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INSIDE PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Vol. VI, No. 26 FREE WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. OPINION A4 PROFILE IN PARADISE A15 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A18 TRAFFIC WATCH A28 CLUB NOTES A36 PETS A38 BUSINESS MEETINGS B4 OPEN HOUSE MAP B30 FILM REVIEW C11 BOOK REVIEW C12 ANTIQUES C22 A Choice AffairPlanned Parenthood welcomes Ashley Judd, and more to-dos around town. C27-33 Feeling itActresses getting in step with flamenco for Florida Reps Heart Song. C1 Remembering Jim ReifBeloved weatherman loved the weather. A6 Working itWhen it comes to business, its all about networking. B1 Michael Curt DREIKORN CLAWSON Paige KREEGEL Lizbeth BENACQUISTO Lee Memorial Health System has moved on to Plan B in its efforts to build a facility in Estero. Plan A was an 80-bed hospital that was dismissed by state regulators after NCH Healthcare System opposed the move. What is Plan B? Think of it like a hospital, but without beds, Jim Nathan, the Lee Memorial president, wrote in a message he recently sent to the Estero and Bonita Springs Communities. The message doesnt go into details for the site just south of Coconut Point mall, the same location where Lee Memorial hoped to build a hospital with beds. Those details will be worked out in the future. Mr. Nathan termed the new project as an exciting, new ambulatory care model that brings a critical mass of services and physician specialties into one destination health-care center. The health systems plan to build an $81 million hospital in southern Lee County hit a roadblock recently when a state judge ruled against the idea. To build a new hospital the health system needed approval from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. The new facility, however, does not need that approval, according to Lee Memorial spokeswoman Mary Briggs. In an email to Florida Weekly, Ms. Briggs explained that the ambulatory care model Mr. Nathan mentioned will be unlike anything locally. No timetable or details have been announced for the project. We are not yet ready to announce the specific services that will be available but can tell you that they will be comprehensive across the continuum of care, Ms. Briggs wrote in her email. This is like a super mall of health care services. We are calling it a hospital, but without beds. Dr. Allen Weiss, president and CEO of NCH Healthcare System, has argued that a new facility in southern Lee County is notLee Memorial plans hospital without bedsHE RACE FOR CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 19 is a messy thing. In stark contrast to the polished countenances gracing the cover of our newspaper this week, the race itself is a bloody brawl played out on our TVs and radios, on postcards and public forums. In poll after poll, the vast majority of Americans affirm their disdain for mudslinging in T the Race 19 forSEE RACE, A8 BY GLENN MILLERFlorida Weekly Correspondent NATHAN SEE HOSPITAL, A26

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 COMMENTARYWhistling Dixie I found myself thinking the other day that the South will win the Civil War after all. We are exporting, with great success and for the benefit of the rest of the country, our most radical ideas. Now, to be sure, most of Florida is not the South in the regional meaning of the words and it has not been for a long time. We are an island of transplants from places without historic membership in the club of the old Confederacy; but that hardly matters now. States are realigning to the tune of a wish I was, resurrecting failed ideas from the ashes of the Old South that harken back to the era when preserving our way of life was the battle cry to mobilize the ruling planter class. Todays call to arms in defense of the mythical Dixie includes gun-waving, rhetorical rebel yells, and demagoguery sufficient to rouse a hot-blooded crush of indignant white folk into a political frenzy. They wage economic warfare mostly at their own and their neighbors expense. Nothing learned from the nations most divisive civil conflict sticks among the new South wannabes. The ghosts of the party of Lincoln have descended into Dantes inferno. The irony is rich: the once-federalist faithful abandoning willy-nilly their ancestral loyalty to the Union blue, to launch reconstruction dj vu by other means. Many a great-great-grand-pappy must be rolling over in his grave as the descendant young guns abandon the federal ranks in mass to join the rebels. Seductions by sunshine and rapacious dealing are burning through state legislatures like Tom Wolfes Bonfire of the Vanities, leaving no good deed for the people unpunished. They advocate states rights and secession, waving stars and bars to rally the troops to defend the new plantations. The mega mansions proliferate like dandelions in the great lawn and conceal, within the caste of their long shadows, the dreary shanties of millions of working poor. Fighting for state rights is an expansive table, too; almost any cause can find a seat. We demand the right to obesity and fight to eat ourselves to death with food addictions engineered by corporate design. We demand the right to poverty by making sure the minimum wage is the maximum wage, cutting food stamps, and denying unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed, despite the worst recession in 75 years. We demand the right to flaunt our wealth in the big house, lovely ladies in flowing gowns and tuxedoed men dancing the waltz of show-and-tell philanthropy, generosity masking the crime and corruption that made the most infamous among them filthy rich. It is as if we resurrected in the flesh the mournful Ashley Wilkes from Gone With The Wind to avenge old, sacred grievances of sovereignty lost. Our states legislators deny expansion of Medicaid to the states uninsured because acceptance of federal dollars is inconsistent with our God-given right to act stupid. Meanwhile, uninsured millions and taxpayers infinitum get no benefit from billions in taxes contributed to support the program. Demagogues lure the gullible to distraction by promoting culture wars as they dismantle brick-by-brick the nations commitment to equality of opportunity, urging old insurrections that once nearly destroyed the nations democratic ideals. Why not different classes of citizenship as a way to resolve the immigration problem? It worked well to count slaves as three-fifths of a person for purposes of taxation. Lets also limit the franchise to the privileged, too, and make it hard to vote. It could be worse: No senator today has suffered a severe beating at the hands of a crazed congressman on the floor of the U.S. Senate, an incident that occurred in the run-up to the Civil War. But how long before some jackass pulls out a gun, shoots to defend against threats to their honor, and then pleads, Stand Your Ground? Some say the Citizens United decision rendered by the Supreme Court in 2012 is our eras version of the Courts Dred Scott decision in 1857. In that decision, southern justices sympathetic to the South recruited a northern justice to join them in a majority opinion that ruled slaves werent people; they were property. Last fall, Jim Leach, a former Republican Congressman, wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed, To justify slavery, the court in Dred Scott defined a class of human beings as private property. To magnify corporate power a century and a half later, it defined a class of private property (corporations) as people. I used to think if you wanted to see what the nation would look like had the South won the Civil War, you need only travel to Mississippi; but now I think you dont have to go nearly that far. Leslie Lilly is a native Floridian and past president and CEO of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Her professional career spans more than 25 years in the charitable sector, leading major philanthropic institutions in the South and rural Appalachia. She resides with her family and pugs in Jupiter. Email her at and follow Lilly on Twitter @llilly15. d i a l m Now accepting new patients. NORTH, CENTRAL AND EAST NAPLES:(239) 8 Dangers of Foot/Ankle Deformities DR. ADARVE DPM DR. FAHIM DPM, AACFAS DR. LAM** FACFAS, DABLES, DABPS DR. TIMM* FACFAS, DABLES, DABPS** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PLEASE JOIN The Dangers of Neglected Foot and Ankle PainRSVP 239-465-6623

PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 OPINION amyGOODMANSpecial to Florida Weekly richLOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly Climate sciences dire warning: Humans are baking the planetThe majority of the world is convinced that humans are changing the climate, for the worse. Now, evidence is mounting that paints just how grim a future we are making for ourselves and the planet. We will experience more extreme weather events, including hurricanes and droughts, mass extinctions and severe food shortages globally. The worlds leading group of climatechange experts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has issued its most recent report after a five-day meeting last week in Yokohama, Japan. The IPCC, over 1,800 scientists from around the world, collects, analyzes and synthesizes the best, solid science on climate and related fields. The prognosis is not good. At the news conference announcing the report, IPCC chairperson Rajendra Pachauri warned, If the world doesnt do anything about mitigating the emissions of greenhouse gases and the extent of climate change continues to increase, then the very social stability of human systems could be at stake. Pachauri speaks with the discipline of a scientist and the reserve of a diplomat. The latest report, though, states clearly: Climate change can indirectly increase risks of violent conflicts in the form of civil war and inter-group violence. It stresses how the world food supply, already experiencing stress, will be impacted, and those who are most vulnerable will be the first to go hungry. But the problem is even larger. The IPCCs previous comprehensive report came out in 2007. Since that time, the amount of scientific findings has doubled, making human-induced climate change an irrefutable fact. But there are still powerful deniers, funded by the fossil-fuel industry. Oxfam, a global anti-hunger campaign organization, also is challenging the deniers with a report released last week called Hot and hungry how to stop climate change derailing the fight against hunger. Oxfams Tim Gore says that corporations like Exxon, the powerful economic interests that are currently profiting from our high-carbon economic model ... stand to lose the most from a transition to a low-carbon, fair alternative. Undaunted, ExxonMobil issued its own report following the IPCCs this week, asserting that climate policies are highly unlikely to stop it from producing and selling fossil fuels in the near future. Fossil-fuel corporations like ExxonMobil exert enormous influence over climate-change policy, especially in the United States. The U.S. House of Representatives this week passed a measure that would effectively force the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and related bodies to ignore climate change, focusing instead on forecasting severe weather, but not its likely causes. Meanwhile, at the state level, the Tennessee Senate passed a bill banning investment in certain forms of public transit. According to ThinkProgress, the measure received critical funding from the billionaire Republican oil barons Charles and David Koch. The political influence of people like the Kochs will likely become more direct, with the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to eliminate personal contribution caps to candidates in its ruling in the case of McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. One of the IPCC report authors, Bangladeshi climate scientist Saleemul Huq, put it this way on the Democracy Now! news hour: Fossil-fuel companies ... are the drug suppliers to the rest of the world who are junkies and are hooked on fossil fuels. But we dont have to remain hooked on fossil fuels. We are going to have to cut ourselves off from them if we want to see a real transition and prevent temperature rises up to 4 degrees Celsius [7.2 degrees Fahrenheit]. That is the crux of the crisis: The major polluting nations are obstructing a binding global agreement to combat climate change. They have agreed, in principle, with the rest of the world, at the United Nations climate negotiations, to limit greenhouse-gas emissions to levels that would allow a global temperature increase of only 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). But the science says that goal is quickly slipping away, and that we are facing a 4-degree increase Princeton professor Michael Oppenheimer, another IPCC report co-author, told me: Its not just a problem for the rest of the world ... think about Hurricane Sandy. Think about how hard it was to deal with that storm. Thats todays storms. Think about what happens over the next 10, 20, 30 years, when sea level goes up and the storms get worse. America is addicted to oil, President George W. Bush, himself a failed oilman, famously said at his State of the Union address in 2006. The U.S. political establishment is swimming in fossil-fuel money, which is drowning democracy. Change will come from grass-roots organizing, from movements like students pushing their university endowments to divest from fossil-fuel corporations, from local communities fighting against fracking, and from the growing nonviolent direct-action campaign to block the Keystone XL pipeline. Denis Moynihan contributed research to this column. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,200 stations in North America. She is the co-author of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller.Obamacares master of false assuranceA core competency of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is issuing false assurances. An administration about-face has left the Cabinet official looking like the Baghdad Bob of American health insurance. When Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, asked her at a hearing two weeks ago whether the administration would extend the Obamacare enrollment period beyond March 31, she responded with a crisp and direct: No, sir. To the uninitiated, that sounded like an unmistakable denial of any intention to delay the enrollment period. The uninitiated were sadly misled. The secretary subsequently referred in her testimony to a delayed enrollment period for people who were unable to enroll through no fault of their own. It turns out that the administrations definition of these frustrated would-be enrollees includes ... well, everyone. The Washington Post reports that the administration will rely on the honor system to determine if people enrolling past the deadline are hardship cases, A few weeks ago, a spokeswoman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs, told reporters we dont actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014. As if that would be an obstacle. The enrollment extension is in the same spirit as the administrations partial enactment in 2012 of the DREAM Act through executive fiat after President Barack Obama said in 2011 that he didnt have the authority for such a change. It is a testament to the Obama administrations audacity that it doesnt just defy the critics view of its lawful authority, it defies its own view of its lawful authority. News of the extension of the enrollment period came on the same day that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia heard arguments in Halbig v. Sebelius, a case involving arguably the most sweeping act of lawlessness in Obamacares implementation. The text of the Affordable Care Act says that only exchanges set up by the states are eligible for subsidies. Since so many states didnt set up exchanges, the Obama administration decided that enrollees on the federal exchanges can also get the subsidies. Its defense in Halbig v. Sebelius is, true to form, that the law doesnt mean what it says. Obamacare has been a long workshop in improv tragicomedy. The delays, regulatory rewritings and extensions are always an attempt simply to live for another day, to put off the political pain of cancellations, or rate hikes, or layoffs, and to get just enough traction to make the law viable. Millions have signed up for the exchanges, but its not clear that the demographic mix is right to avoid steep premium increases by insurers in 2015. So far, it looks like young people essential to making the economics of the exchanges work arent signing up in the necessary numbers. The extension is surely a ploy to squeeze every last young invincible out of the current enrollment period, and hope the news for the rates in 2015 isnt so bad. And after that? Its anybodys guess. All we know for sure is that whatever Kathleen Sebelius says today may not be operative tomorrow. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. 