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PAGE 1 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Vol. VII, No. 42 FREEWEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. OPINION A4 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A12 CLUB NOTES A16-17 PETS A22 BUSINESS MEETINGS B5 NETWORKING B6-7 HOUSE HUNTING B9 OPEN HOUSE MAP B22 BOOK REVIEW C5 FILM REVIEW C15 PUZZLES C12 CUISINE NEWS C24-27 INSIDE Hope for HaitiA benefit pub crawl, and more Society photos. C22-23 The high notesOpera companies announce full seasons ahead. C1 Behind the WheelCheck out the Rolls-Royce Drophead Coup. A19 Paid to learnInternships often lead to fulltime work. B1 The von Arx Wildlife Hospital at Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been put in an interesting position: Despite meticulous planning on the part of organization executives, the number of patient admissions has already exceeded 2014s total of 2,110 animals. So far this year, the hospital has seen an influx of small mammals that have pushed the patient count to 2,421. We reacting to whats happening in the environment, says Joanna Fitzgerald, the hospitals director. The sudden influx of small mammals has stretched the hospitals resources because staff is treating a lot of trauma cases that seem to have no common cause, Ms. Fitzgerald says. Unlike surges in years Wildlife hospital stressed by sudden influx of patients BY WIN EVERHAM, PH.D.Special to Florida Weekly THIS IS A VERY BIG PLACE, AND I do not know how it works, nor how I fit in. I am a member of a fragile species, still new to the earth ... We are only tentatively set in place, error prone, at risk of fumbling, in real danger at the moment of leaving behind only a thin layer of our fossils In that passage from his book The Fragile Species, Lewis Thomas was writing as a medical doctor, but he could have been an ecologist. Mr. Thomas understood how much we still dont know and that question of how we fit in is the essence of the science of ecology. Ecology is a young science only 100 years old. Ecologists are concerned with where SEE MYTHS, A8 BY LINDSEY NESMITHlnesmith@ SEE WILDLIFE, A13 ANALYSIS COURTESY PHOTOS FROM PINNACLE MAGAZINE COURTESY PHOTOYoung Eastern cottontails require constant expert care.

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Bring Your Highest Expectations LIVINGSTON ROADPINE RIDGE ROAD EXIT 107WHIPPORWILL LANE N From the high $300s $600s COMMENTARY A Jimmy Stewart from hellCivility in politics is more than an art form. A wise lawmaker appreciates procedural rules in support of an orderly, legislative process. Protocols for conduct sustain a mannerly decorum when passions erupt. The first threshold to prevention of intemperate speech is common courtesy. Parliamentary procedures are the ways and means to manage the chaos inherent in the legislative process. Rules governing formal debate lower the temperature associated with contested issues lest disagreements become personal and dangerously offensive. Thomas Jefferson considered these issues when the nation was young and Congress was still in its infancy. The U.S. House and U.S. Senate did not have well-established procedures and protocols to manage their respective duties and obligations; they had limited tools with which to temper the atmospherics when rhetoric was unfettered from diplomacy. Both houses devised formal protocols and operational policies through discovery and by precedence when the fine print in the U.S. Constitution did not otherwise provide instruction. Because Jefferson understood the challenges of gathering, among many divergent viewpoints, the comity of good will, he took up his pen. Before leaving the U.S. Senate as its presiding officer, he wrote and published in 1801 his Manual of Parliamentary Practice for the Use of the Senate of the United States. The U.S. House of Representatives also used the manual to establish its own rules for conducting business. Jeffersons manual was Americas first book on parliamentary procedure. It included basic guidance to lawmakers: they should not disturb anothers speech by hissing, coughing, spitting, speaking, or whispering to another nor stand up to interrupt them. It established customs. Members of the Senate must address their remarks to the Senates presiding officer rather than directly to one another regarding issues introduced for discussion on the Senate floor. Senate members may only reference colleagues in the third person in addressing comments to the presiding officer, and honorifics must be used, such as the honorable gentleman or gentle lady soand-so. Of course, those desirous of insulting their peers find ways to do it. They inject anger, disgust, or sarcasm into the delivery of remarks, making unmistakable their intention to offend but there is a limit. Both houses can discipline members whose conduct goes off the rails, though their action may not necessarily infringe upon or violate any specific rule or law. Their peers need only judge their actions to be in conflict with the members privileges, demonstrate contempt for the institution, demonstrate behaviors that discredit the institution, or impute to another senator or to other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator. Standing up on the floor of the U.S. Senate and calling a distinguished member of your own party (and the Majority Leader) a liar is probably a bridge too far if you respect 200 years of Senate tradition, but not so for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Following the personal insult leveled at Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Cruz went on Rush Limbaughs radio show to brag about his un-senatorial behavior, accepting Mr. Limbaughs praise with fake humility. If Sen. Cruzs act is, as Mr. Limbaugh suggested, a feat of political heroism comparable to that of Mr. Smith, the lead character in the old film classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington then Ted Cruz plays the role like a Jimmy Stewart from hell. Something is wrong when those entrusted and sworn to preserve and protect our most cherished, democratic institutions then seek their destruction by inciting a mob of extremists. Words become weapons. In this, Sen. Ted Cruz is not alone. Provocative and politically outrageous behavior is mainstream among conservatives seeking the Republican Partys nomination as its 2016 presidential candidate. Of the herd, Donald Trump is the radical rights favorite candidate an American Vladimir Putin qualified by his Everest-sized arrogance to take over the GOP as if it were his own Ukraine. They cannot get enough of a tough, white guy telling it like it is, no matter how repulsive or bombastic the speech. Mr. Trumps immense wealth and over-sized ego insulates him from accountability for egregious behaviors. He drops rhetorical bombs without conscience or restraint, ridiculing the moral scruples of those who get squeamish along the way. The more outrageous he is, the more popular he becomes among the lunatic fringe. He is their avatar, the person they would most like to be. Their runner-up fantasy is living in a faux democracy with a Trump or Trump-wannabe as the President of the United States. Political warfare, writes Michael J. Lee, is the the politics of provocation, a gladiatorial flashy, combative style whose ultimate aim is the creation of inflammatory drama. Mr. Lee says William F. Buckley Jr. deserves the credit for the take-noprisoners style among conservatives on the frontlines of waging the cultural war. By the force of his intellectual brilliance, Mr. Buckley forged a rhetorical template for winning converts to the conservative cause that turned modern politics into a blood sport. In the mind of these gladiator-style politicians, Jeffersons Manual of Parliamentary Practice is irrelevant. Leslie Lilly is a native Floridian. Her professional career spans more than 25 years leading major philanthropic institutions in the South and Appalachia. She writes frequently on issues of politics, public policy and philanthropy. She resides with her family and pugs in Jupiter. a l a o t b Roger Williams is on vacation. His column will return next week.


www.NCHmd.orgNamed One of the Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals in the Nation for 2014. This is my hospital.

PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Cincinnati and the murder of Samuel DuboseA stunning indictment has been handed down in Cincinnati, focusing attention again on police killings of people of color. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced that University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has been charged with murder, for the July 19 shooting death of Samuel DuBose, a 43-year-old African-American man. Tensing pulled over DuBose because he was driving a car without a front license plate. As Deter said in his news conference: He was dealing with someone without a front license plate. This is, in the vernacular, a very chicken-crap stop. Tensing wanted to see DuBoses drivers license. When DuBose said he didnt have it, Tensing made a motion to open DuBoses car door. Within seconds of this interaction, Tensings right hand swung into the video frame with a pistol. He fired a single shot into DuBoses head, which sent the car, with DuBose dead behind the wheel, rolling down the street, where it crashed to a halt. Before Tensings bodycamera video was released, the officer claimed that his arm had been caught in the car, and he was dragged down the street. Another officer, Phillip Kidd, reported he saw the same thing. The video clearly debunked their version. Kidd should be arrested, too. Prosecutor Deters released Officer Tensings bodycamera video, stating, This is without question a murder. DuBose was killed about one week after another deadly traffic stop. In that case, in Waller County, Texas, 28-yearold Sandra Bland, also African-American, was pulled over by Brian Encinia, a white Texas State Trooper. Encinia claimed she had not signaled a lane change. The troopers dashboard camera recorded the stop. He demanded that Bland put out her cigarette, then told her to get out of the car, saying: Im giving you a lawful order. I am going to drag you out of there. Bland can be heard saying: You opened my car door. So youre threatening to drag me out of my own car? Encinia then shouted, Get out of the car! When Bland replied: And then youre going to assault me? Wow, Encinia, brandishing a Taser, shouted: I will light you up! Get out! Now! The next video captured Bland on the ground. She is heard saying, You slammed me into the ground! When she told Encinia she suffered from epilepsy, he can be heard replying Good. Three days after her arrest, Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell. The official cause of death reported was suicide, but family and friends dispute this. DuBoses murder also occurred almost a year to the day after Eric Garner was killed, when New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Garner in a choke hold. A video captured his death, with Garner gasping I cant breathe 11 times. His death was declared a homicide, but Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan failed to charge Pantaleo or any other officer with his death. D.A. Donovan subsequently ran for Congress in a special election and won. Three weeks after Garners death in Staten Island, police killed AfricanAmerican teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. There was no video of his death on that Saturday afternoon, Aug. 9, 2014. There is video, taken by a bystander, of Browns bleeding corpse, left for hours, uncovered, on the hot pavement. No charges were filed against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, sparking massive protests and launching the Black Lives Matter movement. This past weekend, more than 1,000 people gathered in Cleveland for a national organizing meeting for Black Lives Matter. Cleveland was the home of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy playing with a toy pistol in a public park on Nov. 21, 2014. A caller to 911 alerted the police about a guy with a pistol, but added its probably fake. Cleveland Police Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback careened into the park in a police cruiser. Within seconds, Loehmann fired at least twice, killing the boy. Surveillance footage, grainy and silent, captures the crime. Reports have emerged that Loehmann was deemed unfit for police service over two years ago when he worked in the Cleveland suburb of Independence. A letter from a superior there specifically criticizes Loehmanns performance in firearms training, saying, He could not follow simple directions ... his handgun performance was dismal. In 2014, the City of Cleveland paid $100,000 to settle an excessive-force case against Officer Garmback. In June, Cleveland Municipal Judge Ronald Adrine said there are grounds to prosecute the officers. So why havent Loehmann and Garmback been charged? Cincinnati is a start for accountability and justice. Cleveland should pay attention. As the thousand people gathered there last weekend said clearly, Black Lives Matter. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,300 stations. She is the co-author, with Denis Moynihan, of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller.The immigration secessionistsIt turns out that everything weve heard about the evils of states and localities defying federal law is wrong. So long as a jurisdiction is sticking its thumb in the eye of the federal government on behalf of illegal immigrants who have been arrested and jailed, defiance of federal authority is progressive and commendable. Through the years, the left has created dozens upon dozens of so-called sanctuary cities devoted to frustrating federal immigration enforcement. On this issue, they are little islands of secession. Somewhere John C. Calhoun must be smiling although slightly puzzled over the renewed prestige of a version of his old, discredited idea of nullification. Sanctuary cities have gotten renewed attention in the wake of a horrific murder in San Francisco, a case amplified by the bullhorn of Donald Trump. Kathryn Steinle, 32, was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who had a long rap sheet and had been deported five times. The murder was easily avoidable. A few months prior, the city had arrested Lopez-Sanchez on drug charges, but it simply released him when the charges were dropped, even though Immigration and Customs Enforcement wanted to take custody of him for deportation. This wasnt an isolated misjudgment. San Francisco has long been a sanctuary city that doesnt honor so-called federal detainers (i.e., notices that Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to take custody of an illegal immigrant upon release from jail). It is a policy of calculated irresponsibility meant to create a zone of lawlessness. In this instance, the human cost was heartbreakingly high. The immigration debate is famously fraught. Maybe we cant agree on building a fence. Maybe we cant agree on a pathway to citizenship. But surely we can agree that illegal aliens who have landed in jail should be deported? Apparently not. We have a broken system, as the supporters of amnesty always like to say, in part because they took a sledgehammer to it. The number of sanctuary cities has been increasing during the Obama years. The administration has thrown the book at states that have dared to aid in the enforcement of federal immigration law, but hasnt moved against jurisdictions acting at cross-purposes to the law. Indeed, it has eased the way for them. It reinterpreted, with no legal justification, a federal regulation in order to make detainers voluntary. It kneecapped the successful Secure Communities program that shared the fingerprints of local arrestees with the feds, replacing it with a significantly watered-down program. Obama has g utted interior enforcement. The former acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said recently, If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero. What to do about sanctuary cities? It is already against federal law for jurisdictions to forbid their officials from sharing immigration information with the federal government. Congress should tighten up the law by making it clear again that detainers are mandatory and withholding certain federal funds from jurisdictions that still wont comply. Of course, it would take a different president to sign such a bill, one who cares about the laws he is pledged to enforce and who doesnt seek a sanctuary nation. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. 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PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 INSTANT GRATIFICATION... BEST FURNITURE STORE 2015 NO WAITING, SEE IT, LOVE IT, TAKE IT HOME TODAY! ROOTED IN NAPLESWelcome to the dog daysRemember when I wrote that love letter to summer a few months ago? I take it back. I take it all back. Weve finally hit that point where summer sucks. Among my chief complaints: the heat, childcare, the lack of hurricanes, the heat, everybody elses constant vacations, scheduling, the heat, the rain and me. Compared to past summers, Im confused as to how I got anything done with my nearest and dearest constantly rotating vacations amongst themselves I was the doofus who scheduled my time off right out the gate when school ended. We shot out of here so fast you could practically inhale the contrails streaming behind us, and now we get to watch everyone else saunter off to the more balmy climes of their home states while we figure out how to keep things running in their absence. Im jealous. Things do run in their absence, however, with me sneaking increasingly outlandish vacation plans into my husbands email. An idea that started out as Labor Day in New Jersey has turned into Christmas in the Caribbean (as if our families would ever let that happen). But school starts imminently (thank God), and our openish schedules will soon close. This, of course, brings me to my next complaint. The kids need to be fed, watered and supervised (still) when school is out. Someone needs to keep them from killing each other over Minecraft and Kidz Bop. They both feel a moral imperative now to tattle (the thrill!) when either of them isnt properly executing their daily duties (of which there are few, but opportunities to snitch are many). The oldest is in camp and realizes the youngest gets their grandmothers undivided attention, which results in more jealousy. The youngest could not be more bored because there seems to be a new trend in Naples where 5-year-olds need to have completed kindergarten to attend a camp. Ironically, students start kindergarten at 5, so theres an angry mob of small children around who are practically murderous with boredom. There arent enough play dates because everyone is on vacation, gone for a long weekend (please, take me with you) or braining themselves against the walls of an empty schoolhouse. You know what could easily get us out of here? A hurricane, that tried-andtrue escape valve for Floridians who are going stir-crazy at the end of summer. The developing island nations of the Pacific have been overcome with a succession of typhoons they cant manage, but we cant get even one little scare. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted this years storm season could be the least active ever, and its certainly proving to be as un-ambitious as I am right now. It would be wrong of me to say Im jealous of the tempestuous weather plaguing the Pacific, so Ill say Im jealous of past summers when I could count on a few days sealed in my house hoping for a touch of death and destruction. Even better was when we were scared enough to get the heck out of here to escape the threat of annihilation. Speaking of certain death, I will most certainly carpet bomb this entire state if it doesnt stop vacillating between face-melting heat and days of isolating, depressing rain. Its playing with my emotions so much that I need mood stabilizers to cope with the atmospheric instability. I swear to you, the city of Marco Island is blowing itself up right now thanks to a grave case of hyperthermia. The end is nigh, fellow Neapolitans. Soon we will be able to stop watching each other listlessly stumbling down the aisles of the grocery store or getting lost on a nearly open stretch of Immokalee Road, luxuries we missed in February. Interestingly, it feels like weve so conditioned ourselves to the frenzy of tourist season that we cant function well if we arent anticipating or in the thick of it. Luckily, I know Im not the only person here who is not getting along with Florida, but well be back on good terms come October, when everyone is back where they belong and the weather finally breaks and dries out. Lindsey Nesmith will always choose summer over tourist season. Its the only time she can find a decent parking spot at Mercato.



PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 species are found and why, and the structure and function of ecosystems. These are complex questions. Ecology is not rocket science; it is much more complicated than that. If you think we will run out of water or land, that the exotic species we move over the planet are all bad, that saving endangered species is critical, or that we can solve our problems with better engineering and better science, the science of ecology tells us you may be wrong.Myth 1: We will run out of waterIn Southwest Florida, the ecology is all about water: where it is, how long it stays there, how clean it is, how humans have changed all that. But water is a renewable resource. We have the same amount as we did 4 billion years ago. The hydrologic cycle of evaporation, precipitation, runoff and underground flow cycles water continuously over the planet and has an inbuilt purification step. Each time water evaporates, or is pulled up by the sun through the stomata of leaves, the impurities are left behind. We should always have water. Ecologists created a concept called carrying capacity, which identifies the maximum number of a species that can be supported indefinitely in a given environment, based on the average need per individual. Following this concept, it turns out, our water resources in Southwest Florida can support about 98 million people, or 80 times more than we have today. However, carrying capacity relates a single resource to a single species. To reach that target, we would need to capture every bit of rainfall, have the whole region covered with impervious surfaces leading to cisterns, no plants except what we want to grow, no ponds for fish where some water would evaporate, and no runoff to the estuaries. Before we arrived on this landscape every bit of water was used by the plants and animals that were already here. Each new person alters the magnitude and timing of what historically were the flows of water across this landscape, and that has a cost. What we will run out of is cheap water. The issue will be who absorbs the cost and how much can we spare for the plants and animals who share this landscape.Myth 2: We will run out of landUnlike water, land is a finite resource, but like water it can be reused. We can continue to build up, condemn some of those coastal mansions and build apartment buildings, at least until sea level rise floods those sites. Like water, we will run out of cheap land. Perhaps we already have. In 1967, in The Population Bomb, Paul Erlich spun out the scenario that if the human population continued at its then rate for 900 years, we would then have 60 million billion people on the planet (6 followed by 16 zeros). He claimed we could house those people with a 2,000-story building with the top floors dedicated to hydroponics and heat dissipation. Each person would have about 3 to 4 square yards. He guessed that before we reached that density, disease or hunger would stop our growth. I think before we got to that many people, we would run out of people who would want to live here. Majorie Stoneman Douglas once stated the Everglades are a test. If we pass it we get to keep the planet. Respectfully, I would say she was wrong. Either way, we keep the planet; we just might not want it anymore. If we fail to guide the growth on our landscape, we will run out of people who want to live here. Then who do we share the land with?Myth 3: Exotic species have no valueWe tend to think all exotic species are bad. That is not necessarily true. Its interesting to note that all citrus including Key lime and most of what we eat, are exotic plants. So are most of the animals we eat. Exotic-infested ecosystems continue to serve an ecological function, capturing solar energy and sequestering nutrients. Further, exotic species increase the diversity of the systems they invade, at least initially. The issue is balance. We need to focus on the species that dominate their communities and ultimately cause a loss of diversity. This happens in about one in 10 species that become naturalized, and only about one in 10 of the species that are introduced into the ecosystem become naturalized. There are about 2,000 plants native to South Florida and more than 20,000 species that are grown here for agricultural or horticultural reasons. Without the checks and balances found in their native lands, these invasives can explode across the landscape and damage native biodiversity. Humans are exotics to this landscape as well. By most measures we would also have to be considered invasive. But I have hope for our species. Through natural selection or the act of the Creator (or both), we have minds that allow us to both reshape our environment and consider our actions. If we view this power with its associated responsibility and have the will to do so, we can plan for the future and control our impacts.Myth 4: Endangered species have critical ecological rolesSo, what if we lose our last panther? The answer: Its unlikely to cause a devastating ecological cascade. So why should we protect endangered species? Perhaps the justification should not be ecological; it should be moral or ethical. The Book of Genesis in the King James version of the Bible, Chapter 1, verse 26 reads And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. This version of the Bible was translated within a cultural context of the feudal system, where dominion was derived from the domain of the lord, who had responsibility for maintaining the health of the people and the productivity of the land. I believe if the Bible was translated in our current cultural context, that word would be stewardship. If this is a moral issue to protect Gods creation, then we dont need to try to put a dollar value on protecting biodiversity. Still, it may also be an ecological issue. Experimental data is accumulating to show the resilience of ecosystems is directly related to their diversity. Aldo Leopold wrote To save every cog and wheel is the first principle for intelligent tinkering. We need, both morally and ecologically, in our ignorance, to save every cog and wheel, as we continue to tinker.Myth 5: The solution is better engineeringAnother word for tinkering is engineering. In her book Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S., Cynthia Barnett stated that virtually every large-scale engineering effort to manage water has had unanticipated consequences. When she visited the FGCU campus she said she was wrong every engineering fix has! In 2001, I helped lead a trip to the Peruvian Amazon. While there, we heard a presentation of how people farmed the flood plain, moving down into the rich flood lands after the water recedes, building temporary housing, raising a crop, then moving back to the highlands before the next floods. It occurred to me that if we had similar water flow across our landscape, we would build dikes and dams to hold back or control the high water, but then we would disrupt the natural flood cycle that provided the nutrient-rich bottom lands to farm. We similarly tried to control the Everglades watershed, and we find ourselves a few decades later trying to replicate the natural flow of water over the land. Certainly part of the solution to our environmental challenges will be better engineering, but we also need to understand natural systems and natural cycles to work with them rather than against them. COURTESY PHOTOS FROM PINNACLE MAGAZINEMangroves protect the shoreline from erosion and provide a place for sealife to feed. Panther protection might be as much a moral concern as it is an ecological one. Iguanas like this one are invasive exotic species. Experimental data is accumulating to show the resilience of ecosystems is directly related to their diversity.MYTHSFrom page 1ANALYSIS: An FGCU professor of marine and ecological sciences explores commonly held beliefs about local flora and fauna.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 NEWS A9 Myth 6: The solution is better scienceAs a teacher and a scientist, I believe it is my calling to try to understand the world and communicate that understanding, and in doing so, help make the world a better place. But scientists are not objective arbitrators of the truth. We are human. We have egos. We are invested in our ideas and we dont like to be wrong. Yet we are probably wrong more often than we are right. The public often mistakes the results of science for science, memorizing what we discovered a generation ago and missing the point that at the edge of our understanding it is always messy and error-prone. I think the process of science is like a courtroom. The sides on any scientific debate pile up their arguments and their evidence data and the larger scientific community ultimately determines who is right. The peer review process is rigorous. It takes time, but it works. Today, we have a deeper understanding of the universe and greater access to technology than ever before. We are important. We shape the landscapes within which we live. We often determine which species are found where. We are the preeminent ecological force on the planet. Yet, as I consider my cell phone with Internet access and my email, which makes it easier for me to carry my work wherever I go, I wonder if my life is better? Myth 7: It is not like it used to beFor much of its first century, ecology was dominated by a paradigm proposed by Fredrick Clements, that ecosystems move toward a climate-driven, self-sustaining climax. Ecosystems could be disturbed, but would return to their stable climax through predictable pathways of ecological succession. Everything that I know about ecological systems tells me Clements was wrong, in the longer-term. The illusion of stability is driven by our limited temporal experience with the land. Ecosystems have internal forces of mutation, competition that drives natural selection and evolutionary change of their component species, the players change as new species are introduced (at a much faster rate recently due to the actions of our species). They also have external abiotic environment changes: CO2 content varies, the planet warms and cools, sea levels change, every once in a while an asteroid hits us. Stability is ephemeral; the only constant in ecological systems is change. An important caveat: The fact that CO2 and sea levels have changed in the past should not leave us complacent to the human-driven changes that are occurring right now. CO2 levels are increasing in the atmosphere. We are burning irreplaceable fossil fuels and releasing CO2. The seas are rising. Our climate is changing. Historically similar changes have resulted in extinctions. These are all facts. Some are still debating the degree to which the changes we see are human-driven. This debate is only important in the context of our response. Change is coming. We need to talk about how to respond to that change, not pretend that it isnt happening.Myth 8: I have the right to do my own thingAmerican culture was founded in part on the desire to protect individual rights. Our European ancestors came to these shores seeking freedom. Our African ancestors were dragged here, but ultimately found freedom. Unfortunately, we are often unwilling to grant our neighbors the same rights and freedoms we demand for ourselves. I think there needs to be an alternative acronym to recognize this. We all know NIMBY not in my backyard, but we also practice NINBY not in my neighbors back yard. Ecologically this is nonsense no human is an island. We are all interconnected by flows of matter and energy. My options are limited by the actions of those upstream from me, and my decisions influence those downstream from me. This is true whether we think in terms of watersheds, airsheds, food chains, other energy flows, or economic systems. Myth 9: Democracy doesnt workThis myth is self-fulfilling if we choose to believe it. What we require is an educated community committed to something larger than individual selfish needs. Democracy is hard work! There is debate in our state right now about the role of higher education. Some wish to shape our colleges as places of training for employment. The root of liberal arts is liber (also the root for liberty) and this type of education is intended to meet the needs of a free people. In a world where education is limited to a privileged few, knowledge is power. In a democratic society, that knowledge needs to be universal. Ecology teaches us that we are all connected. Democracy demands that we accept the reality that we are all in this together. The changes that will occur across our region in the coming decades will either engage us all as educated citizens of our landscape, or they will not. In The Journey Home Edward Abbey wrote Human bodies and human wit, active here, there, everywhere, united in purpose, independent in action, can still face the machine (our current technoindustrial juggernaut) and stop it and take it apart and reassemble it if we wish on lines entirely new. There is, after all, a better way to live. The poets and the prophets have been trying to tell us about it for 3,000 years. Perhaps the science of ecology can help point us in the right direction. Win Everham is a professor of marine and ecological sciences at FGCU who specializes in the impact of disturbance, including exotic invasions and the activities of man, on forest communities and ecosystems. Our water resources in Southwest Florida can support about 98 million people, or 80 times more than we have today.FGCU PINNACLE MAGAZINE / COURTESY PHOTOS


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 RMC IS A LEADING PROVIDER OF insurance, reinsurance, risk management, employee bene ts, and actuarial consulting.RMC specializes in the design and administration of innovative risk management programs and insurance products for individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses. We o er a wide range of services, including property & casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, annuities, and risk management, as well as a wide variety of employee bene t programs and solutions. Risk Management should not be a Do it-yourself job.Where there is risk, youll nd RMC.Call us today.239.298.8210RMCreinsurance.com791 10th Street South, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34102 Save $250 o your next Hunter Douglas purchase of $2,500 or more!Provenance Woven Wood shades allow light to lter beautifully into any room at varying levels based on the opacity level of each fabric. Privacy and light control can be adjusted by adding one of our many lining options. Whether traditional, contemporary or formal dcor, Provenance Woven Wood Shades provide options in style, texture, color and innovation that simply cannot be equaled.Shady Lady Window Treatments, Inc.2403 Trade Center Way, Suite 2, Naples, FL 34109MondayFriday: 9 a.m.5 p.m. | Saturday: By Appointment Only | Sunday: Closed(239) 566-7141 | shadyladynaples.comCall Today For Your Free Estimate Mangoes in the news(1) Josefina Tometich, 64, was arrested in Fort Myers, in June, charged with shooting out the back window of Christopher Richeys pickup. Mr. Richey had fetched a perfect-looking mango from the street in front of Ms. Tometichs house, but Ms. Tometich insisted it was hers since it had earlier fallen from her tree. (An attorney consulted by NBC2 said wind-blown mangoes landing on public property is a legal gray area.) (2) In one of the most successful redresses of grievance in history, the Venezuelan government gave Marleny Olivo a new apartment in April. Only days before, as President Nicolas Maduro toured her neighborhood in Aragua state, she had hurled a mango at him with her phone number on it, hitting him just below the ear. The new president (a man of the people) called her, listened to her story, and ordered a housing upgrade.Ironies An 83-year-old man, driving around Cape Coral, in May, suffered a fatal heart attack at the wheel, and the uncontrolled car came to rest in shrubbery ringing the Florida Heart Associates building. An 87-year-old man, taking his license renewal driving test in Deerfield, Ill., in June, accidentally crashed into the drivers license office (based on brake/accelerator confusion). Neither he nor the examiner was injured. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: (1) A court in Lincoln, Neb., which had already sent Paul Boye to prison for at least 10 years for shooting his girlfriend, ordered him in June to cover her resulting medical bills. The woman had taken a .22-caliber bullet, which left a scar cutting right through her tattoo reading Happiness Is A Warm Gun. (2) A task force of Benton, Ark., police and U.S. Marshals tracked down Tieren Watson, 26, in June after he had spent several days on the lam as a suspect in a shooting. When arrested, he was wearing a T-shirt reading You Can Run, But You Cant Hide.Theres an app for thatAmong the health and fitness apps for computers and smartphones are sex-tracking programs to document the variety of acts and positions, degrees of frenzy and lengths of sessions (via an on-bed motion detector) and menstrual trackers aimed at males (to help judge their partners fertility but also her predicted friskiness and likelihood of orgasm). Several have chartand graph-making potential for data (noise level, average thrust frequency, duration, etc.), and of course, the highlight of many of the apps is their ability to create a score to rank performance even encouraging comparisons across a range of populations and geography. (Sociologist Deborah Luptons app research was summarized in the July Harpers Magazine.) We are not alone(1) Scientists from Australias James Cook University told reporters in June that they had spotted an aggressive fish that can walk on land making its way toward the country from Papua New Guinea. The native freshwater climbing perch can live out of water for days and has survived short saltwater treks from PNG toward Australias Queensland. (2) In July, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department posted a warning photo of a so-far-rare Texas Redhead an 8-inchlong centipede with gangly white legs tipped with venom-delivering fangs and which eats lizards and toads. The continuing crisis Reuters reported in early July that a big loser in the nuclear pact between Iran and six world powers was (since all negotiators have gone home to sell the deal) the brothel industry of Vienna, Austria, which hosted that final round. With so many (male, mostly) diplomats in town for two stressful months, business had been robust especially compared to the previous round in notoriously expensive Lausanne, Switzerland. The Undernews From Wimbledon: The All England Club, host of tenniss most hallowed tournament, is, formally, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, at which presumably Britains 11,900 croquet regulars aspire to play although their British Open Championship is actually held at the nearby Surbiton Croquet Club, which this year hosted 50 competitors from four continents, according to a July New York Times dispatch. The leading U.S. player Ben Rothman of Oakland, California, the croquet pro at Mission Hills Country Club near Palm Springs is the reputed worlds leader in prize money ($4,500).Profile in leadershipMaryland state Delegate Ariana Kelly was charged with trespassing and indecent exposure in June after she arrived at her ex-husbands home to drop off their kids and learned that his girlfriend was inside. According to police, she started banging on the door and ringing the bell repeatedly and, aware that her husband had a camera trained on the doorway, she faced it, exposed her breasts and shook them, one in each hand, toward the lens. Eventually, she dared an officer to arrest her. (The Washington Postreported that Ms. Kelly is a member of a legislative task force studying maternal mental health issues.) NEWS OF THE WEIRDBY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 A13 David C. Brown, M.D. and Associates13 Convenient Southwest Florida Locations*This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid with insurance or managed care plans. Complete pair includes frames and lenses. Expires 9/30/2015. $49COMPLETE EYEGLASS PACKAGESComplete eyeglass packages including frames from a special selection, polycarbonate lenses, 1 year warranty against scratches and breakage.25%OFF DESIGNER FRAMES Ray-Ban, Tiffany, Michael Kors, and Smith Optics, etc. 90 Cypress Way East #20 Naples FL (Across From Sams Club) 239-596-5771 Insurance Processing Early Morning Appointments Open Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM & Sunday 1PM-5PM THE FLOOR MEISTERSpast, she and her staff are still trying to figure out whats happening so they can properly respond. It isnt anything obvious, she says, adding development in the area could be one cause, but its difficult to tell. The hospital has been treating a huge number of Eastern cottontail rabbits, a skittish and delicate species that needs specialized care and handling beyond what volunteers can provide. Because volunteers cannot handle the rabbits, staff resources are stretched to accommodate them. The arrival of four baby barn owls, which were eating 10-15 mice a day each, also stressed resources, particulary financial ones. The hospital typically only sees one or two of these barn owls each year. We cant plan for that specialty type of food and that circumstance, says Catherine Bergerson, the Conservancys director of communications and marketing. We, like everyone, do the best we can to plan every year, but its an emergency hospital. Fortunately, the Conservancy has a dedicated group of volunteers who can be used as reinforcements when professional expertise isnt required, but extra manpower doesnt translate into dollars when unexpected circumstances visit the hospital. The Conservancy is currently appealing to the public for financial donations so hospital staff can properly treat its animals. Money is nice because we can apply it to whatever we need at that time, Ms. Fitzgerald says. Do we need more hay? Do we need more antibiotics that only a rabbit can receive? The von Arx Wildlife Hospital has been providing treatment to native wildlife since 1979 and treats an average of 3,200 patients per year at a cost of more than $300,000 annually. To meet the extra cost of the current patient load, the organization has set a fundraising goal of $25,000 by Saturday, Aug. 15. For more information or to make a donation, visit wildlife-appeal. WILDLIFEFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOOne of four baby barn owls that arrived at the clinic last spring.

