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Silver jubilee awards ceremony at Government House, Mount Fitzwilliam, November 24, 1998
Governor General of The Bahamas
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Nassau, Bahamas
Government House
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Nurses honoured at the ceremony were: Yellowbirds Hospital Auxiliary -- Rosa Mae Bain -- Ironaca Morris Baker -- Castella Bowleg -- Patricia Bethel -- Angela Carroll -- Philbertha Carter -- Naomi Christie -- Elijah Daniels -- Lincoln Davis -- Gloria Ferguson -- Beverly Dean -- Bronell Albury Hinsey -- Jennie Isaacs -- Kathleen Johnson -- Mary Johnson -- Cecile A. Knowles -- Pearl Rahming -- Eloise Nicholls -- Lydia King Rolle -- Enid Ruddock -- Emeralda Rutherford -- Inez Smith

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University of The Bahamas
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University of The Bahamas
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-Jjuhilee Afnarns OieremoniJ :Mouse MOUNT FITZWILLIAM NASSAU, N.P., THE BAHAMA Z4tft Nouemher. 1ggg 7:UU p.m.


@o&.ernment Wlf.e @o&.ernor-@.en.eral on Deuesaau, November 24, 1998 7:UU p.m. ffir.erz on c;$.ea-.elnlJJ to lft.e (/Jafr.ellrm-(/$.eJ.t.eJ;d Miss Vernita B. Johnson, L VO a.e-(!lump Inspector Eric Seymour


THE SILVER JUBILEE AWARDS CEREMONY ORDER OF CEREMONY Entrance of the Prime Minister and Mrs. Ingraham Entrance of Her Excellency Lady Tuniquest Entrance of His Excellency the Governor-General National Anthem Invocation Remarks by the Prime Minister Presentation of Awards Remarks by His Excellency the Governor-General National Anthem * 2 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony


MESSAGE His Excellency Sir Orville Turnquest The Governor-General of the Co mmonwealth ofThe Bahamas Our celebration of the 25111 Anniversary ofBahamas Independence presents our Nation with an excel lent opportunity for re-dedication and re-commitment to those virtues and determinations of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-reliance on which this Nation was built, and which have sustained us thus far as a sover eign state In a quarter of a century The Bahamas has faced a succession of challenges which have tested our national mettle and which have caused a necessary forward, upward and onward tog e therness amongst our people Yet it has been our great historic Christian faith which has empowered this Nation to persevere for change and reformation, which has brought us safely to our Silver Jubilee and w hich emboldens us to face the impending new ce ntury and mill e nnium with new confidence. Those who have been strong and proficient and productive in this Nation through the past 25 years ha ve mad e the difference in our fate and in the fortune of The Bahamas and it is fitting that we officially recognize and honour them particularly because the y are well-deserving, but also b ecause history must record that we are a grateful and appreciative people Our pride our patriotism and our productivity must remain constant if the Commonwealth of The Bahamas through th e grace of Almighty God is to proceed successfully forward upward and onward Governor-General Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 3


MESSAGE The Rt. Bon. Hubert A. Ingraham Prime MiniSler of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas When the idea of a nation is conceived it is necessary to take into account the people institutions and organizations that would come to assume the m y riad responsibilities which confront an ind e pendent state. These human institutional and organizational resources determine whether a country's foundation would b e sound They are also essential for the constant shaping and refining of a nation's path so that it realizes progress and development The decision t o seek independence for The Bahamas was made against a backdrop of a pool of peopl e with the commitment and determination to see the country go rorw ard. Furthe r it was with the knowl e d ge that there were institutions and organizations that would l e nd the support required to ensure that the nation was position e d to meet its obligations. It is now twenty-five years since The Bahamas becam e in independent state and over that period man y people, institutions and organizations hav e bad an impact on The Bahamian landscape The y hav e mad e co ntributi ons in a numbe r of divers e areas and have played a part in th e advance s experienced by the nation From among the gencral grou p of people, institution s and organizations of The Bahamas th ere e merges a select group which has had a major impact on the pace at which th e country has developed and the course which is being followed In this group a high le vel of commitment, service and sacrifice bas been demon strated. The areas in which they can be found include Educatio n Nursing Publi c Service Royal Bahamas Police Force, Ro y al Bahamas Defenc e Force, Customs Department. Immigration Department and Prison Departm ent. These areas are essential for the improvemen t in knowledge, maintenance of h e alth. safeguard ing of the wellb e ing o f the population and the provision of services required b y the publi c throughout The Bahamas These people. institutions and organi zations are being recogn ized during this Silver Jubile e Year as the best representation of outstanding contributions to the natio n in the area over the last t\.vent)'-five years It is important in the process of national de v elopment to bring public attention to those w ithm the community who excel. TI1is not o nl y gives honour t o those who deserve recognition but can also be a source of inspiration to others SilverJuhileeAwardsCeremony 4


The Government of The Commonw ealt h ofThe Bahama s honours Bahamians who have distinguished themselves in various disciplines ove r 25 years of Independence, I 9731998. c!\fuaraJ5 Bahamas Supermarkets Foundation Lyfotd Cay Foundation The Red Cross Centre for the Deaf Ms. Rornalia Albury H.E. A. Leonard Archer, OBE Mrs. Gillian Bain Maggie Oscroft-Berry Mr. Kingsley Black Mrs Mary Brennen Ms. Telzena Coalkey Yellow Birds Mrs. Rosa Mae Bain Mrs. Ironica Morris-Baker Mrs. Patricia Bethel Mrs. Castella Bowleg Mrs. Angela Carrol Ms. Philabertha Carter Mrs. Naomi Christie Mr. Elijah Daniels Mr. Lincoln Davis Mrs. Beverly Dean Mrs. Gloria Ferguson EDUCATION NURSING P UBLIC SERVICE Department of Social Services Roval Bahamas Police Force Band Royal Bahamas Defence F orcc Band Mr. Cleophas Adderley Mr. Ernest Bowe TheRe\'. Dr Hervis Bain, Jr . MBE, JP, Mr. Arthur Barnett CBE, JP, Mrs. Catherine Benjamin Mrs. Naomi 81atch Mr. Anthonv Butler Mr. Milo Butler, Jr. Mr. James Campbell Mrs. Sheila Culmer Mr. Cecil Curling Mrs. Sadie Curtis Mrs. Paula Mae Darcy Mr. Hanford Darville, CBE, JP Mr. Livingstone Darville Dr. Cora Davis Dr. Gilbert Davis Mr. Colin Deane, JP Mrs. Zdma Dean, MBE Mr. Vincent Ferguson Mrs. Beverly Ford Mrs. Alfreda Cooper Mrs. Elma Garraway Ms. Cynthia Love, MBE Mrs. Josephine Parker Mrs. Iris Pinder Mrs. Harriett Pratt Mrs. Miriam Roker Pastor Hugh Roach Mrs. Beverly J.T. Taylor Mrs. Bronell Albury-Hinsey Mrs. Jennie Isaacs Ms. Kathleen Johnson Ms. Mary Johnson Mrs. Cecite'Knowles Mrs. Eloise Nicholls Mrs. Pearl Raluning Mrs. Lydia King-Rolle Mrs. Enid Ruddock Mrs. Esmeralda Rutherford Mrs. Inez Smith Mrs. Thelma F ord Mrs. Clarice Granger. OBE Mrs. Gwendolyn Hall, BEM Mrs. Merlenc Hanna, JP Dr. Davidson Hepburn Patric i a Ladv Isaacs Mr. Conrad Knowles, CBE Mrs. Frances Ledee Mr. Willis McKinney Mrs. Margaret McDonald, CBE, CVO Mr. Eris Moncur The Rev James Moultnc Dr. Henry Podlewski Mr. James Rolle Mr. Oris Russell, CMG, OBE. JP, OM, Mr. John C. Stuart Mr. Kirkwood Taylor Mrs. Corrine Patton-Thompson.. MBE Mrs. liazel Thompson Mr. Cyril Tynes, JP, OBE Dr. Ruth White Mr. Homer Williams Mrs. Sue Bennet Williams Silver Jubilee Awards Ce r e mony 5


ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE Mr. Bernard K. Bonamy, LVO Mr. Erold E Farquharson, CPM Mr Wilton G Strachan Mr. Leon W. Johnson Mr. Paul Farquharson Mr John Rolle Mr. James A. Carey Mr. Gerald A. Bartlett, CVO, CBE, OPM Mr. Keith V. Mason, MBE, LVO, OPM Mr. Basil E. Dean Mr. Ashton C. Miller Mr. Nathaniel J. RoUe Mr. Alonzo Butler Mrs. Allerdyce M. Strachan Mr. Prince A. Rolle Mr. F r ederick L Hanna Mr. Douglas J. Hanna Mr. Sylvester George Mr. Alfred Bullard Mr. Hosea Douglas Mr Grafton 0 Ifill Mr Stanley R. Moir, OPM, CPM Mr. Paul R. Thompson, CPM Mr. Avery E. Ferguson, QPM Mr. Lawrence W. Major, MBE CPM, OPM ROYAL BAHAMAS DEFENCE FORCE Mr. Davy F Rolle Mr. Maurice Williams Mr. Albert C. Armbrister Mr. Clifford B Scavella Mr. Andrew Farrington Ms.Gaye Major Mr William B. Styles Mr Garth V Greene Mr Anthony A. Adderley Dr Doswell C Coakley Mr. Vernon E.L. Burrows Mr. Lambert A. Campbell Mr Samuel B Moss Mr Fonswit Alexander Stubbs Mr Boisie Oral Rolle Mr Henry Thomas Rolle 6 Silve r Jubilee Awards Ceremony Mr Ormand C. Bastian Mr Paul Miller Mr. Hubert Smith Mr. Sidney C. Barr CusTOMS Mr Berchenal A. Bethel Mr Eulond Kelly Mr Ronald R Saunders ]MMIGRATION Mrs. Angela F George PRISONS DEPARTMENT Mr. Hamilton Samuel Riley Mr. Charles McPhee


EDUCATION Bahamas Supennarkets Foundation The Baham as S up e rmark e ts Foundation cam e in to existe n ce b y vi rtue of Bahamas Sup e rmarke ts Limit e d s TrustA g re e m entonJune25 197 0 M oni e s pl ace d in t o th e Trust we r e to b e use d ex clu s iv e l y for charitable scientific, literary or educatio n pur poses, for the g r anting of sc h olars hi ps to worthy stu dents or for the preventional of cruelty to children or animals. The Scholarship Committee has named the successful candidates forthe 199& B ahamas Super market Foundation Scholarsh i ps A total of 58 schol arships have been allotted to th e most deserving ap plicants chosen from over 300. The total value of scholars h ips given for L998 1s $225 000 bringing the total val u e, from 1968 to present. to $6.071,900 to l ,275 deserving Bahamian students This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Foundat1on Scholarship Programme. L)'ford Cay Fou n d a t i on The L v ford Cay Foundation was founded in 1969 and performs a vanety of charitable activities 1n The Bahamas BeJievmg that one of its biggest contributions to The Bahamas is in the field of edu cation th e Foundation has developed a number o f scholarship programmes for Bahamian students studying at colleges and universities in the United States Canada, En g l and and the Caribb e an at th e und e rgraduate graduate and re cently, technical and vo cational level s The Foundation has d ev elop e d Endowm e nt Fund s t o e nsure th e perp e tui ty ofthes e programm es and recentl y increas e d the number of scholarship s aw ard e d e ach year as w e ll as increas i ng the v alu e o f s cholarships. The S c h o larship Pro g ramm e pro vi d e s assistance fo r ove r 20 B ahami ans t o tallin g in e xcess of$ 1m annuall y M o r e rece n tl y, the Foundat i on has ide n tifi e d the n ee d to d evelo p a l ocal s cho l arshi p programm e and has begun a campaign to rais e $5m over fi ve ye ars fo r the n e wl y -establi s h e d Co ll ege ofThe B a hamas Sc ho l arship F und This fund pro vi ded i ts fi rst scho larsh i p f o r stu dents attending C O B in Sep te mber 199 7 and the Foundation recently anno un ced that $2.5m of the $5m goal has been m et. The Red Cross Centre f o r t h e Deaf The Red Cross Cenue for The Deafis a non profit organization established in October, 1964. by Ministry of Education and The Bahamas Red Cross Society The philosophy of the Ce n tre is to promote the edu cational, physical, social and spiritual development ofhearing impaired students, gt ving them the opportunity to maximize their po tential and enabling L-----------them to function adequately and make a valid con tribution to Bahamian society and the world Presently, there are 65 enrolled srudents at the Centre A number of students have graduated with Bahamas Junior Certificates and General Certifi cates of Education and others h ave furthered their education at the Bahamas Tec hn ical and Vocational Institute and the College ofTh e Bah amas. Over the years, g raduat es h a ve tak e n their places in the work for ce as s eam s tre sses, autotech nic i ans, hote l iers, carpenters, upho lste r e r s, locks m iths, m ai ds an d b ankers am o n g others. Silver Jubi l ee Awards Cer e m ony 7


Ms. Rom alia Albury Mrs Romalia V Albury (nee Bethel) was born on Harbour Island on Januruy 14, 1914 She excelled in scho ol and became a .-----------, monitor at the AllAge School at the ear l y age of 13. After a few years of teaching at the Public School she was employed with The Sis ters of Charity at St. Benedict Catholic School and remained there for the next 30 yers. Mrs Albury taught at St. Thomas More for 28 years and at St. Cecilia s for eight years. For many years, because of her interest in children with spe cial needs Mrs. Albury taught remedial lessons to students in her horne Mrs. Albury was a very active member of her church school and community She is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary organist of StThomas More Parish Church, member of the E lks Lodge and Mother's Club of which she b ecame Mother of the Year in 1987. In 1997, she was bestowed the Medal of Honour from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Government House H.E. A. Leonard Archer, OBE His Excellency A Leonard Archer OBE, is currently The Bahamas High Commissioner to the English-speaking Caribbean and Ambassador to the Republic of Suriname He began his pubic career as a teacher o n his return from teacher education studies in the United Kingdom After serving five years as princi pal of schools in the Family Islands h e enrolled at the Uni versity of the West 8 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Indies in Jamaica, gTaduating in 1971 with an honours degree He started the C. C. Sweeting Senior High School in 197 I and after 11 years was transferred to R. M. Baile y Senior High School. Mr. Archer retired from the Public S e rvice in 1 983. Mr. A rcher has been involved in the Trade Union Move m ent in The Bahamas and the Carib bean and has served twice as P.Tesident of The Bahamas Union of Teachers He was also President of the Caribbean Congress of Labour He served as Secretary-General of the Tiade Union Congress for 11 ye ars and was a member of the executive board of the Brussels-bas e d lntemational Confede

Maggie Oscroft-Berry Mrs. Margaret Oscroft-Berry b egan her career as a trained teacher at R.M. Baile y Se nior High School in 1969 During her tenure at R. M. Baile y, she held the posit ion of Head of the Arts and Crafts Department. Mrs. Oscroft Berry resigned in August, 1997 due to ill h ealth. Mr. Kingsley Black Mr. Kingsley L. Black began his teaching ca reer in 1970 when he was posted as an untrained teacher at his alma mater, the Pirates Well All-Age School in Mayaguana, at the age of 1 6. His insatiable passion for excel l ence prompted him to enrolJ in the San Salvador Teachers College from which he graduated in 1974 with a Teachers Certificate endorsed by the University of the West Indies During his years as a teacher he taught at both the primary and second ary levels Mr. Black has served as principal of Conch Sound Primary School and his Last teaching post was as Head of the Business Studies Department at C H Reeves Secondary School. Mr. Black considers his contributions to the development of education in the country as presi dent of the Bahamas U nion of Teachers to be th e jewel in his crown. Elected president in 1993 he has been instru mental in re-aligning the vision and mission of the BUT to support and strengthen positive developments in public education. The development and implementation of the new Career Path for Public School Teachers and Admini strators is a masterp i ece of this s hift in union lead ership strategy. Mrs. Mary B r enneo Mrs. Mary Brennen retired in 1997 after dedi cating 53 years ofher life to t eac hing exce ll ence Thirteen of those years were given to the public ser vice at the Eastern Preparatory School, and 40 years of uninter rupted service were given to her church school, Bahamas Academy of Seventhday Adventists. Through her tireless efforts in teaching, thou sands of lives were touched shaped and trained in our Bahamian society. She considers the academic success co upl ed with the invaluabl e quality of the li ves her students lead. to be among her greatest rewards. Ms. Telzena Coa.kJey Ms. Telzena Coakley was born in Nassau to the late Granville and Alberta Coakley She received he r early education in public schools, culminating at t e Government High School Furthering her education, she obtained a bachelor's degree and two Master de grees Ms. Coakley worked as a teacher and administrator for many years and was the co-founderofthe Benedictine Programme (Univer sity College Benedictine) in The Bahamas in 1973 In recent years Ms. Coakley has worked in the insurance industry culminating in the post of Registrar of Insurance In this post she did extensive work in the drafting of the Ins,lrance Bill which will soon be made public Additionally, Ms. Coakley has assisted the government with t\.vo special projects the Royal Commi ssion (Freeport) as Secretary and the Commission of Inquiry of Assistant Secretary Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 9


