Rand McNally new library atlas map of Cuba

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Rand McNally new library atlas map of Cuba
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Rand McNally new library atlas map of West Indies
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Portion of title:
West Indies
Rand McNally and Company ( issuing body )
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Rand McNally & Co.
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1 online resource (2 maps on 1 sheet (both sides) : color ; 41.4 x 63.3 cm and 31.5 x 48.2 cm, on sheet 52.2 x 70 cm
Scale approximately 1:1,805,760 ; 28 1/2 statute miles = 1 inch ; 46 kilometers = 1 inch


Subjects / Keywords:
Railroads -- Maps -- Cuba ( lcsh )
Port cities -- Maps -- Cuba ( lcsh )
Port cities ( fast )
Railroads ( fast )
Ferrocarriles ( bidex )
Maps -- Cuba ( lcsh )
Maps -- Havana Bay (Cuba) ( lcsh )
Maps -- West Indies ( lcsh )
Cuba ( fast )
Gulf of Mexico -- Havana Bay ( fast )
West Indies ( fast )
Antillas ( qlsp )
Ciudades portuarias
Bahía de la Habana (Cuba)
single map ( marcgt )
indexed ( marcgt )
Maps ( lcgft )
Maps ( fast )
Mapas ( qlsp )
25 x -84.6666666666667, 19 x -84.6666666666667, 19 x -74, 25 x -74 ( Map Coverage )


General Note:
Scale approximately 1:1,805,760 ; 28 1/2 statute miles = 1 inch ; 46 kilometers = 1 inch Ç‚c (W 84°40ʹ--W 74°00ʹ/N 25°00ʹ--N 19°00ʹ) Scale approximately 1:6,336,000 ; 100 statute miles = 1 inch ; 160 kilometers = 1 inch Ç‚c (W 86°00ʹ--W 60°00ʹ/N 26°00ʹ--N 10°00ʹ)
General Note:
Color lithographs.
General Note:
Relief shown by hachures. Depths indicated by isolines.
General Note:
Index with 1907 population statistics of Cuba and map of West Indies with 3 insets on verso.
General Note:
Maps show cities, towns, railroads, electric lines, provinces, mountain ranges, and rivers.
General Note:
Includes indexed list of Cuba railroads in red, two scale bars, explanation key and 5 inset maps.
General Note:
Inset maps: Port Matanzas -- Cardenas and Santa Clara Bays -- Map of Havana Harbor -- Port of Cienfuegos -- Port of Santiago de Cuba.
General Note:
Inset maps, verso: Jamaica -- Porto Rico -- [Map of Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, Santa Lucia].
General Note:
Rand McNally date codes at bottom of maps: "256D"-- Cuba ; "202A"--West Indies.
General Note:
Page numbers at top margins: Verso with Cuba index and West Indies map (396, 393) -- Cuba map (394-395) along with running title "Commercial atlas of America".
General Note:
Atlas sheet detached from: Rand McNally's Commercial atlas of America, 50th edition, 1919.
Statement of Responsibility:
by Rand McNally & Co.

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University of Florida
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UF Map Library
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on10605 ( NOTIS )
1060585100 ( OCLC )
G4920 1919.R3 CARTA ( Map call # )
G4920 1919 .R3 ( lcc )

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Full Text
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05 20 80'; 40Y 50 6 0 8 INF E O i o o, Jn.,CrS N IG EC B
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Cojih G-Sa~o~l &Ira CaY C A RI BE A MarshE
Co~td~e Aro- 1) AS San r
8 1 2 8382 1'58' 9 7n877 6'1 5

Provinces, Islands, Mo-untains, Fivers, and Towns.
Provinces. Towns, e-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. ec.-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. etc,-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. eee>-confinsied. Pop. 1907 Towns, etc.-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. etc.-contnued. Pop. 1907 a0
Aguilar, Camnaguey, (Ry 1), near Boqueron. Oriente, F-i1, (Ry 7)..--- Coliseo. Matanzas, C-4, (By 16)---. Espinosa, Camaguey, D-7 ----- lbarra, Matanzas (By 16) ----- La Vega, Oriente, (Bty 7) ---------~
-?Vicente E-7 ---------- Boqueron, Oriente, (By 1) ----- Colonias, Camaguey, L,-7. (RY 4) - Espinosa, Santa Clara, (By 16) -- Iberia, Orients, E-9 (Ry 5) L--- "a Vinda, Camaguey, E-S ---Camaguey. E7--------1829Aguilar, Matanzas, (By. 16) ----- Borbollon. Camaguey, (By 1) --- Colony el Huma, Pinar del Rio D-L- Estdcadera, Orients, F-8 ----- Ignacia, Matanzas, (Ry 16}-' La.Vuelta, Oriente, F-9 -----Havana, C-3---------- 800Aguilera, Oriente F-9, (By 1)..---- Bostrup. Oriented, (By 1) ------ Colonydte Gato, Pinar del Rio, D-1- Estancias, Oriente, F-9 ------ Ignacio, Camaguey, E-8 (By 1) ---- a Yaba. Camaguey, E-7----Mriens, -4 ---------:239:082 Alazanes, Santa (5lara. G3-3----- Botica, Orients, F-10------- Colmenar, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ---- Estancias Vielas, Oriente, E-9 --- Iguara, Camaguey. D-6------- Lazaro, Camaguey, E-7 ----Oinrtel, 0------ 2450872 Ala cranes, Matanzas. D-4, (Ry16X-2870 Bracito, Oriente, E-8-------- Colmenares, Santa Clara E-6 Esteron, Oriente, F-10-------- Imias. Orients, F-li-------- Lazaro Lopez, Camaguey, D7-Santa Clara, D-5-------::457,431 laiueOret,(y1,na Bra.OinsF-i -omPnrdlBi,52.:: Estrada, Orients, F-9, (By 1) ---- Indalecio, Camaguey (Ry 1) --- Laz Pazas, Santa Clara. D-6 ------~
Isl ofPinsE-3 (Mniipaityof Santiago die Cuba, F-10--- Bravo, Camaguey, (By 1) ----- Colon, Matanzas. D-5 _(By 16) --7124 Eulalia, Santa Clara, (By 16) --- Indiana, Matanzas, (hRy 16)-:-- Lealtad, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ---HavaoPnas Provnce (M---cipalit 8276 legria, Orients, F-il-------- Brico, Havana, (By 16)------- Colonia, Camaguey, (Ity 1) ---- Eulogin, Camaguey, (By 1) ---- Infanzon, Havana, (By 8) ---- Lebanon, Oriente, I mn EfBartle, E-8 ,. '\04 C s
HaaaPorc- 26Alejanciria, Havana, (By 16) ---- Brito, Matanzas, (By 16)------ Coloradita, Orients, F-8 ------Inglaterra, Oriente, (By 1) ---- Lechuga, Havana, (By 16) -------~~v ~~ o. s~A -"*
Alejandro, Camaguey, (By 1), near Buecito. Oriented, F-9--------- Coloso. Mantanzas, (By 1)Iriondo, Camnaguey, (By 1) ---- Ledea, Oriente, (By 1) -----Floida E---- -- Buena Esperanza, Havana, (By 18) Concepcion, Matanzas, 0-4%ii~ (y) aelOrnt(B6) --Leon, Matanzas, (By 16) ---Alejandro Viejo. Oriente, F-S -- Buenaventura, Havana, (By 16) 3 Concha, Santa Clara, C-5 (By 3)--- Isabel. Matanzas D-4 (By 16) ----. Leon. Santa Clara, (By 1) 3 m S a
Islands. Alemanm, Havana, (By 18) ----- in N Quivican, D-3 ------ Conchita, Matanzas, D-4 (By 16)-.- isabela, Santa Clara-------- 1968 Phicetas del Sur, D-6 ----Alfarera, Havana, (By 16) ----- Buenaventura, Camagney, E-7..----. Confetti, Havana, (By 16) -----Isabel Maria, Pinar del Rio, D-2---. Leonor, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ---Balandros, F-8. Alfarera, Pinar del Rio, (By 18). - Buenaventura, Oriente. 1-9 ---- Confluentes. Oriented. F-10 (By 6)- Faja, Matanzas, (By 16)------ Isidoro Cano, Santa Clara, D-5 (By LeutSanta Clara, D-5, (By 16)
Banco~~~~~ delsJrills -.Afonzo, Havana, (By 16) ----- Buena Vista, Santa Clara (By 1) 1 Congojas. Santa Clara. D-6 (By 3) Fajardo, Havana, (By 18) ------ LewsoOietF9 (y1...
Blno -.Afonso, Santa Clara, (ByR m N Zaza del Medlo D-6--- Consolacion, Pinar del Rio, D-2 (By Falcon, Santa Clara, D-6 (By 1)..--- Itabs aazs B 16)------------- Lezama, Matanzas, (By 16) --Blanco deli Sur, D-4. Alfonso XII. Matanzas, D-4 (By- Buenos Aires, Havana, (By 16) --- 18)--------------- 2414 Faro Concha, Orients, F-il---- Izquierdo, Havana, (By 18) ---- Lima, Matanzas, (By 16).--Boca die Alonzo. E-8. 16) --------------- Buron, Pinar del Rio, D-1l----- Conlsuelo, Havana, (By 8) ----- latjo, Oriente. (By 1) L------monar, Matanzas, C-4, (By 16) -6590
Buba, B-i. Algarroba, Camaguey, E-7, (By 1l Bijaru, Oriente, E-10-------- Conteon, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Fe, Orients, (By 1)--------itnsSaaClrD6---Caimanes, F-S. Algodonal, Oriente, (By 1) 3 m.fl Contra Naestra, Camaguey, E-7---. Federico, Orients, (By 1) -----Limpiones, Camaguey, (By 4) ---Canal Nuevo, D-7. Moron, F-10-------- Contramaestre. Oriented. F-9 (By 1) Feltz, Matanzas, (By 16) -----Lindelle, Orients, (By 1) ---Cantdles, E-4. Algodones, Camaguey, (Byl), near Contreras, Matanzas, 0-4 (By i6)-. Fermina, Matanzas, (By 16) ----Lisa, Havana, (By 8) ---- -------*-~.
Chalupa, B-1. Guaycanes, E-7 Corojal, Oriente, B-10-------- Fernandez, Havana, (By 16) ---Llanada, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ------ y -~
Cinco Leguas, C-5. Algodones, Orients, F-101---- Corojo. Camaguey, E-7 (By 1.. Fernandez, Havana, (By 18) ---- Jabacoa, Santa Clara, D-5 (By 3).. Loma Candela, Havana, C-3
Coco, D-7. Algorta, Matanzas, (By 16) ----Corojo, Orients, B-9P-------- Fernandez, Santa Clara, D-6 ---- Jacural, Pinar del Rio, D-1i----- Lomna de Tierra,Havana (By 8) 2in
Corojo, F-4. Altanza, Havana, (By 16)----- Cabagan, Oriente, F-9 ------ Coronero. Pinar del Rio, C-2 ---- Ferrer, Oriente, (By 1)------- Jagua, Oriente, B-10-------- S Cotono, C-3-------Cruz, D-8. Alicia, Orients, (By 1)------- Cabagan. Santa Clara. B-5S--- Corral, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Ferreiro, Havana, (By 16) ----- Jagua, Oriente, (By 1) ------ Lopez, Pinar del Rio, D-i ---Cruz del Padre, C-5. Alicante, Santa Clara, D-6----- Cabaiguan. Santa Clara. D-fi.(Byi) Corrales, Orients, F-8-------- Flo, Orients, (By 1)------- Jagual, Camaguey, E-8 ------ Lorenzo, Camaguey (By 1) --Cupey, C-i. A Ijvn, Havana, (By 16- Cabanas, Pinar del Rio, C-2---1015 Corralillo, Camaguey, D-6----- Flores, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Jaguani, Orients. F-lI ------ Los Acosta, Pinar del Rio, D-L.: ,- ..*-
DamaB2 Almaens Maa~ -- Cabazuelas, Oriente, E-9------ Corralillo, Santa Clara, C-5, (By 3) Flores, Oriente, B-10--Z------- Jauyl aauy -(y).. LsAgls iadlRo -... ~~
Do Alcatraz (-.Almeida. Oriente, 4minW San Luis. Cabezas, Matanzas, 0-4. (By 16)-- Corratillo. Pinar del Rio. 0-2 ---- Florez, Camagua, (By 1---- Jagiley Chico, Santa Clara, D-5 (By Los Arroyos, Pinar del Rio, D-1 - --1056 (.
