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THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, JOHN ARTHUR SPENKELINK, A DRIFTER FROM California who had been convicted of murdering a fellow transient at a flophouse in Tallahassee, was strapped into the electric chair at the Florida State Prison in Raiford. Three years before, the U.S. Supreme Court had reinstituted the death penalty by overturning its 1972 decision that held capital punishment to be unconstitutional. Mr. Spenkelink was the first person in the United States to be put to death against his will as a result of the Courts resurrection of capital punishment. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BY THE NUMBERS: Inmates the state of Florida has executed since 1979 Amount paid to the private citizen who acts as anonymous executioner Feet high is the size of a Death Row cell. Its also 6 feet wide and 9 feet long Average age of executed inmate Source: Florida Department of CorrectionsAge of oldest Florida death row inmate John Vining, sentenced from Orange County A Death Row gurney awaits Floridas next inmate to be executed.FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS / DOUG SMITHFlorida seems to be going in the opposite direction of other states ... Instead of figuring out whats gone wrong, Florida only seems interested in (speeding the pace of executions). Richard Dieter, Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, D.C. BY BILL CORNWELLFlorida Weekly Correspondent SPENKELINK SEE DEATH, A8 As an event, this sounds so much like heaven that the suspicious among us might wonder if weve stopped breathing and started living eternally. You go to the Brew Ha-Ha Craft Beer Festival at Mercato in North Naples at 5 p.m. (which allows you to wrap up your worldly affairs during the day) Saturday, Oct. 18. You pay $35 at the gate (or $30 in advance at, in which case you can start at 4 p.m.). Your designated driver gets in free. You put on a wristband and they hand you a cup. You walk toward the tables and tents St. Peter is not standing there with a big book of names looking forDrink up for Ronald McDonald House CharitiesBY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ SEE BREW HA-HA, A13 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Vol. VII, No. 1 FREE WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. OPINION A4 C-SCAPES A6 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A91 HEALTHY LIVING A24 PETS A26 NETWORKING B7-8 OPEN HOUSE MAP B22 PUZZLES C12 FILM REVIEW C15 WRITING CHALLENGE C24 ANTIQUES C26 SAVE THE DATE C30-32 Beefed up diningCheck out the new ingredients in our cuisine coverage. C36-39 Theyre baaaack The Diva admits mixed emotions as snowbird sightings pick up. A27 Capturing LyleAlbum covers find Mr. Lovetts quirky side. C1 Where to dine?More options than ever greet those headed out to eat. B1 INSIDE


A2 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY AFK AFFORDABLE FLOORING & KITCHENS239-4-FLOORS (239-435-6677) 2700 Immokalee Road, #14 (in the Uptown Plaza near Sams Club)Affordable Luxury! To see more remodels by AFK visit Like us on to follow our work! COMMENTARY Terminally idiotic brain dead zombiesHave you ever gotten into a pickle and wondered why? Why you chose to embark on an adventure thats about to hurt you, or leave you adrift, or have nothing at all to do with you? Have you ever asked: Why did I choose this job? Why am I in this swamp? Why did I marry this man? Why am I even here and what difference does my opinion make? The question always springs from exhaustion, doubt or cynicism, and its always justifiable. Life can humble you, after all. But theres an answer and its always the same: Never mind why. Why doesnt matter. Youre here, and you do matter. So do something either worthy or memorable. Get up off your rear end and get going, then all the other questions will answer themselves. Now, less than three weeks before the gubernatorial election between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former governor and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, an iteration of that question arises again. This time it goes like this: Why should I vote? These guys are all the same. Theyre *#!**! politicians nothing more than corporate stooges, whatever their party. Its a good question. And merely in the asking an answer is implied: That you shouldnt bother to vote because whether you vote or not doesnt matter. A friend of mine put it this way, and he put it better than anybody else, in a nuanced Facebook post. Stuck in a doctors waiting room, I stared at the TV there: a show about cretins whining about their eight-room house not having a proper pool, and how to remodel or flip it. During commercials, you could see the candidates ads. Never mind what the ads said. The mere fact that they are angling for the vote of the terminally idiotic brain dead zombies watching this crap tells me all I need to know about them, their priorities and values. OK, so some friends of mine are mad at me that Im not choosing either one of these bloodsucking haircuts. Why should I? I dont need some Crist or Obama to bring change to my life. Ive been changing my life for years, stepping further and further away from consumerism & conformity, planting trees, growing food, generating zero trash, blah blah. How about you, friend, acting all holier than thou because you vote Democratic? You do the same things Republicans do. You shop for cheap Chinese junk at Target, you eat at Wendys, but you think youre better because you have an Obama sticker on your SUV. Youre delusional. Were headed for a massive reckoning, and you still put your trust (in) suits speaking to the camera wearing makeup. If I (were) you, Id try to learn some useful postcollapse skills, and maybe get in shape, too.You want change? You do it. Yourself. Now. Gandhi said it best: Be the change you want to see in the world. Its a powerful and cynical sentiment and much of what he says strikes me as true. But it also denies progress, it rejects history, and it fails to recognize the power of each person in a democratic republic. In Gandhis case, one of his first great acts was to campaign in South Africa for the right of Indians to vote. For him, voting mattered more than shooting. No one politician is like another, corporate stooges or not not Abraham Lincoln or Stephen Douglas. Not Herbert Hoover or Franklin Roosevelt. Not Barry Goldwater or Lyndon Johnson or Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Any more than one farmer, one shop owner, one teacher, or one sailor is like another. But that in itself doesnt matter in politics. Heres why: with few exceptions, voting for the person is less important than voting for the party. The Republican and the Democratic parties have deeply different visions theyre rivers of thought and action that flow through widely different philosophic canyons, if you will. Each will have a distinct but different effect on the outc ome of American history if and when their candidates are elected no matter who they are. Therefore, not voting is like standing in that long-ago soup line and throwing away the food. Its not only not harmless, its shameless. If youre a good conservative, and you believe generally that government gets in the way of merit and progress with too many regulations, with unnecessary taxes, with an overabundance of social programs that users and abusers take advantage of; if you believe that charity and compassion should not be legislated and required of taxpayers but instead given freely by individuals and religious groups to those in need, then it doesnt matter who the candidate is, really. You would do well to vote for the devil if he (or she) ran on the Republican ticket. The party will support that agenda. Conversely, if youre a liberal, and you believe generally that nobody was going to put hot soup and bread in the bellies of those starving people lined up on city streets in 1933, except FDR certainly not the churches or business owners; if you believe that regulating those whose golden rule is not do unto others but make as much as you can as fast as you can, and if you believe that the wealthy and their corporations should pay at least the same percentage of taxes as the rest of us; and finally if you believe that government should always help those too old, too poor, too young, or too unhealthy to help themselves, then it doesnt matter who the candidate is for you, either. If hes running on the Democratic ticket, you should pull the lever for Governor Devil, or maybe President Devil. As for those terminally idiotic braindead zombies? Thats just a fairy tale. Theres no such thing, except on Halloween. t y w h n roger


A4 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsKaren Feldman Artis Henderson Don Manley Jim McCracken Lindsey Nesmith Athena Ponushis Jeannette Showalter Nancy Stetson Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren Tim Gibbons Bernadette La Paglia Marla Ottenstein Charlie McDonald Bob Raymond Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatzeraddatz@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Marissa Blessing Nick Donato Amy Grau Paul Heinrich Natalie Zellers Circulation ManagerCameo Hinman chinman@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryan Cori Higgins Adam Schonberg aschonberg@floridaweekly.comSales and Marketing AssistantCarolyn AhoBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2013 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state OPINIONBen Afflecks Muslim problemThe latest episode of Bill Mahers HBO show Real Time performed what was, in effect, an in-studio social experiment. It sought to establish, in a controlled setting, the answer to this pressing question: How long could Maher and atheist author Sam Harris talk frankly about the illiberalism of much of the Muslim world before actor and director Ben Affleck, also a guest on the show, accused them of racism? The result is in: not very. In fact, almost as soon as Maher and Harris began to discuss how liberals are betraying their own convictions if they dont stand up against social backwardness in the Muslim world, Affleck grew visibly agitated. He could barely contain himself when Harris opined, We have been sold this meme of Islamophobia, where every criticism of the doctrine of Islam gets conflated with bigotry toward Muslims as people. Thats when Affleck interrupted, and soon enough, he was calling Maher and Harris out for their grossness, ugliness and, yes, racism. How does it feel, guys? You might be wondering, Why should I care what the new Batman thinks? The heated exchange was so notable because all three are men of the left in good standing. As a walking embodiment of liberal piety, Affleck is emblematic of liberalisms see-no-evil discomfort with frank truths about the Muslim world. The prelude to the intraliberal fight was the prior weeks show, when Maher pointed out the absurdity of liberals getting exercised over, say, actor Jonah Hill using an anti-gay vulgarism, but ignoring that gays can be stoned in Muslim countries. To count yourself as a liberal, Maher declared, you have to stand up for liberal principles meaning across the board. Maher had zeroed in on one of the more perverse aspects of contemporary politics, which is that self-consciously tolerant liberals often look the other way when confronted with the intolerance of the Muslim world. As militant atheists, Maher and Harris feel free of these constraints; criticizing religion is part of what they do for a living. As a garden-variety liberal, Affleck is subject to all of them and reacted as if two Klansman had wandered onto the set with him. When Maher and Harris pointed out how widespread retrograde attitudes are in the Muslim world, Affleck said they were stereotyping. But the data doesnt stereotype. The percentage of Muslims in Middle Eastern and South Asia countries who say honor killings are never justified is shockingly low (31 percent in Egypt, 45 percent in Pakistan). Support for the stoning of adulterers is more than 40 percent in Bangladesh and 80 percent in Afghanistan. Affleck obviously isnt a public official or a public intellectual. But he represents a dominant tendency within liberalism. Imagine a State Department staffed by less-glamorous Ben Afflecks. Imagine a president of the United States who shares his instincts. This is the Obama administration. Its why, in part, it has always been so reluctant to speak of Islamic terrorism and extremism. Its why the president says the Islamic state is not Islamic. The nation is truly in peril if Bill Maher, of all people, is more clear-eyed than those running our government. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.Texas strips women of their health and rightsIn Texas, how far women have come can be measured by how far they have to go. Scores of medical facilities have been shutter ed in Texas, stranding almost a million women hundreds of miles from a health-care facility that they might need. The reason? These facilities provide, among other services, safe, legal abortions. Last week, the U.S. Appeals Court for the 5th Circuit affirmed Texas state restrictions on abortion access, closing 13 more clinics overnight. Overall, 80 percent of Texas abortion clinics have closed since the law went into effect. Imagine the headline: A Federal appeals court in Texas has ruled that 80 percent of gun stores in Texas must close. Self-proclaimed patriots in Texas would be up in arms. But in the Lone Star State, not all rights are created equal. A womans right to choose, her right to terminate a pregnancy, her right to privacy, was settled by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, more than 40 years ago, in its landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. The Texas Legislature, along with Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General (and current Republican candidate for governor) Greg Abbott, imposed laws in 2013 creating two significant barriers to the operation of clinics in Texas that perform abortions: First, doctors in the clinics were required to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. Second, a series of architectural standards were devised, applicable only to abortion clinics, mandating massive renovations to facilities in order to stay open. Pro-choice activists call these regulations TRAP laws, for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. The nonpartisan Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that focuses on reproductive-health issues, reported recently that 6 states have laws or policies that regulate abortion providers and go beyond what is necessary to ensure patients safety; all apply to clinics that perform surgical abortion. Jeffrey Hons, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood South Texas, told me, We are the southernmost and westernmost place where you can find an abortion in Texas, and theres a whole lot of Texas that is south and west of us. Hons clinic is one of three remaining in San Antonio appropriate, perhaps, that these last clinics standing in West Texas are in the home of the Alamo. He described the impact on those women most vulnerable, who now must travel great distances for an abortion: Whenever someone is in one of these far-flung areas and is trying to find a surgery center, the distance she must travel, the immigration checkpoints that she and her partner will go through maybe they are or are not documented and fear driving through these immigration checkpoints these are real burdens. He continued, The psychological burden of knowing I have to leave my home, my family, my town, my world behind to search for this very private, very intimate health care, after very difficult decision making, and now do so in a place where my support network is not around me. The Center for Reproductive Rights, which argued the case in the appeals court, noted that the courts decision has nearly 1 million Texas women facing a minimum of a 300-mile round trip to access their constitutional right to an abortion. We hear stories all the time about people that are having to travel from these areas like the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio to try and get care, said Lindsay Rodriguez, president of the Lilith Fund. The Lilith Fund provides financial support and education to women in need of abortion care. Rodriguez told me: Overwhelmingly, the people that are most disadvantaged by these laws are going to be people of lower economic means ... people that are dealing with immigration issues. They might be people that, for any number of reasons, have more barriers to health-care access in general not just abortion care, but also health-care access. These longer, more costly trips will result in women delaying the procedure, making it more complex and costly. By closing clinics, the law also will reduce access to contraception, thereby provoking more unwanted pregnancies, perpetuating the demand for abortions. After the appeals-court decision, the Center for Reproductive Rights, joining with other groups, immediately filed an emergency application with the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to reinstate the injunction against the Texas law. Meanwhile, voters in Texas are heading to the polls. In one of the most closely watched races in the country, Attorney General Greg Abbott is running for governor against Democrat Wendy Davis. The choice couldnt be starker. In June 2013, as a state senator, Davis stood and filibustered this restrictive abortion law for 11 hours, delaying its passage as a thousand supporters gathered, cheering. Davis recently revealed that she had terminated two pregnancies for medical reasons in the 1990s. For her, like women all over the country, this political issue is deeply personal. And its an issue that should unite people across the political spectrum: freedom from government intrusion into the most private decisions of our lives. Denis Moynihan contributed research to this column. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,200 stations in North America. She is the co-author of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller. t l w s s amy GOODMANSpecial to Florida Weekly a n g s t n rich LOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly




A6 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Periodontal FACTPeriodontal disease may be a contributing factor to: gum periodontal disease periodontal diseaseDr. Bradley Piotrowski, DDS, MSDBOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTISTHelping You Keep Your Smile For A Lifetime Please Visit FREE SCREENINGHurry offer expires 10//14. Dental Implants Starting at $1,295 CSCAPESWhats to become of us?If youve read this column with any frequency, you know that I like to keep my observations about life positive and enjoyable. I hope youll forgive me, then, for writing about something I could have titled Deadly Serious. Recently, what used to be all fun and frivolity in my conversations with friends has turned to subjects of health and fitness. Not subjects like how you enjoyed your yoga class this morning, but serious issues like dreaded diagnoses that shake all of us to the core. In the past week, two friends learned that they have cancer and another that she will have to undergo heart surgery at some point. Often, these discussions and revelations spark related topics about the general state of health worldwide, the ability of science to better detect illnesses, whether we are consuming more chemicals and how it seems that we can no longer contain deadly diseases like the current outbreak of Ebola. But Ill leave these subjects to the professionals. Rather, Id like to focus on what we all can do to arrive at our 60s and live through our 70s and into our 80s with as much wellness as possible.FitnessWeve all heard how important fitness is, but what I didnt know until recently was that even a small amount of exercise just 15 to 30 minutes a day can yield tremendous results with respect to avoiding heart attacks and strokes. And it need not be intense or vigorous exercise. Just walking at a normal pace brings remarkable health benefits for most people, as do yoga and moderate weight lifting. The key here to me is to choose an activity that you truly enjoy, not something that you see as work. Simply put: If you have to stick with it, you wont do it.DietNo one likes to diet, so dont. This is the latest information coming out, although Im not 100 percent certain of its validity. It goes like this: You can eat what you like, but watch the portions and listen to your body. You know how your bodys going to react to a slab of red meat, so learn to sit down with a smaller slab and savor it rather than wolf it down. Ditto for snacks and treats, juices and alcohol and desserts. The suggestion is that you will be surprised at how much weight you will lose and how quickly, and how much better you will feel (and sleep) if you just starting eating a normal amount of what you like and not the restaurant size.SleepAgain, listen to your body. If youre tired, take a nap or go to bed. If you wake up wide-eyed at 2 a.m., its OK to get up, read, do some light work, whatever. The diaries of countless generations past refer to sleeping at stretches of four to six hours, broken up by an hour or two of activity, then back to bed. This may, in fact, be the normal cycle of sleep for us, particularly as the body ages.Do the checkups, screenings and proceduresWe all know what these are. Just do them, as prescribed and on schedule.Be there for each otherIts been proven that staying engaged with other people and having a few close friends not only enriches life, but extends it. A weekly get-together breakfast Friday mornings, brunch after church, a group walk at dawn, whatever with someone else makes it fun and improves your outlook overall.Be yourselfIn the larger sense, what Im really saying is live your life to enjoy it, not to adhere to how youre supposed to live it. In order to do that, youve got to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Like anything, its the balance, never the extremes, that matters. Dont get me wrong. I dont want to live forever. But I do want my time right up to the end to be the best it can be, and through it all, I want to feel the best that I can. Thanks for letting me harp a little on the serious side. Next time, Ill write something fun and uplifting. I promise. When Cheryl Turner is not taking care of herself, she can be found taking care of her real estate clients.


15RUG Family Owned and Operated. Providing Discriminating Customers with Quality Products. Flooring 201420132012201120102009200820072006200520042003


A8 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYGary Gilmore had in 1977 faced a firing squad in Utah, but Mr. Gilmore who famously said Lets do it! as he was marched to his death did not contest his fate. Mr. Gilmore disdained appeals, passionately embraced his execution and became a cultural curiosity as a result. John Spenkelink, who claimed he killed in self-defense, portrayed himself as a victim of an unfair and capricious legal system. In correspondence from Death Row, he routinely included an axiom that many mistakenly believe to be his last words. Them without the capital get the punishment, he would write. The merits of Mr. Spenkelinks execution were debated at the time, but no one could have known that his case foreshadowed the problems and controversies that still engulf Floridas administration of the death penalty. As the hour of Mr. Spenkelinks execution drew nigh, a disturbing fact surfaced; no one at the prison which had not conducted an execution in 15 years knew how to operate the electric chair. The creaky, three-legged monstrosity, which had been built in a cruel twist of irony by inmates in 1923, was fashioned from oak and bore the grimly cheerful nickname Old Sparky. Flummoxed prison officials sought the services of a consultant from Westinghouse, who was quietly dispatched to Raiford, where he conducted a tutorial on the fine art of death by electrocution. When the execution finally came to be on May 25, 1979, witnesses were allowed to view only the final moments. By the time the blinds were pulled back in the death chamber, the 30-year-old Mr. Spenkelink already was hooded, gagged and secured in Old Sparky. This lack of transparency gave rise to wild speculation that the condemned man fought furiously with guards as he was wrestled into the chair. Rumors swirled that he had suffered a broken neck in the melee and already was dead when the electricity was administered. To quell this tempest, Mr. Spenkelinks body was exhumed and an autopsy performed. The postmortem examination revealed that he had indeed succumbed to electric shock, but the state of Florida was roundly criticized for the clumsy manner in which it had dispatched Mr. Spenkelink. In the years since, the states reputation as a capable and judicious overseer of capital punishment protocols has eroded further. The debate over the death penalty in Florida today centers not so much on the morality and wisdom of the practice itself, although that discussion persists. Instead, the focus most often falls on the incompetence, indifference, demagoguery, penuriousness and ineptitude that the state displays in almost every facet of putting someone to death. Critics of the states death procedures are vociferous, legion and disparate ranging from the American Bar Association to Amnesty International to the Florida Supreme Court to an array of legal scholars and human rights advocates. The only people who seem satisfied with the status quo are the politicians (Democrats and Republicans) in Tallahassee who created the mess and appear to be unwavering in their determination to make things worse. Thoughtful discourse on capital punishment in the legislature is sparse, and many of the states governors have been no better. Tasteless one-liners and crude attempts at gallows humor predominate. Typical of this smirking, flippant attitude toward the ultimate punishment was Tampa Mayor Bob Martinez, who promised in 1986 that Floridas electric bill will go up if the voters made him governor, which is precisely what they did. To achieve real, lasting reform on how we administer the death penalty in Florida, there must be a serious, thoughtful debate, says Duane Dobbert, professor of justice studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Dobbert, who has 45 years of experience in the publicsafety and criminaljustice systems, adds, We have not had that debate on the state level, and there is no indication that we will have it anytime soon. It is something that is swept under the carpet. Thirty-two states employ the death penalty, but few make a hash of it as frequently and in so many ways as Florida. THE STATE ELECTROCUTED ITS first inmate in 1924 one year after the construction of Old Sparky. Previously, executions had been the domain of individual counties, most of which favored hanging usually carried out on the grounds of a courthouse as the means of death, the Florida Department of Corrections informs us. From the get-go, the state has pinched pennies. A former designer of electric chairs once observed that when it comes to execution hardware, the state of Florida is very cheap. In 1990, Old Sparky was 67 years old and richly deserving of the scrapheap. This became horrifyingly evident during the execution of Jesse Tafero. Six-inch flames shot from Mr. Taferos head, and three separate jolts of electricity were required to kill him. This gruesome tableau was shrugged off by prison officials as inadvertent human error, and Old Sparky was kept in play. Seven years later, Pedro Medina took his turn in the broken-down death throne. As warden of the Florida State Prison in 1997, Ron McAndrew presided over the execution. Earlier this year, Mr. McAndrew gave a chilling, first-person account of Mr. Medinas demise to As I told the executioner to turn on the electricity, there was a pop, Mr. McAndrew recalled. Immediately following the pop, there was a plume of smoke that came from beneath the helmet, sort of out in front of my face, with a bad odor. Then there was a long flame. It was a flame that dipped down out of the helmet and in front of my face. It almost hit me. Mr. McAndrew continued, For the next 11 minutes, instead of electrocuting this man, we burned him to death. We literally burned him to death. The Medina spectacle was so grotesque that state officials were besieged by expressions of indignation and disgust. How could this happen again? Whats going on here? Does Florida condone burning people alive? People who wish to commit murder, they better not do it in the State of Florida, because we may have a problem with our electric chair, was the glib response given by Bob Butterworth, the states attorney general at that time. Even then-Gov. Lawton Chiles, long considered one of the states most thoughtful and reflective politicians, dismissed the execution with a tasteless rejoinder. You know, putting someone to death is not the most friendly thing, he said. Behind the scenes, though, Gov. Chiles realized that changes were needed. Two or three days (after the Medina execution) I got a call from Gov. Chiles, Mr. McAndrew said in his Esquire account. He said, Listen, its too bad we had that mess. That really hurt. We gotta get the needle out. Mr. McAndrew said Gov. Chiles dispatched him to Texas to study that states method of lethal injection. The Medina incident attracted international attention and howls of predictable outrage from opponents of the DEATHFrom page 1BUTTERWORTH TAFERO CHILES MARTINEZ DOBBERT MCANDREW MEDINA People who wish to commit murder, they better not do it in the state of Florida, because we may have a problem with our electric chair. Bob Butterworth former states attorney general FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONSLethal injection (top) has been the preferred method of execution since it was allowed in 2000. A Death Row corridor (above) and an electric chair built in 1998 (right) to replace Old Sparky.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NEWS A9death penalty and assorted other dogooders. But Florida being Florida, after all viewed the imbroglio from its own idiosyncratic perspective. Perhaps only in the Sunshine State could a publicly financed immolation be seen as a boon to the tourist industry. Orlando attorney John (For the People) Morgan the omnipresent, moon-faced television pitchman for his law firm, Morgan & Morgan certainly saw it as such. Just months after the Medina debacle, Mr. Morgan purchased a mock electric chair that resembled Old Sparky at an amusement park trade show and placed it at the WonderWorks attraction in Orlando. Mr. Morgan said he personally opposed the death penalty, and he said he understood why some people found the notion of a faux Old Sparky to be creepy. Still, he insisted it was all in good fun. Ill tell you what people really loved was watching their friends in it, he was quoted as saying. A WonderWorks press release said the chair shocks guests as they strap in for a jolting experience. To more closely replicate Mr. Medinas fiery denouement, the chair emitted smoke. By 1999, Old Sparky after 75 years on the job and 266 executions was gone. Its replacement was christened by a 350-pound murderer named Allen Lee Davis, who was known to the denizens of Death Row as Tiny. Tinys morbid obesity hastened Old Sparkys retirement. It was feared that the age-old death device might collapse under his formidable weight, sending live wires dancing hither and yon across the floor of the death chamber. Prison officials proudly announced that the new electric chair was especially modified to accommodate the condemned mans enormous girth. If Tiny was worried about any possible glitches in his execution, it was not reflected in his appetite. He remained a steadfast trencherman to the very end, consuming an epic last meal of a lobster tail, eight ounces of fried shrimp, six ounces of fried clams, fried potatoes and a quart of root beer. (The state no longer countenances Michelin-style final meals. The cost of these repasts is capped at a fairly generous $40, and all provisions must be purchased locally, the Department of Corrections reports.) To the relief of the execution team, the new, reinforced chair held up just fine. Still, that did not prevent the affair from turning into a bloody mess. For Florida Supreme Court Justice Leander Shaw, it was the final straw. He said that Mr. Davis had been brutally tortured to death by the citizens of Florida. Looking back at Floridas string of bungled executions, Justice Shaw decried them as barbaric spectacles and said they were acts more befitting a violent murderer than a civilized state. To appease critics, the Florida Legislature in 2000 gave death row inmates a dismal choice: lethal injection or electrocution? Unsurprisingly, no one has opted for the latter, thus making Tiny Davis the answer to the trivia question, Who was the last person to die in Floridas electric chair? The move to lethal injection did not solve Floridas problems. In 2006, the execution of Angel Nieves Diaz (aka the Daddy of Death) went hopelessly awry when needles used to administer the deadly chemicals were not inserted properly. As a result, 34 minutes were required to kill Mr. Diaz more than twice the time it should have taken. This is further proof of the broken death-penalty system in Florida, Mark Elliott, executive director of Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, said in the wake of the Diaz fiasco. Florida has no business in executions. AS OF MID-SEPTEMBER, Florida and Texas had executed seven inmates, trailing only Missouri with eight for the most executions this year. Since Mr. Spenkelink was killed in 1979, Florida has executed 88 inmates, which, again as of mid-September, falls behind Virginia (110), Oklahoma (111) and Texas (515!). Last year, Floridas execution total was seven, which was second to Texass 16. Florida seems to be going in the opposite direction of other states, says Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, D.C. Instead of figuring out whats gone wrong, Florida only seems interested in (speeding the pace of executions). Mr. Dieter posits that Floridas death policies are based on the politics of the situation, rather than a rise in crime. Yeah, its all politics, says Hilliard Moldof, a Fort Lauderdale defense attorney with extensive experience in capital cases. Whether anyone wants to admit it, the fact is we are still a redneck state. The problem is that no one wants to touch (the reform issue), says Dr. Dobbert, the FGCU professor. Certainly, no one in the legislature wants to touch it. They have wealthy constituents who say, Kill em. We dont want (prisoners) to escape and kill my kids. Those are the people (legislators) listen to. The shortcomings of Floridas death procedures are so egregious that an article in The Daily Beast a few months back contained this remarkable sentence, Florida has joined North Korea and Iran as a major concern for Amnesty Internationals death penalty campaigners. There have been piddling attempts to address the inadequacies of the states capital system. The legislature in 1997 created the Florida Commission on Capital Cases. The ostensible purpose of the commission was to review the administration of justice in death cases. It also served as a repository of information about the death penalty. This proved to be more than lawmakers could stomach. Legislators abolished the commission in 2011 and repealed the law that created it. Gov. Rick Scott signed that legislation, and it was triumphantly announced that the state saved $400,000 by getting rid of the commission. The touchstone for reforming the death penalty in Florida is a withering 2006 study produced by the American Bar Association. The report was written by Florida-based experts. The eight-person ABA team included an elected state attorney, a former public defender and a former Florida Supreme Court chief justice. The study took no stance on the death penalty per se; its lone intent was to make recommendations on how the existing system could be improved. The team has concluded that the state of Florida fails to comply or is only in partial compliance with many of these recommendations and that many of the shortcomings are substantial, the study pointed out. More specifically, the team is convinced that there is a need to improve the fairness and accuracy in the death penalty system. Among the myriad problems outlined in the study were discrepancies in sentencing that were based on race and geography, the lack of adequate defense counsel in many cases, a lack of transparency in the clemency process, the DIETER SHAW DIAZ DAVIS MORGAN SCOTT COURTESY PHOTOThe Florida Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Timely Justice Act, which speeds up the process of scheduling executions for Death Row inmates. General facts>> Means of execution:In January 2000, the Florida Legislature passed legislation that allows lethal injection as an alternative method of execution in Florida. Florida administers executions by lethal injection or electric chair at the execution chamber located at Florida State Prison. The three-legged electric chair was constructed from oak by Department of Corrections personnel in 1998 and was installed at Florida State Prison in Raiford in 1999. The previous chair was made by inmates from oak in 1923 after the Florida Legislature designated electrocution as the of cial mode of execution. (Prior to that, executions were carried out by counties, usually by hanging.) >> First executed inmate:Frank Johnson was the rst inmate executed in Floridas electric chair on Oct. 7, 1924. In 1929 and from May 1964 to May 1979 there were no executions in Florida.>> Witnesses:The department relies on the Florida Press Association and the Florida Association of Broadcasters to select 10 of the 12 pool reporters who may witness an execution (two places are always reserved for the Associated Press and United Press International-Radio). >> Death Watch cells:A Death Row cell is 6-by-9-by-9.5-feet high. Florida State Prison also has Death Watch cells to incarcerate inmates awaiting execution after the Governor signs a death warrant for them. A Death Watch cell is 12-by-7-by-8.5-feet high. Men on Death Row are housed at Florida State Prison in Raiford and Union Correctional Institution in Raiford. The women on Death Row are housed at Lowell Annex in Lowell.>> Meals:Death Row inmates are served meals three times a day: at 5 a.m., from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Food is prepared by prison staff and transported in insulated carts to the cells. Inmates are given sporks with their meals and they eat from the provided tray. Prior to execution, an inmate may request a last meal. To avoid extravagance, the food to prepare the last meal must cost no more than $40 and must be purchased locally.>>Visitors:All inmate visitors must be approved before visitation is allowed. Questions regarding an inmates visiting day(s), visiting hours, and special visits should be directed to the Classi cation Of cer responsible for the inmate at the inmates assigned facility. Questions may be sent by letter, email or by telephone. Members of the news media may request Death Row inmate interviews through the Department of Corrections Communications Of ce at (850) 488-0420. The inmate must agree to the interview and the interview will be non-contact.>> Showers:The inmates may shower every other day.>> Security:Death Row inmates are counted at least once an hour. They are escorted in handcuffs and wear them everywhere except in their cells, the exercise yard and the shower. They are in their cells at all times except for medical reasons, exercise, social or legal visits or media interviews. When a death warrant is signed the inmate is put under Death Watch status and is allowed a legal and social phone call.>> Mail, Magazines & Entertainment:Inmates may receive mail every day except holidays and weekends. They may have snacks, radios and 13-inch televisions in their cells. They do not have cable television or air-conditioning and they are not allowed to be with each other in a common room. They can watch church services on closed-circuit television. While on Death Watch, inmates may have radios and televisions positioned outside their cell bars. Source: Florida Department of Corrections Yeah, its all politics ... Whether anyone wants to admit it, the fact is we are still a redneck state. Hilliard Moldof, a Fort Lauderdale defense attorney with extensive experience in capital casesSEE DEATH, A10


CLEAN WATER. MORE FISH.2014 Presented byWayne A. Meland Dr. Jensen Dr. Carr90 Cypress Way E, Suite 20, Naples, FL 34110239-596-5771 E x p e e r i e e n c e e th e D i e r e e n c e A10 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYimposition of the death penalty on people with severe mental disability and persistent and widespread confusion among jurors in capital cases. The ABA team emphasized that Florida is the only state in which a jury can recommend a death sentence based on a mere majority (7-5) vote. All other capital states, except Alabama, require a unanimous vote. Alabama, however, insists on a super majority vote of at least 10-2 when imposing a death mandate. In 2005, the Florida Supreme Court addressed this issue and urged policymakers to revisit unanimity in capital cases. Then-Gov. Jeb Bush said the question was definitely worth considering and counseled the legislature to consider the courts suggestion. Per usual, Floridas lawgivers have refused to confront the unanimity matter or any of the other recommendations set forth in the ABA study. (The Florida Supreme Court, though, did take it upon itself to modify jury instructions in death cases, as recommended in the ABA study.) In place of substantive reform, lawmakers last year cranked out a controversial piece of legislation known as the Timely Justice Act, which aims to speed a condemned prisoners journey to the death chamber. The act requires the clerk of the Florida Supreme Court to alert the governor when an inmate on death row has exhausted his initial state and federal appeals. The legislation compels the governor to sign a death warrant for such an inmate within 30 days. The governor is further required to order the warden at the Florida State Prison to schedule an execution within 180 days. The average stay on Floridas Death Row (about 13 years) is nearly two years shorter than national average (roughly 15 years). Proponents of the TJA presuppose that quicker executions will enhance the death penaltys deterrence factor and also save the state money. Dr. Dobbert says anyone arguing deterrence is muddling facts. To say (the death penalty) is a deterrent is simply false, he says. There are enough studies out there that show it is not a deterrent. This is because most murders are crimes of passion, impulsive. As to costs, Forbes magazine examined the economics of the death penalty and determined that trials of capital cases are more expensive and take much more time to resolve than those in which a sentence of life in prison without parole is sought. Moreover, the magazine noted that it costs more to house death penalty prisoners. This assertion was supported by a report released in February by The Kansas Judicial Council, which studied the costs of housing a death-row inmate and found that they were about double the amount spent on a prisoner in the general population. The ACLU contends that sentencing someone to death is three times more expensive than sentencing them to life without parole. The TJA cleared an initial legal hurdle in June of this year when the Florida Supreme Court unanimously upheld the measure. Justice R. Fred Lewis opinion said, in part, that the TJA does not directly restrict or regulate the procedural mechanisms of the judicial process because it does not alter the timelines of capital postconviction proceedings. During the legislative debate on the TJA, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach), who sponsored the bill in the House, said, Only God can judge, but we sure can set up the meeting. Later, after Gov. Rick Scott had signed the legislation, Rep. Gaetz took to Twitter, where he wrote, Several on Death Row need to start picking out their last meals. Hyperbole aside, it is unclear how the TJA ultimately will affect the 388 men and five women who currently await execution in Florida. Mark Elliott of the Tampa-based Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty says the legislation may be more symbolic than substantive. He points out that the clemency process still applies, which means that the final decision remains in the hands of the governor. The New York Times took a look at the TJA and concluded that (Floridas) indisputably defective death penalty system is made more horrifying by attempts to rush inmates to execution. (O)ne would wonder why the governor signed the bill in the first place, Stephen Harper, a professor at Florida International University and an expert on the states death laws, told the News Service of Florida. It would seem to be FLORIDA PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY PHOTOJack Palmer, prison trustee, allows himself to be strapped into the death chair in a scene from the 1932 film The Last Mile.(O)ne would wonder why the governor signed the bill in the first place. It would seem to be nothing more than (Gov. Scott) kowtowing to his constituency without any substance. Stephen Harper, a professor at Florida International University and an expert on the states death lawsSEE DEATH, A11 DEATHFrom page 9


