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Capacity Building Opportunities with Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
St. Hubert, Hadassah (Speaker)
Asencio, Miguel
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College Park, MD
Digital Library of the Caribbean
African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanities (AADHUM)
Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black Conference
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Conference Presentation slides


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Digital Humanities
Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI)


The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) panel presentation will introduce the Digital Library of the Caribbean and offer and overview of resources in dLOC, using dLOC, new dLOC features and initiatives, and the dLOC community model for ongoing successful collaborative development of a shared digital library and a community of practice. The dLOC presentation supports Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black, the first national conference on African American Digital Humanities Initiative which centers black history and culture. This panel presentation will support attendees in gaining new competencies and growing new opportunities related to digital libraries and digital professional communities, with an emphasis on the digital humanities. dLOC is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean, providing access to digitized versions and curated digital versions of Caribbean cultural, historical, and research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections. dLOC’s fifty plus partners serve as international community of scholars, students and citizens by working together to preserve and to provide enhanced electronic access to cultural, historical, legal, governmental, and research materials in a common web space with a multilingual interface. The open access content available through dLOC included newspapers, official documents, ecological and economic data, maps, histories, travel accounts, literature, poetry, musical expressions, and artifacts. dLOC now provides access to over three million pages of content related to the Caribbean. As the largest open access repository of Caribbean content, dLOC is a significant resource for finding materials from and about the Caribbean for use in teaching, research, and cultural and community life. The panelist will discuss on-going projects such as Haiti: An Island Luminous and our partnership with Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI).

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October 2018 Presenter: Hadassah St. Hubert, Ph.D. CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Email: Miguel Asencio dLOC Program Director Chelsea Dinsmore, dLOC Technical Director Laurie Taylor, Ph.D., dLOC Digital Scholarship Director AADHUM Conference Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black


Digital Library of the Caribbean dLOC's diverse partners serve an international community of scholars, students, and peoples by working together to preserve and to provide enhanced electronic access to cultural, historical, legal, governmental, and research materials. dLOC's partners collaborate with scholars and teachers to promote and perform educational outreach for Caribbean Studies, create new works of digital scholarship, and develop other research and teaching initiatives. Partner Training Shared Infrastructures Institutional Support


dLOC Quick Facts Content Management System and Long term Preservation 65 Partners Caribbean, Europe and US Over 173 million hits since 2006 (32 million so far this year) Over 3.5 million pages of open access content 41,000 titles with 217,000 items Training Program: Digitization, Data Curation, and More Scholarly Collaborations Educational Outreach Shared Governance


dLOC Partners


Digital Research & Online Exhibit Haiti: An Island Luminous An Island Luminous is a site to help readers learn about Haiti's history. A collaborative effort hosted online by Digital Library of the Caribbean, An Island Luminous combines rare books, manuscripts, and photos scanned by archives and libraries in Haiti and the United States with commentary by over 100 experts. It is available in English, Creole, and French.


Island Luminous Exhibit at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex


Projects Promotes, nurtures, and exhibits the diverse talents of emerging artists from the Latin and Caribbean Diasporas through an artist in residence programs, international exchanges, community arts events and a dynamic exhibition program collaborating with art spaces and inhabiting the virtual landscape.


More Information: dLOC would like to invite all of your institutions to become partners and collaborate in protecting Caribbean patrimony.