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"Where to go. What to do. Who to meet".
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"Florida's LGBTQ lifestyle magazine & destination guide".

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O n January 3, 2017, I was sworn into office as Broward County Property Appraiser. It is a true honor to serve Browards 1.9 million residents and all nonresident Broward property owners. Prior to being Broward Countys Property Appraiser, I served as Broward County Mayor, as Broward County Commissioner, and in the Florida House of Representatives. I was honored to sponsor and pass a resolution in support of marriage equality and am proud to have been awarded the 2016 Ally for Equality Award from Equality Florida. I am excited to partner with OutClique Magazine to provide property owners with information on the role of our office, as well as provide education about the many tax-saving exemptions available to qualified individuals. Each week, Broward County Property Appraisers Community Outreach Department visits all areas of Broward to help the public with exemptions, property assessments, and other important matters related to their property. If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please visit our website at or email me directly at I look forward to a great partnership with OutClique and its readers. Take care, Marty KiarDear OutClique Readers WELCOME LETTER FROM THE BROWARD COUNTY PROPERTY APPRAISER


Cover Story 38 60 Out on the Beat with Sergeant Paul Photography by Adept Studios Photography 38 48 Columns Wine 101 Tips for Broward County Property Owners Cruise It Gay Comedian Matteo Lane The Future of Wilton Manors Jimmys Gut Guide Our Guide to Gay Miami Win the Stress Battle A Gay, Beach WeddingFeatures 10 14 30 20 34 24 48 46 62 TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume 1, Issue 5 | April 2017


OUT CLIQUE .ORG WHERE TO GO. WHAT TO DO. WHO TO MEET Steven O. Evans, PhD CEO & Editor in Chief Steven.Evans@OutClique.orgDarren Loli Chief Information Officer Darren.Loli@OutClique.orgAlan Beck Vice President for Sales & Marketing Alan.Beck@OutClique.orgSilvio Carvana Sales Manager Silvio.Carvana@OutClique.orgSach AD GroupDirector of Graphic Design Sach.Elore@OutClique.orgSteve Smith Account Manager Steve.Smith@OutClique.orgContributing WritersHolam Antonetti, Jameer Baptiste, Adam Cohen, Marty Kiar, Dr. Beau Nelson, Denny Patterson, Jimmy Rodgers, Patrick Rogers, Gregg Shapiro, Arthur WoodA publication of OutClique, LLC 11900 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 840 Miami, FL 33181 998-6429




W ine need not be intimidating. While it may be true that some want to turn it into an elitist beverage, anyone can enjoy the pleasure of a delicious glass of wine. With some basic knowledge of wine varietals, you will never again need to feel anxious when faced with a wine list. First, determine whether you prefer white, ros, or red. Many prefer to begin with white wine because it is less heavy and seems more approachable. It is light and refreshing and offers a delightful complement to many foods. Sauvignon Blanc is a great place to begin. It offers a citrusy palate that is crisp with balanced acidity. It pairs well with lighter dishes and creamy sauces and cheeses. Chardonnay, the most popular white varietal, has a bit more depth and is slightly heavier on the palate. Chards can be light with mineral notes or heavy with oak and butter. Select California for a heavier Chardonnay or a French bottle for a lighter Chard. Pinot Grigio is a third option for white novices. It is light and bright, easy to drink, and offers green apple and light fruit. Look for Pinot Grigios from Friuli or Alto Adige for the best examples of this Italian white. Ros, contrary to popular belief, is not a sweet wine. The juice has limited contact with grape skins, giving it its pale pink color. Crisp and light with slight berry undertones, it is a great sipper for hot summer weather. Ros is made throughout the wine world from a variety of grapes, but the best examples are from the Provence region of France. The most common red varietals are Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir is prized for its lighter body while still delivering red berry flavors. It is the perfect bridge between white and red wines. California Pinot Noirs will be fuller-bodied with more fruit, while those from Oregon or New Zealand will be lighter because of the cooler climate. | 11


Pinot Noir is a great wine to order when everyone at the table is having different entres as it pairs well with almost any food selection. Merlot takes the flavor to a heftier level with a deeper red color in the glass. Raspberry and cherry are often predominant flavors in Merlot. California Merlots have a medium heft while those from Washington state are heavier and offer richer flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted red varietal. It is full-bodied with rich flavors of ripe, dark fruit and notes of chocolate, mocha, and spice. Deep red in the glass, it offers flavors that deepen in the glass and linger on the palate even after the wine is swallowed. Napa Valley Cabernets are often the most prized Cabs of all as Napa is well known for producing some of the best Cabernets in the world. Also look for Cabs from Washington and Argentina as they offer depth of flavor with a slightly lighter style. When looking at a wine list and choosing a glass or bottle, look for any of these varietals as you begin to explore wine. The only real way to know what you like is to experiment. Wine tastings are a great way to introduce yourself to wine and to help determine what you enjoy. If you find even one varietal that pleases your palate, then consider the tasting to be successful. You might even find that you like more of the wines offered than you expected to. The most important aspect of all this is to drink what you like . life is too short not to! Tim & Caleb are the owners of Naked Grape Wine Bar & Tapas 2163 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 563-5631 12 |


GO WITH YOUR GUT! By Jimmy Rodgers M ost people know that our immunity, digestion and other functions come from and are worked out in our gut or known to the smarties as the second brain. Yet, many do not do their best to care for such a vital component. If your gut is not up to par, SO many [unexplained] things can go wrong. Briefly, your gut is the gateway to your body that significantly influences your physical and mental health. The stomach or gut, is one of the key connections to your brain, emotional health and the health of your immune system. The world within your gut is intricate and involves an interdependent relationship between living organisms called Micro flora: the complex, diverse microorganism species that live in your digestive tract. Our gut flora (microbiota) has a complex system of about 100 million nerves found in its lining called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) and plays a role in our physical and psychological health. The ENS is sometimes called the second brain because it actually arises from the same tissues as our central nervous system during fetal development and has many structural and chemical similarities to the brain and are most likely understood as either "good bacteria" or "bad bacteria." 'Good' bacteria complete a multitude of tasks within your body that include working to regulate the gut by neutralizing some of the toxic by-products of your digestion, preventing 14 |


the growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria, controlling metabolism, reducing harmful substances such as carcinogens and toxins, gleaning and absorbing energy, nutrients and fatty acids from the foods you eat, producing hormones, training the immune system and communicating to your brain. (breathe) Although it doesnt make decisions like the mush we have upstairs the gut does communicate through hormones, neurotransmitters, and electrical impulses through a pathway of nerves to the brain and because of this are so cozily connected that it sometimes seems like one system, not two. Understanding that many of our daily lifestyle 1. Blueberries: can modify the microbiota to enhance immune function. Even though we are still unsure why blueberries are considered a superfood, the results speak for themselves: strengthen our memory, improve our immune system, and diversify our gut bacteria. Small, sweet, simple and oh so good! 2. Polenta: This high-fiber, corn-based complex carbohydrate has a fermentable component. Corn (AKA: Polenta.wake up!) promotes a healthy gut by fermenting into multiple strands of gut flora in the colon. Its good to note that polenta, like kombucha, varies in fermentable components. 3. Bananas: Restores health of the bacterial community, may reduce inflammation. Bananas work to maintain harmony among microbes in the bacterial community, known as phyla. This is one reason bananas are a standard prescription for an upset stomach. Bananas may also reduce inflammation, due to high levels of potassium and magnesium. 4. Jerusalem artichokes: High in inulin (insoluble fiber), strong prebiotic potential. Once this insoluble fiber finds its way to the colon, it ferments into healthy micro flora. Other good sources of inulin include asparagus, leeks, onions, and bananas. Note: Its good to ease into eating Jerusalem artichokes, as they may cause distress to people with sensitive digestive tracts. 5. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables (kale, cabbage, and cauliflower): (READ THIS ONE TWICE) contain sulfur-containing metabolites, known as glucosinolates, which 7 FOODS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR GUT choices play a role in mediating our overall wellness is the most empowering aspect to the gut-brain connection. This whole-body approach continues to show its value in our longevity, well-being, and quality of life: that both physical and mental health go hand-inhand; HELLO! WE know this! Disturbances in gut health have been linked to big ones such as Multiple Sclerosis, Autistic spectrum disorders, Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease, and many more. I have complied foods to aid in your overall mental and physical health and to maintain the connection between your 2 brains. | 15


JIMMY SAYS The next time you chow-down keep in mind that you are feeding your WHOLE BODY and that it is all connected; you could be helping or harming yourself so pay attention to what you are shoving down your throat. Just because it tastes great doesnt mean it is gre at for you. are broken down by microbes to release substances that reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung, and stomach cancer. Glucosinolates latch onto carcinogenic intruders in our colon and kindly show these pathogens the way out. FYI: leafy greens reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. Who wants a salad? 6. Beans: any legume will help release short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) that strengthen your intestine cells, improve absorption of micronutrients, and help with weight loss. Beans feed good gut bugs, which in turn revs up your immune system. Calorie for calorie, beans offer the most nutrition bang for your buck. They are packed with fiber, protein, folate, and B vitamins, Ingredients: 1 lemon 2 tsp caster sugar (very fine but not powdered) 2 tsp capers 2 tbsp good quality olive oil 10oz hot smoked salmon 11oz spinach S&P to taste Directions: Peel the skin and pith from the lemon. Slice as thinly as you dare and remove Ingredients: 1-2 cups full fat coconut milk or almond milk 2 cups kale 2 cups spinach avocado 2 frozen bananas, cut into chunks 1 tsp freshly grated ginger tbs bee pollen any pits. Place the sliced lemon, any excess juice, caster sugar, capers and olive oil in a bowl and mix well. Steam the spinach for 1 minute until it is just beginning to wilt. Plunge into cold water and then drain thoroughly. Place the spinach on the plate and top with a portion of salmon. Place a little sliced lemon to one side of the salmon and dress the salmon and spinach with the remaining lemon juice, capers and olive oil. 1 tbs hemp hearts 1 tbs raw honey or Manuka honey 2 tbs collagen protein or whey protein Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth (about 2 minutes). Serve over ice. which play a role in regulating a healthy gut and a healthy brain. For those of you who choose not to eat beans due to a bit of gas, think of all that you are depriving your body of. Just spend the day outdoors. 7. Fermented plant-based foods: tempeh and miso: they directly inoculate your gut with healthy live micro-organisms that will crowd out the unhealthy bacteria, improve the absorption of minerals, and improve overall health. These are probiotics that have been found to improve the health of the intestinal cells, improve immune function, decrease allergies, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and treat diarrhea. Nuff said! SOME DELICIOUS RECIPES TO GET YOUR GUT GOIN HOT SMOKED SALMON, WILTED SPINACH AND LEMON SALADGUT HEALING SMOOTHIE, SERVES 416 |


