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"Where to go. What to do. Who to meet".
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"Florida's LGBTQ lifestyle magazine & destination guide".

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US Promo C-000802-08-003 Set Date 06/01/18 CAN Promo N/A Set Date N/A 2018 Pride Market : FortLauderdale TARGET | PERISCOPE LASER OUTPUT @ None PRO Apple Macintosh, Application / Version: InDesign 10.2 Layout Date: Mech Date: Mech Release Date: Final Board Date: Final Production Date: OutClique Magazine Issue: 6/1/18 C-000802-08-003_2018Pride-OutClique-FortLauderdale.indd 1 5/21/18 12:27 PM


OUT CLIQUE .ORG WHAT TO DO. WHERE TO GO. WHO TO MEET Steven O. Evans, PhD Publisher and Editor in Chief Steven.Evans@OutClique.orgDarren Loli CEO & Digital Director Darren.Loli@OutClique.orgAlan Beck Vice President for Sales & Marketing Alan.Beck@OutClique.orgDylan Denmark Brand Ambassador Dylan.Denmark@OutClique.orgSach AD GroupDirector of Graphic Design Sach.Elore@OutClique.orgCindy Curtis Sales Manager Cynthia.Curtis@OutClique.orgJared Curry Video & Still PhotographyConnie Evans Chief CopyeditorTom PenceDistribution Manager Chris Brown Director of Orlando OutreachPhotography Connor WilkinsonNational AdvertisingRivendell MediaContributing WritersTony Adams, Joey Amato, Chris Brown, Rod Davis, Marty Kiar, Dr. Beau Nelson, Denny Patterson, Steve Pike, Patrick Rogers, Gregg Shapiro A publication of OutClique, LLC (954) 998-6429 | |, LLC is not responsible for statements or opinions expressed in advertisements or articles. Cover Story 58 50 Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean TrantalisCover photo by Connor Wilkinson Remembering Pulse Bianca Del Rio Be a Better Consumer Latinos Salud Monkitail Villa Casa Casuarina at the Versace Mansion Audra McDonald Your place at the Table 06 10 20 35 46 66 71 78 TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume 2, Issue 7 | June 2018 58 41


THE NEW INTERIM MEMORIAL AND PARK AT PULSE By Chris Brown J une 16, 2018 marks two years since the night of the Pulse shooting. Forty-nine members of the Orlando community were killed and dozens more were injured. Although the Florida LGBTQ community has made strides to heal and protect its members, no site is more sacred to those affected than the building of the Pulse nightclub. For over a year, Pulse became a site for travelers to stop and pay their respects at a makeshift memorial, a fence lined with handmade posters, tributes, and prayers. Since February 2018, that area around Pulse was closed for the construction of a semi-permanent memorial for visitors to grieve, mourn, and celebrate the lives of those lost that night. As of May, the Interim Memorial and Park at Pulse, built by the onePULSE Foundation ( is open to the public. This new memorial is a space that truly brings people together. During the day, visitors may view a finely crafted wall of photos and writings that wrap around the site, as the building itself is nearly obscured by the outpouring of love. At night, visitors have a distinct experience. While the iconic Pulse sign, the sacred list of names underneath, and the rest of the site are lit vibrantly, around the side of the building visitors may stop to see a black light shining through panels laid over the walls that were demolished during the event. It is somber to see the shape of the holes left by people and bullets, but the reality of the place and its past are not meant to be lost in the memorial. There is beauty in spending time with the details of Pulse and those lost there. Thats the way we must move forward into the future, with a compassionate and focused eye on the reality of what we have lost. 06 |


Barbara Poma, owner of Pulse, has been working hard with members of the community to be sure that Pulse remains a place for the community to gather, just as the nightclub did for years. Pulse was named after Pomas brother, John, for his pulse to live on. This has continued to be a guiding philosophy for Poma and her team, even today. While their choice to keep the property out of the control of city and state interests was tenuous, the new Interim Memorial and Park at Pulse is testament to the Foundations perseverance and respect for the victims and the central Florida LGBTQ community. 08 |


PUTTING THE SPICE IN ADVICE: AN INTERVIEW WITH BIANCA DEL RIOBy Gregg Shapiro W hen I first heard that Bianca Del Rio had written a book, in true Bianca Del Rio fashion I thought, Wrote a book? I didnt even know she could read a book! Cue the laughs. Undoubtedly the greatest success story that RuPauls Drag Race ever launched out of the starting gate, Del Rio consistently sells out concert venues for her live shows, has graced the silver screen in Hurricane Bianca and its new sequel Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate ( and now has a new book of advice, Blame It on Bianca Del Rio (Dey Street, 2018) to her name. I spoke with Bianca about the book, Drag Race, and insightful prying. Photo by Jovanni Jimenez-Pedraza 10 |


get nervous about a couple of things. I thought, This in print comes across differently than my stage showI think you can get away with murder on stage, in a moment, by delivery. Whereas when you have something in print and someone is reading it for the first time, it may come across a little differently. There are some things I fixed in the end where I thought, aybe this wont translate, unless you got the audiobook. My first reaction was, Whoa, this seems too far or a bit much. Usually, for me, its no holds barred. Everything is funny. But I thought, In print, its a little serious. Some things I was like, Go with it! You asked a ridiculous question, you deserve a ridiculous answer [laughs]!GS You mention insightful prying in the authors note. In what ways can that be a useful tool? BDR I think sometimes the answer is usually there and people know in their hearts what the truth is. Of course, what Im doing here is comedy. In fairness, there is a lot of truth in comedy. Usually the funniest stuff is what you can really relate to. A lot of people are attention whores at this point in the world, and they put things out there that they know are wrong. Or they have an idea of what the truth is, but they fail to recognize it. I thought that if I could give it to them in some inspirational way [laughs], it might actually help them. If its a real question. You never really know. When I posted stuff saying that I was interested in doing a book of this nature and, Send me your questions, we had several duplicates. Usually drag-related. Everything from What is RuPaul like? to What color is your eye makeup Some of them, I was like, This is insane! The Gregg Shapiro: As someone who just published an advice book, whats the best advice you ever received? Bianca Del Rio: It was really good advice, but I didnt take it. Which was Dont do drag. Its a trap [laughs]. I found out later, they were right [laughs]. GS Whats the worst advice you ever received? BDR Do drag [laughs]! No. Advice is an odd thing, because you always think you know better yourself. In fairness, I think the best advice I truly did get was, Always laugh. Laugh at yourself. Dont take yourself too seriously and keep moving. I think for me, in particular, when I was much younger I would get hung up on things for a long period of time. Now, s like, oull live. Get over it! Have a drink. Lifes too short! In the end, its that its not that serious. Or it shouldnt be that serious.GS What percentage of advice column questions do you think are legit versus made up by writers?BDR I grew up without having social media. Im old enough to remember that world. Its quite fascinating to me how much of their business people put out in the real world. Whether its Facebook or Instagram. When I was doing this book obviously Im doing it as a joke to give the worst advice possible, because if youre seeking advice from a 42-yearold drag queen, somethings wrong with you. But Im fascinated by the stuff people would share. I dont know if theyre doing it for attention purposes or if it was actually real. It was fascinating to see how peoples minds work. People have no shame at all, none, I must say.GS Can you please say something about the transition of your humor from the stage, where most people know you, to the page?BDR I think s a lot harder, as I realized when I was doing the book. Theres also an audio version. When I started to read it aloud [for the recording] [laughs], I started to Photo courtesy of Dey Street Books | 15


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W hat does it mean to be a good consumer and why is it important? Every day consumers make decisions about who to hire and where to purchase goods. If consumers hire or make purchases from businesses who cut corners, use bait and switch techniques, or do not commit to good customer service, the result is encouraging those types of business practices. Consumers have access to more information than at any time in history, but the sheer volume can be overwhelming, so lets see if we can simplify the process. It Starts with Research We dont know what we dont know. If you are about to make a purchasing decision and you are not familiar with the process, before you begin researching businesses, you should first gain an understanding of the process and potential pitfalls. As an example, most consumers engage a mover only occasionally over their lives. Many consumers fail to obtain full valuation coverage for a move and if your property is damaged the moving company is only required to reimburse consumers at 60 cents per pound. Not a good risk to take. Obtain guidance or information from a trusted source. For example, if you are considering a move BBB provides tips ( en/us/article/tips/13306-bbb-tip-hiring-amover) and government agencies overseeing industries (e.g. the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and moving businesses) are another good source ( Supporting Good Businesses Businesses build a reputation based on how they work with consumers. Depending on the type of business you are checking out, there are different sources you should consult. BBB is a good starting point since we have data on most industries, but if you are exploring hotels or lawyers you may want to visit Trip Advisor or AVVO, respectively. The more you plan to spend the more important it is to consult multiple sources. Use the information gained from your | 21 BEING A BETTER CONSUMER IN 5 STEPS