Mrs. Alfreda Cooper Mrs. Alfreda Cooper a consummate teacher who strongly believes that "a teacher affects eter nity," studied in The Bahamas, Scotland and the United Stat es. Her teaching experience started at Southern Junior and Senior Schools as a pupil t eacher. Her vast expe rienc e as an admin istrator began as a Senior Mistress at Yellow Elder Primary School and continued as the founding v ice-principal of Uriah McPhee Primary School Principal ofT. A. Thomp son Primary, principal of E. P. Roberts Primary founding principal of Thelma Gibson Primary, and now principal of C. W. Sawyer Primary An advocate fot professional deve lopment, Mrs. Cooper was instrumental in building a library at T. A Thompson and helping to send the E P Roberts school choir to represent The Bahamas at World Expo '88 and for a dynamic writing programme at C W. Sawyer Continuously eager to keep with th e new trends in education, Mrs Cooper has membership in local and international organizations such as the National Association of Elementary School Principals the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Devel opment, the National Reading Association and the Primary Principals Association with the distinction of being its longest serving president. Mrs. Elma Garraway Mrs Elma I. Garraway has devoted her life to education and service. Beginning as a studeqt teacher at Buckley s Public School on Long Is land she has moved steadily through the ranks to h e r current position as Under Secretary in the Ministry of Educa tion. Holder of a Master s degree in education from the University of Mi-10 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony ami Mrs. Garraway served as Senior Mistress, lec turer, Assistant Chairperson and Chairperson of the Teacher Education Division of the College of the Bahamas and Deputy Director of Education. Recognizing the importance of the availabil ity of learning materials to support the school cur riculum, Mrs. Garraway assisted in the de velo pm ent of a series of Social Studies textbooks for use in primary schools. She was also instrumental in the establishment of the Education Awareness Society and developed the proposal for the introduction of a Teacher Cadet Corps in the schools. An active member of numerous committees boards and councils Mrs. Garraway was Assistant Commissioner of The Bahamas Girl Guides Asso ciation, a member of the Council of the College of The Bahamas, Bahamas National Trust, and Baha mas National Pride Association. She is also a former Chief Commissioner for the Girl Guides Association Secretary-Gene,ral for The Bahamas National Commission for UNESO and a member of the Catholic Board of Education and Catholic Diocesan Council. Ms. Cynthia Love, MBE Ms Cynthia Love MBE, began her teaching career in 1944 when she was appointed a pupil teacher. After o btain ing her Teaching Certifi cate and Bachelors degree she steadily moved through the teaching and admin istrative posts After teaching for 40 years, she en tered semi-retirement in 1984, but was re hired that same year. In 1993, after eight more dedicated years as princi pal of Oakes Field Primary School, she retired The education system has been enric h ed be cause of her p erformance and invaluable contribu tion in the area of primary education in New Provi dence. Ms. Love held the post of National Commis sioner of the Girls Brigade and is a member of The Bahamas Girl Guide Association


Mrs. Josephine Parker Mrs. Joseph ine Parker (nee Rolle) was born in Rolle Town, Exuma, on February 16 1948 to the late Rev. E J. and Mrs. Inez Rolle She received her earl y education at the Georg e Town and Rolle Tow n Public S chools, Exuma, and in Nassau at the Gov ernment High School before fur thering her educa tion at the Bahamas Teachers College (1967 69) and the University of the West Indies (1970-73). She was awarded her master s degree by the University ofMiami in 1987 During her career, she was posted at T. Gibson Primary R. M Bailey Secondary, Abaco Central Secondary in Spring City, C. C. Sweeting and L. W.Young. From 1976 to the present Mrs Parker has moved steadily through the administrative .ranks of assistant senior mistress, senior mistress. vice-prin cipal and principal. From August, 1993, to 1998 she served as prin cipal of L. W. Young Secondary and was recentl y named principal of the new Cecil W Bethel Sec ondary School for the 1998/99 school year Highlights ofher career include preparing stu dents m Abaco to the write the General Certificate of Education examinations, entering the first group o f seventh graders to write the Pitman English Lan guage exam actively assisting the first school band at R. M Baile y and the internationally-exposed marching band at L. W Young Mrs. Parker serves as Sunday School teacher at Zion Baptist Churoh and is also a Council mem berofThe Bahamas Girl Guides Association and a mern ber of the Academic Board of the Bahamas Baptist Community College. Mrs. Iris Pinde r Mrs. Iris Pinder is the Director of Education. Mrs. Pinder began preparing for her illustrious ca reer in education at The Bahamas Teachers' Col lege where she received an endorsed Teachers Cer tificate from the University o f the West Indies. She began her teaching career in 1968 at Buckley's School in Long Is land and during her years there she did much to enrich the cultural life of resi dents of South Long Island. This dedi cated and bard work ing teacher organized Saturday c l asses home visits, debates and plays. She was also president o f the An g lican Yo ung People's Assoc iation and the Deadman's Cay Youth Group From 1974 to 1975 she taught at A. F Adderley Senior High School and her skills were further enhanced after she received a bachelor's de gree from the University of the West lndies. Upon completion of a m aster's in curriculum and supervision from the University of Miami in 1979 Mrs. Pinder served the Ministry ofEducation in an administrative capacity. She was also at Hawksbill and Eight Mile Rock Senior High Schools and she was the mastermind behind enlisting corporate support for the technical and v ocational programmes which still exist at the new Jack Hayward High School. Her experience as a classroom teacher head of departmen t, vice pnnctpal and principal greatly as sisted her when she was promoted to Assistan t Di rectorofEducation in 1993 Deputy Directorin 1994 and Acting Directorin 1997. Mrs. Harriett Pratt Mrs Harriet Pratt (nee Knowles) was born at Deadman s Cay, Long Tsland, to Charles and Ellen Knowles. She received her early education at Buckley's All-Age School which has now been renamed N.G.M. Major Secondary School. Choosing teaching as her life's vocation, she studied at the Bahamas Teachers' College, receiving an en dorsed certificate Silver Jubilee A wards Ceremony 11


from the University of the West Indies and the Uni versity ofMiami, where she received her bachelor's and master's degrees Her teaching career began at the Mangrove Bush Primary School and in 1986, she was trans ferred to the newly-built Carlton E. Francis Ptimary school as its founding vice-principal. In August, 1995 she was promoted to the principalship and was transferred to Flamingo Gar dens Primary which was recently renamed the Gerald Cash Primary School. Under her leadership this new institution is becoming a model of excellence She is a member of the Primary Principals' As sociation, The Bahamas Association of School Edu cators, the International Reading Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the National Association of Elementary School Princi pals, among others. Mrs. Pratt is also affiliated with the Bahamas Girl Guides Association and the Young WomenJ s Christian Association. A devoted Anglican, she worships at Holy Cross Anglican Church where she is an active vestry member. Mrs. Miriam Roker Ms. Miriam E. Roker was born November 13 1923 in Fox Hill to Reuben and Margaret Roker (nee Rahming). She received her early education at Sandi land s All-Age School and it was here at her alma mater where her professional life began. At the early age of 13 she became a monitor and persevered until she became a full fledged teacher. She was from the era when teach ing was regarded as a vocation and re wards were gained through students' accomplishments She was se lected to study at the American Baptist Theology Seminary (now the American Bap tist College) in Nashville, Tennessee. Having obtained her bachelor's degree she re turned to The Bahamas where she rejoined the staff of Sandilands School in September, 1960. She re mained there until \972 when she was transferred to L. W Young Secondary School as a guidance coun sellor 12 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Ms. Roker was among a group of teachers honoured by the Primary Principals Association in 1989. Later that year, she retired from the teaching profession Pastor Hugb Roach Pastor Hugh A. Roach has spent over 40 years of service involved with children and education He has served as a teacher, a member of the Central Advisory Committee. on Educatio.n, the Ju venile Panel., Vice Chairman and Chair mao of the National Drug Council, a high school and Chaplain of the Senate. He served his church as a pastor, Principal ofBahamas Academy of Sev enth-day Adventists Director of Adventist Education, Chairman of the Board ofManagers, and as director of various church departments. He is also a member of the West Indies Col lege Board, Bahamas Academy School Board and he served two terms as president of The Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists At present, Pastor Roach serves as Chairman of Sandilands Welfare Committee, pastor of Maraoatha SDA Church and Director of Ministe rial, Public Relations and Religious Liberty Department, Bahamas Conference of SDA. Mrs. Beverly J.T. Taylor Mrs. Beverly 1. T. Taylor is a veteran Science educator. She has 3 1 years expe rience in the fie ld of Science Education having taught science to children at secondary level and young adults at tertiary level trained teach ers to teach science and served as a curriculum developer, administrator and su pervisor. She has pioneered many projects for the advancement of Science Education in The Bahamas and is founder and orga-


nizer ofThe Bahamas Science and Technology Exhibition, the Bahamas Resource Centre, The Bahamas Association of Science Educators (BASE) and the Children s Environmental Summit. She has worked with local regional and inter national organizations in developing, implementing, coordinating and promoting activities for improved quality in the field of science She serves on The Bahamas Environmental Scientific and Technology Commission (BESl) sub committee for science and technology and the ad hoc committee on the Review oflntemational Obli gations She was recently appointed Chairperson of the Science and Techno logy Subcommittee for the Ba hamas National Commission of UNESCO. Mrs. Taylor has also served as a volunteer teacher to the inmates of Her Majesty s Prison and now serves on a committee responsible for estab lishing the Technical and Vocational Centre for in mates. An active member of Christ the King Angli can Church, Mrs Taylor served as a vestry member and Synod representative NuRSING Yellow Birds The Yell ow Birds or The Princess Margaret Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary was established in June 1966, as a summer pilot programm e in w hic h volunteers served in the Female Medical and Male Surgical Wards as well as in the Medical Library Latereightteenager s home from school joined the volunteer ,group as Junior Yellow Birds'' to entertain the children in the various wards The pilot programme was so successful that three months later in October the volunteer service s expanded to cover J 4 different hospital departments In November, 1966, the vol unteer auxiliary was official l y recognized by the Ministry of Health as the hospital's Volunteer Organ ization Although th e formal name of the organization i s the Princess Margaret Volunteer AuxiJJary th e group is popu larl y known as 'The Yellow Birds," typified by their ye llow uniform s. Since i ts formation 32 y ears ago the Yellow Birds have contrib uted about $1 32 1 000 to th e Prin cess Margaret Hospital from proceeds from the ir canteen hospitality cart and Gift Shop. Mrs. Ro sa Mae Bai n Mrs. Rosa Mae Godet-Bain a graduate of th e Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing, has com pleted more than 37 years in nursing. She has served in all areas of the Princess Margaret Hospital and Com munity Nursing including several Family Islands She was the first Pediatric Liaison Officer to be appointed at PMH, and she also holds the dis tinction of being the first Nurse Epidemiologist. In 1992, Nurse Bain was the first nurse to re ceive the International Red Cross award for HIV/ AIDS work and she received the Ministry ofHealth s Dedicated and Long Services award in 1997 She was also honoured by Zeta Phi Beta So rority and the Institute of Human Virology Train ing, University ofMaryland, in 1998. At present Nurse Bain is th e Co-ordinator of the AIDS Se cretariat and i s a national regional and international resource person for HIV/AIDS She is marri e d to Mr. Dav id Bain and the y have one daughter and two sons. N urse Bain is an activ e memberofCarmichael Bible Church and chairperson of a Ladies Minist ry group Silver Jubile e Awards Cere mon y 13


Mr. lronica Morris-Baker Mrs. Ironaca Morris-Baker was the first quali fied Bahamian Sister Tutor at the Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing and the first Bahamian Principal Nursing Officer of the Bahamas School of Nursing and Department of Nursing Education. Trained in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Morris-Baker was also aWard Sis-.__ ____ ter in the Children s Ward. She played a pivotal role in the transfer of Nursing to the College ofThe Bahamas and the de velopment of nursing programmes and during her tenure as President of the Nurses Association The Bahamas was admitted to the International Council of Nurses Mrs. Morris-Baker has served as Chairman of the Nursing Council fqr many years and Chairman of the Ministry ofHealth and Nursing Council Board of Examiners She has also served as Director of Nursing a post from which she retired in May, 1994 Mrs. Morris-Baker was recently appointed Regi s trar of the Nursing Council. Mrs. Patricia Bethel Mrs. Patricia Ferguson-Bethel was trained at the Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursin g and was appointed staff nurse in 1959 She rose to the rank of Nursing Officer I. Her __ __ post-basic e x perience spanned all the services provided b y th e Ministry of Health She also worked for an extended p e riod on the Private Surgical Wa(d ofthe hospital. In 1975 Mrs. Bethel completed a Bums and Plastic Surgery Course at Queen Victoria Hospital, England becoming the first Bahamian to be so qualified. Upon her return home, she was instrumental in the establishment of the Bums Unit at the PMH. A highly respected and valuable nursing of ficer, Mrs. Bethel continues to demonstrate exper tise in Bums Nursing Her caring attitude often extending into the ward to patients and their families. 14 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremon y Mrs. Castella Bowleg Mrs. Castella Gibson-Bowleg completed her nurse training at the Princess Margaret School of Nursing and upon graduation worked as a staff nurs e in the operating theatre She later trained as a clinical teach e r in the United Kingdom and upon her return to The Bahamas, worked as a clinical teacher A graduate of the Advanced Nursing Education programme at the University of the West Indies sh e has served with distinction in Nursing Education She rose steadily through the ranks to Principal Nursing Officer at the Ministry of Health s School ofNursing. She also served for a p e riod as a lecturer at the College of The Bahamas She has contributed greatly to the dev e lopm ent of the Enrolled Nurse Programme and in Curricu lum D e velopm e nt. She has served on the Ministry of Health and Nursing Council s Board of Examiners was chair person of the Nursing Council and past President of the Nurses Association of the Commonwealth ofThe Bahamas Mrs. Angela Carroll Mrs. Ang ela L Knowles-Carroll began h e r pro fessional life in 1946 at the Bahamas G e neral Hos pital Four y ears later she graduated as a reg iste r e d nurse and midwife Througho u t her nursing career, Nurse Carroll has been an outstanding nurs e and h as served on numerous committe es to adv anc e nursin g in the country She worked at the Prin c e s s M arg aret Hospital Rassin s Clinic Rassin s Hospital St. Andre w's School as school nurse and she also spent several years as a private duty nurse Married to Mr. Robert Carroll they have two sons eight grandchildren and one adopted grandchild. Active in the church Nurse Carroll is a lay reader, a member of the Angli can Church Women the church choral and the So cial Outreach Ministry


Mrs. Philabertba Carter Mrs. Philabertha Carter is a graduate of The Bahamas School of the South West Scot land College of Nursing and the University of the West Indies Mrs Carter has served as StaffNurse and Midwife at PMH, Supervisor of Community Clinics on two Family Is lands Supe rvisor of Post-natal Home Care Nursing Service L e ctu re r for th e Community N ursing Programm e and th e Associate Degree N ursin g Pro gramm e at the C oJJege o f Th e Bah a mas Sh e has al so serve d as a m embe r of th e H e alth and F amil y L ife Educati o n C ouncil Co-Chairp e r son of the F amil y Plannin g/Re produ c tiv e H eal th Tec hnical Ad visory C ommi tt ee, Maternal an d Child He alth Techni cal Ad v i sory Committ ee, an d Board ofExamin e rs of th e Min i stry o fHealth and th e N u rs in g C oun ci L Prese ntly, M rs. Carte r se rv es as H e alth S ys tems Officer I at the M in istry o f H e alth an d is Programme Coo r d in ator of the National Fam ily Planning Programme an d Pro ject D irec tor of Maternal He alth S h e is currently con ducti n g trainin g for nurses p h ysicians and health support staff in the use of the new Perinatal Cli n ical record and Information Sys tem Mrs. Naomi Christi e Mrs Naomi Christi e an outstanding nurs e midwife. was born October 21, 1920 in Tarpum Bay Eleutbera Commencing nurse training at Th e Bahamas General Hos p ital, she gradu ated in 1942. Fol lowing grad u ation s h e wo rk ed as a privat e du ty nur se on th e ni ght s h ift at the Ras sin Clini c for a numbe r of years, and lat e r at th e Private Surgical Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospi tal. Mrs. Christie served as a midwife and con ducted many home deliveries in the Centreville area A dedicated nurse clinician, Mrs. Christie dem onstrated a genuine sense of caring and was a strong supporter of the Nurses Association of The Bahamas, and has made significant contribution to strengthening the camarnderie within the nursing profession as a private duty nurse. Retiring from acti v e nursing in 1987 Nurse Christie spent eight years doing volunteer work with the Bahamas Conference ofMethodist Churches An activ e m ember of Wesley M ethodist C hur c h she is marri e d to Mr. Gladstone Christi e hims elf an honouree and they have five childr e n including th e Hon Peny G Chri s ti e, L e ader o f the Oppo s ition They al s o have 10 g randchildren and on e great grand child Mr. EUjab Daniels Mr. Elijah Jam es Dani e l s, w h o re t ired in 1 997 as S enior Orth o p ae di c A ss i s tan t at th e Prin ce ss Margaret H osp ital was b orn M a y 3, 1932, in Old Bi ght. Cat I s land H e atte nd e d th e A ll A ge S c h oo l there before mi g ratin g to Nassa u at the age of 18 in 1950 to join th e staff o f The Baham as Ge n eral H os p ital (no w the P rin cess Margaret H ospital). Whil e h e u n derwent training to beco m e a m al e nurse, Mr. Dani e l s atten d e d the Govenunent High School's Evening Institute After h e gradur------------. ated in 1953 as a m ale nurse, he moved over to the hospital's medical departmen t, where he became an orthopaedic techni cian He did ortho paedic trammg abroad, including a six-month course at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital in Exeter England i n 1968 and another course in San Francisco Before reti ring after 47 years of service at the h ospital Mr. Dani els headed a staff o f m ore than 12 in the O rth opaedic De partm ent. He receive d th e Bri t i sh Empire Me d al from the Q u ee n in 1990 for his worlc in th e departm e n t. Mr. Dani e l s married Shirley F emande r of El e uth e ra in 1 957. They have tw o son s and two daught ers. Silv e r Jubile e Awards Ceremony 15