AND MY FAVORITE, BONE BROTH! s rich in nutrients like gelatin and glycine which help to protect and heal your gut lining, skin and digestive tract. Bone broths contain minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and others. They contain chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, the same ones in supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain. There are actually dozens of different nutrients found within bone broth, many of which cant be obtained easily from other commonly eaten foods. Thats partly why there are so many incredible bone broth benefits. The longer you cook this nourishing broth, the more savory and concentrated it will become. This simmering causes the bones and ligaments to release healing compounds like collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine that have the power to transform your health. Ingredients: Beef bones with marrow ater to cover bones 3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Bay Leaves Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper (and some seasoning) to taste egetables of choice (I use 3 carrots, 2 onions, 1 celery stalk and 1 garlic head, mushrooms,) Before I eat it I throw in some vegan cheese and even dip in some toast. YUM! Directions: 1. Place all ingredients in crockpot 2. Add in water until bones are covered 3. Turn setting to high and let simmer for 24 hours. 4. Add 1-2 cups of water and turn setting to low and simmer for another 24 hours. Remember when cooking marrow, youll end up with a top layer of oil. Visually not so hot but this is where the Magic is! Remove what you do not want to eat with your soup and freeze it for later. Substitute it for bacon grease, use it in a saut or add it to whatever. Reincorporate all those wonderful compounds that you spent 2 days and your house smelling great for. You may put it in the fridge but I recommend putting it in the freezer if you dont use it within a week. Even though cooked, animal products will and do start to mold. Enjoy! Im starving! Feeling SUPER yet? Jimmy is a Holistic Health Coach who received his training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. He is also board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and provides continual support in the areas of food, nutrition, and lifestyle to locate the balance needed to achieve any personal health and wellness goals. | | 17


By Gloria Garcia Of Dade County18 | Wake up People! Remember that united we stand, divided we will but fall. This is certainly no time to doubt this motto of a concept that has persevered through time and cultural evolution. Remember to smell the flowers and rejoice in the exuberant joy of a loving smile. How is it that we have become so fundamentally divisive that celebrating another individual's success is such a threat to our own ego? Is it that we really think so little of ourselves or of the value that each of us can bring to the table that we must belittle another to feel we can shine? Or have we lost the courage to pursue our own convictions and rather meld with the crowd to follow the path of least resistance like automatons of a mindless mob?I have always felt that we are but a reflection of each other. But are we not composed of the same ingredients? Did we not all come from the same source and to dust shall we not all return? You don't have to be a believer to understand that we are in this boat together, that we either sail free, or sink in despair which is what happens when we fail each other or ourselves. Isolation is brutal, but so is mindless direction in following the masses without a moment of critical thought involved. It takes some courage to assume personal responsibility for ourselves, to know who we truly are without deceiving our unique selves, while accepting that our differences are part of a greater composite whole. Women have struggled for expression and equality and to some extent we have certainly achieved some status, but the struggle continues and we can only overcome repression when we uphold the many variations that each bloom brings to the bunch. We can all shine under this magnificent rainbow as we all should. When we step away from the illusion of our differences we realize that the joy we feel in a genuine smile is the joy of the one love! Accept the moment of truth, America, we as individuals are different, stop the deception, we need all people in order to be whole. Our community needs each of us to support the common goals to achieve success of true excellence, not a disjointed effort in the battleground of freedom. Together we shall shine our truth!TOGETHER, WE GOT THIS


O U T C L I Q U E W e l l y o u a r e i n l u c k W e a r e c u r r e n t l y h i r i n g d y n a m i c c r e a t i v e a n d e n e r g e t i c s e l f s t a r t e r s t o a d d t o o u r O u t C l i q u e f a m i l y i n o u r s a l e s d i v i s i o n Q u a l i f i e d i n d i v i d u a l s s h o u l d h a v e s a l e s e x p e r i e n c e a n d a l o v e f o r t h e L G B T Q c o m m u n i t y i n S o u t h F l o r i d a T h i s i s j u s t t h e b e g i n n i n g o f t h e O u t C l i q u e b r a n d s o i t s a g r e a t t i m e t o g e t o n b o a r d w i t h w h a t w e a r e d o i n g F e e l f r e e t o e m a i l C E O a n d f o u n d e r S t e v e n E v a n s a t s t e v e n e v a n s @ o u t c l i q u e o r g


CRUISING DOWN I-95 A GAY MIAMI By Jameer Baptiste 20 |


Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale represent the gayborhood district of South Florida. But its not the only sunshine destination beaming with gay life. Check Miami, the vast terrain of this South Florida region and internationally recognized destination has quite a few gayeties worth the trip. So strap on your seatbelt as we cruise down the highway to Miamis gay stops.HAULOVER BEACH Feeling like a sunbath without the tan lines or perhaps you just like being in the buff? You know what they say, When in Rome! Haulover Beach is South Floridas only nude beach. There is also a gay area right at the top of the north end where the clothing option part of the beach starts. Yes, thats right clothing optional. But heres a comforting tidbit, you dont have to take it all off, if you dont want to. Its common to see a few beachgoers in their bathing suits while there. The newcomers tend to ease their way into it, or more like, out of it. But keep in mind s not a spectator sport. The underground tunnel from the parking lot and shrubs lining the beach is a public area, so keep your private parts shielded from the roadways. | 21


WYNWOOD, MIAMIS ART DISTRICTIf there ever was a place where straights and gays convened and partied in perfect harmony wait, there is a place and that utopia is Miamis very own world-recognized art district. This area offers the allure of art that graffitis every facet of the district, from sidewalks to the walls of art galleries, showrooms, restaurants, and pubs. This is the undeniable Wynwood charm of acceptance.SOUTH BEACH Aw SOBE, South Floridas traditional stomping ground for gays when men skated down the beach in risqu, banana hammock swimwear and where the classic, gay comedy, The Birdcage with Robin Williams, was filmed. Its not exactly the same as circa 1996, but it still has its gayety. In fact, Miamis LGBT Visitor Center, The Hub, is located there, where you can find out all about gay and gay-friendly resources. The area also boasts many other social functions. Up two blocks east on Ocean Drive is the famous gay hangout spot, Palace Bar, with drag shows on the street accompanied by food, drinks and music. Whats not to love! From the local hipsters who inhibit the district to the travelers that come in awe, Wynwood is that special place on earth. Clubs arent labeled gay or straight, they are come one, come all. The culture is one not to hide who you are, but rather hold hands and even kiss whom if you like without ridicule or stares. If you happen to be in town the third Thursday of the month make your way to the R House restaurant for Drag Brunch with all-you-caneat and bottomless mimosas. Just a hop and skip across the street from Palace is the 12th street sandy beach area, with its rainbow flag and all. And not to forget is Twist and Score nightclubs, all of which are in walking distance from each other. There also Senor Frogs drag brunch on Sundays, and Cabaret South Beach at the Shelborne Hotel that has the best singers Thursday through Sunday. Miami might not have all that is gay primarily located in one area like that of Wilton Manors, but you can clearly see that there is fun, entertainment, and relaxation to be had. Its well worth the visit. So take that cruise on I-95 down south to the gayety of your choice. Live it up! 22 |


In todays fast paced world who isnt stressed? We have so many demands on us that some days it can feel like we never have a nonstressful moment. In August of 2016, the American Psychological Association conducted a poll with the results showing that people reported increased levels of stress. 3 in 10 people reported their stress was up, citing work issues, the political climate, and money or economic concerns as part of a long list of worries. R egardless of what the rest of the world experiences, stress is a very personal issue and one that may not get enough attention. There are two kinds of stress that people experience. One is called acute stress. Acute stress is easy to see because it is easy to feel. Sweating, racing heart rate, shallow breathing, and butterflies in the stomach, are all telltale signs that something is wrong. Most of us recognize this and we do something (not always healthy) to try and deal with it. Some of us have a drink, some people head for the potato chips, others ignore it, and some just break down or tune out. While these may get us through the moment they are not good longterm coping skills. Chronic stress is harder to see but can actually be worse for us. Chronic stress takes a toll on our bodies and or minds and can lead to other health issues if not treated. Acute stress might be related to one event, like a big credit card bill that arrives in the mail. Chronic stress is ongoing and is just below the surface, although it impacts our bodies and our minds. Dealing with a health condition or an ongoing relationship problem can lead to chronic stress. There are, of course, many other issues that can stick in our heads and cause chronic stress as well. People generally turn to their primary care provider or to the emergency room when they have the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. Doctors want to help, but it can be hard to rule out all other health issues and identify stress or anxiety as the problem. So many people end up just coping and never really get helpful strategies to manage their stress. While some stress is normal, and can even lead up to get going on a problem, just worrying and stressing out is not helpful. A note here for those who think a pill might be the answer. Anxiolytics or anti-anxiety medicines can be appropriate for many people with disabling stress and anxiety disorders but they are meant to be taken for short periods of time and are not a long-term solution. If you want to make a dent in your stress you would best be served by trying behavioral techniques that can help before resorting to anxiolytics. That said, you can have a conversation with your doctor and discuss the pros and cons of many treatments, then decide what is best for you, together. Remember, chronic stress may not be noticeable so get an annual physical and take your prescribed medications (for high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, etc.) as directed to make sure you are in good shape.WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST STRESS By Beau A. Nelson, DBH, LCSW 24 |


