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Dansk Vestindisk Regierings Avis, No. 977
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Danish West Indies Government Newspaper
Richard Hatchett
Place of Publication:
Christiansted, St. Croix
Richard Hatchett
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4 pp.


Subjects / Keywords:
Caribbean Area ( lcsh )
Saint Croix (United States Virgin Islands) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )

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Moravian Archives, Bethlehem
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Moravian Archives, Bethlehem
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All rights reserved by the source institution.
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MissWI 93 ( MAB )


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No. 977 Dansk Vestindisk Regierings Avis. ST, CnOIX. CHRIS'I'fANSTED. TOUSDAGEN den J2te IJ!IAT 1842. TRY R TOG U D (; I V T A F I I C H A R D HAT C II J<; 'I' T. paa fOrsl.e Pintsedag hliver der Glldstjeneste for begge dUllsk lutherske Menigheder i Frederiksted ; paa anden Piotsedag tor bp.gge danskluth: Menigh : i Christiansted. veri sred, vanlrg Tid. Breve til Afsendelse med Capitain H, P. Janssen, Skibet" Helena Cal 111 ina" til Kiobenha vn vii hlive modtagne i undertegnede Contoir, indtil 14de dennes. Christiansteds Kongelige Brev Contoir, 9de Mai 1842. P. HANSEN. DE l' bekjendlgjores herved at ifolge Aoord. ningerne vii efter ultimo Mai dette Aar blive g]Ol't Execution for aile til den Tid resterende Skatter til den Kongelige Kasse for Aaret1841. Vet Kongelige Kasserel' Contoir paa St; Croix. den 12te Mai 1842. H. P. W. PETERSEN. consl. Kongelig Kasserer. F'OR8BliR(). Borgerraads Incassator. J'1' i .. n refly m , rendering the and very injurious to the Cattle of those properties who are under the necessity of watering their Slock at the Gutters. Agents and Managers of Estates are hereby requested 10 pay particular attention to their Lees Ponds. and to cause such steps to be taken, as will render it impossilJle for the Lees to have any Communication whatever with the Gutters. 'i.'hose who shall be found nol to pay due att.ention 10 this publication will strif:tly be called to aCeOIlTlI, and selltenced agreeahle to the Laws and of this countrv. F'rederiksterls PoliO'e Office, St. Croix lhe 10th May 1842. .11. J AN DRI!JSON. r"he Subseriher intends ](>av_ illg the Island ...... for America in ahout three weeks from dale, therefore those who are indebted to him, to settle their respective accounts pre, \ljous to the J 8t of June nex l. Frederiksted, 1 J th May 1842 C: P: ESPJ.t'RSEN. Clock and Watchmaker. THE .. jher i/ltt>lIds leaviug the Islalld early ill l\lay. H4 V A LJ( J!.'R. West End 1211t Api'lL 81'. CROiX 0 JI ERFOH. H YN DEHIE opbyder til Udlaau den :Summa l"ld. 6424 d. v. Ct. tilhoreude UltJy De som ruaafte attraae dette Laan, autlJodes om ilJe are well adapted for family use. Apply to P G Hp-yLige7" Esg or to the Subscriber at Mrs. Boyles. CHARLI!J8 Mc'EVEN. West End, April 28th ] 842. The U illlellds (0 leave the lshwd hy fhe elld of