PAGE 14 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. AUGUST SALE: Entire store 50% All month long! Premium Quality Travertine & Marble at Factory Direct Pricing Every Day! 10760 Metro Parkway Fort Myers, FL August 13th, 20153pm 7pm n g Every Day Please Join our CELEBRATION and SAVE on our Quality Travertine starting from $1.39/sq ft For More Information Please Call 239.275.0333 or Complimentary Series Brought to You by:The SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University is a member of the Florida SBDC Network, Funding Your Business and Your Retirement Wednesday, August 19Registration: 5:00 5:30 PM Presentation: 5:30 7:00 PM Measuring Success vs. Industry Comparisons Wednesday, September 16Registration: 5:00 5:30 PM Presentation: 5:30 7:00 PM Invest In Your Business Without Spending a Dime To register, please call (239) 430-1639. Presentations will be held at IBERIABANK 775 Airport Road N. Naples Refreshments will be served. Students get insiders look at the health-care profession SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYSixteen-year-old Sherlanda Auguste was in the operating room but was too short to see the procedure taking place at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare a few weeks ago. Someone gave her a stool to stand on so the 5-foot-tall Immokalee high school student, a Take Stock in Children Pathways to Success scholarship recipient from The Immokalee Foundation, could witness the cardiovascular surgery. That was just one way Ms. Auguste and other TIF students from Immokalee High School got a boost toward their future careers through the Florida State University College of Medicine Summer Institute. Diosili Salazar, Hannah Hernandez and Samantha Rodriguez also attended the weeklong program in Tallahassee. Designed to provide an inside look at the life of a medical student and a medical practitioner, the Summer Institute requires a rising junior or senior to have at least a 3.3 GPA, write an essay, furnish letters of recommendation from teachers and show achievement in collegepreparatory science and math courses. Participants shadow physicians, participate in lectures and workshops given by the FSU medical faculty, attend sessions on test preparation and medical ethics and take part in a research project on a health topic. This years students role-played medical dilemmas, learned about problems particular to rural areas and childhood obesity and met simulated patients in a clinical setting using sophisticated medical dummies. Having this experience changed my life greatly, Ms. Salazar says. I was surprised the profession isnt about money but about the lives you change in every small way. Learning about geriatrics from a man who finds joy in helping the elderly in retirement homes helped her come to understand the true passion in medicine, she adds. FSUs SSTRIDE Summer Institute (Science Students Together Reaching Instructional Diversity and Excellence) arose from the awareness of the need for diversity among medical school applicants. Founded in 1994, the institute exists to address this challenge and recognizes that the need for physicians particularly in rural and low-income areas is increasing. Thats one reason Elda Hernandez, TIF program services manager, was so cheered by the students reactions to their week as medical students. After going to a nursing home and seeing how elderly people need a lot of assistance, two of our students would like to build a nursing home in Immokalee, Ms. Hernandez says. They left a small agricultural community to live in college dorms and learn about the medical field. Each one of them had already started planning their career path, but after this experience, they are working on new and improved paths that meet their passion. Hannah Hernandez, 17, had been thinking about becoming an oncology nurse, but now shes considering a career in surgery. Among other experiences, she watched an operation to remove a bone spur from a womans heel. I was saying, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, at first, but it became normal, like watching TV, she says. Her fellow student Ms. Auguste found out visiting the cadaver lab was something she could take in stride. Some people were a little queasy, she says. I was fascinated by it. Visiting a nursing home also made a big impact on Ms. Rodriguez, 15. I like the feeling of helping others out, she says. Knowing Im making a difference makes me feel better about myself. The Immokalee Foundation provides a range of education programs that focus on building pathways to success through college and post-secondary preparation and support, mentoring and tutoring, opportunities for broadening experiences and life skills development leading to economic independence. To learn more about TIF, including how to volunteer as a mentor, call 430-9122 or visit COURTESY PHOTOTIF students Sherlanda Auguste, Samantha Rodriguez, Hannah Hernandez and Diosili Salazar at Florida State University College of Medicine Summer Institute.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 NEWS A15 877.804.0402 FREEBOAT RIDEAT THE OPEN HOUSE! FREE*6 MONTHS!When you join the club*offer expires 8/31/2015Contact your local membership executive for complete program/promo details.MEMBERSHIP PLANS AVAILABLE FROM $129-$279per month, plus a one-time entry fee. -10 am 4 pmSaturday August 22Marco Island Calusa Island MarinaSunday August 30Naples Bayfront Place Marina Its always good to have choices. And with construction near completion, future r esidents of The Arlington can hardly wait to start enjoying all the exciting am enities we have planned. For e xample, theyre looking forward to lounging with friends by the outdoor po ol and eagerly anticipating the great workout theyll get in our aquatic centers indoor pool. So come on in; the waters ne! And its just one more reason youll dig retirement at The Arlington. Retirement.The Arlington Information Center and Model 12276 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 501 Naples, FL 34113 Mon Fri. 8:30-5 | Sat. 9-4 | Sun. 12-4 | Or by appointmentThe Arlington of Naples welcomes people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions. A Lutheran Life Community Serving seniors and their families for more than a century. Call or stop by today and see for yourself. Whether you want to dip your toes or dive right in, our retirement counselors are here to answer all your questions. To schedule a personal appointment, call (239) 206-2646. Hodges U. workshops focus on nonprofit excellenceThe Center for Nonprofit Excellence at Hodges University offers workshops and non-credit certificates in governance, operations and management for executive directors and staff as well as board members. Workshops are $35 each and can be attended on a onetime basis; attendance at four workshops in the same category is required in order to earn a certificate. Heres whats coming up: What is YOUR Perfect Special Event? takes place Thursday, Aug. 13. A panel of nonprofit experts will discuss the evolution of their events, present case studies and provide tips for positioning future events for success. Planned Giving Case Studies is set for Thursday, Aug. 27. Guest speaker Paul Seifert, vice president for development and marketing at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, will discuss case studies from a variety of institutions involving planned gifts, from initial contact through cultivation and receipt of gift. Carrie Kerskie of Kerskie Group Inc. presents Dont be a Cyper Liability! on Thursday, Sept. 10. As major corporations are increasing their data security, criminals are shifting their focus to easier targets, including nonprofits. Ms. Kerskie will discuss steps for protecting a nonprofit organization, its donors and its clients from a mega breach. Risk Management Considerations for Nonprofits is the topic for Thursday, Sept. 17. Nonprofit event directors and business officers will learn from local attorneys and insurance experts about the risks associated with conducting fundraising events. All workshops take place from 9:3011:30 a.m. The Naples campus of Hodges U. is at 2655 Northbrooke Drive. To sign up or for a complete list of upcoming workshops and their certificate categories, visit For more information, call 598-6284. Heres to DLCFriends of the David Lawrence Center can help its crisis stabilization services during happy hour from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13, at HobNob. Enjoy half-price drinks and complementary appetizers in exchange for any of the following from the DLC wish list: New, plain T-shirts, non-hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, underwear/boxers and flipflops in adult sizes. Dont have time to shop for something to donate? Simply make a cash donation at the door that will go toward the purchase of needed items. HobNob is at 720 Fifth Ave. S. For information about DLC, call 643-6101 or visit

PAGE 16 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA16 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Mention this ad GET 10% O Fifty Shades of GRANITEOver 27,000 Kitchens installed on Florida's West Coast239.768.3950FT. MYERS SHOWROOM OTHER SHOWROOMS: LARGO TAMPA OCALALICENSE NUMBER: #C 12370 Metro Parkway 1/4 mile N. of Daniels Pkwy. FREE In-Home These properties are available for purchase effective immediately. The list is available for Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and Estero starting at $150,000. After all these years, my vision is still perfect, thanks to Dr. Frantz and his team at Frantz EyeCare.George McNeill, PGA Pro Golfer A A A A A A A A A A A A i BETTER THAN PAR VISION For an appointment: 418-0999800.581.0999 | BetterVision.netJonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS One of our Countrys Top 5 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeons tea CLUB NOTES The Naples Orchid Society invites all orchid aficionados to its next meeting and workshop Thursday, Aug. 6, at Moorings Presbyterian Church. Doors open at 6 p.m. for a workshop by member Bill Overson about repotting Catasetinae orchids. Judging for the plant competition will be at 7 p.m., and the program starts at 7:30 p.m. Guest speaker Jerry Meola will discuss organic hormones versus commercial fertilizers for controlling pests and encouraging plant growth, and will share tips for helping orchids thrive through the hot summer months. Attendance is free. For more information, visit The Naples Christian Womens Connection invites area women to its luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 7, at Quail Creek Country Club. Suzanne Evans will discuss traveling options with Trendy Tours, and inspirational speaker Sue OSullivan will present Survival of the Fittest, highlighting her adventures growing up in a large family. Musical guests will be Dan and Ann Dickout. Cost is $28. For reservations, call 514-2207 or email Alumnae of Gamma Phi Beta in the Naples area meet for lunch and conversation on the second Monday of each month. The next meeting is Aug. 10. For more information, call Lynne Nordhoff at 594-8420 or email Alliance Francaise de Naples hosts it next French-speaking table and lunch from noon to 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13, at Caf Normandie. Anyone who speaks French at any level and wants to converse with others in the language is welcome. Attendees pay for their lunch; there is no fee for the session that is monitored by French teacher and Alliance Francaise de Naples president Denyse Jenkins. Another summer lunch will take place Thursday, Aug. 27. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 261-0977. Pilot Club of Naples/Naples Pilot Foundation meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road. The next meeting is Aug. 13. Guests and new members are always welcome. Reservations are not required. Attendees order from the menu and pay for their meals. Pilot International focuses its charitable and educational efforts on brainrelated disorders and disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, dementia and autism. For more information, call Sue Lester 289-8268. The Womens Republican Club of Naples Federated welcomes Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart as guest speaker on Friday, Aug. 14, at Tiburon Golf Club. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Congressman Diaz-Balart is serving his seventh term representing portions of Collier, Miami-Dade, Broward and Hendry counties. He sits on the House Committee on Appropriations and the Budget Committee. Prior to being elected to the U.S. Congress, he spent 14 years serving in the Florida House and Senate. At 31, he was the youngest person ever elected to the Florida Senate. Luncheon tickets are $25. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 598-9833 or emailing pwag53@ The Democratic Womens Club of Collier County welcomes members and guests to its meetings from 10 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday of the month in the Walden Oaks Professional Center, 6710 Lone Oak Blvd. The next meetings are Aug. 15 and Oct. 17. For more information, email The Naples base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans (USSVI) meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of every month at the VFW Post 7721, 800 Neffs Way in Naples. The next meeting is Aug. 17. Membership is open to active duty and retired submariners who have earned the Qualified in Submarines designation. The local USSVI base commander is Jack Hogan of Naples. For more information, visit naples.asp. Pi Beta Phi alumnae in Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island are invited to socialize from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 19, at the Pelican Bay north beach. For reservations or more information, call Barbara Craig at 908-7301 or email bhc9514@gmail. com. Naples Ship Modelers is an informal group dedicated to the hobby of building wooden ship models. Members meet at 9:30 a.m. on the first and third Saturdays of every month at the Landmark Naples community in North Naples. The next meetings are Aug. 15 and Sept. 5. For more information, call Dick Ritchie at 594-0868 or email


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 A17 Tamarian Rugs The Th e Makes The Room Up To 70% Off at Over 140 Top Designer and Brand Name Outlet StoresVoted the Best Shopping Mall and Best Factory Outlet Mall in Southwest FloridaUPCOMING EVENTS MIROMAR OUTLETS Copyright 2015, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. TAX FREE HOLIDAY Friday, August 7 thru Sunday, August 16Look Great. Spend Less. Receive additional savings on your back-to-school shopping.SUMMER GIVEAWAY SERIES at Naples Flatbread & Wine BarShoppers compete for a chance to win two tickets to see Van Halen and Kenny Wayne Shepherd live in concert on September 13 at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheatre. Winner will also receive $100 Gas Card and $100 Miromar Outlets Gift Card.BACK-TO-SCHOOL FASHION SHOW near Bloomingdales The Outlet StoreFashion show featuring the latest back-to-school styles and brands available for children, teens, college students and teachers at Miromar Outlets! for detailsShop Smart and Save! VISIT OUR NEW STORES I-75, Exit 123, Just North of Naples 08050615-1969 BACK-TO-SCHOOL SAVINGS! CLUB NOTES The Gulf Breeze Button Club, whose members collect and study antique clothing butt ons, meets at 11:30 a.m. the first Tuesday of every month at the Golden Gate Community Center, 4701 Golden Gate Parkway. The next meeting is Sept. 1. Guests are always welcome. Buttons from several members collections are currently on display at South Regional Library, 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway. For more information, call 682-6117. The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10670-Naples meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at Naples Municipal Airport. The next meeting is Sept. 2. Members also serve a pancake breakfast from 8-11 a.m. on the second Sunday of each month in the pilots lounge at Naples Municipal Airport. Admission for $5 includes pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage and orange juice. All proceeds benefit the EAA Young Eagles program that acquaints youth ages 8-17 with aviation as a career. The next breakfast is Aug. 9. The Naples EAA chapter is one of approximately 1,700 chapters worldwide. Members are pilots, student pilots, plane builders and aviation enthusiasts. For more information, call 649-6627 or visit The Naples Civitan Club meets at noon on the second Wednesday of the month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road and on the fourth Wednesday of the month at varying locations. The next meetings are Aug. 12 and 26. For more information, call 774-2623 or email The Marco Island Civitan Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The next meetings are Aug. 11 and 25. For locations, call Anthony DeLucia at 285-6785 or email The international service club focuses on assisting people with developmental disabilities and finding the cause, cure and better treatments of brain disorders including autism, Alzheimers disease and Down syndrome. The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance meets Thursday, Aug. 20, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. Members are invited to bring orchids from their collections for judging. An orchid raffle will also be held. Admission to the meeting is free for all, and guests are always welcome. The alliance welcomes donations of out-of-bloom or unwanted orchids, which members use for educational purposes. Free pick up is available and can be arranged by calling 498-9741. For more information about the alliance, visit The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Road. The next meeting is Aug. 20. For more information, call 963-4670 or visit pflagnaples. org. Email club news to Cindy Pierce at


Your complete satisfaction is my first and foremost priorityTONY LEEBER SR.Owner/ContractorFORT MYERS SHOWROOM14680 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 2239-674-0560Mon-Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm NAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560Mon-Sat 10:00am to 4:00pm CONTACT ONE OF OUR DESIGN CENTERS TODAY!FEATURED ON HOUZZFREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONSOLID SURFACE COUNTER TOPSas low as$19per sq. ft.3CM GRANITE COUNTER TOPSas low as$39per sq. ft. NOW-TO-WOW COME CHOOSE YOUR NEW Licensed and Insured General Contractor #CBC1253280 Cornerstone Builders of SW Florida, Inc. $500 Complete Remodeling | New Countertops | Cabinet Refacing | Dream Kitchens | Luxurious Bathrooms 5%OFF REFACING READERS RECEIVE Exceeding Expectations Since 1988


TAX FREE HOLIDAYatMIROMAR OUTLETSFriday, August 7 thru Sunday, August 16Kick Off your Back-to-School Shopping now and Receive Additional Savings! 30% OFF ENTIRE STOREValid 8/7 8/9.BOGO 50% OFF Select Footwear, Apparel, and Accessories.Exclusions apply. See store for details. Valid NOW 9/7 25% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE Offer excludes luxury handbags, great value merchandise, UGG Australia, Canada Goose, and Moncler. Cannot be combined with reduced and clearance offer. Valid 8/7 8/9. 40-60% OFF* KIDS COLLECTION*Exclusions apply. Please see a sales associate for details. Valid 8/7 8/9. FREE Ear Piercing with purchase of a starter kitPlus, 20% OFF next purchase.LIKE USFOLLOW USSNAP US Summer Clearance SaleTake an extra 50% OFF clearance Take an extra 50% OFF packsNo coupon necessary. No additional discount applied. Valid 8/7 8/16.BOGO 50% OFF SneakersValid on select styles. Second item must be of equal or lesser value. 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Cannot be combine with other offer, promotion or discount. Valid 8/7 8/16. 50% OFF ENTIRE STORE.Excludes clearance and doorbusters. Valid NOW 8/19. BOGO 50% OFF Footwear OR Buy Two Get One Free.40-60% OFF Apparel. Graphic Tees $9.99. Socks 3 for $14.99. Backpacks $19.99.Select styles. Exclusions apply. See store for details. 50% OFF 60 minute treatment whitening sessions.20% OFF 40 minute treatment whitening sessions. Nerium 30 days money back guarantee. 08050615-1980NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 NEWS A19 BEHIND THE WHEELRolls-Royce Drophead Coup: A name fitting of the priceThe sight of a Rolls-Royce convertible triggers a mixture on envy and lust usually reserved for celebrities. Its not just because a superstar is often driving one, but also because this marque has an international reputation for being the finest rare gem on wheels. Still, in an age where computerized machines make the most precise parts available, is there still a place for handcrafted luxury? The best way to think of this car is in large proportions. It starts with its name, the 2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coup. This is the longest label in the companys lineup, which is fitting because it comes with the brands largest starting price tag at $485,000. There is logic behind this dizzying figure. This is not an everyday car, literally. Rolls-Royce produces less than seven of these per week, which keeps the worldwide demand high. Just because M&Ms puts more candy in one 7-ounce bag than Rolls exports Phantom Dropheads from England does not mean that scarcity alone can keep this elite image. Rolls-Royce makes sure that anyone investing nearly half a million dollars (and often much more) into a car has a droptop tailored to stand out even among the privileged few. The convertible seen here is a good example. Dropheads often have a twotone finish created by an unpainted stainless steel hood. Our test car counters this popular option with its cover painted in a distinctive dark blue. It looks attractive with the cloth top down but even better with the roof in place. The Haartz weave perfectly matches this hood color. The light and dark blue hues create a dividing line that is reminiscent of the majestic pre-WWII Rolls-Royces. Even without the paint, the Phantom Drophead Coup is imposing. It uses large wheels and tall proportions to disguise its true size, but this convertible is larger than a Mercedes S-Class in every dimension. This great illusion makes it look svelte on the outside without sacrificing personal luxury on the inside. The rear hinged coach-style doors look nifty, but there is a deeper logic behind their attention-grabbing appearance. The back seats are quite important because a Rolls-Royce driver is not necessarily the owner, even in a convertible. These avant-garde door openings create a natural straight-shot path that makes getting into the rear just as easy as riding shotgun. For those times when the valet cant get the door, theres a drivers button that hydraulically shuts the gate. Yes, this is the ultimate in luxury. Pampering is about keeping everything natural and perfect. The leather hides are inspected for any flaws before they are hand-stitched into seats. Carpets are made from the finest wool. Rather than looking at the climate controls, stereo, navigation or any other modern technology, these are hidden behind flip-down open grain wood panels when not needed. It feels so much like a fine English cabin that the glovebox even comes with a humidor and cigars. Since there is no guarantee that every Phantom Drophead will have a chauffeur, Rolls-Royce made sure driving feels like the opposite of labor. Under the hood is a 6.8-liter V12 motor that produces 453 hp. This supercar-sized powerplant is setup quite differently in a Rolls. The eight-speed automatic transmission delivers power in a smooth and linear fashion. The shifts are nearly undetectable even by the driver who has no tachometer. In its place is just a gauge monitoring how much power is in reserve for this whisper-quiet motor. Regardless of the speed, the steering is always light and nearly effortless. The suspension is constantly dampening to feel like riding on a cloud. Plenty of other less expensive luxury cars can achieve this, too. The Rolls-Royce difference is a superior feeling of control telescoped through the large classicstyle embossed steering wheel. The Phantom Drophead feels like a much smaller and more manageable vehicle than its size suggests, but dont try to drift it around corners. Not only will this luxury convertibles substantial weight finally come into play, but it will also likely spill the Grey Poupon. Rolls-Royces handcrafted luxury is purely aimed at elevating status. There are obviously easier and cheaper ways of making a car, but theres also a reason why the mascot on the front of this one is The Spirit of Ecstasy. Myles Kornblatt is a feature journalist for publications the U.S. and Europe as well as the curator at the Miami Auto Museum. He travels the world looking for the best car stories but always comes home to Florida. Email him at a e t s t p Rolls Royce Phantom

PAGE 20 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA20 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Robert Tomsick, MD, FAADFellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon & Board Certied DermatologistNOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTSBringing over 35 years of Mohs surgery and dermatology experience to Naples & Marco IslandSame Week Appointments Available 1-800-591-DERM | HEALTHY LIVINGBody fat can send signals to brain, affecting stress responseThe brains effect on other parts of the body has been well established. Now, a group that includes two University of Florida Health researchers has found that its a two-way street: Body fat can send a signal that affects the way the brain deals with stress and metabolism. While the exact nature of those signals remains a mystery, researchers say simply knowing such a pathway exists and learning more about it could help break a vicious cycle: Stress causes a desire to eat more, which can lead to obesity. And too much extra fat can impair the bodys ability to send a signal to the brain to shut off the stress response. The findings are important and unique because they show that its not simply the brain that drives the way the body responds to stress, said James Herman, Ph.D., a co-author of the paper and a professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati,. It moved our understanding of stress control to include other parts of the body. Before this, everyone thought that the regulation of stress was mainly due to the brain. Its not just in the brain. This study suggests that stress regulation occurs on a much larger scale, including body systems controlling metabolism, such as fat, Mr. Herman said. The findings, which reveal a novel fat-to-brain feedback network, were published in the June edition of the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology by a group that included Annette D. de Kloet, Ph.D., a research assistant professor in the UF College of Medicines department of physiology and functional genomics, and Eric Krause, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the UF College of Pharmacys department of pharmacodynamics. Researchers found that a glucocorticoid receptor in fat tissue can affect the way the brain controls stress and metabolism. Initially, such signals from the receptor can be lifesavers, directing the brain to regulate its energy balance and influencing stress responses in a beneficial way. The stress response in the short term is adaptive. Its going to help you cope with stress, Ms. Krause said. The idea that fat is actually talking to the brain to dampen stress is new. The researchers found that steroid hormones known as glucocorticoids activate their receptors within fat tissue in a way that affects a main component of the metabolic stress response. Using mouse models, they found a unique connection between glucocorticoid signaling in fat tissue and the brains regulation of energy balance and stress response. Because glucocorticoid signaling is crucial to regulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, fat tissue can directly affect central nervous system functions that link obesity, metabolic disease and stress-related problems, researchers concluded. Understanding fat-to-brain signaling is a first step toward someday being able to influence the broad, complex relationship between stress, obesity and metabolism. Mr. Herman credited Ms. de Kloet for pressing the search for a fat-to-brain signaling network. Now that researchers have established that a fat-to-brain signaling pathway exists, a fuller understanding of how it functions could someday lead to drugs or other therapies that ward off the negative effects of long-term stress. The big question is the nature of that signal to the brain. We need to learn how to go in and break that cycle of stress, eating and weight gain, Mr. Herman said. The research was funded by National Institutes of Health grants. Breastfeeding moms invited to support groupsWith the launch of weekly breastfeeding support groups, the Florida Department of Health in Collier County is working to promote breastfeeding as a vital health activity and encourage breastfeeding-friendly hospitals, childcare facilities, workplaces and communities. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed for at least the first six months of life and thereafter for as long as is mutually desired by the mother and infant. This recommendation might be challenging for the working mom, who will need sufficient break time from work as well as a private space in which to express her milk, says Renee Williams, coordinator of the Women, Infant and Children program at DOH-Collier. Providing such accommodations to working moms is an advantage for employers as well, as breastfeeding lowers health-care costs, and breastfeeding employees are less likely to be absent from work, she adds. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mothers who breastfeed are at a healthier weight on average than those who do not. They also have a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and breast and ovarian cancer. Children who are breastfed have a lower risk for developing respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, asthma, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and SIDS. WIC staff members conduct free breastfeeding support groups at all Collier County WIC locations as follows: Immokalee, 3:30 p.m. Monday; Golden Gate, 11 a.m. Thursday; and Naples, 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are invited to meet other mothers, share breastfeeding experiences and access breastfeeding information including tips for the working mom.


omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certied Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certied eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 8/31/15. Naples Bonita Springs ber art is pleased to present our modern artisan rugs. created by skilled craftsmen in our beautiful colombia. made from natural bers and leather, combined with new materials such as copper and aluminum in our unique designs. (239) 292-5213 www.arten | dagmarg@arten bra.comPlease call us for an appointment. Treating, Delegating & Supervising Dr. Alexander Rodi, Jr. Bonita Springs26381 South Tamiami TrailNaples898 5th Avenue South, Suite 204 BOTOXTemporarily smooth and reduce the appearance of deep folds, crows feet, wrinkles, and frown lines.MEN Services for HAIR RESTORATIONNon-surgical Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Hair RestorationLASER HAIR REMOVAL Make painful, temporary fixes a thing of the past with complete Laser Hair Removal Series Treatments. Two convenient and private locations with professional and caring staff. Please call us today to set up a no-obligation consultation! BEFORE AFTER239.228.7491 Ask us about BOTOX for Excessive Sweating! BEFORE 7 DAYS AFTER 14 DAYS AFTER BEFORE AFTER 20% OFF YOUR FIRST VISIT!NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 A21 Parents reminded about school shotsCollier County Public Schools reminds parents that children must meet immunization requirements before they can attend Florida schools. Students entering or repeating seventh grade must have documentation of a Tdap booster, which protects against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. All students in grades 7-12 must have documentation of a Tdap booster. Children entering kindergarten must have a fifth dose of polio vaccine if the fourth dose was given before the childs 4th birthday. Parents of students who received immunizations during the summer should bring their childs updated Florida Certificate of Immunization form to their childs school office BEFORE the first day of school Monday, Aug. 17. The Florida Department of Health in Collier County provides school-age immunizations free of charge, on a walkin basis at its locations in Naples and Immokalee from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. MondayFriday. For more information, call CCPS Health Coordinator Eileen Vargo at 3770514, email, visit or call DOH-Collier at 252-8595. Dont go crazy seeking normalDriving Like Crazy in Search of Normal, a presentation about how to regain your anchorage when your personal world spins off its axis, takes place from 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12, at Project HELP headquarters, 3123 Terrace Ave. in Naples. Guest speakers are author and mental health advocate Deena Baxter and Jacquelyn Metcalf, director of communications and donor relations for the National Alliance for Mental Illness in Collier County. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Call Shaina Anderson at Project HELP, 649-1404, or email Crohns, colitis support group meetingsThe next support group meeting for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America takes place from 5-6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, at Naples Regional Library, 650 Central Ave. Gastroenterologist Raymond Phillips will welcome questions from all in attendance. The group will also meet from 5-6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3, at the library. For more information, call 649-1336. Home care agency plans job fairHome Care Assistance Naples holds a job fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 14, at the agencys office in Park Shore Plaza, 3605 Tamiami Trail N. The agency is hiring for live-in and hourly shifts. Applicants who are hired will receive Starbucks gift cards. For more information, call 829-6356 or visit

