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Volume 71, No. 1 Bataan Memorial Death March storyPage 6 Follow us on social media: @wsmissilerange wsmissilerange whitesandsmissilerange WSMR WhiteSandsMissile RangePAO WSMR Hosts Successful Miniature Hit-To-Kill Missile RangerWhite Sands Missile Range demonstrated its world-class test range ca pabilities when it hosted Lockheed Martins suc cessful Miniature Hitto-Kill missile test Jan. 27. The test consisted demonstrate the inter ceptors increased agil ful test with the MHTKs updated electronics and the second for the inter ceptors next-generation airframe. WSMR has been working pretty diligently to track the missile, said Steven W. Roberts, the MHTK test. Everything went so smoothly with this test. Roberts added they have worked the co ordination for the test for the past three months and since 2013 on new for mats designed to collect data on the fast missile that can reach speeds up to Mach 2. Calibration tests have been performed where model rockets were used to test their collec tion of data. PHOTO BY DREW HAMILTON Lockheed Martins successful Miniature Hit-to-Kill missile test took place earlier this year at White Sands Missile Range.en-GBSEE HIT-TO-KILL ON PAGE 4 PHOTO BY JOSE SALAZAR Materiel and Test Directorate Chief Jerry Tyree, Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper, WSMR Commander Brig. Gen. Eric Sanchez and Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for New Mexico Richard M. Jackson are briefed at the Cox Range Control Center, April, 19. Also pictured in the back from right to left are WSMR Garrison Commander Col. Dave Brown, WSMR Chief of Staff Glen Adams and   Director of Plans and Modernization Michael Zmuda.Secretary of the Army tours Missile Range May 2018Missile Ranger Relaunch Missile RangerAfter being out of print for over a year, the Mis sile Ranger, the White Sands Missile Range post newspaper, is be ing relaunched as a dig ital newspaper at www. This paper, which will be pub lished monthly. The Mis sile Ranger will continue to serve as a tool to keep the community informed. The Public Affairs Of over a year ago that Gan nett Company Inc., the company that printed the Missile Ranger via the Las Cruces Sun-News and El Paso Times, was no longer able to sup port this Army Civil ian Enterprise Newspaper agreement to print the Missile Ranger. The company was no longer able to honor the agree ment due to the loss of advertising dollars with the decline of military troops on post, which was used as revenue to pay for printing the news paper. The Missile Ranger will continue to provide news to the community through several differ ent venues and through several different for mats. The PAO Missile Ranger staff will pro vide news to the commu nity through the installa tions Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest page. The social media pages will be updated on a con secutive basis.See complete story on Page 4. Watch the video at https:// and Community CalendarPage 8 wsmissilerange


Announcements WSMR Commander . ......................................... Brig. Gen. Eric L. Sanchez Chief of Public Affairs . ......................................................... Robert Carver Editor . ........................................................................ Miriam U. Rodriguez Staff Writer . ........................................................ Adriana Salas de Santiago Staff Writer . ........................................................................ Charles RobertsE-mail us WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE N.M. EDITORIAL POLICYThis newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of the Missile Ranger are Army, or White Sands Missile Range. It is published monthly in digital format and posted Online. All Editorial Content of the Missile Ranger is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the Public Affairs ADVERTISING POLICYThe appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorse 2 Missile Ranger May 2018


Second Front 3 Missile Ranger May 2018 Partnership helps restore Trinity Site Ranch House en-GBBy Bill Godbyen-GB Archaeologisten-GBIn 2017 the historic en-GB en-GB at White Sands Missile en-GB Range, New Mexico reen-GB -en-GB ceived some overdue resen-GB -en-GB torations and repair. The en-GB en-GB is a contributing element en-GB of the Trinity National en-GB Historic Landmark, site en-GB of the detonation of the en-GB en-GB ranch house was utilized en-GB by the Manhattan Proen-GB -en-GB ject scientists to assemen-GB -en-GB ble the plutonium hemien-GB -en-GB spheres of the weapon in en-GB July 1945. en-GB The ranch house was en-GB built by Franz Schmidt, en-GB a German immigrant, in en-GB en-GB acquired the house in the en-GB 1930s. en-GB Georges brothers en-GB owned the nearby ranch en-GB utilized as Base Camp en-GB for the atomic test. Both en-GB ranches were occupied en-GB until approximately en-GB 1942, when all the ranchen-GB -en-GB ers were vacated to alen-GB -en-GB low for the area