process evaluation as a lens to review complaints and consumer reviews. Almost every business will have a negative review, but is the overall record positive, does the track record demonstrate good business practices, and when a problem does arise, does the business work with the customer to resolve the complaint in a positive and professional manner? In some cases, the customer may be the unreasonable party. Supporting businesses with a proven track record rewards businesses for doing the right thing. Create Clear Agreement If you are buying a shirt from a retailer, you will want to know the return policy, but if you are moving, installing new windows are putting in a pool, it is important to have a detailed agreement that clearly outlines the duties and responsibilities of each party (i.e., the business and the customer). Take the time to create a guide to a successful partnership with the business. Develop a detailed agreement that includes dates for completion, specifies what is included and what is not included, identifies who purchases materials, how the selection of products is done, sets milestones and payments tied to completion of milestones, and if the business employs subcontractors, include a provision that requires a lien waiver at the close of a project. While it may cost a little extra, having a contract reviewed by an attorney or industry expert may be a wise step in the long run. Document Keep careful records and document all communication. Visual records (i.e., photos or video) can also be a useful tool if there are questions about the quality of work. If you have a question, speak up. Dont wait until the end of a project if you have a concern or issue. Working closely with the business throughout the progress of any project in a collaborative manner will help you both keep on track and avoid misunderstandings. Good businesses want happy customers. Customers want good work at a good value. Objective documentation will help keep you and your project on track. Be Fair and Professional Consumers rely on consumer reviews and online content to help them make decisions. Be fair and professional with your feedback. BBB urges businesses to be responsive, professional and to explore solutions to fairly settle disputes. Consumers should not threaten or embellish information so it is no longer accurate or fair. If consumers and businesses feel more empowered and less threatened, they will work better together, which benefits everyone. So remember to share positive feedback and constructive feedback. When you do share negative feedback, be objective and provide documentation to support your position. Constructive criticism helps the business learn and improve and informs other consumers about the problem with a business. If each of us becomes more informed, organized and active, we will be more effective in promoting better business practices. 22 |


like going back to high school. All the feels and smells were the same. When you film on the soundstage, theres one side where the contestants are during filming. The other side is where the staff and Ru and guest judges stay. It was interesting to be on the other side of the wall. I didnt realize how fabulous it was until Audra McDonald was in the dressing room next door. That made up for it. My little gay heart got excited and I realized that this is legitimate! GS Whats the single best piece of advice you would offer this seasons queens?BDR Oh! In seriousness, the best advice would be to be as honest and as real as you are. Even though were wearing wigs. Just be yourself. I think the audience, especially with a reality show, gravitate to people that are real. Knowing the pattern of Drag Race in particular, now that theyre in their 10th season, some of the most notable characters were people that were true to themselves. Its very easy to get lost in the madness. s easy to get lost with cameras around you. To think, I need to be this. I need to be that. Shockingly, the audience can usually see through it. GS In addition to your first book hitting bookstore shelves, your new movie Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate is opening in theaters. What can you tell the readers about it?BDR s our second feature, which Im excited about. The first film actually dealt with gay rights and a schoolteacher who was fired for being gay, which is completely in America in 29 states, which is insane! He loses his job and then gets it back. My nemesis in the film is the brilliant Rachel Dratch. In the second film, we pick up where we left off. I ruined her life and now shes determined to ruin mine. And I end up in Russia! So, s topical and fun. We have some great cameos and supporting players. The fabulous Janeane Garofalo, Cheyenne Jackson, and Wanda Sykes. We were lucky to gather a bevy of talented people. Im really looking forward to it! answer is right there in your question! But I had to point it out for them because theyre probably not smart enough to figure it out themselves. GS Some of the more colorful and amusing parts of the book are the wonderful photos. How did you come up with some of the concepts?BDR Basically, the publisher said they would also like to include photos. But we live in a social media world and I post a lot of photos. Back in my day, you had to have a photo and you had to have it printed and you had to wait a week! This was a different process. I had to create new content for the book. I had to make myself appear a lot more established than I am. And also push the joke home, make it fun. Over four days, we did a photo shoot here in Los Angeles with a friend of mine who is a New York photographer and we hit the road. We thought, What are the most ridiculous things we could do? From that is where we came up with the captions and dialogue. I truly didnt want to do a vanity project and write a book about myself. I thought this would be a good way to slide in my sense of humor, that Im also making jokes of myself as well.GS Do you think you might have another book in you, perhaps a novel? BDR I am not opposed to it. Friends of mine who have read the book have looked at me and said, What is wrong with you? You are absolutely insane! Which I think is great. I guess that works for books. No one has ever said, Stephen Kings a normal person. [Publisher] Harper Collins has been extremely supportive, even discussing things in the future. Im like, Sure, sure, sure! But let me get through this week first [laughs]. When I have a minute to collect my thoughts, I would totally do it. Why not?GS On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the experience of your recent return as a guest on RuPauls Drag Race?BDR I would say it was a 10 for me. I filmed the show originally in competition almost five years ago. It was 24 |


Brian had his HIV under control with medication. But smoking with HIV caused him to have serious health problems, including a stroke, a blood clot in his lungs and surgery on an artery in his neck. Smoking makes living with HIV much worse. You can quit.CALL 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #CDCTips Brian, age 45, California Brian, age 45, California 1.577 pt OutClique_Brian_6x9.indd 1 5/14/18 2:42 PM


THE MEN HAVING BABIES SURROGACY CONFERENCE & EXPO both the USA and Canada! M en Having Babies (MHB) will hold its first English / Spanish conference for prospective gay parents from both the USA and Latin America. If you are considering having a child, or have already started the process, do yourself a favor and join us in Fort Lauderdale, FL on June 9-10, 2018. MHB conferences are the most comprehensive and unbiased programs available for gay men interested in parenting through surrogacy. With the support of more than 30 gay parenting providers and community organizations, you won't want to miss this! Attendees of the conference will benefit from: Peer advice about surrogacy options in both the USA and Canada. Step-by-step guidance on planning your parenting journey and choosing providers. Expert and personal stories panels. Information about financial assistance. In-depth specialty sessions about insurance, budgeting, medical and legal aspects of surrogacy for gay men. MHB is a nonprofit community organization that has already helped thousands of gay men worldwide with unbiased advice through our six annual conferences and financial support through our Gay Parenting Assistance Program. Our board and staff are comprised of gay dads and surrogates. Ask around: our conferences are the most effective way to start your parenting journey, and also very useful for those already in process. Meet experts and providers, talk to MHB's staff and board members, and meet representatives from LGBT family associations things you cannot do online! We hope you will consider attending this very exciting event. For more information or to register, please visit our event page: 26 |


SOUTH FLORIDA PRIDE WIND ENSEMBLE PRESENTS CARTOON CLASSICS O n Saturday, June 9 at 7:00PM, the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble will once again take the stage in the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. This time they will be performing Cartoon Classics. As Dan Bassett, Artistic Director of the ensemble explains, The concert will include music from all animated genres, including classic Saturday morning cartoons such as The Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and The Jetsons. The show will also include animated feature films such as Fantasia, The Incredibles, The Little Mermaid, Prince of Egypt, The Lion King and Frozen. Carla Bordonada, from the popular piano/vocal duo Rick and Carla, will be featured along with cirque performers, the Pride Jazz Ensemble, and Pride Steel Drum Band. Be prepared to be brought back to your childhood as classic animated videos will accompany many of the musical selections. Tickets are available through the Broward Center Box Office or the Pride Wind Ensembs website, 28 | Photo by Brett Hufziger


THE QUEEN OF UNCONVENTIONAL HAPPY ENDINGS: HANS HIRSCHIBy Denny Patterson H ans Hirschi, the Swedish author behind popular LGBTQ novels like Willem of the Tafel, Spanish Bay, and The Fallen Angels of Karnataka released his latest work, Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm, late last month. It is available digitally and in paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and selected local bookstores. 30 | Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm centers around 84-year-old Korean War, Martin, who lives quietly in an upstate New York retirement home. Although his days are ruled by the routine of staff, he often thinks of his youth, his time in Korea, and the lost true love of his life. Two close friends encourage him to travel back to Korea and search for that love, but with six decades passed, how much has changed? Without giving too much away, give us a little more as to what Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm is about. s the story of how one man remembers the love of his life and becomes obsessed with the idea of seeing him again, if still alive. Martin makes new friends at his retirement home, a nurse and the brother of a resident and they are the catalysts, both to his memories and his eventual visit in Korea, where Martin had met Ji-Hoon when he had been stationed there during the war. Tell me more about Martin. Is his character based on someone you know personally? No, and yes. All my characters are, to a degree, amalgamations of traits in real-life people, but I cant say who or what aspect of their personality. My characters usually take on a life of themselves fairly early on in the stories and I just tell what they let me know. Often times, I dont know more than what is written on the pages. Martin is an 84-year-old Korean War veteran living his life quietly in an upstate New York retirement home. His life is very much, same old, same old. Day after day. Nothing big happening, except maybe someone cheating at a card game in the commons room. Or, at least until a new nurse starts to work there, a Goth kid named Kevin, and one of the residents dies, and her brother comes by, thats when things start to get exciting for Martin. Can readers expect an unconventional happy ending? I mean, you are known as the queen of them. What do you hope readers will be feeling once they reach the end? Hope, and the urge to buy more Kleenex. Theres absolutely an ending that has the stamp of approval of Her Majesty. Shes quite pleased with it. s also the only realistic way to end the book. Readers will understand when they get there. It has to do with Korea and how that society works. Photo by Thomas Johnsson