De Anton, B5-8. F-10, (By 1)---------- Cabezas, Pinar del Rio. D-2 ---- Correccional, Havana (By 8) -- Florida, Camaguey, E-7 (B )....16)..--- ------ Los Cailos, OinsF-li, (By 6)-Do Buenavista, D-1. Alinendares Junction, Havana, Cabo Cruz Faro Vargus,Orisnts F-8. Cortez, Pinar del Rio, D-l ----- Florida, Orients, F-10------ Jaguey Grands, Maazs D-B o aOrieaaney, E- --De Caballones, E&6. (By 16) ------------ Cabo de San Antonio, Pinar del Rio Cosine, Oriente, F-10, (By 1)..---- Floridands, Santa Clara, 4in E 16) --------------- 1826 Los Corros, Camaguey, D-8 --De Carenas, G3-3. Alonzo, Santa Clara, D-5S---- D-1--------------- Cotilla, Havana, (By 18) -----Salamanca, D-6 ------- Jaiba, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Los Matna, Havana,,0-4----De Dios, D-3. Alquizar Havana C-3, (By 18) *-.-4315 Cabonico, Orients, F-10------ Cotorro, Havana, C-3 (By 8) ---1178 Fomnento, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 3) Jaibo, Orients (By 7) 2 in W Car- Los Palos, Santa Clara, D-5 -----0-Do Gua, F-8. Altagracla. camaiueY,E-8(By, 01)-. Cacocumn, Oriente. F-9, (By I)--.. Crespo, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Fonseca, Oriente, F-10------ rera Larga F-10-------- Los Formos, Camaguo 'D-7 --De Ia Herradura, D-6. Altamisa, Camaguey, B-7I------ Caguaguas, Santa Clara, C-S (By 8 Crimea, Matanzas, D-4 By 16) --- Fontanals, Cainaguey, (By 4) --- Jamaica, Havana, C-3 (By 8) --- Los Perros, Orients, D2 -i --De Levisa, C-2. Altamisal, Matanzas, C-S. (By 16)- Caguasal, Camaguey, D-7, (By 1).. Cristales, Camaguey, (By 1) ---- Forment, Orients, (By 7)------ Jamaica, Orients, E-9-------- .Los Pinas, Piqnar del Bin. D-2---Del Hamnbre, D-3. Altares, Oriente, F-10------- Caibarien, Santa Clara. D-6 (By 3) *8333 Cristo, Havana, (By 16) ------ Fortuna, Camaguey, E-8S----- Jamaica, Oriente, F-10 (By 6)..----.1400 Los Ramos, Oriente (By 7) 1 mn B
Delons Indios, D-2. Alto Cedro, Oriente, F-10, (By 1)--. Caiinanera, Oriente, F-10, (Ry 6)- Cristo, Orients, F-10, (Ity 1) *--1316 Fortuna, Havana, (By 18) ---- Jaragua. Orients. F-il------ La Maya F-10 -------------Del Rosario, E-4. Alto Ubera. Santa Clara, C-6 ---- Caimanora, Santa Clara, D-5S-- Cruce del Oeste, Havana 1 mn B Francisco, Orients, (By 1) ---- arao, Santa Clara D-6, (By 14)-- Los Zapotes, Havana, (By 8) -De Mangles, D-3. Alva del Sitlo, Pinar del Rio. D-2---. Caimantes, Camagusy, B-7 B---- incon, D-3---------- Frata, Oriente, F-9P-------- Jaruco, Havana, 0-3 (By 16) *---2056 Loydi, Havana, (By 18)----De Piedras, B-6. Alvarez, tCamaguey (By 1) ---- Caimanes, Orients. F-10------ Crucero, Orients, F-li ------ Fraxeda, Camaguey, (By 1) ---- Jatbonico, Santa Clara, b-6, (By 1). Lucero, Havana (By 8) ----------0~
De Finns, E-3. Alvarez, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Cainsital, Pinar del Bin, (By 18) Crucero, F. C. C. M., Santa Clara Fray Benito, Orients F-10 ----- Jauco, Orients, F--------- Luciano, Oriente, (By 1) -------De San Felipe: D-2. Amarillas, Matanzas, D-5, (By 10-1b986 Caiinito. Pinar del Rio, 0-3 (By 8)- 1000 D-6, (By 1) ---------- Freciosa, Matanzas, C-4------- Jauina, Havana, (By 18)------ Lucumi, Santa Clara, (By 1) -De San Juan, D-3. Ambrosia, Havana, (By 16) ---- Caimito, Pinar del Bio, D-2 ---- Crucero liacsndados, Havana.----. Frutero, Oriente, F-9, (By 1) --- Jejen, Finar del Rio, D-3------- Lugareno, Camaguey, E8, (By 01)0
Diana, B-i. America. Matanzas, D-5, (By 16) Caja de Agua, Santa Clara (By 1) 4 Cruces, Santa Clara, D-5. (By 3) *-.511 Fileyn, Finar del Bin, (By 18)..---- Jequi. Santa Clara. D-5S------ Luis Lazo. Pinar del Bio, D-2 --Diego, D-1. America, Orients, F-S -------- mi N Zaza del Medlo. D-6 --- Cruz de Piedra, Havana, (ByS8).- Fuentes, Orients, (By 1) ------ Jesus del Monte. Havana (Bys 16, Luis Marx, Havana, (By 18) -Duan, F-S. America. Santa Clara. D-5, (By 3)- Calabazar. Camaguey, E-S ---- Cuabitas. Orients, F-10, (By 1)---..- Fuerte Numancia, Santa Clara F-4- 18) 4 in WV Regla, 0-3 ----- Luisa, Camaguey, (By 1)--English, C-2. Amigos, Oriente, (By 1) ------ Calabazar, Havana, 0-3. (By 18)--1i400 Cuartel, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Fuerte Sagunto, Santa Clara, F-4--. Jibacoa Orients. F-P-------- Luis RoQue, Matanzas, (By 16) ---,
Fragoso. D-6. Ainparn, Havana, tRy 16) ---- Calabazar, Oriente. F-9------- Cuatro Caminos. Havana (Ry 8)..--- Fuerte Zaragoza, Santa Clar a F-4-.. Jibaro, anta Clra, B-6------- Lutgardita, Santa Clara, (By 3)... ---~; '~
Frances, E-2. Anacahuita, Oriente, (By 1), near Calabazar, Santa Clara. D-6 (By 4)1496 Cuarto Caminos. Matanzas. C-4 Jlcotea. Santa Clara, D-S (BY 16)-.. Lo yano, Havana, (Bys 8, 16)
Grands, E-6. Contraniaestre, F-P------- Calabazas. Camaguey, E-7 ---- (BY 16) -----------Jicoteas del Bins, Camaguey, B-S...- Luyano, Havana, (Bys 8, 16) -----*
Guajaba, D-8. Anafe, Havana, (By 8) ------ Calabazas, Matanzas, (By 16 -- Cuatro 0Camninas. Orients, F-l0 (By Jiguani, Orients, F-P (By 1)---1362 Luz, Orients, (By 1) -----Guillermno, D-7. Anchoillo, Camiaguey, D-7 ----- Calabaras. Santa Clara, D-6 (By 1). 1)----------------. Jigue, Matanzas, (By 16) ---Hermanos die Sa, Marie. D-6. Andrade, Havana, (By 8)----- Calazo. Orients. F-10------- Cuatro Caminos, Havana, (By 8) Jimiru, Camaguey, E-S -----RHio, B-i. Angelina, Camaguey, (By 1), near Calderon. Orients. B-P. (By 1) ----. Cubana, Orients, F-il------ Jiquimras, Santa Clara, D-6 a,.-------o~ Eob
Ines tie Soto, C-1. Trillideras,fD-7 ------- Calderon, Pinar del Bin, (Byl1) -.- Cueto, Havana, (By 18) ------ Gabriel. Havana, C-3, (By 18)--- Jobabo, Camaguey, B-S -------Jutias, fl-i. Angelito, Havana, (By 16) ---- Calicito, Orients, F-S------- Custo, Oriente, F-10, (Ry I)---- -. Galafate, Havana, (By 16) Jobabo. Orients, E-8 (By 1) ---McCormack, Orients, (By 1) ---Laberinto de Doce Leguas, F-7. Angi~s, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Calimets, Matanzas, Dl-S. (By 16)-1180 Cueva, Orients, F-S -------- Galafre, Pinar del Rio. D-2 (Ry i) Jobo, Havana, D-4 (By 16) ---- Mabaya. Camaguey, fl-7 --------- ~ ~/, /~
Largo, B-4. Angostura, Camaguey, B-7- Caltzto, Orients. B-P. (By 1) --- Cueva, Orients, F-10------- Galafre Viejo, Pinar del Bin, Jockey Club. Havana, (By 8) --- Macagua, Camaguley, (By 1) -----.
Macbito, B-2. Angostura, Matanizas, (By I6.. Callegas, Pinar del Bin, (By 18)-- Cuevas, Oriente, F-P --------- (By 18) ------------ Jorge, Havana, (By 18) ------ Macagua, Matanzas, fl-S (By 16) 0
Machos. B-2. Angostura, Orients, F-P------- Camaguey. Camnaguey. E-7, (Bys Cumanayagna, Matanzas, fl-S (By Galbis, Camaguey, B-S (By 1) --- Jorobada, Santa Clara, (By 3)~. Macanacou, Orients, (By 1) ------o t ~'~ ~ -~ :Madama, F-4. Antigua, Pinar del Bin, (By 18.- 01- --------- 29616 16) --------------- Galdos, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Josefina, Orients (By 7) lmnW Bel- Macasta, Havana-------M anuy, C 1. Antilla, Oriente, E-1, (By 1) -- Cam ajuani. S n a Clara D-6 (By 3)5316 Oum anayagua, Santa Clara, Dl-5 ---. Galindo ,Santa Clara, (By 16) ona, F-10 -- - - - -- ,eOre t ,F 9 ( Y 1 -
Matias, B-3. *Antonio, Orients, F-il ------ Cainarioca. Matanzas, C-4 ----- Cuneira, Orients, F-10, (By 7) ----. Galnpe, Pinar del Rio, (By 18 -.: Joseina, Camaguey, B-S, (By 01) Maco Orients. F-Po (By-1)-------0
Melon, B-2. Antonio, Oriente, (By 1) ------- Camarones, Orients, F-b0---- Cupsy. Orients, F-li ------- Gainboa, Orients, F-S (By 1) ---- Josefita, Havana, (By 16) ac--------Bb h ~
Moa. F-l1. Atno Avrz aana, Camarones, Santa Clara. Dl.-5 ---1127 Cupey, Orients (By 1) Sm Bn Bioja Ganacinres, Orients, Fb-10------ Jose Grande, Orients, (By 7) Macbo, Orients, F-P ------------Atno Avrz Maazs---- Macuriges. Pinar del Bin. fl-i -----'I /~
Moja Bragas, D-68. (By 16) ---------------- Cainarones Station. Santa Clara, F-P ------------ Gangalito, Camaguey, D-7 ------- Joturo (By 7) 2 in B Sabanilla, Madian. Matanzas(B16 I'0
Monito, B-i. Anoi olsHys angsD-5, (By 3) ---------- Cupeyes. Camaguey, D-7------ Ganuza. Havana (By 8) 3 in S San F-10-------------- Maearet,(y 1) ----Mneo, F-3. AtnBcoSatClr,1-,(y Camboa, Havana, (By 18)---- Garciaey Caauy B-6zg *--------9246-3 -----ui-uc-----6
Mono. 13-i.7B------------- -- aaa-OretBP-----uragey Mana,(y1).JoeD- -Jovellanos, Matanzas, D3-4 (By 16) Madrigal, Santa Clara, (By 1) 1 in ~A~'
Ocampo, G3-4. 16) --------------- Cambute, Havana (By 16) ----Garcia, Havana, (By 16)------ Juaguey, Pinar del Bin. 3-1.---- Madruga, Havana. 0-4 (By 16).---.2175 ~ '-~% ~'~ ,0~
Paradas. F-S. Arango, Oriente, (By 1), near Alto Carona, Havana, (By 8) ---- -- ------ Garcia, Santa Clara, (By 1) ---- Juan Santos, Matanzas, (By 16): Magdalena, Orients, F,10------- 9, -(~,. ,
Paredon Grande, fl-7. Cecir, F-10 Camoechuela. Orients, F-8---3933 Garmendia, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Juba, Orients, B-10--------- Maguanos Viejos. Orients, F-P
Partido, B-2. Arcs, Matanzas, (By 16)------ Camnpo Florido. Havana, 0-3, (By Garrapata, Camaguey, B-I ----- Juca, Orients. F-S --------- Maisi, Orients, F-il--------- -- 0
Piera, B2. Arday, Havana, (By 18) ------ 16)---------------- --------------------6)---------- crOine (B ----- : Majagua, Mamagueas, y 16--- -- iI4I I
Pieraso fl-i. Arenal, Matanzas, (By 16)----- Campos, Santa Clara. F-3 ----- Dagains, Havana, D-3, (By 18)---. Gaspar, Camaguey, B-7 (By 1)..---. Jucaro, Camaguey, B-7 Maaga Matazas -y 16
PrilB-2. Arenas. Orients, B-P -------- Carnpuzano, Matanzas, (By 16)--. Dagame, Orients (By 1) 2 in S Aura Gayajabns, Pinar del Rio, 0-2 --- Jucaro, Matanzas, C-4 D----- Main, Pinsar del Bin, (By 1N).. L ~
Raao -.Argudin Haaa B 8 ---- Call ada del alaguineeF9-F1la------------,li atnaC4(y16 -- ua GadCmgey --MlaulOineE9----Batones, F-5. Argulz, anta Clara, (By 1) ---- Cananoba, Orients. F-lb ----- Dahetz, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Gertrudis, Camaguey, (By 1) --- Juditas. Camaguey, D-7-- --- Malas Aguas. Pinar del Rio, Dl-2.. --- ~