to be utien-GB -en-GB lized by the Alamogordo en-GB Bombing Range for taren-GB -en-GB get practice.en-GB Following the Manen-GB -en-GB hattan Project, the ranch en-GB was abandoned, sufferen-GB -en-GB ing major deterioration. en-GB In 1982 Major General en-GB Niles Fulwylers visen-GB -en-GB ited the ranch house and en-GB recognized its historic en-GB value. Fulwyler vowed to en-GB restore the ranch house, en-GB which was completed in en-GB 1984. In 1995, the 50th en-GB anniversary of the atomic en-GB test, efforts were made to en-GB again restore and repair en-GB a decade of weathering. en-GB Since 1995 only minor en-GB work has been done due en-GB to a struggle for funden-GB -en-GB ing, a problem common en-GB to historic buildings on en-GB many installations. en-GB In recognition of the en-GB need to stop further deteen-GB -en-GB rioration of this tremenen-GB -en-GB dously important historic en-GB site, the White Sands en-GB Missile Range Garrison en-GB provided funding to proen-GB -en-GB ceed with necessary reen-GB -en-GB pairs. en-GB Project lead Bill Godby en-GB utilized the Cooperative en-GB Ecosystem Studies Units en-GB (CESU) network, adminen-GB -en-GB istered by the Ft. Worth en-GB Corp of Engineers, to en-GB contract CESU memen-GB-en-GB ber Cornerstones Comen-GB -en-GB munity Partnerships of en-GB Santa Fe New Mexico. en-GB Cornerstones historic en-GB restoration expert, Jean en-GB Fulton, took on the proen-GB -en-GB ject with the assistance en-GB of Cornerstones trainen-GB -en-GB ing coordinator Nicole en-GB Kliebert. The scope of en-GB the project included reen-GB -en-GB construction of an enen-GB -en-GB try ramp, built by the en-GB Manhattan Project, the en-GB porch, railings and banen-GB -en-GB nisters, windows, stucco en-GB repair and replacement, en-GB rock wall repair, and imen-GB -en-GB plementing a site drainen-GB -en-GB age plan. en-GB Cornerstones, a nonen-GB -en-GB profit, is organized to en-GB provide workshops that en-GB incorporate interns and en-GB individual volunteers, en-GB working alongside exen-GB -en-GB perts, to perform cost efen-GB -en-GB fective restorations and en-GBrepair to historic strucen-GB -en-GB tures in a learning enen-GB -en-GB vironment. Both Fulen-GB -en-GB ton and Kliebert reached en-GB out to identify support en-GB for the project between en-GB 2016 and 2017. Partners en-GB included students from en-GB New Mexico State Unien-GB -en-GB en-GB Engineering and Survey en-GB Technology (led by Proen-GB -en-GB fessor Sonya Cooper), en-GB providing the site drainen-GB -en-GB age plan. Cottonwood en-GB Gulch Expeditions, an en-GB outstanding outdoor eduen-GB -en-GB cational program in New en-GB Mexico, provided a sinen-GB -en-GB gle day of volunteer laen-GB -en-GB bor, 17 strong, to execute en-GB the drainage plan. Last, en-GB and perhaps most imporen-GB -en-GB tant to the project, were en-GB the dedicated team of inen-GB -en-GB terns and volunteers.en-GB The ranch house is loen-GB -en-GB cated several hours north en-GB of the base cantonment en-GB and an hour from Soen-GB -en-GB corro New Mexico to the en-GB northwest. en-GB Most of Fultons crew en-GB stayed uprange 3 to 4 en-GB days at a time while comen-GB-en-GB pleting the work, enduren-GB -en-GB ing multiple range evacen-GB -en-GB uations for missile tests en-GB that began as early as 4 en-GB AM. Weather during en-GB the project workshops, en-GB summer and fall, was en-GB extreme, often exceeden-GB -en-GB ing 100 degrees and inen-GB-en-GB cluded snow flurries, en-GB en-GB -en-GB spite the challenges spiren-GB -en-GB its remained high and the en-GB work got done. en-GB Highlights of the 2016-en-GB 17 efforts included exeen-GB -en-GB cuting the drainage plan, en-GB window reconstruction, en-GB stucco repair, ramp and en-GB porch reconstruction and en-GB wall repair. The chalen-GB -en-GB lenges of a project like en-GB this are multi-fold. Fulen-GB -en-GB ton spent many hours goen-GB -en-GB ing through historic phoen-GB -en-GB tos and previous restoraen-GB -en-GB tion records, to ensure en-GB historic accuracy for reen-GB -en-GB pairs, with particular aten-GB -en-GB tention to the stucco. Alen-GB -en-GB though a scope may outen-GB -en-GB line a task, its not always en-GB known just what may unen-GB -en-GB fold to complicate the efen-GB -en-GB fort. In the case of the en-GB stucco, Fulton successen-GB -en-GB fully performed many en-GB tests to try and find a en-GB suitable color and texture en-GB match. Also knowing the en-GB extent of water damage en-GB to the adobe bricks unen-GB -en-GB derneath a stucco failure en-GB is not possible, until the en-GB stucco is removed. en-GB Cornerstones staff and en-GB the exceptional interns en-GB and volunteers overcame en-GB all the challenges put in en-GB front of them to bring en-GB this wonderful historic en-GB gem back to life. COURTESY PHOTO en-GBCottonwood Gulch Expedition volunteers with Cornerstones crew at the ranch house. COURTESY PHOTO en-GBCornerstones crew braving the early morning weather outside the ranch house.


