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Lincoln High School, 1915-1991
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The A.Q. Book Club of Lincoln High School
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Homecoming Edition
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Homecoming Edition "The Campus Owl". Volume 6 No. 1, Friday, December 8, 1939.

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Hold ThatTHCA P S 0.DnLe
Line, D n
Terriers, IScr
VOL. 6 FRIDAY, DECEMB R 8, 1939 NO.1
Daytona Centipedes to Meet
Terriers in Homecoming Game
- Every one is joining hands to Make this Homecoming one of the
Hail Homecoming THE ORANGE BLOSSOM greatest in all times. Enormous
preparations have been in progress
CLASSIC for a number of weeks, and it
Lincoln High School is again AN EDITORIAL seems as though they are getting
calling all its loyal sons and daugh- This year, again, the South's results. Every one has worked up
terms to come again and witness the greatest sport attraction will take a high spirit for this week of thrilling event of Homecoming. As editor of the Campus Owl, I take this op n lea Tinker whium it a suc cssful o the.l
As on last year, preparation is portunity to thank all of the students of Lincoln as usual, involves the Florida State And now we e to face the
being made at the school and over
in thde city for the Homecoming High School and the citizens of Gainesville as well College in gridiron conflict with actual facts retaining to the main
which will certainly maintain more for the wonderful cooperation they have shown in some other team, is expected to events of th homecoming: The
interest and enthusiasm than any purchasing the Owl. It is my hope that they will draw a record-breaki g crowd this clash between the Daytona Centiprevious one. continue to show this kind of cooperation. year, pedes and the Lincoln High TerThlemisa t est; it has The Owl is a paper pbihdmn ly yheeSuspens rist really as high this riersd ill e emain event o
offered no defeats. Lover rof te A. Q. Book Club of Lincoln High School. The the conference. these two teams, I ask you to go
de AmaMtetil crail
come from the four corners loyally purpose of this paper is to arouse within the stu- It is expected that football fans back with me as far as the year
waving the banner which can never dent body a school spirit, a love for their school from all parts of the South will of 1933. In 1933 tegameebetween
fall. that will burn in their hearts forever. May I witness again thi aa entin l iete anscore.enedi
It has been planned that the repeat my statement again when I say that the Oeerl "Te. it Beuiu, o n te-te scortesoeswr
December .. 9.. In teeyasthcores wer
parade will proceed as on last year. entire Owl staff is truly grateful for the coopera- as follows:
Plans are being executed to make to hthsbe hw oaduadw sYa atn ansil
the parade one memorable in the to hthsbe hw oaduadw sYa atn ansil
school's history. The usual prizes the staff will endeavor to continue to give you HOMECOMING 1933-----.-. 0 0
will be presented to the person or the best as well as the latest in news. 1934--...-O..o a
persons who enter the most beauti- I would also like to take this opportunity to _1935----...-.0 0
ful float into the parade. Cars to 1936........12 0
be in the parade are expected to thank the persons who have been generous As the termination of this year's 1937- -.mec. o 0
go down Columbia, Pleasant and enough to give us ads, because it has been by football season, the Athletic Asso- 1938-- 1.. 13
Seminary Streets in the order in this method that we have been able to keep up citation of Lincoln High School is 1939
which the names appear. the good work. sponsoring a Homecoming football
reception at the Wabash auditor- What will the scores be in the
Preliminary to the great Home- I suppose that there are some of you that would ium Friday night at 8:30 P.M. The end of this grudge battle ? Will
coming event is the usual Alumni .
meeting to be held in the school like to lnow what the funds which are received music will be grand; the air will the Terriers be able to redeem
auditorium at eleven in the morn- from the sale of these papers are used for, and be filled with melody and rhythm. themselves of the defeat in '36?
ing f Dcemer thandthetorc- Iwoud lke o tke his ppotunty o tll ou. Boosters of both teams will be Will Daytona he able to chart up ing of ecembe 8th, nd the orch- wouldlike totake tistopprtunitytoiteliyou.eherertojoin ittheamrthhof heianoher vitory? iOlwilleheggam light parade led by the pep squad. The funds that are received from the sale of evening. The public is cordially end just as the majority of the
This torch-light parade has always these papers is used for the purpose of aiding invited, preceding ones have ended? There
been very popular with the team, i m the lib ra ion h gh wh i i
students, and friends. This year wan mehphaking. the Liar y thig to
the parade of the torch-light will should be. For many ears one of the reams Yuc han seethatthseto.
