Cubu were obvious l y rclnrcd to Spnrn 's desire l o haven dctm l ed. u p-co dale map in o rder to oouer sulToc111e 1he nu 1 ivc iru,urr~tion I 0. During rhe 1 762 Brrtlsh lnvrwon of Cubn rruttl) Spanr It n1tu1uscnpt mups were tnkcn b) the intruden, {n nd have hy 110\\ found 1hcir wny int o the British Libmry ). These mnnu~criptJ. also s erved as ~ourcc.c; for !tiler publications plllil c ularly !hose by Thornai. Joffe!') 1 1 Trelles mentia11s nn t\tlru dl' la I fin de Cuba (I 898) by vt1rious nulhors bu 1 gives no deta i l s. I have been unable to l ocate It. uni~, it i,-lhe sam~ Uh U S Wnr Depruiment tlrlw of P,irt.1 ( I K98J. Seeal~o Solt!.s (571). 12 Thi~ neut divi s ion of labor is, of conr,;e, not n l ways true Sometimes. ns was lht: cosc ,n scvc ntccnth-<:cnwry L ondon, man) mupmukers were alfia pri111er1 publishers nnd salesmen at the ,ame time. And m same maps of h1s I 841 1842At/as C11ha110, Rnfoel Rodriguez ofie n reminds us tha 1 he lo l rreg l 6, dibuj6 y publicm.'' 13. Mi ssing from the li t erature of Cuban cartography is :i detailed, ~y~tcmmic not an Island ("gue cie rium ente no r e n.fa dud[I oJgullll quc fucse In tlerra llrme . y no Isla" J. When nnd how Uh.I De Lil Cosn ehnngc his mind~ Where <.lid he ge l hi5 ne,, dum frcm1? W 11s there ever n mop by any conogrupher showing t he Island OS part of A $iO? I a l so remain pualed by the foci thm Co lumbu s d i ed srx years nrtcr 1h c De Lu Cosu mnp nnd yc1 he rcpomidly never knew 1hn1 Cuh.i wn., 011 i~lnnd Ei1h~r Col umbu did 110 1 know of 1hb 11111p oroflhc mt'om1auon therein. orhe knew the mnp anti dismis edit, rinding., or the Cublln ,;ec1lon o f the map is a later add ii ion (1 h e fir1t complete Cu!->on ,uf'l.~ys did n ol 1oke p l ace until 1505 1 507 by Yufte1. Pin:wn and 1509 by Ocampo ), or Columbus knew thul Cubu wo~ an Island bu1 found II l!.'lpcdicnt not lo w:k n ow l edge 11. preferrin g co be the D i scoverer of Fnbu o u ~ Indio 1hnn or n bUJ 1 ch of l i1Ue islands. I am not impressed by 1hc firM two n l temativc ~. Some repuwb l c: ,cholar~ h ave proposed ye t n flfth tbUL t he Cubn rcprcsenuuion in the mnp i~ n<'I really nn i~ l om l but port of nn


1 56 E M I LIO CUETO unc,p l on: u territor y o r a co nti n cnrn l peninsula-hut I nm n o t impre11scd hy lMI so lution ollher. Se c Dona l d McQuirk. The Dep1c11on of Cuba on the Ruysch World Map." Tura tJ l!1r o11 111ral' 20 ( 1988 ). See Jbo note 22. 16. ArgumlllllS hnvc been m11dc 1hn1 both the Portuguese and Spuni~h crown~ hud ~erio usl y opposed the dissemmauon of geo~phic:al knowledge about the New World-and, hence. the printing of maps 10 deter uninvited gue,~ from joi 11 ing their privu1c "p iilota ( II did not wor k q u i1c 1 lin1 way. tho u gh./ Also. we shou l d n m loose sight of the fac1 thm for mos1 of the co l on ml period, Cuba wm, o n l) a ~ery ~,mill pan aml ch!arly not the riche.,t -o f a much larger Empire. Under ~uch c1reum umccs, why s hould the McLropoli~ ~pend resource, on spccillc pro;cc 1 s'! Finally. for many year.. l:fovuno wns the only Cuban port open lo commerce ( and then uni)' 10 Spanl~h ship~). am.I II would follow that map~ ur 01hur Cuban harbor, aml cit le~ wl,ulc.l not have bccntn grc111 demand. See nlso 1hc d u,cuss 1 011 nnd notes 30-3 1 be l ow. 17 The: cump;w, was developed in h a l y i n t he Lhineemh .:enlUI) {or even e:trUer in Amulfi), untl the gei,gntphicnl concept uf Ptolemy, Ju~t" for scvcrul Cllllturil!!,, were redi.'>cov,med tn Flonmcc uruund 1 400. gwing nn impelui. lo 11 e11 lhi11lu11g unc.1 mnpmalung. 1 8. hi~ well documentl!d that Cnlumbu~ dre\Oo ~cvr:rn l chru1s himse l f. H owever, while ~vernl a n onymous mop huvc sonie t tmes been a 1 1 ribu1cd 10 hm1. 1bc so l e num u scn r, 1 ske 1 ch 1ha 1 is u nq u es tionably hi.s depict~ the nonh coast of H hpun i olu. nu1 Cuho. l 9. I have scriou~ doubts n.~ 10 lhi~ nllributlon nnd 1 1 1erefore. hnvc Included thi~ map In the "Anonymous" section of my checklist. with u cro:.s-refere 1 we u nder Ben e l h centric~ I c a n d 53al. 20. There lsn l mn ''C u bn in~u l a" ITlllpnppearing in nn u11d i den1ificd h nlian-languagc puhllcn 1 1on by Gregorio Let\ (en. 1 670s'/), but this i s really a reprint of a Dutch map ocigma l ly appearing 1n the Merca 1 orH ondins Atlo.f Mi1rnr. published by C l uppenburg in Amsterdam in 1 630. lext ,in the verso 01 the mup refer~ to the eup1urc o f the Silver frlec1 off Mman,as by the D u tch in l 628. 21. Cubu. ul cuur.;e. uppcurcd ir 1 L he Cu ri bbcu n mups of A n tonio Zl1tlll tnc li veca. lnS 17971 am! Gro\unni K 1ul ,'...innoni t l7J6 l81 4 ). 11 u l ,o bhowcd up in ,tn I talian cdJ L ion o r Grenet I Venice, 1 79 .:! J bu t t hts was n l re n ch map by Bonne Fina ll y. it was Included Ill some ll1lle t comh ccmury illustn 11 ed bookb und periodical~ (Gullcngu, G11crm l,1JXm0. I n fact ll\ Jc!fcryh tells u~. hi~ mup protluctron wus a uircct r~u lt ufthc 8rt 1 I~h pre&cnce tn C u bu. wh i ch ul l owed lht:m l o cupturc munuscnpl mups 111 Cuban 11rch 1 vcs nnd. 111 some cu:ses ( b l m~ Oum ford Jnd Daniel Andcrm n for ex.,mp l c). 1 0 conduct uddhium tl CJ

l'-iOO Report of the Mlliwn gol't'ft11JroJCubt1 1111 mII "fj11ir .1 (WaohtnglOn, O .C., I 90 I}, vol. 2, pl 3. Nole lhUI L11c H uvunn m11p, \1-t!re originally drnflcd by fatehan T Piehurdo 28. See e)p Planas de Cmdadcs lbt1.111ulei ( 1503 -17 1 S)(Madrid. 1955 ), Vlndel II Ms only 18 l1001.s hclwccn 503 nm! 1 758 with map~ in which Cubu appear; in its larger co111cxv.. but n ot one 1s devo1ed 1() Cuba alone. 31 l n con1ra~I wilh the ,ltuation in Grca1 Britain nn mapm;lking publicily occurred in Spain nfier 1 he ru 1 111r H:tva n u in 1 762 w 11 h 1l1e sinttle cxcep11on or 1he Ci ni 11.1no mnp. (A ce r min Fmncisco de '1/avarro i, prc~um.:d It' have engraved another mop but ii hu~ nOI ~urfaced yet~ Note, howc\'cr. thnl following the departure of t he Briti~h. Spa i n wo~ quick 10 . Quito C 1760), Sontlngo de C h ile ( 1776), Buenos A i res ( 1780), Monie video (1807) Caracas ( 11108) nml Puerto Rico l 1808J. 35. Trell~ Mate, thm map WU.\ pub l ished around" 17!>0 nud the Hnvunu N1111011o l Libmry keeps lhnt uaic Even 1f printcu ~cp11rn1e l y (nntl there as no co1u1rm1111011J. II Jin, t 1tpp cumprehen~hc Cana \Oocn: reproduced hy t he H ovonn Notional Llbrury In 197 1 37. D u n n g the .,.,cuud A1nem;nn occupat i on of Cuba ( 1906 1909). lhe U.S Army prepared 0 1 1 importan t 1upugrnphical map. puhli~hcd in 1 911 hy the U.S Wur Dcpanmcn t (CO P) in the New York Publtc LlbmryJ. Accordi n g 1 0 Tre ll e~. 1 1 wns "1raduc 1 do a u mcnmdo y corrcg t do .. by the Cubnn army in 1914. 38. Ti ic u tl ns of the C,m.w tit /Y./J ( lf avnno., 19.W?J conwin~ a large compilnuon or city 1m 1 ps


1 58 EMILIO CUETO 39 Gerardo Cnnct, Aila~ de C11f1t1 (C. 1mbrid1,1 e. Ma s~ .. 1 949). Thi ~ wa~ o rmher modest boo~ uml printed in tht U11itcd Stt1 t es. 40, In 1 \170. n hond~ome Alim Nncio11e1I ,,,. C111Ja, n joint erron of t he Cuban in d St>vict ln ,Ut u t ~s ur Geugrophy. wus printed in the USSR i n both Spnn i ~h n nd R u~~inn cdillCln~. (An English tron s l uLion was publis h ed by t h e U.S De ponmc nl of Commerce m 1971 ). A dcsks1ze A li m de Cul,a wu., publi~h ed by Lh e ln~t ituto Cuba n o de Geode,ia y Cartograffo i n 1 978 in ,In u nkn own lucutinn (probably USS R ). Fin nlly. a Nue1 Alias Nacio ,wl de C11lm prepared by the ln sit ut o de Geogrofio of th e Cuban Acudemy of Scie n ce.,, wr~ printed in M adrid by the Spa n ish ln ,t itut o GcograJico Nacionnl i n 1 988, 41. The ~n me con be sn 1 d about C uban co l o n rnl prints. Sec m y '" A S h on G u i de t o C uban Prin t s,' Cuhtm Smdlrs 14 n o. I (w inter 1984 ) 42. Thi c ur lou~ map, focusing on l1 L~p ani olo and Tortugu depict!' u di,proporuonutcly ~mu ll 1slnnd of C uba (al mo s t lb an nltcnhoughtl. It appears in Frn n cisco M onte m ayo r de C u e n ca (Span ish governor or I l ispanlola). Dl ,r1" 11rstJ P o /(li co H l.m1 rl cn dl'I Dert r h a y R epartlc/611 dt Prt'sa.1 I Mexi co 1 65!1). I e nc IL here m o re ns a n ove l t y th an ns a t rue mop of C uba. 4 3. l do not kn o\\ Lbl! co ntext in which Pre~idem Victoria ordered the,c th ~ nmp, to be publw1cd. Il owcvcr, a t thnt t ime Spurn wru, n ot ye t rcconcileJ to the pcnnuncnt l o~~ o f Mexico. und th ere w~ some co n ce rn Lh.1 1 it might nttnck M exico from Cu bun t i!rri t ory. ln nddit1on, President Victor i u h : 1d p l an, 1 0 inv u d c Cub u a nd expe l tl11 : Spuniard~ rrom lhc l, lund (unc.1 the M exican Senn1e weni as for HS t o a uth orize a jo 1 rn Me x can-Co l omlmm expc d111 o n ngainsL C ubn ). C uban n nd Caribbean mups wou l d be uf invaluable ,IS.\IMUnce In the ,went uf co nllicL A n d cleurl} it wa.~ c h cnpcr for IVfox ico t o r eprint mnps surveye d anJ prcpnn:J ch,ewhcre. 44 Mnp No. 54 C"km111 mn ovodnnnm") 111 th e Nmfi Atlw puhlished in 17 93 by St Pet ersb ur g schoo l or m i n~ ~hows Cuba In its M o:: d cun Gulf emp l acemcnl Ear l i er, In 1 7117, Anne 111 nn cn n ogrnp h er Elin En,fosiun had publish~d hi ~ "A menkn '' map 111 Annenm n. But 1h 1 s map hod been printed in Venice 45 ln 158-+, Je s uit M a te o R icci was in~ 1rument n l in hn ving a world m ap o fEu ropenn origi n s howing n c rud e ouc l lnc of C ubn pri nt ed in C hinn A Japane se ven;ion o f this map wos prim e d in Nagasaki in 1 645 unde r th e Litl e B a n oku Sozu (A complete map of the p eo pl es of 1he wor l d). I l owcver ncuhcr the s e nor 0 1her c 1ghteenthcc n1u ry Jupnn esc wo rl d m a p s b y K! o n 11 759), Sekisui ( 1 779). and K o kon ( 1 792) m ake an} ,ign ih ca nt co ntributi on t o Cuba n c an ogr uph y. 46 The U S d eclllra11on o f war Spain i n 1898. ln!IW0rmi n g 11 bilnu::ral Cubun Spa.rnsh conllict into an wtcmnll o ni:tl wa r wi th both u Cnobbcno and u Pacific IronL hnd repercu sio m th roughout th e wor lll A wur map o f Cuba h Uii ooc n n::po1ted ,IS f ur away us 1hc M nu rll illl, l s l und nn English co l ony m 1he l11 d11111 Ocean. 1 898 Philippine publi c mion s s h o uld u l so be cxo m lned. All th e~ work~, h owever. ure derivntl~ from W Europe;m or U.S publi!ihen,. 47 App l eton\ H fg h u G1ngrt1phy (Nc:w Y 11rk, l 881 ), p. 68. 48 There Is n s mall ske t c h of "St Ja go" 1n lh e 1 655 edll i o n of Go ttfried "s Newt! \\ tit. bu t I be li eve thi s re f ers 1 c, anniher Sa ntia go i n 1 h1: Cupe V erde island~ M an) print dcale:r~ h : l\ e mi~mkcn 1h e 1w o So111iugos 49 See Step h e n V, Gmnc s.i}, Aml!rirnn P l)lw/er H nmr ( New York 1945 ); and Pnwdl!r H am in //re Stmtl1tm1 T mtfflim1 ( Miami: Pl or! da I l isto r y As~ociatc<,, 198 5). 50. See note 3. 51. Sec Em(!St(I de los R ios. CartngrajTa Sl'lec1/1"0 ( Ha va n a : Bibli otcca Nacional J ose Marti 1 985): Ca1dlngn d" ln.r M opas 1 1 / 11 11 0.t Crnq u lt y Arholes G11neal6,:i cos t!.ds 1 e 11r es en rl Arf/111 Nacional, 6 vu l ~. ( H avana, 1 95 1 -1961 ). ll I~ my impression that the Nu ti onal Archives are not particulllrly rich wi th =~ct to printed, ru; oppo lh c B od l eiu n Library nt Oxford ro:put~d to hu\ce ap p ro:\ima1dy I 0,000 map&. F or French so urt ;cs. sec Nicole Simon. u F1111tl1 C11bai11 dt la Soriltl di' G1!t,grap /1 it' (Parl~ 1985) On Du tch sources. see It C. K oema n. Col/cc r w11 of Maps 011d Arlasl's 111 11,e Ne1hulaiuls (Leiden, 1961 ), 53. Sec Philip D. Bu rde n "17,1' M a11ptr1g af N<1rtl1 Amtri ra: A UM of l 'rl 111 ed Mupl 1511 1670 ( H ong K ong, 1996 ); Kenneth Nebent.ah l Atlo.t of C11lu111b11J and Th e Great D1scovtmes (Chicago. I 990): A. E Nordenskjtlld. Fnrrimilf' Atln.s ( 1889; rp L New Y ori... 1 973): Pi erlulg i Portlnaro, TTI I' Crtrt11gmpl, 1 of Nnrth Amt>rku ( New Y or k 1 987): Monique de In R onc1ere. i..l.'J Pnrtulrm.~ (Pur,s, t 9R4): Seymour Schwa nz. 7/ie Mappi11 J1 of America (New Y o rk 1 980); Th omus Su~re,. Shedding tht! \ ~11 (S in gapore. 1 992) : Peter Whitfield. n,t Im age of the ~\f irld (Su n F mn ci'lCo, 1994) ond Tht Charting of the Oceans (Co.lltbrn rn 1 996); und il lllls W otlT. Am l'rict1 !Mu nich. 1 992).


160 EMILIO CUETO Checklist of "Cuban" Maps, 1500-1898 The items listed herein depict either the entire island of Cuba, sections thereof, or individual ports or cities, appearing as full maps or as in se ts within larger regional maps In general, they are arranged in a lphabeti cal order by title under the relevant editor, publication author and/or printmaker (with appropriate cross-references), also listed alphabetically. When none of the above is known maps are listed under "Anonymous" by title. Only proper nouns are capitalized in titles. Charts published by official hydro grap hic offices, war departments, or other national administrative units are listed by country (France, Great Britain, Mexico Spain, and the United States). After the title, the following information is given: dimensions aut hor medium of printing, source where it may be found, and place and date of publication Measure ments of the map's printed surface are given in inches and centimeters (horizontal dimension first). Sometimes severa l maps were originally printed on a sing l e sheet, then cut and so ld se parately making identification more difficult especially size and title For medium I use ms ." for manuscript; "e ngr. for metal engraving ( wood is added if appropriate); "e tch ." for etching; and "lith." for lithograph. References to the compila tions by Figarola, Koeman, Massip and Rios (cited in the notes) are followed by the map number. Reference s to Phillips are to A List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress (see note 3). Trelles, unfortunately did not assign numbers to each entry (see note 5). In addition to so urce s cited in the notes, the following works were essential to the preparation of this checklist: Emilio Bacardf Moreau, Cr6ni cas de Santiago de Cuba, 10 vols. (Santiago, 1925) ; Leo Bagrow, The History of Cartography (Cambridge, 1961 ); E Benezit Dictionnaire des peintres .. et graveurs, 8 vols. (Paris, 1960); Enciclopedia Universal Jlustrada 60 vols. (Madrid-Barcelo n a, Espasa-Calpe 1908-1986); David C. Jolly, Maps of America in Periodicals before 1800 (Brookline, Mass., 1989) and Maps of America in British Periodicals (Brookline, Mass., 1990); Ir C Koeman, Atlantes Nederlandici, 5 vols. (Amsterdam 1967 ); Raymond Lister, Antique Maps and their Cartographers (Hamden, Conn., 1970); Carl Moreland and David Bannister, Antique Maps, 3rd ed (London, 1989); Elena Paez Rfos, Repertorio de Grabados Espaiioles, 3 vols. (Madrid, 1981-1983); Antonio Palau, Manual del Librero Hispano-Am ericano, 7 vols. (Barcelona, 1923 -1927); Carlos Sanz Mapas antiguos del Mundo (Madrid, 1961) ; Ronald Vere Tooley Tooley 's Di ctionary of Mapmakers (New York, 1979); and the National Union Catalog (NUC) of the U.S. Library of Congress. 1 Anonymous and Unidentified Maps a [Section of Havana.] No title Havana harbor chan nel between Morro and Punta. 27.5 X 27.5". Lith Large sca l e. Library of Congress has tw o copies, one filed under 1875, another under 1890s. b Carta telegrafica de la ... isla de Cuba." 28 X 20". Lith. of the Government Havana 1865. Is thi s the same map attributed by Trelles to Arantave in 1 864? C Carte de Cuba ." 8.5 X 6 ". Engr. Cartouche continues: Grande Isle de l Amerique Sept lune des Antilles. Printed on same sheet (19 X 14 ") with S. Domingue, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. French. Trelles dates it 1763 (?). Havana National Library dates it ca. 1790s. Copy in National Library Paris (GeF carte 13097). d e g h k Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 161 "A Chart of the i s land of Cuba. The Gulf of Florida . Windward Passage. 20 X 16". London 1742 ? Unclear whether printed or ms Figarola 28. Massip 382. Could it be a reissue of the the chart attri buted to Thornton (l 680?-1704 ?). See Thornton. "C uba. 18 X 26 cm. Engr. Italian ca. 1560 s. This map was attributed to Bertelli by De La Sagra. See Bertelli. Is thi s the same map which, as "C uba Insula, Massip (72) li sts under Anonymous? "C uba. 19 X 12". Lith. "Cuba & Jamaica 88" on top of page. In se t of Havanna. London ? New York ? 1893 ? Map no. 88 in unidentified publication. "Cuba and the Bahama island s." 12 X 9.5". ln unidentified publication (p 114) London? New York ? 1898? See P eop l e's Atlas and Waite Not to be confused with the 1822 Tanner/Carey&. Lea map of Cuba, with the same title which is often cut out by dealer s from it s surrounding text. "C uba insula." 19 X 11 ". Engr.? Seville? 1630 ? Figarola 5. Massip 182 The Briti s h Library ha s catalogued thi s map under "Seville? and" 1630 ?." While I have no major problems with the supposed date, I serious l y doubt it is a Spanish map for two reasons: First it s hows a Hauana o n the north coast and a "St Christouul" on the south. Since both names refer to Havana and Havana was moved from the south coast to its present location in 1519 it is improbable that a Spanish map of 16 30 (or even 1530) would have shown a nonexistent city on the south coast. The first manuscript Spanish map to name Havana (the Cuba map by Alonso de Santa Cruz ca. 1540 or 1560s) already locate s it on the north coast. Second, the measurements on this map are stated in German miles, not Spanish leagues which again would be highly improbable for a Spanish map. The map closely resembles the outline (particularly the north coast) ofWytfliet and copies most ofWytfliet place names. The only name not in Wytfliet (or earlier maps) i s that of Organos ," which 1 have found in Blaeu's map of the Caribbean ("lnsulae Americanae," ca. 1635). The cartouche is copied from Porcacchi ca. 1572 1620. The or i gin and source of thi s map remains a my s tery. My best guess is that it is a Dutch map ca. 1630s. "C uba Jamaica and San Domingo ." 22 X 16 ". Inset of "C ity of Havana. In unidentified atlas, ca. 1890s pp. 396-97. See Standard World Atlas. "C uba St. Domingo, Jamaica and the Bahama islands. 14 5 X 11". Engr. ? 1823. In unidentified atlas. "Die grosse insel Cvba mit der vmbligen lantschaft. 10 X 7". Engr. I hav e located two copies of this map, one in the British Library (C.7.e.2(16)), identified as" 15 60?," and Augsburg? ", the other in the Staatsbibliothek Bamberg where it i s identified as 1600." This map is always included in all Cuban repertories (Figaro la 1, Massip 90, Rios 96). In spite of the title however I di scove red it is a total fake: in fact, it is a map by Boazio of Cartagena, Co l ombia, published at the time of Drake 's West Indian voyage (I 586). The reasons for this hoax are unknown; perhaps a German editor needed a map of Cuba to illustrate some book and, in s tead of getting a real Cuba map, thought he would get away with thi s substitution. Or perhaps he found the right map in time and this o n e never circulated widely (which may explain its scarcity). "The Havana harbour. 7 X 7". Woodcut. Inscription "C idade de Havana" may indicate Portuguese origin. Similar to woodcut map s in The En g lish Pilot. One map dealer dated it ca. 17 80. This may be the printing date but, to me it looks much earlier. See English Pilot; Pimentel.


162 EMILIO CUETO m "The island of Cuba. 26 X 21". Engr.? Published according to Act of Parliament March 25th 1763 and Sold of the Jamaica Coffee House in St Michael's Alley Cornhill London." Figarola 32 Massip 437. n 0 p q u V ... the island of Cuba. Part of the Great Bahama bank ." ? X ?". Engr. According to the British Library, it covers "part of the north coast of Cuba and includes a view of Havana. London, 1763. Not in Figarola. "Map of the island of Cuba." 34 X 26". Lith., New York, 1855. On top, there are "Geographica l Chronological and Statistical Notes, simi lar to the one published by Ensign but without s uch reference See Ensign. "Mapa de la isla de Cuba con espresi6n de sus lfneas ferreas." 42 X 19 cm. Lith. "P. Lith.?" Hav ana, ca. 1870s. "Ma pa de la ysla de Cuba." 54 X 21cm. Engr.? Shows provinces, names of districts, roads and railroads." 19th century. Copy in Bancroft Library Univ. of California, Berkeley. "Military map of the island of Cuba." 8 sheets, 24 yX 40" each. Blueprint paper. Map no. 8, with eastern tip of Cuba, ha s key" to rest of the s h eets. No notations as to author or source. It is an enlargement (photograph?) in a sca le 1 :500.000, of a map of same title by the U.S. War Department in 1897. Who prepared it and why? Why is notation to the War Department deleted? "Plan de !'He de Cuba. Plano de isla de Cuba." Map in British Library (CXXIII.20). Figaro la 11. Massip (3 49) dates it around 1730 1740. Library of Congress has photostat copy not showi ng the French title filed under 1760. It is a manuscript chart incuded here only for clarification purposes. "P lan of the city & harbour of the Havanah ... batteries." 13.5 X 8". Engr. Colored. Copy in Library of Congress. Compilation in Phillips/Quesada, dating it "1742?," indicate s it is manuscript, but on closer inspection, I believe it is printed "Plan of the Havana ... 10 X 14 Ms. Colored. 1740 Describes Havana landmark s marked A through 0. Figarola 16. Massip 367. lt is Crown Ms. CXXIII-26 and is included here for clarification purposes only. "Plano de la ciudad y puerto de La Habana . aumentado en ... 1838. 48 X 37cm. Dedicated to Anastasio de Arango. Havana, 1838. Rios 321. Reproduced by Bien. Was the original ever printed? w Plano de! cam po militar extramuros de La Habana. 40 X 43 cm. Lith.? In "A nuncio al Publico of the Cuban Lottery, Havana, Dec 1841. x Plano de! puerto de Matanzas." Acording to Trelles its sale was advertised in La Aurora, Matanzas, 1834. y "Platte grond van de stad en haven van de Havana ." 8 X 7". Engr.? British Library copy (80595.[4]) used to read: "Paris, 1840?" (Figarola 61). Now it has been corrected to Amsterdam? 1750?" z "Republica de Cuba." 3.5 X 2"? New York? 1870s ? Figarola 106. aa "Topographical map of the island of Cuba." 33 X 22". Engr.? New York 1874 Trelle s citation. See Pichardo. Series of Maps of "Terminos Municipales." Havana National Library has copies of six of these, which have been ink-stamped "C uba Capitanfa General de la Siempre Fie! Isla de Cuba. Estado Mayor." Some are clearly photocopies or originals located elsewhere. There i s no indication as to provenance author, or date The library has dated them around 1880 s. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 163 bb "Guantanamo." 48 X 53 cm. cc Jiguanf. 26 X 47 cm. dd Las Tunas ." 44 X 50 cm. ee "Manzanilla." 61 X 42 cm. ff "Peninsula de Zapata." ? X ?". Fragment of a lar ger map? AA Vander, Pierre (Dutch cartographer and editor, 1659-1733). a "Baye et ville de Havana ou S Christoval." 12 X 8.5". Engr. In his La Galerie Agreable du Monde (Leyden 1729 vol. 66 no. 9 Phillips 3485. (Other sources cite vol. 4, pl. 73b?) Some sources locate this map also in AA's reprint of De Fer 's Les Forces de /'Europe. Are the two different publication s? A reengraved version of this map with altered title was published by Corea!. See also de Fer and Mortier. b "Cuba en Jamaica." 9 X 6 2" Title in side map. Engr. Appears: (I) as map no. 31 (Koeman Aa 1) in his Carte des ltineraires (Leyden, 1707); (2) in his Atlas Nouveau (Leyden, ca. 1710 ? 1714?, with ornamental borders) (Map no. 61 in Phillips 170, 96 3329; Map no. 137 [35] in Koeman Aa 2; and (3) in his La Ga/erie, vol. 4 [1729], pl. 73a (but vol. 66 no. 8 according to Phillips 3485). Figarola 327. Thi s last version has additional title ("Iles de Cuba et de la Jamaique ") at bottom of map. Rios 115. c In s. Iamaica ... isle de Cuba."? X ?". Engr. Map no. 218 in his Atlas Sou/age vol. 9 (ca. 1713). Appears on the sa me sheet with Jamaica P. Rico Jamaica and Hispaniola, just like the "C uba insula" map in the Mercator-Hondius version. Koeman Aa 5. See Mercator. Acosta Quintana, Sebastian (Cuban postal official, active ca. 1884) In his Pianos de comunicaciones de las provincias de .. Cuba (Havana: Menendez Brothers 1884), the following maps, preceded by notation Pianos de Comunicaciones de la ... a "Provincia de La Habana." 15.25 X 9.25". Lith. b "Provi ncia de Matanzas." 15.25 X 9.25". Lith. C d e "Provincia de Pinar de! Rio." 15.25 X 9.25". Lith. "Prov incia de Puerto Principe. 15.25 X 9.25". Lith. "Provincia de Santa Clara." 15.25 X 9.25". Lith. f "Provincia de Santiago de Cuba. 15 .25 X 9.25". Lith. Admiralty Charts See Great Britain, Hydrographical Office. Alabern Casas, Camilo (Spanish engraver, ca. 1825-1876) See Coello; Elias de Alcoy. Alabern Ramon (Spanish engraver, brother of Camilo, active ca. 1830-1848) See Ferreira. Alarcia, Anselmo (Spanish editor, active ca. 1880s) [Cuba.] Title? Dimensions ? Havana? 1880. Albear y Lara, Francisco de (Cuban mathematician and engineer, 1816-1887) Habana. 2 sheets, 23 X 36" each. Lith. Surveys lasted from 1861 to 1864 Havana, 1874. Rios 329. According to Trelles the Havana municipality paid US$28,000 (a huge sum in the 1870s) to have it published. According to the Havana National Library, it was the primer piano de La Habana con curvas a nivel y triangulaci6n." See Arquitectura (Havana), Nov


164 EMILIO CUETO 9 1954 A reduced version had appeared a decade earlier as an inset in one of de la Torre's maps. See Torre. Album Pintore sco de la Isla de Cuba See May. 10 Alfonso y del Portillo, Pedro Antonio (C uban author, 1811-1870) "P l ano de Matan zas." 15 .2 5 X 11.25 cm. Lith. at Marquier (Havana). In his Memorias de un Matancero (Matanzas, 1854). 11 Algarra, Agustin (S panish customs official, active in Cuba ca. 1850s) 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 "P l ano topografico aduanero de l a i sla de Cuba." Acco r ding to Trelles this map was being prepared in 1859. Published? Alorda, Miguel (Cuban publi s her active ca. 1880 s) a "Ma pa de l a is l a de C ub a." 39.5 X 15"?. Drafted by Blanco. Chromolith. by F. Dufour, printed at Dufrenoy Paris, 1880s. Edited by La Enciclopedia, Havana 1881. The editor was accused of plagiarism by Pego, and the dispute was s ubmitted to arbitration. That report appears in Revista de Cuba 16 (1884): 257-76. b "Mapa de l a isla de Cuba." 35 X 23". No a uth or given. Lith. by F. Dufour printed at Dufrenoy, Paris 1 882. Slightly different from earl i er one. Why did Alorda ed it two different map s in two s ubsequent yea r s, this one without Bianco 's name? See Miracle Alvarez Sotomayor, Juan (S panish colonel, active ca. 1860s) "P l a n o del puerto de La Habana ."? X ?". Havana? 1864. Trelles citation. See Torre. Havana Natio n al Library h as a manuscript copy (88 X 90 cm.) of a Plano del cana l de entrada del puerto de La H abana." Ametller, Blas (Spanish draftsman-engraver 1768-1841) See Spa in Direc ci6n Hidrografica. Andre,? (French or Swiss[?] engraver, active ca. 1780s ) See Bonne; Mentell e. Annales de Geographi e (F rench publication) "C arte de l il e de C ub a. 1896. 23 X 8.56 cm. Pari s, 1898. Annual Register (L ondon publication) See Wright. Th ere is a l so Dublin edition in 1774 by Exshaw. Antequera, Juan B. (Spanish naval officer (1824-1890), active in Matanzas 1862-1864) See Spain D ep6s it o Hidro grafico. Aragon, Rafael de (Spanish naval officer, active ca. 1860s) See Spain. Dir ecc i 6n Hidro grafica. Aranda Clemente, Manuel (Spanish draft s man [lithographer?], active ca. 1890s) SeeArbex. Arantave, Enrique de (Spanish officer, active ca. 1870s-1882) a "Carta telegrafica de la s i empre fie! i s la de Cuba." 72 X 50". Lith. ? Havana, 1864. Rios 225. b Mapa de la isla de C ub a en 1 872." 1 8 X 12 ". Lith. by J.M. Pefiuelas. Madrid 1872 (1875?) C d Mapa tele grafico de la isla de Cuba."? X ?". Lith ? Havana, 1872 Plano tel egrafico de l a ys l a de Cuba .. 27 X 16.75". New York, 18 76 Rios 226. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 165 22 Arbex e Ines Angel (S panish militar y engineer, active ca.1890s) "Ma pa de l a isl a de C ub a." 23 X 8.5". Lith. Inset of Havana. Drawn by Manuel Aranda Cleme nt e; l it h. at Portabella Zaragoza, 1895 Rios 149. 23 Arevalo, Antonio de (Spanish military officer, active ca. 1850s) See Spain. Direcci6n Hidrografica ; Great Britain Hydrographical Office. 24 Army and Navy Journal (New York publication) 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 In the June 4 1 898, issue, p. 84, t he fo ll owing wood engr.: a b A plan of the siege of the Havana ... officer on the spot." 6.5 X 3.5". Copied from 176 2 Eng li sh so urc es. "C i enfuegos and v i cin it y." 3.25 X 2". c Vicinity ofMatanzas and Cardenas." 2 X 2". Arrowsmith, John (British mapmaker 1790-1873) See Great Britain. Parliament. Arthur & Co. (Philade lphia publisher ) "Map of C uba ." ? X ?". Lith.? Philadelphia, 1 898. Copy in New York Public Library. Atlante dell'America (Livorno publication, 1777) Reprinted maps of Havana (no. 18) and Cuba (no. 17 ) from fl Gaz zet iere Americana (1762), but not G uant ana m o (w h y?). Massip 478-79. Phillips 1167. Atlas Cubano (Havana publication 1841-1842) See Rafael Rodriguez. Atlas de la Isla de Cuba According t o Trelles, thi s at la s was published in Cuba 1898, but except for indicating that it was a work by "vario u s authors ," he g i ves no decription as to size, co nt e nt o r number of maps. No other so ur ce co nfirm s thi s information. One possibility co uld be that Trelles was ac tually r eferr in g to the 1898 U S War D e p art m e nt Atlas (w hich is indeed a work by various a uthor s), but he cites b ot h a tla ses n ext to each ot her. Atlas Maritimo Espanol (Madrid, 1789-ca.1814) See Spain. Dire cc i 6 n Hidro g r afica. Atlas of Ports, Cities and Localities of the Island of Cuba (Washington, D.C., 1898) See U.S. War D e partment. Atlas Portatif (French publication) Se e Bonne ; Grenet. Sam e nam e u se d in other French compilations. La Aurora (Matanzas periodical) See Anonymous lx; Pichardo Tapia 34 An Authentic Journal of the Siege of the Havana Anonymous publication by an officer," edited b y Jeffery in 1762. See Jefferys. 35 B. de B. (Spanish author? Full name?) According to Palau he publish e d Atlas Geografico, Hi s t 6 ri co y Estad[stico de Espana y sus Posesiones (Barcelona, 1846). I cannot co nfirm whether Cuba is included, although the title suggests it. Not in NUC under tho se initi a l s 36 Bachiene, Willem Albert (D utch cartographer, 1712-1783) Kaart van het ei l and Cuba. 12.5 X 8". Engr. by va n Jagen? Map n o. 1 8 in hi s At l as (A m s terdam 1785). Phillip s 657. M assi p 506. W as map taken from Bowen? For some


166 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 EMILIO CUETO reason, the Phillips/Quesad a compilation lists another map with same title, also printed in Amsterdam ca. 1785, but without reference to Bachiene. I believe both are the same map. Bachiller y Morales, Antonio (C uban author, 1812-1890 ) From his Cuba: Monograj{a Hist6ri ca (Havana, 1 883), the follow in g lithographed maps (7 X 4") copied from London Maga z ine (March and Jan. 1763 respectively): a "Estrec h o de La Habana por donde pas6 la esc u adra inglesa en 1762. b Plano de! pasado si ti o de La Habana. Bachiller Doroteo (S panish geographer and author, active ca. 1850s-1866) Isla de Cuba y Puerto Rico ... 12.25 X 8.25" Lith. Map no. 50 in his Atlas de Espana (Madrid 1852 1853). Phillips 9324. Bacon George Washington & Co. (London publisher, successors to Wyld ca 1893 ) "Map of C ub a 32 X 22"? Lith. London 1 898. Figarola 126. Baez Francisco Javier (Cuban engraver 1748-1838 ) See Calendario Manual. Baker A. E. (American lithographer active in New York ca. 1830s) See K e ll y. Ballou 's Pictorial Companion (Boston illustrated periodical) "C ub a 8 X 6 5 ". Wood e n g r. Drawn and e n graved a t Charles W. Moss, New York Jan. 20, 1 855, p. 44. Barcaiztegui, Ventura de (Basque geographer and surveyor, active ca. 1790s) Lived in Cuba (1790-1794). See Spain Direcci6n Hidrografica. Barnard, W. S. (American lithographer, active in New York ca. 1840s) See Torre's Plan o Pintoresco." Barnes, R. L (American mapmaker, active ca. 1850s-1870s ) Cuba. 23 X 1 8". Engr.?P hil ade lphi a, 1 851. Barrios Carrion, Leopoldo (Spanish author, active ca. 1880s) [Cuba?] Title? Dimensions? In hi s Sob r e la Hi storia de la Guerra de Cuba (Barce lon a, 1888-1890). Bauza (Bausa), Felipe (Spanish surveyor-drafstman, 1760-1833) Director of Madrid H y dro grap hi c Office Also left severa l manuscript maps of Cuba. See Spain, Dir ecc i 6n Hidro gr:ifica. Bayly, John (British engraver, active ca.1775-1794) See Speer. Beaurain Jean Chevalier de (French author 1696-1772) "Pla n du s i ege du Fort-Moro. 3.5 X 4 5". Engr. It appears as inset no. 29 in hi s "Ca rte d'Allemagne .. (a co mpo site map), Paris, 17 65. Massip 447. Phillip s 2813. Bell, Andrew (British engraver, 1726-1809) See Scots Magazine Bellin, Jacques Nicolas (French hydrographer 1703-1772 son of father with same name) A. I NCLUDED I N B EL LI N'S H ydrographie Franroise (Paris 17 371791; 17 3 1 -1807) a Carte h ydrograp hique d e l a b aye de L a Havan e ." 22 X 15". Engr. by R ameau. 1 762. Map n o. 69 in the 1737 1 791 ed it io n vol. 2. Phillip s 588. R ios 299. R e p rod u ced by 52 53 54 55 b C Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 167 Bien in 1898. Apparently replaced by the more recent map by del Rfo (51.A.c) in later editions. According to Trelles a Havana map (this one?) appeared in Bellin 's R ecue il des ca rt es .. des fies Antilles (Paris, 1764). "Carte reduite de l '1s le de Cube." 34 X 22". Engr. 1762. Map no. 68 in vol. 2 of both editions. Phillip s 588,590. Rfos I 18. Map reproduced in 1973 C ub an postage stamp attributed to Bellini "! "P l an du port et de la vi ll e de la Havanne ... par D Jose de! Rio .. 20 .5 X 16.5" Engr. Map no. 69 in the 1 737-1807 edition vol. 2. Apparently replaces map in earlier edition (SI.A.a). Phillips 590. Rfo s 317 B.lNCLUDED I N BELLIN P e tit Atlas Maritime ( Paris 1764) d Baye de Matance. 6.25 X 8.75". Engr. (vo l. I no. 52). Rfos 370. e Entree de l a baye de St Yago. 6.25 X 8.75". Engr. (vol. I no. 55). Rfos 396. f Isle de Cube." 6.25 X 8.75". E n gr. (vo l. I n o. 50). R fos 132. g Plan de l a baye de St Yago. 6.25 X 8.75" Engr. (vol. I no. 54). Rfos 395 h Port de La Havane. 6 25 X 8.75". Engr. (vol. I, no. 51). Rfo s 310. "Le P o rt Marianne ." (Mar i e l ). 6.25 X 8.75". Engr. (vol. I n o. 53). Rfos 368. Bernardo Estrada, Rodrigo de Mapa de l a i s l a de Cuba ... geograffa publicada por D. P. Gonza l ez." 3 1 X 2 1 cm Lith.? H avana, 1 856. See Spain, Direcci6n Hidrogr:ifica. Bertelli, Ferrando (Venetian engraver and publisher, active ca. 1556-1572 ) a "Cuba." 1 8 X 26 cm. Engr. This a n onymous map, with an oddl ooking vertical depiction of C ub a a nd an emp ty carto u c h e without l ege nd was fo und by De La Sagra amo n g a co lle c ti on of B er t e lli documents in th e R oyal Library in Paris ( t emporary file 464 n o. 191) On that b as i s, he attr ibut ed it to B erte lli as a possible (not the on l y) sou r ce. Because Bertelli a uthor ed ano th er much more accurate map of Cuba during this period I doubt th at thi s is a Bertelli map. After much effort, I loc ated a second copy of this map in the Mar ciana Librar y in V en i ce, without date or attribution to Bertelli or a ny one e l se The m a p i s clearly a mid-16thcent ury Italian map bearing a s trikin g re sem blan ce t o Camocio 's maps of Malta an d Maj orca. Y et it also resembles Bertelli's map of Ireland ( in c lud ed in Camoc i o's co mpil ation). Since the map's cartouche i s blank givi n g it th e appeara n ce of an incomplete product, and only t wo copies h ave s urvi ved (so far), my wo rkin g h ypothes i s is that the map was never prop er ly publi s h ed" as suc h. A nd perhaps it is after a ll a Bertelli map and when he (or hi s editors) realized that Cuba's s h ape was quit e different, the map was discarded in favor of a m ore acc urat e o n e It was r eengraved by Sagra and Charton. b L 'iso l a Cuba epiu se t e ntri o n a l della Spagnola ... 10 X 7". Engr. Two Venetian ed iti o n s are attributed to Forlani, one in 1564 and one ca. 1566 which, unlik e t h e earlier o n e, adds the initial s "F. B. at the end of carto u c h e Because of this notation thi s m a p i s often assoc iated with B erte lli ("F. B ."), a lth o u g h so m et ime s th e engrave r i s sa id t o b e F o rlani and B e rt e lli sim pl y th e editor. Engraved on same plate with Hi s p a niol a. Venice, 15 6 4 1566 ? Includ ed in the Lafreri" Atlases. Phillips 3392. Bertius Pieter/Petrus (Dutch geographer, cosmographer to Louis XID, 1565-1629) B y adding the L ati n text t o Barent Langenes's miniature a tl as ca ll ed Caert Thresoor with maps b y Keere Bertius created a nother bo ok under th e Latin title Tabularum Geographicarum See Keere and Lan ge ne s Bien, Julius & Co. (Washington, D.C., photolithographic co., active ca. 1890s) See Bellin; Fra n ce, D epot de s Cartes; T orre; U.S War Department; see a l so n o te 27.