4 Missile Ranger May 2018 Submissions to the Missile Ranger are ac cepted anytime for publication the following issue, space permitting. All submissions will be edited for style, con tent and propriety. Submissions must include name and a telephone number for that point of contact. Submissions can be made by e-mail to the following usarmy.wsmr.atec.list.ranger@mail. Building 1782; or call (575) 678-2716.en-GBHittoKill Roberts said they have vastly improved in terms of data recovery for such a fast missile. The successful test ad vances the programs technical maturity level and builds confidence in the interceptors abil ity to defeat current and evolving threats. Roberts test in the test cycle takes place at WSMR due to the ranges unique capabilities and restricted airspace. The U.S. Army and international custom ers have made it clear to days global security en vironment demands agile, close-range solutions that protect warfighters and citizens from enemy rock ets, artillery and mortars, said Tim Cahill, vice pres ident of Integrated Air and heed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, in a Lock heed Martin news release. The design of the MHTK interceptor enables a high ly-effective solution in a very compact package. We look forward to build ing on this success. WSMR provides test mission support includ ing optics, radar, teleme try, communications and a four-person team at the launch pad during the mission. Prior to the custom ers arrival, Roberts said he and his team spent a week prepping the site. We make it so that when they arrive its just a mat ter of them setting up their equipment, he said. The MHTK uses hit-tokill technology, which de stroys threats through an extremely accurate appli cation of kinetic energy in body-to-body contact. Hit-to-kill technology eliminates the incoming threat while reducing the risk of collateral damage. The MHTK interceptor is less than two-and-a-half feet long and weighs about The missile has the po tential to bring miniatur ized capabilities to the costs and reduces logistic footprints. CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE Secretary of the Army recognizes WSMR staff en-GBBy Adriana Salas de en-GB Santiagoen-GB Staff WriterSecretary of the Army Mark T. Esper recog nized three White Sands Missile Range employees during a visit to the instal lation, April 19. This was WSMR where he toured several of the range facili ties and was briefed on the range mission and capa bilities. The three employ ees: Alex Gomez, Elizabeth Hill and Josefina Tate were recognized for their contributions to the installation and receive a coin from Esper. Tate, from the Garri son Commanders Ini tiative Group, was rec ognized for her role as a management and pro gram analyst. Her role included organizing per formance measurement programs like the In stallation Status Report, Common Level Support and the Performance As sessment Review. WSMR Garrison Commander lighted Tates dedication, since 2011, to bring As sistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management training to WSMR. She has also been recognized by ACSIM for her work in analyzing data and par ticipating in change man agement, training and other ISR tasks. These programs are essential to the installation because they measure and evaluate WSMRs performance against standards, accord ing to the write-up for her award. Elizabeth Hill Hill, a Strategic Initia tives and Command Plans engineer, was recognized for being an outstanding and innovative employee according to her write-up. She was recog nized by Michael Zmuda, Future Plans, Army Test and Evaluation Com mand chief, for leading the Campaign Plan de velopment and designing year plan. The vision in cludes plans for funding and execution. Prior to the campaign plan, Hill also helped plan, coordi nate and staff the WSMR Army Compatible Use Buffer also known as ACUB. The ACUB was approved and funded within six months and is currently a very high Army priority. Alex Gomez Gomez, a Materiel Test Test Center Commander Jerry Tyree. He was rec ognized for 14 years of service, directly support ing ATEC. Gomezs work Army Acquisition pro grams was noted as out standing in his write-up. for several vital programs like the Guided Multi ple Launch Rocket Sys tem, Army Tactical Mis sile System and the Long Range Precision Fires portfolio. When Esper arrived he took the time to meet the three employees and talk about the importance of their contributions to the installation. He presented each employee with a challenge coin. He then went on to tour the Cox Range Control Center and the former 2nd Engineer Battalion Head quarters. Esper also vis ited Fort Bliss, Texas, the next day. PHOTO BY JOSE SALAZAR Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper presents Elizabeth Hill with a coin during a recognition event at the Cox Range Control Center.