PAGE 22 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA22 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 www.SunshineAce.comDOWNTOWN NAPLES | GOLDEN GATE | BONITA SPRINGS SAN CARLOS | MARCO ISLAND | EAST NAPLES | PORT CHARLOTTE Pint samples of Clark + Kensington and Valspar Paint all August long. Must be tinted in unique colors. Available at: FIND YOUR PERFECT COLOR. 99 Limit 4 Was $4.99 Receive a coupon worthSTIHL accessories to use on your next visit to Sunshine Ace with your purchase of any STIHL serialized unit.Offer valid 8/4/15 8/17/15. Coupon good 3 months from date of issue. One time use only. 20 % OFF BY DR. MARTY BECKERUniversal UclickTornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes there are few places on Earth that are not vulnerable to one or more natural disasters. Weve learned from countless disasters that people often will put their own lives at risk and the lives of first responders as well if there are no options for relocating with their animal companions. Public planning now includes pets, and your own planning should, too. Here are the basics you need to know: Have a plan. Prepare for all possibilities, and make sure everyone in your family knows what to do. Try to figure out now whats most likely for you and your community, and how you will respond. Where will you go? What will you take? You need to get these answers in advance. Get to know your neighbors, and put a plan in place to help each other out. Find out from local shelters and veterinary organizations and your familys own veterinarian what emergency response plans are in place and how you fit into them in case of a disaster. ID your pets. Many, if not most, animals will survive a disaster. But too many will never see their families again if theres no way to determine which pet belongs to which family. Thats why pets should always wear a collar and identification tags with your cellphone number and the numbers of a couple of out-of-area contacts. Better still is the additional permanent identification that cant slip off, such as a tattoo or an embedded microchip. Practice preventive care. Disease follows disaster, which is why keeping a pet as healthy as possible with up-todate vaccinations is essential. Prepare a file with up-to-date medical records, your pets microchip or tattoo numbers, your veterinarians phone number and address, feeding and medication instructions, and recent pictures of your animals. Trade copies of emergency files with another pet-loving friend or family member. Its a good idea for someone else to know about your pet, should anything happen to you. Have restraints ready. Even normally calm pets can freak out under the stress of an emergency, especially if injured. You should be prepared to restrain your pet for his safety and the safety of others. Keep leashes, muzzles and carriers ready for emergencies. The means to transport your pet shouldnt be something you have to find and pull from the rafters of your garage. Harnesses work better than collars at keeping panicky pets safe. Shipping crates are probably the least-thought-of pieces of emergency equipment for pet owners, but are among the most important. Sturdy crates keep pets safe and give you more options for housing your pets if you have to leave your home. Keep supplies on hand. Keep several days worth of pet food and safe drinking water ready to go in the event of a disaster, as well as any necessary medicines. Canned food is better in an emergency, so lay in a couple of cases, and dont forget to pack a can opener with your emergency supplies. For cats, keep an extra bag of litter on hand. And pack lots of plastic bags for dealing with waste. Learn first aid. Pet-supply stores sell ready-made first-aid kits, or you can put your own together fairly easily with the help of any pet-related first-aid book or website. Keep a first-aid book with your supplies. If you check around in your community, you should be able to find a pet first-aid class to take that will give you the basic knowledge you need. Be prepared to help. You may be lucky enough to survive a disaster nearly untouched, but others in your community wont be so fortunate. Check out groups that train volunteers for disaster response, and consider going through the training. Disaster-relief workers do everything from distributing food to stranded animals to helping reunite pets with their families, and helping find new homes for those animals who need them. Volunteering in a pinch is not only a good thing to do, its also the right thing for anyone who cares about animals and people. PET TALESReady for disasterInclude the pets in your familys preparedness plans Pets of the Week>>Homer is a 2-year-old domestic shorthair. Handsome and friendly, he will make a great companion. >>Precious is an affectionate, 6-month-old Catahoula mix who weighs about 38 pounds. Shes good on her leash and eager to please. >>Sally is a friendly, 1-year-old domestic shorthair with a beautiful coat, big loving eyes and a sweet personality. >>Tiger is a handsome 6-month-old Catahoula mix who weighs about 55 pounds. Calm and friendly, hes good on his leash and ready to become a great family dog. This weeks pets are from Collier County Domestic Animal Services. Adoption fees for cats are $60 and dogs are $85 and include sterilization surgery, vaccinations, pet license, ID microchip and a bag of food. Visit DAS at 7610 Davis Blvd. from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday. For more information, call 252-7387 or visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 NEWS A23 2590 Northbrooke Plaza Drive, Suite 103, Naples, FL 34119 Located on the corner of I-75 and Immokalee Road OVERWEIGHT?Naples Weight Loss & WellbeingLose up to 30 pounds in 30 days! $249 FOUR-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Offer Includes: Complete comprehensive review of BMI, BMR, total body fat percent, waist-to-hip ratio, lean vs. fat body mass, 30 days of diet supplements, plus 3 laser-lipo treatments and a B-12 shot *Must call before 8/13/15 and mention Florida Weekly when booking to receive offer ($699 value). OFFICES IN NAPLES, FORT MYERS & CAPE CORAL (Adult & Pediatric) MEET OUR PHYSICIANSPenny J. Orr, OD, MD, MD, OD, OD SWFLEYE.COM CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! THE DIVA DIARIESRediscovering the pleasure of picking up the phone and talkingHold the phone. This weekend, I did something crazy: I actually talked on the phone. A lot. So often, I find myself scrolling through Facebook on my iPhone and I see that my old friend Jennifer, who moved away in 2008 and who I havent actually spoken with since then, checked in at the TV station in Tampa where she produces news, so shes obviously fine. I see that my friend Tiffany, who now lives in Texas, liked a photo I posted of my dinner, so clearly shes alive. And my buddy Steve, who lives right here in town but who I havent seen in months, posted a political cartoon about Donald Trumps comb-over, to which I comment LOL mostly just to let Steve know I was thinking about him fondly (not Donald but Steve, to be clear). But what about actually calling these folks I miss? People are always lamenting the lost art of letter writing, but what about the lost practice of making a phone call? Growing up, I remember my mom being on the phone often throughout the day chatting, with her girlfriends. Her best friend Barb lived three blocks away, and yet theyd talk on the phone several times a day. Our orange rotary dial wall phone was in the kitchen, but it had a cord that seemed to go on forever. Mom sometimes had it stretched all the way out to the porch where she watered her plants, or into the laundry room where she folded clothes, or in the hallway where she paced back and forth, the phone nestled between her shoulder and ear, so she could go hands-free and file her nails. Apparently, the phone addiction turned out to be hereditary. When I was a teenager, Mom and I were constantly battling for phone time. In the ninth grade, I had extremely serious conversations that I TOTALLY NEEDED to have with my BFF Lisa, but since, as Mom explained to me, she was the one paying the phone bill, her chats with Barb trumped mine with Lisa. I was always so jealous of those households that had a separate kids line. I love keeping in touch, which is why email at first seemed like such a good idea. When I got my first email address (yes, AOL and yes, I still have it), I could connect better with my long-distance friends (unless, of course, the phone rang while I was emailing and knocked me off-line oh, dial-up connections, how I dont miss you). But emailing personal notes slowly turned into just mass-forwarding jokes, as friends drifted farther apart. Then Facebook came along and it felt like the best reunion ever, linking back up to high school friends, cousins and long-lost co-workers. But looking at my iPhone and swiping through wedding pictures, check-ins at restaurants and changed relationship statuses is no substitute for picking up the phone and hearing someones voice. I use the phone to Google things, to play Words With Friends, to text and to take photos. But what about using it as an actual phone? So over the cloudy, rainy weekend, I picked up the phone and spoke with my friend Terry in Jacksonville for an hour. Yes, Facebook told me his niece had gotten married, but it didnt tell me he had gotten a great job offer or that his father was losing his hearing. I called my friend Missi who lives locally, and while Facebook had let me know shed gone to happy hour with friends the day before, it didnt tell me she was reading a book and listening to the rain, or how happy she was to see my name on her caller ID. And I had a nice long chat with my girlfriend Lynne (even though she only lives 10 minutes away), each of us enjoying a glass of wine while we laughed and caught up on gossip. My Mom, who passed away in 2013 and whose 73rd birthday is this Saturday, would have been proud. In fact, I think Ill celebrate her birthday by calling Barb and having a good, long chat. Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week p h f s p p w stephanieDAVIS STEPHANIE DAVIS / FLORIDA WEEKLY The writer has had this telephone since the 1980s and swears it still works.


Devoted to Excellence in Health Care Lee Memorial Hospital HealthPark Medical Center


Naples TOP 1 % Our Experience Counts. Our Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyFrom Port Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group serves the Luxury Market. Were Local, Were Global! | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Celebrita at Mediterra $1.725 M 16457 Celebrita Court Aria at Park Shore Beach $3.975 M 4501 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, #1201 INSIDE BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 On the MoveWhos going where, doing what on the local business scene. B8 House HuntingIn Grey Oaks, a former model town home for $879,000. B9 Women of 5thBellini welcomes women from Avenue businesses, and more Networking photos. B6-7 Its a rite of passage for many college students as distinct as living alone for the first time, a toe-dip or full-on immersion in a world of economic imperatives and working professionals. In return for experience and sometimes mentorship, networking opportunities, and often the promise of a full-time job, interns in dozens of fields find their way to Southwest Florida businesses over the summer and throughout the year. In 2015, 52 percent of internships were converted into full-time jobs, according to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey of 241 employers in the U.S. Here, Florida Weekly takes a glance at what local interns have been up to this summer, and some of the many businesses and schools that support and supply them, including Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida SouthWestern State College, and a new fellowship program being developed by local non profits with the University of Florida.Airport intern With a Southwest Florida friend in need of a roommate, University of Central Missouri aviation major Zach BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ SWF interns and fellows are gaining experience and bringing youthful energy to local businessesThe internshipSEE INTERNS, B4 COURTESY PHOTOSZach Crooker spent the summer interning at Punta Gorda Airport, where he did everthing from changing runway lights to administrative duties. Florida Fellows Adriana Di Graziano, Kelsie Ozanne and Lauren Munsey.

PAGE 26 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 MONEY & INVESTINGAdvice for the newbie investorRecently, I sat watching TV cuddled up next to my wife, relaxing after a hard days work. All of a sudden, I heard a blood-curdling scream in my left ear. My wife was in a panic as a relatively small insect was climbing up her jeans. Now, my wife is a very smart, logical person, yet she jumped three feet into the air because a harmless bug was on an article of her clothes. The fight or flight instinct is one of the most powerful drives we have, honed over thousands of years of natural selection. Clearly, Robins distant ancestors were plagued by man eating super-bugs and only those most frightened by these carnivorous insects were able to survive, reproduce, and pass their fear to their offspring. Unfortunately, we also see instinctive fears in many other facets of our lives including investing. Many people want to start to invest their money but are just too scared about making a mistake or overwhelmed to do so. In this article, I hope to give some advice to a person who has never invested in the market before yet wants some basic guidance to take that first step. Lets say that you have $20,000 in a savings account and you are tired of earning .000001 percent interest. You want to earn a better return but you just dont know how. The first thing I would ask is what would happen if that money was to disappear? Would it be life-changing for you? Is that your only safety net if a member of your family were to get sick or you had an emergency? If so, I would advise leaving the money in place, despite the negligible return. There is no free lunch out there, so if you want a higher return, you have to take some risk. And risk can mean loss of principal. So you must be comfortable with loss with any investment, no matter how conservative it appears. So assuming you are willing to take some risk with your $20,000, what next? For a relatively small amount of funds, fees can easily destroy your return, so you want to open a brokerage account with minimal fees and trading costs. Many online brokers offer such accounts. Spend a few days looking at their fee structures and the feel of their platforms. Make sure they do not have a minimum account balance requirement or monthly service charges that you would have to pay. Then fill out the required paperwork and fund the account. Now the fun starts. You log into your trading account and see that $20,000 staring back at you with a large buy button in the corner. But what do you buy? For the purpose of this discussion, I would advise limiting your purchases to Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs are securities that trade just like a stock. You can buy or sell it anytime during the trading day at the market price. But unlike a stock, when you buy an ETF you are actually buying a basket of securities. It is a way, with a single transaction, to diversify your investment into hundreds or even thousands of stocks and bonds. For example, you can buy an ETF that mimics the return as if you bought every stock in the S&P 500. Or there is an ETF that mimics the return as if you bought the bond of every large energy company. So which ETF should you buy? The first question I would ask when determining what investment to purchase is to think about your objective. In general, people invest for one of two reasons income or capital appreciation. Historically, if you wanted income you would buy bonds and if you wanted capital appreciation you would buy stocks. Because where we are in the interest rate cycle right now, I would steer away from bonds at this point in time. With the Fed indicating that it will start raising rates as early as its next meeting, bond funds can be poised for a significant downturn. Instead, I would focus on areas of the stock market that focus on capital returns. For example, an ETF sector fund that focuses on utilities may be a good option. Utilities are generally very stable companies that have great dividend payouts. Other alternative would be a consumer staple ETF where you would own companies that make food and pharmaceuticals and household products. Alternatively, if your objective is to grow your $20,000 while taking a little more risk, you would want to focus on growth ETFs. You may want to purchase a technology or biotechnology ETF where you would own fast growing companies that hopefully will be worth a lot more in the future. These companies generally dont pay out dividends so your return will come almost exclusively from higher stock prices in the future. Those investors who want to take even more risk in exchange for potentially higher return may want to look at small capitalization aggressive growth ETFs. You would be investing in smaller, maybe less well known companies that have the opportunity to really take off. But there is a greater chance for these firms to fail as well, so an investor must understand the risks. So with an online brokerage account, an understanding of your objectives, and a couple of ETFs, anyone can become an intelligent investor. And for all you firsttime investors who still have questions, feel free to stop me on the street and I will be happy to put aside your investing fears. Just be sure speak into my right ear. My left one is still ringing. Eric Bretan, the co-owner of Ricks Estate & Jewelry Buyers in Punta Gorda (a buyer and seller of estate jewelry and diamonds), was a senior derivatives marketer and investment banker for more than 15 years at several global banks. He holds a bachelors degree in finance from UVA and an MBA in finance from the Wharton School of Business. w j w m l s w COMPANYWIDE DOWNINGFRYE REALTOR IN 2011 & 2013CHRISALLNAPLES.COM / 239.572.2200 / WWW.ALLNAPLES.COM b Vtnf Nr Dr N Rrf Ct Arf W Ft Bn Rrnt SW Ftfr#1EXPERT REPRESENTATION IN NAPLES SINCE 1984 In Town Lakefront Luxury Grey Oaks Privacy & Views Bay Colony Sunny Spacious Moorings Gorgeous AvilaTucked away spectacular residence, truly moments to Mercato, Venetian Village, and Waterside shops, close to many schools. Abundant natural privacy with room to entertain graciously or relax exceptionally. Sunny 1.25 acre lakefront site, 6,500+ square feet of luxurious air conditioned living space, High triple crown ceilings, masonry construction, wood oors, huge family room with replace and billiards area overlooking lake. Furnishings available. $2,950,000 Fantastic, private, sunny, and brightly designed 4+den residence located exclusively within Grey Oaks premiere neighborhood. This home was originally owned and built by one of Naples premier custom builders. Southern exposure golf course to water views with excellent clubhouse proximity! This residences interior and exterior architecture offer nearly 6,000 square of air conditioned living space that is thoughtfully designed for todays lifestyles. Porte-cochere entry atop circular driveway, made for entertaining, expansive pool area with ultra-sized covered lanai area. $2,795,000 The pinnacle of beachfront living ... elegant luxury awaits ... brand new wall to wall, glass to glass, ceiling to oor renovation ... every amenity plus Bay Colonys Beach Club and beachfront dining. $4,325,000 This 5 bedroom home is built to please with wood planked interior ceiling and alder wood plank oors. Terric ceiling heights, impact glass, fantastic pool area with summer kitchen plus room to entertain and move around, large master suite, circular drive and 3-car garage. Casual evenings poolside, afternoon incredibly quiet and convenient location, split oor plan, rare to nd thoughtfully designed one story newer 5 bedroom homes in this premiere location. $2,495,000 3 + den / 3.5 bath with sunny pool and spa area truly ready to move into and to start enjoying Naples immediately. Immaculate, freshly painted inside and out with new high end appliances, eat-in kitchen plus breakfast bar, and 14 ceilings. Outstanding oor plan for relaxing and entertaining with bar adjacent to sliding glass panel doors that lead out to pool / spa area with useful expanded landscaped area which is convenient and secure within the fenced in lanai area, close to everything! $937,000 Arr Stn Et b C Of Ptt D SOLD CHRISTOPHER A. BRAUNBROKER-ASSOCIATE, CRS2014 OVERALL TOP SELLING REALTOR COMPANYWIDE


Back Row: Anna Liu, Ken Thomas, Bob Schoonmaker and Ann Howard Banzet. Front Row: Bill Hallal, Kathy Houck and Thomas Abood.WE BELIEVE PERSONAL ATTENTION IS BEST GIVEN IN PERSON.When you work with the Huntington Private Client Group, we meet with you face-to-face. Using our Listen, Plan, Advise approach, we work with you to create a clear plan that ts your needs, giving you meaningful advice about the options available for meeting your objectives. As your goals change over time, we help you review your plan to make any necessary revisions. And we keep you involved every step of the way. Learn more by visiting or calling your local Naples team at 800-231-5598. HUNTINGTON PRIVATE CLIENT GROUPThe Huntington Private Client Group is a team of professionals that includes Private Bankers and Personal Trust Administrators and Portfolio Managers from The Huntington National Bank and licensed investment representatives of The Huntington Investment Company, who work together to deliver a full range of wealth and nancial services. Member FDIC. Huntington and Listen, Plan, Advise are federally registered service marks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. HuntingtonWelcome is a service mark of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 Hour Towing RentalsMention our ad in Florida Weekly and get a rental car UP TO 3 DAYS FREE.(with collision repair services)239-775-6860 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 BUSINESS B3 Managers view retail experience as a plus in numerous industries SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYThe Florida Retail Federation reports recent research shows a vast majority of hiring managers across all industries view retail experience positively and value the job skills that retail instills in its employees.According to the National Retail Federations report titled Retails Value on a Resume: How Jobs in Retail Prepare Americas Workforce for Success, 69 percent of those surveyed said retail workers command the skills and qualities they look for when hiring. This research just reinforces what those of us in the industry already know: that the skills and experience retail employees receive are a perfect foundation for success in other industries, Rick McAllister, president and CEO of the FRF, says. The NRF survey also notes that the preferred skills hiring managers like about retail employees include a personable and respectful nature, composure, willingness to step up and the ability to work with anyone, take direction and multi-task. Seventy-one percent said those skills are easily transferrable to other industries. Researchers also spoke with 1,000 workers, including 500 currently working in retail and 500 who previously worked in retail. Of those who had left the industry and used a former retail manager as a reference, 94 percent said they got the position and 80 percent believed their former managers recommendations helped them land their new jobs. The survey also found that 79 percent of current retail workers are happy working in retail, with 78 percent satisfied in their current jobs. Sixty-six percent said they had taken advantage of retails flexible hours to balance work with priorities such as family or going to school. Retail was also praised by 74 percent of hiring managers for workers ability to enter at the ground level and work their way up. By the same token, 60 percent of current retail workers said they have been promoted and 85 percent have earned a raise working in the industry.The research was conducted for NRF by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, which surveyed 400 hiring managers covering each of the industries included in the U.S. Census Bureaus North American Industry Classification System.The Florida Retail Federation represents businesses that sell directly to consumers. Florida retailers provide one out of every five jobs in the state, pay more than $49 billion in wages annually and collect and remit more than $20 billion in sales taxes for Floridas government each year. For more information, visit the worlds largest retail trade association and the voice of retail worldwide, the National Retail Federations global membership includes retailers of all sizes, formats and channels of distribution as well as chain restaurants and industry partners from the U.S. and more than 45 countries abroad. In the U.S., NRF represents the breadth and diversity of an industry with more than 1.6 million American companies that employ nearly 25 million workers and generated 2010 sales of $2.4 trillion. For more information, visit Professor to present seminar for financial advisorsChristopher Hoyt, JD, a professor at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law and member of the Estate Planning Hall of Fame, will present Family and Charitable Planning with Retirement Accounts, a seminar for professional advisors, on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 4, at the Telford Center of the NCH downtown campus. The program is hosted by the NCH Healthcare Foundation. Thanks to sponsorship by BMO Private Bank, admission is free. Mr. Hoyt teaches courses in the areas of federal taxation, business organizations, retirement plans and tax-exempt organizations. He serves as chair of the American Bar Associations Committee on Lifetime and Testamentary Charitable Gift Planning (Section of Probate and Trust) and serves on the editorial board of Trusts and Estates magazine. Previously, he was with the law firm of Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne in Kansas City. He received an undergraduate degree in economics from Northwestern University, and dual law and accounting degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He is a frequent speaker at legal and education programs and has been quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MONEY and The Washington Post. Registration will begin at 3 p.m. After welcoming comments from Dr. Allen Weiss of NCH, Mr. Hoyt will speak from 3:30-5:30 p.m. A reception will follow. Continuing credit applications have been applied for (CEP, CFP, CLE, ICBCTFA, CRSP and CISP). For more information or to reserve a place, call 6242011 or email Nominations open for annual Business Ethics AwardNominations for the 11th annual Business Ethics Award of the Uncommon Friends Foundation are being accepted through Aug. 10. The award is presented in conjunction with the Florida Gulf Coast University Chair of Business Ethics to a Southwest Florida business that exemplifies the highest standards of ethical behavior, internally in dealing with its employees, as well as externally dealing with the public. The 2015 winner will be honored at a luncheon hosted by FGCU and the Uncommon Friends Foundation on Friday, Oct. 23, at FGCU and also at the foundations annual Uncommon Evening set for Tuesday, Oct. 27, on the grounds of the Burroughs Home & Gardens in Fort Myers. Business, political, community and religious leaders from the five-county Southwest Florida area are encouraged to nominate companies and organizations that consistently demonstrate a system-wide commitment to business ethics. Companies and organizations may also nominate themselves. An independent panel of ethics experts from across the country will review the applications and decide the winner. Applications and nomination forms for the award are available at Click on the Business Ethics tab and scroll down to click on the application download. Nominated businesses must: Be located in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry or Glades counties. Show a commitment to business ethics and model ethical behavior throughout the company and with employees. Have a proven record of ethical behavior in dealing with customers, vendors, shareholders, lenders, regulators and the community.: Past recipients of the Business Ethics Award are: Sunshine Ace Hardware, HomeBanc Mortgage Corp., WilsonMiller Inc., Bonita Bay Group, Shell Point Retirement Community, Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co., Conditioned Air, Hope Healthcare Services and Ted Todd Insurance Agency. For more information, call 337-9503 or visit HOYT Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile. Got Download?Its FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comThe iPad AppSearch Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved.

PAGE 28 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Let Anthony Schrenkel help you get pre-quali ed today by calling American Eagle Mortgage Company, LLC at (239) 877-0327 Direct Lender In-house Underwriting Quick Approvals Closings on Time Diversity of Programs Mortgage Banker We deliver on Our Promise* Seasoned/Talented Loan Of cers *Customers are not an account number, they are valued friends!Why do Realtors choose American Eagle Mortgage for their clients? Crooker looked for summer internship opportunities at airports here. He found one at the Punta Gorda Airport matching his school requirements, that it must be a paid program of at least 200 hours, and arrived in late May. I thought it was a really great experience, said Mr. Crooker, who is 23 and will be a senior in the fall. The Punta Gorda Airport is a unique airport. Its public and it kind of has a small feel to it. Right now were expanding the terminal so its kind of fascinating to see that happening around you. His time included hands-on experience such as replacing runway lights, and work in the administration building, including a Power Point presentation about the airports growth with Allegiant Air. Mr. Crookers last day as an intern with the Charlotte County Airport Authority was July 31. At school, he is taking business courses to focus on aviation management and working on getting his pilots license and certificates. From there Im just going to see what happens, he said. Im keeping it pretty open.FSW internsStudents at Florida SouthWestern State College often elect internships for academic credit and sometimes a paycheck or stipend. We would love them all to be paid and we try to encourage that but I also dont want to exclude anybody either because there are a lot of very valid organizations that work on volunteer help, said Mark Morgan, who coordinates internships for FSW School of Business and Technology. We view it as an extension of the classroom. We want to make sure the student is getting good knowledge and putting their knowledge and skills to work. Elective computer programming, engineering for drafting students, and a mandatory paralegal internship are just a few of many programs requiring interns to put in 75 hours over the course of a semester. The experience may help them find the right niche in a broad field such as IT, he said, whether working on web development or with big applications like a payroll system. FGCU InternsMost of FGCUs more than 14,000 students will complete some time of career-related experience, said Reid Lennertz, director of career development services. Last summer, 61 percent of graduates said they had completed an academic internship or practicum. Health profession and education internships, and other nonprofits, more often offer unpaid internships than forprofit businesses, explained Mr. Lennertz. Higher demand fields such as engineering and technology, as you would expect, tend to have higher paying programs. Businesses such as Enterprise Holdings, parent company for the rental car company, use internships to target soon to be or recent college graduates. Consequently they use internships as a way to identify early candidates that would be a good fit for their management training program and gives student a sneak peek for what might be a good fit for them, Mr. Lennertz said. Grooming students for jobs Gartner, the information technology research and advisory company, now has 45 undergrad and graduate students as sales interns in Fort Myers, including a handful of FGCU students. Were looking to grow this program rapidly, said program manager Kaley Pfohl. The company recruits students for nine-week paid internships, intending to hire them full time after graduation with a salary based on performance. They work in an account management sales role, with a book of Gartner clients such as a bank that needs IT services or a larger technology vendor, with the goals of high quality service and increasing revenue for Gartner. The experience includes a final presentation in which interns are asked for a creative solution to a business challenge, such as: what additional ways can Gartner recruit interns on college campuses?An interns intern A U.S. Army veteran who was deployed to Iraq in 2004 and 2005, Sgt. Jason Martin is now a senior at FGCU majoring in business management with a focus on human resources. A professor told him about an internship at the schools Lutgert C ollege of Business this summer, in the office that coordinates internships for other students. It was a good opportunity to network with local employers and get a better understanding of the human resources industry, said Mr. Martin, who is 35. Academic internships through Lutgert College generally can be paid or unpaid, require faculty approval, 150-220 working hours, and earn students three credit hours. Lasting from May to the end of July, Mr. Martins experience included helping employers write job descriptions, developing scheduling documents for student events and talking with businesses about internships with FGCU students. They hold responsibility in making sure the intern gets an education in the experience and learns how to apply some of the things that (theyve) learned in real life, he said. A public interest fellowship Nonprofits and advocacy groups spread the word and story of their cause to impact social change, from campaigns against tobacco use to how gardens may be used to provide therapy to Alzheimers patients. The messages have long been a part of the culture, but academically it is a burgeoning field called public interest communications, which is being studied by University of Florida students in Gainesville. A fellowship program funded by the Al & Nancy Burnett Charitable Foundation placed three of those UF students at three local nonprofits this summer to gain experience and help the organizations spread the word about music, flora and fauna. These interns are passionate and dedicated to using their knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits communicate their mission, wrote Amy Gravina, president of the Al & Nancy Foundation, in an email. The Southwest Florida Community Foundation managed the funding and the program, Florida Fellows, in the region for the first time this year. They placed the UF students at the Gulf Coast Symphony, Naples Botanical Garden and CROW, the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife. Their fellowship included a competitive application process and a $3,500 stipend. All public relations majors at UF, they shared a house in Southwest Florida this summer with a few other roommates for eight weeks starting in mid June. Lauren Munsey, a 21-year-old public relations major with a minor in nonprofit organizational leadership, graduated from UF in May. She was surprised to learn that she was placed at the Botanical Garden. I dont have a green thumb in any way, she said, I was nervous. But the work, which included reporting through social media on the gardens therapeutic horticulture program, using a sensory garden to improve the quality of life for people like Alzheimers patents, was in line with her studies. Its helping people and thats what I want to do with my life, she said. Its much more than just a garden. It truly inspires you. I think thats kind of what took me by surprise. Her classmate, Adriana Di Graziano, who is 22, will be a senior in the fall. She was placed at Gulf Coast Symphony, where she was instrumental in helping us prepare communication plans for the 2015-16 season, wrote symphony managing director Linda Onorevole in an email: Weve provided an opportunity for Adriana to put her study of public relations and focus on nonprofits into practice, and in return, are benefiting from her enthusiasm, energy and skills. Kelsie Ozanne, 20, will be a junior at UF in the fall and double majored in political science. She was placed at CROW, working there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, a 45-minute drive from the house where the fellows live. Its really just put the whole concept of wildlife and what humans do to it (in) a larger perspective and really reignited my passion for animals, she said. Her activities included working with a marketing manager and education coordinator on a brochure and video about CROW and sitting in on staff meetings. Its been a wonderful experience for CROW in particular, said Executive Director Linda Estep. It was very good to get her perspective as a young person on what might appeal to families and other folks coming into our center. Helping worthy nonprofits better tell their stories helps effect positive social change in the region, said Sarah Owen, president and CEO of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation. The synergy is really around how were partnering with the nonprofits, and what tools or resources we can provide to make them more effective at creating this change we want to see in the region, said Ms. Owen. Professor Ann Christiano is developing the public interest communications curriculum at UF, an interdisciplinary blend that includes public relations and journalism, and the only one of its kind in the U.S. Through the fellowship program, she said, Theyre recognizing the critical role that strategic communications plays in making Southwest Florida a better place. INTERNSFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOSKelsie Ozanne at CROW.MARTIN


