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Snake with Leg; Lizzard in a Hen's Egg, Trinidad Guardian Trinidad Guardian, 13 May 1933, p. 2
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Collected Transcriptions by Lise Winer
Winer, Lise
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Port of Spain, Trinidad
Trinidad Guardian
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Caribbean Area ( lcsh )
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Trinidad and Tobago

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13 May 1933, p. 2 Snake with Leg; Lizzard in a Hen's Egg, Trinidad Guardian Trinidad Guardian, 13 May 1933, p. 2 Snake with Leg A small grass snake about five to six inches long with four visible legs, can be seen at the Trinidad Marine Club, Stauble's Bay, Chaguaramas. It is owned by L. G. Carter. Lizzard in a Hen's Egg Some months ago, as I broke a hen's egg in a bowl, to my great surprise a tiny lizzard appeared, wriggling in the white of the egg from where it jumped to the edge of the bowl.


June 22, 1933, p. 3 Gumbo Lailai Again in Court, Trinidad Guardian Tr inidad Guardian, June 22, 1933:3 [date checked] NEW GOMBO LAI LAI IN COURT FORCEFUL KICK CASE BY ELLIS PROSPER SELLYMAN JOSEPH aroused a great deal of laughter in the Port of Spain Magistrate's Court on Tueday when he gave evidence against Felix Brooks and Carlton Alfonzo whom he accused of assault and battery. He used words which caused Mr. L. Roberts his solicitor to characterise him as a second Gombo Lai Lai. Joseph used proximo when he meant ultimo, jus tified when he meant satisfied Ad dressing Mr. H.A. O'Reilly, Act ing As sistant City Magistrate who pre sided, Joseph said: If Your Worship give me a chance I will delineate the evidence to you. He said Brooks slapped him and gave him a forceful kick. Alfonzo, he said gave him a fearless jabbing. Both Brooks and Alfonzo pleaded guilty and were fined 15s. or ten days and 10s. or seven days' imprisonment, res pectively. Mr. L. A. Pujadas who represented them explained to the Court that Brooks was in love with Joseph's sister and Joseph did not approve of the match. Jo seph had been continually annoying Brooks. On the day in question Joseph called Brooks a rogue and Brooks slapped him. They held on. Alfonzo went to separate them, Joseph struck him a nd he returned the blow. Gombo Lai Lai is a well known Trinidad character who delights to use big words in public.


Trinidad Guardian, June 22, 1933:3 [check date] NOTE: Preface Many of the court cases which were noted in the newspapers were of working class people charged with being drunk and disorderly or using obscene language or otherwise offending public order. A number of convictions could deem someone an habitual criminal or a rogue and a vagabond Gumbo Lai Lai was a local celebrity among the people because of his spirited self defence and linguistically sophisticated speech. He was admired more than ridiculed by the general populace partly because his words were reasonably close to their intended meaning, a nd because he was perceived as a victim of the ruling class. He is still remembered for many turns of phrase, some no doubt apocryphal, including as I was descending the proclivity at a precipitous velocity on my velocipede ( as I was going downhill spe edily on my bicycle ). A more serious charge was levelled at him in Executor's 1939 calypso Gumbo Lai Lai before the court Text GUMBO LAILAI AGAIN IN COURT. SENT TO GAOL FOR DISORDERLY CONDUCT. Mercilessly Provoked. A miserable looking indi vidual, answering to the name of Jules Blades, familarly [sic] known as Gumbo Lailai, made his appearance before the City Magistrate yesterday in answer to the charge of being drunk and disorderly at St. Vincent Street yesterday. Defendant pleaded not g uilty. Complainant said that on Wednesday about 4:15 p.m., he took some letters to the Post Office when he saw the defendant in the Street making use of very filthy language. He spoke to him and he still continued to use his dirty words. There were som e clerks awaiting the car, who had to remove away from the spot where defendant was. Defendant, going into the box, said that during his perambulations to the sotre, he was maliciously molested and mercifulessly provocated by those substitute vagabonds. This policeman wanted to bring him in Court again and swore by his comrades to do so. He denied having done anything. He had numberless witnesses which he did not bother to cite. Being a conspicuous and self conceited man, he did his best to bring m e before you once more. His Worship told him he was everlastingly there. Gumbo: Yes for cussing. I don't steal I don't gamble nothing like dat. His Worship told him he did not steal or gamble but walked about the streets and swore. Defendant said he did not resist at all because the policemen had power over him. He was sentenced to fourteen days' hard labour.


July 20, 1939 Herskovits, Letter from Albert Collins Herskovits, MG 261, Box 12 (enclosed in Trinidad Note Book I, Toco) Envelope: To My Attendants Toco Letter: Galt Road Sangre Grande 20.7.39 My attendance May the blessing of a ll that is sacred be with you and your cirkle. this will instruct you of what we spoke about. Please bear in mind, you will want A litle Civet or deer musk A blue cloth band to go around the waist. The prayer caul and musk is to be sowned in the ban d placed into A new white plate and placed to the new moon for 3 hours and then Apply. It must not be removed accept the time of sexual intercourse then after bathe before handleing it. This is the caul ten shillings for it. I had to do it this way f or A particular reason whilst I offer my best regard to you both yours very humble Albert Collins This is the prayer Defende quasumus Domine beata Maria semper virgine intersedente abomni islam adversitate familium et toto corde tibi prostatum abhostium propitius tuere clementer insidiis per Christum Dominum et Nostrum Amen Devinum ausutium [ausutiem?] maneat semper nobiscum us we mi