What made you want to write a book on war and Korea? Is it because they have been hot button topics in the news and politics? The story originally started out as a short story about a very old man in a retirement home. Not quite old enough to be a WWII veteran, but yeah, just right for Korea. So, it was more an age thing than a political thing. When I ended up going to Korea for my fourth time to do additional research, the story began to expand around the Korean character Ji-Hoon, and Seoul as a city, both in war time and today. It just made sense. But its interesting to once again have written a book so timely with societal discourse. My novel last spring about a Sami character coincided with a huge debate on Sami rights here in Sweden. Seems like Ive done it again. Who knows, maybe somewhere in my subconscious the shouting last spring at the United Nations pushed a button or two. It was not a conscious decision. What other main social issues does the book tackle? Given that Martin is African-American, racism, and the continued struggle of the black community is obviously a topic I had to address, with the changes from the fifties to today. Then theres the character of Eugene, and he was perfect as a #MeToo victim as well as being able to address the HIV crisis of the eighties and then some. Hs quite the trooper! Then theres the never-ending debate about coming out, and how it affects different generations in unique ways, and how some things never really change, including religious persecution. So, theres a bit of everything. Then again, its a book that spans over seven decades. Lots has happened in that time. What is the overall message you are trying to convey? The book begins with a message from, rather than a dedication: old on to love. You may never find it again. Im not trying to discourage people, rather show them that we need to fight for love, not give up so easily. What would you say was the most challenging part? To do justice to Korea, the people, and the culture. While Ive been in the country four times, I cant claim to be an expert on Korea, far from it. But when you write a book with a Korean character, a story that at least to a third plays out in that country, you need to get it right. I wanted to make sure that it is an honest depiction. Not seen through rosy glasses and not white-washed. Korea has an amazing culture. That along with finding the answers to some of my war-time inquiries was the most challenging aspect. Luckily, I had great help on the ground from very helpful friends, guides, and museums. What have you personally learned the most? Life goes on, even in the most atrocious of times. There are people getting up in the morning and getting to work. Ive always had this impression growing up that ordinary life ceases during a war, but thats not really what happens. Which, when you think about it, makes total sense. That revelation came to me when I saw a picture of people sitting by the Han river sunbathing. The picture was from that era. While probably taken after the ceasefire, it still affected me deeply, particularly in contrast to all the death and destruction Id seen on other photos. It inspired me to write a scene in the book, one of my favorite ones. What can we expect from you next? I am currently working on a childrens book, which is, given what I just said, very much important to me. Something completely different. s also the most difficult thing I have ever done. Almost no text, but every word counts. I am trying to make it appealing to both children and the parents who will read it to them. I am in awe of authors of childrens books. I am also working on short stories for a new collection, but I cant say when that will be done. 32 |


DIVERSISAFE GALA ENTERTAINS AND EDUCATES Photos Courtesy of Latinos Salud W here do you find celebrity drag queen Tatianna from RuPauls Drag races, dancers from the Miami City Ballet, popular local DJ AJ Reddy, and Mardi Gras bedazzled circus performers oh, and a town hall presenting strategies to combat HIV? All of this and more filled the Gallery of Amazing Things at DiversiSAFE Fort Lauderdale in May 2018. Latinos Salud, the non-profit in Broward and Miami-Dade that serves gay Latinos, all persons living with HIV, and anyone who identifies as transgender, staged the May 12th event. Guests raved that this fourth DiversiSAFE event was the best one yet, with the most fun and the most memorable tips about how to stay safe from, or live healthier with HIV. According to Latinos Salud co-founder, Rafael Narvez, The DiversiSAFE event is one of a kind: part networking hour, part spectacle, and part educational forum, all closing with a high energy nightclub vibe Three years ago, Latinos Salud conducted a survey of several hundred locals that found low awareness of new HIV prevention strategies. Many who had heard of the new strategies still had inaccurate information. The agency created the DiversiSAFE approach to close the gap by giving everyone the facts. Since similar town halls have been staged around the nation had limited success reaching the community, Latinos Salud decided to take a creative approach, merging a gala event, a party, and a sort of ed Talk on HIV. The result? With hundreds in attendance at each DiversiSAFE event, the small non-profit has produced the nations largest community town halls covering the topics of HIV, PrEP, and Treatment as Prevention. | 35


Behind the fun of the event, DiversiSAFE has a serious mission. Miami Dade ranks #1 and neighboring Broward #2 in new HIV infections out of over 3,000 counties nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control reported last year that new HIV rates are declining in all populations, except for two groups: Latinos, and gay/bisexual men. The majority of both new infections and AIDS related deaths in South Florida impact gay, bisexual, and transgender communities of color. ere losing a battle when we finally have the weapons to win, says Stephen Fallon, PhD, Executive Director of Latinos Salud. With so many people here in South Florida at risk of HIV, and others faring poorly living with HIV, we needed to arm the whole community with life-saving information. DiversiSAFE is our community response The word is a mash up, embracing Diversity for a Safer community. It refers not only to the diverse populations that can benefit from the intervention, but also to the principle that people can now choose from an array of diverse risk reduction strategies, to protect themselves from HIV. s not just about condoms anymore, says Yamil Cruz, Latinos Saluds Program and Operations Coordinator. iversiSAFE empowers community members to enact whichever risk reduction approach is most suited to their own goals and lifestyle DiversiSAFE documents in plain language the potential effectiveness of Condoms PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) Undetectable (treatment as prevention) Test Twice, Talk, Trust (negotiated safety) Emergency PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and also teaches the life-saving potential of current HIV treatments, when taken properly. 36 |


While the DiversiSAFE intervention is typically delivered as a one-on-one discussion in Latinos Saluds offices, the DiversiSAFE event gives a snapshot of the messaging in the midst of an event that in all other ways feels like a gala. iversiSAFE is about community, hope, and most of all, celebration, says Narvez. If everyone picked one of the DiversiSAFE approaches and used it, new HIV infection rates would drop so low that the epidemic would sputter out. Wed soon be talking about HIV the way we talk about smallpox now New to this years event, the iversiSAFE dancers gave an interpretive dance to electronic music, while word art on screens summarized exactly how each DiversiSAFE option protects. Tatianna praised the agency from the stage for its pioneering efforts to curb the epidemic. But no one wants to hear about data and science, right? People were actually taking photos of the slides on the video screens, says Broward HIV/STD outreach worker, Noe Inestroza. And when Fallon tackled community HIV stigma head on, the audience exploded in cheers. People who control their HIV, and get it down to a sustained undetectable level, do not transmit the virus to partners, Fallon said. Its time for us to stop stigmatizing people living with HIV, time to stop shaming people who take PrEP. DiversiSAFE is about coming together as a community and supporting one anothers individual choices, Fallon said. | 37


LATINOS SALUD DIVERSISAFE For more photos of this event, visit us on Facebook at 38 |


For more photos of this event, visit us on Facebook at | 39


W ith the release of her debut solo disc Change (Kill Rock Stars), Cindy Wilson is now the third member of the legendary B-52s to record a solo album. Be forewarned, you shouldnt expect to hear the Cindy Wilson you remember from B-52s songs such as Give Me Back My Man, Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland, Legal Tender or Love Shack, on Change. Closer in mood to the subtle soul drama of Aint It a Shame (from 198s underrated B-52s platter Bouncing Off the Satellites), the songs on Change introduce us to a more soft-spoken Wilson who sings these 10 songs (two of which are covers) in a breathy belt. The disc opens with People Are Asking, a potential activist anthem if there ever was one. Wilson, who has an appreciation for a good beat, invites us to dance this mess around again on No One Can Tell You, Stand Back TimeMysticemory and the title track. Wilson takes an unexpected experimental rock turn on Brother, her interpretation of a song by Athens, Georgia band Oh-OK. Just back from her first solo concert tour, Wilson took a few minutes to answer some questions in a phone interview. Gregg Shapiro: Your full-length solo debut album Change was released in late 2017. Why was this the right time for you to put out a solo record? Cindy Wilson: I had the time to do it. The B-52s were laying off for a while. It was a stressful time and I started to get together with a friend of mine to do some music. We went into Suny Lyons studio to kick it around and experiment and see what kind of direction we want to go in. It took about three and a half years, off and on, recording and everything. Then we put the songs together with a band and went down to Austin, Texas. We met Portia (Sabin) from (record label) Kill Rock Stars and she helped us get on the right path. s been amazing, really. GS Change is an accurate name for the album, because it doesnt sound like the Cindy Wilson people are familiar with from your years in the B-52s. Was that a deliberate decision?CW Of course. Ive been doing the B-52thing for 40 years. It was really fun to be experimental. I had a different set ofCHANGE OF HEART: AN INTERVIEW WITH CINDY WILSONBy Gregg Shapiro | 41 Photo by Sean Dunn


