West Indies

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West Indies
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1 map : color ; 31.9 x 43.3 cm


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Caribbean Area -- 19th century -- Maps
Cuba -- 19th century -- Maps
Hispaniola -- 19th century -- Maps
single map ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Caribbean Area
28.35 x -85, 9.85 x -85, 9.85 x -58.9166666666667, 28.35 x -58.9166666666667 ( Map Coverage )


Map showing the Caribbean Area.
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39 appears on the lower right margin.

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University of Miami Library: Cuban Heritage Collection
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This material is in the public domain in the United States. For additional information, please visit:

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I~tbo A 9 uqas Kay. The 11ahasraA comprise all the sduated rwrrh of hiha and 11ayt, the
(U U Lnwn ta re Antienr we tuba.11ayti .nair and 'orto lc the Pirgn F he im
1lrI.F JBAN A1st orWarK. rIediately E of lotco the Leearv/ qroq> 'on-itS of oamnka and the

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HVeb Kiltemal P hait the LOve Antidle bue 7)o91dnd and the 1 wih Ie alonq the

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'fuas io b~9~- .ASalX in (AY(09 OSSESSIOINS <,f the EUROPEAN POWERS.
.Los last o ie it ank *Tr lle i. T ss. Trn /m n illy tr Iitead uer

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'R99 ca'99.,r,, '(I i'ioiss4panish. ah W,'th AIe offi.o Ae, and Aloa
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