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Missile Ranger
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White Sands Missile Range, NM
White Sands Missile Range
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Dona Ana County; Las Cruces
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Continues: White Sands Missile Ranger.
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Volume 71, No. 2 Safety DayPage 5 Follow us on social media: @wsmissilerange wsmissilerange whitesandsmissilerange WSMR WhiteSandsMissile RangePAO A rocket gantry at Launch Complex 32 at White Sands Missile Range has been brought back online. The gantry was built for a NASA pad abort test on the Orion Capsule. Now the facility is Launch Complex Gantry Restored June 2018White Sands Veterans Share Memorial Day memories Community CalendarPage 8 wsmissilerange a C-130 transport plane on White Sands without a runway. Firing a missile after a rapid unload hit their target and then loaded back up. Mobility is a critical part of the current mission, so the Marines HIMARS Training By Charles Roberts Staff WriterMemorial Day honors Servicemembers who have died while serv ing in the U.S. military. Their memory is honored by all citizens who value defense of freedom es and fellow Servicemem bers. Since the Civil War, the most costly war in terms of American lives lost at about 600,000, an esti mated 1,244,145 U.S. Ser vicemembers have died War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Viet nam War, Gulf War, and in Afghanistan and Iraq. At White Sands Missile Range, where the civilian workforce heavily out weighs those in uniform, many are military veter ans who served during brings back memories for those such as Candice Gilbert, an Army Com who served in Iraq as an Army communication For me, Memorial Day is a day of remem brance, where we honor the fallen by showing who have lost a military member, said Gilbert. I like to think our fallen ate knowing their fami lies are being cared for, and their name and sacri SEE MEMORIAL ON PAGE 4


Announcements WSMR Commander . ......................................... Brig. Gen. Eric L. Sanchez Chief of Public Affairs . ......................................................... Robert Carver Editor . ........................................................................ Miriam U. Rodriguez Staf f Writer . ........................................................ Adriana Salas de Santiago Staff Writer . ........................................................................ Charles RobertsE-mail us WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE N.M. EDITORIAL POLICY ADVERTISING POLICY 2 Missile Ranger June 2018


Second Front 3 Missile Ranger June 2018WSMR wins preservation award Children enjoy Bike to School Day By Bill Godby ArchaeologistThe State of New ties Review Committee awarded White Sands Missile Range with tion Award during the 2018 Heritage Preservation Award ceremony in Santa Fe May 11. and recognizes organi cant contributions to his Mexico. The Cultural Resource Program at WSMR was recognized for their historic context the chronological devel the Small Missile Range, tion sites within the in stallation. and the Parks Services, by far the best historic contexts Ive seen, said State Historic Preser commitment to research weve seen in quite a few years. ognizes archaeologist Bill Godby, two contract Museum Archives, for their multi-year effort of creating historic contexts ister evaluations through out WSMR. Historical Architects and archaeol tem Solutions, Inc. and Ama Terra EnvironmenGodby said this was a team effort on all fronts, nies. Godby also noted the role of the WSMR Museum Archives volun teer staff who are former are led by volunteer Deb bie Walters. cess, a story that cant be told unless you have the information, Godby said. The team has written contexts for Green River sive context for the en home of the V-2 and Nike rockets. We give a broad his to include the initial de to documenting all the said. Generally we try ent, making the context history. This is the 36th an nual award ceremony for staff chooses the award ent categories: Lifetime Achievement Award, Archaeological Herit age, Individual Achieve ment, Heritage Publica tion, Architectural Her itage, Tribal Heritage, and Community Preser vation Planning. ognize great work in his award is really quite a big deal. WSMR Environmen tal Division Chief Brian Knight said the nomina tion for the award was National Register Coor dinator Steven Moffson, was the one who nomi nated Godby and his team for the award. Godby said historical context ology at WSMR is very good and has been going on for over 30 years, but not the same for the built environment. Its never been done to this extent, Godby said. efforts toward something ment of WSMR. The historic context re window to the history of the built environment, WSMR Commander visits UTEP SEE PRESERVATION ON PAGE 6