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 BUSINESS B5 I was born as a food store in Winter Haven, Florida, in 1930. Today Im the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States, with more than 175,000 workers. One of the 10 largest-volume supermarket companies in America, my retail sales topped $30 billion in 2014. I sport about 1,100 stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, and have been named one of the best employers many times. I introduced deli counters in the 1960s and my first pharmacy in the 1980s. Later came Sabor stores and my GreenWise Market natural food stores. Who am I? Think you know the answer? Well announce it in next weeks edition. THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answer Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Investing StrategicallyYou can boost your investment performance by picking strong stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds. You can also boost it by parking certain investments in certain accounts. Traditional 401(k)s and traditional IRAs defer your tax hit until withdrawal, while the Roth 401(k) and the Roth IRA accept your post-tax money and eventually offer tax-free withdrawals. Right now, most of us pay a relatively low tax rate of 15 percent on most of our dividends. Park dividend-paying stocks, especially those with generous dividends, in a regular or Roth IRA, so they grow uninterrupted. Dividends from real estate investment trusts (REITs) and interest from most bonds are generally taxed at your ordinary income tax rate, which could top 30 percent. Consider holding them in a traditional IRA to delay that tax bite until withdrawal, when you might be in a lower tax bracket, or in a Roth, to avoid the tax altogether. IRAs are good for your short-term trading, too, as short-term capital gains would otherwise be taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. (But beware: Short-term investing isnt a great path to wealth.)Stocks with little or no dividends, or municipal bonds whose interest is taxfree, can do well in your regular brokerage account. With non-dividend-payers, there will be no taxable event until you sell them, which might be many years away. Better still, stocks held for more than a year enjoy a capital gains rate thats probably lower than your income tax rate. Right now its 15 percent for most folks.If you have high expectations for any stocks, you might want to keep them in a Roth IRA to avoid paying taxes on any of their growth. A stock that quintuples in value over a bunch of years can deliver a huge gain to you and youll be able to enjoy it all tax-free in a Roth. (Theres always a chance that the Roth rules will change over time, though.) Get more investing tips at retirement and via a free trial of our Rule Your Retirement newsletter at shop/newsletters. Closing the FacebookIm thankful Ive made very few calls this bad: I was offered shares of Facebook at its initial public offering (IPO) price of $38 and bought 500 of them for $19,000. The stock never popped on its opening day, as many do. In fact, within three months, it fell into the high teens. I sold my shares for about $20 apiece and lost roughly $9,000. The investment represented a tiny percentage of my portfolio so it wasnt a big problem, but it still smarted. The stock took more than a year to return to $38 and surpass it. I learned my lessons: Dont waste time with IPOs, as you cant control your entry point. And as a group, IPOs have a very poor record, mostly losing money for the buyers. Happily, I didnt lose my shirt in order to learn these things. Holding for the long term is the way to go. T.C., onlineThe Fool Responds: Your last point is the most important lesson: For best results, aim to hold for the long term. If you believed in Facebooks long-term promise, hanging on would have been best, with the stock recently near $90. Since many IPOs feature stocks that soar on their first day, luring naive buyers to buy high, only to then watch as the stocks fall over the next year or so, its often best just to avoid IPOs. Prescription for ProfitPrescription drug costs are rising amid intense pressure to keep health care costs down. Whats the investing opportunity here? Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) stocks, such as Express Scripts (Nasdaq: ESRX). Express Scripts stands out as the biggest (and arguably the best) pure-play PBM. The company generated more than $100 billion in revenue last year, with more than $2 billion of that total hitting the bottom line. That matters, because a PBM with large volume can win favorable price concessions from pharmaceutical companies. Express Scripts proved this in a highly public way in late 2014 in its deal with AbbVie to lower the skyrocketing costs of hepatitis C drugs for its customers. Expect it to wage a similar battle in the near future over a new class of potentially pricey cholesterol drugs.Probably the biggest knock on Express Scripts is its debt load of more than $12 billion, a byproduct of a series of acquisitions over the last few years (including a 2012 merger with Medco). However, Express Scripts should be able to comfortably service this debt with its cash flow.The company could also face some short-term uncertainty from health insurer mergers and acquisitions, but it remains a promising investment for the long run, and its appealingly priced, with a forward-looking price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio in the mid-teens. (The Motley Fool owns and has recommended Express Scripts.) I was created in 1938 as the Recreational Equipment Cooperative, with 23 mountain-climbing friends as my first members and co-owners. Today, based near Seattle, Im the nations largest consumer cooperative, charging $20 for a lifetime membership that includes profitsharing. (I sell to non-members, too.) I offer outdoor gear and apparel for those who enjoy camping, climbing, cycling, fitness, hiking, paddling, snow sports and travel. I sport 5.5 million active members, and about 140 stores in 33 states. I donate millions of dollars annually to support conservation efforts, and some know me for my annual Twinkie roasts. Who am I? (Answer: REI) Brace YourselfQThe stock markets 2 percent drop on June 29 unnerved me. What should one do if the market crashes? F.Y., Hattiesburg, MississippiAThe most important thing is not to panic. After all, the market recovered from that drop fairly quickly. The market always rises and falls, sometimes sharply. Thats why you shouldnt have any money in stocks that youll need within, say, five (or better still, 10) years. In the near term, anything can happen, including a crash and prolonged slump. Over the long run, though, the market has recovered from all its crashes and has gone on to set new highs eventually. So brace yourself for inevitable occasional downturns. Know that while a $2,000 investment might grow to be worth $4,000 within a few years, it might also drop to $1,500 in short order. Over the long haul, if a company is healthy and growing, its stock price should catch up to the companys worth. Market crashes often deliver bargains, too. As Warren Buffett has advised, be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. ***QHow can a stock sometimes begin trading in the morning much higher or lower than where it closed the day before? I.B., Adrian, MichiganAIf Tattoo Advertising Co. (ticker: YOWCH) closes at $50 on Monday but opens on Tuesday morning at $44, there was probably some news that caused sell orders to pile up all night long, such as slowing sales, a departing CEO or a big lawsuit. If the stock is suddenly up several points, Tattoo may have reported strong earnings or announced a promising new venture. Big moves can also be due to rumors or news of a merger or buyout. Want more information about stocks? Send us an email to r e n 0 e y I r n y t d 1 9 6 ph a Lat e r and m y natural a m I ? Think an s w e r? W nextweek s m BUSINESS MEETINGS A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at or visit Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704. Wake Up Naples for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 7-8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the Hilton Naples. Guest speaker President Wilson Bradshaw of Florida Gulf Coast University will discuss FGCUs Emergent Technologies Institute. Seminole Casino Immokalee is the meeting sponsor. Reservations required by Aug. 7. Sign up at The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce holds its bi-annual Networking 101 panel discussion from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13, at chamber headquarters, 25071 Chamber of Commerce Drive. Panelists are CPA Scott Hennells of Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC; Lisa Portnoy, vice president at BankUnited; and Shane Bailey, Cloud 9 Thermal Imaging and Home Watch. Registration is $10 for chamber members, $40 for others. Costco will provide refreshments. Attendance is limited to the first 25 who sign up by calling 992-2946 or going to The Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association hosts a panel discussion about the partnership between law enforcement, substance abuse treatment providers and the courts at a lunch meeting Thursday, Aug. 14, at the Professional Development Center, 615 Third Ave. S. in Naples. Registration and networking begin at 11:30 a.m. and the program starts at noon. Attendees will learn about the implementation of Collier Countys three treatment courts and how they benefit participants and the larger community. Cost is $15 for LCF dues-paying alumni, $20 for LCH non-dues paying alumni and $25 for others. Sign up at Business After Five for members and guests of the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 19, at Old Marco Restaurant & Pub, 1105 Bald Eagle Drive. Call 394-7549 or visit Young Professionals of Naples and The Contemporaries of the United Arts Council of Collier County will mix and mingle from 3-6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23, at Seventh Avenue Social, 849 Seventh Ave. S. Sign up in July for $35, in August for $40 or at the door for $45. For more information, call Corey Walker at (850) 454-8951 or email vp@ Email business meeting announcements to

PAGE 30 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Your local hometown hero A bt nfrrfr tr, rr rn rr bt tf rr rr r rrf Our experienced, friendly insurance professionals will advise and recommend protection for your specic insurance needs. For experienced, local insurance advice talk to BB&T Oswald Trippe and Company today.AUTO BOAT HOMEOWNERS HEALTH LIFE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATIONS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY 2014 Branch Banking and Trust Company. BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY 889 111TH Ave N Suite 201, Naples FL 34108 Direct: (239)-280-3803 Office/Client Service: (239)-261-0428 Email: Fax: (866)-802-8677Mercedes Padin, Nicole Dutcher, Mark Neids and Paige Sabin Stephanie Davis and Shawna Ferris Kevin Deardorff, Bryan Filson and Doug Wiebel Dana Carr, Roy Hyman and AnnaMaria Ingram NETWORKINGPower networking at Artichoke & Co. with the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Women of Fifth and the art of the aperitif at Bellini on 5thCOURTESY PHOTOS COURTESY PHOTOSKaren Loughrey and Patricia Asencio Sean Murphy, Scott Hennels and Jennifer Brinson Lise Sundrla, Jennifer Longsworth and Stefania Martin Chris Berman, Hope Gorman, Jeanne Marvin, Brenda Smith, Rachel Bales, Amber Ramsey and Brooke Tiberio The gangs all here Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. If you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. The website is also where you can purchase photos. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 BUSINESS B7 Sophie Nielsen-Kolding Tiffany Heck and Corey Walker Richard Michel and Kelly Wong NETWORKINGYP Naples annual meeting at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Membership Directors Association of Southwest Florida dress collection party for PACE at The Players Club & SpaCOURTESY PHOTOS COURTESY PHOTOSSam Kelly and Andy Anger Jaime Lopez, Juliana Villarrealh and Matthew Goodwin Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. If you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. The website is also where you can purchase photos. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ Cheri Martin and Melissa Hansen Sandy Cotter, Pat Schultz, Ann Marie Ashline and Debbie Lohan AJ Szymanski, Debbie Lohan, Donald Sawin and Tammy Mercer


Awards & Recognition Caroline Beasley and Denyse Mesnik of Naples-based Beasley Media Group have been named to Radio Ink Magazines annual listing of the Most Influential Women in Radio for 2015. Ms. Beasley is the companys executive vice president and CEO. Ms. Mesnik is vice president of corporate communications. In addition to their corporate responsibilities for Beasley Media Group, both women are involved in the radio broadcasting industry on a national and state level. Ms. Beasley is a past chairman and current member of the radio board for the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, D.C., and of the board of directors of Broadcast Music Inc. She has been recognized on the annual Most Influential Women in Radio listing every year since 2003. Ms. Mesnik is a member of the Florida Association of Broadcasters board of directors, a member of the executive committee of the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group and co-founder of the Radio Communicators Group. Locally, she is a founding member and past president of the Public Relations Society of Americas Gulf Coast chapter and former board member of the Collier County Museum. This is the fifth consecutive year she has made the Radio Ink list. The national law firm of Quarles & Brady LLP has been recognized as among the 50 Best Law Firms for Women 2015 by Working Mother magazine and Flex-Time Lawyers. This is the third consecutive year the firm has been honored. Women and diverse attorneys head four of the firms 10 offices, including its largest, and hold numerous other positions of authority as well. In October 2013, Naples attorney Kimberly Leach Johnson became the first female chair at Quarles & Brady in the firms 120-year history.Kevin Steffanni has been named Miromar Design Centers August 2015 Designer of Distinction. A residential interior designer for more than 30 years, Mr. Steffanni is the principal of the Ohiobased Kevin Steffanni Design Group with clients from Southwest Florida to Europe. Board Appointments New officers of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society Naples for 2015-16 are: Scott Rosenblum, CFA, of Chatham Financial, president; Chris Squittieri, CFA, CFP, of Ariel Capital Advisors, vice president; Jack Clark, CFA, CFP, of Colony Group, treasurer; and Richard Smith, CFA, secretary. Board members include: Andrew Hill, CFA, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors Inc.; Omar Bhangia, Sabadell Bank & Trust; Jack Brown, CFA, Aviance Capital Partners; Isaac Codrey CFA, CreditSights; Niki Whelan, PNC Wealth Management; Brian Dixon, CFA, Wasmer, Schroeder & Co.; Travis Jones, Ph.D., Florida Gulf Coast University; Justin Land, CFA, Wasmer, Schroeder & Co.; Loren McDougall, Wasmer, Schroeder & Co.; Thomas Walsh, CFA, Bessemer Trust Co.; and Tom Potts, CFA. Leadership Florida has named five alumni to lead the organizations Southwest Florida Regional Council. They are: Courtney Curatolo director of public affairs, Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida; Charlie Chapman, county administrator, Hendry County; Brian Goguen, CEO, Barron Collier Cos.; Lisa Van Dien, general counsel, London Bay Homes; and Tina Ekblad, vice president and planning director, Morris-Depew Associates. Leadership Florida was created in 1982 by the Florida Chamber of Commerce to expose a select number of Floridians to the social and economic issues facing the state in order to stimulate their interest in seeking leadership positions from which they can work toward solutions for the public interest. The organization is divided into nine geographic regions and councils.New members of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation board of trustees and executive committee chairs are: Guy Whitesman of the law firm of Henderson, Franklin Starnes & Holt, P.A., chairman of the board; Dr. Larry Hobbs, vice chair and governance committee chair; Joe Mazurkiewicz Jr., immediate past chair; Sandy Robinson, treasurer and finance chair; Craig Folk, grant-making committee chair; Christopher Hill, scholarship committee chair; Rusty Whitley audit committee chair; and Robbie Roepstorff and Gay Thompson, at-large executive committee members. New Location FineMark National Bank & Trust has opened an office in the Bonita Bay Lifestyle Center at 26800 S. Tamiami Trail in Bonita Springs. With Carrie Reynolds as managing executive, the new location joins FineMark offices in Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, Palm Beach and Scottsdale, Ariz. Club Management Don Hunter has joined Quail Creek Country Club as general manager and COO. Mr. Hunter has 28 years of experience in the club industry, beginning his career with PGA National in West Palm Beach and at Vestavia Country Club in Birmingham, Ala., followed by 14 years at Indianas Sycamore Hills Golf Club. During his tenure there, Sycamore Hills was ranked No. 69 on Golf Digests Top 100 Best Courses in America. Most recently, Mr. Hunter helped to turn around Chapel Hill Country Club by growing the membership and developing a new financial model. His experience also includes developing nationally recognized programs in swimming, tennis and golf course operations. Enviromental Management The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has announced Keith Laakkonen as the new southwest regional administrator for the Florida Coastal Office and director at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Mr. Laakkonen will manage the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, as well as the 12 aquatic preserves within the Florida Coastal Offices southwest region. He will also coordinate with local, state and federal agencies on coastal management, listed species conservation, watershed management and environmental education and outreach. A former DEP employee, Mr. Laakkonen returns to the department after seven years with the town of Fort Myers Beach, where he served as environmental sciences coordinator. A native Floridian, he worked previously for the DEP in the Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas for eight years. During his tenure he served as a land management coordinator at Charlotte Harbor State Buffer Preserve from 200003, as the preserve manager from 2004-05 for St. Martins Marsh Aquatic and Buffer Preserve and Big Bend Seagrasses Aquatic Preserve and as the stewardship coordinator from 2005-07 at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. He began his career as an intern conducting research on American alligators with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit in Gainesville after graduating with a bachelors degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Florida in 1998. He replaces Gary Lytton, who retired after 30 years of service with the department. Nonpro t Organizations Kim Azar-Anderson has been named director of major gifts for the Gulf Coast region of the American Cancer Society. Ms. Azar-Anderson joined the local ACA in 2010 as director of leadership giving and was promoted to senior director of distinguished events in 2013. Professional Development Jeffrey Galati an agent for the New York Life Insurance Company in Naples, has earned the chartered life underwriter (CLU) designation from The American College of Bryn Mawr, Pa. announced today. Courses required for the title include insurance and financial planning, life insurance law, estate planning and planning for business owners and professionals. Senior Living Maria Ciocca has been named executive director at Juniper Village of Naples. Ms. Ciocca has worked for Juniper Communities since 2010, when she joined the company in Williamstown, N.J. She grew up in New Jersey and earned a bachelors degree in political science/communications and a masters degree in elementary education at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB8 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ON THE MOVEBEASLEY GOGUEN CHAPMAN MESNIK EKBLAD CURATOLO HUNTER VAN DIEN Got Download?The iPad AppIts FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comSearch Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile.


SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYIn front of an audience of about 150 Naples Area Board of Realtors members, four state lawmakers explained the results of their work during the most recent legislative session. The NABOR Meet Your Legislators panel discussion at Quail Creek Country Club consisted of State Sens. Dwight Bullard and Garret Richter, State Representatives Matt Hudson and Kathleen Passidomo and special guest Carrie ORourke, vice president of public policy for Florida Realtors. NABOR president-elect Rick Fioretti moderated the discussion. During introductions all panelists agreed that despite the sessions abrupt early ending when members of the House refused to budge on their position to oppose the Senates proposal to accept federal funding for health care, a few key bills were passed that will have a positive impact on homeowners in Florida. Among the victories were bills and initiatives that impact transportation, education and health care. Bills that passed that were part of the Florida Realtors agenda included: A bill that allows insurers to offer flexible flood insurance coverage. A bill that ensures bulk buyers cannot force condo owners out of their homes without providing adequate compensation. A bill that provides the Florida Real Estate Commission the ability to reinstate null-and-void licenses when a hardship occurs. In matters concerning education, Sen. Bullard spoke about a bill that reduces testing in schools and said, As a teacher, Im familiar with how test crazy the system has become. This bill is a good first step, but doesnt go far enough. The bill eliminates certain grade-level tests, scraps a requirement for final exams and limits student testing to 45 hours a year. The guest legislators agreed on the value of a 10-day sales tax holiday taking place Aug. 7-16. Rep. Hudson briefly mentioned a new bill that will fix the funding formulas used to calculate distributions to the child-welfare system. He also assured the audience that the budget keeps college tuition at current levels. In the end, house members eventually returned to Tallahassee to hammer out a state budget, which included a $400 million tax relief package; however, many of the bills on their agendas were shelved until next session, including one to phase out the sales tax on commercial leases. Rep. Hudson told the crowd the bill was passed over for a more aggressive bill to reduce the communications tax. Ms. ORourke said the House of Representatives early adjournment came House Hunting: REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY B9 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015SEE NABOR, B18 2307 Tradition Way, Suite 202 Traditions at Grey OaksThis former model town home in Traditions at Grey Oaks is on the second floor and has a private elevator and a two-car garage. There are three bedrooms, 3 baths and a den in almost 3,100 square feet. Details include hardwood and marble floors, double crown molding, Venetian plaster, designer furnishings and custom bedding and window coverings in a soothing neutral palette, a six-burner gas range and built-ins including a wet bar. The residence is offered for $879,000, turnkey furnished. Krista Fraga of Premier Sothebys International Realty has the listing. To arrange a showing or for more information, call 877-6745 or email NABOR hosts state lawmakers after session

PAGE 34 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB10 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 JACKIE MAYBerkshire Hathaway Home ServicesPort Royal Specialist NEW French Country waterfront estate $22,900,000OPEN EVERYDAY from 1 to 7 p.m. 2009 waterfront estate with beach access $20,000,0001 lot waterfront estate with guesthouse $8,900,000Immaculate waterfront home with guesthouse PRICE REDUCED $5,850,000Open Daily from 1 to 6 p.m. NEW LISTING on golf course with 4,778 SF on one oor One- oor living with wood oors, cathedral ceilings, 4 bedrooms, den, 2 family rooms and 3-car garage PRICE REDUCED $2,125,000Open Daily from 1 to 6 p.m. Two-story, immaculate lakefront, 4-bedroom home $374,000 JACKIE MAY 239-450-0776 The Normandy by Stock Signature HomesTwo new models underway in Quail WestClive Daniel Home has been selected to provide total interior designs for two models in the new Cortland neighborhood of Naples Quail West development for Stock Signature Homes. Interior designers Susie Petril and Kim Bondy have created interiors for the 4,100-square-foot Normandy model. Offered at $1,582,785 fully furnished, the Normandy has three bedrooms plus a full cabana suite, five baths, a formal dining room and outdoor living area with covered lanais and a three-car garage.The home will have a sophisticated, classy ambience and feature a timeless design of elegance and charm with a subtle color palette of creamy beige, light greens, grays, blue grays and ivories, offset by darks woods and organic elements. The designers have added three levels of crown molding and elaborate applied wall trim in vertical rectangles for the master bedroom. Also in Cortland at Quail West, designer Rhett Josey is guiding the design for the 3,504 square-foot Avon model. Base-priced at $1,019,000, the home will feature classic traditional now, a blending of different elements with light and dark finishes to add visual contrast. This is todays interpretation of classic furniture, infusing styles that are current. This home will also include dramatic ceiling details and custom cabinetry. The Cortland neighborhood is an enclave of 19 95-foot home sites that showcase Quail Wests golf course and water views. Stock Development is the exclusive homebuilder in Cortland. Completion of both model homes is expected by winter season 2016. Ashton Woods introduces the Patmos at Naples ReserveAshton Woods has introduced the Patmos, a single-family residence showcasing a coastal-inspired Nantucket elevation and direct lake views in Naples Reserve. The one-story Patmos has 2,278 airconditioned square feet on a 64-foot homesite in the Savannah Lakes neighborhood. The open floor plan has three bedrooms and 3 baths; one of the bedrooms is a large suite with a kitchenette that can be designed to open to the outdoor living area. The large island kitchen leads to the adjoining dining area and spacious family room, where a wall system offers the ability to completely open the residence to the sprawling outdoor living area with a fireplace and conversation area, outdoor dining area and pool. With interiors by Ashton Woods Design Director Valerio Muraro, the Patmos reflects the relaxed ambiance and waterfront setting of Naples Reserve. This coastal-inspired home features a cool palette of white, grey and blue with white paneled wood walls and brick finishes in the living areas and light grey beamed ceilings. Natural wood furnishings complement the casual feel of the residence. The Patmos is one of 17 flexible floor plans being introduced by Ashton Woods in the Naples Reserve neighborhoods of Mallard Point, Egret Landing, Savannah Lakes and Sparrow Cay. Oneand two-story homes range from 1,671 to 3,516 air-conditioned square feet and are priced from the mid-$300,000s to the high $600,000s. Most residences will boast a lake or preserve exposure and showcase a coastal design inspired by the architecture of Key West, Charleston and Nantucket. Midway between Naples and Marco Island along the U.S. 41 East/Collier Boulevard corridor, Naples Reserve is a 688-acre gated community that will include 1,154 lakefront residences in 11 neighborhoods amid lakes and nature preserve areas. Developer iStar Residential has devoted 40 percent of the site to 22 interconnected man-made lakes, the largest being 54 acres. Amenities will include the Outrigger Welcome Center, offering community information and a dock with a boat basin and kayak launch service; the Lakeshore Club interior gathering place; a resort-style pool with cabanas; lakefront beach and pavilion with an tiki hut bar; indoor and outdoor dining; beach volleyball courts and a fitness center. A tennis center with five tennis courts, two pickle ball courts and a pavilion is also anticipated for residents. For more information, visit The Patmos in Naples Reserve has a large island kitchen that opens to the family room. Visit us online at A LOT TO LIKE


Coastal Chic. Prices from $1.3 Million. Sales Center Open Daily Another Naples community by the developers of Moraya Bay & The Dunes 239-793-0110 13910 Old Coast Road, Naples, FL 34110 Located off Vanderbilt Drive just north of Wiggins Pass RoadThe lakefront clubhouse at Kalea Bay will be a social center of epic pr oportions. With three pools, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, poolside bar, expansive sundeck, tennis pavilion and nearby guest suites, a fun-in-the-sun day is guaranteed. All wrapped within our brand new hi-rise, resort-style community consisting of 3 and 4 bedroom waterfront residences. Social Cool. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY CHAPTER 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.Exclusive Sales & Marketing by Wilson& Associates


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME. 239.261.9101For Rentals Call239.213.3311Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands, Sapphire/Lake Toxaway MEDICI 4 Bedroom +Den, 4 Full & 2 Half Baths Expansive Outdoor Living Area for Entertaining $2,599,000 MLS 214055960 Dru & Greg Martinovich 239.564.5717 MEDITERRA CREEKSIDE Custom Designed Frey & Son 3 BR +Den, 4 BA Home Pristine Golf & Preserve Views $1,359,000 MLS 215002598 Dru & Greg Martinovich 239.564.5717 BONITA BAY NAPLES 3BR, 3.5BA Waterfront Townhouse Investors: Existing One Year Lease at $3,000/mo. $839,000 MLS 214030966 Steve Suddeth & Jennifer Nicolai 239.784.0693 GOLDEN SHORES CAPE CORAL Upstairs Suite/Studio/Workout Room 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Extra Wide Canal $599,000 MLS 215033629 Dan Pearce 239.940.1747 GULF ACCESS POOL HOME BURNING TREE 3 BR +Den, 2.5 BA Attached Villa Master Suite on Main Level $399,000 MLS 215006857 Dotti Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.272.4946 BONITA BAY FURNISHED LAKE VIEW CONDO 2 Bedrooms +Den, 2 Bathrooms Furnished with Garage $290,000 MLS 214063660 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 BRIDGEWATER BAY NAPLES Well Maintained 4BR, 3.5BA Residence Nice Size Lanai with Pool & Pool Bath $427,000 MLS 215035877 Ben Maltese & Steve Suddeth 239.273.8700 BERKSHIRE LAKES BONITA SPRINGS Canal Front Building Lot with Dock Direct Gulf Access $295,000 MLS 214008189 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 PARADISE VILLAGE ATTENTION BOATERS Furnished 5 Bedroom Custom Built Home Pool/Spa & Boat Dock on Water's Edge $2,595,000 MLS 214054239 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 VANDERBILT WATERFRONT HOME SANCTUARY Very Motivated Seller Lake View w/Custom Pool & Spa & Outdoor Kitchen $1,299,000 MLS 214056841 Linda Ramsey 239.405.3054 BONITA BAY CREEKSIDE Beautiful 4 BR +Den, 3.5 BA Pool Home Golf Course Views, Western Rear Exposure $819,000 MLS 214068643 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 SHADOW WOOD PRESERVE BONITA SPRINGS Outstanding 3BR, 2.5BA Home w/Pool & Spa Three-Car Garage $595,000 MLS 215035398 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 SPANISH WELLS BONITA SPRINGS Gulf Access Off Imperial River, Calling All Boaters! 3 BR, 2 BA Home with Private Boat Dock $390,000 MLS 215030435 Pamela McCall 239.273.7428 PARADISE VILLAGE NAPLES West of 41 3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms 274,000 MLS 215037440 Annette Villano & Jim Hiester 239.248.6798 THE RETREAT QUAIL WEST One Story Masterpiece 5,400 Sq. Ft. Under Air 4 BR, 6.5 BA, 2 Offices, & Gym $2,450,000 MLS 214059734 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 OPEN SUN. 8/9 1-4PM SPECTACULAR LAKE GOLF VIEWS BONITA SPRINGS Stunning Custom Home Situated on a Premier Lot $1,295,000 MLS 214056696 Steve Suddeth & Ben Maltese 239.784.0693 PELICAN LANDING FORT MYERS Stunning 5 BR +Den, 4.5 BA Estate Pool Home Gourmet Kitchen, Billiard Room, Travertine Tile 795,000 MLS 215029032 Zach Fischer, The Fischer Group 239.777.7500 BRIARCLIFF FIRANO AT NAPLES Tosara Model Perfect 4 Bed 2.5 Bath, Pool & Lanai $539,900 MLS 215039802 Roger Stening, The Fischer Group 239.770.4707 NAPLES POOL HOME BONITA SPRINGS Completely Remodeled 2 Bed +Den, 2 Bath Villa Partially Furnished & Extended Covered Lanai $389,000 MLS 215037000 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 WORTHINGTON GOLF & CC BONITA SPRINGS Turnkey Furnished 2BR + Den, 2BA 2nd Floor Condo Expansive Pond, Water Feature & Golf Course Views $269,000 MLS 214064015 Jim Griffith, Boeglin Team 239.322.2409 LAS BRISAS AT SPANISH WELLS


NAPLES Lakefront Executive Home & Cabana 5 BR +Den, Loft, 5.5 BA Pool & Spa 2,225,000 MLS 215037074 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 TREVISO BAY FORT MYERS Organic Farm Tree & Plant Nursery on 5.15 Acres Main Home w/Heated Pool, Historic Cottage & Barn $1,195,000 MLS 215007309 Roger Stening, The Fischer Group 239.770.4707 OWN A PIECE OF PARADISE ESTANCIA Spacious & Open 3 BR, 3 BA, 2nd Floor Condo Private Wraparound Terrace w/ Direct Pool Access $750,000 MLS 215035444 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 BONITA BAY BONITA SPRINGS Fantastic 3 BR +Den, 2 BA Newer Pool Home Views of Lake & Golf Course $525,000 MLS 215031278 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 VASARI SANDPIPER ISLE End Unit with Lake Views 2 BR +Den, 2 BA, 1,915 Sq. Ft. $369,900 MLS 215039136 David Steele 239.287.7097 PELICAN LANDING THE RESIDENCES 2 Bedroom +Open Den, 2 Bath Luxury Condo Split Bedroom Floor Plan w/ 1,480 Sq. Ft. Under Air $255,000 MLS 215020308 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 COCONUT POINT NAPLES 4 Bedroom +Den, 4 Full & 3 Half Baths Gated 155 Acres w/Just 28 Estate Homes $1,795,000 MLS 213003435 Roger Stening, The Fischer Group 239.770.4707 NAPLES CLUB ESTATES LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! 4BR Home in Very Desirable Community West of 41 and Close to Your Own Private Beach & Shopping $1,100,000 MLS 215018171 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455 MOORINGS NAPLES 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 3 Car Garage Huge Screened Lanai with Pool 750,000 MLS 215013690 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 GOLDEN GATE ESTATES BONITA SPRINGS Charming 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Pool & Spa Extensively Updated $484,900 MLS 215019667 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 SPANISH WELLS PLANTATION Newly Renovated Open Floor Plan $349,900 MLS 215018000 Kurt Petersen 239.777.0408 PLANTATIONS IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES Lovely 2 BR +Den, 1st Floor with Golf Course View Over 1,500 Sq. Ft., Garage, Tile Roofs $239,000 MLS 215033647 Vahle Team 239.450.7805 CHARLESTON SQUARE NAPLES Beautiful Single Family Home Walking Distance to Beach, Venetian Village & Fresh Market $1,540,000 MLS 215017759 Dodona Roboci 239.776.8123 PARK SHORE FORT MYERS Peaceful Retreat on Riverfront Preserve Over 4,000 Sq. Ft., 3 BR, 3.5 BA Custom Home $999,800 MLS 215015987 Kevin Welch 239.223.7006 VERANDAH GOLDEN GATE ESTATES 3 Fenced Pastures, 6 Stall Barn, Riding Arena Completely Remodeled Ranch Home, 5BR, 4BA $749,900 MLS 214054247 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 ATTENTION HORSE LOVERS BONITA SPRINGS 3BR + Den, 2.5BA, Great Room Plan Toll Brothers Built Never Occupied $469,000 MLS 215033159 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 CORDOVA AT SPANISH WELLS HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Attached Garage Tons of Natural Light & Lake Views $340,000 MLS 214063279 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 BRIDGEWATER BAY BONITA SPRINGS Residential Lot on Imperial River Oversize Boat Dock in Place $225,000 MLS 215015413 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 PARADISE VILLAGE REGENCY TOWERS Views of Gulf & Intercostal 3BR, 3BA with a Total of 2,300 Sq. Ft. $1,449,000 MLS 215042956 Steve Suddeth & Jenn Nicolai 239.784.0693 NEW LISTING MOORINGS NAPLES 4 Bedroom + Den, 3.5 Baths Pool/Spa Home with 3-Car Garage $874,900 MLS 215035409 Ben Maltese & Steve Suddeth 239.273.8700 STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY CLUB NAPLES Estate Home with Pool 3 Bedrooms +Den, 3 Baths 659,900 MLS 215025252 Debbie Dekevich 239.877.4194 OPEN SUN. 8/9 1-4PM WILSHIRE LAKES ESTERO 4 BR, 3BA, 3 Car Garage Pool Home 449,900 MLS 215040302 Katie Brady 239-770-6061 PRESERVE AT CORKSCREW NAPLES Light, Bright & Airy 2 BR +Den, 2 BA Pet Friendly Community No Size Restrictions $299,999 MLS 215009693 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 BENT PINE VILLAS CLOSE TO FGCU Ideal Location 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage Large Screened Lanai & Yard $189,000 MLS 215042273 Jamie Lienhardt 239.565.4268 NEW LISTING SAN CARLOS PARK

PAGE 38 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB14 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Richard DrosteREALTOR239-572-5117rddsmd@comcast.netJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro Marco Island & Southwest Florida Real Estate SpecialistsVisit Today! Seaview #208 $364,900Rarely available 2 BR/2 BA updated unit. South end w/direct access to beach. Extra storage. SUPER POPULAR COMPLEX 8088 Tiger Island Circle $769,000Private & peaceful expansive water view. 3 BR & 3 private baths. Separate dining room & separate ofce/den. OUTSTANDING LOCATION 1642 Rainbow Court $599,000Lots of space and many updates. Must see this great deal. 3 BR/3 BA. Near YMCA & Park. DOCK/ LIFT Sierra Grande $225,000Hidden gem. 3 BR/2 BA newer complex. Many features for this price. Central location. AMAZING AMENITIESMediterra still at the top among private clubsMediterra has retained its ranking as one of the top private clubs in the world. The golf and beach club has been honored as a Distinguished Emerald Club for a third consecutive year by BoardRoom magazine, a distinction awarded to the top 5 percent of private clubs worldwide. Clubs are rated on data points collected by the magazines chief analyst, Frank Gore. The Distinguished Clubs award program is a stepped process that includes a committee nomination, site visit, formulaic audit and an evaluation report. The award recognizes the clubs member experience and reviews food and beverage services, golf operations and courses, tennis, aquatics, spa and club facilities, as well as intangible qualities such as reputation, brand, reverence and distinction. In naming Mediterra a first-time recipient in 2013, Keith Jarrett, president of Distinguished Clubs and co-founder of BoardRoom magazine, noted the 1,700-acre community was among the youngest members on the list of worlds finest clubs. It was recently named the No. 1 retirement community in Florida On the links, Mediterra is undergoing more than $14 million in renovations of its North and South courses.The 32,000-square-foot clubhouse at the Club at Mediterra was recently renovated and expanded.The Mediterra Beach Club on the Gulf of Mexico.COURTESY PHOTOS Naples | $669,000LEMURIA Naples | $229,900 PIPERS GROVE TOGETHER WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROVIDING OUR PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE SERVICE TO OUR BUYERS AND SELLERS. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS GORDIE LAZICH & MARK MARAN Naples | $577,500 657 SOLIEL DRIVE Each o ce is independently owned and operated. GORDIE LAZICH239.777.2033 MARK MARAN239.777.3301 PENDING SEE MEDITERRA, B15


WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 B15 Pelican Bay parcel sells for $80 millionA new joint venture formed by a wholly owned affiliate of the Gulf Bay Group and KKR has purchased one of two remaining developable land parcels in Pelican Bay for a cash payment of $80 million. No plans for the parcel have been released. Under the direction of Aubrey Ferrao, who founded Gulf Bay Group of Companies in 1986, Gulf Bay has completed 14 luxury properties along a 1.5-mile stretch of gulf-front land within the Pelican Bay community. While Gulf Bays legacy is represented throughout Naples, we are extremely proud of our role as the Creator of the Pelican Bay skyline, Mr. Ferrao says. Partnering with KKR, a firm with a storied reputation as a sophisticated and savvy investor, represents an endorsement and acknowledgement of the unique opportunity afforded by one of the last two ultra-luxury high rise sites between The Ritz-Carlton and Port Royal. Gulf Bays other award-winning developments include The Brittany on Park Shore Beach, the Marco Beach Ocean Resort on Marco Island and and the Fiddlers Creek community on Collier Boulevard on the way to Marco Island. KKR is a leading global investment firm that manages investments across multiple asset classes. The firm is making the investment primarily from its real estate fund, Real Estate Partners Americas. As of March 31, 2015, KKR had $99.1 billion in assets under management. by Best Retirement Destinations, and it received a 2013 Aurora Award for Best Residential Development in the Southeastern United States The 1,700-acre community includes the member-owned Club at Mediterra with two Tom Fazio-designed worldclass golf courses and the 10,000-squarefoot Beach Club on the Gulf of Mexico. Mediterras onsite amenities include themed neighborhood parks, 8 miles of walking and jogging trails and a fitness complex with tennis and bocce courts, a pool and spa services. A recent renovation at the 32,000-square-foot clubhouse updated the interior design of the main dining room, expanded the club lounge and kitchen, and introduced alfresco dining options, an exposition kitchen and chefs table. On the links, Mediterra is undergoing more than $14 million in renovations of its North and South courses. Mediterras Golf Learning Center offers indoor and outdoor hitting stations, video equipment with launch monitor, a 2.5-acre short game practice complex with three greens and a staff of certified PGA professionals. Membership is limited to 225 members per 18 holes. Since December 2009, London Bay Homes and affiliates have managed all new home sales and marketing for the luxury community. Resale properties are listed through Mediterra Realty. Available designs in Mediterra include single-family estate homes and single-family maintenance-free villas priced from $1 million to more than $7 million. For more information, call 9498989 or visit Internationally acclaimed Best Friends Approach 16 Luxurious Suites Available Personalized Home-Like Setting Month-to-Month Rates Available Exemplary Staff-to-Resident Ratio All-Inclusive RateBest Friends are There When You Need Them. So are We. All inclusive Memory Care programs offering Simply the Best healthcare services in a family friendly atmosphere 111 Moorings Park Drive, Naples, Florida 34105 Moorings Park is a nationally accredited, nonpro t, Medicare certi ed community and the only A+ S&P and Fitch rated Continuing Care Retirement Community in the country. #9199 #88033 New Memory Care Center Now OpenPlease Join Us For APrivate Tourof ourNew Memory Care CenterOffering Compassionate Care Delivered Dailyby calling 239 643 9111MEDITERRAFrom page 14


BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOME. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. *Offer and prices subject to change without notice. $30,000 membership on home and lot packages only. Offer not valid on all Custom Estate lots. See Sales Center for details. FLStockDevelopmentResidences from the $900s to over $7 millionSales Of ce Hours | MondaySaturday, 9 a.m. p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m. p.m. | 239.592.1010 Exit 116 Bonita Beach Rd. from I-75, head east & make right turn at Bonita Grande Dr. 6289 Burnham Road | Naples, FL 34119 | Go to QuailWest.comQUAIL WEST REALTY, EXCLUSIVE SALES AGENT, LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER CASTLE HARBOUR HOMES | DIAMOND CUSTOM HOMES | EMERALD HOMES | FLORIDA LIFESTYLE HOMES FOX CUSTOM BUILDERS | LONDON BAY HOMES | MCGARVEY CUSTOM HOMES | STOCK SIGNATURE HOMES$30,000* Social Membership included with every new home purchase.Beautifully designed and meticulously crafted luxury residences by Southwest Floridas most prestigious, award-winning builders. Soaring great rooms, impressive oorplans and wide open vistas. Acres and acres of rolling fairways, glistening lakes and nature preserves. All complemented by an impressive resort lifestyle including a grand clubhouse, championship golf, tennis, a spa and tness center and Beach Club privileges. Its no wonder why were NAPLES BEST-SELLING LUXURY COMMUNITY.UN UESTIONABLY IMPRESSIVE Q Quail West epitomizes luxury, both inside and out.


WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 B17 THE #1 COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES* MONTELAGO 18081 Montelago Court 4 BR/4 BA + DEN $830,000 Private Pool & Cabana VIVALDI 10801 Vivaldi Court, #1703 3 BR/3 BA + DEN $885,000 Waterfront Condominium SALE PENDING VIVALDI 10700 Vivaldi Court, #601 3 BR/2 BA + DEN $599,900 Waterfront Condominium BELLAVISTA 10101 Bellavista Circle, #802 2 BR/2 BA + DEN $479,000 Luxury Coach Home VIVALDI 10821 Vivaldi Court, #1902 3 BR/3 BA + DEN $750,000 Waterfront Condominium MONTEBELLO 10722 Mirasol Drive, #503 3 BR/3 BA + DEN $850,000 Coach Home SALE PENDING Call the Resale Team today at (239) 425-2340 or visit 10160 Miromar Lakes Boulevard, Miromar Lakes, Florida 33913 *National Association of Home Builders GOLD AWARD Winner for Community of the Year. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATION OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRES ENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. This is not intended to be an offering or solicitation of sale in any jurisdiction where the development is not registered in accordance with applicable law or where such offering or solicitation would otherwise be prohibited by law. Prices, plans, artists renderings, photos, land uses, dimensions, specications,improvements, materials, amenities and availability are subject to change without notice. Copyright 2015, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Lakes is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. FEATURED RESALE LISTINGS08050615-1941 PrestigeHOME CENTERS, INC.941-637-1122 877-507-11224465 Duncan Rd. (Hwy 17N). Punta Gorda, off Exit 164*Includes delivery, setup, steps, skirting, air conditioning & 7-year warranty. Many other models and oor plans available.M-F 9-6 Sat. 9-5 Sun. REED $64,995/26x482 Bdr, 2 Bth, Includes Florida Room and Covered Porch Miromar Lakes Caprini down to two homesitesCaprini, a Tuscan-inspired villa neighborhood on Lake Como in Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club, has only two sites remaining. The builder, Distinctive Communities, offers plans to maximize the shape and size of each cul-de-sac site, with the buyer being able to customize numerous selections. The Capri has three bedrooms, 3 baths, a library and a two-car garage in 3,769 total square feet (2,965 under air). The octagonal foyer with coffered ceiling details is the pivot point from which several areas of the home are accessible: Double doors on the left open to the library, while an adjacent hallway leads to the powder bath, laundry room and a closet for extra storage. To the right of the foyer are two guest suites. An open great room plan accommodates a living room and formal dining area in the Capri. A wall of sliding glass doors connects the great room to a covered lanai and the pool. The gourmet kitchen is open to the great room and has a three-sided dining counter. Double doors from the great room lead to the hallway of the master suite, which also has direct access to the lanai. The Custom Courtyard design also has three bedrooms, 3 baths, a library, family room and three-car garage, with 3,532 square feet under air and a total of 4,842 square feet. One of the bedrooms and a bathroom are within a separate cabana guesthouse that also has a sitting room and kitchenette. A gated entry leads to an interior courtyard with a pool, a spa, brick paver sundeck and a covered patio with summer kitchen and bar countertop. The master suite occupies the entire west wing of the Custom Courtyard home and has a sitting area with double doors to the deck and pool area. Residents of Caprini enjoy use of neighborhood boat docks with direct access to Miromars 700 acres of freshwater lake. Prices, which include the home site and the home, are $1,335,150 for the Capri and $1,575,000 for the Custom Courtyard. Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club has 3 miles of lakefront beach, a spa and fitness center, a 10,000-square-foot pool, two marinas, three restaurants, tennis and golf. The community also has the only Arthur Hills Signature championship golf course in Southwest Florida. For more information, call 425-2340 or visit 2015 Ashton Woods Homes. All rights reserved. All trademarks herein, including Ashton Woods, the AW logo, and the AW Ashton Woods logo, are the property of Ashton Woods Homes and may not be used without express written permission. In an eort to continuously improve its product, Ashton Woods Homes reserves the right to change plans, specications and pricing without notice in its sole discretion. Square footage is approximate and window, oor and ceiling elevations are approximate, subject to change without prior notice or obligation and may vary by plan elevation and/or community. Special wall and window treatments, upgraded ooring, replace surrounds, landscape an d other features in and around the model homes are designer suggestions and not included in the sales price. All renderings, color schemes, oor plans, maps and displays are artists conceptions and are not intended to be an actual depiction of the home or its surroundings. Basements are available subject to site conditions. Home site premiums may apply. Please see Sales Representative for additional information. Most Trusted Builder in AmericaSM. Lifestory Research 2013 and 2014 Most Trusted Builder in America StudiesSM. CRC# 1517613 6.15 Discover lakeside living at Naples Reserve. MANATEE RD NAPLES RESERVE BLVDTAMIAMI TRAIL ECOLLIER BLVDFIDDLERS CREEK PKWY 41 90 951 90 NAPLES RESERVE 14167 Nautica Court Naples, FL 34114 239.919.6612 SINGLEFAMILY HOMES FROM THE MID $300s Ashton Woods is building new homes in four, picturesque neighborhoods in Naples Reserve. Discover oneand two-story, single-family homes with design touches from coastal resort towns from Nantucket to Key West. Here, together, well create a home thats a true reection of your style and your passions. NEW, master-planned community Tour four NEW neighborhoods in Naples Reserve Home designs from 1,671 sq. ft. to 3,516 sq. ft.

PAGE 42 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB18 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIESServing North Naples and the Surrounding Area Joanne CiesielskiNaples Of ce top Producer239.287.6732 Brian Carey 239.370.8687 Karen Carey 239.216.8826 OPPORTUNITY North Naples Resort-Style Living! VILLAGE WALK OF NORTH NAPLES3 bedroom SF Glenwood model with southfacing pool, accordion hurricane shutters, granite in the kitchen and master bathroom, laminate oors and more! $379,500 VILLAGE WALK OF NORTH NAPLES Location, location! 3BR/2.5BA+den is nestled on a quiet cu-de-sac street with peaceful lake views. From the moment you walk through the front door, you will be impressed with this pristine home that has been lovingly cared for by the current owners. Nicely appointed interior features: 20" tile, crown molding, built-in of ce space, plantation shutters and more. The large screened lanai is a room in itself prefect for enjoyi ng the Florida lifestyle entertaining friends and relaxing with family. Ready for immediate occupancy! $469,900 NEW LISTING NEW LISTINGVILLAGE WALK OF NORTH NAPLES If you've been looking for your dream home, your journey ends here! This comfortable well-appointed 4BR/3BA+den lakeview home is positioned in an exceptional location on cul-de-sac. The gracious oor plan offers the perfect setting for entertaining and family gatherings. Enjoy dining alfresco on the large screened lanai or cooling off from the summer heat in the beautiful custom pool and spa. This rarely available oor plan is a must see home! $635,000 NEW LISTING VILLAGE WALK OF NORTH NAPLESOakmont 3BR/2.5BA+den features an inviting open oor plan, NEW A/C, new washer and dryer, tile throughout with exception to den, built-in of ce space, hurricane shutters and large screened lanai with private pool and lake view. Located in Village Walk of Naples with unique amenities, Town Center and low association fees! $445,000 at a critical time, when legislation that would cap estoppel certificate fees had passed the Senate and was minutes away from being voted on in the House. After the delegates shared their annual reviews, Rep. Passidomo affirmed to attendees that, We really enjoy events like this with Realtors because you help us understand what our constituents are most concerned about. The panel engaged in dialog with audience members on several topics during the question-and-answer period. Brenda Fioretti, past president of NABOR, asked the panel if there was any initiative to address homeowners inability to obtain property insurance when home inspectors red flag homes with poly piping. Rep. Hudson was familiar with the practice due to problems his own parents faced with the issue. He further affirmed that solutions to the problem would be explored during the next session. The Meet Your Legislators event was presented by NABORs Governmental Issues Committee, under the direction of chair Gerald Lefebvre, and sponsored by the 2015 Realtor Political Action Committee. For more information about the aforementioned bills and to learn about the issues that will be pursued next session, go to the Legislative Center page at floridarealtors. org. NABORFrom page 9 Royal Shell Real Estate has closed on the purchase of a two-story office building in downtown Cape Coral. The 9,000-squarefoot space will undergo major renovations and is expected to be fully operational this fall. The expansion represents not only growth for the company, but additional job opportunities for sales representatives and support staff. The company anticipates adding 30 to 40 Realtors and three to six additional staff for the Cape office by the end of the year. This is Royal Shells 16th office in Southwest Florida, with an additional office in Central Florida and four in North Carolina bringing the total number of offices to 21. While renovations are underway, Royal Shell Real Estate continues to service Cape Coral clients from its two Fort Myers offices. Cape Coral ranks among the top five metro areas in the nation with a population of at least 200,000 that had the highest share of cash buyers at 49.7 percent, according to national real estate data source RealtyTrac. The Royal Shell brokerage recorded more than $500 million in sales in the first five months of 2015. The firm handles properties of all types, including primary and secondary residences, seasonal homes, investment and rental properties. Royal Shell Real Estate began primarily as a Sanibel and Captiva island-based company and over the years has opened multiple offices in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and downtown Naples. The most recent new office opening was last spring in The Promenade at Bonita Bay. Royal Shell set to expand into Cape Coral COURTESY PHOTOSally Masters, NABOR Governmental Issues Committee member; State Rep. Matt Hudson; Carrie ORourke, vice president of public po licy, Florida Realtors; State Sen. Dwight Bullard; State Rep. Kathleen Passidomo; Rick Fioretti, NABOR president-elect; and State Sen. Garret Rich-


239-404-8222 ROBYN PFISTER GRIFFIN PORT ROYAL 425 Kingstown Drive $4,400,000 OPEN SUNDAY8/9 1:00-4:00 AQUALANE SHORES 175 16th Avenue South $4,495,000 OPEN SUNDAY8/9 1:00-4:00


Galleon Drive Phil Collins 239.404.6800 Web ID 214053711 $18,500,000 3600 Nelsons Walk Frank Sajtar 239.776.8382 Web ID 215038183 $18,900,000 3845 Fort Charles Drive Peter Reppucci 239.595.6500 Web ID 214060903 $16,450,000 1207 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 215021658 $6,495,000 2 587 Half Moon Walk Paul Gray 239.273.0403 Web ID 215041828 $4,295,000 1270 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215000721 $7,995,000 3530 Fort Charles Drive Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 214048431 $4,795,000 Lausanne #303N Vickie Larscheid 239.250.5041 Web ID 215038019 $965,000 Carriage Club #21 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 Web ID 215022346 $875,000 Shores Of Naples #44 Ryan Nordyke 239.776.9390 Web ID 215029275 $1,145,000 Gulf Bay Apartments #103 Larry Roorda 239.860.2534 Web ID 215022051 $589,000 Esmeralda on Eighth #101 Paul Gray 239.273.0403 Web ID 215041283 $2,250,000 1275 Cobia Court Christine Jones 239.404.9900 Web ID 215035505 $1,750,000 630 5th Avenue North Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 215033802 $3,597,000 1969 7th Street South Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215032413 $3,195,000 393 2nd Avenue South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 $1,715,000 320 Neapolitan Way Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 214015185 $5,350,000 665 Fountainhead Way Ira Guzzardo 917.574.3297 Web ID 215032675 $3,695,000 Terraces #607Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239.261.6200Web ID 215034284 $1,100,000 Le Rivage #8N A my Becker/Leah Ritchey 239.272.3229Web ID TRIE060315IHE $6,550,000 Horizon House PH 1APat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.213.7445Web ID 215034239 $2,000,000 Monaco Beach Club #1107 Christine Jones 239.404.9900 Web ID 215033750 $999,000 San Marino #410D Janet Rathbun 239.860.0012 Web ID 215019779 $1,195,000 The Pointe #1602 Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.4231 Web ID 215020904 $1,139,000 Chateaumere #D-301 Jeannie McGearty 239.248.4333 Web ID 215025962 $759,000 Marbella PH 2202 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215011907 $2,995,000 Dorchester #604 Cynthia Rosa 239.287.6015 Web ID 215033289 $890,000 Dorchester #404 Cynthia Rosa 239.287.6015 Web ID 215035573 $635,000 Remington #402 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215021698 $5,295,000 Carlysle #301 Jerry Wachowicz 239.777.0741 Web ID SANF072715IHE $4,250,000 1708 Persimmon DriveMichael G. Lawler/Terri Moellers 239.261.3939Web ID DUNC032615IHE $2,095,000 Remington #1104 Bordner/Hurvitz 239.560.2921 Web ID 215026974 $6,000,000 9751 Bentgrass Bend Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 214060998 $6,495,000 Clermont #H-103 Ed Cox/Je Cox 239.860.8806 Web ID 215017707 $475,000 405 Rosemeade Lane Bordner/Hurvitz 239.560.2921 Web ID 215016941 $975,000 1180 29th Avenue North Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.4231 Web ID 215041986 $549,000 6737 Bent Grass Drive Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215043403 $524,000 4 453 Club Estates Drive Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215042182 $3,290,000 18576 Royal Hammock Boulevard Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215043033 $549,000 Marbella Lakes #201 Ryan Nordyke 239.776.9390 Web ID 215043207 $368,500 PORT ROYAL THE MOORINGS // COQUINA SANDS PARK SHORE PELICAN BAY BAY COLONY NAPLES & SURROUNDS PELICAN MARSH OLD NAPLES // AQUALANE SHORES // ROYAL HARBOR PREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM


Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Premier Sothebys International Realty participated as either the listing or cooperating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. Cetinale, Tuscany by Josephine Trotter used with permission.FIFTH AVENUE | 239.434.8770THE GALLERY CENTRAL NAPLES | 239.659.0099MERCATO SALES CENTER | 239.594.9400BONITA SPRINGS | 239.948.4000MARCO ISLAND | 239.642.2222VANDERBILT | 239.594.9494THE VILLAGE | 239.261.6161SANIBEL | 239.472.2735CAPTIVA | 239.395.5847ESTUARY SALES CENTER | 239.261.3148BROAD AVENUE | 239.434.2424DEVELOPER SERVICES | 239.434.6373 OVER 16,500 ASSOCIATES | APPROXIMATELY 760 OFFICES WORLDWIDE MORE THAN 60 COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES GLOBALLY | 26 PREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY LOCATIONS MYSTIQUE AT PELICAN BAY | 239.598.9900RENTALS DIVISION | 239.262.4242 PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM1315 Noble Heron Way Sam Heitman 239.537.2018 Web ID 215025837 $2,564,000 1504 Marsh Wren Lane Phil Collins 239.404.6800 Web ID JAKS061015IHE $2,195,000 1234 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 214000494 $7,495,000 2242 Silver Palm Place Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215021968 $1,175,000 12278 Colliers Reserve Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 Web ID 215033130 $1,695,000 2743 Olde Cypress Drive Jane Bond 239.595.9515 Web ID 211522993 $1,595,000 The Strada #7417 Susan Gardner 239.438.2846 Web ID 215041878 $899,000 2558 Escada Court Chris Resop 239.231.6164 Web ID 215016627 $4,495,000 5982 Sunnyslope Drive Teresa Rucker 239.281.2376 Web ID 215014011 $1,595,000 Residences III #902 Pam Parsons 239.404.3475 Web ID 214067577 $1,189,000 9633 Wilshire Lakes Boulevard Patrick OConnor 239.293.9411 Web ID 215013817 $795,000 Ventana #C-204 Frank Pezzuti 239.216.2445 Web ID 215015363 $499,000 7697 Santa Cruz Court Dave/Ann Renner 239.784.5552 Web ID 214062169 $1,395,000 9641 Wilshire Lakes Boulevard Patrick OConnor 239.293.9411 Web ID 215026816 $775,000 7653 San Sebastian Way Dave/Ann Renner 239.784.5552 Web ID 215014815 $399,000 229 Heron Avenue Ruth Trettis 239.571.6760 Web ID 214048593 $650,000 Gulf Breeze #606 Denise Sands 215.327.9930 Web ID 215000742 $563,900 Royal Marco Point #3-318 Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685 Web ID 215020961 $925,000 Regatta #1106 Dave Urness 239.273.0971 Web ID 215042633 $995,000 381 Red Bay Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 Web ID 214014596 $1,175,000 Shipps Landing #12 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215022473 $700,000 691 Partridge Court Vince Colace 239.260.3333 Web ID 214046240 $569,700 948 Spruce Avenue ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 215042812 $675,000 South Seas #704 Cynthia Corogin 239.393.6747 Web ID 212022129 $510,000 278 Capistrano Court Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215020262 $457,000 1240 Laurel Court Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215027189 $795,000 1505 Leland Way Angelica Andrews 239.595.7653 Web ID 215021668 $470,000 South Seas #203 Vince Colace 239.260.3333 Web ID 214019290 $379,700 8508 Bellagio Drive Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 212039626 $910,000 9048 Cherry Oaks Trail Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 212033141 $597,500 Serena #201 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 208034226 $442,000 3267 Hyacinth Drive Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 215042012 $1,080,000 Serena #202 ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 214048308 $449,000 Serena #202 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214037081 $425,000 GREY OAKS NORTH NAPLES MARCO ISLAND FIDDLERS CREEK VANDERBILT BEACH PREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY

PAGE 46 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB22 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$200,0001 WORTHINGTON WEDGEWOOD II 13250 Sherburne Circle #1402 $234,900 Premier Sothebys International Realty Ryan Batey 239.287.9159>$300,0002 BERKSHIRE LAKES 6632 Merryport Lane $386,000 PSIR Tom Oaster 239.595.1275>$500,0003 TACOMA PARK 1180 29th Avenue North $549,000 PSIR Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.4231>$800,0004 GREY OAKS TRADITIONS 2307 Tradition Way #202 $879,000 PSIR Krista Fraga 239.877.6745>$900,0005 WYNDEMERE ROSEMEADE 405 Rosemeade Lane $975,000 PSIR Sheila Lytle 239.293.5040>$1,000,0006 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $1,795,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open MondaySaturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm7 THE MOORINGS 699 Fairway Terrace $1,799,000 PSIR Debron Fowles 239.826.6655>$2,000,0008 OLD NAPLES MANGROVE BAY 201 Goodlette Road South $2,000,000 Paradise Realty of Naples, LLC Sales Center 239.261.2200 Open Daily9 PARK SHORE HORIZON HOUSE 3951 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Penthouse 1A $2,000,000 PSIR Pat Duggan 239.216.198010 THE MOORINGS 728 Regatta Road $2,125,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 1-5pm11 MEDICI AT MEDITERRA 15211 Medici Way $2,490,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009712 PELICAN MARSH BAY LAUREL ESTATES 8719 Spikerush Lane $2,649,000 PSIR Erik David Barber 323.513.639113 OLD NAPLES 366 Central Avenue $2,995,000 PSIR Jillian Trettis 321.759.9434>$3,000,00014 AQUALANE SHORES 656 16th Avenue South $3,495,000 PSIR Ryan Nordyke 239.776.939015 THE MOORINGS 611 Spring Line Drive $3,549,000 PSIR Phil Collins 239.404.68016 THE MOORINGS 875 Wedge Drive $3,595,000 PSIR Phil Collins 239.404.68017 OLD NAPLES 630 5th Avenue North $3,597,000 PSIR Steve Allison 239.776.816018 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1473 Anhinga Pointe $3,995,000 PSIR Melissa Williams 239.248.7238>$5,000,00019 PORT ROYAL 655 Galleon Drive $5,850,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 1-5pm 20 TREVISO AT MEDITERRA 16996 Treviso Way $5,990,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097>$6,000,00021 PORT ROYAL 901 Galleon Drive $6,650,000 PSIR Phil Collins 239.404.680>$7,000,00022 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1213 Gordon River Trail $7,295,000 PSIR Melissa Williams 239.248.723823 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1234 Gordon River Trail $7,495,000 PSIR Melissa Williams 239.248.7238>$22,000,00024 PORT ROYAL 840 Admiralty Parade $22,900,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 1-7pm Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 15 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 1 20 6 18 22 23 24 21*For illustration purposes only.


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A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTION INSIDEBROUGHT TO YOU BY:Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Estuary at Grey Oaks | 239.261.3148 The Village | 239.261.6161 The Gallery in Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Vanderbilt| 239.594.9494 Residences at Mercato | 239.594.9400 Bonita Springs| 239.948.4000 Sanibel Island | 239.472.2735 Rentals| 239.262.4242 Take the plungeRestaurant reviewer Drew Sterwald says get to Blue Water Bistro before the crowds return. C27 A K-9 thrillerBook reviewer Phil Jason enjoys second installation in the Ryder Creed series. C5 Dont botherFilm critic Dan Hudak says even with Meryl Streep, Ricki Flash fizzles out. C15 Amid the din of reality television, constant remakes of bad movies and shouting across political aisles, there is a quiet revolution happening in the entertainment world that is just now making its way to Naples. Dr. Joel Ying, a medical and holistic doctor, is combining forces with local storytellers to hook an audience the old-fashioned way: by standing up and talking. The first-ever StorySlam Naples takes place Friday evening, Aug. 7, at Dr. Yings office. Everyone is invited to listen as yarn spinners many of them members of area Toastmasters groups that specialize in storytelling share their personal stories as well as literary and folk stories, fractured fairy tales and tall tales. The whole medium of storytelling one person telling a story and engaging a whole audience is just captivating, says Dr. Ying. Its a very interactive art form Like live (music), its that feeling that youre really connecting with the person playing the music. The art of telling stories, which goes back to prehistoric man when there was nothing else to do around a campfire, has been regaining popularity in recent years in public media with podcasts such as The Moth and radio shows like This American Life and Story Corps. As more people realize they like listening to real people relate a narrative, they are turning to programs like Toastmasters Storytellers of the Round Table and Transom Story OPERA AFICIONADOS AND THOSE WHO HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BUT NEVER HAVE experienced the art form have equal opportunity to satisfy their desires right here in Southwest Florida this coming season. Both Gulfshore Opera and Opera Naples have announced a full schedule of performances ranging from tried-and-true classics to more modern productions with a bit of musical theater mixed in. Chamber choirs, mastersingers, childrens voices and orchestral musicians will add depth and breadth to the productions. Come listen to a story Alivewell&THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF OPERA IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA THIS SEASONSEE OPERA, C4 SEE STORYSLAM, C13 COURTESY PHOTOSteffanie Pearce of Gulfshore Opera is one of the main reasons we have such abundant opera in the Southwest Florida area this s eason.BY LINDSEY NESMITHlnesmith@ YING

PAGE 50 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Learn more at OFFERING A COMPLETE RANGE OF SPECIALTIESGeneral Dermatology Skin Cancer Mohs Micrographic Surgery Camisa Psoriasis Center Laser Treatments Cosmetic Dermatology DermConnect Medical Spa CoolSculpting1-800-591-DERM | www.RiverchaseDermatology.comMultiple Locations for Convenient Care SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS How eHarmony filled my dance card You did what? a well-meaning friend said when I told her Id joined eHarmony. Why would someone like you do Internet dating? Someone like me? I like to think Internet dating was invented for people like me. I dont go to bars; I havent seen the inside of a dance club in a decade. My social circles are mostly women. And my good friends are all married. Which means opportunities to meet people are, well, nonexistent. Plus, you throw in the fact that Im an introvert and its pretty much guaranteed not to happen. Those online sites are full of creeps and weirdos, my well-meaning friend went on. Shes right, in the sense that creeps and weirdos are everywhere. Ive noticed that online sites are a microcosm of the dating world with its share of odd folks but also plenty of decent ones. The experience might call for a lot of frogkissing, but that happens in the off-line world, too. And who knows if youll have anything in common? my friend finished. Which is also true. eHarmony does a good job of matching similar people, but after the first few rounds I noticed my matches and I had a more tenuous connection. Congratulations, the message from eHarmony would say, you both like Top 40 music. Or Good news, you both like swimming. But in truth, many solid relationships have been founded on less. Yes, its convenient if potential partners share an alma mater or a hometown or even a friend group, but unless you meet at a reunion or are introduced through acquaintances, then those commonalities disappear. And theres no guarantee that the guy who tries to get my number at the gas pump has any more in common with me than the man who sends a wink online. If this all sounds like a giant rationalization, it is. In truth, Im not completely comfortable with online dating. Every time I log into my eHarmony account, I run through the same list of objections my friend made. Yet each time I worry its not for me, I have to admit an undeniable fact: My dance card has not been this full in a long time. Online dating has done for me something I have not been able to do for myself: It has delivered available men interested in starting a relationship. And that, I tell you, is worth every penny of its exorbitant registration fee. For a long time, Ive chased men who for one reason or another could not or would not give me what I need. A lot of this was because of my own failings, but I also like to think some of it was because I just wasnt meeting anyone. I assumed that the tiny pool of unavailable men was the best I could do. eHarmony has shown me otherwise. Im having running conversations with a DEA agent in Tampa, a doctor in Mississippi, two veterinarians and a dentist. They text, they call, they want to take me out. It feels good to be courted like this. So what if I have to sign online to find it? Artis Henderson is the author of Unremarried Widow published by Simon and Schuster. artis


Come and experience Re-vive at Florida Leather Gallery floridaleathergallery.com11016 SOUTH CLEVELAND AVE., FORT MYERS AND 28701 SOUTH TAMIAMI TRAIL, BONITA SPRINGS OTHER LOCATIONS IN BRANDON, TAMPA, CLEARWATER AND SARASOTA AT FLORIDA LEATHER GALLERY YOU WILL LOVE DOING NOTHING.Natuzzi Re-vive is the worlds first performance recliner. A chair that is almost human, mimicking your every movement. Flexing as you change position, supporting your body and mind in a fluid dynamic form. Recline, Relax. Love Doing Nothing.NATUZZIREVIVE.COM