the present lIJollth WIth his family for Europe. Ally one holding Claim or Claims auailll>lt him, will P J a sec a II 1'0 r .s (> f rI PiliP II r, and requesls at saruf> time, indebted to hltn, to sellie dwir respective Accoullts willaill the be fo rem e n t i 0 1I e d 11 ru e St: Ct'oix Cltristiansted 9th May 1842. J. (J. liT IJlL.Ul1'. Job Printing fp.d with nf"a tn f'Ss a lid despatch at tillS office, ,/ 7 St. Croix CHRIS1'IANSTED, [Thursday] 12th May 1842 The second April mail aniIJed at St Tlwmas, (md was receivRd 1'f'1'e YPSlf'lday. :Sir llobel't Peel's new Corn bill,Jassp.d the Hot.tse of Commons on the 8th ull, by (/ td. umphant maiodty of 139-tlte vole, ul t lie close of tlte debate, being for {he bill 229 aguinst it 90 mnjO"ity 139 the b tll was then .. to the House oj L01 ds for their app7'oval, Advices from BombrlY hrid been as late as March ht. Tile of the Ca. b1.tL army are fully confirmp.d of] 2 000 perROtls WllO evacuated Cabul. (of whiclt 6.000 were ulan>:, and O,()OO in'egulm's, camp .101 1JJ0men 9-c) the only one who had es. coped and succeeded in "eaching Jellalabad, was /),. Brydon, nfter encountering almost ri"ks and ItanlshiJ!s no C I'/ailllv if tlll1 tatl' or 'lie prisoners in tlip or tlie Aflghans was known; among lhese me Up-no era!s fj lplnT/Slone able to be"r the wintM' of AjJi!,hll1llslan, a foot of snow Was on the gl'ounrl at lhe last dates, and the nWIl rdam passes were 'much itnp pded in conseq/lellcr'. }f'rom Cltinri. advices IUld been "peellled as late (f,S 17th. JrlTlUJIl'V; thinl{s renunfu:,d in Statu quo. Sir llugh (}vug" was ()Wflitillg at lVlngpo, und SOlile of tlui i"oops from Canton had bepT/ eXl'edi.tpd No I(JUJU! accommodation i,ad bl:'en made by the Emperor uf China, on the contrWT; he is ()ut.r(f/{pous (It the presumptIOn of the" outside Bm'btJrifl7/S "in dorirl{f to ket'p possession of his celesttal cities. M A !lIN E LIST 1842 t$Ct C HI(fSTIAN87.'RD ....... ... Ardved-lJ1ay V-Danish Ship St And", Captain Bornsen, ji'om CopenhageR -Possenge1', 1'111'. P1ylZ,. I


u Ener Begjel'ing Hf Procurator C. l(ientlff pna Paute og Ve$!ne, vii vorde til off.) n t Auction i 80utiqnen No 6 paa Hjornet af OJ.{ 1.6verdA:,!(,1I den 14.le denllt>s om K I: II slet: )),"ikkevab re og Provisioner frataS!E'n GOLOI<:N. H JAMES 81: Croix Christiansteds Auctions Contoir den 2den IMay FRl'rz. W 1\1. DIDRlCJlSEN. Efter af Chri!'1tiallsteas SOUl hehaudlende af ((amrnerraad Ill1gl. vii hli,rp bortsolgt ved offentlig Auclion, som afholdes Tirsdaden 17 de deune '\1 aalled. orilliddag [(I. It i l1uset No. 5H 1 ".lee\ t)"" ()', Mahognle ifud,.e ill ,,,I,ler, eu Gig, ell Hest, &C. alt tllhorende fornrevnte Afgangnes Roe. Christ iansteds Auctions Contoir den 4de May 1842. l!: W: DIDIUCHSEN. Efter Begjenog af Skifteforvalteren i Christiansted "il blive opranht IiI BortHelgelse ved 3 otltlntlJge AuctlOller, der Ville blive afhohlle: lste A ucllon dell 29Je A pri) 'Men AIH;lion Fredngen den 6le Mal begge paa Auo tioll8cOllwirel OiTI FormHhlagen [{I: 12 og $t1ic Auction dell 13 :\lai d, A. om FormiddagcD KI: 12 paa den fi;l!tellde Elendom I OG LOll L \ND No, 5 I Strandgaden tllhilrende