Megan Manulak's Professional Portfolio

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Megan Manulak's Professional Portfolio
Manulak, Megan Emily
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This electronic portfolio is designed to illustrate the student's pre-professional academic preparation in the field of health education. All elements of a print portfolio will be included, however the portfolio will be accessible online. The website address for the electronic portfolio is ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Science in Health Education, magna cum laude, on May 8, 2018. Major: Health Education and Behavior. Emphasis/Concentration: Community Health Promotion
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College or School: College of Health and Human Performance
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Advisor: Holly Moses, Sadie Sanders. Advisor Department or School: Health Education and Behavior

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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In May 2018, I will graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Health Education from the University of Florida. My courses, internship experiences, and extracurricular activities have prepared me to become a competent health educator with a focus in community health promotion. I am confident in my abilities to serve my community in all seven of the Responsibilities and Competencies for Health Education Specialists as outlined by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc ( NCHEC ). In my portfolio, I included three of my b est academic works. The first i s my final project from HSC4713 Planning and Ev aluating Health Education Programs. The purpose of this project was to create a health education/promotion program, including all of its corresponding components. I chose to create a program that provided an adapted sports league for people with disabiliti es in the Gainesville, F lorida area. I received 133.7/140 points on this project, which translates to a 95.5% grade (A). The second academic work is my StrengthsFinder 2.0 paper from HSC4800 Health Education Professional Development. For this assignment, I completed the Clifton Strengths assessment which identified my top five strengths My paper focused on exploring my strengths (Achiever, Discipline, Focus, Responsibility, and Relator), exploration of a famous maxim. This assignment proved incredibly important to me from a personal and professional standpoint. I learned the impo rtance of focusing on my strengths and working to fully develop those strengths. I re ceived 49.5/50 points on this essay, which translates to a 99% grade (A). The final academic work is my Health Promotion Program Team Project from HSC4302 I n addition to completing my assign ed share of the work, I was also in charge of collecting each group member submit I completed the following components of the project : the developmental section, the supplemental section, the conclusion and slides 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the PowerPoint presentation. My team and I received 34.5/40 points on this project, which translates to an 86.25% grade (B). The instructor feedback provided important information regarding my strengths in terms of preparing a health promotion program, as well as identified areas/skills that I should spend more time developing. Another section of my portfolio includes three of my best projects completed during my full time health education internship with the Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida (CILNCF). The first work is a lesson plan and presentation created for the Independent Living Skills class. This class meets once a week, and is open to anyone with a disability that wants to learn skills about living independently. The lesson I created and delivered focused on the importance of staying hydrated. I also created and led an activity in which the consumers cr eated charms that they could hang on their water bottles. I received high remarks from my supervisor.


The second work i s a lesson plan created for the High School High Tech (HSHT) program. This program aims to teach public high school students with disab ilities about skills they need to develop in order to attend and excel in college as well as to obtain a job after they graduate high school/college I created a lesson plan to teach the students how to build a strong resume, and I created a template that the students used to create a rough draft of their resumes Knowing how to create a strong resume is essential for applying for college, as well as employment opportunities, which can increase the quality of life for these students. The third internship work i s another lesson created for the Independent Living Skills class. I spent the majority of my time during the internship working with this program This lesson focused on how to do laundry, a s well as the basics of sewing. While this might not seem l ike som ething health related, it is actually important for many people. It is important to have when it comes to getting a job or volunteer position. I created th e lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation, and I led the activity where I demonstrated how to sew a button onto clothing while the consumers followed along. I also helped the consumers in making their own sewing kits that they were able to take home and us e. Another section of my portfolio includes four extracurricular activities that I took part in during my undergraduate career which had the greatest impact on me professionally I first highlighted my experiences with Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG), National Hea lth Education Honorary. I then included my experiences with the Dream Team, a club that aimed t o brighten the lives of also detailed m y experiences in Phi Mu s orority And, finally, I presented my experiences associated with the completion of Gatorship Each of these extracurricular experiences shaped me and grew me into a more confident, cult urally competent professional. The final section of my portfolio is my reflective assessment of all experiences during my time at the University of Florida I reflected on all activities and accomplishments from my undergraduate career, including lessons learned Truly, i t was refreshing to look back on how far I have come (personally and professionally). W riting this section provided a positive sense of closure for my undergraduate studies at the University of Florida.