Redondo, B-2. Arias, Santa Clara. (By 1) --- Canarin. Camaguey. B-S. (By 1)---.. Daiqluir, Orients, F-10 ------- Gibara. Orients. B-P (By 5) *---6170 Julia, Orients, (Ity 1) 8 inH Ve-alcasado, Pinar del Bio, D-1i-Bioja, B-2. Ar-5o SnaCrD------- Canes, Matanzas, D3-4, (By 16) ----.. fajao, Orients, F-10-------- Giraudy, Orients, (By 1) -----quitas Oriente, F-P apia Mtnrs (y16 Sanasa Orients F-D- -- amaso, Havana, (By 16) ----- Gloria, Havana, (By 16) ------ Jurnagua, Santa Clara, Dl-5 (1(y3' )- Malpoto, Matna l Bi6. f------P~
Romnaro, B-1. Aeamgy,(y1--CaTI as. Pinar del Rio,fD-3, (Ryl1). Damuji, Pinar del Rio, D-1 -l--ita, Maars (y1)unyet, Orients, (By 1)------- alngrete(B1)3B n.04
Sabinal. E-8. Armenteros, Havana, (By 16) --- Candado, Santa Clara------- 1179 Datil, Oriente, F-P--------- Glorilta. Orients, F-li (By 7)..---- Juragua, Santa Clara, D-5.---- Vequitas Oriente, F-P ---Santa Maria, D-7. Ammocillo, Orients. B-S ------- Candelaria, Camaguey, B-7 ----- launic, Orients, (By 7)------- Gomez, Camaguey, (By 4) ----- Juriadiccion. Orients (By 7) 1 in E Mambi. Orients, F-P (By 1)---Sombrer, C-. Arrieto, Santa Clara, D-5, (By 3)-.. Candelaria. Pinar del Rio, D-3, (By David, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Gdnez, Havana, (By 18) -----Sabana Abajo, F-10 ---------: Mamioj Santa Clara, D-6 (y3
AomrreroArenas.18) ----------2----18) ------- 1746 Delicias, Camaguey, (By 4) ---- Gomez, Orients, (By 1)------- JcuwiOinF1 Mamsry, Santa Clara, D-6 (By 1)
Turiguano, D-7. N Punta Brava, 0-3 ------- Candonga, Orients. F-9. (By 1)--. flelicias, Pinar del Bin, (By 18)-.-- Gomez, Santa Clara, D-6 -----Mncs at lrD5 R
Yenas. B-li. Aroyilanco, Camaguey. Dl-6 ---- Cane[, Santa Clara, (By 1) bin N flemajayabo, Orients, F-10----b oe Mena, Hvn,(By 16)..... Manaces--Santa-Clara,-------(B
Arroyo Bilanco, Camaguey, B-8..----. Falcon, D-6 ---------- Denajagua, Orients, -8 ------- Gonzalez, Camnaguey, (By 1) ---Manacas, Santa Clara D3-6
Arroyo Blanco, Orients, E- ---- Canet. Camaguey, (By 01) 1 in S ,Demajagua, Orients. F-11---.- Gonralito y Connicto, Hdvana, Managuacos, Pinar del Rin, D1:5:::
Arroyo Blanco, Orients. B-10-- Minas, B-S ----------- Demetrin, Matanzas, (By 16) ---(By 16) -----------Managuago, Camaguey, B-S --Mo nan. Arroyo Blanco, Orients, F-P --- Canets, Orients, F-Il------- Denos, Orients, (By 1)------- Gorrin, Havana, (By 16)------ Kato Viejo, Camnaguey. F-S --- Manajanabo, Santa Clara, 13-6 (Bty
Mo nan Arroyo Blanco, Orients (By 7) 1 in Caney, Orients, F-10 -. ---- 1067 Descanso, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Govsa, Havana. 0-3 (By 16) ---- essell, Ptnar del Bin, (By 18) ----~ 1) -------------AaoF1.W Jutinlicumn, F-10------ Canisi, Camaguey. B-S ------- fleseada. Santa Clara, D-4 ----- Granadille, Santa Clara, D-6 ----Manantial, Oriente, F-1, (By7)...
Arroyo Hondo, Oriente,F-1i1,(By 7) Cann, Havana, (Ity 8) ------ Desemp~fln, Matanzas, (By 16)..... Gran Canaria, Matanzas, (By 16) Manat Junction, Oriente, (By 1)
Da rAarlana, F-11. Arroyo Naranjo, Havana, 0-3, (By Cantabria, Matanzas, (By 16)..--- Desnao Matanzas, (By 16)..... Gray, Havana, (By 18) --- ntOine -----.Del Cristal, F-10. 1) -Cantera, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Desuc Pinar del Rio, D-2 --- Guadalupe, Camaguey, D-7 --- -- -----Mangas. Pinar del Rio, D-3 (By 18)
Del John, F-li..A1royo-Pr----.--a-agu---------- Cantera Segrm, Camaguey, (By 4) Desquite, Matanzas, i(By 16)--- Guadulpe, Santa Clara, D-6----- -- -MnaeoOrnt,(y1
Do Ins Organos, Dl-1. AsnlHanPmNMarlanan, Cantimplora, Oriente. E-P.(By 5)... Dego del Finn, Santa Clara D-4 --- Gualcanainar. Camaguey, B-S.-- nlCmguy R )---Del Rosario, C-2. Mangle, Caaaguay (B 1).L ~aa.Oine -1 ---DeCcr.Fb -4 ----------- Cantos, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- Difiiu, Santa Clara, (By 16)---- Gualmamo, Camaguey, B-S ------ Lalaa Oin.F-b- Mangle, Oriente F-10------De Micar. F-1. AregCmgs,(y1----- Canbes. Matanzas, D-4, (By b6)-. Digna. Santa Clara (By 16)----- Gujcs Sat aa La Anita, Havana. (By 8)----- Magio aars lS(y1)iS
DNpeF-.Artemisa. Matanzas, (By 18) ---- Caobillas, Camaguey, B-7I------ Dimus, Pinar del Rio. Dl-I ---- -GuaJuco. Oriented. B-P ------- La Bajada, Orients, F-il ----- Manicaragua, Orients, B-P ---DoNp.F1.Aslento tie Cibara. Orients, E-9 ----, Capdevila. Havana (By 16) 7 in S Dlios Marias, Camaguey, E-8, (By 0l Guama, Orients, F-P-------- Laberinto, Matanzas, (By 16).... Ma-a-ga-Sna-lra13
La Socapa, G3-4. Astray, Orients. F-P. (By 1) 11 in Havana, 0-3---------- Dique. Havana. (By 8)------- Guamito, Oriente, F-8S------ Laberinto, Santa Clara ------ Manicaaa Orint 2mar --b--S13
Laelta F-i. W Bayaino, F-P-------- Capitan, Santa Clara, fl-S (By 1).. Dolores, Camnaguey, B-S ------ Guamo, Oriente, F-P (By 1)----- Lbre Havana, (By 16)----- Maniguas, Pinar del Rio, 0-2.-Socarreno, B-P. Atolladosa, Camaguey, E-6 ----- Capitolin, Matanzas, (By 16) ---- olores, Oriente. F-S------ Guamuticas, Matanzas, (By 16) -- La Cala, Orients, B-P ------- Manolo, Camagusey, (By 1)---Toe eD oaa -.Atrevido, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Caraballo, Havana. 0-4------- D)olores, Santa Clara, (By 16) ---- Guana. Oriented. F-P-------- La Canada, Isla de Finns, E-3 --- Mantua. Pinar del Bin. fl-i---1169
Vecis, F-lb.oas, -3 Aulet, Camiaguey. (By 1) ----- Caraballo, Pinar del Bin. Dl-2---mngr Camagusy,--- I P-7, (Ry4) Guana acoa, Havana, C-.3*- i- 4368 La Coaba, Orients. F-P ------ Manzanillo, Orients, F-8 (By 1)--1.b819P
Auras. Orients B-.(y5- Caracussy. Santa Clara, D-6---- Do6infinguez, Orients. B-S (By I)---.. Guanatana, Matanzes, 0-4 (Byi6) La Caridad, Camaguey., B-8. ---- aquina, Santa Clara, fl-S --Aurora, Matanzas, (By 16)----- Carapachibey. Isla de Pinos, B-3---.. Domingo, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Guanabo, Havana, 0-3 ------ La Caridad. Orients (nys 1, 7)1 Maralion, Camaguey, B---Australia, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Caravela Chica, Pinar del Rio. fl- formitorlo, Orients, B-P ------- Guanacajala, Pinar del Rio, D-3 --- S Aura, F-10--------baal retF1 ---
Avalos, Santa Clara, (By 1), near Carboneras, Santa Clara fl-S (Ryl) flormitorin, Orients. (By 1)----- Guanaja. Camaguey, fl-S- -La Catalina, Camaguey, B-S.--May, Oret.Fi
SataClr, -5-------- Cardenas, Matanzas, 0-4, (By 16) fins Amigos, Santa Clara, (Ry 16). GuanaJales, Matanzas,1- La Ceiba, Matanzas, D- R i- acnOrients, (By 1)------ -- -~~' o o.e~o
Rivers. Aura, Oriente, F-10. (By 1) ----- ------------- 24280 Dos Bores, Orients, F-10 (BY 1)---. GuanaJay, Pinar del Bin, C- (y La Ceiba, Oriente, B-P ------- Marcos Camagsy, I,ine (BF4-10, S~ oo
Qaridad, Orients, F-10------- Dos Brazos, Orients, F-11-- ---, 16) ------------ 6400 La Ceja, Pinar del Rio, 3-i ----- (By 7)-------------- -- -- ,
Agtas Bacs B-9. Caridad, Matanzas, (By 16)---- fibos Caininos, Orients, Y4-10 (By' 1) Guanajibs. Santa Clara, D-6---- La Concepcion, Camaguey, E-7... Magrbo-a-amg-,B-... ~.~a
Artmao, D-5. ~~Caridad, Santa Clara, (By 3) --- -2 in B Mata, Dl-6------- Guandan, Orients. F-I1L----.. F-10--------------- Florgrida, B-7-- ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- -. 8
BAim, 139. Caridad Roar, deltBna f-b------5Dos Hermanas, Santa Clara, (y Guanamaciar Caeagui, 13-I- *1e La Crurb, Orient, (By ----) -- 1FnSluaoagria, Caiag7 y (B-1-3---0----- n M ~ o
Busy, F-9.. Carmen, Havana, (By 16) ------- 16) ----Guaninan. Oriente (By 1) ----- La Cubana, Orients, F-10 (By 7)-. Margarita Orienas, EP y -- ,*r i .
Bayamns F-. Maargaariaanta,135DsHemno, ntOlaar(y GanienatdlRef-btfS 3E-a9taaOietB- --Mrgrt Mtn -s-(-6------ 3 ~~ 1O~*~s ~~.
Cabmaes, B-P. Babiney, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Carmsen. Havana. (By 5)------ Dos Marios, Sat lrCS Guaninicum, Orients, F-b0 (Bys 1, La Duguesa, Camaguey, B-7I---- Margo, Orient, (By 1) ------ -- ---~*e
CaimbaasF-.BbnyOret, F-S.------ Carmen. Orients. F-10, (By 1)..----. flaba; Orients, F-Il--------- I7)------------- La Bntrada, Orients, E-9---- Maria, Havana, (y 1632 .00
Canimar. h3-2. Bacunagua Abajo, Pinar del Rio. Cammita, Matanzas, (By 16)---- fluany, Orients, (By 1)------- Guanito, Orients. B-P ------- La Farola, Orients, F-li1------ Marianao, Havana C- 5'g Wi9
Bacunagn Ar-iba Fa dl Rio Carolina, Matanizas, (By 16) --- Dulce Nombre, Matanzas, (By 16) GuaCanmo Orinte F-16 -y ,. La Gloia Caauy E-----Guantanamo Orints F-bO(Rys8, Lar a Gloria Ca agey E0... 16) ---------------------Caution F-. 13-2. (By 18)----------- Carrno,Santa Clara (Bys3, 16)4 in Dumois. Orients, B-10, (By 1)..----..7) -----------14559 La Gonna, Camaguey, B-I. (ty 4) Mai 16 ntonia,- -- -- -- Sat Clara,~, ~ \4X. *<~ t
Cantoaste F-P. Bacurao, fAavana, 0-3-------~ BEAguadadte Pasajeros. D--. Duran. Havana. D-3. (By 16)----- Guantanamo Junction, Oriente, (By7) La Grifa Pinar del Rio, D1----- ai Antnla Sant Claa,------------------- ~~, 5. ,
Cuyaguateje, D-~2. Badia, Havana, (By 16) ----- Carrera Larga. Orients, F-b0 (By7) Guara, Havana, 13-3 (By 16) *--1020 La Guinea, Orients, F-P-- ------------ail ia e iC3--------0 1592 ~0 's
Damuji, D-.,. Baez, Santa Clara, 13-6 ------ Carrillo, Matanzas, 13-S. (BY 16)...- Guarapo, Havana (By 8)----- La Guira, Camaguey B-I -- Mariel, Sna dlara, 0-3159 16 ----od ~~ $. 1-.- ..S
do las C-ravelas, E-8 Baga, Pinar del Bin. 13-1 ----- Cartagena, Santa Clara 13-S (Bybi) Guaracabulla, Santa Clara, D-6-- Laguna, Camagueyk- Marieta, Saintelaa (y 6)... ------~ ~~
die la Yaina, D-7.. Baga. Santa Clara, 13-6------- Cartayn, Santa Clara, (By 1)-- ------- Guarsires. Matanzas, fl-S (By 16)-. Lagunillas. Matanzas (By 16):: ar-en-avn,(y--.... o .~b
de SanPedro B-7.Babia ondaPinardel ~io. C-,....263 Csa deAlto. rient, F-P ------ --Cama-Guaena. amagus, Ry I)-(By1)...uLaguntasOrriente(By )---- aroto-Oriets, (B I)-- ----- ----- ,y 7)0 ----------.