42 | musicians. It was a real learning experience for me. The music scene is a whole new thing now. With the business end and creatively. I had a blast experimenting with that.GS There are a couple of cover tunes on Change, including Brother which was originally performed by Athens GA band Oh-OK. Was this meant to be a nod to your roots in that music scene?CW We started in the late `70s and they came just a tad later. What happened was we had done Oh-OK songs in Athens with Ryan (Monahan) and Lemuel (Hayes) and some other musicians. We had done a tribute to Vanessa (Briscoe) from (the band) Pylon and different musicians who were in Athens at the time. It was so much fun. The Oh-OK song Brother turned out so well that we decided to record it. Everybody loves that song!GS With the exception of the cover songs, you co-wrote the remaining tracks with Suny and Ryan. In what ways would you say that your writing experience differed from when you co-wrote songs for the B-52s?CW Luckily, I thrive in a situation where people are being super creative. You let down your guard. Thats when a lot of good ideas can come through. You bounce off each other and you create things together. You tap into this stream of consciousness. s really magical. It was different from the B-52s, but it was definitely being able to feel the vibe. Like I said, for the Cindy Wilson thing, I let down my defenses and explored. This was great. I did a lot of listening to Suny and Ryan and I got to throw in some things of my own. It was really fun.GS You mentioned how this has been a stressful time and I was thinking about how People Are Asking, the first song on the album sounds like one of your most political songs, which feels new for you. Am I on the right track?CW Yes! Its one of the elements, definitely. I hate to tell people what a song is about, because it does feel better for it to be a personal thing. But it definitely had those (political) elements in it. GS Kate Piersons solo debut was released in 2015 and Fred Schneider put out one in 1984 and another in 1996. Did they have any words of advice for you on the subject of going solo?CW Yes [laughs], yes! They did it their way. Everybody does it a different way. When we signed with Kill Rock Stars Records, they had a lot of ideas, too. It was definitely a joint thing. GS On June 10, the B-52s are headlining Milwaukee Pridefest. As the B-52s sole straight ally member, can you please say a few words about what the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ fans mean to you personally? CW [Laughs] Ive got so many friends and family members and loved ones that are in the gay community in all different forms. I take my hat off and say thank you! GS One of the tour dates brings the B-52s to Atlanta in July. What does it mean to you to play to your hometown audience?CW s very special. Everybody says its the hardest when you come and play to your hometown. There are so many fans there and everything. Its going to be fun. Its going to be a hoot! Photo by Keith Trigaci


MONKITAIL BRINGS THE BEST OF JAPANESE COOKING TO DIPLOMAT BEACH RESORT IN HOLLYWOOD By Steve Pike 46 | I n the 15 months it has been open at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Michael Schulsons Monkitail restaurant has emerged as not only one of the top eateries in South Florida, but also in the country. For example, Monkitail won two USA Today Readers' Choice Awards within one year, Best Hotel Restaurant" of 2017 and Best New Restaurant of 2017. T I M O T H Y S H A R T C P A M A N A G I N G P A R T N E R 2 9 2 9 E A S T C O M M E R C I A L B O U L E V A R D P E N T H O U S E D F O R T L A U D E R D A L E F L O R I D A 3 3 3 0 8 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 0 | 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 7 F A X T h a r t @ R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m | w w w R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m


T I M O T H Y S H A R T C P A M A N A G I N G P A R T N E R 2 9 2 9 E A S T C O M M E R C I A L B O U L E V A R D P E N T H O U S E D F O R T L A U D E R D A L E F L O R I D A 3 3 3 0 8 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 0 | 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 7 F A X T h a r t @ R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m | w w w R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m


48 | One visit to Monkitail and youll know why. Dressed in dark woods and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Monkitail is an homage of sorts to Schulsons time living in Japan and learning the arts of Japanese and Asian cooking. Monkitails deep menu reflects each item in small plate and large plate offerings, from rolls and specialty sashimi, to Japanese Fried Chicken and Duck Scrapple Bao Bun. Monkitail also offers a robatayaki menu. Robatayaki is a method of slow-cooking food on skewers over an open charcoal flame. Im all about the clean flavors of the sushi and simplicity of the robatayakiSchulson said. The hardest things to do well are the simplest. The 10-item Chefs Tasting menu for $65 per person is a great way to become familiar with what Monkitail is all about. First and foremost, I am chef by training as I graduated from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), Schulson said. owever, now that we have 11 restaurants within the Schulson Collective, I would consider myself a restaurateur. Each restaurant has an executive chef overseeing the culinary side of things, yet my background allows me to jump in the kitchen from time to time to work with each chef during menu development and execution of dishes. Dining at Monkitail is an experience you will not want to miss. ou always hope people understand and appreciate your vision when opening a restaurant, said Schulson. I am very fortunate to have a great team at Monkitail with Chef Sung helming the kitchen and Elliot Dines our GM overseeing all front of house operations, Schulson said. As a result of everyones hard work, we have been blessed with great reviews, honors and accolades. Schulson, a celebrity chef and restaurateur, is best known for his restaurants in Philadelphia, including Double Knot and Harp & Crown, and Izakaya in Atlantic City. Monkitail is his first foray into South Florida and is part of the Diplomats trio of signature restaurants, the others being Diplomat Prime and Chef Geoffrey Zakarians Point Royal.


PUTTING THE W IN WONDERFUL: AN INTERVIEW WITH KRISTINE WBy Gregg Shapiro 50 | I s been a little over 20 years since Kristine W first made contact with our ears and our bodies with her perfect 1996 debut album Land of the Living, featuring the timeless classics One More Try, Feel What You Want and the titular tune. Since then the belting diva has had 17 (!) number one Billboard hits and has been crowned the eighth greatest dance artist of all time. In addition to returning to the club spotlight with her recent dance music hit Stars, Kristine W has teamed up with none other than Carson Kressley for a cross-country tour of their musical comedy stage show Stand Up With a Twist. On June 10, 2018, at 8:00PM, she headlines the second annual Communi-Tea Dance at the Adrienne Arsht Centers Thomson Plaza for the Arts, 1300 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. Kristine was generous enough to spare a few minutes to answer a few questions. Photo by Mike Ruiz


Gregg Shapiro: Last night, I saw the incredible documentary Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. Have you ever been approached about making your fascinating life story a documentary? Kristine W: Thats definitely something I need to do. Its so crazy, I was just with Grace in New York at (hairstylist) Roberto Novos apartment. We spent the whole night together running around New York, drinking some champagne and talking. She told me about the documentary and that it took a really long time. She said she didnt want it to be rushed because she wanted it to be real. She said, You cant capture your life in a few weeks or a few months. Its going to have to be a commitment that you make of some years. I told her she was right. s almost like making an album. Some of these albums Ive spent four years on. People look at me like Im crazy. (But) the songs evolve. You write them and then youre like, If I rewrite it this way, its going to speak volumes. It will speak to people more. Or if I change this s going to make more sense. The message is going to be stronger. As musical artists we think about film like an album. Were used to doing albums. Most people now just do one off. They put out a single, because s easy. If you make an album, youre putting out a book. Thats so funny, I had this conversation with Grace [laughs]. GS So, whos taller, you or Grace?KW I had my combat boots on that night, but I think Im taller than Grace. We had so much fun! We have so much in common. We talked about doing a song that I wrote with Billie Ray Martin. We really hit it off.GS When I previously interviewed you, I lived in Chicago, the home of house music. Now, I live in South Florida the birthplace of the TK Records sound (KC & The Sunshine Band and others) and Miami bass. As a dance music legend, how do you feel about those distinctive regional musical styles?KW I have listened to so much dance music over the years. House music, dance music, European, Dutch. Chicago house music, obviously, yeah! I grew up at the Palladium and the Sound Factory. I went straight from college into that world. I was raised in the northern United States and we would go to Canada and listen to all the great European house music that wasnt being played in my little farm town. We would go to Victoria and Toronto. We heard music that wasnt being played on the radio in Pasco, Washington. The first time I heard Donna Summer, her voice, I was like, I want to do that. I want to make people dance, make them happy. When I saw her in concert, people would be singing and dancing. My grandmother was a Mel Torme freak, which led me to Al Jarreau. I was literally obsessed with him. The loss of Donna Summer and Al Jarreau really hit me like a landslide. They were so pivotal in the development of my craft. 52 | Photo by Karl Giant