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PELICAN MARSH. 2590 Northbrooke Plaza Drive, Suite 103, Naples, FL 34119 Located on the corner of I-75 and Immokalee Road OVERWEIGHT?Naples Weight Loss & WellbeingLose up to 30 pounds in 30 days! $249 FOUR-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Offer Includes: Complete comprehensive review of BMI, BMR, total body fat percent, waist-to-hip ratio, lean vs. fat body mass, 30 days of diet supplements, plus 3 laser-lipo treatments and a B-12 shot *Must call before 10/23/14 and mention Florida Weekly when booking to receive offer ($699 value). A12 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYPENALVER LINDSEY MOSEY There is no doubt in my mind that the Timely Justice Act will lead to innocent people being executed ... I learned firsthand that the justice system does not have a secure error margin. Herman Lindsey, the 23rd of Floridas 24 exonerationsDEATHFrom page 10nothing more than (Gov. Scott) kowtowing to his constituency without any substance. Florida leads the nation in the number of condemned inmates who have been exonerated and freed from death row, which troubles those who oppose the TJA. Since 1973, there have been 146 exonerations nationwide, and Florida has accounted for 24 of them, the Death Penalty Information Center says. Foes of the TJA fear it will dramatically increase the odds that innocent inmates will be executed. Herman Lindsey was the 23rd of Floridas 24 exonerations. Mr. Lindsey was convicted and sentenced to death in 2007 for the murder of an employee at a pawn shop in Broward County. The Florida Supreme Court unanimously overturned the conviction in 2009, and Mr. Lindsey was set free. In tossing out the conviction, the justices said that the prosecution could not place Mr. Lindsey at the scene of the crime and that all of the states evidence was circumstantial. The evidence here is equally consistent with a reasonable hypothesis of innocence, the opinion stated. Speaking by telephone from Pompano Beach, where he now lives, the 41-year-old Mr. Lindsey who has a substantial history of arrests and convictions for serious criminal offenses says his initial reaction to the guilty verdict in the murder case was disbelief. I was wondering how in the world this happened, he says. I wasnt even there. There is no doubt in my mind that the Timely Justice Act will lead to innocent people being executed, he continues. I learned firsthand that the justice system does not have a secure error margin. Although he was exonerated, Mr. Lindsey says the murder conviction remains on his record, making it nearly impossible to secure employment. I can explain all day that I was exonerated, but that murder conviction still shows, he says. I know what people are thinking. They are wondering if I really did it. They are wondering if I just got lucky on appeal. I understand their thought process. So, getting a job, or even a place to live, is rough. I cut grass, pick up cans, do whatever I need to do to survive. Mr. Lindsey has sought financial compensation from the state for his stay on Death Row, but he says his claims have been denied because of his lengthy rap sheet. The exoneration did not convince everyone of Mr. Lindseys innocence. In a statement given to the now-defunct Florida Commission on Capital Cases, David Frankel, the prosecuting attorney in Mr. Lindseys case, said, I doubt anyone connected with this case would argue loudly for Mr. Lindseys actual innocence and deny that he got away with murder. Seth Penalver also was exonerated while awaiting execution. Mr. Penalver was charged with participating in a home invasion in Miramar in 1994 that resulted in three murders. His first trial ended in 1998 with jurors deadlocked 10-2 in favor of conviction. Mr. Penalver was tried again in 1999, and he was convicted this time and shuttled to death row. The Florida Supreme Court reversed that conviction. Mr. Penalver was tried a third time in 2012 and found not guilty of all charges. Hilliard Moldof, Mr. Penalvers lawyer, believes his client might have been executed had the TJA been in force. Mr. Moldof, who spent 18 years working on Mr. Penalvers case, says that something like (the TJA) can really put (possible exonerations) in jeopardy. Mr. Moldof says Mr. Penalver, like Mr. Lindsey, finds it difficult to land a job because of the murder conviction. But, he says, Mr. Penalver has stayed out of trouble. Hes blended back into society. The attorney stoutly maintains that Mr. Penalver was wrongly convicted and did not commit the murders that were laid to him. As in Mr. Lindseys case, some do not believe that exoneration automatically confers innocence. Following Mr. Penalvers acquittal, a sister of one of the victims told a reporter, This guy is a murderer, and they let him out. In the case of Frank Lee Smith, though, there is no disputing that an innocent man was condemned to death. In 1986, Mr. Smith was convicted of raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl in Fort Lauderdale. Gov. Bob Martinez signed a death warrant for Mr. Smith in 1989, but a stay kept him out of the electric chair. Mr. Smith died in prison in 2000 from pancreatic cancer. He had languished on Death Row for 14 years. Eleven months after his death, DNA testing results conclusively proved Mr. Smiths innocence and identified the true murderer as Eddie Lee Mosey, a convicted serial killer and rapist. Although the tide runs swiftly against those advocating reform or outright abolition of the death penalty, Mr. Elliott of Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty professes to be hopeful. One encouraging sign, he says, is that more conservatives and libertarians are having second thoughts about capital punishment. Because the legislature is unwilling to discuss or consider even rudimentary reforms and because there is no public clamor demanding that it do so, The New York Times echoing the views of many sees little cause for optimism. In an editorial published last year, The Times declared, The flaws in Floridas (death) systemcannot be fixed.


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Sign up at The 2014 RedSnook Catch and Release Charity Tournament takes place Friday-Sunday, Oct. 24-26, to benefit water quality protection efforts and game fish research conducted by Conservancy of Southwest Florida. For the full schedule and registration details, visit The Naples North Rotary Club sponsors the Sunset & Suds 5K fun run starting at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24. The course begins at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Gulf Shores Drive and ends near the Turtle Club, ending up on the beach with paella, island music and cold beer. Proceeds will provide essentials for the women and children at the Shelter for Abused Women & Children. For more information visit Miracle Limbs-Courage in Motion benefits from the Frank Rostron Golf Invitational set for Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25-26, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. 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For more information, call 495-4915 or visit The annual Jolley Be Good 5k Run-Walk that crosses the Jolley Bridge to Marco Island takes place Sunday morning, Nov. 16. Start time is 7:30 a.m. at Veterans Park on Marco. Organized by Gulf Coast Runners, the race benefits the Marco Island Parks & Recreation Department. Registration is $18 before Oct. 12 and $23 thereafter. Call 642-0575 or visit The Gulf Coast Runners second annual Turkey Trot 5K sets out from Cambier Park at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 27. Free parking and a bike corral managed by Naples Cyclery for anyone who pedals to the race. Naples Cyclery is committing $1 for every Turkey Trot participant to help purchase bicycles for St. Matthews House; Moes Southwest Grill will donate 1 pound of rice/beans to SMH for each participant. Registration is $25 through Oct. 31, $30 until Nov. 26 and $40 on race day. There will be a free 1-mile run for ages 7-14 and a free 100-yard dash for ages 6 and younger. Sign up at The Naples Pathways Coalition hosts the 10th annual Iron Joe Turkey Ride the morning of Sunday, Nov. 30, and the ninth annual Naples Bike Brunch on Sunday morning, Jan. 25, at Lowdermilk Park. Call 777-7718 or visit or for more information as the dates draw near. I will take pictures of your...Business Family Gathering Holiday or Bir thday Party Gala Ball Auction and more!(c) PAPARAZI / www.fotosearch.comEvent Stephen@medianaples.comin Naples


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A18 WEEK OF OCT. 16-22, 2014 MEET THE DOCTORSJUNE 27th, 5-7p.m.LEARN ABOUT: OUR NEW COSMETIC LASER TECHNOLOGY *Cynosure will pay for a portion of all patients that sign up for their laser treatments FORT MYERS/CAPE CORAL/NAPLES 877-UFIRSTHEALTH 239.243.8222 12640 World Plaza Lane, Building 71 Fort Myers, FL 33907 Anne Lord-Tomas D.O.FACOOGCOSMETO-GYNECOLOGY Bioidentical Hormones/Pellets Labiaplasty/Vaginaplasty Labial Puff SmartLipo Liposuction Botox/Fillers U FIRST SURGICAL CENTER AAAASF CERTIFIED FACILITY MAKING QUALITY COSMETIC SURGERY AFFORDABLE WITH ONE ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE Robert E. Tomas D.O.FACOSCOSMETIC SURGERYSmartLipo Liposuction Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Precision Neck Lift Male Breast Reduction Botox/Fillers Our mission is to make patient satisfaction a priority amongst your beauty needs and to make your journey as stress-free as possible. BEFOREAFTER BEFOREAFTER BEFOREAFTER YOUR SMARTLIPO LASER CENTER SmartLipo Liposuction Abdomen, Hip Rolls, Back & Thighs Only 1 Treatment, Local SedationPrecision Treatment for Sagging Necks Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local Sedation Treatment GYNECOMASTIA (Man Breasts) Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local SedationCOSMETO-GYNECOLOGY LABIAPLASTY VAGINAL TIGHTENING LABIAL PUFF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES here Health Meets eautyW B LOOK AND FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!Neck LazerLift is here.Come learn about our minimally invasive lower face lift. 11/8/2014 at 11:30am-2:00PMEXCLUSIVE EVENT WILL BE HELD AT CRU BELL TOWER RSVP TODAY @ 239.243.8222 Watch out on the road Heres where Collier County Sheriffs Office traffic enforcement deputies will be the week of Oct. 20-24: Monday, Oct. 20 Donna Street and Radio Road: Redlight running Floridian Avenue: Speeding Airport-Pulling Road at Pelican Marsh Elementary: Speeding Tuesday, Oct. 21 Pine Ridge Road at I-75 northbount exit: Aggressive driving Coronado Parkway and Hunter Boulevard: Speeding Oil Well Road at Corkscrew Middle School: Aggressive driving Wednesday, Oct. 22 Orange Blossom Drive and GoodletteFrank Road: Aggressive driving Vanderbilt Beach Road and Strada Place: Red-light running Piper Boulevard: Speeding Thursday, Oct. 23 Pine Ridge Road and Napa Boulevard: Red-light running Collier and Davis boulevards: Speeding Vanderbilt Drive: Speeding Friday, Oct. 24 U.S. 41 East and Whistlers Cove Circle: Speeding Golden Gate Boulevard at Big Cypress Elementary: Aggressive driving 44th Street Southwest: Seat-belt safety Tune up your driving skills AARP offers classes to help older drivers learn about new traffic laws, refresh their driving skills and reduce their risk for tickets and accidents. Drivers over age 55 might be eligible for a discount on auto insurance. Cost is $15 for AARP members, $20 for others. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the number listed with the session you wish to attend. Heres whats coming up: Tuesday, Oct. 21: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 15600 Tamiami Trail N.; 269-6050, Monday, Oct. 27: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1225 Piper Blvd.; (401) 932-5452. Friday, Nov. 7: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Golden Gate Community Center, 4701 Golden Gate Parkway; 732-5310. Monday, Nov. 10: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1225 Piper Blvd.; 596-6007. Tuesday, Nov. 11: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Germain Toyota, 13315 Tamiami Trail; 269-6050.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 A19 6150 Diamond Centre Court #1300, Fort Myers, Florida 239.344.9786 Surgical Practice Specializing in Bariatric Surgery, Body Contouring after Weight Loss, Advanced Laparoscopic-AntiRe ux and General Surgery Our highly trained staff ensures you the best bariatric care. Amy Phipps, ARNP Were proud to announce our Bariatric Surgical Nurse Practitioner and Program Coordinator, Amy Phipps, has earned Certi ed Bariatric Nurse credentials from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). She is an especially caring professional as she herself has had bariatric surgery and shares her personal experience with patients. Moses K. Shieh DO, FACOS FREE SEMINARon the latest in weight loss (Bariatric) surgerySaturday, Oct. 25 at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 5:30 p.m.Please call to register. John G. Raheb DO, FACS TH www.Ligh Naples 239.775.5100, 4600 Tamiami Tr. E. Bonita Springs 239.949.2544, 28801 S. Tamiami Tr. Fort Myers 239.322.5488, 12879 S. Cleveland Ave. Outdoor Styles Contemporary Tropical Bionic shoesPolice in Japans Kyoto Prefecture raided a shoe manufacturer in July and commandeered a list of about 1,500 purchasers of the companys signature tosatsu shoes shoes with builtin cameras. Investigators have begun visiting the purchasers at home to ask that they hand in the shoes (but, out of fairness, said they would not cause trouble for customers who could produce a legitimate reason for needing to take photographs and video by pointing their shoe at something). The seller was charged with aiding voyeurism and fined the equivalent of about $4,500 under a nuisance-prevention law. The entrepreneurial spirit Doris Carvalho of Tampa, is raising venture capital to expand her hobby of crafting high-end handbags from groomed, recycled dog hair (two pounds worth for each bag). With investors, she could lower her costs and the $1,000 price tag, since it now takes 50 hours labor to make the yarn for her haute couture accessory. Among the suggestions of the Brisbane, Australia, company Pets Eternal for honoring a deceased pet (made to a reporter in September): keeping a whisker or tooth or lock of hair, or having the remains made into jewelry or mixed with ink to make a tattoo. Overlooked was a new project by the Houston space-flight company Celestis, known for blasting human ashes into orbit (most famously those of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry). Celestis, working with a California company, will soon offer to shoot pets remains into orbit ($995) or perhaps even to the moon ($12,000). The continuing crisis Ontarios top court rejected Bryan Teskeys complaint in August over how Roman Catholics continue to be discriminated against by the laws of British royal succession. Even though Ontario (along with many Commonwealth countries) recently removed some aspects of bias (ending the ban on the royal familys marrying Catholics), Mr. Teskey pointed out that Canadian Catholics still do not have a fair shot at becoming king or queen (although Mr. Teskey did not claim that he, personally, had been a candidate). Names in the News: (1) One of the three suspects in an August arrest for making fraudulent purchases at a Jupiter, Fla., shop: Ms. Cherries Waffles Tennis, 19. (2) The president of the Alabama Public Service Commission (who invoked prayer in July as the most effective way to fight federal restrictions on coal-fired power plants): Ms. Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh. (3) The investigator for the Ohio state auditors office who was ordered by his supervisor in July to end a romantic relationship with another government official: Jim Longerbone. Venezuela, already in a recession, suffered a particularly cruel blow (according to a September Associated Press dispatch from Caracas) with the recent shortage in availability of breast implants for its beauty-obsessed senoritas. Restrictive currency controls are limiting enhancement surgeries from the 85,000 performed last year and, according to a local joke, will force Venezuelan women to start developing their personalities. (However, according to leading surgeon Dr. Daniel Slobodianik, when potential patients are told their preferred size implant is back-ordered, many merely choose the next-largest available size.) But Its About Safety, Not Money: On the same day in September, Washington, D.C., and New York City made traffic-camera announcements, with Washington declaring a revenue crisis and New York revealing that just one speed camera in Brooklyn had earned the city $77,550 in a single day. The District of Columbia had projected $93 million in annual camera income, but estimated it would collect only $26 million, while New York City, which has many fewer cameras, was marveling at the 1,551 tickets the Brooklyn camera zapped on July 7. NEWS OF THE WEIRDBY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE F. Rick Palmon, M.D. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE LASIK CONSULTATION!The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of, and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, or reduced fee service, examination and treatment. All Laser Lasik Bausch & Lomb Technolas/Victus State-of-the-Art Technology $1,000 OFF LASIK ($500.00 per eye) Offer good through November 30, 2014 Cannot be combined with any other offer. SWFLEYE.COM Nina Nordgren, M.D.


A20 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certied Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certied eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 10/31/2014Naples Bonita Springs CLUB NOTES Corvettes of Naples hosts the annual Vette Together for Charity open car and truck show from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, at Harbour Plaza, 1 mile south of Alico Road on U.S. 41 in south Fort Myers. Register from 8-11 a.m. on the day of the show ($25) or in advance at ($20). For more information, call Glenn Hutchinson at 910-2027. The Naples Christian Womens Connection invites area women to a luncheon beginning at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7, at Quail Creek Country Club, 13300 Valewood Drive. Guest speaker Marilyn Nase will discuss Rebellion to Radical Restoration. Music will be provided by Nancy Diller, Gordon Bleich and Marija Sommer. Guests are encouraged to bring something to exchange in the Swap n Shop. Cost is $23. Call 592-0229 for reservations. For more information, visit The Naples Womans Club holds its annual Holiday Boutique from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, in the clubhouse at 560 Park St. in downtown Naples. Admission is free. A percentage of all sales will benefit Providence House. For more information, call Raenell Murray at 5300765 or email The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is Oct. 16. Call 963-4670 for location. The Big Cypress Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution holds its next meeting at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 17, at the Country Club of Naples. Todd Turrell will present Naples Waterfront: Changes in Time, a look at how the coast of Collier County has changed over the course of hundreds of years. Cost is $25 and includes lunch. DAR members and guests are welcome. Reservations are required and can be made by calling Madonna Crame at 455-7295. The Democratic Womens Club of Collier County welcomes members and guests to its meetings from 10 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday of the month in the Walden Oaks Professional Center, 6710 Lone Oak Blvd. The next meeting is Oct. 18. For more information, email Kiwanis Club of East Naples and the East Naples Kiwanis Florida Foundation invite the public to their seventh annual mystery dinner from 5-8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18, at Naples Lakes Country Club. The evening includes an interactive murder mystery, Fall Magic: Its Quicker Than the Eye, along with social hour (cash bar), a silent auction and dinner. Tickets are $75, with proceeds supporting Kiwanis programs for the youth of East Naples. For reservations or more information, call Nancy Markham at 7742898 or the message line at 403-5437.The Naples Italian American Foundation holds its season-opening gala from 5-10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19, at its renovated and redecorated headquarters at 7035 Airport-Pulling Road. Entertainment for the black-tie dinner evening will be by longtime Naples songstress Jebry. Tickets are $75 for members, $50 for others. For reservations to the gala or for more information about upcoming program and activities, call 597-5210 and press 2.The Naples Civitan Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road. Nery Kircher is president. The next meetings are Oct. 22 and Nov. 12. The newly chartered Marco Island Civitan Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at Marios Restaurant at 845 Bald Eagle Drive. The next meetings are Oct. 28 and Nov. 11. The international service club focuses on assisting people with developmental disabilities and finding the cause, cure and better treatments of brain disorders including autism, Alzheimers disease and Down syndrome. For more information about the local clubs, call 774-2623 or email Celebrating Holidays, the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs District IX Flower Show chaired by Roberta Ross, president-elect of the Naples Garden Club, takes place from 1-4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 10450 Corkscrew Commons Drive in Estero. The show is open to the public and admission is free. For more information visit The Collier County Stamp Club meets from 7-9 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Naples Airport Office Building, 200 Aviation Drive. The next meeting is Oct. 23. Stamp trading will follow the program. All stamp enthusiasts are welcome. For more information, call 348-9845.Naples Nites Lions Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road at Interstate-75. The next meetings are Oct. 28 and Nov. 11. All current and former Lions are welcome. For more information, call Dan Sams at 352-2827. The Naples base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans (USSVI) meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the American Legion Post 303, 27678 Imperial Shores Blvd. in Bonita Springs. The next meeting is Oct. 28. Membership is open to active duty and retired submariners who have earned the Qualified in Submarines designation. The local USSVI base commander is John Dykhuis of Naples. For more information, visit naples.asp. Naples Newcomers Club welcomes women who have moved to the area within the past five years. In addition to a monthly luncheon, members get together to explore Naples and to enjoy a variety of interests, from books to bridge and mah-jongg to gourmet cooking and conversations over coffee. A coffee for prospective new members takes place on the first Thursday of each month. For more information, call 298-4083 or visit Coastal Chess clubs in Naples and Marco Island welcome players of all levels for casual games and occasional tournaments. Marco meetings are from 9 a.m. to noon every Monday at the Lutheran Church, 525 N. Collier. Naples meetings are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday in the clubhouse at Moorings Park, off Goodlette-Frank Road just south of Pine Ridge Road. For more information, call Wade Keller at 38 9-2525, email or visit Toastmasters International teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. Guests are always welcome. Local Toastmasters chapters, meeting times and locations include: Bonita Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. every second and fourth Wednesday at the Bonita Springs Fire Station, 27701 Bonita Grande Drive. For more information, call Pamela Houze at (214) 355-6069. Collier Communique Club: 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Call Robert Rizzo at (407) 493-8584. Marco Island Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Centennial Bank, 645 Elkcam Circle, Marco Island. E-mail Chris Pritchard at colliertoastmasters@gmail. com. Naples Sunrise Bay Toastmasters Club: 7:30 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday in Moss Hall at Moorings Presbyterian Church, 791 Harbour Drive. Call Steve McCann at 777-8851. Naples Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday at Naples General Aviation Center, 200 Aviation Drive N. Call Dorian Ray at 260-4709 or email Toast of the Coast Toastmasters Club: Noon on the second and fourth Friday at the American Cancer Society, 5020 Tamiami Trail N. Call Marianne Oehser at 434-9900. Naples Advanced Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Email Christine Cargnoni at This club has prerequisites for membership. Email club news to Cindy Pierce at FreedomBoatClub.com877.804.0402 Its everything you imagine boating should be! Were Celebrating 25 Years...AND YOURE INVITED!Stop b y our open house and celebrate with r e fr e shm e nts and a fun b o at rid e OPEN HOUSE SPECIALBring this ad and receive 6 MONTHS FREE when you JOIN our boating club!Saturday, October 18 10am 4pmBONITA SPRINGS 26107 Hickory Blvd.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 A21 IS YOUR ROOF HURRICANE-READY?Office: (239) 465-2646 | Toll Free: (800) 578-0035 | Fax: (239) 228-5789 2900 Horseshoe Drive South #1100, Naples, Florida 34104 castillaroofing.usNo Questions Asked Guaranteed!Castilla Roofing is committed to a no fuss experience, making sure that all work is completed at the highest level of quality and finished on time with a fixed price, which means no hidden add-ons at the end of the job. All Our Roofing Services Come With a 10-Year Guarantee On Our WorkmanshipMetal Roofs | Tile Roofs | Shingle Roofs | Slate Roofs | Roof Repair Skylights | Aluminum Fascia & Gutters | Soffit | Custom Sheet Metal General Roof Condition Debris on Roof Drainage Physical Damage Structural Deformation Fascia Soffit Flashing Gutters/Drains Skylights Chimneys/Vents FREEROOFINSPECTION CALLING ALL ALUMNI Members of the Naples IOWA Club invite University of Iowa Hawkeyes fans to join them at Weekend Willies to watch the seasons football games. Up next is the Oct. 18 game against the University Maryland Terrapins, with kickoff at noon. Ohio State University alums and fans are welcome to join the Naples Buckeyes alumni club for OSU football at the following locations in Naples on every game day: Bokampers Sports Bar and Grille, Stevie Tomatos Sports Page, Harolds Place at the Gulfcoast Inn and Gatsbys Pizza. The Oct. 18 game against Rutgers starts at 3:30 p.m. The club also invites fellow alumni to happy hour from 5-6:30 p.m. at rotating locations on the third Thursday of every month. The Oct. 16 location is Bellasera Hotel. RSVP by calling Sue Goldsberry at 405-7068 or emailing suegold181@aol. com. The Naples Buckeyes are also planning their annual Welcome Back Party from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 6, at Wells Fargo Private Bank in Mercato. For more information about the club, visit The Cornell Alumni Association of Southwest Florida invites members and other alumni to the annual Zincks Night celebration starting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, at Bayside in the Village on Venetian Bay. Reservations, although not required, can be made by calling Jon Peter Vollmer at 250-9414 or emailing jon.vollmer@sothebysrealty. com. Pi Beta Phi alumnae are invited to join the alumnae club of Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island for monthly luncheons, social mixers and other events. The next luncheon is set for Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club. Guest speaker Diane Ketchum is an award-winning New York Times columnist and author. Reservations and advance payment are required. For more information, contact chapter president Donna Issenmann by calling (919) 612-1217 or emailing The Naples area chapter of Gamma Phi Beta alumnae meets regularly for lunch and a program at a variety of venues in Collier and Lee counties. All Gamma Phi Betas who are living in or visiting Southwest Florida are welcome. For more information, call 594-8420. The Naples alumnae club of Kappa Kappa Gamma welcomes all alumnae in Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island to another season of activities. For the schedule of meetings and activities and more information, call 293-2468. Alpha Delta Pi alumnae are invited to join the ADPi alumnae chapter of Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island for monthly luncheons and occasional evening events held at various area locations. For more information, call 404-3294 or email swflaadpialum@ Email alumni news to cpierce@


A22 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY New Journey Weight Loss has been such a successful program for me! Its far easier than I expected it to be. Lori S. Naples, FL BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER It was easy to follow in real life. You can eat great food, and the staff at New Journey supports you every step of the way. Lisa B. Naples, FLOffer good with a complete weight loss program. Certain restrictions apply. Get Started package consists of one month of essential minerals, one month of Metabolic B and 3 boxes of Metabolic Nutritional Supplements. Expires October 31, 4759 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103(1/2 mile south of Pine Ridge Road on U.S. 41) Dina Dogum-Smith AADP, CHHC 1 ST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!Now is the time for you to experience a new journey to a new you! CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION239.280.0678 50% OFF GET STARTED PACKAGE PLUS ONE MONTH FREE! 210-seat restaurant with three private dining rooms for day or evening affairs Professional and knowledgeable staff A la carte, prix-xe or customized menus Full bar and an award-winning 500-bottle wine list During the holiday season, its better to give AND receive!Buy $100* in Gift Cards and Receive a FREE $20 Gift Card for You! Locally owned and operated. 239.390.3187 24041 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs (south of Coconut Point, across from The Ship)angelinasofbonitasprings.comHours: Monday-Saturday 4-10 p.m. Sunday 4-9 p.m. Happy Hour: 4-6 p.m. R R e a l l l I t t t a l l l l i i i a a n. *For gift cards purchased through 12/31/14; may not be combined with other offers. Reservations recommended. Let us help brighten your holidays! NOW BOOKING HOLIDAY PARTIES. NATIONAL RECOVERY MONTH AWARDS The David Lawrence Center, Collier Countys comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment facility, celebrated the 25th annual National Recovery Month with a dinner honoring four individuals and organizations for their support of those in recovery in the local community. The honorees were: Vivian Parziale, Master Officer Bill Gonsalves of the Naples Police Department, PAWS Assistance Dogs and Gulf Coast Runners. 1. Bill Gonsalves, Jeannie Bates, Vivian Parziale, Scott Burgess, Deborah Johnson, Dave Levesque, and Bob Carney 2. Katherine Gurierrez and Hillary Gurdella 3. Jeannie Bates, Scott Burgess and Nancy Dauphinais 4. Mackindy Dieu and Irene Zamora-Garcia 5. Dana Jedrick and Keely Lafrinier 6. Capt. Robert Montagano, Chief Tom Weschler, Lisseth Weschler and Lt. Seth Finman 7. Anahi Vivar, Karina Lopez, Polly Whiting, Miche Andre and Starah Heriveaux 8. Angela Parziale and Vivian Parziale 9. Sgt. Leslie Weidenhammer and Lt. George Welch1 1 4 5 6 8 7 9 2 3 COURTESY PHOTOS


Your complete satisfaction is my first and foremost priorityTONY LEEBER SR.Owner/ContractorFORT MYERS SHOWROOM14680 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 2239-674-0560Mon-Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm NAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560Mon-Sat 10:00am to 4:00pm CONTACT ONE OF OUR DESIGN CENTERS TODAY!FEATURED ON HOUZZFREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONSOLID SURFACE COUNTER TOPSas low as$19per sq. ft.3CM GRANITE COUNTER TOPSas low as$39per sq. ft. NOW-TO-WOW WHAT IS REFACING? Licensed and Insured General Contractor #CBC1253280 Cornerstone Builders of SW Florida, Inc. $500 Complete Remodeling | New Countertops | Cabinet Refacing | Dream Kitchens | Luxurious Bathrooms 10%OFF REFACING READERS RECEIVE Exceeding Expectations Since 1988


A24 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY We're giving you something to crow about this October with a special 31% savings on Botox Cosmetic at your local Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery office! 31% OFF BOTOXValid October 1 through October 31, 2014. Not valid with any other discount. Restrictions apply. 1-800-591-DERM | HEALTHY LIVINGResearch moves toward a non-allergenic peanut THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDAA University of Florida scientist has moved one step closer to his goal of eliminating 99.9 percent of peanut allergens by removing 80 percent of them in whole peanuts. Scientists must eliminate peanut allergens below a certain threshold for patients to be safe, says Wade Yang, an assistant professor in food science and human nutrition and member of UFs Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. If Mr. Yang can cut the allergens from 150 milligrams of protein per peanut to below 1.5 milligrams, 95 percent of those with peanut allergies would be safe. Its challenging to eliminate all peanut allergens, he says, because doing so risks destroying peanuts texture, color, flavor and nutrition. But hes using novel methods such as pulsed light to reach an allergen level that will protect most people. Mr. Yangs study is published online in the newest issue of the journal Food and Bioprocess Technology. He cautions that he has done peanut allergen experiments only in a laboratory setting so far. He hopes to eventually conduct clinical trials on animals and humans. Dr. Shih-Wen Huang, professor emeritus in the Department of Pediatrics and head of the Pediatric Allergy Clinic at UF Health, is familiar with the UF/IFAS research and has outlined more steps in the peanut allergen research. The first is to see if the allergic antibody in the serum of peanut allergy patients will still bind with the residual allergy protein from the refined peanut products. The second is to see if the refined peanut extract would elicit skintest reactions in peanut allergy patients. The third step would be to conduct a double blind, placebo-controlled test to see if patients develop allergy symptoms after eating the refined products. I am pleased to see their work is progressing well, Dr. Huang says. However, more challenges are waiting until the final products are accepted from the public, especially the patients with peanut allergies. Two years ago, Mr. Yang was using his technique on peanut extract. Hes now testing it on the peanut itself. In his 2012 study, he removed up to 90 percent of the allergic potential from peanut protein extracts. This process proves that pulsed light can inactivate the peanut allergenic proteins and indicates that pulsed light has a great potential in peanut allergen mitigation, he says. About 1.9 million people, or 0.06 percent of U.S. residents, are allergic to peanuts, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health. Reactions can range from skin rashes to anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. Currently, the best way for those allergic to peanuts to stay safe is to avoid them, according to the NIH. Many people carry epinephrine injectors that help offset their allergy symptoms until they reach a hospital. In the latest study, Mr. Yang and his colleagues applied the pulsed ultraviolet light technology to whole peanuts. That makes the findings more useful, because peanut processing usually starts from whole-peanut roasting, after which roasted peanuts are either packaged to sell as whole peanuts or made into peanut butte r. The latest study moves one step closer to the actual production, he says. We all constantly have to improvise when life throws curve balls. Improv comedy techniques can help decrease the stress of dealing with such difficult situations. Learn more at Managing Stress with Improv Comedy, a workshop presented by improv actor and licensed clinical social worker Margot Escott from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31, at Unity of Bonita. Improv techniques are a fun and healing medium to help people tackle conflict and other tough issues because they allow people to be fully in the moment and go with the flow. After all, everyday we use improvisation in our conversations with others; we dont rely on a script, and we dont have to try to be funny. The concept of, Yes, and (always accepting the ideas of others) is the first rule of improv. The second is that there are no wrong ways to improvise. Ms. Escott has practiced psychotherapy in Naples for 30 years and for the past 25 years has lectured locally and nationally about the healing power of humor and the importance of laughter and play. She teaches improv techniques to children and adults and performs with Improv Anonymous at the Centers for the Performing Arts of Bonita Springs. Registration for the two-hour workshop is $20. Unity of Bonita is at 28385 Imperial Parkway in Bonita Springs. Sign up by calling Ms. Escott at 434-6558 or emailing Learn how to ad lib your way through stressNCH strives for 100 percent participation by staff for flu shotThe Hippocratic Oath that health care professionals live by First, do no harm applies not only to our patients but also to ourselves. And at no time during the year is this truer than in flu season. We ask every NCH employee to get a flu shot by Nov. 30 or to wear a facemask when within 6 feet of a patient. In this initiative, we join with 400 health care institutions across the country that are protecting patients, their families and each other as they immunize those who can inadvertently and innocently bring additional illness to those who are already hospitalized. Flu is a wily adversary. Because strains of the virus vary yearly, the flu vaccine is only about 70 percent effective. Nonetheless, by protecting a good portion of the community through immunization, the spread of any communicable disease is greatly diminished. Epidemiologists refer to this community immunity as herd immunity. This same phenomenon offers protection for those few who choose not to get flu shots, perhaps because of an allergy or for religious reasons. Herd immunity protects populations against measles, mumps, pertussis and other contagious diseases. In the recent past, NCH has had an 88 percent flu shot participation rate overall among physicians, employees, students and volunteers. Our goal in protecting those we serve is to have 100 percent participation among everyone who comes near a patient, be they an employee or visiting worker. Influenza is among Americas most pervasive diseases, causing 226,000 hospitalizations, 36,000 deaths, 100 million workdays lost and 32 million absentees every year and resulting in nearly $7 billion in lost wages. It affects 20 percent of our population. Flu vaccine can reduce hospital admissions by 75 percent in people over the age of 50. According to the Centers for Disease Control, however, only 46 percent of Americans chose to get vaccinated against the flu last year, despite the recommendation from the CDC that everyone over 6 months of age should receive the vaccination. The CDC also especially recommends that pregnant women receive the flu vaccine. Helping yourself while helping our community is good for everyone. Serious side effects from the vaccine are very rare, approximately one in 1 million. More commonly, the only side effect is a minor sor eness and rash at the injection site, which disappears on its own in a short time. NCH provides free flu shots for all employees and physicians on the medical staff at convenient locations and times. As we help the members of our Collier County community live longer, happier, and healthier lives, we can also help ourselves do the same.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NEWS A25 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTHBosom Buddies at Waterside Shops Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Cambier Park Blue Celebrates Pink! 8-11 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18 Blue Martini in Mercato Enjoy a pink martini for $10 and a portion of the sales will benefit Brides Against Breast Cancer. Dress in pink and you could win a prize. Info: 591-2583 or Charity Slot Tournament Noon to 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19 Seminole Casino Immokalee Entry is $10 per person, $5 of which goes to Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida and $5 to the prize pool that will be distributed among four players. Must be 21. Info: 658-1313 or The Stiletto Sprint 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 Third Street South A light-hearted, 500-yard race for the entire family to benefit the Garden of Hope & Courage and Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida. Info: 434-6697 or 498-0016 Pin-Up for Pink 6-10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26 Bonita Boat Club, Bonita Springs As You Like It Salon Aveda hosts Pin Up for Pink to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the Bonita Boat Club. Dress in pink, pin-up, retro or military style and you could win a prize. Other fun includes a silent auction and raffles; food from Fresh Market, Casa De Frida and Kristis Key Lime Cookies; dancing; and live entertainment. $45 for one, $70 for two. Info: 949-0500 or asyoulikeitsalonaveda. com. The Pink Heals Tour 4-9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29 Mercato The North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District and other area firefighters and first responders welcome four pink fire trucks from the national Pink Heals tour to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer. Pink Promise Luncheon 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31 The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort The second annual luncheon to benefit Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida features keynote speaker Christine Clifford, author of Not Now Im Having a No Hair Day. Oct. 31 would have been the 70th birthday of Susan G. Komen, who died from breast cancer in 1980 at age 36. Tickets: $150 Info: 498-0016 Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Regular meetings Bosom Buddies support group meetings begin at 7 p.m. on the second and last Wednesday of every month in the Telford Education Center at the NCH downtown campus. Info: 417-4600 or Paragon Theaters At the Pavilion Paragon Theaters at the Pavilion in North Naples believes in pink and proves it this month by donating a portion of the price of every large soda or popcorn purchased to the fight against breast cancer. Info: Sweet Pink Pumps Norman Love Confections 3747 Tamiami Trail N., Naples Miromar Outlets, Estero Throughout October, a portion of every sale of the chocolatiers $28 milk chocolate pink high-heels benefits Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida. BERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Richard Abbazio and Ana Munoz Michelle Borders and Marie Jackson John Long and Pasquale Evangelista Bryan Quinn, Kelly Hyland and Frank Nadotti Nancy Rose and Ann Cassese Naples HIgh School cheerleaders with Florida Weekly Paperboy Josh Maxwell and Kaylin Keller Heather Carrington Pat Rubertone and Ed McCoy Robert Sackett and Chloe Drs. Mark Rubin and Justin Warner Jamie Mandra and Buddy