afg, JOHN GEORGE og ligeledos afg. flu-Irues Boe. (1lIlcllllOOel'ne og V unle rlllg!oforreloillgen ere til EriN ')" paa ChriS \lallSleds Sltlflprf'lseonloir. Chl'lsllallbleds Allet OilS ('ontnir <11'11 I Rle '\pril 18,12, FRl'l'Z W i\1: DIDRICIISEN. Eftf'f 13egjering af Advocatus Regllls Cancellieraad OG\AllU i Overeensstemmelse med Ordre fra den Kongf'lige .. estindiske Gielcts Liqvidalions COlllmission paa dcn Kongelige Kasses Vegllc, sam l'ante og Exeeutiollshaw:r, vii blive opraabt til BortsGelgelsp v\.!d 3de oflcntlige Auctillner SUKK }t;RPLANTAGEN merl alt Tilbchor, bt:llggellde i Uronningens Q.V, tnle of ('ollul'lellorand royal Treasurer f;,.,ic/tson, WIll be sold at puhlic Auclion on TIIPsdHY thf> 17th illstaflt, II in IIH' forenoon ill the lIouse No 59 (!UCClIslrect.-ome l\l ahog-auv arid other Furlliture, a Gig, a & c to the e. tate of the Chrislianbteds Venclue Oflice 4th May 1842. F: W: DIDRICllS/1;N. A I IhE' of 'he in Chrasliansted will 'xposcd for Sale at 3 public AuctIOns, to Le held the IRt "'Iction on fo"l 'iday Ihe '29111 April. 2 J Iloilo () t F'rldny 61h iVlay bOllt at Ihe Velldue Otli(,f] lit It u'Clock alld Ihe 3rtj AU()lion on l"rH.ay the 13th May, 12 o'Clock ou tue nOUSE AND LOT No, 5 Irond Rlref't, to Ihe deceased JOHN GIWh(H' lind W,fe joinl Vealillg. and /\pprnillcmelll fire 10 be seeD at tbe Dealing ('ollrt OHice. ChflSl,ollstcJs Vell('u" Office the IBth April 1842, FRI'fZ W 31: DWRlCnSEN: AI T('qnesl of l(ings Att(lrney Canccllierand Oni\I\RD ill ('onfor01ilv with Orders from J'lH-1 Ito)'nl W f'sliudiu Lo;ln Commis sion, ill heh .!!' of thr l{o"al Trcasllrvas J\1orlgng!'fllld \\ill be to at 3 pUUIH: Auctions, 'l'Hb; SUGAR P'JAl\TATION el ie wi,\) eVt:r: 'hin!' therOlo belonging. !>illlnt(! in 11 em; Q,lltlrLt;/ Nt!. U \IIU 1 ill lhi bhlld, Flrsl Auction to be held 011 Friday the 13th May lIext ensuing, Secoud Auction to be h eld on thi.) 20t h l \.i IY, bolh timE'S at the VClldue Oaice in the for('noon at 11 o'clork, and Tilird Anction 10 be beld 011 Natl1rday the 2Alh May in the forenoon at 11 o'clock, at lilt' Christianstens Vendue Office 26to April FRITZ lVm. DIDI At 1'PrI"f".'1t ot flip, lJrw,liTig MosIe, in Chris-will he (.7.:posed (or Suie at 3 publtc A1JctiOUt, to be held thus: 1st \uction on the 17th May next' 2tl AUf,tion on Tuesday Ihp May, both Au('tions al. till' Vendue otnce in the fore noon at 12 o'elr)l'k, nud the 3d \uclillll on TUll!'\d'\}' the 14lh of Junc next in the forenoon al 12 o'c:lock, at the tllerni. ses,.ou 'e al d ot No: 5, Company Stree. bclonging to tht' deceaspd al Treasurer, Counsellor ]r;"ich.wn and surviving Widow' joint dealing Condiliolls, Tille Oucuments and Applleri wzll he expos"d fur Sale at 3 puhlic to be held tflus : 1st Atll:lion eln Thnrsday the 19th Mar next 2d A uet ion on Thulsd v the 2d J (lne-Ilext, both Auctions at the Vendue Ofiiee in the forenoon at 12 o'cloc'k; and the


