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editorial articles seminars conferences special guests community relationsEDITORIAL Dear Readers,It is once again our pleasure and privilige to bring you the ,ŒoEZr'ZDP]vUšZ.LZ]X/vZŒŒšZ}]-}(šZEZr'Zš+v}šZŒ]všZEdK(}Œ]Œšobringing you what they are involved in and what they have experienced, concerning global, military, security, historical v}oo}ŒŸŸ]ŸUšZu}š]v(}Œuv‰š]v]]o}všZ+]ŒX2015 has been a year full of great achievement, of objec-ŸUv}(}Œ}u]vP}šovZoovPXEZr'Z}Œl]šZuuŒv}ŒPv]Ÿ}v(Œ}u}ŒvŸ}vš}}u‰oššZŒ]'}Œ]v/Kd/^ ^tŒ]ŸvP/uPŒt^Œ]OR-7 (HEA) Georgios FOUNTOUKIDIS Ÿ]švš Simeon PANTELIDIS }uuv]Ÿ}v/v(}ŒuŸ}v Tel.: +30 2310 882452 / IVSN 451-2452u]oW]v(}‰}›ZŒGXPŒXvš}X]všUu]oWvŒPŒ›Pu]oX}uXvŒXPŒd]ŒW›EZr'Zz}dZvvoWX}šX}ulŒlvŒPŒEZr'Z,Y}uuvŒ[Œ LANDCOM Chief Evaluator, Senior NATO Monitoring & }uuvŒEZr'Z/všŒ]^X'KZ/EŒvšZWŒ}ou}(]Œš,v EZr'Z}vš:KW'dŒ]v]vPŒ]^'KZ/EKEh^/l_~'K^/lŒ]^'KZ/EWEEEd_~'KWdŒ]^'KZ/EKEh^//l_~'K^//l&]vv]o]š}(šZ/všŒvŸ}vo}Œ}(]š}Œ(}ŒEdK~/EZ[uušŒ],Œ]tŒ(Œ[[/všŒ}Ÿ}vš}EdKD]o]šŒ/v(}ŒuŸ}vdZ/uu]PŒŸ}vWŒ}ouW}uŸ/}ŒŒ}‰v}vŒvM]Œ(v^šu^8]vŒ]^'KZ/E^'oPŸ}vs]]šš}EZr'Z‰XZ}uv]v&oPZ]]vPŒu}v‰X&ŒvZ&oPZ]]vPŒu}v‰X


01 Dear readers, I would like to welcome you to the 5th issue of the HQ NRDC-GR Herald, a bi-annual review with the goal of promot ter of 2015 was Exercise GORDIAN KNOT-15 which also included our Com ercise we were evaluated from a NATO team, manned by personnel from many lent results and proved its high readiness status and the high level of profession towards NRDC-GRs next step in order to ing Countries to NRDC-GR we will start Joint Headquarters in order to be ready other NATO headquarters, by making an All the above were and will be feasi ant factor for these achievements is the high quality and professionalism of the personnel assigned to NRDC-GR which in fact is the element that empowers our I hope you will enjoy this issue and appreciate the hard work done by NRDC


2 LANDCOM Chief Evaluator, Senior NATO Monitoring & Commander NRDC-GR Interview LANDCOM: ters has worked closely with NRDC-GR, and NRDC-GR is leading the way for the amount from working closely with NRDCGR, and they have turned in an excellent The core message this year for the Al liance is Securing Our Future Together. ing together for the success of GORDI LANDCOM: NRDC-GR is leading the way for the Alliance in terms of securing headquarters that has focused almost of State that this is extremely important securing our future together, were also working closely with NRDC-GR and the facing the Alliance to include those from though, that this headquarters, with its cholson, Senior NATO Monitor Jerzy Bi General Ilias Leontaris gave concluding remarks on their impression of the train Good morning sir. There is a strong GR and your presence here at GORDIAN What is your overall impression of the event so far as LANDCOM is leading the D


3 COMMANDER NRDC-GR: This is a very remarkable day for NRDCGR, but its a special day for me as an of ago we received the results of the evalu ed as excellent, and we got the status of out having the support of the framework as the Commander of LANDCOM said, were working together to secure the fu promise that I gave to them, since it is probably my last event as Commander of NRDC-GR and could be the last event as belongs to them who work for it, and here on this Exercise, the ability to de ploy, the excellent systems they have in place, the excellent SOPs, the discipline and professionalism of all the members, this headquarters can handle any change NATO Senior Monitor: HQs and we can see how it is develop the Alliance is ready to be responsive to very much a credible and tangible result proud of the core HQ, I would say, and That is my takeaway from this Exercise as Simeon PANTELIDIS Journalist NRDC-GR/PAO


