Capital Culture presents

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Capital Culture presents
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The coffee table
Swasey, Beverly ( director )
Wu, Amy ( author )
Olmedo, Nick ( author )
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Drama ( fast )
Belize ( fast )
Capital Culture Drama Group
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Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2010 ,Venue: George Price entr 0K>1Time: 7:00p
0139 0139
(13 6) 3) $10.O(

a play written by the group.

The play: "The Coffee Table" (7 Scenes) This is a drama with some comedy (PG 13), produced to bring awareness to the public about HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse.
The play was put together by the group with writers Bev. Swasey, Amy Wu and Nick Olmedo.
Theme song composed and written by Mrs. Bernice Adolphus Davis and the play directed by Bev, Swasey.
* Nicholas Olmedo
* Nicola Olmedo Hyde
* Yanira Bonilla
* Leslie Burn
* Jenela Leslie
* Earl Swasey Jr.
* James Hyde Jr.
* Lester Lewis

everly Swasey
everly came to Belmopan 37 ears ago as a teacher and has always been very active in theatre. he has acted, choreographed, produced and directed numerous lays and is the driving force behind the Capital Culture drama group.Ad senatus ca nihil hucieri pribem intis, occipier puleri se cum silium

* Belize Natural Energy
* H. E., The Governor General,
Sir Colville Young
* Print Belize Ltd. Shamax Productions
- Steven Wu & Family
* Builders Hardware
Special thanks to Mrs. Elsie Alpuche of the George Price Center for her
cooperation and help.

The group which started in October, 2004, was the brain child of Elsie Alpuche and Beverly Swasey. It is an arts promotion and drama group and is a member of the Belize Association for the Development of the Arts. Original board members included Nick Olmedo, Karen Olson, Elsie Alpuche, Beverly Swasey, Julian Cruz, Wilma Neal and Melanie Escalante.
Since the formation of the group the drama group has performed the following plays, all directed by Bev. Swasey:
Dec. 2004 "The Christmas Story"
A play by Sir Colville Young August 2005 "The Roseslip"
A Trinidadian play
May 2006 "Stop, Stop deh Bus"
written by the group August 2007 "Tiga Dead" a play
by Sir Colville Young Sept. 2008 "Maya Stand Up"
written by Karen Olson

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