Mr. Lincoln Davis Mr. Lincoln Davis first worked as an attendant in the unit for psychiatric patients before beginning nurse training in 1951 at the Bahamas General Hos pital, now known as the Princess Maxgaret Hospital. area He worked as a registered nurse in Andros for four years and then in the P:MH s oper ating theatre for two years before being transferred to Sandilands Rehabili tation Centre. He was the second Bahamian to train as a psyc hiatric nurse and most ofhis professional life bas been devoted to thi s Through the years, he rose to the post of Act ing Principal Nursing Officer SRC. He also served as a member of the Ministry of Health and Nursing Council Board of Examiners the Psychiatric Nurs ing Advisory Board and th e National Salaries Re view Committee. Most recently, he s erved as officer-in-charge ofthe Maximum Security Unit, SRC. During his tenure Mr. Davis was appoint e d a member of the Nursing Council and served as trea surer for a number of years. He retired from th e ser vice in 1998 Mrs. Beverly Dean Mrs Beverly Dean began her nurse training at the Bahamas General Hospital (now known as the Princess Margaret Hospital) in 1953 and was named years. nurse ofthe year in her graduating class She has worked in most of the department s of the PMH but has devoted the majority of her nursing career to the care of premature babi es She also served as manager of the Special Care Baby Unit for many In 1982 Mrs. Dean was honoured b y the Medical Association of The Bahamas for her outstanding contribution to health service in The Bahamas and 16 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony in 1985 she received the Queen s Certificate and Badge ofHonour for long and dedicated service to the Special Care Baby Unit. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the PMH was recently named in her honour. Since retirement, she has been re-employed and continues to serve as a staff nurse in the pediatric area of the PMH. Mrs. Gloria Ferguson Mrs. Gloria Ferguson was amemberofthe first Preliminary Training Schoof for Bahamian nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital in 1958 and gradu ated as a registered nurse midwife. She worked for .--=-==--..,-----.,-.,.-----. many years as an outstanding midwife in the Midwifery services at the hospital before being trans ferred to the Depart ment ofNursing Edu cation to teach in the midwifery programme. Later she mov ed to the College of the Bahamas where she presently serves as co-ordinator of the post-basic Midwifery Programme for Regi ste r e d Nurses. Mrs Ferguson has serve d on a number ofFamily Islands and was also coordinator of the post-basic Maternal and Child Health programme for Trained Clinical Nurses She is a past president of the N urs es Associa tion of The Bahamas and is an ordained minister of the gospel pastoring at M0unt Ararat Baptist Church. Mrs. Brooell AJbury-Hinsey Mrs. Bronell Albury-Hinsey affectionate l y known as 1

stationed in the Geriatric Department of Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. Mrs. Albwy-Hinsey is an ordained Evange list and attends St. John s Native Baptist Church whe r e is she is actively involved In February 1978, she was among six women honoured b y ZNS a.Qd. was given an award for dedi cated service to tlie Nursing Profession Mrs. Albury-Hinsey is the mother of one daughter Mrs D e siree Clarke and th e grandmoth e r of two. Mrs. Jennie Isaacs Mrs J e nni e Cuthb e rtson-Isaacs came to The Bahamas from Ireland as a nurse educato r She serve d in the Bahamas Scho o l o f Nursing and th e Departm ent ofN ursing Educati o n as a Se nio r Nursing Officer in the Register e d Nurse Programme, and late r as Principal N ursin g O ffice r She al so served as a m e m her of the E d ucatio n Co mmittee of the Nursing Councill and the M inistry of Health an d Nursing Council Board ofExami ners. She pl ayed a p ivotal role in coordinating the transition of the Basic Nurs ing Programme from the Mjnistry of Health to the College ofThe Baha mas. Mrs. Isaacs was the first Provost of the Grosvenor Close Campus of the College of The Bahamas a post from which she reti red in January 1996. She is manied to Mr. Geral d Isaacs of The Bahamas Ms. Kathleen Johnson Mrs. Kathleen Elizabeth Johnson is a master nurse in the field of-----------, Public Health. She received her basic training in 1973, Midwifery in 1975 and Health Vis iting in L979 at the Department ofNursing Education Ministry of Health She has worked at the P rin cess MarL__ ________ ___. garet Hospital the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and the Department of Public Health as well as the Family Island s Mrs Johnson is extensive l y involved in Pub lic Health education and service and has played a pivotal ro l e in the establishment of the P A C E. programme for adolescent mothers and peer coun s e lling programmes in schools She presently serves as director/coordinator of the Maternal and Child Health and Adolescent Health Projects Programme. Ms. Mary Johnson Miss Mary L. John son, Director of Nursing since May, 1994 began her nurs e tr aining at the Prin ce s s Margaret Hospital in Nass au and continu e d at B ro adgre e n Hos pital Liverpool E n g land U p o n her return to Nassau s h e w as appointed a s taff nurse and serve d as one of th e first clinical teachers at PMH She later pursued a post-basic course in psychiatric nursing at the Royal Ed ; 11bu rgh J:Iospital Scotland becoming L__ ____ ____ ........J the first Bahamian female to receive training in this field in the UK. She was also awarded a fellows h ip t o pursue Nurs ing Education and became the first Bahamian Psychiatric Nurse Tutor. She worked in the Department ofNursing Edu cation for over 12 years ; transferred in 1986 to Nurs ing Administrntion at SandiJands Rehabilitation Centre and was promoted to Principal Nursing Officer in January 1989 She was appointed Director of Nursing in May 1994 Presently she is Chairperson of th e Nursing Advisory Committee a member of the Nurses As sociation of The Bahamas and the Nursing Co un cil and a member of the Board of the Charles W Saunders High SchooL Miss Jolmson was a member of the National Drug Council, a director of The Bahamas Council for the Handicapped and the R egistrar of the Nursing Council ofThe Bahamas among others. She is also a member of Mace donia Baptist Church where she serves as a S und ay Sch ool teacher p ianist and choi r member. Silver J ubilee Awards C eremony 17


Mrs. Cecile A Knowle s Mrs. Cec il e A. Knowles came to The Baha mas as a registered nurse, registered midwife oph thalmic nurse pe di atric nurse and qualified nurse tutor followin g her marriage to a Bahamian Jnjtially, she served as a Senior Nursing Officer at the Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing and in 1972, she was transferred to the PMH where she served as Senior N ursing Officer in surgery and pediatrics. She was the nursing officer in charge when the new extension of the Out Patients and Ambulatory Care Department was commissioned and she was responsible for in serv i ce education for n u rses. Mrs. Know l es 'also served as Acting Principal Nursing Officer at PMH for o n e year before being transferred to the College of The Bahamas to be come the first coord inator of the Associate Degree Nursing Programme At COB she was e l ected Chairperson of the Natural Sciences Division and later served as the first Chairperson of the Nursing and Health Sciences Division Following her retire m ent, she was re-employed as a l ec turer in the college's nursing programme More recen tl y, she has serve d as the Nursing Co uncil s external examiner for the Registered Nurse Final Examinations. Mrs. Eloise Nicholls Nurse Eloise Nicholls began her trainin g at The Bahamas G e neral Hospital in 1946 and graduated as a registered nurse midwife in 1950. Following graduation, s h e wor;ked i n th e Maternity Unity and ro tated through other wards of th e ho s pital before b ecome a pri vate duty nurse During most of her tenure at the ho s pital, s h e worked with maternity patients on th e Privat e 18 Silver Jubile e Awards Ceremony Ward She also conducte d numerous home deHver ies in the St. Agnes area. Overthe years, Nurse Nicholls has been a good ro l e model and her state l y demeanour earned h e r much admiration and respect from clients and peers as she worked the night duty shift on the Pri vate Ward for more than 38 years. An avid supporter of the Nurses Association of The Bahamas she has often assisted wi th fund raising activities. She retired from nursing in 1994 and is a member of St. Agnes Anglican Church. Mrs. Pearl Rahming Mrs. Pearl Douglas-Rahming entered nurse training in 1949 at Bahamas General Hospital and graduated in 1953. A registered nurse midwife she served on Abaco and Eleutltera, and bas made outstanding contrib ution s to the field of nursing and the N\lrses Associa tion of the Common wealth of The Baha mas. Over the years, she bas played a central role in uniting nurses in the private and public sect or She has also contributed s i gnificantly to private duty nursing, serving in the Private Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital, the School Health Services and the Roman Catholic Board of Education as a schooJ nurse since 1974 Mrs Rahming retired in 1997 Mrs. Lydia King-Rolle Mrs Lydia King-Rolle was trained at The Ba hamas Ge n eral Hospital and grad uat ed as a regis tered nurse midwife. A devoted nurse she bas given many years of quality service to th e peop l e of Exuma Her nursing practice has been c haract e rized by dili gence industriou s ness and J ove for h e r work. S h e is well re spected in th e communit y and is very involved in commu nity activities.


Over the years, Nurse Rolle has been actively involved in the training of students who are seconded to the Family Islands for rural experience. She also serves as mentor to new graduates posted to the area Mrs Enid Ruddock Mrs. Enid ,Ruddock the wife of a recruited schoolteacher came to The Bahamas as a staff nurse in 1962 from Jamaica Her first assignment was to the Deep Creek Clinic Andros. Over the years, she served faithfully and arduously in Community Health Nursing, particularly in the Family Islands She has assisted significantly with teaching basic and post-basic nursing students o n rotation to th e Family Islands for clinical expe rience and she was pro moted to th e post of Nursing Officer in April 1971. Her p l easant personality and wi llin gness to h e lp have endeared her to the nursing co mmuni ty and in particular to the community ofFresh Creek, Andros where she resided for a number of years She retired from the Public Service in 1993 and she currently resides on the island ofNew Provi dence. Mrs. Esmeralda Rutherford Mrs. Esmeralda Johnson-Rutherford is the first trained Bahamian Midwifery tutor and the first Bahan1ian nurse to earn a bachelor s degree Beginning he r nurse training at Princess Margaret Hospi tal, she went off to the United Kingdom to com-plete basic and specialist training Returning home, she served as Labour Ward supervisor at the PMH and was responsible for the development of post basic midwifery programme for both Registered and Enrolled Nurses. She also served as coordinator of these programmes for more than 20 years. Over the years, she has made significant contributions to the development of midwifing practice and maternal and child health services. She was awarded the Queen's Certificate and Badge ofHonour in 1985. A member of the Nurses Association of The Bahamas she served as vice-president, secretary and president. Although no longer in activ e nursing, Mrs Rutherford has been involv e d in the d eve lopment of human res ource s at the Ministry of Health for th e past eight ye ars Mrs. Inez Smitb Mrs Inez Smith a Jamaican-born psychiatric nurse, came to The Bahamas in 1965 and is regard ed as a pioneer in pyschiatric nursing She served as a member of the Ministry of Health and Nursing Council's Board of Exam in ers for many years, and was actively involved in the teaching of students, pupils and men to ring of new graduates. She was also actively involved in the extended orientation programme for nursing auxil iaries and attendants Mrs. Smith contrib uted much of her pers o n al resources to patient care and provided holistic care to patien ts and staff. She was married to the late M r. Da v id Smith. Silver Jubile e Awards Ceremony 19


PUBLIC SERVICE Department of Social Services The Department of Social Services is a gov ernment agency which grants assistance to children and families in distress. Established in 1964, the department comprises Community Support Services Division Child Wel fare Division (Protective Services, Placement Ser vices and Abuse Unit); Family Services Division. Senior Citizens Division Family Island Division and Research/Planning Training and Community Rel a tions Division A Ministry of Social Development was estab lished in 1964 but in 1992, welfare services in The Bahamas amalgamated, hence School Welfare Ser vices, Health Social Services, Disability Affairs Unit and Rehabilitative Welfare Service came under the urn brella of the Ministry of Housing and Social Develo pment. Thro u gh various programmes the department seeks to restore, reinforce and enhance an i ndividual's capacity to perfonn and to provide for the protection of th e young, sick and elderly Royal Bahamas Police Force Band The Royal Bahamas P o lice Force Band, fonned in 1893 has evolved fr om a contingent of 1 2 offic ers who pla ye d at official engagements only into a 20 Si(ver Jubilee Awards Cerem o n y 58-m ember aggregation that d evelops some of its own musical material and is known around the globe for its distinctive performances. In the early 1900s the band was used in re cruiting campaigns for the Police Force in Nassau and the Family Islands After a three-year hiatus in performances because of lack of funds it was re vived in 1933, and by the 1950s had experienc e d progressive improvements, including complete instrumentation for a balanced military band of 18 with four civilians among its members ltclimbedtoanewrl?t.eau in 1958 when Com missioner of Police E. J. .R Cnichester-Wemyss re cruited Mr Dennis Morgan as D irector of Music Mr Morgan introduced anumberofchanp,es, among them making the oand a ftlll-ti.":':!e unit and altering its uniform. Out wem the leather helt and in came a golden-striped red one. A new-look white pit hel met featured a red band and blue and white feathers with a spike and c.l:>ain at its peak Drummers tied on leopard-skin aprons Recognizing the value of the band as a promo tional tool fortowism Sir Stafford Sands then chair man ofthe Dev elopment Board dispatched it in 1962 to perform at a convention of the American Society of Travel Agents in Las Vegas a precursor of trips around the world to sell The Bahamas as a first-rate holiday centre In 1978 Superintendent Duston C Babb suc ceeded Mr. Morgan as Director of Music and placed his own stamp on the band adding more contempo rary and pop music to its repertoire and widening its membership to include women; Antoinette Douglas who joined in November 1984 was its first fe male Deputy Superintendent Syl vester A. George now directs the band with the assistance of Chief Inspector Nigel C l a rk e and Inspectors Ronald Campbell and Peter Mortimer The band now includ es four females and a corps of arrangers composers and vocal i sts with a v ariety of singing sty l es. It fulfills an average of 200 en gagements a year, including the opening of th e Su preme Court, guard-c hanging cere m o ni es at Gov ernment Hou se, and annual classical v ari ety and g o s p e l concerts RoyaJ Bahamas Defence Force Band The Royal Bahamas D efe nc e Force Band be gan fun cti onin g as an official D efe nc e Force unit in May 1995 During th e nine years prior to thi s, the band function e d as a voluntee r co nc ert and march-


ing aggregation. It was started by the Rev. Samuel Sturrup who encouraged officers to forgo their lunch hour twice a week to practise the rudiments of mu sic. Mr. Charles Carey took over as leader of the embryonic band in 1985 eventually becoming its first director. After his death in 1993 he was suc ceeded b y Lieutenant D Michael Clarke, the first Bahamian officer to be in charge of the band. Today it has 33 members, including two fe males, and its ongoing educational programme has enabled members to compose and arrange their own music Although militarily oriented, th e band full y uses local music idioms where pra cticable. Averag ing 54 performances annually it has played through out the Family Islands as well as in Haiti and Florida Mr. Cleophas Adderley Mr. Cleophas Adder l ey, Director of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Cul ture is an attorne y-at-law, a composer an organist .-------------. a pianist, a singer (tenor) and a trained tailor. He is also di rector of The Baha mas National Youth Choir and the Senior Choir of The Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Stapledon Gardens, where he worships. He holds a bachelor of laws de gree with honours from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Barl>ados and a legal education certificate from Norman Manley Law School, Mona, Jamaica. Mr. Adderley has composed a body of works including the first Bahamian concert mass "Missa Caribe "; 'The Carl-Classics", a group of choral com positions based on Baham i an ring plays ; music and rhythms for Winston Saunders's cy ou Can Lead A Horse to Water' '; an aria for 'The Legend of Sammy Swain" a folk opera by the late E. Clement Bethel; and "Our Boys ", the first Bahamian opera, which was performed with local and foreign principals and the orchestra from the Julliard School of Music in New York City, and was presented in July as part of The Bahamas celebrations marking the silver jubi lee of its independence. Mr. Adderley's music has been performed at Caribbean Festivals of Arts (CARIFESTA) in Ja maica, C u ba, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, and throughout the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia. He has released many recordings ofhis works and arrange ments with The Bahamas National Youth Choir and other artists. Mr. Ernest Bowe Mr. Ernest J. Bowe Jr. is a former educator who was born at William's Town, Exuma, and is now an undersecretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning within the Department of Public Ser vice and Labour. Mr. Bowe holds a teacher s cer tificate from The Bahamas Teachers' College, a cer tificate in mathematics from the Univer-r.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;:;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;-, sity ofHull's Institution of Education, Encland, bachelor of educatio n and master of e ducation de grees from the Uni versity of Miami a certificate in public administration from the College of The Bahamas, and an adL-......:...... .:::.;:::===--=======:..J vanced diploma in pubic administration and polic y management from the Training Division of the Min istry ofPubic Personnel. Between 1968 and 1986, he served as princi pal of public schools in Andros lnagua, Grand Bahama and New Providence He was appointed deputy pennanent secretary in the Ministry ofHous ing and National Insurance in 1986, and Undersecretary in 1995 in the Department of Local Government. He has held posts with The Bahamas Union ofTeachers, the Central Advisory Commit ee for Education, the board of directors of the Teach ers Co-operative Ltd. and the board ofthe Teach ers and Salaried Workers Cre dit Union. Mr. Bowe has also served aspresident of the Anglican Church Men's Associ.;lion of Freeport, and a member of the Anglican Diocesan Council Si/ytJr Jubilee Awards Ceremony 11


