Lincoln High School Teachers' Handbook - Ground Floor Plan

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Lincoln High School Teachers' Handbook - Ground Floor Plan
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Lincoln High School, 1915-1991
A Quinn Jones ( Principal )
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rw JF W,

A Brief Statement of the School 's P hilosophy
Registration Instructions for Opening Day of School 2
i l d of Special Days and Aetivities 3
A Diagram of School Grounds and Buildin ---- 4
Lincoln Hi&h School Faculty for19 -5 5
A Partial List of Regulation for Teachers 6
Standing Committees -. 7
Home-Room sp6neore, Guidance, Registration, and 8
Attendance Teachers in the Hih School Division, 9
Lincoln High School Teaching Load 10
Departmental Teachers 10
The Si nificance of Bells 14
Suggestive Daily Program for Elementary Grades- 12-18
The High Sehool Unit Defined
.Requirements for Advaneed Classification
Requirements for Graduation 19
Athletic Elegibility Requirements 20
Graduation Honors 21
Courses Offered in the High School Di vision 22
>Activities Schedule 23
Time Schedule of High Schedule Classes 24
(a) Techniques and Instruments of Evaluation, 26
(b) Recording and Reporting Pupil Progress. 27
Pupil Traffie
(a) Line Formations at the Beginning of and 28
Close of Se hool Ses8ions.
(b Line Formations for High School Pupuls 28 e Line Formations for Fire Drills 28
A Brief Working Outline for Compiling Entire Sehool Program.
'4 4

tc cl aUl
A. Q rncipal
"dneation is life" is the fundamental philosophy of Lincoln
High Shool. Linln recognizes that education is the continue ous
process of growth and adjustment through worthwhile experiences which fit the individual to live abundantly and serve society to
the maximum.
In an effort to fulfill or achieve the goals set up, this
school attempts the following:
1, Lincoln high school helps students to develop in themselves all attributes that make -for success
2, It secures an adequate understanding of ach pupil'le
(a) Present needs
(b) Future needs
3 It helps pupils to set up situations for themelves
to enable them to choose intelligently,
4. It gives pupils a clear idea of the necessity for see
cnring adequate information about the results of various
. 5 It helps them to delay choices until ade uate i ratio
is obtained*
60 it givei assistance and training in securing information when he needs t#
7 It offers him try out experience, when possible, in ace
tiviti- which present themselves to him for choice.
8, It aists him in an lying his inform tion and expeienc(a) to 9ind his points of. strength,
()~ o find his pointsof weakness. fe) eo slect essentials toawise choice,
9. I1 agetat him in analysing or forming habits of analyzing foots and situations.
IQ. It offers him opportunity to develop interests in many
11. It lives hi counsel and advice when needed and to the
extent that it is needed.
...... ...

A AO a *NIIG107-19d8
Licl s 'o-olv lopen 1tda "ete~r 1.U_4
Allyp Puil frmoteupeenayils ith ent orotiof'thon
shud rsota rmoin ad rcetfiae oth eahr ot tthrivII o
be ay deair n mkingthe rope grde pa2/Lnts
All~~~~/~~ nmppl nd1h edigajsmntsol #or otoo
hisafsitarL. fr laomnt

la United States Contiuton Day Duing Week of Se$.o 17TH.
V Temraernqe and H. ith Day Last Friday of October.
3,* Mother's Da F. Yrp4 Friday of Novebr
4, sritloe May November 11TH.
5. 4mroan Fucoation Week The- wek f ol#:wing Armistice1)y
6,& Thanksgiving Day, Last,?hars&a of November
7.& Chritmas in th last shool wee of th eaw.
8. Arbor Day Second XoR&87 4f te irs*? F a of J&~nu.v 9o Negro History eek mi the seeoRn week of Februay,
10l.George Wshngtonw February 2?ED.,
11 .LinoeQnDou4was. February 12TH.
1 Booker T. Washingon- Week of A nril 5TR.Din6 Nationa
Negro HOklth Week.
14 Yoo#flona1 0rortunity Woekw. S-osore4 by the National
Urban~ Lepigue. -The Ls$ter Part. of March or 'First Of Ar i.
15, t!r no Cliate,~~//19 KS~'/~
/l/c OtL&(~~ I?~/eJ~~i Vi52,*1 ~ .274

Linoln1 Hig hool November 30 1947

HUL.,1113- 'OYD IVGUL 'h"110-3 FCjR TE 'CFEL"
le Cbservirig and enforcing rules It shall be, the duty of every teacher
to familiarize. herself vilth t-he rules m-id regulations of the school
aaid to do -what sho can at all times to sce that theso rules and rogula
are enforced.
2,p Fidolity and joint responsibility ft- Toachors shall devote, t?,7;msrj1vc-s
faithfully- to thr!-ir school dutir,,s and str:'L7t,. to cooporato with oth,_,r
toacohorS to 7.nforcc. th o raleS of ordlor in and atcut tho school buil(J"M
ing and 'on thr ; growid-Se 'i'!Trr.ry member cf th; tr.1,1.ching staff should
cc.:-'isider hnirsolf jointly rr!spoasiblr, for a &xod
3,* Toachoro M111 rr,f Jstor op,ch iln. th,. prin.-,.ipnl13 offion b7 marki
th a rc- gi 5 trat i c a Is hoc t 8 t 15 asme Tvi2. fr, sloacc opposite ycur ivmno and 11;
in'icati-ag tim- of r,-gi,4trnpbralow the dp ,tr,- b, initialing your nz ,r -40 "'L J
t i on,*
49 If tho tnaCvh!.-r is not pr(,1Sr:.nt at 8:15 ao. at tirte tho bell ring
t 11n. pr in c 1-toct13 rpmovrs tl,,c slhaot and -procend tc tvarh any
tc;,ea&,,_!r %hc miE=_,ht Co tar_Iya I uo %_,, ; J sar
substitute taa..hc r to takr; a Cliss during ,; th,-:. d.,: y n, tho tarCy
to evC,hcr may br; fcrn,?,-;d to loovso da,,
be TMichcrz will v--!"tCnWh bor-)rd aiid i:adi-vridual bo:MS) in thO.
pri1X:.,,ipn11s offi.,3c fe--r m,--,il n.nd quit,,,-z. a lot Cf othcr i--Xn.rv1ticn*
6 11 to achors ri-quirod tc rc-mnin rat uxitil th(- gvr;naral dis'"
miSsion hour -Tvhich is 4:15 pom#
7* TsaOhars vd11 not be permitted to lo,,n thr.- sehccl grounds uring tho
school dn.y with out po nnis s 1on f rom tllic prillcipalo
8v ToaC1-trirs must nct visit othar tr-,a-n1-;,crs rroms v."fl.ilo ol"6 duty durinE the
Tho to. =-horos moot aS a prcfossicnal study group t t,icc. canh menth,, tho
&.t _.L 'n _3 tr -.3 .0 4. _a.Mft __ -0 _%_ & -a& _R Ift %fto% I.-IT.*

Diosmiszscril Of PUPi13 lic i 17,-111 ,i srni s In r pupils be fcrc
thCJ rcgzu lar t irne c) r 1cav, c t -Inc bi .' Id i s %ndh--,c 1 hours w., i than
-i c -icip-;1,1, cxncptinL in certain
out p3misss ici T tho prii %.# x t r C- m
cases of sicknoas cr th,- ,1- viill nct porrnit -a c-10;1ays
13e Toachlchrs arc. roquirod to ko-,p roc'.1ords nc--,,,.tly nnu" a.3.CUratc1Y,,
nand in nxrdeu-icr; vith rulas f.-,rmsdcsftribr-de Fmn- should not
b o c n t r, r ci ia t h c; C.,lass rc ,,i stor uutil thr or third wnck
of school s inc 0 tho rc-. aro us-a.,11 ly S duri n6 th"*.- f i rs t s ci Ce Cnd
w c -P k
14* Gtitilcism and (1iscord Toa.-.--hors Prc roquirnc1 to br- ccurtr%.cus with
one -anothr-ir, tc, refrain from unkin ,, crlti,3ism of othor tonchors, to avoid tho cir-culortion of calculat(nd to injury cr bolittlo a
follow tnsC,,hnr, or tc sor. sleods of dioCcrd a-cl-lg th ,imsol-rrnS (,-rcthnrs*
15o Thn daily progr,-1.r-, Within n-,ftr-.r 'thc. cf t!-,r% -,chccl
yneir ttw1l grn,.:Ar. t(,.achors rnquiri tr-, prr-snilt tc th,: principal I
cr--Py of tho d,,iily prcer,-imo Tho priticipal lcr ho.'Jr.. t,-achor will hclp
-c r" %opy cl thi7 dail-rr PrL-grirn
toacbnr in v king cut this prorrkarn*
shoul.1 tr; displVcd C-a 0 %-,hoc I -^m wall !,,t all tirn? -.16* Sanidi:.-ig pupils r ,cm -v If it nnc"tssar- -r tc sc..nd n. pupil
f rom th; ro cm, s ke- nJ hir--. d i rc; %P%.t ly t ow, thc; princ ip,,-.:k.1 s c f f 1 0 Abx cc Y
S011d nct.o by thr%. cffrni ';r st,4,ting drfinitn,1-,7- v.,hy h7, is sciltv No va r
s im ply snnJ pupil f rcr.i class*
17* Cloanlinr7ss Olcanlinr sa tii-1,, shn,,11 br.. rcquirn,', ,L of rall pupils
Pupi 1 s whc ,%r,.. carolcss in tlniQ, rn,.-u-1 t t o r ni --). y v i t h c r n t c f t hc; p r i nue
cipal bn# sr-nt hrlrlln for prcps r caro in v, 1-i i ch casc- thn Prarri-Its cr g
.auar(:6 nji s1,,,cu1-' n1w-%-7rs bn notifin.' !-ithcr I-)(-rs:-n cr by nnctc*
18, Jcndi.,ag pupils -,n r;rrands Piipils shcul-I nct br s.,nt cii errands by
trnachrrs schccl hcurs, r-n urg,-tit so".c^l business,,
111,y t h c.. n w i t1n th\-.J' %,.Wl "of princigsl or assisteaAs
-- f rcomis mo Tc. e1.chc1r- sh-ul(21, camfully attend t.- Vic %:-entilatim 19* 0 an. L N'3 I,-