T I M O T H Y S H A R T C P A M A N A G I N G P A R T N E R 2 9 2 9 E A S T C O M M E R C I A L B O U L E V A R D P E N T H O U S E D F O R T L A U D E R D A L E F L O R I D A 3 3 3 0 8 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 0 | 9 5 4 2 0 2 9 7 7 7 F A X T h a r t @ R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m | w w w R 3 A c c o u n t i n g c o m


1. Exercise a brisk walk or weight training can be great for lowering stress chemicals and it leaves you feeling energized and good for taking care of yourself. Aim for three times a week for about 30 minutes of mild to moderate exercise. 2. Get your sleep last month I talked about sleep and how to improve your sleep quality. This is very important with stress as it helps to get a good nights sleep; you will think clearer, have more motivation, and come up with better problem solving solutions than if you are tired. 3. Talk to a friend talking about stressors can be helpful because you think through issues and work on problem solving rather than just ruminating. This can be a professional counselor or just a trusted friend. Beware not to talk to EVERYONE about your stress or you will feel worse, pick one or two close friends and then work on the rest of these strategies as well. 4. Deep breathing this is a great technique for acute or chronic stress. Breath in through your nose for a count of five and then out through your mouth for a count of seven. Repeat for about 2-3 minutes. Get deep breaths, you should feel your stomach rise. Look up diaphragmatic breathing on the web for more ways to breathe away stress. 5. Practice mindfulness another one to look up on the internet if you are interested. Work at noticing an object and really study it, lose yourself in it for a few minutes, notice its shape, look, color, etc. Fully engaging yourself in this gives a break to your thoughts and helps to give you a shut off valve when you are overthinking. 6. Laugh humor is a natural stress reliever. Watch a funny show or movie, laugh with a friend, read the comics, or even just laugh (there are therapists that use humor to improve moods). You will release chemicals that helps your body cope with stress. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to help with stress. If you can find two or three of these to do consistently, you will probably start to feel better. Dr. Nelson practices psychology in Fort Lauderdale and helps patients with a variety of issues including stress, anxiety, and other life issues. You can find more information about his practice at or you can email him at 26 |


YOUR PROPERTY, By Marty KiarYOUR OPTIONS Homestead ExemptionYou are entitled to Homestead Exemption if, as of January 1, you both own and have made the property your permanent residence or the permanent residence of a person who is legally or naturally dependent on you. The Florida Constitution provides this tax-saving exemption on the first and third $25,000 of the assessed value of an owner/occupied residence. While a complicated formula is used to explain this as the additional $25,000 only applies to the non-schools portion of your tax bill the bottom line is the basic Homestead Exemption saves a Broward homeowner in 2016 anywhere from $627.99 to $1,053.22 (depending upon your city's millage rate) in annual tax savings for all homes with a value of $75,000 or higher. In order to qualify for Homestead Exemption: 1. You must own the property and the property must be your permanent residence as of January 1 of the year you are applying for Homestead; 2. You must be a US citizen, permanent resident alien, or in asylum/refugee status; and 3. You or your spouse may not have a Homestead Exemption in any other county, state, or country (or an equivalent permanent residency-based exemption or tax credit, such as New York's "S.T.A.R." exemption) on another property you also currently own. You may file for Homestead Exemption online at or in person at our office 115 S Andrews Avenue, Room 111, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. To complete your Homestead application you will need: 1. Proof of ownership (you do not need to bring the deed if it has been recorded in County Records) 2. Florida Drivers License or Florida ID Card and 3. Florida Voters Registration or recorded Declaration of Domicile Please be advised that the deadline to timely file for 2017 Homestead Exemption is March 1, 2017. The absolute deadline to late file for any exemption is September 18, 2017. State law does not allow late filing for exemptions after this date, regardless of any good cause reason for missing this deadline. As your Property Appraiser, it is my responsibility to ensure that all residential property, commercial property, and tangible personal property are valued correctly and to assist our residents in receiving tax saving exemptions. This makes certain that property owners pay only their fair share of property taxes no more, no less. Over the next few issues of OutClique magazine, I will explain the exemptions available to qualified individuals. This article explains Homestead Exemption and Portability. Please note the deadline for timely filing for Homestead and other exemptions was March 1; however, you can still late file for this valuable exemption until September 18, 2017. 30 |


Portability Homestead Exemption does not transfer from property to property. If you had a Homestead Exemption on another Florida property in 2015 or 2016 and moved, you must file a new application for your new residence. Florida's Portability law allows property owners to transfer their "Save Our Homes" benefit earned on a previous Homestead property to their new Homestead property. This can result in significant tax savings to a property owner. If you are applying for a new Homestead Exemption and you held a Homestead Exemption on a previous property within the last two tax years anywhere in Florida, you should also submit a Portability applicationI look forward to providing you with important information in the coming months. If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (954) 357-6904 or by email at MartyKiar@BCPA.netTake care, Marty Kiar with your Homestead application. Note: a Portability application transfers any tax savings you have earned, but it does not transfer your Homestead Exemption from one property to another. You must first apply for a Homestead Exemption in order to be eligible for Portability. The Broward County Property Appraisers Community Outreach Department is at The Pride Center at Equality Park (2040 N Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, FL 33305) on the 2nd Tuesday of each month between 10:00AMNoon to assist residents with exemptions and other property related matters.


T H E I S L A N D C I T Y S T A G E P R E S E N T S A N I G H T O F L I V E T H E A T E R & E V E N T W I T H T H E C A S T F O R T H E L G B T Q L A D I E S S A T U R D A Y A P R I L 1 5 T H 8 : 0 0 P M T I C K E T S $ 3 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S o l d O n l i n e O n l y l g t b q l a d i e s l i v e t h e a t e r e v e n t b r i t e c o m L I M I T E D S E A T I N G E V E R Y O N E I S W E L C O M E F E A T U R I N G S O N O N T H E M O R N I N G O F T H E I R W E D D I N G T H E T E E N A G E S O N O F A L E S B I A N C O U P L E I S C O N F R O N T E D W I T H A S H O C K I N G A C C U S A T I O N S O N I S A R I V E T I N G N E W D R A M A T H A T E X P L O R E S T H E D E V A S T A T I N G I M P A C T O F T H E P A S T O N T H E P R E S E N T A S A R E L A T I O N S H I P I S T E S T E D A N D S E C R E T S R E V E A L E D


CRUISE IT: MAKE THE MOST OF SOUTH FLORIDA VACATION OFFERINGS By Beau A. Nelson, DBH, LCSW South Florida offers so much to do for both locals and visitors. It serves as a gateway to many travel opportunities that are affordable and make for a fun departure from the day-to-day. One of the best ways to make the most of your travel dollars is to schedule a cruise and forget all the extra planning, moving around, and still go to all kinds of fascinating destinations. M y husband and I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale. As new residents we wanted to make the most of the great deals on many of the cruise lines. We had already taken two trips in the past few months, one three-day cruise over Thanksgiving to the Bahamas, and then we decided to do something just for us by going on a Christmas cruise for seven days on the new Norwegian Escape. It was a great way to treat ourselves (that was our gift as a couple to each other) and we enjoyed some much-deserved time together. I came to travel late in life but have learned (with the help of my husband) to enjoy easy, short, and cost effective trips. And we have had some amazing travel experiences! Along the way I have picked up some tips I would like to share with you. As with anything, there are so many resources and blogs available that it pays to do some research before you book to see how you can make the most of your cruising dollars. Cruising on a Budget: Tips to Make the Most of Your CruiseMany people love to cruise, while for others it may not be their cup of tea. I didnt used to think much about it, since my only point of reference was going on a cruise with my family when I was 11 and I was bored as soon as we got on the ship. Fast forward to today, I am an avid cruiser. I am probably a rest and relaxation kind of traveler, while my husband is a master of fun experiences. We usually end up doing some excursions off the ship, while enjoy relaxing shipboard as well. Cruises are great because you can choose your activities from a wide array of offerings. Do as little or as much as you want! If you havent cruised before (I mean if you havent been on a cruise ship, not scoping out cute guys at the local gay bar) you might want to keep in mind two things. One, you can spend yourself into oblivion, if you dont keep it in check. From the rooms, drinks, food, excursions, and pulls on the slot machine, you could end up with one huge bill at the end of your trip. Cruise lines give you an ID card at the start of the voyage which serves as your spending account. There are opportunities to buy until your hearts content around every corner on the ship. So, keep this in mind as that card in your pocket keeps sneaking out to buy things. Here are some things I have learned since my husband and I started cruising: 34 |