PAGE 52 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 (239) 228-642115215 Collier Boulevard, Suite 317 in Shoppes of PebblebrookeBack To School Specials HIGHLIGHTS10 Accent Highlights Starting At $55* $10 OFF HAIRCUTWith Any Highlight Service* FULL-SERVICE SALON & SPA OFFERING: Redken Color Bar, Manicures, Gel Nails, Pedicures, Massages, Facials and Hair Removal. Check Out Our Retail Selection of Redken & Pureology Products!*Specials cannot be combined with any other offersOur motto at Gulfshore Opera is: inclusive and accessible, says its founder and artistic director, Steffanie Pearce. In addition to its home base in Collier County, the fledgling company is reaching north to Lee and Charlotte counties, providing inexpensive opera performances in all three counties. We reached out to several other performing arts organizations to come up with exciting joint productions, Ms. Pearce says. The board also voted unanimously to continue offering $25 tickets so those who cant afford higher prices can still experience opera with the full orchestra, costumes, sets, the whole shebang, she adds. Were asking that everyone observe the honor system ... People who can pay the full price ($75) for the premium seats are supporting our ability to offer the low price. In this way, Ms. Pearce says, Gulfshore Opera was able to cover 78 percent of the cost of its inaugural season with ticket revenue. We sold out almost everything we did in Collier County this year, and were looking to make those roots in Lee and Charlotte counties, she says.On tap this seasonThe second season for Gulfshore Opera opens with Lerner and Loewes Brigadoon, performed in collaboration with TheatreZone of Naples. As with all of the companys productions this season, Brigadoon will open at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center in Punta Gorda before moving to venues in Fort Myers and Naples. In March the company will present Johann Sebastian Bachs sacred oratorio, Saint Matthew Passion. Ms. Pearce performed the work herself many times, early in her career. It is a profound work, one of the greatest classical vocal works ever written, she says. In addition to eight soloists, there will be more than 100 people on stage. That includes the Florida Gulf Coast University Chamber Choir and the Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers, as well as the Gulfshore Opera Orchestra and Chorus. And the Gulfshore Opera Childrens Choir of at least 20 voices will sing the soprano line in the chorale. Its symphonic, with a lot of calland-response, and fugue writing, Ms. Pearce says. Its so rich and layered, and you have this group down in front enacting the story according to Matthew. It was written for a Good Friday service by Bach. Im not the first to do this, semi-staging; its been done several times, most recently by Peter Sellars. Gulfshore Opera will offer Donizettis Elixir of Love in April, with Irish tenor Anthony Kearns returning to Southwest Florida to make his world debut in the opera, singing the role of Nemorino, a poor peasant in love with a beautiful landowner. Its a classic opera, but very accessible, Ms. Pearce says about Elixir of Love. Its not something you have to be a real aficionado to understand and appreciate. Charming is probably the best word for it. Its a very light-hearted, comic, innocent romance, (with) a couple of blockbuster, gorgeous melodies in it. In addition to opening it at CPAC in Punta Gorda, the opera will play at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers a new venue for Gulfshore Opera this year and at ArtisNaples. The companys second annual fundraising gala is set for Sunday, Feb. 21, with a 4 p.m. concert at First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs followed by a reception and dinner at the Bonita Bay Club. The featured artist is Metropolitan Opera bass Samuel Ramey. Hes one of the gods of opera of the latter half of the 20th century, for sure, Ms. Pearce says, describing Mr. Rameys voice as the deepest voice, dark and deep. Hes a wonderful personality, an excellent actor, always very agile and very fit, and his character portrayals are very in-depth. The gala concert will be a hits parade of the opera repertoire a smorgasbord of great gala opera melodies sung by great singers, she says. Opera is a live art form, always in constant change, says Ramon Tebar of Opera Naples. Its in constant evolution, development and change. We think its important to present these different formats and different ways (of doing opera) and give the public what they like, things like La Traviata and Die Fledermaus, he says, naming two popular operas the company will present this coming season. It will be Mr. Tebars second season as artistic director and conductor for ON. The Spanish-born maestro, who is also music director of the Florida Grand Opera and Floridas Palm Beach Symphony, stresses new directions and new artistic visions throughout his conversation. I try to have operas of different styles from classic repertoire, Bel Canto, or Italian versus German or French, even contemporary. And big opera, we call it Grand Opera, which is more of a production, compared to chamber opera. There is almost five centuries worth of opera from which to choose, he points out. The ON season opens in December with Johann Strauss comic opera Die Fledermaus, which Mr. Tebar describes as one of the most popular operas ever written. It will be followed in January by another traditional comic opera, Don Passquale, in a production Mr. Tebar describes as minimalist, with lots of projections. February brings The Four Notes Opera, a modern comic opera written by American Tom Johnson, a former music critic for the Village Voice. Written for five singers and piano, it will be presented by the Opera Naples Young Artists Program. The title says what it is: an opera with only four notes, the maestro says. But he combines these notes with so many different rhythms, color and registers that you dont feel its based on four notes. Thats whats amazing about it. Its a spoof on opera conventions, he adds. The companys principle offerings will end in March with performances of La Traviata, a traditional opera presented in a non-traditional way: in the round at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. The idea is to have the public surrounding the orchestra, Mr. Tebar says. Therell be no fourth wall. The whole pavilion (will be) as if the public were in Violettas ballroom. Its a contemporary approach to a traditional opera. In February the company will debut Opera in the Garden, a series of performances at Naples Botanical Garden. And its also offering the new Beaux Arts Chamber Music Series in which concert pianists Tao Lin and Catherine Lan will perform with three chamber ensembles: the Shanghai String Quartet (Dec. 15), the Aspen String Trio (Jan. 29) and the Ying String Quartet (March 8.) One of the goals of our artistic vision and new direction is to give to this community as many different cultural operatic musical experiences we can, Mr. Tebar concludes. Gulfshore Opera offers accessible second season Opera Naples has a new vision for new seasonBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ Gulfshore Opera 2015-16>> Brigadoon 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20, at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, Punta Gorda 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, at Bishop Verot High School, Fort Myers 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22 and 29, at Gulfcoast High School, Naples >> St. Matthew Passion 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 18, at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, Punta Gorda 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 19, at First Christian Church, Fort Myers 3:30 p.m. Sunday, March 20, at North Naples United Methodist Church >> Elixir of Love featuring Irish tenor Anthony Kearns 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 15, at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, Punta Gorda 4 p.m. Sunday, April 17, at Bishop Verot High School, Fort Myers 8 p.m. Thursday, April 21, at ArtisNaples >> Legends of Opera gala featuring bass Samuel Ramey of the Metropolitan Opera Sunday, Feb. 21 4 p.m. gala concert at First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs; 6:30 p.m. reception and dinner at the Bonita Bay Club Tickets range from $25 to $75, with a 15 percent discount for season package. For more information, call 529-3925 or visit Opera Naples 2015-16Principle offerings >> Die Fledermaus in collaboration with the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 22, at ArtisNaples $49-$135 >> Don Pasquale 8 p.m. Thursday and Saturday, Jan. 14 and 16, at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center, Naples $49-$99 >> The Four Notes Opera 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12-13, at the Wang Opera Center, Naples $29-$59 >> La Traviata 8 p.m. Friday and Sunday, March 18 and 20, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples $89-$159 Beaux Arts Chamber Music Series >> Nationalism from Central to Northern Europe Pianists Tao Lin and Catherine Lan with the Shanghai String Quartet 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, at the Wang Opera Center $25-$59 >> Classical & Gypsy Pianists Tao Lin and Catherine Lan with the Aspen String Trio 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29, at the Wang Opera Center $25-$59 >> Impression & Romance Pianists Tao Lin and Catherine Lan with the Ying String Quartet 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 8, at the Wang Opera Center $25-$59 Other: >> A Neapolitan Evening Season Opening Concert 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at the Wang Opera Center >> Opera in the Garden 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9, at Naples Botanical Garden >> The Winter Palace Gala 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 22, at Grey Oaks Country Club $350-$500 >> An Evening in the Palacio de Zurzuela 8 p.m. Monday, April 18, at the Wang Opera Center >> Opera Naples full season (excluding the Winter Palace Ball): VIP Gold $549, premium $535, A Block $360, B Block $300 >> Beaux Arts Chamber Music Series: VIP $159, premium $109, student and teacher $69 For more information, call 963-9050 or go to


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C5 The Newest Art Gallery in The Naples Art District is GALLERY HOURS: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. 4 p.m. Saturday by Appointment 6240 Shirley Street, Unit 104, Naples(239) 596-5099 FEATURING ART FROM LOCAL AND REGIONAL ARTISTS: JACK MEGELA Photography HOLLY MANNECK Mixed Media JOHN ZIDEK Sculpture DIANE WHITING Mixed Media JO-ANN SANBORN Acrylic on CanvassArt For Everyone 26795-26851 South Bay Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 OF SUMMERCELEBRATE THE BEST O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O F F F F F F O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F FLORIDA WRITERSLandslide buries secrets in new Ryder Creed K-9 thriller Silent Creed by Alex Kava. Putnam. 336 pages. Hardcover, $26.95.If you missed the opening title in this powerful new series by Alex Kava, catch up by plunging right into this one. The action is nonstop, the suspense is wound tight and the concerns of the plot, while they go back in time, are extremely timely. Ryder has come to the scene of a huge landslide in North Carolina. A search-and-rescue dog trainer, his task is to set his animals on the trail of any people who might be buried and to save whoever can be found alive. The authors ability to blend fascinating details about this rescue process into her narrative is not the least of her skills. Time is the enemy when people are buried in the mud and cannot extricate themselves. In fact, readers are not far into the story when Ryder himself almost becomes a victim of the continuing bad weather, especially the torrential flooding and the unsure footing. Surprisingly, Ryder just barely dominates this novel, as he is on several occasions unconscious or physically compromised. Fortunately, several other major characters hold our interest. One of these is FBI agent Maggie ODell, Ryders acquaintance who is sent to be the eyes on the spot for the civilian security establishment. The man she should report to, Logan (who served with Ryder in Afghanistan), is rarely to be found as matters get worse and worse. Sparks of attraction fly between Ryder and Maggie, but will anything ignite? Jason, Ryders assistant, is another well-crafted and highly original character. An amputee because of a war injury, Jason like Ryder must deal with PTSD and anger management in order to work effectively in society. His job with Ryders dog-training enterprise is an opportunity to prove himself. Nature can be hell, but as Ms. Kava makes clear, it is the human factor that is most demonic. Guess what the landslide has buried. Im counting oh, youll never guess. Its a secret government research facility charged with preparing to defend against chemical and biological warfare. Naturally, this means it has on hand the instruments of death for which antidotes must be developed. This facility, one of many spread around the country, does its work without clear oversight. Rescuers discover that one of the recovered scientists died ahead of the landslide shot. Is the landslide a literal cover-up for murder? A happy accident for people who have a lot to hide? Will more victims of murder be found entombed in mud? Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Sen. Ellie Delanor faces problems. She feels that the senior senator who heads an important committee might be trying to sabotage her effectiveness on the committee. A huge pile of government documents from decades back has been dropped on her to sift through in advance of the next hearing. These have to do with Department of Defense activities involving biochemical experimentation and the effects on those who lived in areas where the research was done. These victims health claims are being ignored, and Sen. Delanor wants to make sure they are properly compensated. But to compensate them not only admits to a health problem, it also admits to the clandestine programs. The unwieldy load of evidence might have been offered only to slow the senator down. This secondary plot connects the past and present crises, both of which certain officials would like to cover up and bury once and for all. The book has a neat, compact time scheme. While the secrecysecurity conflict rages, Ryder Creed and Maggie ODell are in the way of those trying to implement atrocious plans. The landside action sequences are first-rate, as are the congressional hearing tactics and exchanges that involve Sen. Delanor. The heroism and reliability of the searchand-rescue teams canine members cannot be underestimated, nor can the authors love for and understanding of these animals and the way in which they can complement the important work of their human partners. Original and totally engaging, this new series is among this reviewers must-read choices. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. r n o c o e KAVA

PAGE 54 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOTHEATERLegally Blonde: The Musical By The Naples Players through Aug. 9 and by the companys KidzAct troupe Aug. 14-16 at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or Star By The Marco Players through Aug. 23. 1089 N. Collier Blvd. 642-7270 or Peter Pan & Wendy By the Gulfshore Playhouse STAR Players Aug. 7-8 at The Norris Center. 213-3049 or Shrek the Musical By the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs Youth Players Aug. 14-16. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Aladdin Jr. By the Broadway Palm Childrens Theatre through Aug. 9 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Through Aug. 16 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Movie Paragon Theaters presents a free screening of Book of Life at 10 a.m. 833 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 5960008 or Talk Hodges University presents Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas: The Relationship of Two Great Artists at 1 p.m. at the Naples campus. 2655 Northbrooke Drive. $25. 598-6133 or Paint Vinos Picasso invites kids ages 3 and older to paint what they want from 3-5:30 p.m. $15. 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 431-8750 or It Be? Nicole Ryan and Shelley Hobbs of Florida Weekly and Jenny Foegen of the Naples Princess serve as celebrity bartenders starting at 5:30 p.m. at Barbatella. Fifty percent of bar sales and all bartender gratuities go to Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. 1290 Third St. S. 992-9474 or Concert Enjoy music by The Good Bad Kids starting at 6 p.m. on the lawn at Mercato. Free. 254-1080 or FRIDAY8.7 Kids Free Friday Kids ages 12 and younger enjoy free admission to the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center all day. 300 Tower Road. 5305940 or The Power Within Join the meditation session and chill out at 10 a.m. at Goddess I Am. $10. 600 Goodlette-Frank Road. 228-6949 or Summer Nights The Collier County Sheriffs Office hosts family fun with bounce houses, rock walls, karaoke and more from 6-9 p.m. at Golden Gate Community Park. Free. 3300 Santa Barbara Blvd. 774-4434 or Reception Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs hosts an opening reception for Its Hot, Its Cold, Its COLOR from 6-8 p.m. Free. 26100 Old 41 Road. 495-8989 or Concert Six Bends HarleyDavidson presents the Led Zeppelin tribute band Led-Hed at 6 p.m. Free admission. Hot dogs and beer available for purchase. 9501 Thunder Road, Fort Myers. 275-4647 or Enjoy an evening of fairy tales, personal stories, fables and more with local yarn spinners from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Joy, Health & Wellness. Free, but seating limited. 2335 Tamiami Trail N. 200-6796 or storyslamnaples.eventbrite. com. See story on page C1.SATURDAY8.8Peace and Paddleboarding Strive for perfect balance in a class that combines yoga and stand-up paddleboarding from 8:30-9:45 a.m. on the beach at Second Avenue North. $35 includes board rental; $15 if you bring your own board. Text 595-3199 to obtain confirmation beforehand.Back-to-School Bash Trinity Chiropractic hosts a back-to-school event at 9 a.m. for guests who donate school supplies. 2515 Northbrooke Plaza. 597-6099 or Garden Kids can learn about the world of water from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and Sunday, Aug. 9, at Naples Botanical Garden. Regular admission applies ($14.95 adults, $9.95 children). 643-7275 or Fair Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops hosts an all-day book fair starting at 11 a.m. to benefit the Immokalee Child Care Center. 598-5200 or Show Get a look at the latest in what to wear back to school when Miromar Outlets presents a fashion show at 11 a.m. Free. 948-3766 or That Jazz The Naples Jazzmasters perform from 1-3 p.m. at The Norris Center. Donations appreciated. 213-3058 or Flick The Conservancy of Southwest Florida presents Disneynatures Earth at 1:30 p.m. Narrated by James Earl Jones, the film takes viewers alongside three animal families as they journey across the globe. Free with regular admission ($12.95 adults, $8.95 children). 262-0304 or Bounce Bounce! Trampoline Sports invites teens to Jump n Glow starting at 9 p.m. with lasers, black light and a deejay. $25. 302-3848 or SUNDAY8.9Sundays at the Pit The band Remedy takes the outdoor stage at Six Bends Harley-Davidson starting at 1 p.m. 9501 Thunder Road, Fort Myers. 275-4647 or Set out at 9:30 a.m. with a volunteer at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park to see what kind of treasures you can find in the sand. Free with park entry fee ($2 for bicyclists and walkers, $4 per car with one person, $6 per car with two or more people). 593-2568 or Classic Film The FGCU Renaissance Academy screens How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) at 2 p.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. Three women attempt to find eligible millionaires to marry and fall in love in the process. $5 for members, $6 for non-members. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or School Fun Project Outreach hosts a back-to-school event at 4 p.m. at Life Christian Church with free haircuts, backpacks and supplies for children in need. 1048 Castello Drive. Reservations required. 770-6787 or MONDAY8.10Great Bowls of Fire Center of the Arts of Bonita Springs invites guests to create a unique and functional bowl in a class starting at 5:30 p.m. $55. 26100 Old 41 Road. 495-8989 or Ommmm Chelseas Resale Shoppe hosts evening meditations starting at 5:15 p.m. every Monday. Peace offering welcome. 949 Second Ave. N. 261-0005. TUESDAY8.11The Croods Paragon Theaters presents a free screening of The Croods at 10 a.m. today through Thursday. 833 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 596-0008 or Up Centers for the Arts of Bonita Springs hosts a class about making fused glass artwork at 5:30 p.m. $65. 26100 Old 41 Road. 495-8989 or Smart Growth Nicole Johnson, director of governmental relations for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, discusses smart growth in Florida at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11, at the Conservancy. $10. 262-0304 or First Steps Pablo Repun Tango holds a lesson for beginners starting at 7 p.m. $15. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or Dancing Etudes de Ballet hosts a two-part belly-dancing class at 7:30 tonight and Tuesday, Aug. 25. $30. 3285 Pine Ridge Road. 768-5575 or Sculpting for Cmon Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples hosts the third annual Castles for Kids childrens sand-sculpting contest starting at 8 a.m. at La Playa Beach Resort. Teams (one adult, four kids) can sign up at Beach Yoga Candice Oligney of Green Monkey Yoga leads a gentle yoga class for all levels from 9-10 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Bring yoga mat, water, a towel and bug spray. $5 plus regular park entrance fee ($2 for bicyclists and walkers, $4 per car with one person, $6 per car with two or more people). Sign up by calling 598-1938 or visiting Basics Learn the basics of standup paddleboarding starting at 9:30 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. For ages 12 and older. Boards supplied by Naples Beach Adventures. Reservations required. Free with regular park entry free (see above item). 597-6196 or Local History Naples Historical Society hosts a walking tour of Old Naples setting out at 9:30 a.m. from Historic Palm Cottage. Reservations required. $10 members, $16 nonmembers. 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164 or Plant Lecture Naples Botanical Garden hosts a talk with FGCU professor Brian Bovard about how the burning of fossil fuels affects plant life starting at 10 a.m. $5 for members, $10 for nonmembers. 643-7275 or Sustainability Talk Learn about ECHO Farms and sustainable agriculture during a lecture hosted by Hodges University at 1 p.m. at Vi at Bentley Village. $25. 598-6133 or Jump, jive and wail with The Good Bad Kids starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, on the lawn at Mercato. There are just a few more chances to catch The Naples Players production of Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Sugden Community Theatre. Final performances are ThursdaySunday, Aug. 6-9. For tickets, call 263-7990 or visit The companys KidzAct troupe presents the show Aug. 14-16. See story on page C9.


8.7 Comic book author Osvaldo Padilla signs copies of Amanda and the Big Giant Eyeball at The Franklin Shops in downtown Fort Myers during Art Walk from 6-10 p.m. Friday. 8.7-8 8.8The Conservancy of Southwest Florida presents Disneynatures Earth at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Narrated by James Earl Jones, the film takes viewers alongside three animal families as they journey across the globe. conservancy.orgThe Gulfshore Playhouse STAR Players (including Emma Upson, above) perform Peter Pan & Wendy Friday and Saturday at The Norris Center. 8.6-9Chelsea Lately alum Heather McDonald steps up to the mic at Off the Hook Comedy Club this weekend. Leave the kids at home. offthehook BOOK ITTickets for the Sunday, Nov. 29, Hall & Oates concert at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 7. bbmannpah.comNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 COMING UPPsychic Fair Goddess I am hosts mini-readings at 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 14. Readings priced separately. Please bring cash. 600 Goodlette Road. 228-6949 or! Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples welcomes the Fort Myers Miracle during Baseball Basics Day at CMon starting at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 15. $10. 15080 Livingston Road. 5140084 or Give Them an Inch Barnes & Noble at Waterside Shops hosts a special reading of the childrens book When You Give a Mouse a Cookie at 11 a.m. to celebrate the books 30th anniversary. Kids activities to follow. Free. 598-5200 or Foreign Film The FGCU Renaissance Academy screens The Edge of Heaven (2007, Germany) at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 16, at the FGCU Naples Center. Six people realize the meaning of love while facing the harsh realities of the world. $5 for members, $6 for nonmembers. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Lecture Hodges University hosts a lecture about how culture is constructed and maintained by communication at 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17, at Vi at Bentley Village. $25. 598-6133 or Film Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy a screening of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) starting at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 18, on the lawn at Mercato. 254-1080 or About Anne Hodges University hosts a lecture about Anne Frank at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, at Vi at Bentley Village. $25. 598-6133 or, Love and Music Hodges University hosts a lecture about Woodstock at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, at Vi at Bentley Village. 598-6133 or Bridging Gaps Naples Italian American Foundation kicks off a threeday bridge tournament at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21, at the Hilton Naples. Proceeds benefit Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support. 597-5210 or 571-3692 for reservations.Pit Stop Six Bends Harley-Davidson hosts Alter Eagles, a national touring Eagles tribute band, at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21. Hot dogs and beer available for purchase. Free. 9501 Thunder Road, Fort Myers. 275-4647 or Back to School Whole Foods in Mercato hosts a back-to-school bash featuring free activities, a lunch giveaway and a rock wall starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22. 552-5100 or Bridal Blast Germain Arena hosts a bridal show from 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23. $7 at the door (free admission for brides). 9487825 or Champion Pelican Larrys hosts its first annual Bartender Olympics starting at 8 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23. 1046 Pine Ridge Road. 649-0800 or CMon! Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples invites the public to Community Night with the Fort Myers Miracle from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 28, at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers. $6.50, with a portion of ticket proceeds benefitting the museum. 514-0084 or WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Beat the heat this summer and enjoy the air-conditioned, indoor programs at the Conservancy Nature Center before your kids head back to school Cinema Saturdays Summer Lecture Series FREE Admission Days Cin ema Sa tur days Ser i Full summer schedule at Check out our new Calico Crab inside the Dalton Discovery Center. Join the Feeding Frenzy or any of our daily interactive programs. Cool off inside the new Little Explorer Play Zone. NATURE CENTER FAVORITES! Electric boat tours Boat & Lunch program Kayak rentals von Arx Wildlife Hospital exhibitsCool as a Calico CrabConservancy Nature Center I 1495 Smith Preserve Way I Naples, FL 34102 239.262.0304 I CINEMA SATURDAYS: August 8, 2015 1:30PM Disneynatures Earth Visit for details. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde The Promenade 26841 South Bay Drive Suites 150 & 151 (Near Roys Restaurant) Bonita Springs, FL 34135 239.221.3282 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 5, Naples, Florida 34109 239.592.0050 NoodlesCafe.comLUNCH/MONFRI 11:30 to 4 DINNER/MON-SAT 4 to 10 & SUN 4 to 9 THURSDAYS August 6, 13 & 20Lisa and Danny perform music from SATURDAYS August 8, 15, 22 & 29Lou and Marie perform dance music from the 40s through the 80s. EA A C H H N NI GH T FR O M M 6 t o 9 9 WHAT TO DOFight Night WWE and the Superstars of Monday Night Raw come to Germain Arena starting at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 28. $15-$9 5. 948-7825 or Skate for Hope U.S. Olympians and National Champions converge on Germain Arena to skate for cancer research at 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29. $15$70. 9 48-7825 or Knows Seminole Immokalee Casino hosts world-renowned psychic Gary Spivey at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29. $20. (800) 218-0008 or Love That Dress! The fifth annual Love That Dress! event to benefit PACE Center for Girls-Collier at Immokalee takes place the evening of Wednessay, Sept. 2, at the Naples Grande Beach Resort. Tickets are at Face Naples Regional Library screens Funny Face (USA, 1957) at 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3. An impromptu fashion shoot at a bookstore results in a shop clerk being discovered. Free. Registration required. 2637768 or Take the Cannoli Naples International Film Festival screens The Godfather (1972) at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9, at Silverspot Cinema at Mercato. $30. 775-3456 or for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Like Water for Chocolate (Mexico, 1992) at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 7. Mama Elenas youngest daughter, Tita, is forced to take care of her mother and live with her former love after he marries her sister. $10. 495-8989 or Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens 3 Tzameti (France, 2005) at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 14. Sebastian follows instructions not meant for him while a cop is tailing him into a degenerate, clandestine world where men gamble with each others lives. $10. 495-8989 or Reception Naples Depot Museum hosts an opening reception for the exhibit Through My Eyes by artist Kevin OBrien from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17. Free. 252-8476 or Show The Marine Industries Association of Collier County presents the Naples Boat Show at Naples City Dock on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3-4. Email calendar listings and highresolution photos to Lindsey Nesmith at Please send Word or text documents and jpgs with pertinent details, cost and contact information. No pdfs or photos of fliers. Deadline for calendar submissions is noon Monday.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 C9 *Must book by Aug. 13. Applies to select sailings. Complete pricing terms and conditions and Guest Ticket Contract can be found at Free Airfare applies to coach, Concierge Suites and Higher.ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES & DEPARTURE DATES AVAILABLE! EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS, SHIPBOARD CREDIT AND REDUCED DEPOSITS* BOOK BY AUGUST 13 Oct 7 11 Montreal New York Seven Seas Navigator Oct 31 21 IstanbulDubai Seven Seas Voyager Dec 27 10 Roundtrip Miami Seven Seas Navigator Jan 18 16 SingaporeBangkok Seven Seas Voyager Feb 20 16 Hong KongTokyo Seven Seas Voyager Jun 6 10 Roundtrip London Seven Seas Voyager Jun 16 10 LondonDublin Seven Seas Voyager (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd CEOVOYAGES NIGHTS FROM/TO SHIP Just Announced NEW LOWER FARES* Package Including Fine Wines and Premium Spirits *See Terms and ConditionsApplies to Concierge Suites and higher. WYNNSGREAT STEAK SALE Taste the Difference!TAKE $3 OFF PER LB.Any SteakChoice or PrimeMust present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 8/13/15. FREE WITH A $50 GROCERY ORDERSterling Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml.)Must present coupon. While supplies last; limit one per customer. Good through 8/13/15. Not valid with tobacco purchases. FREE WITH A $10 GROCERY ORDERBag of Spinach (10 oz.)Must present coupon. While supplies last; limit one per customer. Good through 8/13/15. Not valid with tobacco purchases. SUNTHU 11:30AM TO 9:00PMFRISAT 11:30AM TO 10:00PM THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY4236 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida 34103 O er available every day excluding holidays. Price of $22.15 does not include beverage; wine, liquor, tax and gratuity extra. No substitutions please. No promotional gi certi cates. 15% OFFWITH PURCHASE OF $40 MINIMUM PER PERSONCannot be used in conjunction with rst seating, lunch special, happy hour or nightly specials. Good till 8/31/15.Waterfront Dining at its Best Lunch Special EVERYDAY11:30AM TO 3:00 PM ONE PLATE, TWO COURSES$12.95 Welcome to ourFIRST SEATING 3-COURSE DINNER4:00PM TO 6:00 PM $22.15 Half Price HAPPY HOURBetween 3:00PM TO 6:00 PM Auditions set for seasons opening showThe Naples Players hold auditions for Spinning Into B utter st arting at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, at the Sugden Community Theatre. Set at Belmont College in Nashville, the drama revolves around students and administration who are forced to confront the assumptions and prejudices that lie hidden just below the surface when an African American student begins receiving racist hate mail. The script calls for five men (three Caucasians ages 30-50, one age 18-24 and one African American age 18-24) and two women (one age 30-45 and one age 50-60). Rehearsals begin Sept. 8, and performances are Oct. 28-Nov. 21. Audition appointments are not required. Perusal scripts are available at the box office with a $20 deposit. For more information, call 434-7340, ext. 10. KidzAct set to stage Legally BlondeYoung performers with KidzAct, the youth troupe of The Naples Players, present Legally Blonde: The Musical Friday through Sunday, Aug. 14-16, at the Sugden Community Theatre. Skye Sena stars as Elle Woods, the eternally optimistic and perky sorority sister who applies to Harvard Law School in hopes of winning back Warner, the man of her dreams. Armand Procacci plays Warner. The cast also includes Spencer Barney as Emmett, Rachael Lord as Vivienne, Brigid Wallace as Paulette, Joe Byrne as Professor Callahan, Julia Hajjar as Brooke Wyndham, Brooke Rosenbluth as Serena, Molly Spiroff as Margot, Jessica Daniels as Pilar and Zach Gibson as Grandmaster, Chad, Dewey and Kyle. An ensemble of more than a dozen performers completes the cast. Show times are 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 14-15, and 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 15-16. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students. Stop by the box office or call 263-7990. DREW ATTANASIO / COURTESY PHOTO Skye Sena stars as Elle Woods in the KidzAct production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.