,22* Pupils sh:Nill" %Llct be allowed to to,,ir shlo-ets CS p,Li e r intc bits em-1
drop thom flor.-r or ,,illoix them tuc wilicm thny fire likely tc bc.
saattar,%. ,'* good rulo is tc. roquir,, thit Ovcry -pupil kr-%f,.p (e_111 bits
of Papor nnCA cthor s cLattcrings P ir.kc- d up i rcun. his "csk I n t ho,
,ss$Bmbly ro,.,)m and rceit.eiti.-M ro m.s of the hich snhc -1,9 aeicl-, to.-ichGr
should soo tc it thit pupils f.1urin& her assembly rcom period or
rocit.--itica poricd do not lcarn tho f1c.or, dask, ,-,r b1,,_i,.,%kbo&r,1 in m ,_i --,, taachGre
mitidy Ccnditi a for tho neat
23a Disciplilic -a Ta,-1C.1rr.0- are require.1 tc be distract and jurlicicus in all ') 1. me
matters of c1isciplins, -ft. v i .-ting hasto pr1n juc" but f irmly in
SiSting -_11 & cd r Spccial atteiati-,ti shcul' bo g'v-n to tho habits
mcrils, an.. m,,, _,.,,hGr should 1,,.;.4ni hcw to c^,-,ntrol 2
miage ho r pu P i Is To-, cho
di s c ipl ino hc- r rr ,) Whenovor she is mL 1 _4
should kiow-or 1 c mi (low tr-, reasci-i with yomig po^_ ploe hey should 1mov or loarn t roalizo that t.he bc-st Jisciplinarians cn..rc th-se whf- gcvcrn
thcmsci cs woll, mid so-curn; j coc crOlcr by ri, ca t 1 o inf lurinc.f. a
24. Punishn.onts 4.-mo fcrr.. cf 1ganisym.cint is pr ob will bo
nocess-Xy. eind s v,crli: Iomc ds moro oar-ful
no i3hasr; ---,f tha tG-ichorl
e 11 bo r.,,-l t i rD n to. c t .i 1 jud, ,fmr_;nt than t'-_16 infli.-.4ti. C f I= i S h-monte owAsh-m.-i-it shcul"' bo nlovcilode It is quitr, scfo t -_, say
that thr ta 7xhcrwhc ii3r.riinistors c,.-,x"ocr.,11 vmAshment m-st f ro. quc ntly
is tho I)ce.-,,rr;3t won-kost disci-plinarinaiv The uso cf larm7sim, riclioulc
aad ircny ils It LaJicntos tho wr: iv spirit c,,l the part (,-,-,f tho
t C- 'S c'_h Q- r rt n'-2 I'l s I i k I y t 1 c I p, a w v n ,,.t t i tLi c! c o n t h o rt c f t h
i1se. It i s %r.7 r o to r o 1, u o c f i -Limp s r,#,% c s i n h i s r r, gu Lix Pi c o n. i c
subjects boo-iusc of his loportmci-its Whon thaso records dirc chanp-;'
rs n. matter of punis1nn.%at thoy caelso to bc s-L,Lrjho
lut- r of tho to,,%chorg to attend n-.11 25o Tcaclnrs outingss It S>hall b- tho d ti
to -,to ho rs m- a o t i ngs %cLaol 1 c) e.'^ b y t h e -pr i mr.% i Pa 1 in P ro s o su o Th ro P o rt s o f
thoir work is ho rr-%y 'ocn No c;xusc cthGr th,,in O'ne thr tt
w c ul,'A' justify ?,,bsc-.icc from --,) rogulir scissiDn of school shell bo e-lcmCc-J-Aa-.' for fl.bsonlcc from the ta,,%cYcirls m1clatim-se
ot, that their flaily lifr.;,, their
26-o 2zample an To,,C..hars shoul.--. ner -r fcrf-, 4.

31. The teacher must visit each upii's home during the first six weeks
of the school term and as often afterwards a it seems necessary.
32. The teachers shall be responsible for the order and conduct of the
pupils at all times and especially when attending public meetings.
33. Teachers must stay in their rooms or respective places each period dur. ing the day and must perform their respective duties.
34. Teachers are directly responsible for her pupils during her class
or study period.
35. Since the teacher is employed to teach at tlhe school at least forty
hours a week daily and after which she(he) is expected to serve the
community in many other ways, it is expected that se (he). spend
at least two week-ends per month in the community where she teachers
and render some form of christian service in a church or among the
churches of the community.
...... ... .... U P I L S ....
1. Absence and tardiness:
a. Each teacher is directly responsible for the absence and tardiness of the pil s in her class. b. All pupils arc to remain on the campus daily unless excused from the princ ipal's of ice.
2. Instruct ion between terms (Summer school)
a,. Any pupil in the high school division who attends ten
or two consecutive sessions of a recogniod Sum mer High School will be granted one unit for anr course and credits that are filed in the office.
b. tudnts who attend summer school five weeks will receive
- unit for courses completed.
3. Text books:
4 a. Each pupil shall be held responsible for his tezt books,
* library books, and damargGS to other school properties. '# r
In the case of lost or damage books, he shall pay the new or used price set by the school and the Board of public Instruction.
b. All books shall be paid for by the pupils before the last
month's report cards are issued. Teachers are held directly responsible for all losses and damages. c. Report cards should be issued to children as soon as
possible after the close of every six weeks period during the school year and returned th.. nex day si gnd by the parent.

4. Pupils of the Elementary department sha11 have at least there
story hours in the library per school year. (2ach GradeI
5. A study of the cumulative records of pupitaball be mad e duri '
the first week of school by the teacher.
6. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to investigate questionable cases of pregnancy. Girls should be dismissed from
school as soon as pregnancy is known and the order should cane from the principal's office. Those who are dismissed
from school for maternal reasons shall not re-enter until one
full year has expired after the birth -of the baby.
Honors n general scholarship Three grades of honors are
conferred at graduation:
a. Highest honors to those who have a point value of .
(Sum cum laud)
b. High honors (magna cum lauded) granted to those having a point value or average of 2.5.
c. Honors, (cum laurdel granted to those having a point value or average of 2.0
Students coming from other high schools, may receive general
honors on completing two yea rs of residence study and satisfying the conditions of scholarship prescribed by the faculty, provided
they furnish also suoh evidence of high scholarship in the high
school from which they came as may, in the judgment of the faculty,
entitle them to honors under the regulate n.
In awarding prizes we shall adhere to the records that are filed
* in the principal's office.

1. Pupils in the Jimior S~i senior li h 3chool division$ will bea al-w
loved five (5) inocused absences ~ri a six-weeks period o~f
s cho ol at tondance,
2.0 a. Any pupil aooinulatig~ more than f ive absencees from any class
without a plausible excmuse will fall in the subject f or that
* period.
be 411l excuses must be approved by the3 prinoipalts office.
c. Teacliers miust provide G.-tr.t work projects or examinations for
pupils having excused absences so that possible not to lower
thei*1r gradces.D
do P as f or wo r1k which is to to, made- up mu~st be suhnitted to the
pr inci pal' s of fice for a pproval.
04~ "Class
Fees collected during the year m-i contributod towar'. the fol-a
lowing acrnunit; drives;
1. Marbershi,. in the Red C~ross -,nd Junior Red Cross.
2. Buying Christma~n seals in the Tubc-rculosis !!nd Faalth
Ass~ociat ion drive.
3* Contributions toward the Infantile Fcaralysis Ftund.
4. Other contributions not listed here&
5.Class fees*.

The elementary school will assemble in the a auditorium every
Tuesday fran 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. for devotional and other activities
directed by the teachers of this division. The teachers will conduct these exercised by each teacher and class conducting the assembly once every twelve weeks. The first grade teacher and class
in charge of the first assembly and other classes following through
the sixth grade.
The high school assembly procedure will be the same as that of
the Elementary School but beginning with the seventh grade section
three and following on through to the twelfth grade.
Clubs, organizations and other extr, class groups may be permitted
to rnder assembly programs by making applications to fkxtra-Class
Committee for special date.
The Monday and Friday activity periods are set side mainly for
assembly programs. Any other days durin the a etivity priod may be used only with the consent of the director of Extra-Class activities or the principal, and in either c.ase, there should be a definite plan for this activity at least one week in advance.
Football FootbAll games will be played with, High School teams in
Alachua Gounty and surrounding towhs outside the county and dis trit.
Six or rre games will be played with the season closing the week of
Thalksgiving or not later than the week following.
Basketball -.Boys and girls teams of Lincoln HiLh School will play
a maximum of eight games with other high school teams of the county
and both teams will participate in the Ala chua County Basketball
Tournament the latter part of February.
Bligibility Rules:
1. The student must be an undergraduate member of the school and
* in good standing.
2. The student must be passing in not lessha three subjects of unit value frcn the beginning of t 'e semester to the close of the week proceding the event in which he pticipats. ,~ i:~ ,:,i:,i~ :ii~~ ~iiiiiiii~ ~ : ~ ~ iid :~ii i,, b ,,,~, ~ ~~iiiiiiii~~~ iii~~i ~ iiiiiiiiil~iiiiiiii~'~l~ii~~ ~l~~~iiiiii i~ l:iid i~ :~~ ii~~ ~ iiiiii:iiiiiiiiiil '~ ~ii i i iii, : ii ii : iiiiiiii: iiiii~~~ ,~~ ; ~~~~ii~ii'i' 'iiiiiii :~ iiii'iiii!iiii~~~~~:

3. The student shall have mae a passing mark in at least three
subjects of unit value the previous semester, or last semester
of his attendance.
4. He is not permitted to be a member of any fraternity or other
organization prohibited by law.
5. Every student who represents Lincoln High School in interscholastic athletics must be in attendance in some high school
not later than monday of the fourth week of thesemester in
which he participate .
6. No s student may p more than four se asons in High School
Athle tics.
7. The above rule s apply to second tea, or reserve tem members
the same as the first team players.