1. Cruise lines need to fill up empty spots, so flexible, last minute cruisers can get good deals. There are websites that list costs so you can easily compare. I recommend www. that lists all the cruises by port and dates. Now last minute is not really the day before departure deals, but usually the cruise lines put the best deals out about three months before. So, if you find a trip you like, check a few months before to book a good deal. 2. Location, location, location (in cruise ship terms, a room with a view) will cost you. Room rates vary quite a bit. If you are first class suite type of gal, there are options for you. If you are like me and want to use your money for the biggest bang, then look to save a few bucks on the room. If you are on a cruise where the view matters, such as an Alaskan cruise, the balcony can be wonderful. If so, my advice is to spring for it, and get one. Think about how much time you are in the room and staring out the window? I usually plan by looking at the number of days at sea. One day of staring out at the endless blue water, really looks like any other. But, if there is a good sight to be seen you can always go on deck and see it all. The room is a great place to save some money, so think about an inside cabin without a window. You still get the same services, such as steward and room service, but the price is cheaper. It is also nice if you want to sleep late and dont need that pesky sun waking you! But depending on your preferences and the prices, be open to making the most of the room without spending an arm and a leg (unless you can afford the top, then call us and lets go!). 3. Drinkers pay big per drink. On cruise ships you usually get tea, water, coffee, orange juice, and lemonade. Anything from Pepsi to Fireball costs, and it is not cheap. Ships can offer unlimited drink or soda packages that you can sign-up for and if you think youll be drinking like the fish under the ship, go for it. In the end, you will probably save your money. Cruise lines generally allow you to bring one bottle of wine or champagne on board per person, so check out this possible way to smuggle on a drink, legally. 4. Theres an onboard spa and casino, with off-shore excursions a plenty that can also cost a plenty. If you are on a budget, or just dont want to mortgage your trailer, plan ahead and see what you want to do. The spas are great, with prices generally that include an 18% tip, so divide up your trip dollars. The spa is great for a day at sea and sign up early for the | 35


choice appointment times. Sometimes they offer a discount on day one of the cruise to get people into the spa. The casino is a great spot on the ship. Its a festive area where people are easy to talk to as they put their money in the one armed bandit or gamble away their savings. Plan out what you can spend, but stick to it. Your on ship card makes it easy to try your luck, but you can rack up a page full of charges if the winnings dont come. Try to make sure you dont have too much free time to just sit and spin in the casino. 5. Entertainment aboard the ship is a good way to fill in at sea days and see some good performances. Some cruise lines offer better options than others. I think the gay cruise lines offer richer experiences than some of the other lines, but generally at a higher cost. Dont worry, there is usually something on every ship to entertain you. The key is to get your reservations in early. Entertainment is usually free (with exceptions for high profile performers and shows). There are only so many seats, so get this handled as soon as possible. Some cruise lines allow you to reserve seats online but many require you to do that your first day on the ship. While other passengers are boarding the first day and heading for the buffet, you can find the guest services desk or the theatre box office and set up all your entertainment offerings for the trip. It has been a surprise to sometimes see all the good things to do, and I can honestly say I have really enjoyed many of the included shows I have seen on our cruises. 6. Shore excursions are a must; get off the ship and see the sights! Plan ahead and do not just settle on the offerings from the cruise lines. If you are on a cruise with 3,000 other people, you can expect shore excursions to be crowded and often sold out. You can get ideas from the cruise website and research the costs to do it on your own. I have a friend that swears by getting a local tour guide with a car and see the sights that way. It is usually about the same price, while more personable. And, you can see more sites without bus bathroom breaks and stops. A little research can go a long way. 7. Lastly, what are you packing? I like to get on (and get off) the ship with little work. My husband and I take two small roller bags so we can go through the security screening at the dock and then roll right onto the ship. If you check baggage it has to go through a process that takes until the evening of your embarkation day before it is left outside your stateroom. Think three or four thousand people with bags getting on the same time what a Herculean task. On the last day of the cruise (the night before you disembark) you give your luggage back to the ship and then have to wait for an assigned time (by stateroom) to get your checked bags after the ship docks. I dont know about you, but when I am ready to leave, I am ready to leave. With a carry-on, you can be the first off the ship and be back home in your pajama pants while the other passengers are still getting their bags. Either way, just plan ahead. Make sure you pack medicines and a change of clothes for the pool if you are going to check your bags. If you carry-on, you just need to pack wisely and bring some clothes that can do double-duty. Cruising can be a lot of fun and once you get the hang of it you can really enjoy it. I thought I would get bored being out to sea, but I have actually found that I am better at relaxing on a cruise ship, while enjoying a spa treatment, having a drink by the pool, or reading my favorite book on a deck chair, than when I am travelling to a city and seem to be go-go-go and getting little rest and relaxation. Hope these tips are helpful. Happy cruising! 36 |




Where are you from? I am one of the few from South Florida. I was born and raised in North Miami Beach but have also lived in New York and Boston. What kinds of things do you like to do outside of work? Im a computer geek, so I like to do video production. When I go on vacations, I like to do music and video montages. When I took my mom to Alaska one year, I actually did the montage while we were on the trip. I studied video production in school, so now its a hobby for me. I also enjoy bowling. I grew up bowling with my dad and have been bowling on leagues since I was in high school. Heres a funny story, I was injured at work one year and broke my shoulder. My lieutenant asked the physician, Doc, will he ever bowl again? Im not much of a beach person. The heat gets to me. If I go, its a chair and an umbrella. Im probably one of the palest South Floridians youll see. I work a lot and dedicate a lot of my time to work. So time with my friends is just chilling and vegging out or going out on the drive with them. Then heading back home to sleep. I have two dogs, both of them were rescue. One is from the Humane Society off Griffin Road. The other was found on the street and surrendered to the police department. I fostered her for 30 days and after no one claimed her, I adopted her and named her Taser after my taser at work. I also like to spend time with my family. I came out at 19 and have maintained a close relationship with them. It was never an issue with me being gay. My family still lives in Aventura. I go down once or twice a month for family dinners. At heart, Im a mommas boy so I talk to her pretty much once a week. Whats the first thing you notice when you see a guy? To be completely honest, I notice looks. Im attracted to a built guy, someone who works out and goes to the gym regularly. I like a guy whos bigger and stronger than I am. But once I get past that, its the eyes and the communication when Im talking to him. Which is ironic, because when Im out in public and being a cop, my head is constant on a swivel looking around. Im constantly aware of my surroundings. Thats part of my training as a cop. So I have to apologize constantly because it appears that Im not paying attention to the person that Im with. When youre a cop and you go through the training, it becomes part of who you are and part of your DNA. Youre always aware and on guard. Whats your ideal date experience? I like a date that is unique. Anyone can go to dinner. I dont like to usually go out on the drive on a date, because you see your friends and they want to come up and have a conversation and that can distract from the date. I like cooking classes because you can do something together and have dinner at the same time. I dont like movies on a first or second date because you cant talk. I like going to have a drink. Or just eating down Las Olas or the art walk on Las Olas can be fun. | 39


Youd almost have to ask them. [Laughs] I have to get over guys fantasy of dating a cop. For me, s a job. s not part of the relationship aspect of dating someone. On the relationship side, some guys have a hard time with the realities of dating a cop, especially with all the news stories of cops getting hurt while on duty. The reality hits them. Do they want to sit at home, stressing, Is he coming home tonight Whats it like to date a cop? 40 |


The other person also has to understand the emotional stress that the job can put on us. Sometimes I talk about my day at work, and discussing a bad day can be hard on both of us. Theres just a level of stress that goes with what we deal with on a day to day basis that comes into play with relationships. But, thats part of it and I deal with it. Why did you go into law enforcement? It wasn't part of my original plan. Twenty plus years ago I did show an interest in law enforcement. I wasnt out yet. My parents knew I was gay and the culture was one that they thought I wouldnt survive. So they outright refused. And being the mamas boy that I am, I listened to what they said. I found other careers and started working at a restaurant. I went from host to line cook, and could have possibility gone into management. Then a friend told me about a job at an airline. I go down and interview. I was hired on the spot and spent eight years in the airlines. After 9/11, I started reevaluating everything. I wanted to be closer to my family, have more stability, have more income, and not be flying around not knowing where I would be laying my head each night. So, it was either firefighting, police, or nursing. The police academy was the only one where you could to go school and still get paid. And, since I still loved to travel, I thought I could also transition into an air martial job. Fast forward two years later, I joined the police department. I was moving up in the ranks, I was being respected, and the department was being good to me. I didnt come out right away, but I was making friends. Thirteen years later Im a sergeant. I came out to my co-workers and it just snowballed into the department. We dont have an official liaison for the LGBT community, but I am one of the go-to people when theres an event. Ill be asked if Im interested in attending or representing the department. We work a lot with the local SunServe organization. They have their prom coming and we provide their security so the kids have a safe place for their events. I also have organized out officers throughout the Broward County police departments to walk in the annual Stonewall parade. What advice do you have for LGBT law enforcement in more conservative cities, where they may not be respected and accepted by their peers or community? s hard to break into the good old boys club For me when I started, I just came in to do my job. I didnt make an issue about being gay. I purposely didnt ask people about their personal lives, so they wouldn't have to ask about mine. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't lie about it and that I would be honest. So, I was prepared to answer their questions. But after I came out to work and did my job, and proved that I was just as good, if not better, than anyone else, the whole gay thing was a moot issue. No one really cared. So, I guess thats the advice I would give, dont make it an issue, and it wont be an issue for anyone else. I knew I was gay at 15. I came out at 19. It took four years to accept and understand it myself, so I cant expect someone else to accept it in just 24 hours. If theres an issue, just let it go, and let time work those wounds. I know there are departments that have witch hunts and you have to think about yourself. So, find the right fit for yourself and maybe find a department thats more tolerant. Its very difficult to be the one person thats standing alone. But you can do that, you can do anything. Is it difficult being the rule enforcer in social situations? s not difficult, but s part of the personality that drives people to law enforcement. Most cops are type A personalities. We can control a situation. People call 911 when theres a problem they cant solve themselves and we need to control the setting. | 41


