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Capital Culture presents
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The rose slip
Archibald, Douglas ( author )
Swasey, Beverly ( director )
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Drama ( fast )
Belize ( fast )
Capital Culture Drama Group
theater programs ( aat )
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a p it r e
T W/ sup
Wr(tte+v by
D ouql A rChVva&
mroctodl by
'Bevelrty Swa4"
Pefformo& by
t-hRl CapXall CuW"el Dra4na/ 6r&q
Saturday,- -octl6ber 8,,- 2005Th& Oeorge, PKC& Ce4itrel

Th& Play
Th -kpla-y wa-kA+JtprOd4- by the, Compatly of PlayerkL*v PO 7r -Y C*vOcto&w, 1962. Itwa4,ad ted,
tz= eUy.a4V C a4-a+eayLPavcvw
SCENE: A P Cck4to-ck ji utmR4it ACT' I
SCENE I E"Zy mcrnLnq,
SCENE II N qht of th& wmw, cLay
SCENE III Weel h&tws- of thel m.&rni+tq,
4CT, 11
SCENE I MornLng- tlu-ee/ wee" Lator
SCENE 11 Evemi*ijo of the/ sa4ne, day
5CENEI A wook later
5CENE 11 S&x1 wae4Lat-ew
CENE III Sa*nel afit-ornocm

The/ Ca4t a*i& Chara.,cterk
In/ cwcLer of Appeara4icel..
A n*w, LC"k (Mary)
YO-W nvLqht reco, A n4ie/ fro-vkv the/ prevcou/, CapCta l Cutttwe, prcc km.
Amt&i ka/stuzlentat th& BeZ+nOpa4'V Camprehens ,ve/ SchcoV a*t& ilk C41wreytayCvvth&CcnVhy Cadet-FOrce1 A n*w. &k &Y v- a*t a*t& 14nvek tv-- bv/ craatwe,1 She, hakjo- avt cUduktv-6 hew CdeArWy vv safety. A nvLe/ sayk she, relate k to- her cll..cwacte+7, M ary,
ii4bar to- hew saxU*i#k.
C ha4AteZl M Yajg (S u4a4UI,"/) Chantet,, w fovmor MC4k Betowpa4'Ll i k a-, UB stuAe+it Cyv the, Prana4-y Eaacat-m Programmed Sh&i kaUc-adafLc&teaJwr atthelExlewgree*vPr ySchoo-&. Shel&k a16#itt-wie, al&es-k a*i&plays, the, rote, of FLcsi ewbeStfr e4 Su4an+ .. Swsaln~l, Cha/yLte,7/ (1k a., strcivI, 6ndepe*ide4it wcmvAv. it was, therefore, ve4,y chaVxAV, Y fibv her to-get i n th& diaractew.
E ww.rso-w D o4y- (A hel/)
EmewsoTv &k w stuzle4,it at- dw/ Belmopa-vv Comprehens-Ne.Schooll, actwely *wolved/t4l/ c -a*naaA& dance,, HelprevUnvly playedla, pa*tt4v"BeUVa4,t/NatwUy" a*i&hakwowe& tha, auA6mc& at Dra*ua,,c/ F&rcel day recXaLkoyvswavewcttccca4 & YencwpLaysthe, rclel ofA beV, a/ boy scare& of h,,k atnA4,We, mt), ,yetve*ypLayfiZ. YCVactuiq-m ' S u4a+wLal, heZps- him to- bvctig, cut the, r6ght feeU*i#k o-nl stage-, h&, ayk.

Me/ Ca4t atid/ Cha4eactelrk
Irv ovdew of App evwa4, ..
Nik Pgtl 2-1& (FLOVie) TTw4 furst t-"vLe, actra ,k uk ov4vn from X n ovtl, ja4 Wcole,,&kal C f/v (/I/ E Yyg, InRelr, emlp Loy e& alt the/ W* y( fUeaidv Shea4o-tutovkat dt&Un, vers yofth&Westlnd4e. Nccc L.k wmoutt-ed/ t-o- wwilW her knm led
the, of thel CaraAna
Nkk 04n," (Mr. Bucket)
N Cck (1k no- stra4Vo*- to- dra*na,, toged walv D rectov, 73"orly Swa4ey, hel wak
eAx4itw% not ottly asl a*v actar, but atso as- stale- wwLn",exr, chcreo-Vaphew, dZrectov a*wl/ p rodvcer C*v p lc;Lyk uwJv ak lrlseb NatLMV an&-cha a#n&"w Skyjw ce. Far hisl part yv die/ Rcse, Slip, NwkstuAiz&thelgegiwesla4t&charactef-ovLc4,of somelof threat, Ltfetoivyt1dru4qkk
Wcolal liyd --, (A rabeUad
a*i&CkrLcwth4elpr&u&mot offmw. Sh&
wak +wo-Lve& dra*wL, whOe, attien 13e4nxypa4,t/ Co-vnprehzns Ne, Schoo-D whe4-el shel pavforme& C+V "Oda k Ch&CC4e;' a4L& playedlaYvAfr6ca pr Wco-l &e4 that thel rol& of A ratv2lal wuxst have, beetv WrUte+l/ WC6V her vv m4ndl, ak sh& to-o- Ck very Vu*npy, j u4t 4k& her chcwarctew L*i/