GS According to your website, your most recent single, is the dance sensation Stars. KW Yes, that song went to number one about 10 weeks ago.GS s the second single from your forthcoming full-length album. When do you think the new album will be released? KW Probably in July or August. Im waiting on a couple of people that I wrote with and a producer I worked with in the UK. Im also waiting on a couple of fellows I wrote a song with here to see if we can get those lyrics produced. Were in the home stretch. GS On June 10, 2018, you are scheduled to headline the 2nd annual CommuniTea Dance tribute for the Orlando Pulse nightclub victims in Miami. What does it mean to you to take part in such an event?KW s really powerful for me. Ive played Pulse. Ive performed at the club. Im very familiar with that club. It was a place where we all hung out. When that happened, it was really crazy. I remember my mom calling me because she knows I play Florida a lot. I love Florida. She called me in a panic, I hope youre not in Florida! Have you heard what happened? I saved that message. s still on my phone. The emotions were crazy. I could have been there. No matter what event I was at in the Miami area, after it was over, I would always go by Pulse. Id give the DJ some of my music, see my friends there. It was such a popular place with such a strong community of people. It means a lot to me to be involved. GS While were on the subject of senseless violence, as a longtime Las Vegas resident, would you mind sharing your thoughts about the tragedy that occurred in October 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel?KW I think it was so much harder because this is the happy place, where everybody comes to get happy. Get their happy on, forget about the worries of the world. Being someone whos been on these stages for a couple of decades I came here at 17 years old s my home! It really affected everyone. The servers, the people who live here. It was so quiet here for a couple of months. Going to a grocery store or a Starbucks or a Home Depot that is generally buzzing and it was like crickets. The casinos were dead. The attendance was down. People werent coming here for the first two or three months. On the whole, the shooter definitely killed the spirit of Vegas for a while. Im not a hockey fan, but the (Las Vegas Golden) Knights gave us something for us to root for, including rooting for the city and ourselves. GS s almost like New York after 9/11.KW Exactly! That was on such a bigger scale, but for us, were a smaller, tight-knit community, it felt like that. GS From one Gemini to another, what do you think is the best part of being born under that zodiacal sign?KW I think were super-creative and we think out of the box. But that can get you into trouble a lot. We tend to obsess over things. I notice that some of my comrades and different artists will just throw the music out there. Okay, I made this and boom! Were kind of perfectionists to the point where it can be detrimental [laughs]. You dont want to overthink it or spend too much time obsessing over something. You need to let it get out there so people can enjoy it. Were hypercritical of ourselves. For Kristine W. Bookings, please contact 54 |


THE CROWDED HONEYMOON OF NEW MAYOR DEAN TRANTALIS By Tony AdamsPhotos By Connor Wilkinson (@HonnorConnor) | Mayors office


W hen Fort Lauderdales newly elected and first openly gay mayor, Dean Trantalis, welcomed Outclique into his office less than three weeks into his new job, his familiar smile and warm embrace were in full force. Despite the whirlwind of his successful campaign, Trantalis is invigorated rather than exhausted. Although he won the office by a healthy margin, he is still amazed at the cordial reception he gets in parts of the city traditionally assumed to vote otherwise. He says, I am currently deep into the aftermath of the election and the honeymoon period that comes with it. People I didnt think would support me did support me. I represent something to them that goes far beyond being gay, but I never thought wed have an openly gay mayor so soon. Voters looked past that. I visited the Coral Ridge Country Club yesterday and everyone came up to tell me that they had voted for me. I won that district which was not expected. This is change for the good. They didnt vote for me to create change. They voted for me because change has already happened and I am just a reflection of that. I am not what Fort Lauderdale used to be. I am what it is today. Fort Lauderdale is not so distant from its memory of antigay Mayor Naugle and his infamous bathroom bill targeting gay men supposedly having sex on the beach. His attack on the gay community gave birth to LGBT activism in Fort Lauderdale. Trantalis sees a progression, saying, Im just one generation from Naugle. Mayor Seiler could be considered, from a social justice perspective, as a transitional mayor. He wanted to appeal to gay constituents, but sometimes showed other spots. Florida Atlantic University Professor Fred Fejes, PhD, confirms Trantalis view of history, telling Outclique, "You can measure the progress of social justice in Florida by who Photo courtesy of Mayors | 59


GREATER FORT LAUDERDALE LGBT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ON THE WATER TAXI For more photos of this event, visit us on Facebook at |


gets elected into a public position. First it was elected Jewish officials, then Catholic, then African-American, then Latino, then women. The election of a gay mayor of a major Florida city shows that this progressive trend continues." What does Trantalis expect to accomplish as mayor? When Outclique mentioned the existing plans for downtown development and beach development, he said, There are different plans for different sections of the city. They involve technicalities like density, or building height, or traffic regulation. That said, there are also plans created by neighborhood groups that have been completely ignored by the district commissioners. For example, the orth Federal Highway Gateway Master Plan. s beautiful, thick, and colorful. The new Riva condo complex ignored that plan, with the commissioners voting in favor of the project. I am not surprised that the project has run into trouble. Yes, the plan had never been formally adopted, but hundreds of people took part in meetings to build that plan. Their voices should have been taken seriously. Focusing on downtown, Trantalis said, Downtown is still in transition. There arent enough amenities to make it a walkable district. You still have to get into your car to get to a grocery store. I know what is on the drawing board for downtown, but its basically like building a city from scratch. There are certain pockets that are walkable but we arent there yet. There are sections that have to be filled in. Is Trantalis afraid of being the guy who delivers the bad news to Fort Lauderdale about what it will cost taxpayers to improve its aged water and sewage system? He said, Im not afraid to be that guy. Ive been talking about this for a couple of years. Im ready. The problem is that the city is not ready. The city has not priced out this project and it has no plan for it. The manager is sitting on his hands; talking a lot, but not doing anything. Trantalis has devised a set of five priorities for his time in office. He laughs as he begins to run through them, invoking the name of a presidential candidate who gained ridicule when he drew a blank on items in his own list. Trantalis did not have that problem. He said, First, we have to halt the WAVE [a streetcar project that has secured funding but is widely considered alarmingly inappropriate for Fort Lauderdale] and repurpose the huge amount of Federal funds tied to it. We need to replace streetcars with 21st century technology. Second, we need to seriously and humanely address head-on the problem of homelessness. We are forming a coalition of groups to accomplish this. Third, we need to stop ignoring the critical needs of our infrastructure. Fourth, we must devise a realistic traffic strategy that will alleviate a bad situation that is frustrating for residents and visitors alike. Part of that strategy involves restraining development that would worsen the traffic problems we are already living with. Also, if we can achieve infill [the process of developing vacant or underused parcels] people will be less reliant on their cars to get places. Fifth, the Bahia Mar project needs to be restructured and scaled back. The plan of development for the beach has never been voted on and has never been completed. I have urged the city manager to get going on this. On the subject of cycling in Fort Lauderdale, Trantalis said that he is committed to the building of a seven-mile greenway bicycle path and to the finding of alternative thoroughfares for cyclists that would alleviate the friction between bicycles and cars. Painting bike lanes green was his idea, and he is pleased with the way those lanes remind both cyclists and cars to share the road carefully. Trantalis would like to see green paint on the bike lanes along the beach. 62 |


Photo by Connor Wilkinson | 63


On the subject of tourism in Fort Lauderdale, Trantalis said, Tourism in our city is unique. We are blessed with sunny weather, a beautiful clean beach and wonderful hotels. We are not Miami Beach, and that fact is appealing to some people. We have a very vibrant boating industry. We will add more dock space to help it grow. We are even returning to being a Spring Break destination with an important difference. These Spring Breakers are now paying three times as much for a hotel. We have a calendar full of signature beach events. They are great events. We know who we are and what kind of crowds we want our events to attract. Trantalis came to Fort Lauderdale from Connecticut at the age of 29. He had passed the bar in Florida and also in Connecticut where he had begun to practice law. He recalls, My college roommate straight told me that Fort Lauderdale was the place to be. In those days, I was just coming out and it was heaven. I think I went out every single night. The gay community has continued to evolve beyond Wilton Manors. Statistically, Fort Lauderdale has a higher LGBT density than Wilton Manors. If a young LGBT person wants to build a career here, there are ample opportunities. There is a growing art scene and culturally this is an exciting time for younger gay people to relocate here. We have vibrant real estate, boating and tourism industries, but if we are going to grow successfully, we have to attract new types of business. Fort Lauderdale has to hear the clarion call of the businesses of the future and listen to what they need that will make them take root here Photo courtesy of Mayors office Photo courtesy of Mayors office64 |


THE VILLA CASA CASUARINA AT THE VERSACE MANSION By Steve Pike 66 | M iami Beach and South Beach each has their own share of infamous hotels. The most is undoubtedly The Villa Casa Casuarina, best known as the Versace Mansion. Located on Ocean Drive and in the heart of South Beach, The Villa Casa Casuarina is the third-most photographed private home in the U.S., behind only The White House and Elvis Presleys Graceland in Memphis, TN. The main difference, of course, is that the public can only tour The White House and Graceland. The Villa Casa Casuarina, former residence of legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace, is a 10-suite hotel that showcases the lifestyle of the late fashion icon, who was murdered outside the Villas front gate in 1997. People know about [The Villa] but think its a museum or something that they cant visit, so we have been really getting the message out the past few years that its a boutique hotel with a gourmet restaurant, said Chauncey Copeland, general manager of Victor Hotels, which is owned by the Nakash family of Jordache Jeans fame. You can sleep in the


same room as Gianni Versace did and next to the pool he designed. The Nakash family acquired the mansion in 2013 for $41.5 million. Operating as The Villa Casa Casuarina, the propertys suites include Gianni Versaces lavish suite, and Giannis at The Villa restaurant where guests eat beside the Versace-designed swimming pool. Giannis at The Villa, which features the Mediterranean cuisine favored by Versace, and the Onyx Bar, just to the left, both are open to the public. They are basically the only way the public can get inside the historic property, originally built in 1930, without staying in one of the suites. Although if visitors are nice, staff near the front door generally allows people in to take a few pictures as long as they dont stay long. The Villa Casa Casuarina is actually the reworking of two properties. In 1992, Versace bought a run-down hotel and neighboring apartment building and re-designed and rebuilt each into his 19,000 square-foot South Beach dream home complete with two kitchens, eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms and four living rooms. The best opportunity to experience Versaces South Beach world, short of staying in one of The Villa Casa Casuarinas suites, is having dinner at Giannis at The Villa. Guests can sit poolside or have the option of dining at one of the balcony tables. Both offer great views of the pool. The balcony tables, located near the Onyx Bar, also are great locations for watching the diners at pool level. Either way, dinner at Giannis at The Villa is a must experience in South Beach dining. It is also a glimpse into a world unimaginable to most people. 68 |