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PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 DistinctlyNorris.comEvenings & Sundays by appointmentFort Mye14125 S. Tamiami TrailSanibel 1025 Periwinkle WayNaples 5015 Tamiami Trail N.Custom Window Treatments | Award-Winning Design Services Fine Furniture | Unique Accessories | Heirloom Rugs IN-STOCK ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. FOR ALIMITED TIME ONLY! SAVE50%OFF MSRP Distinctlnorris REMEMBERING JIM REIFWhen the weather was at its worst, he was at his best BY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ oridaweekly.comWhen Jim Reif, 61, died April 6 after a bicycle accident in South Fort Myers, he was a few months shy of marrying Jane Hess. Theyd waited almost 40 years. She first laid eyes on him in the radio station at Penn sylv ania State University in the early 1970s. He wanted to see how it worked because he wanted to set up a station that would broadcast the first meteorological reports on campus, she remembers. I said, Whos that guy over there?Mr. Reif was hard to miss. His 6-foot, 5-inch frame was crowned by a lustrous smile and an Afro. That impressive package came with an excitement and energy that was palpable, Ms. Hess says a quality he retained to the last days of his life, when he served Waterman Broadcasting as chief meteorologist for NBC-2 and ABC-7.Prior to 1999, he spent 20 years at WINK News. Both here and elsewhere, he was widely acknowledged by colleagues as the most capable and experienced hurricane expert in a region of hurricane experts. One of the things were saying about him is this, because it explains Jim, says Steve Pontius, executive vice president for Waterman Broadcasting and Mr. Reifs boss: When the weather was at its worst, he was at his best. There is no clich in those words, his colleagues say. Mr. Reif is beloved by many on the Southwest Florida coast, either for saving their lives or for giving them just enough of a head start to escape the devastation and discomfort caused by Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 storm that steamrolled both Lee and Charlotte counties on Aug. 13, 2004. At 11 a.m. that Friday, Mr. Reifs friend and colleague Robert VanWinkle recalls, the National Hurricane Center was still predicting that the monster storm would track north and miss the Southwest Florida coast. But the two meteorologists noticed a wobble in the storm. We pulled our team aside, and (Jim) said, We need to break with this NHC forecast, Mr. VanWinkle recalls. Even though we both got credit for making that call, we needed Jims experience that day. Known for being kind to a sometimes adoring public people would stop him on the street or in restaurants just to touch him, Ms. Hess says Mr. Reif was also a rationalist who relied on empirical evidence. He was a scientist, recalls his friend of 40 years, Dave Brown, chief meteorologist for WMC-TV in Memphis. Scientists always keep an open mind until there is overwhelming evidence of something. Scientists of Mr. Reifs sort are also impassioned teachers, it turns out theyll talk about their science to anybody who wants to hear. Which in Mr. Reifs case amounted to many. Wayne Sallade, another many-decade friend and the director of emergency management in Charlotte County, recalls how Mr. Reif would give seminars in the science of hurricanes sometimes as many as three a day. A friend of Mr. Reifs for decades, Mr. Sallade also remembers Mr. Reifs expertise in scuba diving, his love of flying, which he continued to do, and his self-discipline especially in giving up his beloved Philly cheese steaks, which he had grown up with. Mr. Reif, the oldest of two boys, was born and raised in Cherry Hill, N.J. His brother, Dan Reif, is a sales manager at a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz dealership in Fort Pierce. Their father sold meat to markets in the region. Their mother, a homemaker, decided Jim was a musical prodigy and pushed him into piano and organ lessons as a boy, Ms. Hess says. By the time he was 17, she adds, He was almost on the level of a concert pianist. But he rebelled. Although Ms. Hess first noticed Mr. Reif at Penn State, it wasnt until 1979 that the couple met for the first time, and for a first date. Mr. Reif had convinced Ms. Hess to meet him at an airstrip near Pottstown, Pa. He was working at AccuWeather out of State College, and she was broadcasting morning news for a radio station in Reading. They had talked frequently but briefly on the telephone, for work. His first-date gesture was characteristically both dramatic and romantic. He drops out of the skies in a two-seat Cessna, lands the plane, pops his head out, and says, Are you Jane? I look over my shoulder, and the only other living things are crickets. I must be, I told him. They flew to New York for supper after he asked her to get behind the airplane and push it, so he could turn it around and get it off the ground in Pottstown. They spent the next year dating. Then he moved to Fort Myers and she didnt. Almost 30 years later and after each had suffered through two failed marriages, things got serious. It started on the Internet about eight years ago. Eventually, he convinced me to move to Fort Myers, she explains. Their love soared, and when the couple visited Europe earlier this spring, he dropped to his knees in a picturesque German castle, drew a ring from his pocket, and proposed. Ms. Hess knew what she was getting into, she admits and she instantly said yes. I understood that he was a science guy, and that he would be quirky in that way. And I understood that the weather, and his audience, came first. It was nothing for him to go to bed at 1 a.m. because that was when certain weather models came in. Hed stay up to satisfy himself so he could go to sleep without worry, then hed be up by 6 or 7 a.m. He was a science guy, but he was a romantic science guy. There was never a single day, not one single day, that he didnt tell me he loved me, Ms. Hess says.And in his own way the way of a meteorologist nonpareil there wasnt a single day that he didnt deliver that same message in the language and news of weather to thousands of friends who invited him into their homes, and trusted him. REIF


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PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Lizbeth BENACQUISTO Sen. Benacquisto remembers packing into the station wagon, driving down to Florida for summer vacations. Her family moved to Florida when she was 10. We did not have a lot, but we had each other, she says. Our time was marked not by what we had but what we made of it. Sen. Benacquisto says her mother used to go to the fabric store and buy whatever fabric was on sale. My brothers would wear pants, I would wear a dress, made out of the same material, she says. And we were so happy. Sen. Benacquisto believes living within modest means resonates with many families. Folks recognize in me, they know when Im fighting on behalf of an issue, its with them in mind, she says. Sen. Benacquisto says she was born with inverted feet. When she was young, she had to wear metal braces, the full length of her legs, with a metal belt and special shoes. The contraption was awkward, heavy. Other children made fun of her, but it taught her a valuable lesson: You are what you believe yourself to be, she says. And I believe myself to be a strong woman. Michel Doherty has been involved in politics since 1975, helping women get elected to office. She has lived in Cape Coral for 30 years, largely known for her philanthropy and volunteer work. Ms. Doherty says she has been out on the trail with Lizbeth Benacquisto from the beginning, when the young hopeful first ran for her state Senate seat in 2010. Before joining her campaign, Ms. Doherty sat down with Lizbeth Benacquisto to see if she had the fire in her belly for politics, to see if she had the courage to do it. I told her to put her Teflon jacket on, says Ms. Doherty, thinking of all the criticisms to come from other candidates, politicians, men. I said, Theyre going to take shots at you all the time. Theyre going to try to discourage you, eliminate you, intimidate you, but she was not intimidated Shes a fighter. Ms. Doherty says she and Lizbeth Benacquisto discussed the play after the play, where she would go after the state Senate. They foresaw her running for governor or Congress, so when the Trey Radel opportunity presented itself, she decided to go for it the United States House of Representatives. Lizbeth has a charisma and warmth that envelops people. They like her immediately, Ms. Doherty says. Other candidates Ive worked with, Ive had to deal with their egos all the time, but Lizbeths sincere. Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane found Sen. Benacquistos responsiveness refreshing this past summer, as he was dealing with water quality concerns from the freshwater releases of Lake Okeechobee, down the Caloosahatchee, out into the salty Gulf. The water was discolored and residents were dispirited. Mayor Ruane heard Sen. Benacquisto would be visiting Fort Myers Beach. He called up her office and spoke with her directly. He asked if she could make time for Sanibel too, meet with merchants, Realtors and residents, hear their concerns firsthand. That call was made at three or four oclock in the afternoon. Mayor Ruane says Sen. Benacquisto was on Sanibel Island by 9:30 the next morning. She has demonstrated her concern, her compassion and her attentiveness, Mayor Ruane says. You always hope an elected official will have the responsiveness she has. We all ask for an opportunity to be heard. We all ask for someone to actually listen. Thats half the battle, being heard. You just dont have that many people anymore with that level of concern. Sen. Benacquistos responsive. Whether shes impacted or not, shes responsive. And thats really unique. Athena Ponushis campaigns and we agree. The race for this congressional seat was so grueling the first time around (in 2012, when Trey Radel won the seat) that most of the candidates from that race refused to return for a second try preferring to ensconce themselves in private enterprise rather than the public circus of snideness that we have come to accept as political discourse. The race, this special election, is the result of some ugliness in its own right. Mr. Radel resigned the seat on January 27, months after being arrested for buying an eight-ball of cocaine in Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. Voters will now have to pick his replacement, beginning with a Republican primary Tuesday, April 22. The winner of that contest will then run against Democrat April Freeman on June 24. Ostensibly, the winner of the Republican primary this month will take the seat the state Democratic party has a history of ignoring its candidates in these parts and withholding any financial help. (The same held true in 2012 when the Democratic party wrote off Southwest Florida as impossible to win.) So its a pretty safe bet that one of the four smiling faces profiled here will be our next Representative in the U.S. Capitol. Ideologically, the differences between these four Republican candidates are nominal. Regardless, each campaign is pouring resources into painting their opponents in the worst light possible. The most common smears are based on the premise that the other candidates simply are not conservative enough. Here, Florida Weekly aims to find out who these candidates are, devoid of the rhetoric and the mudslinging. What shaped them? Where did they come from? What do they like to read? The answers may be signposts to temperament and character. In this election, at least, those will be more significant measures for voters than fretful firefights to claim the title truest conservative. RACEFrom page 1 Whats your favorite place to relax in Southwest Florida? Anywhere on the boat with my family. Who is your hero? My mother Patricia. What are your hobbies? Fishing, gardening, spending time with my family. Whats the toughest job youve ever had? The toughest and most rewarding is being a mom. How do you handle a situation where none of your choices look good? I dont accept that premise. If the choices in a tough situation dont look good, I change the situation. Whats your favorite work of ction? The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Whats your favorite work of nonction? The Swamp by Michael Grunwald. Do you have any pets? Four dogs, four cats, four horses and too many cows to count. Do you play any instruments? No. q&a STATE SEN. LIZBETH BENACQUISTO GREW UP IN A WORKING-CLASS FAMILY. HER dad took the train every morning to work. He was an AT&T foreman in New York. Always had a football game, baseball game or cheerleading meet to run to. Sen. Benacquisto had three brothers. She was the baby, the only girl. COURTESY PHOTOSLizbeth Benacquistos family moved to Florida when she was 10. the the h the the Race R R a a c c c c e e e e 19 for


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A9 Michael DREIKORNAside from his profession working for the Federal Aviation Administration, and later as an executive who oversaw safety inspections of aircraft parts his politics, too, are rooted in the southern California of the 1960s and 0s. He describes himself proudly as a product of then Gov. Ronald Reagans public school system, and asserts that old California more closely reflected his current values as a fiscally conservative Republican. But his family wasnt politically one-sided. Mr. Dreikorns father was a German immigrant, and a Democrat, he pointed out. So I wasnt overly brainwashed one way or the other. His mother, meanwhile, was a very staunch conservative Republican. His parents separated when he was a boy. Although he went to live with his mother, he spent a lot of time with his grandmother on his fathers side. She taught him German, a language he still speaks and writes, and manners to keep his elbows off the table, for instance. At 18, he joined the Army to get away from the crowd I was running in, he said. It offered him a route to adulthood that admired older family members had taken, and the country was facing possible military challenges. There was a call to patriotism at the time, he added. In my eyes, I was responding to the call to serve. He was a helicopter mechanic in the Army and part of a unit flying along the Czechoslovakian and East German border to keep an eye on cold-war Russia military movements. Meanwhile, President Reagans leadership left an impression that stuck with him. He was inspirational, Mr. Dreikorn said. He was somebody we could look up to and have confidence in to be our leader. You didnt have to agree with everything he said but the man was a leader. And we dont have that even remotely today. I mean this guy brought down the Berlin wall. And he did it simply by saying, Mr. Gorbachev, (tear) down this wall. He did it with words, not with guns, and his words meant something because he was believable. If its not surprising that a former professional actor could give a believable speech, the confidence Mr. Reagan inspired fed into a certain national image that has been lost, as Mr. Dreikorn describes it. The United States, back then, was seen as not to be messed with, he said; and today, that image has been weakened in part due to an underfunded military; troops tired from rotations in current and recent wars; and inflated entitlement programs such as food stamps. We need to stop the entitlements not all (of them), but entitlement abuse, he said. Increasing military funding and shrinking entitlement programs would help turn the national psychology around, he said. After seven years in the Army, Sgt. Dreikorn returned to civilian life. Having earned a bachelors degree in professional aeronautics, he pursued a masters in management, and continued his education as his career progressed. In the 1990s he worked for the FAA in Washington, D.C., including on safety issues, and earned a doctorate of education in human resource and organizational development from The George Washington University. As an executive for a major manufacturer of civilian and military aircraft parts, his job was to sign off on equipment, saying it was safe. This sometimes put him at odds with other executives or customers who had financial and other concerns. Bob Ponchak, a reference Mr. Dreikorn provided, was his boss at the company, Pratt & Whitney. Mr. Dreikorn had good communication and negotiating skills, he said. And even in some very testy areas with customers, Mike held his own. He was very professional and I was glad he was with me. Mr. Ponchak added, I thought he was a good team player. He was flexible, he wasnt rigid. These days, the 52-year-old Mr. Dreikorn runs a consulting and engineering firm for the aviation and aerospace industries. He moved from Connecticut to Pine Island in 2004 for southern Floridas conservative values, favorable tax structure, the international airport, and ecological cleanliness, he said. And the sunny days. I like to snow ski, I just dont like to live in it, said Mr. Dreikorn, who lives on the northern tip of the island in Bokeelia, where he was elected president of its civic association. Getting elected to public office in Washington will, of course, be tougher. In the absence of leadership, I felt it was time to stand up, he said of his decision to enter the race. Im at a point personally where I think I have the wisdom to make the right decision, the patience to hear things out I dont plan on being a career politician. I need to go up there and set an example of what a good politician is, what a good representative looks like, and then I need to come back and pass the torch. Evan Williams Tell us about your family. My 94-year-old grandmother has been a major in uence over my entire life, instructing me on the basics of respect and honor. In addition to my son, I have three beautiful grandchildren ranging in ages from 3 to 10. My girlfriend, Darlene, and I have been together more than 10 years and I claim her two sons as my stepsons. When did you move to Southwest Florida? I moved to Bokeelia, on Pine Island, in February 2004. Six months later, Hurricane Charley huffed and puffed and blew my house away. I rebuilt and was ever more committed to this area. Whats your favorite place to relax in Southwest Florida? One of my favorite locations to get away is Cayo Costa Island. Its only accessible by boat and is a remarkable destination. But, shhhh, its a local secret. Who are your heroes? One of my favorite nonction heroes is Sen. John Glenn, mostly because of the positive life he lived that we should use as a measure of what it means to be an American. Yes, I do know he was a Democrat, but he also served as a marine, Mercury astronaut, Space Shuttle astronaut, and as a senator representing Ohio. His life was one of service to America and that must be respected and honored. What are your hobbies? As I get older, my hobbies have become a bit less impactful on my body. Up till the age of 40, I was very competitive in martial arts. But those days are behind me. Today my hobbies include riding my Harley, boating with friends, spending time with my dogs and travelling to off-the-trail destinations. Whats the toughest job youve ever had? Vice president of quality and product integrity for Pratt & Whitney, one of the largest turbine engine manufacturers in the worldHow do you handle a situation where none of your choices look good? I always measure the options with data. I also measure the consequences of inaction. Sometimes taking the lesser of two evils is much worse than doing nothing. The impact of decisions must be understood, so that is a key consideration when evaluating choices.Favorite work of ction? Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe.Favorite work of nonction? The right answer is the Bible, right? But, aside from that, I would say Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Do you have any pets? I have two dogs, an Irish and an English setter. Do you play any instruments? In school I played the trumpet and as a Boy Scout I was the troops bugler. I doubt I am a viable trumpet player anymore. But I feel pretty good about picking up a bugle still. q&a REFLECTING ON THE EARLY ORIGINS OF HIS CAREER IN THE AVIATION INDUSTRY, Michael Dreikorn described an image from his childhood in Orange County, Calif. I would essentially lay on the grass of my grandmothers backyard, near John Wayne Airport, and Id watch the airplanes come in, he said.COURTESY PHOTOSMichael Dreikorn joined the Army at age 18 and later worked as an executive for an aircraft parts manufacturer. the the h the the Race R R a a c c c c e e e e 19 for s n s t n ts. d k o rn o ok t o n, an d t i on n i z Ge o A ma t a r s i g w at cu ot D a M n M i ch 1 8 a n airc ra t p w M a a tr ic so va th e c

PAGE 10 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Paige KREEGELThe Estero physician looks tired, weary from weeks of a campaign increasingly oscillating to the negative. Hes supposed to be talking about himself, for once not being poked and pried for opinions or comments about his opponents. But the three-time Florida legislator who termed out of office in 2010 isnt one to toot his accomplishments. Instead others point out the 55-year-olds attributes. Hes the salt of the earth, says mother Alberta Kreegel; a caring and compassionate doctor, according to Juan Acosta, a surgical technician who worked alongside the doctor in the emergency room at the former St. Joseph Hospital in Punta Gorda and accompanied him on several medical missions to Central and South America, including one to Nicaragua following Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Even his campaign staff is still learning tidbits about their man. I just found out he was the medic for the U.S. arm wrestling team, says Alex Melendez. For the longest time, Punta Gorda resident Fred Bettis, who co-piloted the doctor through helicopter training in the early 1990s, didnt know his student was also a cattle and citrus farmer. Theres the public stuff: five years as an emergency room physician followed by decades in family practice, the doctor for the Charlotte County Sheriffs Offices SWAT team and a conservative Republican and eight-year representative for Floridas 72nd House District. Dr. Kreegel likes to grow things and looks forward to family weekends at the farm. His eyes light up when he talks about the farm and his family wife Erika, daughters Savannah, 14, and Olivia, 12, and son Christian, 10. He chuckles while explaining the challenge of balancing cattle farming with animal-loving daughters whose recent count of pets includes two donkeys, two goats and two pigs. The girls were active in 4-H but never to the point of raising cattle or hogs for county fairs and eventual auctions. This is why, he says, pulling up a cellphone photo showing pretty Savannah kissing a calf. Eagle-eye viewers may have even noticed a goat not a family dog or cat in a previous TV spot. Happenstance has factored into seemingly nonsequitur paths for the Homestead, Fla.-born doctor. He happened into family practice. Ditto for helicopter training, his political career and that stint as arm wrestling team doctor at the request of Punta Gorda arm wrestler Larry Collins. Only one thing was practically a given: Medical school for him and brother Drew. My father had a lot of input on that, he says. Upon completing his medical degree at New York Medical School and interning at a Memphis hospital, Dr. Kreegel was eager to return to his home state. I was born in Florida and Ill die here, he says. I finished my internship in 1983 and wanted to return to Miami but it had changed. It wasnt the same town I remembered as a kid. Turns out sleepy Southwest Florida was, and Dr. Kreegels first job was in the emergency room at St. Joseph. After five years, he found himself filling in for the towns family physician just across the street, babysitting the practice for so long, he just happened to segue into family practice, eventually founding American-Medic, a multi-discipline clinic that grew to as many as 14 medical specialists. Doctors are good at getting together and splitting up, he says of the practices continued evolution. After the last election I changed my focus. An aviation enthusiast helicopters, in particular Dr. Kreegel now specializes in flight physicals, a twice-yearly requirement for airline pilots. Doctors who give them must have a pilots license. Dr. Kreegel earned his helicopter rating in the 1990s with the help of Mr. Bettis, a retired commercial pilot who met the doctor during a search for a family physician. Another happenstance. Hes very meticulous and was dedicated to learning the right way to fly. He didnt want to cut corners, says Mr. Bettis. He was a good student and really wanted to learn. He was a fast learner, well prepared and coordinated. Since receiving his license, Dr. Kreegel has flown hundreds of voluntary air search and rescue, medical and law enforcement missions. He was always interested in politics and the effects of legislation on the local community, when former District 72 Florida Rep. Lindsay Harrington approached him about running for his seat. Lindsay was a close and dear friend, Dr. Kreegel recalls. He told me, Im done. You should run. He did and served three terms. Hes proud the legislature passed a balanced budget every year for six years despite a worsening economy. We balanced the budget without raising taxes. During medical missions that took Dr. Kreegel to Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru, Mr. Acosta saw a doctor lovingly practicing his craft. Paige is a very compassionate man and you could see he wanted to make a difference, says Mr. Acosta. He could speak Spanish pretty well and he made the kids laugh. It was awesome. Dr. Kreegel and Mr. Acosta spent four days in Nicaragua following Hurricane Mitchs massive destruction. We established a clinic right in the middle of a sugar cane field, says Mr. Acosta. It was a little building with two rooms and when we got there we wondered how people were going to find us. In no time there was a huge line. We saw well over 100 patients that morning, then went to another clinic. Dr. Kreegel, says Mr. Acosta, travels with a suitcase packed full of clothes and returns empty handed. He gives the clothes away. Mr. Bettis describes his friend as smart and caring. Hes marveled at Dr. Kreegels tough presence on the floor in Tallahassee and praised his behindthe-scenes compassion in helping war veterans receive enhanced services and the benefits they deserved. Dr. Kreegel, says Mr. Bettis, is also concerned about the future of Americas families. I have three kids coming into this world and the country is in rough shape, says Dr. Kreegel. Our basic freedoms have been eroded. Kids today are not expecting to do better than their parents. Ive spent a lifetime listening to peoples problems and issues and doing something about it, even if it wasnt medical. I have eight years of successful legislative experience, 30 years in medical practice and 55 years of staying out of trouble. Nanci Theoret Tell us about your family. Married to Erika McCarthy, the couple has three children: Savannah, 14, Olivia, 12, and Christian, 10.When did you move to Southwest Florida? I was born in Homestead, Fla., and moved to Punta Gorda in 1983 following my internship in Memphis. Favorite place to relax in Southwest Florida? At our farm in Punta Gorda.Who are your heroes? Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. What are your hobbies? Growing things: I have 100 head of cattle, 60 acres of citrus, calves and nectarines.Whats the toughest job youve ever had? As a doctor, giving people bad news.How do you handle a situation where none of your choices look good? You have to work really hard to separate the must-haves from the wish list. Public safety, education and health care are must-haves; anything beyond that is wish list. Must-haves should do the most good for the most people.Favorite work of ction? The Affordable Healthcare Act.Favorite work of nonction? Mandela. Nelson Mandela overcame such unbelievable odds and persevered for decades. Its overwhelming.Do you have any pets? Two donkeys, two goats, two pigs.Do you play any instruments? I played acoustic guitar back when I had three little kids who didnt know any better. q&a PAIGE KREEGEL ABSENTMINDEDLY LINKS THEN UNLINKS PAPER CLIPS, GAZING down momentarily at his handiwork, pondering a question before looking up to answer. Hes wearing work boots that havent yet seen the dirt of his Punta Gorda farm and the computer in the examining room of his Page Field office is frozen on his last browsing session: a scene from Arnold Schwarzeneggers new movie Sabotage.COURTESY PHOTOSPaige Kreegel was born on the east coast and now he and his family split their time between Punta Gorda and Estero. the the h the the Race R R a a c c c c e e e e 19 for osta a surgir D h c th ilil h Pa co sp an


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A11 Curt CLAWSON Please tell us about your family. When did you move to Southwest Florida? I started coming here about 20 years ago, because my parents moved down. And I bought a cottage on Big Hickory Island a couple years ago. I come from a large family, and were close. There were seven of us (children). I dont have kids, but I have a lot of nieces and nephews. What is your favorite place to relax in Southwest Florida? On Big Hickory Island, where I live near my parents. I can go out and oat in the gulf with them, on this gentle sea. Theyre in the autumn of their lives. To be able to spend those moments with themand theyre still well. Nothing can replace that. And watching games with my Dad. But not basketball. Baseball. He wants to watch the Cincinnati Reds.Who are you heroes? My parents, my high school coach, Paul Ehrman, and Coach Gene Keady at Purdue. They were all different: My father never raised his voice with me, even once. Coach Ehrman was a leader, but he made us gure out how to win. Coach Keady was completely different: he was intense, hands-on. And he yelled. It took me awhile to get used to that. But it was all about the group. About playing well for the group. And about winning. The individual didnt matter.What are your hobbies? Im a serious a serious scuba diver. Mostly around the Caribbean. And I sh.Whats the toughest job youve ever had? Hayes Lemmerz, obviously. When I got there, they were in huge debt, the books were dirty, customer relations were on the rocks. How do you handle a situation where none of your choices are good? If none of the choices are good, then I dont have enough information. First, I learn more. Then I call everybody into the kitchen to talk a kitchen cabinet. Different viewpoints are good. You dont have to agree with everybody. You hear what they say, and decide what to do. And second, pray. You dont have to be perfect to pray. We do it because we need help when there are no good options.Favorite works of ction or nonction? I used to read a lot of business books. But I love history. Biographies, military history. When I want to stretch my mind and learn something? Stephen Ambrose. Anything by Ambrose. Does it get better than that? And I might read Doris Kearns Goodwin, for example.Do you have any pets? An aquarium once I get moved back into my cottage, which is being renovated. q&aFIT AS A FIDDLE AND WHIP THIN, BUT TOO TALL AND CONFIDANT TO BE IGNORED, Curt Clawson ambles into Starbucks at about 7 p.m. for a shot of the hard stuff: a milked-up coffee beverage served cold, in a plastic cup. Along with the other hard stuff: a meet with a reporter who wants to ask him personal questions. Served hot, a la carte.COURTESY PHOTOSCurt Clawson as a student and later, with his mother as a graduate. the the h the the Race R R a a c c c c e e e e 19 forMr. Clawson doesnt drink alcohol. Ever. Thats for both moral and health reasons, he explains. I dont judge it, though. Some of my friends will have a glass of wine, or something. Ascetic in temperament and practice, hes also private about his religion. In its service, he spent two years on a mission trip to Argentina following college, he recalls. Now at 54, hes a lot more colorful than the simple white shirt and dark trousers he wears would indicate. But they go nicely with the cropped thatch of graying hair that still rides close above a thin face sometimes reflective, sometimes somber and hooded, and sometimes boyish and grinning. The candidate looks tired. But so what? Im here, Im ready, he says, grinning affably and flashing a characteristic thumbs-up. Hes even ready for a reporters cutesy first move: bringing a basketball to the interview. Can he palm it? I cant palm the ball, never could, he confesses. My hands are too small. I used to have to dunk it with two hands. Maybe he cant palm it, but he can shoot it. He hit the first three-point shot in Purdue University history, in 1984, when he captained a Boilermaker team that gave Hall of Fame Coach Gene Keady, now Mr. Clawsons friend and mentor, his first NCAA Big 10 victory. Coach Keady, who admits to having voted for good Democrats in his time, remembers the moment well in a chat from his hotel room in Dallas, where he has traveled to watch the NCAA Final Four play-off games. He also remembers what he appreciated most about Curt Clawson: Hes competitive, he wants to win, and hes a straight shooter. Hes also very bright. Tell him I said good luck. But attitude and not luck is the engine in Mr. Clawsons ambition. Hell slam dunk balls, fix broken companies, or attempt to patch the leaky ship of state any way he can, which is how he describes his 11 years as CEO of Hayes Lemmerz, an international maker of aluminum wheels. He downsized the company, took it through bankruptcy, and ultimately oversaw its sale in 2011. As a result, hes been energetically accused of callous disregard for employee welfare, among other things. But it wasnt that way, he insists. When I got there, the company was in debt, the books were dirty, customer relations were on the rocks... And one more thing. I never cashed in my stock options, I never took the golden parachute. Thats the get-rich and bail-out option that has given so many CEOs in similar situations a bad name. Richard Wallman, a 15-year friend and former board member of Hayes Lemmerz who worked in top management at both Chrysler and IBM when they downsized and restructured, insists that Mr. Clawson is anything but greedy or callous. Most CEOs are concerned about their compensation first, but he was much less interested in that than he was in his people, he says. In the boardroom, he never yelled or tried to embarrass his people when they said something that wasnt smart. He encouraged them. He wanted them to do well. But responsibility is a stern taskmaster, adds Mr. Wallman: When you have an underperforming part of the business, it drags down the rest of the company, so you have to take action. And thats tough. Thats also arguably a form of team spirit, although one that may apply to businesses and sports teams more than democratic governments and nations, whose underperformers cannot simply be lopped off. Mr. Clawson learned it in part from from Coach Keady. The individual doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is the group that was always the lesson at Purdue, he says. That played well for me because I came from a big, close family. Once, that family not only included his parents and three sisters and brothers the silly, savvy seven, as his mother, Cherie Clawson, still calls her children but it also included his wife. He met her at Harvard University when she was an undergraduate and he was earning an MBA, on leave from his first job at Arvin Industries. Although the couple is now divorced, she is my best friend, he says a woman of African descent, and a writer. We talk every day. Why our marriage ended? Im not going to tell you, and I wont give you her name, either, because she wants to remain private. But she was and is such a huge contributor to what I am. In short, hes a tall Hoosier (once married, no children), who has lived abroad in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Paris, and elsewhere, he says. A quick study, Mr. Clawson commands either fluency or a good working knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese and French. But his parents and coaches remain his guiding lights, along with their attendant life lessons. I think the most disappointed my