proceed from the old site of the of the students, as well as th faculty of ncolnU I t e ee
Union Academy, out Seminary High School, has bee to place Lincoln where it AM ATURA SKTI FUTU E tea ave f soral bases
Street, and on to the Licoln High o i o i l One being able to defeat the other
facuol membes Frndstudentmni, Florida High Schools. There is one way thatonyncinaprdofsxer.
epected mtom e at s te s 1you can help and that is to purchase an Owl. h ahp eighth grade, section on, These are the facts that have cause
and shouts which always accom- If we could put our school on the accredited list an Amateur Skit that will be pre- defeat the other. Lincoln Terriers
pany the parade. Bu sented in the Auditorium, Thurs- will attempt to revenge themselves
It is the spirit that wins the Bya din ur pats. day night, December 21, 1939. of the defeat in '36 while Daytona
game. It would vanquish all of this blss The entire student body is asked will attempt to achieve victory.
And joy would fill our hearts. to take a part. Prizes will he of- Both teams are reported to be
ARTHUR BELLAMY, fered to the two best contestants. in tip-top condition, and have had
The A. Q.'s are raffling off a Dorothy Blye has taught several a somewhat successful season.
10 pound turkey Wednesday, De- r n e dances to the students that are Daytona has met with only two
member 20. Tickets are 104. Have worth your time. Don't fail to see defeats this year.
you yours? _o__hepersonor__hebestaswellashelatest__news.these students in action. --By Utus Rhodes

PAGE 2 CAMPUS OWL December 8,1939
A Monthly Newspaper Published by the A. Q.'s of AT THE
Lincoln High School, Gainesville, Florida HOSEA GEORGE RAWLS Delicious Hamburgers
Seventh Grade A-1 AwyFe
Will you be there? Ice Cold Beer in Bottles
STAFF To see your share. Ladies' Rest Room
Editor-in-Chief ---------------------------------------------- James Williams The game is between the Terriers Get 'Em Terriers"
and the Daytona boys, Oil Changed
Sports -----------...........................................-- --------- Elm o Jam es 730 5. V irginia A ve.
As they will be on the field like a Confectionery, Groceries, etc.
Sports --------------------------------------- Eutis Rhodes little child with a bundle of toys. Phone 9159 Boundary and Arredonda
Feature Romances --------------------------Sarah Johnson 2
News Editor ------- --------------- Florence Williame The game will be played out at the
Harris Field; Publicity Editor--........------------------------- Sarah Johnson When the Daytona boyS will be
Circulating Editor -------------------------------------- Martha Lee Adams stopped with a shield. Root for Lincoln High
It is on the corner of Jacksonville The Xmas Store Highway and Boundary Street;
Red and White Sweaters
"Be sure to come early and get you GIFTS FOR EVERYONE a seat."
Final Tribute Paid to The A. Q. Book Club 3 United 5, 10 & $1 Store
Hazel E. Foster The Terriers' cheer-leaders will be 122 W. University Ave. The L & L
dressed all in red and white,
Hattie Alberta Acosta Gievle l.M nsS o
On Friday, November 24th, 1939, "And they will cheer the boys so Ga
the students of Lincoln High they will go in and fight."
School, and citizens of Gainesville, The Library's A. Q. Book Club I have just started my little rhyme,
attended the last rites, of Hazel Is a wonderful organization,It's near game time"
Foster, the oldest. daughter of Mr. As for my opinion, I think that
and Mrs. E. J. Foster of 507 N. clubs
Sixth Street. Should be organized through the 4
On this occasion beautiful tribute nation. Coach McPherson has a boy who is SUCCESS TO THE A. Q.s
was paid to a young girl who lived husky and fat
a beautiful life. Her pleasant The sponsor, Miss L. M. Tolbert, And if you see him you'll tip your DRINK Continued Victory
smiles, and her alluring personal- Is busy as you see; hat. For the Terriers
ity radiated her realm of many Getting the books that the Library He is Bob sta "our full back",
friends both old and oung. needs WITIJ COMPLIMENTS
- ...... ~ ~~sdndarturb, By the members pag their fees. And) -Whe ru~ns he carries a oit is difficult to realize she is no pack. [7 q[J From
longer with us. She was so alive Te uls hi otl aeTeAhei omte
tawihectunothhedorWhich they sell for a small amount There'stbthtthe kikmandtth
opnig fa oo, rsondofaAnd it all goes in the treasury whsl
voice you expect her to appear or Where every little will count.whsl
speak. "With the ball traveling through_____________________________Hazel's place can never be filled. h i ie hsl.