He married Bernice (nee D e l eveaux) oflnagua in 1970 and they have two sons and twin daugh ters. The Rev Dr. Bervis Bain Jr., MBE, JP, The Reveren d Dr. Hervis L. Bain Jr. is an Associate Minister of the St. John's Native Baptist Cathedral, General Secretary trustee and secretary of the Incorporated Trustees of the St. John's Native .------------., Baptist Society and treasurer of The Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Conven tion. Dr. Bain has had a successful public service career, having served as an art teacher education officer (art and '---====:::._j crafts), chief person nel officer at The Bahamas Electricity Corporation and general manager of The Bahamas Development Corporation. The designer of The Bahamas Coat of Arms and the National Flag he has achieved the highest divisional position in Kiwanis International Dis trict Governor for the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District ofKiwanis International which included 330 clubs and I K.iwanians in the eastern provinces of Canada, The Bahamas Jamaica, The Caribbean and South America. He has published a book on national symbols, and is producer/host of the radio programme "Day break." A Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, he is married to Beverly Yvonne (nee Blair) and they have a son, an ordained Baptist min ister, and two daughters Mr. Arthur Barnett, CBE JP Mr. Arthur Benson Barnett a former career public service officer was born in New Providence Septem ber 20, J 925. He re ceived his secondary education at the Government High School and his tertiary educa tion at St. John's Uni versity, Minnesota. After joining the pub-22 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony lie serv ice he received in-service professional train ing in public administration at Manchester Univer s ity in international relations at Oxford University and in security administration by the British Intelli gence Service in Castries St. Lucia, and London Following his graduation from Government High with a first-grade Cambridge School Certifi cate Mr. Barnett was employed at the Labour Department, recruiting Bahamians for farm work in the U.S. He was later assigned to the Magistrate s Court as an assistant to the Rev John Taylor. After obtaining his Bachelors. at St. John s University he was assigned to the Post Office and then to the Po lice Departmept as paymaster. He was also posted to the Public Treasury, the Government High School the Out I s land Department (as District Commissioner in Eleuthera, Andros and Bimini), the Ministry of E ducation the Ministry ofHome Affairs1 the Immi gration Department the Ministry o f Foreign Affairs. and the Ministry ofLabour and Home Affairs As a civil serv ant, Mr. Barnett discharged, in addition to his normal duties special responsibili ties such as Scoutmaster at the Government High School secretary to The Bahamas Security Council in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs membership on the Joint Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Labour and on The Bahamas Hotel Training Coun cil. Besides serving as presiding officer or return ing officer during parliamentary e lections, be was designated training officer at the Parliamentary Reg istration Department prior to such polls When he retired from the public service after 35 years, eight as permanent secretary Mr. Barnett became exec utiv e director of The Bahamas Hotel Association, a position he held for nine years. When the government changed in 1992 he accepted a twoyear appointment as executive chairman ofBatelco. Over the years, he has served in various ca pacities in many community and religious organi zations. An ardent Roman Catholic, he served for substantial r<-riods on many diocesan and bodies, and now that he is vi rtuall y fully retired, h e is a member ofthe Public Service Commission a lay magistrate and a Deputy to the Governor-Gen e ral. Mr Barn e tt is married to Beryl Winona (nee Russell), a retired educator, and has five sons and four daughters


Mrs. Catherine Benjamin Mrs. Catherine M Benjamin (nee Catoir) who has worked in the Bahamian public service for 33 r---:-==-===--=----. years, was born and raised in New York, where she attended Dominican Acad emy Katharine Gibbs School and Fordham University. She holds a master's de gree in business ad ministration from the 1...--------===...J University of Miami. Her goal was to b ecome a psy chiatric social worker but in January, 1964 she answered her Church s call for volunteers to serve a year in Catholic missions in Latin America, and while her Bishop was processing her posting to Mexico he asked her to defer her plans to respond to an urgent request from the Bishop of The Bahamas for the services of a volunteer teacher for the re mainder ofthe school year. The six month s grew into 34 years. Mrs. Benjamin first served The Bahamas as a lay missionary to the Roman Catholic Diocese for almost two years Through the church she met Mr. J.W. Crispin Benjamin, a senior public officer and widower with 10 children. The y were married in August 1965 and have a son and a daughter In October of that year she entered the public service in the Ministry of Finance, where she re mained until 1968 working as the personal assis tant to the Minister of Finance the Hon. Car lton Francis, and supervising the introduction of new programmes begun as a result of the change of government in 1967 She co-ordinated aspects ofthe national plan for the conversion from sterling to dollars. Between 1968 and 1973 she worked at the Ministry of Development. In 1973 Mrs. Benjami n moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where her responsibilities included serving as finance officer heading the ministry's technical assistance unit, and serving as chief liaison officer between The Baha mas and the United Nations Development Programme, the Commonwealth Fund for Techni cal Co-operation, the Organization of American States and other U.N and Commonwealth agencies Since 1992 she has been posted to the Office of the Prime Minister where she was national co-ordinator for the government s Hurricane Andrew Relief, Re pair and Reconstruction Programme; she is also ad ministrator of The Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission Mrs. Naomi Blatch Mrs. Naomi Blatcb for whom the primary school on Blue Hill and John Roads is named, was born Naomi Irene Richardson in January, 1910 and made a career of teaching in the public-school sys tem. She received her early education at St. Francis Xavier's School where she was the vale dictorian at the graduation exercises in June 1927 In September of that year Mrs. Blatch as a grade-one pupil teacher, began teaching students in grade three at the Quarry Mission School whose principal was Mr. E P Roberts, now deceased. She later taught grade four and also assisted with music at the pian o. On Mr. Roberts rec ommendation, she was transferred to the Western Senior School under the headmastership of Mr. T. A Thompson Mrs Blatch attended night classes taught by Mr. Thompson who is also de ceased and passed the Cambridge Junior Certificate examination Between 1934 and l she acted twice as headteacher ofWestem Preparatory School No. 1 In August; 1938, she was sent as headteach er to The Bluff, Eleuthera, and the following year was awarded a scholarship to Tuskegee Institute, Ala bama She returned to the Bluff in 1940 Recalled to Nassau in early 1942, Mrs. Blatch was appointed first assistant to Mr. Paul Albury at the Southern Primary School. In 1945 she was named first assistant to Mr. Harold Nash Other principals under whom she served were Mr. Carlton Francis Mr. Gary Pinder and Mr. R. N. Sawyer. Mrs. Blatch married George Blatch, now deceased, in 1940, and they had three children Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 23


Mr. Anthony Butler Mr. Anthony Butler DirectorofPublic Works, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 195 8. He has an honours degree in civil engineering, and is a char tered engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers of the United Kingdom. He has been in the civil engineer ing industry for 25 years. For the past nine years he has been employed with the Ministry of Public Works, having been initially posted at Eleuthera as area en gineer with responsi bility for Eleuthera and Cat Island Dur ing his three-year posting, he was responsible for the technical direc tion of the post-Hurricane Andrew recovery programme, which began in 1992. In 1993, Mr. Butler was posted to Freeport Grand as northern regional engineer with responsibility for the Abacos, the Berry Islands and Grand Bahama. He was also the project manager responsible for the Family Island infrastructural improvement programme, including airports, docks and the 650-mile Family Island road project. In 1995, Mr. Butler was promoted to Acting Director of. Public Works, and was later confirmed He is responsible forthe direction of the government s capital works programme, including construction of schools and various public buildings Paradise Is land Bridge, and the implementation of the New Providence tJaffic management plan including th e downtown reversal He is married to Marie and they have thre e children Richard, Caitlin and Michael. Mr. Milo Butler, Jr. Mr. Milo B Butler, Jr. is a former Senator and Speaker of the House of Assembly having been elected to the lower house for three consecutive five-year terms begin ning in 1977 Born Nov 30 ., 1936 Mr Butler obtained his early education in Nassau and later be cameamemberofthe 24 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Society of the Middle Temple Inn of Court, Lon don. He served as vice-president of the Senate from 1969 to 1974. Following his election to the House of Assembly in the Pinedale constituency for a third time in 1987, he was elected Deputy Speaker in 1989 and held the post until November, 1991, when he became Speaker. He served until the dissolution of parliament in 1992. Between 197 4 and 1977 he was the first Consul-General ofThe Bahamas in the State of Florida. Mr. Butler is the son of Sir Milo Butler, the first Bahamian Governor-General, and Lady Butler Mr. James CampbeU Mr. James Allardyce Campbell a former public-school principal Out Island commissioner assistant treasurer and chief housing officer was born in Arthur' s Town, Cat Island October 28 1918 He received his primary and sec ondary education at the Arthur s Town Public School and also took correspon dence courses from Wolsey Hall Cam bridge In 1941 he was appointed Headmaster at the pub I i c L..-.:.::.:....===--=.::.......:===.J school in Dumfries, Cat lsland and subsequentl y served as Headmaster at New Bight, Cat Island True Blue Crooked Island and Bimini He became an Out Island Commissioner in 1950 and was posted to San Salvador subsequently serving in New Bight, Arthur' s Town"? the whole of Cat Island and Nicholl's Town Andros. In 1971 Mr. Campbell was appointed Assistant Treasurer and Controller of Expenditure in the Public Treasury and the fol lowing year was transferred to the Department of Housing and National Insurance as Chief Housing Officer He retained the latter post until llls retire ment in 1978 An Anglican who was made an MBE in 1965 he became a Sunday school teacher when he was 15, and has been s erving as a lay reader and cat echist s ince 1939 Mr. Campbell is married to Doreen (nee F e rguson) of Crooked Island and they have six sons and four daughters


Mrs. Sheila Culmer Mrs. Sheila Culmer, principal of the Stapl edon School for the Mentall y Retarded w as born in Calabash Bay, Andro s, April 2 6 1 9 4 6 Sh e rece ived h e r secondary e du cation at th e West em Senior and Gov ernme n t Hig h S c hools, and late r enroUed in th e D e p artment of Special Education of Buf falo State Univer sity. She holds a teacher's certificate from The Bahamas Teachers College an advanced diploma from Cam bridge Institute ofEducation, Cambridge England and a B.Sc. degree from the University of Miami. A former team teacher and physical education teacher at Sayles/William Phipps Schoo l Mrs. Culmer experienced a burning desire m work with underprivileged children in the 1960s and there fore assisted the boy s and gids at the Ranfurl y Home fo r Children In th e following decade she widene d her horizons to include resident s of the P e rsis Rodgers Home for the Aged She joined th e Stapledon School for the Men tally Retarded as a t eacher in 1971 and was name d princip al eight years later In 1975 Mrs Culmer worked as o n e of the f ounding members o f Special Olympics in The Bahamas, managing the programme as natio.nal director until 1994 ; it en abled mentall y handicapped persons to travel abroad extensively to compete in track and field e v ents Between 1985 and 1987 she successfully advocated free education for mentally retarded students at the Stapledon School and in 1985 chaired the committee that hosted the Second Worl d Congress for the Disabled. She chaired The Bahamas National Con ference for Disability in 1996 Mrs. Culmer is manied to Samue l C ulmer. They h ave four daught ers and a son Mr: Cecil Curling Mr. Cecil N Curling a former educator and trade unionist, is a native of Duncan Town, Ragged Island He attended the All-Age School in Ragged Island and w as accept e d as a m ember of the first group of students who attend e d the new St. John's Colleg e in 1947 He was among the first group o f teache r train ees at The Baham as Teac hers' Train in g College Gradu ati n g as a trained teacher, h e was posted at Roses, Long Island. He taught for nine years in the family Islands before he was trans ferred to New Providence where h e taught for 23 y ears H e received an in-service award to study at the University of Loughborough. He held posts at C H. Reeves Junior High School and A F. A d derley lgh, and retired as principal of C. R. Walker Tech nical Training College, which became a part of th e College of The Bahamas Mr. Curling was president of The Bahamas Union ofTeachers for five years, and was a found in g member of The Bahamas Teachers Co-opera tive Mrs. Sadie Curtis Mrs Sadie Curtis, a former educator was b orn at The Bluff, Cat Island Dec 22 1924 She at tended the Western Senior School the Oakes Field Teachers CoJieg e and th e Institute of Education of the University of,..-----------. Nottingham, where she completed a gen eral cours e i n educa tion between Septem be r, 1964 and July, 196 5. Mrs. Curtis worked as an acting assistant t eacher at Eastern Preparatory School No. 2 be tween 1940 and 1943 and as an ass i stant teacher at W este rn Prepa ratory School N o 1 b e t ween 1 944 and 1949, at Sou the rn Prep aratory S chool No. 1 in 1952 and at Sou thern S e n ior School in 1 953 She serve d as h eadte ache r at S o uthern P r e parato ry School No. 2 Silv e r Jubil ee A war ds Ce remony 25


between 1953 and 19 54, as an acting assistant teacher at the Teachers Training College in 1955 and as an acting h eadteac her at Eastern Preparatory School No. 1 in 1956. She was appointed principal of a grade C school in 1967 Before she retired at th e end of mote than 40 years' public service, Mrs Curtis recommended the amalgamation of infant and junior schools into pri mary schools Mrs. Paula Mae Darc y Mrs. Paula Mae Darcy was th e first Bahamian teacher of the deaf, and the first Bahamian train e d in speec h th e rap y. She began teaching at the Cala bash Bay School Andros i n January, 1957 and in 1965 joined the teaching staff of the Ce n tre for the Deaf, where she was appointed prin cipal in Janu ary, 1977 After 17 years in the post, she was ap pointed t o the Special Services Section of the Min istty of Education as an education officer for special education Mrs Darcy has been active for man y years in various professional organizations such as The Bahamas National Council for Disability, the Caribbean Association for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled and the Na L---------------J tional Association of the Deaf, U.S.A. She has worked tire l ess l y to ex pand e ducational opportunities and services for all deaf people in The Baham as Mr. Hanford Darvme CBE, JP Mr. Hanford Darvill e JP, CBE, who was born Jun e 20, 1920 h eld pos ts rangin g from a publicschool principal to Directo r of Public P ersonne l during a 36-career in the r=========.., pub li c serv i ce. H e at tended the Governm ent High School. Mr. Darville serve d as a publicschool headmaste r from 1939 to 1 943 an d as an Out I s land Commissjooer in Eleuthera, HaT b our Island and Bimini b e '-===----------' tween 1 944and 196 3. 26 + Silver Jubilee Awards Cere mon y From 1963 to 1972 he worked as an assistant secre tary, first assistant secretary and deputy permanent secretary in Nassau before assuming th e post of Di rector of Public Personnel in 1973 He retired in 1975 but during the following 10 years serve d as chairman of the Pu bli c Service Commission and Police Service Co mmi ssion a member of the Judi c ial and Legal Service Commiss i on, and a member of the Defence Force Selection Board Mr. Darvill e is married t o Ethelyn Minnie (nee Albury), and bas three sons Mr. Livingstone. Darville Mr. Livingstone B Darville a former ed u cator, was born Jan. 1929 at Roses Long Island w here be received his early edu cation at the public school. His teaching career also began in Roses as a monitor/pupil teacher in January 1941. After serving as .....----------, principal ofKenned y School (now H O Nash Secondary) from 1 967 to 1971 he was transferred to administrative postings as a senior education officer ( 1 973-75), assistant dire ctor of e ducation ( 1975-82) special ass istant-Ministry of Education (1982-9 2), and cons ultant-Ministry of Ed ucation ( 1993-9 5). Mr. Darville's other public service e xperi e nces inc lud e work as a member of th e local Board of Works at Crooked island and Long Island as a su b postmaster in Crooked Island and Eleuthera, and as trustee treasurer and presidenc of The Bahamas U nion ofTeacbers Dr. Co r a Davis Dr Cora Da vis a Gu y an ese b y birth b u t now a Bahamian c itizen joined The Bahamas public se r vice as a medical officer on July 1 4 1967 She was appointe d to act as medical office r of health w ith effect from Nov 20 1 967, and was promoted to L.......;._:....__;;____:.;__;__;_:.__ _;__-J


