Isabel Briggs Myers Collection. Controlled Vocabulary.

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Isabel Briggs Myers Collection. Controlled Vocabulary.
de la Cruz-Fernandez, Paula (Ph.D.)
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University of Florida
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Taxonomy for the Isabel Briggs Myers Papers digital collection at University of Florida Digital Collections (Last update by Paula de la Cruz Fernandez, Ph.D., August 2018) This taxonomy has been prepared simultaneously to the creation of descriptive metadata that catalogs and describes the Isabel Briggs Myers Papers digital repository. It provides an index or terms guided tool to users of the collection and aids searches in the UFDC search engine. The main sections in this resource are Genre, which lists the type of material contained in the collection, and Keywords, pointing out the variety of terms that can be used to search in this collection. Genre (Type) Genre defines w hat the item is or what the item contains The main resources used to gather standardized terminology have been OCLC Researchs Thesaurus assingFast, The Getty Research Institutes Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online, the Library of Congress Genre Forms Thesaurus, and the Rare Books and Manuscripts Controlled Vocabularies Provenance Evidence Terms resources. Select from: Genre Authority fast aat l cgft (view of) rbprov The Isabel Briggs Myers collection contains the following material from (aat) : diaries handwriting p hotographs black andwhite photographs black andwhite prints ink stamps (rbprov ), admission tickets invitations postcards ( view of lcgft) memorabilia menus telegrams academ ic writing, yearbook, postage stamps, envelopes, transcripts marriage licenses, marriage certificates, wills, records, family papers, financial records, school records, passpor ts, photocopies, pamphlets, correspondence, publications (documents) fiction (genre) poems writings (documents) narratives (literary works), paintings (visual works), correspondence clippings (information artifacts ), editorials, notes (documents). Keywords/subject headings The majority of subject headings have been selected from assignFast, the Library of Congress Subject Headings Authority (lcsh), and the Thesaurus if Psychological Index Terms (APA) This section is divided in nine dimensions, covering the different topics in which the digital repository might be classified and conceptualized. Like the Genre section, this is a tool to help the user of this collection to discern the great variety of t opics its research might take to. Also, each dimension includes a list of broader terms or term hierarchy that are not necessarily part of the collections descriptive metadata but that could further the users discovery of the material.


Places Structure s, and Associated Concepts Mansions Astronomical observatories Gardens Cathedrals Universities & colleges [use for colleges] Canyons Canals Castles & Palaces [use for castles, use for palaces, use for Chateaux] Lakes & ponds [use for lakes] Churches Windmills Gondolas National Parks Landscapes Real property (use for real estate) Real estate Schools Transportation facilities Boats Bridges Sculpture (use for statues) Ships (use for vessel) Ocean travel (use for traveling by boat) Air travel International travel Railroad travel Automobiles (also lctgm) Automobile travel Trains Christianity Railroads Judaism Narrower term Broader term Astronomical observatories Research facilities Mansions Houses Castles & Palaces Gardens Facilities Cathedrals Churches Universities & colleges Educational facilities Canyons Valleys Canals Hydraulic structures Cities & towns Settlements Streets Villages Lakes & ponds Bodies of water Rivers Windmills Mills Boats Vessels Gondolas Canal boats Bridges Transportation Mountains Land


National Parks Built Environment Schools Sculpture (use for statues) Art Temporal /Cultural terms World War 1 (1914 1918) World War 2 (1939 1945) Progressive Era (1890 1920) Gilded Age (1870 1900) Roaring Twenties (1920 1929) Great Depression (1929 1939) Interwar Period (1918 1939) Post war Era (946 1962) The Sixties (1960 1969) The Cold War (1945 1989) The Nuclear Age (1950 present) The Eighties (1980 1989) Education terms Education Swarthmore College Home schooling Biology History Universities and colleges (use for higher education, use for colleges ) Schools School children Education -Curricula Political s cience Botany Arithmetic -Study and teaching Books and reading Science Social Sciences Teachers Numeration -Study and teaching (Primary) Typology (Psychology) College students (use for college life) Politics and government Myers Briggs Type Indicator Law schools Fraternal organizations English language Grammar Education -Parent participation School districts Students Lafayette College (Easton, Northampton County, Pa.) Psychology Religion Narrower term Broader term Biography History Military history Historic sites


Home schooling Education Home education Homeschooling Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Women in education Biology Disciplines History Home economics Botany Political science Psychology Religion Universities Organizations Colleges Fraternities Fraternal organizations People Functions Processes and Techniques Students Teachers Counseling Administrative agencies (use for government agencies) Teachers Psychologists Mothers Lawyers Indians of Central America-Social life and customs African American agricultural laborers Armed Forces Silent films Publishers and publishing Writing Civil service (use for government service) Personality assessment Youth Children Families Female friendship Marriage Married people Childbirth Mothers and daughters Motherhood school Girls Friendship Entertainment events Pregnant women Dating (Social customs) Ballroom dancing Books and reading Households Home economics Daily life Fatherhood Registers of births, etc. Wills Women (use for womanhood) Pregnancy African American agricultural laborers Female Women authors


Organizations Fraternities Fraternal organizations Universities Colleges Universities and colleges Myers Briggs Type Indicator United Fruit Company Center for Applications of Psychological Type CAPT Names (Library of Congress Name Authority File) National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Lafayette College (Easton, Northampton County, Pa.) National Bureau of Standards (U.S) United States. Standards, National Bureau of Myers, Isabel Briggs Michigan State Agricultural College Swarthmore College corporations Companies Nonprofit organizations Center for Applications of Psychological Type CAPT Typology (Psychology), Personality tests Myers Briggs Type Indicator Four temperaments Types, Psychological Type (Psychology) Psychological types Characters and characteristics (use for personal characteristics) Interpersonal relations (use for behavior) Typology (Psychology) (use for mental types and psychological types) Type and type founding (use for mental types) Temperament Jungian psychology (use for Jungian psychoanalysis and Jungian psychology) Temperament -Testing Psychology Narrower term Broader term Temperament Psychology


Typology (Psychology) Personality Psychology Psychoanalysis Jungian Psychology Events, Holidays Christmas Talmud. Shabbat Religion Organisms, Living Organisms Animals Mollusks Insects Geographic Info : Use this thesaurus