168 EMILIO CUETO 56 Blackie & Son (Glasgow, E dinbur g h, and London publi s her active ca.1860s-1890s) 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 a "T he island of Cuba." 13 X 6". Drawn and engraved by J. W. Lowry Map no. LXXVIII in same s heet as Hayti and the Leewards (13 X 20"). London, ca. 1860s. In their Universal Atlas? b "Havana." 2.5 X 2.5". Engr. In The Imp e rial Gazeteer, vol. I, ed. W G. Blackie (1873), p 1885. Blanco, Justo S. (Spanish? C uban? draftsman ?, active ca.1880s) See Alorda; Pego ; Torre. Blaeu Willem Jan szoo n ( Dutch cartographer and publisher, 1571-1638 ) "Afbee ldinghe der z uyder sc he zeecusten van Cuba ... Engr.? X ?". In his H e t Li ch t der Zee-vaert (Amsterdam, 1 608). This map depicting the s outhern coas t of Cuba went unrecorded until Dutch map dealer Nico Israel referred to it in his 1980 cata l ogue. Blunt E [dmund]. & G[eorge]. W[illiam], (New York chart publisher, 1790s-1860s) a Bahama banks, Florida reef and part of Cuba." 38 X 31" Lith.? 1863. Figaro la 83. b "Cuba and the Windward passages." 40 X 78.5". Lith.? Havana in set. 1850 c Harbor of Sag u a l a Grande." 29 X 20". Lith.? 1 858. Figaro l a (75) dates it 1861 d Part of a chart of the West India i s l ands." 24 75 X 15.25". Lith. 1 862. Bobes, ? ( Barcelona lithographers, active ca 1887) See Lenzamuzga. Bolles C. P. (A merican draftsman, active ca. 1885) See United States Navy, Hydrographic Office. Bomsdorff V. [Oscar Von]. (German engraver, active ca. 1870s-1890s) See Spammer. Bonne, Rigobert (French Royal geographer, 1727(1729?)-1795) a "Carte des iles de Cuba et de l a Jamaique ." 13.5 X 9". Engr. by Andre. Jul y 1 782. In his Atlas de toutes Les parties .. (Geneva: Rayna!, 1782) ; also in Grenet Atlas Portatif .. (Paris, 1782) (Massip 486 Rios 127); and in Grenet Compendia di Geo grafia (Ven i ce, 1794) map 44 (Massip 543, Phillips 680). b C "L'ile de Cuba." 12 .5 X 8.5''. Engr. Map no. 39 In hi s Atlas d e toutes Les parti es .. (Geneva: Rayna! 1780). Phillips 5992. Massip 412. Atlas reissued in 1783 1 784, but reference s to Bonne are om itted Phillips 5995 Rf os 12 6. "I les de Cuba et de la Jamaique ." 1 3.5 X 19". Engr. ( b y Andre?). In hi s Atlas de toute s Les parties .. (Geneva, 1775?). Also map no. 112 in hi s Atlas e n cyclopedique, vo l. 2 (Paris, 1787 1788). Phillips 666 Figarola 516. See Heri sso n 64 Bordone, Benedetto (Italian wood engraver, 1451 [1460?]-1531? [1539?]) "C uba. No l egend. 5.75 X 3.25" Woodcut. First separate printed map of Cuba Includ ed in his Libra (Ve nic e, 1528) lat er known as J solar i o, p 13. Re-edited in 1532 15 34, 1537 1547 and ca. 1565. According to o ne scholar, Bordone follows Walds eem uller 's o utline of Cuba (as s h own in his 1507 and 151 3 maps) According to Massip (36) h e follows Cantino 's 1502 chart. Phillips 162 65. R eproduced by Sagra. 65 Bormay & Co. (New York publisher/engraver active ca 1885) See Cuban Land & Steamship Co.; Harper 's. 66 Bosch Romana, Carlos de! (Spanish? surveyor, active ca.1860s) Plano que representa part e de l a c iudad de Matanza s .. "? X ?". Lith. ? 1860 H ava n a? Trelles citation. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 169 67 Boston Sunday H erald 68 69 70 71 72 War maps of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. 25.25 X 9 5". Lith With issue of May 8, 1898. Probably the same map included in the Philad e lphia Ledger, May 14, 1898. See Buek. Bouffard L. (French lithographer active ca.1838-1844) See Sagra. Bourrelier (family of French lithographers active in Cuba ca.1838-1850s) Three brothers: Eugenio, Julio and Hugo. One lith ographed a Car l es map. Hugo drafted and lithographed "P l ano topografico de l os barrios estramuros de La Habana. 14 X 11 ". Lith. Havana 1845 See Car l es. Bouy6n, Felix (Spanish navy officer and surveyor, active in Cuba ca. 1840s) Puerto de Cienfuegos ode Jagua. 55 X 43 cm. Lith. by C h arpentier in Nantes, France, 1847 Trelles indicates it was coauthored by Lanier. Copy in Cen t ro Provincial de] Patrimonio in Cienfuegos. See France, Depot des Cartes; Kerhallet. Bowen, Emmanuel (Lo ndon engraver for English Pilot and publisher ca.1714-1767) From hi s A Complete system of Geography ( L o ndon : Inny s, 1 747), published by Hermann Moll (P hilip s 603) reissued in his A Comp l ete At l as .. (London: Inn ys, 1752) (Phi ll ips 6 14 ): a "A new & acc urat e map of th e island of Cuba. 1 6.5 X 7". Engr. Map no. 65 i n A Complete System and no. 63 in A Comple t e Atlas. Printed in same sheet (16.5 X 1 3.5") with Hispaniola and, thus map dealers often cut them apart. Wa s map copied by Bachiene for his 1785 Atlas ? See London Maga z ine. Phillips 614. Rios 116. b Parti c ular draughts and plans of the principal towns and harbours .. ? X ?". Engr. A composite map of 13 n ew world h arbors including two from Cuba: Bay of St Jago de Cuba" (? X ?") and "T h e H avana" (2.5 X 2 .2 5"). Maps appear s imil ar to Popple's. Map n o. 63 in A Comp l ete System and no. 66 in A Complete Atlas. See Coven s & Mortier and Le R ouge Bowles Thomas (British map seller, active ca.1700-1763 ) See C h asse reau 73 Boydell John (British engraver and publisher active ca.1750s-1760s) See Kitchin. 74 Bradley Wm. M. (American publisher, active in New York ca.1880s-1890s) Cuba. 13 5 X 10.5''. Map no. 102 1887. Similar to map by Mitchell but with ornate border. Relationship between Bradle y and Mitchell? 75 Brad s treet Pocket Atlas for the Use of Commercial Traveler s (New York publication) Cuba. 13 X 9 c m. Lith .? Copy in H ava n a National Library appears to be misplaced. 76 Bregante, F. (Spanish surveyor and draftsman active ca 1850s) See Spain, Direc ci6 n Hidro grafica. 77 Britannia Triumphant; or an Account of the Sea Fights of the English Nation London, 1777. See Gentleman's Maga z ine, 1762; London Maga z ine, 1 762 78 British Admiralty Charts See Great Brit ai n Hydrographi ca l Office 79 Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon (Leipzig publication) "C uba Jamaika und Portorik o." 9 X 5.5". Lith. by F. A. Brockhaus 1870? (14 Autl xvii).


170 EMILIO CUETO 80 Brooklyn Daily Eagle (New York publication) A new map of Cuba Porto Rico and the Philippines ." 25 X 9 ". Lith. New York May 8 1898. 81 Bry, Theodor de (Flemish engraver and publisher, active in Frankfurt, 1528-1598) De Bry began publishing his Grands Voyages (where important Florida and Caribbean maps relating to Cuba appeared) in Frankfurt, and the compilation was continued by his sons and, eventually, by son-in-law and publisher Matthaeus Meriam. When the Silver Fleet was captured off Matanzas by Dutch Piel Heyn, Merian borrowed a Dutch plate from Visscher, including a small inset map of Cuba, and published it in Part XIV of the German edition (1630) and Part XIII of the Latin edition (1634) of the Grands Voyages. In addition, Merian used the same plate to illustrate Gottfried s work Newe Welt (1631 1655). See Visscher. 82 Bryan, J. S. (New York publisher, active ca. 1890s) "New map of Cuba." 54 X 22". Chromolith. New York, 1896. Pictorial border (54 X 37") 83 Buchon, Jean Alexandre (French cartographer, 1789(91 ?)-1846) "Ile de Cuba. / "Carte geographique statistique et historique de Cuba. 19.5 X 15" (map} 25 X 28 (sheet). Drawn by Pierron; engraved by Hennequin; published by Carez. Map no. 46 in his Atlas Geographique (Paris, 1825). Acknowledges Humboldt as one of his sources. French rendition of work by Carey & Lea. See also Weiniar Geographisches Institut (German ed.). Phillips 1176. Rfos 132. 84 Buek, G. H., & Co. (New York publisher, active ca. 1890s) Map of Havana and Havana harbor." 14.5 X 9.75" Wood engr. Corrected to May 3, 1898. Issued as a supplement to the Boston Sunday Herald May 22 1898. Buek has other maps about the "seat of the war." 85 Buffalo Express (Buffalo, N.Y., publication) See Matthews-Northrup. 86 Bufford, J. H. (Boston lithographer, active ca.1840s-1860s) See Smith, Samuel. 87 Buhigas, Juan F. (Spanish? Cuban? surveyor, active ca. 1890s) "Plano de Matanzas." 300 X 180 cm., ca. 1896 Printed or ms.? Trelles citation. 88 Byrne, Austin Thomas (American? engineer, active in Cuba ca. 1896) "Mapa numero 1 ... sistema separado de cloacas ... 10 X 8". Lith. Havana map in his Sistemas Modernos de Alcantarillado .. (Havana, 1894). 89 C., J. (unidentified Spanish engraver with initials "J.C.") See Spain, Direccion Hidrografica. Portulano. 90 Cabrera, Raimundo (Cuban author, 1852-1924, exiled in the United States during the 1890s) "Isla de Cuba. 12 X 6.5". In his Cuba and the Cubans (Philadelphia: Levytype Co. 1896). Not in earlier Spanish-language editions. 91 Caine y Cia (Spanish? Cuban? editor, active ca. 1870s) From its Dir ec torio General de La Habana (Havana 1874); reedited as Directorio Hispano Americano in 1877: a "Mapa de las Antillas ... y isla de Cuba." 16 X 13". Lith. b "Plano de La Habana. 14.5 X 11.25". Lith. 92 Calendario Manual y Guia de Forasteros de la Isla de Cuba (Havana, 1793+) Havana publicaton that commenced in 1793 and with slight changes in title (it came to be Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 171 known s imply as Gu{a de Fora s t e ros} it ran from 1798 through 1884. No institution has a complete run but the Havana National Library has the fullest s et where I examined volumes for 1798 1807 1814 1818 1820 1821-1822 1824 1826 1850, 1852 1853, 1859 1884. The following maps are presented in chronological order of appearance. 1793 a "Plano de la ysla de Cuba formado segun las nociones ma s modernas." 10.5 X 3.5" Drawn by Antonio Lopez Gomez; engraved by F. J. Baez. 1793. First map printed in Cuba. There may be other states of the same map. Trelles and Rios (128) indicate it was printed "around 1790 Where? As a separately issued item? Until I can confirm an earlier printing, I date its first appearance as 1793. It was probably reprinted in subsequent issues of this yearbook Trelles mentions 1794 and I have seen it in the 1795 and 1814 eds. After the 1820s, it was probably replaced by the newer Cuba map by Sinibaldi. See Antonio Lopez Gomez I 809 (ANY EARLIER ? ) b "Plano de La Havana y su bahfa." 11 X 15 cm. Engr. by F.J. Baez 1809. Not in Havana National Library. Copy in Seville Archivo General de Indias (M. y P. S. Domingo 684). Reprinted in other editions? 1827 (ALSO IN 1823?) c "Isla de Cuba. 12 X 6.5y" Engr. by B. Sinibaldi. 1827. (Guia for 1828). The 1823 edition in Parreiio's library calls for one map, and this map was likely the one included. Reprinted in 1828 Also included in Gu{a del Comercio (1822). d e f g [Habana.] No title. 11.5 X 7". Engr. The Phillips/Quesada compilation assigns it the title "Itinerario piano de la ciudad de La Habana y otro de la isla, but this may refer to a title found in the text of the book not the map itself. Map appeared in 1827 and was reprinted in 1828. This same map, however appeared earlier in the 1813 history book by Valdes, so it is highly likely that it also appeared in earlier editions of the Calendario as well. See Valdes. 1842 Plano de la plaza de La Habana en 1841. 11 X 7". Lith. by Cosnier, 1842 ; also in 1844 ed. (and 1848?). "Plano topografico ... barrios extramuros ... Habana hasta ... Chavez." 13 X 15". Lith. 1842. Printed at El Diario. Also in 1844 ed. (and 1848?). Included also in 1842 Planas de Bolsillo. "Cartajeografica de la isla de Cuba." 17.5 X 9.25". Engr. by "F. A. C." (Cosnier?). Missing in copy consulted but probably included in 1842 and 1844 eds. (and 1848?). Included also in Pianos de Bolsillo (1842). See Miracle. 93 Campbell, Beau (American author, active ca.1880s) Map of Havana, Cuba." 12.25 X 8.25" Lith. In his Around the Corner to Cuba (New York, 1889). 94 Campuzano Warnus, Juan (Spanish author, active ca. 1860s) "Plano no 17 que comprende el puerto de Nuevitas. ? X ?". Lith.? In his Memoria hist6rica .. de la torre-fanal Col6n (Madrid 1852). 95 Canadian Illustrated News (Toronto periodical) "Map of Cuba, showing the course of ... the "Virginius." 8.25 X 6.25". Wood engr. Nov. 19 1873.


172 96 97 EMILIO CUETO Candler, B. Captain (British military surveyor, active ca.1730s) "A chart of the Windward Passage including ... part of Cuba ... 59 X 86 cm. Ca. 1730. Copy in Briti s h Library. Caiiada Lopez, Facundo (Spanish military author, active ca.1875-1890s) a "Plano de! partido judicial de Santa Clara." 125 X 95 cm. Chromolith by Torner. Havana 1895. Copy of booklet in Havana National Library has no map. b Plano topografico de la provincia de La Habana. ? X ?". Havana ?, 1892. c Piano s topograficos de las poblaciones ... de Marianao." 19 X 12 ". Chromolith. Ca. I 890. Notation indicates it is a gift to s ubscribers of studios Geog rd.ficos y Estad{sticos de la I s la de Cuba." Copy examined has inked stamp of La Propaganda Literaria. The first two entries are Trelles citations. 98 Cardano, Felipe (Spanish engraver, 1807-1825) See Spain, Direcci6n Hidrografica. 99 Carey (Henry C.) & Lea (Isaac) (Philadelphia publisher, active ca.1822-1828) "C uba and the Bahama islands ." 13.5 X 9.5". Engr. by B. Tanner. Legend outside map reads "Geog raphical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Cuba and The Bahama Islands. Whole sheet is 20.75 X 16.5" and appears in his A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas .. (Philadelphia, 1822). Phillips 1373a. Philadelphia and London eds., 1823, and third Philadelphia edition, 1827. Map dealers often separate map from text (which fits better in a smaller frame). There is also a French edition by Buchon and a German edition by the Weimar Geographisches Institut. 100 Carles Casadeval, Mariano (Spanish surveyor and draftsman ca. 1850s) In addition to drafting numerous manuscripts plans and having the maps in the Pianos de Bolsillo attributed to him by the Havana National Library Carles Casadeval authored the following: a "Plano topografico de lajurisdicci6n de Guanabacoa ." 75 X 49 cm. Lith. by Muguet. Havana 1850. Rfos 255. b "Plano topografico de una parte de la jurisdicci6n de La Habana ." 3 sheets, each 70 X 54 cm. Lith. by Bourrelier (Julio, Hugo or Eugenio?). Havana, 1848 1849. Rfos 258. Trelles cites certain Pianos topograficos de La Habana y de cada uno de los barrios estramuros" (lith. Havana 1849). Are these the sa me ? related? c Plano topognifico y pintoresco de! pueblo de Las Pozas. 33 X 21 cm. Lith. by Gustavo Muguet. Havana, 1852 ?. See Jose Lopez. Havana National Library has the original ms. 101 Carrafa, Juan (Spanish engraver, 1789-1869) See Spain, Direcci6n Hidrografica (Cardenas). 102 Carranza See Gonzalez Carranza. 103 Carre, V. (French draftsman and engraver, active ca. 1843-1861) See France, Depot de Carles; Kerhallet. 104 Cary, John (British engraver, ca. 1754-1835) Regarded as one of the finest English cartographers. See Jefferys ; Macgowan. 105 Castillo, Rafael del (Spanish author, active ca. 1890s) "Mapa de Cuba y Puerto Rico." 33 X 24.5". Lith. In hi s Gran Diccionario Geogrdfico .. (Barcelona: Henrich 1890), vol. 2. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 173 106 Celi, Francisco Marfa (Spanish surveyor, active ca. 1760s) The Phillips/Quesada compilation attributes to Celi manuscript charts relating to Matanzas and Jagua, ca. 1760 s. Trelles also mentions a map of Puerto Principe territory also ca. 1760. Moreover, Massip (456-57, 462-64) attributes to Celi (w h y?) six of the Jefferys maps (not only Matan zas and Jagua, but also Bahia Honda, Cabanas, Havana, Mariel, and Nipe). Could it be that the Celi maps were among the Spanish maps captured by the British in 1762 and later published by Jefferys? The Library of Congress has photocopy of a Celi manuscript (or iginal in the British Library ) depicting the north coast of Cuba, prepared 1765 -1766. Tooley incorrectly identifies him as Francis Matthew Celi. 107 Century & Co. (New York publisher) From The Century Atlas (New York, 1897): a "C uba, Haiti Jamaica and Trinidad." 15 X 10.5''. Lith. Inset s of (1) Havana and (2) Santiago and Vicinity. Map no. 68. b "T he Greater Antilles." 15 X 10.5''. Lith. Also map no. 68 in what appears to be a later printing of the same publication, but without the insets. 108 Chaix, Napoleon See He spe d'Harponville; Societe Agricole. 109 Chao, Alejandro (Spanish? Cuban? editor? mapmaker? engraver?, active ca.1880s) [Cuba ] Title? Dim e n s ion s? Havana ? 1882 110 Charlevoix, P. Fram;ois Xavier (French Jesuit historian, 1682-1761) "A new & accurate map of the island of Cuba." 14.5 X 5.75". Engr. In hi s A Voyage to North America (Dublin: Exshaw, 1766), vol. 2, p. 292. ls there a Cuba map in other editions? 111 Charton, Edouard Thomas (French editor, 1807-1890) 112 In his Voyageurs anciens ... (Pa ri s, 1863, 1867 1869 ?): a "Ca rte de l ile de Cuba. 10 X 4.6". Wood engr. after Torre /Sagra At pp. 154-55. See Vuillemin. b "V ue a vol d'oi sea u de Cuba." 4 X 5.5". Wood engr. reproducing an undated s ixteenth-century Italian map attributed to Bertelli. Chassereau, Pierre (French "architect" and draftsman active in England ca.1730s1750s) a A new and correct plan of the city a nd harbour of Havana. 21.4 X 16.5". Drafted by Chassereau and engraved by Parr. Published by Bowles (London 1739). Map is very similar to those by Phelps, Milton, and "Exper ienced Commander." Was a reduced version (112 b) printed in Nuremberg the sa me year? b "Ne u und verbesserter plan der st. u. hafens Havana ... 11 X 9". Engr. In Bowles/Homann Atlas Die Englische Colonie-Laender .. (London? Nuremberg?). Bowles ca. 1739 (1741 ?). Reduced version of English-text map by Parr. Map is printed on same sheet as Cartagena, and map dealers often separate them. Map was reprinted by the Homann heirs in their Stadt-atlas (Nuremberg, 1762). Figarola 14. Massip 363,425. Rios 297. No. 46 in Phillip s 61 and no. 36 in Phillips 3293. 113 Chatelain, Henri Abraham (French cartographer, 1684-1743) "Carte tres curieuse ... 140 X 81cm. Engr. Inset of Havana ("La Havanne ," 3 X 3.5"). In his Atlas Historiqu e, Amsterdam, ca. 1719. It is map no. 30 in the 2nd ed. (1732-1739). Phillips 579. Map i s derivative of De Fer's 1713 "Carte de la mer du sud." See also De Leth. 114 Chicago Daily Tribune See Rand McNally


174 EMILIO CUETO 115 Churruca, Cosme Damian (Spanish naval surveyor, 1761-1805) According to Trelle s, Churruca completed 24 charts (manuscript ?) of Cuban coast s. Re s ults from his s urveys were incoporated in the Cartas Esfericas of the Spanish Hydrographic Office. 116 Claesz, Cornelis (Dutch publisher, active ca.1590s-1610s) Americae tabula nova multis locis ... exactior edita. 146 X 106 cm. Engr. Amsterdam ca. 1602 (according to Burden). Insets of "Cuba Insula and "Havana Port". Predating the Mercator-Hondius map by four years this inset becomes the first printed map of Havana. This map appears without author or date in the Lowery collection compilation, Library of Congress under LC 90. Library of Congress photocopy is apparently misplaced. Only two original s are known, one in the Paris National Library (Carles Klaproth 560 also undated and without attribution) and one belonging to a private collector in Germany. 117 Clark, James H. (American author, active ca. 1890s) See G. B. Colton. 118 Clark, William J. (American author, active ca. 1890s) 119 120 The following (lithographed?) maps appear in his Commercial Cuba (New York 1898): a b C d e f g A. MAP OF THE ENTIRE ISLAND Map of Cuba ... 13 X 8.5". At p. 176. B. MAPS OF THE PROVINCES "Key map to provinces of Cuba." 12.5 X 8.25". "Map of the province of Pinar del Rio. 6 X 8.5". "Map of the provinces of Havana and Matanzas. 6 X 8.5". "Map of the province of Santa Clara. 8. 75 X 8.5". "Map of the province of Puerto Principe 7.25 X 8.5". "Map of the province of Santiago de Cuba." 9.25 X 8.5". c. MAPS OF CITIES (FROM PICHARDO s 1875 Carta) h "MapofthecityofHavana" 20.5 X 17". Plano de Cardenas" 10.25 X 8". At p. 340. Pichardo 8. j "Plano de Cienfuegos." 10.25 X 8". At p. 364. Pichardo 26. k "Plano de Matanzas." 10.25 X 8". At p. 328. Pichardo 19. "Plano de Puerto Principe 10.25 X 8". At p. 390. Pichardo 18. m Plano de Santa Clara. I 0.25 X 8". At p. 362. Pichardo 29. n "Plano de Santiago de Cuba." 10.25 X 8". At p. 428. Pichardo 20. Cleary, J. D. (American draftsman, active ca. 1890s) See U.S Navy Hydrographic Office. Coello de Portugal y Quesada, Francisco (Spanish geographer, 1822(1820?]-1898) From his Atlas de Espana y sus Possesiones de Ultramar (Madrid: Madoz, 1850s). Phillips 3137 9233 According to Trelles, there was another edition in 1877(?). a "Isla de Cuba." 40 X 29". Engr. 1851 Drafted by Raynaud, Leclercq Desbuissons, and Estruch ; lettered by Bacot (why so many French names?) and engraved under Juan Noguera. Composite map, including a large inset of Havana (11 X I 2") and 47 additional insets of Cuban localities, mostly taken from the 1809-1818 Portulano as follows: Bahia Honda Banes Baracoa, Bariai, Bataban6, Batiqueri, Bayamo, La Boca, Cabanas Cananova, Cardenas (city), Cardenas (bay), Casilda, Cayaguaneque Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 175 Cevollas Cienfuegos Gibara Guantanamo, Jagua Jaruco Juragua Jururu, Levi s a y Cabonico Manati Maravi Mariel Mata, Matanzas (city), Matanza s (surrounding s ) Moa Nava s, Nuevas Grandes, Nuevita s Nipe Puerto Escondido, Puerto Naranjo Puerto Padre Sagua Sama Santiago (city) Santiago (surroundings) Taco Tanamo Trinidad (city), Trinidad (ports), Vita and Yaguanique. Rios 140. b I s la de Cuba." 43 X 29". Engr. 1853. Drafted by Toma s O'Ryan engraved by Camilo Alabern and Leroux lettered by Bacot. In addition to a large map of Cuba, there are 12 insets of Cuban localities as follows: Caibarien, Guanabacoa Guanajay, Giiines Havana surroundings, Holgufn Man z anillo, Pinar de! Rio Puerto Principe San Antonio de los Banos Santa Clara, and Santiago de las Vegas. Rfos 142. 121 Colby, Charles W. (American geographer) West Indies 7 X 5". Lith. In his Diamond Atlas (New York: Samuel Gaston 1857 1859). 122 Collin, C. E. (French engraver, active ca.1850S-1860s) See France Depot des Cartes ; Spain, Dep6sito Hidrografico. 123 Collin, Etienne (French engraver, active ca. 1798-1829) See France Depot des Cartes ; Spain Dep6sito Hidrografico; del Rio. 124 Coloma Garces, Eugenio (Cuban author, active ca. 1850s) [Cuba.] Title? Dimensions? In his Manual de Prdctica Peddnea, 2nd ed. (Havana, 1859). Apparently no map in !st ed. Trelles citation. Havana National Library has 1874 edition but lacks the map. 125 Colton family New York publishers operating out of 172 William St. Some maps are published by George Woolworth (1827-1901) and some by Joseph Hutchins (1800-1893). Somewhat confusingly the Cuban maps published by G. W. bear the copyright of J. H. Arrangements between the two are not known. In addition, there are G. B. Colton and Colton Ohman. 126 Colton, G. B. and C. W. (New York publishers, active ca. 1890s) "Central Cuba. "Map of Cuba." 10.5 X 4.75". Map cover s from Pinar del Rio to Sancti Spfritus. I have seen it pasted on some copies of James H. Clark, Cuba and the Fight for Freedom (Philadelphia 1896). 127 Colton, G[eorge]. W[ashington]. 128 a "Cuba en 1896." 19 X 14". In Fidel Pierra, Cuba (New York : Imprenta America 1896). Rios 204. b Cuba in 1869 19 X 14". Lith.? Included in The Cuban Question and Ameri c an Policy (New York 1869). Rios 200. C "Cuba, Jamaica & Puerto Rico. 14.5 X 12". Lith. 1864. In his Co/ton's Atlas of America? Phillips 1182 does not itemize. Copyright is J. H. Colton 1855. Included in Richard Fisher The Spanish West Indies (New York 1855, 1858 ; New York and London, 1861). See J. H Colton. d "Cuban War Map. Cuba." 22 X 16"? 1869. Part of a West Indies map? What is relationship to other 1869 map (127 b)? British Library gives title in parenthesis so this may not be actual title Figarola 98 Colton, J[ose p h]. H[utchins] a "Cuba in 1851." 23 X 18". Lith.?, New York, 1851? Figarola 63. b Cuba Jamaica & Puerto Rico." 14.5 X 12". Lith. 1855. There are versions with plain border (no. 59) and arabesque borders (no. 59 and 92) indicating different printings (1860, 1861, 1862). Figarola 80. Similar to map by G W.


176 EMILIO CUETO C d "Ma pa de las islas de Cuba y Sant Domingo y Jamaica 31 X 11". New York, 1864. Figarola 85 "Mapa ffsico politico e itinerario." 67 X 49" (with pictorial borders) 58.5 X 41" (w ith out). Drawn by de la Torre Lith. 1861. Reprinted 1862 and 1 874 (the l ast two with a dedication to Downs). In addition to map of Cuba (46 X 1 4") it includes insets of Cardenas Cienfuegos, Guanabacoa H ava n a city (13.5 X 10.25") Havana port (8.5 X 4") Matanzas Puerto Principe Santiago Trinidad and a sectio n of the north coast of Cuba from Mariel t o Sagua, as well as ot h er views. Massip 78. e Mapa topografico pintoresco de l a isla de Cuba 45 X 28 75". Drawn by de l a Torre. Lith. 1865. An ear li er ed iti o n in 1862 (Tre ll es)? New York Public Library has 1869 and 1873 editions f West Indies. 14.8 X 11.8". Lith. Inset of city a nd harbor of Havana. New York 1 857. 129 Colton, Ohman & Co, (New York publisher active ca. 1898) Map of Cuba." 14.5 X 1 2". Lith. In set of Havana. 1 898 Similar map with different coloring and paper was a l so printed by the Evening Post, Scientific American (Special Navy Supplement, no. 1165) and th e Utica Daily Press. 130 Conder, Thomas (British engraver, active ca.1775-1801) See Millar. 131 Condet (Kondet), I. (Johannes) (Dutch engraver, 1711-1781) See Covens a n d Mortier. 132 Cooper,? (British engraver, active ca. 1840s ) See Great Britain H ydrograph i ca l Office of the Admiralty. 133 Copley, Charles (American mapmaker? active ca. 1860 s) 134 a "A general chart of the Bahama .. Cuba ... Windward Passage. 70 X 48 cm.? inches? Engr.? New York 1863. Figaro l a 82. b "Centra l America and the West Indies from the best authorities." 19.5 X 12.8". Engr. Inset of h arbor and c it y of Havana. H arper & Brothers New York 1845. c "Ce ntral A m erica, and West Indie s, from the l atest and best aut h or iti es." 19.5 X 12.8" Engr. In set of harbor and ci t y of Havana. H arper & Brothers New York 1845. Inserted in unidentified publication. Corea!, Francisco (Fran~ois) (Spanish explorer and author, 1648-1708) "Baye et v ill e de l a Ha va na ou de S Christoval." 12 X 8.5". In hi s Voyages (To. 1 p. 9) (Amsterdam, 1722). ( 1 722 Paris ed. does not seem to h ave this map.) R eengraved version with modified title, of m ap from AA. See AA, De Fer. 135 Coronelli, Vicenzo Maria (Italian Franciscan priest and geographer 1650-1718) Isola Cuba." 1 2 X 9". E n gr. It i s map no. 16 7 in his Corso geografico universale (Ven i ce, 1692 1694) (Phi ll ips 595 1 ) and map no. 40 in 1 6951 697 e diti on of his Atlante Veneta, vol. 2, pt. 2 (Phi llip s 521 Rios 112 ). Some of Coronelli 's maps were reprinted by Nolin in Paris but Phillips 5958 does not li s t this one. 136 Cosnier, Fran~ois (French draftsman and lithographer, working in Cuba ca. 1840s) See Torres; Rafael Rodriguez. I s he also th e "F. A. C." who draft ed the Cuba map fo r the Pianos de B o l sillo and th e Matanzas map b y Rodri g uez ? 137 Costales, Jose de J. (Cuban author, active ca. 1880s) From his H avana Guide Book and General Dir ectory (New York: H owso n, 1 883; 2d. ed., Havana: Ruiz Bros., 1884) (were maps printed in New York?): Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 177 a Bahia de la Habana ." IO X 1 4". between pp. 7475. Railroad map. b "Map of the city of Havana. "? X ?". Apparently o nl y in 1884 ed. 138 Coulier, Philip Jean (French geographer, active ca.1830s-1850s) Plan du phare de l a Ha vane." 7.5 X IO". After Del Rio. Map no. 8 in his Atlas General des Phares (Paris, 1844-1848). 139 Covens (Johannes) & Mortier (Cornelis) (Dutch publishing firm, ca.1721-1778) Their Atlas Nouveau (P hillip s 3448), w ith maps dating between 1683 and 1761 included one I 7th-cent ury and four 18th-century maps w ith specific Cuban content. Only the following see m s to be or i gina l. a "Arc hipi e la g u e du Mexique. (ins ide map)/ "Theatre de l a Guerre" (outs id e m ap). 39 X 23.5". Eng r. Havana inset. Vol. 9 n o. 60-61. Amsterdam ca l 720. Massip 246. The o th er maps do not contain o ri g inal material. Two u se P opp l e's H avana and Santiago insets dated from 1 733 and reissue d th e m as follows: b "Carte Particuliere de l 'Ame riqu e Septentrionale." 19.5 x 20" Engr. Vol. 9, n os 4044 ( ca. 1 760s?) (Massip 250). This is Popple 's map of the British Empire. Rios 394 c L es p ri ncip a le s fortresses." 61 X 48.5 cm Engr. by Kondet (ca. 1737 ?). Compos it e map of cities, vol. 9, no. 45 (Massip 248). Massip inc orrec tly dates these two maps 1683 but th ey are post-1733. See Bowen; Poppl e "Baye et ville d e Ha va ne (vo l. 9, n o. 73) i s from Mortier 's Les forces de !'Europe (Massip 253 Ri os 295). See Mortier. In s ularum Hisp an iolae e t Cuba" (vo l. 9 no. 75), i s from Schecnck and Valk (o ri gna ll y 1688) (Mass ip 2 51 ). See Schenck. 140 Cram, George & Co. (C hicago publisher, active ca 1841-1928) "C uba ." 20 X 1 3". Lith Inset of Havana 1898 Official M ap" in unid en tifi ed at l as (U ni versa l ?), pp 134 -3 5. Reprinted in 1900 s. See Offici a l Map of Cuba. 141 Crepy,? (French publisher, active ca 1760s) See Popple ; L e Rouge 142 Cuaranta, B. (Spanish engraver, active ca. 1850s-1870s) See Bachiller ; Grilo; Pezuel a. 143 Cuba en el Bolsillo See Gonzalez de la Ve ga 144 Cuban Committee in London ( exile organization during 1895-1898 War of Independence ) "C uba in 1895. 18.25 X 14 Lith .? London J. D. Potter (publisher?) 1895 ? 145 Cuban Land & Steamship Company (New York corporation) a Offi cia l map of Cuba." 19.5 X 13". Lith In set of L a Gloria City ( in Camagiiey Province). Bormay & Co., New York, 1899. Publi s hed by La Gloria Co Cover reads: Po c ket Map of the P ear l of the Anti ll es. b Town s ite of La Gloria. 23. 5 X 18 .7 5 ". Lith.? D esig ned and drawn by M.A. Custer Neff, New York ca. 1885. 146 Cuerpo de Estado Mayor (Spanish military headquarters ca. 1890s) See Spain Cuerpo de Estado M ayor. 147 Cuesta, Tiburcio V. (Cuban? Spanish? lithographer, active ca.1850s-1860s) See Directorio de Artes; Martin 148 Davey, Richard P. B. (American author active 1848-ca. 1910s) [Cuba.] No titl e. 18.75 X 8". Lith. by Philip & Son. In his Cuba Past and Present (New York: Scribners, 18 98).