Domingo Diaz, E-7. Bailador, Matanzas, (By 16) --- Casariego. Santa Clara, (By 14) --- Guarina, Matanzas, (By 16)---- La Gura, Orients. K-P ------ Mreia aazs R 6
Gua F-8. Bailiquimi, Orients, F-li------- Cases do lns Practicos, Orients, F-S.. Eclievarria, Matanzas (By 16) 6 m Guasamilla, Santa Clara, (By 1) 4 La Herradura. Orients. E-9----- MarquesitCaauy Maana8 (By 1)......
Guantanamo, F-10. Baica. Can e, B-I-----.... Cascajal. Matanzas, fl-S (By 16) *-.1b40 B Altamisal, fl-S-------- in S Placetes del Sum, 13-6 --- La Industria, Camaguey, (By 12 Martinez. Camaguey, 13-I.---Guayacabo. F-P. Bainna, Havana. k1,M 16--- Cascaras, Santa Clara. fl-S ----- Eden, Santa Clara, (By 1) ----- Guesiina. Matanzas, C-b in N nati E-8 ------- Matnz0aazs 6 -Gurajaya E-7 Balms. Orients. F-P. By 1)----- Casilda, Santa Clara, B-S (By 15)-.1246 Eden Park. Matanzes (By 16) 3mi Guasiinal, Santa Clara, ff-6-(RY-14) La Jagua, Pinar del Rio, D3-2.---- Martinez, Maiante, (By 1)----- --
taoB7.Bajac, Havana, (By 16)------- Casitas Junction, Camaguey, El Aguila, Havana, (By 8)----- Guasimes, Pinar del Rio, 13-1-- -Lajas, Pinar del Rio, Dl-2----- Martin Perez, Havana (By 16)... ---Hatigunio. delNote.D- Baja. PinrManzs del Rio. ---- asma Caagy F)------------ ElAllunado, Santa Clara, 13-6 --- Guasimas, Santa Clara, 13-S---- Lajes, Santa Clara, fl-S (By 3)--59Masfruca Camaguty, (By 1)------ -- ----- .~.~
Jatibonico del Sur. E1-6. Banaguises.MatanzasC-5,lRv i6)-1130 Castillo, Santa Clara, fl-S ----- El Asionto, Orients. F-1Il------- Guaso, Orisite, F-10, (By 6) --- La Jaula. Pinar del Rio, fl-i1. ----asfere, Orient, (By 1)-------- -- -- --Jibacoa, F-S. Banamonde. Pinar del Rio. D-2 --- Catalina, Havana, 0-3. (By 16) ---- .1490 El Baga, Camaguey, B-S ------ Guayabal, Pinar del Bin (By 8) 6 Lajitas. Camaguey, (By 1) 2 mE Masin, Orints l, ---y3-Jigusy, D-S. Banao, Camaguey, B-S ------- Catano, Santa ( lara, (Bg 1) --- El Carmen, Orients, (By 7)------ in B Guanajay. 13-3.------ Jatibojico, D-6------ atSnaCr,136B3)... 0 .
BarnSana larB-6 ------- Catatina, Pinar del Rio. -i El Cedmo, Orients, F-il1------- Guayabal, Santa Clara. D-5 (Ky La Julia, Matanzas, D-4 ---Matagua, Santa Clara, (R 3)..---Joao E-8. Banes, Orienite. E-10 ------- 3788 Caudal, Isladte Pinos, B-3------ El Obuno. Orients, F-S ------- 316)--------------- La Justa, Orients, E-10 ------ Matainoros, Orients, 6 in NMacso.n,
LasMias E8.Bango. Matanzas, (By 16) ----- Caligeri, Orients, F-li ------ El Colon, Pinar del Bin, 13-2----- Guayabo. Orients--------- L Lena.rm Orinare d-1 -i.132 -- -P ---- -- ~ ~ q
La ins BS annatyne, Havana, (By 16)....-- Cauto, Orients, F-P -------- El Comota. Camaguey, BRy 1)..----. Guayacanes, Camaguey, B,-7,(Ry 1) La LimaOrients. (By I)------ Mantainora Orits, F'-b. .. S.~ M~ -o n

Provinces, Islands, Mountains, Pivers, and Towns.
Provinces. Towns, de.-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. tc.-continued. Pop. 1907 Towns. a~tc,--continued. Pop. 1907 'Towns. ee.--continued. Pop. 1907 Towns, edc.--continued. Pop. 1907 Towns, ede.-continued. Pop. 1907
Aguilar, Camaguey, (Ry 1), near Boqueron, Orlente, F-11, (Ry 7)... Coliseo. Matanzas, C-4, (Ry 16)... Espinosa, Camaguey, D-7--------........ Ibarra, Matanzas (Ry 16).. --------..... La Vega, Oriente, (Ry 7)---Vicente E-7 ..----------------- Boqueron, Oriente, (Ry 1) .-------- Colonias, Camaguey, E-7. (Ry 4).. Espinosa, Santa Clara, (Ry 16)_.- Iberia, Oriente, E-9 (Ry 5) ...... La Vinda, Camaguey, E-8 -........
Camaguey. E-7...............118.269 Aguilar, Matanzas, (Ry. 16) ...... Borbollon. Camaguey, (Ry 1). Colony el Huma, Pinar del RioD-1. Estacadera, Orients, F-8........-------- Ignacia, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ..... La,Vuelta, Oriente, F-9......... .
Havana, C-3 ------------................. 538,0102 Aguilera, Oriente F-9, (Ry 1) .... Bostrup. Oriente, (Ry 1)-------- ..... -Colony de Gato, Pinar del Rio, D-1. Estancias, Oriente, F-9 ----------..........- Ignacio, Camaguey, E-8 (Ry 1).. .. La Yaba, Camaguey, E-7 ......
Matanzas, C-4 ............... 239,812 Alazanes, Santa Clara. G-3 ....... Botica, Orients, F-10............ ------------ Colmenar, Pinar del Rio, D-2...... Estancias Viejas, Oriente, E-9 ..... Iguara, Camaguey. D-6....... ---------- Lazaro, Camaguey, E-7 ......
Oriented, F-10 -......-------...... 455,086. Alacranes, Matanzas. D-4, (Ry16).2870 Bracito, Oriente, E-8 ............. Colmenares, Santa Clara E-6...... Esteron, Oriente, F-10 .........-----------. Imias. Orients, F-11i.-------------.......... Lazaro Lopez, Camaguey, D-7....
Pinar del Rio, D-2 ----............240,372 Alambique, Orients, (Ry 1), near Brava. Oriente. F-11 -------------............. Coloma, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ....... Estrada, Oriente, F-9, (Ry 1) Indalecio, Camaguey, (Ry 1) Laz Pazas, Santa Clara. D-6 ......
Sanan laa.D- ---------45,43DEtrda Oiete..9,...1.----....ecoCaagey7R 14--- a......Snt.Car..-6---Isle of Pines, E-3, (Muaicrality o4 Santiago de Cuba, F-10 ------ Bravo, Camaguey, (Ry 1). -------- Colon, Matanzas, D-5 (By 16) *..7124 Eulalia, Santa Clara, (Ry 16)..... Indiana, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Lealtad, Pinar del Rio, D-2.......
Isle of Pines E-3, (Mu pality 8270 Alegria, Oriente, F-11.... ------------ Brico, Havana, (Ry 16)----------.......... Colonia, Camaguey, (Ry 1)...... Euloglo, Camaguey, (Ry 1)...... Infanzon, Havana, (Ry 8) Lebanon, Oriente, I in E Bartle, E-8
Havana Province)........... Alejandria, Havana, (Ry 16) Brito, Matanzas, (Ry 16) --------- Coloradita, Orientes, F-8 ....... Inglaterra, Oriente, (Ry 1). Lechuga, Havana, (Ry 16)...
Alejandro, Camaguey, (Ry 1), near Buecito, Orients, F-9 -------------............. Coloso, Mantanzas, (Ry 16) Iriondo, Camaguey, (Ry 1) Ledea, Oriente, (Ry 1).-.
Florida, E-7 _---....... Buena Esperanza, Havana, (Ry 18) Concepcion. Matanzas, C-4 (Ry16) Isabel, Oriente (Ry 6)- -. Leon, Matanzas, (Ry 16)... .
Alejandro Viejo, Orientse, F-8 ..... Buenaventura, Havana, (Rv 16) 3 Concha, Santa Clara, -5 (Ry 3).s-- Isabel. Matanzas D-4 (Ry 16) ... Leon, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) 3 m S
Islands. Alemanm, Havana, (Ry 18) .-..... m N Quivican, D-3-----------........... Conchita, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry 16).. Isabela, Santa Clara---------- 1968 Pldcetas del Sur, D-6
Alfarera, Havana, (Ry 16) _.___- Buenaventura, Camaguey, E-7.... Confetti, Havana, (Ry 16) -------- Isabel Maria, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ... Leonor, Matanzas, (Ry 16)Balandros, F-8. Alfarera, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18).- Buenaventura, Oriente, E-9 ....... Confluentes. Oriented. F-10 (Ry 6). Faja, Matanzas, (Ry 16)--------- Isldoro Cano, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry Lequlto, Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry 16)
Banco de los Jardinlllos, E-4. Alfonzo, Havana, (Ry 16) ...--------. Buena Vista, Santa Clara (Ry 1) 1 Congojas. Santa Clara. D-6 (Ry 3). Fajardo, Havana, (Ry 18) 16 ......... Lewiston, Orients, F-9, (Ry 1)....
Blanco, B-1. Alfonso, Santa Clara, (Ry 3) mN Zaza del Medlo D-6..... Consolacion, Pinar del Rio, D-2 (Ry Falcon, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 1) ..-- Itabo, atanzas, C-5 (Ry 16)..... Lezama, Matanzas, (Ry 16)....
Blanco del Sur, D-4. Alfonso XII. Matanzas, D-4, (Ry Buenos Aires, Havana, (Ry 16)... 18) _-------------------__ 414 Faro Coucha, Orients, F-11....... Izquierdo, Havana, (Ry 18) --- Lima, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ......
Boca de Alonzo, E-8. 16) ....... ...------------------------.. Buron, Pinar del Rio, D-1........ -------- Consuelo, Havana, (Ry 8)....... Fatjo, Oriente. (Ry 1) LImonar, Matanzas, C-4, (Ry 16).. 1659
Buba, B-1. Algarrobo, Camaguey, E-7, (Ry 1I Bijaru, Orientes, E-10............ ------------ Conteo, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Fe, Orients, (Ry 1) Limones, Santa Clara, D-6 ......
Calmanes, F-5. Algodonal, Oriente, (Ry 1) 3 m Contra Naestra, Camaguey, E-7... Federico, Orients, (Ry 1) --Limpiones, Camaguey, (Ry 4) --Canal Nuevo, D-7. Moron, F-10 ............ Contramaestre. Orients. F-9 (Ry 1) Feliz, Matanzas, (Ry 16) -- Lindelle, Orients, (Ry 1).....
Cantiles, E-4. Algodones, Camaguey, (Ryl), near Contreras, Matanzas, C-4 (Ry 16). Fermina, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ... Lisa, Havana, (Ry 8) -... .---Chalupa, B-1. Guaycanes, E-7 Corojal, Oriente, E-10 -----------........... Fernandez, Havana, (Ry 16) .... Llanada, Pinar delRio, D-2 .......
Cinco Leguas, C-5. Algodones, Oriente, F-10......... Corojo, Camaguev, E-7 (Ry 1).... Fernandez, Havana, (Ry 18)... Jabacoa, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry 3).. Loma Candela, Havana, C-3......
Coco, D-7. Algorta, Matanzas, (RY 16) -- Corojo, Orients, E-9 -------------............. Fernandez, Santa Clara, D-6 -- Jacural, Pinar del Rio, D-1 -------- Loma de Tierra,Havana (Ry 8) 2 m
Corojo, F-4. Alianza, Havana, (Ry 16) -------- Cabagan, Orients, F-9-----------........... Coronero. Pinar del Rio, C-2 ....... Ferrer, Oriente, (By 1)---------- Jagua, Oriente, E-------------- S Cotono, C-3...........
Cruz, D-8. Alicia, Oriente, (Ry 1) .----------.. Cabagan. Santa Clara, E-5 ....... Corral, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ....... Ferreiro, Havana, (Ry 16) -------- Jagua, Oriente, (Ry 1) ..----------- Lopsz, Pinar del Rio, D-1 -.........