71i.e/ Cast a41L&Chara,,cte41-k
inl&rder of Appacwa+tc ..
fo TUUa4'1/ CnW (( Uk)
J"Ua4V (-k a, kq a+tdznq, m",d of th& BeUnopa4'1/COln"UUt Hewovk-ktiov"d, thepo-s wweupUftwwwXof hikbeloved/Cay.
Ak a ,nuel aVelvtt a,,nd/ ww,,d o
reve -r
betwee+-vres ,c a4,L&th&BeUnopa4,vccy Ccanca hel anstwek that ca nk arel aAd4-wAe& R ilk chcwa-cter, Uke, JuUa &ka4,ve+itrepre+wtw. Yowewe* th& weak/ natwrel whZdv u4vxa y gak ( Uk 4 C traLdq& C41 sotnetht4l.WjuLta*vhadlto-Le.cwytl thik rolel
Laurevv M (Evw) La4,we4v Vew up c+vBeZ"a4,t/where,,sh& (,know ct/UI3 stuzlent Sh&&kveryactwe1(4,v the/ T-m4n CU4 x a4t& IZOtCWY ClUb- (Yf Bo4nopa*j/ Pjay&YLWEVe1&yt1th&C W 4VMV k Play, Laara+v
t1k nciv backakEva,, aw6Aaw who-gwekup her chO,& t-c- hew rcc v iyv-L"s- She, prepara&for th4k rot&, trybm tio- + what X wouU be/ Uke/ havmg4-c-givel up her Utde, bqy.
WcheZle, Ca4io- (Dora.)
WcheUel Ca*iAo- al U8 Vaaac(.Cel Ck wwwr6e& a4,t& (k the, mother of t-wochadre4v She, eryoyk th& chaVxhulel of mo you*4 m4ndk ak a., p Kpn y scRooll taaJlxr a*i& s&me, day hop ek tc, eve4,vcpa+vherowyvschoo4/ Th lk kher W-o aa-mWro& pLay nWthepartof Do-ra,,, wh& atmays, halk a/ palrt (/iv
Ile 3

71,te/ Ca4t a n& Charactef-k
I n/ cn-dex of Appecwa*wel..
Xare+v 04o-m (EUy)
a-r-eyt/ 6,k o-r6q-i, fr&vw go-c d
IU4w-i k. Sh& naw Uve4, a*L& woi-4 c+v
tvuroAk at- th& lz oartflo-'/Z Lvew A dvetuure/ Tbtwk She 14 ,vek to- wrxe, a*i& wat-c;v wLcvLzk, U4ta+vt-o-wuvic/a4id/ read, Y or ch"acte4-6Vl1thl kpl4py, EUyfV C+V Love/ wUlv a, Bra-wh, SoU6or a4,L& hale hi-k baby, whael her
6 tw-wo-yvsragel
No-rmowv icwcia, (Mr. La4tid&) Nc)i-ma+-v Uv" &yv 8 almopa4,v wheel h& w&r4wUJvl3ES7'a4,t& Ck very aawe,, f*v th&BeUncpa4vT'ann6kCUtb-- Re,,avyqye& acr"tWfro-avh6k Pranowy school days-, w he+v M s- 73 evew y w ak t-each4sW there. ftefeaturedlcyvth&Cku-4twwkpZ.ay wnotv back ovilstagel, rcl&of Mr. LaWd& a*v6wLpersovw2,a4i& coU character, very u*iUke/ th& reall No-rwwL+v.
.Tergj"y Ca4talo- (Pla4ita /w/Ioe/ crecEm ven ) Joremy iw a/ fi t7umel actov w h4cr wa4,Lted/ to- try out h4w dmma/talontk Hel kwstuzle4Atatdv-.,qardRYvCy PrtwwL#y Schoo-D, a4,L& Ukak to- p lay foctbaW Icve4, tc- rap avt& ati< ta-co-ok. Tb-preapare, for 4k role,, he,, stuAi e& th& vmzl4orsIV h6l- SeW f4V th& Streetk

71i.e/ D recto-r
Beve-rly Sw
Bevefiy ca+n&tv-8elmopa*v33 yecws-ag ak a, tec Shel &k cil coTmnv*t ty aa-E/V A (/nvo-We& wL/ thel 13e4noPa4/L/ ca4WOrSO-G Y, the/Be4nopa4t/WO- S' ( ra" an& Ma4-Wk You4,e/ cf HoPe,, a*nAOIY Other. Beve*-Zyhaka waysbee4L/ very acuve, L4L/ theatre, Shehaslacted chcrec),yraphe& produce&an&directv&
nu4ne4"aus/ playk 7h &k he4- wcandl productL',otvwa vthelcap6ta lcu ttwelDra*nal( rcitpA m- sta4lut D rectov
'8 q-n4 A &4p
13 anWe, &k a, mu4,ccl tiec;, a4't& ChO-C4d,, #-ectcr whos&twukac any wwww o-c YvBo4nopa*v. OncelaV-a. khel lk akkL1ktL1nq, l3evewLy ,rv h Ir d, rec-t"'q.Wjoj-,- Whj& CEt th& Sa*t4el t7WI& e*~6nw that the/ scene-k of &-& play
"e, fl"Levyly wove4,i/ together &y
appropr atelwwo .
Tha4/Ltk/ youl!
Y,"evt/ 040-ri/
N 6ck 0 Unzd<)- PropsTuua Cru k
Bgjjjj Qpq*,1 C& cq"*W a spcnsorsh p
E4ie/ Alp uc

Tlla4 yOtAlfolr S(ApparrW Wthel
capxai/ adt/we/
D ra*nal ( roup.,
T-or- stay + me& ai"At
yotw el- wwc 'a addrew t-),cap Xakud&.wecc-b hocmaa. c&nv
a p -i f a f u f I it r e
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