178 EMILIO CUETO 149 Davies & Co. (British engraver, active ca. 1860s-1870s) See Great Britain, Hydrographical Office. 150 Day & Son (London lithographer) See Dispatch Atlas. 151 De/ Del / De la Names beginning with a preposition are alphabetized under the proper name following (e.g. Rio, Sagra, Torre). 152 Delmes, Luis Francisco (French draftsman, active in Santiago ca.1830s) According to Bacardi, Del mes published a map of Santiago and another of Havana ( 1833). His description of the Havana map however greatly resemble s the Lanier map. (Are both the same map?) Another source indicates Delmes drafted three additional maps of Santiago (1840, 1845, and 1858). 153 Deposito de Ia Guerra See Spain, Dep6sito de la Guerra. 154 Deposito Hidrografico See Spain Direcci6n Hidrografica 155 Derby, G. M. (American publisher?, active ca. 1890s) "Map of Santiago de Cuba and vicinity ... 24 X 18". Lith., Washington, D.C., 1898. Probably same as map no. 140 in 1898 U.S. War Department Atlas. 156 Derby & Jackson (New York publisher) See Humboldt/Thrasher. 157 Desbuissons,? (French? engraver, active in Madrid ca.1850s) See Coello. 158 El Diario (Havana newspaper and printing establishment) See Calendario Manual; Pianos de Bolsillo. 159 Diccionario Enciclopedico Hispano-Americano (Barcelona, 1892) See Esteban T. Pichardo. 160 Diez Galvez, Jose (Spanish surveyor, active ca. 1800s) 161 a Plano de la costa sur de la bahfa de Matanzas .. Drawn by Dubrocq (1814) and Vidal Junco (1842). Trelles citation. Ms. or printed ? b "Plano de Matanzas reformado en 1801 ... Copied by Del Portillo. Trelles citation. Ms. or printed? Direccion Hidrografica See Spain, Direcci6n Hidrografica. 162 Directorio de Artes, Comercio e Industrias de La Habana (Havana, 1859) a "P lano de la ciudad de la Habana y estramuros ... 15 X 11". Lith. T. Cuesta. b "P lano de lo s caminos de Hierro ... 27 X 10". Lith. T. Cuesta. Massip (73) gives 13 X 9" dimensions. 163 Directorio General y Comercial de la Isla de Cuba See Caine. 164 Dispatch Atlas (London publication) "Cuba and Jamaica. 16.5 X 12". Drawn and engraved by T. Ettling. Lith. by Day and Co. Map no. 216, 1863. Phillips 839. 165 Dodd, Mead & Co. (American publisher, active ca. 1890s) See Matthews-Northrup. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 179 166 Dominguez J. (Spanish lithographer, active ca. 1890s) "Mapa de la Isla de Cuba." 37 X 25 cm. Lith. by Dominguez at Lith. Alemana, Cadiz, 1880s. Insets of Santiago and Havana. See Ilustraci6n Espanola y Americana/ Riudavets. 167 Doornick (Dornick)? (French engraver, active ca. 1830s-1850s) See France, Depot des Cartes; Kerhallet. 168 Dostesio, Luis (Bilbao lithographer, active ca. 1890s) See Ortiz de Pinedo. 169 Dublin Magazine (Irish publication) Following information is from Documentos In editos sob re la Toma de La Habana, Havana National Library, 1963. Maps engraved by G Rollo s. a "An accurate map of Cuba and the adjacent islands." 9.5 X 7 .5 Engr. 1762. This map also appeared in the Royal Magazine. A similar version, although e ngraved by Bell, not Rollos, appeared in Scots Magazine b "A Plan of the city of Havana. Capital of the island of Cuba." 4.5 X 7". Engr. 1762 According to mentioned source, this is the same map appearing, with variants in the London Magazine, May 1762. 170 Dudley, Robert (British cartographer, 1573(4?)-1649, working in Italy) "Carta Particolare de l'isol e di Cuba e di Jamaica ... 29 X 19". Engr. by Lucini. In his Dell'Arcano def Mare (Florence, 1646-1647, 2nd ed. 1661). Map 103 in vol. 3 bk. 6. Some sources mention an atlas by Lucini (Atlas Maritime) that include s thi s map, but reference seems to be to Dudley's compilation. Phillips 457, 3428. 171 Dufour, A.H. (French engraver and publisher?, 1798-1865) According to Pichardo, cited by Trelles, Dufour published his Cuba map in 1830 (?). Trelles cites two Dufour maps, but of a later date. According to Tooley there are two A. H. Dufours with the sa me date s (coincidence or error?): Adolphe Hipolyte Dufour, geographer, author of Atlas Historique (1852) and Atlas Universe/ (1860); and Auguste Henri Dufour, cartographer, author of Amerique du Nord (1860) and Atlas Hi storiq ue (1864). These maps may be from either collection: a b Carta topografica de la isla de Cuba. 34 X 23". Engr. by L. Grenier. Insets of Havana Puerto Principe Trinidad and Santiago. Pari s, Bulla, 1842. Was the 1830 map mentioned by Trelle s an earlier edition of this one? Mapa topografico de la isla de Cuba." 35 X 24". Engr.? Paris Bulla 1867. Figaro la 93. I do not know whether, or how the two maps differ. 172 Dufour, F. (French engraver, active ca.1880s) See Alorda. 173 Dulong, Juan Augusto (Cuban? French? surveyor, active in Cuba ca.1828-1851) Plano de las operaciones practicadas ... Cienfuegos." 18 X 16". Lith. by Santiago Martin, Havana ca. 1850 s?. Map issued apparently in connection with some real estate dispute. This map i s a reduced version of a larger item (ms.?) prepared by Sainz. 174 Dumas Franco, Claudio (Cuban author, ?-1908) "Mapa para ensefiar la geografia de Cuba."? X ?". Engr.? Havana 1881. Trelles citation. 175 Durell, Philip (British lieutenant and surveyor, active ca. 1740s-1760s) a "A plan of Cumberland harbour [Guantanam o]. 22.5 X 18". Engr. by P. Fourdrinier London, 1741. British Library has ms chart. Source for map in Jefferys, West India Atlas (Sayer 1794 ).


180 EMILIO CUETO b "A plan of the entrance & fortifications of the harbour St Jago." 20.5 X 14" Drawn in 1741. Engr. by W. H. Toms, London ca. 1741-1744?. Figaro la 27. Massip 381. Library of Congress has ms. chart ( original or copy?). c "A Plan of port Escondido." 14 X 10 ". London ca. 1741 1742. Briti s h Library has m s. chart. Figarola 26. Ma ss ip 380 176 Eastwood, E. M. (American draftsman, active ca. 1890s) See U.S. War Department Atlas. 177 Elias de Alcoy, Jose Antonio (Spanish geographer, active ca.1850-1860s) Isla de Cuba." / "A ntillas espaiiolas." 16 X 11.5" Engr. by Camilo Alabern. In se t of P Rico. Barcelona 1850. In his Atlas Hist 6rico, y Estadistico (Barcelona, 1848 1850). Rios (141) dates itca. 1858 (why?). 178 La Enciclopedia (publishing house in Cuba) See Alorda. 179 English Pilot. The Fourth Book (English atlas of American lands) After acquiring from John Seller the rights to the title to this publication Fisher and Thornton added a Fourth Book in 1689 with American and West Indian map s. Upon Fisher s death in 1691 successive members of the Mount Page and Davidson families joined the firm during several generations, and so this Fourth Book, with 38 London editions spanning over a century, bears the imprint of Fisher and Thornton ( 1689), Thornton and Mount (1698 1706) MountandPage(l707, 1713, 1716, 1721, 1737 1742 1743 1745 1748, 1749, 1751, 1753, 1755, 1758, 1759 1760 1761 1763 1764 1765 1767 1770, 1773 1775, 1778, 1780, 1783, 1784), Page and Mount (1725, 1728 1729, 1732) and Mount and Davidson (I 789 1794). There is an edition by Seller and Price ( 1703) and two Dublin editions by Grierson (1749 1767) Not all Cuba-related maps appeared in all these editions. I have analyzed the contents of several (Phillips no. in parentheses): 1706 (1155), 1721 (10314), 1737 (1157), 1745 (3650), London, 1749 (3651), 1755 (3652), 1758 (1158), 1759 (10315) 1760 (1160) London 1767 ( 1163), Dublin 1767 ( 1162), 1773 (3653), 1775 (1164 ), 1778 ( I 0318), 1780 (I 168) 1783 (10324) and the following picture emerges. Maps (and coastal silhouettes) appeared both as woodcuts throughout the text (very s imilar to those used by Roggeveen) and as separate metal engravings. The 1737 edition had maps engraved by I. Harris, Em. Bowen, la. Clark, and and S. Parker. a b C d A. WOODCUTS IN TEXT (12 X 19") "Bay ofporto Porcas." 3 X 3". At p. 44 in 1721, 1755 1759, 1778 1783 eds. Massip 375. "Cidade de Havana." 8 X 5.5". "Tit le inside map. The use of "C id ade" reflects a Portuguese origin and is very similar to that by Pimentel. It is also simi l ar to 1675 ms. from Marques de Varinas. Phillips list s it only once (p. 42 1755 ed ), but I have seen it at pp. 42 43 and 44 in other editions. Was this woodcut discontinued after a Havana inset was added to the Cuba chart in the 1760s? Massip 472? See Anonymous ("The Havana harbour ," 1 I). The draught of bay of Honda. 7 X 7". At p. 45 in 1706 ed.; p. 44 in 1721 ed. Changed title to "A Draught after 1737 ed. (p. 44). It appears at p. 44 in following eds.: London 1749 (not in Dublin?) 1755, 1758, 1759 1760 1767 (London), 1773 1775, 1780 and 1783; and at p. 46 in 1767 ( Dublin) and 1784 eds. Massip 471. (Matanzas bay.] 4 X 4". at p. 40 in some ed. Outline i s similar to 1675 ms. from Marques de Varinas. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 181 e [Various silhouettes of Cuban coastal scenes .] No title METAL ENGRAVINGS SEPARATE FROM TEXT f "A new chart of the Bahama islands and the Windward Passage." 21 X 17". By John Thornton. Map no 22 in 1706 ed; map no. 13 in 1721 ed., which attributed authorship to Samuel Thornton; map no. 22 in 1737, 1745 eds.; map no. 21 in 1755 ed.; map no. 22 in 1758 1759 eds.; map no. 21 in 1760 ed. (again attributed to Samuel Thonrton). Does not appear in 1767 eds. or therafter and is replaced by 179 g. g "A new & correct chart of Cuba streights of Bahama ... by an officer." 25.5 X 18". Inset (5.5 X 7") of "A plan of the harbour & town of Havana. This map is introduced in 1760s probably replacing the older Thonrton map (179 f). Cuba configuration taken from Popple. It i s map no. 18 in 1767 (London) and 1773 eds.; map no. 17 in 1775 1780 eds .; map no. 14 in 1 783 ed.; and map no. 18 in 1784 ed. Massip 450. The Phillips/Quesada compilation cites A plan of the harbour & town of Havana ... by an officer ... with dimensions of 5.5 X 7" as appearing between pp. 4-5 of the 1767 edition. The reference seems to be to the Havana inset on this map since Phillips himself does not include this map in his atlas compilation (no. 1163). See Mas s ip 472; Rios 123. h "A new and correct draught of the bay ofMatanzas . 1 2 X 9". Engr. Drawn by Robt. Pearson. Copies printed before 1 767 indicate that survey was done in 1729. Map no. 20 in 1737 1745 1749 (both London and Dublin), 1755, 1758, 1759, and 1760 eds. Not in 1767 Dublin ed. Map no. 19 in 176 7 London ed ., without reference to date of survey in 1729. Perhaps editors removed date from later editions so the purchaser would not realize map was not of recent vintage. Map no 19 in 1773; no. 1 8 in 1775, 1778 1780 eds.; no. 15 in 1783 ed.; no. 19 in 1784 ed. Massip 336. 180 Ens, Caspar (German? Dutch? author, active ca. 1620s) See Visscher. 181 Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning (New York publisher, active ca.1850s-1860s) "Map of the island of Cuba." 34 X 26". Lith. New York, 1855. On top there are Geographical Chronological and Statistical Notes." Reference to Ensign is pasted on map in Library of Congress copy, which has another copy without the Ensign reference. See Anonymous (1 o). 182 Entick, John (British author, 1703-1773) From his The General Hi story of the Late War, vol. 5 (London, 1763; 2nd ed. 1766): a A new & accurate map ... with a plan ... of the city and harbour of Havannah." 9 X 7.5". Engr. Vol. 4, p. 142, of 1766 ed. Similar to map in London Maga z ine, Scots Maga z ine, and Millar. b "A plan of the siege of the Havana, drawn by an officer on the spot." JO X 7". Engr. See Gentleman's Magazine. 183 Erni, A.G. (American engraver, active ca. 1890s) See U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office. 184 Escudero,? (Ramon?) (Madrid lithographer, active ca.1853) See Gutierrez de la Concha. 185 Espinosa, Jose Dolores (Cuban? lithographer, active ca. 1850s) See Garcia de Arboleya. 186 Estebe (Esteve) Vilella, Rafael (Spanish engraver, 1722-1847) See Spain, Direcci6n Hidrografica.


182 EMILIO CU ETO 187 Esteva ne z Murphy Nico l as ( Spanish author 1838-1914) I s la de Cuba. 16.5 X 12". Engr. by Guillot print ed atDufrenoy. Map no. 12 in hi s Atlas Geografi c o de Am .e ri c a ( Pari s: Garnier Hennanos 1885; later ed. 1896). Phillip s 10270 4458. 188 Estruc(h) Jordan Domingo (Va lencian engraver, 1796-1851) Carta geogr[afic]o topografica de la is l a de Cuba." 300 X 130 cm. Engr. Comissioned by Vive s; produced by Jasme-Valcourt ; surveyed by M a nuel Medina Cr i st6 bal Gallego Jose M. Oliva Alejo Lanier, and others; drawn by Ro ca, Estrat6n Bausa and Matias Let a mendi ; engraved by Estruch ; printed in Barcelona 1 835. I t includ es insets of H avana Matanzas Puerto Casi l da, Puerto Pr[ncipe Santiago (c it y), Santiago ( bay ), and Trinidad F ir st topographi ca l map of Cuba. Rfo s 1 35 See note 32. See also Coe ll o. 189 Ettling, Theodor (British draftsman e ngraver and lithographer 1823-ca. 1860s ) See Dispat ch Atlas. 190 Evans, H C. ( American engraver, active ca. 1880s ) See U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office. 191 Evening Post ( New York publisher and publication ) See Col t on, Ohman; Scientific American. 192 Experienced Commander ( anonymous British officer ) "A n ew & cor r ect c hart of th e h arbo ur of H ava n a o n ... C ub a" 22 X 1 7". Engr. b y J. Mynde. D ifferent so u rces date it I 720, 1730 1 735? 1750 ?, and 175 8?. Similar to m ap s u rveyed by Phelps a n d another attrib ut ed to Thoma s Milton Figarola 1 2 13 Massip 3505 1. S ee Phelps. 193 Exshaw, John ( British? Irish? publisher, active ca. 1750s-1790s ) Plan of the c it y and h arbo ur of H avana" and A Plan oftbe siege of the Havana ... by an officer. 1 5th A u g u st 1 762 Two titles on map. 7 X 7". Engr In his Gentleman's and London Ma gazi n e (Dublin) July 1 762, opp. p. 376; in A Comp/eat H istory of the late War or Annual R eg ist e r .. (Dublin 1 774); and in J. Wright Annual R eg ist e r a l so known as A Complete H istory of the late War (London, 1 765), vo l. 2, p. 498 Rfo s 311. See a l so Charlevoix. 194 Faden, William (British mapmaker and publisher successor to Jefferys 1750-1836 ) Pl an of th e harbour a n d c it y of Ha vana." 53 X 42 c m S ur veyed b y d e l R io in 1 798. Pub I. by Faden Aug 12 1805. Map n o. 1 77 in hi s A New and Gen e r al Atlas (ca 1 806)? See Spain Di recc i 6 n Hidrografica ; Map was reis s u ed by the Briti s h H ydrograp bi ca l Office (Ad mi ra lt y c h ar t no. 414b in 1 844) See Gauld. 195 Failde, Eduardo (Spanish surveyor and draftsman, active ca. 1855 ) See Arevalo. 196 Fer, Nichola s de (French cartographer, engraver and publisher 1646-1720) B eca u se hi s atlas, Les Forces de Europe ... (pri nt ed o ri gina ll y in Paris in 16 96), was r e i ss u ed in A m sterdam wit h a dditi ons by Mortier (ca. 1702 ) and AA ( 1 7 17 1 726), a Ha va n a map that appea r ed in th ese Dut ch p ubli catio n s with a l egend i n French (" B aye et v i l l e de Havane ... ") bas often been attrib ut e d to de Fer. H owever, a check of the origina l Paris ed iti on of L es For ces (P hillip s 2780), as we ll a bis A tl as Curieux ( Paris 1 700170 4, 1 705), h is P etit et Nouveau A t las (Paris, 1705 ), or hi s Atlas ou R ec u e il (Pa ri s, 1 7091 728) ( Phillip s 5962) b as not confi rm ed the pre sence of this H avana map in any of th ese de Fer French pub l ications. See AA, Corea Mortier. De Fer however did prepare a wall map with a Havana v i gnette, l ater copied by Chate l ai n ( 1719) and de Leth ( 1 730-1740): "Carte d e l a mer du sud." ? X ?" (large wall map). Engr. Pari s, 1713 Cuban Cartography 1500-1898 197 Fe rnald James, C. (A meric a n a uthor active ca. 1890 s) See Rand McNally 198 Fe rr e iro Martin (S pani s h geographer, 1830-1896) 183 I s la de Cuba." I 1 .5 X 8.25". Engr. by Ram 6 n Alabern Map no. 54 in bis Atlas Geografico de Espana. I slas Adyacentes y P osesiones Espafiolas d e Ultramar ( Madrid: Ga spar y Roi g, 1864 ) Phillips 5287. 199 The Field of Mars (Lo ndon publication ) See Macg owan. 200 Figarola Caneda, Domingo (C uban author, 1852-1926 ) Plano de Matanzas. 11 X 11 ". Litb. ? ln hi s Gu{a Ofi c ial de la Exposici6n de Matan z as ( Matanza s, 1 881 ). 201 Fisher, Richard Swainson (A merican editor, active ca. 1860 s) See Co lt on, G. W. 202 Fi s her William ( British publisher active ca. 1669-1691 ) First coeditor, w ith Thornton of The English Pilot. The Fourth B ook. 203 Fisk, E.F (A merican printer active ca. 1890s ) See R owan. 204 Fisk & Russell (New York engravers, active ca 1860s-1870 s) See New York H eral d. 205 Flahaut,? ( French engraver, active ca. 1820s-1830s ) See Humboldt 1 820, 1826. 206 Flemming, Karl (Carl) ( German publisher, active ca.1890s-1910s) "C ub a mit den benachbarten i n se ln .. 1 6 X 10 ". Lith ? Germany Kartograf. ln s titut vo n Karl Flemming, Glogau 1 898. Figarola 1 21. 207 Forbes William (English surveyor, act iv e ca. 1840 ) See Great Britain H y d rograp hi ca l Office ; France Depot des cartes; Kerhallet. 208 Fo rlani Paolo (Veronese engraver, active ca. 1560-1574 [1576?]) See B e rt e lli. 2 09 Foster, G. ( British publisher, active ca.1740s) The sea t of war in th e W es t Indi es ... H avana 23 X 1 9". Engr. L ondon, 1 7391 740. R obert Pearson may h ave bad a ro l e in the drafting. Composite map w ith in se ts of Bay of Honda an d Th e H ava na ." 210 Fourdrinier, Pierre (Frenc h engraver, active in England ca.1720s -1760 s) See Dur e ll (Cumber l a nd ). 211 France, Depot de s Carles et Plan s de la Marine / Depot General de Ia Marine Esta bli s h e d in Pari ca I 720, thi s became the French pub li s h er of h ydrogra hi c maps. Mo s t Cuba maps t aken from th e Spanish Dep6sito Hidrografico. Some were republished in th e Manuel by Kerhallet. See Bellin ; Kerhallet ; Ri o. A MAPS FROM 1 800s1 820s a "Ca r te de l a cote meridionale de tie de Cube" [si c]. 35 X 22.5". Surveyed by B a rc a i ztegu i (1793) and D el Rfo (1804). Engr. by Vicq. 1824. Map no. 176 (2). French ve r s ion of Spanish 1 821 orig in al. Figaro l a 49. b "Car te reduite d un e parte . depui s Maternillos ... a ce ll e d Ycaco s." 35.75 X 23.75". Engr. ca 1801. From 1799 Spanish map.


184 C EMILIO CUETU Pl an du port et de l a vi ll e de La Ha van n e." 20.5 X 16.5 ". Surveyed by Del Rio : Ecrit by B esanco n (drawn by him or lettered only?) ; engr. by Collin. Map a pp ears al o in B e llin H y drographie map no. 69 1800 Fren ch version of Spanish 1798 original. I know tw o versions: M ap no 69 in copy dat ed "An IX de 'Ere Fran(;aise ( i.e ., 1800 ), a nd Map no. 170 dated I 800. Reproduced by Bien. B MAPS FROM PORT ULAN GENER AL. MER DES ANTILLES. GOLF E DU M EX /Q UE (PA RIS 1856 1858) ( PHILLIPS 2710). Maps are preced ed by notation Ocean Atlantique and Mer de s Antilles. d Cardenas. 12 X 9". Engr. After 1831 Spanish map 1 858 Vol. I no 62. Also in Kerhallet vo l. I no. 177 3 (62). e g h Entree de Cabanas." 9 X 11.75 Engr. Drafted in 1816 by de Mayne. 1856. Vol. I no 56. Al so in K e rhaU e t vo l. 1 no 1500 (56). La Havane ." 17 X 11.5 ". Drafted by Carre after Arevalo. Engr. by C. E. Collin. Map no 1841. I 860. Ile de Pino s (C uba )." 18 X 11.75" Engr. by D oor ni ck. "Ecrit" by Hacq and Carre. After 1826 Eng li s h map by Harris. 1857. Vol. I no. 52. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no. I 740 (52). Mouillages de l a caye Confites." 9 X 11 .75". En g r. After 1802 Spanish map. 1 857. Vol. I, no. 60. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no. 1739 ( 60 ). Port de Bahia Hondia ." 9 X 11.75". Engr. After Spani s h map s I 809 1818 1856. Vol. I no 55 Al so in Kerhallet, vol. I no. 1503 ( 55 ). Port de Barac oa." 9 X 11.75" Engr. After Spanish maps 1809 1818 1856. Vol. I no. 59. Also in Kerh a llet vol. I no 1501 (59). Figarola 68. k Port de Guantanamo. I 1.5. X 18 ". Engr. After 1809 Spanish map 1857. Vol. 1 no. 49. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no. 1738 (49). "Port de Ja g u a 11.75 X I 8". Engr. Drafted in 1836 by Bouy6n. 1856. Vol. I no 51. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no. 160 I (51). m Port de Mariel. 9 X 11.75 ". Engr. After Spanish maps 1 8091 8 1 8. I 856. Vol. I, no. 57. Also in Kerhallet vol. 1 no. 1502 (57). n Port de Mata. 9 X 11.75 ". Engr. After Spanish maps 1 809 1818. 1 856 Vol. I no. 58. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no. 1 499 (58). o Port de Matanza s." 9 X 11 .7 5". Engr. After Spanish map corrected by Forbes in 1840. 1856. Vol. I no 61. A l so in KerhaUet vol. I. no 1597 (61 ). Figarola 67. p q Port de Santi ago de Cuba .. I 1.5. X I 8". Engr. by Doornick. After 1 802 Spanish map. 1857. Vol. I, no. 50. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no 1737 Figarola 69. Recifs de s Co l orados." 9 X 11.75". Engr. After 1836 map by R. Owen. 1856. Vol. I no. 62. Also in Kerhallet vol. I no 1592. c. LAT E R MAPS, 186os 189os "Ca rte de I ile de Cuba." Partie Occidentale." 36 X 24.25" After English and Spanish maps. Engr. by C. E. Collin. 2nd sheet, no 1885. Paris, 1 861? "Ca rte de l ile de Cuba." Partie Orientale. 36 X 24.25". After Engli h and Spanish map s Engr. by C E. Col lin 1st sheet, no. 1 848. Pari s 1863 (w ith corrections to 1 868). Why would two seq uential s heet s have nonsequential numbers ( 1885 and 1 848?) "Carte des pa ssage a u nord de Cuba." 36 X 24.25". Drafted by Nyon. Engr. by C. E. Collin. Chart no. 2 185. Pari s, 1865 (correc ted 1868 1869). Figarola 88. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 u Ile de Cuba. Port de La H ava n e." 44 X 62cm. Engr. 1886 Pari s, 1894 v "lie de Cuba. Port de Mat anzas, Cuba. 18 X 12 ". Engr. Pari s, 1870 212 France Illustre ( Paris periodical ) lie de Cuba. 6.75 X 3". Wood engr. Feb. I 1896 p. !05. 213 Franke, M (A merican draftsman and engraver, active ca. 1880s ) See U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office 214 Fremin, A. R. (French engraver, active ca. 1880s ) "Car te d e l 'A merique 24 X 34". lnset of Cuba. Engr. Paris 1836. 215 Fungairiiio, E. (S panish draftsman and engraver, active ca. 1890s) See Spain Direcci6n Hidrogr a fica. 216 G., T (S panish engraver with initials "T. G." Probably Tomas Gonzalez) See Spain Direcci6n Hidrografica. Portulano ; Gonzalez Tomas. 217 Gallenga, Antonio ( Italian author, active ca.1870s) See Vuillemin. 218 Gamboa, Nico l as (Basque surveyor, act i ve in Cuba ca 1870s-1912 ) 185 a E quicio t opografico de l aj uri sdicci6n de Cienfuegos." ? X ?" Engr. ? New York. Trelles gives both 1 874 and 1 878 dates. Why printed in New York? b Plano topografico de Cienfuegos ."? X ?". 1874 Engr. or Ms. ? Trelles citation. 219 Gamir, Gabino (S panish military surveyor, active ca. 1890s) Mapa topografico de! distrito de Las Villas." 1875. M s ? Tr e ll es citation 220 Ganzino, Pablo (S panish engraver, active in Cadiz ca. J 760s-1770s ) Plano de! puerto i ciudad de la Havana ." 61 X 41 cm Engr. Cadiz ? 1763 Sole printed Spanish map concerning the 1762 seizure of Havana by the Briti s h. Map has additiona l title referring to: E l Orrendo y Terrible Combate .. The map does not seem to be original but cop i ed from contemporaneous British maps Copies in Havana National Library (Rfos 300) and in Servicio Geografico

186 EMILIO CUETO 223 Garnier Hermano s (Fre re s) (French publisher active ca.1860s-1890s) S ee Estevanez; Pozo. 224 Gastaldi, Giacomo/ Giacopo ( Italian car tograph e r 1500-ca 1565 [1568 ?]) Hi s copper engraving technjque revolutionized mapmaking and u s hered in the decline of woodb l ock printing. See Ptolemy. 225 Gattorno, Juan de Dio s (S pani s h ? Cuban? s urve y or active ca.1830s?-1860s) Trelles cites what appear to be seve ral manu scr ipt maps of and around Villa Clara between 1 831 and 1851 S ee also Rafael Rodrfguez (Santiago de las Vegas ). 226 Gauld/ Gould, George ( British surveyor, 1732-1782 ) a A c hart of the gulf of Florida .. I S X 1 4 London Faden 17 94. b "The west e n d of t h e isl a nd of C ub a an d part of the Co l orados ... 15 X 14 ". Engr. Surveyed by Gauld i n 1 773. London Faden 1790 Appare n t l y two versions ex_ i st, one s li g htly smal l er. Figarola 35-36; Massip 53 1 -32 Why was th e re a need for two suc h c h arts? Al so, how was it po ss ible for a Briti s h s ubj ect to su r vey Spa ni s h coas t s in those time s? 227 Ga ze ta Extraordi11aria de Landre s (Lisbon, Sept. 30 1762 ) "P l anta do sit i o de Havana ... 14.S X 8.5'' Engr. Included in Portuguese newsletter i ssued to publicize the cap tur e of H ava n a. Apparen tl y much of the text i s t aken from an E n gl i sh wo rk published by Jefferys in 1 762. The map i s obv i o u s l y from a n Engljsh sou rce: it indicates that it was done by hum offic i al rni l itar q se acbava prez[en]te, wh i c h is the Portugue se tran s lation of an "officer on the spo t of many British map s of 1762. Copie s in Havana National Library, in John Carter Brown Library and in Serv i cio Geografico de! Ejerc it o (Spain). 228 fl Gazzettiere America110 (L ivorno, 1762-1763 ) a "Car t a esatta rapprese nt a nt e l i so l a dj Cuba .. 12.S X JO Engr. by G.M. Terreni Acknowledge s Poppler {si c } t o be hj s so urce. Vol. 1, map n o. 24. Rfos 121. b Pi ano de ll a citta e porto dell Havana. 10 .2 5 X 8". Drawn by G. P azzi; E n gr. by Viol. Vanni ( n ot Varmi). Vol. 2 map n o 5, p. 68. Cop i ed from J efferys. R ios 308. c Pi ano di Guantanimo .. C umb erla nd ." 10 X 7.5". Drawn by G Pazzi; E n gr. by V i o l. Vanni. Vol. 1 map no. 25, p. 1 47. Copied fro m Jefferys. Rfo s 286. The Cuba an d H avana map s we r e l ate r copied in t h e 1 777 Atlante dell'America. See Popple. Phillips 1161. 229 Ge11tl e ma11 's Magazi11e (London publication, 1731+) a Pl a n of the city ofHavana h 3.5 X 4" W oodcut. March 1740 p. 14 9. b Plan of the c it y and harb our of H avanna." 7.5 X 4.5 E n gr. Sept. 1 762, opp p 408. ( p 35 I ?). Acco rdin g to one so urce it a l so appeared in Britannia Triumphant ( L o nd on, J 777), but copies I co n s ult ed were n o t illu strated. See I mperial Maga z in e. Rf os 30 1 c "A Plan of the siege of the Havana ... officer on the spot. 17 62." IO X 7". E gr. Oct. 1 762, opp p. 458. See E nti ck 230 G e ntlema11 's a11d Lo11do11 Magazi11e ( Dublin John Exshaw, 1741+) See Exshaw. 231 A Geographical and Hi st orical De sc riptio11 of th e pri11cipal Object s of the pr ese 11t war i11 the W es t flldi es [Havana.] Title ? Dimen s i ons? Author? London: T. Gardner 1741. 232 Gerritsz, Hessel ( Dutch cartographer, e ngraver and publi s her, 1581-1632 ) D e ey l anden e nd e vaste l anden van Westindien .. 71 X SI cm E n gr. With in et of p art of Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 187 northwest coast of Cuba ("He t canael tusschen Havana ... en de Tortuga s"). Amsterdam, ca 1631 Three copies known: two printed on paper (T he Hague, Briti s h Library ) an d one on ve llu m ( Leyd e n ). In set was reissued in 1669 by Pieter Goos in a similar(?) map. See Goos; Van Keulen. 233 Gibson, John ( British geographer, draft s man engraver, active ca.1750-1792) See Speer; Unive r sal Museum 234 Gilbert, John ( British militar y surveyor, active ca. 1750s) Part of the i s ld. of Cuba. "A ug 14 1 755. 26 X 44 cm. Engr. Londo T. P age & so Copy in British Library ( I s lsld ." a s i mp li fication by t h e Briti s h Library of the act u a l tit l e?) 235 Gimenez Manfn, Manuel N. (S panish officer, active in Santiago ca. 1880s) Pl ano t opografico e ilu s t rado de San ti ago de C ub a 26.S X 21 ". Lith. (New York: Mayer, Merkell & Ottm a n, 1 883). With pictorial border s. 236 Giralt Alemany, Pedro (C uban? Spanish? draftsman 1856-1924) a "Ca magtiey y l as Villa s." 65 X 49 cm. Lith Havana 1 895 Rfos 150 b C ub a. Mapa de! teatro de l a g u erra 66 X 36 cm. Lith. Map of Oriente Provin ce and p art ofCamagtiey. H avana, 1 895. Ri os 151. c Gran mapa de l a is l a de C ub a. 70 X 33" Lith. Guerra y Hermanos Ed. by Avisador Comerc i a l de Pulido y D faz. Havana, 1 896. d N u evo p i ano de l a ciudad de l a H a b a n a ... 57 X 44 cm. Hav a na, ed by Sa l a, 1 891. Rfos 333. 237 Globe Bible Publishing Company (Philadelphia publisher ) Official map of C ub a. 20 X 13 ". Lith. 1897-1898. At l east three different versions ex i s t but on l y one mentions Globe. Two h ave "C ity of H ava n a in se t. One not mentionjng Globe was g i ven free to s ub scribers of Turnbull White 's Our Gr eat War Book ( 1 898). The third, with Pro v in ce of H avana inset indicate s it is e n graved for Leslie 's Official H istory of th e Spanish American War ( I 898). 238 Gonzales(z) Carranza, Domingo ( Spanish pilot of the New Spain Flota ca. 1718) Plan of th e h arbo ur and city of Havana. 7.5 X 8.5". Engr. Drafted by P. H arrison in his A Geographical D esc ription of the Coasts, Harb o ur s and sea ports of the Spanish W est In dies (Lo ndon 1740 ) p 93. It i s un c l ear w h et h er the printed map i taken from an origina l Spanis h manuscript b y Gonzalez Carranza or w h ether he o nl y wrote the text for thjs book and the map i s or i g inall y English. Author is of t e n fi l ed under Carranza in E n g li sh bib li ograp hi es. 239 Gonza l ez Simancas, Manuel (S panish? draftsman, active in Cuba ca. 1880 s) From his Carta Geografico D esc ripti va .. Santa Clara . C i enfuegos (Cienf u egos 1 884) the fo ll owing t wo s h eets: a [City of C i enf u egos ] No ti tl e. 22 5 X 14.S b [ Juri sdictio n of Cienfuegos.] Title ? 1 6 X I S". With inset s of "Sit uaci 6n de la Provincia de Santa Clara a nd "Gra n C i e n aga de Zapata. 240 Go nzalez Manue l Dionisio (Cuban author activ e ca 1850 s) Plano que r eprese nt a l a parte de l a poblaci6n de Villa C l ara . 7 X 4 25". Drawn by Uribe. Lith. In hi s Memoria H ist6rica de la Villa de Santa Clara (Havana 1 856), p. 20. 24 I Gonza lez Tomas (Spanish engraver, active ca. 1797-1824 ) According to E l ena Paez Tomas Gonzale z e n graved three "Cartas Esfericas" in Madrid between 1816 1824. I have identified two more He i s very probab l y the T. G. who


188 EMILIO C UETO igned the p l ates of th e P ort ulano de la America Septentrional. See Spain Dir ecci6n Hidrografica 242 Gonzalez de la Vega, Rafael ( Cuban? Spanish? mapmaker active ca. 1870 s) Cuba en e l bolsillo; mapa i lu s tr ado d e es t a i s la ." 27 X 1 2 cm. Lith .? ( H ava na : L a Propa ga nd a Lit eraria, 1 877). Figaro l a 111. Rf os 147. 243 Gonzalez de la s Peiia s, German (S pani s h editor, active ca. 1881 ) Gran carta geog r afico-enc i c l opedica d e l a i s l a de C ub a." 62 X 4 1 (w ith bord e r s), 62 X 33" (wi thou t). Engr. by G P feiffer. Ha va n a inset (9.2 5 X 6 5 ") Print ed in Madrid and publi s h ed b y L a Prop aga nd a Lit e rari a, H ava na 1 88 1. Figaro l a I I 2. 244 Goos Abraham (Dutch engraver ca. 1590-1643 ) See Merc a t or. 245 Goos, Pieter (Dutch engraver and publisher, son of Abraham, ca.1616-1675) P ascae rt e va n W es tindien d e vas t e k u s t e n e n d e ey l a nd e n ." ? X ?". Engr. With inset of part of northw es t coas t of Cuba (" Het canael tu ssc hen Hav a n a .. e n d e Tortu gas"), in Goos 's D e zee atlas (A m s terd a m 1669 ), first publi s h ed in 1 666. Phillip s 5690. Ma ip 2 1 7 225. Map i s co pied from 1 63 1 ver i o n by G e rrit sz. Goo s a l so edited th e map s by R oggevee n in 1675. See G e rristz ; R oggevee n ; Van K e ul e n. 246 Gottfried Johan Ludwig ( German compiler, active 17th century) Author of Newe we lt publi s hed in Frankfurt ( 16 3 1 a nd 1655 ) A uth orsh ip ofte n e rroneou s l y a ttributed t o J P Abe l in Publi s h er M er ian in c l uded a Dut c h map of Cuba in thi b ook. See Visscher. 247 Grant, H D (British naval s urveyor active ca. 1870 ) See Gre a t Brit a in H ydrogra phi ca l Offi ce ( I. Pin os). 248 Great Britain Hydrographic (a l ) Office of the Admiralty L o n don publi s h e r of th e Admira lt y Charts s in ce th e end of the 1 8 th cent ur y fo rmin g a m a j o r co ll ec ti o n of engraved m a ritime m a p s Oth er than o ne I 8 0 8 map th e firs t se ri es of C ub rel a ted m a p s (c h art n os 4 1 1 43) see m s to h ave b eg un around 1 8221 826 a nd the so urc es a pp ear to be th e Sp a ni s h m a p s in th e P o rtulan o de la America Sep t e ntrional (Ma drid 1 809, 1 8 1 8) A few a ddition a l map s were publi s h e d betwe e n 18 36 a nd 1 858. And be g inning aro und 1870 thro u gh 18 8 1 many o f the earlier map s were republi s h e d wi th co rr ec t ions (a nd n ew m a p s ad d e d ), obvio u s l y t o keep th e map s cur r ent. A few ot h er map s were aga in updated from time t o tim e th ro u g h 1 896. Mo t map s a ppp ear to be engraved b y J. W a lker (so metimes J. and C W a lker ). Some of th e 1881 1896 maps were engraved by D av i es & Co. o r Weller. A. M AP PRINTED DURING I 800-182 I a Ch ar t of the Old Bah a ma C h a nn e l ... from lc acos P oi nt t o Point Guari co." ? X ?" 1805 Copy in Briti s h Library 8. S ER IES BEGIN N I NG 1 8221 826 b B a hf a H o nd a." 7 25 X 10 .25". Chart n o 411 1 826. Updated in 1 875. c Th e b ay of Jagua. 1 2.25 X 11.75 ". C h art n o. 444, 1825 Updated in 1 88 1 (Davie s). d e Pl a n of the anc h orage ... Piedra s, Mono Monillo .. 11. 25 X 7.75". Chart n o. 410 18 23. A n ew C h a rt 4 10 was publi s hed in 1 879. R e pr o duced in 1898 U.S. W a r D e partm e nt Atlas ( n o 32). Pl 'l n of Pt o de Vita 6 5 X l I Chart no 423 1 826. Upda t ed in 1 88 1 P o rt B ariai." 6 .7 5 X 9". Chart no. 422, 1 823 Updated in 1 88 1 Cuban Carto grap h y, 1500-1898 g "Port Escondido." 10 X 7.5". Chart no 441 1 826. h "Po rt Jururu. 8 X 1 2". Cha rt no. 421 1823 Updated in 1 88 1. Port Mariel. 7.5 X 11". Chart o. 4 I 3, 1 823. Upda t ed in 1 88 1. Th e port of B a n es 1 0.25 X 7 ". C h art no. 426, 1 826. Upda t ed in 1 88 1. k The port of B aracoa." 9 X 8.5" C h art n o. 438, 1 824. "T h e pot1 of B a tiqu eri." 7.75 X 9.75". Chart no. 440, 1 826. m Th e port of Cananova. 6 75 X 9.25". Chart n o. 431 1 826. Upda t ed in 1 88 1. n Th e port of Cayaguanique. 8.5 X 7.25 ". Chart n o. 436, 1 826. o Th e port of cayo Moa I0 5 X 8 25" Chart n o. 433 1 824 p Th e port ofCebo ll as." 11.75 X 7.5". Chart n o. 430, 1 824 q Th e port of Gibara ." 7 X 9" Chart n o. 420, 1 824 Updated in 1 88 1. Th e port of Guantanamo o r Cumberland ." 8 X 1 2". Chart no. 442, 18 27. Th e p o rt of J arag u a." 9 25 X 6.5". Chart n o. 434 1 826. The P o rt of Manati. 8.5 X 8.5'' Chart n o. 4 1 8, 1 823. Updated in 1 881. 189 u Th e port of M ara v i ." 5.75 X 7.75 ". C h a rt n o. 437, J 824. ln sa m e in s h eet wit h N avas. v Th e p o rt o f M a t a." 8 X 7.5". C h ar t n o 439 1 825. w Th e port of M a t a n zas." 9 25 X 6 75" C h a rt n o. 415. 1 822. Upda t ed in 1 840 by William Forbes. Figaro l a 44 New co rr ec ti o n s in 1 86 5 1 887, 1 896. x "T h e p ort of N ara nj o." 8.75 X 8.7 5 ". C h art n o. 424, 1 826. Updated in 1 881. y The p o rt of Navas. 5.25 X 7.75". Chart n o. 437 1 824. I n s ame s he e t with M aravf. z Th e port of Nipe." 1 2 X 8". Chart n o. 427 1 826. Updated in J 88 1. aa P o rt of Nuevas Grandes. 8.75 X 7". Chart n o. 4 17 1 823. Updated in 18 8 1. bb Th e p o rt of St Jago d e Cuba." 9 X 11 .75". Chart n o. 443 1 824. New edition with n o t a ti o n as of 1 850. A n o th e r Chart 443 was publi s h ed in 1 891 cc Th e port of S a ma. 6.5 X 11 ". Chart no 425 1 826. Updated in 1 881. dd Th e p o rt of Taco. 8 75 X 5.75". C h art n o. 435 1 825. Updated in 1 881. ee Th e port of T a n a m o." 11 X 7.5" Chart n o. 429, 1 824 ff Th e p011 of Y ag u a niq ue ." 8.5 X l l C h art n o. 432 1 824 Updated in 1 88 I. gg "Po rt Padr e." IO X 7 ". C h a rt n o.4 19 1 824. Updated in 1 88 1. hh P o rt o d e Cavanas. 7.5 X 11. 25". Surv eyed b y de M ay n e in 1 8 1 6. Chart no. 412 1 822. Ther e was a l a ter 1870 ed iti on with different titl e and dimensions (" P o rt of Caba n as", 9 X 1 7"). Figaro l a 10 3. 11 The ports ofCabonico & Li v i a." I 1.5 X 7 25". Chart n o 428, 1824 Upd a t ed in 1 881. jj Puerto d e l as Nuevitas" / Pi a of th e C h an n e l. 17 X 9". Chart no. 416 1 823. kk A s urv ey of th e li e of Pin es." 1 2 X 8". Surv eye d by H a rri s and others. Chart n o. 445 1826. T h ere i s a l so a Fr e nch vers i on C. M APS I SSUED DURING I 8361 858 11 "T h e Colorados 10 X 10 .75". Surv eyed by R O we n 1 836 Cha rt n o 1159 1 838. There i s a l so a French vers i o n. mm "C ub a. North Coast. Anchorage ... I Frances 1 2.25 X 9.75". S ur veyed b y T. W Sullivan, 1 854 Chart no 2384, 1855 nn Plan of the h arbo ur a nd c it y of H ava n a." 20 X 1 6". Surveyed by del Rf o in 1 798 ; co rrected by Barnett in 1844 Engr. by Cooper. Chart no. 4 14 1 844. Wa s th ere a