I I .. post of medical officerofhealth on Jan. 1 1968 She was later appointed national designated epidemiologist-the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) During her tenure she served on the Tourist Advisory Committee Following her retirement in January 1981 she consented to serve in the same capacity on a month-to-month basis until December 1 1988 Dr. Gilbert Davis Dr. Gilbert Davis the first Bahamian Chief Medical Officer jomed The Bahamas p ublic serviceasamedicalofficeronJuly 14, 1967. He served r-----------. as Acting Medical Superintendent for a s hort period in 1968. On completion of a master's degree in public h ealth and administrative medicine at Columbia University, h e was appointe d medical o ffic e r o f and L.._ ________ ___, became e n gaged in planning a proposed hospital facili ty. He was appointed actin g chief m e dical o fficer J un e 2 8, 1971 and later confirm e d in that appoint ment. [n February 1976 he was second e d t o the Mini stry of Labour and National lns uranc e and transferred there in February 1978 Mr. Colin Deane JP Mr. Colin Campbell Deane JP, was born in Barbados January 10 1933 but spent 38 y ears in the Bahamian public service He obtained 0 and A-level certificates at secondary schools in Barbados a master of arts de gree at the University of Edinburgh and a certificate i n educa tion at the University of Bristol; he also complete d manage L-------------' ment studies at the Administrative College, Henley. Mr. Deane taught in Barbados from 1953 to 1955 before joining the Royal Bahamas Police Fon:e in 1955 He remained on the force for three years, then taught for nine He held various administrative positions in the public seiVice from 1967 to 1975 such as assistant secretary, first assistant secretary deputy permanent secretary and undersecretary He worked as a permanent secretary from 197 5 to 1993. He also served as assistant clerk and clerk to the Senate and Parliament, government security officer and secretary to the 1993-97 Commission of Inquiry into Bahamasair, The Bahamas T elecommunications Corporation and the Hotel Corporation of The Ba hamas. Mr. Deane is now a lay magistrate and also assists with lectures and assessments at the Public Service Centre for Human Resource Development (formerly Public Service Training Centre). An Anglican, he is a member of the vestry of the Church of Christ the King, a member of the church' s choir and secretary of the Anglican Church Men s Association Mr. Deane who was granted Bahamian citizenship in 1974, is president of The Barbados/Bahamian Association He and his wife Eunice7 have three children. Mrs. ZeJma Dean MBE Mrs Zelma E. Dean MBE, who has had along and distinguished career in education7 was born in N assau an d obtained her early education at the Western Junior and Government High Schools She p ursued further studies at The Bahamas Teachers College Redland Coll ege, Bristol England and the University ofMiam.i She has spent 3 9 years in e4ucation 23 of them as a school administrator She began her teach ing career in 1956 at Western Preparatory School No. 01 (now Willard !Patton Pri mary) and served at Claridge Secondary School C H. Reeves ..___ _______ Secondary and C. C. Sweeting Secondary before becoming principal of C. H Reeves in 1972. She was also principal of 8 C. McPherson Secondary and the Government High School. Mrs. Dean was appointed Director of Educa tion Jan 4, 1993 While in that post she was re sponsible for establishing the Let's Read Bahamas Project, which continues to focus on reading im provement among public school students and adults She was also instrumental in reintroducing The Ba hamas Junior Certificate examination in 1994 and in reorganizing the Department of Education to in crease its productivity and improve the performance of the educational system. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 27


Mr. Vincent Ferguson Mr. Vincent L. Ferguson, an educator and sportsman and sports administrator was born at United Estates, San Salvador, August 25 1938 He began his educational career as a classroom teacher in 1961 and spent many years in the Catholic sys tem as dean of students and vice-principal of St. Augustine's College (1968-75), and principal of .....-----------.Aquinas College (1978-1993). Healso served as vice-princi pal and acting principal of R. M. Baile y Secondary School (1975-78), and acting principal of A F. Adderle y Secondary (1993-94) M r. Ferguson has a special plac e in .___ ________ ...;,.;_j his heart for sports and has made a significant contribu tion t o their growth both here and abroad H e w as a co-founder and first president of The Bahamas Federation of Amateur Sports in 1971 and was v i cepr esi den t of The Bahamas Ol y mpic Association in 1 975 Mr. Ferguson was a co-fo under of The Bahamas Asso ciation oflndependent Secondary Schoo l s, an d has also been involved in the Second ary Principal s Association Mrs. Beverly Ford Mrs Beverly Ford is a member o f the pioneer group of yo ung Bahamian women who travell e d t o th e United Kingdom to pursue nursin g education un d e r the auspices of th e British governm ent. She was the first Bahamian to receive the British Tuberculo sis Association certificate, and served for man y ye ar s as nursing administrato r in th e Chest Wing of the Princess Margaret Hospital She was a member of the first group of Bah a...-------------. mian nurses t o study advanced nursing administration at th e University of the West Indies She assisted Miss Hilda Bowe n with the preparation of docu ments that ultimat el y resulted in reciproci ty with the General Nursing Council for L.:.......--------....J England and Wales for nurses trained in The Bahamas 28 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Mrs. Ford has served as acting principal nurs ing officer in the Community Nursing Service and principal nursing officer at the Sandilands Rehab iii tation Centre. She is the only officer to have served as deputy director of nursing in the history of The Bahamas a post from which she retired in May, 1994 Mrs. Ford has served as the first registrar of the Nursing Council and is now its chairman Mrs. Thelma Ford Mrs. Thelma Ford received her early educa tion at the Bullock's Harbour All-Age School in the B e rry Islands under the tutelag e of h e r father Mr. Reuben Nathaniel Gomez She was among the first students who entered St. John's College in 1947. She received her first admini stra t ive ap pointment in 1964, when s h e was posted as headmistress of Eastern P r e paratory School No. 1. She subseq u e ntl y served as princ ipal of five primary schooJs ________ .........J bei n g th e founding principal of Centrevil l e Primary Mrs. For d is e mplo yed at St. John s College (prep a ratory div ision ) as a teacher/librarian and i s mar ried to Mr. Joseph R Ford Mrs. Clarice Granger OBE Mrs. Cl arice Granger OBE who retired in 1988 as a p r ofessional radiographer afte r 33 years in th e public se rvice, was trained at th e U niversity of Sh effie ld. England, and the Edinburgh Ro yal Infir mary Scotland. She completed post-graduate stud ies at G u ys. Great Ormand Street, and West London Hosp ital as well as at th e Radcliffe infirmary Ox fo rd, and Addenbrook Hospital. Camb ridg e. En g lan d After her return to The Bahamas from Britain h e r appoint ment as radiographer at the Princess Margaret Hospital in 1956 was facilitated by the House of As/


sembly, and for a period she was the only radiogrn pher at the hospital. Through the years, Mrs Granger played a major role in the development and expan sion of radiography and radiological services at the hospital and in The Bahamas She is the widow of the Very Rev. William Granger, fonner Dean of Christ Church Cathedral. Mr.s. Gwendolyn Hall, BEM Mrs. Gwendolyn Louise Hall, BEM, a teacher and administrator in the educational system for 41 years was born January 31, 1923 in Nassau. She attended the Western ..------------. Junior and Senior Schools and the Nassau Evening Institute, and holds the Cambridge Junior and Senior Certificates and a t eacher s certificate. Mrs Hall served as a pupil teacher from 193 8 to 1940 as an assistant .....__ ________ __, teacher from 1941 to 1969 as a senior mistress from 1969 to 1971, as a vice-principal from 1971 to 1978 and as an acting principal in 1978, retiring in 1979 as a vice-princi pal A Roman Catholic Mrs. Hall is a lay reader and e ucharistic minister She has a son and a daugh ter Mrs. Merleoe Hanna, JP The Rev. Mrs Merlene Hanna, JP, was born on February 8 1919 and b e came a Registered Nurse and Midwif e in January 1941. She is founder of the Purpl e Cross Nurs e s Unit. Sh.e was ordained a mjnister at Beth e l Baptist ,..------------. Church in October, 1978 Mrs Hanna is a Past Granddau ghter Rule r of Curfew Temple No 816 of the ImproYed B e nevolent Order of Elks of the World A member of the Women' s Association of the F ree NaL-----------' tional Movement and a Meritorious Council Member ofthe FNM s h e represented the party in the Senate betw ee n 1981 and 1986 Mrs Hanna has four daughters and two sons Dr. Davidson Hepburn Dr. Davidson L Hepburn a former Ambassador of The Bahamas to tbe United Nations and Ambassador to Cuba and Haiti was born Dec. 7, 1932, at New Bight, Cat Island He holds a B.A. degree from FloridaA&M University an M.A. from Michigan State Uni-,..-----------....., versity, and a Ph.D from the University of Madrid Spain. Dr. Hepburn joined the public ser vice July 14 1969 and served as a first assistant secretary, deputy permanent secretary and director of immigration in the Ministry of Home Affairs until his transfer to the Ministry of External Affairs in 1972 He was appointed Deputy Perma nent Representative to the United Nations in New York in 1973 and five years later was named Am bassador and Pennanent Representative He also s e rv e d as pennanent secretary in the Ministry ofExtemal Affairs He was appointed non-resident Ambassador of The Bahamas to Cuba and Haiti in 1986. In 1988 he became exe cutive director of the Quincentennial Commission of the Ministry set up to commemo rate the 500ih anniversary of Columbus arrival in the New World at San Salvador. Dr Hepburn is an ordained member of the board of elders of St. Andrew s Presbyterian Kirlc, and a memb e r of the board of International Peace Academ y. He is married to Dr. Ada Thompson, and i s the fath e r of a son Patricia Lady Isaacs Patricia Lady Isaacs was born in N e w Provid e n ce, an d was educated in Nassau and the United r-----------------....., Kingdom. From 1947 to 195 7 she studied general and midwifery nursing in England and Scot land specializing in the nursing of sick children at the Great Onnond Street Hos pital in London On her retum to The Ba hamas in 1957 Lad y S ilver Jubilee A ward s C eremon y 2 9


of the Princess Margaret Hospital as a n urs in g s i s ter and was placed in charge ofthe C hildren's Ward Sh e was s ubsequentl y promot e d to matron of the hospital in 1965 Lad y Isaacs was transfe rred to th e C abin e t Office in 1968 to assum e th e positio n o f assistan t secretary in the training division. Be tw een 19 6 8 and 19 6 9 she pursued courses in publi c administration and training at the University of Manch este r and th e Royal Institute ofPublic Administration in London. In 1970 Lady Isaacs became th e first Bahami an to be appointed Director ofT raining in the D e partm e n t of Public Personnel. H e r t e nure at that ag e ncy co n tinued until h e r retir e m ent as a d e p uty permanent secretary in 197 7 Lad y I s aacs was a founding m ember of the Drug Action Se rvice, and no w se rv es o n the finance committee o f th e Ang lican Dioce se of The Baha m as She i s the w id o w of Sir K e nd al Isaacs Mr. Conrad Knowles CBE Mr. Conrad J. Knowl es, a career public service o fficer until h i s retirement i n 1976 was born Janu ary 24 1 923 i n Lo n g I s land He att ended th e p u bli c school there, an d was lat e r tutored privatel y in Nassau Mr. Knowles j oined the Royal Ba ham as Police Force in 194 1 and remained u ntil 1958 when h e was appointed assistant controller of th e Road Traffi c Depart m ent. H e was named d eputy director in the Im migration Depart m e n t in 1 964 deputy perman ent s ecretary in the Mini s t ry of Transport in 1970 and deputy permanen t secretary in the Mini s try o fHome Affairs in 1975 Aft e r his retirement from the public servi ce, h e was emp lo ye d in the private sector as director of personnel for the G ran d Baham a Port Authority from 1976 t o 198 0 and di rector of personnel at Resorts International ( Bah a mas) Ltd from 1980 to 1988 Now chairman of th e New Providence Licensing Authority he has als o served as Deputy to the Governor.{}eneral and has been made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen Mr. Knowles is married to Annette (nee Ar cher) of Marsh Harbour, Abaca and is the father of four children including Minister of Health Dr. th e Hon. Ronald L. Knowles 30 Silver Ju.bilee Awards Ceremony . Mrs. Frances Ledee Mrs France s Lede e, who compl e ted a 4 3-year care e r in the public service in Jun e 1 998 as as s i s tant direc tor of the N ational In s uran ce Boar d was born May 1 1 938, in New Provi d e n ce Having re cei ve d her earl y e du...-----------, cati o n at th e S o uth e rn and Easte rn Second ary Sch ools, s he ob tained a bachel o r o f arts d egre e in s o c io l ogy and philo s oph y in 1 962 at B ennett Coll ege f o r W o m en in Gree n s b oro North Carolina, a pi"ofes sionaJ cert i ficate i n social work from the L:..:....::..::... ___________ __J Univers i ty ofthe West Ind i es in Mon a, J amaica, in 1967 and a m aster s degree in b u sin ess adm inistration from the Univers ity of Miami i n 1 98 1 She joined the pu b l i c service in N ovember 1955 as a student teacher and also serve d as an assistant welfare office r and se nior fam il y c h ild care offi ce r befor e s he was appointe d assistant director at the National Insurance Board i n 1974 Mrs Le dee has devoted a great deal of time to community ser vi ce working as a lifetim e vol unteer w i th The Ba hamas Red Cross Soc i ety of whic h she is a past presid e nt. She was a founding officer of the Persi s Rodgers Home for the Aged a pres i dent of the Pilo t Club ofNassau, and has also assisted The Bahamas Associ ation of Social Workers and the Me n tal Health Association Counc il for the Handicapped Mrs. Ledee si ngs in the c h o i r of St. Barnabas Parish w h ere she formerly served in the vestry and is a mem ber of the pastoral care and counselli n g committee She i s the moth e r of four c h ildren Mr. Willis McKin n ey Mr. WiiJis E. McKi nn ey, a f o rmer e d ucator was born at Landrai l Po in t Crooked Is lan d Sept. ,.....------------. 21, 1931. He rece i ve d his e arl y e d u catio n at th e Lan d rail P oint All-Age S c hool and l ate r attended night clas ses at Colonel Hill S e c ondary School and The Bahamas Teach ers College where he obtained a L----------.1 teach e r s certificate.


