A* Path Planning Algorithm for Obstacle Avoidance Applied to Single Agent Indirect Herding

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A* Path Planning Algorithm for Obstacle Avoidance Applied to Single Agent Indirect Herding
Greene, Max Lewis
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Certain network systems are comprised of agents with uncertain nonlinear dynamics that are indirectly controlled and herded by the influence of other agents, during which collision and interference between agents may occur. In some circumstances, the uncontrollable (target) agents and controllable (herder) agents should not collide or interfere, such as in munition collection or arrangement. This thesis evaluates the implementation of an A* path planning algorithm used to direct one target agent toward a goal location while navigating around other uncontrolled agents (obstacles). A heuristic approach is developed for the A* algorithm that enables obstacle avoidance and generates the least cost path to the desired goal location. It is possible to implement an A* algorithm to plan a path for this specific single agent herding problem. While this method may be implemented to herd other objects with uncertain nonlinear dynamics, it requires system-dependent tuning and reliable control of the target agent. ( en )
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Awarded Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, summa cum laude, on May 8, 2018. Major: Mechanical Engineering
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College or School: College of Engineering
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Advisor: Warren Dixon. Advisor Department or School: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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University of Florida
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