Cruz del Padre, C-5. Alicante, Santa Clara, D-6......--------. Cabalguan. Santa Clara. D-6.(Ryl) Corrales, Orients, F-8 ------------............ Flol, Oriente, (Ry 1) ..... ------------Jagual, Camagusy, E-8 -----------......... Lorenzo, Camaguey (Ry 1)......
Cupey, C-1. Aljovin, Havana, (Ry 16) ...... Cabanas, Pinar del Rio, C-2 ....... 1015 Corralillo, Camaguey, D-6........ -------- Flores, Matanzas, (Ry 16) -------- Jaguani, Oriente. F-11 .... .....----------- Los Acosta, Pinar del Rio, D-1.....
Dama, B-2. Almacenes, Matanas, -4 Cabazuelas, Orientse, E-9 ---------......... Corralillo, Santa Clara, C-5, (Ry 3) Flores, Oriente, E- ............. Jagueyal, Camaguey, E-7(Ry4)... Los Angeles, Pinar del Rio, D-t ....
De Alcatraz, G-4. Almeida, Orients, 4 mW San Luis, Cabezas, Matanzas, C-4, (Ry 16).. Corratillo. Pinar del Rio, C-2 ..... Florez, Camagua, (Ry 1) .. ----Jagiuey Chico, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry Los Arroyos, Pinar del Rio, D-1 .... 1056
De Anton, D-8. F-10, (Ry 1)----........----....-------- Cabezas, Plnar del Rio. D-2....... Correccional, Havana (Ry 8)..... Florida, Camagusy, E-7 (y 1).... 16)z Los Calos, Orients. F-11, (Ry 6)..
De Buenavista, D-1. Almendares Junction, Havana, Cabo Cruz Faro Vargus,Oriente F-8. Cortez, Pinar del Rio, D-1-------.........-- Florida, Orientes, F-10............ Jaguey Grands, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry Los Cayos, Camaguey, E-8-...:
De Caballones, E-6. (Ry 16) .......-------------------- Cabo de San Antonio, Pinar del Rio Cosmine, Orients, F-10, (Ry 1) .-. Floridands, Santa Clara, 4 m E 16) -------------------- 1826 Los Corros, Camaguey, D-8 .......
De Carenas, G-3. Alonzo, Santa Clara, D-5 D-1 ......................------------------------ Cotilla, Havana, (Ry 18). Salamanca, D-6 ............ Jaiba, Matanzas, (Ry 16) -------- Los Mans, Havana, 0-4....
De Dios, D-3. Alqulzar Havana C-3, (Ry 18)*..4315 Cabonico, Orients, F-10.......... ---------- Cotorro, Havana, C-3 (Ry 8) ...... 1178 Fomento, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 3). Jaibo, Orients (Ry 7) 2 m W Car- Los Palos, Santa Clara, D-5 .......
De Gua, F-8. Altagracla. Camaguey,E-8(Ry, 01). Cacocum, Oriente, F-9, (Ry 1).... Crespo, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ........ Fonseca, Orients, F-10 ........... rera Larga F-10 -------------............. Los Perros, Camaguey, D-7.......
De la Herradura, D-6. Altamisa, Camaguey, E-7 --------- Caguaguas, Santa Clara, C-5 (Ry 3) Crimea, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry 16).. Fontanals, Camaguey, (Ry 4) --.... Jamaica, Havana, C-3 (Ry 8)..... Los Perros, Orients, E-10.- --......
De Levisa, C-2. Altamisal, Matanzas, C-5, (Ry 16)- Caguasal, Camaguey, D-7, (Ry 1). Cristales, Camaguey, (Ry 1)...... Forment, Orients, (Ry 7) ...--------- Jamaica, Oriente, E-9 -----------............ Los Pinas, Pinar del Rio. D-2 ....
Del Hambre, D-3. Altares, Oriente, F-10 .....------------ Caibarien, Santa Clara. D-6 (Ry 3) *8333 Cristo, Havana, (Ry 16)---------......... Fortuna, Camaguey, E-8. .--------- Jamaica, Orients, F-10 (Ry 6).... 1400 Los Ramos, Orients (Ry 7) 1 m E
De los Indios, D-2. Alto Cedro, Oriente, F-10, (Ry 1).. Caimanera, Oriente, F-10, (Ry 6)-.. Cristo, Orients, F-10, (By 1) ..... 1316 Fortuna, Havana, (Ry 18) - Jaragua. Oriente. F-11 ........... La Maya F-10---...Del Rosario, E-4. Alto Ubera, Santa Clara, C-6...... Caimanera, Santa Clara, D-5..... Cruce del Oeste, Havana 1 m B Francisco, Orients, (Ry 1) -- Jarao, Santa Clara D-6, (Ry 14)__ Los Zapotes, Havana, (Ry 8)De Mangles, D-3. Alva del Sitio, Pinar del Rio. D-2... Calmanes, Camaguey, E-7 ........ Rincon, D-3 ---------------- Frata, Oriente, F-9 .......-------------- Jaruco, Havana, C-3 (Ry 16) *-.....2056 Loydi, Havana, (Ry 18).....
De Piedras, E-6. Alvarez, Camaguey (Ry 1) ..---.. Caimanes, Oriente, F-10 ---------......... Crucero, Orients, F-11 -----------........... Fraxeda, Camaguey, (Ry 1)... Jatbonico, Santa Clara, b-6,(Ry 1). Lucero, Havana (Ry 8)..........
De Pinos, E-3. Alvarez, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ----- Caimital, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18).. Crucero, F. C. C. M., Santa Clara Fray Benito, Oriente F-10 -------- Jauco, Orients, F-11 ..........------------- Luciano, Oriente, (Ry 1) ......
De San Felipe, D-2. Amarillas, Matanzas, D-5, (Ry 16).1986 Calmito, Plnar del Rio, C-3 (Ry 8).1000 D-6, (By 1)...............-----------------.. Frecosa, Matanzas, C-4.. ---------- Jauma, Havana, (Ry 18) .--------- Lucumi, Santa Clara, (By 1) ....
De San Juan, D-3. Ambrosia, Havana, (Ry 16) ..... Caimito, Pinar del Rio, D-2...... Orucero hiacendados, Havana.... Frutero, Orients, F-9, (Ry 1) -- Jejen, Pinar del Rio, D-3. ---------- Lugareno, Camaguey, E-8, (Ry 01)
Diana, B-1. America, Matanzas, D-5, (Ry 16). Caja de Agua, Santa Clara (Ry 1) 4 Cruces, Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry 3) *.5111 Fueyo, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18) -- Jequi, Santa Clara, D-5........-----------. Luis Lazo, Pinar del Rio, D-2......
Diego, D-1. America, Orients, F-8 ------------. m N Zaza del Medio. D-6..... Cruz de Piedra, Havana, (Ry 8). Fuentes, Orients, (Ry 1) --------- Jesus del Monte. Havana (Rys 16, Luis Marx, Havana, (Ry 18)...
Duan, F-5. America. Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry 3). Calabazar. Camaguey, E-8........ Cuabitas. Orients, F-10, (Ry 1).... Fuerte Numancla, Santa Clara F-4. 18) 4 inmW Regla, C-3 .-------..... L-uisa, Camaguey, (Ry 1) .-English, C-2. Amigos, Oriente, (Ry 1) .--------- Calabazar, Havana, C-3. (Ry 18)..1400 Cuartel, Matanzas, (Ry 16)...... Fuerte Sagunto, Santa Clara, F-4.. Jibacoa Oriente, F-9 ------------............. Luis Roque, Matanzas, (Ry 16).Fragoso, D-6. Amparo, Havana, (Ry 16) ....... Calabazar, Orients, F-9---------- Cuatro Caminos. Havana (Ry 8)... Fuerte Zaragoza, Santa Clara F-4_. Jibaro, anta Clara, -6---------- Lutgardita, Santa Clara, (Ry 3)..
Frances, E-2. Anacahuita, Orients, (Ry 1), near Calabazar, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 4)1496 Cuarto Caminos. Matanzas. C-4 Jicotea, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry 16).. Luyano, Havana, (Rys 8, 16) ...
Grande, E-6. Contramaestre, F-9 ....---------- Calabazas, Camaguey, E-7------....... (RY 16) ... ........ Jicoteas del Rios, Camaguey, E-8.. Luyano, Havana, (Rys 8, 16)
Guajaba, D-8. Anafe, Havana, (Ry 8) --------........ -- Calabazas, Matanzas, (Ry 16).... Cuatro Caminas. Oriente. F-10 (Ry Jiguant, Oriente, F-9 (Ry 1) ....... 1362 Luz, Orients, (Ry 1) ..
Gulllermo, D-7. Anchollo, Camaguey, D-7........ -------- Calabazas, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 1). 1) --------------------. Jigue, Matanzas, (Ry 16).....
Hermanos de Sa, Marie, D-6. Andrade, Havana, (Ry 8) ..--------. Calazo, Oriente, F-10 ------------.......... Cuatro Caminos, Havana, (Ry 8)_ Jimlru, Camaguey, E-8 ...........
Hijo, B-1. Angelina, Camaguey, (Ry 1), near Calderon. Orientse. E-9, (Ry 1) .... Cubana, Orients, F-11 ---- Jiqulmas, Santa Clara, D-6 ........
Ines de Soto, C-1. Trillideras, D-7 ------------- Calderon, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18).. Cueto, Havana, (Ry 18) --------- Gabriel. Havana, C-3, (Ry 18) ..... Jobabo, Camaguey, E-8 ..........
Jutias, D-1. Angelito, Havana, (Ry 16) ----_ Calicito, Oriente, F-8 ------------ Cueto, Oriente, F-10, (Ry 1)..... Galafate, Havana, (Ry 16) Jobabo, Orients, E-8 (Ry 1) ..... McCormack, Orients, (Ry 1) -Laberinto de Doce Leguas, F-7. Angl6s, Matanzas, (Ry 16)__ Calimete, Matanzas. D-5, (Ry 16).1180 Cueva, Oriente, F-8.............. -------------- Galafre, Pinar del Rio, D-2 (Ry 18) Jobo, Havana, D-4 (Ry 16)...... Mabaya, Camaguey, D-7 ---Largo, E-4. Angostura, Camaguey, E-7 ...... Calixto, Orientse, E-9. (Ry 1).. Cueva, Orients, F-10 ------------ Galafre Viejo, Pinar del Rio, Jockey Club, Havana, (Ry 8) .... Macagua, Camaguey, (Ry 1).Machito, B-2. Angostura, Matanzas, (Ry 16).... Callegas, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18)-. Cuevas, Oriente, F-9 ........-------------.... (Ry 18) -------------------- Jorge, Havana, (Ry 18) ----------- Macagua, Matanzas, D-5 (Ry 16).
Machos, B-2. Angostura, Orients, F-9 .---------- Camaguey. Camaguey. E-7, (Rys Cumanayagoa, Matanzas, D-5 (Ry Galbis, Camagusy, E-8 (By 1)..... Jorobada, Santa Clara, (Ry 3) .... Macanacou, Orients, (Ry 1)
Madama, F-4. Antigua, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18). 01, 1) ......- ----------------29616 16) ------------------------ Galdos, Matanzas, (Ry 16)_ Joseflna, Oriente (Ry 7) 1 m W Bel- Macasta, Havana ......
Many, C-1. Antilla, Oriente. E-10, (RY 1)..... Camajuani. Santa Clara D-6 (Ry 3)5316 Cumanayagua, Santa Clara, D-5... Galindo ,Santa Clara, (Ry 16) ..- ona, F-10 .................. Maceo, Oriente, F-9
Matias, E-3. Antonio, Orients, F-11 ..-----------... Camarioca, Matanzas, C-4........ -------- Cuneira, Orients, F-10, (Ry 7)....- Galope, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 18)___. Joseina, Camaguey, E-8, (Ry 01) Macho, Orientse, F- (By 1)0.
Melon, B-2. Antonio, Orients, (Ry 1) --------- Camarones, Oriente, F-10........ Cupey, Orients, F-11............ ------------ Gamboa, Orients, F-8 (Ry 1) Josefita, Havana, (Ry 16) ....-------- Macho, Orient, F- ---------Moa, F-11. Antonio Alvarez, Matanzas, Camarones, Santa Clara, D-5 -......1127 Cupey, Orients (Ry 1) 5 mE Rioja Ganadores, Oriente, F-10 ....---------.. Jose Grande, Oriente, (Ry 7)--- Macurige s, F-Pinar del io...........
Moja Bragas, D-6. (Ry 16) -------------------- Camarones Station, Santa Clara, F-9......................... ------------------------ Gangalito, Camaguey, D-7--------........ Joturo (Ry 7) 2 m E Sabanilla, Madan. Matanzas (y 16)
Monito, B-1. Antonio de los Hoyos, Camaguey, D-5, (Ry 3) .............----------------- 'Cupeyes. Camaguey, D-7--------- Ganuza, Havana (Ry 8) 3 m S San F-10 ..---------------------- Madera Orients, (Ry 1)
Mono, B-1. E-7 ------------------------ Camasan, Orients, E-9 ........... Curamagiley, Matanzas, (Ry 16). Jose, D-3-------------------................... Jovellanos, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry 16) Madrigal, Santa Clara (Ry 1) 1 m
Nuevo, F-3. Anton Recio, Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry Cambo, Havana, (Ry 18) .. Garcia, Camaguey, E-6 ...... ------...............--.........9246 8 Tuimucu, E-6 ( 1)...m
Ocampo, G-4. 16) -------.----------------- Cambute, Havana (Ry 16) ....... Garcia, Havana, (Ry 16) --------- Juaguey, Pinar del Rio.D-1........ Madruga, Havana, C-4 (Ry 16) 2175
Paradas, F-5. Arango, Orients, (Ry 1), near Alto Camrona, Havana, (Ry 8)......... Garcia, Santa Clara, (Ry 1)- Juan Santos Matanzas, (Ry 16) Magdalena, Oriente, F,10....