4 Military Leaders and the Problem of Dirty Hands ndoubtedly, the quandary of dirty hands, which refers to the lead ers compromise of certain moral princi ples in order to achieve a greater good, has been a controversial issue through the renowned Jean-Paul Sartre play les book of the same American author, Just both by them and by others as unac ceptable, even as genuinely evil, if the as either tolerable or belonging to the realm of war crimes, there are border Leaders face ethical dilemmas, pre sented on the one hand with decent, Thus, they are engaged in bad so as to As it will be further analyzed, this situ two evils, where the normal choice is the the Belgian neutrality during the First military advantages and was thus advo and deprived each one from their ad largely alienated the global public opin ter the revolt of this city before his Asian Greeks against the Persians and Trumans decision to drop the atomic bomb and into the same category of dirty hands moral, with Trumans decision much less one of the most immoral decision ever emperor Basil 2nds treatment of his of a one-eyed man every 100 prisoners, so that he would lead the rest in their moral norms and avoid unnecessary U


5 violence can face the same amount of ample, since it was not only proved vain, but it is also considered as immoral, as it allowed Hitler to perceive the good will exhibited as weakness and hence engage war over a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know noth Keegan Munich marked the moment campaign of aggressive diplomacy and many military leaders have been accused of being too gentle with their opponents moral standards, especially if the leader of thought suggests that the morality of an act depends only on the consequenc Robert McNamaras words that in order to be good, you may have to engage in believed that deontology cannot be ap others, should not seek it along the av ry described in his famous chef d oeuvre The Prince, or even more ancient, but who makes or breaks a deal and compro leader who cooperates with criminals or distributes favors in order to be reelected and thus be able to do something good for the community does not fall into this category, because it is about her/his per faces the dilemma of ordering the torture of a prisoner or a suspected terrorist in implies that there is a denial of fault and ally as an excuse, which is an admission warn his compatriots before the Cov ing to betray the fact that the German code had been compromised, he let the en historic fact and has been treated by most historians as a conspiracy theory, dirty hands dilemma, because in real ity, most of the leaders had they known this fact they would have reacted in the


6 an army to surrender and disarm, under Burgoyne and Gates agreed on the term agreement, the prisoners were sent to tary terms, the rightness of the decision would certainly send these soldiers back Nonetheless, we should not jump into conclusions and easily accept immoral behaviorA community of vocabulary is not the same as a community of values Behind the common grammar there are concept of greater good) are indeed Some authors tried to categorize these levels of emergency, in order to blackmailing and the morally criminal even considered moral if it serves the part of the game for any leader and can Arguably, when the existence of a state his values, what happens when a leader has the lives of his soldiers/people in his hand? On the one hand, most people agree that no leader has the moral right to put the life of his army/community at she/he should engage in even immoral compromise moral values should not be can would agree to such a moral conces even nowadays between states and nonargue that no ethical standards are applicable between states and in this quently, when the life or well-being of a with hundreds of innocent civilian Pal who could probably fall into the category for Human Rights Navi Pillay accused Is rael along with Hamas, that by placing had managed to convince that the Gaza immoral, yet necessary decision? Are even the imminent ones) taken into ac moral consequences? Let us examine the decision of two ly contested than his decision to drop the second one, since he obviously had more Delano Roosevelt is the primary example of a great, popular President who lied to realize the noble cause of crushing American peoples verdict turned a blind nents and the use of false pretenses to corted the same convoy depth charged


7 ogy and the never say never conse should always be in accordance with the who balance the perils and the prospects use of chemical weapons and no sensi ble human being could ever think of us of torture and the cruelty towards civil no military leader can lower the bar as regards these standards of moral behav Thomas Nagel would suggest a lim there is a threshold deontology when take place if otherwise consequences are and the like, we are of the same opinion kidnapped the former Italian Prime Min ister and most likely future President, Aldo Moro, many voices suggested the use of torture on incarcerated terrorists, Chief of the police, Carlo Alberto Dalla for power is not only cynical but mani tragic to concur that leaders should not the incident as an unprovoked incident and ordered the American warships to shoot on sight all German or Italian This is a case, where the moral goal is universally accepted, the principle of short term consequences are taken into nents, Lyndon Johnson used the gulf towards the biggest American failure in purposely misled his people and a part sions laid the path for similar corrupted we run the own values, in the name of the greater out, when it becomes known that in tegrity plays no role and one will always choose the lesser of evils in terms of im mediate consequences, one opens one self to blackmail by those who play dirty of Tonkin incident, was the undoing of not seek a second term and only George avelli the Prince must learn how to be Professional ethics cannot overrule or override widely accepted moral prin some immorality could be applied based nevertheless, it would be utopian to im how much should ethics be suppressed lute judge of a good military leader and given the circumstances morality can