3J ,\lIc!tion on the l(ilh .lillie nf' t, in Ihe forenooll at u'dock, at the prollli. ses..lot No. 59 ells bl'lonffin.!! 10 tOf' de ceased al 'J'reasur/'I'.' jOIWI'l ,11111' and surviving Wid"w's joint Conditions, Titl(! /Jo(!U1l1f'fll>: alld ment to be spell previous to the Alletion, at the 1)paling Courl OlIiee. Christiallsteds Vendue ()Hicl'l ItI!' 21st April JA42, I'HITZ \V I. Pi'om lite N,Wl Y()I'k (Jl/mtltr.I'('ia! Adtler tISP-f', April !Ii, I HU, \V Tltillsda,', pri I lo1 omo;l':nu. UII.I., Mr CIlAIlr.I':S J, TO, nnd ha\,-iOg" moved 10 strtlw Ollt olle hnlf (If' 111(' :11'1'1'0 printlOos for til(' mlllisters at thl' Au>:triall and Rus'iran COlirts, went at consiclc'/a!l!(! Ic into nn examinalioJl of our relali"Jls. esppC"inlly COl) Idcring til!' question of f,rar(' 01' war, Lord Ashhnrtofl's Il II:<1SI1 III, the Texan que ,tinrl,&c lie !lpoice of PC':WP. :lnd war, alld the caUses of either, as lightly. and ofth(, pcnnlllg nrgocinlions bCIWcr.1l IlS ufld GrelH Britaiu as as if hUd ollly to aSSIlll1r an attitllde, rlghf Or' wrullg, Hncl maintaill it, II/one und unaided, in the tlll:e of the world. But the charaeler of I\J 1', III 'crsoli's sl cedI Illay ue gatilerpd (I hl\\'l' oot room for both,) from the tellOI' of that which wa 11 reply to, !llld an elofJllelll rebul\{! of il, the speech of the lion. John Quincy Adams, of M aSH llc 11Il; olJjc!ct, yel had he urrayed llefurt' the (;Olllllllt!I!,' t lin of /JrepMill1oll. SUt!1l itS it is, ill whi,'h 1111:ol I:OIJlltIY stand. 1'111 W'HHe had lold Ihem of tlte IWO Iml"lIili(:errt Ntearnfriulltt'" !lOW I) Illg .11 all 'ho, oil IhlS ell)'. Urge tit I;)r pl';H:e, hI! II4Id told lhem how {'liS,' \o\HIt lil(.'I'(' two st(':JII)('IS il ,'\.oldd be to !Jll'll dO,",11 LOfJdon. '" hde ElJg III 1111, With U POl'llIHl of her two hllndr d, ",as hurn ing do" n Np", 'o/li, 1\ lid ill Ihat gClltlclnall's ('stllll:ltioll, th(' {'xdHlllge ill a case would be dL'CIIII'd greatly III IHlI' favor, Mr, AIM Hi thl 'l1 p,oe 'uded to examine the oslcllsilll,} pletext llpOll Wllll:h I'crtain gelltle men upon tbat (l"ur hnd II tha\ the VIIteu :::;tut w ,le Id'-l \ (> .. 111(: lntu hUl;l tile c:ollisioll with Great Brttuin, That qIWS tioll was the right of search, Hc tJJlelellllo/\ to show that titis \\ as but a (:over 101 a decfJer desip-JI namel}, of protecting a trallie, which, by the enllsellL of lIall"IlS, our OWn among Ihe rrU/llber, has Itecu dpsiv"ated by treaty. us pil'uey, 111 the of an extellded argllttll!llt. Wille''', dcq",\' 11 It WIIS, 1 canllot hCle attelllpt to detail. In.r. Adams dUM;rrh('d thi., as the c:aIlSI! elf the great OpposItion now so elisfJla.\(,d to the right of sean'h. Mr. ADI\,U' rept'ul(:d thaI he :a w no nl'C't's sary cOIl'l('etiotl of tllf' q'lf'stion of II!!III (If seurcn with (lur prl'selll isslle \\illl Britain There W.IS. II ill true. II deul of bllilying allJ hravado with regard therelO, in the midst of '" hi<:h he (:I)uld trace the eon, cealed motive 10 whi(:h he hud allu ded, As to the of the slave trade, he was willing. he must coufc:->s, 10 mal e almost any concessioo te/ldltlg' to at:eomplish that object. Herc 1\Jr. A, alluded tn the pamphlcl reo cClltly published oyour t\I roister Ht the Court of Frallce, ann to the pxpedt('nt \, Itit:h II prt)po'es as a compromisf! of tlris qw'stlon l';cn. Cns suggests thereIn 111'1i of War should have a IHH'al o(}ieer of the otli(!I' COUll. tryon boaro, while cruisillg on Ihe Afriean coast. when sllch search as II thonght necessary (or the d e tection of slave traders should take 1" r. .