AudraMcDonald BCPA-AudraMcDonald_OutClique_6x9_3659.indd 1 5/22/18 12:29 PM


AUDRA MCDONALD SINGS HAPPY By Gregg Shapiro W ith a powerful and impressive vocal range that encompasses opera, musical theater and Billie Holiday, Audra McDonald is the divas diva. A certified star of stage (a recipient of multiple awards, including six Tonys), screen (she won an Emmy Award in 2015) and recorded music (Ms. McDonald also has a Grammy), there doesnt appear to be anything she cant do. As she has demonstrated time and again, she is as comfortable in a comedic setting as she in a dramatic one. In May 2018, McDonald released her first concert recording Sing Happy (Decca Gold). She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Gregg Shapiro: You were recently a guest judge on RuPauls Drag Race. What was that experience like for you? Audra McDonald: It was so much fun! Ive known Ru for a long time. Ive obviously been a fan of the show. Ever since Ive been in New York, when I was in college, a couple of my friends were doing drag and performing in clubs when we were in school to make a little extra cash. I grew to have not only an appreciation but also a love of the art form very early on. I consider it to be an incredible art form! For me, it was a joy to be a part of it. GS Have you ever seen a drag queen doing you in their act?AM Have I seen one? No. But there is a very talented actor in New York who sounds like me, so hell sing like me from time to time. Hell do Audra McDonald imitations. Hs amazing! Ive never seen one do me in their act. Allison Michael | 71 AudraMcDonald BCPA-AudraMcDonald_OutClique_6x9_3659.indd 1 5/22/18 12:29 PM


72 | GS Sing Happy, your first live album with a full orchestra, is being released this month (May). What are you most looking forward to about the release of this recording?AM Just the fact that I got the opportunity to sing with the New York Philharmonic and that s been recorded for posterity that for me is a dream come true. These are a lot of classic Broadway tunes that Im doing. A lot of times they were orchestrated for larger orchestras than what we have on Broadway now. But I dont think they were ever orchestrated for as huge an orchestra as we had with the New York Phil. It was a dream come true to do an album with the incredible institution that is the New York Philharmonic.GS When you perform a concert, as you are doing at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale on June 11, what percentage of the material is drawn from your stage work and your recordings?AM Really a small percentage of the roles that Ive actually played. Maybe one or two songs from the roles that I played. For the rest, I try to let myself have a wide berth in terms of singing songs of the roles that I might not get the chance to play or roles that Ive always wanted to play. More of it is just from the incredible songbook of the Great American Musical Theater. But mainly its as if I could play any role that I wanted. Even with the live recording. A lot of the songs were songs that were written for men and male characters. GS The Snatch Game Drag Race episode you were on featured Alex Trebek. Have you ever been an answer on Jeopardy?AM I was! I was a whole category once [laughs]. It was a huge honor.GS You were in two very different movie musicals in 2017, Beauty and the Beast and Hello Again. In Hello Again you played Sally, a character who got to have love scenes with Cheyenne Jackson and Martha Plimpton. What was it about Sally that made you want to play her?AM I auditioned for Hello Again when it was first done off-Broadway a million years ago. Thats where I first met (gay playwright) Michael John LaChiusa and (director) Graciela Daniele. They said, Youre not quite right, not quite old enough for the role Ive had my eye on Sally since then [laughs]. When I was contacted about them making it into a film and Michael John asked me if I wanted to do it, I said, Heck, yeah! I didnt have to think about it for a millisecond. Once they told me I was working with Cheyenne Jackson and Martha Plimpton, I was over the moon! Ive known them both and loved them for years. To get the opportunity to finally work with both of them was great and a ball. We had a blast!GS Finally, speaking of movies, you have an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. What would it mean to you win an Oscar and complete the EGOT package?AM Oh, my goodness! I dont know that thats something that will ever happen, but Id be blown away if that were to happen. I dont think I could come up with that in my wildest dreams. If that were to happen Id probably lie down and float right up to heaven. I dont know what else would be left to do [laughs]. Allison Michael Orenstein


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CLAIMING YOUR PLACE AT THE TABLE By Rev. Patrick Rogers, MDiv.In this story from the gospel of Mark, due to political pressure from the Jewish authorities, Jesus needed a reprieve for a reason we do not know. He traveled to the region of Tyre which was predominantly Gentile. A woman whose daughter was sick approached Jesus as he was eating and showed him reverence by bowing down and asked him to heal her daughter. She crossed all kinds of political, social, and cultural norms by even approaching a male whom she did not know much less a Jewish person. Jesus response was not what we know as his typical message of hospitality. Jesus reply was, Let the children be fed first for it is not fair to take the childrens food and throw it to the dogs! In this comment Jesus sternly reminds her that he was sent only for the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24). Jesus referred to her as a dog which was a slang word the Jewish people used for Gentiles. In other words, it appears that Jesus insulted her and attempted to send her away from the table thus refusing to heal her sick daughter. Did Jesus discriminate?I n the Christian New Testament, Mark 7:24-30, we learn the meaning of and need for pride. What better bible story to reflect upon during June which is traditionally considered pride month in the United States. The Syrophoenician womans response changed the world forever! s also the response the world received from Rosa Parks, Norma Rae, and the Drag Queen who refused to leave her table, and thus igniting the Stonewall Riots which began the LGBTQ movement for equality. The Gentile woman said, Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the childrens crumbs. The woman claimed her self-worth and place at the table, any table, and especially Jesus table. Jesus agreed and healed her daughter. In other words, Jesus message to her was pull up a chair and join me Ironic today that women in many churches are still treated as second class citizens when it comes to service, leadership, and positions of authority. What part of the story dont they understand? My favorite statement from Jesus is when he tells the woman, For saying that, you may go your daughter is healed. Jesus rewarded her for standing up for her rights and her place in the kingdom of God! It was the early morning hours of June 28, 78 |


1969, and the New York City police again raided The Stonewall Inn. But, it was to be different this time. There are varying accounts regarding what sparked the LGBTQ patrons to finally fight back that night, but some attribute the first person to say no more was lesbian or a drag queen. The result of her taking a stand for her rights (or a seat at her table) sparked the beginning of the modern-day LGBTQ equality movement. Who says that one person cant make a difference? I am glad that no one told that to Rosa, Norma, the Syrophoenician Woman or Sister Syro Felicia! This month and every month, celebrate who the Divine has created you to be! Be proud to be an LGBTQ individual! And kudos for all allies who also take a stand for equality and justice! Be bold like these four women and be proud! From the gospel of Diana Ross, Make this world a better place! Rev. Patrick Rogers, MDiv. Community Activist and Senior Pastor at United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale


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W orlds collide from unlikely places in South Florida. Seemingly so. Such is the case with two overachievers who fit in some of those unlikely categories Harold Dioquino and Martin Childers. Although much of how Harold and Marty (as friends call them) met makes a lot of sense. Dioquino landed in South Florida (now residing in Wilton Manors) via Davao City, Philippines, about 18 years ago. The unassuming 45-yearold Filipino is a musical powerhouse. But unassuming or not, he is now the artistic director and conductor of the Gay Ms Chorus of South Florida, leading 125 men in a variety of vocal productions. Dioquino toured the world singing in choruses, from the Philippines to Canada to California. Ive been in chorus for so long. I grew up in a Baptist church since I was a child and it provided a lot of opportunity to sing, Dioquino said. He admits he had a natural musical ability, but said the music education where he grew up was not as elaborate as in big-city Manila or as involved as he wanted it to be. Dioquino would specialize in vocals and piano, earning a degree in piano in the Philippines. He toured with the HiMig Singers of Davao City, and thats the experience that landed him in Los Angeles for eight months while his paperwork was completed to stay in the U.S. Hed eventually be offered a job at the Church by the Sea, a diverse and inclusive congregation located in Bal Harbour, FL. A lot of the job offers [in music] are from churches, where s usually a very traditional kind of conservatism. Being gay is not always seen as a good thing. FROM BLUEGRASS TO BLUE SEA Childers moved to South Florida on New Years weekend 2016. He didnt have much time to acclimate, as he started working Monday, January 2. Childers was hired at Island City Stage in Wilton Manors as its managing director. I left a job that Id had for 14 years at the Jenny Wiley Theater. I just told myself that if I was ever going to leave Eastern Kentucky, it was the time to do it. Childers discovered the job in an online posting. His experience in professional theater management impressed the Island City Stage board enough to make the hire. He began meeting a few people and always had a desire to be in a chorus. ou dont have these opportunities in Eastern Kentucky, Childers said. Naturally, he then auditioned for the Gay Ms Chorus of South Florida. I started singing, but I was going to quit after a Saturday rehearsal. I dont like to MUSIC, THEATER, (AND LOVE) COLLIDE IN WILTON MANORS FOR CREATIVE COUPLEBy Damon Scott 84 |