Mr. McKinney worked as principal at the Landrail Point All -Age S choo l C ripple Hill Primary Major's Cay All-Age School Pin e field All-Age School Acklins Fanner1s Cay All-Age School Exuma, and S crub Hill A ll-Age School Long Is land H e is a senior elder in the Seventh-day Adventist Church at Crooked Island and a Kiwanian, having served as president of the club at Long Is land for two terms and having been named secre tary of the year in Kiwanis Division 22, Bahamas Mrs. Margaret McDonald, CBE CVO Mrs. Margaret Evangeline McDonald is a former educator, Secretary to the Cabinet and Ambassador to the United States of America. Mrs. .---------------, McDonald was born at Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera, April 10 1922. Having woo a four year scholarship t o the Government High School in Nassau in 1937 she was awarded t h e Cambridge Overseas Senior School Cer tificate with distinc-tion in 1939, and served as assistant teacher at the then Western Se nior Schoo l from 1940 to 1957 During that period she was also the instructor in mathematics for the Board of Ed u cation s evening continuation classes held for public servants in New Provide n ce, and con d u cted correspon d e nc e courses in math for serving government officers in the Family Islands. Betwee n 1957 and 1968 s h e served as chief clerk and later accountant in th e Department ofLands and S urveys. After successfully completing a course in public administration s h e was appointed assis tant secretary in th e Offi ce of the D e pu ty Prime Minister in 1968 In 1 969 she s uccessfull y com pleted a course in personnel management at the Royal Institute of Public Administmtion in London and that year was nam e d first assistant s e c retary in the Depu ty Prime Minist e r s Offi ce. In 1971 she was transferred on promotion as deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry ofHealth, and in 1973 was appointed p e rman ent secretary in that ministry In one s emester she completed s tudi es in public ad ministration research methods and financial man agement at the M P A.level at the University ofPitts burgh Mrs McDonald becam e perman ent se cretary at th e Ministry ofWorks and Utilities in 1977 Secretary to the Cabinet in 1980 and The Bahamas Ambassador to the Uni ted States of America in 1986 After two consecutive tours in the foreign service (1986 to 199 2), s he retired June 30, 1992 Mr. Eris Moncur Mr. Eris Moncur a life lon g e ducator was born in 19 4 2 at Cat Island where he received his early ed ucation He started his teaching career in 1955 as a moni tor. Through .----------------:; hard work and dedi-cation, he moved steadily through the teaching and admin istrative ranks as a stu dent/teacher (1958-63), principal ofDumfries Primary School (1963-66), vice -principal of R. M. Bailey Secondary School (1972-1975) t__ ______ and principal of the Government High School ( 19751982). He has also served as director/president of the Ce ntre for Learning/ AI vernia College ( 1982-1989) and a mathematics lecturer in Cat Island ( 1995-96) Since 1966 he has worked as superinte ndent of edu cation for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador Founder of The Bahamas Union of Teachers Mr. Moncur has also served as chai rman of The Bahamas Teachers Cre dit Union president and ex e cutive vice-pres ident of The Bahamas Credit Union League foun d e r and chairman of the Cat Island Heritage Council, island co-ordinator of Columbadac, and facilitato r of Como Hill Designs The Rev James Moultrie The Rev James B Moultrie assistant priest at St. Margaret's C hurch is a former high-school prin cipal and adminlstrator in the public service Ambassador to the .--------------., United Nations and Member of Parliam e nt. Fr. Moultrie holds a teachers' certificate from The Bahamas Teachers College, a diploma in education from the University of the West Indies, a diploma in theology L_______ .........;.....;;_j Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 31


from General Theological Semjnary New a bachelor of science degree from UWI, and a master of education degree from the University of Miami For many years Fr. Moultrie worked as a headteacher in Family Islands such as Eleuthera., Abaco, Cat Island and Long Island subsequently relocating to Nassau to serve as vice-principal of administration at D W. Davis High School and vice principal of curriculum at C. C. Sweeting High. He began lecturing at the College ofThe Bahamas August 17, 1998. He was the nation s first Director of Youth and Community Development and was also deputy pennanent secretary in the Ministries of Edu cation Youth and Sports and Foreign Affairs. He represented The Bahamas as Ambassador to the U.N from 1988 to 1993 having served as deputy ambassador from 1978 to 1980 He led the Bahamian del egation or functioned as a delegate to meetings of such groupings as the Organization of American States CARICOM Heads of Government, NonAligned Foreign Ministers and UNESCO. He was a Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1992 and worked as parliamentary secretary in the Ministry ofForeign Affairs from 1982 to 1 984, and from 1987 to 1993 Ordained a deacon in 1994 and a priest the fol lo wing year, Fr. Moultrie was assistant priest at All Saints Anglican Church from 19 94 to 199 6, and deputy director of education for Anglican sc hool s from 1995 to 1996. He has been serving as assistant priest at St. Margaret s Church from J 996, and has also been chaplain at St. Anne s High School from 1996 having previously held that post between 1994 and 1995. Fr. Moultrie is married to Bernadette Chris tine (nee Williams) ) and has a son and two daugh ters Dr. Henry Podlewski Dr. Henry Podlewski of Polish deseent, ar ..---:::c--:-------, rived in Nassau in 1953 to assume dutie s as the first governmen t psychiatrist ap pointed in The Bahamas. At that time psychiatric patients were accommodated t in a building on the J top ofthe hill behind The Bahamas Gen.__ ________ __, era! Hospital (now the 32 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Princess Margaret Hospital) Because of a shortage of medical personnel Dr. Podlewski assisted with providing medjcal services at the General Hospital held monthly general clinics in Exuma and Long Island and was also the prison's medical officer. When the Sandilands Hospital was built for psychiatric patients in 1956 he was transferred there. During his tenure as Chief Psychiatrist which ended with his retirement from the public service in 1985 many advancements in psychiatric care were re corded. The Bahamas Mental Health Association, The Bahamas Council on Alcoholism and Child and Adolescent Services were established and a postbasic psychiatric training programme for trained clinical and, later, registered nurses was launched. After the Geriatric Hospital was built adjacent to the Sandilands Hospital in 1965 the complex was renamed The Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. Later a maximum security unit was added. The number of psychiatric clinics at the Princess Margaret Hospital increased, and included special clinics for children and adolescents alcoholics and drug addicts A small psychiatric unit has been built in Grand Bahama, preceded by three-day monthly visits by Dr. Podlweski He served as a member of the Psychiatric Nurs ing Board; and devoted a great deal of time and en ergy to e ducating the community on mental health matters Following his retirement in 1985 after 33 ye ars of service he served as registrar of the Medical Council ofThe Bahamas The acute female ad mission ward at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Cen tre was named for him in November, 1996 Mr. James Rolle Mr. James 0. Rolle was born in 'New Provi d ence, and received his early education at the Southem Senior School and St. John' s College He stud ied art at The Art Institute of Chicago while simultaneously doing liberal arts courses at The Uni versity of Chi cago, and graduated in 196 6 with a B.F.A. degree He received an M.Ed. degree in art education, with a diploma in art his.__ ________ __,


tory, from The U ni versity of British Co lumbia in 1980. Mr. Ro ll e joined t h e teaching staff of St. Augustine' s College in 1968. He founded the school's art department, and introduced the General Certificate of Edu cation 0-Level art syllabus. In 1972 he joined 9te Ministry of Education, and chaired the National Art and Crafts Exhibition Com mittee that organized the 1973 Bahamas Indepen dence exhibitions at a number of venues. In 1973 Mr. Rolle and a panel of art teachers from the public and private high schools were charged with further deve loping the art and craft curriculum for government and private secondary schools. During his tenure as Acting Director of Cul ture between 1989 and J994 he promoted the re la tionship betwe e n the Bahamian cultural administration and regional and international administrations In 1990 he facilitated the involvement ofBahamian actors dancers singers and visual artists at the Fourth Commonwealth Arts Festival in Auckland : New Zealand. and in 1992 he also facilitated participation of Bahamian artists in CARIFEST A 5 iu Trinidad and Tobago Mr. Rolle has illustrated song of the Surreys" and "Climbing C l ouds", publications by his wife Tel cine (nee Turner). The RoBes have a son, Arien. Mr. Oris Russe U CMG, ODE, JP, OPM Mr. Oris Stanley Russell a career civil ser vant born April 26, 1922, reti r ed in October, 1982, .-----=-=:-:::-====-. as Permanent Secre tary in the Min istl)' of External Affairs after having served for42-l/2 years a period that spanned the war time govern o rs hip of the Duke ofWindsor t o the fi rst n i n e years o f an ind e p ende n t Bahamas Afte r o btai n .__ ___ .;...;.;.... ____ ....J ing his early educ ati o n a t Quee n's Coll ege in N as s au Mr. Rus s ell en roll e d at th e U n i ve rsity o f Flo rida i n Gainesvill e, w h e r e h e r e ceiv e d a b ac h e l o r o f s ci e n ce d egree i n agricultur e with hi g h h o n o urs, and th e m ast e r of agricu l ture degr e e Mr. Russe ll joine d the c ivil se rvic e in 1940 as cl e rk in the Col o nial Se cretary s Office H e was appoint e d c hi e f cl e rk in 1 944, se nior agricultural o ffic e r in 1953 dir ector of agricultur e and fish e ries in 1954, permane n t secretary in the Ministry of Ag riculture and F i sheries in 1965 and permanent sec retary in the Ministry of External Affairs in 1973 As penn anent secretary at External Affairs, he took a leading role in a number of matters, including the admission of The Bahamas to the Uni ted Nations the establishment offoreign m issi ons, the estab lish ment of The Bahamas as an archipelagic nation, the es tablishment of an exclusive 200-mile economic and fishing zone, and the establishment of a 1 0-mile te rritorial sea. Having a keen interest in the social and natural history of The Bahamas, Mr Russell is chairman of the Advisory Council to the Chief Justice on Public Records a council member of The Bahamas Na tional Trust and a two-time former president of the trust He has also served as an adviser to The Baha mas Red Cross Society a member of the Common w ealth Scientific CouncjJ and a member of the Council ofThe College of The Bahamas. Follow ing his retirement, he sat for eight years as a mem ber of the Police Service Commission. Mr .John C l ayton Stuart Mr. John Clayton Stu art, a former educator and Family Isl and commissioner was born at Orange Creek Cat Island March 3, 1933 He attended the Arthur's Town Secondary School at Cat Island the Bahamas Teachers College in New Providence and the Institute ofEducation of the Uni versity of Nottingham He ho ld s a teac her' s cer tificate, an d a gene ral certificate i n education from the U ni ve r s ity of Notti n g ham M r. S t u art l...---------......1 ser ved a s a b e adt e ach e r in Andro s from 1 95 9 t o 1962 i n Cat Is land fro m 1962 to 1 9 67 in E xurnafrom 1967 to 1 9 69 and in Eleuth era in 1969 H e also worke d as an as s i stant te ach e r at the Robinson R oad High School and C H. R eeve s Junior High School b e fore b e w as appoint e d an as s istan t commission e r in May aguana H e i s th e fathe r of fi ve childr e n Silve r Ju bilee A ward s Ce r e m o n y 33


Mr. Kirkwood Taylor Mr. K. E. Taylor joined the public service April 1, as a pupil teacher in the Ministry ofEduca r--------------, tion He was subse quently promoted to assistant teacher and headteacher. In 1993 Mr. Taylor was appointed Commissioner in the Depart ment of Local Government, and afterwards was promoted to deputy director in the department He '-------------' retired from the public service in February, 1994 Mr. Taylor now serv e s as a lay magistrate Mrs. Corrine Patton-Thompson Mrs Corrine Patton-Thomp s o n s t e achin g ca reer began at the age of 14 at th e W estern Junior School. Subs e quentl y transferr e d t o the W estern S e nior School Mrs. Patt on-Thompson worked tire l es sl y in th e int e re s t s of young B ah ami ans. After rec e iving a scholars h i p to further her education ab road s h e returned t o Th e Bahamas and tau ght at The Baha m as Teachers Coll ege. and later at the College ofThe Baham as. Mrs. Patton-Thompson has been in v o lved with The Ba h amas Girl Guides, which honoured her .___ ______ __ __,in 1998 She retired from t eac hin g in 1 9 8 6. Mrs. H az el Thom pson Mr s. Hazel H e nrietta Mari a Thompson (nee ,...--------------, Wil li am s) is a former t eac her in the primary divi s i o n of the Rom an C ath o l ic edu ca ti onal system who w as b o rn Jan uary 13, 1913, in Wil son City Abaco Edu cate d by Catholic nuns, she taught at Our Lad y s St. Joseph's and St. Francis School s. 34 Silver Jubilee Awards Cerem ony She was a founding member of the Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant Committee in 1961 and served as its president for more than 25 years ; she is now president emeritus Mrs Thompson married former Chi efMagis trate and Supreme Court Justice Maxwell J. Thompson in 1929. They had three sons Jimmy Fred e rick and Maxwell; and two daughters, Rosella and Cath e rine. Mr. Cyril F. Tynes Mr. Cyril F Tyn e s aformerLeaderofthe Of ficial Opposition w as born February 15, 1926 in P o mp ey Bay, A c klins. H e obtained hi s early edu cation at th e Pompey Bay All-Ag e School and l ater attend e d evening ins titute s in Nas s au where h e w as also tutore d pri vate l y. M r. Tynes worked in the Meteoro l ogical Service from 1 945 to 1 957 He served as chief clerk in The Bahamas Customs Department from 1966 to 1967 as deputy controller of road traffic from 1967 to 1969 and as an assistant secretary i n the Ministry of Transport from I 969 to 1971. He spe n t five years with Pan American World Airways, beg inn ing in 1960. One of the founders of the Peop le's P enny Savings Bank he worked as a bookkeeper th ere from 1971 to 1973 and since 1973 has been e ng aged i n a private seafood business. Elected to Parl i ament in the Ack l ins Crooked Island and Long Cay constituency i n 1972, Mr. Tynes four years later was elec t ed Leader of th e Official Opposition. He was appointed Deputy to the Governor-General in July, 1997. He bas served on the vestry of S t. Barnabas Church, and was acting c h ai rman o f th e b uildin g co mmi ttee d u rin g th e cons tructi o n of th e new St. B arnabas Church between 1 9 7 9 and 1 9 8 0 Mr. Tynes, who was a ward e d th e O B E in 1994 i s a form e r Master of Lodg e St. M i chael of the Scotti s h C onstitution and has been c hairman of th e Roy al British Leg i on sinc e 197 3.


Dr. Ruth White Dr. Ruth White began a 40-year teaching career in 1958, when she was appointed acting princi ..----.,--------. pal of The Bahamas Academy She spent five years as a teacher, 14 years as teacher and vice-prin cipal and six years as principal of the Sec ondary and Primary Divisions six years as principal of the Secondary Division ..__ ______ and s e v e n y ears as di-rector of Bahamas Academy Continuin g Education Mr. Homer Williams Mr. Homer M Will i am s, w ho has b ee n worki ng as an art instructor for more than 30 ye ars was born Dec 4 1940 in May aguana. S e lf-taught in fine art, he studied commercial art with Famous Arti sts School o f America during the 196 0 s and taught ,------------. art at Jumbe y Villag e during the lat e 1960 s and early 1970s As an art instructor at C C Sweeting Senior High School between 1975 and 1981 Mr. Williams promoted the pursuit of visual art as a career ; his stuL---------__J dents included Dorman Stubbs, Ricardo Knowles and Lorma Symonette. He now teaches art privately at his home in Montagu New Providence and also works in fine and commercial arts architecture building construc tion and tourism development. He aspires to estab lish a National Arts School in conjunction with a proposed Fortune Ridge Resort in Long Cay (For tune Island) Crooked Island District Mr. Williams is married to Larrie Alfreda, and has four children Mn. Sue Bennet Williams Mrs. Sue Bennett-Williams, a naturalized Bahamian began teaching for the Ministry of Educa tion in 1970 at the Wentworth Primary School now C C. Swe e ting Senior High School. She taught art for 18 y ears at various public schools. .------------, In 1988 she started teaching th e subject at the College of The Bahamas and is now co-ordinator of its art department, teaching studio art and art e du cation to prospective primary and secondary-schoolteachers. .___ ________ ___. In 1993 Mrs. Bennett-Williams began an after-school art programme to provide an opportunity for y oung persons between 15 and 18 to have a well rounded art experience '"The After-School Gang", as the students call themselves have proven to be extremely successful. Atthe end of each school year the y host an exhibition at the Central Bank of The Bahamas ; the programme began its sixth year in September, 1998. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 35


ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE Commissioner Bernard K. Bonamy, LVO Mr. Bernard Kenneth Bonamy, L .V.O, L LB, was ap pointed Commissioner ofPolice on November 21, 1987, upon the retirement of former Commissioner Mr. Gerald Bartlett. Mr Bonamy enlisted into the Royal Bahamas Police Force on June 17, 1963, and at his graduation was awarded the Baton of Honour for his outstanding performance in the class room. Between 1963 and 1967, he served at Central and Southern Divisions. He joined the Criminal lnvestigation Division on December 24, 1968, serving for two years. He played a vital part in the formation of the Drug Squad during this period. On December 5, 1970, he moved to the Special Branch (Security Lntelligence Branch) and became its Director on May 10, 1986. He was transferred to head the Nev, Providence District later that year. Mr Bona my has attended numerous overseas c

Asst. Commissioner Leon W Johnson Mr. Leon Washington Johnson is the Com mandant of the Po lice College in Oakes Field. He enlisted into the Force on Aprill7, 1959 and has received the Bahamas Police Long Service and Good Co n d uct Medal for dedication to duty. He was promoted to Coq>oral in 1967 to Sergeant in 1970 Inspector in 1970 Assistant Su peri nt endent in 1985 Superintendent in 1990 Chief Superintendent in 1994 and Assistant Commissioner in 1996. He has a Senior Criminal Investiga tion Management Course at the Lancashire Con stab ulary Detective Training School Hutton Hall England and a Law Enforcement Seminar on Nar cotics and Dangerous Drugs in the United States Asst. Commissioner Paul Farquharson Mr. Paul Farquharson, Assistant Commis sio n e r New Providence District e nlisted into the Force on December 12 1966. Prior to taking command of the New Providence District he served as officer in Charge of Central Div ision and internal Secu rity Division. He also served as aide de-camp to former Governor General Sir Gerald Cash. He was promoted to Corporal in 1971, to Ser geant in 1977 Inspector in 1981 Chief Inspector in 1985 Assistant Superintendent in 1988 Superin tendent in 1992 Chief Superintendent in 1994 and Assistant Commissioner in 1996 He received the Bahamas Police Meritorious Medal in 1991 for dedi cation to duty Asst. Commissioner John Rolle Mr. John Rolle Officer in Charge of the Grand Bahama District, enlisted into the Force on Febru ary 1 1965 and was posted to Central Division and later to Criminal Investiga tion Division where he spent th e major i t y of his service. Prior to his transfer to Grand Bahama, he se rved as Super intendent of New Providence District. He was promoted to Corporal in 1974 to Ser geant in 1978 Inspector in 1981 Chief Inspector in 1985 Assistant Superintendent in 1988 Superinten dent in 1990 Chief Superintendent in 1994 and As s i stant Commissioner in 1997. He bas attended nu merous overseas courses and seminars including an Overseas Command Course at the Police Staff Col lege Bramsbill United Kingdom Chief Superintendent James A. Carey Mr. James Audley Carey Officer in Charge of the Police Forensic Laboratory, enlisted into the Force as a direct en trant at the rank of Inspector on July 1 1977 He has been in charge of the Police Forensic Lab since its inception. He was promoted to Assis tant Superintendent in 1980, to Deputy Superintendent in 1984 Superintendent in 1987 and Chief Superintendent in 1996 He attended the Government High School where he obtained 8 General Certificates ofEducation (GCE) passes at the Ordinary Level and two at the Advanced Level. He later attended the Univer sity of the West Indies where he obtained the Bach elor of Science Degr ee in 1976 and the Master of Scienc e Degree in Forensic Science in 1979 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 37