\ llDIS thnll!ritt thiS as ohjeetionable rhe of s,'arch ;11 any other form, alld ("ontf!ndld thnt if Ihal Hou. e and the Presio('llt of tht' were ready to concede this mlH'i1 they had Ollt little right to ohject llnd warml,\' to the of search, He r.tllltelld ed moreover that thl right was even now <'I: me 1 11\' Oll r own ()O\'(' 11I1I1('1'! IIIJ apl'rclwudt'd fhnl he would not 1' .. llnw tllp (:rrIIlISf'ls of tltat tTI'lltle lJIall II the alternnlin' i ... illdeed to 1)(' Britaill's yi('ld'"g Ihtllg, as thl! ol'igillill or n Irlood,r and dis>:olalillg ",aI', !\tr. A would !OW\' Ihat Itowe\'el a maIler it ""ppar' to 1\1 r. Ing('rsoll, he' sh\ uld d"l'pair and would go home :.loti be rI'aci," to die Jt 110 ltght questloJ) 10 him, altholl!'h he had as Iltlle pcrsollal illtcrrsl ill the result HS any IIlPll1hPr lIpnll lIllll fl,lO!' r.olJld haw.\Vhetl,er it eamc SI)OI\ 01' late. his I'ill t!l'r ere IOllg duse. Ami here 1\1 r. A, depi(,tcd iu alld Inll!!llllge. \\< hat wOlild be the (!OnscqlH'I1<'(!S of a ell IlstUIl Wllh Ihilain, UP. said that he Ili,l Illlt alu). gl,ther wilh ',,lui; bill whether SllcCI..ssful or 1I0t, 1]);1) sho be right" 1\11' Au'! liS ;Jtr

only for Bunkum. Mr. Adams hoped. how. ev 1', thal his Lordship \\ uuld this lalter turn to it, and ay .. VCI:' wel/: it probably will n o t have a "ery bad dJect UI'OIl Ihe COlin. try at large; 1 think we had better go on \O\11h the nego c iatlOl1!" BUI, sugtyc'red Mr. ADA:US, suppose he shonld wri te home that a war s!Jil it SCtlll)S to be abroad ill the land, whnt wOllld he tht.. CllO_ sequen('c 1 He wou l d reler th e Cl)llllllitwc to fi ea:c in point. He w(mld r e milld dl{'1Il of th e warlike report UPOII the Caroline otnlir b Y 1\1 r. PlCkc lls, which llpOIi arri ving 10 Bllglaod dici nil! quite hurn Londoll clown. H OI' Ihe Th:-lInes on lire; the ollly etIeet il had of a warlike c/wractcr. being toindu e e our IIllOister at that COUl'l to advise Ihe cOOlIllH1Hl c r of the Mediterranean sqlludron, Ihat he kid oetter .. act Lhe flee I a little !lcarer home 1" (Shollt:j of lallghter) Were this report of Mr. C. J. lugel o('llieose peUl:e 10 reaeh that country, aecompanieu by any symptoms Of 1,()JcI Ashhurton's bl'lng opernted ur0/) by it, so far as to have reccived the impression that we W f !re willing, thollt!n nnt prcpnrfld, 10 go to war, 1\lr A. said that the issuillgofan oreler ill eOl1nril to scize and detain all Ameriean vessels lhat could be s e ized 011 the ocean would en LlSC I me:ehanls of ou I' eom mcrcia I cilif's 10 givf! similar advice to their captains. JnllQhter,] For Ihis is the wny EnglRnd always Wnrs; alld he cited several cases in proof. It W,IS very easy for gentlemen to get up on tlw floor; anel say I, P':rish eredit Perish commerce!" and every thing else I so thilt .. the honor of the G<>vernment" is upheld. )t was V(!ry easy to S(1I1 all this. but when it came to the !Joint, a Illore 'II'r1l)118 Ulld fJrfit! fir-al view most bo tnkon of the nllltter. lJo