5 Missile Ranger May 2018 ATV course now open at WSMR Missile RangerWhite Sands Missile Range opened a nearly 15 acre ATV course for community members with all-terrain vehicles to ride within the range, Jan. 13. Todd Rice, Out door Recreation assistant said the location, near the missile park and off of the second mile of the Bataan route, is the only location approved for community members to ride their ATVs on post. The course opens on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The ATV area is an other example of the installation delivering a service thats requested by our community, said WSMR Garrison ComWeve provided a safe and secure environment where White Sands fam ilies, employees and mil itary members can enjoy the outdoors. In order to ride your ATVs on Saturday in the designated area rid Outdoor Recreation facil Emerald Park to register and receive a pass. Out door Recreation is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you register during the week you still have to stop by the facility at Emerald Park to pick up your pass on Saturday, Rice said. Those hoping to regis ter to ride their ATVs at the facility will need to have proof of taking an ATV riding course. Sev eral free videos are of fered Online. Proper Pro tective Equipment like partment of Transportation Standard 218 certi kle footwear, long pants are required to enter the premises. Outdoor rec reation will not rent out ATVs for recreational use. Personal ATVs that are taken to the site must be in sound working or der without leaks or ma jor damage. For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at (575) 678-1713. COURTESY PHOTO White Sands Missile Range has opened a nearly 15 acre ATV course for community members with all terrain vehicles to ride within the range U.S. ARMY PHOTO Children get ready to start the fun at the March 29 Easter Egg Hunt at the Desert Emerald Green Space on post. Children had a change to meet the Easter Bunny and enjoyed hunting for eggs, free food, music, crafts and face painting.Easter Extravaganza


6 Missile Ranger May 2018 Nearly 8,500 participate in Bataan Memorial Death March Missile RangerNearly 8,500 march ers participated in the 29th annual Bataan Me White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, March 25, commemorat ing 76 years of the Bataan Everybody has their own motivation for why they are here to do this journey today, said WSMR Commander Brig. Gen. Eric Sanchez at the start of the event. But I think its important that we remem ber what this is truly all about. Its about the sur vivors and those who are no longer here with us, he said. So when things are getting tough out there on the course you want to give up, youve got blisters think about what these gentlemen here to day went through and all those others that survived or those who didnt sur vive, and hopefully that gives you the motivation to continue your journey, Sanchez said. The Bataan Memo ors a special group of World War II heroes re sponsible for the defense of the islands of Luzon, Corregidor and the har bor defense forts of the Philippines. On April 9, 1942, tens of thousands of American and Filipino Soldiers surrendered to Japanese forces. The Americans were Army, Army Air Corps, Navy and Marines. Among those seized were mem bers of the 200th Coast Artillery, New Mexico National Guard. The survivors in atten dance included: Harold Bergbower James Bollich Paul Kerchum Oscar Leonard William Overmier Ben Skardon The 26.2-mile Bataan is set on the hilly, des ert terrain, with some times unpredictable weather. Marchers com pete in teams or individu ally. Some compete in the heavy division carrying 35-pound rucksacks. WSMR Garrison Comreminded participants that this is more than a mara thon. Why are you here? What motivates you? he asked. When I put words to paper about what this (event) means I think it is to properly honor the fallen, show due respect to the survivors and fa cilitate the rehabilitation of our wounded warriors. But more importantly each one of you is out here to challenge your selves today by marching or running in honor of somebody or something that is important to you, Brown said. You being here is im portant because it helps us remember the past and you are helping us tell the Army story each and ev ery year. As you get around the course you are going to see about 2,000 volun teers that make this me morial march possible. Take the time to thank them for what they do. Sanchez also thanked wounded warriors for their participation in the march. Thank you for youve done for our great nation. You are an inspi ration to all of us and you will continue to inspire the marchers out there. As participants reached honor of being congratu lated by survivors of the Maj. Trisha Stavinoh was one of those who crossed the finish line early in the day and was March survivor Oscar Leonard. It makes me so happy to see him because he is such an inspiration, said Stavinoh, a sports dieti tian at Joint Base San Antonio. 