She will never be forgotten for The members are busy workers, tearlk hsl.
though she was just a young girl They do everything they can, The cheer-leaders will give themshe had so lived that the title of To their busy sponsor a yell SEE
"'a sweet, lovable girl" was synony- They lejd a helping hand. Which means Lincoln will give
mous to her name. them.,,y.,ThT e
Her wit, and humor made her So keep up the good work members,"U ThT e
one of thie Chief editors of the We all wish you success,6Ci mn y"F sho
Campus Owl, our latest campus You'll soon get what you're looking The nxtetingFhathheobys S op
publication. Her ability and popu- for Tenx hn htteby
larity as a scholar made her secre- If you always do your best. can do Dec. 19, 1939 GAINESVILLE
tary of several school organiza- __________ Is to give Bink the ball, and going
tions, and church School teacher around end make ninety-two. Lincoln High School FLORIDA
of Mount Pleasant M. E. Church,Pesn itofheM th ewillosmaenug r
all of which were held by her until Proaiyoth Mo h Hewlamst akenuhfrElementary Dept.
her untimely passing November 20, --Josh Hobdy a first down,
1939. So A costa .can drive center like a
So much was Hazel missed and laighud
so dearly loved that not more than Josh "Wingy" Hobdy, age 19three days after her passing a Captain of the Terriers for 1939, 7
beautiful poem was composed, and and the most likeable chap on the,"Water boy,' be theer ou
dedicated to her memory, by one team, play an im~portaii p :rt, no justKE S RI G
of her classmates, Hattie Acosta. Faoie ih-Fih (hch afw
That poem will be found in this Fvrt ih Fs wih afw
issue. Friends, Hazel will long live makes him so brainy). For if you were On the field you For Your Pleasure
in the hearts of many of us. Favorite lady of the hour-Miss would get thirsty too.
-A Friend Ella E. Joiner. And bring buckets and buckets of
__ _ _Chief hobby-Playing golf. water DINE, SWIM AND DANCE
Theopreta "p te hine", Pet expression-Oh! Golly! For it's almost the end of the
which is to be presented in the Chief ambition-To be a GOOD second quarter.
School Auditorium by the Elemen- Farmer. Can you feature that ? "I hope the boys Will have a frame, NINE MILES WEST OF GAINESVILLE
tary Department is the best ever But he enjoys good music too, for
of its kind. The date has been he .dances divinely. Ask Ella. Best Yes, here's hoping you all GOODchanged from December 18 to of all see this ace in action at the LUCK, and that the Lincoln NEAL ADAMS, Prop.
December 19. Try to keep this game Friday night as the Terriers High School TERRIERS will win
in .mind. eat Daytona. the game."

December 8, 1939 CAMPUS OWL PAGE 3
"The OWL Speaking" Officers of Junior Literary The Ideal School Girl A Teacher's Prayer Dedicated to
Society Hazel Elizabeth Foster
By Sara Johnson Hair like Virginia Belle Robinson. Father as I approach my work
Complexion like Ondria Johnson. today,
A. Vernon can't seem to make up President ------------- Edward Debose Dear class-mate you left us
his mind as to which he likes best Eyes like Dorothy Blye. Help me to choose with care the To go on alone.
V. Williams, or L. Taylor. "Think Vice-President Wilbur Williams words I say, We all are broken-hearted,
Fast." Form like Maggie Murphy.
Secretary Lovable lke Gladys Franklin. Teach me the mother spirit, We're sorry you have gone.
Secretary Lovable like Gladys Franklin.patient, mild,
E. Brown and A. Rogers were Asst. Secy -......Josephine Williams Talk like Jimmie Lee Reeves. That I may know the heart of Your seat in our classes are empty,
the guests at a party of two New Everything is not bright,
York girls last Thursday evening. Treasurer .-...------ Raymond Mobley Neat like Lugenia Lewis. every child. We miss you more than ever
We are wondering who they were.
Pianist ------------ Attamese Higgins Feet like Ethel Williams. Let love and laughter lighten all In every scratch we write.
Chairman of Program Committee Walk like Rossly Jackson. the way
A. Bellamy still doesn't seem to -Thelma Taylor Intelligent like Sara Christie. And dauntless courage ever hold Why did you go and leave us?
keep a girl friend. I wonder why. full sway. Why couldn't you have stayed?