190 EMILIO C UETO Havana 414 Chart during 1 820s ser i es? Faden had publi s hed the del Rfo map in L o ndon in 1 805. See Faden. oo West Ind ies. Cuba. The eas t ern portion. 38 X 25.5" From Spanish c hart s (1837 and Coello), and corrected b y Ow e n and Barn e tt. Chart no 2 580 1 8 5 8. R epu bli s hed in 1 873 (a nd 1 877) by th e H ydrogra hi c Office of U.S. Navy as their Chart no. 517. pp We st Indie s. Cuba Havana Surveyed by .. Arevalo. 38 X 24". Copied from 1854 1855 Spanish map Chart no. 414, 1858 Apparently it s ub stit ute s Chart4l4of 1844 by d e l Rfo Another H ava n a Chart no 414 was published in 1882. qq We s t Indie s. Cuba. The western portion. 37 5 X 25.5". From Spani h charts ( 1837 a nd Coello), and corrected by Owen and Barnett. Chart no 2579 1858. Figarola 71 L ater editions in 1860, 1880 and after ( with added correction to I 881 and 1883 eds.) 1880 edition ha s in set (2.5 X 4") of I. de Pino s, Puerto Frances by Commander H P Grant. It was also republi hed in 1873 (a nd 1877 ) by the Hydrographic Offi ce of U S Navy as their Chart no 516. Puerto Frances reproduced in U.S. War Department Atlas. D. MAPS IS SUED DUR! G I 870-1896 (OT HER THAN UPDATES TO ABOVE). Some or al l preceded by notation West Indie s." rr Anchorage s on the north coast of Cuba." 25 X 19". Engr. Includes Cabonico & Levisa Cananova CeboUas Tanamo and Yaguaneque Oct. 1895. ss "A nchorages on the north coast of Cuba ." 26 X 1 8". Engr. Includes Bahfa Honda Mariel Matanzas Nuevita s, and Plan of the Channel. Oct. 1895. Figarola I I 7. tt Anchorage s on the north coast of Cuba. 26 X 18 ". Engr. by ? Include s Bariai Gibara Jururu Manatf, and Puerto Padre. Oct. 1895. Figarola 118 uu "A nchorages on the north coast of Cuba." 25 X 19 Engr. Include s Banes Naranjo Nipe Pio de Vita and Sama. Oct. I 895. Fi garo la 116 vv "A nchorage s o n the north coast of Cuba." 26 X 18 Engr. Includes Cabanas ( from 1829 Spani s h plan ), a nd Piedra Mono and Morrillo Cays (from 1829 Spanish plan). July 26, 1870. Figarola 99. ww Anchorages on the north coast of Cuba ... Cardenas. 25 X 19". E n gr. by Davies. Includes Cabanas ( in set) and Cardenas & S. Clara (from 1876 Spani s h chart). 1879 (corrected 1883). Chart 410. There was also an 1870 edition ( Figarola 99). Apparent l y re i ss u ed by the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office and reproduced in U.S. War Department At/as ( no. 40) and Milira, y No1es. xx "A nchorages on the north coast of C ub a ... Sagua. 25 X 19". Engr. by Weller. Includes Cayo France s ( from 1829) ; Cay o Confites (from 1832 ); and Sagua la Grande ( from 1861). 1870 Figarola 100 Corre c ted to 1875 Chart no. 2384. Another ed. in 1897 Cayo Confites reproduced in 1 898 U.S. War Department Atlas ( no 81) yy Cuba Havana harbour. 39 X 25". From 1879 Spani s h charts corrected to 1887. Chart no. 414 1882. Apparently it s ubstitutes Chart4l4 of 1858. zz Cuba. Havannah harbour. ? X ?" Engr. Surveyed by Lieut. G C. Frederick 1890 1 892 Copy in British Library aaa Cuba. North coa t. Port Matanz as 9.5 X 7". From Spanish s urvey s, corrected to 1 883. Chart no 4 15 1 887. Presumably it subst itu tes char t corrected to 1 840 and 1865. Again corrected (a nd e nlarged ) in 1896 bbb "Cuba North coast. Port Matanz as." 25.75 X 19 Engr. by E. Weller. From 1892 Spani s h s urvey Chart no 424, 1896. See also Chart no 916 (co rrected to 1896) by the H ydrogra phic Office of the U.S. Navy. Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 191 ccc Cuba. Port of Santiago de Cuba. 1 8 X 24 .5 ". From 1863 Spanish s urv ey. 1 870. Figaro la IOI. L a ter editions corrected t o 1871 J 874, 1878 1881 1884, and 1 89 I. Chart n o. 443 1891 Apparently it subs titute s 1850 Chart no. 443. ddd "C uba South coas t. Approaches to ports Casilda and Masio ... 19 X 13.25". From 1879 Spanish map. Chart no. 98, I 882. Updated b y D av ie s in 1 896. In se t of Port Ca ilda. Also publi s hed as Chart no 916 (co rre c ted to 1896 ) by the Hydro g raphic Office of the U.S. Navy. eee "C uba. South coast. Port Xagua or Cienfuegos. I 9 X 25.5". Engr. by Da v ie s. 1874. Corrected to 1875 1878 1880 188 I. Chart no 444. fff Port s a nd a nchorage s .. north east coast of Cuba. 14 X I 8" Engr. by ? From Spani s h s urvey s 1867 1868. Includes : Cayo Moa Yamani g uey & Canete, and Taragua. June 1876 See Chart 518a of the Hydrogr ap hic Offic e of the U.S Navy. Figarola 95. ggg Port s and anchorages .. ea tern end of Cuba. 24.5 X 16.5" Engr. by Edward W e ller. From Spanish s urvey s 1860 1874 Comoposite map of following in se t s: Baracoa Batiqueri Bay Boma Cayaguaneque, Guanito Limones River Mar avi, Mata Naguara g ua Navas Niquero, Port Aguacate, Port Cueva, Port Escondido Sigua, Taco, and Yumuri Chart no 435 1 882. See Chart no. 377a of the Hydrographic Office of the U S. Navy Figaro la LOS and 114 Baracoa and Batiqueri reprodu ced in U.S War Department Atlas ( nos. 11 7 and 113 respe c tively) 249 Great Britain-Other A.ORDNANCE SURV E Y a Pl an of the town and harbour of Havana ... s iege ... Albemarle." 31 X 24". Southampton, 1898. Copy in Briti s h Library indicate s it was prepared by the War Office In telligence Division. 8 PARLIAMENT b Chart of the island of Cuba 24 X 11.5". Lith. by John Arrowsmith In Rep orts, Commitrees, 1852 185 3, vol. 39. Was this map reissued in Arrowsmith 's Arias of Universal G eog raph y? c Ha va na. 14 X 11 ". Engr. Shows s ituation of s hip R omney. ln Accounts and Pap ers, 1846 vol. 50 p 422. 250 G r ego ire Louis (French geographer and historian 1818-1897) "C uba et l a Jamaique ." 7 X 4.5". Wood engr. in hi s Geographie ( Paris 1876) p. 1039. 251 Grenet, L'Abbe (French author, active ca. 1750-ca.1780s) Compiler of Arias P o rrarif ( Pari s, 1782) and of the Compendia di Geografia (Venice, 1794). See Bonn e. 252 Grenier, L. (Fre nch lithographer active ca. 1860 s) See Dufour, A.H. 253 Grierso n George (Dublin publi s her active ca. 1720s-1753) See English Pilot. 254 Grilo, Miguel (S panish geographer, active ca. 1870 s) I sla de Cuba. 9.75 X 7". Engr. by B. Cuaranta. In Jacobo de la Pezuela Cr6nica de las Amil/as (Madri d 1871 ), p. 6 and hi s Atlas Geografico d e Espana ( Madrid I 876) with minor va ri a ti o n s in lettering Phillip s 9325. 255 Guerra y Hermano s (S pani s h? C uban ? lithographer s, active ca. 1890s) See Giralt.


192 EMILIO CUETO 256 Guerra I s panoam erica 11a (Milan periodical, 1898) a Carta della bahia di Santiago di Cuba 4.5 X 5". Wood engr. I ss ue no. I 0, June 1898, p. 78. b Carta della provincia di Santiago di Cuba." 8 5 X 4". Wood engr. I ss ue no. 12 June 1898 p. 94. 257 Guerrero, Rafael (S panish author, active ca. 1890s ) "Provinc i a de Pinar del R io." 15.25 X 11.75". Lith. In his Cr6nica de la Gu erra de Cuba (Barcelona, 1896 ), vol. 4, p. 464. 258 Guia de Forasteros See Calendario. 259 Guia del Comercio de la Ha.ba11a Para . 1823 (Havana, 1822 ) Folding Cuba map by Sinibaldi. See Calendario. 260 Guillemin et Cie. (publisher in Port Louis, Mauritius, ca. 1890s) Laguerre hi s panoaroeric a ine Cuba et le s Philippine s." ? X ?". Lith. at Coignet. Hav a na inset. Copy in British Library. 261 Guillot, Joseph Frederic (French engraver, active ca. 1880s) See Estevanez. 262 Gutierrez de la Concha, Jose (Spanish, 1804-1895, governor of Cuba in the 1850s) From hi s Memoria sabre el estado .... de Cuba, Madrid 1853: a Cuadro de la divisi6n territorial ... 15 .2 5 X l 0.75" Lith. Escudero. From his Memoria sabre la guerra d e Cuba (Madrid, 1 875, 1 877): b I s l a de Cuba. Plano de l as Villas y departamento centra l. 25 X 18". Engr.? Phillip s/Quesada compi l ation l ists it at end of 1875 ed. However th e 1 877 ed. includes the following instead: c Mapa de la isla de Cuba con el c u adro ... de poblaci6n. 28 X 12". Litb. 263 Hall, Sidney (British engraver and publisher, active ca.1817-1860) "Is land of Cuba. 6.5 X 3.75". Engr. Published by Longman (1844) in unid e ntified source. Could it be an inset in a l arger West Indie s map? (See Black 's G e n e ral Atlas published by Longmans in 1 844). Map appears to ha ve been the in spira ti o n for maps in books by Jones ( 1851 ) a nd Prince ( 18 85, 1894 ). Also, map was included, without attrib ution to Hall, in Gonzalo de Ques ada's book originally called Th e War in Cuba (New York? 1 896) and in later ed ition s, Ameri ca's Battl e for Cuba 's Freedom (Chicago, 1898). Because h e o perated o ut of Barry St., sometimes the map is erroneous l y attributed to S. Hall Barry. See Jones; Lon gman; McCulloch; Prin ce 264 Hallam George (British author active ca. 1830s) Plan of the harbour and ci t y of Ha vana." 8 X 6.75". Engr. by J. Wyld. In his Narrative from a VoyagefromMonte go Bay ... (London, 18 31). 265 Handbook (A) for Havana and Guide for Travelers "Map of the island of Cuba with Porto Rico & Jamaica. 16 X 11 New York, 1864. British Library believes publisher may be Appleton 's I think this could be the it em in Figarola 86, although he dated it 1855. 266 Hannaford, Ebenezer (American officer, active 1840-ca. 1890s ) See Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick. 267 Harper 's Pictorial History of the War with Spain (New York, 1898, 1899) See M. & N. Co. Cuban Cartography 1500-1898 193 268 Harper 's Weekly (New York illustrated publication) a Map of Cuba and th e adjacent i s lands. 9 X 5" Wood engr. Feb. 27, 1869. b Map of part of eastern Cuba ... Photoengr. ? by Bonnay & Co., Aug. 20 1898 p. 844. 269 Harris, George (British naval surveyor, active ca. 1820s) See Great Britain Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty ; France Depot des Carte s; Kerhallet. 270 Harrison, P. (English engraver, active ca. 1740s) See Gonz a lez Carranza, Domingo. 271 Harrison & Son (British publi sher, active ca. 1870s) Map of Cuba. 8.5 X 5.5". Engr. London ca. 1875 272 Hartleben, Alois (A ustrian publisher 1859-1910?) See Umlauft. 273 Hennequin, Philippe Auguste(?) (French engraver, 1762-1833) See Buchon. 274 Henrich y Ca. (Barcelona lithographers, active ca. 1890s) See Ca s tillo ; Maucci. 275 Herisson, Eustache (French engraver, student of Bonne active ca. 1770s?) L'lle de Cuba et ce ll e de l a Jamaique ."? X ?". Engr. Drafted by Bonne? Copy in Paris National Library Angrand Collection ( Ge D376). 276 Hernandez, Celestino (Cuban? Spanish? mapmaker, active 1890s?) Mapa de l a provincia de La H a b a na ."? X ?". Engr.? 1890s. Trelle citation. 277 Herz, W. (Ge rman lithographer, active ca. 1850s?) See Neue G eogra phi e. 278 Hespe! d'Harponville Gustave d (French author, active ca. 1850s) In hi s La Rein e des Amilles (Paris 1850 ): a Carte de l tle de Cuba d'apres la nouvelle division territoriale. 17 5 X l 0.5' '. Lith. at Chaix. Inset of north coast of Cuba b Plan du port e t de la ville de la Ha vane 13 5 X 8.5". Lith. ? Taken from Sagra 279 Hill, R. T. (American geographer, active ca. 1890 s) See National Geographic. 280 Hinton, John (British engraver and publisher, active ca. 1745-1781) See Universal Maga zi ne 281 Hobbs, J. S. (Britis h hydrographer, active ca. 1880s) A general chart of the West Indies ... 64 X 21 ". Lith. Havana inset. London: Charles Wil so n 1885 282 Hogenberg, Frans (Flemish/Dutch engraver, 1535-1590) See O1teliu s. 283 Homann Heirs/ Hommanis Heredes / Hommanianis Heredibus (Nuremberg publisher ) Map publishing firm (ca. 1720 1 820) founded by Johan Baptista Homann ( 1663-1724). See Chassereau. 284 Hondius, Jodocus (Dutch publisher, 1563-1612 ) Upon hi s death business was continued by sons Jodocu s Jr. and Henricus and by so n-in-law J. Janssonius. See Mercator ; Yisscher.


194 EMILIO CUETO 2 8 5 La H o nr a d ez (C ub a n cigar f acto r y, active 186 0s -1 880 s ) Cub a." 3 X 3. 5 ". C rom o lilh In se t in c i gare tt e w r a pp e r 6 5 X 4. 5 ". H ava n a 1 86 0 s. Part o f a se ri es o f m a p s of vario u s co untri es. 286 H o ot e r J o h a nn es ( Ger m a n cos m og r a ph e r a nd e n g r aver 1 4 9 815 49 ) A w oo d c ut m a p of C ub a ( Cub a, 4 75 X 3'') a ppe ars a lp 940 o f hi s D e Cos m og raphi ae rudim e n t i s (a kind of sc h oo l atl a ), o r i g i nal l y pu b li s h e d in B as i e b y H e nri c u s Petri in 1561 b o und with a noth e r b oo k b y Di a d oc hu s Procl u s e n titl e d P rocl i d e sp h aera lib e r I F o r thi s r easo n Librari es of t e n e nt e r th e H o nt e r b oo k und e r th e P ro clu s n a m e. A seco nd B as ie e diti o n o f 1 5 9 5 r e print s th e m a p a t p 688 Th e m a p co m es fr o m an ea rli e r w o r kMiin s t e r 's C os m og raph y a l so publi s h e d b y P e t r i in B as i e c a 1 55 0s. S ee Miin s t e r. 287 H oo p e r S amu e l ( Briti s h publi s h e r ac ti ve ca .1770 s17 93 ) S ee Ba y l y; Sp ee r. 2 88 Hub e r B. (F r e n c h auth o r acti ve ca 18 2 0 s). Fr o m hi s Ap e r r u S t a t is tiqu e d e /' tie d e C ub a (Par i s, 1 826): a I l e d e Cub a 10 X 7". E n gr Ec rit p a r H ac q b T err i toir e e nlr e M ata n z a s e t L a H a v a n a." 3. 5 X 6. 5 ". E n g r. 289 Humboldt Ale x ander Von ( German g eog raph e r and n a turali s t 1769-1859 ) a Cart e d e t i e d e C u b a ... 2 5 X 1 2. 5 ". Draft e d b y P. L a pi e; e n g r. b y Fl a h a u t. Ha va n a in s et ( P l an du P o rt et d e l a Vill e d e l a H a v a n e") ( 5 5 X 4.2 5 "). M a p n o. 23 in lli s V oyage d e Humb o l d t e t B o npl a nd Pr e mi e r e P a rt ie. Atl as geog r a p h i que .. (Pari s F. Sch oe ll 18 2 0 ). Entir e co mp il a ti o n i s o f t e n g i ve n a d ate o f 1 83 4 bu t thi s i s n o t th e d a t e of Cub a n ma p R e print e d in 1 82 6 wi lh new da l e t o acco mp a ny Fr e n c h e ditio n of E ssa i P o l itiqu e d e l tl e d e Cub a ( Pari s, 1 82 6 ) B oo k a l so co n t a i n s a n d e t a il e d a na l ys i s of t h e m a p Red u ce d ve r s ion o f th e map (28 9 b ) w as pr e p a r e d fo r Spa ni s h e d i tion o f t h e b oo k S ee Bu c h o n ; W e i l a nd Fig a rol a 57 Ri os 1 33 ( 1 826 e d .). b Mapa d e l a i s l a d e Cuba 1 6 5 X 9. 5 ". Dra f t e d b y L a pi e ; e n g r. b y Ambroi s e Tardie u Ha v a n a i n se t (" Pl a n de l pu e rt o y d e la c i u d a d d e L a H a b a na ") ( 5 X 4 ") I n hi s En sayo P o Uti c o d e la I s l a d e Cub a ( P a ri s, 1 8 27 ) Sp a ni s h l an g u a g e ve r s i o n o f pr ece di n g i t em. R e p r int ed Pa ri s 1 836 1 840 a nd Gero n a 1 83 6 ( m a p w as mi ss i n g in co p y co n s ul t e d) c T h e i s l a nd o f Cub a." 1 5 5 X 9 5 Lit h a t Saron y. From th e l a te s t Sp a ni s h a u thoritie s I n se r t e d in En g l i s h l a n g u age tran s l a t i o n o f Humb o ld t 's b o ok b y J. S. Thra s h e r Th e I s l a nd of C uba ( N e w Y o rk : D e rb y & Ja c k so n 1 8 56 ) 290 H y att Pula s ki F (U. S. con s ul in Sa nti ag o c a. 1890 s) M a p of C u b a." Li t h 5 75 X 3 5 ". In h i s Cuba : It s R eso ur c es and Opp o rtuniti es ( New York 1 898) opp p. 1 4. 291 L lllu s tration ( P a ri s p e riodi c al) a L a baie d e Santi ag o d e Cub a." 4 X 4 75 ". W oo d e n g r. by P o u lm a ir e. M a y 2 8 1 8 98 p. 384 b L tl e de C u ba ." 1 2 25 X 5 Wood e n g r. b y Mori e u Jul y 7 189 8, p 338. c Pl a n de S a nti ago de C u ba ." 8.5 X 5 W oo d e n g r. b y Mo r ie u Jul y 3 0 1 8 98 p. 73. d P ort d e G u antanamo ." 4 X 5 Wo o d e n gr ., Ju n e 18 1 89 8, p 4 3 2 292 Illu s trati o n E urop ee nn e (Bru ss el s illu s tr a t e d p e ri o di ca l ) For r eas o n s no t cl ea r tJ 1i s per i o d i c a l i s id e nti c a l t o a n o th e r Bru ss e l s jo u rn a l Le Patri o t e lll u s tr e B o th h a d t h e fo ll ow in g wo o d ( ph o t o?) e n g rav i n gs in t h e i r Jun e 5 1 898 i ss u e p. 36 1. Cuban Carto g raph y, 1500-1898 195 a L a b a i e d e S a nti ago. 3. 5 X 3. 5 ". b L ag u e rr e hi s p a n oa m e ri ca in el tl e d e Cub a. 8. 5 X 3". 293 lllu st r e Solei l d u D iman c h e (Pa ri s p e r io d ica l ) "Carte de ti e d e Cub a. 1 0 X 6". D raw n b y Levy; e n gr. b y R o u gero n V i g n ero t D e m o ulin In se t o f H ava n a M ay 8 1 8 9 8 p 2 0 29 4 lllu s trir te Ze i t un g ( L e ip z i g p e ri o dical 1843+ ) A. FR OM J AN. 8, 1 87 4 I SSUE P 2 1: a [ Cuba ) Titl e? Dim e n s i o n s? W oo d e n g r. b [H ava n a.) Titl e? Dim e n s i o n s? W oo d e n g r. c [S a nti ago. ) Till e? Dim e n s i o n s ? W oo d e n g r. B. FR O M J U LY 5 I 898, ISS UE, P. 56 0: d H a b a n a St a dt und h afe n 5 75 X 4 W oo d ( ph o t o?) e n g r. e H afe n vo n Santi ago d e C u b a 3. 5 X 4 .2 5 Wo o d ( ph o t o ? ) e n g r. 295 Ilu s t r aci6n Artstica (Ba r ce l o n a publi ca ti o n ) Cub a 9. 5 X 4 ". W ood ( ph o t o?) e ngr. Apri l 2 5 1 8 98 p 2 74 296 Ilu s tra ci6 11 de C uba ( Ha v ana publication 1892+ ) Pl a n o d e l a b a h fa d e L a Haba n a ... 8 X 8" Ph o t oe n g r. ? Jun e I I 89 5 p 3 57. 297 Jlu s tr ac i 6 n Es pa iio la y A m e ri c ana (M adrid publi s h e r ) a M a p a d e l l ea tr o d e l a g u e rr a d e Cuba .. S a nt a C l ara ha s l a l a punta Ma ys f. 3 1 X 1 9". Dr a wn b y R i ud ave l s. Lilh b y J. D o mfn g u ez. ln se l ( 1 5 X 6") of entir e i s l a n d. M a drid 18 9 7 Ri os 2 0 6 b M a p a d e l teatro d e l a g u e rra d e C u b a . Sa n t a C l ara .. San Ant o ni o 3 1 X 1 9". Drawn by Riud ave t s. L i th b y J. D o mfn g ue z. M a dr i d, 1 89 7 Ri os 2 05 298 Il us tr aci6 11 Es paii o la y A m erica na (M adrid publi c ati o n 1857+ ) S a nti ago d e C u b a P l a n o d e l a c iud a d .. 1 3 X 8. 75 ". Wo o d e n g r. J u l y 22 1 898 p 4 0 299 Ilu s tra ci6 n lb e ri c a (S pani s h publi c ation ) [C u ba ) N o tit l e. 1 3 X 4 5 ". W oo d ( photo ?) e n g r. M a rch 1 6 1895 p 1 67 300 Imp e rial Mag a z in e ( London 1760+ ) Pl a n o f t h e c ity a n d harb o ur o f Ha va n a." 7 .2 5 X 4 25 ". Jun e 176 2, o pp p 27 3 S ee Ge n t l e m a n 's Ma g a ;, in e 301 Im ray Jam es F R G S (Briti s h publi s h e r ac ti ve c a.1830 s1870 s) Cuba 54 X 40 5 ". Li t h I n se t s of Carde n a s, Co n fi t e s key H ava n a M a t a n za s, P ort X ag u a S ag u a l a Grand e a n d S a ntia g o Chart n o I 1 8 Lon d on 1875 S e v e ra l co m p il ation s m e nti o n und e r C ub a a m a p ca ptioned Th e B ay of H o n dura s ," 1 8 5 1 (w h e r e Cuba prob a b l y app ea r s w ithin a l a r ge r s ettin g). 302 Jaco b sz A nthoni e ( T h e uni s) and S on s (Dut c h publi s he rs ac ti ve ca 1643-1710 s) In J 7 1 7 th ey r ee n g ra ve d s e v eral R o ogg ev e en map s a nd witll s l i g ht l y different s pe ll i n g (i ncludin g Eng li s h n a m es for th e H avana a n d Mata n z a s wood c ut s), i n s e rt ed lh e m in Th e F if th P a rt of t h e N ew Gr ea t S e a Mirr o r ( Am s t e rd a m : J Loot s). P h i ll ip s 3648 Fami l y u se d th e n a m e L oo t s m a n S ee E n g li s h Pil o t a b A W OO D CUTS B ay o fM a th a n ~as 5 X 6 ". A t p 4 1 Th e dr a u g ht of th e h a v e n a n d city H av a n a upon t h e i s l a n d Cuba 8 X 6 " C i d a de d e H ava n a" n ot a ti o n s u gges t s Portu g ue se o ri g in S ee En g li s h P il o t. Ma ss ip 32 1


196 C d e g EMILIO CUETO [Bahia Honda ] 7 X 7". At p. 43. [Porto Porcas ] 3 5 X 2.5". At p. 43. B. METAL E GRAVINGS "Pascaerte van t canae l de Bahama ... Cuba ... 20 X 15" Engr. Drafted by Roggeveen. Depicts section of Cuba's north coast. Map no. 17 Massip 318. "Pascae rt e van de e l anden Cuba en Jamaica ... 20 X 15 ". Engr. Dra f t ed by Roggeveen Map no. 23. Ma sip 3 1 9. "Paskaert vande noord cust van Cuba ... Matancas ... Bahia Honda. 20 X 15". Engr. Drafted by Roggeveen. Map no. 24 Massip 320 See Lootsman ; Roggeveen, Van K eu l en. 303 Jaegerschmid, Alexandre (German? surveyor, working in Paris ca. 1830s ) See Societe de Geographie. 304 Jagen,? Van (Dutch engraver, active ca. 1780s) Some so ur ces refer to him as Van Tagen. See Bachiene. 305 Jansson, Jan (Dutch cartographer, 1588-1664) In sularum Hispaniolae et Cubae ... 2 1 X 16 ". Engr. Amsterdam ca. 1650? Map no. 55 in hi s Atlantis Majoris (Amsterdam, 1657 ). Phillips 465. Rfos I 08. Other ed iti o n s ( Dut ch, German, Latin and English) appeared in the I 650s I 660s, and 1680s. Reengraved and rei sued by Schenck/Valk See Schenck. 306 Jasme-Valcourt, Jose (S panish (French?) military officer, active ca. 1830s) Supervised the actua l production of the Vives Chart. Trelles credits him w ith (manuscript?) maps of Nuevitas and Pu erto Principe. See Estruc(h). 307 Jefferys, Thomas (British cartographer, engraver and publisher ca. 1695-1771) A. MAPS IN HIS DESCRIPTION OF THE SPANISH I SLANDS (LONDON, 1762 I 764) (PHILLIPS 3491. Rfos 471) Jefferys included 12 engraved map (many by himself) in this volume. According to Trelles, a separate publication of the se maps had been i ssued in 1760 but this confl i cts with J efferys's claim that some maps in hi compi lation were copied from orignals t aken from the Spanish during the la st war ( m eaning, apparent ly the seizure of Havana in 176 2). See Celi. Most of the se maps were reprinted in his A General Topograph y of Nonh American and the Wes/ Indi es ( 176 8). Phillip s 697 1196. Another set wa included in his West India A1/as ( 1775 17 83-1787, 17 94-1796, 1807, and 1818) not to be confused with his West India I slands. Phillip s 2699, 18156, 270 1 -03, 3497, 2708. Starting with the 1794 edition by Sayer a nd with Jefferys no longer a li ve, the maps were totally reworked and r ee n graved and dated 1788 a The grand bay of Nipe. IO X 7". Attributed to Celi P. 84, pl. 20. It is a l so included in A General Topography (Massip 457). See pl. 26 of the West Indi a Alias (1794 ed.). b A map of the isle of Cuba ... Windward Passage." 19 X 1 3.25". P 72. It is al o map no 79 in A General Topography. M as ip 454. Rios 1 24. C d e Plan de b a hia Xagua . 11 X 7.5". Attributed to Celi. P. 87, pl. 24. It i s also map no. ? in A General Topography. Massip 454. See pl. 28 of th e Wes/ Indi a Atlas ( 1794 ed.). Plan de puerto de Mariel. 8 X IO ". Attributed to Celi. P. 90 pl. 28. It is a l so map no ? in A General Topography. Massip 454. See pl. 22 of th e West Indi a A1/as ( 1794 ed.). Plan of bahia de Matanzas." 12 5 X 8". Attributed to Celi. P. 84, pl. 19. It is also map o 80 (?) in A Gen.era/ Topography. Massip 456. See pl. 24 of the W es t India Atlas Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 197 ( 1 794 ed.). The Phillip s/ Quesada compi l ation indicates that map is by Fran Math. Celi anon (?) f Plan of Bahia H onda." IO X 7". Attributed to Celi. P. 89, pl. 26. It is also Map no ? of A Gen e ral Topograph y Massip 458. See pl. 20 of the West I ndia Atlas ( 1794 ed.). g Plan of the city and harbour of th e Havana. 10.5 X 8". P. 77 pl. 18. It is a l so Map no. 80 of A General Topography. Mas si p 455. See pl. 23 of the West India A1las ( 1794 ed.). Copied in Ga zze ttiere Ameri c ana. h Pl an of the city and harbour of St Jago de Cuba ." 7.75 X 9.25?". P. 86, pl. 23. It i s also map no. ? of A Gen era l Topograph y. Ma ip 461. See pl. 30 of the West Indi a Atlas ( 1794 ed.) and no. 52 in 1 8 18 edition. "P lan of the Colorado rocks ... IO X 7.5". P 88, pl. 25. It is included in A Gen era l Topography. Not in the Wes/ India Atlas ( 1794 ed.). Not in Massip. "P lan ofGuantanimo ... Cumberland ... 7.75 X 10 .25". After surveys by Durell. P. 85, pl. 22. It also appears in A General Topography (map no. ?). Massip 459 See pl. 29 of the W es t India Atlas (1794 ed.). Map was copied in the Ga zze tier e Americana. k Plan of puerto de Bar acoa." IO X 6.75". P 84, pl. 21. It also appears in A Gen e ral Topography (map no. ?). Massip 458. See pl. 27 of the West India Atlas (1794 ed.). "P l an of puerto de Cavafias ." 8 X 9.75". Attributed to Celi. P. 90, pl. 27. It a l so appears (map no. ?) in A Gen e ral Topograph y. Massip 463. See pl. 2 1 of th e Wes/ In dia Atlas(l794ed.). Massip5l9. B. MAP IN THE J775 ED. OF THE WEST I ND/A ATLAS (PHILLIPS 2699) This edi tion did not include the indi v idu a l Cuban ports. In s t ead a somew hat larger map of Cuba was ad ded: m "The i sland of Cuba with ... Bah ama banks & the Martyrs ." 2 1 .5 X 18 .5". Map is missing western a nd eastern Lips of the island. It is map no. 13 in 1775 ed., no. 14 in 17 94 ed., a d also appeared in J effery 's A Complete Pilot for the West Indi es (I 7941795 1794 1805 ). Phillips 3944-45. Massip 470. Rfo s 125 1 29. (Copy consu lt ed has C.G.7" at top.) We tern tip of Cuba appears in preceding map ent itl ed "The coast of Yucatan from Campeche .... West End of Cuba." (Co py consulted ha s C.F.6 at top.) I have not located the eastern Lip. See North American Pil ot. C. MAPS I THE 1794 ED. OF THE WEST [ ND/A ATLAS (PHILLIPS 2703, Rfos 472) All port plates were redrafted, u s uall y minimizing th e top ograp hic a l notation giving map a "c l eaner" look Map s of Havana Santiago, Barracoa ," and Nuevitas were comp l ete l y new. It also included the I s land of Cuba map from the 1775 ed. Some or a ll of the port m aps were e n graved by Wigzell and Creed a nd h ave Sayer 's name printed below with th e 17 88 date on them. (Some maps may have been issued in 1779.) Port maps were printed two to a sheet and plates reu sed in the 1807 and 1818 eds. Phillip s 3497, 2708. n The harbour of St. Ya go in the i s land of Cuba. 9 X 7". Map n o. 30. o The island of Cuba with ... Bahama banks & the Martyr s." 2 1.5 X 18 .5". See 307 m. p q Plan of Bahia Hond a on the north s id e of Cuba. 8.75 X 7". Engr. by Wigzell and Creed. Map no. 20. "Plan of Bahia Xagua on the so uth side of Cuba." 11 X 7.5 ". Map no. 28. Plan of Barracoa in the island of Cuba." 9 X 7". Map no. 27. Plan of Guantanimo ... so uth side of Cuba." 7 X 9.75". Map no 29. A Plan of Nuevitas harb our ... in the island of Cuba." 8.75 X 7". Map no 25


198 EMILIO CUETO u Plan of port Cavanas on the north side of Cuba." 6.75 X 9". Engr. by Wigzell and Creed. Map no 21. v Plan of port Mariel on the north side of Cuba 6.75 X 9". Map. no 22. w Pl a n of the bay ofMatanzas ... north side of Cuba 1 2.25 X 8". Map no 24. x Plan of the city and harbour of Havanna. 1 2.25 X 9" Map. no. 23. y Plan of the great bay of Nipe on the north s ide of Cuba." 9 X 7". Engr. by Wigzell and Creed Map no. 26. D. MAP IN JEFFERYS'S ED ITED VOLUME, BY AN OFF1 CE R ," AN A UT HENTJ C JOURNAL OF THE SIEGE OF THE H A VA NA (LONDON, I 762) z "A plan of the siege of the Havana ... by an officer on the spot." 1 4 X 8 5" Engr. by Cary (according to Rfos 304) 308 Jimeno Francisco (C uban? author active ca. 1890s ) M apa de la provincia de Matanzas. "? X ?". Engr.? Havana 1885 Trelle s citation. 309 Johnson and Browning, Johnson and Ward (New York publisher ) Cuba Jamaica and Porto Rico ." I 6 X 20". Lith Inset of H ava na New York 1862 I 864. Two versions with no. 62 have different borders Third version bears no 58 Johnson published at least eleven different New Illustrated "fa mily atlases between 1860 and 1885. Phillips 6140, 837, 840 843, 4345 46 4349 6162, 858, 913, 6224. 310 Johnston (W ) Alexander Keith ( British publisher 1804-1871 ) See Roger s. 311 Jone s, Alexander (A merican author) "Island of Cuba." 6 X 3 75. Engr. ln hi s Cuba in 1851 (New York 1851 ) Map seems to be derived from Hall 's It was cop i ed by Prince (1885, 1 894) a nd Souvenir of th e I sland of Cuba ( 1893). 312 Jones, C.H. (New York editor? publisher?, active ca. 1870s) Editor with T. F. Hamilton of Th e P eople's Pi c torial Atlas. See Weller. 313 Juste! H. (French author?) I s le de la J amaique ... ? X ?". Engr. In se t of Cuba Michaux scrip. In his Re cuei l de divers voyages (Pa ri s, 1684). Ear li er ed 1674 (apparently a l so with map) 314 Kaufman, Charles D (Philadelphia printer active ca. 1890s ) See Santana 315 Keere ( Kaeriu s), Pieter Van Den (Petrus) (Dutch engraver, 1571-ca 1646 ) See Bertius ; Langenes ; Mercator. 316 Kelly, James (Sa ntiago) T. (A merican publi s her active in New York ca. 1830s ) Plano de La Habana. 48.25 X 26 5". Drawn by Kelly. Lith by A. E. Baker. New York 1837. Based on map by Lanier. 317 Kerhallet Charles Marie Philippe de (French geographer, 1809-1863 ) Hi s Manu e l de la naviga1i o 11 dans l e mer des Antilles .. 3 vo l s. (Paris: Depot General de la Marine 1854 -ca 1858) (Phillips 2710), appears to h ave reprinted thirt ee n of th e fo urt een Cuban port c h arts from the P o rtulan General issued by the Depot des Cartes beginning in I 856. Why wou ld two contemporaneous compilations include the same maps ? So m aps co uld a l so be sold separately? See France Depot des Cartes 318 Keulen Gerard Van (Dutch publisher so n of Johanne s, died 1726) Edited, among others the 1782 ed iti on of the Zee Fakk e l introdu cing a new Havana map. See 3 1 9g. Cuban Cartography 1500-1898 199 319 Keulen, Johannes Van (Dutc h publisher, 1654-1711. S ucc ee ded by so n Gerard) Of the works published by the two Van Keulen s, we are intere s ted in two: the Sea Alias and the Lighting Column. The Zee Atlas was first published in Amsterdam in I 680 and saw numerous eds. inDutch ( l680 1681 1682 1683 1684 1685 1685, 1 688 1688 1 692 I 694 1695 I 697, 1705 1708, 1710 1718 1720 ), French ( I 680, 1682, I 683 I 696 I 699) Spanish (1682), and English (1682 1684, 1 684, 1686 1734 ). The Zee-Fakkel was fir s t publi s hed in Amsterdam in 1684 a nd r eedite d with Dutch t ext ( 1687 1689 1701, 170 2, 17 09, 1712 1716 1723 1728 1734, 1744 1 750 1782 1783), French(l685, 1686 1699, 1714, 1717 1723 1 736),andSpanish(A111orchade/aMar 1698 ). Mo s t maps drawn by Vooght ("Geometra") and so me of these works are often listed under hi s name See also Jacobsz/Lootsman. I have examined th e following ( Phillips nos. in parentheses): D e Lichtende Zeefakkel (A msterdam 1681 1696) (3444), sim il ar to the I 687 ed. ( Koem a n no 109 B ) and 1702 editions ( Koeman no. 110 A); The Great and Newly Enlarged Sea Atlas ( Am sterdam, 1 6821686 ) (5692); D e Groote Niewe vermeerderde Zee Atlas (Amsterdam, 1 695) (3453); la nueva .. Antorcha de mar (Ams terdam 1700) (530); D e Groote Niewe vermeerderde Zee Atlas (A msterdam: Gerard Van Keulen 1720) (5693); and D e niewe groote lichtende zee fakkel (Ams t erdam: Gerard Van Keulen 1 782) (3660). The following maps are relevant: a "N i ewe en naeukeurige .. eyland Cuba "Nouvelle carte ... I jsle de Cuba." 23 x 14". Engr. In se ts of De baey H ondo op Cuba ... ," Bay haven en stad Havana op i. C ub a," and Baja de Matanca s ... map no. 8 I in 1720 Zee Atlas; m ap no 26 in D e ni ewe .. zee -fakkel. Massip 497 b Pascarte van We t lndien ... de vaste kusten en eylanden 21 X 17" Engr. In se t of northwestern coast of C ub a ("He t canael tu s chen Havana ... en Tortugas ). Map no. 14 in The Gr eat ... Sea Atlas See Gerritsz ; Goos. c Pas kaart van de boght van Florida ... en Cuba." 22.55 X 20". Engr. Drafted by C. J. Voogt. In sets of Havana in t groodt," Baja H ondo in t groodt ," and B a hia de Matarn;:as in t groodt." Map no 34 in D e Lichtende Zeefakkel (Amsterdam 1 681 1696) ; map no. 2 1 in The Great . Sea Atlas; map no. 112 in D e Groote . Zee Alias; map no. 85 in La nueva . Antorcha de Mar ; map no. 30 in D e niewe .. zee fakkel. Ma sip 243. d Pas kaart van de golff de Guanaios .. Yucatan en i. Cuba." ? X ?". Engr. Drafted by C. J. Voogt. Map no. 32 in De Li c ht e nd e Zeefakkel (A msterdam l681I 696); map no. 23 in Th e Great . Sea Alias; map no 114 in D e Groote .. Zee Atlas; map no. 83 in La nu eva .. Antorcha de Mar ; map no. 26 in D e ni ewe .. zee -fakk e l. e Pas kaart van de zuyd kust va n Cuba en ... Yamaica." 23 X 20.25". Engr. Drafted by C. J. Voogt. Map no. 30 in D e Li c htend e Zeefakkel (Amsterdam, 1681 1 696); map no 24 in Th e Great . Sea Atlas; map no. 115 in D e Groote .. Zee Atlas; map no. 82 in La nueva .. Antorcha de Mar; map no. 23 in De niewe .. zee-Jakke l. Massip 243, 288. f Pas kaart vande noord oost kust va n Cuba ... F l orida." 23 X 10.15". E n gr. Drafted by C. J Voogt. Map no. 35 in D e Li c htende Zeefakkel ( Am s terdam, 1681 1 696); m a p no. 20 in The Great . Sea Atlas; map no. 11 I in D e Groot e .. Zee Atlas; map no. 86 in La nueva .. Antorcha de Mar. Massip 242 287. Rfos 211. g De stadt e n haven va n Havana op t'eyland Cuba." 22.75 X 20" E n gr. Map no. 25 in De niewe . zee -fakk el M ass ip 498. British Library cata l og dates it 17 00?" See Jacobsz


