Texts for Caribbean Victorian Sources, Preliminary List

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Texts for Caribbean Victorian Sources, Preliminary List
Rosenberg, Leah R.
Taylor, Laurie N.
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Tampa, Florida
North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) 2018 Conference.
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Victorian Studies and the Caribbean: Workshop on the Digital Library of the Caribbean: Historical Sources and Digital Resources. Presentation by Leah Rosenberg and Laurie Taylor, University of Florida) at the North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) 2018 Conference. Tampa, Florida: Oct. 12, 2018.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), texts for Caribbean Victorian Studies, Page 1 of 5 List online: Please share updates: and Texts for Caribbean Victorian Sources, Preliminary List Guiding questions in for mulating this preliminary list: How to get Caribbean Studies into broader circulation; transforming the standard Victorian canon for teaching? How can we connect with digital resources and people for supporting an expanded canon? Example s : What can digital resources do for teaching and resea rching: Morant Bay; an example with Victorian Studies and how digital archives can make the Caribbean more accessible and connections clearer for other fields ? Judaica? Childrens literature? Multiple Resource s Photography books, by Duperly: Jamaica 1865, all resources: Maps, Jamaica, 1860: Caribbean Newspapers, dLOC: National Library of Jamaica. Riots and Rebellions, Digital Collection, Moravian Archives, Laws of Jamaica. 18451962: Rosenberg, Leah. R. List of Anglophone Caribbean Novels published before 1950. Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), 2016. Individual Resources (not all known to be online at this time) Anon. Marly, or, A Planters Life in Jamaica, Glasgow: R. Griffin, 1828. Barbados Mercury. 1816 Digitization underway in 2018. Materials will include dates surrounding Bussas Rebellion. Belisario, I. M. Sketches of Character: In Illustration of the Habits, Occupation, and Costume of the Negro Population in the Island of Jamaica, Drawn after Nature, and in Lithography J.R. de Cordova, 1837. (Judaica) Blyden, Edward Wilmot. The Jewish Q uestion. Lionel Hart & Co., 1898. (Judaica) British Parliamentary Papers. British Parliamentary Papers, 1866 [3682], XXX, Papers Laid before the Royal Comm i ssion of Inquiry by Governor Eyre 1866.


Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), texts for Caribbean Victorian Studies, Page 2 of 5 List online: Please share updates: and ---. British Parliamentary Papers, 1866, [3683], XXX, Report of the Jamaica Royal Commission. 1866. http://dL OC .com /CA01099977/00001/ a llvolumes ---. British Parliamentary Papers, 1866 [36831] XXXI, Report of the Jamaica Royal Commission, Part II, Minutes of Evidence and Appendix 1866. /ref/collection/p16964coll3/id/5 Buxton, Charles, M. P. The Case of Mr. Eyre Campbell, W. A. (1907). Marguerite. A Story of the E arthquake All Jamaica Library. Kingston, Jamaica, Times Printery. Cassin, Frieda. The Carib. Frieda Cassin and GA Uphill St. Johns Antigua, 1895. Cobham Sander, Rhonda. The Creative Writer and West Indian society Jamaica 19001950. Fife, Scotland: University of St. Andrews, 1981: See chapter 5 for l iterary representations of Morant Bay, history as its basis for fiction Cole, Thomas G. A Teaching and Research Guide to Stephen N. Cobhams Rupert Gray. Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), 2016. de Lisser, Herbert G. Revenge. Kingston, Jamaica: Gleaner Press, 1919. ht tp:// ---. The White Witch of Rosehall Planters Punch. London: Ernest Benn, 1929. Dodd, E. A. E. S. (1905). Maroon Medicine All Jamaica Library Kingston, The Jamaica Times Printery. Dunn, Richard S. Research Files for A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia. Cambridge, MA: Richard S. Dunn, 2014. Essai historique sur la colonie de Surinam, sa fondation, ses rvolutions ses progrs, depuis son origine jusqu' nos jours ... avec l'histoire de la nation juive portugaise & allemande y tablie ... Paramaribo, [Amsterdam], [S. Emmering], 1968. (Judaica) Eyre, Edward John. Jamaica: Addresses to His Excellency Edward John Eyre, Esquire, &c., &c., 1865, 1866. M. DeCordova, 1866. Finlason, W. F., Esquire. A History of the Jamaica Case Founded upon Official or Authentic Documents of the Negroes in Jamaica. 1869,


Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), texts for Caribbean Victorian Studies, Page 3 of 5 List online: Please share updates: and ---. Justice to a Colonial Governor; or, Some Considerations on the Case of Mr. Eyre: Containing the Substance of All the Documents, Discussions, and Proceedings Relating Thereto. London: Chapman and Hall, 1868. 1868, Fletcher, Rev. Duncan. Personal Recollections of George William Gordon. 1867, /CA01099981/00001 Girod, H., and editor. The Colonial Standard and Jamaica Despatch, 1800s. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, issuing body. Papers Relating to the Disturbances in Jamaica. Part I. [publisher not identified], 1866. Gulland, Al exander Dudgeon; Bourne, Samuel, 18341912; Duperly, Adolphe, 18011864; Frith, Francis; Sommer, Georgio, 18341914; A. Duperly & Sons; Duperly Brothers. [Photography album documenting the Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica (1865), the Indian Northwest Frontier Hazara Campaign (18671870), views of Malta, Ireland, Guernsey, Spain, and elsewhere]. 18601880. Harvey, Thomas. A.W. Bennett, (Edward Newman), 1867. Jamaica Committee. Facts and Documents Relating to the Alleged Rebellion in Jamaica: And the Jamaica Committed, 1866. Jamaica Watchman and Peoples Free Press. 1865. Jekyll, Walter, et al. Jamaican Song and Story: Annancy Stories, Digging Sings, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes. Pub. for the Folklore Society by D. Nutt, 1907. Jenkins, Edward, and David Dabydeen. Lutchmee and Dilloo. London: William Mullan & Son, 1877. Joseph, E. L. (1838). Warner Arundell. The Adventures of a Creole London. (available online through and reprinted by Winer, L., B. Brereton, et al. Barbados, University of the West Indies Press, 2001.) : Labatt, Ph ilip Cohen. Selections from the Miscellaneous Posthumous Works ... in Prose and Verse. Kingston, Jamaica, R.J. De Cordova, pr., 1855. (Judaica) Levien, Sidney. A Chronicle of the Rebellion in Jamaica, in the Year of Our Lord, 1865. [Montego Bay] [Place of publication not identified], 1800s. (Judaica) ---. Jamaica as a Field for Immigration, Being ... the HandBook of Jamaica as It Was Compiled for, and by Commission from, the Government of Jamaica during the Administration of Sir J ohn Peter Grant ... 1870 ... Kingston, Jamaica, DeCordova, 1879. Library Catalog University of Florida (UF) https://uf.catalog.fcla .edu/uf.jsp?ix=kw&st=Underhill%20Edward%20Bean&V=D&S=0011538 411870234&I=9#top


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