I. First bell rings 8:00 a.m.
2. Elementary children form lines (Morning session begins)
8:15 am.
3. 8:15 akim. Elementary and High School teachers register.
4. 8:30 a.m. High School class work begins.
5. No bell rings for the physical education ad intermission
periods in the Elementary School.
6. During recess a warning bell will ring ten minutes before a
second bell signaling the end of the lunch period and return
to class rooms.
7. The gong will ring every 45 to 60 minutes through out each
day to signal the passing of the high school classes or
the end of recitation periods. The first bell signals the
end of the period ad classes are to pass to the neat
recitation room unless the teacher is required to go to
another room instead of the class; the second bell signala.the beginning of the next class.
8. Three quick strokes of tho spec fire bell at intervals
indicates fire or fire drill Teachers arid classes am to stop
what they may bG doing and p oceed to pass out of the rocm in an orderly manner by passing out in lines in accordance
with instructions in the traffic regulation.
9. If the call bell rings in any room the teadher should send
a pupil to the principal's office for the information or
message. If the bell rings twice, the teacher should report to
the office in person for the message.

Student socials and entertaiinets must not be scheduled without permission from the principal's office aid wl1an scheduled the date and timG must be recorded there. The teacher must clarify the .purpose, nature, and e ducational value of what ever social or entertainment so planned.
All socials or entertainents planned and approved for junior high school classes may start any hour after four o'clock but must end at nine o look. All senior high school class socials and entertainments must terminate at eleven-thirty P.M.
... C

Regulations Governing HE M I c 3 L T
1947 1948
I. The Miss Lincoln Contest begins October 24, 1947 and continues until November 7, 1947. iI. Each pupil who enters Miss Lincoln-Terrier Contest must have the following qualifications'
1. Good Conduct
2. Unmarried
3. Not a mother
4. Pass in two-thirds of subjects
III. All Grades from 1 through 12 are expected to partickpate.
IV. Each section of each grade will work alone, and no two or three sections of any grade will be combined, unless there is only one sponsor for same. V. Miss Lincoln will ccme from the Senior High School, and Miss Terrier will come from the Junior High School. VI. Little Miss Lincoln will come from one section of 4th,
5th or 6th Grades, and Little Miss Terrier will come from one section of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grades. VII. All moneys collected for the Miss Lincoln contest will be turned in for the same.

Ro 0 PVA Rbo kv, 14- f3CL tj Ho P-" c.

K9 lK i q00C A F o
'p rL4
LA& 4 ~ A
'7 ~ oof~1 Of{~ i'oo~ Zs
-Ao Bill, rk ~ i ~ t~
A k4 V

A. Quinn Jenas. 3. 8,, 1, A. r ia
Miss Cl.audia, Davie, B.A. English, Kusic
Krt. Leearla v. Davis, 3.S. Agric~ulture
jEra. Daphne A. Vaval, 3.3. Mathemties, ftei
Xis$ Yvonne L* Evans .3.# Comercial1 Subjects
Miss Louise K. Hill, 3.3. Home Economics
Ira# frderieaXK. Jones, 3.8. English, KNusio
iis. Cornelia A. Jones, 3,A.*,4L. Librarian
Mr. A. Quinn JonesJr., 3,A. History and Social Studies
W a j,, Fra lin Jones, B.S. Science, Asistnt Prinoip4l
Miss Jonolle A. Moore, 3.8. Science
Miss Blanche J. Kedlook, B. S. Physical Udnoatioen and4 Health
Mr. Thoms 3. McPherson,, B*4. KA. Physical Education and Health
Er. Jerry 0. Killer, 3.3. Mathematics and Bau Instrie
3is Eloie L. Murrell, B.A. Katheimatics an sussz
Mrs* Anna Q. Nfealyp 3.A. History and Social Studis
Kiss Martha K. Parker, 3.Ao Social Stuies
Kr, Thornton v. Roberts, 3.5. DOT
Kr. Dewey A, Roberts Shopmndustrial Arts
Kiss Xable H. Strong, 3.3. Homes Economies
Woe Jessie L. White, 3,3. Enlish and Science
Mrli. W. G AI;SS T4gc A. 'Ad&'e ....
Yrs. Thsle Me Jprdsn, A4., Head Teaeber Grade I
Kiss Sueie J# Wtfherspooi, 3,3, 1
We*. Efattis A. Handley* 3.8, 1
Yrs F~K.X Hart, 3.3,2
Kiss Naom P. White 3.3,5

Tentative Standing Committeear 19471948
Mr. J. P. Jones, ShaArEan Mr. J. Jones, Chairman
Mrs. Thela M. Jordan Mr. A. Q. Jones, Assist.0Ot
Mr. A. Q. Jones, Jr. Mrs T. B. MPherson
Miss Xable Strong Miss 3, J Iedlook
Mrs. N. Jones Mrso 3, W Walker
Mrs W. Roberts Mr. Dewey Roberts
Wre* D. A. Duval
Mrs T, B. MoPherson
Miss ornelia A. Jones
Senior Class Sponsor
X SIS s ra. D, A. Duval
Mises Y. L. Evans
Ir a D. A. Daval, Chairman Mroe. 1. Jones
mrso Marie E. Daniels Mrs. Te. Tor
Miss Louise K. Hill vn~4.h
Mrs Jerry Miller
Mr. To W. Roberts
REACTIONS, Mr. L. V. Davis
Mr. T. B. McPherson
Mras Anna C. Nealy VISUAL AIDS:
Mr 0-. V. Davis
Mrs. T. Y. Jordan Mrs A. Q. Jones
la]wro F. Bo. M.coendon Miss x. 1. Parker
Miss Co A. Jones
Decorations s *0V. Da y /
Mrs. A. Handley
ers. Carrie Loen GUIDANCEs
Mrs Lo V. Davis
Mrs. A. C. Nealj, Chairman Ushers Mr. W. V. Roberta
Miss 3. L. Earrell
Mrs. P. B. MoLeadon Miss Louise Kill
Mi so Naoi est? White
Ers. Catherine Taylor
Mr. j. F. Jones, Cha.

LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL Gaiuesville,'?1ori&s
Tent at i v Stauiue Coinittees 19471948 (continued).
Kiss Io H. Strome
Kiss, Louise K. Hill
K L* V. havis __________miss Ts K. Jordan
Mrs., Magie K. Roberts
FIELD DAYs Sponsored by History and
Social Studies Department, Mr. To 3. IoPherson, Chairm=a
Kiss 3. J. Kedloek
We*. Ernestine Walker
Grade 1 -Mrs.9 M. A. Hendley "2 -Mrs. Edna 1o Hart 3 Mrs* I. 3. Everett
*PATRONS' DAY OR SCHOOL EXIIT:'i 4 -Mrs. Carrie 3, Gibsoi
5 Mrs. Carrie Lo Henry
2 6 M rs.*KarieRHeDaniels
t7 -Mrs BeL* White 8 S Mrs.,DoAsDuval
" 9 iss K. K. Parker
11 -Mr. A. Q.* Jones, Jr. !2 12 Miss K. H. Strong
Checking Monthly Reports; Registers!
Elementary Schools

The Athletic Gemmittee Revised
Mr. Franklin Janes, Jr.
Mrs. Idella Everett
Mrs. Edna M. Hart Mrs. Jarrie Henry
Mrs. Ernestine Walker Mrs. Bessie L. hite Miss Martha M. Parker Miss Yvenne L. Evans
. A. Quinn Jenes, Jr.
Mr. Thomas B. MoPhersen
Miss Blanche Medleck
Mr. Thee W. Gill Mr. alter Lang

it Tri't e-,flG dAM
Kiss C. L..Davis 94 3
Kr. L. V. Davis Sehodl Ishop
MrS. P. A. DRVal 61 16
Kiss!.o Le Evans 100-1 School Shop Ane
Kiss Lo, K., Hill 10419
Krs. re. K. Jones*1*,1
Kiss C. A. Jones 74Library
W. A* g. Jones, Jr. 114* 12
Mfr. JTo 7, Jones Assistant Principal Office
Kiss Je A. Moore 7"1 14
Kiss 3. J. Kedlook Adtru
fr.! 3. oBeMPherson Auditorim
*Mr. Jerry a. Killer Ban Inutrrtor & Veterans' Club
]Kra Nealy, 840 18
Kiss E, L. Murrell 840
Itia K., I. Parksr 9.01 1
Mr. T. W. Roberts W30! Shop ~ex