8 NRDC-GR JOPG Oberammergau NATO School Mobile The aim of this course is to prepare students to contribute to NATOs opera al-level headquarters Under the leadership of the lead facilitator and supported by a group of manding and dynamic two-week course culminate in formal briefs to a senior mentor who performs the role of a joint logeropoulos thanked Oberammergau NATO School facilitators and external course is the most important one for the such courses from other HQ or compo nents would be more than welcome in


9 G EXERCISE scheduled for 2015 in the framework of The aim of the exercise was to en that took place during GOKT-15, with Major General Dimitrios KALOGERO during his closing remarks thanked all the forts and highlighted that BST I is consid


10 21 to 22 April 2015, exer 15) was conducted, on the premises of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece HQ the Headquarters Key Leader personnel of the contact with the Commanders of inform them about the way ahead for promote discussions in order not only to achieve a common approach but also to enhance team building at Command Commander NRDC-GR Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS during his clos their presence and highlighted the im 15 has been successfully concluded by


11 EXERCISE GORDIAN BONUS II/2015 Training for Exercise GORDIAN KNOT 15 Throughout GOBS II/15 NRDC-GR was Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, Commander of NRDC-GR, exploited this in order to prepare the upcoming high


12 IBAN) THE 2015, as a head of IBANs echelon, in order to audit HQ Financial Statements governments of NATO member countries with assurance that common funds have be informed about the mission and Or with COS he had an in-depth conversa provided the Board with all necessary in the accompanying Financial Statements of the Headquarter, which comprised the the Credits Carry Forward Report and the Cash Flow Statement for the 5 years material respects, in accordance with the statements are in compliance with the audit, Dr Charisis informed the COM about the results and expressed his nel as a result of their high standards in board of the increased accountability and transparency in NRDC-GR provides responsibility to ensure that the appro


13 ASYMMETRIC ric engagement) is war between belliger between a standing, professional army and an insurgency or resistance move can describe contrast to symmetric warfare, where two powers have similar military power The term is also frequently used to describe what is also called guerril la warfare, insurgency, terrorism, counterinsurgency, and counterter tween a formal military and an informal, less equipped and supported, under 1 in Ukraine has generated much debate warfare, a type of warfare widely under 2 in Ukraine has generated much debate warfare, a type of warfare widely under In the last decade, some of the most in the world, including the North Atlan tempted to address and counter so-called elusive and catch-all term), I believe deci sion-makers should stay away from it and consider warfare for what it has always threats and forceful means waged to fur The term hybrid warfare appeared at least as early as 2005 and was subse quently used to describe the strategy has dominated much of the discussion about modern and future warfare, to the point where it has been adopted by se nior military leaders and promoted as a


14 The gist of the debate is that modern covert means, and exploit all the dimen threats exploit the full-spectrum of There is no discussion that adver saries, past and present, have developed warfare, including the use of regular and brid set of threats and strategy, it is not clear why the term hybrid should be as long as it is not limited to a single form the term loses its value and causes confu sion instead of clarifying the reality of Another issue with everything hy brid is that the use of a new term sug gests there is something new about mod ern warfare while this may not be the fare, renowned military strategist Colin Gray convincingly argues that future, and by extension modern, warfare is essen use of asymmetries that exploit an oppo nents weaknesses, thus leading to com Similarly, the rise of cyber warfare has not fundamentally changed the nature of warfare, but expanded its use in a new At a recent event sponsored by believe is the threat of the day? So it is needed focus on the speci be ancient or modern, hybrid or not, is always complex and can hardly be sub 1 SO Combat Assessment NRDC-GR/G2 2


15 One Hundred Victories in One Hundred Sun Tzu ~ 400-320 BC This was realized by said Sun Tzu, who most Skillful is to subdue the adversaries hundred victories in one hundred bat tures combine with ideological, religious with the spread of weapons of mass de net and mobile telephones) that has ushered in an age of computer-based environment itself is where humans and automated systems observe, orientate, is therefore the principal environment environment, NATO is in the process of developing concepts, processes and doc Recent NATO experience has demon relevant to the achievement of the Alli ly when NATOs cohesion or credibility is Consequently, which is the meaning of INFO OPS? will, understanding and capability of ad approved audiences, in support of Alli analyze, plan, assess and integrate Infor INFO OPS provides the Commander with Key factors to promote INFO OPS in cam leadership or the military leads, but Info Ops applies equally to commanders at Ops also groups all target audiences, such he uses to make decisions and well use