Woman Superintendent Allerdyce M. Strachan Mrs. Allerd y ce Marina Strachan who enlisted into th e Force on January 21, 19 65, is the first fe male officer to hold the rank of Superintendent of Police. She was awarded the Bahamnas Police Meritorious M e dal in 1 995 for lo yalty and d evo tion to duty Mrs. Strachan is a veteran officer who has worked in both plain clothes and uniform division s ofthe Force Her background training in criminal investigations particularl y in d e alin g with sex ual offences, has con tributed to her successful efforts in her office as Of ficer in Charge ofthe Polic e Community Relation s Section She was promoted to Corporal in 197 0, to Ser geant in 1972 Insp ecto r in 1981 Chief Insp ecto r in 1985 Ass i stant Superintendent in 1988. Deputy Su perintendent in 1993 and Superin te n dent in 1996. She attended several overseas and l ocal courses in cluding a Gen e ral Police Duties Course in 1973 and an Inspectors Development Course in 1989 at the West Yorkshire Police Training School in England Superintendent Prince A. Rolle Mr. Prince Albert RoUe. Officer in Charge of th e Police Force Garage with re sponsibility for th e management of the Fo rce' s vehicl e fleet, was awarded th e Bahamas Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in I 982 and the Royal Victorian Order Medal in 1985. Mr Rolle en listed into the Force on Jun e 6, 1958 H e was promoted to Corporal in 19 67, to Sergeant in 1969, Inspector in J 971 Chief Insp ector in 1977, Assistant Superintendent in 198 3 Deputy Sup erintendent in 1984 and Superintendent in 1 988. 38 Silver Jubilee Awards Ce remon y Superintendent Frederick L. l:lanna Mr. Frederick Lindwood Hanna, who enlisted into the Force on August 25 1965 is the Officer in Charge of the Se curity and Intelli gence Branch He was awarded the Bahamas Police Long S ervice and Good Conduct Medal in 1 988. He was pro moted to Corporal in 1974, to Ser geant in 1978, Inspector in 1 983, Chieflnspector in 1988 Assistant S up erintendent in 1992 and Superintendent in 1994. H e attended several overseas and l ocal courses including a Desk Officers Course in Barbados in 1 978, and a Senior Intelligence and an Airport Securit y Course in the United Kingdom Superinten dent Douglas J. Hanna Mr. Douglas Jam es Hanna, wbo e nli sted int o th e Force on Oct o ber 27. 1971 has spent th e better part of his serv ice in Criminal Inves ti ga tion Division H e is 311 astute criminal in vesti gator w ith a wealth of local knowledge which has stood him in g ood stead when in vestigating serious crimes He was promoted to Corporal in 1978 to Sergeant in 1980 In spector in 1983 C hief Insp ector in 1988, Assistant Superintendent in 1992 and Superintendent in 1994 He has attended several overseas and local courses including a Special Overseas Officers Course at th e West Yorkshire Police Det ective Training SchooL Wakefield England


Dr. Rutb White Dr. Ruth White began a 40year teaching ca reer in 1958, when s he was appointed acting princi pal of The Bahamas Academy She spent five years as a teacher, 14 years as teacher and vice-prin cipal and six years as principal of the Sec o nd ary and Primary Divisions six years as principal of t h e Secondary Division and seven y ears as directorofBahamas Academ y Continuing Education Mr. Homer Williams Mr. Homer M. Williams w ho has been work ing as an art instructor for more than 3 0 y ears was born Dec 4 1940 in Mayaguana Self-taught in fine art he studied commercial art with Famous Artists Schoo l of America during the 1960s and taught .-----------.. art at Jumbey ViUage during the late 1960s and earl y 1970s As an art instructor at C C Sweeting Senior High School be tween 1975 and 1981 Mr. Williams promoted the pursuit of vis ual art as a career; his stu..__ ________ --! dents included Dorman Stubbs, Ricardo Know l es and Lorma Symon e tte. He now teaches art privately at his home in Montagu, New Providence and also works in fine and commercial arts, architecture building construc tion and tourism d evelop ment. H e aspires to estab lish a National Arts School in conjunction w ith a p rop osed Fortune Ridge Resort in Long Cay (For tune Island), Crooke d Island District. Mr. Williams is married to Larrie Alfreda, and has four children. Mrs. Sue Bennet Williams Mrs Sue Bennett-Williams, a naturalized Bahami an began teaching for the Ministry of Educa tion i n 1970 at the Wentworth Primary School no w C C Sweeting Senior High School. She taught art for 18 years at vari-ous public schools r=-----==--==--, In 1988 she starte d teaching the subject at the CoUege of The Bahamas, and is now co-ordinatorofits art department, teaching studio art and art edu cation to prospective primary and second ary -schoo lte achers __::=-.:=::==::........:::.._ ___.J In 1993, Mrs. Bennett-Williams began an after-school art programme to provide an opportunity for yo ung persons between 15 and 18 to hav e a well rounded art experience "' The After-School Gang as the students call themselves hav e prov e n to be extremely successful. At the end of each school year, they host an exhibition at the Central Bank of The Bahamas ; the programme began its six th year in September 1998 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 35


Superintendent Sylvester George Mr. Sylvester George who enlisted into the Force on July 4 1964, has spent his entire service in the Police Band. He has successfully completed the Higher Level Grade Vex amination of the Royal School of Music in 1965 and the Final Exam in 1966. He is a spe cialist -musician who is Officer in Charge of the Po lice Band Section, taking command of the Band in 1991. He was promoted to Corporal in 1967 to Ser geant in 1978, Inspector in 1980 Chief Inspector in 1984, Assistant Superintendent in 1988, Deputy Su perintendent in 1993 and Superintendent in 1998. Depty. Superintendent Alfred Bullard Mr. Alfred Bullard, Officer in Charge of the Police Airport Division enlisted into the Force on November 28, 1959. He is an experienced officer in criminal investiga tion and general police duties He was promoted to Corporal in 1967 Sergeant in 1 970, Inspector in 1981 Assistant Su perintendent in 1994 and Deputy Super intendent in 1995 He attended several overseas and local courses, including a Criminal Investigation Course at Wakefield, England, and a Police Detective Course at the Metropolitan Police Training School in En gland Depty. Superintendent Hosea Douglas Mr. Hosea Douglas Officer in Charge of the Fire Branch, New Providence, enlisted into the Force on May. 26, 1964, and after his initial training, was posted to the Fire Branch in New Providence and later the Fire Branch in Freeport, Grand Bahama He was pro moted to Corporal in 1974, to Sergeant in 1976, Inspector in 1980 Chief Inspector in 1984, Assistant Superin tendent in 1987 and Deputy Superintendent in 1996. He attended seveTa.l overseas and local courses in cluding an Operational Commanders Course at the Fire Service College, England, in 1978. Mr. Gerald A. Bartlett, CVO, CBE, OPM Mr. Gerald Augustus Bartlett became the sec ond Bahamian Commissioner of Police on January 1, 1981 on the retirement of Mr. Salathiel Thomp son. He retired in 1987 Mr. Bartlett enlisted into the Force on October 10, 1946. Between his graduation nom the Police Training School and 1951 he perfonned general police duties, Orderl y at Government House and Clerk at th e Commissioner s Office In 1959 he was promoted to the rank of Inspector and then transferred to head the Police Canteen and Messes where he remained until 1962 when he was upgraded to the rank of Assis tant Superintendent. Between 1962 and 1969, he served as 0ffiC6f in Charge of Central Division, Mobile Division and New Providence District. In 1970 he was posted to his native Grand Bahama as Senior Assistant Commissioner. He was promoted to Deputy Commissioner in 1973 and Commissioner eight years later. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 39


During his tenure in the Force h e attended courses at the Police College in Nassau, at Bramshill Police College, the Scottish Police College and Tullianllan Police College, United Kingdom ; and several seminars both locall y and abroad His decorations durin g his long and d edicated service include Colonial Police M e dal 1973; Queen's Police Medal 1976 ; Queen's Silver Jubi l ee Medal 1977; Offi cer of th e Most Excellent Or deroftbe British Empire (OBE) 197 8; Commander of th e Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE); and Commander of the Royal Victorian Or der (CVO), 1986 Mr. Keith V. MasonJ MBE, LVO, OPM Mr. Keith Vere Mason a former Deputy Com missioner ofPolice en list e d into the Force on March 16, 1 955. Between 1960 and 1986, h e was pro moted through the ranks of Corporal to Deputy Com mission e r He retired from the Force on March 17, 1994, and was re-employed on temporary month-tomonth terms as Commandant of the Pollee College on April L 1994 As commandant of th e Police College, he was able to exercise the benefit ofhis broad experience in other branches of the Force with th e result that the recruits coming under hi s control soon achieved a high standard of effic i ency to the benefit of the Force. He r etired official! y from the Police College on December 31, 1997. He has done overseas training at the Senior Police College, Bramshill, and a Security Intelli gence Administration Course in the United Kingdom. For devotion to duty he was awarded the Co lonial Long Service and Good Conduct Medal the Queen's Police Medal th e Bahamas Polic e Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and the British Empire Medal 40 Silver Jubilee Awards Cere mon y Mr. Basil E Dean Mr. Basil Elisha Dean former Assistant Com missioner of Police retired from the Force on April 2 1997, after completing 32 years of service, during which he served in almost every major forma tion of the Force with the majority in the Criminal Investigation Division. Mr. Dean enlisted into the Force on July 14 1966, and rose through the ranks to Assistant Commission er. During his t enure in the Force he was an astute investigator who was instrumental in th e s ucce ssful completion of numerous criminal cases and has been engaged in a tremendous number of sensitive inves tigations where his integrity has been seen to b e un questioned At the same time, he bas been r esolute in his fig h t against drug trafficking. He has successfully completed seve ral courses including an Overseas Instructors Course and a De tective Course at th e Metropolitan Polic e Training School in the United Kingdom an FBI Course at the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Acad emy. in Virginia. USA and a Command Cours e at the Bramshill Police Staff College in the United Kingdom. Mr. Ashton C. Miller Mr. Ashton C'ecil Miller. a fanner Assistant Commissioner of Po lic e. enlisted into the Force on June 6, 1958 and between 1964 and 1997. was promoted through th e ranks from Corporal to Assistant Commissioner. M r. Miller served in most ofthe uniform branches, and prior to his r e tirement on D ecember 9 1997. serv e d as Officer in C harg e of th e Family Island District He bas attended several overseas and local courses including an Overseas Poli ce Officer Gen e ral Duties Course sat th e Metropo litan Police Train-


ing School and a Command Course at the Police Staff College, Bramshill, United Kingdom He was made a Member of the Royal Victo rian Order by Her Majesty The Queen in 1985. Mr. Nathanie l J Ro U e Mr. Nathaniel Julian Rolle, a former Assis tant CommissionerofPolice, retired from the Force on December 31, 1997. Prior to his retirement, he served as Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Division and the newlyformed National Criminal Intelligence Unit. Mr. Rolle enlisted into the Force on October 6 1958, and between 1960 and 1994, was promoted through the ranks from Corporal to Assistant Commissioner. He spent the greater part of his ser vice in the Security and Intelligence Branch and re ceived many commendations for his duties in con nection with the security arrangement made for vis iting important personages He attended numerous overseas and local courses including an Aviation Security Course and a Senior Intelligence Officers Course in 1989 in the Unit e d Kingdom. Mr. Alonzo M. Butler Mr. Alonzo Maxwell Butler a former Assis tant Commissioner ofPolice, e nlisted into the Force on May 7 1955 and between 1961 and 1 9 80 was promoted through the ranks from Cor poral to Assistant Commissioner. Prior to his secondment from the Force to the Road Traffic Depart ment on January 4 1993 he served as the Administrative Officer for Head quarters with responsibility for management ser vices Mr. Butler who was transferred from the Road Traffic Department to the Gaming attended several overseas and local courses, inc luding a Jun ior Officers Course and a Senior Command Course at Bramshill Police Staff College, and an FBI Course at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in Virginia, USA. Mr. Grafton 0. Ifill Mr. Grafton Orlando Ifill a former Assistant Commissioner of Police, enlisted into the Force on May 9 1956 and has ...-----------, served throughout the Force will distinctio n He retired on May 9, 1986, and volun teered his service to head the Police Re serve Section effec tive from May 9, 1988. Between 1959 and 1984 he was pro L---------____J rooted through the ranks from Corporal to Assistant Commissioner. He has served as Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Division, Security and In telligence Branch and Grand Bahama District Dur ing his tenure at Security and InteUigence Branch he received numerous commendations from visit ing personages Mr. Stanley R. Moir, CPM, OPM Mr. Stanley Riddle Moir, a former Assistant C ommissioner of Police enlisted into the Force as Assistant Superinten dent of Police from the Bermuda Police Force on July 1 1956. He was appointed an Assistant Commissioner of Po lice in January 1964 and on many occa sions acted in' the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commis sioner of Police at Headquarters He retired from the Force on August 11, 1982 An able administrator, he developed a very high reputation in criminal investigation work and raised Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 41


the morale and stan d ard of the then Criminal Inve s tigation Division to a high degree For his y ears of loy al s e rvice, he received the C olonial Police M e dal for M e rit o ri o u s S e rvice, the Que e n s Police M e dal and was made a M ember o f the Most Excellent Order of the British E m p ire (MBE) Mr. P a ul R. Thompso n CPM Mr. Paul Rupert Thompson, a former Ass is tant Commissioner ofPolice, e nlisted into the F o r ce on March 2 4 1 951 an d s p e n t the major ity o f his 3 0 y ears o f s e rv ice in the Crimi nal Inve stigation D i visio n He retired o n March 2 4, 1981, and co ntinu es to se rv e the Force as an Assistan t Commandant of the V o lunteer Police Reserve Mr. Thompson was p r o m oted to the rank of Inspector on November 24 1961, and to Assistant Commissioner on January 1 1972 He attended a CID Course at the Pclice College. Wakefield, and a Command Cou.rso at Tulliallan in 1970, in the United Kingdom For his distinguished service, he was awarded the Colonial Police Medal in 1966, the Queen s Sil ver Jubilee Medal in 1977 and the Queen's Police Medal in 1978. Mr. Avery E. Ferguson, QPl\1 Mr. A very Evans Ferguson ) a fonner Assrs tant Commissioner of Police, enlisted into the Force on December 31, 1951. He was promoted to the 13J1k oflnspector in 1961 to Superintendent in 1970 and Assistant Commissioner in 1976. He retired on October 30, 1980 He attended several overseas courses, includ ing a Command Course at the Police College, 42 Sil v er Jubile e A w a r ds Cer em o n y Diskforth, a Civil Avi ation S ecurity Cou rse in the U n ited Kin g d om and an Execu t ive Security Course at the F B I Academy in V irginia, U SA. For his untiring efforts in the fight aga inst crime, this w ellrounde d and trustworthy police offic e r was hon o ured b y Her M ajesty The Que e n. Mr. Lawrence W. Major, MBE, CPM, OPM Mr. Lawrence Whitfiel d Major, a former As sistant Commissioner of Poli ce, enlisted i nto the Force on August 29, 1950, and was promoted through the ranks to Assistant Commissioner ofPo lice on January 1, 1972. He retired on October 2 1980 and late r served as Assistant Commandant of the Police Force Re serve and as Superin tendent of Her Majesty s Prisons. Mr. Major was selected to bead the Marine DJViston of the Force and contributed significantl y to the for mation of this new section of the For ce. He also at tended a Junior Officers Course at the Metropolitan Police T raining School, Hendon, and a Command Course at Dishforth in the United Kingdom. He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal in 1962, the Queens Police Medal in 1977 and made a Member of the Most E xce11ent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1969 for loyal and dedicated ser vice.