Business Manager ---- James O'Neal Constant like Willie Mae Span. We've missed you since you left us
When day is done to give my task In every game we've played.
Sing like Corrine Gray. to Thee
Miss E. Johnson is a killer-diller
this term as a freshman; also S. J., Thou, greatest Teacher of We can't help but miss you, classB. B. and W. H. These officers were elected for humanity. mate,
the year 1939-40. Give them your The Masked Girl Staged Mary Theodate Davis When your voice is hushed and
spot*suet.Yueetd At Lincoln High sild
We all wish the Juniors luck in support, students. You elected
their winning of "Miss Lincoln". them. tr ee
The Visionaires, under the direc- Homecoming Glamorous Can your place in our class be
tion of Mrs. D. B. Duval, will stand filled.
The Seniors are as dead hil Miss Ethel Dixon presented a out in the memory of the public
nailsWaeup dlivee play at Hawthorne High Friday for a long time for the superb The largest Homecoming parade So sleep on, dearest class-mate,
dren. Nite. acting of the club in their "The of the Lincoln High School is in the Sleep on and take your restMasked Girl". The audience was making and beautifully decorated We all loved you, Hazel, A certain young lady in the entertained from start to finish, cars will pass in review. Every But our dear God loved you best.
Freshman class seems to be worried over A. H. and her romance. Miss Mozelle Knowles and Viv- with peals of laughter breaking person who has a car is asked to Easy now. ian Niles were seen at the game the tenseness of the atmosphere take part in this parade and strive Originated by
Friday Nite. prompted by various characters. to win one of the valuable loving Hattie Alberta Acosta
Those portraying the characters cups that will be given to the perH.. Goldwire 'seems to, be the MisCaoynPrer___ on h
Campus Wisdom. Why so weak, were, Miss Carolyn Parker, Mes- sons who have the two best decdear girls? dames Duval, Fredrica Jones, orated cars. Be on Your A. B. C.'s
~The P.-T. A. Contest closed with Rawls, V. Jackson,_Christola Jones, It is the duty of the fans of this
a bang Wednesday night and. to Mozelle Knowles, Terricita Pinder, community take part in this ..................i..........
E. Taylor is doing a pretty good our surprise and delight 7A-1 came Florence Waldron. event and show the fighting Ter- Always stand for what is true;
piece of work keeping G. p.; out No. 1. Miss Ollie Mae Strapier.risththehaehirupot straight. Keep up the good work, D. B. Duval, sponsor. ir htte aeterspot Be honest in all things you do.
Honey Chile. so that they will have all of the
Teaches Havestamina and courage to capture Clothe your mind in regal dress; Daytona boys, who are slated to Do not be content with less.
TespooethnthyaeProfessional Meeting offer keen resistance. Ea h ido fo o hud
hot but the ice in the box is doing Miss E. L. Reddick, our former Ettekn ffo o hud
better. Ho Hum. Home Ec. teacher slipped in on us Watch out for the "Owl", the
to spend the week-end at the Last Monday, December 4, the official mouthpiece of the Lincoln Fail not in keeping your health andheporuts doigh e ll inder nwl teachers of Lincoln High held their High School. Every member of good.
and epots oin wel inhernewthis community should purchase Gladly lend a helping hand; doin better but W'Nalddrn position at Sarasota. monthly Professional Meeting in one of these outstanding publicadigbtebtE Wadrnthe auditorium. The topic for dis- tions. Honorably take the right stand.
doen'tthnk o.cussion was the General and Spe- The "Owl" will be for sale Injure not your foes or friends;
cific Objectives of English. This Thursday afternoon. This is the T h e o v e a nd ro m n ce f I M r e o rg L H a r i s f o m e r opi w a th r o u g l y i s c ss e b y H o m e c o m in g issu e T h is p u b lica J o in w ith o th ers fo r g o o d e n d s. Th ov n rmne fI M r Gog L aria omr oi wstoruhy icssdb tion is to be very outstandinginKeyormdalrawys
and F. D. seem to be "Gone with resident here, was in the party. Mr. tg. F. Chls Jr., who heads journalistic work done ,by the stu- Ke ormn lr las
the Wind" but C. J. S. is on that the English Department. dents of the school. Get an "Owl" Learn some new thing every day.