Paredon Grande, D-7. Cedro, F-10 Camoechuela. Oriente, F-8-..----3933 Garmendia, Matanzas, (Ry 16) -- Juba, Orlente, E-10.............. Maguanos Viejos. Oriented; F-9
Partldo, B-2. Arcs, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ..---------... Campo Florido. Havana, C-3, (Ry Garrapata, Camaguey, E-7 ...... Juca, Orientse, F-8 ---------------- Maist, Oriente, F-11
Perro, B-2. Arday, Havana, (Ry 18)-_ 16) ------------------------- Garro, Havana, (Ry 16) -----------Jucare, Orients, E-9 ----- Majagua, Camaguey, D-6, (Ry I)..
Piedrasl B-1. Arenal, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Campos, Santa Clara. F-3 -------- Dagame, Havana, D-3, (Ry 18).-- Gaspar, Camaguey, E-7 (Ry 1) .... Jucaro, Camaguey, E -7 (y 4)*. Majagua, Matauzas, (Ry 16).
Portillo, B-2. Arenas. Oriente, E-9 ...........-------------. Campuzano, Matanzas, (Ry 16)-- Dagame, Orients (Ry 1) 2 m S Auza Gayajabos, Pinar del Rio, C-2..... Jucaro, Matanzas, C-4 .-.-----..a Ml e, Pinar del Rio, (Ry 1)
Rapado, D-1. Argudin Havana, (Ry 18) .------ Caiada del Varey, Oriente, F-9..... F-10 ..------------------------ Gelpl, Matanzas, C-4 (Ry 16) .... Judas Grands, Camagusy, D-7.... Malaguela, Oriente, E-9 ---Ratones, F-5. Arguz, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) ------ Cananoba, Oriente. F-11 -----......--. Dahetz, Matanzas, (Ry 16)------- Gertrudis, Camaguey, (Ry 1) ---- Juditas, Camaguey, D-7.......... ---------- Malas Aguas. Pinar del Rio, D-2..
Redondo, B-2. Arias, Santa Clara. (Ry 1) .- -- Canario. Camaguey. E-8, (Rv 1).. Daiquiri, Oriente, F-10*---------- Gibara. Orients, E-9 (Ry 5) ...... 6170 Julia, Orients, (Ry 1) 8 m" EVe- Malcasado, Pinar del Rio, D-1 .
Rioja, B-2. Arimao. Santa Clara, D-5... ... Canas, Matanzas, D-4, (Ry 16).... Dajao, Oriente, F-10 ------------- Giraudy, Orients, (Ry 1) q---------Quitas Oriente, F-9.-- Malica, Matanzas, (Ry 16)
Romano, D-8. Armas, (amaguey, (Ry 1)....... Canas. Oriented. F-11 Damaso, Havana, (Ry 16)------ Gloria,Havana, (Ry 16) --------- Jumagua, Santa Clara, D-5 (ify 3) Malotonica, MataPinar del Rio, (y D-16)
Romero, B-1. Armas, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Caias.Pinardel Rio, D-3,(Ry 18).. Damuji, Pinar del Rio, D-1-- Glorita, Matanzas. (Ry 16) Junyet, Orients, (Ry 1)---------- Malvango, Orients, (Ry 1) 13 mE
Sabinal, E-8. Armenteros, Havana, (Ry 16) -- Candado, Santa Clara---------............1179 Datil, Oriente, F-9 --------------- Glorieta. Orients, F-11 (Ry 7) .... Juragua, Santa Clara, D-5 ..------- Vequitas Oriente, F-9
Santa Maria, D-7. Armocillo, Orients, E-8 .........----------- Candelaria, Camaguey, E-7 ... Daunic, Orients, (Ry 7)----------- Gomez, Camaguey, (Ry 4) --- Jurlsdiccion, Orients (Ry 7) 1 m E Mambi, Orients, F-9 (Ry 1) --Siguapa, C-1. Arriete, Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry 3).. Candelaria, Pinar del Rio, D-3, (Ry David, Matanzas, (Ry 16)------ G6mez, Havana, (Ry 18) ---- Sabana Abajo, F-10 ......... Mamloj, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 3)
Sombrero, B-2. Arroyo Arenas. Havana,kRy 8) 2 in 18) ------------------------ 1746 Delicias, Camaguey, (Ry 4) Gomez, Orients, (By 1) ---------- Jutcleum, Orients, F-10 (Ry 7)-: Mainry, Santa Clara, D-6 (Ry 1)_Turiguano, D-7. N Punta Brava, C-3 --------- Candonga, Orients, F-9, (Ry 1)7 Delicias, Pinar del Rio, (By 18)m Gomez, Santa Clara, D-6 u im e) Manacas, Santa Clara, D-5, (Ry
Yenas, E-11. Arroyo Blanco, Camaguey, D-6 .... Canel, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) 1 m N Demajayabo, Orients, F-10------- Gomez Mena, Havana, (Ry 16)--- 16)an s Sana. Cara.. ------(ByArroyo Blanco, Camaguey, E-8 .... Falcon, D-6 ----------------- Demajagua, Orients, F-8 --------- Gonzalez, Camaguey, (Ry 1).----- Manacas, Santa Clara D-6
Arroyo Blanco. Orients, -9..... Canet, Camaguey, (Ry 01) 1 m S Demajagua, Orients. F-11 .-------- Gonzalito y Conicto, Hdvana, Managuacos, Pinar de Rio, -2
Arroyo Blanco, Oriente. E-10----- Minas, E-8 ------------------ Demetrio, Matanzas, (By 16) ----- (Ry 16) Managuago, Camaguey, E-8 ----Mountans. Arroyo Blanco, Orients, F-9 ----- Canete, Oriente, F-11 ------------ Denos, Orients, (Ry 1) ---------- Grrn, Havana, (Ry 16) ---------- Kato Viejo, Camaguey. F-8 ------ Manajanabo, Santa Clara, D-6 (By
Arroyo Blanco, Orients (By 7) 1 us Caney, Orients, F-10. ---------- 1067 Descanso, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ----- Govea, Havana, C-3 (Ry 16) ------ Kessell, Pinar del Rio, (By 18) .... 1)
W Jutinicum, F-10 ---------- Canisi, Camaguev, E-8 -----------........... Deseada. Santa Clara, D-4-------- Granadille, Santa Clara, D-6------ Manantial, Oriente, -F,(By
Aragon, F-11. Arroyo Hondo, Oriente,F-11,(Ry 7) Cano, Havana, (Ry 8). ----------- Desemp6flo, Matanzas, (Ry 16)---. Gran Canaria, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Manat Junction, Orients, (Ry 1)
Da Mariana, F-11. Arroyo Naranjo, Havanai C-3, (Ry Cantabria, Matanzas, (Ry 16)... Desengano, Matanzas, (Ry 16)--- Gray, Havana, (Ry 18)--------- anati, Oriente, E-9
.Del Cristal, F-10. 18Cantera, Matanzas, (Ry 16) .. Desnucado, Pinar del Rio, D-2----- Guadalupe, Camaguey, D-7 ------- Mangas, Pinar del Rio, D-3 (Ry 18)
Del Jobon, F-11. Arroyo Prielo.Camaguey. -7 --- Cantera Segrera, Camaguey, (Ry 4) Desquite, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ----- Guadulpe, Santa Clara, D-6 -------Manganeso, Orients, (Ry 1)
Dels Organos, D-1. Arsenal, Havana, 9 m N Marianao, Cantlmplora, Oriente. E-9.(Ry 5).. Diego del Pino, Santa Clara D-4.--- Guaicanamar, Camaguey, E-8 .---- angle, Camaguey, (Ry 1)
Del RosMcaro, F-2. C-4 ----------------- Cantos, Matanzas, (Ry 16)...... Dificil, Santa Clara, (Ry 16) ----- Gualmaro, Camaguey, E-8 --------....... La AJuada Oriente, F--------.........-- Mangle, Oriente F-10
De Micaro. F-10. Arteaga, Camaguey, (y 1) Caobas, Matanzas, D-4, (Ry 16)_ Digna, Santa Clara (Ry 16)....... Guajacas, Santa Clara, D-4....... La Anita, Havana. (Ry 8) ....... Manguito, Matanzas,1 (y 6)1181
De Moip F-11. Artemisa, Matanzas, (Ry 18) ... Caobillas, Camaguey, E-7 --------........ Dimus, Pinar del Rio, D-1 *.------ GuaJuco, Orientse, E-9............ ------------ La Bajada, Oriente, F-11--------- Manicaragua, Oriente, E-9 .
D Nipe F-10. Aslento de Gibara, Orientse, E-9 .... Capdevila Havana (Ry 16) 7 m S DiosMarias,Camaguey, E-8,(Ry01) Guama, Orientse, F- ------------- Laberinto, Matanzas, (Ry 16)---- Manicaragua. Santa Clara 1434
La Socapa, G-4. Laberlnto, Santa Clara ..........
La Voca, F-11. Astray, Oriente, F-9, (Ry 1) 11 u Havana, C-3 ---------------- Dique, Havana, (Ry 8) ---------- Guamito, Orients, F-8 ----------- --- Manigua, Oriente, 2 mW Galbis,B-S
Laea, F-l. W Bayamo, F-9 ------------- Capitan, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry 1) .. Dolores, Camaguey, E-8 ---------- Guamo,Oriente, F-9 (Ry 1) Laborde, Havana, (Ry 16) Manlguas, Pinar del Rio, C-2.
Maestra. F-9. Atolladosa, Camaguey, E-6 ..... Capitolio, Matanzas, (Ry 16) .... Dolores, Orientse, -8------------ Guamuticas, Matanzas, (Ry 16) La Caila, Orients, E-9 ...------------ Manolo, Camague, (Ry 1).