father ever was with me happened one day when I didnt protect my older bother on the way home from school, he recalls. He was 9 or 10 at the time. My older brother please be careful how you write this hes a little like Forrest Gump. The most wonderful person. But kids bullied him. And some of them pushed him (down) and I didnt stop it that day. That was the last time he failed to take action, and Mr. Clawson later found himself standing down other bullies, as well, his mother recalls. Hes a protector, a defender, she says. When a boy was bullying a substitute teacher once, Curt told him to stop and the boy knocked him flat. He didnt do anything about it there, in the school hallway. But later he made sure it never happened again. Those experiences created Mr. Clawsons eternal reluctance to join with the cool crowd, as he puts it about college fraternities or exclusive clubs. While studying at Harvard, he won a scholarship to Southeast Asia, where he convinced the Singer Sewing Company, operating on the ground a couple hundred miles away, to set up a factory with wellpaying jobs in a remote, subsistence-level village. That boosted the entire community into the middle class, he notes proudly. He also supports a homeless shelter for young, unwed mothers in Detroit. He reads acquisitively and even aggressively, too formerly books about business, he says, and now often histories such as Doris Kearns Goodwins biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals. In the book, Ms. Goodwin recounts how Lincoln brought his political enemies into his cabinet to take advantage of their brains and drive, maneuvering the nation through its most desperate hour. But thats not how it is in Washington these days, where the Team part of the democratic equation seems to have been pried away, leaving only the Rivals part. On that unsettling note Mr. Clawson fires off some unsolicited advice to the 535 elected officials in the United States Congress. First, read the Constitution. Second, read Team. And read some macro-economics. If he has it his way, hell be able to convey that advice in person, come summer. Roger Williams ina fol i n b r m d s i A Althou


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Dr. David C. Brown & Associates. Clearly, the right choice.239.939.3456 www.ecof.comA consultation with our Board Certied Cataract Specialists will put your mind at ease. We use only the most proven procedures for excellent results. Since 1971, thousands have relied on our highly skilled staff of professionals. (239) 593-7600North Naples Church 6000 Goodlette Road North, Naples, Florida 34109 Palm Sunday Maundy ThursdayLast SupperAlive! Join Jesus and the Disciples for a live presentation of the Last Supper. Noon & 7 p.m. Good Friday Services Easter Sunday *Over ow Seating in Chapel Holy Week atNorth Naples Church 8:15 a.m. Traditional 9:30 a.m. Contemporary 11:00 a.m. Processional with Cherub Choir Noon Chapel Traditional 7 p.m. Sanctuary Service of Shadows 7 a.m. Chapel Sunrise Service 8:15 a.m. & 11 a.m.* Traditional 9:30 a.m.* Contemporary Holocaust museum presents The Ghost Army documentaryThe Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida presents a screening of the PBS documentary The Ghost Army at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, April 13, and Sunday, May 18. Gazo Nemeth, a World War II veteran who was a Ghost Army radio operator, will be in attendance and will participate in a question-and-answer session after both screenings. Mr. Nemeth now resides in Southwest Florida.Armed with truckloads of inflatable tanks, a world-class collection of sound effects records and more than a few tricks up their sleeves, the Ghost Army was a handpicked group of GIs known officially as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. They landed in France in 1944 on a mission to deceive the Germans about U.S. troop strength and location at strategically important sites in France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Composed of artists and sound technicians, the unit tailored its creations to the mission at hand. They impersonated other units, built and deployed decoy planes, convoys, gun emplacements and even a fake headquarters. They set up realistic radio operations, even mimicking a unit radio operators style, which could be as distinctive as a signature. Their decoys were often left visible to fool enemy reconnaissance flights. Little was known about this top-secret unit until decades after the war. Their creativity saved thousands of lives. Their realistic impersonations of varied and vastly larger U.S. Army units misled the Germans into


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A13 VOTED THE BEST SHOPPING CENTER AND BEST SHOPPING DISTRICT IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDAOpen Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I-75, Exit 123, Corkscrew Rd./Miromar Outlets Blvd. In Estero, between Naples & Fort Myers Come see our family of Pekin Ducks at the Nike Fountain *Subject to monthly maintenance fee. Terms and Conditions of the Card Agreement are set forth at Copyright 2014, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. 04091014-0881 NAMES YOU KNOW AT PRICES YOU WANTMIROMAR OUTLETS OVER 140 TOP DESIGNER AND BRAND NAME STORES& RESTAURANTS Miromar Outlets Gift Cards* are available at, the Mall Ofce or Visitor Information Kiosk. BLOCK PARTYThursday, between Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar and Fords Garage Celebrate for a good cause with live entertainment, dancing, (2) drinks and appetizers. Ticket cost of $50 per person; $75 per couple benets the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools Dancing Classrooms program for 5th graders. Tickets are available online at or call (239) 948-3766. COLORS OF THE RAINBOWSaturday, Miromar Design Center Finalists from the Dancing Classrooms Exhibitions will compete in this culminating event.BIG BAND CONCERTSunday, in the Restaurant Piazza Enjoy listening to music from the Big Band era performed by Southwest Florida Big Band.UPCOMING EVENTS CURIOUS TO KNOW WHOS MAKING A DIFFERENCE?Donate non-perishable food items at any Fifth Third Bank location today! Fifth Third Bank has teamed up with The Salvation Army and its partner food banks throughout our area to help ll a critical need in our community. Our goal is to not only provide 5,300 local families with a meal, but to also give them hope. Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Fifth Third Bank 2014.DONATIONS ACCEPTED April 7th April 25th making serious strategic mistakes, and bought time for the U.S. Army until the real men and materials were ready to participate. The unit took part in more than 20 operations from 1944-45. If Japan had not surrendered, the unit would have played a part in the invasion of Japan as well. Many members of the Ghost Army went on to memorable careers in a number of fields, among them artist and sculptor Ellsworth Kelly and designer Bill Blass. The Ghost Army is the subject of an exhibit titled Artists of Deception on display through May at The Holocaust Museum & Education Center. The exhibit brings to life the astonishing exploits of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops through artifacts, rare photographs and in-depth look at the units history. Examples of the wartime artwork created by Ghost Army soldiers are also included, highlighting just how talented these artists, illustrators and architects were at capturing their experiences and those of the civilians they encountered. Rick Beyer, producer of The Ghost Army PBS documentary, co-curated the exhibit with the daughter of one of the Ghost Army artists. A book created to accompany the exhibit and DVDs of the documentary are available for purchase at the museum. The Holocaust Museum & Education Center is at 4760 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples. Admission is free for members, $10 for adults and $5 for students. The April 13 and May 18 screenings of The Ghost Army are included in the cost of admission on those days. Reservations are requested, as space is limited. Call 263-9200 or email to reserve a seat. Regular museum hours are 12:30-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday (guided tours offered at 1 and 2:30 p.m.) and 1-4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday (guided tours at 1:30 p.m.). The museum will be closed on the first day of Passover, Tuesday, April 15, and on Easter Sunday, April 20. For more information, visit www.holocaustCOURTESY PHOTOFilmmaker Rick Beyer and Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.), who is one of the people interviewed in the documentary.COURTESY PHOTOGhost Army soldier Arthur Shilstone painted this picture of two Frenchmen surprised to see four GIs lifting a tank (which was really an inflatable decoy). The Americans are very strong, Mr. Shilstone told the Frenchmen, according to The Ghost Army documentary.