4 Missile Ranger June 2018 Submissions to the Missile Ranger are ac All submissions will be edited for style, con of contact. Submissions can be made by e-mail to the following usarmy.wsmr.atec.list.ranger@mail. Building 1782; or call (575) 678-2716. Memorial Gilbert, who visits vet erans cemeteries to honor Memorial Day. But she also honors veterans on a daily ba sis. Each morning, Gil bert turns on the light for the mosaic of the fallen Wall of Remembrance in the ACS building located the intersection of Rock Island Avenue and Dyer Street. She does so in case a Wall of Remembrance oring fallen veterans from New Mexico, those who died downrange while stationed at White Sands, and New Mexico natives from the Bataan Death March. The room also includes chair and a table set for board contains cards, let ily members of the fallen Soldiers. Families are al ways welcomed to con tribute to the room, said Gilbert. For Sal Mineo, the death of a fellow Ser vicemember in Vietnam even though they had never met. Mineo, a Management and Program Analyst at White Sands, served as cialist at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. the families of Service members killed in Viet nam, acting as a liaison and serving as a military tending dedication cere monies honoring fallen veterans. Mineo was on the road four days a week through out New York, New Jer sey and Delaware meet ings with families from them through their grief of losing a loved one. emotions in check, Mi neo said. I can look back on it and see that it was and feel that, although not being in combat, was an nam Conflict that I ac it seems that some of the lessons learned in that care for our current war ion, 6th Air Defense Ar tillery Regiment, Air and Missile Defense Test De tachment at White Sands. My first day in the ber 2001, so I guess you can say that Im one of the military, said Trevino. I, like many others, came from a lower middle-class family raised by a single mother and utilized the situation in life. I thought that I would do my time, get a skill and some col lege money and enter the turn. But Trevino stayed the Freedom in 2003 with Charlie Battery, 5th Bat talion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, where he first encountered the loss of a fellow Soldier in combat. And he ing four more times over the next 12 years to Kuwait, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. He would know the loss of other fel low Soldiers and hold sacred their memory and Memorial Day is not to thank us and remember nity for every leader in the military, and the govern ment at every echelon to sibility they are charged with to ensure the health, morale, and welfare of all Servicemembers under their charge.CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE Soldier displayed in the Wall of Remembrance at ACS. ICE The Interactive Cus tomer Evaluation System or ICE is currently only accessible on the .mil net work as Defense Infor mation Systems Agency is now maintaining the ICE servers. As a result everything related to ICE .mil network. However, using ICE on a not work. Workforce Profes sional Development The following Work force Professional Devel June 27 Resume and by Glen Adams 9 to 11 a.m. at PDC Auditorium July 18 Estate Plan chelle Ungvarsky 9 to 11 a.m. at Building 21080, Room 134 Aug. 22 Time Man 9 to 11 a.m. at at Building 21080, Room 134 sented by Tom Chaney and Ernie Sichler 9 to 11 a.m. at at Building 21080, Room 134 Your Character Strengths Challenges and Leader ette Mealor 9 to 11 a.m. at Building 21080, Room 134 Nov. 14 Social Se Chaney and Ernie Sichler 9 to 11 a.m. at Building 21080, Room 134 Dec. 12 Surviving the by SMILE 9 to 11 a.m. at Building 21080, Room 134 Assistants Training Schedule June 6 Time Manage ment: Skills for Real Peo ams 9 to 11 a.m. at Build ing 21080, Training Room July 11 ATAAPS: sented by Michael New son 9 to 11 a.m. at Building 21080, Training Room Aug. 8 Defense Travel rick Fant and Melissa Pe rez 9 to 11 a.m. at Build ing 21080, Training Room