A26 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Call Us For A FREE ESTIMATE239-357-1177Licensed, Insured, Bonded and Locally OwnedCleanGreenNaples.comFOR DETAILS ON OUR SERVICES, VISIT US AT Customized cleaning packages available. Weekly/monthly agreement discounts. Celebrating Our 26th Year in Naples! Heat Pump Fall Special! 115,000 BTU 7yr warranty for $2,995.00 BY DR. MARTY BECKERUniversal Uclick Dental disease affects an estimated 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats by the time they are 2 years old, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dental problems are about more than bad breath and ugly teeth: Dental disease puts pets at risk for other complications, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and other life-threatening conditions. By the way: Dogs have 42 teeth, humans have 32 and cats have 30. Veterinary students are more likely to struggle with depression than are medical students. Kansas State University found that during the first year of veterinary school, 32 percent of veterinary students showed symptoms of depression compared to 23 percent of medical students. The majority of veterinary students are female, which could play a part in higher depression rates, since national studies show women are two to three times more likely to suffer from depression than are men. In 2011, Guinness World Records named the dog with the longest ears. Harbor, an 8-year-old coonhound, has a left ear measuring 12.25 inches long and a right ear measuring 13.75 inches long. The previous winner was a bloodhound named Tigger with a 13.5-inch left ear and a 13.75-inch right ear. Q&A Q: I am moving with my pets to an apartment. The last time we moved, the dog was fine, but the cat went missing. We found her in our old neighborhood, but theres a freeway between the new place and the old this time. How can we keep her safe? via emailA: The best way to move with your cat is to confine him before and after moving day in a safe room. Choose a room where your cat isnt going to be disturbed, and outfit it with food and water, a litter box, a scratching post, a bed and toys. Confining your cat not only reduces his stress, but also prevents him from slipping out, which is a danger at both the old home and the new. As youve experienced, your cat could easily become scared, take off and get lost, even in his familiar neighborhood, if he gets disoriented. Your cat should be confined in his safe room the day before packing begins, moved to his new home in a carrier, and then confined again in his new safe room until the moving is over, the furniture arranged and most of the dust settled. Trying to force a scared and stressedout cat to do anything he doesnt want to do is hazardous to your health. After you arrive at your new home, dont pull your cat out of his carrier. Instead, put the carrier in his safe room, open the carrier door, and let him come out into the room when he wants to. After hes a little calmer, you can coax him out with some fresh food or treats if you want. But dont rush him and dont drag him out or you may be bitten or scratched. When you have the rest of the house settled, open the door to the safe room and let your cat explore his new home on his terms. If your cat has been an indoor-outdoor pet, moving is the best time to convert him to indoor-only, because he wont fret about territory he never had. The majority of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease as young adults. PET TALESDental issues plague our pets Pets of the Week>>Aires Amore is a neutered, 8-year-old Siamese. He has stunning blue eyes and a friendly temperament. >>Jackson is a neutered, 2-year-old wirehaired dachshund/terrier mix. Hes the perfect size and has the perfect demeanor. >>Notre Dame is a neutered, 2-year-old Siamese mix. Hes a great guy with beautiful markings. >>Tiny Peanut is a neutered toy fox terrier mix whos about 1 years old. Hes a happy little dog whos a real snuggler.To adopt or foster a petThis weeks adoptable pets are from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue, an all-volunteer, foster home rescue organization. For more information, call 434-7480, email or visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NEWS A27 1892 Trade Center Way Naples, Florida 34109 countertopsnaples.com239.431.8394We are loaded with granite and need to reduce our remnants. You pay only for the fabrication. Pick any level 1 from hundreds of in-stock choices, and the material is FREE! THE DIVA DIARIESTaken aback by the earlier and earlier arrival of the snowbirdsWell, that escalated quickly. I seriously missed the part in the past few weeks when ALL of the snowbirds descended on our little corner of Florida in one fell swoop. I was so taken off guard Ive concluded that they came in the night, sneakily and stealthily and then, last Wednesday morning, their leader sounded some sort of high-tech whistling device that only Midwesterners can hear and, BAM!, they all got into their cars, made their way to U.S. 41 and headed straight to Costco, their unofficial headquarters, where they bought in bulk, gassed up their SUVs and feasted on a plethora of free food samples and called them lunch. Im not mad, mind you just taken aback. You see, when its hot and humid and not fall in Southwest Florida, the up side to not getting to enjoy pretty leaves and autumn breezes is that we have no traffic, no long lines and no sense of urgency. The quiet of September and October used to be our little reward for a nearly endless summer; these days, however, our reward time is getting shorter and shorter. Ive lived here a long time, and back in my day, the winter residents didnt arrive until, well, winter. They spent Halloween, Thanksgiving and often even Christmas and New Years with their families up north. They migrated south gently and gradually. But now theyre scurrying down here like speedy little bunnies. I dont get it. Why wouldnt they want to enjoy the season of gourds and hoodies and fuzzy socks? Curious about this, I texted a girlfriend in Minneapolis who told me that theyre not getting much of a fall this year, that the weather is fast-forwarding from summer straight to winter. She even contended with snow flurries recently. Meanwhile, family members in Ohio have reported cold, wet weather and Facebook friends in Michigan are posting selfies in earmuffs and mittens. Obviously, the snowbirds have no interest in gourds or my quiet time. Theyre here. Again, Im not mad. All of a sudden a bunch of friends who were looking for jobs are getting hired (theres that sense of urgency I mentioned). And I understand full well that the influx of northerners seeking sunshine is how weve paid our bills for over a century. For me, the realization came last Wednesday around 3 in the afternoon (usually such a non-eventful hour), when I decided to make the short drive to my neighborhood Publix to pick up a rotisserie chicken. The usual sixminute drive took 20 minutes and I had to park in Sarasota. Once I got there, chickens were at a minimum, and long lines were at a maximum. Friends have reported other signs: Florida license plates are dwindling and northern license plates are everywhere. A buddy had his heel clipped with a cart at The Home Depot. A friend who has a long commute reports an increase in right-hand turns from the left lane. And so on. While heat, traffic and the increased workload that comes with this early season phenomenon might get you down, fret not. Just look at the sparkly side: ONLY 10 MORE SATURDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week STEPHANIE DAVIS / FLORIDA WEEKLY stephanieDAVIS Serving Naples the finest products for over 70 years. All Halloween Gifts & Decor 50% Off Blue Bell Ice Cream $1.29/Pint


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Naples TOP 1 % Experience Counts. Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyPort Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group brings over 28 combined years of experience serving the luxury market of Naples. | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Waldorf at Moorings Beach $1.775 M 3377 Gulf Shore Boulevard North # 3-C Quail West $2.695 M 6447 Highcroft Drive BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 INSIDEOn the MoveWhos going where, doing what on the local business scene. B5 House HuntingA lovely renovation in Moorings for $1,199,000 (above), and a condo at Bayfront for $499,000. B9, 19 Partners for panthersConservancy, Naples Zoo join forces, and more Networking photos. B7-8 Early fall is a popular time to open a restaurant here, time to get the gears running smoothly before people come back from the North en masse. Maybe you are already back or are on your way and if so, drive safely, and bring your appetite and a sense of culinary adventure. Here is a sampling of some of the latest venues to arrive on the gastronomical scene in Southwest Florida, but first some food for thought. There are more than 38,000 restaurants in the state, a 1.2 percent increase from last year, a modest but steady gain. The number of new places to eat has been on the rise in the past five years, as tracked by the commercial real estate firm Investment Properties Corp. Collier County had a net gain of 15 new eateries (the total number of new places minus those that closed), a 1.7 percent jump over 2013, in the fiscal year ending June 30. Lee County netted 36 eateries, up 2.6 percent. Numbers for Charlotte County were not available, although we found fresh offerings there as well, part of a trend toward growth after restaurant numbers started to decline in the recession. Restaurant sales figures are also trending There are now more options than ever Where to eat?BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ EVAN WILLIAMS / FLORIDA WEEKLYA contractor puts the finishing touches on SS Hookers, one of many new restaurants popping up in Southwest Florida.Really 2007 and 2008 were tough years, and 2009 but when you get to 2010 you can see the trends are improving. Craig Timmins, IPC principalSEE EAT, B6


B2 BUSINESS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Top oor beachfront corner residence offering, 4 bedrooms each with full bathroom and nearly 3,000 square feet of air-conditioned living space located south of Doctors Pass. Tremendous, direct, uninterrupted beach, Gulf of Mexico and coastal views. $2,395,000 Residence is situated upon a sunny southern facing 1.25 acre lakefront site. Over 6,500 square feet of air conditioned living space ready for your Naples lifestyle. 5 ensuite bedrooms with full bathrooms, study, formal dining room, large family room and 5-car garage. Every lifestyle is well suited to this home you name it this residence delivers! $3,395,000 When you are thinking of spreading out do not miss this sunny home with 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms plus half bath. 2+ acres, 2003 construction, impact glass windows and doors, high ceilings, 3-car garage and additional detached 2-car garage with 12 doors for outdoor and recreational enthusiasts. Terric privacy and design. $1,495,000 Lives just like your own private beach house! Walk right out to the beach from youra own large and private lanai that directly faces the Gulf and the beach. This renovated 3 bedroom 2 full bathrooms plus half bath residence on Vanderbilt beach lives big. Amazing views, ready to move into. Private garage. $1,850,000 Truly the best of the best have every amenity with beach, boat docks, tennis, pools and views!! This 3 bedroom 3.5 bath residence has favored southern exposure. Wake up in your master suite overlooking uninterrupted direct views of Doctors Pass and the Gulf of Mexico each day. Lots of light and terric oor plan. $1,095,000 btnfrnfFully and gorgeously renovated, long range views of the Gulf of Mexico or Moorings Bay from every room, full amenities include beachfront beach access, direct Gulf access boating & slips, tennis, security, and more. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, private attached garage, impact glass throughout. Stunning and move-in ready in every way. $1,795,000 fr f frAll the reasons Olde Naples is so highly desired and sought after: a short 3 block stroll to the beach and an even shorter 1 block stroll to 5th Avenue South. 10+ ceilings, attached 2-car garage, 3 bedrooms + den with 3 full baths plus half bath and over 2,500 square feet of air conditioned living space all on the same level. $1,895,000 W T Bf tb n fr Hf Aff Bft Jff f t CHRISbALLNAPLES.COM 239.572.2200 WWW.ALLNAPLES.COM Bfrt Rft I SW F Ar Vtf B Nbfr D Nfr Rffr Cf A CHRISTOPHER A. BRAUN-bbtn, tbEXPERT REPRESENTATION IN NAPLES SINCE 1984 COMPANYWIDE DOWNINGtFRYE REALTOR IN 2011 & 20131 Internationally speaking, U.S. housing prices are relatively reasonable The recovery of the U.S. housing market has been strong for several years, and now there is debate whether it will falter. Others think that the most recent fade in activity is really a fakeout and the real estate bull has far to go. Sometimes, U.S. real estate investors perceive the market in an Americancentric frame of mind. We have a tendency to evaluate real estate relative to where prices once were in the U.S. And that is somewhat useful; certainly when the peak prices are taken out as then, with peak prices met and exceeded, there will be no more sellers looking to just get their original entry price out of the deal. Besides looking at real estate through the glasses of yesteryears prices, U.S. real estate can also be viewed in an international perspective. How is it doing compared to other countries real estate markets? The International Monetary Fund collects a lot of international real estate data, as it is concerned that the last monetary crisis began with real estate. The next one might begin there as well. Real estate has a way of causing a lot of problems when it is on a serious unwinding. The potential crisis need not begin on U.S. land, as the runaway real estate market that next implodes might well be in China or Hong Kong or Singapore or the UK, as those are countries touted for their real estate gains. Not that the IMF is sounding the alarm. And not that the IMF has figured anything out. But it is collecting data to see if anything can be prevented if it gets bad, and it cant figure when bad is happening unless it has data. The U.S., in comparison to other countries, is not hyperventilating. By most measures, it is normatively priced and would have a long way to go to get relatively overpriced. Here are the IMFs findings: Following a post crisis stagnation period, global housing prices have risen in seven consecutive quarters. The country with the strongest recent annual gain was not China or Hong Kong, which are in fourth and second places, respectively. The Philippines had the strongest annual advance and beautiful New Zealand came in third place. On the low end, India suffered the biggest loss in pricing a percentage drop even greater than Greece, Italy and Cyprus, and most investors would have thought anything could be worse that real estate in those countries The IMF attempted to answer the question for each country: was their real estate too pricey? And it chose two measures to answer: household income relative to prices and rental income relative to prices. Again, the answers are surprising in that U.S. housing is conservatively priced relative to U.S. household income. There were only a few countries in which the ratio of prices to income was more conservative: Japan, Korea, Germany and Estonia. Canada, New Zealand, France, UK, Australia and Belgium were countries in which home prices were very severely extended relative to incomes. Relative to rents, U.S. housing is not overpriced. Canadian prices were the most overvalued, followed by New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, with UK not far behind. Based on those metrics, it is hard to imagine the U.S. having a housing price retrenchment and more easily price declines might occur in Canada and New Zealand, where incomes and rents do not support valuations. Jeannette Showalter, CFA is a market specialist with Worldwide Futures Systems. Follow her on Twitter @rohnshowalter and on Linkedin. o m i t t jeannette SHOWALTER, CFAshowalter@ww fsyst MONEY & INVESTING


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 B3 M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 Hour Towing RentalsMention our ad in Florida Weekly and get a rental car UP TO 3 DAYS FREE.(with collision repair services)239-775-6860 1.64 AC Commercial Development Tract AADT 2PM WED OCT22 We are a direct lender offering the following loan products: Conventional FHA VA USDA Florida Bond HomePathLet our experienced loan of cers place you in the very best loan product that suits your needs. ARE YOU LOOKING TO PURCHASE OR REFINANCE A HOME? THE OFFICES AT MERCATO 9118 STRADA PLACE, #8105, NAPLES, FL 34108 239-596-0500 INTERNATIONAL CENTER 6804 PORTO FINO CIRCLE, #E-2, FORT MYERS, FL 33912239-434-0300 www.aemc.ccNMLS ID 167191 OH: MBMB.850023.000 FL: MLB0700103 KY: MC24222 IN: 15191 Making dreams come true...SW Floridas Fastest Growing Mortgage Bank! ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE & MADE IN AMERICA!CALL US TODAY!! 239-768-6811www.RecolorYourGrout.comAll of our cleaners and sealers are made in America and are environmentally safe.OUTSIDE WE CLEAN, POWER WASH & SEAL: DRIVEWAYS PATHWAYS PATIOS BRICK CONCRETE PAVERSINSIDE WE CLEAN & SEAL:FLOORS COUNTERTOPS BACK SPLASHES WALLS SHOWERS TILES SLATE MARBLE 35 YEARS RESTORING & RECOLORING LIKE NEW! LIFETIME WARRANTY! FREE ESTIMATES! WE MEET OR BEAT ALL COMPETITORS PRICES! DONT RIP IT OUT, RECOLOR YOUR GROUT! RESTORE OR RECOLOR YOUR GROUT TO LOOK LIKE NEW! BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTERKITCHENS & FLOORS BATHROOMS & SHOWERS PAVERS, POOL DECKS & PATIOS Clerk of circuit court offers free workshops for the publicFiling a small claim in circuit court is a way to settle a legal dispute with someone when the damages or value of property involved does not exceed $5,000. Small claims court is called the peoples court. A lawyer is not required. Learn the requirements of filing a small claim at a free seminar from 2-4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21, at Headquarters Regional Library on Orange Blossom Drive. Presented by the Collier County Clerk of Circuit Court, the seminar will focus on the basic requirements for filing a small claim in Collier County. Various forms and fees associated with the administrative processes in filing and resolving a small claims case will be reviewed. Case examples will be provided, and group discussion will be encouraged. However, the clerks office cannot provide legal advice. Also coming up: a free workshop on how to search public records online at, from 2-4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13, at South Regional Library on Lely Cultural Parkway. Dwight Brock, clerk of the Collier County Circuit Court, will outline how to use the website to access public information. Attendees will learn how to find out if someone has a court record; how to look up official records such as a mortgage, a deed or homeowner association documents; as well as how to pay a traffic citation, file a tenant eviction or apply for a passport or a marriage license. Registration is required for each of the above workshops. Call 593-0177 or visit LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, part of Noble House Hotels & Resorts collection, has unveiled a $1 million o verhaul to its meeting and event spaces. The project includes extensive enhancements to the 5,000-square-foot Vanderbilt Ballroom, above, and the 3,000-squarefoot Bayview Ballroom, as well as to the community spaces throughout the conference center and the outdoor spaces connected to each ballroom.


B4 BUSINESS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY BUSINESS MEETINGS The Collier Building Industry Association holds its next networking event from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, at Advanced Electronic Integrators, 2400 Trade Center Way. $15 for CBIA members, $25 for others. Email The Florida Public Relations Association-Gulf Coast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21, at Avow, 1095 Whippoorwill Lane. Guest speaker David Almacy, senior vice president with the PR firm of Edleman in Washington, D.C., will discuss Transmedia Storytelling & the Media Cloverleaf: Building Community in a World of Infinite Media Options. $27 for PRSA members, $31 for others. Sign up at or call chapter president Donna Heiser at 6887-5402. The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce hosts Coffee & Commerce with guest speaker County Commissioner Donna Fiala from 7:30-9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22, at the Marco Island Historical Museum. $10 for chamber members, $15 for others. RSVP by Oct. 20. Call 394-7549 or email The Council of Hispanic Business Professionals meets for networking from 5:30-7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, at McCormick & Schmicks in Mercato. $15 for members. For more information, visit The Above Board Chamber meets from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 10, at the Hilton Naples. $25 for members, $30 for others in advance; $28 and $33 at the door. Registration required at The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce holds its next Wake Up Naples for members and guests from 7:308:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 12, at the Hilton Naples. $20 for members, $25 for others. Sign up at A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at kluk77@ or visit Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704. Email business meeting announcements to trace my roots back to 1978 and a small natural foods store in Austin, Texas, called Safer Way. Without insurance, I was nearly ruined by a big flood soon after. Through the years, Ive gobbled up companies such as Bread & Circus, Fresh Fields, Wild Oats Markets, Allegro Coffee, Natures Heartland, Wellspring Grocery, Mrs. Goochs and Harrys Farmers Market. Today Im Americas leading natural and organic food retailer and its eighth-largest food and drug store chain, with about 400 stores in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. I employ 85,000 people. I rake in about $14 billion annually. Who am I?Know the answer? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and youll be entered into a drawing for a nifty prize! THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Smartest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answerDo you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Have the Odds In Your FavorInvesting is far from a game, since your hard-earned dollars are at stake. Still, there are valuable investing lessons we can draw from poker: Have an edge. In poker, youll do best when playing against those who are less skilled than you, who are using poor judgment or who are exhibiting tells. In investing, your edge is learning more than other investors and not succumbing to emotions such as greed or fear. You dont have to play every hand. Waiting for a long-shot hand will usually disappoint you, while something like a pair of kings gives you a much better chance of seeing a return on the money youre wagering. In investing, youll usually do better investing in solid and predictable performers that you can buy for a good price, rather than investing in shaky long shots. Seek great, growing companies at attractive prices. Dont be afraid to pass, or get out. In both poker and investing, youre faced with continually changing information. The best poker players and investors are those who not only make the most accurate analysis of the available information, but also use that analysis to make good decisions. Understand why people are betting against you. When you invest in a company in the usual way, expecting it to rise, youre said to be long in the stock. There are those who are short, too, who expect it to fall. It pays to consider their views because sometimes theyre right. Go all-in selectively. Top-notch poker players have run through a lot of mental math to determine that the odds are heavily in their favor before they make a big bet. If your all-in investing moments are restricted to times when the market is trading near or below its longterm average valuation, then you can shift the odds of market-beating returns further in your favor. Its rarely smart to go all-in on a single stock, though diversify away that risk. Have patience. Wait for the best investment opportunities, when youre convinced the odds are in your favor. The Sawtooth ShapeMany years ago, I bought 1,000 shares of a small oil company because its stockprice graph had an unusual sawtooth shape. Contrary to the adage of buy and hold, Ive sold increments of the shares over the years and have more than tripled my money. I havent found a stock with a similar wave shape since. J.S., Homer, IllinoisThe Fool Responds: You were engaging in technical analysis there, which most of us at Fool headquarters avoid, as its focused mainly on stock-price movements instead of the health and prospects of the underlying company. We prefer fundamental analysis, which examines growth rates, competitive advantages, financial health, management candor and skill, and so on. You may not have found another similar wave shape, but there have been gobs of great investments over the years, available for those who read up and do some research.Meanwhile, we do prefer to buy and hold, as long as a stock seems healthy and growing and isnt very overvalued. That doesnt mean we wont sell if we need some cash, or want to buy an even more compelling long-term investment. Curing Your PortfolioImagine a drug that doesnt just treat a terrible disease, but cures it in most patients. Thats hepatitis C drug Sovaldi. The stock of its maker, Gilead Sciences (Nasdaq: GILD), has been surging. Gilead is a Goliath in HIV treatment, with five different medicines that could hit billion-dollar blockbuster status this year. Its Atripla and Truvada are top drugs prescribed for HIV in the U.S., and Gileads HIV drug sales totaled more than $9 billion last year. It has an approved cancer drug, too Zydelig, tackling chronic lymphocytic leukemia and indolent non-Hodgkins lymphoma.The companys multibillion-dollar hepatitis-C drug franchise is fattening up Gileads balance sheet. Since December, Gileads cash hoard has jumped from a bit over $2.5 billion to more than $9.5 billion exiting the second quarter. Thats largely due to Sovaldi, which costs $84,000 for a 12-week course of treatment and generated more than $5 billion in the first half of 2014.Biotechnology stocks are not for the faint-hearted. They can be volatile, as their fortunes are tied to drugs whose patent protections expire over time, and to drugs in lengthy development processes that dont always end up approved for sale. Still, risk-tolerant investors should consider Gilead. Its huge and growing well, and with a recent P/E ratio in the mid-20s, its appealingly priced. (The Motley Fool has recommended shares of Gilead and owns shares of it.) Founded in 1971 by a guy with $3,000 and a good idea, Im now a leading provider of payroll, human resources, insurance and benefits outsourcing solutions for smallto medium-sized businesses. Based in Rochester, N.Y., I employ more than 12,000 people, but I prepare more than 200 million paychecks annually for my clients employees. I boast 580,000 payroll clients, and touch one in 15 private-sector U.S. workers with my payroll services. I also service about $22 billion in retirement-plan assets for workers. I rake in about $2.5 billion annually. My name sounds a little like a cereal. Who am I? (Answer: Paychex) Add Stocks for PerformanceQIm invested in a bunch of mutual funds. Should I invest in some individual stocks, too, for additional diversification? L.L., Naples, Fla.ADiversification is important in a portfolio. If you have too much of your assets in one holding or sector, you can get hurt badly. Some mutual funds alone can provide sufficient diversification, as theyre invested in several hundred different securities. (Note that many mutual funds are very similar to each other, offering more duplication than diversification.)The main advantage of adding individual stocks is to possibly boost your portfolios performance. If a stock holding appreciates in value, it can make a significant difference in your portfolio. Lets say you invest 5 percent of your money in Sisyphus Transport Corp. (ticker: UPDWN). If it doubles, your portfolios value will increase by 5 percent. If you instead own Sisyphus through a mutual fund, where it represents a fraction of a percent of the funds value, its surge will make less of a difference.You need to know what youre doing when you select stocks to buy, though. You can learn more at and If you dont have the time or interest, consider just sticking with low-cost broad-market index funds that automatically mirror the stock markets performance.***QWhat are government securities? B.H., Watertown, Wis.AAlso called Treasuries, theyre debt investments, ranging from bills (maturing in less than a year) to notes (maturing within one to 10 years) to bonds (maturing in more than 10 years). Backed by our government, theyre viewed as ultra-safe, with little risk of default which is why they offer relatively low interest rates. You can buy or sell Treasuries via many brokerages or at Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us a a s I o n e d s, r o n g m n g t s e an wi t i n t h th e U. K pe op le. b i ll ion a K now to u s wi th F t o p an d yo u d rawing f or H H il l to o n n o t th h er r s t s s. G r ro o u up p a a t th h e e m m er r c ce . uk k 7 77 @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ r o r rg g g g g B B u us s ilo o r ri d da a a a t th h e e


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 BUSINESS B5 Innovative Risk Management Solutions at Your FingertipsWe can provide solutions for your current insurance portfolio by reviewing your policies and making recommendations that best suit your needs. Risk management should not be a do-it-yourself job. 791 10th Street South, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34102 Personal Insurance | Commercial Insurance Employee Benefits | Life Insurance www. wa-cr .comCall us today to SELL / LEASE your property! P.O. Box 60151, Fort Myers, FL 33906 | Pinebrook Park, 12995 S. Cleveland Ave., Suite 219, Fort Myers, FL 33907WOODYARD & ASSOCIATES, LLC COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATELicensed Real Estate Brokerwww. wa-cr .com 239-425-6000 (Ref #002331)FOR SALE 311.45 acs of native land just south of Oilwell Rd in Charlotte Co. Property has 7,600 ft of frontage on I-75. Surveyed wetlands of $157 acs. $8,000/ac (Ref #002224)FOR SALE 39.18 ac. on CR 731, mins. to Labelle. Designated CG-General Commercial on Future Land Use Map. Over 2,000 residential units planned in area. $1.70 PSF (Ref #002289)FOR LEASE 40,000 SF warehouse with oce/showroom, six 12x14 overhead doors & truckwell. Located between Metro Pkwy & Plantation Rd. Zoned IL. $4.98 PSF (Ref #002094)SELLER FINANCING .42 ac, 150 frontage on Santa Barbara Blvd, between Golden Gate Pkwy & Pine Ridge Rd. High visibility, convenient access, Zoned C2. $349,000 (Ref #002286L) FOR LEASE 1,875-3,750 SF units at Immokalee Tradeport, near Immokalee Airport, Ave Maria University, easy access to SR 29. Industrial & Oce ex space. $12 PSF (Ref #002329)FOR SALE 200 acs on south side of SR 82, 1 mile west of SR 29. Excellent long-term investment, directly in path of growth in Collier Co. Possible commercial / mining. $9,900/ac New in Business Freedom Boat Club has expanded to Marco Island. The Calusa Island Marina location is FBCs 33rd in Florida and 83rd in the country. John Giglio is CEO of the company. Awards & Recognition Yale Freeman has been named recipient of the 2014 Lion of the Law award in recognition of a career marked by a reputation for professionalism, character and skill in advocacy, as well as his commitment to community service and pride in his role as a legal practitioner and in the profession. A practicing Florida attorney since 1973, Mr. Freeman has practiced in Collier County since 1995, with a focus on complex criminal, civil and administrative litigation. He will accept the Lion of the Law award at the District Court of Appeals annual dinner Oct. 16. Board Appointments Karen Smith has joined the board of directors of The Shelter for Abused Women & Children. A Naples resident since 2004, Ms. Smith brings to the board expertise in financial services and nonprofit agencies. She held positions with A.G. Becker Inc. in Chicago and New York City before joining R. Gilder & Co., New York. She most recently worked as assistant to the president and board chairman of TechnoServe, a not-for-profit organization developing agricultural cooperatives into businesses in Latin America and Africa. Make-A-Wish Southern Florida announces its 2014-15 Presidents Council: Jenny Foegen of the Naples Princess, Dylan Sanders of Fidelity Investments and Amy Sedlacek of ABC7 are serving as co-chairs; council members are Gordon Bajema, Susan Battaglia, Jim Bloom, Erin Blumer, Craig Chasnov, Rick Childress, Scott Craven, Michele Eddy, Tom Falciglia, Barb Gallo, Rick Gallo, Matthew Gordon, Jeff Jerome, Leo Mediavilla, Jan Miller, Ron Miller, Brandy Ollie, Pam Price, Jesse Purdon, Andrew Sicnolf, Nannette Staropoli, Lynne Tarman, Sue Watts, Chris Wentworth and Judith Yevick. Donald Sawin, director of membership sales at Imperial Golf Club, has been elected to the board of directors for the Membership Directors Association of Southwest Florida. The Education Foundation-Champions For Learning announces its board of directors for 2014-15, the organizations 25th anniversary year: Keith Walker, chair; Jim Hoppensteadt, immediate past chair; Bill Barker, Brad Galbraith and Lynn Yaeger Davidson, vice chairs; Mike Boose, secretary; Mary Cone, finance chair; Susan McManus, president; and Marcelo Alvarez, Carol Boyd S teve Brinkert, Andr ew Buschle, Kathy Connelly, Hunter Hansen, Sharon Hood, Jim Lintzenich, Felix Lluberes, Dick Munro, Jeff Ospina, Greg Pasanen, Kamela Patton, Gary Personette, Roy Terry Heather Thomas and George Walters Jr. Media Logan Jones has been named senior editor at ITZ Studios. He joined the Naples film and television production company two years ago as an intern and was hired fulltime as a production assistant last year. In his expanded role as senior editor, he is responsible for the quality control oversight of ITZ projects once they reach the post-production development stage. He earned a degree in video production at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., and has worked as a videographer, audio technician and film editor on a wide variety of independent films, music videos, television commercials, reality television shows and movie shorts. Hospitality Jeff Jerome has been promoted to director of marketing and sales at Shulas Steakhouse at the Hilton Naples. Mr. Jerome is responsible for creating, implementing, managing and measuring all marketing, promotional and advertising programs with all forms of media. He has served as business development manager and social media manager for the establishment since September 2011. He previously worked as an account executive for Florida Weekly and as membership director of Centerstate CEO/Chamber of Commerce in Syracuse, N.Y. He also has broadcasting and multimedia advertising experience with WCNY Public Broadcasting in Syracuse and the Naples Daily News. In addition, he served for three years as senior account executive at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Nonpro t Organizations Tamika Seaton has joined the staff at The Shelter for Abused Women & Children as senior development officer. Ms. Seaton previously worked as the public information officer for the city of Naples. She earned a bachelors degree and a masters degree in management from Hodges University and is a 2014 Leadership Collier graduate. She is the recipient of the 2011 Hodges University Founders Award and the 2010 NAACP-Collier County Branch Life Blood Award. ON THE MOVEFREEMAN JEROME SMITH JONES SEATON