Working at local clubs, we are there to back up the security. We are a last resort when someone isnt compliant. When someone sees us, he or she usually backs down because they know we mean business. Luckily we havent had any major issues. But we are there to make sure people are safe while taking the opportunity to reach out to the community. The interactions we have from the people have been amazing. Since this is a tourist area, we get people from overseas, being London or Turkey or wherever theyre from, taking pictures with us. Some come up and ask, Are you gay? Theyre amazed that the police arent violent or harassing people at a gay bar. And then theyre amazed even more that we are gay, too, and out, because some of the countries theyre from, you cant even be out socially. Theres more human contact. We are real people. Most peoples contact with the police is negative like when we pull people over or come to their houses. But these kinds of things at the clubs, parades, and festivals are positive. Every Thursday we do a big, group photo and we call it the school or yearbook photo. And the crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger in them. The club and people post it to their social media. Is there one tactic you have to diffuse a situation? We call it verbal judo. Ive been lucky that Ive been able to talk my way out of some potentially violent situations. I can usually get through to people to understand the potential situations. Otherwise, we revert to training. There is a controlled hold or just ways to grab someone to restrict their movement. Ive been lucky that I havent had any violent situations at work. Once I did get my shoulder broken. I was reaching out with my taser in my hand and fell. But since I had my taser in my hand, I fell on the soft part of my hand and broke my shoulder. The pain went up my arm and was incredible. Ive never felt pain like that before. After more MRIs, they found out I had rotator tears. But other than that, Ive been lucky. 42 |


make sure there wasnt anything criminal going on. The youngest was in the first grade. When I went to their house, the kid comes in and jumps in my lap and shows me his homework when he saw me in uniform. I dont have kids but they were cute. There was no father in the family. But the look of awe and innocence in his eyes was amazing. I stayed for two hours and just helped him with his homework. I called my mom after the shift, and said, You wouldnt believe the day I just had. That was one of my best moments. If there is something you would tell the public that we could do to help you do your job better, what would it be? Remember that we are human, too. The public expects a lot of us; we are police officers and they should. But dont be quick to judge. The difficulties of the tasks can take an emotional toll on us as well. We have to continually balance doing the job that we must do with also being real people with real emotions. See us as unique individuals working to keep the community safe which requires mutual empathy and compassion. I love my work and what I am able to accomplish. Being able to make a difference in both the LGBT community and all of Broward County is very gratifying. Im thankful to have a career that gives back while challenging me to be a better person. What's one of the worst situations you have encountered? I think the worst was having to do a death notification. A guy on a motorcycle was hit by a drunk driver. I was very detached during the investigation because I have a job to do. But then I had to go do the notification to his family. I thought I would go meet with the spouse and then I would be on my way. I went to the house. It was a nice house, very nicely decorated. I met with the wife, but I wasnt prepared to meet with the 13 year old daughter. And having to tell both of them, and her being 13, and that she wasnt going to have her father any more. The two other deputies with me had not done a notification, either. There are certain things you are to say and not say, so they understand the finality. I was so nervous but wanted to be strong, so they wouldn't fall apart. But I was thinking about when my dad had passed away. The whole time I was talking to them, I was thinking about when he passed. I was just trying to get through it so I could leave. Thats probably the hardest part about the job. The kind of stress that people cant understand. s the difficulty in understanding how deep this can go. What's your best moment you can remember while on duty? I was doing a child investigation because someone saw kids jumping off the peer to | 43


READ ALL ABOUT IT: AN INTERVIEW WITH TED OTTAVIANO OF BOOK OF LOVEBy Gregg Shapiro Do you remember where you were the first time you heard a Book of Love song? Were you at your favorite dance club? Did you run to the dance-floor as soon as the song began? Were you watching a movie or TV show? Book of Love songs such as Boy and Modigliani have been part of the musical landscape for more than 30 years. I recently spoke with Ted Ottaviano, the openly gay co-founder of the electro-pop band, about the groups history and current status. Gregg Shapiro: Last year, 2016, was the 30th anniversary of Book of Loves eponymous debut album. When you look back at that album now, how do you feel about it? Ted Ottaviano: I have a great feeling about it. The thing thats interesting about it is that when it was initially done, it was done in stages. It was basically compiling our first two 12 with a bunch of new tracks. It felt like it was done over a period of time, but now it feels like one concise album. It feels like one product to me, one sliver of time. It consolidates those early tracks. It feels like a slice of the best of our catalog.GS Book of Love has ties to Philadelphia. In 1986, at the time of the release of the first album, Philadelphia was still primarily known for The Sound of Philadelphia, via soul acts such as Patti Labelle, The OJays and Teddy Pendergrass. Do you think Book of Loves innovative electro sound worked for or against the band in the citys music scene?TO Sometimes it gets written that we originated in Philadelphia, but we really didnt. We started out in New York City. But there is a Philly component to it. Susan (Ottaviano) and Jade (Lee) went to Philadelphia College of Art. Lauren (Rosselli) and I went to the School of Visual Arts in New York. We ended up working musically long distance. Susan and Jade had another post-punk project called Head Cheese that I was involved with on the writing. But Book of Love really started after Susan and Jade moved to New York City. That said, The Sound of Philadelphia? I mean, come on! Those records are amazing. When Will I See You Again by the Three Degrees is one of my most favorite songs of all time. I feel like The Sound of Philadelphia had kind of gone by the time we started our tenure. We did meet an amazing amount of resistance from a lot of different areas because we were an allelectronic alternative band. At that time rock bands had guitars and drummers and males. We were mostly female [laughs] and electronic.GS One of the notable things about Book of Love was the queerness in some of the songs, including Boy, as well as Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls from 198s Lullaby album, at a time when it was still somewhat risky to do that kind of thing. What did it mean to you, as a queer musician, to be able to write and record songs such as these?TO We were never politically driven. We still arent. We spoke from our truth; our truth was basically where we lived and how we lived. Book of Love performs at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on Apr. 28. 44 | For more of this article, check OUT


OUT FOR A BEACH WEDDING By Rev. Patrick Rogers, MDiv I t was time for Fort Lauderdales Annual Pride event and the excitement had been building because this year the festivities would take place on the beach in our resort town. The LGBTQ community wondered if this years Pride event would be successful. Would the community and our allies travel to the beach on a busy weekend and would they persevere through the struggle of finding parking and navigating the seasons packed weekend crowds? The answer turned out to be a giant es! with an estimated crowd of 40,000 that attended Fort Lauderdales Pride on the beach the event was extremely successful. This wasnt the only yes discerned on Sunday, February 26th. Mario Balog also said yes that day! Brian Suthers and Mario Balog had planned to be married the week following Pride. All the arrangements had been made except that Brian had a big surprise for his fianc Mario at Fort Lauderdale Pride! Brian planned for the wedding to take place that day which was a week early. Surprise! Brian, who is a romantic at heart, secretly had made all the arrangements for a beach wedding during Pride, right on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Brian arranged to have flowers delivered, a change of clothing, a wedding cake, champagne, and more. Brian brought the marriage certificate which had previously been obtained for the following week. Brian also arranged with Rev. Joel Slotnick from United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale to officiate the wedding. Brian and Mario were walking past our church booth as I looked on. They were dressed in beach attire enjoying Pride and stopped in front of our booth. Brian asked Mario to wait a minute and retrieved the bouquet of flowers and walked over to Mario, got down on his knees, and asked his true love to marry him. ot next week but right now Brian asked. Mario said yes. They changed into the wedding outfits, which Brian had secretly delivered to the church booth, and the wedding party walked down to the water where the wedding took place. Crowds of onlookers discovered what was happening and cheered them on. What happened next deeply touched my heart. There was another booth close to the churchs booth that saw what was happening and brought a huge lovely gift basket over and presented it to the happy couple. 46 | For more of this article, check OUT




A s coming out jokes go, gay comedian Matteo Lanes pitch-perfect operatic bit about coming out to his father is right up there with Bob Smiths Thanksgivingset, Would you please pass the gravy to a homosexual? Total comic genius, really. Lane, who is operatically-trained, and is also a gifted visual artist, is a funny man on the rise. With an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers already under his belt, as well as a visible presence on the Logo network, Lane is fast becoming one of the most sought-after comics, gay or straight, on the circuit. On April 8, Lane joins David Angelo and Sam Jay on the Chris Kattan and Friends comedy tour at the Casino at Dania Beach. Visit for ticket information. Gregg Shapiro: Matteo, Im from Chicago, too. My husband and I lived in Uptown for several years before moving to Fort Lauderdale. Where in Chicago did you grow up and live? Matteo Lane: Born in Des Plaines. Grew up in Arlington Heights. I moved to the city when I was 18. I lived everywhere; from Lakeview to Andersonville to Roscoe Village. I think Roscoe Village was my favorite.GS You have a gay older brother, Vince, whom you have mentioned in your act. Did that make coming out to your family easier or more difficult for you?ML I guess in theory it was easier. But I think the coming out for everybody is their own difficult experience. Even if your whole family is gay, its something you have to come to terms with for yourself. I think it was easier because [laughs] my mom already went through it. She knew what to expect. She was like, Ive seen this movie before! Regardless, I still think the coming out process is hard, no matter who you are.GS I think of you as something of a modern renaissance man. You sing, you draw, youre a comedian. Lets begin with your singing voice. At what age did you realize that you possessed such a gift?ML I started singing when I was 15. I kind of fell into it on accident, but I ended up loving it. I wanted to be involved in school plays. I wanted to be onstage. I remember that I was too young. All the good parts went to older people. This one girl named Ashley Stein said, You should join Show Choir. Can you sing? I was like, Sure, I can sing. A week later I auditioned and then I met with a vocal coach. I became obsessed with singing and learning how to sing opera [laughs]. I fell into it, but I was probably a natural singer, too. I had the right equipment for it. It was a natural extension of expression. I ended up wanting to sing, rather than do plays. I just enjoyed singing more.GS Is there any chance you may someday go into the recording studio and release an album on which you sing?ML I dont know. It depends on how gay I want the rest of my life to be. I am actually starting a jazz show in New York that is recreating Barbra Streisands original jazz show. Its called Matteo Lane at the Bon Soir. | 49


