Self Assesment Form of T.B. McPherson

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Self Assesment Form of T.B. McPherson
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Lincoln High School, 1915-1991
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Performance--Evaluation ( fast )
African American educators ( fast )
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Unites States of America -- Florida


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Collection name: A. Quinn Jones collection

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A. Quinn Jones Collection

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Iam of Teacher. ... .Subj ect or Grade Taught
Directions Rate yourself on the following items as. listed on the rating sheet Three classifications are given; almost never or low, with a value of 1; average, wi th a value of 3; almost never or high with a value of five. Notice that in the case of three Teaponse type of questions thr first response given falls in the highest classification the second response in the average, and the third response in the low classification. Place the numerical score that you have given yourself in the appropriate classification column.
A Personal QuIficatons and their Growth
1. How many of the following physical activities have you enjoyed engaging in or still enjoy engaging in: handball, volley ball, dancing tennis, baseball, basketball, football, track, hiking, camping, skating swimming, golf,. horseback, riding, boxing, wrestling, fishing, horse shoes or others ? L ------ s ---------as 1o plus- ---------- --------igh---bo 5-9 ------------- Average
co 0-4 ----------------- Low
2 ,Bow a..y minutes do you give for daily physical recreation?
a, 60 mine plus -- ---- High
b. 20-59 -- --------------------- Average
c. 0-19 .-.---- ------- ----- Low
3 How often do you have a haircut? (Women omit this item
a. Once every two weeks? ------- High
b. Once every three week------- Average
c. Once every four week? ----- Low
4, What part of your salary do you spend for clothes?
a. 10% plus (for men)
15% plus for women) --- -------- High
b. 5-9 (for men)
8-1 (for women) ----- Average 9
c. 0-4 (for men)
0-7( for women) ------ Low
a physical examination.... ...i.
a. Once every year? --------- High
b. Once every three years? ---- Average
c. Once every four years? -------- Lo
6. (I) )or High School Teachers: Do you hold a
a. faster'~ degree or better ------ High
b. Bachelor's Degree but not Mater's Average I
c. Below a Bachelor's Degree--- Low
(II)For Elementary Teachers: Do you have
a. Bachelor's Degree or better ----High
b. Two years plus but no degree -- Average
c. Less than two years ------------Low
7. Is the teacher's personal appearance, dress, neatness, etc., a fitting model for pupils to copy?
B. Social and Professional Qualifications and
1. Do you add to your professional growth by .....
a. By reading 3000 plus lines in prOfeasional books?----------- --- High
b. Reading 1500-2999 in professional
books? -------------------- Average
c. 00-1499 lines in professional
books?-------------------- ---Low
2. Do you add to your academic growth by .....
a. Reading 3000 plus lines in academic book? -------------- HighI
b. 1500-2999 lines in academic books?-Average

4. Do you take correspondence extnsion, extensionor summer
3ummrer work
as Earning six plus semester hours yearly? High
be Earning 2.-5.9 hours yearly? -------- Average
c. Earning less than two hours yearly? -- Low
5. How much good reading(not including newspaper and
magazines) do you do outside of the professionrl
and academic fields?
a, 6000 plus lines -0----f---O---- ----- High
b. 3000-5999 lines #W-a----------------" Average
c. 00-2999 lines ---at *ea------------ Low
6. What percent of the homes of your children have
you visited?
as 80% 100 --%------------------- High
bo 40%0-9----------------------------------Average
c'M 0-39# 0 - - - - -- - - o
o you take Come leadership(active office) in hurc. iougp or other community organization,
boys an girls clubs.
8 ;o y ou belong to and attend Teacher's association? 13
9. Do you have something good to say about your school or 3
cowmorkers when you meet parents or others? l0Do you ViSit other school? S0 ycu experiment with new methods of teaching? 12,,, Do you contribute to faculty mel-tings? 13.Dc you read the dai4y pipers? 14.Is it easy for you to meet and interest parents?
C, OPerative TechniQue
Thcol Menagmen
1. Do you have a plan of passing out materials?
a. By the pupils? ----------------------a* High
b. By yourself'? -------- ---------------- Average
c. N~o plan? -------- ------- Low
2, to you have the roll taken .~..
a. By the pupil according to a seating plan- High
b. By yourself according to a seating plan. Average
c. By yourself by calling the names of
the pupils? -------~------------- Low
3. How is the general neatness of the room cared for..
a. By the pupils ----~- ------ ---------- High
b. By the teacher ---.' ------- ---------- Ave rage
c. By the janitor ~-----------------t----- Low
4. Do you eliminate waste by beginning on time&?
5. Do you have a plan of moving to the blackbottrd?
6. Do you have a plan for arrangement of materials?3
7. Do you look after heat, light, and ventilation? I j3
8. Are your records and reports acurate,neat and in on time? \~
#1.If you did not appear for class would ..1.....
a. The pupils continue tts though you werethere?-High
b. The pupils notify the principal and wait
for a teacher? ---------------------------Average
c. Do nothing? ------------------------------Low *
2~ If a pupil needs help is he generally given it
by ..a. Other pupils? ---------------------------High
b. The teacher? ----------------------------Aver age j
3. What percent of the clans ask questionsabout the
a. 25-50% ------------------------------- High
b. 10-25%---------------------------------- average 13
c. NTo onet' --------~----- *----------- Low
#ouble credi

4. 1ff a p up ndocs d i ,p i5, n 1 1g :1. 6 grP~ given by
a,, Other pupiL J"a thrti-gh IIc~ *ite Hgh
*b The tec~ **Average
c. Nrincipallr, Low
5. 'What percent of the talking Js done byr the pu-"
piles during the class period'?
ae 30-100% af W4W'Wat 0;otot0 aW "4 oa mm oa High 3h
F), 0Go 79% -- ~~ -- ---~- Av er cge
60 HTOwvi mu chI i s spent on the assignment or next day's
av 40%" Or mOre of the class period? -- Hi#1gh
.10 -- 3 9 of the class period? ----- Average,:
C 04 O97o of' the class period-? Low
7~If V011 fCind you .do not hl".ce your plan book do you a D Poe aSIs uaa,--~ High
Ce a~ t e St0 ow~,6 a o m mso a 040 Low
a Doc y c. A ,e c oRn-I ze t hat:% Q utiis r eceive a large part
i ~ ~~zatio out ~ 1o f he school two.
\Ut2 w r- .LC the -oo'.l--- High II~
b. By~ giving,~ proJectsi Averagei
c,3y lI oin mg tb ~u i t o make thei*1r
0,71T'A ~ ia ti1c.n~ L owi,
9. D'O yo 0* 1A ke out ca :LCS01 -11 Showing purpose of lesson,
the rntaridl to te se.and the me-thod of procedure?
].0JDo you make extra ai-;s i gum nt a according to, the needs
and 'Papacities of Csertain pupils.1?
LJoyou uoe di.ll dIZ.vices?.
I2..Lo you have thie pupils make practIc'al application of
text b 0ooi mot~e~ritl to every &py life?
403 0 you use the objective or new type tests?