16 whatever methods required to achieve planned and conducted at three levels obtained from NATO HQ via the strategic commander, while planning and execu the psychology of decision-making mean is guided by certain fundamental princi ples, which shape how INFO OPS are in The commander drives the campaign, and exercises control of all INFO OPS within of command to maintain Alliance sup INFO OPS aim, which in turn supports the INFO OPS must be closely integrated up, All elements of INFO OPS must be coordi nated and synchronized with other oper does not compromise or negate another, form the background to the command The principle of centralized planning and force elements must adhere rigidly to the and diverse, and includes the full array of INFO OPS planning must start early, par key to success, because both planning part of the planning process, must be giv measures have to be built in at the design technology and novel approaches to en approach can be adopted at all levels of command and across the spectrum of


17 sessment of the short and long-term ef Picture 1 ) through Info Ops are an integral part of vironment can be created by a variety of of which will contribute to the achieve Info Ops comprises three inter-related audiences as part of Alliance military op encourage them in support of NATO ob decision-makers and decision-making countering an adversarys propaganda as well as his command and control func opinion forming and decision making and control, intelligence, surveillance and Info Ops can make use of the all or any of As we can easily understand, the extent of their use is only limited by our imagi NATO policy and doctrine and of course by any legal constraints that are imposed that INFO OPS uses in order to exercise The primary purpose of PSYOPS is to in behaviour of selected individuals or force behaviours favourable to the over between the military, the civil actors and the local government, including all inter Another fundamental tool in the hands of which is the planned and coordinated use encers / leaders in the assigned area of contributes, either temporarily or perma Providing a source of intelligence for ers ability to exercise Command and Con


18 Through the use of Electronic Protec The impact that the presence of a mili the ground can demonstrate both com mitment and intent and must be consid ered and balanced with the requirements commanders at all levels will impact per the commander must be carefully anal OPSEC is the process which gives a mili the adversary knowledge of the disposi The primary focus of NATO Computer computer networks or the computers There are two main aspects to the use ten lie outside Info Ops, the use of force sends a strong message and consequent process to ensure that NATO communica plines are coherent, mutually reinforcing, planned and conducted at all levels, must planning process and support the overall ences in order to enhance awareness and understanding of military aspects of the PA and Info Ops are separate, but relat tween PA and Info Ops must be assured sistency in the message released by the military to outside audiences and to pro


19 In the picture 2, you can see the role of sends it? How is it sent and what it is sup posed to do? Prior and following target engage ments, Info Ops is also providing advice There are two main categories of INFO INFO OPS, depending on the nature of based processes, Command & Control The conduct of NATOs defensive INFO ty policies, doctrine and procedures to based processes, Command & Control


20 The NATO INFO OPS policy focuses on It is no longer new, but it is an evolving most complex type of warfare in the 21st century, and it will decide who will win Always must have in mind that, Infor REFERENCES: 2012) 2015) 2010) ZIAKKAS Spyridon INFO OPS


21 THE number of displaced persons and around the world reached the record lev ing to the annual report of the United UNHCR notes an impressively rapid in crease in the number of people forced to The sharply rising trend began in 2011 Libya, Mali, northern Nigeria, Democrat ic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and this year Burundi), three in the Middle This problem has assumed enormous dimensions due to the collapse of the countries of origin of refugees, mainly in So far, the host countries exclusively were over the past two months Europe began Greece is a country with easy access due areas with plenty of passes, extensive sea FRONTEX Corps of Border Guards, cer enough? islands and generally in Greece is not a Forced to walk long distances in appall The masses of displacedrefugees-im migrants moving to Europe in general and Greece in are carriers of contagious which had not appeared on the Old Con This phenomenon concerns not only those from African and Asian countries but from European ones as well, due to Greek society is real since, due to ille gal input, minimum check is carried out, while it is obvious that illegal stay in our country and modest means of support drives refugees to resort to medical at


22 poor and favor the development of con lem because not all refugees have joined Rising unemployment and falling living standards, due to the unfavorable eco regarding immigrants as a direct threat to the very community, undermining na lurks the danger of foreigners covering The lack of infrastructure to the admis sion and residence of migrants in the the result and lack of a wider European icy, which exacerbates the problem even duce xenophobia and racist views drawn Poorer countries should not be allowed on their own to solve the problem, just complex phenomenon and all European countries, which will be based on the Product of the country, the number of asylum seekers and the unemployment A single asylum system and a common to deal with this phenomenon in a de This problem, however, goes beyond NRDC-GR/PAO


23 Each system aims to achieve the max ysis comparing the threat and leading to allows it to respond to the challenges of its ability to successfully defeat the air an AD system is its quality status, ie the the elements making up the integrated system, governing their ability to meet the needs and requirements in the stra required to display a complex concept and determining its place among the equipment a measure of its usefulness ments and their advantage depends on the type of technique used, and the capabili of AD system building as they serve as integral components of the defense sys requirements for this system and deter mine the place of it in the common sys The following should be considered in basis for assessing the adequacy of each subsystem of the AD system must be resource, ie costs required to ensure Air training and exercise, the true test will be of forces and means building Air Sover eignty system and ensuring the security only for AD system, but also for the over be accomplished concurrently with the economic and other areas, which to in manning, military technologies and infra structure, combat rediness and compre arming with new mobile defense systems violability and territorial integrity of the In order to determine the adequacy of the forces and means of air defense the are priority sites required to be defended to distribute the forces and means of AD tem, based on a comparison of available