GS Thats fantastic!ML Yeah! I hope people show up [laughs].GS It worked for Rufus Wainwright and Judy Garland, right?ML Yes. The difference between me and him is that one, hes famous [laughs]. Two, Im going to incorporate my stand-up into the show. The original Streisand was a weird, kooky woman. She was this exotic creature onstage who was funny, who was speaking Italian and French, who was wearing mens clothing with long fingernails and Egyptian eye makeup. She was all these different elements. Im not going to dress like her, but Im going to be singing her songs and doing my routine and being funny in between. s going to be a fun show.GS It sounds like it! You are also a painter and an illustrator. Please say something about that aspect of your creative life.ML Ive always illustrated my whole life. I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for painting, storyboarding and fashion illustration. I ended up living in Italy for a while painting at a school there. I graduated and got a job as a storyboard artist for television commercials and fashion ads. Ive done commercials for DSW, Lexus, 7-Up, Bud Light, Monopoly, and others. The artists dont get credit, we just help the director. I did that for years until I left it three years ago to do stand-up.GS When it comes to inspiration for your comedy, what can you tell me about your writing process?ML Im not someone who sits down at a table and writes all day. My stand-up and my humor comes from conversations. Thats how I grew up, with very funny Italian women all around me who I think taught me my timing. What Ill do is if Im talking to someone or Im on the train and something hits me, I write that down like a bullet-point. Then I go onstage and I record myself and I go home and listen to it. I take out the parts that dont work. Its kind of trial and error. If a joke doesnt work after four days, I stop doing it. Most of my writing is done onstage and then edited from there. 50 |


GS In terms of inspiration, is the current political climate having an impact on your stand-up?ML Yes, it is. Im watching MSNBC as were speaking. A lot of my standup has always been very personal unless Im going after Mariah Carey. If youre going to speak on Trump, you have to find a unique angle. Everyone has already made the orange face jokes. GS What did performing on Late Night With Seth Meyers in August 2016 mean to you as a comedian?ML I think a late-night set for a comedian is like a checkpoint. Ive reached a certain point in my career. Ive done my latenight set. Ive worked so hard to get to this point. Literally, the next day Im back in the clubs working on new material. It was an amazing experience, but I dont really think of it often. I think of whats going on tomorrow.GS You have also made numerous appearances on the Logo network. How did that come about?ML Im gay [laughs]. Logo has been a wonderful home for me. They have been kind and easy to work with. Ive made such good friends from the people who work at Logo. Its been a beautiful experience. I love everyone at Logo. They let me be involved with interviewing all of these queens on the red carpet from RuPauls Drag Race and flying to Aspen and being a part of special events that mean a lot to me. They saw my stand-up and saw that I was funny and wanted to bring me in on the channel and I was more than happy to do it. I love working with them.GS Have you performed or do you have interest in performing on the gay cruise ship circuit?ML I would, but I have no clue how to do it, who I would contact, what I would have to do. It seems like a world that exists, but I dont know how to get to it. GS So, about your body. Whats involved in your fitness regimen?ML Actually, my sister, Kate Lane, is a personal trainer. She is what they call an IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Pro. She has done an amazing job giving me my diet, my routine, telling me what to do when I go to the gym and how long I should spend and everything. Now, its sort of like a family business with her. I enjoy going to the gym. GS It definitely pays off.ML Thank you! GS Youre welcome. Did you ever achieve your 2016 goal (as stated on your website of finding a boyfriend? ML No, I didnt. I actually thought I would. I started dating a cycling instructor and he dumped me. For a month and a half, I was foolishly believing, Im going to have a boyfriend! The longest relationship Ive had in New York City was making eye contact with a man on the train for two stops. It is what it is. | 51


MORNING, WOOD! A BREAKFAST COLUMN By Arthur Wood O-B House 333 Himmarshee Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312Located in Historic Downtown near the Tarpon River, O-B House offers new patrons a scratch kitchen and midwestern charm. Upon being seated, you are greeted with comfort, ease, and nautical hints. They pride themselves on naturally and locally sourced ingredients and products. If you appreciate quality ingredients, this is the place for a delicious breakfast. Their menu explains the dedication they have to quality food and service as they are a no tipping establishment as explained, O-B takes care of its employees so you dont have to Feeling great and adventurous after a very yummy cup of coffee, I decided to get the Mexican Ship Wreck. Its two fresh, freerange eggs cooked to over medium and served on a warm flour tortilla and O-B black beans, garnished with O-B guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and my chosen side of oven-roasted Yukon Golds. Cheese grits arent really my thing, but the table next to me said they were grits done right. I first dove into the eggs, beans, and tortilla. The rich color of the yolk oozed over the black beans. Adding a little bit of the guacamole, salsa, and sour cream to my bite made it everything I was wanting. I took a bite of the 9-grain, freshly baked, thickly sliced bread from a friends plate. Totally worth it. The potatoes are roasted with the right amount of seasonings to make you want to have another forkful. Needless to say, I happily finished the whole thing as did everyone at the table. Next time Im there, the cast iron O-B Oven Baked Pancakes are definitely on my radar. O-B House is definitely worth an average $25 a head. 52 |


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H A V E Y O U B E E N I N A L O N G T E R M R E L A T I O N S H I P W I T H O U T B E I N G M A R R I E D ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D I D Y O U R P A R T N E R L E A V E Y O U A N D K E E P A L L O F A L L O F T H E A S S E T S Y O U A C C U M U L A T E D A S A C O U P L E ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U N D E R F L O R I D A L A W Y O U H A V E L E G A L R I G H T S T H A T M A Y S U R P R I S E Y O U C A L L N O W F O R A F R E E C O N S U L T A T I O N I F Y O U C A N T A F F O R D T O P A Y A N A T T O R N E Y O N A N H O U R L Y B A S I S T H E R E A R E O T H E R O P T I O N S A V A I L A B L E L e g a l P r o t e c t i o n s f o r t h e L G B T C o m m u n i t y p r a c t i c e a r e a s . G a y D i v o r c e / D i s s o l u t i o n D i s c r i m m i n a t i o n L i t i g a t i o n D o m e s t i c P a r t n e r s h i p A g r e e m e n t s W i l l s a n d T r u s t s C i v i l L i t i g a t i o n a n d D e f e n s e C i v i l L i t i g a t i o n a n d D e f e n s e F o r 2 9 y e a r s I h a v e d e d i c a t e d m y c a r e e r t o p r o t e c t i n g o u r c o m m u n i t y B r o w a r d C o u n t y C o m m i s s i o n e r 2 0 0 6 2 0 1 0 B r o w a r d C o u n t y M a y o r 2 0 0 9 2 0 1 0 K e n K e e c h l P h o n e 9 5 4 5 6 6 1 4 8 0 K e e c h l @ K e n K e e c h l L a w c o m 6 1 2 N E 2 6 t h S t r e e t W i l t o n M a n o r s F L 3 3 3 0 5


Over Easy Cafe 318 E Oakland Park Boulevard Oakland Park, FL 33334This is a locals place. As the coffee cup reads, e treat you like family . Get it yourself! s located at E Oakland Park Boulevard and NE 4th Avenue in the same complex as the UPS Store. The friendly atmosphere, the galley-style arrangement, the smiles of the staff all combine to make this a relaxing breakfast experience. Over Easy Cafe is family owned and decorated with a wall-to-wall underwater with fishing pier mural and mirrors, wooden booths, and neon signage in the front windows. I got to speak with one of the handsome servers who said, This is a locals place. Half of the people here are regulars. And he could describe each of them in detail. He also told us about a dinner they are hosting on Saturday, March 4, 2017, to help raise funds for a young man who tried to take his own life to get him the medical attention and services to live a happy life. This is a community diner that gives back to their community with no questions asked. They have a simple and easy menu of all the diner favorites: egg plates, omelets, pancakes, waffles, and egg sandwiches. Both cream and milk were served with coffee. Im loving this place already. I chose to order the Grande 12 Breakfast Burrito with sausage, extra mushrooms, and a side of hash browns under the Breakfast Specials section. I wasnt disappointed. The burrito came out perfectly and didnt tear. The sausage stole the show, hands down. My friend ordered the Ultimate Greek Omelet and devoured the whole thing. Overall, everyone at the table, all first-timers, felt welcomed like family and gave two thumbs up! Over Easy Cafe is on average $15 a head with | 55 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H A V E Y O U B E E N I N A L O N G T E R M R E L A T I O N S H I P W I T H O U T B E I N G M A R R I E D ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D I D Y O U R P A R T N E R L E A V E Y O U A N D K E E P A L L O F A L L O F T H E A S S E T S Y O U A C C U M U L A T E D A S A C O U P L E ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U N D E R F L O R I D A L A W Y O U H A V E L E G A L R I G H T S T H A T M A Y S U R P R I S E Y O U C A L L N O W F O R A F R E E C O N S U L T A T I O N I F Y O U C A N T A F F O R D T O P A Y A N A T T O R N E Y O N A N H O U R L Y B A S I S T H E R E A R E O T H E R O P T I O N S A V A I L A B L E L e g a l P r o t e c t i o n s f o r t h e L G B T C o m m u n i t y p r a c t i c e a r e a s . G a y D i v o r c e / D i s s o l u t i o n D i s c r i m m i n a t i o n L i t i g a t i o n D o m e s t i c P a r t n e r s h i p A g r e e m e n t s W i l l s a n d T r u s t s C i v i l L i t i g a t i o n a n d D e f e n s e C i v i l L i t i g a t i o n a n d D e f e n s e F o r 2 9 y e a r s I h a v e d e d i c a t e d m y c a r e e r t o p r o t e c t i n g o u r c o m m u n i t y B r o w a r d C o u n t y C o m m i s s i o n e r 2 0 0 6 2 0 1 0 B r o w a r d C o u n t y M a y o r 2 0 0 9 2 0 1 0 K e n K e e c h l P h o n e 9 5 4 5 6 6 1 4 8 0 K e e c h l @ K e n K e e c h l L a w c o m 6 1 2 N E 2 6 t h S t r e e t W i l t o n M a n o r s F L 3 3 3 0 5