5 Missile Ranger June 2018White Sands Missile Range stands down to raise safety Story and photos by Charles Roberts Staff Writer back the hands of time Missile Range, the entire staff took the time (an en thony Gibson, a tele ist after attending one of several classes offered during Safety StandDown Day. from being in an acci it is definitely worth, said Gibson after the in formative and entertain ing Accident Avoidance Course where instructor the interest level high whether discussing baby seats or turning signals. It was very informa mation about New Mex ico and Texas, being that Im not from this area, said Gibson as he left the standing-room only class. It was very informative. I got a lot out of it. safety is essential to min imizing accidents both on and off-duty, said White Sands Commander Brig. Gen. Eric Sanchez in an nouncing the event to his staff. Promoting safety awareness, he noted, is the military heads into it 101 Days of Summer Safety Awareness cam the White Sands staff was offered a wide selec tion of available classes and exhibits that included safety, alcohol aware hands-on CPR training. Doug Burkett to share myths about rattlesnakes and other wildlife found on the 2.3 million acres Sands Missile Range, to and mountain lions. In most instances, tentially harmful crit ters such as rattlesnakes are equally afraid of huabout anything to get away from us. Well never know about the accident that of Safety Stand-Down Day, and thats a good thing. days as a former policeman. snake, center.


6 Missile Ranger June 2018Beginning May 29 and ending Aug. 10, meals children free of charge. The meals served will be the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Meals will be meal site location at White Sands Missile Range and Breakfast 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the Alan A. Nord School Age Center Build ing 1316 Lunch 11:30 a.m. to Nord School Age Center Building 1316 In accordance with Federal civil rights law Agriculture civil rights discriminating based on race, color, national ori gin, sex, disability, age, or ity conducted or funded by USDA. Persons with disabili ties who require alternative means of communi mation (e.g. Braille, large can Sign Language, etc.), should contact the Agency (State or local) where they viduals who are deaf, hard disabilities may contact USDA through the Fed eral Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Addition may be made available in languages other than En glish. gram Discrimination 3027) found online at: html and at any USDA office, or write a letter addressed to USDA and the information requested in the form. To request a form, call (866)632-9992. form or letter to USDA retary for Civil Rights, enue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410; (2) fax (202) 690-7442; or (3) This institution For more information contact Reina Marquez at (575) 678-1128. Summer food service program Program at WSMR started May Preservation the Facilities Reduction Program by allowing WSMR missions to more readily move forward with necessary changes to their facili ties, while meeting requirements of the National Historic Preserva tem. With consultation with the His toric Preservation Division were able to move forward with the de Godby said. We need to look at all The idea to focus intensely on the built environment came about stallation shortly after his governor ing the visit, Godby said he and the built environment. needed to be doing, award Godby and his team have re ceived. In 2015 they were awarded the Secretary of the Army Award for Cultural Resources and in 2016 they were awarded the Secretary of Defense Award for Cultural Re sources. ing cultural resources, Knight said. Thats the most challeng ing thing for a military organiza toric resources and we also want to maximize mission assets. are tribal governments, university It is rare for a military installation to win the award. Bill has been really instrucially at WSMR, with such a com research data. Theyve been able to do that and really tell the story of WSMR. Godby said he intends to have them available for viewing at the WSMR Museum Archives. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3


7 Missile Ranger June 2018The Value of Army civilians By Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl Commanding General, U.S. Army Installation Command sons Ive learned as Com manding General of U.S. Army Installation Man agement Command is to value the diversity and contributions of Army ci vilians. Before taking com ing or working alongside them. I was ambivalent about their role in making our Army ready. I had no continuity and success of everything we do. Now, after witnessing the wis dom, dedication, techni sionalism of Army civil their service. After visiting 80 in stallation communities around the world, I am as familiar with todays Army as anyone. It is clear to me that our Army could not do all of what it is ex ians in nearly every com mand, in some cases sideby-side in theater. continuity in times of tur bulence; design, test and Families; maintain our training facilities; and myriad other critical tasks that give Soldiers the free ing. Army civilians are in tegral to readiness, and a grown to accurately value civilians with the same brush based on limited number have made a bad should think through the alternatives. Totally con solutions are often more iness in serious ways. Army Civilians are cient and effective way to sustain readiness. Their level of loyalty and com the Armys DNA. I en courage more Army lead ers to learn and under sooner than I did. exchange ideas.