200 EMILIO CU ET O 320 Kitchin Thomas ( Briti s h e ngraver and publisher 1718-1784 ) "A plan of th e H avana a nd ... wi th the severa l p os t s and a tt acks ... 60 X 44 cm. Engr. by J. Bo y d e !!. Lond on, 1 762. R fos 303. See a l so London Ma gaz ine 1 762. 321 Klakring, A. (A merican draftsman active ca. 1890s ) S ee U.S. Navy H ydrograp hi c Offi ce. 322 Knight, H. T. (A merican engraver, active ca. 1885 ) Se e U .S. Navy H ydrogra phi c Office 323 Kondet (Co ndet ), I. ( Johann es) (Dutch engraver, 1711-1781 ) S ee Covens a nd M o rti er. 324 Labord e Navarro, Angel ( Spanish naval officer, 1772-1834 ) Pl a n o e n qu e se manifiesta l a divi s i 6 n de .. Cuba ... 1 2.5 X 9 .5 ". Lith ln hi s Nueva Di visio n de la I s l a d e Cuba ( H ava n a 1 829). As commander of th e Spanish Navy in H ava n a ( h e was ac ti ve in Cuba ca. I 820sl 834), h e o rd e r e d th e pr epara ti o n of severa l Carias Esfericas. See a l so Sp a in Di recci6n Hidrogr afica. 325 Lafreri (Lafrery), Antonio ( Roman publisher, 1512-1577 ) Becau se h e as e mbled l a r ge co mpil a tion s of m a p s b y various m a pm a ker into s ingl e vo lum es, the se se t ( n o t a l ways in c ludin g th e sa m e map s) are known as L a freri a li ases. In th ese, th e Bertelli/Forlani map of C ub a appears printed in the sa me s h ee t as th a t of Hi s p an i o l a. 326 Laird & Lee (A merican publisher active ca. 1890 s) See lee's Spanish Ameri ca n War Chart. 327 Lamy David E milio (F rench lithographer, in Santiago and Havana ca. 1858-1890s ) See Jose L 6pez; Napo l es 328 Langara Huarte Juan de (S pani s h geographer, 1736-1806 ) Dir ec t or of H ydrogra phi c Offi ce. Hi s n a m e ap pear s in seve r a l "Ca rt as Esfericas." See Sp a in Direc c i 6 n Hidro g r afica. 329 Langenes, Barent/Bernard ( Dutch printer in Micldleburg, active ca. 1598-1610 ) L a ngene s first publi s h e d h i a da s known as Caerr-Thresoor in 15 98 in Middlebur g, H o lland Oth er edi ti o n s appeared in Amsterdam in 1 599 1 602 a nd t wo in 160 9. One 1 609 ed ition bears th e tid e H a nd boek of corr begrijp der caerten .. a nd I b e li eve thi s is th e book that ha s always b ee n a ttribut e d t o Vive ru s by Cuban co mpil e r s. A L at in t ex t b y Peter B e rti u s was added, and it b eca m e a diff e r e nt book known as the Tabularwn Geographi c arum (A m s t e rd a m 1600 1 602-1603 1606 1616 1 6 1 8 1649 ) lt was a l so published as Thresor des c ha r t es ( Th e H ague 1 602) P e rri i B e rl ii geog r ap hi sc h e r eyn oder z usammenge zoge n e r tab e ln ( Fr ankf urt 161 2); La G eog raphie r accourc i e de Pi e rr e B e rlius .. (Ams t e rdam: Hondiu s, 1 618); Alias Min or (Am t erdam: Bla e u I 637) ; and P e tri B e rtii B esch r e ibun g der gantzen Welt ... ( Am s terd a m 1 650). Phillip s 4 1 0,4 1 4 415 424, 428. M y hyp o the s i s i s th a t t h ese books origina ll y includ e d the "C ub a in ula m a p and it wa s r e plac e d in l a t er e dition s b y anot h e r (" Cub a e t Jamaica ") wi th m ore acc u rate o utlin es. a "C ub a in s ula ." 5 X 4". Till e in s id e cartouc h e. Engr. by Keere In hi s Caerr Thr esoo r. The titl e o ut id e m a p read s vario u s l y : "C ub a ende J amaica" ( p. 150 ) ( Ma ss ip 151 ), "C ub a & J ama i ca ( p 15 5) ( M assip 1 62 Phillip s 4 15 ); or De sc riptio C ub ae e t J amaicae ( p 586) ( Ma ss ip 163 ?). See al so Ma ss ip 145 The Phillip s /Que sa da li s t indicat es th a t thi s map i s fo und at vol. 2, p. 1 5 1 of th e 15 99 ed. a nd a t p 71 l of th e 1 609 ed. b Cub a e t Jamaica ." 5 X 4 Title in s ide cartouc h e. E n g r. by K ee r e? Th e out lin es of Cuba a nd Jam aica see m t o be m o r e acc urat e th an 329 a, a nd thu I b e li eve it i s a l a t er Cuban Cartograph y, 1500-1898 2 01 production that replaced it in later edi ti ons of th e Tabu/arum In th e co p y consu lt ed, the title outside the map read s D escriplio Cubae et I amaicae," a t p 788 330 Langlume ? (F rench lithographer s, active ca. 1820 s1830 s) See Lanier. 331 Lanier Alejo Helvecio (F rench surveyor and lithograph e r working in Cuba ca. 1820 s 1850s ) a Plan ode L a H aba n a." 2 1.7 3 X 15.75 ". Lith. H ava n a, 1 823. Thi s map was copied twi ce, first lith ogra ph ed b y Lan g lum e in Pari s, in a so mewh a t reduced ve r i o n ( 17 X 1 2 75"), then enlarged in the K e ll y version li thographed by Bak e r in New Y o rk. Lani e r 's s ur vey of th e I s l a nd of Pin es was in co rp ora t e d into th e Viv es C h art. See a l so D e l mes. b Pl a n o d e l a vi ll a de Cienfuegos 18 X 1 4 Lith by Carlo R oca In se t of Ja g ua p o rt Ha vana, 1 839. Rf os 280. See B o uy 6n. 332 Lapie, Pierre (French militar y geographer l 777[79?]-1851 ) S ee Hum boldt. 333 Larra Cerezo, Angel d e (S panish author, active ca. 1890s ) Pl a n o d e L a H a b a na co n s u s esta ble c im ientos sanitarios." ? X ?" Lith. In hi s Les hopi tau x mililair es d e / fie d e Cuba ( M a drid 1 898). 334 Lasauca ,? (S panish lithographer active ca. 1860s ) S ee Ri e r a. 335 Lasor a Varea, Alphonsus ( p se udonym for Raffaelo Savonarola) See S avo nar o l a. 336 Laurie ( Robert ) & Whittle ( Jame s) (British publisher active ca. 1790 s-18 10 s) After ac quirin g th e s t ock from R obe rt S aye r th ey operated as L a uri e & Whittle ( 179 41812 ), as Whittl e & Lauri e (18I2-1818) and a R H L a u rie th e r ea ft e r. Publi s h ers of Jeff e r ys's West I ndia Atl as, th e North Ameri ca n Pil o t a nd o ther works. S ee a l so Spe er. Also publi s h e d L a urie 's n ew c h art o f th e Windw a rd P assages .. Cuba. 73 x 37 75" Engr. Drafted by Jo hn Purd y? In se t s of Gu a nt a nam o, H ava n a, a nd M a t anzas. L o nd o n 1 86 1 corrected to I 865. 337 Laval Antoine Jean de ( French Je s uit and scientist, 1664-1728) From hi s Voyage de la Louisiane (Par i s, 1728): a Pl an d e l a ba ye de Moriel. 8 X 5 5". En g r. ( p 1 38). b Plan d e l a baye e t port de M a tance ." ? X ?" Engr. ( p 1 38). c Pl a n d e La H ava nn e." 8 X 6 En g r. (p. 1 38). d Pl a n d e l a rade d e Ba ya H o n da." 6 X 7". E n gr. ( p 1 37). 338 Lavallee Francis (F rench geographer, 1800-1864 active in Cuba ca. 1820-1848 ) Hi s production appears to be mo s d y in manu sc ript. It see m s th a t so m e of hi s s urve ys were incorpora t ed int o o th e r C ub a n printed m a p s, includin g the Vi ves c h a rt a nd th e R obiquet. C l early, th e Trinid a d c it y map in th e At la s Cubano b y Rodri g uez was ba se d o n hi s work See a l so article by Nico l e Simon R ev i sta de l a Bib lioteca Nac i o nal (C ub a), M ay A u g. 1 983. 339 Lea Philip (British cartographer, 1656-1700) H ava na in the i s l a nd of C ub a." 6.25 X 5 25". E n gr ln hi s H yd r ograp hi a Universal i s (Lo n don ca 1700 ). Ma ss ip 291. Map no. 1 33 in Phillip s 527; no 1 26 in Phillip s 5694 C i dade de H ava n a" n o t a ti o n u gge ts P o rtu guese origin. Se e English Pil ot; Pim entel. 340 Leclercq,? (F rench? draftsman/engraver working in Madrid ca. 1850s ) See Coe ll o.


202 E MILI O C UETO 341 Le e's Sp an fs h 1 l111 erica11 1\1'1r C hari ( Ni:w York publi c ation 1 898 ) a "C it y of H ava na ." 4.5 X 4 ". Chromolith. b "EnlutgeLI tnop ofC uh n.~ 8.5 X 4". Chrnmo l ith. 342 L e mpri ~ r c, Clc m c nr t l Brili s lt militnr y e ngin ee r a c ih e ca. 1716 1 786) Accordi n g 1 0 one ~ourcc, in 1 775 he published a mup ( titlc 'l tllmensions? dme7 nreo covered?) w h ich depicted the I sland of Panes taken fro m Jeffery s 343 Lc n w mu zga Leon ( p s cud. of Manuel Go n w l ez ) ~ M upa de I n lslU de Cubu: l4 X 6" Lu.b.. m Babes In his Album tit! w1 Emigrado ( 13 a r cc l o n a. I 887}, 344 t. e R ouge. GeorJlCS Loui s Fren c h c art ograp h er, nctive en. 1740s 1 78 0 s) u Amcnq u e ,ep1e n monal. s u 1vant In carte de. Pople .. 1741.'' 229 X 239 cm.7 E n gr, ln ,e 1 .s of B aye de S 1 I ago dn n ~ I' isle de Cuba / Aux Espaguob" (3 X 3.25") nmJ "Lo H avane Linn~ l'i~lc de Cu b n / AllX Espag n ols" (3 X 3.2.5") 1742. M np n o. 140 111 his Arias 11em1ral n111re110111111 derail (Pnri,, 1 74 1 1762 ) ( Ph1 l hp; 5975) and map no 6 in an unlitled at l as (~o mctlme., referred to a s R ec111il tle.i rnrre1 wuvi-1/rs) with mnp, daw 1 g ]74 t 1748 1 Phillips 597 4 ). R eiss u ed by Cre p y m Puns ca. 1 760. b H nvnne."' -l x 6.75' Engr Mo p no 16 (Other ve r sio n s say 351 m hi s R ec11e1/ dt>s plan., de l'Ameriq11e Sep1e111rional ( Pari s, 1755 ). Phillip s 118 5. M 11>sip 469 345 Leroux. Jcun Muri c I'!) ffr cuc h drnf't.'ITT111n/ e uirn1~ e r 17 88 11170 ) Sec Coe ll o. 346 u s li t's ll ~ e kl y 1 Nc w York periodical ) a "' The C ub an R evolu ti on. M np n f Cubn ... T itle outside border 9 X 4.25". W ood cogr Mur ch 3. 1 869. p 32 1 b Mop of C uba. 9 X 7". Wood c u gr No, 29. 1873. p. 1 97. ~ 1 Let l ill 's 0/j icial ll isto r y o/t/te Sp011is l, A m erica 11 m, r ( New York 1898 ) SooGlobc. 348 Ll!U1 H e n drik d e ( Dutcl1 publi s h ers, fnlhcr u nd so n active cu. 1 730~1 760 sJ 'Carte nou,ellc d e In mer du s ud .. 365 X 27 75". Engr l favunu i nset. Ams1erdum tlll. 1730 ?, 1740. l.ssucd se pn.rntcl y and m co mp osite mloscs. Co pi ed from de fer and C h iitc lm n. Some versions of th i s map h owe v~r haven v i e 1,1 of N iagu.rn Poll ~ i n~t eud of t he H avann inse t 34!> Ll:li. G r ego rio ( lt nlinn oulhor p se ud of Aba r e G uu l di 1 6301 70 1 ) Sec M e r c al or "Cubu l nsulu (402 dl 1 md n ote 20. 350 Uvy AlpbOJlSC J acques (' ) f Fre n ch drnftsmun / cngruvcr, 1 8431 918 ) Se.: ///11J t re StJfoil: Pt! ti t J ournal 35J L cvy t y p e Co. ( P J 1 il odcl 11hi11 publi s h e r a c ti ve 1880 s18 90s ) Sec Cabre. r u. 352 Lippin co ll Co mh o & Co. { Philadelphia publ is hers a ct i ve c 11 UJ50 s) See W elling t on; Willia ms. 3 53 Lh c rrnore & Knil!hl { Pr o, ldcnce R.l. publishe rs c u. 1898 ) "C u bu." 7.25 X 3" Li1h Mop no 133. 354 Llo y d H El. & Co. ( New York pu bli s he r 111 : livc e n. 18 60sl 870s ) "Island o(C uba ." 1 6 x 13" Lllh .? 1n l us Hw,d y Atlas ( I 872'!) TI1e Ph il l ip s/ Que s ada list indiantcs that th~ map b in c lud cd in Wurn er & Hi ggi n s~ Atlfl f 11/ Edgar C()mU)' 0 11d th e Slate of /1/111 0/;, p. !I Wh y? Cuban Car t og raph y 1500 1898 203 355 L ockwood. H o m e r ( Ame ri can a uthor active ca. t 860s J !Cuba. I Title? O 1 mens1nns ? In his M flpns topnsrafi coJ' 1 t!Sco/or11sde Cuba\' 1'11/'tto R ico (Ne w York ?. l 865), Trelle:. chaiion Nol in NUC ur the H ovunn Nntionn l Librnry 356 Lnde c. J ohn ( Brili s h J!Cogrnphcr nnd engra ver. a c tive ca. 1 7541 796 ) See Man t. 357 Loma-Ossorio Fcrn~n d ezl'intodo Jos e Marin ( pwtlsb officio! ) gru.n p i ano t opogrlinco de u H fibnnn: 1 06 x 72 em Lllh ll uvana.. 1 855. R fos 327 1wo edltio1u, m .ame yenr? L oma-O,,ono's r ole in UIIS map 1 s unclear 10 me Trelle s suys h e p ubll~hc:u IL A n ot h er source i ndi cu tl!.\ map is dedlca 1 ed 10 him 358 London Ma gazi 11 t ( l 732l 783 ) o "A new ch3n o f lhe seas, s urrounding Cubu .. officer in th e Novy." 14 .5 X 10 .'i" Engr. by Ki1 chin? f nso t o fll nvana (''A P l an of lhe harbour & lown o r H avunu") R educed ve r sion of map in Ille Em1lislt Piloi Configumuon mken from Popple. Figarola 33 R fos 1 19 b "A pion of the R avminh -l X 7". W oodcu t April 1 740. p 192 See Figaro l u 367. c "A plan of t he town nnd bay or St J ugo .. ," 4 X 3. 5" E n gy. Prim ed i n same s h eet as Fort SI Louis, St. Domingue W OOdcu 1 M ay 1 748, p 198. d A plnn o f 1hc c i 1y 11nd h arbo ur of H avnnna, capi1al of ... Cubu ." .:J..'i X 7" Engr M ay 1 762, mp. 280 New York P ubl ic Llbrnry lists ii under Kitchin F o ur addlLional vcr~ioru. are in Sc,m M agazint. in n n uni de n t i fied publication, in Entick wi 1h 1itl e "A new und accurate map of the Seat or lhc l ate Wur H nvonnnh," and in Millnr' s, bu1 this is n smaller reeogrnvmg. Sec D11blh1 M agaw,e. e "A p lun of the lu t e siege of t h e ll11 \lmm a n d M oor's cas 1lc ... e n \l i mns.'' 7.25 X 4.2.'i". En gr. M arch l 763, opp. p. 11 6. A ccordlng IC'l o n e 5ource. It al~o appeared i n Britam,ia Tri11mpJ1011t (Lon d on, 1777 ). bu t co pi es I consulte d were no1 illus1m1ed. R eprod u ced b) Buclull er y M orul~. f "A p l a n of the stra i g ht s o f 13nhoma .. Hovun u ." 7.5 X -1~ E n pr Jan 1763. p 40. Ri os 120. Reprodu ced by B ac hil l er y M omles. 359 Longmu n & Co. (Bri t ish puhlish er acti ve c a. l 820sl840s ) Ccl1t1ml Americo und the We,t l ndlc.\." 51 X 3 X 3 1 cm. Engr. I nset Th e harbour and ci r y of Hu v11n 11 ." London, c:t. I ~20. Sec nlso H a ll : M cC ull oc h 360 Loiio A. d e ( S p ani s h ? author acth e in New Orl e an s co 18 50s ) "Phm of 1h e city of H ovunn 11 11d its enviro n ~' 7 5 X 7" Foldcld in i t ~ own pocke1 New Orleans. 1855 36 1 L oo n .l oha nn cs va n ( D u tch m at h c mallcian and e ngr;l\ e r ca 16 11 l 6R6) See Van Kculen ; R obijn; V og. ht 3 62 Loot;, Juhunne s (Dutch publi s h er. 166 51726 ) See Von K c ul en. 363 LoolSllllU1 J ncob and C a s par ( Dut ch p u bli s her Cll. 1 c.43-171 1 ) Name of L ooKmnn (me anin g "se: pilot") 1 nken by J acob nnd Cil~pnr Ja cobs 1 son, o r Anlllo ni e (Theu n isl Ja co b sz. See Jn c o bs~: R ob 1 j 11: R oggevce n : Vnn Kculcn. 36-l L 6 pc i G6mcz, Antonio ( C adiz-born drurtsmun work i n g in C uba ca. 1 790s1 820s J No t mueh is known abou t th i~ important ~ u rveyor who mude conograp h lc h is l ory b) drafti n g the first map primed in Cuba. H e musr ha, e beg u n s urv eyi n g th e. 1slund ca. 1780s. \I n ce hh, map. engraved by B ja, appeared In 1 793 (if no t ea rli eri Engagcld h) 1 h e R oya l


20 4 EMI LIO CUETO Guan1,lnnmu Cumml~ion orgum,ed hy 1he Ct1un1 ,1f M opox 111 179 7 1 KO I, he produced manu-.cnp1 1m1p s of Bulli n llondu Boni Borucoa. Cubailu\, GuuJnfb6n. Ciunntanumu, Mariel Omgo,a. Saludu, .ind SJntn Ana. lie u1so drolled m 1 liOO o lnrge 1-173 x I 6(h:m ) m mop of Cuba (ul Mall ml'~ N111 al M u ,;cum), Co111pari,on ol lllll, rnup \\ ilh 1hc 179 3 pnnied ~ers1nn ,how~ 111uch 1111pro\cmcnt pnrticulnrl) in ttu: uutllnc, of Pi Mr Lamy, 1859. Bacardi c ,rn11 on 366 Lop e .t, Jo ~e (G mnndu bont druftsm 1 rn In C ubn e n 18SO l.. umc IL ~ L 6 p cz M n r t inc1 :I) 3 b M Planu pm1on:',CO de In \11l,1 de Cienfuego,.~ 'x :. Trell~ omr n wu -.chcduleu to he li1hogrnpbed 111 Cienfueg' around September 1855. Wa!> it puhh~hed'' "Plant tupogr4Jico de lo, Ptl1ns .~ 1 X r Mo .'! F.ngr. 1 1851 Trclle ci1a uon See Curlh 367 Lo p c1. Mnn l n c z. Jo s~ (, pllllhh '! C uban '! drnftsm ll n a c lh c c u l 85 0 ~) Pluno de In poblac1611 Ile Cw-dcna.~ ... 6K x 5 I cm L.11h In.ct of C4rdcnn, OO} lfovnuu; uth dcl Cornc:rc,o, 11152. Rfo, 277. 368 l. 6 p cz Panl o jn, .J o si (C ubun ? S pnn is b '.' uu th or ucll \' C en. IKIJl ls) "Mopa de lu pro\'mem th: MnlillWL', 1 x r Engr Trelle, ei11111nn 36 9 t. 6 J) cz. Jmm (. panhll t.-a no g ruph c r ~ on o r Tom as, u c th c cu. 1 78 0s) "C'n rta mwi11111u de l a iHln de Cuh.i 33 X 14 Engr .. Madrid 178 3. Trelles md1cntcs it 1. ba.-..ed ,,n a 17W m.,. A rcpnm wn~ made m I lQ5 11,1th ne11. dntc. FigarolJ 1-t Ma._"'P 503. Rro, 218. \70 L 6 11 c dl V o rga s M:iclm c a T o mu srr homus ( p11nM1 cnrto ~ ph e r I 7301 802 ) From hl\At/m Gw1mpl11w,I, la \ml!nw. minimurc lurmut. Pam, 1758. The Spnni,h go,crnmcnt hat! ,cnt him 10 ,tudy cngmvlng in Pari, m the 17 50, and, prcsunmby while !hen:, he hod his nllm. prmtcd in Prance. Jnd na1 m Spam ( umc i:ompikr\ crrouncou I} g1,c \ludrid a, place ,1r publicu1111n ) Lopci ucknowlcdges his \Ources 10 be fupplc, d'Anv11le. und ~omc mcmo1ri, 111 Mutd1mullu Phillip~ 11.59 u "Ln ll nvnna." 1 X l .5" Alp -t5. Copied from Pl1pple M th~lp 412 b hln d1: Cuba" -1.5 X 3" Alp .W. Remark.abl e ,1milnnl}' lCl Cuba map mclutlcd j.', inset 1 0 I l! nto n 's ump of I l ovann in he U1111'1nt1/ Maga:i11 t. M a,\ip -t 11 c "Bnhm de Sanuago." 3 X IS i\1 p. 45 Copied from Ptlpplc: \ l a.\\lP -I 12. In udd111on the lllllp 11,,1\ ,~~ucd ~mglc or in ,in n1la, (' 1 d Plano de tueiuuud y pucno de l..11 H nhnna .. 1-1 X 1 3.5". Engr . Mlldnd 1785. R ios (315)d,lle\lt 1781171. 3 7 1 L o r e nzo. J de I pu n i s h s un e) Or and drnflsmun n c ti~ e e n 1860s 1870. ) See Spam. D1rcce16n ll idrognlJlcn (C~ a Gener.ii~ 372 1.-0tt e r Tobin. Co nnid ( Aug,sburg engrm e r a nd publi s her 1717 1 777) Succcc:dud 1u c u1 tcr busi n cs, In 1756 Sue S1:ullcr. 3 73 Lo"r ), J ose ph Wil w n (Brit is h druflsmnn u nd C O!fTll\ CT 180 31 87 9 ) Sec Blackie & Snn. 3 74 l oy ru C nrdo ~o. Felipe d e (S pani s h '! C uh 1 111 '! druftsmun '!, a c th e ca 1 1160 ) "Plano de: la ciudad de I~ H abann y ,u$ ll1lllcdinc1onc<," ? x >" l ..ilh.? 1863. Trelle, ci 1n11 on. C11ba11 Cartography, /500 1898 205 375 t.u c n s. Fieldin g ( Am e r k un publi \ h c r 1 7 K l -ca. 18 52) MCuba." 17 5" I 1~ Engr b} B T Welch Co \ l ap nu. 81 m h1 A Gtnerul \Jla..< (Baltimore, 18 23) and no. -l m his A Nt'" G,rrol J\tlt11 ... l\ '!>11 l11d1a /.1/tmdJ ( Buhimurc. 1824 '!) Phillip~ 7-12.2709 37 6 l.ucl n! nt u nr n m cei,ro (l t a l in n c ngrn c r 1600 -c u 1 660s?) Sci: Dudley, 377 L uff mun J o hn lllrili'lh e ng nl\c r o nd p ubll ~ h e r .1 1 c ti\ e ca. 1 7761 8 20 ) t tuvanna. ~.5 x 5 75 Engr. In hi\ 'irlr1 I Plan., (London J \OI 2. n o. S9. 1802 Phillip 62-63. M11.,~1p ~63. J78 M & Co. !Buffal o p r int e r. \ l\l a ttb e "l o nhnip ?) n c t hc ca. 1 890sl "(uba: 13 v g Chmmuhth I 1!911. In 1hei r Harp ('r' 1 Pictarwl 1-fr sion a/ 1/rr \tr (Ne, Yori., 1898, 11\99), bc1wccn pp 24-25 379 \l n hr e--C n1111o b,), Sc h as 1i c n (Fre n c h edit o r > References 10 the lir I hie of Pmc, map in hi, Nmntllc decm11't'rti' dt' /'1/t /lint'~ ( P ur1(. 16681 un: incorrect. In foci the book I sec Sabin 35255) tl!-c~rihc, an i,land olT the coai,t ol Atni:a 3110 l\lc C on e ll S ch o ol u11pl ) Co ( Philuclclphlu publ is her 11cth c c u 1 8 911 ~) \Cr} ~upcriorm.ip wurwllh Spam.' 30.75 x 1-t '.!5" Lnh . Philaclclph,a, 1898 There,, unolhcr l899ccl wnh no 1111c. 38 1 Nl cC ull o dt ,I R ( Brltl h outh n r o c thc c u 1 830s) "Ccntrul Amcnca and the \\e ,1 lnd1e s.20.S x 12" In-ct ol "fhe harl>our Jnd CII} ol H 11v111a ." 5.5 X -1 25" Fngr b) S ll uJI. In h1 Dirtirnwry of Cnm1111m. lntl ell Lomlun, 11!34~/Also III l ,tcd "IJ: w1ot.hcrcd. In 18~9 Ph1l11p, 76. See l lall : Loni;mun 382 M 11cg o wa n Ju m es t Brlt .h h puhll,h er, 11 c th c ca. I 711 0 I 8 0 20" Morch 1741)1 m 1he Bntl'h Librar). lt i~ nm hO\\C\Cr u printed milp tCro11,n M~ CXXTTI. 25), um.I,., included here lurclnnbcu11on purpose, only 3114 J\ h1 g l11I U \lu g lnu ~) G. \nr o ni o ( V c netiun geo grophcr u nd t.'

206 EMILI O CUETO 390 Mar tin A. (Fre n ch engraver uctivc cu. 1 870 ) Sec Torfl! (Colllol/f\!gol 3!1 1 M11rlf n Sa nti ago (C uhan IIU1ogr.1pher : 1 ctlve ca. 1 8S0s1 1160s ) .i "hladcCuba formcnrrilc, .. camino, vccinale~." 114 X 73cm. Lith by Mu nfn al L.ith. ofCue1ur:, of Cuba (18981 1897 copy in H ovonu National Library i~ ~aid 10 come from 1hc New Pet'rle u Atlm of thr llt1rld fSp rm gtield. Oh10). 393 Mntlhc" sN orthrup ( DuJTo.l o, 1 Y., pub l is h er, nc ti, c cu. 1890 s. ce M & N) n "Cuba, Jtunu icn w1d the Duluunn i,Lunt'L1." I 0.25 x 8.25". Chromol!th. Publl~hod by Dodd, Meod, 1898. b "Up-to-dnte map ofCuba ... l9X 15#.Li1h.l11se1sofCienfuegos,Havnnn. Maumzas, un d Santiago. Copie~ c,rnmlncd were di~1ribu1ed b) 1h e 1111/Ja/Q E:rwt'H, Plti/adclphia Press. anti Syracuse ll uald, 1898. Copies were also tlistrib111cu in 1891! by the Ne11 >l;irk Mall and E;rpre,fs nnd the /U chmond Dispau I,, 394 Maucci, 1\ 1. CBn r ce l o na publisher. acth c cu. 1 890s J "Mapa 1 l ustmdo de la islu de Cubu." 39.5 X 20" Lub. by Pnssos (rrwp or only p1ctorHl1 htlrdcr?~ Lhh al H enrich, Bw-ccilonu, 1 896. Rfu~ 154 395 Muy,.Bcrmmlo (S pani s h e dilor und plugiori s t. active in C uba en. l840 ~1 860sl o "Mapa hist6nco p 1 modemo de l u islu de Cuba." 13.5 X 9 . Lilh. Gernmny (11.imburg?}. 1 853. Thi~ edition ha., omnmen1a l border wilh prln1cd vignene.,. l11ert 1, ano1her ed it ion (Bc rllit ca. 18 55) without border< b "Plano pmtores 232. b "Mapu 1luMrudo de la 1 slo de C11ba.'' 40 X 23 cm. Li1h ln scis of Greater H ovuna and ruilrouu~ In hh C11/Ja err la rartera ( H avana, 1895). Appnrenll), ano1her copy i n Engli5h ed .. Cuba 1111/re f' ncket /look 1Huvonu. 1895) Rfos 153. c "El Mnpn moc:!cmo de lu Mn uc Cuba .. 67 X 24cm. L ilh ? V:1riOu$ in&els H avona, 1 896 Rios 155 d Mapa 1 opgrd1ico de l a provmci11 tie L n H u lmn n ~ IX,,. LIU1.' 1 H avana. 1897 Trcllc:,', ciluuon e .. Mupu topgrdtico d e Ins provmcias de Lo I labano . y ... Snn111 Clam: ? x "" Llth .1 H n~mrn, 1 897 Trellc~ citllli<.>n -'O I Mentel le (E dm 11) & C hon lo i re ( Pi c nc ) (F r e n c h puhli s hcr octive co. 1788-1807 ) "Co ne de l'll c de Cubn ct d es lies Lucnye,: 16.5 x l5 ". Dmwo (lcttcriug on l y /) b) Andre Engr. by (which?} Turdieu, Phillip, ( I() I I/ indi cmc, u "P F Tnrd1cu. bm Pierre Fran~ois 1imlicu diet! in 1 77 1 Mupconsuflcd beal"'l b er, 1 5 1 21 59 :1 ) Tuwurd~ lbc end orn dhtingui~hed career a~ a gcogm phe r and mnpmukcr. In 1585 Gi.:rnrd begun publlslung hi s comprehe n sive Atlas, bu t cou ld publish only two parts during !Jii, lil'e1ime Aflcr h b death. his ~on Rum old published the comple l eAtlar 1i1 c Cos111ographit 1 cat mctlluli1Jllt'1 (Du i sburg, 1595) in 1hrce panh wilh I 07 mnp~. Some of l he...: rnnp,,. includi n g 1he Amencn map. were prepared by his grnndson M 1 d111el. There wus a -.econd edition in 1602 and U1 e pl:11~ were th en purchased by Jodocus H ondiub. EivcnlUally, Jan sso111 u s also bccumc pW1 01 th e Lenm publihing these nt l n~cs, which I.cpl cm u s in g the nam e M cmuor (much like "W~b, t~1 v dict1onurie todnyl. Gerard M ercuior himse l f. however, hntl no pcrM1ntll con u ecHun witb any <.>fl h c ~pc.cific Cuban map~ usually l isted under h i, nam e in coto lo g, uud hsts. The his1ory and .-omph:xi ly or lh estl M ercu1orH und i us-Jun;,oniu~ ot l ru,e~ ure impo ss ible 10 s ummnnze here (See K ocmanJ, Sufi1ct! it 1 0 ,ay 1hU1 bc1wecn 1606 anti 1 64 1 1here were 40 edition, wilh ten, in Lu1i11 ( I 6J Du11:h (3). flrench C 12). Gennun (9) and English (3). In ud Llili on. thc~c publicalions apppefircd i n l urgc ("mui11r/111Jiorl~") or ~mall ( u lllll1or") fonnu t s. The C uban mnps lis1cd be l ow may huv c appeared 111 oi l or on l y some of lhc.c edi ti ons. A. MAP Al'l'LAKl,o OK l CtN \LL\ IN Tilt. ATLA~ l' IR ST P U O LISlll'iD I N DUISIIUKO IN 1595 0 1 R UMU L I> Mt HtC::A.IOR .i "America sive I ndio nova. .. 18 X 1 4 5" lr1 s.:1 of round mup of Cubfi (3" in dinmc1cr) without mlc Mop de,ignetl h y grn nd ~on M1du1 cl M ercotor b 8 MAf'S APP[AI UN (l OK I GIN \I I.\ IN !Hf AHAS FlRST PUBI ISHl'O IN AMSTCKDAM I N 160 6 IIV II ONDJUS "C uba in s ulu. 1 4 5 x 7" En gr W ith inset ur "Hnvo110 partus,'" This ln.e1 i~ Lhc ~ccond printed map of llu v3nn ( if the 1 602 date assigned 10 lh e C l ui:s~ r nup i~ correct 1.