ROYAL BAHAMAS DEFENCE FORCE Commodore Davy F Rolle Commodore Davy Franklyn Rolle became the second Bahamian to be appointed Commander of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on May 30, 1997. In 1979 Com-r---;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::::-=;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;:;;;::--, modore Rolle entered the Britannia Royal Naval College, and returned home in 1980 after success full y completing the Midsrupman Course. He received his com mission in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force as a sub-lieu tenant in 1981 He holds a bachelor s degree in engineering with honours :from the Ro y al Naval Engineering College. He serves as co-chainnan of the Bahamas Na tional Disaster Organization's Communications Sub committee and chainnan of its Search and Rescue Sub-committee He i s an associate member of the institute of Electrical Engineers (UK), and the Soci ety ofNaval Architects and Marin e Engineers (US) Commodore Rolle is married to the fonner Stephanie Pinder, and they have two daughters Dorea and Davone He and his family worship at St. Frnncis Xavier Cathedral. Commander Maurice Williams Born in San Salvado r in 1951, Commander Maurice Williams received his earl y education at the San Salvador All-age School. Seconded from the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Commander.--------------. Williams joined the Air Wing Command ofthe Royal Bahamas Defe nce Force as sergeant in September, 1982 He completed conversion to Aero Commander, and subsequently quali. fled at the Flight Safety Academy, L------------' Vero B each, Florida, for commercial pilot's licence and instrument rating in Jul y, 1983 Commander Williams became Commander of the Air Wing in October 1983 On April 1 1984 he was officially transferred to the Defence Force as Senior Lieutenant, and in 1996 was promoted to commander He has served with dedication and through hard work and diligence has maintained a capable and successful Air Wing Commander Albert C. Armbrister Commander Albert C. Annbrister is the squad ron commanding officer of the Royal Bahamas De fence Force He was born in Ragged Is land in J 958, and received his early education at the Ragged Island All age and Secondary Schools; later he at tended the CoJlege of The Bahamas Commander Armbrister joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force as a midshipman on January 2, 1979 He has served in all classes of Royal Bahamas De fence Force crnft and as commanding officer in as many His seamanship skills are among the best in the Defence Force and throughout the years be has demonstrated dedication and professionalism Lieutenant Commander Clifford B. Scavella Lieutenant Commander Clifford Scavella, as sistant squadron commanding officer of the Ro yal Bahamas Defence Force was born in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, in 1957 Lieutenant Commander Scavella, a fonner member of the Royal Bahamas" Po lice Force which he joined in 1976, joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in January 1979, as a marine recruit in New Entry Four. After successfully completing an All-Anns Commando Course in Lympstone, England he be-Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 43


came one of the first Bahamians to recei ve the Green Beret. He was promoted to subl ieutenant Septem ber 1 1 987, after completing the Special Duty Officer's Course at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth. He is a member of the Military Operations Pla toon (commando squad ron), and headed the first Bahamian peacekeeping contingent to Haiti in 1994 Lieutenant Commander Scav e lla, a physically fit and talented sportsman, has h ad an extraordinary impact on infantry training at the Defence Force. Lieutenant Commander Andrew Farrington Born in Nassau in 1958, Lieutenant Com-mander Andrew Farrington joined th e Royal Bahamas Defence Force May 2 1 977, as a marine recruit. He was the first RBDF enlisted officer selected to attend the Interna tional Midshipman Course at Britannia Royal Naval Col leg e England. After complet ing his new entry training Lieutenant Comman der Farrington served in Defence FofC'.e patrol craft as a crew member and l ater as a commanding officer He became involved in the computerization ofboth the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Defence Force more than 10 years ago and has since been in the forefront of computerization ofthe Royal Bah a mas Defence Force At presenr he serves as th e Com puter and Information Systems Officer Lieutenant Commander Farrington hold s a master s degree in business administration from th e University of Miami Senior Lieutenant Gaye Majo r Senior Lieutenant Gaye Major, the highest ranking female of.J. ficer on the Roy al I Bahamas Police Force, was born in Clarence Town, Long Island in 1962 She attended NGM Ma-jor High School, Long Island, and holds a bachelor' s 44 Silver Jubilee Awards Ce remon y degree in business administration from Bethune Cookrnan College. Ms Major joined the Royal Bahamas D efence Force on October 28, 198 5, and was advanced to woman marine seaman on January 24, 1986 In Janu ary, 1987 she was se lected to undergo female offic ers training in the United Kingdom After success fully completing the programme she was prom oted to subl ieutenant, and appointed to assist the civil ian finance officer at the Defence Force. Today, Senior Lieutenant Major serves as the Defence Force's accounts officer. Force Ch ief Petty Officer .Ormand C. Bastian Chief Petty Officer Ormand C. Bastian of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was born in Nassau in 1 954. He received his early education at the Sacred Heart Pri mary School and Aquinas College. After completing high school, M r. Bastian qualified as a welder and machinist. He enliste d in the Defence Force on April 28 1981, and since then has had a m eas ure of responsibility for the maintenance ofDefence Force craft He has over seen the upgrading of maintenance personnel skills and is virtual l y responsibJe for th e capabi l ity of the Defence Force of maintaining mo st of its craft in HMBS Coral Harbour. ChiefPetty Officer Bastian currently serves as th e shipyard officer at HMBS Coral Harbour Force Chief Petty Officer Paul Miller Born in Nassau in 1955, Chie f Petty Officer Paul Miller of the Royal Bahamas De fence Force received his early education at St. Anne's High School and C.R. Walker Technical College (currently the Bahamas Techni cal and Vocational Institute)


.. Mr. Miller joined the Bahamas Defence Force on January 3, 1978 as a marine recruit His early days on the Defence Force were spent at sea. At present he serves as the force s marines' welfare officer. Chief Petty Officer Miller has served the De fence Force with distinction both locally and inter nationally and, as one ofthe Defence Force s most well-known disciplinarians, his contribution as the master-at-arms as well as the representative for his subordinates has been nothing short of superb Chief Petty Officer Hubert Smith Chief Petty Officer Hubert Smith was born in Nassau in 1956. He attended Jordan Prince Will-iam High School, and joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on May 2 1977 as a marine re cruit. One of the first marines to receive a command of a De fence Force craft, Chief Petty Officer Smith has served at sea on a number of Defence Force vessels. His skills have classified him as one of the Force s most expe rienced seamen At present he commands a Royal Bahamas Defence Force patrol craft Chief Petty Officer Sidney C. Barr Born in Pleasant Bay South Andros in 1955 ChiefPetty Officer Sidney C Barr joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on May 2 1977 as a ma rine recruit. He has served on Defence Force vessels and in of the force For the past 16 years, however, CPO Barr has per formed the duties of senior cook at HMBS Coral Harbour. He has been instrumental in organizing and managing De fence Force and government receptions, and assist ing with charitable functions. His organizational and culinary skills have made him a major asset to the Defence Force. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 45


BAHAMAS CUSTOMS Mr. William B Styles Mr. William B Styles joined the C ustom s De partment in 19 58 as a Train ee Customs Officer. He immersed himse l f in all aspects of Cus toms operati o n s gaining the confi dence and res p ect of both senior and jun ior colleagues. The gradual globalization of international trad e and commerce caused m a n y Cus t o m s admi ni stratio n s to examine their op-erational m e th o d s w i th r espect t o th e handli n g of imported good and the d e li very of public service. M r Styles pl aye d a pivotal ro l e i n the many high l eve l discussions whic h led to the actual implemen tation of pro grammes and refoons The C u s t o m s tariff, a key source from which The B ahamas d erives the b u lk of its revenue. has for many years been his responsibility t o mon itor and review His in sight, wisdom and skills have re peatedly bee n max im ize d by the Mini srrv of Financ e personnel on tariff matters particu tarly i n an advi sory capacit y. Mr. Styles has b e nefited from several overseas training courses and has s u ccessfu.ll v completed other self-enhancement programmes Mr. G arth V. Greene Mr. Garth V Gree n e. a veteran officer and resourceful administrator entered the Customs Depart ment in 19 62. His consistent contribution s. some yielding national ben efits. and all hav ing positive i mpact within the Public are haJJ marks ofhis illustn ous car eer. Some of the succes sfu l ini tia tives realized through his direct leadership incl u de an innovative trai ning program m e, revenue enhancement and a revolution ary personne l pro gramme. 46 Silver Jubilee Awar ds Ceremo n y Mr. G ree n e has also headed the Grand Bahama Cus tom s administration for two years, d uring w hich time revenue co ll ections surged and staff moral e increased In hi s current position as an e xecutive administrator high work e thi cs and good commu nications are constant requirements He has demon strated comp l ete mastery in his handling of such situ ations Mr. Antbony A. Adderley M r. Anthony A Adderley joine d th e C ust o m s D e p artme n t in 1 964 as a Trai nee C u sto m s Offic e r and was t ran sferre d four years later to Freeport, Grand Bah a m a. He cur rently h eads the en tire G rand Bahama and Walker' s Cay area. Despite his havmg to operate at an active port_ very of t en with Limited hu man resources and severe!) lacking in office eq uipment, much gro\o\>th and expansion and development i ncluding revenue e nhancement. oc curred under hi s watch Career o pportunitie s have taken him on several overseas courses. seminars and intensive work shop sessions, which further broadened hi s knowl edge in many facets of Customs. Mr. BerchenaJ A. Beth el Mr Berchenal Bethel. commg from a teaching back-ground. entered the Customs Department on August 16. 1965 and served in virtu aUv all sections ofthc Department. includ i n g no fewer than three Family Island po rts. In his disting u ished career, Mr. Bethel has headed key divisions such as Investigation/Preventive Inspection and E x amination Val u ation. and is currently part of the


Operation E x ecutive Team Th e rather smooth transition from the old tariff rates ( 129) to the contem porary Hannonized System with tariff rates reduced to 27 is a testament to Mr. Bethel s skills and dedi cation in the workplace Mr. Eulond KeUy Mr. Eulond Kelly is presently serving as a member of the Operations Team with specific re sponsibility for Family Islands, Docks and Automation His tenure in the Customs D epartment barely exceeds 25 y ears Throughout his career Mr. Kelly has $!t f been a pacesetter disJ 1 playing ability and L..._ ________ ___, cooperation with his peers From the inception of the Customs Automa tion System (CAS) he has played and is still play ing a significant role in its operation and program ming This has a direct impact on the collection process plu s statistical data His interaction with Gov ernment Ministries has also enhanced his effectiv e ness. Mr. Ronald R. Saunders Mr. Ronald R. Saunders has recently com pleted 25 years as a Customs Officer He undertook and brought to fruition several projects many of which have produced harmonious interaction among staff members while a few have stirred public inter est. Whether an event is of foreign or local significance, Mr. Saunders takes the initiative forms his usually small but committed team and follows through. Though such exP;r-, cises often require more preparatory work outside normal working hours, Mr. Saunders never seeks remuneration. Despite his social in volvement, his laborious and varied assignment are never neglected and his overall performance and pro ductivity have remained consistently high. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony 47


IMMIGRATION Dr. Dosw e ll C Coakley Dr. Do swe ll Coakley joined the Immigration Department on appointment as Assistant Director of Immigration in May, 1977 on transfer from the Ministry of External Affairs after serving 5 1/2 years He advanced to th e management level ofDirector oflmmigration, a post h e held f rom April, 1994 to October, 1996 when he re tired from the Pub lic Service Between Sep tember, 1979, and March, 1984 Dr. Coakley headed the Freeport office dur ing which time he promoted high work ethics among staff an d dev e l oped a comprehens i ve work process ing plan that improv e d the r e lati onship between the business co mmuni ty and the Department of Immi gration. In his su b stantive post as Di rector o f Immi gratio n he placed emphasis o n th e Department's function as a Government tool that fostered eco n omic activi ti es. 'This approach l ed to th e automation of the Department to allow efficient and effective ser vices to the pubhc Dr. Coakle y, who head s the Bahamas Consu lat e in New York hold s a Master of Social Science Degree and a Doctorat e Degree and professional cer tification as an accountant and an econo m ist. Mr. Vernon E. L Burrows Mr. Vernon Burrows joined the [mmigration Department as a Clerk in J uly 1967. and was appointed an lmmigra tion Offi ce r in Octo b e r 1968 He entered th e management l evel as a Se nior Immigration Officer in April, 197 5 was promoted to Assistant Director in January 1 992 an d Acting Deputy Di rector in July 1 997. 48 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony Mr. Burrows has had postings in the Family I s land s and in various key areas w ithin Headquar ters including the Classified Registry and Inv esti gation S ection. His most substantive posting was Assistant Director respons ibl e for the functions of the Department in Grand Bahama. H e pre sently assists the Director of Immigration in the overall dail y management of the Department. He has participated in l ocal and international symposiums and seminars and is a recent graduate of the Public Service Senior Manag emen t Course Mr. Lambert A. Campbell Mr. Lambert A Campbell joined the Immi gratio n Department in Jan uary 1968 as an Immi gration Officer and advanced through the ranks to management levels as a Senior Immigration Officer in April 1975 H e was promoted to Ass i stant Di rector in January 1992 and Acting Deputy Dir ector in July 1 997. Mr. CarnpbelJ has served in the Family Islands and as a Training Officer and L iaison Offic e r with local and int e r national e nforc e ment agenc i es His e arlie r postings include Of ficer in Charge of Nassau Jntemational Airport. Officer in C harg e of the Enforcement Unit H ead of th e Human Resourc es Divisio n H e is c ur r e ntl y the administratorofth e D e partm ent's Fre eport Offi ce H e has received lead ers hip and manag ement certificates from the Public Service Training Centre and from national and int e rnational job-relat ed symposiums. He is also a rec e n t grad u ate of th e Public Service Senior Manag ement Course.


Mr. Samuel B. Moss Mr. Sam u e l B Moss join ed the Immigration Department on November 7 196 9, as an Immigra tion Officer and advanced through th e ranks to th e manag e ment l eve l to a S enior Immigration Officer .------------, in Janu ary, 1 981. He was promoted to Su perintendent in Janu ary 1992 after serv ing as C hief Immi gration Officer for three years Mr. Moss served in a number of Fami l y Islands Be tween 1993 and Jun e, 1998 he was charged with th e managem en t of the Nassau International Airport. He now h e ads th e Department's Enforcement Unit which compris e s ix operational functions and over 30 support staff. He holds correspondence dip loma in Business Administration certificate s in Management Courses and an A ssoc iat e of Arts Degr ee in Business Ad ministration He is a recent g raduate of th e Public Service S e nior Managem ent Course Mrs. Angela F. George Mrs Angela F George joined the Immigra tion Department as a C l erk in August, 1966 She moved through the ranks to her present post of Ex ecutive Offi cer. Mrs George hold s certifi cates from the Pub lic Service Training Centre in Adminis trative and Manage rial Proficiency. Mrs. has se rv e d as Sec retary to the Immi gration She was introduced to management responsibilities as a Senior Clerk with responsibility to supervise the Typing Pool. She also held the posts of supervisor of Application Process ing and head of Immigration Board matters Mrs. George now functions as assistant to the Chief Ex ecutive Offi ce r in the Human Resources Unit. Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremo n y 49


PRISONS DEPARTMENT Mr. Fonswit Alexander Stubbs Mr. Fonswit Alexander Stubbs who was born on September 27, 1939, at Orange Creek Cat Is land, enlisted into The Bahamas Prisons Service s on April II, 1968. He was pro mote d through the ranks and attained his present position o n September 1 1997 Mr. Stubbs, who served his coun try with dignity pride and commitment, re tires from the Pri so n s Service on Novembe r 2 2 199 8. Mr. Boi sie Oral Roll e Mr. Boisie Oral Roll e who was bo rn June 9, 1940 at Nicholl's Town, Andros is p resently act Boy s Industrial School. ing in the capac ity of Deputy S u peri nten dent of P ri sons. He joine d The Bahamas Prisons Service o n Aug ust 1 1 1 960 From J u l y 5. 1 9 8 2 to October I. 1984, Mr. R o lle served as Assistant Sup e rin tendent o f the Mr. Henry Thomas R o ll e Mr. H enry Thomas R o lle. who was born on April 1 L 1940. at Devirs Poi nt. Cat Islan d, enli sted into The B ahamas Pris on s Service on Sep tember23. 1963. He was promoted thro ugh the ranks to his present position on September 1. 1996 50 Silver Jubilee Awards Ceremony A career Prison Officer Mr. Rolle presentl y heads the First Offenders Prison which includes the Gate House and R ece ption areas Mr. Hamilton Samue. l Rile y Mr. Hamilton Samuel Riley born at St. Anns Jamaica, on Jun e 29, 1934 has been a part of The Bahamas Pri sons Service since September 23 1963. H e has been Offic e r in Charge of t h e Carpenter Shop at Her Majesty's Pri s ons for some time. In addition to the traini ng of in mate s in the carp e n try / jiJin e ry trad e, h e o v e rs e a s the con s truction o f many fin e furnitu re pi e c es w hich can been see n throughou t the Governmen t S erv i ce. suc h as the conference tabl e u sed at th e Commo n wealth H eads of Government M eeti n g (C H OGM) in 1 985, furnitur e for the v arious co urt s, an d office furniture fo r Governm ent Hou s e and va ri ous Governme n t Ministries and D e partm e n ts. M r. Charles M cPhee M r Charles M c Ph ee. who was born in Nassau on A ugust 10. 1 935. enlis t e d in to The Bahamas Prison Service on Apri l 22. 1970. and h as bee n the C hief Locksmit h / Welder fo r the P ris ons for in excess o f 20 years M r. M c Phee has attended lock s m i th cour ses i n the United Kingdom wh i ch h ave enh an ced his ability to p r ovide the leve l of expe rtise in this areaofhis fession that is re..., quired in the Prisons The security of the Prisons depends on his ability in the performance of his du-tics


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