EL ART 'IVISION 1947-*1948
wrs. Thelm X. Jordan
Kiss9 Sosi e J. Withorapea.3.14 Mr's. Mbie A* Hendley 124
ikrs. Xartha!.p Dorman x 2 1 7
Mrs.IdZ aK.SHart 2 27
Irs. Idella j. Everett x 3 2 8
Xies Naomi P. White 318
mru, Carrie Bo.Gibson 1 230
~so Braesbinov W.akr 4110
Wre. Carrie L. Henry 53
w* Catherine X. Taylor X15 2 10A
We* 2ouuie Be McLendon 9
Mr# Marie Eniesn 6 1 9

LINCOIN HIGH SCHOOL Gaineeville, Torida
TNATIVE TEAHING LOAD 1947-1948(It## is subject to minr
changes or adjustments).
Mias saEvans iss Parker Mr. MoPherson
Bus. Math 12 Studies Phy. d. &
Typing ( Business) 11 S Health
Typing B Business) it Soo. Studies 7 y
Business Prin. 11 Soo. Studiew 7 8
Spunshh Soo. Studies 7 9
Ir. A. Q. Jones Mrs Healy 11
Amer. Problems 12 History 10 12
Amer. Problems 12 Soo. Studies 9
History 11 So. Studies 9 Miss Medleek
History 11 Soo* Studies 8 Phys. ]Rd &
History 10 Soo* Studies 0 Health
Miss Davis brs. 1. 1. Joes
English 10 English 10 9
English 9 Eaglish 11 10
English 9 nlish 111
English 8English 1s 12
sicEnglish 12
English 8Music r. Davis
Ws White rs. haval Agriculture
English Mathematics 8 9
ni7 Mathematics 9 10
English 7 Mathematics 11
English athematics 7 12
Xglish 8usic
>. T W. Roberts
Xise: Moore Mr. J. Jones ". C. .
Biology 10 Science 9
Chemistry 11 12
Science 7 Pbysios 12
scene 7
Sciene 7 Mr. Dewey Roberts
Miss. Murrell ladus. Arts
D* Miller Mathematics 7 7
Mathematios 12 Mathemties 8S
Business aths 10 Mathemties Vf
BaAAlgebra 10
Misas Cornelia Jones, Librarian
:Miss able H. Strong, Home Economics Kiss Louise K. Hill, Home abeemes
Feeds & Related Courses Clothing & Related Courses
H. go. 10 8, S 19
R.S.10 8 L. S 19
Ieo 11 8 R, 5* 11
E.E.11 9 R.3*911
L. 12 9 HE. 9 1
^ ] #'s TN he co L. //
M: l 73a1r ; ce,4. A a s s4

Linoln High Sehol TATRYE D AMMTAL TA l Y
mr s. K. Jo e, Head Kiss Cornelia A. Jones, Re
Miss Claudia 4 Davis Mise Martha M. Parker
Mrs. Bessie L. White Mrs* Carrie 3, Gibsen
rs, Anna C. Nealy r. Jo P. Jones, Head
miss Marths I. Parker Mrs. Thela e Jordan
rs. Bessie K. White HOME ECONGRIS:
miss Mable H. Strong iss Louise K. Hill
We*so Daphne A. DUral, Read
Mr. Jerry 0, Miller
Kiss Eloise L. Kurrell
r. j. Franklin Jones, Head
iss Jonelle A. Moore
Miss Eloise L. Kurrell, Assistant Physical Education & Health:
r, Thomas B. HoPherson, Head
Kiss Blanehe J. Medlook
Mrs. rnesti 'Willias-Walker
Mr. Thornton W. Roberts, Head
Kr. Leearla V. Davis Kiss Kabls H. Strong Mis s Lout4se K. Hill
K iss Trease L. vans, Business Courses Mr. Dewey A. Roberts

AA s44
e-11, afan
/~Wt rA
C. aCo4 3t-.
PL4, C-1 ecA
4- (A' C. L4 .
+6C2 LA A1A 41. I o L.4--~.~s Ce ;~ a o ~ J~ ~ ,
+6 1-AO e

mom 47
Wole r"e D1. jai sjelfl s d,?
d., C, e.0 C ce,
zo -rio 0.

WAs 1~2iWarsh iW~2
,~MAIJU e.'tlt,
dJ4 le4~ Ael
UPc'd -4 tagI~ de /~V<, .~ JI ~ ~ oc 4~S

-a i nes- Ile PI. o r a
I V9.4 8
T( 1 U I D L Ic %T C B U L L 7, T I Y
Pre-regi station Informati'n
The information iroluded. on these pages is g Iv e n to guide students _Ln the various high school o'lasses of this school to aidi them 2*..n a Lvance registration for tho 1947-1948 scliool term.
The Hir ,h School Um
A "unit" Ils def ined as A 7ear"s' stndv in anIT subjeat in a secondary school, constituting aPnroxI7..qateIv- a quarter ofl' a f ull -ipnar s vrork. Th' s s,'-) a 1. 1 no 1 u r-I in thn at-," 1-01- ce, 1,
ur-,Fate m less than the e--uivaleLt of 120 sixtir IrLU^ -,'-ours, of
clasc-room ork. Four unit cours-er,; or the equivalent i n fractio-a .. u-ait cursor is considered a norma? amc-unt of v.rorlr carried for oredit- tc- 'rd r a dua t o n bi thE Students in. grad-es ten .-.o twelve ma- r carr-N.,r of one unit each and physical educat,ioll, pro-r -ided they have, a B avel-age. A neodin f ive units for graduation may ta!-,--e five s-,kab! ects nrd education.
4. 0 n
Subjects remAri no oii.tside preparation such as Phiroical educ, _, I S'h 0 P end music, etc., "ordinar-ilif vri 11 carrv onI-tr htalf the, credit given strict-or ac~ ader-lic class work vhere additional, pra(,tico Deriods unrIer the d-,Ilroot supol L of the instructor -%rould in tRrc' hoiirs of 21 La"Oorato1-ir vTorl-- each det-tr for
the PlltIrel Vear full credit ma-N f be given.
Reouiremonts for Advanced Classification
Studen-10s i,, ust a passi-no in at least throe of the basic sublects.English II,,iathP,-.,atic.,. Scic._-P-_,ce and Social Studies.-in grado sov-.-.n in oi-rlor to
-4 't7,-k X-1 14 -rV* C% %11 Ift 11% ft __ .3 4 -1,. -4 -1 1_4 A

/O /Grd 3 rA
A14sW)o7s v.4 4 Jmhes Mi1s 5 Da vIS Ars. Ne 4l /0 30 6mdo &d C-'rodAe9
77 Grtie 7'
@rle L t~ C ro ea 7
A~~~~~~ 1Q4n t.sDL1
Mrs, Wh -f &r( -rl~~ 2
Mr~.0 ?WAF P4SSX~W

jj jciznpat
4, ~ Jt
4 A A
1 A k

_J -t~ I 7, 'S c
rai fjne Florida
Pre-registr ation Inf"ormat-ion
The information included on these pages is given: 'To guide students in the
various high school classes of this school and to aid them in advance registration for the 1949-50 school term.
The High School tinit
A *unit' is defind as a years dtudy in bny subject in a secondary school constituting approximately a quartet df a full year's work. This shall include in the aggregate not less than the equlivalent of 120 sixty minute hours of classroom vork. Four unit courses; or the eqfivalent in fractional unit courses is considered, &normal amount of work carried for credit toward graduation by the average student. Students in grade ten to t elve may carry five subjects of one unit each and physical education, provided hey have a "B average* A senior needing five units for graduation mny take five subjects and physteal education
Subjects requiring no outside preparation such as physical education, shop, music, etc., ordinarily will carry only half the credit given strictly academic class work here additional practice periods under the direct supervi (6n of the instructor wuld result in two hours of laboratory work each day for the entire year.,full credit may be given*
Requirement for Adv ced Classification
Students must make a passing mark in at least three of the ba subjects-English, mathemstits, science, and social dtudies-win grade seven order to be
given advanced classificatio in grade eight and in making up the dented program of studies of this grade, the subject in tich student failed ibe lsted
for repeating in class, however, consideration may be given as to wether, this one failure mightbe adeqately takencar'eof inthe advaned subje ftesm
Fo hith gae classificationg students ust have completed event
grade basics sbets-wihapassin mark, an$t es the basic dbects i
grade eight.
Students having g completed from 3 to 7 untsar giventnhgaecas
fication; from )to1 uis shall be eleventh grad students; andj studetal
having 11) units up, are cnsideed twelfth grae orseniors

