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1 Disclaimer StatementThis Department of Defense publication (ISSN 1939-2370) is an authorized publication for the members of the Department of Defense and interested stakeholders. Contents of the IO Sphere are not necIO Sphere Articles in this publication may be reproduced without permission. If reproduced, IO Sphere and contributing authors request a courtesy line and appropriate source citation.CALL FOR ARTICLES AND GENERAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: IO Sphere IO Sphere also and themes can be found on the IO Sphere TEXT Microsoft Word. CHARTS/GRAPHS each slide. PHOTOGRAPHS FORMAT/LENGTHSend letters to the editor, articles, press releases and editorials to: or If youre on a .mil network, then IO Sphere is available to you on the Joint Staffs JDEIS electronic publishing site. IO SphereEndnote references for all academic articles are questions about endnotes. IO Sphere content at


2 Winter 2015 W sponsor of terrorism. able to dominate the landscape in the middle east. China: Adversary or Global PartnerBy Mr. Gregory C. Radabaugh Director Joint Information Operations Warfare Center threat in cyberspace at numerous international conferences at home and abroad.


3 Editors Note: the importance of counter-deception. I did send for thee, To tutor thee in strategems of war. Shakespeare, Henry VI Part 1, Act IV, Scene 5 operation. The recent theory and tenets of military deception. The purpose of this There is a fourth factor Introduction to Military DeceptionEverything is deception . from the insect that mimics a leaf to the popular enticements of procreation. Vladimir Nabokov deception can be considered the purposeful misrepresentation true for a military commander ] Military Deception: A Core Information Operations Capabilityby Eric J. Shaw, Ph.D Leaf Bug, Phyllium giganteum Source: Author


4 Winter 2015 Simulantur quae non sunt; Quae aunt vero dissimulantur. (Simulate what is not; dissimulate which is.) Barton Whaley and others look at deception as the polarities of simulation and dissimulation reality from enemy perception. The second terms are form of deception and simulation as deception in its to the enemy capabilities or intentions the presenter does not possess. bombardier mistakenly struck the dummy aircraft. They hours. Beneath the detected and discounted dummy aircraft Both of these types Deceptions Purpose Strategy But for


5 How Deception is Done Deception Techniques complacent in the face of these actions. To Whom Deception is Done decision maker. deception is the need to maintain centralized control and A Case Study: The Third Battle of Gaza


6 Winter 2015 communications to and support of his military commander orders to relinquish one of the four he had for transfer to The First and Second Battles of Gaza Figure 1. Thomas E. Greiss, ed. Third Battle of Gaza. Source: Atlas for the Great War (1986), plate 49


7 the difference. ones he employed. recall Murray. The Third Battle of Gaza the British in the Boer War and had recently returned the Turkish commanders.


8 Winter 2015Delivering the Deception Story Communications Channels as a Delivery Method The Haversack Ruse presented a coherent picture of the British plans to attack Turkish commanders had fully assimilated the deception story


9 Deceptions Future Conclusion practices of the enemy is a crucial capability and one that that applies here.


10 Winter 2015BIBLIOGRAPHY Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life. _________. Secrets: On the ethics of Concealment and Revelation Bodyguard of Lies Deception 101-Primer on Deception. Soldier, Scientist & Spy Deception in World War II Strategic Military Deception Strategic Military Deception The Art of Deception in Warfare. Armageddon, 1918: The Final Palestinian Campaign of World War I Strategic Denial and Deception: The Twenty-First Challenge Atlas for the Great War. Wayne The Romance of the Last Crusade: With Allenby to Jerusalem Soviet Military Deception in the Second World War. Military Deception: Transparency in the Information Age. On a Supposed right to Lie from Philanthropy Intelligence and Military Operations. Journal of Strategic Studies. Jerusalem Papers on Peace Problems, _________. Strategic and Operational Deception in the Second World War _________. War, Strategy and Intelligence The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War Strategic Deception in the Second World War. Practical Philosophy. Translated and edited Allenby and British Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919. Proceedings of the Conference on Strategic Deception in Modern Democracies: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Challenges Deception in War. Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph. Garden City Strategy The Art of Military Deception. Duty, Honor, Empire: The Life and Times of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen Operationl Mincement: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an allied Victory The Double Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945. Journal of Military Ethics, War by Revolution: Germany and Great Britain in the Middle East in the Era of World War I. Army Diary: 1899-1926 The Man Who Never Was Allenby of Armageddon: A Record of the Career and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby Intelligence and Military Operations Information Operations,


11 _______. Military Deception oint Force Quarterly The Palestine Campaigns, Hell in the Holy Land: World War I in the Middle East The Palestinian Campaigns. Strategem: Deception and Surprise in War. Intelligence and Military Operations History of the First World War, Vol. 6. Endnotes Seven Pillars of Wisdom Information Operations Military Deception Armageddon, 1918: The Final Palestinian Campaign of World War I Allenby and British Strategy in the Middle East Intelligence and Military Operations to their stealthy appearance. The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War in Intelligence and Military Operations Strategem: Deception and Surprise in War Intelligence and Military Operations Strategic Military Deception Strategy The Art of Military Deception Soldier, Scientist & Spy Hell in the Holy Land: World War I in the Middle East Allenby of Armageddon: A Record of the Career and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby Allenby and the British Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919 The Man Who Never Was Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an allied Victory Army Diaries: 1899-1926 The Third Battle of Gaza, History of the First World War, Vol. 6 Allenby and the British Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919 Immanuel Kant: Practical Philosophy trans. Mary Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life Joint Force Quarterly Strategic Denial and Deception: The Twenty-First Challenge


