Self Assesment Form of Daphne Duval

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Self Assesment Form of Daphne Duval
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Lincoln High School, 1915-1991
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Box 8
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Performance--Evaluation ( fast )
African American educators ( fast )
evaluation ( aat )
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United States of America -- Florida


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Collection name: A. Quinn Jones collection

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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A. Quinn Jones Collection

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uiri~ i frgr,~n te-^1s ae ed on the
Ivat ing ~t Lreelr at i gi-ren; a lro st n ever o r :Low.*
~ ~ wth~value 3~ a..Lmois t never or higzh
viti"a a V: L. e f fe N& *icjm ;hat In thr)e case or three response typeuf ql'iet-x ti ~XbtEpo giLven 19il In the highest class~fi~
cat 01~ -he !3c e~ rsn or e ~n the averege, and the third response i
the .1-~rQae w f ^ C~ a, P2aee thec number cal. score that you have given Y Oux eIf~ I. rth;]e a p r op r iat e c a sa. 1c atzo n cocl1umn 00.
A# Perf rr~J ual..icationis and their. Growth
1. I~wi ra~m 2 te following physical activities have you enjoyed
"Llr ar YI cVtiI. en'oy eragagina ina han6.ball, volley ball, dancing
teni. ~eeb3l, track, hiking,,, camping, skating ,7j n mii2Jg -41. 2q -0 seb a ck, it~g boxing, vrestling, f ishing, horse
b -. -.*t0 w4f" Average
2~ v fr~~ oi A>~Z)w'~r~ r d~aLy phi-y si'al1
f ri, rl'ul~fHi1gh tV VA ~59 I'm - -' Average
How~~~~~~~~~ -fe *o;o ~~~.a. ~r?~oe xi his item.
~.CW &r* w ek'~ High
b,, Or ce emery Qr we -- Averae
c ce sv e ry fo 1.%c 'e e& tq- 'row
4. VThat v-C1 Y~ U~ T. ia",ary ~o You spend for clothes?
I~ C/ u ao~l f,---- Hig

L. A. .
4. Dc you take correspondence extns on extension,or summer
summer work ......
as Earning six plus semester hours yearly? High
be Earning 2-5o9 hours yearly? Average
c Earning less than two hours yearly? -- Low /
5. How much good reading(not including newspaper and
magazines) do you do outside of the professional
and academic fields?
a* 6000 plus lines -- High
be 3000-5999 lines --- ---- -------- Average
c5 00-2999 lines Low
6. What percent of the homes of your children have
you visited?
a. 80% 100% ------------------- High
to 40%-79 ---- ------ Average
e. 0-39% ------ Low
7. Do you take some leadership(active office) in ,-hur,l, or other community organization,
boys and g girls clubs.
8. So you belong to and attend Teacher's association? 13
9. Io you have something good to say about your school or
co-waLkers when you meet parents or others? 10.Do you visit other schools? L Do you experiment with new methods of teaching? 12,Lo you contIrioute to faculty meetings? 13 .2 you read the daily paper? 14,Is it -easy for you to meet and interest parents?
. o. ..i
C. Oertve Technigu
School Henagement
1 Do you have a plan of passing out materials?
.. IBy the pupils? ---------- ------ High
b By yourself? ----- --------- Average
c. No plan? -------------.----- Low
2. Do you have the roll taken .,T...
a. By the pupil according to a seating plan. High
bA By yourself according to a seating plan- Average
c By yourself by calling the names of
the pupils? -- -------.--- Low /
3. How is the general neatness of the room cared for..
a, By the pupils --....---.-------.----- High
b. By the teacher ---- Average
c. By the janitor -- ------------- -- Low
4. Do you eliminate waste by beginning on time? 3!
5. Do you have a plan of moving to the blackboard? 3
6. Do you have a plan for arrangement of materials?
7. Do you look after heat, light, and ventilation? 8o Are your records and reports acurate,neat and in on time?
Teaching Procedures
#l.If you did not appear for class would ........
a. The pupils continue as though you werethere?-High
b. The pupils notify the principal and wait
for a teacher? ----------- Average
c. Do nothing? ---.-----.-------.------. Low /
2, If a pupil needs help is he generally given 'ittI I
by ..a. Other pupils? --- ------------ High
b. The teacher? -Average
e. No One? -- - - - - - - - Low
3. That percent of the class ask questionsabout the
a. 25-50% .----..-.--.----------------. High'
b. 10-25% ---. ..- ..--- .- .-- average
o No one? ...-. ---......-_ -- --_ __-, '
bou...! ..

j. g: g'ira.,i.y given by LiA4h
a Otherpupiis thrzzugh i--ocaii o t WO &If6
k) The teacho-r Wlw" W W %.qt.Q4 0 W" .I' "O t f Average3
c _P prin cI.p a 1 Low
5 WVhat nercernt of the talk ng -.s done by the pupila during the clasa pertod?
be ,50-79% Av er j
G. 0-49% 00 WV a$14 0 M4P 6 W 04WOWa "fe" W WW f Wa"ot6 4 o
6K fhw much time is spent on the aasignment, or noxt day s Le'secn?
no 40% or morec of the class period? High
ct 1000&39% of the c~rits period? "Ote-$a""o oa Average
C', 0-9%, Of the class period? Low
f~ YO~ of -.ind you do niot have your plan book do you
a, PrQC faee' as Uauq~1? U-~ ~gh
~ve a t (3- T- - LOW1 Wot0 "W m" wa OW m.0a
v(',,3.I k;,c z y;.v& i CO z e tha";t ptoi2ls receive a large, part
of Ihr 'wztion '%'uts&5od :)f L-he school
' By V/yP in g U- th030 0o-at'S ide, ac t ivi t iea
ufth c~I &+the chol ~High b.. B..T ivr mep ect8 Average~
0, By CVll3ov ing tbK. 'upiPL t o rake -the ir
90 o 4e u DOso Yitnshdn ptrose of leson
th t~a obdand the-me tho d, of -pro e du~ri 15 h c yxr.I .:o4 ei r e~inet d,_,i~tote'ed