Socarreno, E-9. Atrevido, Matanzas, (Ry 16). --- Caraballo, Havana, C-4.------- Dolores, Santa Clara, (Ry 16) ---- Guana. Oriente, F-9 ..------------- La Canada, Isla de Pinos, E-3.... Mantu, Pinar d i -1169
Teta de a Toa........-- Mantua. Pinar del Rio, D-1 ------- 1169
Tetas de Da Tomasa, F-. Aulet, Camaguey, (Ry 1) .. Caraballo, Pinar del Rio. D-2...... Domenguez, Camaguey, -7, (Ry4) Guanaacoa, Havana, C-3* ..... 14368 La Coaba, Orients, F-9 ----------........... Manzanillo, Orients, F-S (Ry 1)..b819
Verde F-11. Auras. Oriented, E-9. (Ry 5)...... Caracusey. Santa Clara, D-6...... Dominguez, Orients. E-8 (Ry 1). Guanabana, Matanzas, C-4 (Ryl6) La Caridad, CamagSue E-8 ....... M i
Aurora, Matanzas, (Ry 16) __--- Carapachihey, Isla de Pinos, E-3--. Domingo, Matanzas, (Ry 16)---- Guanabo, Havana, C-3 .......... La Cardad. Oriented (Rys 1, 7) 1 m Marainon,t Camaguey, E-8 -Australia, Matanzas, (Ry 16) -- Caravela Chica, Pinar del Rio, D-1. Dormitorlo, Oriente, E-9 .------- Guanacajala, Pinar del Rio, D-3.. S Auza, F-10............... Marayi, Oriente, F-11 -S-Avalos, Santa Clara, (Ry 1), near Carboneras, Santa Clara D-5 (Ryl) Dormitorio, Orients, (Ry 1 ------ Guanaja, Camaguey, D-8- ......... La Catalina, Camaguey, E-8 ...... Marcan, Orient, (Riy 1)
Santa Clara, D-5 ...........-Cardenas, Matanzas, C-4, (Ry 16) Dos Amigos, Santa Clara, ( y 16)._ Guanajales, Matanzas, D-4 La Ceiba, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry 16).. Marco, Camaguey, E-7, (y
ivers. Auza, Oriente, F-10, (Ry 1)------ ...--- -------------------------......... 24280 Dos Bocas Orlente, F-10 Y 1). Guanaay, Pnar del Rio, C-3 (Ry La Ceiba, Orient, E-9 -- Marcos Snchez, Oriente, F-10,
Carldad, Oriente, F-10 ----------- Dos Brazos, Orients, F-11 8, 16) ---------------- 6400 La Ceja, Pinar del Rio, D-i (By I)Aguas Blancas, E-9. Caridad, Matanzas, (Ry 16).----- Dos Caminos, Oriente, F-10 (Ry' 1) Guanajibe, Santa Clara, D-6...... La Conceplcion, Camaguey, E-7 .... M r
Altamisa, E-7. Caridad, Pinar del Rio, D-1 ------- Dos Hermanas, Santa Clara (Ry 3) Guanamacas, Camaguey, D-7..... La Cruz, Oriente (Ry 1) 1 m S Auza Margaritabomba, Camaguey, -7 1) 3 S
Artmao, D-5. Caridad, Santa Clara, (Ry 3)..... 2 m E Mata, D-6------------ Guandao, Orientse. F-11 ...... F-10....................... -----------------------rFlorida, E-7
Bayamo, F-9. Carlos Rojas, Matanzas--------..........1635 Dos Hermanos, Santa Clara, (Ry Guane, Pinar del Rio, D-1 (Ry 18)*1369 La Cuaba, Oriente, E-9 ........... Margarita, Matanz 6
Bureos, F-9P. Carmen, Havana, (Ry 16) ........ 16).. Guanlnao, Orients (RY 1). La Cuban, Oriente, F-10 (Ry 7).. Margarita, Oriente, B-9
Calmanes, F-5. Babiney, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Carmen, Havana, (Ry 8)--------- Dos Marios, Santa Clara, 0-5 Guaninicum, Oriente, F-10 (Rys 1, La Duguesa, Camaguey, E-7. Margo, Orients, (Ry 1) ---Calabazas F-4. Babiney, Orientes, F-9 ------------. Carmen. Orientse, F-10, (Ry 1).... Duaba, Orients, F-11 ------------............ 7) ---- ......-------------------- La Entrada, Oriente, E-9---------......... Maria, Havana, (Ry 16)
Canimar, 3-2. Bacunagua Abajo, Pinar del Rio, Carmita, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Duany, Orients, (Ry 1) ....---------- Guanlto, Oriente, E-9 ------------ La Farola, Orients, F-11 ......--------- MMar anaH a C-3 (ys 816)*9332
CaunDo, 1-7. 1-2 --------------------- Carolina, Camaguey, E-7, (Ry 4)_ Duenas, Matanzas, (Ry 16) _-.- Guanito, Santa Clara, D-4 ------- La Garita, Camaguey, D-7-------- Marianso Havana C-S (By
Caunatillo, DF-7. Bacunagua Arrlba, Pinar del Rio, Carolina, Matanzas, (Ry 16)...... Dulce Nombre, Matanzas, (Ry 16) Guantanamo, Orients, F-10 (Rys 6, La Gloria. Camaguey, E-8 .. Mariana Beach, Havana, C-3 (Ry
Canto, F-9. D-2. (Ry 18)----------------.. Carreno, Santa Clara (Rys 3,16)4 m Dumois. Orients, E-10, (Ry 1).... 7) ------- 14559 La Gorra, Camaguey, E-7, (Ry 4) Maria 1) ntoia, anta Cara
Contramaestre, F. Bacuranao, flavana, C-3 ....... S E Aguada de Pasajeros, D-5. Duran. Havana. D-3, (Ry 16)..... GuantanamoJunction,Orlente,(Ry7) La Grifa Pinar del Rio, D-1....... (Ry 16)-- ------ a,
Cuyaguateje, D-2. Badia, Havana, (Ry 16) ----------........ Carrera Larga, Oriente, F-10 (Ry7) Guara, Havana, D-3 (Ry 16) ..... 1020 La Guinea, Orients, F-9 .......... Mariel, Pinar del Rio, C-3 -1592
Cuyaguateje, D -. Baez, Santa Clara, D-6 -----------........... Carrillo, Matanzas, D-5, (Ry 16).. Guarapo, Havana (Ry 8)--------........- La Guira, Camaguey E-7 ........ Marieta, Santa Clara, (Ry 16)
de as Cravelas, 8. Baga, Plnar del Rio, D-i......... --------- Cartagena, Santa Clara D-5 (Ryll) Guaracabulla, Santa Clara, D-6 -. Laguna, Camaguey, -8.......... Marimon, Oriente; (Ry 7)......
de las Yama, D-7. Baga, Santa Clara, D-6.......... ---------- Cartayo, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) ----- Guaretras, Matanzas, D-5 (Ry 16). Lagunillas, Matanzas (Ry 16).... Marin Leon, Havana, (Ry 18)....
de San Pedro, E-7. Bahia Honda, Pinar del Itio. C-2...1263 Casa de Alto, Oriente, F-9 --------- Guarina, Camaguey, E-7 (Ry 1)._ Lagunitas. Orients, (Ry 7)......- Maroto, Orients, (Ry 7)
Domingo Dlaz, E-7. Bailador, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ----- Casarego, Santa Clara, (Ry 14) E an Guarina, Matanzas, (Ry 16) ------ La Gura, Orient, -9 -t a z, y 1
Gua F-8. Bailiquir, Orients, F-11 ---------- Casas de los Practices, Orients, F-8. Ehevarria, Matanzas (By 16) 6 m Guasamilla, Santa Clara, (RY 1) 4 La Herradura, Oriente. E-9 -------- Marta, aanzay, (y 1)-.....
Guatanamo F-. Bainca, Camaguey, E-7 .......... Cascajal. Matanzas, D-5 (Ry 16) *.1140 E Altamisal, D-5------------- i S Placetas del Sur, D-6 ----- La Industria, CamagueS (Ry 1) 2 Martinez, Camaguey, D-7 .
Guantanamo, F-1. Balnoa, Havana. C-4, (Ry 16)----..... Cascaras, Santa Clara, D-5 ------....... Eden, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) -------- Guasima, Matanzas, C-1 mN Marti, E-8 Martinez, Matanzas, (Ry 16)
Gurajaya, E-7. Baire. Orients, F-9, Ry 1)-------....... Casilda, Santa Clara, E-5 (Ry 15).1246 Eden Park, Matanzas (Ry 16) 3 m Guasimal, Santa Clara, E-6 (Ry14) LaJagua, Pinar del Rio, D-2.------ Martinez, Oriente, (Ry 1)
Hatiguanico, Y-4. Baja, Pinar del Rio. ---------- Casimba. Camaguey, F-8 ---------- E Guira, D-4 ---------------- Guasimas, Camaguey, E-8------ La Jarrola, Pinar del Rio, D-i ----Itabo, -7. Bajac, Havana, (Ry 16).---------- .... Casitas Junction, Camaguey, El Aguila, Havana, (Ry 8) ------- Guasimas, Pinar del Rio, D-1 -- Lajas, Pinar del Rio, D-2 --------- Martin Perez, Havana (Ry 16) ....
Jatibonico del Norte. D-7 Baldomero, Matanzas, (Ry 16) .... (By 1)--------------------- El Allunado, Santa Clara, 1D-6 ...----- Guasimas, Santa Clara, D-5 ----- Lajas, Santa Clara. D-5 (Ry 3) 4509 Maruca, Camaguey, (Ry 1)
Jatlbonico del Sur, E-6. Banaguises.Matanzas,C-5,(Rv 16).1130 CastIllo, Santa Clara, 1-S--------- El Asionto, Oriente, F-11 ---------- uaso, Orieite, F-10, (Ry 6) ------ La Jaula. Pinar del Rio, D-1. Masferrer, Orients, (By 1)-.......
Jibacoa, F-8. Banamonde, Pinar del Rio, D-2 ..-. Catalina, Havana, C-3, (Ry 16)...-1490 El Baga, Camaguey, E-8 ---------- Guayabal, Plnar del Rio (Ry 8) 6 Lajitas, Camaguey, (Ry 1) 2 m E Masi, Oriente, B-P .........
Jiguey, D-8. Banao, Camaguey, E-8 ----------- Catano, Santa (lara, (Ry 1) ----- El Carmen, Oriente, (Ry 7) ------- u E Guanajay. D-3 ....... Jatibonlco, D-6---------------Mata, Santa Clara, 11-S (By 3)....
Jobabo, -. Banan, Santa Clara, E-6 -------- Catatina, Pinar del Rio, -1..... El Cedro, Orients, F-11 ----------.. Guayabal, Santa Clara, D-5 (Ry La Julia, Matanzas, D-4 ---- Matagua, Santa Clara, (Ry 3) ....
Jucarbo, C-8. Banes. Orlente, E-10 --------...........---. 3788 Caudal, Isla de Pinos, E-3 .......---------. El Chuno, Orientse. F-8 .........-----------. 16)..................... ------------------------La Justa, Oriente, E-10.......----------- Matamoros, Orents, 6 Maco,
-'"r, -1 La Lena, Pinar do] Rio, D-2 ------- F-9 ------------------------Las Minas, E-8. Bango, Matanzas, (Ry 16) .--------. Caugerl, Orientse. F-11 ----------........... El Colon, Pinar del Rio. D-2------....... Guayabo, Orientse.........La Lena. Pinar del Rio Matamor, riente,
Imones, -S. Bannatyne, Havana, (Ry 16) ---- Canto, Oriente, F-9 -------------- El Cometa, Camaguey, (Ry 1) ....- Guayacanes, Camaguey, E-7,(Ry 1) La Lima, Orients, (By 7) ------------ Matamorra, Orients, F-b ......
Los Guimns, B-I. Bass Santa Clara, 11-S. (By 3)... Canto Abajo, Oriente, F-1-----------El Conunoc. Camaguey.,1-7---------Guayo, Santa Clara, 11-S (By 3)... La Lisa. Camaguey. B-S.-------Matanzas, Matauzas CA4 (By16) *35009
Los Negros, B-7. Bans Calientes, Orients. F-9-..... Cayajana. Santa Clara, E-6....... El Corojo, Oriente. F-9....---... -Guayos. Santa Clara. D-6 (BR i).. La Luz, Santa Clara (Ry 3) ..... Mateus, Matanzas, (By 16)
Mala Rueca, E-7. Baracoa. Orients, F-11_..... 5633 Cayamas, Orients, F-9.....---.. --El Cura, Havana, (Ry 16)---.-----Guerrero, Matanzas, D-5, (Ry 16). La Machona, Pinar del Rio. D-1... Matias. Orients, F-P..........
Manuce, F-S. Baragua, Camaguey; B-I, (Ry 1).. Cayetano, Pinar del 111o.11-2---------El Desnsyo, Camsguey, B-S---------Guillermo, Orients, (By 1) .... La Maya, Orionts, F-10, (Rys 1, 7) Mates, Havana, (By 16).....
Manat, De-6. BarsJagua, Santa Clara, -5-_-. Cayguanabo Pinar del io, 1-2_.. El Homno, Oriente.F -Pe ..y..... -GulnesI Havana. D-3 (Rys 8, 16) 8053 La Merced, Camagney, D-7..0 .. Maximo Gomez, Santa Clara, D-6
Mantui, D1. Bari, Orients, B-10---..-..-.. -Cayojo, Orients, (Ry 1) ........ Ella, Camaguey, (fly 1) ......... Gulnia de Miranda, Santa ClaraD-6 La MIna, Camaguey, D-7......... Maximo-GomezMayaro. F-10. Bariqua, Oriente. F-li-........... Cayo Gua, Orients, F-11......... Elisa y tClarita, Havana, (Ry 16).. Guinlao. Orients, F-ll-........... La Mina, Camaguey E-8......... Maxino Goiez, Matanzas-108
Nangu, F-I. Barn, Matanzas, D-4, (Ry 16)..... Cayolucano, Pinar del Rio, D-2.... Elizalde, Matanzas, (Ry 16)...... Guipizcoa, Matanzas, (Ry 16).... La Mulata, Pinar del Rio, 0-2..... Maybe, Orients, B-l P
Naranjo, B-P. Barona, Pinar del Rio. D-1.....-- Cazones, Santa Clara, D-4........ El Jardin, Orients, F-9........... Guira. Havana, D-3 (Ry 18)......5550 La Noca, Oriente, F-10........... Mayaigua, Santa Clara 1-S
Naraeo,1 Barrera. Havana, C-3- -........ Ceballos. Camaguey, D-7 (Ry4)... El Jobo, Camaguey, D-7.......... Guira, Matanzas, D-4 (Ry 16).....1253 La Palisada, Camagusy, F-7....... Mayanabore, Camaguy,Palmas, -2. Barer, Havana, (Ry 16)--6_ .. Cebollas, Oriente, F-8........ El Jobo, CamaguOrite, -10 .....Guira, Orients, B-P............ La Palma, Pnar del Rio, -2........ M ayar. Oriented. F-10 (R.... 2714
Parades, F-. Barreto, Havana, (By 18)R-16) 0Cedro Caibo, Santa Clara, 1-4(y ..... El Joanc Oeronnta F-P-. -4... LnGura, Pinar del Rio, 1-2----La Palms Sabanilla, iatanzas C- Mazorra, Havana, -3, (Ry 16)....
Roble, -. Barreto, Matanzas, -, (Ry 16). Cenba, Havanae, C-( .. .....2661 El Jobn, Orients, F-7,(Ry4------- Guirabo, Camaguy, B-7-....... -La Paz, Matanzas, (y 16)........ Media Luna, Orients, F-S m
Sagna, F-. oarrNen-es Orients, F-11.----1907 Ceiba, Matanzas, (ry 16)-aguey.. rEl Jorobado., usise doPnos, B-3..... Gutierz, Santa Clara. (By )..... LaPepa, Santa Clara, -5 ....Melel,OMedina, e amagey, (By 1)
Sagu n a Bayame-6. Batnte Orients, B-S (Ry 1)- .... 4 2 Ce iba, Or ients. F-e, (R..... 1).... El JucaM r, Orients, B- --.......... HaLa Plata, Orients, F-P-------------Lay 7...... M e n nzas -4, ( y 16)..