B6 BUSINESS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY upwards. Really 2007 and 2008 were tough years, and 2009, but when you get to 2010 you can see the trends are improving, said IPC principal Craig Timmins. The trend includes places like Culvers, the Wisconsin-based burger and custard chain. And there are singular local establishments, some of which you will find in these pages. SS HookersA few years in the making, the newly built SS Hookers sits at a unique vantage point in historic Punta Rassa. The restaurant and seafood market, which is something of an ode to anglers, overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, at the southernmost edge of the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. SS Hookers is Sandy Stilwells newest venture following a string of well-known local eateries on Sanibel and the mainland. Out of all of them, this is the most exciting, Ms. Stilwell said of opening her eighth restaurant, in part because of the challenges that came with designing and constructing a building at an historically and environmentally sensitive location. From the waters edge, Fort Myers and Bonita beaches, Sanibel and Pine islands, and on a clear day even Naples come into view. The dcor will include custom-made yacht furniture, and reflect local history, with pictures that include famous tarpon fishermen as well as Punta Rassas roots in the cattle ranching industry. The food will have a Cajun flair, and include breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night service and bar, as well as boxed lunches ideal for anglers and beachgoers. Bring in your own filleted catch of the day, and the chef will cook it for you. The location will also include a gift and bait shop, and a seafood market. As for the name, it refers to hooking fish, mostly, and reflects the restaurants serious intention and lighthearted side a place to unwind after a day on the water or enjoy a family dinner. The name is edgy but it intends to be all about fishing, Ms. Stilwell said. Its kind of a play on words, but its fun. SS Hookers is at 17501 Harbour Point Drive. Turn right just before the Sanibel Causeway tollbooth. Call 466-5377 or visit Fathoms Restaurant & BarHusband and wife partners Timothy and Meredith Hoffman came to Cape Coral from Nevis, an island in the Caribbean Sea where they also operate a hotel. They opened Fathoms (formerly The Joint) in September at Cape Harbour, bringing along Chef Ben Voison, who works alongside Chef Fabrice Deletrain from The Joint. They kept the rest of the existing staff, and customers favorite menu items as well, while adding a few new twists and updating the dcor. We knew we wanted to sort of freshen up the place inside but we wanted it to have the same feeling as it always has, because it was a very successful restaurant prior to us taking over, Ms. Hoffman said. Fathoms offers casual waterfront dining and nightly specials, with a strong emphasis on sourcing from local suppliers, a philosophy the Hoffmans brought with them from the islands. They acquired the property in July. It was the right place, the right opportunity, the right time, she said. In the next few months, they also plan to reopen Run Agrounds, a coffee and gelato shop next door. Fathoms Restaurant & Bar is at 5785 Cape Harbor Drive. Call 542-0123 or visit Cay Restaurant & BarAt Burnt Store Marina, Porto Bello was a mainstay for more than a decade. This summer, two old friends from Connecticut, a seasoned restaurateur and a retired U.S. Air Force pilot and aviation executive, gave the waterfront property a complete makeover. Now its a steak and seafood house, the interior redesigned with a nautical theme that includes a huge saltwater aquarium, and a newly rebuilt bar and kitchen. The new owners, Brian DeCaro and Bill Kelley, renamed it Cass Cay Restaurant & Bar, after their daughters. The layout features a more formal dining room in back, a sports bar in the middle, and a large covered deck outside. This is going to be one of the coolest restaurants in Southwest Florida, Mr. Kelley said. Mr. DeCaro is behind a number of restaurants such as Baang Caf & Bar in Connecticut. After Mr. Kelley retired from the Air Force early this year, they discovered the marina and, stopping there for lunch, he decided he wanted to move to the area. Cass Cay Restaurant & Bar is at 3200 Matecumbe Key Road. Call (941) 637-0083. The Chapel Grill The steepled building across from Cambier Park in downtown Naples is not a place of worship, but diners prayers may be answered anyway in the form of tender short ribs or citrus mahi-mahi. In fact, the building was a Baptist church that was built in the 1940s, and although still church-like, hasnt been used for that purpose for years, said owner Stephen Fleischer. He opened last season, closed this summer for improvements, and plans to reopen the doors on Friday, Oct. 17. Our first season was unbelievable, he said busier than expected. Mr. Fleischer was a chairman of the board at a large insurance company in New York before coming to Florida. After his first restaurant failed, he looked for a new venue and had eyed the old church for some time, wondering if it was going to be demolished or sold to someone else. And I was driving by one day and sure enough there were guys walking around with clipboards, he recalls, which spurred him to buy it, converting the space into the casual fine dining Chapel Grill. This season, customers favorite items will remain on the menu, while five of the least-popular items have been replaced. Its really good food, Mr. Fleischer said. I think thats why people come back. The Chapel Grill is at 811 Seventh Ave. S. Call 206-4310 or visit The Colosseum Little Italy closed last year after nearly 30 years in business. But owners Vinny Ricigliano and Mike Shapiro have moved right across the street in Naples with their new venture, The Colosseum. At the much larger venue they can serve their customers favorite dishes, entertain diverse crowds with a variety of entertainment, and rent it out for larger events such as weddings or graduation parties. The Colosseum will retain about 80 percent of its old menu, as well as its longtime bartender, Donny. It had a soft opening in early September and is planning a grand opening for Halloween night. Were trying to make a place that appeals to a much broader clientele, said Mr. Shapiro. The restaurant will also retain its popular happy hour from 3-6 p.m. with appetizers such as tempura shrimp and fish tacos. For dinner, packages will include soup, salad and an entre. Later at night, the bars and music will cater to a younger crowd. Among the nightly entertainment (every day but Sunday), a jazz trio is scheduled to play on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday is Irish night. We want it to be the place, a destination point, Mr. Shapiro said. The Colosseum is at 2059 Tamiami Trail East. Call 774-6060 or visit the colosseumnaples.comMeredays BrasserieWhen space opened up at Esteros Coconut Point, Charles Mereday jumped on the chance to turn it into his third restaurant. The reason that we moved quickly is because the market is changing so fast, where the market was pretty slow and dormant in Southwest Florida, its really on fire now, he said. The space at Coconut Point (formerly The Grillroom) allowed him to open Meredays Brasserie without the more costly option of building out a new space from scratch. Unlike Meredays Fine Dining and Alto Live Jazz Kitchen, both in Naples, his new venue is styled after a French brasserie. (It is) a little more polished than a bistro, but still extremely approachable, he assured, with its traditional focus on craft beer and a relatively small wine list. Meredays opened quietly in September with executive chef Joe Pittman leading the kitchen in presenting an a la carte menu. I wanted to open in September for the opportunity to work through the bugs, work the kinks out while its still slow, but its been really really good, he said. Much busier than I anticipated for September. I can only imagine what its going to be like in season. Its going to be huge. Meredays Brasserie is in Coconut Point at 23161 Village Shops Way. Call 949-9466.A la carte Some other new developments in local dining include The Turtle Club in Punta Gorda, a fine dining establishment downtown, on West Marion Avenue, reopening on Oct. 12. In Naples this fall, DAmico & Partners plan to open a steakhouse and gastro pub called The Continental on Third Street South, where Handsome Harrys used to be. The Kearns Restaurant Group opened gangster-themed Capones Coal Fired Pizza this summer and a new steakhouse, Prime de Leon, arrived downtown as well. EATFrom page 1 Fathoms Meredays Brasserie The Chapel Grill


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 BUSINESS B7 Have peace of mind knowing your boat, your classic car, your motorcycle and your recreational vehicles are well protected and that youre Prepared For The Unexpected. Our independent agents are professional advisors you can trust who help you protect your nancial security with personalized insurance advice. For experienced, local insurance advice talk to BB&T Oswald Trippe and Company today.BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY 889 111TH Ave N Suite 201, Naples FL 34108 Direct : (239)-280-3803 Office/Client Service: (239)-261-0428 Email: ndalaskey@bbandt .com Fax: (866)-802-8677 2014 Branch Banking and Trust Company. NETWORKINGConservancy partners with The Naples Zoo for panther conservation, managementLike us on / NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events t han we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to society@ PHOTOSDave Shindle and Dave Onorato Paul Seifert and Nancy White Kathy Worley and Kim Dryden Rob Moher, Larry Richardson, Dave Shindle, Tim Tetzlaff and Kevin Godsea Rob Moher, Conservancy president and CEO Rob Moher, JoNell Modys and Jack Mulvena


B8 BUSINESS WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Daniel I. Wasserman, M.D.Board Certi ed Dermatologist | Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon Harvard Fellowship Cosmetic & Laser Medicine8625 Collier Boulevard, Naples, FL 34114 239.732.0044 New Patients Only.Must have an appointment. Follow Dr. Wasserman @sw derm. Complimentary Skin Cancer CheckFriday, Oct. 24t am Noon NETWORKINGCollier Child Care Resources kicks off Business 100Like us on / NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events t han we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to society@ PHOTOSAmy Wilson, Niccole Howard and Stacy Ughi Tyler Wood and Shelley McKernan Lynn Mount, Alfie Tounjian and Marsha McDonald Tony Cologero and Dianne Reed Marya Doonan and Tom Mead Ann Porter, Brock Pilgrim and Amanda Erwin Carla Channell, Dave Marcozzi and Lisa Gruenloh


VISIT WWW.DAVIDNAPLES.COM FOR MORE DETAILS! AMERIVEST REALTY | NAPLES, FL 239.280.5433 | Mediterra Estate Home$6,495,000 Mediterra Detached Villa$1,595,000 Mediterra Detached Villa$1,095,000 Mediterra Coach Home$549,900 JUST LISTEDREAL ESTATEFLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 B9Survey shows golf memberships quickly decliningA recent market survey by John R. Wood Properties shows there are only 3,749 golf memberships available in the main country club communities of Southwest Florida. The project encompassed 53 country clubs in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero. Golf memberships for those clubs total 22,728. Most of the clubs surveyed are real estate communities; six are golf only, with no homes around the course. John R. Wood Properties COO Dottie Babcock says the firm undertook the survey due to a concern about golf membership availability in the future. This is a very active year, she says. According to the survey, only a few clubs have a membership waiting list, but Ms. Babcock says the agency expects many more may reach that status during the next 12-18 months. As for the supply, only two new country club communities have started construction during the last two years; THIS RENOVATED, MOVE-IN READY Moorings home features hardwood floors, lots of natural light, neutral interior and views out the mitered glass window to the pool and backyard. Perfect for entertaining, the great room floor plan revolves around the kitchen with neutral granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a double oven, walkin pantry and a breakfast nook overlooking the backyard. Step outside and lounge by the pool or read a book under the covered deck and appreciate the verdant landscaping and sense of tranquility this home offers. Additional features include crown molding, a metal roof, two A/C zones, a covered lanai with water and electric hook-ups for a future outdoor kitchen or wet bar area, and several fruit trees on the oversized lot. Moorings residents can purchase an optional membership to Moorings Beach Park, which provides private parking, bathroom facilities, a park area, and a covered chickee hut. Optional membership is also available to the nearby Moorings Golf & Country Club. Karyn and Rowan Samuel of The Samuel Team of John R. Wood Properties have the listing for $1,199,000. For more information, call 298-3555, email or visit House Hunting SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________ SEE GOLF, B15 3280 Crayton Road COURTESY PHOTOS


*As reported by Builder magazine. **Home and community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities are subject to change and prior sale at any time without notice or obligation. Drawings, pictures, photographs, square footages, oor plans, elevations, features, colors and sizes are approximate for illustration purposes only and will var y from the homes as built. k k k k 1. MAGNOLIA LANDING | 239.567.2542 Villas from the mid $100s**Single-Family from the high $100s**20555 Long Pond Road, N. Fort Myers, FL 33917 2. MOODY RIVER ESTATES | 239.599.2929 Single-Family from the $200s**13023 Turtle Cove Trail, N. Fort Myers, FL 33903 3. LINDSFORD | 239.225.2676 Single-Family from the low $200s**3948 Ashentree Court, Fort Myers, FL 33966 4. MCGREGOR RESERVE | 239.850.2492 COMING SOON! Single-Family from the high $300s**Fort Myers, FL 33901 5. CELEBRATION CAPE | 239.225.2626 Single-F amily from the low $200s**283 Destiny Circle, Cape Coral, FL 33990 6. THE OAKS AT WHISKEY CREEK | 239.225.2657 Carriage Homes from the mid $100s**8511 Oakshade Circle #101, Fort Myers, FL 33919 7. CREEKSIDE PRESERVE | 239.225. 2672 Carriage Homes, from the high $100s**18280 Creekside Preserve, Fort Myers, FL 33908 8. MIRASOL | 239.405.7203 Carriage & Townhomes from the high $100s**8561 Violeta Street #102, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 9. PALOMA | 239.949.8910 Single-Family from the high $200s**26109 St. Michael Lane, Bonita Springs, FL 34135 10. SORRENTO | 239.225.2659 Carriage Homes from the low $200s**28063 Sosta Lane #2, Bonita Springs, FL 34133 11. FIDDLERS CREEK | 239.304.8511 Single-Family Homes from the $500s**9293 Campanile Circle, Naples, FL 34114 884 884 867 78 78 8 2 82 80Burnt Store RdAlico Rd Immokalee Rd Golden Gate Pkwy Corkscrew Rd Veterans Pkwy Colonial Blvd Palm Beac h Pine Island Rd 951 951 951LEE COUNTY COLL I COU N N. Fort Myers Fort Myers Fort Myers Cape Leh Ac r Coral Sanibel Beach Springs Bonita 2 8 6 5 10 9 7 3 ACROSS SOUTHWEST FLORIDA 1 4 11


Broker participation welcomed. Prices, plans and specications subject to change without notice.ORAL REPRESENTATION CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS AD MAY BE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY USED TO DEPICT THE LIFESTYLE TO BE ACHIEVED RATHER ANY THAT MAY EXIST. An Uncomplicated, Contemporary Interpretation of Luxury Living That Redenes the Naples Country Club Experience Luxury Residences Reecting the Timeless Character of European and Caribbean Architectural Styles From the $700s Into the MillionsOld Fashioned Grace Wrapped In A New Fashioned LifestyleMODELS OPEN DAILY 239.449.5900 A Kitson & Partners Community SEE IT, TOUCH IT, FEEL IT, MAKE IT YOUR OWN


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME. RoyalShellSales.com239.261.9101For Rentals Call239.213.3311Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala, Sanibel and Captiva Islands North Carolina: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands, Sapphire/Lake Toxaway


Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples SWFL Premium Real Estate, LLC. 837 Fifth Avenue South Suite 102 Naples Florida 34102 USA Phone 239.692.9449 All details are without guarantee and based on information given by the seller. We do not guarantee the completeness, correctness and the topicality of this information. Property transfer costs, taxes and recording fees are not included in sales price. W e are at your disposal for any further information about the property. According to agreement, the showing with our Real Estate Associates can take place at any time. For the pur chase of this object we oer our services as a broker. Real estate commission paid by seller only, commission free for buyer.The It Factors Lush Living Mediterra renderingNot all brands are the same. Not all clients have the same needs. At Engel & Vlkers, we have adopted a service-driven culture. We believe in creating custom campaigns for each of our listings. W e believe in exceptional client services. We dont believe in conforming to mediocre real estate services. It is what differentiates us from other real estate brands. It is Passion, Exclusivity, and Competence. Contact one of our trusted real estate advisors today. Multi-Family Investment Oyster Bay Custom Built Jewel Minimal Homeowner Association Fees Coco Lakes Pending Pending Platinum LEED Cert. Opening Late 2014 Coquina Sands


WEEK OF OCT. 16-22, 2014 B15 Ave Maria. Life. Made Simple. Take Immokalee Rd east, turn right onto Oil Well Rd, turn left into Ave Maria. With savings this big, 2 Decorated Models Now OpenHampton Village Hampton Village 5076 Annunciation Circle #104 Ave Maria, FL 34142Models Open Daily 239-352-3903 5 Single-Family Floor Plans Coquina Coquina Maple Ridge Now Open. 8 New Models Maple Ridge Del Webb Naples 4 New Models Now Open Del Webb NaplesDiscover larger-than-life homes with prices from the mid $100s and all the amenities of beautiful Ave Maria.Come see 14 new models and over 30 oor plans. Single-family homes with 2-6 bedrooms featuring lakes, preserves and golf course views. Plus: So, if you are looking for a great new home with low, low prices, come see Ave Maria for a whale of a good time.youll have a whale of a time. Fiddlers Creek on the way to Marco Island has a second golf course planned for some future date. Other than the three mentioned above, Ms. Babcock says, it is unlikely there will be many new clubs in the future, at least not anywhere close in, due to lack of large land parcels appropriate in size for a country club. John R. Wood Properties maintains a website,, that provides potential buyers with a variety of information about various country clubs (number of holes, course designer and membership fees, etc.). The site shows that current golf initiation fees generally start around $15,000, although a few courses are below that level. The ones below are often developer controlled communities, where the developer is offering a special golf membership rate if you also buy a home in that neighborhood. The history of golf memberships in the area is interesting. Prior to 2005, many clubs had very liberal return policies for equity memberships. The recession put an end to that, however, as large numbers of members attempted to cash in their equity memberships. This caused severe cash outflows at the clubs, somewhat similar to the bank runs or outflows of cash during the Great Depression. As a result, most clubs changed their membership structure and policies in order to ensure their financial viability going forward. A variety of membership types are available in todays market, although most do not use what are termed heavy equity memberships. In other words, the arrangement often involves an initiation fee in which only a portion, sometimes as low as zero, will be returned when the buyer terminates the membership. In operation since 1958, John R. Wood Properties has 400 agents and staff in 14 offices serving the areas from Marco Island northward through Sanibel/Captiva. For more information, visit or GOLFFrom page 9


B16 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Richard DrosteREALTOR239-572-5117rddsmd@comcast.netJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro Marco Island & Southwest Florida Real Estate SpecialistsVisit Today! 8998 Lely Island Circle $599,900Beautiful 4 BR/3 BA + den. 2,859 s.f. home w/lovely view. 3 car garage. No mandatory fees. SUPER LARGE LANAI 1570 Villa Court $350,000Great oor plan. Large family room connects to an open kitchen w/ eating area. Spacious lanai with step-down to pool. WESTERN EXPOSURESands #D-307 $319,000Charming end unit w/a lovely view of the pool & manicured grounds. 2 BR/2 BA. ACROSS FROM BEACH Homesites on Marco Island1664 Villa Ct. great street, wide water view 173 Gulfstream inland lot, near park & YMCA 91 S. Heathwood inland super low price CALL FOR PRICING Cheryl TurnerBroker Associate c Contact me for more information on these properties, or for any of your real estate needs. Grey Oaks 2823 istle WayOver 5,000 square feet of exceptional living space. Offered at $3,200,000. Ov Ov er er 5 5 5 0 0 ,0 00 00 00 s s qu qu ar ar e e f f fe fe t et et o o f f f f ex ex ce ce t pt pt i i io io na na l l l l l li li li i i vi vi ng ng s s pa pa ce ce Park Shore Park Plaza #600 c Sophisticated beachfront living at its best. Offered at $1.695,000. Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.The new Mashta HouseProminent Key Biscayne property on the market for $60 million TOPTENREALESTATEDEALS.COMKey Biscayne is a wonderful place for a vacation home or a fulltime residence. Entrance to the key is off of Miamis Brickell Avenue, less than a mile to downtown, South Beach, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables and all they have to offer by way of shops, restaurants, entertainment, beaching, boating and fishing. When Florida became a U.S. territory in 1821, Mary and William Davis of St. Augustine purchased Key Biscayne for $100, thinking that the government would build a lighthouse on the southern tip of the island. The Davises sold just the tip of the island to the government for the lighthouse for $225. The island went through several changes of hands through the years. It was a coconut, banana and pineapple plantation until the advent of World War II, but it wasnt until 1951 when the first real development began. It was mostly small tract homes that sold for about $10,000. These same homes are now selling for more than $1 million, just so they can be demolished and replaced with mega mansions.In the 1900s, access to Key Biscayne was strictly by boat. In 1917 John Matheson, a part owner of the island, built Mashta House as a place for fabulous parties (his main home was in Coconut Grove on a ridge overlooking the bay with Key Biscayne in the distance). For his soirees on the key, the cream of society would arrive in their yachts and moor in his deepwater cove. It is said that frequent guests during the Roaring 0s include Carnegies, Mellons and Vanderbilts.Though the glamorous Moorish-style mansion was finally torn down in the 1950s, it wasnt until 1991 that another mansion was built on the site. Now for sale, the new Mashta House sits on its private and gated 1.63acre peninsula, with the enviable protected cove and 360-degree water views. The five-story, 11,588-square-foot house has six bedrooms, eight baths, an elevator, attached garage and swimming pool. Possibly Key Biscaynes most prized address and steeped in Old Florida history, its offered at $60 million.


BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Visit our Sales Center today. 8020 Grand Lely Drive, Naples, Florida 34113 (239) 793-2100 Lely Resort Realty, LLC, Exclusive Sales Agent, Licensed Real Estate Broker At Lely Resort, the lines between fantasy and reality have vanished. This is a world of 3 championship golf courses, 4 clubhouses, 13 tennis courts, 4 resort-style pools, a luxurious spa and tness center, a village center, and a newly expanded 30,000+ square foot Players Club & Spa, and 7 distinctive neighborhoods... and it can all be yours in a way most people only dream of. www.LELY-RESORT.comCapture the lifestyle you ve always wanted from the $200s to over $2 millionLive Beyond Your Dreams FLStockDevelopment Ol from the $200sAlden Woods from the $300sCordoba from the $400sPlayers Cove from the $400sCanwick Cove from the $500sThe Estates at The Classics from the $900s Lakoya from the $300s to over $1 million ONLY 2 REMAINING! ONLY 3 REMAINING!


201 3 Branch Banking and Trust Company. All Rights Reserved. BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY 13515 Bell Tower Drive Fort Myers, FL 33907 (239) 433-4535 Insurance.BBT.comYOUR LOCAL HOMETOWN HEROAS YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT AGENT, WERE YOUR NEIGHBOR SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST AND SOMEONE WHOS HERE WHEN YOU NEED US! Our experienced, friendly insurance professionals will advise and recommend protection for your specic insurance needs. For experienced, local insurance advice talk to BB&T Oswald Trippe and Company today.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 REAL ESTATE B19 ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIESServing North Naples and the Surrounding Area Joanne Ciesielski 239.287.6732 Brian Carey 239.370.8687 Karen Carey 239.216.8826 OPPORTUNITY Light and bright 3BR/2.5BA. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE as most major appliances have been updated within the past 2 years! Features include: newer stainless appliances, newer high-efciency washer/dryer, new hot water heater, newer A/C, tile in living area, built-in entertainment center in great room and wood oors in den. Large screened lanai offers private pool with lake views and mature landscaping. Hurricane shutters, decorative nishes on driveway, walkway and lanai complete the package. $435,000Village Walk offers the whole package youre looking for! This 3BR/2BA+den home has a custom saltwater pool with Southern exposure and 18-inch tile throughout. Village Walk is an amenity-rich community with a full-time activities director, on-site restaurant, 6 Har-Tru tennis courts, bocce courts, miles of paved walking paths, gym, library and more. See it today! $439,750VILLAGE WALK OF NORTH NAPLES REAL ESTATE NEWSMAKERSKristie Earley has joined the staff at Kira Krmm International Design as design assistant. She holds a degree in interior design from Florida State University. Keri Linden has been promoted to interior design project manager at Kira Krmm International Design. She has been with the firm since 2013. John R. Wood Properties welcomes the following: Bonita Springs office Jim Chambers, Rich Dooley and Anne Marie Dooley Central office Catherine Barsky Old Naples office William Michalek, Arianne Taylor and Jane Wood Top associates at South Bay Realty for September are: Linda Rey, top listing associate; Joanne Marin, top sales associate; and Tony Blaskis, top rental associate. All three are members of the Naples Area Board of Realtors. House Hunting:410 Bayfront Place, #3306This two-bedroom, two-bath condominium in Bayfront has a wide-open floor plan and beautiful views from every room. Enjoy entertaining as you gaze over the plaza of Bayfront, or stroll downstairs to one of Bayfronts many restaurants. Amenities for residents and guests include two pools, two Jacuzzis, two tennis courts, barbeque grills, an exercise room and a community room. Terese DeLuca of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Realtly has the listing for $499,000. For more information, call 776-9771, email or go to EARLEY LINDEN


ADVERTORIALTwelve months of milestones at Talis Park in North NaplesTalis Park in North Naples was originally conceived as one of the finest golf club communities in the country. Today, Talis Park is being envisioned and built with the financial strength and operational expertise of Kitson & Partners, a private real estate investment and development company founded in 1992 and based in Palm Beach Gardens. With its portfolio of retail, commercial and residential properties, the Kitson team is committed to making a true showcase of Talis Park. Major milestones that occurred at Talis Park over the past twelve months are indicative of the strength of Kitsons commitment. In the past year, significant amenities were completed, including the first phase of the New Fashioned Vyne House Clubhouse that features Fionas Market Caf, the Core Fitness Center, and the Esprit Spa, and construction of the grandest amenity at all, the 26,470 square feet under air second phase of Vyne House, was begun. Kitson anticipates holding a soft opening of Phase II in December, 2015 and a grand opening in January, 2016. Two new neighborhoods introduced during the past year have expanded Talis Parks luxurious estate and single-family residential product offerings. An agreement with a major, publicly traded builder was finalized for the construction of 90 on the view penthouse-style condominiums in fifteen mid-rise buildings literally just steps from the outdoor dining and lounge experience at the communitys Casa Cortese. Infrastructure enhancements included the extension of Talis Park Drive, the installation of new roadways and utilities in the new neighborhoods, the creation of new lakes, and the re-lining of the propertys existing lakes. A central cornerstone to Kitsons vision of Talis Park is the notion that choice matters. Talis Parks residential product choices grace eight distinctive neighborhoods featuring a refreshing assortment of Spanish Eclectic, Caribbean Colonial, and Italian Renaissance architectural designs. Residences are priced from the $700s into the millions. Kitson has responded to the luxury homebuyer markets demand for completed, ready to occupy homes with Talis Parks Resident Ready Program. As a result of the Resident Ready Program, homes at every stage of the construction continuum are now available at Talis Park, including completed models, completed unfurnished residences, and homes at varying stages of construction. The Resident Ready Program allows buyers to choose when they wish to engage in the buying process and the degree to which they prefer to be involved with feature and finish selections. The luxury homebuyer markets embrace of Kitsons vision at Talis Park has been equally significant. Talis Park continues to redefine the Naples country club experience. Kitsons contemporary interpretation of luxury living is uncomplicated. Talis Park is the Club reconsidered and invites a select group of members to come as they are and enjoy a New Fashioned, active, health-oriented lifestyle on their own terms. The communitys breathtaking tableau includes landscaped boulevards featuring magnificent gardens, groves of trees, citrus orchards and hiking trails. Talis Park is anchored by the lakes and Sea Dwarf Paspalum fairways and greens of the Talis Park Golf Club golf course. One of just two Greg Norman-Pete Dye designed courses in the world, the course is ranked #91 in Golfweeks 2014 Best Residential Courses and consistently ranked among the top 20 courses in Florida. Talis Parks neighborhoods offer a park-like setting with golf course, preserve and water views, or a maintenancefree environment within walking distance of the communitys Grand Piazza that includes Vyne House and the Great Lawn. This In the Park or In the Village approach reflects Kitsons commitment to creating a community where every aspect of country club living is relevant to the residents daily lives. One of Talis Parks new neighborhoods, Firenze, offers a unique combination of the In the Park and In the Village lifestyles. Firenze is a gated enclave of 13 select estate home sites, each measuring more than one acre. Firenze offers long range views of multiple fairways and lakes on Talis Parks golf course and is situated adjacent to the Grand Piazza, just a short walk from Vyne House and the Great Lawn. The combination of the privacy of a gated neighborhood, large lot sizes, and the immediate access to the amenity core is extremely rare, particularly in Southwest Florida. Eleven one-acre+ home sites priced from $1.65 million remain available in Firenze. The appeal of Kitsons vision at Talis Park continues to be acknowledged, both by the building industry and by luxury homebuyers. The Collier Building Industry Association named Talis Park recipient of its prestigious 2014 Community of the Year Over $1 Million and 2014 Best Sales Center Sand Dollar Awards. Between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014, 74 closed home site sales and 47 new-build construction contracts worth a combined $87,985,720 were processed at Talis Park. New visitor traffic rose by 47%, while return visitor traffic increased by 139%. A total of 20 furnished model, unfurnished Resident Ready, and end-user new-build residences were completed during the twelve-month period. Thirty-six homes are now under construction at Talis Park and another 38 are expected to start within the next six months. New model residences currently under construction will be completed by January, 2015 and others will be completed by spring. Talis Park is located on Livingston Road just north of Immokalee Road in North Naples. The beach and the dining, shopping, and entertainment venues at Mercato, Coconut Point Mall, and Gulf Coast Town Center are all just minutes away. Visit Talis Parks award-winning Garden House Sales Center at 16980 Livingston Road, or visit Talis Park online at Talis Park offers a refreshing choice of Spanish Eclectic, Caribbean Colonial, and Italian Renaissance architectural designs. Penthouse-style condominium residences by WCI Communities are now under construction in Carrara at Talis Park. The first of Carraras 15 buildings that will include 90 luxurious residences is scheduled for completion next spring. Talis Parks In the Park and In the Village residences are ideally suited to Naples heralded indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Gulfshore Homes Cielo residence is one of five models currently under construction in Seneca, one of two new neighborhoods introduced during the past year at Talis Park.


*National Association of Home Builders GOLD AWARD winner for Community of the Year, the only Florida Winner in 33 years, and NAHB Gold Award for Best Clubhouse. CALL ANGELA BAVETTA or KIM SHORECopyright 2014, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Realty is a registered mark of Miromar Development Corporation. Ask the Experts We Know Miromar!FIND YOUR HOME IN MIROMAR LAKES BEACH & GOLF CLUB, THE #1 COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES*10151614-2406 BELLINI Beachfront Condo 2014 COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR Finally, the most anticipated new community in Naples is now open! Nestled within a pristine natural setting just minutes from Downtown Naples, Floridas preeminent homebuilder is creating a colorful update of classic coastal living. Dont miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own such an amazing piece of Florida. Model homes are now open at The Isles of Collier Preserve! Inspired by the timeless architecture and traditions of Old Naples, these elegant new model homes overlook eight miles of scenic kayak and biking trails that wind along the Cypress Waterway. Explore our nature trails and waterways on available Minto bicycles and kayaks or take a complimentary guided boat tour down the Cypress Waterway. *Incentive is available for a limited time, please see new home sales professional for details. Minto Communities, LLC 2014. All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced, copied, altered, distributed, stored or transferred in any form or by any means without express written permission. Artists renderings, dimensi ons, speci cations, prices and features are approximate and subject to change without notice. Minto, the Minto logo, The Isles of Collier Preserve and The Isles of Collier Preserve logo are trademar ks of Minto Communities, LLC and/or its a liates. CGC 1519880. 10/2014 (888) 707-1251 ~ mintofla.com5445 Caribe Avenue, Naples, FL 34113 | Located on US 41/Tamiami Trail East, just south of Thomasson Drive.For location, hours of operation and further details about our award-winning communities throughout Florida, visit minto coastal community, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No CDD Fees Unlike other communities, The Isles of Collier Preserve does not burden you with Community Development District (CDD) fees, which saves you thousands of dollars during your home ownership.7 Furnished Models Now Open! | Luxury Single-Family and Coach Homes from the low $ 400 s to high $ 700 s Call to charter a complimentary guided boat tour down the Cypress Waterway! Classic Old Florida Clubhouse Fitness & Wellness Center Resort-Style Pool Tennis Courts Bocce Ball Courts Kayak Launch Overlook Bar & Grill 8 Miles of Scenic Kayak, Hiking and Biking Trails DONT MISS THIS SPECIAL OFFER ON SELECTED HOMES! FEATURED MODEL: JacarandaHomesite 583 Bedrooms/3.5 Bathrooms Den/3-Car Garage/Pool2,558 a/c sq. $710,577Available November 2014Limited Time $50,000 Incentive!* FEATURED MODEL: PoincianaHomesite 423 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms 2-Car Garage1,952 a/c sq. $539,990Available NowLimited Time $30,000 Incentive!*


B22 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$200,0001 PELICAN LANDING SANDPIPER GREENS 25160 Sandpipier Greens Court #104 $264,900 Premier Sothebys International Realty Pam Umscheid 239.691.3541>$300,0002 OLD NAPLES JASMINE CLUB 674 Broad Avenue South $320,000 PSIR Celine Julie Godof 239.404.99173 WALDEN OAKS 7002 Lone Oak $329,500 PSIR Kelly Kent 239.250.54804 OAKES ESTATES 5940 English Oaks Lane $349,000 PSIR Mira Rochford 239.287.29295 OLD NAPLES JASMINE CLUB 694 Broad Avenue South $375,000 PSIR Peter Radno 239.253.3310>$400,0006 VERONA WALK 7303 Carducci Court $449,000 PSIR Jon Peter Vollmer 239.250.9414>$500,0007 BONITA BAY MONTARA 3244 Montara Drive $519,000 PSIR Jane Gruenhagen 239.450.6437>$600,0008 PELICAN BAY BAY VILLAS 504 Bay Villas Lane $680,000 PSIR Janice Fonda 402.208.22769 NAPLES BATH & TENNIS 1031 Oriole Circle $699,000 PSIR Debbi/ Marty McDermott 239.564.4231>$700,00010 VANDERBILT BEACH MARINA BAY CLUB 13105 Vanderbilt Drive #910 $785,000 PSIR Suzanne Ring 239.821.755011 VANDERBILT BEACH VANDERBILT GULFSIDE 10951 Gulfshore Drive #104 $799,000 PSIR Pat Callis 239.250.056212 THE MOORINGS LIONS GATE 2919 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #103 $799,000 PSIR Bonnie Nageon de Lestang 239.280.6997>$900,00013 PELICAN BAY VILLAS 571 Gulf Park Boulevard $925,000 PSIR Susie Culp 239.290.220014 MARCO ISLAND 930 Hyacinth Court $979,000 PSIR Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685>$1,000,00015 CABREO AT MEDITERRA 16811 Cabreo Drive $1,150,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009716 THE BROOKS SHADOW WOOD ORCHID RIDGE 10080 Orchid Ridge Lane $1,249,000 PSIR Brian Nelson 239.572.290317 MARCO ISLAND SANDPIPER 850 Collier Boulevard South #1702 $1,250,000 PSIR Cythinia Corogin 239.963.556118 PARK SHORE VISTAS 4651 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #1603 $1,295,000 PSIR Carol Sheehy 239.340.9300 No sign on property. Enter through lobby19 BONITA BAY TAVIRA 4851 Bonita Bay Boulevard #301 $1,499,000 PSIR Teresa Rucker 239.860.4661 Also Available: #304 $1,499,00020 THE BROOKS SHADOW WOOD GLEN LAKES 10550 Glen Lakes Drive $1,575,000 PSIR Anthony Gatto 239.913.972221 OLD NAPLES 740 5th Avenue North $1,595,000 PSIR Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.423122 ISLA MAR AT OLDE NAPLES 1010 5th Street South $1,775,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009723 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $1,795,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open MondaySaturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm24 OLD NAPLES 775 Broad Court North $1,850,000 PSIR Brandon Dowdy 239.287.6243>$2,000,00025 MEDITERRA IL TREBBIO 16045 Trebbio Way $2,195,995 PSIR Tom Gasbarro 239.404.488326 PINE RIDGE 63 Eugenia Drive $2,295,000 PSIR Sue Black 239.250.561127 THE MOORINGS 725 Ketch Drive $2,990,000 PSIR Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678>$3,000,00028 TERAMO AT MEDITERRA 29080 Teramo Way $3,799,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009729 PORT ROYAL 2750 Treasure Lane $3,900,000 PSIR Lisa Tashjian 239.259.702430 COQUINA SANDS 550 Banyan Boulevard $3,975,000 PSIR Susie Culp 239.290.2200>$9,000,00031 PORT ROYAL 3605 Fort Charles Drive $9,450,000 PSIR Dana Marcum 239.404.2209>$10,000,00032 PORT ROYAL 1001 Spyglass Lane $10,500,000 PSIR Frank Sajtar 239.776.8382 Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 32 21


Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM Captiva, Florida | Exquisite Pools Immerse yourself in a private world of luxury and intrigue. A world full of splendor, set apart from the rest. beyond the extraordinary...