PAGE 58 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ARTS COMMENTARY Say my name, say my nameI called our Naples office a few days ago for help in tracking down a phone number. I was trying to reach a source, and none of the numbers I had were getting through to the person I was trying to reach. Carolyn Aho answered the phone and, as always, was extremely helpful. Then at one point she told me, Oh, Im training my replacement, Aja. And because I wasnt sure I had heard her clearly, I asked: Is that Aja as in the Steely Dan song, or Asia, as in the Yes! Yes! she said. Aja, just like the Steely Dan song. This is probably the third person Ive run into whos been named after a song I listened to while growing up. Ive met a Rhiannon, named after the Fleetwood Mac song, and Ive also met a Layla, named after the number Eric Clapton wrote when he was pining away for George Harrisons wife Pattie Boyd. (I met Layla during the time Claptons acoustic version of the song was on the charts; she was relieved to not have to explain her name to people whod never heard of Clapton and were clueless about the double album hed put out 20 years previously as Derek and the Dominoes.) Its not all that uncommon to be named after a song; parents have been doing it to their newborns for decades. But, thank goodness, they typically name daughters after a song with a feminine name. I cant imagine people walking around introducing themselves as Get Ur Freak On, Elastic Heart or Why Dont We Do It in the Road?Florida Weekly, it turns out, is quite a musical newspaper when it comes to names. In addition to Aja, who is now working for us in Naples, we have Glenn Miller, who has a strong sports background and freelances for us regularly. Though he shares the same name as the famous bandleader, our Glenn is much younger and quite alive, thank you, never having been lost over the English Channel during World War II. And staff writer Roger Williams, whos been with us from the beginning, shares his name with the pianist who hit the charts with tunes including The Impossible Dream, Till and Yellow Bird. That Roger Williams recording of Born Free made the top 10, and his Autumn Leaves was the only piano instrumental to reach No. 1 on Billboards Popular Music Chart. I dont know if our Roger can play the piano, but he sure can write. Our circulation manager is named Cameo. Im guessing its a family name, or her mother was thinking of the brooch, but its also the name of the s funk group that had hits with songs such as Word Up! and Candy. And while his name is not musical, we have an editor named Osvaldo. He goes by Waddy, which I assume is what his family called him, but if my name were Osvaldo, I think I would tell people to call me Oz. Then I could go around and, depending upon my mood, proclaim, I am Oz, the great and wonderful! Or, I am Oz, the great and terrible!! (I once knew a woman named Jasmine, which I think is a pretty name. She always told people to call her Jazz. How terrific to be named after a musical genre, I remember thinking. And opera singer Steffanie Pearce, founder of Gulfshore Opera in Naples, named her daughter Aria, which strikes me as the perfect name.) We also have an editor in Charlotte County named Kathy Grey. For some reason, we always call her by her full name, never by her first name alone. Its a horrible thing when you share the same name as someone else, or even a similar name. Its even worse if youre in the same profession. Donald Miller, a former art critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who sometimes writes for the Naples Daily News, shares his name with the New York Times bestselling author perhaps best known for his book Blue Like Jazz. Both writers, but different circles. Ive met a Jack Nicholson in Naples, who introduces himself as the other Jack Nicholson. And also someone whose last name is Bush, who always hastens to add, No relation. Whether its children or pets or businesses or fictional characters, picking the right name is important. But of course, theres also what you do with it. Many years ago I interviewed an author for the Chicago Tribune. Hed written a book about how various bands such as Jethro Tull and Toad the Wet Sprocket came up with their names. The big debate with groups, he told me, was whether a name could make a band stand out or if a bands music could give its name cache, even if it wasnt so great a name. After all, The Beatles (a play on the name of Buddy Hollys band, The Crickets) might not be as catchy a name as, say, Southern Culture on the Skids, but the former changed the face of musical history. We recently ran a story in which we quoted Tera Nicole Miller. But, we were concentrating so much on making sure we spelled her first name correctly (one r, not two) that we mistakenly called her Tera Nicole Smith. (Though we did call her Miss Miller from then on.) Unfortunately, despite going through at least three editors and our eagle-eyed copy editor, no one caught the mistake, and it went to press that way. Ms. Miller politely pointed it out to us, but was incredibly gracious about it. She even joked that she was going to tell people that she was Anna Nicole Smiths cousin. I appreciated her good humor about the entire thing. She probably wouldve agreed with my dad, who loved to quote that old saying, Call me anything you want, but just dont call me late for dinner. o h w c p a


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PAGE 60 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 L O T S A L O B S T E R ! Waterfront Dining TWO 1 pound lobsters withOpen Daily 11 am Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch 12th Avenue South at the City Dock 239-263-9940 1200 Fifth Avenue South at Tin City 239-263-2734 fries and slaw or black beans and rice $27.95 HOROSCOPES OPENING NOTES By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C11SEE ANSWERS, C11 LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big Cats energy levels should be rather high these days, and you might do well to tackle any tasks that still need doing. This will clear the way for those upcoming projects. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Someones criticism might not be as negative as you perceive. Actually, it could be helpful. Discuss the matter with your critic, and you both could learn something valuable. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A business matter could cause some friction among your colleagues. But once again, that logical mind of yours comes to the rescue. And the sooner it does, the better! SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) There might still be some heated temper flare-ups out there. But your sensible self should advise you to stay out of these situations until things cool down and calm is restored. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Changing your mind could be the right thing to do if you cant resolve your doubts. You might want to discuss the matter with someone whose advice you trust. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) The Sea Goats merrier side dominates this week, and this means that, despite your usual busy schedule, youll be able to squeeze in parties and all sorts of fabulous fun times. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) An educational opportunity could lead to something other than what you had planned. But keep an open mind, and before you decide to turn it down, check it out. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) The Piscean wit and wisdom helps you work through a situation that might have been accidentally or even deliberately obscured. What you unravel could prove to be very revealing. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A previous misunderstanding continues to taint the atmosphere to some extent in the early part of the week. But cooler heads prevail, and the situation eases by weeks end. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) While the artistic aspect of the Divine Bovine is well-served this week, that practical side is also getting the sort of recognition that could lead to a new and well-deserved opportunity. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) With home-related matters taking on more importance this week, now could be the time to make some long-deferred purchases. But shop carefully for the best quality at the best price. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Congratulations. While that family problem might still rankle, it should be easing thanks to your efforts to calm the waters. Also, a workplace situation seems to be moving in your favor. BORN THIS WEEK: Loyalty is important to you. You demand it, but you also give it generously and lovingly. PUZZLES


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 C15 AN EVENING OF DINNER, DANCING & DRINKS Call (239) 649-2275 for Reservations 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, FL 34102 Naples Princess Buy One Get One Half PriceWednesday Dinners Saturday Sightseeing (12:30 & 3:00)Sunday Hors doeuvresBased on availability. Valid on adult tickets. No other coupons or discounts apply. O ering Daily Public Cruises Seabreeze Lunch, Dinner, Hors doeuvres, A ernoon and Sunset Sightseeing 5 5 Summer Specials Live Entertainment on Tuesdays through Summer!The Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water LATEST FILMSRicki and the FlashIs it worth $10? NoMeryl Streep has earned the right to be watched in anything she does which is good, because shes pretty much the only thing worth watching in the shallow and pedantic Ricki and the Flash. Heres a film that will get cinefiles excited with a solid cast, Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs) directing and Diablo Cody (Juno) writing the script, and yet it squanders its considerable opportunity with predictable drivel. Just about everyone involved in this project is better than what they show here, easily making this a movie for all the world to skip. Ms. Streep plays Ricki Randazzo, a mother of three who 20 years ago decided life on the road with a rock n roll cover band was more important than staying at home and being a mom. Her life now consists of playing cover songs at a half-empty dive bar by night and working as a cashier in a grocery store by day. In the game of life, most would agree shes lost. Rickis ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline), the father of her children, has moved on to marry Maureen (Audra McDonald), whos been the loving and attentive mother Ricki never was. Josh (Sebastian Stan) and Adam (Nick Westrate) are the sons; Josh is engaged to Emily (Hailey Gates) and seems well adjusted, while Adam hates his mother with bitter passion. But the reason Ricki returns home after a phone call from Pete is their daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer, Ms. Streeps real-life daughter), whos a total mess because her husband just left her for another woman. (Aside: Ms. Gummers performance is entertaining, but how daunting it must be to try to emerge from Ms. Streeps shadow and pave her own path in this business.) Ricki didnt go to Julies wedding, but at least the mother of the year is around for the divorce. One reason Ms. Streep is so great is because of how much she gives her fellow actors. A glance here, a pinch on the cheek there and even a reaction to what someone says signifies validation and respect for her cast mates which coming from the three-time Oscar winner has to mean the world. One person who especially benefits from working opposite Ms. Streep is Rick Springfield. The Jessies Girl singer-turned-actor reaches levels of unexpected emotional poignancy here. In fact, a movie about Mr. Springfields Greg, the guitarist in Rickis band whos also in love with her, and Ricki coming to terms with where they are in life probably wouldve been much more interesting than what we get here. But for all that Ms. Streep brings to her movies, Mr. Codys story has nothing new or interesting to say, and Mr. Demmes directing is woefully plain. Weve seen the estranged parent return home to an unwelcoming reception many times before, and the chaos that is Rickis childrens lives only adds to the artificial obstacles to overcome before the foregone conclusion is reached. Its all so basic and simple that its shocking filmmakers of this caliber didnt realize more was needed in order to give audiences something theyd actually want to see. The soundtrack is littered with classic and modern pop hits, most of which are sung by Ms. Streep and Mr. Springfield. But even feel-good familiarity and the presence of Ms. Streep cant salvage the wasteland that is this story. >> Reports say Meryl Streeps hand started bleeding while she was playing guitar in the nal scene. No blood is noticeable. p R l f b l dan EXPIRES 8-14-15 20% OFFALL clothing, shoes & handbags!Get An Additional New Arrivals Daily!Free pick-up of furniture donations 968 Second Avenue North ~ Naples, FL ~ 239.434.7115 HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9:30 am-4:30 pm ~ DONATIONS accepted Mon-Sat:10 am-4 pm Owned and Operated by The Shelter for Abused Women & Children ~


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 C13 SUNTHU 11:30AM TO 9:00PMFRISAT 11:30AM TO 10:00PM THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY4360 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida 34103 239-263-FISH (3474) FISHRESTAURANT FISH Presents Exceptional Quality and Freshness at its Best! 15% OFFWITH PURCHASE OF $40 MINIMUM PER PERSON.Cannot be used in conjunction with rst seating, lunch special, happy hour or nightly specials. Good till 8/31/15. MondayFISHERMANS PLATTER $19Oysters, Scallops, Calamari, Shrimp, White Fish, Tarter Sauce, Malt Vinegar Slaw & ChipsTuesdaySHARE A PAELLA $48Fish, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Squid, Chorizo, Sa ron & Bomba RiceWednesdayRAW & CHILLED BAR 10 Cajun Shrimp on Ice $12 Lb. Alaska King Crab Legs $35ThursdaySHARE ZUPPA DI PESCE $52Shrimp, Lobster Meat, Scallops, Clams, Mussels, Squid & Fish Italian Seafood Soup Over LinguineFriday & SaturdayBRANZINO $28Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked to Perfection Add Side for $5.50 Each SUMMER DAILY SPECIALS FIRST SEATING 3-COURSE DINNER $22.154:00PM TO 6:00 PMLUNCH SPECIAL $12.95 One plate, two courses! HAPPY HOUR 3:00 TO 6:00PMHalf price well drinks, house wine & sushi! (excluding Mondays) 4221 East Tamiami Trail, Naples 239.455.5111seafoodrestaurantnaples.comNot responsible for typographical errors. SUMMER HAPPY HOUR 11 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M. DAILY Check Out Our New Happy Hour Menu! CHEF BILLS RECOMMENDATION!Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops & Sword sh Sauteed in a White Wine Garlic Herb Butter Sauce, Served Over Angel Hair Pasta $28.00The ONLY Naples Restaurant where Fresh Seafood is Flown in DAILY from New England! ASK US ABOUT CATERING & CLAM BAKES! LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 6 TO 9 P.M.8/6: Daniel Melvin 8/7: The Consecutones 8/8: Tim Boogiehead Poindexter 8/9: Manhattan Connection 8/11: Joe Turner 8/12: Steve Fenttiman SURF & TURF DINNER FOR 2$69.9932 oz. Tomahawk Steak with Two 1 lb. Steamed Maine Lobsters, Chowder, Salad, Potato & Veggies MUSSELS & LITTLENECK MARINARA$22.00Served Over Fettuccine with Garlic ToastDINNER SPECIALS4 TO 9:30 P.M. DAILY TWIN 1 LB. MAINE LOBSTERS $26.99 With Cup of Clam Chowder, Corn & Drawn Butter WEEKLY FEATURES SERVED ALL DAY! Workshop, a twice-yearly program run by Atlantic Public Media, to learn how to do it themselves. Theres something about mass media thats rather impersonal, says Mary Lou Williams, one of the storytellers who will perform at StorySlam Naples. When you watch television, its passive, not active. Its not a live performance. With storytelling, Ms. Williams adds, the storyteller interacts with the audience. As such, the performance of a story can change throughout its time in a performers repertoire. The tone, emphasis and maybe even the plot are fluid, depending on the connection between the performer and the audience. And its different from live theater or music, where theres a fourth wall. Youre looking in on something youre not a part of, Ms. Williams says. Thats not so with storytelling. StorySlam Naples takes place from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7. Dr. Yings office is at 2335 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 206. Admission is free, but seating is limited to about 50 guests. Visit for more information or to reserve a seat. STORYSLAMFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOStoryteller Mary Lou WilliamsWILLIAMS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Dr. Manuel M. Peas La Piel Spa offers a wide variety of medical peels, facials, massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, and other signature services for the ultimate in relaxation. Look and feel your best at La Piel Spa. Call us today for a complete list of services or visit us online at La Piel Spa ince 19906370 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 101, Naples, FL 34119 239-352-5554 KOVEL: ANTIQUESA snuff-sniffing primer for modern collectors BY TERRY AND KIM KOVELStaffordshire potters in 19th-century England liked to depict humorous people in everyday activities. The figurines were the only way to see what a brave lion tamer or important political figure looked like. There were no photos and few prints. Sometimes the antique pieces confuse todays historians because the activities are unfamiliar. A large toby jug with a removable hat-shaped lid seems to be picking his nose. A strange subject for a piece of pottery to use at home! But study reveals he is sniffing his pinch of snuff in the days before cigarettes. Snuff is ground or pulverized tobacco leaves. The habit started in Brazil and America, moved on to Spain, and was popular in Europe by the 17th century. Snuff was put on the back of the hand, then pinched by the thumb and finger and held near the nose to be inhaled into each nostril to get a nicotine hit. It is often made with a scent, medical additions, or flavored with spices, fruit and flowers. There is even snuff made with herbs, but no tobacco. Today, snuff often is taken by mouth, not the nose. Collectors like the snuff boxes popular in the 19th century. They are small and the lid makes a tight seal to keep the days supply of snuff dry. Examples in gold, silver, porcelain, glass and even horn are collected. There are also large snuff mulls used to store snuff. The most unusual are large rams horns decorated with silver. Q: Id like to know the value of a 1918 Norman Rockwell poster I have. Its 14 inches high and 10 inches wide and says at the top And Now the Fighting Fourth. It pictures a Boy Scout showing off the patriotic badges pinned to his shirt. Below that it says Womens Liberty Loan Committee of New England. What is it worth? A: This picture, called Boy Showing off Badges, first appeared as the August 17, 1918, cover of The Literary Digest. The Fighting Fourth refers to the Womens Liberty Loan Committees Fourth Liberty Loan Campaign, which began in September 1918. This poster was the only one Norman Rockwell did for the World War I. It sells for $450 to $900, depending on the condition. Q: Id like to know the value of my great-grandfathers 1903 phonograph. It has an oak case with a domed lid with a handle. There is a scrolled decal banner on the front with the words Edison Home Phonograph on it. I also have some wax cylinders in containers and a small and large horn, and the key. The phonograph works. Whod like to buy it? What should we ask for it? A: Thomas Edison invented the pho-


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 C19 ALL ABOUT CLOSETSWe Create Function and Storage with Style. Innovative Design. Impeccable Craftsmanship. Flawless Service. Call for a Free Professional Design Consultation! Jennifer Lofstrand Email: jlofstrand@allaboutclosets.com239.303.5829 WWW.ALLABOUTCLOSETS.COM All About Closets is all about innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship and awless service. Our installations reect your dreams and your personality, while dramatically enhancing your home. Let me nd the perfect solution for you. KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress 1-800-593-7259 ROUND TRIP!* R O U N D T R $ 119 R I P R I P P ! P P ! ! * * * ! ! P GET AWAY FOR ONLY... *MINIMUM 8 DAY ADVANCE PURCHASE, NON-REFUNDABLE FARE. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS. WEEKEND FEE APPLIES TO ANY TRAVEL FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY. EXPIRES AUGUST 31, 2015. ONLINE PURCHASES. 18 0 0 1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C A Y G E T A W A Y f fa ce ce bo bo ok ok c om / / t b 239.434.6533/ very Saturday This Staffordshire pottery man is a toby jug that has a hat-shaped lid. It is 14 inches high. The snuff sniffing man was sold in June 2015 at a Conestoga auction in Manheim, Pa., for $236. nograph in 1877. The first Edison Home phonograph was made from 1896 to 1901. Your Model A Home phonograph is sometimes called the Suitcase model because it can be carried like a suitcase. Early wax cylinders held two minutes of recording. Later, four minute cylinders were made. Edison made disc phonographs beginning in 1913 and cylinders were no longer used. Phonographs with horns were also discontinued that year. The Model A Edison phonograph sells online for about $450. Q: Several years ago, my husband was given a fluter by a patient, who had a large collection of irons, as a thank you for his care. Its made of iron and has two rollers, a crank handle, and a clamp to attach it to a surface. Its marked Crown and Pat. Nov. 2, 1875. What is it worth and who would buy such a piece? A: Fluters, or fluting irons, were used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to press ruffles into collars and clothing. There are several different types of fluters, some with rollers like yours, and some with flat or rocker bottoms. The protrusions made flutes or ruffles when the iron was pressed against the dampened cloth. This Crown brand fluter was made by the American Machine Co. of Philadelphia. The patent was issued to Hermann Albrecht for his improvement in fluting-machines. Fluters sell at tool auctions and online for $50 to $100. Tip: Try to rearrange your furniture once a year to avoid noticeable sun fading. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer questions sent to the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The amount of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 100% of donations collected from sponsorships, silent auction sales, and ticket sales are donated to Freedom Alliance and are used to bring 16 Military Heroes to the Grouper Grapple for a weekend of shing, fellowship and good times. To learn more about this great organization please visit Us Online for Details and to Register Today!www.GrouperGrapple.comGood Times, Great Cause, and Grouper ...The Third Annual Grouper Grapple is geared up and ready to go, and we want YOU on board! Once again we have partnered up with Freedom Alliance to sponsor a group of 16 Military Heroes. We will be providing each hero the opportunity to experience freedom on the water with an amazing Back Bay shing excursion including air fare, hotel accommodations and more. Did we mention ...100% OF FISHING TEAM ENTRY FEES ARE PAID OUT TO WINNING TEAMS AND INDIVIDUALS!SPONSORS, VENDORS AND TEAMSSIGN ON NOW for the ... Visit the Rib City in your Neighborhood Today! Find a Location & View Our Menu at CATERING SERVICES CALL (239) 209-0940 CELEBRITY EXTRAGood gets great role on Minority Report BY CINDY ELAVSKYQ: I was hooked on Deception a few years ago, and I was so bummed when it was canceled. Can you tell me what the series star, Meagan Good, has been up to lately? Lilly T., DetroitA: You can catch Meagan in her new series, Minority Report, which debuts at 9 p.m. Sept. 21, on Fox. If the shows title sounds familiar, thats because its based on the 2002 feature film of the same name. Set in 2065 Washington, D.C., the series will follow Dash (played by Stark Sands), a precog who has the ability to predict crimes before they happen. He uses his ability to assist detective Lara Vega (Meagan) in solving crimes before they take place. Q: I havent seen Michael Chiklis in a while. Whats he got coming up? Bradley T., via emailA: The versatile actor, who is no stranger to superhero films and series, is set to co-star in season two of Foxs Gotham, which kicks off at 8 p.m. Sept. 21. He plays Capt. Nathaniel Barnes, who producers of Gotham have teased, lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping out the dead wood of Gothams police force. Q: How is it that the Lone Gunmen are returning to The X-Files? Sally T., via emailA: Series fan favorites Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood aka the Lone Gunmen were killed off in season nine of the original run of the series. In my opinion, this was one of the best and most bittersweet of all the series episodes. However, they will be back for the reboot of the sci-fi cult hit, which premieres Jan. 24 on Fox. Rumors are flying that they somehow faked their deaths, and Im assuming the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) must have as well, since hes slated to return to the series too. I guess well have to wait and see. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or email her at / COURTESY PHOTOMeagan Good 239.261.4332 Located at:2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103 MANAGER JUNJI HIJIKATA All dinners include consomm, salad, shrimp appetizer saut, vegetables and steamed rice. Not available with other promotions. Must be 21 years of age for this special. Hours subject to change. Offer expires August 13, 2015.TWO FOR $39.95SIX-COURSE ENTREES AND SELECT BOTTLE OF WINE


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C21 CAR SEATS BEACH GEAR BIKES BEACH STROLLERS CRIB S Enjoy Your Vacation4776 Radio Rd., Naples (239) 417.CRIB (2742)994 Bar eld Dr., Marco (239) 389.1TOT (1868)Licensed & Insured RENT EVERYTHINGWe for the Kids!proudly servicing families for 20 years plus! We Deliver And Pick Up Impeccable Sophisticated Style.Pre-Owned Womens, Mens & Childrens Designer Fashions for Resale & Consignment Shoppes at Vanderbilt2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road #178, Naples(239) 596-5044MON-FRI 10AM-6PM SAT 9AM-5PM SUN 12PM-5PM NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARYtruefashionistasresale.comSHOP ONLINE 24-7 BCBG Chanel Tory Burch Gucci Jimmy Choo J. Crew Louis Vuitton Michael Kors And More! *Single item must be less than $100.00. This ad required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 8/31/15. (FW) 20% OFFSINGLE ITEM* CHINA BISTRO CHEF OWNED WITH 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK MondaySaturday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 WE MAKE THE BEST PEKING DUCK! OUR FOOD IS MADE WITH THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS. FULL BAR & PATIO SEATING.NAPLES CENTRE VILLAGES 6434 Naples Boulevard, Unit 406 Naples, Florida 34109239.631.5633 TO OUR VALUED GUESTS: We have moved. Naples Boulevard is our sole location now. We thank you for your loyalty. Please join us at this location. Mark & Mary Cheng 10% OFFCoupon is good up to 10 people. Please present coupon at time of seating. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer is not valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Valid through 8/20/15. ENTIRE BILL THIS WEEK ON WGCUTVTHURSDAY, AUG. 6, 8 P.M. Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White The former National Ballet of Canada dancer motivates viewers to stretch and strengthen their way to feeling and looking younger. FRIDAY, AUG. 7, 9 P.M. Il Volo: Italia Soar with the perfect harmony of the charming trio as they pay homage to their home country. The young tenors perform classic Italian favorites and original songs in this concert special filmed in the ancient ruins of Pompeii. SATURDAY, AUG. 8, 8 P.M. Ethan Bortnick Live in Concert The Power of Music The 12-year-old pianist, singer, songwriter and composer is accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra, four-piece band and the 120-member Kids Choir. SUNDAY, AUG. 9, 8 P.M. Downton Abbey Rediscovered Relive treasured moments from the five seasons of Downton Abbey and sample the next and final season. Savor clips, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame and the series cast. Paula Kerger, PBS president, hosts. MONDAY, AUG. 10, 11 P.M. The Fast Metabolism New York Times bestselling author Haylie Pomroy hosts this program designed to help people improve their health and change their lives for the better. TUESDAY, AUG. 11, 9:30 P.M. Country Pop Legends Roy Clark hosts this emotional trip down three decades of memory lane with country pop stars with their hits from the s, s and 0s. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 12, 8 P.M. Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time Hosted by singer Mel Torme, this program chronicles Frank Sinatras career, focusing on his rise to fame in the music world, his acting career and his involvement in politics and fundraising. Ethan Bortnick Live in Concert, Aug. 8 Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time, Aug. 12 Downton Abbey Rediscovered, Aug. 9


WE OFFER PAYMENT PLANS THROUGH CARE CREDIT GULFVIEWDENTISTRY.COMLOCATED IN THE FRENCH QUARTER 501 Goodlette Road North Suite B202 Naples, FL 34102 Over a Century of Combined Dental Experience!Dr. Craig AshtonUniversity of Buffalo Dr. Gary GordonUniversity of Michigan Dr. Dean MourselasUniversity of Detroit Mercy NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! Call today! No Insurance? No Problem. Ask about our Dental Assistance Savings Plan! Complimentary Emergency Exams and Second Opinions (D01407) 5 5 Now Offering BOTOX Treatments Located in the French Quarter WOW! $97 SPECIAL$379 VALUE, YOU SAVE $282!Patient Consultation, Exam, Cleaning and Necessary X-Rays (DO110, D0150, D0274)PLUS FREE TEETH WHITENINGNOT VALID WITH THE PRESENCE OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE. SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY. MUST CALL BY 8/13/ NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ Fogelsong and Krista Fogelsong Randy Roshuski, Jodi Virzi and Tracey Roskuski Stacie Cairns, Tom Spann and Mary Anne Spann Tom Grady, Mary Ellen Grady and Mark Hindley Tami Nicola and John Nicola Allison Durian and Oliver Sendall Karen Walker and Al Beatrice SOCIETYHitting the downtown pubs to benefit Hope for HaitiBOB RAYMOND / FLORIDA WEEKLY


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 *Applies to 50 and 80 minute services. MondayThursday. Must be enjoyed on same visit. Your Favorite Spa Service just got better! b | tnf r r nt N.WS. tf.n. (t) b t ntfr, nttntr n | btn | fr | tbfrtf rbtn | tb | rtb | t | t | Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ Sedlacek, Phil McCabe, Vicki Tracy, Lesley Colantonio, Jenny Foegen, Dylan Sanders, Cathy Christopher and Brian Roland Richie Sawicki, Susan Battaglia and Brad Heiges Pam Storrar, Tom Storrar, Dylan Sanders and Ed Morton Sue Watts, Doug Fowler and Lori Fowler StarTenders Vicki Tracy and Brian Roland Teresa Stohs, John Cox and Karole Davis Glenn Frith and Amy Sedlacek SOCIETYStarTender Night at Avenue5 for Make-A-WishSUE HUFF / COURTESY PHOTOSCarmen Taylor and Mike Bauer


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC24 WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 (239) 992-099126107 HICKORY BLVD., BONITA SPRINGSVISIT BY LAND: 2 miles North of Bonita Beach Rd. & Docs Beach House VISIT BY SEA: Look for Channel Marker 60 on Estero Bay and head West Follow Us On Serving Lunch & Dinner: Tuesday Saturday 11am 9pm | Sunday 11am 8pm LOBSTERFEST1 lb. Live Maine$24.99ALL DAY EVERY DAYWEDNESDAYS: $3 Fish TacosOrder as many as you like!FRIDAYS: Fish FryAll You Can Eat! Flaky Alaskan Cod $13.50 BOGO 50%Purchase One Entre and Receive the Second at Half Price18% Gratuity Added Before Coupon. One Coupon Per Couple. May Not Be Combined with Any Other Offer or Special. Expires 8/12/15. Get Out of Your Zip Code and Discover Bonita's Hidden Waterfront Gem. EST. 1969 Reservations 239.430.4999 | Private Dining 239.659.3176 Located at the Hilton Naples | 5111 Tamiami Trail Thank You FOR VOTING US THE BEST STEAK HOUSE .Celebrate With Us! LUNCH PRIME RIB FRIDAYSJoin Us Every Friday 11:30am to 2:30pmONLY $9.95Reservation Required*does not include sales tax & gratuity DINNERJoin Us For Dinner & Enjoy our SHULA CUT 12oz. New York StripONLY $24.95*does not include sales tax & gratuity 5 5 CUISINE NEWSFamed Chicago chef remains Tru to the Naples Winter Wine FestivalChicago chef Rick Tramonto returns to headline the culinary team of the 2016 Naples Winter Wine Festival. This is Mr. Tramontos sixth year as the events chef de cuisine. Mr. Tramonto has gained critical acclaim and several four-star reviews for his Chicago restaurant, Tru. He is also part of the team behind Restaurant REvolution in New Orleans and Seafood REvolution in Mississippi. He has appeared on Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America, Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show and is the author of Butter, Sugar, Flour, Eggs and Scars of a Chef. We are so pleased to honor a chef whose impact on the Naples Winter Wine Festival, and by extension, our whole community is undeniable, festival co-chair Laura Dixon says. The 2016 NWWF: Great Expectations takes place Jan. 28-31 and includes celebrity chef/vintner dinners at private homes throughout Naples and a grand tasting and auction at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. The signature event of the Naples Children & Education Foundation, the festival has raised more than $135 million since 2001. Proceeds help improve the lives of the areas underprivileged and at-risk children. Ticket packages start at $10,000 per couple. For more information, call (888) 837-4919 or visit Take note: Sea Salt hosts a three-course wine dinner starting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, featuring the wines of Arnaldo Caprai in Umbria. Menu items include seared scallops, boudin blanc and lamb sugo. $65 per person, reservations required. 434-7258 or Chez Boet offers diners the Alsatian white wine Hugel Gentil for $18 a bottle or $6 a glass through August. 6436177 or Through August, DAmico & Sons date night menu for two includes a salad, a choice of chicken penne with artichokes, egg fettuccine with porchetta or oven-roasted garlic shrimp for an entre and a glass of red or white wine. $32 for two. 4691 Ninth Street North. 430-0955 or Shulas American Steakhouse is serving $5 WISH-tinis, a concoction of vodka, blue curacao, peach schnapps and sweet-and-sour mix, with proceeds benefitting Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. 430-4999 or Make Sunday date night at The Continental, where the menu for two features items such as baked oysters, beef tenderloin brochettes and cheesecake. $50 for two. 659-0007 or In conjunction with the Florida back-to-school sales tax holiday, families can enjoy up to two complimentary childrens meals when they dine at Jasons Deli from Aug. 6-17. 2700 Immokalee Road. 985-7215 or Celebrate the joys of champagne at Campiello every Tuesday through September, with $4 glasses at 4 p.m., $5 glasses at 5 p.m. and $6 at 6 p.m., etc. through 10 p.m. Guests can also pop open a bottle of Perrier-Jouet on Tuesdays for $55. 1177 Third St. S. 435-1166 or If its Wednesday, head to Yabba Island Grill and enjoy 50 percent off any bottle of wine regularly priced from $50 to $100. Dinner service starts at 5:30 p.m. seven days a week. 711 Fifth Ave. S. 262-5787 or Heres some of whats coming up at Whole Foods Market in Mercato: Uncorked Friday: Enjoy a wine tasting with a selection of specialty cheeses. $10. 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7. Appreciate Your Brews: For just $5, sample a variety of beers and cheeses from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21. Proceeds benefit a local nonprofit. For a complete schedule of tastings and classes at Whole Foods, visit Want to work on your skills in the kitchen? Here are some cooking classes on the front burner: The Good Life of Naples, 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road; 514-4663 or 5 Ingredients: Friday, Aug. 7 ($60); Whose Salmon Is It Anyway?: Wednesday, Aug. 12 ($65); Appetizers & Salads: Saturday, Aug. 15 ($55); French Country Cooking: Thursday, Aug. 20 ($60); Bring on the Bacon: Friday, Aug. 28 ($60); Tapas: Thursday, Sept. 3 ($55); Flavors of Cuba: Friday, Sept. 11 ($60); Saute: Thursday, Sept. 17 ($60). Sur La Table, 9501 Strada Place, Mercato; 598-1463 or Girls Night Out Best Summer Cooking: Thursday, Aug. 6 ($69); Date Night Havana: Friday, Aug. 7 ($69); Making Ricotta and Mozzar ella: Saturday, Aug. 8 ($69); Great Greek Cooking: Saturday, Aug. 8 ($69); Date Night Passport to Italy: Saturday, Aug 8 ($69); Handmade Summer Pastas: Sunday, Aug. 9 ($69); Incredible Island-Style Entertaining: Sunday, Aug. 9 ($69); French Country Favorites: Sunday, Aug. 9 ($69); Artisan Pizza on the Grill: Monday, Aug. 10 ($69); Spectacular Summer Salads: Tuesday, Aug. 11 ($69); Great Greek Cooking: Wednesday, Aug. 12 ($69). Email food and dining news to COURTESY PHOTOChef Rick Tramonto returns to the Naples Winter Wine Festival for the sixth year as chef de cuisine.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 C25 THE DISH The Dish: Green Papaya Salad The Price: $9.95 The Place: The Loving Hut 975 Pine Ridge Road The Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. Sunday The Details: Let me tell you a little secret: Green papaya salad is an ephemeral treat that disappears from restaurant kitchens almost as soon as it arrives. Perhaps the unripened fruit is not so easy to come by outside of southeast Asia, or Thai food fans can sniff it out as deftly as a beagle on a kitchen trashcan, but almost every blasted time I order this salad Im told the kitchen is out of papaya. In fact, our waitress had to double-check before she submitted the order. I was in luck! Ten minutes later a large salad piled high with shredded green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, roasted peanuts and tofu (dont judge) arrived in front of me, all dressed in a house vinaigrette that highlighted the best gamey and citrusy flavors of Thai cuisine. Yum! One More Thing: Flavor adventurers would do well to order the Thai iced tea. Its kind of an acquired taste, but this is the first place Ive seen it on a menu in Naples. Maybe I havent looked hard enough elsewhere, but here it jumped out and I ordered it. And a Second Thing: Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant. Lindsey Nesmith / 2 Off Bottle Wine Wednesday(Bottles under $100)Early DiningDaily 5 6:30pm$26.95 3 CoursesDate Night Sunday nights3 Courses $50 per coupleSUNDAYDat Nigh3-COURSE DINNER $50 per coupleDAILYLunc Specia2 for $14 Pick 2 lunch items $14 per personMONDAY SATURDAY 5PM 6PMEarl Dninb MentFeaturing29.95 STEAK & LOBSTERTHURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTSLin MusiThe Incorrigiblesfeaturing, Susie Hulcher DATE NIGHT3 Course Dinner for 2$50Sunday Dinner $4 at four o'clock $5 at five $6 at six $7 at seven $8 at eight $9 at nine $10 at ten$55 Perrier-Jout bottles all day throughout the restaurant.Available in the lounge and bar only! 4-10pm TuesdaysCHAMPAGNE TUESDAYS 239 435 1166 1177 THIRD STREET SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAMPIELLO.DAMICO.COM 239 213 3357 494 FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAFELURCAT.COM2for $12239. 598 0887 MERCATO, NAPLES 9123 STRADA PLACE MASA-RESTAURANT.COMHAPPY HOUR $ 5 Sunday-Thursday 3pm 6pm & 10pm-Close Friday & Saturday 3pm 6pm & 11pm-CloseDAILY LUNCH SPECIAL PICK 2Margaritas House Wine Draft Beers AppetizersFIRST Hearts of Palm Salad / Chicken Quesadilla Romain & Frutas Salad / Chicken Tortilla soup SECOND Steak Tacos / Fish Tacos / Duro Tacos Carnitas Tacos / Chicken Tamalebar only Ave n ue Wine, Beer, Appetizers54PM 6PM & 10PM Close$ HAPPY HOURon th5 ( BAR ONLY ) DAILY2 for $12 LUNCHPick 2 items for 12 dollarsFIRSTCaesar Salad Campiello House Salad / Soup of the DaySECONDMargherita Pizza / Primi Cavatelli Primi Penne / Half Spit Roasted Beef Half SpitRoasted Turkey Breast Panini