208 EMILIO CUFTO Mup i s pnmod on surnc shce L ( 19.5 X l" ") wilh four other mnp~ (Jllmuicu, Pucnl1 Rico, Murgurlta. und H bpuniolu), and l,Omeumes map deuleri, cut lhem up:ut. It 1s Mup 349 Rm" iu l 6U6 eJ.: "35 J Rm" In 1607 ell.: "355 Rrrr" in 1 61 1 ed., "360 Anua" in I 613 ed ; "369 Anan" in 161 3 .:J.: "373 Ecce" in 16 I 6 ed .: "169 ll hhb '' in 161 9 ed., "70 1 Pppp" i1 11 628Cld. "386Pppp" inuno1hcr 1628ed .See AA C. I \\() M<\I'~ ,\PPb\REI) OR I GIN \LIV II'. THE An .A~ Ml'I OH. !'IRS r 1 1 UBLISllblJ IN LA J II" (A\ISl'l'ROAM, 1607) A"ID REPR I N rfD TIIIJRLAI ILR IN V<\Kl()l CONTINl:.NTo\L LANGUAGES Aflcr 1621. lhc copper platci, were sold lo a London ednor, und these map~ appeared in 111 IC!JISI t.hrcc English editions of rht .ula, under th e nome Hl\ wriu M!lrtdl ( 1635, 1637 1 639). us well a.~ m 1hc 1625 ed. of l'urd1m lw l'ilgrim, New copper phll c~ (by Kcerc and Goos) were made uner 1628 for 1 he editio n s by Jnns so nius Finully. editor Clllppcnburg r<.'Cngrnved ugain the mnp, in J homewhnt larger fur hi-. Lutin und French editions ( Ams1erdruu. 1630. 1632 1636 l: c "Cuba m sul." cTi t l e wi 1 hin mnp.J 5.5 x 1.5". Engr. Mup prmied on ~ame shee t (7 X 5"J wnh five nthcr mafl', ( H ll\'.U1", Jrnnmcn P\ 1 erto Rtco. Marp.ama. und H1,punioln). und sometim e mnp dealt~ c1111hem apun Til l e o ut ~id~ of map and pugina1ion \'llnt\, forc:xumple : "C uba .. in the 1646 ed. (p. 65CJJ: H omh u s, hll, m.up of H ls pan1 ola. Cubu," i n 1'11rrhas hi1 l'ilgriml!, (1..undon, 1625 ), p. 861; and "Cubu, H 1&punioln. &c." "Gg!U!4," 111 his 1/i.wnrin Mwu/1 l L ondnn: Conic-., 1635), p 880 d "Cuba 1nsufo. .. !Title, w ilh in mup.l 7.5 x 3.5". Engr. With inse t of ~ 11 av:ina portu\ ," Mup ~ primed on ,nme shee1 CI O X 1 _, 1 wllh four nddiumml map s I Jamruca, f>ucno Ri co. Mar garita, and H hpm1iola). and ,0111e 1i 111~ mup deulcrs cu t lhem ap:in. Thie ouL, 1de mup vanes: ror example: "Cuhu ~pruuula. &c; in Clopponburg Luun i.:d. (Am,tcrdu m 1632), f1 721: "Pm1e Se"1ndn. L1l:iro V II in unidentified ltal1(U1 book bv Gregorio U!ll (COUid ii~ Vllll ,!~/ Ct1/11liu Rt' Phil/1,,. ,1, 1 679"); L' fapngnolc, .. in Cloppenburp. hench ed. (A msterdam 1636?) Rio s I 06. 4 03 l\ l e r i: m Mn ttha e u s (G er m a n pu b li s h er, oc U vo cu. t 6 2 0s1 65 0 s ) 404 40 5 406 Publi s hed n Germu n l anguagc \c.rs1on o i Dutch lllllp by Vjs~chcr in hook, hy de Bry nm.I Ooufried. S.-c: Go11fried: l\ l es tr e A, m i hil c. Vice nt e (C u bu n auth or, exi led i n P oris cu. 1 890sJ "Curt.: g~n~ruJc de l 'i l e de C u ba." 2.4.75 x 1-1" L11h.' Drnwn by Suuvctlrn. Purls. I $96. In hi, u1 Q t tt'StitJ11 C1tfwi11t' (Puri~, I 896~ Co11y in Cu l,1111 Natlom 1I Arcluvc, und L1 brury of Cungrcss Rios '.!03. Me ~ico MJ\I" { lin i~te ri o d e Mari nu ?) a "Curta esfc!rii:u que c:omprc h ~nde ... llc sdc Mni,i ... ha \ 111 S An1011io ." 35.:'i X 23". R eengm ~cu rrom Spurnsh 1821 map surveyed by Baredute g ui r 1793) amltlcl Rf n ( I RO-I ). Me~ko Chy 1 825 S..:c Spuin, Dlrcc ci6n H1 drognlficn. b (14 mnp~ (lfC ubun pons. J From the 1 818 Spom,h Pon11l11111,,J,. /aA111em : a Scptt'111rto,wl tMi.:xico City, 1 825). f11 g :1rol:152 Copy JI Llnivcrslty of Mi ami. St:1.' Spain, Oiruc:cr6n H ldrognllicn. Por/11/0110. Mc) c r 's ( Germa n p u bli s h e r ro und ed h y J oscp b Me y e 1 a c t he en 1!140 s1 89 0 s) a "Lagcp l an von H nvnnn." 3.5 X 1.5" Llth: l I n lt ) Phelps nod n1101her nuributed 1 0 ;m Expcnenced Commander." Figuroln I 213. Mas sl p 350-51, See Phelps 40 11 M inic k d e l o Co n ce p c.i6 n Juun (S pun is h pri es t 11nd 11 uth or, 1842 -ll!l>0s?l ICubo?J Title'?? X ?". In his E:lem,mto., de Cil!o>:rnfia di! la Isla de Cu/Ja I H uvnna: Alordu. I 875. 18 77 1 R82). H :ivnna National Library has nn Cl> PY of n n y edition or 1hi ~ honJ... On the o Lber hnnd Lhc li brary h as a11.rib u 1 ed 1 0 M.!rdc l e n loose mnp. --canaJcogrdllcndclo Is l a de Cuba" ("722u I 875 Mir" }, which benrHhe intrnl 6 JMC ." Thi\ "Cu na Jc ogril flcu ," howe\'cr lirsl appeared in the 1 841l'lu11t1SdP B o l sillodt Ill l ifade C11bt1 and in the 18-11-1844 ed it ions or the G11fu dr Forulteros. I rcmrun unconvinced thUL lh1 ~ 1 ;; the 1875 M 1 rndc' s mup 41 0 Ml lch cll. amucl A u gus t us (P hilad cl plt1u publ i..s h cr. 17 92 18 6 8 ) n "Cubu.'' 13.5 x 10.5 ". Llth From his New Gt1nt1rul Arin..,. It is map no 63 in tbc 1873 ed. and map n o. I 02 111 1 876. 1 878. 1879. 1 880 .I 882. 188-1. nnd 1887 eds Some eo pie ~ w~re i~ucd with p l a i n border (unnumoon:d. 1870, n o 102. 1884) :md o th ers w uh u border of ornmc l e11vc, Csce B rudlcyJ. See Ph111ip s I l 83. b "Mup o( M exico ... We s t I ndies ... ? X -r. Lith I nset o( "Mnp o f lhc 1slund of Cub1!'' (9 X -I "). M np n o. 55 in his Nir11 General Arias C 1 867). c .. M a p ofthe W es t In d i es." 1 X '!". Lith fn~elof l slund ofCu b 1 1 r6.5 X 2 75") Mup no 23 In h isNrw Rt/emi rr A rim ( 1 865). Cubn i~ c:,flen in ~et Into 0 1herCaribllean mnp,. d "l\llhc h ell'~ ne\\ mup of Cuba." I 9 X 15" Source'! Phi la.. 18"9 Figurolu 97 4 1 I l\lo ll l:lcrn111n 11 ( Dutch c urlu !!n tpb c r 11 c li vc l n E n g l und c u. 1 67817 3 2 ) From bot h h is A Nt!11 mid Comf1leu1 Alla., ( L o nd on. 1708-1720) ( Ph illips 5961 l mid hi s Tht! ~,rid De ,ri: ribed ( LonJon, 1709 1 720) (Ph illip s 55 ). the following mnps h a\'c o. Ho., nna msct po.11cmcd n f tcr Von der AA : n .. .. mnp of North Americn ... observo.lion~: 38 x 23". Gngr. ln -.el ortfavanu cThe boy & city of ye A nvnno," 2 X 2"). M op no. 7, cu.. 1 720? M n,-i, rp 308 b .. A rnup ufthc W est lndi e, ." 39.5 X 23" Engr In set o H L1vunu I "A dnmghl of ye buy & ci11y of H a\'nrm," 3 75 X 3.75") ha, Mlm~ de:oign but i5 ,mal l ~rthnn in mup 1 bovc. Mop no I 0, cu. I 720. B nJ l cJun LJbmry WHC~ l t . I 7 I or Other !,OUJ'CCS date 11 17"0 1745 Mn ,, ip dntei. it lxnh 1 709 (209) and 1 740? (329, 175). c "A ne\\ mnpp of the West Ind ies." 39.S X 23 En gr Jn .et of Ha vnna en, iTI -11 1 b'lt London. Aug 1 740. Anotlli:r '>Oun:u date, ii ca. 1715. d '"A n c, m11pp of the WcM l ndic~ ... 39.5 X 23". En gr In set of I l .ivuna (a, In -111 b'/), There 1 s reforcncc to Robcn M orden One so urce dmcs it en. 1 710. See Mord~n


2 1 0 E MILI O CUFTO e "The seitl of t he wnr in the West l ndic~ "39 X 23". By Robcr1 Morden & H erman M oll, ca. 1 7IO '! I l nvann inf.Cl a~ in -11 J b. See M orden. See also Bowen Did o,cnon ulso pn nl a Wes t In dies ma p en. 1 740 wuh i his 111se 1 ? 4Jl Monte Tojn do, A ntoni o dcl (S pnnl ~ h' Domini ca n ? C uhan aut h o r ) "Plano dc J pucno de Nlpc: '/ X Engr." In hi, H im1r/11 tie S1111w Du111illgt1 I H nvt m n. 18531. Trelles cunttun 4 l3 Moutoj o l' usn r un. Pu tr icio {S puu ls h mlliWr ) officer. 1 8391 9 1 7 ) Pl ano de l a cluund de O1rdcna~ y ~u pucno.'' 26 x 35.5". E n gr .? or ms .? M t1drid 1881 Trelles c 1t utio n Pi11uro l a 113. 414 l\1or d cn Ruben ( Brit is h cur r og rnph c r nctlve en. 1 668 170 3 ) A H ovanu i n sel uppcan:d tn o n e W cs 1 l ndic~ map 39 X 23" having two t.llfferent tl t l .:ll ( "A new mnpp of the W es t ln d u :s und "The Sem of t h e W. 1r in t he Wes t .lmlies .. : 1 prep: rcd by R oben M orden & H erman M oll.'' One source Ja1e, t hem ,n. 1 710, which" aner M onfo n 's dcn t h (u n le.s~ h e h ad a o n oflhc -;ame name who WO$ u map ~ Il er in L ondon ca. 1 7 IO~ M oreover, 11 d t ed. in Mordc n s Geowaphl' Rec1ij1t'd(London. 1693 ? ) (Phil l i p s 498, ;l4-54, U65, 5957) has n o l y i ..,l t.l cd a n y r esultS. T h erefore. these map, are di~cuon p u blis h ed t he lust 1 wo edilions ( 1789 n n d 179 4 1Sec u l s(1 Ph elps. -1 2 1 l\luguel. C u s turn ( Fre n c h '! Cuhan '! IIU1 ogr-J ph e r a c ti ve in C uba cu. 1 840 s) Sec Carl~s: Pi chardo: Sarra: Torre. ~ 22 l\lu ll c r y T cjc ir o ,. J osc ( S pllllish mlli tar y olllclal durin g 1 898 ,1nr ) T re ll es mcn l lon, the presence o f some rm, p in hb C11111hme.1 .v rnpitr1!twi611 cle S0111ittg<1 dr Cuba r M a dn d. 1898J. I pres u me t h ese may be 111ili 1 ury maps ()(bull l cs. H ls wor k wa., Lninslu 1 cd ,n t he U.S ( ll vrNm~s. no. I Wa~ h i n plo n D.C .. 18991"' 'lh111111 lit u r y m u p prcpurcd by t he 0llicc of Na1 al f nlclligcnce o f 1hc U S Navy in 1 898. Th"",e mup, ore vutsidc tile ~cope of Lb t s lt~l 111 1,1 un d arc m cnuoncd for c l r rilic m i o 11 p u rposes o n ly. -12 J M1111d11 lltmradn I llur cclo un publi cu tiun J Mnpa t.le l u i~ l u tk C u ba .7 X 7". Drown 1 nt.l lllh. by M Vicrg~ Yu l 5, 1881 C u ba n C arr og r a ph y, 1 5001 898 2 11 4 24 Milnstc r c b as t.ian ( Cc rmnn curtog n1phcr 1 4891 552 ) u cuba." 4 .75 X 3". Wooda u1. Th s map appca~ 1n so m e oflh.c edi u o n s (w h 1ch?1 of bis l'tmof,lmphia. ar1 immensely pop u lar work tln,l published in Oerma n b) Pe 1 ri in Basie nnd whkh. by 1650. hut.I seen 111 lt:ast 46 edi t ion .~ in vuriou..\ olhcr e,llcs nnd l anguages (1..tuln, l talm n French), l hnve seen Lhe Cuba map m II Lat in cd 1 uo n No me11cla1or Co m ercial ( ll avn n o publi ca t ion 1 883 ) A ,econd edi t io n ( 1884), enlarged to cover Mexico and Ne Y(lrk Ci1y, pmbnhly ha, t h e~omi: lnhogruphc u mnpsa~ lhc 1 883 ed mnn} of whic h a recopied fr om P ichardo~ I fl75 Otrtt1 : a M M :,pn genera l clc I n i\ l a de C u ba." ? X ?".


2 1 2 b ,; e EM I L I O CUETO PlnnodeCllrdcnu s." 10 X 7 Aq,.218. ( Pi chnnfo8). "Plano de Cienfuegos." I 0.5 X 7.5" At p. !2.1 IPichunJo 26j. "P l ano de Guant~nurno." 1 0.5 X 7.5". A1 p. 229. P l ano dcl li ibann (proY.). I0.25 X 7" Alp. 211 f "Planu de Jl ubann'' (ci t y). 10 .25 x r. Alp. 2 15 (Pu:hnrdo 25). g Plano d1: hi t:ludutl tic Santiugo tie Cubn." 6.25 X I 0.25", Al p. 228. h "' Plano de la !,lade Pinos .''? X ?". At p. 2 1 -t i "Plnnode Manrnnil l o.'' 1 0.5 >< 7.5" \t p 230. [Pichurdo 28). j Pluno Je Matan,u s" (prov.). I 0.5 X 7 .S". At p 216. I"Pluno de Mntunius tcity). 10.5 X 7.5". At p. 217. (Pichardo 191. Pluno de Pinnr del Rfo" (prov.). 10 .5 X 7.s. A1 p 211. m Plano de Puc n o Prfncip.:" 1p r ov.), 10.5 x 7.5". At p 226. n "Plano de San J unn de lo~ Rcmedio~ ." I 0.5 x r. Alp 223. o "Plnno de Suncti Spirhu~" (city~ IO.!i X r. At p. 225. tpidmrdu l6 ~ fl "Plunouc Suit111 C l nru (pruv.). 1 0.5 X 7". At p 219. q "Plano de Santu Clum'" (c i ty) I 0.5 X 7" At 11 220. (Pklmrdo 29). "P l ano de S:uuiago de Cubn" (prm.). I0,25 X 17" At p 227 " Pl nno de Trinidad .. 10.5 X 7". At p. 22-1. (Pic h urdo 271. "Plano de l u villu de Sagun la Grondc ." 9.5 X r. A1 p. 222. u P lnno,le l u villn de Sonw Co t alinu. Ouanmnumo. 1 0.5 x r. 440 oric..folrn Willimn ( British h y dr o g raphcrnnd pub!L ~ h c. r 1772 1 84 3> survc.y or the i~land of Cuba" 36 X 25". Engr. by John Stephen~un. I nc l udes mnp5 or Bahfn H ondu. G u a nL 6nu m o. H uvonn ln fi c r dcl Rfo1. Mariel. Snmingo nncl Xngu:1. Lo n do n 1 840. Th!!re is .iho a New 8dltlon with addition~ for 1 853. bsued o, a ~ingle m:ip or wa:, it also mcludc u lll somccomp1luuon'/ 441 Norri s Peter s C o ( photolllh og rnph lc c o mpan y, act i v e in Wa s hin g ton D. C., ca. 1 890s ) Sec U .S. War Dcpnr I men1 At/tu ( 18911 ) untl Mil/tor,, Nmn 442 No rlh 1 \111eri c a1J Pilot ( London publication ) n "The island of Cuba with part of the Bnhnmn bank.\ & 1 he Martyn. ." 21.5 x 18.5". E n gr .. Vol. 5. Map no. 13. London. 1777 Map i~ mi~ i ng western ond ca,tcm tip~ Originnlly pub l bh,:d in 1775 ed. of Jefferys'& Wes( /11diaA1/11s Mnssip-181.SeeJclferys b The peninsula and gu l f of Flo n du .... Bnhonm islands. 24.S X 36". Lo r ge niap in c ludes Cuba map nbove. l n Nonh American l'i/r t ftJrNe11 E11gla11tl mu/ 1/u flmanna (London: Lourie & Whh t le. 1 795). vol. 2. Reis.\ued 1807 -14 3 y on ,? (F rench draftsman, n c li, c CJJ 1 86 5) Sile Fmnce 06p61 !le._, Cones -W--1 O'R y un Vl\ z quc z, T o mii s ( S pan is h militar y offi ce r 1 82 1-190 2 ) O'Ry1111 wai, acth e in C 11 hn in 1850. Sec Coello. 4.:15 Od e, H ( .B e li.: lun lilhogn1pher m : lh c. cu. 1 820s ) Sc..: Vunder M uelcn -146 Offi ce r ( a non ymous Briti s h s un-c y or in l1 1n11 11 11 in 1 76 2) See E11glls/J Pi/01: Exshnw: Gt-111/nnan '"' ontl Londmi Mt1ga:i11t! ; JcfTcrys (An A11tllt'11tic Jmm,al) / ,1.mi/mi M11xa tml': Wrigh t C u ba n Ca rt og r aphy, 1500-1898 2 1 3 44 7 O ffi c er o n th e p u t ( n nnn y m o u s llrltish s unC )u r. In ll nv ano in 1 7 62 ) See Entick: Gcr~,a Exrroordi11urla: Gentleman '.1 Muga ~i ne f\'1lt cgowm1: Mortimer, Royal M c1ga,i 11t 44 8 OJf/c icJ/ M a fJ of C u/Ja Scvcml publihheri, u!icld thi~ name fur Cuba map~ in 1898 Among them are Cram. Frank Miller Co .. uni.J Fon Dearborn Pub Co. 44 9 Ordu na. ? ( Spnnl s h s urve yo r act i v e en 1 850sJ Sc:e Tom 4 5 0 Orte l ( i us ), b n1 hum ( Fl e mish Dutch cartographer 1 528 1591! ) Hispunio l ue, Cubnc ..... 19.5 X 8.75". Engr (by H ogenl:Mlrg'l), Mop primed on snnu: ~hc:ct ( I 9.5 X 14 ") with culincunuc .. : IL i mnp no 7 in hi~ TTlt'utnim Orbo Tt rrrm,m (Amsterdam. 1579 1584) Apparently 11 wns the lirsl mnp to locate H uvunu on 1he nonh coast. Over forly edltlun!> were publlshc un l(P.. 4 5 1 O rtb;de Pin e d o, F11bl 11n ( S p11n b hj o um 11 l ls t and ~-dltu r uctive cu 1890 .>1909 ) l sln de Cuba." 20.5 X 13.5" Llth by Dostesio I n his LA Isla de Cuba e11 In Ma110, 3rd ed. (Madrid, 1895) Earliered~.? 45 2 01111 Rnutcnst rnu c h, Manuel (S punM, s urv eyor, a c ti v e ca. 18 70 s) Sec Spa m Direcd6n H idrogrnficu. 4 53 Otnu lu F J. d e (S panL ~ h drnftsmun and lith oJrrHp h cr. u c th e c11 1 860s } Sec Pucnn. 4 5 4 Ottcns Rein er and Jo s buu ( Dut c h publ is he rs. 16911-1 750. 1111d 1 7041 7 6 5) "N0YO tubula cxhibcn~ lnsulM Cubnm et lli ~punio l am ..... '.?. I 5 X 17.75" Engr I nset of Havuno Apparently it appeared in n set called "Grund lh

214 E MILl O CUETO I 720. Geographically incorrect ou1hnc of ,outhem Cubo l srued separntd) ur mdudcc.l m ome pubhcauon" 462 Paui. Giu-,eppe (( talion draftsman and c ngra\Cr nclh c ca 1760s ) Sec A1la111 c< dell "Amui tu: G11;z.e11ere AmtriraflQ, "'6 3 Pcurson, R obc n ( Briti s h cn rt ogrophcr, act h e c a. l720s 1 730s ) See F o\ter; FJr~loh Pt/111 179h ~o. Andre. !S panhb ? C ubon ? edit or, act h e in C ubo ca. 1 870s ) EdJ t cd Torre mnp n d s u ed A l orda for plngiuri~m. See A l nrdn: Torre. 465 Pe li on di Per.;u111 Luigi ( ll 0Ua11? nmp111ukcr ucthc i n FrlUl ce l'.11, 1 860s '!) P lano tupogr.llko de J.a ll nbana intra c,tra muro-, y Cerro." 69 X 100 c m Lith Pan, Goyer. 1863 Copy m Pons Nnuona.l Lib rary. 466 l 'cii u ch1s Vl\zquez J Manu e l (C uban '! S ponM1? drork v mon o nd eJ1i,:rMer, llcth c I n C uba ea. 1 880 s) Mop a particular de In ,,la de Cuba .. 59 X 22 Chro111uh th Lub dcl Comcrc10. H uvano U nd a 1 cd (ca 1870,. 18 80\ "). H av,mn o u urull Li bra!) date;. 11 ca. 1889 und tbc BntJ J,h Library .. 1 890?"' Fi gamlo !0 7. Sec oll,o Arantnve : R o~1,1 4/i7 l'eopl e's Atlos (Ch kagu publi cu ti o n ) "Cuba an d the B nbarna "lam.1~ : 12 .5 x 9 .5". Chicago. 1895 Sec W aite: Anonymou s ( I g) .'611 Ptlit J oumal ll/11scr e (Fre nch illu s t rn t cd periodica l ) "Lo guc rr c l mpnnoumcrlcu1ne : eunc 1 o p ogrdllcu del dcpurtamcnlo occi d c mul. .. Some ~ h eel!, ma y hove lll:cn llthogmpbed b) Mu guct. ,omc h.> M tndez. Hn vanu, 1856 (although wmc ~urce, doll: it 1853 or 18.54 i The eastern half of th e 1,1,md could not be com pl eted fo r lack or funds. Wha1 1hc rclouon bc1\\een tl11~ mop and 4 76 1 Sec R fO!I 143. b "C onn lplano? J 6 mapu topogrotlco de Matan1a ,:" x ,. Lhh by R ocu. Trel l es i nd kutc, ii wtis puhh shed m September 1840 Rcla11 un 10 -1 76 c? Nol In l la vanu Nauunnl Library c MCn rtu 1opogr.lfica de Mnt1111Zlb ." '' X r Trell e, md1ca1cs II wos pnntcd in 1837 or 1 838 3nd 1hn1 n new c d11 lon was primed in I 84.J According 10 one w urc c, the ,ccond pnn of 1hi s map WII!, published m La Aurora ( M111 o n ltl~l. A u g. 13, 1846 'o l in lluvon o Nn11onal Llbmry d Get,grnphicul and 1opogrnphicnl map of the i,land of Cuba. 2 ,hce,~. 33.5 X 24" euch Engr WIL~luogton. D .C.: Office of the Chief of Engmeen.. I 1173. One heel include~ San Anton i o. Guanujay, San Cristobal. nud unmhcr M n t unllll, and lln\' ann. I thi s 1hc E ngll ~ h ,cr<,11m o f 476 a'/ e "'Gmn c:uno gco-coro-1opogr~ficn de la i~la de Cuba .. l 0 :.hect,. 86 X 62 cm. eac h ( T relle, mcnllons S \hcc1~ oo J y. bu1 dJmcnm ry ol Congr~ entry h sL~ n mop wuh same 1111 c mdJ.cuung II conJ,i,i;, of7 hc e1,, 37 x 27" each. A re l u1cd rnonu.cnp 1 chnrt {RO X 120 c m .) had been donut c d ,n 1 918 10 th o librnry of t h e B elen fo,uit Schoo l in C ub a. (The ~c h oo l wo, co nfi !>Cu tcd by th e Cuban gtl\c mmc111 in the 1960,, nnd th e locn11on of1his chllII 1 s unknown 1oda y.1 What, ~ reln1111n bcti.ccn thi, mup und 476 g' 1 According 10 R fo, ( 146). 1h~ mup "con'>I IIU} c cl me1or trnbaio canogrohco h11,1onco ) c1cn 1 ftico en general de Cub., en c l "glo XIX copiudo. imit:1do y plagrndo e n tudo) ~c 111 idu, p or gohic m o, y urgn ,rn 111 0, ci mnnjcro s: The Carta I~. in fact. a mini alill', .t, l 1 contain,. m .iddition 1,1 indiv,dunl con11guous ,cc1 1 ons of Cuba. one ruop ut nulruud, I "Cu nu de f'crroc.irrilc,." ,heel no. 7) Jnd mu~ o f 10 mnJorCuban eillC\ .:op,ed m lllb3 by the Nomcmlamrand m lb'l!I b) Clnr~ nnd 1hc U.S Wur Dcp anmen 1 ( M i/i111ry Nlll<"J I US M NI und ,1 1 /iu). Th ecny rnup,1m:; Plnnode Cdrdcnas ." I no 8) : N11111i--11elt11or Ill; Cltui p. 340 US 'vtN p 6-1.llt/m 35.


216 g h EMILIO CUETO ii. "Pluno de Cienfucgo,: (. no .16): Nrmumda(()r22 I: Clurk p. 364;Atlas 43 ii i Pl nno de La H nbnnn."' (no. 25); Nomtmc/ornr2l5 R /odJO. 1v Plw10 de Mwwuull o."' (no. 28); No111e11cw1or 2.30; USMN p 80:Atlas 85. v. Plano de Mamnzos .'" tno. 19); Nomtmclmor"l.11: C l ark p. 328; USMN p 84: ,\//OJ 33. vi. Pl ano de Pucno Prfncipe ." (no. 18): Clark p 390; Atlas 66. v 11. "Plano de Santo Clan:1." (no. 29) Num,.,,clatur 220: Clurk p. 362; USMN p 92: 1 \ 1/m 45 viii. ''Pluno dt: Sun1iugo dt: Cuba." (no. 20): Clark p. 428: USMN p 94 : J\1/a 1 84. ix "'Plano Jc Trinidad." (no. 27); Nr1111011claror224; US MN p. 96; Arias 42. x. "Sti Sp1ri1us "' (no. 16) ; Num,mdator 225: Allu..--M. "'Nuevu aartu geotopognlficu de l a 1sln de Cubu."' In t en engraved shecL~ of 11nde1crmincd dlrncn~ion~. H avunu 1870 1874. Trclle!> indic:ues publication of sheeu, proceeded us follows : no. I In 1871; no,. 2-l in 1872.; no. 5 6 in l 873: om! no,. 7 1 O m 1 874. lsth, ,, in fuel. o reduced vcn.Ion om di.lJcrent formaued ~crs100 of -176 r? '" Plano de lo c1 u dud de Mownzu s delinenc16n actual."" 65 X 58 c m Ensr ."1 Ms. 7 1846 Rf o~ 3 75. Plan o de lnjurisdicei6n de San1a C l urn ." 1 X ?" 1859 T n:111!& citmion. 477 Pi c hurdu J im e n ez. Es t c bnn Tm m1uilino (C ubnn gcogru ph cr, 1 843 1 906; s on of Pi c h nr d o To pi a ) a "Plano d~ La 1-l nbnmi.'' 38 X 28". engr. by A. Simon and printed by Bccque1 in Paris; cd.ncd by Vahlcpurcs. ca. 1 874 '/ Folds 10 us own pockeL Anolhcr edi t.ion in 1881 (wru 1h11, reduced to 2l X 15.s" '!J Rfo) 33 1. Thi;, mnp w~ u~ed forthe d.:tru l cd plnm, of Huvun u in the reports b) Maj or Leunarc.J Wc,ou to th e U.S Congrw in 1900. b P l ano de: La Habana ."' 1 6 X I 0.25" Lith. ? I n Dirrio11ariv dc/1JpMito Hi ~fl(Jlln J\mi!rtct1110 ( Barcelona : Momuncr y S1m6n. 1 892) inscr1cd under" article. c P l ru10 de la vllla tfo Santn Clllnl .. ." 65 x 54 cm. Lilli by Munfn I lovonu, l 856. Rf o~ 393. 478 l' ic/f/rla / Atl a s l/l11 srrati 11 g the S p1wi s h -A111ericn 11 H ar rC hi cugo. 1 898 ) See Souvcmr Pubhslu n g Co. 47 9 Pi c rra Fidel G. (C uban 11uthor active ca. 1 890s ) See Co ll on. 4 80 P ierro n A nt oi n e ('I) (F r e n c h drnl ts:nuln 1 783-cu. 1 836 '/) Sec Bu chon. 48 1 Pim c nl e l l'> 'hlnocl (Po rtu guese cos m o gmph e r a nd p 11b l is h cr. 1 65 0 -. 1719 ) H lb Arre di! Ntn egar .uw Llslxm ediuu n b in 169 9, 17 1 7, 1746, 1 762. and 181 \I Not in Phillip s. I am 1101 sure whc U 1cr lhu fo ll owing 1w o map, nppcareu ln Ult edi1ions or whc1her o ther C uban c 1 L1 e1, un, r e p n:scntcd III all o r some or them: n '' B: de Mmnm;ns. 5.75 X 5.5". Engr b 'l111uwU1."' 5.15 x 5.5" E.ngr. Ii~ 'no 2: Wa Toi:u:iro the source? See Eng/Mr J>iim 482 P irnl a C ria d o, An t o ni o (S pan is h h isLu r in n 1 824--1903 ) The following 22 mops appear rn hi s Analt!.t di! la Guerra de Cuba. 3 vols. (Mu drid 18951898). R ro~ -1 7S. M 11p~ fold imlde book and vary 111 dimension~ be111 een S X 1 1 t hrouJJh J8_5 x I 2". R."' ( 11 396). n "Snntioso de C ubt1 ... (I, 434). o "LasTu r rns."' 11.61 ii 4 83 J>l anos d e B olsillo d e la /Jahauo .I' S u s Barr io.~ Ex1ro11111ro s IAnvnn o 184 7 ) 2 1 7 Unckur how many map ~ thi~ includes. Sbould have Ul lcnM 1 wo. probably s imilur 11.1 those i n cmry 484 484 J>lm, os de Bo /si/lo de la Js lo de C 11ba ( H a, 111111 pnbl icu tion ) Apparently. there were four editions: 1 8 42. l lf44. 1847 c swnc OJI nbove?l und 1 850 (copy ol 1 850 ed rn New York Public L1bmry). According 10 Trellel>, Rafael Rodrfguci ma) have been invo l ved In 1h e produ ction o l' 1hc~e mnp,. Trell"' odcl< l hal 1844 1t11d 1847 cdl11ons hnw 1 hle "L:J. Isla de C u ba en la Muno "' on the covei. R fos (32.'i) cln~sities l 842 ed. under Carles. The following three map~ abo uppe:ired in -.cvero l edhions of the Cale111lnrlo I GultJ di' FomWt,ft),! :s "'C w1:1 jeografica de In islB de Cuba."' 1 7.5 x 9.25" Lilh. by '"F. A C (Cosmcr?). b "Plano de l a pla1,.1 de La Hnbuna en 1841 .'' 1 1 x 7" Lith. by Cosnicr. c Plnno mpogrnfico barriosexrrnmuro ~ .. H abam, hll!,IU CMvu." 13 X 15" Lith 485 Poey Agu i rre. A ndr es (C ubon i.cic n1 lsl, b o rn 1 826) 3 b C A FROM A BOOK BY Ft LI P F P otn (w111r 11 ?) Mupu de I n !s i n tie Cuba. nrreglado a In n u cvn div1si6 11 tcrrlloriul."' "Porn ..crvir de 1l u stmci6n ul ll!Ato de 0. Felipe J>Qcy.'' 41 X 26 cm. Lllh by A Poey al Mnrquier' ~. Lcucring by Vlllicn;. Hnvnnn. 1 1!48 Sec f\>ey. Felipe. 8 FROM HIS ATl. U i,,; GE:OCiRAlf.,_ M oDFRVA, 1( -\\A'IA. 18 4 8 : Mnpn de l a s i n de Cuba dc~de Bnhfo H onda ho,lll Guomum~ .... 45 X 34 c m. Lhh by A. f\>ey u1 Murquicr" Lcucring by Zllmora Copy In Cuban Nnt.iunnl An:hlvcs. Mapu 111udo de I n i sln de Cubn.'' 32 X n. E.ngr b) M ~nde.-'? Trelle.\ chations. 486 l \lcy, Fe lip e (C ubon scle nli st, 17 99-1891) a [Cubu?) Till~ '/ Dimc:m,i ons1 1n his Jn,groflu di! ltJ I sla de C uba 81h ed. rHnvunn. I 848J. rrollcs c 1 m11on culls for 1wo map~. Any m(lp S in earlier l-'

2 1 8 EM ILI O CUETO b [Secuon of Cuba '> I l uvnnn'Jj Sec 41!6 11. c [Cuba I No utlc.1!5 x J". I n hi\ GrngmjTu Ffuru I P nlf1m 1 Jt lu I sla dt C11lx1, 171b ed. ( H .ivnna 1857). Does th,, map really belong in 1hts book or "'Ul> ll pllilCd in 1bc ed 111 nn con,ullcd'! Copie. of the 1 6th Cl 856) a n d I 8 1h ( 1858) ed,. hol'e n o mup, Sho uld the y? 487 Pop pl e H e n!") CBritbb ca rto g raph er, act h e ca. 1 727 1 7 .tJ ) o A lllllp oflhc Bri11,h empire in America wi1b the Spnni~h \CU l emen4 ... 229 X 239 cm. Engr byloms London. 1 733.1111s map, Ill m,clro one-p.1gcreduc 1 ion of and "key" 101hc Ind iv idua l mop~ 1 0 f o li o\\, precede, and give. n a m e 1 0 n co ll cc 1i o n of vanous mop, Tlus M kcy" mop. as well a, 1hc resp.:cuv c ma p forming part of1hc coltcc11011, ha; in-..:1> (3 x 3.25")of "Thc H avana" ond Ba y ofS1 Ia go in Cuba.'" \Vo s th1\ the llr\l printed mnpofSan u ago b.1)"' ",1a p wa, rei55ued b) Co,eru. and M omcrin 1737111 Am,1erd11m ( M u,,1p 24871 and arnu nc1 I 7601111 l mAt/w Nmn 1:011 ( M a~\ip 250). 11 \\ll!, ul~u rcib,ucd b} l>y Le R o ug e in Pari ( 1742} wnh 111 ,~ 1 mie s 111 1-rcn c h. and b y Cn!py i n Pnnscu. 1 760. ll rivnnu nndSanlingo in~ts.11 ocopicd by B owen I 1 7-H) and Tomd\ I Ape, ( 1758 ). Sec 8011,cn; Co1 ens nnd M ortier. L6peL Le R ouge b !Cuba.I No 1itl e. 2.1 '< 16.5" Engr b.)Toms Mup no. 14. follnwrng front map Configura ti o n ol' the i~ l a nd depicted i n 1h1 ., 111nr, wm, widely used h y 0 1hc rs. 111 c lud1n g Cu 1c ~ by. Ga~tiue, nnd L ollllc/11 M 11911:.i 11 t1. 488 Porcu cc hl du Cas tllione Tumll.'io ( Tumml.lSO, Th o ma sso ) (Italian c a n ogrJp b e r 1 5301 585 1 Cub.i" 5.5 X 4 En11 r hy Porro. I n h1~ I .wile piufummetlrl M t1111/1i (Vemce, 1 572). 0 1h cr cd111ons incl ude 1 576, ( 1586 ?), 15 90, 1604 16(15, 1620 fund 1 71 J?J. ln ,cncd on pu gc wi1h text and cnp u o n Des cri 111 une dell' ,~olu Cubu."' I hn, e seen II bearing page numbc ri. 88 u nd 1 72. Mup wa~ 1nken fmm 01.L,t1lld 1 ,in d 1hcn ~cned u s prom1ypc for l. nsor u Varea/Suvonnrolll Phillip 1 66.5680. M u.~ 1 p 112. 118, 174 489 Porro Glro lom o { fl ullun C11gra1 er, u c tl l'e ca. 1 5 67 1 5 96 ) Sec F \ncucchi; P1 o lcm y/ M agini edition .t 90 P u rt11/ a 11 0 de la Amlrica Septe11/rio11a/ ( l\lndrid nll usl Sec Spain, 01n::cc16n H1drogn1fi ClL .t91 Poll er, J. D ( Briti s h publi s her a c lh c Ctl 18 90s) See Cu bu n Com m1t1 cc. 4 92 l' o ulmuire I.. oA 1111d Gr11era/ l 11fim11atin11 ... hlmul 11/C.1/ia ( N ew Y or i. 1885 ); rei"ued in hi!. C11bn 1/111$/rat "d, 6th ed. ( New Yori. 1894). M op ul so in other cd 1U on~? Copictl fmm Jone, b ", \1llp 0 1 the city of ll avamL 15 x II 25" Lith .! I n bi s Cul>n ll/1mmred, 6 1h ed. ( l\cw Yori,,, 189-1 ). M np al<<> in ea rli er cd 111011 ,! 49 5 Pr oc lu s. l ) indoclm ~ ( Ccn nnn uuthur ) See lf l> lll cr Cuban Carrog r aphy. 1500 /898 2 1 9 4 96 P ro p11 gu nd u Lilcruriu ( H uvu n a publ b h cr ) 49 7 ~ 98 Sec Cailadn; Gonz41e1 de la~ Pena.. Gon1.dlez de la Vega Pnm n nnto Cruz. Mnnucl I pa ni h ou tho r octile in C ohn en. 1 8~ ) Mn pu d e I n 1 s u de Cubn. 2 4 X 9 .5 ". L11h ."I Hn vru rn : Cas t ro Fcrntinde,. 1 894. R e i ss u ed m 1901 und 1909 Pt o l cm), C laudiu s ( Greek geographer 9R 7[90?1 1 501 1 68 '!1) Plolem~ w1U1e an 111fluen1U1I u-eou,c on geography, including 27 mnp, of the known world in th e o;ccond cenlul) ( the Gr11grc1p/11). Redi scovered i n Florence durin g 1hc R c n al~ancc. hh "A 1lu s" ~nw man y edition 111 lt uly and Oermnoy, und early tn 1h e 1 6 th cc nrury s u c h 01lnc began to lndude ,.:,er.ii map, of1hc reccn 1l y di-..::overed land, or AmeriC3. M an) famou, cartographers (including R uy\C h Syll.inu, W a l dc\CemUller. M un,1cr, ond Mercator) ,n,.. !heir maps in cluded in Pt olcmmc" comp ,lmi o n !>. At k.i'1 fifty-s,~ difterem edition~ ha 1 c been identified. Sec San1 and M ore land Por o ur purpo~es, we 1 111gl c o u1 1he cdiuoll!' o f Oa.,taldi ( Veni ce, 15-18). Ru sccl l 1 ( Vcnicc, 1561.1562.1564.1574, 1598.1599)andMagmi/PorroCVemcc .1 596-1598 Cologne, 1608: Arnhc1m. 1 617; P adua, 1621 a ~ I M1 ln Cuba nova 7 X 5.5 W ooJ e n gr b y Ga,1nldi M ap no 57 i n Oiucomo Qasrnldi's ed. o f Plolem y's Geo,:raplt1, wnh lmlion 1rnn s lmion b y Ma1uol o cVc n r cc: b C Pcdre1nn o. 1548). According 1 0 ,o mc Gru.ialdi \ ' I ncluded 111 an cd111on of Pt o l emy, Gco,:rap/11 w11h llalian lrnn,lu1lon by Ruscclh C Vem cc: Valgn'1 I5 6 I l. Mup wm, 1,1k e n fr o m Ga.,taltll's 15-18 edilion, b u1 reengraved In a l arger fo rmal. h was rcprl111ed in ,, x additional Vcntcc cdl 11ons 1w o in Latin (Ve ni ce: M o lct o, 1562. 156-1) and four in hd lia n (Venice .,. 1564; M alombra. 1574: R o'-lccio, 15 98. 1599). R fo~ 10-I ( 1 598 ed.). l su l n Cuba nov:1" 1 0.25 x r Coppercngr. by Gir o lnm o P\ mo ln e lud cd In cdilio n of P 10 l e111y's Gn1grop h ,, w11h L rnln 1 rnnsla1ion h y M agini (Venice : Gaglia111. 1596). Map 1aken from Ga~1aldi and Ru '>Ce lli ed i1i on,. but reengra,ed wi1h a sea mons1er and a ,b 1p not in 1h e earlier edi11on,. M ap was repnnicd in Latin I Venice. 1597. 1598: Amheim. 1617) and l ialian (Venice. 1598: Pad ua. 1 62 1 ledi1ion~ 499 PucrUI V i :zc nin o. Juun d e I n ( puni s h nul h o r n c th c en. L850 s 1 87 0 s ) Ant1llas e~paiio l ru. .. "Isla Jc Cuba." 7 x 9.5" Druw o/ hlh .'I by Owulu L11h. 0c I n Corte. 1n h~ AtltlJ G"ogrdj co l::Jpailol ( Mudr id. I 860~ 500 Poja z6 n C elestino (S puni. ~ h surve y or. acth e ca. 1 860s) Soo Spni n Dl rccc 1 6 n ll1 drogrrlficu. S O I Pur c h ns, S amu e l ( Enwl s h a uth o r cu. 1 5751 626 ) I n hi\ Purrluu hi1 P /lgnmr., (London. 1625) he included a D u1ch mnp nf "Cuba l n,ul'' ong111ally published in 1h e M c:rc.11o r H ond 1u !>A1la1 M11 wrCl6011 See \l ercator 502 Pu r

220 EMILIO CUETO 505 RadcMd Co rl C b risti1111 ( H o uplm ) ( German c: 1 rtogrn ph e r 1 788l874 ) See M ,.y,.r 506 R ameau, P .A. ( Fre n c h e n graver, ac ti ve ca l76 0s 1 8.LOI See B e llin 5 0 7 R a nd M cNn ll ) ( Chicugo publi s h er a c ti ve Cll. 1 862 p resen l ) a C ubu I N o LI Li e 8.5 X 9.5" In C!twago V ally Tribtm t!, Ncl\ 20. 1 873 b uC ub a." 14 x 9" Lith., 188 9 c Cub11.'' 1 9 x 1 2" Lllh. ln ,;c1s ofCa rdc:na ~n nd Samu C lnm Ba ys. Cie nfu eg o s Pon, H ava na Mo1ou zu,s. und Sammgo port l n ii~ lluil '.lt!l1A1/as 1898?, p 322. Al~o i n iu, /ilrl{l'tl B11virteu At/11,, 1892. p. 20. Th ere ore also vcmons witho ut 1nse1 s. d Mu p of C u ba. S X 2.75". Lith .? In hh P ocket At/a. nJ til t< \l 'i:Jrlll. 1886. p. um. c Mup o f Cubt1." 1 9 X 1 2" Lith I know of several ver..ions, u 1 1t e U 1 882-1898: ( I ) a vel"liOn wilhou 1 in sc 1 ~. f or l1,A1/ 11.1 0/ 1/t e l\ i,r/d, I 890~. p 403: 12) u vers ion, w1tb "Map of H av11nn harbor '' I n se t m un11J cnllficd a li as: (J) a vcr;lun. same U.'> above, hu1 wlU1 pp 12 13. i n iL\ \\arA1/ ,u, 1 898: ( 4 ) a version sa me as nbovc. pr cpnre d forLhc New Y o rk Life In s uran ce Co .. prububly 1 0 be dibtribu a ed free t o <:U$ lomcn ,: (5) o vc:r. l o n ,a m e .is above. in James Fernald. 771~ Spm1iard /11 HiH flf'\l ( N ew York. 1898): !llld (6) a map time d 1 882, Fig:irnln I 09 "Ne \\ map o f Cuba," I 1.5 X 6.25# Chrumoli th l11 se1o f l -fu va nu lrurbor I n ll cnry B RU!iScll 'sA 1111/11 s1ra tt!d Ht $1(,n ,,jtltt 1r( H artford, Co nn : W o nhington 1 898). 5111! .Rnspe Gu hrinl Nlko hu u, ( Ge mmn publ is h er 1 7121785 ) ~ Plun Iler i 1 1J,uf Cub:i." I ~ X 9" F.1 1gr In set Plunder s tudt u hufen s H uvnnu. .. Map no. 15 2 in ha s Scha upla,~ dts gege 11w u, rll1J1111 Kri t:gJ ( Number g, 1 757 1764 ( 1 765'!1). Ml1l> ~ip-1.38. Phillip s 2825. S U!> R uyna l Cuillowuc Thoma ~ F r un~ois (Fre n c h fonn c r J es uit a uthor I 7'I 31 7 !> 6 ) See B onne. 5 1 0 R11 y 11uud '! ( Fre n c h dn1fi s mun u nd e n g ra ve r acti ve in l'l fadrid cu. 1 850s ) SeeCocllu. S 11 R eel us, El y s~c ( Fr e n c h geog rapher.18 3 0 J 905) Map o f H avnna "" X "" Wood engr .. an hi s 71111 Earth and Its lnlrabi1am s (Lo 11 dun, 18 78 1 !!94 ), pp 373 74. /\h o In editions I n other languuge~'l 5 1 2 Reim e r Di et ri c h ( Gen non publ is h er, l 8 1 81 89 !1 } u "Cuba.~ 2 1 X 9" ln lurgcr~heet (" Krieg sscl muplm1 kurtevo n Ku bn." '.l l x 18 .5"), L1th .Berlin J 898. l s thu, map n o I of a se ri es? b "Die provuu Saatillgo de Cuba 24 X I :? ". Lilh B e rlin 1898 Mnp no. 3 of II s erie s on lhe Spnm~h-Amc n cnn War Fi gllfl] f ll 1 24 1\v u tliffcrcm ve~ion~ exist 51.3 R i prtbliqu e Cu/Jai n e ( publl cu liun o f C uban e:d l es in Pur ls 1 8!16+ ) :i !C ub a. ( N o titl e. IO X J.5". W oolf engr. Feb. 18. 1897 b "Ca nu gcogr:lfkn de Las Tunw.: 5 X 5" Wood e n gr. Sep 1 30, J 897. 514 R llyn a Fnrncisco (C uban '! puni s h '/ e n ginc.-cr draf' ts man. 111111 lilhugrnpher Cll. 1840 s ) See Rafael Roclrf g uez C Bumcoa ). 5 1 5 Ri c hards on Cox (Rosto n e n gru,e r active 18 5 0 s) Sec Ptlltium Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 5 1 6 R ichmond Di s pcttc/1 ( Ricbmo11d. \11 . publicatio11 I Sec Mnuh cw~-Non.b urp 5 1 7 Ri era S1t1Ls, Pablo (S panish editor active 1 880ll ) "~In ti~ Cubu 2 h c..:ls. 15.15 x IUS enc h Ulh by La ~a u cu In hb, Dl c cio,wrio Geogrtifico. 1 2 \'Olli I Bur cclo nn. 1 !1!1 1 1!!!17 ). SH! Rl cs ch J ose -cu. 1 7117 1 Publi s hed Lu Atl as. be Sp 1 e11el, the B11min g Fr11 the Stt1 M /rro u r etc., whb cbnru b y Goo~. R oggevecn, Ju cob~ L /Loots man. q.1 523 R n hl quc t A im t! ( Fre n ch j!eoj!rnph e r ncl h e C'11, 1 8 6 01.1 870s ) a "Carte t.le l'ile d e Cuba." 39.25 X 26 25# E nt!'" by Pu Jut.Io n l ns e li. of Ha vana (8,75 X 9.5") and Cicn fu egO'i bay Pari !;, ca 1 860 P rn bnbl y from ~umc edition of h i\ Allw. 01 in Ph i llip s t595 795 909). b "Corte iles el bun c tie Buhumu .. : 38 x 26" Engr. I nset, of Bt1hf a H o mln H uvnnn (6 X 5.5"1. a nd Sngun I n Grande ( dmfted by LnvoU6eJ 1865. Mop n o 4 7 m bi s A1/111 H y1 l rosraplrlqt1t! {Pari,. 1856 1 882) Phllll p~ 909 524 Roca C urios ( Cullr o rniu-hnm gL-o l ogist, dral' ts m u n u cth c I n C uba ca. 1 830sl84 0s ) See Lanier, Rafael R odrfgue1; Vives. 525 R od r ig u l!'L E1.'ll)\ Frnn cisco ( punish '! C uban ? l(CO!!nlfl h c r. uclhc en. 1 88 0 s ) Mopa de La lb.lo de C uba . .' 70 X 50 c rn Eni,'T m Paris. 1882. In set of H avum1. Edited by Vllla. H uv11ru1. Ri os 1 4 8. 526 Rndr fg u ez. J o~ F" (A nd a lu s ian s u rveyor and draft s man ac 1h e c. 1 l 840 s1 880s ) J I H ava na. I Tit l e I n h i ~ Momml de lo Ci11dad di' w Ht1bo11 a ( H :wana, 1848). T rcllc\ Cl tollon b fl\ 11<1 map ~ / ( Trell es al so ci t C'l '.l mnps in h is Cartua Cm11ucfa/ Artf.rt/r:tlAgrfro/11, 9 th ~d. ( H uvuno. 188!1). nnd a mup ( mb .'l) o f Santiago de IOb Vegnb m 1 862. 527 Rodrfgucz M. (S pani s h dra f'l s m,111. nc tfrc cu. 18 60s1870 s1 See Spam. 01 rec0 1 6 n I li droprd!ica 528 R od r i~ u cz Rodr i,: u oz. Rofo e l Pin (S pani s h mili lury s ur 1 eyor. oc1i\ e en 184ll s1 870 s) Rod n guez p l 1bl!shed 1h e fi rs t C uban ml!IJI t o be primed 1 11 Cub11 ( t heAt/{IS C11/J111w), being a co ll eclion of 16 ( 1) cil) map,. T re ll es mentions 1 7 m:1p,. w ill mu1 li~tlng 1hem :m d indeed the San Anw n io mnp bear, 1h01 numher bul t herenre gup~ in wquc n c m g, '" th ey tin n nl udd up L o 17111 my cou nt Ads nppeorini! in 1he Dlaru, de l n Ha/m,w for 184 '2 g i ve differe nt numberin g u l lOge th cram l co uld 1101 connr m th e c,i, tun ce u f 17 map~ (sec ei,p, the !, s ue fur D ec 21.


