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Funeral service for Retired Nurse Gloria Joan Strachan (née Symonette), 85
Strachan, Gloria Jean Symonette, 1933-2018 ( Retired Nurse )
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Nassau, Bahamas
The Tribune
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1 p, : ill.


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Nurses -- Bahamas -- Biography


Funeral service announcement published in The Tribune, May 3, 2018.

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University of The Bahamas
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University of The Bahamas
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r 1 PAGE 24 e Thursday, May 3, 2018 OBITUARI-=S THE TRIBUNE "0/t.a'u/';ff qy_au-4 C}r[ad G}J{emo/de.s, 242-334-FPMC (3762) LOCATED: PUBLIC DOCK, ROCK SOUND, ELEUTHERA Funeral Service For Retired Nurse Gloria Joan Strachan (nee Symonette ), 85 of. Rock Sound, Eleuthera, will be held on Sunday, 6th May, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. at Rock Sound Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Rock Sound. Officiating will be Rev. Christopher Neely. Interment will follow in Yellow Ground Cemetery, Rock Sound. Lynden Damon Johnson, Arginal and Alexi Rolle, Dorian Howard, Shomari, Jahnya, and Mekhi Symonette, Dr. Andrew Taylor, Jr. ; and Lizandria Taylor, Phillippa Paula, Paul, and Christian Greene; god child: Waysha McKinney; and a host of other relatives and friends including the families of Claudia Sands, Sidney and Pearline Rolle, Deborah and John Moxey, James Sands, Pat Maynard, Hazel Sands Wayde McKinney, Van Oldham, George "Porky" Fernander, Angela Leary, Breon Leary, Ronnie and Harry Horton, Bertram, Betty, Kathleen Sands, Bursil Bowleg, Trudy Bullard, Nurse Grace Munnings, 1\:fs. Effie Walkes, Rev. Fr. James Moultrie, Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Hon. Philip "Brave" Davis, Rev. Dan Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Culmer, Pastor Remelda Carey and Family, Huel and CedShe. has left many wonderful memo-. ric .Hall, Wilson, _Yillamae Fo.wler, Stephen an? Wilson ries in the hearts of her siblings: Net-: Bam, Ann, Patncia and ?lvm Fowler, Lmamae Ethnc Bo_we, ica Martin Dewitt George "Mac" Margaret Rodgers and Elizabeth Taylor, Maxwell Lightbourn, Ehza "Junior" 'and Clayton beth Sands, Miriam Cyril Hall, the Methodist Community of monette Clarena Cox brothers and South Eleuthera; residents of the entire South Eleuthera; and Of Retired Justice Joseph ficers and Members of the Order of Eastern. Star and Grand United Strachan and Beryl Strachan; Ellen, Order of Fellows (Household of Ruth). secured the love r Canrea Pearline and Dorita Sy-of the offsprmg of her aunts and uncles, who live around the world _____ ......a:.. _ ....::......----1 Grace Hubert "Zeke" and and they are included in her They hail from the families Chris Strachan; nieces and nephews: Angela Sands, Stafford Rolle, : of: Griswell Symonette: .Agatha Michael; Weyman Sy Sheri Morgan, Linda McCoy, Dr. Darlene Cargill, Michelle Johnson, monette: purward (Deceased); Edwma Burrows: Cleora, Albert Desiree Forbes, Thomas "Cow" Symonette; Marsha Duncanson, Sands (Deceased), Alvin San.ds, Telcina Winder (Deceased), Sabri Wellington, Robert, Albrion, Shirley, and Levi Symonette, Lorna Randy of Atlanta .and Keith Burrows (Deceased), Brenda; Nev Miller-Sands, Anthony Symonette, Vanaya Bredy, Crystal Hold-ille Symonette: Archie, Joycelyn, Melretta Oswald; Frances er, Dudley Symonette, Randolph and Kimberley Symonette, Ben, Symonette; Ruth Edwards: Cleora Richards, Sharon Grant Clarena, and James Symonette, Maverick, Nathaniel, and Wayne Coleby, Alice Andrew, Rodenck Grant Frederick Grant Symonette, and Marsha Stubbs, Clara Johnson and Clarence Sy-(Deceased); Rosa Munroe: Iris Bonamy, Thelma Rolle (Deceased), monette, H,urey Bodie, Jr., Laquita, Mimi, and Bradfield III "Man. Rosalee Munroe (Deceased), James (Deceased), Martin Munroe; Man", Rae-Dawn Thompson, Nathaniel, Rosalie, Nathalie, Eventy :Jessie Mingo: Mary Edith Ward (Deceased), Alice McMillan (Deand Jennie Strachan Charles and Lucan Strachan, Marsha Murphy, ceased), Margaret Wilson, Thomas Mingo, Leon (Deceased), Lu-. Arlene Strachan, Gail Curling, Kevin McKenzie, Donelle Forbes, cine Mingo; James Arnold Edwards: Gwendolyn Ferguson, Mary Philip and Angela Roberts, Arnette Rahming, Darnette Thompson, Dell Carey (Deceased), Millicent Edwards, (Deceased), Wendell Theora Wilson, Terah Laing, Kenmara and Kenrea Lightbourne; (Deceased), Artie (Deceased), Euna Edwards Ebanks (Deceased); adopted children: Chris (Katrina) Symonette,. Sharon Mcintosh, Willard Edward: Jaines Edwards (Deceased), Dorothy Culmer (DeEvangelist Clyde (Jacqueline) Symonette, Gerard (E'Thegra), Dr. ceased), Mary Edwards Ingraham; Maude Edwards Smith: Mary; Anya Symonette, Kailei Symonette, Frederick "Joey" (Tamekah) Naomi Bowleg: Carmita (Deceased), Mary, Evangeline, Lloyd, HarSymonette, Andrew "Andy" Taylor, Sr., Leshan McKinney, Gregry, Naomi Ellis, Seina, Junior; Olive Johnson: HerbeJ;t Johnson (De-ory Bullard, Shan tel Dorsett Greene, Thomas "Tommy", Chandra ceased), Eloise Hunter (Deceased). Sands, and Christel Sands-Feaste; adopted grandchildren: Khrystal and Christopher Jr. Symonette, Deron, Akeem, Brittney, and Darius Mcintosh, Angelica, Xavier and Madison Symonette, Sasha, enne, and Gerard Shaka Symonette, Angeleah and Jo-Ann Smith, Viewing will be held on Saturday May 5th in the Garden of Precious Memories. From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and at he church from 12:30 pm until service time. (