Seventeen and one-half or eighteen units are req hired for graduation from Lincoln High School distributed as follows from grade 9-12s
4 units in English
3 units in social studies, one of which shall be American
History and Governmento Tw units of a Poreign language
may be substituted for one unit of social studies
1 unit of Mathematics
1 unit of Biological Science
1 unit of Home Economics (girls)
1 unit of Physical Science above ninth grade, This requirement may be met throw ugh any of these subjects by earning
credit in the following: Physics, Chemistry, two units in
Agriculture, two units in Shop or Trade, or one unit of
Industrial Arts*
1 to 2 units of Physical Education.
Aside from the above requirement, there must be satisfactory achievement in Personal Traits and Conduct*
Grade Seven Grade Ten
Physical Education Required:
English: Jr Units in English Physical Education
Fx cions in Fact and Fancy English: Composition
e Sail English In Action
5 Jifa andwriting it erature and lfe Book II
antics I Heritage of World Literature
S a Studies (Supplemeh tary)
Siceedth-Home Living Worl4 History and Geography
Sial Arts including Negro History
Drect Lbrary Reading Biology
at Electives;
Buanebs Mathemates
Home Econmics
Sho-I~strial Arts
Grade Eight Grade Eleven
Physical Education Required:
English: Jr. Units In English Physi"cal $ducation
Explorgg New Fieldal. English: *Composition, nglish
Tor rd IntProse adtVerse In Action
Spelling~ and Handriting Literature dmd Life Book II
Jr a Maheatics II eiae of World Literatur e
So c 18 udies (piemntary)
hinc Heath Amrican Hlistor idGvern-~
Home Eonomics (girls) mn
E:hop-in~dustral Ar'ts (boys) Electives
P>~ ~Accounting

Grade Nine Grade Eleven continued
Physical Education Chemistry or? Phyical Science
Engli sh: Composition, Jr* English In~ Home, Economic (girls)
Action Plane Geometry
LiterAture and Life Blook I Shop --ndustr&al Arts (boys) or POT
Broadening Hlorizon S- ~ iqh- I
Spelling'and Haniwritin TyJp writ ig
General 1 athema ics In Action gae~'ev
Sciene.*Ieal th GaeTev
Home Economics (girls) Agriculture (boys) Required:
Directed Library Reading Physical Education
Heritage of Vorld' Lite rature ($pplementai7'
Problems of Liv 'Ig .In A Dlen omraq
Home Economics (girls) Physics or Physical Science Matheiatics
Shopftndus trial Irts (boys) DCT
LINCOLN HIOGH SU1,4E 3-H0 A, s.~2 wh aW e d ,,A M r may b e per'itt o take one. }s jec o
thepurposeoI remedyi ng a de iciency inta s ub ct .0 .Tt or twn haf
nIt oredits only w4ll -e give n for Summer Schoq:l mak- i, gr ade seven,
ove twe y O .Y- U- pus 'who may have a def icienc n ~ ,Oc al
S, thr mtis il1be peritted to re,. Ste P Su er Sehol
ed !work -wi4l also be offered to ppi-'- 'T Li'n Elementary School*

Physical Education Physic.4 Education Physical Education
English E ng1is h Engli1*E
Social Studies Socia2 Studias(Hist.) SojlStde
Biology Cherni -:try Mathemnatics
Algebra Spaniz or Geom. Spanish or Physics
Physical Educatioh Physical Education 'Physical Educatibn
English Englig bl
Social Studies HtoySoe Studies
.Biology Chemio4tr~y Mathmati.s;
Home Economics or Agriculture Home Bconorics or Homlaonomics or
Agricilture Agricature
Physical Education CURRICULUM 111UJ CLJ Lj
English Physical Education PhsicalX .d- -ction
S )cial Studies Eniglish nelih
b i;siness 11ath. Histornipe and Phscal a jece
Bookkeeptng reitn
Physical' Education ?hySical. Efucation
English. Enli-sh
History So ulJ%.tud*e

TnY A "
-N Is. jp
0* J aq F o r otv-Y) 1 see, tlir,' P, a0h
lar -j Irv
01C 41 CLSi
r r
IP; 6 A c-0v,, mtlc jml' ; 1 3 S f 01. 1 s students. Ll a r
crA.". or. za ac, lia :c Ci dll, L "t 17, IJ on .*,L S Sli a e
c -bl-l-I s grade ar t i
or courses whio h vrl J. 1 o of" Ld
f. s tude n4v-,s in eacdi. cfnc 9;iss this infarnja+ .'
%j .6 'If A..6 s shoat
to the, offioat

Re all _X A, I"
J-4 t e cu *1 r e d fior. gr-cadua-'-* o n. Prom, Lincoln 11.i-h Selhool. dish e-en i--mits J.
tr ibi t a S f 0 11 ovTS f -P., gradl,. 9 to 12 t C:)
4 unit,,,-, in Enp li.* _ih.
of sha .l ba tr ca Hl r, arid
3 unit.s in Soo-*.al- studir1s, Or
ir 7T a substitute l f or o nGovei en, Two u,- ts o f b4 fored gn lai uare ja
U)ii C f S 0 ll Z---L".,L e S 0
4 t of a t he Ir
uni- a. IS,
u rL:OL* t 7- n B i o 1 og '11 (Tilis Unit OA rz!. I-Yqulremeht mav be met
rn-. ng L I k L C- B -lolog7r.,Health 10)*
)u rr I) e I Science -Uea
07ple E 0 on 0 rl-li C S?
4.*rl Physical n1i -v the ninth ggr,, Je, (bo-%,rs) This req 3. r ,N me
b e medc. t _._A'O'A c f -- he s e. slabj -:-cts by e. a -r- P, (-reclit in V-l.e foll
sp o e o 1P r 10 r*!I ; n AT)p I i e d Phy's c f-, C i ern_ str 7 r 2 units shoi or
t r
Un' t o f h- Edu r% ra on.
Vi.e f%,bcv( 1 quir(-Nments, there-must be seatisfactorv eacld*e-vemen,
0 Jr
il rk i cr
O"l i -'q k", 0' U. r 3 S During,, Term.
Grade Ten
(3 -'C", T -'k u a -10 n RewAred:
In, Ift 'Phvsioal Education
(Comr _)jttoa-..'Bngl'L Engl*sh. sh in
'Jnits- in Engl sh p
r- Aoo 1 Literature Ion
.,I..L 0. S 7..n Fact and Lit.oraturc & ldfo Rk.., 'I
0, -1.). aii d Triting r tago. of, he N d s Li -b t v,
)-a eind Geogiapl-iy inc'ud
WO r 1. d Hi s to rv
Lq4-i d s Ilegro HistorIT
S- -._er.oe-Heall5h-Hcmo Living Home 300no,-Lftics (girls)
Shop. Indu s tr i a 1 Arts Sho.,6,,_-Industr.;.el.1 Arts 0 ys)
ctod Librari- Reading
Two Courfflos: Bloc
B *1 o 1 o a 1 th
Grado Ei ght B win.1.0-sS Mathematics
Pyc\73ical Ed126ation lz., I i s h Grade Eleven.'
Jr. Units in Englishh,School Literature cquirQ
Jr. H i R d
Your i-rorld in P."os,,-) and Verse*, PI rv s i a-a 1 Educal..iou

Name _____________Grade Pat e
Reading R~adiriess "Mo Before They Read Level I 'xperaienoe Charts _________Here Vte Go
Cur Pi ct ure Bo o k ___Le-vel II Happy Days
Rides And Slides_____Peu~r Picti .re Book
Our Story Book
I .a c A r1T ~TLf f
le el Il I The Twins, Tom And Don
Here An.d. There

level V Fun In Story
Round About
First Grade Reader
Level VI- I Know A Secret
Anything Can Happen
Level VII Good Stories
Second Grade
Love)l VIII Friendly Village
Along The Way
At Work And Play (Romedial)
Bob And Jane
Level IX The Story Road
Third Grad~e
Level I Throuigh The Greon Gates_________.Far Away Ports ________From Daey To Day (Remedial) ________

Lovol XI If' I1 Were Going ___:Rnc ha nti ng Stories
Fourth~ GradoQ
Singing Whools
Tod.ay Anid. 'Tomorrow
Facts And Fancies__________Fact And. Story
malson-Gray Basie ______

R"- ADI3W- XTjDT~ An,~ BIM3 -,T1AD r f-i'j7j OF
Namne ________ __GrTade g.ate_____Reading Reeadtriess Before They Read
level I Thcperienoe Char"'ts _________Hera W~e Go ___________COur Picture 'Bo-ok_____Level II Happy Days
Rides And- Slides
Ou~r Pioture Book________Our Story Book____Lev(.el III The Twins, Tomnd Don~~Q

2 l
Level V Fun In Story
Round About
First Grade Reador
Level VI I Know A Secret
Anything Can Happen
Level VII Good Stories
Seco nd Grade
Level VIII Friendly Villago
Along The Way
At Work And Play (Remodial)
Bob And Jane_ ......
Level II The Story Road
Third Grade
Level X Through The Green Gates __..______________Far Away Ports ________From Day To Day (Remedial)________+ +++ N .+ + +++ +1

0LeeI X1 1f I Were Going'_________Tnohanting Stories _______P'ourth Grade
Singi-ng Wheels,_________Today And Tomtorrow~ Oft_______Facts And Fanocs
Fact And, Story ________Elsonu-.Gray Basio_______Fifth Grade
Looking Forward___ ______Elson,-Gray Basic ____In AGreean VallIey
Sixth Grado
Moving Ahead ________

Report of Ag le
P'i-'Y,*Gnt or Guardian- Grade
Arl d-re S S School Year
This is to certify that
is assigned- to gracle
S 6rn o S t e I Seme st le
HEALTH HABITS n- IC14U I N G I s to", 2r
l wc:)
I.Reads o ra I.L y
I Care for hand--s aricl naile U nd e 1-As t a rid. s vvhat is
2 r,a r a for teeth ad
i owl" -If-h 1P th-'
il""dpe.,_,chief 2-ro 39uses e W1
r., y new W 0 rcls
4.. ne a -t- ancl clean s -now th i n vo'
alks eas y arA
1.,11.1lays well v: it h othe rs
thoughtfUl of others 2.Tries t o correct
15 pa nda bI e speech orrom
I le s i raloi y I ridepend-e rit an v,,,, r i-te simple
S_P M ke -L stories
' WORK HA BITS lvor is "ta-u-'glit
2 'S s c orric ti in
1,,Works well with others e. ne ra I vv or x
IcEs good use of t ime JPJT T G
0 In n C-1 -T r T r" -" Ir n V) + Min qnr%,T AT. !:: TTT -nTV.q