222 EMILIO CU~ T O 1842). M nps measure cu. 19.75 X 15.25 and were lithogrnphcd m the Reul Societlod Pu t ri61ica in Havana during 18-11-1842. I nm unaware of the drcurru.rnnch surroulldmg the concepuon nnd producuon ofthi~ important work. C<>py in Hnvunn N11Lio1111l Libra!) TI1.: utla~ unfinished Trelles cites a co, ,t crnpornry source lndicming 1hu 1 .. El ge6grufo > uyudnntc ucl Cucrpo de Artillcria Sr Roclrfgue, no lleg6 a c:ompletnr .:ste Atlu..." This 1s obvious ,is I here ure on l y two maps C!lSt ofTnnidntl and no mup, of SmHi:igo or of 1hec111ire island. Thi~ mig ln be lhe r1!$uh nol of purposeful de~ig_n (lhe 1i1 l e appears ull inclusive}. but oflnt:kofresourccs t o complete the proJect. Such W!I!, the fu1eofan imJ)l.ln11111 book of Cuban view~ b) Cosio dunng 18 4 1 1842. S,m i i l arly. some of P,churdo s efforts were limited to lhe we.qt.em hn l l' or Cuba for IJu:k of fund s. Trelles ulso be li eves Rodriguez. mny llnve drafted the mnps for the Pla11(1 ~ tll! Bn/1ill,1 publlcation5. Maps in a l phabe t i c:il order, by locali t ) dep1,ted : a Pl nno hadrogrtUko, topogrlllico i: hist6rico de l puerto de Burncoa." L11h. by Frnnc1sco Reyna. PL 6n, p 2 Rio, :!6\1 b "Plnno Lopognilko, h!st6rico) .. de ha c:iudnd y puerto de Burncou." Lith. by Victor Munnu Pl. 60. p. I R ios 270 C d e r g h "P i n n o 1 opognilico. hist6rico. c~tndfstko dcl puerto de 8nlllban6 Drafted by Rodriguez; li t h. by Cnrlo~ Rojas. PL I Rfos 271. l'lan o topognilico. hist6nco y .. de ... San Salvador de Baynmo: Om fled (or on l ) l ettering?) by F Cosnier; lith. by Curio, Roca. P l 2u Rio, 274. '' Plan o 1opognil1co, b1st6rico) e,tadf~tico del pueblo de Guuna;ay." Li.111 by Mnrrnu. No 8 Rfos 285. Pl11n o topogn!fico ... de l a ciud:rd y pu~o de Lt, H nbttnn .'' Druwn by Rodriguez; written by Cosmcr: lith. by R oca. Pl. Jn. no I. Rfos 323 "Plano mpogn!lico dc l puertu y btlhfn tic L t! Habunn. PJ. Ja. no. 2. Ri o, 344 'Ptm10 L opogrtlfico uc to. bnrrio~ c~trumuro~ I l nbana Pl Ju. no J. Rio~ 322. "f!lnno t opogrrtlico de la c:iudud de Sun Curios de Mu111n1.u\ Drawn by "F.A.c: (Cosn i cr?J. Pl. 4. no. I Rios 373. J "Pluno topognifico de I n bnhla y pucrtu de Mntunzu:.: Pl. 5, no 2. Rfos 374 k ~Pio no r opog:rtilico. hls16rict1 y e, t adfsLico de Remedios." Lith by Morin:L l n m of Calbaritn and ErtM:nudu. Pl. 9 Rfos 385 Plun o t opognlfico. hi.t6nco y ... de San Amonio de l os Bwios: P l. 17. no. 11. RJos 386. in "Plano topognlfico, hist6rico y .. de Santiugo d e Ju., Vegu) .. Surveyed by Jose R 1 csc.h;li th by Mtuinn. P l. l0a. Rfos-100. n .. Pl uno t opognllico, hi~ t 6rico y ustatH~t i co de .. Stn. C l ara." Surveyed by Juan de Dio~ Ganomo: l i r h by "F. R !Fra n cisco Rey110'!) No. 7 Rio~ 392. o "Plano topognifico. h a s i 6rrco y cstndisLico de In ci ud od de Trinldut.1." Pl 5. no I R fo, -WI. p "Plt m o h i drogr~tko topognitico de l os tres puertos de T rr nidnd." Pl. 5. no 2. Rio, 402 529 R ogers. H e n ry Ourwin f B os t o n pr o f ess or of J,ICOl( :raph y, ucth c en 18 5 0 s) "West Indies ... J "1-~lnnu of Cuba I J onmica." J 5 X 1 2" Lith.'l Coauthored w ith Keith JohnMun. Edinburgh. 1857. In h,s At/n.s of/hi' U.S. f 1857)'/ 530 Rolll(c vcc n A rent /Dut c h ID1llhcmalician and 11 uneyc 1r, n c ti vc cu. 1 6651 679) The following Cuban coasta l silhouettes und maps ,tppcared in his fltt erst<' Deel l'C/11 het bra11de11de 1'1!<'11 (The burmng fenl Amsterda m ed n cd by Ptctcr Goo en. 1 675. A S po ni,lt 53 1 532 Cuban Canography, 1500 -1898 223 edition ( La primero parte de/ M,mti, ,Ii, 1!1rb11 urdirnt, wa~ published also rn P:~ml and I l uvnnu.J Alp 49 ISevernl c:on tul ,ill1ouettc1> belween Bahia H ondo nnd Porta Porca.l A t p SJ B .METAi ENCiRAVtNOi> Puscucn vu11 cnnael de Baho,no .... Cubn .. : 20 X 1 5 Depict:. .ection of Cuba'~ m : ,nh C(JW.t M op no. 1 7. Mnssip 234. "Posct1cn van d~ ~y lun den Cubu en Jumnicll : 20 X 1 5 ". Map no 23 Musslp 235 Rios IU\J. "Pe~kncrt vande noord cust , an Cuba ... Mutnnea~ ... Bllhia I l ondn 20 X l 5". Mop no 24 Mnssip 236. K ojus. Cu ri os \ C ubun ? lhb o11ra ph cr, actiH : in C ubu eu. 1 840 s) See RufucJ Rodrlguc.L R o ll os, G. (l rl s h 'l lJrlti s h '! e n graver 1111d mnp s cllcr oe ti ve ca. 1 754 1789 \ See D11bli11 M11g11 ., i11e ; Rnynl Maga.Jne 533 Romer o, Cc nur o (C ul11111 ? uulh o r a c ti ve c a. 18 60s ) "Mup nnd geo1!ffiphyofthe is l und of Cuba 48 >< 22cm Engr. Phil adelphia. 186\J Rios 144. An entry. "Mapa y geogniffn ue l a hlu Jc Cu b a' l 1869). in Spnn1sh. nppcurs ul C~Ju 2. no. 4g.3 ofrhe Nauona l Archives Cutolug his pmbnbly thb ~ume mnp, unlei.~ u Spa r mh version wai. nbo pdnti:d. 534 K oss i, R nfoel ( p :mish '! C ub an '! gcogn1 ph c r u cJ h e ca. 1 870s ) "Mup:r de Ju 1bln de Cubo amiglndo paru l a gcogruJ1n." -1 5 X 19 cm. Lhh by M F\lfluclas. Huv11nu, 1 878. In hi~ Gl'tt f H uvunn. I 879 J. 535 R ouger on V l g n crot 0 1.' m o ulin {Fre n c h e n grover ac t ive en. 11!90 s) See /1111 rtre Snleil. 536 R ow an A nd rew S. (A m er i ca n author a c tive c a 1890 s) Mnp of Cubu. 12.5 x 6" Lith E. F. Fisk. in his The lsln11d uf C11/1t1 (New Yor~. 1896) ha ,ome tidit i on~ h uppear.. In fmnt. in a th cr~ at p 5 537 R 11yal M agazi 11 e ( H rlti~h p u b li cn tinn ) 0 "/\n nccurute map of Cuba, and the 111lj11c.:11t 1,lond_.. ~ 9 .S X 7.5 ". Engr. by G Roll~s. April 1 762. opp. p. 161J Map ulso uppcurcd m the D11b/F11 Mnga:.i11e. A srrrnlur vers i on o lrh ough c n i;ruvcd b) B ell. 001 by Rollo,. uppeured in Scm, Mogaii111!. b .. A Pinn of the si~ge of the Huvunu .. .. by an ofliccr on the ,pot 1762 I 0.75 X 6.75" Engr. O,1. 1762 opp p I 69


22 4 E M ILI O CUETO 5 3 8 Rueda Manuel d e ( g oo graph e r n c ti ve ai. I 76 0 sl From hl!, Arius aml!rica110, desde la Isla cle P111mo Ric o hmra 11/ P11ur11J dt! H rnCm., with 12 mnp~. prmlt ... de Le T e,tu .J 9 X 1 2" Pl. 3. Rros 10 1 k I P l ano de la i~la d~ Cuba de .. Forlano.J Together wit h Dc 8 ry 1594, und Ncrennium Pccciolcm 1 604 Pl. 5 nos 1 -3. Rfos 98-100. Cuba n Canography, 1 500 1 898 225 jPorcitln de laco,111. 1 lL'i X 8.25". W1th H on the mnp in fact .:ve.i prla11:d, ai, Trell~ ;,ays'I See nulong. 545 S ula C lc111 c utc (S pon l Koubn, ." 1 7 X 10. 75". Athcn,. 1898 Capy in Ne\\ York Public Library 54 7 S 11lt c n1in Lcgarra Pl:dro /S ponish uuthur. uctivc 1869-188 3) Orafll:d geolog i cul maps uround l 8KOs nm 11 eouz.ed here R fo< J 96 548 :\ncJ1e,, Dolz Pedro (C uhnn ? S p1111i s h ? s urv ey or. acth e cu 18-U IS) 54 9 55 0 55 1 55 2 553 554 "Pluno uc In buhfu y 1:1udud de Nucvim~ ." -I I x 32 cm. Lilh. of Wagner & M cGuigan. Pht l udclphru. 1848. Rios 377. Why wo u ld th i s map be printed o u tl.sdc Cuba] 1111tana, 1 & C u {C ubnn c ommercial cn l('r pri sC', ci t. IIWO s) M Mnp of the is l und uf CubU ,howing U1c tobacco di\hiCL\.'. JI X 1 8" Philadelphia: Charles D. Kuufmun. 1 894. a.r o n y & C o ( e,1 Vork lilhfl g niphc rs, c c11. 1 850 s1860 s) See Derby & Juckson S: w o narnlo. Rnlfaelo ( ftaliun aulhor and l '< lilor acth e cu. 17 llb 1 7 2-0 s) "Cuba." 5. 75 X 4". Engr. Opp p, 3 10 in ht-> U111wr.111.r Turonrm Orbls (Poduo. 1713) Plullip, 3 4 75. Mn,sip .1 1 5. Lnlcr cdlllon in 1721:! on Porcacch i and Ga.~!ll l d i Sovonnrolu pubh,hcd his book u n der lhc ps u donym of Alphonsus Lasor o Vnreo a n d ts or 1 cn li~ted under thnl name S u y er Robert ( llriti ~ h publisher nnd map seller 1 725 1794 ) Founded fim 1 Sayer & BeuueL H is ~lock wu., ucqut r cd by Lllunc & Wl mll c rn 1790s. Ed 11 cd 179-1 edi1ion of J effery, Hh1 ht:lia ,11/m I n ucldition, he puh l i~hl.ld "A new mup of Nonh America.~ 98.5 X 58 cm. 1 l nvnno U1sc1 London. 1763 Mup ressemblc.. Moll', S d1cd l c r. J. ( Am e rl ci m engra ve r nnd pubW,h e r. acih e ca 11150s 1870s ) n uNew map of the hl,md uf Cuba 20 X 15" Engr. by Schedler, New York. 1 85 I Th i s mop hos ooen crroneousl} n 11 rlh 11 ted 10 n Scbcd l cr because of a confu~1011 bcrwe<:n "T" and "J," b "Thpugn phicul mnp oflh~ i~lnnd ofCub;1: 33 )( 22" Lith .'/ l nsctof H avanu. Ne"" York. Steiger, 1874 Sc h e n c k Pi c l e, r ( Du t c h puhll s h e rs falher [1645 1 7151 11 11d ~on fl. 'l t. 1698 1 775 1) l n~ulanttn H bp.inmlneet Cubac 21 X 16.5 Engr h) Vol~ Am, 1 erdnm. 1688. Rci~~ucd Jon,~nn~ mnp cu. 1650, and in t u m. I ii~ map wu., reis~ u cd by 1 wo nu d itionu l publishers: Frederick de Wit. in his Atlas klmor. vol. 2. no. 82 (Amsterdam. ca. 11\341708) (Phillips42.'i4): and Coven~ & \ 1onier in 1ltcir,\1lmN0111e,111 ( Ams 1 erdum. 1 683 1761 ). Mnsstp 12511 dates this mup I 683. obviously mi~ t along lhe 11111/111 dntc of Lite Covens


22 6 EM I LIO CUE T O oompilaiion for date or th" mop Covens and M ortier had acquired 1h e plates from de W11 oiler 17 t 0. St:c Coven, & Mortier; Jnns ~o n: ue Wit. S S S S chlicbl.'ll WUJh c lm E rn s t Yon ( G e rnuin g l.'Og raph e r 1 7 81 183 9) Cubn mil P ino, In hi~ Al/m 1a, 1 E11ropu, nelm de11 kolonien (Leip1.ig: Go~ehcn. 1829 t 830). p1. 4. map n o. 2 1 Ph,11!ps 2853. 7792. SSli Sc h rolcr G. ( Germnn g eograph e r acll ve in A m e ri ca n G e ographi c a l S oc i e t y, c a 18 5 0s ) See Meyer~. 557 Sc i e 11rifi c 1 \111 eric a11 ( New Y o rk pub li c ation ) Sec Cn ll on, Ohman. 55 8 Sco t s M a g< a i11 e ( Edlnh u rgh pub li cutlon. Mnp s cni.nivcd b) ''A Hlcll]." ) a "An accurate mup of Cubo ond the "djucenl 9.5 X 7". Engr. Sept. 1762 p 476 S1m1 l ur ver.ion,. engraved 1101 by Bell but by Rollo~. uppcared in D11/,lin Mc,g~ille u n d Roval Maga ~bw. b u A Plan of 1he city nnd hnrbouror 1t uvun 1 ut, Cllpirn l of ... Cuba." 7 x 7 ". Engr. Sept. 1 762 Bolh image~ un y (C b icugo publish~r ) From 1 helr 1898 Pirmria/ Arias llltmrc11/11 g 1/1e Spanirh-American l\'cir the followi n g c:ro mo li t h ogn 1 phcd maps: n "Ciry of l l ovann x 5" A t p. 152 b .. M ap o fCuh:1 ." 19 X 13 ". l n~e1of H uvuuuprovincc .2~ beet~.ulpp.140-4 1 c "l\m ofCurdcna~." 4.5 X 3.5". At p 152. d "Port of Cic:nf'ucgo5: 5 75 X 3S At p 1 49 e "Sontmgo de Cubu. 3 75 X -1 ". A l p. 1 52. 5 76 S pain Cucrpo de E s taclo Ma y or (S pi111M1 militar y hcadqunrtc.r.. ca. 1890 s ) "Plnnu I.le La H abuno y de su~ alrededo~: ? x '1" Ll r h. at the Dcp6sito de Guemi ? 1 898 5 77 p a in O e p 6 s it o d e l a Guc. rru ( Madrid publi s her ur military mups ) b C A GEJ\ER H MAPS OF C!!BA, LlTHOORAl'l l LU A I I IIE DEP6sno: '' ls.lo de Cuba: 51.5 x 20. ll us counters1gnuturc l "visto buono") of two 11tliocrs from Dcp6s110 de Guerro. 1 895? Copy m L i brary ofCon!!fCSs ..Mupa de lo 1slo de Cuba formndo con los dmns .. "(4 s heets/. 92 X 33" Llth. 1895. Fignrola 1 19, Rfo\ 152 Nntotion in H nvam1 Nu 1i o11a l Librury curd cumlog ind1cute~ LhUL this mup ~" ~everttl edilian~ with minor vnrin li uns 8 SEKlbS (H SKhTCHE~ OF PROVtNC'fS, LITHOGR \PRFD I 896. FXC'Pl>T FOK SANT I AGO I li97; P R OBABLE SOURCE OF MAI'S IN WF.YLFR 0 S BUOK: "Croq uis de la pnwincin de Lu H nbm1u. 2 sheets. 26 X 3T cuch. R ios 235.


228 d e EM I LI O CUFTO Croquis de la provincia de MawnL: ts." 29 X 22" LHh Ri o, 2-10 cmqu,~ de tu prov inc ta de Pinar dcl Rio .2 ,hcc1,. 26 x 37 cac:h Rfo, 2J I f Croq u1s de In pm, inc111 de P uenn Prfnc:tpc ." 2 ,heci,,. 26 X 37" ea~h Rf o, 247 g "Croq tu ~ de lu pt1win c1n u e S1111 1 11 Chim: 2 ,hcet,, 26 x n cnch Ri o, 243 h "Croqu1~ tu pro, incin tk San1111go. 2 (3") ,heel,, 24.15 X 39.25" each. Rio, 251 D id they lithograph the ll a,ana map hy the Cu,:rpodc l:l.tudo M t1)od 57 11 pain Dl recc i 6 n 1-tid roJlrufica ( pun is h LI ) drojlmphlc Office in Mndrid ) F ounth:d hy El,pmo,,1 1 11 1797. Man y ol 1 1s Cuhan mupb were ta1cr rccogroved by Britnin ', ll ydrogruphicul Office o f lhc Admiru l t)' 1he French Dc!p6t des C:m,:,, und the U.S. Navy and War Dcpanmerus 1111cludin11 n:produc11on, m 1898 US War O.:panlllt de, Cane, Rc",ut:d 18~ 1 1 Sec Figamla 102 b Cano cstc!nca quc co mprchcndt: dc,dc Guaurnbo hll5ta 80ca Grande 37 )( 24" DrJwn hy D e l Rfo in 1803 en!! by Sc l mu 11105 Mar, no 1 9 m A ME Fi i]urolu JI c Pl anodc:I pucn 1hc.Dcp61 de, Curte~ in 11100. Sec al-.u Cuuhcr 8 \1 .\PS. 18011 1818. l 'ltLl.Jl)fl) I' THI PORTI I IV1. Fira ed111un of the utla._\, publc.hcd in 11109. had 106 mapqPbillip, 1223 M ci.,,1p 587. Rfo~463J. mduding the 34 Cuban mups in pan 3. A :,econd cd1uon \\ a, ,,,ued in I 8 I 8 wllh 15 add111onol non-Cuban mnp, ( Ph1ll1p, 122 -l Ma.,1p 598). A third ed1 1 mn w~ reengmvcd (w llh o n l y 111111or c hnn gc, 111 h.i llcnn gl 111 M c:uco by order of P rc,ident Vic 1 urlu In 1815 ( Ph il hp, I 826~ M an) of 1h 11,,.: mnp~ were al.o rccngm,cd. w11h corrections. by 1he H ytlrograpb,cal Office of the Adnumlt)' in Grc,11 B ntmn und b) l1lc U .S. 'lov) R ydrogruplm: Office They ol~o appear. in II much reduced for111u1. w. mseis m the I b5 I Coello nmp nf Cuba. The following Cuhan 1m1p, an: included ( mop nu 1n bcn, memioned 111 the Dcrr rmm III bruckc1s1 : d Buhi a de J ag u o" 10.5 X 7". En!!r by f. G M op no :u (38l A' 1 ) e ~ Bahia H ondu" 10.5 ,< T. Engr b> T G M ap nu. ,1. (382) f Pl ano de los pucrto, de Cabontco y LI\ 1''1. 11 X 7.15" Ma p no. 16 14001 g Pl : m odcl pucrtlH l e B anes." 10.5 X 7". E.ngr by J. C Map nu 18 140 2 1 h Pl a n o de! pucrlu Ccbo ll u\."' 13 X R" \1op no 14 1 398 ] C11ba11 Cartography, /500 -1898 Plnoo del pucno de Cuba."' (Sun11ogo) 12 x 11.5" cngr b) T G Map no. I .. Plano dcl p(ucr]to de Jururu: t:!.25 x s. M ap no. 23 l-t071 229 k Plano dcl pucn o de: l ab Nucvi1a, .. /"Ca nal ... 1 2 x 8.5" Engr h) T G. Map no. 28. I Pl ono del p(uc:r)1n de Vita 12 .25 X 8.25". M op nu 21. 1405] 111 ''Pltino del pueno ck Ynguuncquc" 12.5 x 8.7-l'. Map no. 12. (6-19) n PuenodeBnr:icoa. .. 10.5 X 7.:?5' Mupno 5 1390A) o Pucno de Burm, 7 X 9". M op nn 22. 14 06] p "Puc n ode B uuqucn : 9.5 X 6 .75". M ap no l [1R7 A] q Puerto de Canano\111 ... 9.25 x 1 Engr b) J C Mup nu. 13 13971 r Pucno de Ca)'O!!Uoneque 9 x 6.75" Engr by J C Map no 8. 13921 -. Pui:n o de c;iyo Mo,1 10.75,.. 7 25'. Map no. 11 13051 Pucnode Gltmro ... 9 X 7". M ap n o. 2 4 1 4081 u "Pucnode Gu.1n1anamo ." 1 2 X 8". Engr by I. G Mup no 34. (3851 "Puerto de La H ohana." 10.5 X 6 75" Eng r b) T Ci. Mu p no 32 1218 Al w "Pucno de J nruguu .. 9.25 x 7' f'ngr by J C \.1up no 10. [39.t \ ] x "P u c n o de Manni f ... 9.25 X 6 75" M up no. 2 6. j4 I llj Puerto de M t1ru,I." J x 6.15" Mup no 6. 13911 t\ I Pucno de Mruli." 10 .5 x 7 75" M.1p no J 1]98 \ I an .. Pucn o de \.1.11" I 0.5 X 7" Engr. b) J. C M up no. :!9 1413 A I bh Pu cr1u de N llnlllJO, .. 10.25 x 7.75" Mup n o. 20. 1 4(l4 I cc Pu erto de Nava, ." 1 0.25 X 7". M op no 7 [391 Al dd Puenode ipe ." 12 X 8" En~'f hyT G M ap no 17 (-IO I ] ee "Puerto de uc\U\ Grnndes ... 9.5 X 7". En gr. b}' J C Map no. 27 [-l 11 I IT .. PucnodeSomo.'" 11.75 X 7.75". M opno. 1 9.l..fOl) gg .. Pu cno de Toco.'' I 11 .5 x 7 .25" M up no. 9 1 3'13 A I hh Puc nu de lll.namo I 0.5 x 7 .5" M ilp no. 13 (199 I 11 Pu cno de l M uncl .. 10 .5 X 7". M ap no. 30. [l801 jj '" Pl uer]10 del P .1drc." 10.5 x 7" r ~ ngr by J .C. Mup no 25. [..f09J l._k Pu erto &cond,do 9 X 7" M up no 2. 1386] C MAP~ FRO\I IIIE 1820~ 18105 II "Cana de la co\la mend,onul de la sin de Cuba 90 X 58 cm. Drown b) Del Rfo in 181)4: e n gr. by I 1124 R ec1llicd m 1 1132. 36. Mu ~"P 571 198 705 I mm "Cuna de lu bin de Cubn. con I ~ MUb ... Conde de SalaTu r .. 73.25 X 25" S u rveyed by commundel"\ ut l.Jgcrn and Clunlo. D rultcd b) Mi guel M oreno; cngr by 111111.!~ Gon1.dle1. 1 832. Correc1ed m 11).12 1 und 1866 One source ind1calc\ only 80 cop 1e .. ponied ('!). Fi gnrolo R9 nn "Cnrrn csf~ricu de unn pane dc\dc ue1 1 H1\ ha,10 Jar,linch ." 34 >< 23" l )m ft ed by Mi guel Mur e n o: cngr. by Rufm:I btebc Sheet no I covering Ccn1rol Cuba Original dote 1, 1836 Correction) dunng 1856 1866 M ap no 126 Figaml,190 oo MCa nu ~renca de uno pane . desdc ... kncos h:mo Sun Antoruo ~ -1 x :!3". Sur~cycd by the co mmo.nd er, ol Llgcra and H ohonera. Drafted hy M iguel M oreno; cnpr by R afael l::\lcbc Sbcc 1 n o. 2 cove rin g wc',lcm Cuhn 1837 Mitp nu. 1 27 W u~ 1hi ~ ol,o corre.:tt!d tlunng 1856 1866'! 13 there u s hee1 no 3 covcrtni; cus t ern Cuba'>


230 EMILIO CUETO TI1c!re i5. 11n I 854 chan or ca,tem Cuba ( l opqgru phy and o utl ine i di!Terentl listccl below undc.r wh i ch cou ld hove orig i nnll} been pallcmed after a pq~,ible third sheet of 1h1~ sene~. en. 18 36-J 837 Figurola 60 pp "Cartu csf~ricn q u e cump r chcndc ... dcsdc ... Mais ... hnsta ... Srui Anton i o: 35 5 x 23". Surveyed by 8 1.U'Cdi11cgui ( 1 793) and del R fo ( 1 804 ); engr by Curdnno. 182 1 Updated 1854 French version l 'Carte de l a Cote merid i o nal) in J 824 R ccngrnvcd i n Mexi co. wilh ~ume dimcn,ioni,. m 1 825. qq HCn nn esfcr i co que comprehcmle ... haslo Ptu Mc1ern1llos ." 7 X '!". Eog.r. Madrid en 1 821. rr "Plano de l.1 grun bnhfo de Cdrdcnn._,.'' 2 1 25 X 16 .75 '. Surveyed 111 1 83 1 by commu n dm or Ligcrn w1d Clari 1 0. Engr by Currufa 1 836. No 128. D MAP FROM THI! 1 850~ 1870~ Hl ME REPRODUCED DY U.S. W,11 01:'.PARiMENT A TL \S ( 1898) s "Ca nu esr6 ri cn de una pane . .''(?). Correct thi e? 37.5 X 24.75" Engr by T omd~ Gonzdlez. S h ee t ol ea~ 1 em sec t io n of Cubn. Copy con~u ll cd wru; m i ssi ng wcs l cm l>CeLion(s ) und title_. ll has no t at i o n "F annie; h ns l n 1854.' so 11 must be pri ut ed u fter 1854 Trcllc. s make s o rcfero.ncc to lln 1 874 "Carin de la T ~ l a de Cuba con expresi6n de lo,, furor.: Could both be the ~ame mnp ? tr Cana genern l de la islo de C'ubu." 37 x n.25. Dn1 wn by J de Lon: n zo; cngr by M. R Qd r (gue1, S h ee t n o. I E:b1crn P on M op n o. 705. 1877 F i g ar olu I 1 0. uu "Cos ta m o nd1onal. Plan o del p u e n o de Co.~llda. Mo sm TrinJtlutl .'' 18.5 x 1 2.25 ". Bngr. Drafted by J. R i udnvct~. 1 879. [98, 705 1 v, "Co,ta n orte de Cubu. Plano de lo c 1udnd y pu eno de Mmnn zas. 27 X 3/i Engr (by 1 ). Surveyed by An1uqu= and Varela. 1 1165. Figaro l a 87. U.S. Atlm no. 34. 141::1 A 7 1 WI\ "Cosra wr de la i ~ l a de C ubu /Croq u 11, del ~urg id cro de J ~caro." 11 X 1 6. Drnfted by Nogucirn7 ; engr. by Fungolriiio M ap nu. 883. Copy co nsulllld hu s suu:nped no 74 1 891. U.S.A r las n u. 77 xx "Fo n dudcro dcl Cayo France s. 1874. U.S. Allti.1, no 6 1. [639 1 Y> "MUr Ile I ns Ant illus H oju I Cano 1h: la i,la de Cuba." 37.25 x 24" E n g:r. After s ur veys by Ch urru ca. Ceballos. Ln bon:lc, B urctti2. t egw. Ferrer. Ugurte, ui Ri gndn, Del R fo. Moren o, DC,v H crrcrn, Arng6n, Serrano Ma yoral, un d o t hers. Drafted by J RiudavcLS; c n gr by M R odrfg u cl. J 866 Corrected in 1 876 Ri os 2 1 9. u Pl ano ... dr Cuyuguuneque .'' ? X r. Engr Dml1ed by Scmmo, 1 874 U.S Arlt,s, n u. 1 12 J 392 J an.a "P lnno ... de J llrng u u ." ? X 7" Engr. Drafted b)' Scmno. 1874 U S. Arla,, n o. 11 6 [394A) bbb P l ano de ln Cnleta.'' ? X r. En gr. Omflcd by ArngOn 1 875 U S. At/(1.\ no. 1 28. [669] ccc Plun u de ... Nuguurngc." '/ X r. Engr Draft ed by Arng6 n. 1 875'? U.S.AtliLi, no 1 29 1 669 1 ddd Pl ono ... de Plnya de Mi el."? X 7" Engr Drntted by Arag6n. 1875. U.S.AJ/as, no. 107 [6661 c:ce "P l a n o .. de El Guanito." ? X r. En gr Drnrted by O tal. 1876 U S J\1/m, n o. 1 08. 16 891 m P l a n o de l a dudod tie Lu H nbnnu y :,ii:, alrededore s.' '/ x '!". En gr. 1 879, r evi~e d 1 887 Cuban Canograp h y, /5 001 898 231 ggg "Plano de la cl u dad y puerto de L.a Habana ." 39 X 25 ". Drnwn by Noguern engr by F u ngruriilo Mndrid Com11,i6n H ldrogt11lk11. 1879 [385 ? 2 J 8 A? I R fo~ 146 Appuren il y correc ted in 1 887 nnd I 897 hhh P la n o tie lo EnscnadJt de Buy .'''/ X r. Engr Drafted by Arng6n, 1 875 U S At/a~. 11 0 1 35 16651 iii P luno de"? X 1". Engr DrufteJ by B y Otul, 1876 U.S Arius. no 109 [ 6751 .ili "Pl ano d~ Y umur!.' ? X ?". Engr Drafted by Arng6n 1 875 U.S Ar/01, n o. I 06 [6681 kkk "Plano du tos Fondadcros de Yumuniguey y Cllilcu: ." 1 x 7". Engr. Draflcll by Serrano, 1874 U.S ./\rla s, no 97 [649] Ill Plllll o del pueTio de Bomn.' '! X '!", Engr. Drafted by Amgo n 1875. U.S A rl tH, uo J27 1 652J mmm P lano de puc:n o de Cuyo M oa"? X '!" Engr D)ll]ied by Puj az6n, 1874. U.S. Arias no 9.t [305] nnn "Plun o tld pucru; de C i enfuegos 1 879 U S. Arla.1. no. 62. [ 383 A] ooo Plnn o d cl p u cno de lu Cueva.''? X ?". Engr Drarted by Arng6n, 1875 U S .1 \1/11.i nu 1 26 1 673 1 ppp ~ P l uno de! pueno de ui H nbnnu.'' 34.5 x Surveyed by Arevulo. Fruldo and CoMilla: drown by. Pai l de; cngr. by J Nogucru. 1855 Rios 345. It wos rc .e ngmved in L ondon (Admirnlly Chart 414, 1 858) and P aris (no. 1841 ll the D~J10I de~ Ca11~. drown by Ca rr e und engraved by Coll m. 1 81\0). qqq Plan o del pucno tie Mur uvr: ? X r Engr Dl'tlll c d b) Amg611. 1875 U.S. Alla ,1, no. 102. [ 390A J rrr Plu11 ~1 tfol pue n o de Mntn ." 7 X r. fuig r Draflcd by Amg6n. I 875. U.S. At/a., no 125 [388A f ~ss P l ano del pucno d e Nav~: 'l X Engr Drafted by Serrano. 1 874 U .S. Arias no 96 [39 1 A l ut "Plano d e l pueno de Sag u n 1'1 Grande .'' ? X ?. Engr Orn.fled by B ernardo. correc ted by Arng6n 1863. U.S Atlas. n o 59 [4 92Al u u u Plan o d el pucrto de Samial:'o d e Cubn 25 X 1 8# Bng.r S urv eyed by Arng6n. lll63. Copied hy Bri 1 i ~ h Admimhy Clrnm In l870mitl 1891. Figuroln 81 [384 AJ w, '' P l an o del p u erto de Siguu.'' '! X "!". Engr Drafted b y Arng6n. 1874 U S. Arla,. n o. 103. 1 662 ] www P l uno dill pucrtu de lu co.'' x ?". Engr. Drafted by Arng6n 1 874 U.S. Ar/11 1. no. 1 3 4 1 393 Al XXX Pi o no del puen o dcl Aguocat