line. His discussion was so alive and and read about the activities of the
challenging that the entire faculty Lincoln High. Make the most of passing hours;
N. Samuel doesn't .seem to be discussed the issues at length. Never scatter thorns but flowers.
hope the Home Economics De- very lonesome without A. Gips Tieec ot hs ics Oe orprns ecesto
partment will give F. J. H. a Xmas TceecmohthsdicsOey ou1arntahrso;
present for attendance every day ___.... o s are ...held to aid the teachers Officers of Senior Literary Persistence bring to problems new.
at 11:30. He is always on time. olve their dai roblems. Next Society
_____.... J. Jones and Lula Quickly put to rout grim fear;
C. Johnson and B. Acosta are Orion Coker's recent acciden e the discussion. Radiate hope and good cheer.
trying that thing you call competi- is a resident of Ocala. ________President--------....Arthur Bellamy Stand alert with open mind;
tion again. 0 boy! what "gonna Vice-President-...........Josh Hobdy Truths of life are yours to find.
sa now, gang" There will be a motorcade to the
Classic in Orlando early Saturday Secretary--------.....Ethel Williams Use every opportunity,
Seventh Grade Wise Cracks morning. Can we count you in ? Asst. Secretary-....Glandine Ghent Very courteous to he.
I am wondering very hard who Tahr htaetecue
is Miss M. M.'s boy friend. Tece-Wa r h assTreasurer-...........Rosa Lee Bryar Waste not time, 'tis treasure rare.
ounenuihdcidePupil: "Eat so much you can't Hats off to Hattie a poetess of Pianist-.................John C. Rawls X (Ex) cel in sports by playing
tote it." first class. Besides the two poems Chairman of Program Committee
E. Johnson and A. J. Martin are Teacher: Explain that statement. in this paper, she has to her credit -Sarah Christie Yield no point in honor's code;
still that way about each other. Pupil: "Eyes bigger dan their a copyright on a poem that is set Good work A. J. stomach." to music. Good luck Hattie. Chaplain-..............Samuel Harris Zigzag not along life's road.

PAGE 4 CAMPUS OWL December 8, 1939
Have Your Hats Cleaned What Homecoming Means LOVING CUPS ON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL
E OD HThe Homecoming game between
HATS FOR SALE HFurniture Lincoln High School Terriers and Two large loving cups will go Ondria Johnson Crowned
MIKE BLIZIOTES Campbell High School Centipedes on display at the Wabash auditor- "Miss Lincoln"
_____OB1DRCmrbanT means much to a Senior. This is ium today. These cups will be
IL *the Seniors' last look at their Ter- awarded to the individuals who -riers in action while in school. enter the best decorated cars in West Union and Many of the Seniors have been the Homecoming program. For the first time in the history
of the school the Junior High
Hughes and looking forward to this Homecom- Every person who has a car is School comes from obscurity, and
Hug es an South Garden Street ing with much anticipation. To the expected to tal part in this parade buries the reputation of the radiChestnut _____________ Senior Homecoming meas the day which will begin at the Lincoln tional Junior and Senior class in
set aside for every loya stent High School and end on Harris the pages of history. Prompt, Efficient and __ _and__alumnus to gr d t 1 fsns fo the conflict. Ondria Johnson is an eighth
r fans from all over the grade co-ed, that is much admired
Reliable Service FOR BETTER FURNITURE tribute and pa respe s se sta ill be here and will do by the entire student body. She
who have inspire them to becom thing possible to spur their topped all honors to become "Miss
SEE whatever they have chosen to ams on to triumph. Show loyalty Lincoln" for 1939-40. Ondria will
REASONABLE PRICES that uplifts Negro Youth another y taking a part inthe last football get a trip to the Orange Blossom
Phone 848 Seagle Furniture Store rung on the ladder of success. feat for this season. Classic in Orlando on Saturday,
e-Florence Williams December 9, 1939.
_Second honor, "Miss Terrier", also comes from the Junior High
Here and There Parents-Teachers' Department. Christine Gray of the
Ic "___.....____seventh grade, section two, gets Otto F. Stock I Association the honors.
"We Put Our Heart Let's all go to the Library the Introducing a second phase of
in Your Sole" DRY CLEANING second period each morning to see history is a "Little Miss Lincoln"
jwhat talking book H. Franklin The Parents-Teachers' Associa- from the Elementary Department.