24(}ŒU‰]o]ŸvŒ‹]ŒuvšXšŒu]v]vPšZ8]v}(šZšuv]vŸ.šZŒ}PZšZv-Œ‹vŸšŸr‹o]šŸ}u‰}]-Ÿ}v}((}Œvuv]v}ŒŒš}v-ŒšZ‰Œ}šŸ}v}(]Pvš(}Œv}iš(Œ}u]ŒšŒ]l}(}‰‰}]Ÿ}vXThe goal in building AD system is to pro-]PŒvš‰Œ}šŸ}v}(šŒ}}‰vobjects in the level of acceptable losses, ]šZ}šZš}v}š]Pv].všo]vGvu]o]šŒ‰]o]ŸZ]ou]vš]v]vPšZ]o]šš}‰‰o‹šŒšo]Ÿ}vXThe analysis of the adequacy of AD sys-šuZ}ošZ+Ÿv}(šZ]ŸvPšu}všZ(}oo}-]vPŒ]šŒ]Wro}]vG]š}všZvurv‰ŒušZuŸooŒPŒšZušZuŸo‰šŸ}v}(šZvuŒof destroyed targets to the total incoming šŒPšVprevent losses the amount of saved }išš}šZš}šo}vVr‰všŒŸ}v}(šZvu]vš}šZŒ-gion where the main objects for defense ŒVrZŒ}(šZ+Ÿv}(Zuv(}Œ(v]všŒu}(o}]vG]š-}všZvuXThis analysis can be carried out in accor-dance with Figure 1KE>h^/KEWdZš}(šZ8]v]}v}(šZmost important components of military ŒŒZUŒŸvPšZ](}Œo-}‰]vPšŒšP]všŸ}(Ÿ}vUZ}}]vPšZŒ]PZšŸuš}Œ]šZšZ-v]ooov8]v}(šZšuXd}šZ‰}švŸo]ŒŒŒŒ]šZchoice of system employment and target ]u‰šXD}Œ}ŒUšZvuš-denly, aims to reveal the AD system and š}šŒ]lšZ(v}iš‰o}]ŸvP‰Œ]šulvXdZŒ‰]development of various means of air and ‰lU]vŒ]vPšZ]Œ‰]šv‰Œ]v}(o}ou]o]šŒ}vG]šdemonstrate the growing role of AD sys-tem as a reliable asset used for country ‰Œ}šŸ}vv]všŒ}]vŒ-uv(}Œ}ušŒ]v}(v]šXWŒ}šŸ}v}(]švšŒ}}‰(Œ}u]Œ-šŒ]l}vŸvš}všŒuoŒ]Ÿov‰}švŸoo]]šl]v}‰ŒŸ}vXZU]š[u}Œ}u‰o]-cated, requires constant improvement of weapons, forms, and methods for their use and increasing combat training of the u]o]šŒv]šXdZ8]v}(šZ]Œ(všuconsidered within the comprehensive vŸ}voŒ]ššuU]vo]vPu]o]-šŒU‰}o]Ÿov}v}u]‰ZŒU-Ÿ}vvšŒ]v]vPUuvv]vPUu]o]šŒtechnology and infrastructure, combat Œ]vv}u‰ŒZv]o}P]ŸUconducted as part of a deliberate and ŒŸ}vo‰ovv]vP‰Œ}UšŒu]vŸ}vof current and future threats and the im-‰ouvšŸ}v}(u}Œv]Ÿ}v‰Œ}iš]oo}všŒ]šš}]vŒ}‰ŒŸ}vo‰]o]Ÿ(}Œ]Œ^}Œ]Pvššl]uu]odKDKsK&r~GR& Chief ASM EZr'Zl'/Z >d^š}o^>sKsWZU Chief Assistant at Air Force and Air Defense Department }(EŸ}vo(vu^'X^XRakovski”, Sofia, Bulgaria‰ouvšŸ}vX


25 GORDIAN KNOT 15 for 2015, focused on Corps warfare skills The overall aim of the exercise was to sustain and further enhance the capability of NRDC-GR as a HRF Corps, cated units were deployed in support, as To train NRDC-GR C2 and subsequent mand and control over subordinate units and management procedures in a comprehensive Future Mission Network To plan and conduct NRDC-GR CPs full sustainment on temporary infrastructure