J u n e 1 4 J u l y 1 5 2 0 1 8 T i c k e t s a r e a v a i l a b l e o n l i n e a t w w w I s l a n d C i t y S t a g e o r g o r b y c a l l i n g 9 5 4 5 1 9 2 5 3 3 G r o u p a n d n o n p r o t r a t e s a v a i l a b l e U s e p r o m o c o d e O u t C l i q u e f o r a 1 0 % d i s c o u n t f o r a 1 0 % d i s c o u n t I s l a n d C i t y S t a g e 2 3 0 4 N D i x i e H W Y W i l t o n M a n o r s F L 3 3 3 0 5 T i c k e t s a r e a v a i l a b l e o n l i n e a t w w w I s l a n d C i t y S t a g e o r g o r b y c a l l i n g 9 5 4 5 1 9 2 5 3 3 G r o u p a n d n o n p r o t r a t e s a v a i l a b l e J u n e 1 4 J u l y 1 5 2 0 1 8 S p o n s o r e d b y : D A V I D L S T A R K E Y & A R I S U M A R G O I s l a n d C i t y S t a g e 2 3 0 4 N D i x i e H W Y W i l t o n M a n o r s F L 3 3 3 0 5 U s e p r o m o c o d e O C Q f o r a 1 0 % d i s c o u n t A w o r l d p r e m i e r p l a y a b o u t l o v e a n d l o s s b y M i c h a e l M c K e e v e r S t a r r i n g M i c h a e l M c K e e v e r M a r g o t M o r e l a n d a n d I n t r o d u c i n g S a m u e l M a y a


rehearse on Saturday, Childers said. Walking out, Dioquino stopped Childers and asked him to hang on for one more week. I had always noticed him during breaks, Dioquino said. He was very quiet. And very handsomeChilders sent Dioquino a message on Facebook the following week. I said I have to quit. I have too much going on with my new job, said Childers. Fast-forward through a series of messages and chats. Harold and Marty ended up at a Chinese New Years party at a friends house. I didnt quit that cycle and stayed in and had a good time and met a lot of peopleChilders said. It was a great experience, but eventually I did quit, he said with a chuckle. ISLAND CITY STAGE Childers, 55, had the nonprofit theater in Kentucky running like a well-oiled machine as Island City Stage was just starting to grow. His experience in fundraising and management was key for the board, which was starting to become overwhelmed with all the moving parts of running a successful theater. e were the theater organization in Eastern Kentucky, and the product we were putting out there rivaled theatres in much larger cities, he said. Childers admits the move to South Florida was intense because hed always known Kentucky as his home. That particular community was wonderful to me. I still consider it home and I pay attention to whats happening there, he said. Before I came here, they had just produced one production at the new space on Dixie Highway. We have now taken the space beside it for office space, a scene shop, and storage, Childers said. Childers set up donor management, fundraising strategies and increased grant funding. Weve really worked on marketing to see how we promote ourselves and present ourselves, he said. Island Citys subscribers base is the largest it has ever been at 427 patrons. owever, if we relied just on ticket sales wed do half of what we doChilders said, adding that corporate and individual support is a big focus. 86 |


DIDNT WANT TO BE TYPICAL Dioquino had a host family when he moved to Florida in his late 20s and said it made the transition less scary than Childers. Dioquino is now in his second year as the artistic director of the chorus. He said his goal has been to change the programming to be more relevant and innovative. I didnt want us to be the typical choir: stand there and sing with books in hand, he said. s more like production shows now, with a team that handles the lighting, etc., things like a Broadway show The chorus produces shows that touch on several themes now, from the new experiences of young people, human rights, gay rights, womens rights, and black rights. e do it in a subtle way, Dioquino said. The audiences have responded. Very much so One of the biggest concerts of the year is at the Hard Rock during the holiday season. A celebrity artist is brought on Alan Cumming was featured last year. LGBTQ CONNECTION Childers and Dioquinos organizations cater to the LGBTQ demographic. We have our niche and we live in the perfect area to have that nichesaid Childers. But of course its not just for gay people. If you like theater, we want you to come, he said. Dioquino said the audiences at his concerts are made up of mostly gay people, but he thinks about 20 to 25 percent are straight. He said its due to the quality of music the group is producing. There are a lot of LGBTQ programs and organizations [in the Wilton Manors area], said Childers. One challenge is were all raising funds, that is a difficulty there are only so many dollars to go around. But if not us, support someone, he said. The duo is working to capture a younger audience in their respective venues. e want to say theres more than just going to the bars, Dioquino said. Theres a world of arts and music that youre missing. Theres a life of such great stuff out there The two admit they know many young people come to Florida as visitors who want to party. But the audiences are changing, s evolving, said Dioquino. A lot of the young people are coming to our concerts now. Added Childers: e dont want to go backwards. [Our previous production] Zanna, Dont! was one of the first times young people came to the show BET ON THE LAUGHS Harold and Marty celebrated their two-year anniversary in February. Dioquins longest previous relationship was 14 years; Childers was five years. e kept seeing each other, said Dioquino. And finally it was Super Bowl Sunday and we went to eat. There was no one at the restaurant and we talked for three hours. Were probably the two most boring people. We dont drink, were not trying to hook up and we actually go to the bars to eat, he said. The two say the decision to enter a committed relationship happened pretty quickly. Personality-wise I liked him immediately, said Childers. s a very warm person. When I first met him, he was up there doing his thing. This little guy up there directing all these people. We would have been friends regardless. s very sweet and charming, said Dioquino. On a day-to-day basis its so much fun to live with Marty. The thing that keeps us together is theres not a time of day when we dont laugh. 88 |


THE SOFTER SIDE OF AJA By Denny Patterson 90 | B rooklyn based drag queen and entertainer Aja may have gained notoriety by competing in RuPauls Drag Race season 9 and All Stars 3, but she is on the path to accomplishing much more. Last month, she released her debut EP, In My Feelings, which is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. The six-track album focuses on the daily life and everyday experiences of the drag superstar, but also allows listeners to see and hear a glimpse of Ajas softer and vulnerable side. She says creating the album was a labor of love. I received the pleasure of chatting more with Aja about In My Feelings, in addition to her musical style and aspirations. Congrats on releasing your debut EP! That must be quite an accomplishment for you. Thank you! Yes, its definitely something I have never done before, so its exciting. Its different. I didnt really know what to expect from it, so Im happy its finally out. Tell me a little bit more about your EP, In My Feelings. In My Feelings was really just an idea that I had. I always wanted to work on music and it just came to life. I didnt know what to expect from it myself, but the finishing product is better than what I thought it would be and I am really grateful for that. It also challenges me and makes me think that anything is possible. If I can do this, then I can do anything I put myself towards. I worked on In My Feelings for only two months. Have you always had a passion for music and performing? Yes. Before I ever did drag, I was always writing raps, but you know, everyone thought they were silly and were telling me that I cant be a rapper. Im like, well, why not? Its a great way to tell my stories, and now that I have this platform and have people watching me, why not let me do something I really want to do. So, yea, I did it. And when did the drag aspect come into play? Well, like the thing is, I never thought about doing music and drag together. It just came out of nowhere. It was one of those things where I was 16-years-old, you know, Im going to do drag, and everybody thought I was crazy, of course. It just somehow took off and I still dont understand or know how. It just happened. Drag became a thing, but I never really expected it to take off. Is there an overall message you are trying to convey? Yes. The real message I am trying to convey with the EP is that, you know, life isnt all about happiness. Life can be about enjoying the emotional roller coaster. The big dichotomy that goes into it and the album cover is really half and half. Happy and sad. Light and dark. s very polarizing and I think life is the most beautiful when you have a little bit of everything. I think people who are happy 24/7 honestly have boring lives. Having different emotions is the real beauty of life. Who are some of your musical inspirations? Some of my musical inspirations, my preferences are all over the place. Definitely in terms of music, I look up to people like Nicki Minaj. People who just rap and collaborate