1st Lt. Rebekah Mazany, a Marine Air cer from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., attended a stand ing-room only event to hear Leonard speak the day prior. I was thinking about what he talked about yesterday, learning that he spent 42 months as a prisoner of war, said Mazany, who was in full uniform to run the 26.2mile march in combat March in 2008 while still in college. Since then, she has walked it once and ran the course on four other occasions. You dont get this op portunity anywhere. Its ing opportunity, she said. Also in attendance: Congressman Steve Pearce who represents New Mexicos 2nd Con Gen. John Raymond, Commander, Air Force Space Command Lt. Gen. Kenneth Army Installation Man agement Command Command Sgt. Maj. Melissa Judkins, CSM, U.S. Army Installation Management Command Rick Jackson, Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army for New Mexico Undersecretary Rey naldo Mapagu, Philip The United States Air Force honored the survi vors with a demonstration of American air power Fighting Falcon jets from the 311th Fighter Squad ron of the 54th Fighter Group based at Hollo man Air Force Base, Al amogordo, New Mexico. PHOTO BY MSG PAULA ARAGON A group of Soldiers at the start of the Bataan Memorial Death March March 25 at White Sands Missile Range with the Organ Mountains in the background. PHOTO BY MSG PAULA ARAGON Bataan Death March survivor Oscar Leonard greets a Soldier at the Bataan Memorial Death


7 Missile Ranger May 2018 Leaders break ground for state-of-the-art fueling facility en-GBBy Miriam Rodriguezen-GB EditorWhite Sands Missile Range will soon have three state-of-the-art fuel facilities following a ground breaking cere mony March 5 near the El Paso Gate. The fueling fa cilities will be located at main post, Rhodes Canyon and Stallion Range Camp. Garrison Commander Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent McCormick joined Logistic Readiness Toro and TRC Govern ment Services, LLC Con struction Manager Steve Bump in breaking ground at the main cantonment building site in a cere mony attended by several LRC employees. All three sites are to be Fully Operational Capa ble by Sept. 30, 2018. The old fueling stations will be demolished once the new ones are complete. Toro said all three fu eling facilities are well overdue and will be high tech operations. I wanted you all to be part of this history in the making with the LRC, that is why I asked you all to come out here and participate in this event, Toro told employ ees. A lot of work went in to make this happen, Toro said as he thanked the TRC contractor, the Garrison. Brown said this proj ect is another example of teaming with the contrac tor. It is nothing unusual for what we do here at White Sands, because we deal with the LRC on a daily basis to deliver ex cellence and readiness to this installation, Brown said. Partnering with contractors also allows us to do more with less. This is just another example of White Sands moving forward and pro viding a key service to the installation, Brown said. We cant forget why we are here and what we are here to do, and that is to deliver readiness to the nation. Brown also thanked LRC for their support. We could not support the installation without the work you do every day. AgencyEnergy awarded the fixed-price contract for new fuel support ser vices at three locations here at WSMR, consist ing of a four-year Base Period and three fiveyear Options lasting until at least 2037. Rupert Balderrama, chief of Supply and Ser said the contractor, TRC Government Services of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is tasked to receive, store, issue and account for ucts, as well as providing maintenance and repair of the three facilities thru the life of the contract. These are Contrac tor-Owned, Contrac tor-Operated facilities, so TRC is responsible to de sign-build-own-operate and maintain the infrastructure and equipment. They are an experienced COCO contractor to Fort Bragg, NC in 1998 and now have eight locations, operating a total of 17 facilities. Balderrama