26 The exercise placed the HQ in a team to tackle the kind of issues featured Exercise GOKT15 planning went opments were facilitated by the Frame exercise was executed in the following Phase I consisted of several, individu uary 2015 and GORDIAN PENNANT from quired liaison elements were exchanged OPLAN 55512 GORDIAN SHIELD on 20 and 25 February 15 in order to rehearse HQ deployed its CPs during phase III ASSIROS, REAR/ALTERNATE CP was de ployed in SINDOS, and HBOC remained


27 It was a fully deployed C2 system includ Phase IV Assessment. June, with the COM NRDC-GR presence, ducted with the aim to responsively dis cuss about a self-discovery performance related to the exercise training objec NRDC-GR Commanders Lieu tenant General Ilias LEONTARIS vision as it was pointed out states that our head quarters will remain a key player within community and will sustain its credibili be used as a training tool by transferring and NATO procedures to the Greek and allied personnel of the HQ and will be used as a pool of well-trained Subject doctrine, training, procedures and evalu es and NATO Command Structure/NATO Exercise GOKT15 fully achieved its aims for excellence and the exercise end-state of the exercise, the COMBAT


28 the high level of professionalism of each personnel and was the decisive point in Elias NIKEZIS SO2 Media OPS NRDC-GR/PAO Commander NRDC-GR Lieu tenant General llias LEONTARIS stated that he recognizes this event as a high value target and as a milestone for the as a useful tool to secure the commit from the 2nd semester of 2015 and in into JHQ in order to be ready to assume


29 May 2, 2011, United States military forces entered the town of Ab entered a compound and killed a civil process they also killed two other men The target, Osama Bin Laden, was not a sentenced to death by any Tribunal, and at night, in his home, by trained soldiers Targeted Killings have been ployed in counterterrorism because, un like other measures, they do not aim to neutralize, contain or capture individual geted killing is a method of employing ond, targeted killings always involve the their killing, the targeted persons are not which presupposes the existence of phys Targeted killings take place in a variety of contexts and may be commit ted by governments and their agents in helicopters, gunships, the use of drones, have adopted policies, either openly or implicitly, of using targeted killings in or not it depends on the context in which understanding September 11 as part of discussion of targeted killings and led to els for assessing the response of govern extent that targeted killings interfere with the sphere of sovereignty of another seperate regimes can simultaneously apply the same standards to atargeted killing, each of them regulates the use of Outside the context of armed According to it the use of lethal force is al circumstances, namely where it cumu prepared and conducted so as to mini mize, to the greatest extent possible, the Court of Human Rights upheld these per soldiers who had carried out a lethal at tack against three terrorist suspects were not guilty of breaching the right to life, because the soldiers had acted within the parameters of necessity and under were less coercive measures that could


30 have been taken to secure the arrest of of threat which must all be present in or killing a terrorist suspect when the use of arrest of a suspect is unfeasible, and that From the other side it is general counterterrorism allows a number of ad choosing that model is not devoid of dif US Department of State, provided two sociated with it, and thus the members of such groups are combatants and legit against such groups as an exercise of the ius ad bellum are inter-related and have whether the existence of an armed con the principle of self-defence against the State that might provide support to Antonio Cassese argued that He nevertheless stressed which linked the right of selfdefense to State involvement in, or support of, in recognizes the existence of an inherent right of selfdefense in case of armed at As a result of this reasoning, whenev State, terrorist safe-heavens can exist within States which are either incapable herent right to self-defense without making any reference to the third State involvement, should not entail the provision of a blank check to States The consent of the relevant State should be asked, while this is not feasible, the perquisites of necessity, imminence and narrowly in order for the right of self de be answered with reference to objec Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia set an whenever there is a resort to armed force between States or protracted armed violence between governmental tary force instead of mere police forces sary NSA possesses organized command structure with an ability to wage military However the greatest source re a lawful target, and where and when the


31 Second, there is a disagreement over the extent to which membership in an or ganized armed group may be used as a factor in determining whether a person is there is a controver-sy over how long par not reward an enemy that may fail to military targets that may deliberately advocacy, or other non-combat aid, does Guidance on DPH, which provides a use according to this Guidance, civilians who are members of an armed group that has DPH for all other civilians, the ICRC Guid are three common elements outlined likely to result from the act, either by ad or capacity of the opposing party, or by causing the loss of life or property of pro the act must cause the expected harm directly, in one step, for example, as an TK as a means and methods of warfare were considered by the Israeli High Court judgment of Israels HCJ provide certain ensure that they-are directly engaged in ciples of necessity and minimizing collat avoid, and in any case to minimize, inci to cause incidental civilian harm that concrete and direct military advantage targeted person surrenders or otherwise conducted by resort to prohibited means To summarize, targeted killings is a real ity that becomes even more popular as ining in detail the legal framework under necessary, in order for the States to be able to held accountable for any miscon NRDC-GR/LEGAD