A4 -F--Xt
T I"--' 7 LAT7
f7R.L IE 1 GR A fil j, FE
CURPJOTTL"M 1 [Jj r*1 T T '7071 TL I
-Ion L h J- Ca t --',-on
v s, I E G_ :'U C Vs Ed" C P. Physi(,.al Educnat-English Rng I i sh English
T"Orld Hi:5tory' Aw r-*- c -an H-i st o ry Problems in De.riiocracy
a nd Land' or
Googrn-i-)hv GovariL7icnt .,Suanish 11 (1948-49 Schoo
B" 0 oq Chemistry
Me,14-1 OM- tieS
trind/ or V-1 ,
Honro Boo7om-cs \.girls) Plane Geometry Phy S 11 0 S
L 3 N
Bduo-(, 4,Aon P hy si o, a 1 Eiduication Physical EducalAton
Eng I SR Eng li sh English,
INTorld 11*ctory American History Problems in Democracy
and Mathe-nati c s'
G kl-: f') E7 rj a p hy Govornn-int anrl/o-r
B Ioss 11--thematics. I rv- Businos s Pri ncip los-I-.- _4. __ypowriting H=v-) 'Economics (girls) a x3d kccountin.,'T Homo 'It3conomics (girls)
Sho-.9. Indu s- tr ia 1 or Shop,,. Industrial Arts (boy
Arts (boys) Typoviriting or D 0 T.
Economics (girlHom s)
Shop. Industry i,", 2.
I.Xts (boys) or D C T.1

Pre-Registration Infomation
The information included on these pages is given to guide students who hol
membership in the various classes of this school to aid them in Advance registration for the 1945-1946 school term.
The Hih School tnit
A "unit" is defined as a year's study in'any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year' s work. This shall include in the aggrogate not loss than the equivalent of 120 sixty-minute hours of cOlassroom work. Four unit courses; or the equivalent in fractional unit courses is considered a normal amount of work carried for credit toward graduation by the average student. Students in grades 10-12 may carry five subjects of one unit each and physical education, provided they have a "B" average. A senior needing five units for graduation may take five subjects and physical education.
Requirements for Advanced Classification
0 Students must make a passing mark in at least three of the basic subjects-English, hlatheiatics, Science, Social Studies--in grade seven in order to be given advanced classification in grade eight, and in making up the students program of studies for this grade, the subject in which student failed must be listed for repeating.,
For ninth grade classification, students must have completed all sevent* grade basic suboocts with a passing mark audiat least throoee basic subjects in grade eight.
Students having comploted from & to 7 units are given tenth grade classification; from 7A to 11 units, shall be eleventh grade students; and, students having i1 units up, are considered twelfth grade or seniors.
Requirements for Graduation
Eighteen units are required for graduation from Lincoln High School distributed as follows from grade 9 to 12:
4 units in English.
3$ units in Social Studies, one of which shall be American History and Government.
I unit in Mathematics.
I unit in Biological Scionct (This requirement may be met through earning I unit in Scionce-Health 9, or Biology-Health 10).
I unit Home Economics (girls).
I unit in Physical Science above the ninth grade (boys). This requirement
may be mot through any of those subjects by earning credit in the following order of preference:
Applied Physics, Physics, Chemistry, 2 units Shop or Trades,
2 units of Physical Education.
Aside from the above toquirements there must be satisfactory achievement in Personal Traits or conduct,
~tL O t&~ ~L 7 ~ ovet

Tentative Courscs-to bo Offorod During 1946-.1947 School Tormt
Grado Sovon Grado Ton
Physical Education phv-SI Cal Eduoation
Eno1j. sh: Englfsh
Jr,, High School Fmgl:*Lsh, wo-Iz- 1d, Hi sto--A".y and Goography
J r, H3"Lgh Senool L1--l-oora uro Un C-'. 1, Wv- C L.'1% n g NoS-f-ro H.LSIC017
Spollixig and Writing Biolo,-,* Hoalth T-b
Jr. 'Hathomatics I Horae Feonomies- *Health (Girls)
Global, Goography Alcobra I
th.=*!Io. o Living Cr
Diroctod Library Roading Busi-t.-ioss Aritluwtic
Shop or Trado (Boys)
Grado E Gradb Elevon.
Physical Education Requirod.
English Physical Education
Jr. High School English English
Jr,, High School a Amorican History and Govornmont
Spelling 'and Writing Ho-mo Ewnomies (gir'].s)
Jr. 'Clathomatiez II Boys Solect Two Courses; Girls Ono-.'
U* S. HIstory Plano Goomotry
e 3.* once-Hoa Ith Chomistry
Homo Economics (girls) Businoss Principles
Dirootod Iibr-ary 1- of,.ding ShoP or Tr,-,,do (Boys) D C T
ITTU S i C Typing
Shop (Boys)
Grado Nino Grado Twol7e
Physical Education Physical Education
English Engl Lsh
Gonoral Mathol-MUCS Problons of Living' in a Domooracy
Community Civics and Vooational Guidanee Hozo Econoinies (girls) Scionco-Hoalth
Hon, o Econom. ics (girls) Boys Soloct-Two Courscs; Girls One,

Honors in Genera SeholarehADma Three gmdes of honors are conferred at grdation: Highest honors to thos who9 have & bQint value of 3j0n fsm aur Laude) High Honors ( Kgni 012 La,4) granted to those hav1 a point value or average
of s~eaniHonVV8 Cu Undo) granted to those having a point value or sverage sn0
Students oQming fro other htgh schools. may reoeive
general honors on oospr~etin two Years of residence study~ fm satisfying the nonditious of seholarshir nrescribed by the faculty, provided they furnish also auoh evidence of high soholarship in the high school from which they 0 #,r as sayv in te Judgement of the faoulty, entitle them to honors

5s 74s&1" 7
34' /3z)-$~
.22- 4vZ3 ?R44~S 1, ,4'
~O:3 V 2- j/5( J?/g r<,s~n. 137
TZ40 /0(,s;4gv%37 7
J* 3f?~? 1 / ?j4
10 ~ ____~~fi~12 701-

Pli Club.a Pram ah~
Featuring: T ,- es<
1~ Class# Prrama
ROE~ RO and GUIDANCE Tekhr Te We,* h
Ofig Sehool Division) 110o3,;
CHORLL LASS Ms. Q. A., Joval
UO.OR N89nCI k& TA-0

8:30 Grade 121 Grade 122 Grade 91 Grade 73 Grade 74 All teachers aoMrs. F. M. Mr. A.Q. Miss Davis Mrs. White Miss Parker company pupils to
Jones Jones Library
9:30 Grade 111 Grade 111 Grade 81 Grade 82 Grade 91
& 122 & 121 & ii & I
Mrs. F.. Mr. A. Miss Davis Mrs. Nearly Miss Parker "
Jones Jones
10:30 Grade 11 Grade 92 Grade 83
Mr. A. Miss Davis Mrs. White
11:30 Grade 73 Grade 74 Grade 71
Miss C. A. Miss Adams Mrs. White "
1:00 Grade 10 Grade 101 Grade 73
Mr. A.Q. Miss Davis Miss Moore "
2:00 Grade 112 Grad e 8
Mrs. F.M. Mrs. Nealy
3:00 Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade 10
(girls) (girls) (girls (girl s) (gir s~
Mrs. hite Mrs. White Grade 8 Mrs. White Grade
Miss Davis Miss Moore

The ry~ ta vSQh. will assemble in the auditoriumR
evey xTesdayA alo 113; to 18R$ for devotional ant other aetiyities &leeted by* the tes-ohers of this 4ivision, Te Te~kohera will oo uet these eixereiges by e&eh teaoher #in4 eltss @0 dUett th* assembly onae every eleven weeks* ?he first grade teacher andols in ohrge of the first
~assembly and other oases fo1lLowin6 on through the sixth
The high sohool F1,sembly inooeur will be to sae a
thnt of the elf. nt 7ry school but beginning with the seventh Fra& section tkWadfollowing on through to the twelfth grade.
Clubs, orgni~atious, and other W=srus
ay be T'9imittet to render asswembly trogr*m by ak in
aTUot ion to *M Com ttee for a sreoial date.,
T-he Mronday and F'riday Activite eld r e sd
mainly for assembly programs Any other days during the activity period may be used only with the consent off the Director of Extra-Class activiities or the Principal and in either case there should be a definite plan for this activity at least one wee inadane

A nlew maot Of evaluation hasecreated a &ORn fo mn ja*w evaluation inatin*jets with wbh*.o to aim nie phses of
g wt n d, lpmn which wer formerly neg*Qtel or in
Many of -the ole QZ.. n. uts sillJ serve ou -nrop Man je tohn~jes av 1. trmentu ar being developed to romn& out the ,ygiut ion loorm The f O3U own are some tohnqes that Lmuool* igh Sehool will use,
1. Stasf&rmze&. rae and Deil itaen~t# of v~4 kmesI
Aahieovoment and 'rsyohologioR1 tests nr exa-muatiouu*# *
4rveu as folUows:
(a) Ahmevemeut test given to All ohil&en &urnj
the ideterm exeminRtion -nrod.
(b) Payohologioal xainaiou are given all Rti&ft wh enter grad ton a-n others who who ma ot have taken the exmntion before rdai
mu the twlfth grade#
(a) 4rtmtui4. testseare givenR studeuts in the hiA
soho to determine their~ ablre to' do
Z. questionnaire ~an Inventories are used to sece o
caeas environmental biokgr*uu&- &o~t4Qn*I Artitu*wi
3, ProbleR-Esepy aud Dtreoted&Z3sa Tye Tests 4are weed
4. Re orts, Ex1ibta, Plays, Debatest eta,, These are more
or less oumuating &tmvitmese