From the thrill of championship golf tournaments to the quiet beauty of a perfect sunset, this is a place designed to help you celebrate life. Visit us today and get a taste of it for yourself. Our naturally magni cent community has stunning new homes priced from the mid $200s to over $2 million, a sensible membership plan with no initiation fee, luxurious amenities and lots of friendly folks who savor every moment. Naples nest championship golf community 239-352-8000 Isnt life delicious? PHOTO COURTESY OF OCTAGON SEVERAL MODELS BY THE AREAS FINEST BUILDERS ARE OPEN DAILY


An entertaining blendBook reviewer Phil Jason finds history, intrigue, sci-fi combine for a fun and funny read. C22 The (upper) CrustRestaurant critic (and pizza snob) Karen Feldman finds a lot to love at The Crust. C39 A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTION INSIDEBROUGHT TO YOU BY:The High-Rises at Bonita Bay 495-1105 Estuary at Grey Oaks 261-3148 The Strada at Mercato 594-9400 The Village 261-6161 The Gallery 659-0099 Broad Avenue 434-2424 Vanderbilt 594-9494 The Promenade 948-4000 Fifth Avenue 434-8770 Marco Island 642-2222 Rentals 262-4242 Powerful, mysticalTheater critic Nancy Stetson appreciates the questions raised in Gulfshore Playhouses The Mountaintop. C10 Island Theater Company on Marco Island opens the new season with Stonewalls Bust Oct. 25-Nov. 8 at the Marco Island Historical Museum. The comedy by John Morogiello follows nervous New Yorker Paul Streyker, a Yankee who bites off more than he can chew while visiting his girlfriends hometown in the Deep South. In an attempt to save his own skin after he breaks a priceless Confederate heirloom, he concocts a dubious scenario involving a poltergeist. Instead, however, the story sets off a string of hilarious and dire events that threaten his career, his relationship and his very life. Playing the lead role of Paul Streyker is Joseph Lang, who has performed inIsland Theater Company opens season with a comedyLYLEshooting SEE COMEDY, C20 SEE LYLE, C4 BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ Michael Wilson is in love with music. Hes also in love with the ineffable qualities of shadow and light, the way they complement each other in the same way as lyrics and melody. As a result, Mr. Wilsons photographs are like well-crafted songs, rich with emotion and mystery. Over the course of his career, the Cincinnati A photographers iconic images of the indisputably striking musician Lyle Lovett and his Acoustic Group perform in Sarasota on Oct. 17. MICHAEL WILSON / COURTESY PHOTO SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________COURTESY PHOTOThe cast of Stonewalls Bust


C2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 31% OFF BOTOXValid October 1 through October 31, 2014. Not valid with any other discount. Restrictions apply. 1-800-591-DERM | Were giving you something to crow about this October with a special 31% savings on Botox Cosmetic at your local Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery ofce! Tue. October 28, 2014 at 5:30pmLight refreshments, demonstrations and giveaways.Reserve your spot: Downtown Naples: 261 9th Street South 239-449-3499Attendance is complimentary, but RSVP is required.Ask your Riverchase Specialist for more Ultherapy is the only non-invasive FDA approved procedure to lift the skin on the brow, chin, neck and chest.TUE. OCTOBER 28, 2014Youre Invited toA neck affair SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS Too much talk and not enough action This summer I met a woman who talked endlessly about slippers. If I just had a pair, she said, my feet would be warmer. They would, I agreed. Can you imagine it? she said. Waking up every morning and putting your feet in a pair of cozy slippers? We were part of a group of writers and artists staying at a residency in the south of France in a village so small you couldnt even buy a cup of coffee there. Once a week we left the mountain to spend an afternoon in the city. On the days leading up to our first trip down, the woman asked me, Do you think Ill be able to find slippers in town? Of course, I said. I gave her a list of shops where she should look. On the day itself I had my own errands to run, but I left the woman standing in front of a large store similar to Target. This place will have them, I assured her. But when we met up an hour later, she hadnt bought anything. Actually, shed spent the entire time sitting at a cafe in the plaza enjoying a cup of coffee. Dont worry, I told her. The place where were going for groceries is one of those mega stores that sells everything, even socks and underwear. Theyll definitely have slippers. But when we met back at the car after the grocery run, the woman showed up sans slippers. She just gave a complacent shrug when I asked if she had looked for them. Back on the mountain later that night, I overhead her talking to another writer. Its chilly tonight, she said. Wouldnt it be nice to have a pair of slippers? I thought of that woman recently after having coffee with an old friend, a man who has been tired of his life as long as Ive known him. He talks of change every time I see him, of making grand gestures, of trading in his current situation his job, his city, his wife and moving on to something new. For a long time, I encouraged my friend. I helped him work out an action plan. I made suggestions for new careers, new places to live and, yes, even a new spouse. Yet he always threw up his hands helplessly in the face of all that concrete effort, as if changing his life were completely beyond his control. I finally realized after our most recent visit that hes just like the woman on the mountain: Hes never going to buy the damn slippers. He just likes talking about it. In a lot of ways, in life and especially in love, I think we all do this. We claim we desire something, but we refuse to make it happen. We say we want a steady life, but we run away from it every chance we get. We say we want a good partner, but thats never whom we choose. We say we want to be loved, and then we turn from those who love us most. Maybe what we need is less talking and more acting, on all fronts. Artis Henderson is the author of Unremarried Widow published by Simon and Schuster. artis


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C3 Callustodayat1-239-594-7400orvisitTravelExperts.comJoinHurleyTravelExperts andLindblad-National GeographicExpeditionsMeetLindbladVicePresident,LesaBain,andlearnabout Lindbaldsexciting2015globalexpeditions...someofthemost exhilaratingtraveladventuresyoucanexperienceworldwide!YoureInvited! Tuesday,October21st from3PM!ThisexcitingLindbladeventwillbeheldatournew Naplesofcesat3701TamiamiTrailN,Suite200, Naples,Florida34103DavidVargas LouisVerdesotoRSVP byMonday,October20thPH: 239-594-7400 EMAIL: SeaCloudCruises Documentary about Memphis music selected to wrap up 2014 festival Take Me to the River, a documentary exploring the mixtures of races, generations and genres that created the Memphis music blend of R&B, rock, country and funk, has been announced as the movie for the Closing Night Film & Wrap Party at the 2014 Naples International Film Festival. Described as both a master class in the history of American music and a love letter to Memphis. Take Me to the River contains archival footage of recording sessions and live performances with legendary artists as well as interviews with contemporary musicians who are prominent on the Memphis landscape. Sponsored by BNY Mellon Wealth Management, the Closing Night Film & Wrap Party begins at 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9, with presentation of the 2014 NIFF awards at Silverspot Cinema. The screening of Take Me to the River and a Q&A with the filmmakers will follow, after which patrons will adjourn to the lobby for cocktails, hors doeuvres and dessert. Tickets for $75 are available at The festival opens Thursday, Nov. 6, with the Florida premiere of Song One, an indie film that premiered in competition at this years Sundance Film Festival. Anne Hathaway stars as Franny, who has been living emotionally and geographically distant from her musician brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield), and their mother, Karen (Mary Steenburgen). After Henry suffers an accident that leaves him comatose, Franny returns home to New York. When she meets her brothers musical idol, James Forester (Johnny Flynn), a romantic connection sparks between the two that will ultimately transform them both. Writer/director Kate Barker-Froyland will attend the NIFF opening night to discuss her movie with the audience after the screening. The evening starts at 6 p.m. on the red carpet at ArtisNaples. The film starts at 7 p.m., and an afterparty takes place from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. Cocktail attire is suggested. VIP tickets are $169, and general admission is $29. For tickets, call ArtisNaples at 5971900 or visit The film festival will continue through Sunday, Nov. 9, with screenings and programs at Silverspot Cinema. For more information, call 775-3446 or visit 13361 Metro Pkwy. Fort Myers(239) 561-6817www.ShrimpShackUSA.comVoted Best Seafood 14 Years in a Row!Kids Eat Free Everyday!Lunch Menu$6.99 10:30am-2pmLite Eaters Menu$8.99 2pm-6pmDAILY SPECIALS /ShrimpShackFL SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2014 $46 ADVANCE$56 AT THE GATE $66 PREFERRED$76 AT THE GATETHANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS BRANTLEY GILBERTWITH LET IT RIDE TOUR


C4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYphotographer has shot portraits of scores of musicians as diverse as BB King and David Byrne, John Prine and Robert Plant, Philip Glass and Sam Phillips, The Black Keys and Over the Rhine. The cover of Emmylou Harriss Red Dust Girl? Thats his work. Shawn Colvins All Fall Down? Buddy Millers Cruel Moon and Universal United House of Prayer? The Replacements iconic All Shook Down with two wet dogs on an empty, rainy street? Theyre all his. Add to that list the striking black-andwhite covers of most of Lyle Lovetts albums, starting with 1994s I Love Everybody all the way up to his most recent, Release Me, which shows Mr. Lovett standing on a dusty Texas road in a suit, trussed up in a lariat. Mr. Lovetts music has been described as not-quite-country, notquite-jazz and not-quite-blues. There are also notes of gospel, folk and western swing. A four-time Grammy-Award winner, he received the Americana Music Associations inaugural Trailblazer Award and was recently named the Texas State Musician. Hes also known for his acting, appearing in the Robert Altman films Short Cuts, The Player and Pret-a-Porter (Ready to Wear), as well as numerous TV shows. He performs at a variety of Florida venues this month with his Acoustic Group (see info box).The heart of the subjectMr. Wilsons photographs reflect Mr. Lovett and his music, his droll wit and sense of whimsy, his classiness, his Texas roots. And visually, Mr. Lovett is undeniably a great subject: tall and lanky, a sharp dresser with interesting features and curly hair barely tamed into a pompadour thats seemingly always on the edge of revolt. Hes very insightful and he does have a keen sense of humor, Mr. Wilson says. He also has a very strong sense of himself He knows whats important to him and does his best to protect it. Mr. Wilson says although it would be easy for Mr. Lovett to fake the whole cowboy thing, hes actually more of a cowboy than most country singers. A big part of his life is on his ranch, with his animals. Mr. Wilson first photographed Mr. Lovett for inside the CD booklet of Joshua Judges Ruth, which was released in 1992. We just worked out, he says. Ever since then Ive worked on all his albums. The next one was I Love Everybody, which was shot in Paris while Mr. Lovett was filming Pret-a-Porter (Ready To Wear). I basically walked around Paris with Lyle on his time off from working on the movie, Mr. Wilson says. It was great. Although they had arranged to rent a studio in The City of Light, the project wasnt thought out in advance. Most shoots with Mr. Lovett, he explains, are not approached in terms of heres what were trying to do. The cover photo for I Love Everybody ended up being a shot of Mr. Lovett seated at a table on a Paris street while model Linda Evangelista (also in the movie, and featured in Lovetts music video for Penguins) walks by. That shoot, and the ones that would come after, were cut from the same cloth, Wilson explains. Its basically Lyle and me meeting at a certain time, or over a certain couple of days, and making pictures, sometimes interspersed with whatever the daily activities are. If Lyles on the road, (that means) sound-checks and the shows. If were at his home, maybe we shoot in between him working and living his life on the ranch. For example, the cover of Release Me was taken when Mr. Lovett was working his horses with his trainer in Tioga, Texas, near the Oklahoma/Texas border. Mr. Lovett, crisply dressed in suit and tie, is wrapped up in a lariat. Definitely a little sense of humor at work there, Mr. Wilson says, adding his subject was concerned the rope not touch the ground and get dust on his suit, which he was going to wear for a performance. The photo was shot less than a mile from the trainers ranch. It was just a place Id seen (when) driving into the ranch, Mr. Wilson says. It wasnt like I went to Texas and jotted out this list of great locations. Thats generally the way he works, using whatever lights available, relying on intuition and happy accidents. I see myself as somebody who just listens and observes, he says. Im always tuned into: Where would it be comfortable and possible to do a picture? Im definitely depending on serendipity; its not something Im choreographing. A portrait, he says, is a kind of conversation. You have to find a place for the conversation. Thats the way I work. Through his publicist Mr. Lovett has this to say about Mr. Wilsons work: Michaels photos all have a feeling about them that is, they make you feel something when you see them. I imaging we truly see his subjects through his eyes; we feel what he feels when he looks at them. His pictures transcend the technical and get right to the heart of his subjects. Michael can extract emotion from even a still life.Technical aspectsMr. Wilson still works with film; he prefers it to digital, though he uses a digital camera for color shots. He also prefers black and white. Its becoming increasingly hard to get color negative film processed, but its very simple to do your own black and white, he says. My love of black and white is integrated with the process of being able to do my own film. That way of making pictures has a lot more time built into it where youre reflecting more on the pictures, he explains. You see the film when its wet. Then it dries, you make a contact sheet, you study that. You make a print. Youve been thinking about these pictures at least four different times. That little bit of distance for me is helpful.Embracing the processMr. Wilson estimates hes been to about 20 of Mr. Lovetts shows and watched several from the wings. I am a fan, he says. He also considers Mr. Lovett a friend. Underneath it all, that is the great gift that I feel, that you have someone you know and like as a friend. To shoot a good portrait, the person has to trust you, and thats a gift, he says. Any portrait is a two-step process, he adds: Part of it is coming from the photographer, deciding where the best place to take the picture is (and part of it is) the subject letting themselves engage in that process and being open to it. Thats where the trust comes in, a moment of safety, them bringing themselves to it. Something that looks honest, thats obviously what Im going for: a picture that, when you look at it, you feel you can trust it. Even if its a ridiculous picture, like Lyle Lovett wrapped in a rope. LYLEFrom page 1 Lyle Lovett and his Acoustic Group in concert>> When: 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17 >> Where: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota >> Cost: $37-$69 >> Info: (941) 953-3368 or >> More: Lyle Lovett and his Acoustic Group also perform Oct. 16 at Knight Concert Hall in Miami, Oct. 18 at the Magnolia Music Festival in Live Oak and Oct. 19 at Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg. MICHAEL WILSON / COURTESY PHOTOS


FRIDAYSUNDAYOCTOBER 24TH6THOld Naples Waterfront 5TH ANNUALFRIDAY, OCTOBER 24THPinchers Crab Shack:SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25THTin City: Jersey Rockers Show with Keep the Faith Bayfront Naples/Bayfront Inn: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26THTin City: Bayfront Naples/Bayfront Inn: For parking locations, visit


C6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYTHEATER4,000 Miles Lets Put on a Show Productions presents ,000 Miles on select dates through Oct. 18 at the Golden Gate Community Center. 398-9192 or Mountaintop By Gulfshore Playhouse through Oct. 19 at The Norris Center. (866) 811-4111 or See review on page C10.Noises Off By The Naples Players through Oct. 18 at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or Murder, Music & Mayhem Oct. 24-25 at the Murder Mystery Dinner at the Center for the Performing Arts Bonita Springs. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Deathtrap By Laboratory Theater of Florida through Oct. 25 at 1634 Woodford St., Fort Myers. 218-0481 or By Theatre Conspiracy at the Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, through Oct. 18. 936-3239 or The Buddy Holly Story Through Nov. 15 on the main stage at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Late Through Nov. 1 in the Off Broadway Palm Theatre at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or the Shell of It David Southall of Collier County Museums presents The Hidden Life of Our Common Sea Shells from 10-11:30 a.m. at South Regional Library. 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway. 252-7542.Garden Tour Take a stroll through The Norris Gardens at Palm Cottage, home of the Naples Historical Society, from 10-11 a.m. $10 (free for NHS members). Reservations required. 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164.Romance Readers The Romantic Readers Book Club welcomes new members to join the discussion at 2 p.m. at Headquarters Library. Whether you like your stories set in the past, in todays world or filled with paranormal elements, love always overcomes the odds. Free, but reservations required. 2385 Orange Blossom Blvd. 593-0334.Book Talk Librarian David Chalick moderates a discussion of The Round House by Louise Erdrich beginning at 2 p.m. at the Golden Gate Library. Free, but reservations required. 2432 Lucerne Road. 252-4542.Third Thursday on Third Restaurants and shops along Third Street South welcome entertainers and more for shoppers and browsers from 6-9 p.m. 434-6533.Farmers Market Southwest Florida Markets sets up from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Naples Italian American Foundation. 7035 Airport-Pulling Road.Jazz at Alto The Dan Heck Trio performs from 8-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 2612586 or for Laughs Trish Keating takes the stage at 8:30 p.m. at the Old Naples Comedy Club. $15. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. 455-2844 or Yuks Godfrey, who performs with Shaquille ONeill on TruTvs Upload, steps up to the mic tonight through Oct. 19 at the Off the Hook Comedy Club in Gulf Coast Town Center. 389-6901 or Mic Frankie Colt hosts open mic night starting at 9 p.m. at South Street City Oven & Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333 or Smoke-Off Professional cook teams from around the country descend on the Collier County Fairgrounds today and Oct. 18-19 to compete for cash and prizes in the Big Swamp Smoke-Off. Attendees can participate in amateur competitions and other fun while enjoying live entertainment, including Gwen Sebastian from The Voice. 4551444 or Meet the Author Phillip B.J. Reid, the author of the nonfiction Three Sisters Ponds: My Journey from Street Cop to FBI Special Agent, from Baltimore to Lockerbie, Pakistan and Beyond, discusses his personal journey at 1 p.m. at South Regional Library. Free, but reservations required. 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway. 252-7542.Welcome to the Weekend Say TGIF with $5 flutes of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label ($25 for Le Grand Dame) from 5-7 p.m. at the Waldorf Astoria Naples. Live entertainment. 475 Seagate Drive. 597-3232.Live Music Garon, Dave Estes and Austin Wilder play from 7-10 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun and Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Dance Party Join ghouls and goblins of all ages for a spin on the dance floor at Vineyards Community Park starting at 7 p.m. A costume contest is also part of the fun. 6231 Arbor Blvd. 353-9669.Bring on the Blues Live music returns to the Little Bar and Restaurant in Goodland on Marco Island every Friday through Sunday. Tonight its the Albert Castaglia Band performing from 8 p.m. until closing. 394-5663 or That Jazz The Rebecca Richardson Trio performs from 8-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2586 or Laughs Trish Keating takes the stage at the Old Naples Comedy Club at 8:30 p.m. $15. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. 455-2844 or Seed The Good Bad Kids play from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at South Street City Oven Bar & Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333 or Market Stock up on fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, cheese, pasta, coffee, doggy treats and more at the Third Street South Farmers Market from 7:30-11:30 a.m. in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahamas on Third Street South.Dig In The Marco Island Historical Museum holds Family Archaeology Day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sift through ancient sands looking for treasures, make a Calusa mask and watch real-life archaeologists use the tools of their trade. Free. 180 S. Heathwood Drive. 642-1440.Crafty Kids Kids ages 7 and up can create a scoubidou craft starting at 2 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops. 598-5200.Boo at the Zoo The Naples Zoo holds a costume contest and trick or treating for kids up to age 12 from 3-7 p.m. The Zoos wild animal residents will carve their own pumpkins with tooth, horn and claw. With at least one child in costume, the whole family enjoys 50 percent off admission.! The Halloween Spooktacular in Marco Islands Mackle Park takes place from 4-6 p.m. and includes a pumpkin patch, crafts and games and, at 5:30 p.m., a costume contest for ages 10 and younger. Free admission. 642-0575.The Snow Queen The whole family will enjoy this concert by the Naples Philharmonic starting at 3 p.m. at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or Ha-Ha Sample craft beers and get down to the sounds of Rockin House from 5-8 p.m. at Mercato. 437-0202 or See story on page A1.It Takes Two Pablo Repun Tango holds a class for beginners from 7-8 p.m. followed by milonga for everyone. Bring your own wine; snacks provided. $15. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or Act The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs presents Lightwire Theater with DiNO-Light, a combination of puppetry, dance and lighting technology that Rolling Stone called an eye-popping display of storytelling at 3 and 7 p.m. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 4958989 or Operators Velvet Touch entertains from 8-11 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Jazz Men The Dan Miller/ Lew Del Gatto Quintet plays smooth jazz from 8-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2586 or Music Orange Juice takes the stage at South Street City Oven Bar & Grill from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333 or Cleanup Old Naples Surf Shop and Friends of Rookery Bay invite everyone to pitch in to clean up the beach at 13th Avenue South beginning at 9 a.m. 262-1877, or Goods The Collier Boulevard Farmers Market takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 11725 C ollier Blvd. 206-4339.Flea Market Pickin and Grinnin Acoustic and bluegrass jam sessions and open mic time return to Flamingo Island Flea Market in Bonita Springs from noon to 4 p.m. 405-0355 or Concert Band The community bands new season of free concerts starts at 2 p.m. under the bandshell at Cambier Park. Free. Bar Music Live entertainment starts at 2 p.m. with Gator Nate Augustus followed by Jim Allen at 6 p.m. at the Little Bar and Restaurant in Goodland on Marco Island. 394-5663 or Mary Sunday Sip while you shop at Waterside Shops from noon to 3 p.m., which is when the shopping center pavilion turns into a Bloody Mary Bar for the afternoon. WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOThe Naples Concert Band strikes up a new season its 43rd of free concerts under the band shell at Cambier Park from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19. See story on page C16. Feel the thrill of the wind at your back and learn about the Gulf Coast Sailing Club on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 19, at the Sugden Park Sailing Center at Lake Avalon. Club members invite all who are interested to enjoy a picnic from noon to 1 p.m. and then get out on the water from 12:30-4:30 p.m. Theres no need to own a sailboat, and instruction will be offered. $14 for one, $25 per couple, $30 for a family. Sign up in advance by emailing Maurice Scully at


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 10.19 Ringo Starr and His AllStarr Band perform at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. $85-$175. 4814849 or The 13th Avenue South Skim Jam makes waves Saturday on the beach at 13th A venue South to benefit Friends of Rookery Bay sea turtle monitoring efforts. Sign up to show your skimming chops of simply show up to watch the fun starting at 9 a.m. 262-1877, or oldnaplessurfshop. 10.16 10.18 Sample fine vintages from Sonoma Valleys B.R. Cohn estate winery and meet CEO Daniel Cohn starting at 5 p.m. Friday at Whole Foods in Mercato. Mr. Cohn will sign bottles of his familys wine for shoppers. WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOLife is Beautiful See and discuss Life is Beautiful (Italy, 1997) starting at 2 p.m. at the Naples Center of FGCU. In 1930s Italy, Guido and his wife and young son live happily together until the German occupation. In an attempt to help his son survive the horrors of a concentration camp, Guido imagines the Holocaust is a game and the grand prize for winning is a tank. $5 for FGCU Renaissance Academy members, $6 for others. Up next on Oct. 26: The Last Station (Germany, 2009). 1010 Fifth Ave. S. Reservations required. 434-4737 or Jazz Jam Michael Blasucci and Black Sheep host a jazz jam from 7-10 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or That Jazz Bob Zottolo and Stu Shelton jazz things up from 7-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2586 or Sunday Innasense takes the stage at 9:30 p.m. at South Street City Oven & Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333 or Night The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs presents a screening and discussion of August Rush (USA, 2007) at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Up next on Oct. 27: Wadjda (Saudi Arabia, 2013). $10. 495-8989 or with Jebry Join Jebry & Friends for a jazz jam from 6-9 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun and Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Your Cards Right Its bingo night starting at 7 p.m. at the Naples English Pub. 5047 Tamiami Trail E. 7753727 or Marco The Marco Island Historical Society and John R. Wood Properties present Jack Joyce and The History of Marco Island Real Estate at 7 p.m. at the Marco Island Historical Museum. 180 S. Heathwood Drive. RSVP to Cindy Jones at 394-4040 or Talk Librarian Claudia Schmitt leads the discussion of Emma Donoghues Frog Music at 2 p .m. at Naples Regional Library. 650 Central Ave. 262-4130.Music on Marco The Marco Island Library presents From Baroque to Gypsy: A Musical Journey through Europe, a concert by David Pedraza on viola and Anastasiya Timofeeva on the piano, at 5:30 p.m. Free. 201 S. Heathwood Drive. 394-3272.Local History Docents with the Naples Historical Society lead tours of Historic Palm Cottage from 1-4 p.m. today through Saturday. $10 (free for NHS members). 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164 or Students Students from Community School of Naples strut their fashion stuff around the pavilion at Waterside Shops from 6-8 p.m. $150 for front-row seating and a reception at Yamron Jewelers; $100 for secondrow reserved seating. Visit for reservations. Tango Tuesdays Step up for intermediate and advanced tango class from 8-9 p.m. at Pablo Repun Tango. $15. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or #EAT IT #SCARE IT Count your blessings that Chapel Grill is among the many restaurants reopening after a summer respite. As of Friday, you can tuck into the best-selling braised short ribs and anything else on the heavenly menu. 206-4310 Bring the kids in costume for face-painting, trivia games and more fun for the opening of The Book of Life at Paragon Theaters in the Pavilion Shopping Center from 3-7 p.m. Saturday


C8 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY at Port of Naples Marina $20 SIGHTSEEING CRUISESCruise Times on Saturday & SundayOctober 25 & 26 2014 10am-11:30am 12pm-1:30pm 2pm-3:30pmReservations RequiredFood & Drink Specials available for purchase on board Call (239) 649-2275 for reservations550 Port-O-Call Way | Naples, FL 34102 | Plus Tax.on the Naples Princess C ity F est Naples Florida WHAT TO DOMovies at Mercato Bring a blanket or lawn chair and settle in for a screening of the 1960 classic Psycho starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh starting at 7 p.m. on the lawn across from Masa at Mercato. Well-behaved pets also welcome. Free. Jazz Stu Shelton entertains from 7-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2586 or Along Its karaoke night from 9 p.m. to midnight at South Street City Oven Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 4359333 or Well NCHs Dr. Gary Swain discusses ways to adopt a lifestyle that promotes healthy brain function at 2 p.m. at Naples Regional Library. Free. 650 Central Ave. 262-4130 or Naples Walking Tour Enjoy a guided walking tour of Old Naples led by a docent from the Naples Historical Society. Meet at 9:30 a.m. at Historic Palm Cottage. 137 12th Ave. S. Reservations required. 261-8164.Farmers Market Stock up on fresh produce at the Whole Foods weekly farmers market from 4-8 p.m. on the sidewalk in front of the store.Jazz Duo The Hi-Five Quintet performs from 7-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2586 or Music The Good Bad Kids perform from 7-10 p.m. at South Street City Oven Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333 or UPGarden Grand Reopening Naples Botanical Garden celebrates its grand reopening and the new Eleanor and Nicholas Chabraja Visitor Center with a ribbon-cutting at 10 a.m. Oct. 23. 643-7275 or in History South Regional Library presents Janina Birtolo in a onewoman show about the life of the fiesty, resourceful Abigail Adams starting at 2 p.m. Oct. 23. Free, but reservations required. 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway. 252-7542. Travel Talk Learn about travel opportunities to Iceland, Ireland, Eastern Europe and Morocco with the Renaissance Academy of FGCU in an informational meeting at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Oct. 23 at the FGCU Naples Center. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or racademy.Celebrity Bartenders Local personalities Lavigne Kirkpatrick, Paul Thein, Vicki Tracy and Sam Saad will be behind the bar at Shulas from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Oct. 24 to help raise funds for Special Olympics Florida-Collier County. $25 in advance, $30 at the door for one drink, appetizers and a $25 Shulas gift card. Purchase tickets at Eventbrite or email for more information.Movie in the Park Bring the lawn chairs and the kids to Marco Islands Mackle Park for a free screening of Muppets Most Wanted starting at 7 p.m. Oct. 24. 642-0575. Night in the Swamp Experience Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in the evening light from 5:30-9 p.m. Oct. 24. Enjoy guided walks, night sky exploration, lectures and other activities. 348-9151 or Humor Unity of Naples presents Pamela Gerali in Confessions of a Spiritually Promiscuous Woman at 7 p.m. Oct. 24. $15 donation at the door, or in advance by PayPal at naplesunity. org. 2000 Unity Way. Gallery Reception Astratta Art hosts the opening reception for Generations in Collaboration from 6-8:30 p.m. Oct. 24 at Tre Galleria in the Plaza on Third Street South. Free, but RSVP requested by Oct. 21. 331-1841, or The Florida Fish Hook Tour and Bluewater Acoustic and Bluegrass series at The Norris Center starts the season with the Claire Lynch Band, above, taking the stage at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25. 755 Eighth Ave. S. 213-3049. 239.263.6979 11920 Saradrienne Lane, Bonita Springs, FL 34135(Located on Bonita Beach Road, at the Homedepot shopping center just south of Interstate 75) Enjoy live entertainment and our famous antipasto bar. Reservations required. $34.75++ per person.Join us for a Mediterranean-style dinner! FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 & 24 5:30:00 P.M. $10.00 OFF PER COUPLECoupon must be present.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C9 (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay Wilma Boyd CEO *Prices are per person, cruise only, based on double occupancy, and interior stateroom. Offer applies to selected sailings and ships. Book by October 31, 2014. All other charges, including, but not limited to, taxes, fees and port expenses, are additional for all guests. If booking ChoiceAir, an additional 5% off the cruise fare for the 1st and 2nd guests is applied. Use promo code OCTOBERAIR. To receive discount, guest must book air travel through ChoiceAir. For ChoiceAir program details, visit Prices and offers are subject to availability and change without notice; capacity controlled, and may be withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions apply. Royal Caribbean International As youre bundling up for winter, weve put together a bundle of ways you can save on your next Royal Caribbean International cruise. Book any cruise, anywhere, anytime and second guest in the stateroom gets 50% off. Plus youll get an additional 5% savings on your cruise fare when you book air travel through ChoiceAir. ChoiceAir is not an airline but a booking engine for major airlines that guarantees the lowest fare out there. Find a lower fare, well refund the difference. One stop vacation shopping. Only on Royal. Destination WOW. PAMPERYOURSELFTHISFALLA most rejuvenating spa experience awaits you. Relax and restore at the Naples Grande Spa with the below fall specials. Class Mani+Pedi | Swedish Massage Signature Facial | Seasonally Inspired Body Scrub $99 PER TREATMENT* To reserve your treatment, please call 855.923.7312 or visit*Valid through November 30, 2014. 22% service charge additional. WHERE TO GOEww! Take the kids to the Collier County Fairgrounds for the Haunted Gross House from 7-11 p.m. Oct. 24-25 and Oct. 30-Nov.1. Halloween night Oct. 31 also features trunk-or-treating and hayrides. Breakfast with the Birds Take an early walk with Friends of Tigertail for some bird-watching starting at 9 a.m. Oct. 25 at Tigertail Beach, Marco Island.Art Show Naples Artcrafters hold their first juried art show of the season from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 25 at Cambier Park. Festival All are welcome to Longshore Lakes community fall festival from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 25. Activities include a yard sale, classic car show, arts and crafts for kids and more. 11399 Phoenix Way. Free admission. 566-2304.Riverwalk Autumn Festival Head down to the Liles Hotel in Bonita Springs for a day of family activities, canoe and kayak races and live music Oct. 25. 26740 Pine Ave. 992-2556.Family Origami The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs hosts a free family fun day starting at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 25 focusing on the current exhibit of origami by 45 paper artists. 26100 Old 41 Road. 495-8989 or Foods Halloween Come in costume and enjoy a pumpkin-pie eating contest and more fun from 3-7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Whole Foods Market in Mercato.Pickin and Grinnin The Florida Fish Hook Tour and Bluewater Acoustic and Bluegrass series at The Norris Center begins with the Claire Lynch Band at 7 p.m. Oct. 25. 755 Eighth Ave. S. 213-3049.Halloween Milongo Pablo Repun Tango hosts a Halloween milongo and costume contest from 7-11 p.m. Oct. 25. $20. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or Bust The Island Theater Company on Marco Island opens the new season with the Southern comedy Stonewalls Bust Oct. 25-Nov. 8. 394-0080 or Day ArtisNaples welcomes the public to its annual Community Day & Family Fun Festival from noon to 4 p.m. Oct. 26.Love Songs Singer-songwriter Duncan Christy performs a blend of his original music with classic love songs from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Oct. 26 at Chez Boet French restaurant. Free, but those attending will be encouraged to consider a glass or two of Champagne and perhaps a romantic dinner to set the right mood for Chansons dAmour. 755 12th Ave. S. 643-6177.Tricks & Treats Mercato shops welcome trick-or-treaters from 5-7 p.m. Oct. 28. Look for a jack-o-lantern on the doors of participating merchants. Baby Dolphins Bob McConville presents Marcos Newborn Dolphins from 7-8 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Marco Island Historical Museum. 180 S. Heathwood Drive. Free. 642-1440 or That Jazz Jason Marsalis on vibraphone joins the Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra for performances at 6 and 8:30 p.m. Oct. 29 in the Daniels Pavilion at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or After Hours The Baker Museum at ArtisNaples stays open late and offers free admission from 6-9 p.m. Oct. 29. A local band entertains, and docents are happy to discuss current exhibitions. 597-1900 or Bash Kids can trick-or-treat and see stilt-walkers, jugglers and more from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Oct. 31 at Waterside Shops. Spooktacular on Fifth Fifth Avenue South hosts its annual Halloween Spooktacular from 4:30-9:30 p.m. Oct. 31. New this year: the inaugural Naples Zombie Dash at 7:15 p.m. Register for the race and/or the costume contest by visiting or calling 692-8436.Psycho Shudder to the classic thriller Psycho, digitally remastered and accompanied by the Naples Philharmonic, beginning at 8 p.m. Oct. 31 at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or Market Sugden Regional Park hosts a Sunday farmers market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting Nov. 2. 293-6266.Cars & Trucks Vette Together for Charity, an open car and truck show hosted by Corvettes of Naples, takes place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 2 at Harbour Plaza, 1 mile south of Alico Road on U.S. 41 in south Fort Myers. Free for spectators. 910-2027 or for information about registering as an exhibitor.ETC Readers Theatre ECT Readers Theatre of The Naples Players opens its 13th season with four short plays in staged readings starting at 7 p.m. Nov. 2. The evenings theme is Friends, Lovers and Monkeying Around. 2637990 or Early Florida Authors Literary historian and actress Betty Jean Steinshouer portrays Harriet Beecher St owe, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Marjory Stoneman Douglas during Lunch & Learn at Rookery Bay on Nov. 4. 300 Tower Road. 530-5940 or Dolce Vita Join the Italian Cultural Society for a screening of It Started in Naples starring Sophia Loren, Clark Gable and Vittoria DeSica at 6:45 p.m. Nov. 4 at The Norris Center. Sparks fly as an American lawyer and the Italian bombshell fight for custody of their nephew in post-WWII Naples. $5 donation.Art Alive The first First Wednesday Art Alive of the season takes place from 5-8 p.m. Nov. 5 in the North Naples Art District north of Pine Ridge Road and west of Airport-Pulling Road. More than two dozen galleries and working art studios stay open late. Sponsored by Art Alliance Naples. Free. 821-1061.Storytellers Conference The fifth annual Storytellers Conference for emerging and professional artists takes place Nov. 6-8 at Covenant Church of Naples PCA. Eddie and Martha Adcock take the stage at 7 p.m. Nov. 7 when the Florida Fish Hook Tour continues at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 for reservations.Art Social Mingle with friends and artists at the Marco Island Center for the Arts from 5:30-7 p.m. Nov. 11. 1010 Winterberry Drive. 394-4221 or Grill The Naples Players present the heartfelt musical The Spitfire Grill Nov. 12-Dec. 6 at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or Email calendar listings and highresolution photos to Lindsey Nesmith at Please send Word or text documents and jpgs. No pdfs or photos of fliers. Deadline for calendar submissions is noon Monday.