PAGE 74 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12, 2015 Buy 1 Lunch or Dinner Entree with 2 drinks and RECEIVE 2ND ENTREE HALF OFF!Max value $13. Not combined with any other offers. Offer expires August 20, 2015 99 TACO EAST NAPLES3785 Tamiami Trail East 239.262.2582NORTH NAPLES3126 Tamiami Trail North 239.304.8629 VINOSampling wines from here and thereEven though wine lovers tend to be a bit adventurous and eager to try new things, theres a comfort zone where we tend to stick to the best known varietals. Cabernet. Pinot noir. The ever-popular chardonnay. So this week I thought Id catch up a bit and review some of the wines weve sampled recently that have not yet made it into this space. They deserve attention, because they offer excellent quaffing experiences for every wine aficionado in every price range. Sequoia Grove Chardonnay Napa 2013 A pleasing pale yellow in the glass, the Sequoia Grove offers a nose of oak, apple, and lemon peel. The flavors show a nice balance between zingy acidity and green apple/citrus, with a medium-long finish. Around $24. WW 89. Inkblot Cabernet Franc Lodi 2013 If you draw a line straight east from Napa Valley and another straight south from Sacramento, theyd cross in the vicinity of Lodi. The area is best known as a center of zinfandel production, even from the Gold Rush days. But winemaker Michael David is pulling some delicious Cab Franc grapes off his properties, and this wine is a rich, mouthfilling example. Its ebony black in the glass, which tells you a lot right from the start, with a nose of dark fruit, black plum and baking spices. The tannins are fairly stiff in this young wine, but the black fruit flavors predominate, with a hint of violets somewhere in the background. About $27. WW 91-92. Earthquake Zinfandel Lodi 2013 Another effort by Michael David, using Lodis workhorse grape. Theres sweet dark plum and spice on the palate along with bold licorice, black fruit, smoke and oak. Considering its carrying around 15.5 percent alcohol, its very nicely balanced. About $30. WS 91.Arnaldo Caprai Perticaia Montefalco Rosso 2012 The Montefalco region is in Umbria, just to the east of Tuscany. While the traditional grape of the region is Sagrantino, many producers offer rich blends of Sangiovese, Sagrantino, and often another international varietal such as merlot, cabernet, or syrah. This intense wine is reddish purple in the glass, with flavors of earth, black fruit and oaky vanilla. This is a big, elegant wine and an absolute steal at $23. WW 93.Ask the Wine WhispererWhat is meant by malolactic fermentation? Bruce R., Estero Wines contain many types of acids. Two of the major ones are malic acid, which is found in apples, and lactic acid, which should sound familiar because its in butte r, milk and other diary products. Malolactic fermentation is a process initiated by the winemaker to convert some or all of the malic acid in wine to lactic acid. Strictly speaking its not fermentation at all. Its conversion.The effect is to change the flavor and mouthfeel of the wine. A chardonnay, for example, may be zingy and acidic, with flavors of apple and pear. Put it through malo and the flavor and even the mouthfeel of the wine become softer, richer and buttery.Since wine labels are notoriously uninformative, you probably wont be able to tell if the wine youre buying has been put through malolactic. So once again, the only solution is to sample widely, and find the styles and producers you enjoy the most.Send your questions to me at vino@ Jerry Greenfield is The Wine Whisperer. He is creative director of Greenfield Advertising Group, and his new book, Secrets of the Wine Whisperer, is available through his website or on Amazon. Read his other writings at jerry Located at:2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103*Not valid with other promotions. Offer expires August 13, 2015. NEW SEASONAL HOURS 239.261.4332 NIGIRI HAPPY HOUR BUY ONE NIGIRI GET ONE FREE ALL NIGHT LONG! We bring in musics most engaging entertainers who are serious about their craft and passionate about entertaining you.BIG music: 239-598-3473www.agavenaples.comSouthwest corner of Airport & Vanderbilt Serious fun. Serious flavor.@ Happening agavenaples /AgaveNaples AgaveNaples NaplesAgave # The perfect complement to our big flavors.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 6-12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 Vergina, The Taste Youll Never Forget in a Place Youll Always Remember! 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.659.7008 Visit For Our Menu SUNDAY NIGHT SEAL THE DEALClicqout Rose or Clicqout Yellow Label Veuve $7.5MARTINI MONDAYHappy Hour All NightTWO FOR TUESDAYOn All Ketel One Cocktails WE OWN THE NIGHT WEDNESDAYBelvedere Vodka Cocktails $5 Belvedere Vodka Martinis $7.5REFRESHING THURSDAY SUMMER SIZZLERS Ciroc Peach on the Beach $7.5 Captain Morgan Lime Bite Mojitos $7.5 Nolets Silver Peach Lemonade $7.5 Smirnoff Moscow Mules $7.5 Summer Sizzles at the BarPlease Drink Responsibly CUISINETake the plunge at Blue Water Bistro before the seasonal crowds return Maybe it shouldnt be surprising that Francis Pischner enjoys recreational fishing in the little time hes away from the kitchen at Blue Water Bistro in Coconut Point. The executive chef, former owner of three Grouper & Chips restaurants, shows a real affinity for finned creatures. From Keys mahi-mahi to Colorado trout, Canadian salmon to Pacific swordfish, Blue Water casts a wide net to offer seafood that appeals to every palate. Heck, Mr. Pischner even manages to do something new and interesting with our ubiquitous Gulf grouper. Blue Water Bistro has been around for a while, as one of the jewels of the Culinary Concepts crown that includes two Chops City Grill restaurants as well as Pazzo and Yabba Island Grill in Naples. But it has been some years and undoubtedly several staff changes since I visited, so it seemed like time to go back for a reassessment. And what better time to go than summer, when you dont have to worry about making reservations? In fact, the sprawling dining room was sparsely populated on the night we visited. Thats mostly due to the seasonal nature of the population in this sector of Lee County no reflection of the quality of the food and service, which both were very good. The dining room remains sleek and stylish lots of ocean blue planes bedazzled with shiny metal fish sculptures. A wave-like curl of ceiling detail reaches across the soaring space between the bar and the tables and booths where diners sit in cushiony comfort. Blue Water always has had a strong beverage program, with lots of sexysounding cocktails and a good range of wine choices. Now there are craft spirits, too, such as four artisanal gins from across the country. My martini made with Russell Henry gin from the Redwood Valley in California ($11.80) had notes of citrus and pine. A glass of 2012 Manifesto Sauvignon ($8.90) proved to be a good pairing for the seafood to come. Not that every single dish we ordered was sea-centric. Take the delicious crispy green beans ($5.90), for example, a tangle of long green pods topped with a handful of leafy parsley sprigs. The beans were thinly coated with a tempura-type batter and fried to a delicate, golden crisp without going limp or soaking up too much oil. A dip of mayonnaise spiked with chili proved to be a perfect accompaniment for the sweet beans. Appetizers are kind of all over the map, ranging from homey short-rib meatballs with Sunday gravy to eight exotic sushi creations. Our first course was quick to arrive, and service throughout was attentive and speedy. Does the same hold true during season, when the dining room is bustling? Hard to tell based on this visit. In addition to the aforementioned green beans, we had the tuna poke appetizer ($13.40) of chopped sashimi-style tuna, which the server tossed at the table with soy sauce, tart yuzu juice, creamy avocado bits, shreds of juicy jumbo lump crab and mango chunks for sweetness. The acid in the yuzu almost instantly took the rawness off the fresh fish, and specks of black sesame seeds and bright orange fish roe added sprinkles of color. Entrees here cover a lot of territory, too, from chipotle baby back ribs to beef rigatoni. Im sure the people who dont care for seafood appreciate a few alternatives, but the menus true strengths lie in the seafood. Nine fishes can be grilled or blackened and paired with your choice of five sauces. Eight additional seafood specialties are listed, including fish and chips, buttermilk fried shrimp and macadamia-crusted mahi-mahi. The blackened salmon ($22.90) is one of the more popular features on the menu, Ive been told, and its easy to see why. The moist, flaky fish had a mouth-watering crust enhanced with a flavorful bourbon and brown sugar glaze. I wouldnt necessarily call it blackened; it doesnt have the assertive peppery heat or charry crust of traditional blackened fish. Bronzed, maybe? Regardless, it was superbly cooked and topped with a tart green tomato-mint salsa that played nicely off a pecan butter sauc e and sweetly caramelized b utternut squash. Lots of layers of flavors to this dish. Ditto the crispy-crunchy crab-stuffed grouper ($26). A shattering crust of what tasted like cornflakes encased the fillet as well as its filling of lump blue crab sort of the secret prize inside. Topped with pineapple and a sweet and sour sauce, the grouper was paired with crisp stir-fried cabbage, peppers and carrots. Im one of those people who think the combination of chocolate and peanut butter was divinely inspired, so I couldnt pass up the peanut b utter b lack bottom pie ($7.90). Divine was the right word for it. The b uttery gr aham-cracker crust was topped with a rich base of dark chocolate ganache and a thicker layer of luscious peanut butt er cream. The proportions were just right. Blue Water Bistro will survive the lean months of summer, as it usually does, but you might want to treat yourself to a visit now. A few months from now, you wont have the restaurant to yourself. Email food and restaurant news to Blue Water Bistro>> Hours: 5:30-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 5:309:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 5:30-8 p.m. Sunday >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $8.50-$14.90; entrees, $12.50-$27.50 >> Beverages: Full bar >> Specialties of the house: Seafood >> Volume: Low >> Parking: Mall parking >> Website: bluewaterbistro.netRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: Coconut Point, 23151 Village Shops Way, Estero; 949-2583 Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor DREW STERWALD / FLORIDA WEEKLYSalmon with bourbon brown sugar glaze, green tomato-salsa, roasted butternut squash and a jalapeo pecan butter sauce. Dark chocolate ganache and peanut butter cream meet in a divine pie. Sashimi tuna with avocado, jumbo lump crab and mango. drew


FORT MYERS14125 S. Tamiami TrailSANIBEL1025 Periwinkle WayNAPLES5015 Tamiami Trail N.SARASOTA (Coming Soon)8001 S. Tamiami Trail OUTDOOR LIVING SUMMER SALE 50% OFF for a limited time only HUGE FLOOR SAMPLE SALE WITH STOREWIDE SAVINGS


WEEKLY 9 OFFICES SERVING ALL OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA CALL US TODAY! 1.866.657.2300 Sunday Open Houses Open 1-4pm*Visit to view ALL open houses with photos!*UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED VISIT WWW.C21SUNBELT.COM TO VIEW ALL AVAILABLE LISTINGS! Waterfront Paradise!! Deep Water Direct Gulf AccessStunning views of Matlacha Pass from almost every room of the house.$550,0001-866-657-2300 800CC016819. MATLACHA Sanibel Condo on the Beach!!Bright and airy condo with a view of the Gulf of Mexico! 2bed/2bath, fully furnished. Call for your showing today.$539,9001-866-657-2300 800FM024738. SANIBEL 4 Bedroom 3 Bath 3 Car Garage4 bed/3 bath/3 car garage 2500 sq. ft. gulf access home on a triple lot near Pine Island quick access to Charlotte Harbor.$524,9001-866-657-2300 800SS033952. CAPE CORAL Beautiful Isles of Capri Top Floor CondoSpectacular river/gulf view in the immaculate, fully updated 2/2 condo in the most desirable La Peninsula community.$508,0001-866-657-2300 800NA017666. NAPLES Amazing 4 Bed Gulf Access Home w/PoolCompletely updated 4 bed/2.5 bath/2 car garage w/western rear exposure. Breath taking views inside & out!$479,9001-866-657-2300 800CH213094. CAPE CORAL Captain Cove Direct Access Home in BokeeliaThis 4 bedroom, 4 bath home is very unique, 3 docks, 2 lifts, pool, access to Charlotte Harbor, water on two sides.$449,0001-866-657-2300 800PI032366. BOKEELIA Well Maintained 2/2/Pool Home-Thunderbird LakeIn the sought after Eight Lakes area. This Beautifully upgraded and updated with new air condensing unit.$439,9001-866-657-2300 800CC018330. CAPE CORAL SW Waterfront Gulf Accessible Pool HomeOwner selected Oyster Bay to construct this higher-end open floor design in 2004 with several builder upgrades.$429,9001-866-657-2300 800CC000937. CAPE CORAL Gulf Access Great Room Pool HomeThree bedrooms and a den greatroom floor plan. Gulf access, pool, jacuzzi, den, fruit trees.$425,0001-866-657-2300 800CC038329. CAPE CORAL Seller Is Motivated To SellNewly remodeled gulf access pool home welcomes you with a decor of paradise$424,9001-866-657-2300 800SS030240. CAPE CORAL Lakefront Beauty-Gated Community-SandovalImmaculate 2634sq. Ft. saltwater pool home, 4 bed/3 bath/3 car garage, tile & wood floors in kitchen & baths.$419,9001-866-657-2300 800CC040837. CAPE CORAL This Home Is Zoned Agriculture With 1.5 AcresA complete remodel job has been done including an all new kitchen, new tile floors, new wood laminate floors.$419,9001-866-657-2300 800CC053805. NORTH FORT MYERS Key West Style Stilt HomeSecluded old Florida Key West style stilt home. lush tropical 2.5 acres with pond & dock. Main house 3 bedrooms, 2 bath.$419,0001-866-657-2300 800PI017534. ST. JAMES CITY Large 3/2.5/2 w/Den, Pool in Telegraph CreekBeautifully maintained large 3 bed/den/2.5 bath/2 car garage. Screened pool just under an acre in quiet community.$399,0001-866-657-2300 800LE037213. ALVA Waterfront Gulf Access Everest/Horton Park CommunityOnly 5 minutes to the river. This sailboat accessible property is located on a triple lot in the Everest/Horton Park.$390,0001-866-657-2300 800CC000864. CAPE CORAL Horse Ranch/Farm between Clewiston/LabelleHorse ranch/farm between Clewiston/Labelle. Large custom built barn. 4200 sq ft house 4 bed/4.5 baths/2 car garage. 22.20 acres.$375,0001-866-657-2300 800LE001907. LABELLE Sailboat Access Pool Home3/2 pool home with direct sailboat access with easy access to the gulf, Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass.$375,0001-866-657-2300 800SS027657. CAPE CORAL SW Cape 3/2/2 Gulf Access Pool HomeWell maintained gulf access pool home in highly desired southwest Cape near Surfside Blvd. Southern exposure on pool!$365,0001-866-657-2300 800SS023897. CAPE CORAL Gorgeous Home in Heron CreekThis immaculately maintained 3/2/2 custom pool home is located in a gated, golf course community.$364,9001-866-657-2300 800CH210852. NORTH PORT Gulf Access Waterfront2/2 home on deep water canal with gulf access on a large lot, second floor has large master bedroom &, bath.$359,9001-866-657-2300 800PI045930. ST. JAMES CITYAUGUST 5TH 2015


VISIT WWW.C21SUNBELT.COM TO VIEW ALL AVAILABLE LISTINGS! Call 866-657-2300 Waterways 3 Bedroom Lakefront Beauty3 bedroom/2 bathroom/3 car garage. Hurricane shutters/heated pool/gorgeous long lake view. Tile throughout the home.$359,0001-866-657-2300 800NA016460. NAPLES Beautiful Lake ViewsFabulous lake views from over-sized screened lanai & pool deck. 4/2/3 w/volume ceilings, tile & wood flooring & more!$355,0001-866-657-2300 800NA029045. NAPLES Location, Location In Palaco GrandePrestigious Palaco Grande off water 4 bed/3.1 baths/3 car garage pool home with over 3,100+ living area.$354,9001-866-657-2300 800CC049976. CAPE CORAL River DistrictMid-century modern river district home, fenced yard, all new upgrades, native butterfly plant garden, much more.$349,9001-866-657-2300 800FM036525. FORT MYERS Beautiful Gulf Access Pool HomeElegant gulf access home perfect for entertaining. Large open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, large kitchen.$349,0001-866-657-2300 800CC064066. CAPE CORAL Trafalgar Woods Gated CommunityLovely courtyard home, rarely available. Includes motherin-law suite with kitchen. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths.$325,0001-866-657-2300 800CC004855. CAPE CORAL Best View on Coral Oaks Golf CourseCustom built home overlooking the #15 Green and down 2 fairways and a lake on Coral Oaks Golf Course.$320,0001-866-657-2300 800FM030116. CAPE CORAL Beautiful Gem very near Cape HarbourStunning views to your heated pool with pocket sliders. New kitchen, roof, fence, and more.$305,0001-866-657-2300 800CC030713. CAPE CORAL 4 bed 2-1/2 bath Home on 1.65 Acres!Beautiful 2 story with wood floors, cathedra ceilings, screened lanai, 24x30' storage barn, room for a pool or horses.$275,0001-866-657-2300 800PI032624. ST. JAMES CITY Waterfront Home with West ExposureKayak or boat to 7 lakes. Spectacular sunsets from your pool or dock. City utilities are in.$269,9001-866-657-2300 800CC036987. CAPE CORAL Best Buy in Stoneybrook and in all of GatewayThree bed 2 bath den eat in kitchen tile & wood floors, large lot at end of cul-de sac Close to shopping.$269,5001-866-657-2300 800FM037982. FORT MYERS You Will Love this 3 Bed, 2 Bath Pool Home!Walk into this beautiful home through double front door entry way. This 2011 built home has rarely been lived in.$269,0001-866-657-2300 800SS021028. CAPE CORAL Stoneybrook at Gateway Pool HomeBrighton model 2 bedroom + den 2 bath pool home.$267,9001-866-657-2300 800FM005405. FORT MYERS Pineland Area of Bokeelia.Absolutely gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath home completely furnished, turnkey, community pool, lovely furnishings.$259,0001-866-657-2300 800PI039286. BOKEELIA Large Home LA on .50 AcreFamily home, original owner, newer roof and security monitored, 3 car garage.$250,0001-866-657-2300 800LE037234. LEHIGH ACRES Have Horses? Love the Country Life?2/2 Jim Walter design wood frame home on pilings w/metal roof. 2 large out buildings on 5 acres. Just needs TLC.$249,5001-866-657-2300 800NA018063. NAPLES Gulf Access Convenient LocationGulf access, 1 bridge to river, 3/2 split floor plan, well maintained, roof 2010, great location near Mid-Point bridge.$239,9001-866-657-2300 800FM029160. CAPE CORAL Gulf Access Pelican Area... Assessments Paid!Watch the sunset over the water! Western exposure! 3/2 with over 1600 sq ft of living area. Formal living.$225,0001-866-657-2300 800CC012805. CAPE CORAL Updated 3/2 w/Quick Harbor AccessBeautifully landscaped 3/2/1 on an over-sized lot in a culde-sac w/boat dock & lift.$219,0001-866-657-2300 800CH211438. PORT CHARLOTTE Waterfront Cherry Estates2/2 with two covered lifts, turn key, composite dock, new sea wall in 2011, must see, set up with everything you need.$210,0001-866-657-2300 800PI036432. ST. JAMES CITY Custom Home on 2 Lots!3/2/2 home over 1700 sq. ft. inside. Split floor plan with custom kitchen.$209,9001-866-657-2300 800CH212172. PORT CHARLOTTE Attention Boaters!! You've Just Found ParadiseSunnybrook Harbour waterfront condo community sits on the beautiful Bimini Basin.$189,0001-866-657-2300 800CC005518. CAPE CORAL Bokeelia 2/2 Ranch Style HomeAlmost 1/2 acre, impact resistant windows, extra insulation, 2 car attached garage and separate detached 35x25 garage.$188,0001-866-657-2300 800PI013285. BOKEELIA The Lowest Priced House of its Size Within Miles!This well care for home with 14' ceilings and 20" tiles throughout! It features 4 bed/2 bath and over 2,300 sq ft. under air.$184,0001-866-657-2300 800LE041073. LEHIGH ACRES


T FEA AT T URED TINGS! LIS #Y CENTUR TE O A AT STMAKING COMESEARC 900 HOM LIST C21SUN #1Y 21 IN THE F FLORIDA G DREAMS E TRUE!CH OVER OME & LOT TINGS! .COM T T. NBEL UR SHOWING! CALL 866-657-2300 TO SCHEDULE YOU Beautifully Wooded 2.5 AcresWind down the long driveway surrounded by woods with total privacy. 2 story home fully secluded and west of Wilson Blvd$180,0001-866-657-2300 800NA036787. NAPLES Colonial Country Club Egret ModelDesirable Colonial Country Club carriage home.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800FM024642. FORT MYERS Magnificent Water View of the Yacht BasinEnjoy a view from your 2nd floor lanai overlooking the yacht basin 1 minute direct to the river!$179,9001-866-657-2300 800CC027952. NORTH FORT MYERS Rare 2nd Floor 2+Den, 2 Full BathRare 2nd floor 2+den, 2 full bath, 1,196 sq. ft., end unit condo in Bella Terra, Estero Unit features upgraded tiles.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800BS057015. ESTERO Pristine North Port Estates-Nice Neighborhood3/2/2 with beautiful landscaping, great room, cathedral ceilings, hurricane shutters. Scenic & peaceful!$179,9001-866-657-2300 800BS017957. NORTH PORT Move in Ready 3/2 Condo!Newer appliances, breakfast bar and cathedral ceilings. Great community with nice amenities. One car garage. Wow!$169,9001-866-657-2300 800BS032107. BONITA SPRINGS Minutes to Venice Beach & Golf Course3 bed/2 bath/1 car garage, split plan home with large living room and dining room. Spacious lanai.$169,0001-866-657-2300 800CH209790. VENICE Premium Unit in Gulf Harbor Yacht ClubThis is a must see! Spacious, 3/2 second floor condo w/vaulted ceilings and a view of the golf course. Many amenities.$167,9001-866-657-2300 800BS030590. FORT MYERS Private Pool HomeBeautifully landscaped 3 bed/2 bath partially furnished corner lot with a beautiful lawn. Gorgeous pool and spa.$159,9001-866-657-2300 800LE035546. LEHIGH ACRES Flamingo Bay!Great get away, end of the canal location, great enclosed porch, cement dock and lift, community pool and clubhouse.$159,0001-866-657-2300 800PI054159. ST. JAMES CITY Investment Tri-plex in Fort Myers ShoresGreat investment property. All units rented, close to shopping, good monthly income. Roof, windows and a/c.$155,0001-866-657-2300 800FM005287. FORT MYERS Centrally Located SW 3/2 Pool HomeCentrally located SW 3/2 pool home. Recently updated with tile floors in main living areas, new kitchen and much more!$154,9001-866-657-2300 800CC041307. CAPE CORAL 3/2/2 Beautiful Home near Central LehighThis 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home was built by Gulfstream Builders. This home is spacious with a large open kitchen.$150,0001-866-657-2300 800LE040861. LEHIGH ACRES Impeccably Maintained Pool Home!Berts Bayshore Manor's Finest! This incredibly well maintained pool home features 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms.$144,9001-866-657-2300 800FM034094. NORTH FORT MYERS Expansive-Affordable Whiskey Creek VillaDesirable Section 2 WC Village Green with low low $270/month condo fees!! Discover real value here.$144,9001-866-657-2300 800FM013897. FORT MYERS Adorable-Affordable Whiskey Creek Villa2 bed/2 bath/with one-car garage. Roomy 1567 sq. ft. under air w/enclosed lanai. Great views.$143,0001-866-657-2300 800FM035376. FORT MYERS Furnished 1st Floor Unit-Van Loon CommonsFurnished, large and spacious 1st floor unit in Van Loon Commons. Large living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen.$139,5001-866-657-2300 800CC011111. CAPE CORAL Large 3/2/2 in NE CapeYou will love the space. Soaring ceilings, full home RO system ($4,000 value). Screened in lanai. Den or office too!$135,0001-866-657-2300 800FM016005. CAPE CORAL BeautifulBeautiful and spacious townhome is located right at the center of everything.$134,0001-866-657-2300 800FM023394. FORT MYERS Nice PlaceThis attractive cute townhome has an open floor plan with a loft.$120,0001-866-657-2300 800FM021249. CAPE CORAL Gorgeous Greenbrier3/2/2 on quiet settled street. Functional and friendly with new paint and tile, New carpets in bedrooms. Shows very well.$119,0001-866-657-2300 800FM007181. LEHIGH ACRES SE Lehigh 3/2/2 w/Den3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home w/den & fenced back yard. open floor plan. front porch & screened lanai.$104,5001-866-657-2300 800LE053712. LEHIGH ACRES

PAGE 80 Southwest FloridaSignature Collection A SELECTION OF EXEMPLARY HOMES. Call 866.657.2300 A NAME YOU CAN TRUST TO SELL YOUR HOMEBARBARA M. WATT FOUNDED CENTURY 21 SUNBELT REALTY IN 1984BARBARA M. WATTWWW.C21SUNBELT.COM 2/2 End Unit, Ground-Floor CondoMove-in ready w/new carpeting and paint. Located in Punta Gorda Isles.$99,9001-866-657-2300 800CH213624. PUNTA GORDA Oversized Corner LotAcross the street from the river Cottage on oversized corner lot across the street from Caloosahatche, great potential.$99,9001-866-657-2300 800BS055604. FORT MYERS Perfect 3/2/1 Starter Home!Recently renovated 3/2/1 located just off Alabama Rd near SR 82 offers new tile flooring, and fresh paint.$99,0001-866-657-2300 800LE040576. LEHIGH ACRES Spotless, Move-in Ready 2 BedroomFreshly painted, updated bath, newer A/C & hot water heater.$88,5001-866-657-2300 800CH212406. PORT CHARLOTTE Discover the Treasure of ProvincetownRarely available penthouse model offers privacy & security. Gated community in desirable South Fort Myers.$82,0001-866-657-2300 800FM030949. FORT MYERS Well Maintained Home!!2 bed 2 bath centrally located in heart of town. Tiled thruout. Perfect retirement or first time home purchase.$73,9001-866-657-2300 800CH213303. PORT CHARLOTTE Beautiful 2nd Floor Unit-Peaceful ViewBeautiful 2nd floor unit. Private screened with a peaceful view, walk-in closet. Conveniently located off Cleveland.$68,1001-866-657-2300 800FM033716. FORT MYERS Great Opportunity 2 Bed 2 BathGreat opportunity or starter home! 2 bed, 2 bath with 1 car garage with laundry room and large workshop area!$59,9001-866-657-2300 800CC029485. LEHIGH ACRES Stunning Canal HomeBreathtaking views of the bay! Watch sea life & shrimp boats! Superb location! Open floor plan.$1,800,0001-866-657-2300 800FM032841. FORT MYERS Luxury 20th Floor PenthouseYour private coded elevator leads to this 4400 sq. ft. unit with panoramic gulf views. Great room plan has 12' ceilings.$1,600,0001-866-657-2300 800CC013743. FORT MYERS Looking for a Waterfront LifestyleIn prestigious Whiskey Creek? Come watch manatees playing in your own back yard!$1,600,0001-866-657-2300 800FM028672. FORT MYERS Recently Constructed, Turn-key Luxury Home!4/4. 3000+ sq. ft. Home office, infinity caged pool w/spa, in pool bar, outdoor kitchen, lift/dock, and much, more! Wow!$1,100,0001-866-657-2300 800CC017294. CAPE CORAL Ski, Lake, Gulf Access, Gated! WOW!Gorgeous 4/3/3 in beautiful gated community. Enjoy tennis, jet skiing, sailing, and more! Upgraded kitchen and more!$970,0001-866-657-2300 800SS016561. FORT MYERS Custom BuiltOver 3400 sq.ft. gulf access home with private media room. 3 bed & 3 bath with all top of the line features.$895,0001-866-657-2300 800SS038451. CAPE CORAL Gorgeous 5600 sq.ft. 4 Bed/5 BathVersatile floor plan, 1/1 guest house w/living room, pool, 40' dock, breathtaking views. This property is a must see!$830,0001-866-657-2300 800CC019377. CAPE CORAL Great South Spreader Canal locationSunny southern exposure. 2,744 sqft living space. Home is just a stones throw from Cape Harbor. Tile roof.$819,0001-866-657-2300 800CC027486. CAPE CORAL Views of Sanibel, the Sound, and IntracoastalOnly 5 minutes to open water at the southernmost tip of Pine Island across from Sanibel Island. Totally remodeled. Wow!$749,0001-866-657-2300 800SS025152. ST. JAMES CITY Stunning Gulf Access Desirable SurfsideThis 3000 sq. ft. home has it all: the beautiful spacious kitchen with granite counter tops and island.$749,0001-866-657-2300 800CC028472. CAPE CORAL Calling All FishermenThis home sits on a huge double with open water views. Some of the best fishing and boating in the world.$550,0001-866-657-2300 800PI026899. MATLACHA 4 Bed/3 Bath Pool Home in Wildcat Run!This home offers a bright and open floor plan and is situated on an oversized estate lot overlooking the 6th green.$550,0001-866-657-2300 800BS027245. ESTERO