8 Missile Ranger June 2018 Need to know By ATEC G-1 formation on the front of the SF-50 and no the accuracy of their: --Social security number --FEGLI (life insurance) --Date of birth --Retirement Plan --Veterans Preference --Duty Station you began your Federal service; may in service as if it was all served without a break.) --Bargaining Unit Status (Indicates un --FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act gov Grade/Pay Band and ensure they match viewed. The accuracy of salary can be ver Refer to the back of your SF-50 for fur CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


9 Missile Ranger June 2018 Flood safetyFlooding can occur as streams and rivers over dams or levees break, or any time there is rainfall and intensity. mind to stay alive and dry. Flash floods can within a few minutes or hours of excessive rain fall, or when a dam or levee fails and even a sud den release of water held tious during storm sea sons, or any time that flooding is common in your area. You may not have Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. Do not drive through turn around. Find another route to your destination. If there is no other route, get to higher ground and wait for the waters to subside. cross, dont try it. Wa Worse yet, there may be no road at all under the water. Flooding can scour away the entire road sur face and a significant amount of ground be neath. If your car stalls, abandon it immedi ately and climb to higher ground. Six inches of water will reach the bottom ofSEE FLOOD ON PAGE 10 CONTINUED ON PAGE 10


10 Missile Ranger June 2018 Flood vehicle. away most vehicles including SUVs and ters from their homes, so be aware of your surroundings and watch out for new inhab itants in your work area. html Lightning Safety The lightning safety community reminds you that there is little you can do to substan tially reduce your risk if you are outside in action is to get inside a safe building or ve hicle. Do not shelter under trees. To estimate the distance between you and method: If you observe lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear thunder. the distance in miles. Get to a safe location if the time between der is 30 seconds or less (6 miles). Stay inside until 30 minutes after you last hear the tance.htm CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9 This is often the case at White Sands Missile Range, which is why it is important to be prepared.CONTINUED ON PAGE 11


11 Missile Ranger June 2018 Ssgt. Robinson named Warrior of the Year By Charles Roberts Staff WriterWhen Staff Sgt. Bradley Robinson was awarded the 2018 Warrior of the Year Award from the Las Cruces His Hometown News Service story and sent ers of the Daily Comet would learn that son won a three-day Warrior of the sile Range in back to back years. Robinson, a nine-year Army vet eran, serves as a chief clinical commis U.S. Army Health Clinic. He received the 2018 Warrior of the Year Award ber of Commerce during its 26th Annual Awards Banquet. Would you like to see a story about recognition, reenlistments and retire ment. The Hometown News Release Pro gram is for both service members and we will send you the electronic form Chuck Roberts at 678-1134 2018 Warrior of the Year Award from the Las


12 Missile Ranger June 2018 submit information to Frequently Called Numbers Aquatic Center 678-1068 Army Community Service 678-6767 Arts and Crafts Center 678-5321 Auto Crafts Center 678-5800 Bell Gym 678-3374 Bowling Center 678-3465 CDS 678-2059 Community Center 678-4134 Commissary 678-2313 Frontier Club 678-2055 Italian Cafe 678-0544 Library 678-5820 McAfee Army Health Clinic 674-3500 Museum 678-2250 678-1713 White Sands Schools 674-1241 Youth Services/SAS 678-4140 IHG Army Hotel, WSMR 678-1838/4559 Community Calendar Thursday, June 7 Frontier Club Chicken fried steak Friday, June 8 Monday, June 11 Tuesday, June 12 Frontier Club Green chile chicken enchiladas Wednesday, June 13 Thursday, June 14 Friday, June 15 Frontier Club Smothered burritos Monday, June 18 Tuesday, June 19 Frontier Club Chicken Mesilla Wednesday, June 20 Frontier Club Pork madeira Thursday, June 21 Frontier Club Green chile meatloaf Friday, June 22 Monday, June 25 Frontier Club General chicken Tuesday, June 26 Frontier Club Red beef enchiladas Wednesday, June 27 Frontier Club Lasagna Thursday, June 28 Frontier Club Barbeque Closed Saturday and Sunday -June 15 Military Day Army Birthday Run -June 16 Army Birthday Ball at the Farm and Ranch Museum -June 21 White Sands Test Center Commander Col. Eric Rannow farewell lunch White Sands Missile Range POST THEATER June 2018 Soda Candy Tyler Perry s: Acrimony Sherlock Gnomes 7 Days in Entebbe A Wrinkle in Time Gringo Tomb Raider Brave The Post Midnight Sun Wall E Last Flag Flying Love, Simon Ratatouille