32 n 21st and 22nd of Jan 2015, NRDC-GR hosted the Main Planning Con NRDC-GR Lieutenant General lIias LE and highlighted in his opening remarks ahead for the upcoming exercise, that will be venue for the Combat Readiness MPC is part and parcel of the Exer cise Planning Process with the aim to re The conference was consisted of two ence promoted precisely the current create a common understanding of the place during the workshops/syndicates In his closing remarks, COS NRDC-GR Major General Dimitrios KALOGERO professionalism and the excellent work O


33 33 N ATO Rabid Deployable Corps ence 2015 that was hosted by NATOs Commander NRDC-GR Lieutenant represented the Chief of the HNDGS Mi chael KOSTARAKOS in the various events ing remarks the General highlighted the importance of the scope of this event that mainly focused on the NATO train This years TSC consisted of four sub exercises, which have taken on a more central role in NATO due to the recent Member Countries and 20 Partner Na cal sub conference took place, including a Combined NATO COMMAND STRUC ing which, a strategic discussion on the current status of NATO exercises, its fu


34 ant General Phil JONES and the Deputy mand Europe Lieutenant General Michel In a Press Conference that took place the second day of the Conference COM NRDC-GR and NATO ACT Deputy Chief the opportunity to engage the local and of this Conference for the future of NATO the upcoming changes that are going to take place in the NATO Allied Command In his closing remarks NRDC-GR Chief GEROPOULOS, on behalf of the Chief Mikhail KOSTARAKOS and the Command er of NRDC-GREECE LTG Ilias LEONTA the Conference and their presence here in Thessaloniki, reassuring them that NATO major exercises either as a whole The Hellenic Armed Forces had the honour to host and organize this impor tant NATO community event, mainly be cause we believe in the great value of


35 35 Q NRDC-GR held its Annual Ali ation Conference in essaloniki from 10 to 12 March 2015. Commander NRDCGR Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTA RIS welcomed the participants and high lighted the importance of their presence for a better understanding among all the entities. e aim of the conference was to en hance the current training relationship and to coordinate the contribution of the aliated forces to the training activi ties, focusing on the support needed for the upcoming exercise Gordian Knot 15 (GOKT-15), that will be the venue for the HQs CREVAL Phase II & III, but also to the achievements and successes of the previous exercise GOKT-14 as well as the Joint Task Force (JTF) transformation in the following years. e multiple events included a Func tional Procedures Series of Workshops, GOKT-15 Operational Plan Rock Drill and a Commanders event the third day of the Conference. During these events the recently aliated units had the op portunity to provide briengs about their capabilities and training programs. e whole event was successfully concluded by promoting and improving the mutual knowledge, identifying main expectations and training opportunities and proved to be an excellent milestone in the NRDC-GR road map for the up coming major events and activities in NATO community. H


36 NRDC-G R E series of training seminars are The aim of this seminar was to train Provide an opportunity to NRDC-GR HQ personnel to familiarize with the use Help NRDC-GR HQ personnel famil Show to NRDC-GR HQ personnel the the appropriate GEO database concern A


37 37 gram at the School of Journalism and the School of Journalism and Mass Com long BA degree programs both in Jour Masters program in the areas of Digital technical skills and professional training, of Thessaloniki is one of the handful of Greek University Schools, and the only one of its kind in Greece, to have earned rankings regarding the category of Com in Europe S The School of Journalism and Mass Media takes special pride in the close been instrumental in designing a unique Crisis Journalism, as part of its newly launched, one-year, english-language Masters program in Digital Media, overarching aim of the MA is to provide that the pathway concerning Risk Com way focuses on the ways media and public, private or non governmental or ing the methodical engagement with search literature with a hands on cover age of current crises and emergencies, in dealing with the issues of peace and war, environment, science and public ing our students succeed in their pur will work to make each student experi ence at Aristotle University a rich and gr) NRDC-GR and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


38 NATO SACT O Javier GonzalezHuix visited NATO Rapid and was informed about the training program and the upcoming exercises of the Commander NRDC GR HQ, Lieuten ant General Ilias LEONTARIS, taking the chance to discuss NATOs Military Educa Conference that was conducted during During his visit, DCOS SACT was wel comed by COS/NRDC GR Maj General Its a great opportunity to visit NRDC GR HQ and since my previous background comes from NFS HQ, I fully understand Dont hesitate to request any support In his opening remarks COS/NDRC take place on the beginning of June 2015, to undertake the JTF role in accordance Furthermore, COS NRDC-GR under lined the need to link NATO exercises, for NRDC-GR as Secondary Training Audi role and mission of the HQ, a very fruit Admiral Javier GONZALEZ-HUIX had the opportunity to discuss with NRDC-GR developments among the NATO com The visit concluded with a tour to