W orld OutGames Miami 2017 will welcome athletes, participants, spectators, and thought leaders from around the globe as they converge on Miami beginning May 26 through June 4, 2017. Making its US debut, the 10-day event will bring to life a series of events across the areas of sports, culture and human rights. Every four years, World OutGames brings together LGBTQI athletes, many from countries where homosexuality remains illegal and hidden. In the spirit of true inclusiveness, the World OutGames are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation. e are proud to bring World OutGames to the United States as a global statement of unity, inclusiveness and healthy competition, said Ivan Cano, CEO of World OutGames Miami. There is still time to register for this life changing experience which will inspire, motivate and celebrate the human spirit through its three pillars sports, culture and human rights. SPORTS Athletes will arrive at World OutGames Miami ready to challenge themselves physically in a variety of sports. With skill levels ranging from beginner to competitive, the roster of sporting events includes basketball, bodybuilding, bridge, cycling, dance, darts, dominos, field hockey, golf, martial arts, poker, rowing, running (5k, 10K, halfand full-marathon), soccer, softball, swimming, track & field, triathlon, volleyball, wrestling, and more. HUMAN RIGHTS World OutGames Miami will also feature the 4th Global LGBTQI Human Rights Conference, a three-day event (May 26-29) held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The three-day conference will be a powerful global gathering of internationally respected human rights activists, researchers, legal scholars, and trade organizations, and will include more than 25 speakers and 35 topics focused on three specific tracks. CULTURE World OutGames Miami participants will immerse themselves in a warm welcome from a community that honors, respects, and supports them and from a city that celebrates diversity and self-expression. For more information visit, and WORLD OUTGAMES TO MAKE U.S. DEBUT IN MIAMI56 | K A T Y S C A K E T H E A R T O F C A K E S W E B R I N G Y O U R I D E A S T O L I F E F r o m m i n i c u p c a k e s a n d t r e a t s t o t o w e r i n g w e d d i n g c a k e s C a t e r i n g s e r v i c e s a v a i l a b l e W e d d i n g s b a b y s h o w e r s b i r t h d a y s g r a d u a t i o n s a n d m o r e 1 0 9 4 1 N W 2 9 M A N O R S U N R I S E F L O R I D A 9 5 4 2 7 9 0 3 0 6 S A L E S @ K A T Y S C A K E C O M w w w K a t y s C a k e c o m


K A T Y S C A K E T H E A R T O F C A K E S W E B R I N G Y O U R I D E A S T O L I F E F r o m m i n i c u p c a k e s a n d t r e a t s t o t o w e r i n g w e d d i n g c a k e s C a t e r i n g s e r v i c e s a v a i l a b l e W e d d i n g s b a b y s h o w e r s b i r t h d a y s g r a d u a t i o n s a n d m o r e 1 0 9 4 1 N W 2 9 M A N O R S U N R I S E F L O R I D A 9 5 4 2 7 9 0 3 0 6 S A L E S @ K A T Y S C A K E C O M w w w K a t y s C a k e c o m


THE SON ALSO RISES: AN INTERVIEW WITH ISLAND CITY STAGES MICHAEL LEEDSBy Gregg Shapiro Do South Florida theater queens know how lucky they are? Are they aware that Tony and Drama Desk Award-nominated writer, director, and choreographer Michael Leeds is in their midst? A Carbonell Award recipient, Leeds is the Associate Director at the acclaimed local theater company, Island City Stage. Currently directing the world premiere of Son by William L. Beller, Jr., Leeds took a moment out of his busy schedule, which also includes running The Leeds Acting Workshop, to answer a few questions for OutClique. Gregg Shapiro: What can you tell me about your history with Island City Stage? Michael Leeds: When Andy (Rogow) was thinking about starting a new company concentrating primarily on LGBTQ issues, I told him I wanted to be part of it. I directed our inaugural production which garnered us our first Carbonell Award nomination. The next play, which Andy directed, was equally well-received and we were off and running. GS Please say something about your involvement in the process of selecting plays as part of an Island City Stage theatrical season. ML Both Andy and I start looking for our next season's plays while we're in the midst of the current season. We receive submissions and we actively look for plays that open in NYC and around the country that might be right for our audience. We especially like to include works that haven't been done before, like Son. And, since I'm also a playwright, I've been fortunate to have ICS be the home for the South Florida premieres of two of my plays as well as contributing to our annual Summer Shorts. Andy and I have similar tastes so we rarely disagree on what might be right for us and who will direct which play. GS The play Son, by James L. Beller, Jr., is having its world premiere at Island City Stage. What are the challenges and rewards of mounting a world premiere?ML I've always gravitated to original material and I enjoy the collaboration that is inherent in the playwright and director relationship. The challenge, of course, is that it's uncharted territory but that makes the result all the more rewarding. GS What was it about Son that made you want to direct it?ML In Son, Jim has created multilayered characters and puts them in a challenging situations that tests their beliefs and their relationships. It's surprising, dramatic, at times humorous and very touching. And it made me want to keep turning the page to find out what was going to happen always a good sign! GS Playwright Beller is a former lawyer. How much do you think that contributes to plays authenticity in terms of the legal subject matter? 58 |


ML I think that's really a question for Jim. But I would say that, legal authenticity aside, I'm sure Jim being a former lawyer has impacted his writing and point of view in other ways. GS Son deals with the subject of a lesbian couple in which one of the women has a child from a prior relationship. With more and more queer couples adopting or conceiving through alternate means, what do you think is the impact of a play such as Son?ML One of the issues Jim deals with in the play is what it's like to be the co-parent with a partner who is the biological mother of their son. There is always that awareness, however buried, and in Son, it comes to the fore.GS In Son, Jeans son Perry is 15 going on 16. What are the challenges and rewards of working with younger actors?ML We're lucky to have a very talented young actor for the role. I find good actors are good actors no matter the age. Well, below ten years old is always a challenge [laughs]!GS Religion is also a theme in the play Jean is Catholic and the girl with whom Perry is involved is from a fundamentalist family. How important do you think the religious component is to the story? ML In terms of how integral religion is to the piece, it definitely fuels one character's guilt and is a bone of contention in the relationship between the two women. GS In addition to being a director, you are also a playwright. A production of your play, The First Step, preceded Son at Island City Stage. Have you started thinking about or writing your next original play? ML Yes, it's called Starmaker, and it's the true story of the complicated relationship between Rock Hudson and the man who discovered him and gave him his name, his agent, mentor, and lover Henry Wilson. I'm especially having fun with the "Greek chorus" comprised of Tab Hunter, Lana Turner, and Rory Calhoun! | 59


IN THE NICK OF TIME: AN INTERVIEW WITH NICK RHODES OF DURAN DURANBy Gregg Shapiro For Duran Durans 2015 studio disc, Paper Gods (WB), its first in four years, the band invited some friends along for the ride. Thats 21st century dance diva Kiesza joining Simon Le Bon on lead vocals for Last Night In The City, a song that should put smiles on the faces of the people on the dance-floor. Pressure Off features Janelle Mone and Nile Rodgers and delivers on the funk promised by the presence of both. On Danceophobia, Lindsay Lohan appears as a doctor. Shes not that good of an actress to pull it off, but that doesnt detract from the songs charms. Jonas Bjerre of Mew pipes in on Change The Skyline, diva Anna Ross helps Butterfly Girl take wing and Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers make Only In Dreams dreamy. I spoke with Duran Durans resident keyboard god Nick Rhodes about the album and more in February 2017. Gregg Shapiro: Almost 40 years since forming and with 15 albums to the bands name, what is the secret to Duran Durans longevity? Nick Rhodes: Im not quite sure that we have a secret. We never look back is perhaps one of the things. We always keep moving forward. When people say to me, Do you realize how long your bands been together?, I do if I really think about it. Otherwise, I feel like were a new band whos wiped the slate entirely clean and were just starting out trying to figure out what were going to do with our sound. GS In what ways does that way of thinking appear in the songwriting process? Is that the approach for each new record? NR Yes, very much so. We have always tried to keep ourselves as pure creatively as we can and to guard our naivete as much as we possibly can, too. I think thats very valuable to the creative process. Sometimes when you know too much, then you start to adhere to rules and it takes away your ability to experiment. Weve somehow quite successfully managed to keep that enthusiasm in the band by having the curiosity and the will to try to find something new every time we write. Of course, were all aware that we have a style and that certain things will inevitably sound reminiscent of something weve done before. But the premise is to try a new direction or variations on things that weve done or to head off somewhere that we dont know where s going to lead. GS Im so glad that you said that because part of whats special about the Paper Gods disc is the number of collaborations and guest artists, beginning with Kiesza on the song Last Night In the City. How did that collaboration come about?NR We had the song, which was in the EDM zone. Wed been talking about working with collaborators. DURAN DURAN PERFORMS ON APRIL 5 AT HARD ROCK LIVE AT SEMINOLE HARD ROCK CASINO IN HOLLYWOOD60 | For more of this article, check OUT