Phn34what talking book H. Franklin TePrn4
Phone reads with such zest. tion of Lincoln High School is now This distinction goes to little VirALL SHOES REPAIRED a vitally progressing organization. ginia Irvin, of the second grade, of
.......______......_....._ ...._More and more arents are begin- which Miss Martha Lang is sponWonder what has happened to ning to realize how important is sor. Virginia is the niece of Coach rather contact with teachers in be- and Mrs. T. B. McPherson. Duval Shoe Shop McKNIGHT CAFE that triangle of R. Harrison, N. half of their children ..T .
Long, and J. Williams? Look out Mrs. Eliza Bell,: president of the
216 E. Union St., Phone 289 658 W. Seminary Street now. body, is an excellent executive who
Next to Home the Best Place has been able to win many friends P
To Eat THE A. Q. BOOK CLUB because of her thorough programs.
_Ol_-M______ea__e_erth__u___rTHE The Parents-Teachers' AssociaRELEASES PROGRAM tion of any school is the most im- Realizing that spirit is one of
T portant element working for the the important factors in winning
PINDER'S SCHOOL Let Us Take Care of Your The aims of the club were set general well-being bf its children. any game, the 1939-4 Pep Squad
EInsurane Needs forth in a previous issue. Now we e a e tis rwa~ o i .e n o
- -- -v "Te ent& ays wsk o ubliour (Wganso the the niore co ete Will: be our school. : ..
arI: : The Squad has planned several
NS E FLA CENTRAL LIFE public ma help us accomplish school's educational program. Thesquad has n seiral
some of the things we wish to do. features for cheering in their atA Specialty in INSURANCE COMPANY First, we are running a book-of- tempt to aid the "Terriers" in win549 N. Pleasant Street the-month contest inning in the ning the Homecoming game from
Invitations, Programs, Per- Junior High Department through and Ditsin the Daytona team. The squad desonal Cards, Business and the Senior High. Each class will Dots Sports serves much praise in stirring uip
Personal Letters, Tickets, be asked to contribute a book or ---- spirit and enthusiasm in all of the
Tas lyB k n a- give one dollar towards a book. All .. : past games.
Tags, Play Books and Pa- B rnett friends who have boos would Jesse Owens holds many track p g
phlets. like to donate please do not hesi- records.
STHE tate. We will gladly call for them. Side Glances
Last year lights were put in the Joe Louis, world's heavy weight Clthe Library. This year we have champion, has successfully de-----Cltirmended all old books, and have re- fended his title more than any Ms ais ieso icl
bound as many as our material on champion yet. High.resented he AfLinc
NUFF SED hand would allow. Events by which High represented the Alachua
we can raise money will be pub- County teachers at the State
lished from time to time. Watch Horace Bell, coach of the Famcee Teachers Association which was FANCY GROCERIES your newspapers. Ratlers, made All American while held in Pensacola November 30AND MEATS playing, guard for Minnesota. His December 2, 1939. Because of
O .brother played with Ohio State. death in the family she was unable
Your Patronage COMPLIMENTS OF The cutest couple on the campus to remain throughout the meeting.
A0 J-. -The sessions were held in WashS is O Johnso and H. Williams. e Turkey Day Tilt was a ington High. The association was
East MainkStreet Drug Stor a*tple ofrgood sportdman
S rCampus Widows-F. Risor, 'eTampa boys displayed
East MOntteetDr gy F. Hol S. Chritie. e ii of goodsingtsan lagey ated.
rutsey, irit of losing than any Miss Ruth Lang, Jeanes teacher,
...._ _........_...._........___........._was confined to her bed during the
Thanksgiving vacation with a touch
... oumut a A... : of the influenza.
N. Samuel and A. More power to Coach McPherson
SAFETY CAB CO. were mighty sweet at the reception and his Terriers. They draw more
the other night. out of town spectators each game. The Williams School, of which
PROMPT SERVICE Mr. G. T. Cook is principal, has
........... ........_..........._ an enrollment of over two hundred
PHONESt People from all over the state pupils. There are six teachers inP EVIDAL DRUG CO. are expected to attend the Home- eluding Mr. Cook, who are putting
I coming game between Daytona over a worthwhile program. Last
9- Prescriptions Our Specialty Centipedes and the Terriers. This month they sponsored a carnival
I Cut Prces Every Day is the last game before Christmas which was a great success. Many
EST UNION ST. W. TRAPP which will feature the Terriers of students and teachers of Lincoln
W TR I Gainesville, Fla. Lincoln High and the team from attended the carnival and helped
. Mississippi. to make it a success.