C10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION, VISIT US AT NAPLES.CONCEPT1010.COM One-On-OneAlways. Medically Approved.20 MINUTES A WEEK ALWAYS IN SHAPE! Naples CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE STARTER SESSION! ARTS COMMENTARYPowerful, mystical: The Mountaintop by Gulfshore PlayhouseDr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. Usually when that sentence is spoken, the emphasis is on the word great. In Katori Halls play, The Mountaintop, the emphasis is equally on the word man. The two-hander shows audiences the more human side of the Civil Rights leader his fears, doubts, regrets, shortcomings. He smokes. He curses. He flirts. He takes some nips from a flask. He bends the truth. He questions Gods decisions. Those predisposed to taking offense, who actively seek it out, will find plenty to be offended by in this play: the language. The way whites are spoken of. The way blacks are spoken of. The theology. Its a blunt, raw, moving, lyrical work written by a playwright who refuses to pull any punches. The Mountaintop is set in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, the night before Dr. Kings assassination. Fighting a cold, haunted by death threats and feeling tired and discouraged, hes just given his famous Mountaintop sermon in which he seems to prophecy his own premature death. I just want to do Gods will, he told the congregation. And Hes allowed me to go up to the mountain. And Ive looked over, and Ive seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. He has returned to his hotel room to retire for the night when, in this fictional retelling, hes visited by Camae, a hotel maid who might be more than she first appears to be. Felicia Curry plays the role with sass and verve, a spirited woman whos not afraid to both tease and admonish the reverend. She is mercurial, her shifting emotions keeping Dr. King and the audience off balance. She delivers coffee to Dr. Kings motel room, but at times you wonder: Is she a hooker? A spy? A groupie? Someone sent by his enemies to discredit him? Shes certainly not afraid to speak her mind, at one point even donning Dr. Kings suit jacket and hat to demonstrate what kind of sermon she thinks he should deliver one that certainly doesnt adhere to his message of brotherly love and non-violent protest. Jamil A.C. Mangan portrays Dr. King with aplomb. He has the more challenging role, perhaps, because his character is so well known to us as a public figure his image, his mannerisms, the tone and cadences of his speech. But we believe this is Dr. King in front of us. He gives us the man in all his greatness and all his humanity. Its even more remarkable when you consider that Mr. Mangin stepped into the role only days before rehearsals began. He has portrayed Dr. King before, in previous productions, but that doesnt mean hes just going through the motions here. He brings nuances to his portrayal and is, at times, absolutely majestic. Director Cody Nickell shows keen insight and real understanding of the material; he doesnt try to simplify the plays complexity. Jennifer Bronsteds costumes pay close attention to the details of the late s: the tie clips and cuff links, the blue eye shadow on the maid. Kudos to lighting designers David Upton and Eric Furbish, projections designer Brad Peterson and sound designer Scott Burgess, who also created original music for the play. Their efforts elevate this play, helping to make it the astounding experience that it is. David Arsenaults set is perfect in re-creating the Memphis motel room, complete with mass-produced art on the wall, black rotary phone and twin beds. Ms. Halls play raises a lot of questions about the issue of race relations and how far we have come, how far we still have to go. In some ways, its a kind of Its a Wonderful Life in reverse, minus the sentimentality. Its difficult to discuss The Mountaintop in any detail without giving away its secrets, its plot twists and surprises. I will say, however, that Ill never hear the song Jesus on the Mainline in quite the same way ever again. There are many striking images and moments in this play, most of which cannot be shared without ruining the experience for those about to see it. But one simple scene stays with me: Dr. Kings hat sitting on the bed, that omen of impending bad luck, bodily harm or death. Throughout the play it continues to sit there, a sinister symbol of what is to come. The Mountaintop brings us to an elevated height with Dr. King, and allows us, too, to see the past, the future and the distance we have yet to travel. The Mountaintop>> When: Through Oct .19 >> Where: Gulfshore Playhouse at The Norris Center, Naples >> Cost: start at $40 >> Info: (866) 811-4111 or PEDRO ZEPEDA / COURTESY PHOTOSFelicia Curry portrays a hotel maid who enters into a profound dialogue with Martin Luther King Jr., played by Jamil A.C. Mangan. MANGAN CURRY


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C11 Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes.MondayThursday 11:30am9:00pm 1427 Pine Ridge Road, #105, Naples True Neapolitan Pizza & Authentic Italian Food $Dine out and join the American Cancer Society Celebrate Thanksgiving! Relax this Thanksgiving! Treat you and your family to a cruise and delicious Thanksgiving dinner on the water! Cruise Naples Bay catching the beautiful homes of Port Royal while enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. The best part ... No cooking, no mess! Thursday, November 27thEarly Dinner: 12-2pm Sunset Dinner: 4:45-6:45pm $59.50* per adult $29.75* per child tax, port and service not included No Coupons or Discounts Call (239) 649-2275 www.NaplesPrincessCruises.com550 Port -O-C all Way | Naples, FL 34102Book yourself and your family today!Aboard the... PUZZLE ANSWERS


C12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY L O T S A L O B S T E R ! Waterfront Dining TWO 1 pound lobsters with Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch Established 1976 239-263-9940 Established 1979 239-263-2734 fries and slaw or black beans and rice $26.95 Expires 11/2/2014 Not good with any other offer.The Real Taste of Naples The Flavor of the Gulf Coast PUZZLES HOROSCOPES PLAYING JACKS By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C11 SEE ANSWERS, C11 LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Financial matters once again figure in any major action you might take regarding career, travel or other endeavors. Youll want a ready reserve to help you back up those moves. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Trying to resolve a problem in a personal relationship could be more difficult than youd expected. Look into the possibility that someone might be interfering for his or her own reasons. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A project you once rejected might be more attractive because of changes that you feel you can now work with. The weekend is especially favorable to family matters. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) This is a good week for the gregarious Goat to enjoy being with people you care for. You might even want to show off those creative kitchen skills youre so adept at. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A colleague might think your attitude is patronizing or even outright insulting. True. That might be his or her problem. But you might want to take some reassuring steps anyway. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Its a good time to jettison those old concepts about a family matter you might have been holding on to. This will help make room for a new and more enlightened way of dealing with it. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Caution dominates the Sheeps monetary aspect this week. Rams and Ewes might want to shear their big spending plans until a more favorable financial picture begins to emerge by weeks end. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Thrift counts both at home and at work. So you might want to rethink major purchases or investments. Also, be wary of a so-called revelation about a previous decision. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Both household budgets and workplace accounts might benefit from some judicious trimming of unnecessary expenses. A partnership could lead to an unexpected challenge. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) A previously overlooked opportunity could re-emerge with a new travel-related matter. Check this out carefully to see if its what you really want before you decide one way or another. LEO (July 23 to August 22) This could be the start of a new career-changing phase, so start marking down your many accomplishments for those who need to know how much you have to offer. Good luck. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Its not too early for the sometimes procrastinating Virgo to start making those long-distance travel plans. The sooner you decide where to go, when to go and how to go, the better. BORN THIS WEEK: You like to analyze a puzzling situation before you try to resolve it. This makes you excel at getting things done the right way.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C13 For Grown-Up Ghouls!Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho (1960) Tuesday, October 21 | 7pm Join us in the darkness of the lawn for a FREE screening of this horror masterpiece. Skulls, skulls & more skulls at Z Gallerie A Taste of Fall at Silverspot Cinema $7 Pumpkin Pie Cocktail.Wicked cocktails at TAPSPumpkin ale, $5 carmel apple punch and much more. Spook-tacular at Whole Foods Market Saturday, October 25 | 3-7p Children & adult costume contest, free beer and wine samples, photo station and a Team Member pumpkin pie eating contest.PUBkin Fest at The Pub Naples October 27-31 Oct. 27 Costumed Quiz Team Night with Halloween themed rafe items. Oct. 28 Pumpkin carving contest on the patio from 7-9p. Oct. 30 Keep the Glass Night with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale, 6-8p. $6.95. Oct. 31 Costume contest and live music from Pub Mustard. Yelloween at Burn Friday, October 31 Masquerade Ball and $75 bottles of Veuve Clicquot! Reservations are a must 239.653.9013 Halloween Celebration & Costume Party at Blue Martini Friday, October 31 | 7:30p $1,000 cash prize and Blue Martini gift cards. Day of the Dead Celebration at MASA Saturday, November 1 Halloween Hangover at Burn Saturday, November 1 Nurse the curse with $75 bottles of Veuve Clicquot while they last! For The Kids!Spook-tacular at Whole Foods Market Saturday, October 25 | 3-7p Children & adult costume contest, Halloween cookie decorating, photo station and more. Trick-or-Treat Tuesday, October 28 | 5-7pm Look for the Jack OLantern on the door of over 20 participating merchants. Counter Burger Tuesday, October 28 | 5-7pm FREE kid-sized Halloween candy milkshake with the purchase of each adult entre. Trick-or-Treat at Jos. A. Bank October 28 & October 31 NOVEMBER 6-9at the Hottest Haunt in TowNHalloween at MercatoChills & thrills LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.254.1080 | CONTRACT BRIDGEEnhancing the OddsBY STEVE BECKER In the majority of deals, the most important period of the play comes early in the hand. Thats when declarer takes the time to assess his prospects and formulates a plan that will give him the best chance for the contract. To this end, he tries to organize the play so as to make the contract if the opposing cards are normally divided, while at the same time, he tries to cater to the possibility that the cards are abnormally divided. Consider this deal where, after the opening diamond lead, South has eight sure tricks, and his best chance for developing a ninth trick lies in clubs. If, after taking Easts king with the ace at trick one, declarer next cashes the A-K of clubs, hoping for a normal 3-2 division, he winds up scoring only the eight tricks he started with. Instead, he should lead a club to the ace at trick two and return the club three toward his J-6. This guarantees the contract against any lie of the opposing clubs. Lets take the actual case first. If East goes up with the queen of clubs, South scores four club tricks instead of only two. If East follows low on the three, Souths jack wins, and again he makes four clubs by continuing the suit. If West holds the Q-10-x-x of clubs, the outc ome is the same. Wests club holding is exposed when East sh ows out at trick three, and after losing the jack to the queen, declarer has no trouble making four notrump with the aid of a subsequent club finesse. So, no matter how you slice it, South can assure the contract by employing a safety play at trick three. At the same time, the recommended approach yields at least 10 tricks even if the clubs turn out to be divided 3-2. 239.261.4332 naple sclub sushi .com 239.26 1. 433 2 Located at:2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103 Enjoy our fresh atmosphere and friendly service right in the heart of Naples. Private Lunches Available for Small or Large Parties Catering Available Lunch Specials Available for Carry OutNOW OPEN FOR LUNCH MONDAYFRIDAY 11:30 AM to 2:30 PMMakimono and Nigiri Combos Served with Soup and Salad Starting at $9.50 Bento Boxes Served with Soup, Salad, Steamed Rice, Pork Dumplings and Fruit Cup Starting at $12.50 Full Menu Available Too! CLUB SUSHI ROLLS Yasai (vegetable) $6.00cucumber | avocado | asparagus yama gobo | oshinko | kampyoCalifornia $6.75cucumber | avocado| krab meat masago | sesame seedsJapanese Bagel $7.75


C14 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY FALLSWINGSPECIALSBUYLESSONSANDGETFREEb STRINGtRACKETSb TEAMLESSONnfPEOPLErbbFor information call the Tennis Shop at 855.923.7314 or email the Tennis Director at SHOWROOM OPENMONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-5PMinsideout furnituredirect 239-450-92962367 TRADE CENTER WAY, NAPLES, FL New Merchandise Arriving Daily! LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED! WE DO CONDO AND RESORT POOL FURNITURE! CALL US TODAY FOR HUGE SAVINGS! Shop Us LAST for the BEST PRICE! FILM CAPSULESGone Girl (Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris) Nick Dunne (Mr. Affleck) looks increasingly suspicious after his wife (Ms. Pike) disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary. Fantastic performances and precise directing from David Fincher (The Social Network) make this one of the best of 2014. Rated R.Hector and the Search for Happiness (Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Toni Collette) Bo red British psychiatrist Hector (Mr. Pegg) travels the world investigating what makes people happy. Its an impossible question to answer, but this earnest comedy provides just enough laughs. Rated R.The Hero of Color City (Voices of Christina Ricci, Owen Wilson, Sean Astin) Crayons come alive after their owner goes to sleep, but calamity strikes and Yellow (Ms. Ricci) has to lead the other colors before they fade away. Its strictly for little kids, and Im not even sure if theyll enjoy 77 minutes of this. Worse, its torture for parents. Rated G.A Walk Among the Tombstones (Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, David Harbour) An unlicensed private eye (Mr. Neeson) helps a drug lord (Mr, Stevens) find the men who murdered the drug lords wife. While its always fun to watch Mr. Neeson as a badass, the story is unfocused and lacks surprises. Rated R.The Trip to Italy (Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Rosie Fellner) In this sequel to The Trip (2010), friends Mr. Coogan and Mr. Brydon play a version of themselves as they tour fine eateries in Italy. Its more consistently funny than the original, and the beautiful Italian landscape is nearly worth the price of admission alone. Not Rated (strong language). Tusk (Justin Long, Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez) An arrogant podcaster (Mr. Long) is taken captive and tortured by a madman in the Canadian woods. Writer/ director Kevin Smiths (Clerks) film is incredibly bizarre and not always in a good way. Its funny, horrific, unwatchable and yet unforgettable. It is an odd experience that I have to recommend based on the fact that I cant get it out of my mind. Rated R.Dolphin Tale 2 (Harry Connick Jr., Nathan Gamble, Ashley Judd) With dolphin Winter not feeling well, teenage Sawyer (Mr. Gamble) struggles with a big life decision as he tries to find Winter a partner. Drama-wise it trips over itself multiple times, which is not good when its already painfully predictable. Rated PG.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C15 LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.254.1080 | Lawn chairs and blankets welcome. Please no coolers or outside food. You must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. ID will be checked at the gate. Tickets are limited and available on a rst come rst serve basis.BENEFITING RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE CHARITIESSOUTHWEST FLORIDA THIRD ANNUAL Buy tickets at or call 239.437.0202 SPONSORED BY >> At one point, Robert Downeys Hank references Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. Robert Duvall made his movie debut in To Kill A Mockingbird in 1962. LATEST FILMSThe Judge Is it worth $10? YesLost in Robert Downey Jr.s Ironclad career resurgence is his dramatic talent, which people will expect but not really receive in The Judge. As Tony Stark in lawyer clothing, Mr. Downeys Hank Palmer is a hotshot Chicago defense attorney who wants nothing to do with his small hometown of Carlinville, Ind. As someone who grew up in a small town and now lives in a big city, I think hes being a bit harsh, but I digress. Hanks mom dies and upon his reluctant return to Carlinville, old wounds reopen: His estranged and judgmental father, town judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall), has little to say to him, older brother Glen (Vincent DOnofrio) doesnt know how to treat him, and old flame Sam (Vera Farmiga) cant help herself around him. Only Hanks youngest brother Dale (Jeremy Strong) is happy Hanks around, and Dale is mentally challenged. Throw in Hanks impending divorce and a daughter (Emma Tremblay) he knows he doesnt see enough of, and Hanks life is a complete mess. And its about to get worse. Hanks father, affectionately and respectfully called Judge by all who know him, is accused of murder, and his choice of lawyer (Dax Shepard) isnt up to snuff against prosecutor Dwight Dickham (Billy Bob Thornton). Hank never says why he helps the father he despises so much, but he stays in town and takes the case. As a legal drama The Judge is unimpressive, as many of the courtroom sequences lack punch. The so-called dramatic scenes we do have underuse Mr. Thorntons one-dimensional prosecutor and render more of a what the? verdict from viewers than they do suspense. The saving grace is that not much time is spent inside the courtroom. Most of the actions happen in the Judges home and various parts of the town Hank cant stand. It is here that writers Nick Schenk and Bill Dubuque fare considerably better. The Palmer familys backstory is well thoughtout and moving, effectively allowing us to understand why the resentment would grow for so many years and how even an innocent verdict for the Judge could be irrelevant to the salvation of this clan. Mr. Duvall is strong as the stubborn patriarch, but (as expected) its Mr. Downeys unconquerable charm and vulnerability that keeps us intrigued as the story unfolds. If only there were slightly less story. Director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus) is so consumed with Hanks myriad issues and there are many more than whats included here that the run time bloats to 141 minutes, which is too much for its own good. Still, Mr. Dobkin succeeds in showcasing his best asset the ensemble by staying out of the actors way and allowing the material to speak for itself. It doesnt always work in terms of structure, tone and expedience, but it works often enough to make The Judge a solid drama. p M e t dan FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 239 Located o Rattlesnake Hammock Road 1 mile East of US 41NOW OPEN MONDAY-SATURDAY 11AM-9PM FEATURING ENTERTAINMENT BY:TOUCH OF CLASS DUOStarring Peggy & Jim FlanneryFRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS 6:30PMMake Reservations Early Limited Seating50S AND 60S TOMMY BARRTUESDAY NIGHTS 6:30PM SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST BUFFET $12958AM-1PMFirst Come First Served!Reservations Required for Parties of 8 or Moreper person $8.95 children under 12 $1795 LIVE MAINE LOBSTEREntrees include soup or fresh garden salad, choice of potato & fresh vegetable


C16 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY V2+UJoin us at Naples Best Champagne Happy Hour featuring Veuve Clicquot and specially priced delectable fare and libations.EVERYFRIDAYFROMTOPMATTHEBAR FEATURING $5 Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label $5 Select Cocktails & Wine $5 Select Appetizers $7 flutes of Veuve Clicquot Rose $25 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Its time to strike up the Naples Concert BandThe Naples Concert Band opens its 43rd season of free concerts in the band shell at Cambier Park at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19. Under the direction of Harris Lanzel, the band presents an encore performance of the program as part of Community Day at Artis Naples at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26. The first concert of the season is dedicated to the memory of James Jym Moore, a longtime band member and percussion section leader who died in June. There are three soloists on the program: Glenn Basham, concertmaster of the Naples Philharmonic, will perform Vittorio Montis violin solo Csardas and will show off his harmonica chops in the bands performance of Norman Tailors Three Sketches. Bariton Craig Greusel and soprano Lisa Federico will sing songs from Les Miserables. John Philip Sousa marches, the overture from Mozarts Marriage of Figaro, Ravels Bolero and highlights from the Disney movie Frozen are among the numbers that will round out the program. The concert is sponsored by Sun Reality, Diane Brennan. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and to bring lawn chairs and blankets for seating. Although admission is free, donations are always welcome to help defray operating expenses and to benefit the Naples Concert Band scholarship fund for its student members. The season continues with seven more Sunday afternoon concerts in the Cambier Park band shell, each showcasing guest artists and programs that mix new numbers with old favorites. Concert dates are: Nov. 9, Dec. 7, Jan. 18, Feb. 8, March 1, March 22 and April 12. The band always welcomes new members. Auditions are held on the first Tuesday after every concert and consist of playing a random selection of scales and the chromatic scale as well as a piece of the auditioners choosing and sight reading a piece selected by the audition committee. For more informaotin about joining the band, call Frank Burgeson at 598-2082 or email For more information about the band in general, including how to become a Fan of the Band, call 263-9521 or visit STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Conductor Harris Lanzel acknowledges the crowd at a concert last season. Catch the bus to the Florida Grand OperaNaples Opera Society has seats on the bus for opera aficionados to travel across the state for the coming seasons performances by the Florida Grand Opera. The round trip includes coach transportation and driver tip, dinner in Coral Gables before the opera and a pre-opera lecture and the show at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts. The cost is $140, all inclusive, for each performance. Rear orchestra seating is an additional $25. This years operas are: Puccinis Madama Butterfly Saturday, Nov. 22 Mozarts Cosi ffan Tutte Saturday, Jan. 31 Bizets Pearl Fishers Saturday, March 7 Menottis The Consul Saturday, May 16 The bus picks up and returns passengers at three locations: In Cape Coral at the Hardware shopping center (11:45 a.m.) In Fort Myers at Cypress Trace Shopping Center (12:30 p.m.) In Naples at Crossroads Shopping Center (1:30 p.m.) Departure from Naples is at 2 p.m. Checks made out to Naples Opera Society can be mailed to 1200 LAmbiance Circle, #101, Naples, FL 34108. For more information, call 4317509 or e-mail Eugene Buffo at


Concert Series 2014-2015Once again, Shell Point is proud to present another exciting season of cultural excellence. Featuring a wonderful array of talented performers in three distinct musical series, this season oers a variety of music guaranteed to please! Sponsored in part by Shell Point FINE & PERFORMING ARTS CONCERT SERIES | 7:30 P.M. November 20, 2014 BEHIND THE MASK WITH TERI DALE HANSEN & NAT CHANDLER January 16, 2015 TOMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA Februrary 9, 2015 THE LETTERMENApril 9, 2015 DAVID OSBOURNE TRIO PIANIST TO THE PRESIDENTS March 10, 2015 THE FREDDY COLE QUARTET Shell Point is located in Fort Myers, 2 miles before the Sanibel Causeway.2014 Shell Point. All rights reserved. ACT-870-14Visit for more details & to order tickets! CONCERTS & CONVERSATIONS SERIES | 7:00 P.M. December 2, 2014 MARY ELIZABETH BOWDEN, TRUMPET WITH PIANISTJanuary 29, 2015 EVAN DRACHMAN, CELLIST | RICHARD DOWLING, PIANISTFebruary 26, 2015 THOMAS PANDOLFI, PIANISTApril 13, 2015 ANNA TSUKERVANIK, VIOLINIST SOUTHWEST FLORIDA SYMPHONY SERIES | 7:30 P.M. December 15, 2014 HOLIDAY POPSJanuary 13, 2015 SIMPLY CLASSICSMarch 16, 2015 DVORK: FROM THE NEW WORLD Norman Love Confections is now celebrating the grand opening of its third Chocolate Salon in Southwest Florida. Come visit us for fresh world-class artisan chocolates, authentic handmade gelato, crepes, gourmet desserts, and much more! LOVE!A NEW PLACE to NOW OPENMIROMAR OUTLETS FORT MYERS 11380 LINDBERGH BLVD | 239.561.7215 | HOURS MONFRI 7:30 AM5:30 PM | SAT 7:30 AM5 PMNAPLES 3747 TAMIAMI TRAIL NORTH | 239.687.7215 | HOURS MONTHUR 8 AM8 PM | FRI & SAT; Visit us online or call for store hours. ARTISAN GELATO BY NORMAN LOVE 239. 288.4333 | FORT MYERS HOURS MONSAT; Visit us online or call for store hours. MIROMAR OUTLETS 10801 CORKSCREW RD, STE 516 | 239.672.8787 | HOURS MONSAT 10 AM9 PM | SUN 11 AM6 PM


C18 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Hosted byLee Memorial Health System FoundationTo benefit Sday, November th, 201 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. showsThe Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club851 Gulf Shore Blvd N Naples, FL 34102Tickets: $100 per personFor more information, call (239) 343-6 A new season of readings begins with four comediesThe Naples Players ETC Readers Theatre begins the new season with Friends, Lovers and Monkeying Around, a quartet of current American comedies, at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, in the Tobye Studio of the Sugden Community Theatre. Tickets are on sale now for $10. The four one-act plays to be presented in staged readings are: Reservations for Two, in which Jim meets Anne at a party and asks her out to dinner. As they are finishing dessert, he makes his move. Anne appreciates his honesty, but launches into a progressively more out of control (and hilarious) tirade against the way men in general, of course try to seduce women. Reservations for Two was written by Lori Goodman. Charles Brown directs for ETC. Words, Words, Words, a David Ives play about Kafka, Milton and Swift, three intelligent chimpanzees who are put in a cage together under the experimenting eye of a never-seen scientist whos testing the hypothesis that three apes hitting keys at random on typewriters for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce Hamlet. Annie Rosemond directs the reading of Words, Words, Words. Mr. and Mrs., the tale of newlyweds who reveal, during their first dance as husband and wife, that she married him for his money and he married her for her looks. From there, its all downhill. Mr. & Mrs. was written by Julie Marie Myatt. Vic Caroli directs the ETC reading. Welcome to the Moon, John Patrick Shanleys play about a man still madly in love with a girl he hasnt seen in 14 years and his friend whos been trying unsuccessfully to do away with himself for 14 years. The two meet for a drink in a Bronx bar and decide to commit suicide together by putting plastic bags over their heads. Past and present become one when the two people theyve always loved arrive in time to stop them. Anna Segreto directs. Rhona Saunders is the producer for Friends, Lovers and Monkeying Around. Up next from ETC Readers Theatre will be An Evening of New Plays, with readings Friday and Saturday, Dec. 5-6, of the four winners in ETCs 11th annual new play contest. Rounding out the ETC season will be a foursome of plays themed Life with a Twist on Sunday, Feb. 15; a trio of readings themed Is That Your Final Answer? on Sunday, March 29; and a reading of a classic full-length drama (TBA) on Sunday, April 26. Tickets go on sale 30 days before each performance. Call the box office at 2637990 or visit For information about participating in ETC as a reader, producer, director or committee member, call Becky Troop at the Sugden Community Theatre, 4347340, ext. 14.


WEEK OF OCT. 16-22, 2014 C19 Weddings Illustrated and Four Seasons Resort Palm BeachpresentCHAMPAGNE BRUNCH BRIDAL FASHION, BEAUTY AND STYLE WEDDING INDUSTRY EXPERTS AND LUXURY VENDORS FOUR SEASONS RESORT PALM BEACH STAYCATION PRIZE PACKAGEFour Seasons Resort Palm Beach 2800 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm BeachSUNDAY OCTOBER 26, 2014 11 A.M.-1 P.M. Tickets: $30 Kindly RSVP, space is limited Visit WEDDINGSILLUSTRATED EVENT DESIGNERS BCBG MAX AZRIA CAROLINA HERRERA C ITZER MICHAEL KORS ST. JOHN TORY BUR C L ACK MARKET ARMANI BCBG MAX AZRIA C A CHANEL LILLY PULITZER MICHAEL KORS S R CH WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET ARMANI B A ROLINA HERRERA CHANEL LILLY PULITZER T JOHN TORY BURCH WHITE HOUSE BLACK M BCBG MAX AZRIA CAROLINA HERRERA U LITZER MICHAEL KORS ST. JOHN TORY O USE BLACK MARKET ARMANI BCBG MA X A HERRERA CHANEL LILLY PULITZER T JOHN TORY BURCH WHITE HOUSE BLAC K I BCBG MAX AZRIA CAROLINA HERRERA U LITZER MICHAEL KORS ST. JOHN TORY O USE BLACK MARKET ARMANI BCBG MA X A HERRERA CHANEL LILLY PULITZER T JOHN TORY BURCH WHITE HOUSE BLAC K I BCBG MAX AZRIA CAROLINA HERRERA Designer Clothing! NOW CONSIGNING FURNITURE!Centrally Located Just Off U.S. 41933 Creech Road, Suite 7 Naples, Florida 34103(in the Seabreeze Plaza)239.263.8400Appointments Preferred Drop-Offs WelcomeOpen MondaySaturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Buying and selling from casual to couture. Designers include: Armani, BCBG Max Azria, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Lilly Pulitzer, Michael Kors, St. John, Tory Burch and White House Black MarketSUMMER SALE Up to 50% off on select items! Owned and operated by Gregg Sari and managed by Lynda Maloney. Fashionable Furniture!OPEN!UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP! WE HAVE NOT GONE ANYWHERE!WE ARE Get in on the act at special events on Fifth AvenueThe Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District is seeking community organizations to participate in the fourth annual Halloween Spooktacular on Fifth and choral groups, bell choirs and others to participate in the 40th annual Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting Ceremony on Fifth. Halloween Spooktacular on Fifth takes place Friday, Oct. 31, kicking off with childrens activities including a costume contest and trick-of-treating from 4:30-7:30 p.m. The evening continues. The evening will continues until 9:30 p.m. with the grown-up costume contest and a pet costume contest along with live music, a street dance and movies on a giant screen. New to the ghoulish fun this year is the Zombie Dash. The BID invites nonprofit groups and to provide childand family-friendly activities along the avenue throughout the evening. The 40th annual Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting Ceremony on Fifth takes place from 5-9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4 and includes holiday performances by school groups, church groups and other vocal and bell choirs from throughout the community. For more information, call Elle Young at the BID, 692-8436, or email


C20 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Yard/Warehouse SALESaturday Oct. 259:30 am-3 pmfurniture, linens, lamps artwork and much more!owned & operated by The Shelter 24-hr crisis line 239.775.1101 New Arrivals Daily!Free pick-up of furniture donations 968 Second Avenue North Naples, FL ~ ~ 239.434.7115 Hours Mon-Sat: 9:30 am-4:30 pm ~ Donations accepted Mon-Sat:10 am-4 pm Purchase to empower. Donate to transform. A A A A A m m m m m y y y y y W W W W W i i i i l l l s s o o o o n n n n A A Al l A Ab ou u t C l o os e et s i is a l ll a a b bo ut t i nn n ov v a at iv e e de e sign, im m pe c cc ab b b le c c ra f ft sm m a an s sh ip a nd d a aw le e ss s s er v v i ce. Our i in n st al lati on n s s re e e c ct y o ou r r dr ea a ms s a n n nd y o ou r pers onalit y y, w h h i le d ra ma t ti c ca l ll y e en ha a nc c in n g y yo ur r h o om m e. Let m m me nd t he e p p e r fe c ct s o ol ut t i o n f fo r y yo u u. 5606 6th Street West Lehigh Acres, Fl 33971 V V V i i s s s i i t t o o o u u r w w e e e b b s i i i t t e e : : w w w w w w w w w w a a a l l l l a a b b b o o u t t c c l l o o o s s e e e t t s s c c c o o o m m m m e e Call for a FREE Professional Design Consultation! 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 . 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 3 3 3 . 5 5 5 8 8 8 8 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 9 local productions including Visiting Mr. Green, Come Blow Your Horn and Les Liaison Dangereuses. Playing opposite Mr. Lang as small-town debutante Nancy Weller is Karen FrizzellAnglin, who most recently appeared in last years Island Theater Company production of Always a Bridesmaid. The remaining cast is made up of Mai Puccio as Nancys mother Liddy, Cheryl Johnson as housekeeper and curator Bathsheba Polk, Abby Yetter as Bathshebas daughter Kim, Jared Wagner as town sheriff Slab, John Moulton as televangelist Earl Templeton and Guy Glover as Earls cameraman. Tickets for $20 are available at the Marco Island Historical Museum and at Centennial Bank on Marco. Tickets can also be purchased by calling the box office at 394-0080 or visiting theateronmarco. com. Group discounts are available. The Island Theater Company season continues with: The Music Man Junior, Nov. 21-23 Frankenstein, Feb. 26-28 Arsenic and Old Lace, April 9-18 Leading Ladies, June 12-20 COMEDYFrom page 1COURTESY PHOTOThe cast of Stonewalls Bust Men, left to right: Joe Lang, Jared Wagner, John Moulton and Guy Glover. Women, left to right: Mai Puccio, Karen Anglin, Abby Yetter and Cheryl Johnson. Custom Group Menu Options AvailableCall 239.263.4421 to Discuss Your Next We Specialize In: Corporate Luncheons and Dinners Private Dinner Parties Business Seminars Bridal and Rehearsal Dinners Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations WHEN SPECIAL OCCASIONS ARISEYOU NEED TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!