232 E M ILI O CUETO 579 580 581 582 prunm~r Otto ( Gcrmun publi ~ h e r a c lh e co. 1870s ) ~ Nr 2090 Knrtc der in,cl Cuba.~ 7 X 3". Wood engr. by von Bom5dortT I n its 1/111.vtrmes Kn111rsa11011 l~xlk,m (Berlin 1874), p. 590. S pe e r Jo s ep h SmiUt (C up t J ( Briti s h mill Lu ry crurv eyo r. a c Lh c en. 1 7 66-1786 ) From lm 11,e ll~s, India l'ilm (London). Fim cdltilm In 1 766 had onl> 1 6 mnps, none Cubo ,pecific rPIUJllps 2696). Seco n d cd 1 11on by S. H oopc.r in 1771 ht 1 tl 26 mnps Phillip~ 2697. R cis,ucd 1773 and 1785. Another edition by Whinh: & Laurie m 1818/'!l a "Plun of the harh, l) ing on & he n onh side of Cuba." 37 x 23 cm. Eng:r. by J Gib,on (2 nd ed .. p. 26: mlmr cdmons 'I). MusCS no t rc t erlo 1hi~Allw unr.l is li-tc(l ns Cnll) I i Did mnp appear in another publicmion'? Slecl.7 ~ Willlam ( nu&hor workfog in Puri :, L'II, lll20s ) I M np of the Cub:t p:is;agi: I TiU,f Di m ensions? I n his / 11stmc1io11 No 111 ir1 11 e sur Les passage., ti /'ile tit! C11btt ( P uri., 1825) 583 S t cinwc. hr Adu tr Von l German ? auth o r of U .S s choo l gl'Ogrnp b y hook s 1822 18 7 71 "Ccn 1 rul America a n d Lhc We~& I ndies ." 8.25 X 6" Chromolirh l nset of "Mup ofCubu '' r 4 .5 X I .5"). I n A SC'lwol Gt og rtt{Jliv (New York. 1 881 ) opp. p. 79. 51-1-1 Stephen so n John ( llritl ~h e n graver acllve ca l791l s184 0s ) Sec Nurie 585 uJJl\an, T W ( British nriv11l ~urvc y or. 111 : th c c u. 11150 s) See Grca 1 Britain H ydmgrnph1cu l Office. 5116 Sy rt1 r 11 sc H trr1lt/ ( New York S tutc publi catio n ) See Mu n he,\s-Nort h nip. S87 1 \ mner l fonjnmin ( A mericnn e n graver, 1 775-111-'8 ) Sec Cnrey & Len 5811 lhrdicu ( Crunil y or French c n gra, ers ) Variou~ ~o u rcc;. mdicnte lhree 'l'.u'Clleu bro 1h ers who were geographica l .:ngrnver~: J ean Buptislc Pierre rl 746 18 I 6J. J ean B ap u stc (17681 837). nnd Anioinc ( J 757 1822). A111oi 11 c in & u m had ,t ~M. Amhroi:,e ( 1 788 1841 ), One of the fil'llt T hree could have cnprnved 1he 1 782 ma p 1belowJ cited by Trelles. An) orthem cou l d have engruvi:d & h e 1 807 i\-lc11 1 eUe mtlp ( which P hillip, incorrectly c1tlribu 1 cs to ye t a n m h cr Thrdicu Pierre Fmn~ui, [d 1771 ] l. Ambro sc engrave d &he smaller 1826 H umbo l dt map Sec H umho l d1 "Cm1e de is l e de Cuba c t des il es Lu cnyos .. 32 x 21 cm. Paris. 1 782. M as~ip 499. TI 1i, map I~ highly l i kely to be the 1797 1801 Mentelle map. w hi ch ~u m ehow was given 311 earl i er time. s~-c M cntcllc. 51!1J Illrdicu, Amhrol se (Fre n ch engrn, c r 1788 1841 ) Sec llu ml'loh Jl 590 Tojadn Uonurdo d e (C uban geographer !, u c th e en. l 880~ ) "Plano de Ju hlu de Cuha ? X "" Unclei 1r whe t .her pri n ted or ms. H ava n a. 1 883 591 l hrc ni Gius c pJ) C l nriu (Jlulinn engrnver from Livorno 1739 11111 ) S,:e At/01111: dcll'America: Oa:.,;,.t11iere Amerlca 111; J cfTurys C u ban Cartograp h y 1 5 0 0 / 898 233 592 Thom s o n.John & C o. rlJritlsb publisb e r acti v e ea 1814-1869 ) tsfond o f Cuba." 23.5 x 9". Engr by Ncclc. Map no. 61 in hist\ Nim Ge11eml A t lru (Ed inburgh, 18 1 7). Another edition 111 1827 I I uppl.lun. on 1,-umc sheet 123 X 19 75" J as mnp; of l3nhnmas and Bermuda ( bu& oflen m11p den i er;, cu t and ~oh.I each ,cptITT I Lel~ ). Ma.sip 597 Phillips 731. 59 3 Thomrna .lolln 1 8ritish mupmaker 11ml cngruvcr 1641-1706 [I 708 '?l) "A chart of Lhc k l and 01 Cuba. The gulf of Florida. with lhe Bnhuma i,l,ind<., and ye Wmdword p-ngc ." 21 X 17 ". London cu. 1 68()'! 1704? A 11 rihu 1 ed 111 P h1 llips/Qucsadil to Thormcm hu 1 wilhou1 certainty Outed 1690 by Libra I') of Congres~. hu1 170,l? hy 8n1i,h Li brary. Moss i p 241. John '~ business co nt inued by hi, hm1hcr Snmuc. l See al~o slifli Pll, t t a n d Anonymou~ (I d ). 5 94 'f'hornton umucl ( Briti s h mopmoker. o c thc c11. 1 720s ?) Sec &r,illflr Pilm. 595 To m s. William Henr y ( Bri tish engraver. ca 1 700-1758 ) 'A plnn 01 tht hu.rbour. forts and c i ty. of H nvunu. on.. Cubrt" 14 X 12 . Engr by fbm~. London, 1743-17.W. fiigurolo 29. M assip 385 Sec nlso Du r ell: ~pple. 596 Thrl"c y d e In Torre Jos e l\lnrfo de tu { C uban geogra pher 1111 5 1 873 ) n "Cuadro t opogrnfico civil y econ6111ico de lu i,l.i dc Cuba"/ ''( I Panel Depanomento Occidc.ntn l .' 74 X 53 cm. L nh by F. Cosnier. H avn n n. 1842 b "Cundro mpogrlltico civil y ccon6mico de In blu de Cubu'' / "(2 P n1ieJ Dcpanumcnto Orit-mal." 72 X 53 cm. L 1 th by Co~nier? H avana. 1844 c "Gra n nmpa de In 1sla de Cubu.'' 1 73 X 118 cm, Li lh. ? Ne\\ York : Colton, I Seil. According 10 Tre ll e,, there were 0 1 he 1 ~dluun!>ln 1871 1873 (s m a ll er). I 877 and 1~79. J believe th1~ i the "Mnpu ffsico M liste d under Colton and T rellc m u y have u~ed u~ed MGmn" os an ndJcctivc:. d MG run p i a n o de Lo ll obnna con los numero~ actun l c~ de su~ casa., .. Trelles indlcurcs that ii wru, ''levan&ado" by A l bcllrnnd .. am:glodo" byTorrc H avimo 1864 1 bel i eve 1h1s i.s the P lano ' listed u nder 596q nn d Trcllc.~ mny have u,cd used ''Gron" a, an mljec1iv~ c I sla de Cuba." 69 x 25 cm Llth '? H nvunu. 18401 845 R fo~ 1 36. f M apa de Cub:i pnm es1udiar In geogrnfio d e lu mi~mu publicudu p or Jos

23 4 E MI LIO CUETO .. Mapa fi,1co polf11co c 1tmcrario de lu ,slu de Cuba." Sec J. Fl Collon. m .. Mapa h1 s 16nco. anuguo y p1n1orc<,eo de In 1~la de Cuba." Ix I" L11h,'l Il.i,'1llll. 0<:1. 1847 n "Mana h1~16rico mooemo de lo 1s l o de Cuba." 35 X 25 cm. Lith by Mugucl H avana, I 848. Rfo, 138 Pluglurited b)' May One source indicates thm there were other prilllm!!~ 111 1853 and 1854 bu, this may re for LO Mu} 's outpul o "Mapn 1lusirouvo de la obrn 4ue tu,m~) lo quc Wm()<;." 18.5 X I IS Lnh by F M de Vilhcr. JI th..Munro c,,111bh,hmenL H 1,1oricol Hovann mop In h i s Lo qm Jwm,11 y /,, q1w 1m11 1H ( H nvunn, 1 1!57). I Uos 29 1 Reproduced b)' Bien p .. M apa 1upogmJico p1n1urci;co de In bin de Cuba Sec J H. Collon q Plan o de la H ah3J1a. con lo<, nlimcrm de llll, ca~, "83 X 62 cm. L11h del Comerc:10. ll avnna Surveyed and drawn dunog I 8ti I 186-U t.1, una. 1866. Single ~heel inc:lurung Al bear\ mop of H nvana. H nvnnu~ bay bu;.ed on ump by Smoma)'or : l1 11vunn suburbs: Ouunabncon; and M nrianao nml Qu~mudu~. b~c.l o n the map by Orduiln See "Grun piano" under 596 d and Albcor: Sec nlso Alvorc, Sotonlllyur. r M Pluno p1morcsco de la H obana con IU\ nti.mcrt" Jc I~ c~. 35 X 16 cm. Llth h)' W S. Barnard 'c: w Yori.. 1849 Ri(h 326. Plagmnted by Mn) "Plann nimorl!1.codc ui H obnnn ..:un l o~ n Omcro~ dcsus casas." I 0.5 X R" L11 h I l nvoJ10 1 857 1858. 1859 Reprinted hy Bkn (Traml byAt1cn111 in 1897). Similar101m1p596 r "PIJmllopogmfico) pmto=dc Ln H ahana .. CiO X 47 cm. L1th H u,nnn. 1847 DecJ1cmed 10 Mnnuclo Ba.rgns tll! O'Donnell. 5 9 7 J ..1 Ti m r d11 M o 11d c ( P orh puhli cu ti o n 1 860+. edi t ed h) C h o ri on ) Sec Vu i llr11111 1 598 Tyng C. D .( A m e ri cu n1111lh or 11 c 1h eco. l 860s ) M M op ,1f1he ,,land ol Cuba ... 15.15 X 11.5~. I n his n,,. Strnnl(l'r m tlil' Trupic.i I e"' York. 18601. JI lhe end. 5 99 U mluun, F riedrich ( /\11~ 1 rio11 gcugm 1 1 her. 1 84 1 189') ) MKartc: ,un Kuba ." 2 ,hcch. 16 X 11 5" each. L1th I n h1\ Druw : h" n111d1rlwuftir 11eogmpliir. vol 19 (Vienna Hartleben. 1898). pp 48. 96. F1gamla ( Ill) indicate, 11 appeared o, "Knne de" Kneg;.chnupluu.e~. nvo dilkrcnt printing( or only two htlc\ 1 Card in H avono Nmionol Lihnir) mcorrectly 111d1cU1h Lc 1pl1g o,. p l ace of pnn11ng. 600 U nit ~ 'I\C correctioll!," LO 1891. r we,1 l ndie Cuba. Juruni ." 11.75 X 14" Engr 1884 Chan no 158 From Spanish ,urvcy. g "Wc\t l ndie~ C'uh.1 Nipc: ." 1 5.5 X 10.5 Engr 1884 Chun n o. 1 60. h "We~ lndie, Cub:1 l'\ ,n of Santrngo de Cuba." 1 7 75 x 25 Engr Chan no JI 3. 1871 From I 863 Spanish sul'\ ~) Wc, 1 I ndies. Cuba. furl Sagun l a Grande." 31 x 29.5" Engr 1892 Chun no 1311 l'rom Spnrusb survey, 1 11 1858 und 1861. Drawn by Kl nkring: c11g1 h} Fra n l..c Da111e l und Hdmscn Wc,1 lndie!> Cuba. Pon\ ea\lern c:nd or Cuha 23.5 X 16" Engr 1884 Chun no 377u. rrom Spum,h ~Ul'\'ey~ 1860 1874 ComJl('-itc map ur follow1ng insc:.1, : Burncou. B11ti4ucn, Buy. Boma, Cnynguane4ue, Ouunilo. M ornv1 M um. Nuvu~. Ni4ucro. Port Aguucnte. Pon Cueva, Pon Escond i do Sigllll Toco nnd Yumuri Sec: I l ydrogrnph1cul 001cc of the rDnushl Adnmalty, Ch3J't no. 435 k Wc\l lodics. Cuba Port, ... nonh CO:t.(I ofCubJ" 16 X 16" Engr 1884. Chnrt no. 520a. From Spnnn,h ,urveyb corrected 10 1883. Comupo~1te map of follow mg msc1s: Mnm u l, ucvus Grandcs, and Nuc 1 i ms NucYltn, copied in U.S. Wur Dcpunmclll, Ml/11an Nores .. We~t l ndie~ Cuba Pom nonl1 co;i,.1 of Cuba .. 19 x 1-1 Lngr I 884. Chun no 519n From Spani,h ,uney, corre.: tcd to 1883. Comopositc map of followinl,! m:,c:1s: Cnnnnovo, 'll:lfll11J11 Snmn. and Yupurmcquc m "West l nLlic~ C u b, 1 Purl, ... ll llrthc11~ 1 cotl> I uf Cuba." 13 .5 X 16 ". Engr 1 883. Chon no 5 I 8n From Spar11,h survey, com:c1cd 10 186 7 1868. Comopo,ue mnp ol following in'>Ct, C.i)n Moo. J W11gua, .md Yamaniguey & Cuilete. See B nllsh Admiralty Chart of 1876 n "Wc, 1 l ndlcs Cuba. South const. Jucaro: 10 X I :'i" Engr. 1892 Chnn no 1337 Fmm Sp11111sh ,urveys 10 1891 o "West I ndies. Cuha. South coast. Pon Xagu3 or Cicnfucgo<;.'' 17 >< 24.5". Engr 1886 Chnrt no 52 I From Spani,h 1836 .un e} corrected 10 1886 Reduced ,cr-1011 m U.S Wi1r DcJ)'Jnmcnt. Mi/iron No1e.1. p "West I ndies. C u hn V i1anrlli1t1." 1 1.5 X 13" E11gr 1884 Chun no 159 4 "WcM l ndle!o. Cub,1 W!!.stem Pon1un 37 x 2J.5" Engr 11173. Chon no. 516. From Bnw,h Adnurnlty Chart no 2579. und corrected tu 1873 New cd111on correc1ed 10 1877 See Owen "WcM ln die,. t .lnn d of Cuba. Cupe San A n tonio 10 .. -13.5 X 24".5". Eng r 1885/R6 Oruwn by C. P B ulll!,: cngr by 11 C. Evam nnd 11 T Knigh1. Chon no. 947. i\nother cd111on corrected to J nn. 2. 1894 "Wc~I lod1es. The l slund of Cuba: 2 sheets. 41 X 29" each. 1896 Chan no. I ~50. Suurcc~ hMed un: un 1 874 U.S. map. the 1 875 Pichardo map. ond vunous Bn11 s h A d mini l ly chum. We~L I ndies The ~land of Cuha." 2 sheeL\, 16 X 15.5 each 18911 Source, l 1s1cd urc wi I 1174 U.S mop. the 1875 Pichardo map. wid variou~ Brillh /\dnumll) chnn, A reprint of map ubo\e '' (but dirncM10n\ ~malleri u "We~t l ndieJ.. 'llorth Coas1 of Cuba. Bahm H ondu." 1 4 X 10" tn!!r 1883. Chun no. 377b. rmm Spani~h chnn com:c1ed In 1881. R educed ver;lo11 in U.S. W ur Dcpanmem. Mili111n Nort's.


236 EMILI O CuErO Weq I ndies Nnrlh C0IISl 11! Cuba Purt Mari el.~ 1 4 X 10 &gr 1891. Chun no. 520b ?. From Spanish clmn co=ted to 1891 To11cl h er wllh Bahm H ondn. R educed vcr~ i on in U S War Dcpan111.:n1. Millrur, Notl!s. w "Wi!!,t l nd i e." Nllr1h Coa-i of Cuba Pon Mataniu s." 19 X I 7' "1. Engr. 189? From Spumsh s urve y In I 892. x "West In dies North Coast of Cuba Pon 'Thna1116 7 75 X 1 3'. Engr. 1883 Chan no 5 1 8b. Imm Spamsh churt con:ccted 10 1883. y 7 "Wes1 I ndie s. Porl~ ... nnnh co ast of Cuba." 15.5 X 14 5'' Engr 1894. Chnrt no 5 1 %. l n\cts o f Bane s. B,iriay G i bara, anti Puerto Padre From Spnm6h > Uf\ C}''> Lo HU!J, corrected t o I 894. "West l ndlc ~. South Coru.t o l'Cuha. El Portillo ." 22.5 X 18.5" Engr 1890 Chan no. 1 196. From 1889 survey. Drawn by Kl ukri n g; llng:r by Franke nnd C. A Kolb. na Wes l ndlcs. Soulh Coast oi Cubu Port Ounntnnamo." 7.75 x 13" Engr. 1 883 Chun no 377b From Spuni~h dutrt corrected 10 1883. bb "West In dies. South Coast of Cuba San Lu Cruz dcl Sur." 1 5 X 23" Engr. 1 896. Char i no 1523 l ; rom 1 89.J Spanish mrvey Drawn h> J D Cleary: e.ngr. b> A. G Erni and J .C. 1-'orres i. R e p rod u ced in U.S W ar D opnrtmenlAtfll., 1110. 82). cc .. West I ndies. So u t h cooM orCubn ... Snutlngo de Cuba."' 16 x 21.75". Engr. 1687 Chort n o. I 003 Drawn b) M Franke: en{!r b; Frunl..e um l Ru ebsum F rom Spamsh I 863 ,urvey corrected t o 1887 R educed ver~lon in U.S. W ar Depanmcnt, M1/irt1ry Nores. dd IComposi1e map.) T i1 lc 'l rA11choruge9 011 the nunh coast of Cuba"?). I ncludes m~et of Cabana, Cl'lpied from 1 870 Btiu,h Adm,ra l t} map. R eprod u ced m U S. Wor D cpnrtmcnl Mlliwr, Nnt,, anti A1ft11> (nu, 40). 601 nilcd S luJ cs Tr Cll'l u l") D c 1 > nrtm e u t., Coa.~ t u nd Ge od c L ic S u rve y ( W as hington D .C. ) "C u ba.~ Pon ofChnn 'B' ~pccinl edition 41 X 1615 Lith .? J u l y 1898. 6 02 niied S tal es W n r D c 11urtrncn1 ( W ns hington D .C. ) n b II b C A M AP~ l'RUOl C"L I ) 1874. DUR I NO THr TEN Y!:ARS' WAR IN Cue A "Mop ol the island uf Cubu. E11s1ern p onio n ." 38.5 X 25.5". Compiled i n th e office of 1h~ C h ief of Englncc~. U S A n ny, 1874. Ph otolith by Bien Rfo~ 1 56 "Mop of the islnnd of Cuba WeMem portion." 38.5 X 25.5" Compi l ed III lhe office of lh c Cl11cf 01 Engineer,. U.S. Army, 1 874 Photolith by Dien 8 MAP~ PRODl C'F t) AT TIii. Dl!OIN 1 '110 0~ rt1 L \)1 Cl,llAN WAIi OP I N 0 1 PENDfiNCfi "Milimry mop of th ~ 1 s l ond ofCubu .. 1897 ." Four shec t s, 115 x 305" each. Dr:iwn hy C. H Ourn n d (~ hec t ;, I .2.4) und W. M orey ( no 3) Juli us Bien Ph oto-I i th 1897 Printed both on paper u nd 011 cloth Mil imry map o f the is l and or Cuba." Bight s h eets. 23 5 X 38.75" each? I 897 Scale: i, I :.250.000 There rs nlso a bluepn 111 copy, Lwi cc Llllll scnlc (I : 500 000), with iden t ica l title nnd 1 ypogniphy, l iMcd under Anonymo~ ( I r). Whnt is the re l ation betwee n thi~ mnp and Lhe next ? Was the next ju,.t nnolhcr cd1uon? Mil i t o[) map of the i sland of Cuba." II s h eet~. 23.5 X 38.75" each. ln de., ." No 21. "Vic 11111y o t Bnrnban6." No. 22. "Vlcmily of San J os~ tie tu uiju~ ... Nt). 23. "Hrtrbor of H nv11nn ." Tu t879. No 29 t'rom US l!O li e o f Pines/ Puert o Fran~-cs No 30. Pr om Bl IO IV. Matu11 ;,u,, "Mau 1n ms ." No 3 1 Pion oflhe nnchornse ... Piedra.,,, M o n o, M o111 l1 o No, 32. Source'! "Plnno de Mman7 .os." No 33. Pichardo 19 : rlnrk, p 328. "PIU!l(1 de Mutun,a~ ." By Antcqucra (S lIO ) No 34. P la no de Cdrdcna.~: No 35 P ichardo 8; C l ur"-, p 340, "Vicr mty Qf M ntunza,: No 36 "V 1 c ir111yofCtlrdenn~ No. 37. "Port M111Jlnni,. ," N o. 38 Prom Bl 1 O/US J 1 0 '-Croquh ... de lu p l n1.11 de Mumn1tt.\ .. No 39 From nb


238 EMILIO CUETO j "Cl!rdenos & Sto Clam bnyi,.'' Ln se1 or Port Cn bnii us. No 40. From BHO V. Sama Clora a "Sumu Clurn" No. -II. 1, "Pluno 1.h! Trinu.lnd .. No 42. P i chardo 27. c Plano de Cicnfucgo~." No. 43 Pi c hard o 26; Clt1rl.. p . 164. ti "S11-Spirltu~." N o. 44. Pi chardo 16. e Plum de Smuu Clurn." No. -1 5. Pichardo 29: Clark. p. 362. "Vici nity .~ No. -16. i; "Vicinity of Snntn Clnra ." No. 47 h uvic 111i1y orTrirudud." No -18 "Vicinity ofSngun hi Ornnde." No. 49 "Vicinity o f l .n l snl>eln No. 50. k "V icinity o r Cleruuegos.'' No. 51. I "Vicinhy of Santo Domingo." No. 52. m "Vicinity ofSanc1i Sparltu,." No. 53. n "Sketch between Sa11ct1 SpinLlll, und limns." No. 5-l. o "Port Suguu In Grande." No 55. From I JS H O. p "Appm: chcs 1 0 port CllSllilll nnd Musu ,.'' N o. 56. From US II O q "Port Xugmt ur Cicnruego~." No. 57 From US II O. r "The Buy of Jngun .. : No. 51!. From US HO P lan o dcl pucrt u de Suguu lo Grunde" 8> Bernardo, com:c 1ed by Arag6n (S H O). N o. 59. "A11 chorug!l ... I.,." By T. W. Sullivan. 1 854 ( 8110 ), No. 60. u "Fontluucrodel cayo FrnnccK" 187-l. Nu 61 Fr nm SHO v u p1,111 0 del puertn de Cienfuegos." I 879 No. 62. From SHO. w "Vicinity 11r Rem.:dio ~." No. 63. x Mllitur} map or the judiciul district of Sngun la Cirnnde." No. 64 VI. P11 t!rta Prnutpc (Camogife1 1 n "Puerto Pr( n c a pc" (whole ofCatmagilcy). o 65. b Ptnno de Puerto Principe ." No. 66. Pichurd o 18; Clork, p. 390 c "Vicinity o f Puert o Prfncipc ," No. 67 u "V 1 c init) o r MorOn .'' No. 68. c Vicinity o f Puc_rt o Prin cipe." No. 69 ( dlrrcnmt from no. 67} "Vic i nity of Nu!!vhu~." N o. 70 g "Vacin uyofCi~godeAvllu.: No. 71. h "Vici nity of Sa n ta Cru2 de l Nort c." No. 72. "Vici111ty or Manas No. 73. j "C r oquis dcl surg1dcro de! Jacaro .. l 891. No. 77. From SI 10 k "P u crto de I n< Nuevitns." No. 78. From B H O "P i nn ofl11c Chnnncl." N o. 79. From BliO. m "f\>rt of Nucvn ~ Grnndcs." No. 80 From B l 1 0. n ''Coy Co nfhcs Anchorage ." No. 1:11. From BHO 0 8 b C d C Cuban Cartography, 1500-1898 "Por1 Snn10 Cro7. del Sur ." 1894. No 82. From USHO. VII. ~a111iago (Onte) "San liog o de Cuba." (whole of One me). No. 83. "Plano d e Suntiogo tic Cuba.'' No. 8.L. Pichurd u 20, Clark, p. 428 Pl11no de Mll1UJ11Ullo ." No. 8.5. Pi chardo 28. "Vicinity of GunntAnamo." No. 86. "Vicinity of H o lguin ." No 87 "Vii.:111ity ol Mor 6 n. No. 88. g "Vlci nir yofCobre.' No 89 h "Vicanuy ofGib:un." No. 90 Vicrnny 0 1 Jlguune" {s,cf. No 9 1 "Vicinity o f San t ingo de Cuhn." No. 92. k "Vicinity of Monwnill o.'' No. 93. I Plan o tfol puertu de Cayo M oa.'' B) Puj:JZ. 6n. 1874 CS Ho i No. 94. n, Plan o del pucrto del Aguacme," B y Arag6n. 1875 (S HO). No 95. 11 "Plano de.I puertn de Navu,.'' By Serrano, 1874 (SHO). No. 9G. o "Fo ndodcro ~ de YnrnomgUey) Cuilete." By Serrano, 1874 (SHOl. No. 97 p '"Cnpc Cruz." No. 98. Source? 81-10 '/ q "Pon Esco11dtdo." No 9Q Fmni BHO. r "111c port of Bunc ~ ... No. 100 l rom BHO "f\>rt Padre." No I OI. l'rom BHO. "Pio no dcl puertn de Mornvf .'' By Amg6n. 18 75 (S HO ). No 10 2. u "Plano dtl pucrto de S i gun.'' By Arog6n, 1 875 (S HO ). No l03. v "Nlpc.'' No. 104 From USHO. w "Cobonico ond Livi sn..'' 'fo 105. Fmm USHO. x "Plano ... de Yum u ri ." By Arug6n. 1875 /SH.Ol. No. J 06 y "P lano ... de plnyn de M 1 c J .'' By Arng6n, 1875 (S LI O). No. J 07. z "Plnno ... tic El Ouunito.'' By Owl, 1876 (S HO ). No. IOS. au "P lan o. tic,'' liy Ow l 187(1 (S I 10) Nu I O'J. bb The Port of Ccbo l lus .'' N o. 1 1 0 From BHO cc Ptln Tanwno ." No 111 Fmm B H O. dd Pl ano de Cuynguun~ue." By S~m1no, 1874 (S H O). "l o. I 12 ec "Po n Bntique r i.'' No. 1 13 From B H O. rr "Pon Yug u unaque." No. 1 1 -1. From B R O. gg Tite Pnn of 1. l ugo d e Cubn." No. 1 IS From B H O. hh "Plano ... db J nruguu ... By Serrano. 1874 (S 11 O). No. 116. Ii "Port Boru coa und Mlel bny." N u. I 17 From B H O. l] u 11ic port uf Bumcoa.'' N o. I I 8. F rom B H O. kk "Tht port of Mamur." No 119. From B H O. II "E l l\irt i ll o.'' No. 120 From US H O. mm Th~ port of SamIL~ No I 21 From BHO nn "T he port ofGunnto.nnmo." t-.u 1 22 ho111 B H O. 239


240 EMILIO CUETO tx1 "Jururu: ~o 121 Fr om USHO pp "Vi tu or Bttu." No 124 From US H O qq Plunc, dcl puertode Marn ." By Arugon. 1875 CS H Ol. No 1 25 rr Phmo dcl puerto de lu Cucvn ." By Arng6 n 1875 (S I 1 01 No. 1 26. ss Plono del pucno de O o ma ." By Arag6n, 1875 (S H O). No. 127 11 "Plnno ... de l a Cnlttn ." B y Arog6n 18 75 (S H O). No. 1 28. uu "Plano ... cJc Nuguun1gc." B y Arag6n, 1875? (S I I OJ. No. 12 9. vv "The port ofNamnjo.'' No. 130 From BHO ww The ixm ofCannm:wu" Nt, 1 3 1. From BHO xx TI1e pon ofG1bum," No 132. Frum BHO yy "Pon Buriu,. No 1 33. F rom B H O. 7:1. Pln110 del puerto de Th co." B y Arngon 1 874 (S liOJ No 1 34 aaa "Plano de lu c n ~enn da dcBny ." B) Amg6n. Hl7.5 ( S 11 O). No 1 35. bbb 'Pluno tl e l rfo L1m one~: B) Ota!, 1876 ( S I 1 0 ). No 136 ccc [Se ction around S11n1iugo J Drow n by C H Ournnd. o. 1 37 dllll "F\ln of Sanliogo di: Cuba ." 1887. No. 138. F mm US H O e.:e Pan of lhe Province o fSonting o ... Drawn by Sti i ck No 139 OT Map of Santingo de C uba nn J vicmhy .. : Drown from paruu l s urvey ~ by vunous nu t hllffl, incluuin g "E. J Chib4, ." No 1-10 Prubub l y the ~arm: mup .is Dcrby'~ 0 PROM MIi IT IR 1 NOTES Cl'CUJIA ( 189l! J Fifteen map,, uppurc111ly pboto l ilhogruphcd o r ph o toen graved. Same (e. g .. the port~) are reduceJ vo:r-1on, of mop, from the U.S. Nav) o r Ont 1 s h I lydrographi co l Office and so me (e.g .. the cit) p lun ,) are from Pi c hanl o';, I 875 Canu. a IC,U'dtnll) bn)' J No titl e. 11 X 9.5" R educed fmm U.S. Nnvy original Apnl 1 884 /cnrrcc1cJ s ubsc4ucnlly J. P.~ b .. Bnhiu ll nndn." 6 5 X JO ". Frnm Spuni\h mop cu rrectlld to 1883 R educed uom U,S. Nuvy onginol P 61 c Military mup of H orn nu and vic 11111 y: J S X 26" Pbo t ollth. b y the Norri s Peter, Co. Drnwn b) C H Oumnd A t t hu end d ''Nm:vlto~ de f Prfn cip.:." 9 .7 5 X 8 ' From Spnnbh $ Urvey s corrected lo 1 883. From DHO P .86. c Pl o n u de C:!rdcna~ 1 1 X 8.5". P 6-4 P ichardo 8. Clar~, p .. \40. Pl ~no de Mnmn1.n~ ., 11 25 X 8.75". P 8 4 P ichardo 1 9 C lurk p 328. g Pl nno de Murwmill o." 1 1 .15 X 8.75" P 80. P1chnrd o 28. h Plan o de S111 11 0 Clurti." 11 X 8.5". P 92. P 1 c barrl o 29. Cl ur k. p. 362. Pl a no de So mi ago de Cuba." 11 .25 X 8 5" P 94. P ichurdo 20. C l uck, p 4'.!8 j "P luno de Trimdad ." 1 1 .25 X P. 96 P!chnrtlo 27. k Port Cabanas." 7.5 x 1 0 ". f rom Spnnish mop com:ctc ll to 1883 R cduL-c tl from U.S Novy o rigin al. P. 63. "Pon M ariel." 7 x t0 From Spru11sh mup corrected to 1 882. Rctlu ce u fmm U S. Na 1, y orlginul ( N o, 540b). P 82 m "Po n of S an11ogo de Cuba ." 11 .7 .5 X 11 75". From Spanhlt surveys co rrected L O J SS 3. 1887 Redu ced from O.S. l\f nvyurlginal (No. 1003). f'. 95. C u ban Cartograp h y. 1 5001 898 241 n l \111 Xugua o r Cie nfu egos." I! X 11 ". l m SplllUsb 1836 mnp corrected to 189 5. R edu c .:d from U.S. Novy orlginul ( N o. 52 1 ). P 66. o "S ch map o f Mat 1mzn~ nnd vici nit y." 23.25 X 17" Drnfl e d by Ourw1d P. 84. 6 0 3 U nlv c rmt Mngu z in e( Lo n do n I 748 l .79'J l "A u ex. u cr plun of the ci 1 y, foniflcuuons & harbour of I l ovnnn Jn the is l and of Cu.bu: 13.5 x 10 .25". l'!ngr b y J A inton l n~I lslund of Cuba" (5.5 X 2.5"). L ando n, Ma y, 176 2, opp. p 225. R [o, 302. Cubn inset 1, very siaulllr to mmim u n: map ofTo mtl ~ L6pc:7 In 1 75 8 604 U 11i vl'l'l"af M11 ,t cu m ( London 1762+. Maps engrJved h) I Gib:mn ) a "A correc t plan o f the city and harbour of H nvunu ." 9 .5 X 7" Engr M urch 1762. p 1 64 opp. p. 1 (14. b 'A ne" map of th e islu nd o f Cuba with principa l pan~ .. 1 3.5 X I 1. 5". Bngr N Oi'. 1 762, p 603 (6 1 6?). II mclude, in,ets o f Boh ia I l onda Bnrncoa. Cavru'ins. Colorado R ocks. Gunntonnmo M ariel M atanru. Nlpc, SanLiugo. dnd Xagua I Ja g u a J C "A P lan o f L he Hnvann a w 11h th e dilTcrcnt a u ack\ in the ~iege." 9 X 7" bngr Mu rc h 1761 p. 5 4 7 (552'?). 605 L U11i1 erso 1/tu s trat () ( lll un p u blicatio n ) Sec Vuill eml n 60<1 Urlh c. Mnrlunu ( Cuban'! S p anis h ? s urve yo r active e a. 1 850 s 11 1 60s ) Pl ano de la vi lla de St i-S piritu ~." 63 X 42 c m Lirh St111t111g<> M nnf n H a vuno. 1 860. See o.lso Munucl Gonza l ez. 607 U ti ca /Jolly Pr e v ~ (U li cn, .Y. pu hli cnlio n l S i:e Co lt on, O hm an 608 Vuldcp:~ . J ose ( Spa n i s h ? C uh11 n '! p u bli s h ers, a c t h e in C u bu ca 1880 s) See P ichnrdo. 609 Vu ld ~. A n rn n io J (C uba n nu t hor. octl ve cu. 1 8 1 Os ) [ Hn v nno .J No titl e 12 X 7". Bngr ln cludcd in hi s fl uwnn r1,. /11 i.flt1 de C11b11 t H uvtmo, I 8 1 3~ II i s between pp 38 39 in the co p y u l H nvo n o 'grofi rtl l) e~rr lptiv o ( J'vllldrld 1 880 ). 613 Vnn dcr A Pi e r re Sec AA l'il4 Von J ngcn ? See Jug e 1 1 So me ~uurce:.. refer to him as Vnn 'fogc n 615 Von K c u lcn. J o h m m cs; Gem.rd See K cu lcm


242 EMIUO CUE I O 616 V nndcr ~lac l ca (V trn d cr m nc l c a ). Philippe IBclgjen cnr l ogrn ph er 179 5-Ul69 ) "Uc de Cuba: 2 1 x Is Lith. by 11. Ode. Orus~el s 1825 Mum Mnp i~ no. 67. Atltlitlonnl ~ec ti o nsnrc in no~. 66 a n d 68. I n hi,Arlns Univertel de Geogrophil! (Brussel~. 1827) I hnve ~cen two ~tatcs, one which include.~ "L:I L..cnrc par F~ Charle~" and acknowledging Vundermaclc n "5 authors hip and the o th er one without such notations (indicating thnt individua l map~ were ulM> i,~ued ~eparotely J) Ph i llip~ 749. 617 Vu nni Vio l unh1 (Ttu li o n c nwn ver, h, > rn in Florence. 1 7321 776) Sec Ar lame American,,. Garz.i,nt'fe Anwrico110. 6111 Ve ntura Viclorio R (S pani s h '! C ub i m '! authur. acth e c a. 1890 s} Frorn his r,,,n,vr!]Ta l/11strtula ,1,. lri M11 tf,, Cubo ( l l ovuna. t89T/: n I Cubn.] Titll!'l Dimensions? b fProvlnccs.J ll o\1 mnny'/ TI Lies '/ Dimcnqion~? 1'rellc~ citmions. 6 19 Ve~, S: rntlogu ( Spit n is h wood e n g r 1wc r ac th c In Cuba en. 1 837 1 838 ) See Me111

2 44 E~ t1 LlO Ct..ETO b "Wc~I l ndicn" 21 X IR" Engr ln~t ( X 3 ") o l Ha\ana I Plan de~ ha fen, u dcr ,1m.h Havana" J. Weimar 1817 \1ap nu 67 1n tu,A//J(rmt'mrr Hatw, \rltu (Weimar. 18-18 ~ Phillip, 6107 li 35 W e im or Cl 'O l!rll ph L ~c h ~ l mlil u t "Cubo uod d i e Bahumu m~cln 12 X 9 25 I n lnl'lJcr ,hec 1 121 x IJ") cntlllcd "Gctli;ruph1.,.;h .. ~ww,u-..:h m,c1n Lhh. Weimar. 182-1 German edition of Curey& Lea's Sec Duchon 636 \\ etch (ll. f .) & Co. ( Dn l1 lm o r e c 11 gru, cN, n c ll vc cu 1 8 20 ~) SecLU1.-n, 6 37 We ll e .. Ed ~ ur d F R. G. S. ( D ri t is h c n g rn, er, a c th e t 11 I SMb-1884 ) \ 1 ap of Cuba." 17 s \I Jp no 20 on -..imc ,hee1 "1th Jamruca I 17 x I~'\. Curd rn H ovunu l\Juonol Library indicate~ it come, from C H June~ ,md T F I l un11hon. n,e Peoplt .i l'lcrorial Ar/0.1 (Nc11. Yo r k: J. D W1l l mms. 1 873) \Vu~ 1 1 also pnnlcd tn London en I l!So~ Sec n l -.o Great Britain. H )dmgraphicul Office. 638 11 ~.r t l 11d io P i lot See Spccr 639 Wh il e, 'l\1 m bull ( A m c rk un o u t h or. o c 1 hc cu. 1 8110 s) See G l obe IMO W hilll c & L ouri e (Bri t i s h p u b lish c r.. l See Lnur,e & \\ hmlc 641 W i gzc ll, '! ( ll ri li s h c n g rn, c ., a c lh c c u 1770!, ?1 7 90~ ) Sec Jcffcr} ,'' U'c-11 lm/111 '1/11.1 ( 1794 cd i 6-12 WiUi ami.. W ( A rn c.i c a n p uh lls h e r ac 1 h e cu. 1 85 1k) ".\ new map nl the United 'imtc:,: 73 62 cm. Eogr I n~~ of mup ol 1hc island ofC'uba and tll) .ind harbor uf H ,1vnn,1. In hi, 7111 Trurl'llu'1 G111tlr .. 1hro11g/J 1/,e Uniretl ~/a/e.t .. arcnm1u 111 w,I bl' a map of 1/11 11/1111d af ('11/,11 I Philudclphrn : Llp p mcou, 1 K~ I). Cop) 1n Buncrofl Ubrnry. l l niv ofCulifnrnm, Bcrl..dey, 1, dmcd 1859 6,B W il s(l n n, o rn a. Will i: 11n (, \m e ri co n pu bl ls h c r uc t he cu. 1850 s1 "Wibnn'"ta l ist,c:il mup of Cuba." 17 '>< 12 Engr .' Ne" Orleans. I 850. 6-14 Wit F red e r ick d e ( Dut c h c n g r o v en, n n d 1mbl is h c rs. fn th c.( I 6 J 01 69II( u nd ~ o n 11 630 1 70< (l Sec Schc:ncl..: Jan,\nn 6-15 W o r1hi ng 1 o n ( H ar1 f ol'd C o nn .. pu bl l h c rs acthe ca l 890 s) See Rand \l cl\'nlly. 6-1< Wr iJ.: hl J. ( Bril h h puhli .s h cr u nd e n .1-'l'fl v e r ne t iw en 1 760 sl See EA ,ha\\ 6-1 7 W) Id Jom es ( B rit i.. ~ h e n r;n l\crs. fat h cl' ( 1 790 1 83 6 1 nnd !,OD ( l llll 1 887 () "Cuba." 116 X 54 cm. London, n.d Copy III Bnncmf1 l 1hntf) Unn t>fCulifomiil, Berkeley. Sec B 11co n ; I l ullum 6-1 8 W y tftf e 1 Co rn eli us ( B c l g lnn c 11r1 u 1-:n 1 ri h c r uc-1h c 1S97 ) Cvba In~, la el Jamaica 11 X 9" Engr In hb De1cnp11011is Prole11w1rnt \11~mem11111 (Lou~am. 1 'l prcdece,,or.. Cuban Studies Ne11 slcuer (founded in D ece m ber 1 979) a n d Cuba n S tu dieJ/E.mulios C u hwws (u name ado pt e d i n J an u ary 1 975: a fl e r 1 986. th e j o urn al beca m e u n an nu a l en titl ed Cuban Studies). Ind exed are nrticle,, t opica l bibliograp hi es. bibl i ograph i c re view!>. and 0 1h cr co ntr ibu t ions s u c h a s co mm e m arie!,, deba t e-,. re\earch no t e.,, a nd s h o rt opi n io n pieces. Othe r m fo nn mio n a l so reg ul arly p u h li 'l h cd i n th e jo u r11 u l s u c h us book r ev i ew~. h as n o t b ee n i nd exed beca u se o f space limi ta ti o n !>. Ca t egories in th e s ub jec t 'iCC l io n correspo n d ro u gh l y to t ho:-e i n R ece nt Work i n C u ban Stu d ie,." Th e i n dex reporu, t.he vol u me (and i,!>ue n umber. if app r opria t e) in wh i c h a cont r ib uti o n appeared a n d th e p age n u m bers. J o r ge D o m ( n g u ez h as a l rea d y cv ulum ed th e jo urnal 's sc h o l a rl y co niri b u tio n d u ring i t '> fi~ 1 quuner ce ntu ry ("l\ve nt y-five Y ears of C u ba n t udic'> ... Cuban S111dies 25 1 1 995 J : 3-26). Th e index p rovides an oppo nun i t y t o rc ll cct on th e d i versity of sc h o l ar. 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