would nlso say II) the from Penusyl vRuia tllat it was a Illislaken view of his that all I,orcl Ashbllrton had to do was to settle till 'se impollant matters according to the plan laid down h. v him. in the remnrks he had Just offered to the eommittcc ,-That wa not the Wily in whi(:h John Bull settled qucstiolls. II(! did not give earldoms us the gentleman had he wOIJld tio, to Lord Ashburtooi in n <'p.nain l:ontingeney, to those who nego tiated h v !lie/flint:( Horatio Nf>/son was made 811 gar!, and Wellesley n D t ke, but not for snrrendering Ell!.SluCld was flut inclincd to ---ennoble f41uls, Rnd and cowards!" No! If Lord t\shbllrton sil0111d arlopt the aclvice of the gentleman from Pennsylvania, ill Ilw:;(' ncgotiatlOtls, he Wtluld be less likely, up o n rt'IIJl'lIing to hi' GtHernmenl., to meet the rc\\ard Ilf :-';elsoo alld of Wellington, than thal of Adnliral Byng, who, On his return, was hanged at the yHl'd :ltlll of his own shiJ.>! Mr. A a pnlogised for the very de ul. tor:-' eharaetc-r flf remarks, He hacl in. lellded t o speuk uJ.>on sOlTle of the top1<:S tOllt:llf,d UPI)It h y olhe r gelltlpm II illthi:l d e hnte, btll had brell l e d off hy \ \hal. hnd so unexpcc' tedl,v J'alll:'l1 from the wntlpmen to whom he hart b ee n responding. as to have left himself no til1le 10 do that nowt at the length he 'Vo m:1kc Iltp follow ing' interesti ng extr:1Cts from Iht h .. t publliihcd l e lll'r of th e a hl(' alld Pans correspundent of the NatwDal IUldllgerlcer : PAUlS, Janllar, V 2 J 842. to the of the llliieial censu s I ;,,. J .i: I, the populallon of Paris' lIlt'! its IJulskll'l" is o ne mil lw/I (Jill.! hUlld,cd ,lnd fiflY thousand tiCVe n 11I1I1dlc d and twellty.ninc; neild" n millillll dUllIieil c d with il. the Irate. Luud'oll hi! tllll'(j 111011.:. hU l III' cft'(!ler \ :i. vaclt,\' ul Fic lich nalure I h e ul the i:,ial slur extC! nal life auJ alllu O le lll, 811U mall.\ Ulh e l' u l IIt.!1 s ill eLuJUc t cr, h;lhils. tllJ(J situatiulI, 1Il:.:,t! the iihllll lIe re eqlllt'alclIt III eXlt I'II .! r elSl''" ('t to l"u ()II Ul'IlIslI OUllJ, J he COll:,tal l t p I eselJe e of a (J1 U lliwde 01' 'trange r s (litiLl LIJ 1IIIo ugh all q tJ.l I'll I S \\ Itt l II\'{: IlIr :1UIUS f:IJII'lIt LlUJ !Jarlldc ollly, has a c r) loelll>IIIl c III Pi' til dll!,! IIl1lre di \ ( 1 b l l lit! Hlltl 110"1' 1 1 \' l/ul of door!'>. (;lJrlll'la lilt Is wade i tl lilt-' I I d lt:tO?I of IIle IllO r l/lIl g , alld the ll\\k\\urd Dt! putie:j atH.I atllllillistrfitl ve \\ hom It is expedltmL to Illvit e to ber \\ l/Ig of lite Tuileries; \\ btle thl tlC'/{f't' to lilt! hall s am reserved for the yOUll g anJ '!t'gUll t 01 h r s,('x alld the ofiicels aud bc.lux 01 (lfiPI 0l'r iute fig-Inc alJd tlistllletlUlI 1,,(; I'/, I'81W on the Ou"e'::; SLlpper tuble IS s:lId to IHI \"t. e OSl otl nlil/loll of francs '1 he 1 0) 31 gold Hud SII\ f r plnte at Wllldl;lIJ' is estililuted at t\o\u luililun /Joul1ds slerilug. Yesterday 1 hud a filii and Ileal' view, on the H.ue de L{;voh. of the COUOl de Pans, fllJW nearly t<-IUI' years o ld. He is well aud chubby, aUli hi'i COLltitellalll.:e f( (,clJlbles thatof Louis Phillippe, The