12 Winter 2015 Editor's Note An Introduction to the Iranian Security CalculusT While Yemen in of itself is of little Most Bahrains Strategic Importance Irans Involvement in Bahrain: A Battleground as Part of the Islamic Regimes Larger Existential by Jason Rivera


13 and a host of air assets. the island Source: Author Source: Author


14 Winter 2015 Irans Involvement in Bahrain: Pre-2011 The hundreds of others. Bahraini The three most important of these political parties are Source: Author


15 mandates that the Chairman of the Board of Deputies is Thus despite the reforms promised politics. stance. key members. Early 2011 Observations of Iranian Involvement in Bahrain timeframe. Disclaimer: All subsequent thoughts, experiences, citations, are derived solely from the author, and do not represent of Bahrain. self-immolation attempted suicide arrested. it is typical of military and police forces both in Bahrain in its internal affairs. There are multiple TV channels that are population to conduct demonstrations in the streets and to


16 Winter 2015 demonstrates number of Source: Author Source: Author Source: Author


17 these same media sources failed to document the series of While this After the Pearl Roundabout Destruction and an Assessment of the Future as centers in Bahrain. Bahrain often used impromptu mosques in order to escape media has been quick to condemn the destruction of these military means.


18 Winter 2015 Endnotes Foreign Affairs Journal of Politics & International Studies and Prospects Gulf Daily News STRATFOR Global Intelligence Foreign Affairs Geopolitical Weekly The Arab Shia: The Forgotten Muslims Jadaliyya Source: Author Source: Author


19 Google Maps Middle East Journal Journal of Politics & International Studies Arabia Today Al Jazeera Al Jazeera Foreign Affairs forces. Al-Monitor Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture The New York Times Al-Jazeera The Guardian The Independent BBC News Middle East The Daily Star Al-Jazeera


20 Winter 2015 Editors Note: D communications assessor is unlikely to be in a position to techniques as necessary. applied to the basic doctrinal approach in effect at that Objective Criteria: Activities in Practiceby Mr. John-Paul Gravelines




22 Winter 2015 may be made to support similar techniques supported by in practice to determine optimal practices in a particular Works Cited


23 Editors Note Warfare Center.Information Operations Best Practices Collaborationby IO Best Practices Community of Practice


24 Winter 2015 Editors Note M of social media. Terror Groups Changing Recruitment Tactics Confronting Challenges Terrorism Gone Viral: The burgeoning media war between ISIS and the


25 Counterterrorism Communications did not demonstrate a The department enlisted The Walt Disney Company to Crafting Solutions or mistreat. Department efforts to counter terrorist communication themes


26 Winter 2015 releases and social media posts. Combatant battalion commanders are often at the forefront of information capabilities and techniques support lines of effort and can after an operation. These critical mission enablers and force dishonest and deceitful releases. Endnotes


27 Editors Note: sponsors.T useful to stakeholders and decisionmakers. looked at best practices for assessment from across sectors and A Word on Measures of Performance and Measures Effectiveness model. DoD assessment doctrine emphasizes the distinction Attributes of Good Measures Persuade Efforts: Guidance for Practitioners, Part 3 Developing Measures and Designing Assessmentsby Christopher Paul, Jessica Yeats, Colin P. Clarke, Miriam Matthews, and Lauren Skrabala (RAND Corporation)


28 Winter 2015 users and stakeholders. Identifying the Constructs Worth Measuring: The Relationship Between the Logic Model and Measure Selection The Developing Measures: Advice for PractitionersKeep a record of validated and potential IIP measures and indicators. a more practical solution for practitioners could be to keep or the press.Avoid metric bloat or promiscuous measure collection. analysis and the interpretation of results. Express numeric measures in the form of a ratio so that progress from the baseline to future states can be easily determined. stakeholders and decisionmakers. Avoid the temptation to collect data only on indicators of success. The unintended consequences. shines. Avoid perverse incentives. Where to Begin? Measuring Baselines and Variables


29 Avoid measures that are easily manipulated. reports of the operational readiness of host-nation forces casualties. Designing and Implementing Assessments Criteria for High-Quality Evaluation Design: Feasibility, Validity, and Utility Designing Feasible Assessments Designing Valid Assessments of causal inferences or causal conclusions that need to be Designing Useful Assessments Formative Evaluation Design


30 Winter 2015 Process Evaluation Design Summative Evaluation Design The Challenge of Determining Causality Nesting: The Hierarchy of Evaluation SOURCE: Adapted from Christopher Paul,


31 The Best Evaluations Draw from a Compendium of Studies with Multiple Designs and Approaches In the Next Installment school. Corporation.