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Brittney Johnson Portfolio of Work
Johnson, Brittney F.
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My honors thesis project is my portfolio of graphic design work in PDF format. This document will allow future employers to see the stylistic diversity in my body of work and get a feel for who I am as a designer from my personal branding. Putting all my work together in one final planned-out portfolio feels like the culmination of all my hard work over the past two years. The work I have accomplished in the UFGD program taught me more about myself and what my values are as a designer than I ever thought possible. I am passionate about the intersection of verbal and visual communication and its influence on an audience. I believe the best design is born from collaborating with a team that is passionate about solving problems, which is why I feel most stimulated and challenged working with others that push me to be better. These realizations about who I am as a designer are evident in the work in this final portfolio. Ligature 27 taught me the challenges of being a creative director and how to plan a summa stakes event. My work for the Trends + Strategies Conference taught me how to communicate with printers and more importantly the importance of flexibility and demonstrating leadership ability in working to solve problems from a design-based approach. Working on the Emote App provided great teamwork and design research experience. Southlake Stage and all of my Irish Dance Research gave me a great foundation into UX/UI design. Designing the Fluency Foundation and Closer Catalog helped me learn more about service design, while also giving me great experience in writing creative briefs. Finally, the work done at my Internship with the Perez Art Museum Miami gave me first-hand experience in learning about real world work environments for designers. This thesis is the final outcome of everything I have learned at the University of Florida. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, magna cum laude, on May 8, 2018. Major: Graphic Design
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College or School: College of the Arts
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Advisor: Jarred Elrod. Advisor Department or School: Art + Art History

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Brittney Johnson | | Graphic Designer


Ligature 27February 9-10, 2018 UFs Student-Run Annual Graphic Design Symposium Co-Creative Director


Ligature 27 Ligature Website Link:


Ligature 27 Ligature Website Link:


UF Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Trends + Strategies Conference 2018Graphic Designer for 2018 Conference branding: print & web logo design, program editorial, signage, banners, web ads, name tags, lanyards, water bottles


Trends + Strategies Conference


Emote AppSpring 2017/MINT Graphic Design Studio UX/UI, branding & illustration app design


Emote App


Emote App


Emote App


Emote App Research


Southlake Stage: Seasonal Dance TheatreFall 2017/Visual Systems print & illustration branding, app design


Southlake Stage


Southlake Stage InVision App Prototype:


Fluency FoundationSpring 2018/Senior Studio print, web & illustration logo design, folder, booklet, website prototype, social media, stickers


Fluency Foundation


Fluency Foundation InVision App Prototype:


Fluency Foundation InVision App Prototype:


Closer CatalogFall 2017/Ideas and Styles print, hand-lettered logo, illustration, UX/UI catalog, app screens


Closer Catalog


Closer Catalog


Closer Catalog


Closer Catalog


Closer App Screens


Le Chile Website: Interaction DesignFall 2016/Visualization & Creativity Recipient of Best Junior Entry Award for Ligature 26 Design Symposium website prototype, adobe Xd video


Le Chile Website Adobe Xd Demo Video:


Le Chile Website Adobe Xd Demo Video:


Le Chile World Showcase BrandingFall 2016/Visualization & Creativity Recipient of Best Junior Entry Award for Ligature 26 Design Symposium logo design, poster design, ticket design, button design


IRISHD A N C E history BEGINNER ADVANCED BEGINNER NOVICE PRIZE WINNER PRELIMINARY CHAMPIONSHIP OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Moving up between the first 3 grades is determined by teacher based on skill. To move up past Prize Winner, one must place 1st in all feiseanna. To move up, one must place 1st twice in one year, which is difficult in some regions.gradescompetitionsmusictheworld ofIrish dance is unique to other styles of dance in its music use. Every single dance has a different song style specific to its own category. All dances at competition, whether ceili group numbers or solo sets, are always danced to traditional Irish music. The instruments played in any given number include the Irish bodhran or fiddle, concertina, guitar, whistle or flute. Musicality is key for an Irish dancer, which is why it is important to memorize the different beats in a song for each style of dance.hard shoeHEAVIES or JIG SHOES are hard shoes with fiberglass toes and heels. Both boys and girls wear these. 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Ancient Celts & Druids had religious rituals involving dance First feis called Feis Teamhair by King Ollam Fodhla Sir Henry Sidney writes to Queen Elizabeth I telling of the jigs danced by Ladies of Galway Irish Dance Master traveled & taught youth in each district the group dances of their heritage Gaelic League organized formal competition, began the practice of organized dance lessons Irish Dancing Commision strictly Irish legislation of teachers & adjucatorsGHILLIES are soft shoes made of black leather and are similar to ballet shoes in design. Only girls wear these; the male version has a hard heel. There are four different soft shoe dances:Reel Slip Jig Light Jig Single JigMany words or phrases concerning Irish step dancing are in the traditional Irish Gaelic language! 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Prez Art Museum MiamiSummer 2017/Internship print & web typesetting, bus stop design, e-vite design, web design, motion graphics PAMM Portraits Blog: Motion Graphic:


PAMM: Digital Bus Signs


PAMM: Rack Card


PAMM: Member E-Vites