Sagua Is Grands, -S. Bartolome, Camagney, B-I----------Ceba, Pinar del Rio, C-2------------El Jucaro, Orients, F-P---------------------------- La Plays Village. Matanzas, B-1._ Medrano, Camaguey, (By 1) ..
Salad, F-3. Bartolom, Santa Clara, 1-6-...... Cenba Hueca, Orients.S, (F-S - El Loco, Orient, F-10_--- ...-- Rato.-Orint--." La Plaz, Orienta, F-y-18......... Mefan, Orent, (Ry 1)
'alado F-9. Batabano, Havana, C-3, (Ry 16)*.490 Celomi, Matanzas, (By 16) HatE nero renta C 1...... La Sabania Camague, F-8..-... Meloa, a an, -b (Ry 16)....
San Anton, r-n. Batalla, Matanzas, (Ry 16)------- Cendoy, Orients, (By 1)- -------- -L Maiguito amagDey,B-n,(ny4j -R1t rD a 1 18)
San Fernando,E-8. Batista, Havana (R y 5) ......... Central Agramonte, Camag ey, El s do Orinte, -1..........H Las ati s, COrM oe -v ......Me d a
San Juan do NaJaso, B-S. Bafta, Havana-....-------------1901 (By 1), near Florida, E-7 ....- El Morro, ( amagusy, B-I, (By 4).. H'aticas, Orients, F-P-........... ---Laredo, Orients, F-S, (By 1)... ens, 11-3----------------i... 161
Seco, B-P. Baymo, Orente, F-1 (Ry 1) *....4102 Central Am rica, Orients, (By 1), El Mor o, Havana, 1D-3 ........... Haticos, Orients, E- 8 (... 1...... La Redonda, Camagey,.ente, -1 --. --.... riet s 51.S.
Sevlna. B-S. Bayea, Orients. F- ,(RBv 1) .---... C near Contrarl estre, F--9( 5).... El Mulao, Camasguey, B-4..I..... Hatu-, rai enta C a, F- 5 (y 1)- La edondo,Camaguey.D-, (Ry) Melnes, Orients. F-Cr, P .
Siguenca, C-i. Beamones, Camaguty, C-4- (R...1 Central Brjita, Orients, (By 1), El Pern, Oriente, F-9............ HHatillo, Santa Clara, -S R-s-8, -6 La ResbaiCsa Orients., B-P...... Melones, Ointa, F-(y
Tana, B-S. Bedrinana, Santa Clara. 1 u W near Dos Caminns, F-b--Ori,10-..... Em ijob Orente, F-P. (By 1)0.....Hatobonco, Orients, F-b----18).........2s, Matanzas, (By 16)975..9mMalgnus, Pienarrdel Rio. S-e1r.r
Tan, F-S1. Manacas s D- (By 16) 108 Central Maria, Matanzas, (Ry 16).. El Pinar Oren, aaF-b 7.. .. Hatv. Orients, (By 1)Oriente.-(R--. Larre, Havana, ( y 18)- ------. -mendz ,Havana Y(y8)
Y/ams. F-P. HeJucal, Havana. -3. (By 16) *....5265 Cerro, Havana, 2 us W Havana, El Potrero, Orients, F-P-------------Hat do Guano, Ptnar dol Bin, D-1. La Sabanillla, Camaguey, B-S,(y )~.
Yarlgua, B-P. Belarmino, Oriente, (By 1)-....... -Ch3ibs Or..ente,..(Ry ......... El mosario, POnar del Rio 1 -2...... Hate Garcia, Santa Clara, (By -10 ) La Sal Orients. F-mgae D--..... endiola, Matanzas (y 16)
Yeguas, P. Beolig, Orients, F-S l...... ..... hCespedes a Camaguya, B-I (Ry 3). El Sabanazo, Camagey, 1-76).... Hatb Nuevo, Matenza (Ry5 6 16) Las Calas, Santa Clara. .-6...... HMendoza,Plnardl RIoD- (Ry18)
Zaza, a-6. ( Berle, Havana, (ByRy 16)-....... Chiambas, Camagey, (-1 ....... El Salado, Orients, F-liMaanza 6..... HateQuemado, Pnardel Rio, D-2.. Las Chivas, Orients, (By )--.... Minendez, Matazasr (By 16) ....
Belona, Orents, F- (Ry 7)... dChapala, Orients, (y ) ..... El Santo, Santa Clara, -6- ........ HenaaHtey, Camaguey (Ry 1).... Las Cuabas Orients, F-1 i....... MriMed, MataFzas, (Ry 16).
Abr s at laD-5 Ddga~r e -11 Cego CabllouSana Claraa1C-6rancrucijda, Sana.ClaraI)-i (1aerraduanPinardel Rio -.(..yMasrMoscs.,CamauenzD-7....5M aR(R 1))Beltran, Matanzas, (By 16)----------Chaparra. Orients, BE-P (Rty 5)--------El Varadero, Matanzas, C---------. Hatnyai t laa, 1-S (y 8 1 La eiis ree B )----Mercera atanzara, 11-S (By6...
d n nAa a y 6 o~ugam a n n ,r na a ( ,v a 6La Tireas, Camauey E-7 r.a.Hre...)...
Benavldes, Matanzas, C- (By 15) Charrascos, Orente, F-l. --..--- El Yesn, Orients, B-P Horvana, aana ClaraBy8, 65 .La S(errea Camageeya117---, -4 MogoMteorieantClara,..
Beulto, Oriate. (Ry I)- Ciavarroia,Plnardel Rio, za.2- DEmbavieJo. Orinte,,F-0............8) ------. ---- 9 LT CM g- Mocaela, Havana (y 8)1........
Towns. Bermeja Matanas, 11-4. (By 6).087 Cherspa, Santa Clara, (By 3)--------Emboreadero Camaguy, B-I-.....---echavarri, Orients. (By )---------La Sierra, Orients, F-b--------------. Mlian, Havna (By 5)......
Bermja. Oriented, F-S.......... Chibas Orients, (By 1)C a D-..... srFmta, Ori ente.By F-0-(Ry-7)-.., Orient, F-0 as La, aan -I...-.--. -Mimi, at asy y 1.........
Pop.1 1907 Beola Orients, (r y 1)ero. .ama ... Chlnchila, Santa Clara, -S (By 3) Empalme, Havana. -4 (By 16)... Hemosa, Orients (By 5)Ry1)2 Hoyoaa y3 (- L Taja-, iCamgey, -7Minas, Camaguy B-S (ly l0),387
Abono, Havana, (By18)e---8(Ry 1 )Gerdiales, Matanzas, (By 16) 8 Cho, Orients, F-P. (By 1)0...... impresa, Mayazas, (y 16)- Auras, B-................... Las Lajas t Orientsy 7)1mWS-- Minas, Havana. -3 (y 16).....
Abren, Santa Clara (Ry 1) 2 uE Bermudez, Camagusy, (By y Cidra Matanza, C-4, (By 16)...... Encarnarion. Havana (By 8)a (... L rHermandez, ('amaguey (By 1)... Las Mina, Orients, B-P- ......... Monasicas, Santa Clara, D-6....
Santa Clara, D-5....,..--------Benal (amaguy, (By 1)----------Ciego, Matazas, (By 16)------- Encelia, Orients, F-S-8 ------ Hernndsz Orieiit, B-P ....... Las Minas, Orient, F-lb------------Mir, Orients, F-P. (By 1).....
Abreus Santa Clara, 11-5------------enardo Orients, F-il----------Clego Cabalo, Santa Clara, 11-6.... Encrucijada, Santa Clara. 11-6 (RYF Herradura Pinar del Bin. D2 (Ry Las Moss Camagney, -7... Miraflor, Matanzas, (By 16)....
!!f, i"":Berrae 'Eo,2 sOr i a o F-1 :.:........e..' .-.E E Es2 n Pna 8 Ii I~ 8. 27 4vn M orad aanCaa,(R y 18).. ...., Havana, (By 18)----Moner-OrderaP.O.:sCego do Avila Camaguoy, a- 3a-.1801 18)------------------------Las Nuovas, Camagiey, B-S...i CAnosta, Idla do Pines. it-2-........-' Berracos. Pinar del Bin. C-2-----------(Bys 1, 4)---------------.... 242 Ensgnads, Oriente, F-1-------------Herera Orients, F-b (By 1) .... Las Nuevas, Orient, BE-- ------.r......aan..' 1)
Acosta, Matanzas, CA, (By 16).. Berrocal, Orients, B-S. (By 1)...... Ciego Lardo Pinar del in, D1-1....,. Equador. Camagey. EB-S--------......ilevat, sis de Pinos, -2------------Las Ovs Pinar del Rio D1-2,(Ry8) Mirs-F10es..Oriets..F-l
A~ncia, nanta tiara, (By 1)---------Bisin Aparecida, Havana. (By 5)... Cielo, t ainagnoy, (By 1)-----------Emits, Orients, (By I)-------------Hevia, Havana, (By 18)------------Las Puerras, Orients. F-........ Miranda, Orients. F-b1).....
Adelalda, Matanzas (By 16)--------Bffurcacidn, Havana, (Bys 16, 18) Cienfuegn, Santa Clara, 11-S (By Enestina, Hvaina (By 8)----------Hguanojo, Santa Clara, B-6---------Las Tias. Camaguy, B-I------------Miranda, Orients,(B1)
Agramonte, Matanzls, 11-4. (Ry6)1852 bin. Orients, (By 11 2 us S Alto 5)-------------------....30100 Escara, Camagey (By 1)----------Bibs, Havana, (By 18)-------------Las Tunas, Camagney, B-S----------MI Boss, Havana, 1-3_2....
Agucate. Havana, CA, (By 1).... 1109 Cedro. F-b----------------Cifuentes, Santa Clara, 11-S (By S)14P2 Escorial, Havana, (By 16)----------Hill, Orients, (By I)---------------Las Tunas, Orients, B-P (By 1)..2147 Mens Orients F-li......
Aguacate, Orients (BR 1)------ Bian, Orients, F-b----------------Cigarrera Camagey, B-I----------. Bales. Santa Clara, 11-S (By 16).. Holgun. Orients, B-P (Bys 1,) *.52 Las Yay, as, Camaguy, (By 4) ... Mocha, Matanzas, CA4 (By 1)....
Aguadd ('mguesy, s-S. (By 3) Birey, Orients F-P----------------Cimaones, Santa (lara, D--S-......- Espana,.Matanzas bu m Aitamisal, Homriggueo, Santa Clara. 11-S (By Las Yeguas, Camagey, B-7... Modemno, Matanzas, (By 16)...
Agnada. Havana. C-S. (By 6)..... Bizar on, Havana. (By 8)----------- Cinarrones Ieatanzas. -4 (By 16) 11-S--------------------------- )-.......................... La Tasajer, Santa Clara. D- -------- Mogots, Orient, F-10. .. .
Aguada do PasaJeros. S ants Clara, Blanquizal. Orients. F-S------------Cimarones, Santa Clara. 11-5--------Esperana Oriento. F-b0 (By 7).... Hornsco, Orients, F-P ......... La Teja, Matanzas C-S-------------Mommna, Pinar del Rio, (By 18).....
D-5 (Bys 4. 16)----------.1452 Hors de Potrero Camasey, D1-I7. Claudl, Santa Clara, D-6-----------Esperanza, Santa Clara, (By 1) 2 Hoyo Colnrado, Havana, C-3 (ys La Tlnaja, Orients F-u1-........... -Monserrate, Matanzas, (By 16)_A gn s B lancas. O rients, F -S. (B y 1) B oca G alnfre, Pinar D el B i (B y iS ) C obre, O rients. F- 10- ..... ......1781 mn S G usyos 11-6- - - - - - - - - 16)- ...................... Laura. O rients (B y 7) 1 us W S a a le ontecitos C am agusy. B -S .
Agns Verdas, Orients, F-P----------Bolondron, Matanzas, D-4, (By 16)2581 Coca, Havana, (Ry 5)--------------Esperanza, PInar del Rio. 11-2 ...nla -0Mnerso ne -1....
Aguedits, Matanzas, (By 16)---------olondron, Pinar del Rio. D-1i.... Cocal, Ori n-8..------------- Esperanra, Santa Clara, 11-S (Bys -arnlo-atazs R 6_ Montezto, Orineo Ro 1). .
Agilica Matanas. 11-S. (By 1)._ Boniato. Orients. F-1b. (By 1)--------Cojimar, Orients. F-P----------------3. 1S)------------------..2154 Lavado, Orients, (By 1) ottOins (By 1Agnila, Matanzas, (By 16)-----------Bonico, Santa (..ara, (By 1)---------Colas, Orients. (By 1)--------Esperdn, Pinar del Blo, (By 18)... La Vega, Matanzas, (By bS) ...... Moms, Santa Clara, (Ry 1) ...
Cuba 1. Money Order P. 0.: Steamboat Landings.

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