1., Linooln 'Hg 8ohool no 3loaigr evaluate itavXluals on the basis of limted aaieets of growth but uses a more ooi~reheniie nrog' of evaluation as may be revealed in the diffeet instruments of evaluation in use, henae reoordings, are as f on1 owe
4a) Ciuulative Records are kent for every ehi34 in the
entire school,
(b) Re-morting evtkluation data to the ohi3.d and. his
gurda or DureRts are mae Drinci-pally by
Rerort Cards buit at times other methods are use&,
(e)EranAtion of m~arking system:
A 95 to 100 Per cent -3w~rivalent to 3 Honor Points,
D 85 to 95 "~
C~75 t o85 "if3if f
D 70 to 75 0 HfP~oUnor Pints.
F Be low 70 Per Cent e~ixal Failure.
~Seventy is the passing mark. period. written test cout
one-third*; daily grades twomthirds,; semester tests. w*q
third ; average for eighteen weeks twQothirdso Pupil 4issin a reoitatiou without reasonable excuse shall
receive zero for that reoltation* If excuse is relsonable and. work mad.e up, the pu~pil. shall be given credit not to
Perio tests should be given by the te~oher fro grad&e
four throg twelve.
3v Rotort eards are to be pase&~ out to ehil.&ren the first
londay after the close evoer seoo~l -erio& &uring

Evaluation of Social and Personal Assetia *-- Tho average of the u total of the ratings in social and personality traits listed below for any given period of six weeks constitutes the pupil's standing in his deportment, ondto*, or behavior for that period
Six-Week Periods let 2nd .3rd 4th 5th 6th Total
Cooperation courtesy
beyondabi-lity indnstriousnesa initiative Leadership
Etional Maturity Personal Appearane Self-wControl TOTAL
NOWE: Ratings of a:
1 ----- A, Excellent C -- Satifacstory
4 ------D, Unsatisfactory
5 ----- F, Low
Teacher 's Nam

Tr 'ER, 9N~luto
1, Teaohers will loo.te t hem elves inu t he foll owing mame
t~ mprv~eat t he beginning of sao l session each day to uprvie u-isa ssing in to building to varlous rcms
29 Seventh, eighth, and~ ninth grade T~upilw will form line a
an entrance nearest the roo to which they my be gon or
the roo they will oooupy duin the beginning peid
3.* eahers will require all pupils to fom iUnes in passin
t o roou# betweena*las shafts at the end of per w. his
rmle ariUlis to every pupil enrolled in the sohaol.
4.The seoon4, thrd fourth, s~& izth gra fomm line. at
the eouth-owest entranoe baek of the bumildAn
5, The first grade 1 l fom Uines at the entrane wrthe
6Yifth gr&dee will form lines near the Nosth ent4 aoe 4o
7v In the afternoons or at the close of the &aily Ressions,4h:
teachers of elementary an& junior high school ohilre ai
*be re mire& to hae them for ine sand see that they maro
from their room out of the building off the grou&d to
the street or corner f the s-ohooI bloeko o" Q
8. When signals for' fire are given,, teachers an& olames are t
s-top what they may be doing,*ee that children form Uines
a&prooed to have them a~s out of the building orel,
in the same manner as rassin at the end of clas peios
See regalat ion unceBIS


T>L C.1130HOOL
' J. e.okF, Oe c Fe e (X)
fWl.1e S ~e nZo -o i7 rJPZ2
L awxr n ce i -r~j0rjP ,3.1
,Check Here,(X) ('.he ok He~ r
Gladys Hienderson /q2e 0 Sot
Jtt P, N e k "t ti ?eo!Jle8
o bej Lee.

I N C 0 'L IT H I G 11 0 H 0 0 L
Gainesville',,,., Florida
In forrulat 1xig a pro
on qwAlosOP4 of, tda'gioho 2
o and Blemontary Baucationo.2,* Supervise and direct t3ae- Alelmontary School kagemb:ly Devotiorm eae-r.mll,,aes, and Other act jkvtt lezo.
Ult tva tle a friendly spirit t d s40 Enoours6w InItlative* C11clato, entbus plastic Interest In t1ae wolt4re of o1illdren.,
Givo c + edit for all oont.rli utloxis rrom tomc4ers.,
G JrOL. eo and., at.d.- to teao-herS*.
41 011S S sleneral metiuxls- of teaeiaers Indiv onllor
-Idually and In 0 -0 xwel demonstration lessorm upon reque
5* G1 at*
. S 0 Ividual. differences
tL* adapt mtlaoda t 1-d
Ise n
to, JM. r e StLUdy' haj)jt
Vio to In planning da Uy le a a QM4*
746 t remedla.1work for WeL
V to IM
PIA, attLjtLUde3*
attention to new -and substitato teaohera.: 10* V ISllt.: t e-,"be
Un Om! a Ole te.aolaers to Invite ion.*
120 s3t Udy hoMe 0 On L a 0 plap I Is wlt2a cooperation of teaalvrs

reort oft record of cass rose visits and confPerences* 7* onrr wth priinotpat pertaining to works
ma-o mon,,thty report of acttittealis toa qteespah#
A n3 tInt1reetinG testito end mesuang
1,m. ngthe year, yeu will carry out s*o 4fA not all and even ote
activtes not lisated here*

A. QUINA JONES, Principal
taineottUe, Jiria
9- 24-47
1, Direct the formulation of/er revision of the Departmental
program based on the philosophy of the school.
2, ultivate a friendly spirit among members (teachers) toward
3. Encourage initiative among teachers of the department.
4. Create enthusiastic interest in the welfare of children.
5. Encourage suggestions.
6. Give credit for all contributions from teachers.
1. Give council and aid to teachers of the department. 2, Discuss general methods of teaching-individually and in
group conferences.
3. Give demonstration lessons upon request or provisions might
be made for class visitation for observing teaching technique,
4. Biggest how to adapt methods to individual differences.
5. Biggest how to improve study habits. 6, Give aid to teachers in planning daily lessons. 7" Suggest remedial work for weak pupils.
8. Suggest how to improve pupil's attitudes,
9. Give special attention to new or substitute teachers. 10, Visit teachers occasionally, if possible. 11. Encourage teachers to invite visitation.
I. Assist pupils in the choice eof courses in your department.
2. Give assistance to other teachers of the department in methods of evaluating and appraising pupil achievement.
8. Provide examinations r tests for new pupils entering school
without previous records at the beginning f the scho l
term and also examinations for others who \might need attention,
1. Advise and assist in collecting teaching trials.
2. Organize a weekly departmental teachers' council for group anferences.,
1. Advise and assist in collecting teaching materials, 2, Mae a monthly report to principal. 3, Keep a record of conferences with teachers and/or departmental group of teachers.
4. Assist in directing testing and meas ing.

GUIDE 'R TEACilE .9 IN YB c GRO S 1100LS or
A L YL c F1 U. Ll C 0; T-,,4 T Y

The purpose of this handle book is to estudb~ish anad acqaint N~egro teaohe-rs of Alachua County with the prineiples, praetioes, sadministr'ative and supervi-* sory policies of thi s C ount'yo
Harold J Jones Superisorof Ngro nstT,-%o

Title Page 1
Purpose 2
Table of Contents 3
Improving Effectiveness of Schools and Teachers in the Community 4 "
Policies Observed by Alachua County Schools 5
Proposed County- ide Customs, Practices and Regulations 6-8
Schedules 9
Professional Equipment 10
Calender 11

effe0tat"1*0ness of Solhools and Teachors i*n the Conn.un's
A. the school. pror,.1tr'u. b y-W1 no, sch )ol.
.1, Ao qu io, i nt -11he public. 'th t .,derld- seml cr ar d ho r uc;:r-, c
B. Profess .o.aal davelopruiO..xit of teoLr,,-Ile,: s 'n so
20 profGSSI-Onal vtud:y and. ini.-ial. preparat.-I"on..
3" 01-, .3 aO i o' "a t*
40 G LI. u r,
60 Ru a -a a: a
7* Co6perative plaiin..4nge
lmprrwing eduoa:'c.: rnaJ. fao.Llltie;. .
Healthful and s ur r otind" ing s
1,-,, Well organized fir
2o Ejul1praent
no Space and equipment for a well organized Health and Physical Educa"
tonal Program,
b, Making available library space,,
3. Text bocks:
ae WIse ulse,
b. Propee- care.-

a 7 Staff -vq, 10
o t;,, 3 k L TG j a o
Ar L mi
k ','I. -I I r) Le and inc o v-e to
b. Tlj, -, x14 C*r S -ine pals vT*11 g*
r and Pi I i ive all
I %- f-% -L t, I M*.n-truotiona" s', af f t. o J s L C) (3 11-asatisfact
i, ",sf- in irmroving thoir txa.'
p 9
q c t thn Board aro to bo ro
-i y a o. a and m-nipe. o nt
24 a mr-) Ox. --r*tn:A not12on S,
P nmp I suspend scrvl oos at thp
-Le c., a. c.
F, NVIO t. rq ,,,e in caso
1 -.1 fto
h a n t I Y P
5 a iyc; aanuo; hor
a t G- o t, f l--!ho C-f
f on, Ifter
a... renreain alvc -, a, OF 0 s
b Ir*h of h;D 1111 J d and. is to bo rains'ated c-rnly at th,-, o-' a n ev: so "MU
a JI a Y s paid Jn n=e s
4p Length o.f school d
b. Jvtan' ),- E,:,
oo S e n I o r H-i, tft
I TIne school 'day is, s ix h. ours., oxclus ive of tho. lunch po-mod. or 0 her :Liat ol rmax a ions,., Toaoho-- -s aro -oxooctod to be in tho