Whats the economic future bringing to Wilton Manors? In meetings with the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board, Nick Berry and ViceChair of the Economic Development Task Force, Tony LoGrande, I discovered Wilton Manors is poised to undergo the biggest changes of the past 20 years. Traffic patterns will change along Wilton Drive and a future commuter rail, the Tri-Rail Coastal, is anticipated to stop locally. A reputable developer is considering a boutique hotel. The city is also endeavoring to diversify Wilton Drive with Class A office space and a long-term development for Oakland Park Boulevard and North Andrews Avenue.V isiting Wilton Manors will become easier with the advent of the Brightline, which will begin offering rail service from Palm Beach to Miami and will include a stop in Ft. Lauderdale. The Tri-Rail Coastal, a commuter rail, will be developed in the next 5 to 7 years with a station planned for Wilton Manors, as well as many other cities along the Florida East Coast (FEC) tracks. Anticipating these changes, Wilton Manors positioned itself with Transit-Oriented Corridor (TOC) Zoning to encourage mixed use development and an increase of density in population along the rail. Currently, 6040 residents live within a 10 minute walk of the proposed station. Future development could raise that number to 8290. In addition, this commuter rail will serve the 1.5 million LGBTQ visitors to Wilton Manors on an annual basis. For the past decade, the narrowing of Wilton Drive has been discussed and researched and is finally coming to fruition. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) are paying for the implementation of the Complete Streets Program which will narrow the Drive and increase the width of sidewalks and foliage, making the drive more pedestrian friendly. Funding and design for lighting, irrigation, and street furniture is yet to be determined. Traffic will be calmed and pedestrian safety will be improved along both Wilton Drive and NE 4th Avenue to the south. This will happen by making only one lane in either direction, with a center turn lane and more pedestrian crosswalks. This will also include widening the sidewalks, adding bicycle lanes and increasing the street parking. People will be able to see the stores, encouraging more stop and shop business, rather than speeding through Wilton Manors. To complement this effort, the businesses TRAINS, TRAFFIC AND TRENDS By Alan Beck 62 |


along Wilton Drive created the Wilton Drive Improvement District with the charge to promote safety, business, beautification, and marketing efforts to strengthen the already vibrant Wilton Drive Arts and Entertainment District. Commercial property owners on Wilton Drive will collectively contribute $100,000 per year toward these goals over the next ten years. The city is open to other business improvement districts in areas such as North Andrews Avenue, Oakland Park Boulevard, and 26th Street from five points to Federal Highway. Creation of wayfinding signage, currently in development by a consultant, will be funded by the City and will be implemented throughout Wilton Manors. In The Economic Development Strategic Plan, the focus is to create a commuter rail stop. Wilton Manors has already created Transit Oriented Corridor zoning around this proposed stop to increase density and mixeduse business and residential development. With the Wilton Station and the Metropolitan developments, the zoning has already proved to be fruitful. Additionally, the plan calls for development of Class A office space, the retention of existing businesses, and growing more daytime business activity within the city. Some of the current codes need updating to optimize this plan for an urban village Building height limits may be changed along designated corridors such as Wilton Drive and Oakland Park Boulevard. However, heights should be sensitive to any adjacent singlefamily residences, mitigated through the use of shadow studies. Enlightened urban design concepts often graduate from commercial to multi-family to single family to achieve a graceful transition from commercial districts to single-family. Proposals have been discussed for a boutique hotel at the northeastern side of the Shoppes at Wilton Manors. This could bring more vacationers and business travelers to the shopping district of the city and in the long run continue to build the economic engine. Right now, season is what brings much of the business to Wilton Drive. However, smaller events such as the Art Expo attract local residents from surrounding communities to the Drive and encourage a synergy among the art galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars. One of the purposes of the planned changes to the city is to make it more of a year-round destination. With all of the planned and proposed changes, this will surely bring more business and pedestrian traffic to Wilton Manors and spur its development. | 65


A TRUE BROADWAY BABY: AARON TVEITBy Denny Patterson Aaron Tveit is a man who can do it all. Not only has he toured the country with numerous shows including Rent and Hairspray, but he has originated the role of Gabe in Broadway's Next to Normalsang and danced his heart out as Danny Zuko in Fox's Grease: Live, and portrayed several characters on television such as Gossip Girl's Tripp van der Bilt and Graceland's Mike Warren. Yes, Tveit was born a star, and he is coming to the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale on April 29 for a one night only concert. Prepare to see just how much he can dazzle an audience. First off, what can we expect from your performance at the Parker Playhouse? It's essentially an evening of Broadway songs. I've been doing some concerts lately, and this is a show that I first did at a place called Wolf Trap outside of DC. So it is a relatively new one for me. Some of the songs will be from shows that I've been in, some songs are favorites of mine, and some songs you may not necessarily expect me to sing. So it is kind of an evening of Broadway songs, a lot of which audiences will definitely recognize. Songs we would not expect you to sing? Any examples? Well, I don't want to give anything away, but the best example was when I did my first set of concerts a few years ago in New York. I had the idea to sing a Taylor Swift song. I try to have fun with these concerts and not take myself too seriously, and my hope is the audience will feel the same way. So my music director and I went back and forth and we thought this could be the worst idea ever, or it could be a great idea. I ended up singing e Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and it ended up being of the most fun moments of the evening. The audience even participated. So from that experience, with all the shows I put together, I always look for a way to include the audience and have them be a little surprised by some of my song choices just for the goal of everyone having a good time. So that is kind of an example I can give without giving anything away. I'm assuming this is not your first time in Fort Lauderdale. I have spent a lot of time in Fort Lauderdale. One of the TV shows I was on, Graceland, was shot in Florida so I was there for the better part of three years. I actually drove by the Parker Playhouse daily. What would you say is your favorite part about performing? The thing that I miss the most about being on stage since I've been doing a lot of TV and film primary for the last 5-6 years is the interaction with the audience. That's what these concerts, kind of along the lines I was saying before about the songs that I look for, they really allow me to break that fourth wall and directly interact 66 |


W i d e S e l e c t i o n o f A r t i s a n a l C h e e s e s & C h a r c u t e r i e L i m i t e d P r o d u c t i o n & B o u t i q u e W i n e s H a p p y H o u r D a i l y U n t i l 7 p m & A l l N i g h t o n T h u r s d a y 5 0 % O F F B o t t l e s $ 9 9 a n d U n d e r 3 0 % O F F B o t t l e s $ 1 0 0 a n d U p T u e s d a y & W e d n e s d a y A l l N i g h t O P E N T u e s d a y S a t u r d a y 4 P M t o M i d n i g h t C L O S E D S u n d a y & M o n d a y 2 1 6 3 W i l t o n D r i v e W i l t o n M a n o r s F L 3 3 3 0 5 9 5 4 5 6 3 5 6 3 1 w w w N a k e d G r a p e W i n e B a r c o m


with the audience. I like to speak to them. That is definitely the most rewarding to me. Having that back and forth with the audience. Being a vocalist, Broadway star and a TV and film actor, you are pretty much a triple threat! Do you prefer one more than the others? [Laughs] You know, I've gotten to the point where I now love working on set and being on camera as much as I love singing. They kind of come hand in hand now. I've worked and fell in love with the craft of being on camera, but that being said, there is absolutely nothing like being on stage and having the energy of the audience. Having that back and forth. You know, when you're shooting something on set, everyone has to be quiet, nobody can laugh you get no feedback. I mean, you might watching something a year later and say, Oh yeah, I kind of remember when we shot that, but it's very different. There is nothing like the energy of being on stage. Do you have a dream role? That's a hard one for me because I've been so blessed and lucky. Ever since I left school, I've gotten to do so many different things in all these different avenues and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it. So I think going forward, I don't know if I can put a finger on what the dream role would be, but I obviously just want the opportunities to continue. That's my dream to be able to keep this going for the rest of my career and get the same kind of fulfillment out of it. Rent kick started your career, correct? Yes. Do you plan on seeing the 20th anniversary tour? I had a little bit of interaction with the people who were putting that tour together right before they were going out. One of my company managers was working on the production side of things, so I was aware of it, but I don't have any plans now. If they are close to anywhere that I'm at, I'll definitely check it out. The problem with those tours is that they don't play New York, but I'll check it out if it's playing anywhere Im near. I actually did Rent at the Broward Center back in, I think, 2004. Nice! Well many people know you as Gabe from Next to Normal since you originated that role. Out of every show you have done, do you think that one had the biggest impact on audiences? It definitely, I think, had the biggest visceral response from an audience. I was just talking with someone today who didn't know anything about it, and they were bawling in the theatre. That was the response from a lot of people. That show definitely struck a chord and I think what's amazing, even today, is sometimes you don't go there completely with the subject matter on stage, and that show really, really went there. I think that was the ultimate success of the show. We put forward this very difficult topic and dealt with it. And it was incredibly rewarding for us. We worked on this show for a long time, and even though it went through some changes, it was well received. The run and the acclaim was very nice. | 69 For more of this article, check OUT


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GUY AT THE END OF THE BAR DAVID ROHRIG By Arthur WoodOccupation: I'm a bartender who has worked on wilton drive for over 8 years. Currently at MYM and Matty's. Single or taken? Single and loving it. Favorite drink? Espresso, as well as the occasional dark beer. Favorite thing about South Florida? The weather and my family is here. How do you stay so fit? I eat small meals throughout the day rather than gorging. I work on my feet as well, so that helps. Stay in or go out? I usually like to stay in. But I love gaming, home projects cuddling, and reruns. What turns you on? Guys who can be the cute one in the relationship, but who are also considerate and affectionate. What turns you off? People who underestimate me. Favorite beach? North Fort Lauderdale Beach because it's quiet. Whats your idea of a perfect date? Catching a meal together, then walking somewhere beautiful. Light kissing and holding hands in public is nice. Lots of upfront non-judgmental conversation. Tell me everything! Are you a romantic? Yes, definitely! And, I like to be romanced as well. Celebrity crush? I honestly don't have one. Im not a star-struck person. There are plenty of hotties on TV but no one is better than the other. What surprise people about you? That I'm 37 and a top. Proudest accomplishment thus far? Being independant and able to take care for myself and my family. Resolution for 2017? Stay healthy and fit and have a lot of fun. 76 |


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