mo t her sense and favourable fill' fm; proper edu<:atlon. A l{oyal Court, however, is not the sphere horn whleh tbe realllies of the ex terllal world--the dispositions of a miltOn alld the \H)rking uj arhllJ's-ean be nltlst cur. rectly \'icwed with nny lights, Great excniulls call be arounu Pans in Ihe tlausptlltatiuo ami eo/ll.:(,liulJ Ill' (nater ials J;,I' lile <:lfudcls. or bastlllc 's. l1pou '" Iliell IliercIlIlJlv latJ<.JIU" "ill bu I '"uIIH)tl 'II the spring. The Ann Laing, IJ udson, from London, bound to 'l'lamlas's. put tnto moulh on the 9th Ilistallt, With comHderahfe damuge 111 her upper. worl\s, ha vlng hef'n in (:OIl IU('t with a bark III Mlu ehanllel [t;tgltt of thc crew were on board the foreign vesIi;el. A lrot'liendou. gale was eXperi('need at Pl v o mouth UII Ihe IlIght 01 01h, but it Illude rated 011 Ihe f(llIowillg' morniug, alld the ships in the 'ound wew all well. We lealn ftorn Paris Ihat a delay of four months has been aslwd aud obtaiucd /()f lhe French Govcl'omcllt 10 ratify the right of sea reh. Just mpol'ted In the Ship St. Uaplaln Bornsenji'om ()openlwgeu, and liJi' sale by the U'ldenllgned at /tis 7.wde,' Miss i"litchells, l1lllgs Street-Coalt Heading Bow'ds Her-rings Pork Oq'S Rye f'lour Biscuits Co rlfish Cheese Bee,' in ban,eta and boxes PortWlrL6 Clal'et C /i.ampagne Chen'y Brandy Bl'andy m pipes Gin in Snu,ff Saliduck. Win: PRYTZ. Ch7'i3liansled, 1 1 til May] t-.12 l THE offer for p:lJahlt> in the ol/O\l'jug nrliclf:' larch H1.-CORN J l1 {f..'A L ill burrels DUllis h BJ ead 1 1 / pUTlclu'oTlS do. Oals iTl "lid "pun. and barrels d o P o rk in Ito! harrels tI(}. Hl'lf In d ill 0 Pitc h Pill"' BfJards. PLunk 4-cant/ing C llprel:is hillgles H hite Pzne How'dN and Plftnk llT ood Houps 071d Slaves l1al'd JYocJ(1 TImber and Po ts Old huh'ira in casks & hottles Uld Port of superior qllality. C: W J-lI'J'MORE 4Co. Fred pl'i/.'!llpd, 121h A/tJy 1812 IE.' h( Ic,'u\ e to i .do r IU his fJ it.'ud flllfJ C that, his OJ{A( UL, which laid hf>re the be of Octoher )ear, haR IIOW and will be r('ady to ,ail in a fortnight, he earnestly I e qlleloilR of all who not H!'! espt'cially those who hove COli t rHcted accou Ilts, dn .. that pel'ion, aud who has not any thing in part, payment thnt they would eome to a Nt'ttlemf>rat with him IJefore the above aled ti me JOU .. J.(('O/l T.(J1\'D. Sl C/'(}i,t:, Ohdstiansted 5th May 1842 S!!i5 'T"U Ji: IHI\ iug-flis-(' () V e r f' d t II a t t II d r i v (' r (I f II i s provision W lwt w(,po this Towli &. Frederikstpd, is ill Ille hahit of takillcr to aud fro, do hf>rehy rnakf> known Ihat hfl nn to do !'10, HUrl all P(-,I'IWIIN dil'icflv('red in t hp Rnid 'Vaggon, mtlst hlame ,h<'IJI.'t-,lvf's for the that ellsue. Any i"foflllation of the treat me III () f the H () 1'1 \V a g () n ou the road, will be thankfully received. Wl1'1'RO(i. Oh7"isli(l1I.qted 4th May. 1842. The (J flcie otTers to the puhlic to to persons, in the art of play iug' the 1 no orte whereby he w iIJ do hiiii to cUlJlbiue the theoretic with tbe practical. F: GROOS. C/iristiansted !Wt May 1842. F, idoy 13-Kon.g e ns Liv Eskadron Saturday 14--1st Dimsion of ChI'S Ar'lllle,'Y