A. Report cards are to be issued every six weeksk. The letter system of sig
nifying grades (AB,CDF) is used by most schools, with some aTitin In the first grades, notes or letters to parents are often used inscd.
of formal cards, In some instances it is best to not send a ror on
first grades until the twelfth week.
B. Promotion:
1. Promotion is a different problem for every individual concerned, If
the pupil is in the elementary school and is as much as two years over ago (providing he has ropoated twice so far in his school ca
..... so far *n his schol Oreor), he will probably learn more by going on than by repoating.
Such factors as excessive absences and physical and social inmaturity, might malo t better for the child to remain in the elementary school
even though he is over age~,
C, Cumulative Record Cards:
1. Cumulative record cards and folders havoe bon introduced and are now
being used in some of the largor schools Those cards contain information helpful to a cloar undorstanding of every child.,
D. Faculty Meotings:
I. It is the duty of coach teacher to attend all teacher or faculty meet"
ings called by Superintendent, Supervisor or principal and present such reports of their work as is called for. No oxcuso., other than one that would justify absence from rogular session of-..hool shall
be accepted for absence from teachor or faculty mooting,
E, Teachers will use the time before and after school for lesson planning,
pupil-toacher conforoncos, teachor-parent conferences and faculty plan.
ning. Individual help for primary pupils and the detailed preparations of materials for the noxt day's work make it desirable for the primary teachers to be in their classrooms while the rest of the school is in
session. Little total school planning can occur unless primary and intor-.
mediate teachers can readily confer with one another.
F. Primary Equipment:
1. Some schools have adopted primary chairs and tables instead of the traditional desks, Chairs can be easily and flexibly grouped, thus greatly
aiding ihstruction in roading and other activitioa. Since grouping is
important a reading table and a few chairs should be provided oven whore
the traditional desks are used, Larger schools should, as soon as possible, change to desks and chairs. .
G. Work Books:
I. Work books are used in limited numbers in many schools, Children should
not be oxp otod to purchase more than ono work book,
I.. .

l%,' Each clomentar toachor should' nolttdo n ho-, da ailtino for music and tho'practical arts.,. including haridioxumaking#
1. Edwational-and activity programS
The larvr schools in some instanoos havo;p with. thoir tacultiobc, out school programs* stating philosophies and objoctivos for tho
Some toaGherz'havc sot definite 'objoctiv6s for oach grado. All school!].
are roquir, .d to havo a progrwa-eontaining, gonoral bbjoctivess Dofin-ito
object 'vcNs objoctivos tol be attained by oaoh grade, group or clRss 'in each subject or activity is also required.. Each teacher should stato
the objoetivos to be attainod''lin each'assignmont, d*rootud study
and olassperiodo
J. Toachor co=nutings,
Io, This pract'oo causes toachors to 6rrivo at school lato and develops a
disinterested attitude tovmrd tho school vand community; and bocauso of
tho greater demand on the part of tho Krmod Forces for rubber and gasow
linot all toachors m11 be roquirod to livo in'tM community whore thoy
K. 2,s 'All nonearosidont principals aro roquirod to movo into tho community 'in
which thoy viork at loast ono wook -6 Irp
Ok wm-.Op w prior to tho beginning of the school )r(
,duo to tho p'oparations nocossary for tho opening ofschoolo TQachors .(nonwrosidont) TA11 movo-into thoir rospoctivo communities at tho disvp
crotion of tho principal
Ke School activltios.and programs in tho community:
Ili In somo instances toachors havo ppxticipatod; but upon notice from prinew
oipal, or as I stated in school or b ,qhools, all toachors aro oxpectod, to
Registers, records and roportse.
Toachars aro required to koop all records noatly'and acouratoly, and in
acoordanco Trith rulos and forms proscribed. amo f
N s should not bo ontorod

11, Criticism and discord:
la Toachors laro o o' 1p ct 4-oo bo oo-7artooii.s h
tu ic rad crilt.10".1sm of o" hez, t' aohQrs t hoc ir cuTa 04 Af -Ye*a+:*s
ccaLdulabo" to 1" j- ,i r o r- b t t 3 o a' f o ow
CL o'Ghor, or r* geads af ts
0, '!Iors Sc3hoc =-UA-ors, shot;.ld xioi- ,e e, 'Y
00 Visitors- o atorincr b ii i I d I n n, z3
In call 'ehoo-IS ViS.L.Q LC b c d'"r n+.od +,o -",r f fi c lo
-1117, j so :L'lq CDA-IS oi
doiao.9 d ro_ -1, 1 (C.11 ardlo- ss to vi "I Ch VI S L i 5
P. Dismissal, of Pupils a. rld/or s o- nd. ing pipils on,, errands:
1* Pupils 11, not 'bo d' smissod 'boforc re'val tcv- tirno;o o r 1 o-c,- ro t'-) c bir,1.1d.1wo
Ing dtir* big- behooI hovws v thuu-4- Of
P 0 LIMU 0, S I V, 11 L
-m_ s or cr Princir-cal, oxoopt -_I n cc. s o s o;+-' S. P, I'mo sq c, r a
iot-pcrynit dolay,,
20 Pvpihl should hot.bc'sont on orrands by toachors dU'rL..IP, School hours
oxcop- 'G on.tir..T'0nt- school. bus.1i'Moss,- ,-lmd thon only with -La*r,,- approval of
tho rrine.I.P
A momb a- r of tho inatructi'nal sta f f wil 1 b dismj:ilss ,3 d on' ch.a.", go s b,as'od on
IMOY[Ility, miscoxid in of im, inoompotoncy, p ss i I 40 0 r, _1 n t i on
v L _G -TAon Qf anv
,,ri] Iful noglool of duty or convic crixiip, involving- moral turpitudo.
R. Yombers of tho instructional staff v Th o_ hav o zonrod for aora than tvro yoars
aro givon assuranoo that thjy will bo not-ifiod in yrriting if thoy aro not tot bc r0Cbirn(:)ndod for'' on.ployi4ont during any subsoquont yoar,, and tho roam*
son for-Tailurc to roco=1ond roappoiTntmont will bo giw-Mr.
S. IIembers of the," Instructional staff Tj-ho plan attending surimner sohoolo duP
-rlng the second seSISIon and the closirig of same'conflicts. ivith pre-school t, e of sol, col are requested to contact he meetings and thrD opc-icinp, IeL 'j LI
Siiperinu(:- ndert, S"uperviscr or Principal prio-t- 1 0 rocristorinr f j r -i e
second ,3e.,--,sicn.

Each school in Alachua County,'should havo a schodula worked out in largo timo blocks., with rolatecl vuloj, ct,i thus -,ii-lov.,il g moro time for ono block rather than trying to totLoh cach subject soparatoly, (This applies to Elomontary Dopartmonts and somo Junior High School Dopartmonts),
Bach toachor is required to organize 1.,lnr irrorlr ond N11o
daily schoduloo If a toaohor has ono clomontary grado''hor' schedule should
bo so arrarrod -I..-hnt will hn-tTo dul-, rhC4-.-,d ar-1. pe. Jo-d for
J., k.
If a toachor has morb than ono o'lomontary or junior high school grado, shol'should mak-o md i o 11 o-vr a Schoduio which onableOls hor to Gonduct dirootod study for moro than ono group s=ultancously.
J. a toachor is doing high school work the t''mo devoted to cach class should bo divided into directed study and class period,

*^.W ft ---- M--Mwo
ly progr, Stod.
om po
Objoc-Uiros for room postod.. ilos-to."s showing materials railativo to topics studio inSocial Scionco,
Plans on desk and. soat work carof ully plann. ),d., Pupils papers or n9tobooks show4._fig varied summaries, Pur) *11 s t r,.7) c o rcl chart of scoras,,mado In ivocklir tosts in rol-,.dinrand arithmotio.
Graded writing scale formed by "using. samples of pupilsit hamlwrii-bing
--graded ABCDE, otoo Bes-b soat-vTork papers posted. Reading tablo in uso I*n Library Corner.
.Con structivo usc of "Drossing Tablo.11 Arsig=onts dofinlto and clear. Rnynn +nmn. nP im'hnnlr iinn-n n I I

Co P:h~ais M 6-'n Auigust 14, 9~
Meet ofT hrs o f Ce andi Two Tea~r,-in S choA Augus 16 1944Me e t i oa ~f Homo cooics Teachers 191/11, 144,
General Co rYIt e r .s? Linig AUgs~ 7. 94
First lLy- o)f sclnool AU PV- 0~ Q .9 4
Armil'sbeDa Novemnber 11, 44
Thun pfg .,v .n o -c ay November 30, 19414 to
Deoinber 4, 19 44
Ch~- osDecember 120r 2.944 to January 2, 1945
on ty Mc c Festival February 16, 1945
CouInt -y BC1a,-,etbDal Towurn-a-ment February 27, 1945

7,7 aw,