C22 A&E WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY FLORIDA WRITERSA blend of popular genres will please wide range of readers The Hadron Escape by Lawrence De Maria. St. Austins Press. 203 pages (estimated). Kindle edition, $2.99. Billed as a Cole Sudden CIA Thriller, this latest offering from the indefatigable Lawrence De Maria mixes a dollop of imaginary WWII history, present-day secret agent intrigue and a twist on a familiar scifi what if into an exciting and spirited entertainment. Both fun and funny, The Hadron Escape features sex-addicted women who are (with one grotesque exception) amazingly gorgeous and a skilled, wise-cracking operative whose cover is being a writer of thriller novels. In 1945, mad German scientist Erik Zyster tells SS Col. Boltke he has discovered the corpse of a nonhuman being. The colonels mindset misunderstands nonhuman for Jew, but that is not the depraved doctors point. He explains: He had no penis. No testicles no genitals at all. While Boltke passes this off as a birth defect or sexual aberration, Zyster reveals that the internal organs are unusually sized and positioned. Jump to 1967. The colonel has long ago transformed himself into Walter Bannion. The author places him in a small Vermont town near the Canadian border. He escaped from Europe to Argentina and lived there as Walter Bruschi for many years. When the Israelis captured Adolph Eichman, Boltke planned and executed his next transformation, establishing himself as Bannion in early 1962. Soon after a minor skiing accident, Boltke/Bannion is surprised by a visit from Zyster, who tells of his escape from the laboratory he headed, his disguise as a Jewish survivor and his life since. Then he tells Bannion about recent stories describing alien corpses with characteristics just like those he had shown the colonel two decades ago. He also conjectures that aliens where spying on U.S. research near Roswell, N.M. After adding some speculation about nuclear physics research and space travel, the author launches his main plot. However, first he must have Mossad agent Etan Soul, who has been tracking Zyster, wonder about Zysters companion at the ski lodge. After Zyster kills Boltke, Soul kills Zyster, but salvages his attach case which he soon ships to Tel Aviv with whatever remnants of the doctors research it contains. The present time: The author builds context about recent U.S. security agency concerns, agency rivalries and highZ a t n V H DE MARIA Call now to book your reservation.ExecAir at: 1-866-669-23591-866-NOW-2-FLYLet us show you a better way to USA Air Carrier certificate No. E69A831HSee web site for rules and terms NAPLES TO KEY WEST ROUND TRIP FLY DIRECT 239.261.4332TWO FOR $39.90HIBACHI DINNERS & FREE BOTTLE OF WINE naplesfu j i y 239.261.433 2 Located at:2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103Offering the Ultimate in Early or Late Dining! MANAGER JUNJI HIJIKATAUNTIL 6:00 PM OR AFTER 8:30 PM SUNDAY THROUGH THURSDAY Offer expires 10/16/14. Menu not valid with any other discounts, coupons or promotions.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C23 ALL ABOUT CLOSETSWe Create Function and Storage with Style. Call for a Free Professional Design Consultation! 239.303.5829WWW.ALLABOUTCLOSETS.COM 9 M 9 M Innovative Design. Impeccable Craftsmanship. Flawless Service. tech issues. A top security official receives a mysterious intercepted message regarding the Hadron Collider, the worlds largest subatomic particle accelerator. The message was sent from a small town in Georgia to a destination in Switzerland where the Hadron is located. The encrypted transmission has symbols that Laurie Gibbons, the security advisor with a direct presidential pipeline, has never seen before. She learns that Hadron activity distorts electronic transmissions, posing a big problem for code breakers. Meanwhile (as they say), agent Cole Sudden is in Maine on assignment from his very special CIA unit, tracking a gangster in witness protection who must be assassinated. Suddenly (no pun), Suddens mission is terminated and he is ordered to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. (Well, at least he had gathered some location material for his next Cole Swift novel.) Deputy Director Penelope Parsons forms a special team that includes Coles unit plus, on loan from Mossad, the gorgeous Rebecca Soul. Yes, shes the daughter of the assassin who killed Zyster in 1967 and salvaged his attach case. Parsons shows the group still photos and videos that had belonged to Zyster. Her briefing leads to a link between the Hadron and the alien presence Zyster found in 1945. In fact, new aliens have been discovered, the updated models with functioning genitalia. Charles Baker is the Georgia (disguised alien) connection. He worked as a scientist at the accelerator lab at the University of Georgia. Why was an alien communicating with someone at the Hadron Collider? Who was at the Swiss end of the message? Now the race is on. After some exploration of Bakers life in Georgia, Sudden and Soul are off to Switzerland. From here on, the novel explodes with highly suspenseful action, semi-comic sexual relief, mad and maddening science and plenty of surprises. One might say that all the plot pieces accelerate and collide. There, I just said it. With something for fans of many popular genres, The Hadron Escape should attract and please many readers. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text.


C24 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY THE NAPLES PLAYERS PRESENTWednesday Saturday 8:00 p.m. & Sunday 2:00 p.m.The Naples Players at Sugden Community Theatre, 701 5th Ave. South, Naples, FL 34102 Tickets: Adults $30, Students 21 & under $10 In Tobye Studio at Sugden Community Theatre Gift Certicates AvailableTickets: 239-263-7990 or Sarah and James are used to living life on the edge as a photographer and journalist in the worlds deadliest war zones. But a recent trip has left them physically and emotionally scarred, forcing them into a tug-of-war between continuing their dangerous professions or settling down to a more conventional life. 12 times awarded Best Live TheatreSponsored by: w tY G Oct. 22 Nov. 15, 2014 WRITING CHALLENGE Final week to get your stories in for competition Uncle Claudes Oars By Trish ONeillPunta GordaCaw! Caw! I thought it sounded more like Haw! Haw! It was if those seagulls were laughing at us. They probably were. I shouted at them that we had no food to give them. My uncle had loaned us his little rowboat and told us to be careful not to lose the oars. He said the brackets were rusted and probably would not hold. I was not worried until we did just that, lost the oars in the gulf. I was gazing at the clouds, fantasizing about creatures they represented. I thought I saw a monster with its mouth open ready to strike. I got lost in the vision. Before I came out of my trance I lost hold of my oar. When Leo reached over to help me, his oar was swept out to sea. We were lucky enough to be towed to shore by some young men in a power boat. When they got near the beach they hopped out of their boat to help us drag the little rowboat back on the sand. We The final round of the Florida Weekly Writing Challenge is underway. For several months, weve asked readers to submit stories based on our photo prompts. This week, were featuring two stories Uncle Claudes Oars and Low Tide. Theyre both stories inspired by the photo shown here. Now its your turn. For the fourth and last round of the challenge, were asking you to use the photo seen here as a starting point for your creative process. Wed like you to come up with a narrative work of fiction of 1,500 words or less. There is no minimum length. No poems, please. Previous entrants are welcome to submit again. Two winners will receive a ticket each to the Sanibel Island Writers Conference Nov. 6-9. This years conference will feature keynote speaker Richard Russo, along with dozens of other professional writers in a variety of genres. Florida Weekly will accept your original stories in Word format or pasted into the body of an email until midnight Sunday, Oct. 19. Email your entries to and we will print some of the best submissions on these very pages. No snail mail copies will be accepted. Be sure to include your name, address and contact information with your submission. The earlier we receive your submission, the better your shot at being printed. For more information on the Sanibel Island Writers Conference, visit fgcu. edu/siwc. Send us your stories based on this photo. 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 5, Naples, Florida 34109 239.592.0050 NoodlesCafe.comLUNCH/MONSAT 11 to 4DINNER/SUNTHU 4 to 10 & FRISAT 4 to 11Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Must present ad. Expires 10/31/14. Caesar Salad Chicken Parmesan Homemade Meatballs Penne with Marinara Fettuccine Carbonara Cannoli Gratuity added before discounts. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. One coupon per check. Expires 10/31/14. not valid with Italian Feast Dinner


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We had a few more beers, then decided our next move would be to start swimming toward the spot we thought we lost the oars. We laughed as we ducked around and over the waves trying to locate them. It was just one of those spur-of-the-moment crazy ideas that a young couple has when life seemed like a dream. All we cared about was being together and creating memories, and I was determined to find my uncles oars. Before long we realized we had drifted away from the spot where we could see the rowboat. We didnt know where we were. The waves were getting higher and dark clouds were moving in. Leo and I joined hands in mutual panic and tried to get to shore. It wasnt working; we were being dragged further out to sea. It seemed our dream had turned into a nightmare. We were both getting weak and trying to swim against the current seemed impossible. I thought I heard the sound of a boat but then realized it was just the same seagulls laughing at us. I shouted at them that this was not funny. I asked them to call for help, then realized how insane that was. How could seagulls call for help? Leo gave me a helpless look as he scanned our surroundings for some sign of land or some kind of a fishing vessel, anything that could save us. We knew we were in deep trouble. Our feet could not touch the bottom anymore; we had drifted too far out into the angry waters. Caw! Caw! screamed the seagulls. For some unknown reason I did not think they were laughing at us this time. I actually believed they were trying to help. Out of nowhere what I thought was one of the oars appeared in the mist and waves. I grabbed onto it and sputtered for Leo to grab the other end. At least we were still alive and had regained hope that we were not going to drown. But where was the shore? The seagulls kept flying above us. I trusted them to guide us to safety. We had no other choice. In my delirious condition I saw them as angels. Leo thought I had completely lost my mind. Nevertheless we followed those birds. Did I see trees? Was that land? We were tangled in seaweed and getting bitten by jellyfish or stingrays. Through the haze I heard the distant cry of not only the birds, but people shouting someone needed help. It was us! We had splinters from the oar, burning pain from bites, bruises from being thrown into the trees, but thankful we were still alive. I heard the familiar caw! caw! as the birds I now believed were angels flew away. I knew I was losing consciousness when all I could see were strobe lights superimposed with pieces of oars floating in the air. My last thought before being plunged into darkness was how I was going to explain to Uncle Claude about the angel birds, how we had survived but lost his oars, and a promise to buy him new ones. Low Tide By Amy SwenPort Charlotte The receding water pulled away from the shore and revealed its true self. The moon was the culprit of this unveiling. It allowed the warm, porous sand to announce the hidden treasures it had in its possession, like a magician releasing his scarves. There was no guilt or shame in this. The seas opening to the world was one of love and acceptance. I walked along the waters edge, aware of my footsteps in the sand. The waters coolness brought me to a sense of now-ness. I felt my heart beat, heard my soft breath, and felt my toes in the foamy saltwater. Like an orchid with all the right conditions to blossom, I walked on. Lifeless, like a beached whale, I came upon a small rowboat. It was a rugged little thing. Bits of yellow and blue paint were evidence of an earlier time of maintenance. There appeared to be no holes or real damage. By appearances, the rowboat was intact. Clearly, the low tide had created a safe haven for this vessel. I wondered it if had been abandoned or if it had found its own refuge. It seemed to be waiting for me. I couldnt possibly get aboard. I was walking the beach as a morning ritual. It was how I coped with the turbulent world around me. At 55 years old, I no longer knew the direction of my own compass. I had lived such a full life travel, children, friends, work. I had so much to be thankful for, yet so much empty space ahead. As if by instinct, I took the line and began to pull the little boat toward the water. It glided along the damp sand like a sea turtle returning to its home. I felt unsteady at first as I lowered myself into the rowboat. I wished that someone was there to witness my feat of bravery, but alas not a soul in sight. The oars felt comfortable in my hands, as if they had been there before. I gently pushed the water away from me and headed out to sea. Although my hands had found their comfort, my mind was reeling. A gust of wind engulfed me with fear and indecision. The boat jarred one way and then another under my uncertainty. The oars were awkward and flapped the water as if they were an injured seal. I had nowhere to hide. I had only myself to depend on. In my panic, I turned to the water. The aqua liquid glistened and winked as I was drawn toward a familiar sight. A lone starfish was resting in the sand. Its finger-like tentacles put me at ease. I knew I was not alone. I rested the oars inside the boat on top of the rugged seats and let the water rock me gently back and forth. I closed my eyes and felt as if I was not on the water, but was part of it. The soul of the earth was welcoming me. The pendulum of the waves became my breath and I knew at that moment that I was one with the earth. No need to worry. Just be. Just be. A sense of peace enveloped me and when I awoke from this trance I headed back to shore. The waves pushed me along as the tide was changing its course. I rowed steadily and felt the moons presence. Just be, it was saying. I came upon the sandy beach and lifted myself from the boat. I took the line and pulled my little friend a safe distance from the water. I returned to the edge of the water, smiled and sat along the shore. My toes delighted in the frothy seawater. I arose and continued my mornings outing while the rowboat sat silent, waiting for the next one longing for a sense of self. WRITING CHALLENGE A Taste of Florida and The Islands Celebrating 23 Years of Award-Winning Food Indoor or Outdoor Dining in a Lush Caribbean Setting A Ta st e of F lo ri da a nd T he I sl an d C elebratin g 23 Years o f Award-Winnin g Fo o Indoor or O utdoor Dinin g in a Lush C aribbean S etti n


C26 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 4:30 pm Registration (corner of Broad & Third Street South Gazebo) Festivities including kids activities begin. Pictures with our very own Stiletto Sprint Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! 6:00 pm Kids Sprint Begins followed by Adult Sprint. 6:10 pm Sprint Post Party with the Ben Allen Band featuring great hits from the Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley and a variety of other artists, food, beer garden & more behind Tommy Bahama.SCHEDULE OCTOBER 25, 2014To Benet & THIS YEAR WE WILL BE GIVING THE TOP INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISER A CRUISE FOR 2! Courtesy of Thanks to our SPONSORS A HAIR NAILS & UNIQUE GIFTS Stiletto Sprint Registration available online at or call 239.498.0016ALL Sprint registrants get a t-shirt at the event! SUNTHU 11:30AM TO 10:00PMFRISAT 11:30AM TO 11:00PM THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY4360 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida 34103 239-263-FISH (3474) FISHRESTAURANT MondayFishermans Platter $19 (Fried) Oysters, Scallops, Calamari, Shrimp, White Fish, Tarter Sauce, Malt Vinegar Slaw & ChipsTuesday1/2 Price Sushi All NightWednesdayRaw & Chilled Bar12 Oysters $12 $6 1 lb. Lobster $14$12 1 lb. Alaska King Crab Legs $90Fri.-Sat.-Sun.Two 1 lb. Lobsters or Branzino $28Happy Hour3-6PM Every Day (Bar Only) Wine & Well Cocktails Half Price SPECIALS! KOVEL: ANTIQUES Save some green on brown furniture BY TERRY AND KIM KOVEL What a bargain! Often an authentic antique sells for less than a modern copy. Since the price of antique wooden (brown) furniture has dropped in the last few years, the good news is that there are many bargains for a buyer looking for an older style. Fewer home sales mean fewer furnishings sales, and the prices of antiques have suffered. Few Americans grew up with a 19th-century inlaid secretary from Holland in the house. Dutch designs were elaborate, with curved legs, domed cornices, mirrored door fronts, even a slant-front opening covered by a flip top that served as a desk. And of course there were drawers, candle slides and cubby holes. It is the perfect piece for a period room or as an accent piece in a simple modern room. And the drawers furnish good storage space. A new reproduction piece like this would have plain, not inlaid, surfaces and probably straighter legs and less trim. A top-quality copy would cost about $5,000. At a 2014 auction, a 7-foot-high secretary desk that could easily be moved into a modern room with the usual 8-foot ceiling sold for $2,214 at New Orleans Auction Galleries. More good news: An antique has a better chance than a copy to go up in value. Q: I was 3 years old in 1937 when I was flower girl in my aunts wedding. I wore a pale blue dress with pink trim and ivory lace at the neck. The tag inside reads A Nannette Toddler Shirley Temple Brand along with a picture of Shirley Temple. I still have the dress. What is it worth? A: Shirley Temple was 5 when she made her film debut. Her 1930s and s retail dresses were designed like her movie costume dresses, in a todThis 19th-century Dutch walnut secretary with inlay sold for $2,214 at New Orleans Auction Galleries. It is an example of the bargains that are now seen at auctions because of the drop in prices of what the trade calls brown furniture.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C27 Over 10,000 costumes in stock! LARGEST SELECTION IN SWFL! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 239-643-3330 Check Out Our Photos on Facebook! 239.434.6533/ very Saturday dler style even though she wasnt a toddler. They were made by Nannette Manufacturing Co. of New York City, a division of Rosenau Brothers. The basic design was a skirt with soft pleats and contrasting collar. Fabrics were cotton, organdy and dotted Swiss in prints, plaids, checks and embroidery. There wasnt much trimming, maybe a small bow, an appliqued figure or narrow lace edging. A 1936 newspaper advertised Shirley Temple dresses for $1.89 each. Dresses for older little girls were made by Cinderella, also a division of Rosenau. Shirley Temple dresses for sale in online shops are priced $30 to $60. Q: I bought a set of Gerber Swiss Bells still in its original package. There are five plastic bells, each in a different color. It has the original price tag of $1 still attached. When was it made and how much is it worth? A: Dorothy Gerber (Mrs. Dan Gerber of Gerber Products Co.) wrote about the bells in her popular newspaper column, Bringing Up Baby, in 1965. But online sources that offer these musical bells for sale claim they are from the 1950s. A set of the bells in good condition but without the packaging recently sold for $20. Another set, in the original package, sold for $25. Q: I have a set of Norman Rockwell prints I received as a premium for subscribing to Readers Digest in the early 1970s. They depict the four seasons Each one is signed and numbered 2945. I was wondering if they might be collectors items. A: You dont say what size the prints are, but theyre probably small if they were sent to you as a premium. Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) was a hugely popular U.S. artist and illustrator in the middle decades of the 20th century. Respect for his work has grown again in recent years. Large Rockwell prints that were actually autographed by Rockwell sell for high prices. Your set might sell for $25 or so. Q: I have a ball-shaped, clear glass jar embossed National Biscuit Company in capital letters. Im told it was in my familys restaurant in the early 1940s. The jar, with the lid on, is 11 inches tall. Its a little over 10 inches in diameter at its widest point. Please tell us its approximate age and value. A: The National Biscuit Co. was founded in East Hanover, N.J., in 1898. We know the company as Nabisco, which became its corporate name in 1971. Its likely your jar dates from the early post-World War II era. There are other versions of National Biscuit Co. glass jars. Yours sells for $65 to $75. Tip: If you are remodeling or redecorating, think about antiques and collectibles displayed in the work area. A workman will hammer on a wall without worrying about shelves on the other side. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer questions sent to the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The amount of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019. Bath & BodyHome FragrancesFrench Jewels French GourmetProvence FabricGifts & Books The largest choice of Provence Products 100% Made in France 878 Neapolitan Way, Naples(on the left of FedEx) Natural Oil French Soap BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!Equal or Lesser Value Shop Online at


C28 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY BOTTOMLESS GLASS OF HOUSE WINE $9.50Every Night in the Dining Room from 5:30 p.m. to Close KITCHEN & BAR Your Neighborhood Restaurant MONFRI 11Close SAT & SUN 9CloseServing Lunch & Dinner MONFRI & Brunch & Dinner on SATSUN2460 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Baby Back Rack of Ribs with Yum Yum Slaw and French FriesSUN World-Famous Crab Cake Dinner with Specialty Rice and Seasoned Veggies MON Crispy Battered Fish and Chips or Tuscan Meatloaf DinnerTUE Chesapeake Shrimp Mac & Cheese, Chicken Pasta Palermo or Eastern Shore Pasta WED Half Rack of Famous Baby Back Ribs and One of Our Award-Winning Crab CakesTHU Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon with Specialty Rice and Seasoned Veggies FRI Cut Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Seasoned VeggiesSAT $4.50 House Wines $3.25 Wells $2.75 Select Drafts IN BAR ONLY$3.99 BAR BITES COME TRY OUR KEY LIME PIE! LET'S GIVE CANCER THE BOOT! save the date! Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 6:00pm Top Rocker Field at Six Bends Harley-Davidson event chairs: David & Kerri CallVisit or call 239.936.1113 for more information. BRILLIANT LENSBRANDING & MARKETING presented by proud sponsors join us for our Inaugural Barons Dinner Tuesday, October 21, 2014 5:30pm Ruths Chris Steakhouse Coconut Point$100 per person or reserve a table of 10 for $1,500. space is limited visit THIS WEEK ON WGCUTVTHURSDAY, OCT. 16, 9 P.M. Doc Martin The beaches of North Cornwall are being stormed by legions of poisonous fish. Teenage boys have been lining up for treatment for weever fish stings. Martin is furious to hear that the boys had been playing a deadly game of who could stand the pain of being stung the longest. FRIDAY, OCT. 17, 9 P.M. The Gershwins Porgy and Bess The San Francisco Opera See the turbulent story of a disabled man, the headstrong woman he loves and the community that sustains them both in this American musical theater staple set in an African-American community on Catfish Row in coastal South Carolina. SATURDAY, OCT. 18, 9 P.M. As Time Goes By Jean and Lionel try to rekindle their flame after 38 years. SUNDAY, OCT. 19, 8 P.M. Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise Denise faces her first personnel problem, while Moray sets a desperate plan in motion. Myrtle also confronts a crisis. MONDAY, OCT. 20, 8 P.M. Antiques Roadshow: Jacksonville Among the items are a Babyland Rag topsy-turvy doll, and Art Deco bracelet watch and Gen. Robert E. Lees map of battle areas around Richmond. TUESDAY, OCT. 21, 9 P.M. Makers: Women in War Explore womens increasing participation in war, from Vietnam to the present. Among those featured are Linda Bray, the first women to lead troops into battle, and Valerie Plame Wilson, whose career was sabotaged after she was outed as a spy. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22, 10 P.M. How We Got to Now: Glass Steven Johnson considers how the invention of the mirror gave rise to the Renaissance, how glass lenses allow us to reveal worlds within worlds and how, deep beneath the ocean, glass is essential to communication. How We Got to Now: Glass, Oct. 22


CREEPY CRAWLY CASHThursdays & Fridays 4pm-10pmWatch The Cash Creep From$1,000 $2,500 Well Match Your Wins Or Losses Up to $100Join Today!FREE !See Players Club for complete details. Valid for New Members only. Membership is free to all 21 years or older. Time and money won/loss on Video Roulette and lotto does not qualify for rated play. Valid through 10/30/14. Alteration or unauthorized use voids this oer. Valid ID required redemption. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this oer without notice based on operational and/or business concerns. Persons who have been trespassed or banned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida or those who have opted into the selfexclusion program are not eligible. If you or somebody you know has a gambling problem, please call 1.888.ADMIT.IT. Code: INMNP50FP CREEPY CRAWLY CASH


C30 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY K K K K K K K K K K l l a a a a a a a a a s s s s s s s s s s s i i k k k a a a a a i i i n n n n n C C C C C C C C o o o o o o o o o o n n n c c c c e r r tKlassika is a Classical Crossover trio that beautifully blends harmonies to sing uniquely orchestrated arrangements of favorites such as Unchained Melody, Winner Takes It All, Bridge Over Troubled Water, My Heart Will Go On, Time To Say Goodbye, and many more. This classy performance is highlighted by a multi-level set accented by gorgeous light effects. Venue: Herons Glen Ballroom, 2250 Avenida Del Vera Way, North Fort Myers, FL 33917Date: November 1, 2014 Time: 7:30pm Tickets: $20 per person sold at door For presales call: (813) 389 1807 or email Alice in a Witches Wonderland Tenth Annual October 29, 2014Location: Escalante 290 Fifth Avenue South, Olde Naples 6:30-9:00 pm $60.00 pp RSVP: Holly Baldwin (239) 571-1058 Reservations only Costumes encouraged cc, check, and cash payment due by 10/21/14 A Naples HideawayThe Escalante 239.948.7825 TheatreZone welcomes Oscarwinning actress Shirley Jones and Emmy-winning music director/composter John McDaniel (Bonnie and Clyde, The Rosie ODonnell Show) for the companys gala fundraiser, An Evening with Shirley Jones, Sunday, Nov. 9, at T-Michaels Steak & Lobster House. Mr. McDaniel directs the show and plays piano in the three-piece band that backs Ms. Jones. Others in the band are bassist Joe Choomack and drummer Mark Danni (who is also founding artistic director of TheatreZone). Tickets are $275 for the gala, $425 for VIP admission. Seating is limited to 150 guests. For reservations or more information, call Karen Kayser Benson at 293-0354. GirlTalkTV presents A Stylishly Fun Night to benefit Dress for Success Southwest Florida on Wednesday evening, Nov. 19, at Naples Botanical Garden. Guests will learn about fall fashion trends and more. Tickets for $25 will be available at the door or can be purchased in advance by emailing Laughter will be an additional benefit and a guaranteed bonus at the 14th annual Comedy Cabaret to benefit the Friends of Foster Children of Southwest Florida on Saturday evening, Dec. 7, at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Two nationally known comedians Jake Johannsen and Nigel Lawrence headline the cabaret-style evening. Mr. Johannsens HBO special Thisll Take About an Hour, earned an Ace Award nomination for Best Writing in an Entertainment Special. Mr. Lawrence, a young Canadian comic, has written and starred in a comedy special for CTV and The Comedy Network and has performed at Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, where he won The Homegrown Comedy Competition. He has also performed on Comedy Centrals Live at Gotham and Chelsea Lately on E! Television. Event sponsors include Arthrex, Naples Auto Donation Center, Nest International and The Woodruff Institute. Tickets are $175 ($250 for patron tickets). Table sponsorships start at $2,500. For reservations or more information, call 262-1808 or visit Harmon-Meek Gallery hosts the second annual Visionaries of the Visual Arts dinner and awards ceremony Tuesday evening, Jan. 13, at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. Three individuals will be recognized for their contributions to the visual arts in Southwest Florida. Andy Lowe of Suffield Academy in Connecticut will be the keynote speaker. Honorary chair of the evening is Joan Loos; co-chairs are Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek. Tickets are $175, with all proceeds SAVE THE DATEMCDANIEL JONES


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C31 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C31 Thursday Only Larry Venturino KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress TOLL FREE 800-593-7259 Vacation Spot of Pirates, Poets, Presidents and Party Goers! GET THERE ROUND FOR ONLY TRIP! *Minimum 8 day advance purchase, non-refundable fare. Cannot be combined with other offers. Weekend fee applies to any travel Friday thru Sunday. Not valid on Parade Cruise. Expires Sept 30, 2014. Coupon required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 10/31/14 FW$5.00OFFPurchase of $50Coupon required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 10/31/14 FW$10.00OFFPurchase of $100Shoppes at Vanderbilt2355 Vanderbwilt Beach Road #178 | Naples(239) 596-5044MON-FRI 10AM-6PM NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARYCoconut Point Mall23106 Fashion Drive | Estero(239) Resale! Consignment! Trade! Pre-Owned Womens, Mens & ChildrensDesigner Fashions with Impeccable Style and Sophistication benefitting art programs for children and at-risk youth in the local community through the Harmon-Meek Gallery Fund at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation. Mail checks made payable to the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to Harmon-Meek Gallery, 599 Ninth St. N, Suite 309, Naples, FL 34102. For more information, call 261-2637. Pawstars Night, a dog-friendly fundraiser to benefit the PAWS Pet program at Avow, takes place from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24, with cocktails and hors doeuvres, music by Billy Dean & Dawn, pet portraits and a pet fashion show. Professional photographer Jack Kenner will sign copies of his book, Dogs Ive Nosed: Naples, which is dedicated to the PAWS Pet Program. Tickets are $125. Call 649-3683 or go to Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. An online fundraising competition is taking place in advance at the above website. The Light the Way gala to benefit the Salvation Army in Collier County takes place Saturday, Nov. 1, at The RitzCarlton Golf Resort. Co-chairs are Sharon Treiser and Sheila Zellers. Tickets are $300. Donations for the evenings silent and live auctions are being sought, as are individual and corporate sponsorships. Contact Chris Nind, director of development, by calling 210-3081 or emailing The American Girl Fashion Show to benefit Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida returns to the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club with seatings at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8. The event showcases historical and contemporary fashions for girls and their American Girl dolls. Local young models (and their dolls) present the fashions. An American Girl doll salon and pop-up bookstore will be set up. Tickets are $100. Call Nicki McTeague at 343-6106, email Nicole.McTeague@ or find American Girl Fashion Show, Southwest Florida on Facebook. Boogie on the Beach: Music for the Soul, an afternoon of food, fun and a silent auction to benefit Lighthouse of Collier Center for Blindness and Vision Loss, takes place from 12:30-4:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9, on the main lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Live music will be by Sanctum Soul. Tickets are $75 for adults, $25 for ages 6-18 and free for ages 5 and younger. Call 4303934 or visit Humane Society Naples holds its 16th annual Tea & Fashion Show from 2-5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. This years theme is Ride Along the Riviera. Cochairs Philip Douglas and Doug Olsen, along with their pampered pooch Eva, promise an afternoon of furry fun, fashion, fine food and refreshments, all to benefit the orphaned and abandoned pets awaiting their forever homes at the HSN shelter. Tickets for $175 are available at Naples Botanical Gardens 11th annual Hats in the Garden luncheon and fashion show, Couture et Fleurs: Runway Fantasies Inspired & Created from Nature, is set for Wednesday, Nov. 12, at the Garden. The event is always a sell-out. For information about tickets, call 643-7275 or visit The United Arts Council of Collier County hosts its annual Celebrate the Arts gala Thursday, Nov. 13, at the LaPlaya Resort. Robin Hamilton and Robin Bache Gray as co-chairs of the evening themed A Hot Night for Cool Arts. For more information, call 2548242 or visit SAVE THE DATE


C32 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Sunday, October 26 at 1pmBarbara B. Mann Performing Arts HallAmazing animations by Dynamic Video accompany ghoulishly good music performed by the Gulf Coast Symphony, led by Maestro Andrew Kurtz. Safe trick-or-treating, costume contest, crafts led by the Alliance for the Arts, and the popular Musical Discovery Zone!All Tickets Just $10Box Ofce: 239.481.4849 INVITES YOU TOSip & SampleTHURSDAY, OCTOBER : TO : P.M.Purchase your $30 passport and sample international wines and an assortment of appetizers from your favorite Village restaurants! seafood steak sushi FISH For passport purchase call 239.262.1808 or visit All proceeds to benet the Friends of Foster Children of Southwest Florida. SAVE THE DATE The Immokalee Foundations 2014 Charity Classic Celebration: Hope Grows takes place Friday, Nov. 14, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. The evening of fine dining, entertainment and the Fund A Dream auction highlights the successes of TIF students in the foundations various education programs. Joe Zednik, president of the TIF board of directors, is chair of the celebration. Tickets are $550. Call 430-9122 or visit The Community Foundation of Collier County hosts the 2014 Power of the Purse luncheon to benefit its Women of Initiative program Thursday, Dec. 4, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. Erin Brockovich, the legal clerk and environmental activist whose story became a hit movie starring Julia Roberts, will be the keynote speaker. The 2015 Women of Initiative honorees will be announced at the Power of the Purse event. The 2015 Women of Initiative awards ceremony will be held in March 2015. Call 649-5000 or visit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida holds its fourth annual Tea at The Ritz from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. Tickets are $125; sponsorships start at $500. Call Lesley Colantonio at 992-9474, email or go online to Event Brite and search Tea at the Ritz. The fifth annual Gulf Ball hosted by the David Lawrence Center Young Executives takes place from 7-10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6, at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club. Jack Dillman will entertain while guests enjoy cocktails, hors doeuvres and a silent auction. Tickets are $50 if purchased by Dec. 1 and $60 thereafter. Call Paige Simpson at 304-3505 for tickets or information about sponsorship opportunities. Naples Botanical Garden celebrates the opening of the Eleanor and Nichole Chabraja Visitor Center with cocktails, dinner and dancing under the stars Thursday, Jan. 8. Tickets start at $300. Call 643-7275 or visit The Fire & Ice gala to benefit the Guadalupe Center of Immokalee takes place Wednesday, Jan. 14, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. Tickets for the evening of dinner, dancing and a live auction are $500. Sponsorships are available. Call 6577711 or visit The ninth annual Wishmakers Ball: Magical Moments to benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida takes places Saturday, Jan. 17, at Quail West Golf and Country Club. Tickets are $250; sponsorships start at $2,500. Call Lesley Colantonio at 992-9474 or email lcolantonio@ Email Save the Date details to editor Cindy Pierce at