with good club or house beats. Turning house beats into a rap track is kind of difficult, but yea, Im really inspired by that type of style. Im sure this is going to be a difficult question, but which song from the album do you hold closest to your heart? I feel like the one on the album that I hold closest to my heart is Art God, and that one was really difficult for me to write too because I felt like I had to really dig deep. Most of the tracks, I wrote literally overnight, or it just came to me. Im like, I got it, but Art God took me a few days because I didnt know what to write about and I felt I had to dig deep into my own emotions to come up with something. I really put a lot of my own personal emotions into the song. Comparing my life experiences to works of artists, painters, musicians, and overcoming sorrow. Art God would be the one. Where do you hope your music will take you? I hope that I can take my music on tour. I really want to do something that nobody in queer music has done before. A lot of people dream about getting their music out there, and I want to be one of those people who make it. I want to get to the point where Im not just getting covered by Billboard Pride, I want to get to the point where Billboard is covering my story. I want people to start looking at my music as just music and not queer music. Embrace my talent for what it is and not feel the need to label it as something else. How would you describe your style of music? I feel like my style of music is, I really think s just intelligent rap. s fun. You listen to it and it might take you a few times before you realize the meaning of what I said. I want my music to be like a puzzle that someone can put together. Theres a story within the pieces. You just have to unwrap it. Do you think you would be where you are at today if it were not for the success of Drag Race? I feel like Drag Race put me on a higher platform of visibility. I dont feel like anythings impossible, but I definitely think I would not be in the same exact place Im at right now if I didnt have that extra boost. So yes, I think Drag Race contributed a lot to my success as both an entertainer and musician. Without the help of Drag Race, I feel like it would have taken me a lot longer to get where Im at today. Throughout both of your times on Drag Race, your season and on All Stars, what is the most important lesson you have learned? During both seasons of Drag Race, I learned, well honestly, heres the thing, the fan bases on Drag Race are just so crazy, and one I learned from the show and the fan bases is that I have to live my true self and not care about what anybody thinks about me. Nobody can dictate my truth, and I really just stopped caring what anybody thought about me. Both online and in my real life. If you dont like what Im doing, that sounds like a personal issue for you. What are your thoughts on the current season? I think the current season is really intense. They are bringing up a lot of issues that have to do with our political climate, and thats something I wasnt really expecting. I think its been very entertaining. Will you be involved with any Pride events across the country this month? I have always been super involved with pride celebrations, and my manager always books me in a few each year. So, you can expect me celebrating Pride in your city soon. What would you like to say to your South Florida fans? Will you be visiting any time soon? I love South Florida! I cant wait to see you soon, and as soon as I finalize some touring plans, youll know! | 91


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CELEBRATING BROADWAYS BIGGEST NIGHT: By Denny Patterson T he 72nd Annual Tony Awards will be broadcasted live on Sunday, June 10. Per usual, individuals who were nominated and theatre lovers across the country will be clutching their drinks and pearls in anticipation throughout the entire evening. This prestigious event honors excellence in the theatre and celebrates plays, musicals, performers, scores, costumes, choreography, and so forth. 98 | Some of you may remember Michael Arden from 2016 when he was nominated for Best Direction of a Musical for the Deaf West Theatre revival of Spring Awakening. However, the odds were stacked against him since he and every other show that year were up against the blockbuster sensation, Hamilton. He has now received a second chance for the gold with his direction of Once on This Island. In total, the production has received eight Tony nominations, including Best Orchestration, Best Leading Actress, Best Costume Design, and Best Revival of a Musical. I had the pleasure of chatting more with Arden about Once on This Island, his artistic choices, and upcoming projects. First off, congratulations on your Tony nomination for Best Direction of a Musical! Thank you! Its really exciting. And Once on This Island has eight nominations in all. That must be quite surreal for you. Yes, its incredible. I mean, to go from this idea, I brainstormed about doing this piece in a parking lot somewhere, to getting eight Tony nominations. s astounding and such an honor. For those of us who are not familiar with the show, can you give me a little synopsis of it? Once on This Island is a story, s sort of a play within a play that tells the story of a young girl named Ti Moune who is born on an island like Haiti and theres a great economic and social divide that has to do with colorism. So, theres one side of the island who are landowners and they are a mix of black and French and then theres the peasants who live on the other Once on This Islands Michael Arden

PAGE 100

100 | side of the island. For many reasons, there is an enormous divide between the two, and Ti Moune is a young peasant girl who falls in love with a boy from the other side of the island and the Gods of the island have set her fate in motion to settle a bet where her love can conquer death. I hope that sounds okay. You can probably find something better on Wikipedia [laughs]. No, thats perfect! I want to hear your own words! Now, I have been told and read some articles that this production is essentially a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Would you say that is true? In a way. Its a book by Rosa Guy, an amazing writer who is no longer with us. Its kind of like a Haitian retelling of the Little Mermaid fable, but dealing much more with social and class divide and prejudices. Gotcha. And do you think thats how the production is relevant to todays society? Yes, definitely. When I was doing research for the piece, I traveled to Haiti with my designer and the same issues and justices that the characters are struggling with are incredibly present in the world today. I think in quiet ways and sometimes not so quiet ways. So, I think s an incredibly relevant piece. It also looks at how our own perceptions of class and race sort of reverberate through time. So, I think s an incredible piece that peels back layers of how people separate themselves from other people, sometimes out of fear. Usually out of fear. Is that also the overall message you wanted to convey to audiences? I think the message I want to convey is that Ti Muone is a character who ultimately chooses to love someone and not take revenge when she has been incredibly wronged by this man and by society. She has been failed by society, but in the end, she chooses love and forgiveness over retribution and I think thats an incredibly strong message. At a certain point, you must stop and learn to forgive as humans, otherwise, its a never-ending cycle of blood. I also want audiences to see that the good we do in our lives, we may not see a return of that good in our lifetime. Those actions and the love we give and the injustices we try to correct and stand up for. Those are incredibly valid actions and they can reverberate through time and who knows what future generations might react to that. Those times we step in front of a bully, those are the times we choose to forgive. Were living in a world where you want immediate ratification. An immediate response to your Instagram post, you want people to like it. We may not see immediate change, but its still important that we do it. What made you want to jump in and direct this revival? Well, I love the score, its like one of the best scores ever written for the stage. Its perfect. The characters and the overall story is beautiful and life affirming. I am attracted to stories that inspire faith, and this show inspires faith and humanity. Its just an important piece. I have always loved it and I thought, there must be a way to tell this incredibly relevant story. Not only by looking at the world around us and looking at what people are dealing with and the devastation people live with, in places like Haiti and Puerto Rico, but also looking at our own quiet prejudices and trying to highlight that too. Throughout the entire process, what would you say you have learned the most? I think I have learned that when an obstacle is presented in a situation, s an opportunity. When an obstacle presents itself in front of you, it usually means to open your mind to collaboration in bigger ways than what it was before and to listen more carefully. There are more clever ways around it and it will always lead you to something better. I make you think about what you want a little bit harder. In addition to directing, you have also acted in several productions, TV shows and movies. Do you prefer one over the other? Thats hard to say. I love directing, not because s what Im doing now, but because its sort of a culmination of all my skills as an actor, as well as additional ones. I feel like I am acting,

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102 | but Im acting as every character in a way, quietly. I just love being able to bring artists together to create an environment where they can just work. I think thats incredibly fulfilling, and I get much more of a thrill out of seeing a group of people I can help guide. That sparkles more than taking a bow myself. Right now, you are also working on the production of Annie for the Los Angeles Philharmonic? Yes! Every summer, the Hollywood Bowl does a musical. Its sort of like an enormous Summer Stock production. So, we put it together in two weeks and we have an incredible cast. We rehearse for about a week and a half then do it for three nights and drink a lot of ros and all go home and sleep for a week [laughs]. But Im excited and s certainly a challenge with all the kids and dogs. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but Im surrounded by great people and a great team. The cast is shaping up nicely. What are some other upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for? I am creating a one-man version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol with an incredible actor named Jefferson Mays. You may know his work, he was nominated for A Gentlemans Guide to Love and Murder and he was the star in I Am My Own Wife which won Best Play a few years back. Hs an incredible actor and performer and were creating a version of A Christmas Carol I would say will be the spookiest and scariest version of A Christmas Carol, hopefully, youve ever seen. Were focusing on what a ghost story is. It opens at the Geffen this fall in Los Angeles in time for Christmas. After the success of the Deaf West Theatre revival of Spring Awakening, do you plan to direct any more Deaf West productions? I really hope to. I am currently working on one, but you know, with anything, it takes a really long time, definitely with a deaf musical. We must put everything in piece by piece quite methodically for it to work. Hopefully in the next few years, if all goes well, the world can see what we have been dreaming up. It just may take a while. Your husband, Andy Mientus, played a leading role in Spring Awakening. How fun is it for you two to collaborate on projects together? It is so much fun. I feel like we are always quietly working together on projects. I come home and tell him everything and he gives me ideas and inspires me. Spring Awakening was actually his idea and to be able to actually go to work together and do something we love is great. Hopefully we will be doing that for a long time. He is the smartest person I know, and we complement each other well within a room. Hs sort of the brains and Im the brawn. All the good ideas come from him and I can manage a room and make it happen and put it into action. We have an amazing partnership both artistically and otherwise [laughs]. s nice when we work together because there are long extended periods of time where we are in separate cities. You two planned to propose on the same day, didnt you? Yes, and he beat me to it. Lets just say I was planning this great scavenger hunt in Bath, England, where we ended up getting married, and I had this whole thing planned. I was putting the last pieces into play when he came back to the room and he surprised me. So, it was a bit like a farce, and it was amazing. It felt like the universe was smiling down on us saying yes, todays the day. That is so sweet! Lastly, I must ask, do you have any Tony predictions? I have no idea. I think the minute you try to predict, you set yourself up which will result in disappointment. A part of me is still the kid who would watch the Tonys on the floor in my grandparents living room back in Texas. I just cant wait to see what happens. Who knows, and its just such a celebration and what chance to show the world what we do in New York and how we press the boundaries and ask questions. We are at the forefront of the arts. No predictions expect that I think it will last about three hours long.

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