said this is a Services Contract, and in order to perform those services it is necessary for TRC to build new facili ties here at WSMR Main Post, Rhodes Canyon, and Stallion Range Cen ter. WSMR is providing the raw land via a lease that runs concurrent with the contract, as well as the utilities with connections at the boundaries of the properties. TRC is then responsible for every thing within the perime ter of their facility lease. Using Best Commercial Practices, combined with certain design elements to meet WSMR require ments such as environ mental, security, compat etc., these sites will pro vide new and thus tech nologically-upgraded ser vices. Here on Main Post we will have four 24/7 re tail islands with three dual-hose dispensers for gasoline, two for diesel and one for F24 Jet fuel. Each island will have a Fuel Master pedestal for use with the VIL Key or GSA credit card. Addi tionally the site will be manned Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for customer assis tance, as well as issuing bulk fuels F24, diesel, and unleaded fuel. There will be a total of seven hori zontal, double-wall tanks storing 42,000 gallons of F24, and 24,000 gallons each of the diesel and un leaded fuel. Stallion Range Camp will have a facility much like the one here at Main Post. However, there will be a single 24/7 is land with dual-hose dis pensers for unleaded fuel and diesel. This will also be a manned facil ity with the same hours during the week as Main Post, so that the TRC Op erators can dispense bulk F24 Jet and diesel. There izontal, double-wall tanks storing 24,000 gallons of F24, 27,000 gallons of diesel and 12,000 gallons of unleaded fuel. The Rhodes Canyon facility will be located just west of the exist ing fuel site at the cross roads of Range Roads 6 and 7. This site will have a single 24/7 fueling is land with two dual-hose dispensers; one each for unleaded fuel and die sel. There will be two horizontal, double-wall tanks storing 12,000 gal lons each of unleaded fuel and diesel. This shall be a longterm partnership be tween White Sands Mis and TRC Government Services. TRC will have three employees here at Main Post, including the Terminal Manager and Accountant for resolv ing the fuels accountabil ity. Stallion will also have three employees to manage that site, as well as the Rhodes Canyon facility. PHOTO BY MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ White Sands Missile Range representatives break ground at the new state-of-the-art fueling facility building location on WSMR main cantonment area March 5 near the El Paso gate. Pictured from left to right: Josetta A. Leyva, acting chief, Plans and Operations, LRC, Rupert Balderrama, chief, Supply and Services Division, LRC, Jose A. Toro, Director LRC, Garrison Commander Col. Dave Brown, Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent McCormick, Jose A. Gallegos, Director DPW, Steve Bump,


8 Missile Ranger May 2018 Community Calendar submissions are compiled by the Public Affairs Office. Any WSMR organization wishing to publicize an event on this calendar should submit information to Frequently Called Numbers Aquatic Center 678-1068 Army Community Service 678-6767 Arts and Crafts Center 678-5321 Auto Crafts Center 678-5800 Bell Gym 678-3374 Bowling Center 678-3465 Community Center 678-4134 Commissary 678-2313 Frontier Club 678-2055 Italian Cafe 678-0544 Library 678-5820 McAfee Army Health Clinic 674-3500 Museum 678-2250 Post Chapel 678-2615 Outdoor Recreation 678-1713 White Sands Schools 674-1241 Youth Services/SAS 678-4140 IHG Army Hotel, WSMR 678-1838/4559 Community Calendar Monday, May 7 Frontier Club Pesto tortellini Tuesday, May 8 Frontier Club Green chile chicken enchilada Wednesday, May 9 Frontier Club Lasagna Thursday, May 10 Frontier Club Chicken fried steak Friday, May 11 Frontier Club Specials from the grill Monday, May 14 Frontier Club Teriyaki chicken Tuesday, May 15 Frontier Club Tostada carnitas Wednesday, May 16 Frontier Club Chicken vodka penne Thursday, May 17 Frontier Club Jambalaya Friday, May 18 Frontier Club Kabobs Monday, May 21 Frontier Club Kung Pao chicken Tuesday, May 22 Frontier Club Red chile beef enchilada Wednesday, May 23 Frontier Club Chicken Angelo Thursday, May 24 Frontier Club Pork chop Friday, May 25 Frontier Club Specials from the grill Closed Saturday and Sunday -June 16 Army Birthday Ball at the Farm and Ranch Museum -June 26 White Sands Test Center Change of Responsibility -July 17 Garrison Change of Command Aug. 10WSMR Change of Command