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C33 Jasons Deli vers FortMyers ReectionPkwy.@CypressLake 239-590-9994 Naples Immok alee@Airport 239-593-9499 C apeCoral SantaBarbaranearVeterans 239-458-87 00 PortCharlotte USHwy.41&776 941-235-335 4 Orderonline: jasonsdeli.comBreakfast BoxMeals HotFood Sandwich Trays Soups,Salads &Sides PartyFood Catering Packages JustDesserts!Frank Sadano, Kylee Pitts, Tom Swear and Deborah Jonsson Sissy Jahn and Ray Jahn Annette Pelle, Tom Swear and Marcia Custer with their canine companions Sisi Tyrrell with Winter the Weasel Lee Pinto with Sugar Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too.Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the pictur e. Email them to society@ SOCIETYBlessing of the animals at AVOWTIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY


C34 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to society@ WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Mary Ann Brown and Karen Mullins Denise Jackson and Paul Hobaica Karen Bergquist and Rebecca Vaccariello MIchele Visconti and Joan Dobberstein Debbie Baxter and Debbie Pickering Justin Lballbee, Sean Smith and Erin Lanigan Danielle Vigliotti, Ann Musselman and Mike Traficante Ann Del Pero and Mollie Theresa Martin SOCIETY Kicking off Relay For Life Naples at Clive Daniel Home Located in The Galleria Shoppes at Vanderbilt 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road #805, Naples, FL 34109 239.431.8750 BYOB paint sessions with local artists. NO experience necessary!Paint studio. Art Gallery. Wine Bar. GREAT FOR DATE NIGHTS, GIRLS NIGHT OUT, BRIDAL PARTIES AND MUCH MORE! SAVE 10%Register online with code FLWEEK10*some restrictions apply Paint studio. Art Gallery. Wine Bar.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C35TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY VICKI BAKER PHOTOGRAPHY / COURTESY PHOTOS Poster artist Marcus Zotter and his parents, Paul Zotter and Nina Zotter Frank Perrucci, Debbie Zeller and Gene Luciano Sam Hausauer, Izabella Roberts and Jody Hamric Shannon Franklin, Vicki Baker and Christina Jordan The NIFF leadership team Pam Cleavelend and Bob Cleavelend Pete Kostuk and Dianne Stigall Lisa Reisman and Jake Tracht Harriet Tallman and Pete Tallman Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to society@ SOCIETYUnveiling the 2014 Naples International Film Festival poster Making waves at the Naples Boat Show at Crayton Cove


C36 WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY CUISINE NEWS BY LINDSEY NESMITHFlorida Weekly Staff WriterWelcome to the first week of Florida Weeklys expanded food and dining offerings. Here and on the facing page we introduce two new features: Cuisine News and The Dish, a quick look at one item from the menu of a local restaurant. Following these we have capsules from previous Florida Weekly restaurant reviews, which will rotate from week to week with a new column by Southwest Florida oenophile Jerry Greenfield, the author of Secrets of the Wine Whisperer. The fourth page of our cuisine coverage is devoted to restaurant reviews, local chef profiles and a food/dining feature story, on a rotating basis. Bon appetite! Neighborhood Organics A Farmers Market debuts its permanent space at The Shoppes of Vanderbilt on Saturday, Oct. 18. A variety of fresh produce, baked goods and artisan products from local vendors will be available every Monday-Saturday. Vendors include: Epiphany Gluten-Free & Paleo Baked Goods, Top Dog Kitchen, Betsys Best Butters, Symphonie de Fleurs, Healthy Home Company, Scent Sense, Happy Healthy Treats, The Sipping Cottage, Paradise Candles & Soaps, Tracys Jams and The Herb Appeal. Delivery service and an indoor dining area are also part of the enterprise. We are investing in our community by cultivating a destination for friends and families to connect and shift the food system, says manager Laura Sloat, who coowns the store with Janet Blanchard and Jenny Breton. 273-2350 and on Facebook. If youre more excited about stone crab season than tourist season, you probably started cracking claws on opening day earlier this week. Now you can look forward to filling up at the Tin City Stone Crab Festival Oct. 24-26 and eating your way through the season (which ends May 15) with local crustacean specials such as Triads Seafood Market and Cafs all-you-can-eat stone crab buffet or fresh-of-the-dock crabs at Kellys Fish House Dining Room. After a series of soft openings, Momentum Brewhouse in Bonita Springs becomes fully operational Thursday, Oct. 23. The five-barrel brew system will be running at capacity, and guests will be able to visit the tasting room and sample house-brewed selections or purchase a pint. Theres no kitchen, but Momentum is partnering with local caterers to provide light bites, and customers are free to bring their own food. They can also poke around the production area and play board games and ping-pong in the tasting room. 9786 Bonita Beach Road; 9083572 or Sea Salt and Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of The Grain Brain Cookbook, host a lunch at the restaurant Wednesday, Oct. 29. $75 includes a signed copy of the book. A portion of the afternoons proceeds will benefit the Neighborhood Health Clinic. 1186 Third St. S.; 434-7258 for reservations. Longtime locals will probably recognize Ela Vivonetto, a.k.a. The Sauce Lady, from her stalls at local farmers markets. A nomad no more, Ms. Vivonetto opens a retail location Thursday, Oct. 30, at 9331 Tamiami Trail N. (just north of Mercato on the west side of U.S. 41). In addition to providing carryout service of all of her popular gourmet sauces, from alfredo and Bolognese to pesto and puttanesca, shes expanding the menu to include classic Italian-American dishes such as lasagnas and veal saltimbucco. The space also has a private dining room that will seat up to 24 guests for fivecourse dinners. 592-5557 or 360Market has a new approach to pricing that can mean significant savings for tipplers. Rather than marking up bottles and cases by a percentage, owner Rebecca Maddox adds just $3.60 per bottle. Wine sales have exploded, she says, and as a result, her costs from the distributor decrease. Every time I can get another increment of wine, the price goes down, Ms. Maddox explains, adding the program has started to function as a co-op. Find something somewhere else that you like? Shes happy to order a case for delivery to 360Market within a few days. 2891 Bayview Drive; 732-7331 or three60market. com.Signs of season New restaurant openings and reopenings after a summer hiatus include: Chapel Grill in downtown Naples reopens Friday, Oct. 17. Bar & Bistro on Marco Island reopens Tuesday, Oct. 21. The brand new SpeakEasy of Marco Island opened Oct. 11. Chez Boet and the Sweet Liberty sailing catamaran have resumed their sunset dinner cruises. Through Dec. 15 for $56 per person ($21 for children), guests enjoy a two-course dinner. Reservations are required. Call Lisa Boet at 595-7002. Email dining news and events to Lindsey Nesmith at Send Word or text documents and jpegs. Deadline for submissions is noon Friday for the next weeks edition. GRAND RE-OPENINGFriday, October 17thSURF AND TURF!SPECIAL PRICES. SPECIAL NIGHT. SPECIAL DEALS.Open Tuesday-Sunday Tavern 4pm | Dining Room 5pm 811 7th Avenue South Naples, FL 34102(At 8th St. Across from Cambier Park, Next to City Hall)239.206.4310 SLOAT Grammy Award-Winner & Country Music LegendBILLY DEAN Top Ten Singles with at # CMA Song of the YearA private engagement to benet at-risk kids in Harlem HeightsSponsored by Cheryl & Dave CophamSATURDAY OCTOBERbVIP Pre-Party and Meet & Greet with Billy tn pm fn pm Billy on Stage fn pm rn pmThe Heights Center 15570 Hagie Drive, Fort MyersVIP Tables of VIP Half Tables of 4 $b VIP Individual Tickets $tbper personVIP Tickets Include Pre-Party, Meet & Greet and Premium SeatingGeneral Admission Tickets $n per person (General Admission Doors Open at p.m., cash bar)Visit to purchase ticketsFor more information contact Laurie Stanley at rbfft or


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 C37 SHULASNAPLES.COM 5111 TAMIAMI TRAIL NORTH, NAPLES, FL 34103 RESERVATIONS (239) 430-4999 | PRIVATE DINING (239) 659-3176 SHULAS PERSONAL SOMMELIER SELECT WINES BASED ON FOOD PAIRINGS, PRICE RANGE, FLAVOR PREFERENCES, REGIONS OR SCORING. SHULAS STEAK HOUSE NAPLES OFFERS OVER 3600 WINES TO PAIR WITH YOUR PERFECT EVENING!CHOOSE A BOTTLE FROM OUR EXTENSIVE WINE COLLECTION AND RECEIVE 25% OFF ANY BOTTLE OF $100 OR MORE. My husband and I used the Shulas Personal Sommelier at our last visit. It helped us chose the perfect bottle of wine that paired deliciously with our meal, and it was in our price range! N. Zellers, Naples, FL SundayLOBSTER NIGHT $29Maine Lobster Fra Diavolo in a Spicy Tomato Sauce over LinguineMondayCOZZE $12Sauted Mussels in a Light Spicy Tomato Sauce or White Wine SauceTuesdayPASTA NIGHT $12Choose from 12 Di erent PastasWednesday50% OFF BOTTLES OF WINE Under $100ThursdayPIZZA NIGHT $12Extra Toppings $1.25 EachFridayWHOLE FISH MKT PRICEPlease Ask Server for Fish SpecialSaturdaySURF & TURF $39Petite Filet Mignon & 3 Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Waterfront Dining at its Best NIGHTLY FEATURES SUNTHU 11:30AM TO 10:00PMFRISAT 11:30AM TO 11:00PM THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY4236 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida 34103 GREAT PEOPLEGREAT FOODGREAT VIEW THE DISHThe dish: The Kale Salad The place: The Counter Burger in Mercato; 566-0644 The price: $1.50 The hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. FridaySaturday and noon to 10 p.m. Sunday. The price: $9 (add $4 for grilled chicken breast) The menu: The details: I crossed the street from the Florida Weekly office for lunch at The Counter Burger fully intending to sink my teeth into an Un-brie-lievable Burger and a side of shoestring fries (it is after all, a gourmet burger joint). To this day, Im not sure how or why The Kale Salad even caught my eye, let alone tempted me into ordering it instead. But Im glad I did. Ive been back three times since then for the big white bowl heaped with baby kale and cabbage, strips of crunchy jicima, chunks of celery and Greek feta, all tossed with a lovely lemon vinaigrette then topped with a substantial serving of grilled chicken breast. Theres another interesting salad on the menu at The Counter Burger that Ill try if the day ever comes that I tire of The Kale Salad. The Hippie Salad ($9) is a groovy concoction of mixed greens, quinoa, herbed goat cheese, alfalfa sprouts, marinated tomatoes and house-made garlic croutons, topped with Dijon balsamic vinaigrette. Be warned: The kale and cabbage require some serious masticating, so you cant rush through this dish. But when the bowl is clean, youll be satisfied and energized for whatever the afternoon or evening brings. Cindy Pierce


C38 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Subject to change. I 239-598-3473Corner of Airport & Vanderbilt Locally owned & operatedFeaturing fresh avorful food, cocktails and entertainment. Visit for schedule.Dining to a New Beat!Friday, Oct. 17 7-10 p.m. Generation Gap Sunday, Oct. 18 8:30-11:45 p.m. Gypsy Native S u b ject to c h ange a g I 2 3 9 5 9 8 3 4 7 3 C orner o f Air p ort & Vanderbil t Locall y owned & operated Featuring fresh avorful food, cocktails a n d e n te r ta inm e n t Visit for schedule. Frida y Oct. 17 7 -10 p .m. G eneration Ga p Sun d a y Oct. 1 8 8 :30-11:45 p .m Gy ps y Nativ e Tequila Flamed Filet MignonChicken and Vegetable Quesadilla Now Serving Lunch Organic Healthy Local Sustainable Seasonal Wednesday Sunday: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner 7 Nights a Week: Starting at 5:00 p.m. 1234 8th St. South Naples, FL 34102 239-261-8239 PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previous restaurant reviews: Alexanders Restaurant, 4077 Tamiami Trail, Naples; 262-4999 For more than 25 years, Alexanders has thrived just off U.S. 41. Walk from the parking lot into its verdant courtyard, the trees strung with tiny white lights, and you feel miles away from civilization. The dining room has a European feel, but I recommend dining outdoors, weather permitting. Chef/ owner Alexander Bernards food has a continental bent but ranges with his imagination. The vegetarian spring roll consists of crisp pastry, fresh spinach, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts with a plummy balsamic dipping sauce. The chef is equally adept at fish and meat, as evidenced by an excellent macadamiaencrusted grouper with beurre blanc and a crispy duck with port-wine reduction, sweet-tart lingonberries and heavenly sweet potato flan. Mini desserts include tasty treats such as Key lime pie, goat cheese cheesecake and Snickers pie and are just enough to satisfy after a big meal. For those watching their calories, the chef offers a healthy choice menu as well. Beer and wine served. Food Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed February 2013 FUSE Global Cuisine, 2500 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 456-4585 Fried duck mac and cheese, hog wings (braised pork fore shanks fried and tossed with chili garlic sauce, sesame seeds and green onions) and golden beet salad with bucheron cheese and micro greens are but a few of the ways to start off a meal at this intriguing spot opened last November by Chef/owner Greg Scarlatos (formerly of Angelinas) and his partner Monica Czechowska. Entree options offer similarly imaginative but not over-the-top combinations, such as Colorado lamb chops with tart cherry glaze and Stilton potato hash garnished with crisp Brussels sprouts or cobia and wild mushroom with huckleberry gastrique. Guava bread pudding with fresh strawberries made a fine end to the meal. Service was gracious, the ambience soothing. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed December 2013 Osteria Tulia, 466 Fifth Ave. S., Naples; 213-2073 This restaurant sits along tony Fifth Avenue, yes, but inside, Osteria Tulia is downright homey, simple and rustic, with food to match. Chef/owner Vincenzo Betulia spent more than a decade at Campiello, and now heads up his own place thats filled with family members creating superb authentic fare. Caponata and fresh bread whets the appetite. House-made ricotta with walnuts and fresh herbs and meatballs napped in tomato sauce and garnished with pine nuts, currants and melted Parmesan were great starters. The roasted chicken was a thing of wonder, tender and succulent, served with farro, acorn squash and locally grown black leaf kale. Housemade garganelli with braised lamb sugo and sheep cheese will make pasta lovers swoon. For dessert, do not miss the ricotta fritters with slow-cooked berries and whipped cream. As befits such a homey establishments, service was warm and nurturing. Full bar. Food Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed April 2013 The Other Side Bistro, 24630 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs; 9927433 The breadth of experience and wisdom Chef Brian McCarley has accumulated over several years and restaurants comes together artfully in a tantalizing mlange of American dishes reinterpreted through classical French principles. Humble diner fare such as meatloaf, for instance, is transformed by a cabernet sauvignon demi-glace made from scratch. Its not all amped-up comfort food, though. Surprises pop up throughout the menu, such as artichoke hearts stuffed with goat cheese and quinoa and a rarely seen side dish of rich pommes Anna. Chef McCarley knows how to transform meat and potatoes into something special, like feathery gnocchi tucked into slow-cooked short rib meat and rich mushroom sauce. Seared snapper managed to be straightforward and sophisticated at the same time; the huge, moist fillet had a gorgeous bronze crust and was complemented by tomato-fennel compote and saffron-white-wine sauce. Save room for homemade desserts. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed April 2014 Thai Udon Cafe, Magnolia Square,5926 Premier Way, Naples; 596-7331 Tasteful artwork, soothing earth tones and soft (volume, not genre) jazz greet customers at Thai Udon Cafe. Thaiborn Khwan Sawai and her husband, Naples Philharmonic cellist Adam Satinsky, have created this multi-cultural oasis where the menu overflows with Thai and Japanese specialties. A classic papaya salad, with shrimp, shreds of green papaya, carrots, green beans and peanuts, was sweet, tart and spicy, as ordered; tum kha soup with shrimp and miso soup both proved to be faithful renderings. The special pad Thai studded with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp was a symphony of textures and tastes. The kitchen also did a fine job on seafood and vegetable tempura. The standout: mussels basil with vegetables and savory brown sauce. We finished with a lovely dish of sticky rice and mango for dessert. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed September 2013 Key to ratings Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 16-22, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C39 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 Reservations 239.659.7008 You can get 5% return on every visit at Vergina with your newVergina Loyalty Membership CardSign up and generate a HUGE discount during the year, plus anniversary and birthday prizes exclusively for Gold Star Club Members ONLY!Call 239.659.7008 to nd out how to sign up for your FREE Gold Star Club Membership Card and get your rst return immediately. CUISINEThe Crusts Midwest-style pie converts confirmed East Coast snobLet me confess up front that until last weekend, I didnt believe in Midwest pizza. When Jon Stewart skewered these thincrusted pies some months ago on The Daily Show, I laughed along with him. And I was puzzled by the way he ate crow and a Chicago pizza with gusto and an apology a couple of days later. I was born and raised on the East Coast, where pizzas come with substantial crusts that are sliced in wedges. I believed that no one west of Philadelphia could make a respectable pie. That was before I visited The Crust, a charming little throwback of a pizza parlor that opened in the Pavilion Shopping Center in June. It joins an eclectic array of dining establishments, including Fit & Fuel, Trattoria Abruzzo, Kitchen 845, Skillets, Subway, Flemings Steakhouse, Grumpys Ale House and the soon-to-open second location of Incas Kitchen. My dining companion, born and raised in Chicago, didnt know what a Midwest pizza was either, although the menu gave us a clue with this description: Crispy on the bottom, fluffy in the middle and loaded to the brim with toppings. OK, well bite. The Crust offers pies in 10-, 13and 16-inch sizes as well as a 12-inch glutenfree version (made from dough ordered from Venice Beach Bakery). The rest is made in house and is the result of two years of experimentation by the owners, Midwestern transplants Laura Kanellopoulos, her husband, George, brother-in-law Ed Miller (who serves as general manager) and assorted other relatives who taste tested the multitude of pies they tried before they arrived at the excellent version they now serve. It is, indeed, crispy on the bottom, fluffy in the middle and well endowed with choice toppings. But well get to all that in a few minutes. First there are a few other things worth mentioning about The Crust: The vegetables: Theyre all fresh (except for the artichokes and banana peppers) and come from Naples-based Oakes Farm. The chicken: Its roasted each morning for the baked chicken sub, for addition to any salad and for the pesto pizza, which also comes with provolone, artichokes, kalamata olives, tomatoes and red onions. The artwork: Black-and-white photos of old-time celebrities, a colorized food item superimposed on each one, grace the walls. Over our table, for instance, Frank Sinatra ate a pepperoni pizza, while across the room a wideeyed Lucy and Ethel were focused on a big meatball sub and Alfred Hitchcock grasped a large salad. The music: Mostly Motown and other oldies such as Aretha Franklin and Sly and the Family Stone are piped in at a volume that wont cause indigestion. The menu is divided into three parts: pizzas, salads and subs. There are five salads, all available in side or entre portions. The spinach ($7 for the small, $10 for the large) contained fresh spinach, red onions, dried cherries, candied pecans, shreds of bacon and gorgonzola accompanied by a tangy cherry-balsamic vinaigrette. This was a terrific combination: crunchy, chewy, tart and sweet. A traditional Greek ($7 for the side version, $11 for entre size) contained no lettuce but had plenty of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, Kalamata olives, a slab of feta cheese topped with oregano and olive oil. It, too, was delicious. There are also five sub choices: Italian, meatball, veggie, ham and baked chicken. Considering the meatballs ($9) are a family recipe, it seemed the logical choice. The sub came in a shallow metal pail, tucked into white butcher paper. The roll was a sturdy Italian version topped with sesame seeds. Inside, four tender and flavorful meatballs were slathered in savory red sauce with the complex flavor that only comes from long simmering on the stove. Finished with provolone cheese, it was the quintessential meatball sub. And then there was the pizza. You can get one of the specialty pies, but we wanted to craft our own from the variety of ingredients offered (smoked gouda, basil, jalapenos and chicken are among the more unusual toppings). We settled on a 10-inch with pesto, mushrooms, provolone, spinach and banana peppers. The pie was $10, with $1 for each topping. When it arrived it was indeed a thing of beauty, fragrant and topped with plenty of goodies with the exception of the spinach, which was absent. But never mind. The pesto had a bright basil and garlic flavor, the mushrooms were firm and fresh and the banana peppers added a piquant edge to that incredibly wonderful thin crust crispy on the bottom and fluffy in the middle. It was cut into small pieces, mostly squares, which looked odd to me but made it pretty easy to handle. We left nothing. Theres no need to drink swill when dining on such good food, either. Choose from Mark West pinot noir, Diseno malbec, Nobilo sauvignon blanc or Franciscan Estate chardonnay or one of the draft beers (Jai Alai and Yuengling among them). There are lots of soft drinks available as well. The staff, from our earnest young server to the doting manager to the hospitable Mrs. Kanellopoulos, was warm and welcoming. Just one taste of The Crusts pizza and its hearty hospitality is enough to make a believer out of the most skeptical diner. Dont take my word for it, though. Try it yourself. The Crust, Pavilion Shopping Center>> Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday >> Reservations: No >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Salads, $5-$12; subs, $9$10; pizzas, $10-$23 >> Beverages: Beer and wine served >> Seating: At the counter, booths and conventional tables indoors; tables outside >> Specialties of the house: Pizzas, subs and salads >> Volume: Low to moderate >> Parking: Free lot >> Website: thecrustpizza.netRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: 875 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples; 244-8488 Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor KAREN FELDMAN / FLORIDA WEEKLYThe Crust has an old-timey feel with its big counter, booths and photos of celebrities from yesteryear. A 10-inch pizza had a crisp and tender crust topped with fragrant pesto, fresh mushrooms, provolone and banana peppers.


NOVEMBER 2-8, 2014


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ROYAL HARBOR 2035 Snook Drive Gary Blaine 23 9.595.2912 $2 ,195,000 OLD NAPLES 586 S Golf Drive Vickie Larscheid 23 9.250.5041 $1, 995,000 OLD NAPLES Naples Marina Villas #5 Paul Gray 23 9.273.0403 $6 25,000 OLD NAPLES Village Green Jasmine Club #694 Patrick OConnor 239 .293.9411 $375,000 PARK SHORE Regent #PH 1 Bet Dewey 23 9.564.5673 $1 3,700,000 PARK SHORE Provence #PH-2 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.213.7227 $5, 975,000 PARK SHORE 4215 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4 ,995,000 PARK SHORE 311 Neapolitan Way Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3,795,000 PARK SHORE 4010 Old Trail Way Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,695,000 PARK SHORE La Mer #PH-102 Gary Blaine 23 9.595.2912 $2 ,595,000 PARK SHORE Park Plaza #600 Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $1, 695,000 PARK SHORE Park Shore Tower #12B Amy Becker/Leah Ritchey 23 9.272.3229 $1, 295,000 PARK SHORE Vistas #1603 Carol Sheehy 23 9.340.9300 $1, 295,000 PARK SHORE Bay Shore Place #1201 Vickie Larscheid 23 9.250.5041 $899,000 PARK SHORE Monaco Beach Club #1406 Christine Jones 239.404.9900 $769,999 PELICAN BAY Montenero #PH1907 Cathy Owen 239 .269.3118 $4 ,295,000 PELICAN BAY 684 Annemore Lane Jerry Wachowicz 23 9.777.0741 $2 ,595,000 PELICAN BAY Pointe #201 Jerry Wachowicz 23 9.777.0741 $9 75,000 PELICAN BAY 701 Heathery Lane Amy Atherholt 23 9.860.2167 $7 99,000 PELICAN BAY 546 Bay Villas Lane Amy Atherholt 23 9.860.2167 $775,000 PELICAN BAY 504 Bay Villas Lane Fahada Saad/Janice Fonda 239.659.5145 $680,000 PELICAN BAY Hyde Park #C-104 Jane Darling 239 .290.3112 $5 25,000 PELICAN BAY Lambiance #102 Linda Roberts 23 9.450.2864 $5 25,000 PELICAN BAY Valencia #202 Marilyn Moir 23 9.919.2400 $4 35,700 PELICAN BAY St. Nicole #302 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $4 29,000 PELICAN MARSH Seville #622 Roya Nouhi 23 9.290.9111 $539,000 PELICAN MARSH Clermont #102 Dina L. Moon 239.370.1252 $490,000 ESTATES AT BAY COLONY 9675 Mashie Court Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 2 39.213.7463 $6 ,750,000 BAY COLONY Biltmore #703 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4 ,450,000 BAY COLONY Trieste #1106 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $2,595,000 BAY COLONY Salerno #503 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $1,895,000 PINE RIDGE 63 Eugenia Drive Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $2 ,295,000 CLUB ESTATES 4525 Club Estates Drive Lizette Candela 239 .293.2378 $1, 895,000 PINE RIDGE 6582 Trail Boulevard Sarah Theiss 23 9.269.0300 $1,850,000 PINE RIDGE 585 Ridge Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 $1,670,000 PINE RIDGE 147 Caribbean Court Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $1 ,250,000 COACHMAN GLEN 2830 Coach House Way Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $1 ,100,000 HAMMOCK BAY Lesina #801 Darlene Roddy 23 9.404.0685 $9 49,000 WYNDEMERE 22 Bramblewood Point Bordner/Hurvitz 2 39.560.2921 $8 20,000 HAMMOCK BAY Aversana #1204 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $599,000 VANDERBILT BEACH 434 Conners Avenue V.K. Melhado 239.216.6400 $2,398,900 CLUB ESTATES 4429 Club Estates Drive Lizette Candela 239 .293.2378 $2 ,395,000 premiersothebysrealty.comYou might not know what youre looking for, but now you know where to find it.


GOLDEN GATE ESTATES 3510 1st Ave SW Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 $598,000 HAMMOCK BAY Aversana #701 Larry Caruso 23 9.394.9191 $5 29,900 BANYAN WOODS Reserve II #201 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $5 25,000 ROYAL PALM GOLF ESTATES 18318 Royal Hammock Boulevard Brock/Julie Wilson 23 9.821.9545 $4 99,000 HAMMOCK BAY Aversana #1201 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 $499,000 MARBELLA LAKES 6704 Marbella Lane Gayle Fawkes 23 9.250.6051 $4 95,000 LELY RESORT 6044 Dogleg Drive Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $4 89,000 FOREST PARK 4028 Kent Court Celine Julie Godof 23 9.404.9917 $4 45,000 WYNDEMERE Commons #103 Bordner/Hurvitz 239.560.2921 $400,000 WATERFRONT IN NAPLES Waterfront in Naples #C Celine Julie Godof 23 9.404.9917 $39 9,000 WYNDEMERE 104 Water Oaks Way Bordner/Hurvitz 2 39.560.2921 $3 55,000 TWIN LAKES 1382 S Alhambra Circle Agnes Zak 23 9.287.8036 $3 49,900 TALL PINES 5601 Waxmyrtle Way Helen Baker 23 9.580.9522 $3 29,000 MADISON PARK Quincy Square #101 Christine Jones 23 9.404.9900 $230,000 HIGH POINT High Point Country Club #304 Jon Peter Vollmer 239.250.9414 $219,000 RESERVE AT NAPLES Reserve at Naples #201 Amy Goguen 23 9.404.4416 $16 7,500 BERKSHIRE VILLAGE Canterbury Village #102 Charlina McGee 23 9.770.1911 $1 09,900 GREY OAKS 1271 Osprey Trail Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $5 ,699,000 GREY OAKS 1911 Cocoplum Way Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $3, 999,000 GREY OAKS 2823 Thistle Way Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $3,200,000 GREY OAKS 1708 Venezia Way Lynn Anderson 239.290.6674 $2,495,000 GREY OAKS 2633 Bulrush Lane Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $2,0 75,000 GREY OAKS 1713 Venezia Way Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $1, 795,000 GREY OAKS Lermitage #18 Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 23 9.659.5113 $1,250,000 GREY OAKS Traditions #102 Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239.659.5113 $699,000 MEDITERRA 15139 Brolio Lane Brenda Grimes 20 3.246.0306 $3, 299,000 MEDITERRA 15243 Medici Way Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 23 9.659.5113 $2,7 95,000 NORTH NAPLES 7371 Stonegate Drive Terri Moellers 23 9.404.7887 $1,695,000 OLDE CYPRESS 2743 Olde Cypress Drive Jane Bond 239.595.9515 $1,595,000 AUDUBON COUNTRY CLUB 242 Haydon Circle Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 2 39.213.7463 $1, 495,000 THE DUNES Grande Phoenician #705 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $1 ,269,000 THE DUNES Grande Dominica #906 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $1 ,225,000 TIBURON 2725 Medallist Lane Paul Gray 23 9.273.0403 $1 ,150,000 VILLAGES OF MONTEREY 8044 Cadiz Court Dave/Ann Renner 23 9.784.5552 $925,000 QUAIL CREEK 4687 Pond Apple Drive South Patrick OConnor 239.293.9411 $845,000 OLDE CYPRESS 7391 Monteverde Way Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $7 69,000 WILSHIRE LAKES 9901 Clear Lake Circle Bernie/Joe Garabed 23 9.571.2466 $6 95,000 EDEN ON THE BAY 406 Eden Bay Drive Friley Saucier 23 9.293.3532 $6 29,000 WILSHIRE LAKES 3920 Fabienne Court Patrick OConnor 239 .293.9411 $5 25,000 STONEBRIDGE Middleburg #202 Amy Kodak 23 9.877.6319 $450,000 GREY OAKS 2809 Tarower Way Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 23 9.659.5113 $2,250,000 MEDITERRA 16045 Trebbio Way Tom Gasbarro 23 9.404.4883 $2 ,195,995 premiersothebysrealty.comWe proudly present a selection of our residences along Floridas Gulf Coast.


WILSHIRE LAKES 6091 Shallows Way Bernie/Joe Garabed 239.571.2466 $378,000 WALDEN OAKS 7002 Lone Oak Boulevard Kelly Kent 23 9.250.5480 $32 9,500 NAPLES PARK 741 & 745 109th Avenue North Charlina McGee 23 9.770.1911 $2 49,900 VANDERBILT BEACH Vanderbilt Lagoon Villas #5 Erik David Barber 32 3.513.6391 $1 ,649,000 VANDERBILT BEACH Regatta #V-403 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $5 79,000 BEACHWALK Beachwalk Gardens #201 Paul Koch 30 5.586.5309 $399,000 VANDERBILT BEACH Vanderbilt Towers #310 Jon Peter Vollmer 239.250.9414 $299,000 MARCO ISLAND 870 Sea Dune Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $3 ,500,000 MARCO ISLAND 850 Sea Dune Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $3 ,000,000 MARCO ISLAND 1411 Buttereld Court Paul Strong 23 9.404.3280 $2,500,000 MARCO ISLAND 730 Hull Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 $2,350,000 MARCO ISLAND 1261 Stone Court Paul Strong 23 9.404.3280 $1, 695,000 MARCO ISLAND Royal Marco Point I #17 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $1 ,400,000 MARCO ISLAND 470 Renard Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $1,300,000 MARCO ISLAND 930 Hyacinth Court Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685 $979,000 MARCO ISLAND 1241 Bluehill Creek Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $6 40,000 MARCO ISLAND 691 Partridge Court Vince Colace 23 9.260.3333 $5 69,700 MARCO ISLAND Villa Del Mar #205 Sherrie Pfeer 239 .734.0539 $5 49,000 MARCO ISLAND 651 Inlet Drive Paul Strong 23 9.404.3280 $4 99,000 MARCO ISLAND South Seas #1409 Vince Colace 23 9.260.3333 $466,700 MARCO ISLAND South Seas #1008 Helga Wetzold 239.821.6905 $455,000 MARCO ISLAND South Seas #4 Larry Caruso 23 9.394.9191 $4 00,000 MARCO ISLAND 1810 April Court Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $3 89,000 MARCO ISLAND 970 Daisy Court Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $3 85,000 MARCO ISLAND South Seas #203 Vince Colace 23 9.260.3333 $3 79,700 MARCO ISLAND Riverside #601 Brock/Julie Wilson 23 9.821.9545 $269,900 MARCO ISLAND Seabreeze Apartments #R3 Brock/Julie Wilson 239.821.9545 $129,900 FIDDLERS CREEK Serena #201 Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $8 29,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Cherry Oaks #202 Helga Wetzold 23 9.821.6905 $5 99,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Menaggio #201 Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $5 98,000 FIDDLERS CREEK 9072 Cherry Oaks Trail Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $5 65,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Callista #204 Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $550,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Serena #202 ML Meade 239.293.4851 $499,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Serena #102 Paul Strong 23 9.404.3280 $4 59,000 FIDDLERS CREEK 8595 Pepper Tree Way Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $39 9,900 FIDDLERS CREEK Cascada #102 Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $369,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Montreux #202 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 $349,950 FIDDLERS CREEK Cascada #101 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $3 49,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Laguna #102 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $3 29,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Whisper Trace #202 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $2 49,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Whisper Trace #104 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $18 4,000 FIDDLERS CREEK Whisper Trace #103 Michelle Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $155,000 PELICAN BAY 705 Hollybriar Lane Jane Darling 239 .290.3112 $2 ,195,000 WWW.RENTNAPLES.COM Explore our collection of properties available for weekly, seasonal and long-term accommodations. 239.262.4242 Like.@PremierSIR Tweet.@PremierSIR Pin.@PremierSIRWatch.@SothebysRealty