39 39 G rd of March 2015, paid a visit to NATO Rapid Headquarters premises in Pedion Areos The deputy minister received a de tailed brief on the structure, mission and ing, Mr Toskas had a small tour to NRDCsuch as the Digital Deployable Printery During his remarks the Deputy Min ister of Defense expressed his apprecia be capable to accomplish its mission to Talking about the common values liance, Mr Toskas highlighted the neces sity to work together in order to protect our common security and stability of aged the allied personnel to learn the history of the area as their assignment to NRDC-GR could be the best opportunity


40 n the occasion of the Bulgarian The Deputy Minister of the Hellenic the Commander of NRDC-GR Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS welcomed the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Defense The Ceremony was carried out with the presence of the invited Consul Gen erals and Consuls from other Member sulate General and the Bulgarian commu During the ceremony, a speech de NRDC-GR Major General Plamen Lilov highlighted the importance of the day for the new chronology of Bulgaria and ny ended with a military marching song end of the event, where both the Deputy Ministers as well as COM NRDC-GR had the opportunity to deliver a short speech Nikos TOSKAS in his short remarks dur tance for countries, as neighbors that share common borders, to enhance the Mrs Yosifova in return expressed her arising challenges, she highlighted the order to improve the readiness and pre she expressed the assurance for the suc cess of the upcoming Combat Readiness well as thanked, on behalf of all Bulgar O Raising Ceremony


41 41 O mander of Hellenic 1st ARMY, Lt General Ioannis ILIOPOULOS paid a visit to NRDC GR HQ, in the PEDION AREOS Camp where Lt General Ilias LEONTARIS, Com mander of NRDC-GR, welcomed the dis The Commander of 1st ARMY re ceived a detailed brief on the structure, OPOULOS had a small tour to NRDC-GR the Digital Deployable Printery and the Center, unique among the NATO com During his remarks Lt General Ioannis I would like to highlight that we have to I would like to express my deepest ap along with their Greek partners for their


42 O lenic Flag Raising Ceremony took place with the presence of the Commander NRDC-GR Lieutenant General LEONTARIS Deputy Minister of Makedonia and During the ceremony, a speech deliv ered by Brigadier General ATHANASIADIS Christos underlined the importance of the blue color represents the Hellenic sky, whilst the white color represents the furious sea waves and the pure Hellenic and honors the Church, which played a The present design of Hellenic Flag lines were added, expressing the sylla fought during its long history, Greeks de Greek history is full of incidents which in order to protect the holiest symbol of ises, hosted by the Commander of NRDCRaising Ceremony


43 43 O n Friday 15 May 2015 the Chief of Mikhail Kostarakos paid a visit to NRDCGR Headquarters, at Pedion Areos Escorted by the Commander of NRDCGR Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, he was guided through its premises, where he had the chance to see the recently the short tour, he was briefed about the During his speech to the NRDC-GR personnel, General Mikhail Kostarakos HQ as he is considering NRDC-GR as a window for the future, having in mind that the whole NATO Force Structure is NRDC-GR is the pool of Greek and Al arising concepts, in order to face future Concluding the General wished the that will take place during exercise Gor dian Knot 2015, reminding to the HQ personnel that NRDC-GR has been evalu


44 n the 22nd of May 2015, at the premises of NRDC-GR, the Italian con sonnel paid a symbolic homage to this ning of a new era for Italy and the Ital ten referred to in Italian as il Tricolore) is a tricolour featuring three equally sized rent form has been adopted on 1st Janu that the green represents the countrys al Day, which is celebrated on the 2nd of Italian people were called to the polls to decide on the form of government, fol chy, the male descendants of the House The NRDC-GR Commander Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, the Honorary Consul of Italy in Thessaloniki Christos bers of the Headquarters were present O Raising Ceremony


45 45 KFOR O Francesco Paolo FIGLIUOLO paid a visit to NRDC-GR, accompanied by the Chief During the visit, COM KFOR had an of GR Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, where they had the opportunity to dis The visit concluded with a dinner hosted by the Commander of NRDC-GR


46 A NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece of June 2015, in the spirit of exchanging COL MEHU Olivier received detailed JLSG mission, COLONEL MEHU delivered Colonel MEHU expressed his appre thanks to the professionalism of the per


47 47 Raising Ceremony O held a ceremony honoring the day of the profound symbols, connected to history and to the resistance of the people and much symbolism is associated with and valor In order to properly celebrate this celebrated every year, as a symbol of the


48 Raising Ceremony O NRDC-GR held a ceremony honoring General Consul of France Christophe LE and red were taken from the colors of ly adopted as an emblem of the whole assault by the people of Paris against LA BASTILLE, a castle in Paris that was a