UP TOOVER KBB VALUEFOR YOUR TRADE VEHICLESTO CHOOSE FROM ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ NEW 2013 SUBARUXV CROSSTREK2.0i PREMIUM NEW 2014 SUBARUBRZPREMIUM NEW 2013 SUBARUIMPREZA2.0i 4-DOORIIHS TOP SAFETY PICK 2014IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK 2014$21,995$25,595$17,895STARTING ATMODEL# DRA, OPTION PACK 01MODEL# EZA, OPTION PACK 01MODEL# DJA, OPTION PACK 01STARTING AT STARTING ATONE OF CAR & DRIVERS 10 BEST OBRIEN SUBARU OF FT. MYERS 82 41 75Bonit Spring Le h AcFt. MyersDaniels Pkwy Colonial Blvd Caloosahatchee River EXIT 136 888-843-16362 1/2 MILES WEST OF I-752850 COLONIAL BLVD FORT MYERS, FL 33966 ON THE CORNER OF COLONIAL & METROPURCHASE OR LEASE ANY NEW (PREVIOUSLY UNTITLED) SUBARU AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY FACTORY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR 2 YEARS OR 24,000 MILES (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.) SEE SUBARU ADDED SECURITY MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR INTERVALS, COVERAGES AND LIMITATIONS. CUSTOMER MUST TAKE DELIVERY BEFORE 4/30/2014 AND RESIDE WITHIN THE PROMOTIONAL AREA. AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS ONLY SEE DEALER FOR PROGRAM DETAILS AND ELIGIBILITY. ON SELECT MODELS WITH APPROVED CREDIT. 0% APR OR DEFERRED PAYMENT PROGRAMS CANNOT BE OFFERED ON BALLON CONTRACTS OR OTHER IRREGULAR PAYMENT CONTRACTS. ALL PRICES PLUS TAX, TAG, AND TITLE, $699 DEALER FEE AND DOES NOT INCLUDE OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT OR INLAND FREIGHT. ALL LEASES WITH $2495 DUE AT SIGNING AND INCLUDE ALL APPLICABLE REBATES AND SAVINGS, ZERO SECURITY DEPOSIT, 12K ANNUAL MILES, 20 THEREAFTER. DEALER RETAINS ALL REBATES AND/OR VALUE OWNER COUPONS WHEN APPLICABLE. MILES PER GALLON IS BASED ON UPPER LEVEL EPA HIGHWAY ESTIMATES AND MAY VARY DEPENDING ON VEHICLE MAINTENANCE. ALL VEHICLES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. ALL PICTURES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. ALL OFFERS PRIOR TO NEGOTIATION AND MAY NOT BE COMBINED. ^^BASED ON KELLY BLUE BOOK FAIR MARKET VALUE. EXCESS MILEAGE, WEAR, AND TEAR, AND RECONDITIONING MAY REDUCE TRADE ALLOWANCE. OFFER ENDS 4/30/14. 2002 CHEVY IMPALA #H127568C ...............................................$4,9952003 HYUNDAI SANTA FE #H082563A .....................................$5,9952008 CHEVY COBALT #H592941A ................................................$6,9952004 CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE #H851157A .$6,9952006 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY #H097955A ...........$6,9952009 PT CRUISER #H479913A ........................................................$7,9952007 JEEP LIBERTY #H156103A ....................................................$8,9952007 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN #H871941A ........................$9,9952002 CHEVY CAMARO #H094845A .............................................$9,9952007 FORD EXPLORER #H166802A ..........................................$10,9952009 TOYOTA MATRIX #H795027B ........................................$10,9952008 VW JETTA #H879027A .........................................................$10,9952009 MAZDA 3 #H456523B ..........................................................$10,9952007 HONDA CRV #S549693A ....................................................$12,9952012 SCION XB #S259785A ..........................................................$13,9952011 MITSUBISHI GALANT #H884961A ..............................$13,9952009 CHEVY IMPALA #S5516348A .........................................$13,9952007 CHRYSLER 300 #S278896A ............................................$13,9952012 DODGE AVENGER #H895148A ........................................$13,9952009 DODGE JOURNEY #H834974B ........................................$15,9952011 NISSAN ROUGE #H149336A ............................................$14,9952013 TOYOTA COROLLA #H876834A .....................................$15,9952011 TOYOTA CAMRY #H888829A .........................................$15,9952010 HONDA ACCORD #H878209A .........................................$16,9952013 CHRYSLER 200 TOURING #H046259B ....................$16,9952012 TOYOTA PRIUS #H091946A .............................................$17,9952011 FORD FLEX LIMITED AWD #H0341450A .................$25,995NEW 2014 SUBARU FORESTER $2,495$22,595TOTAL DUE AT LEASE SIGNINGSTARTING AT $2256 ..................Down Payment $0 ...............Security Deposit $239 .........First Month's Lease $239OR LEASE FORPER MO. 36 MOS.2.5i EFB01 S EFB01 S


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A15 Once upon a time, we all believed in heroes because whenever danger or evil mightve threatened us, heroes someone saved the day. Fortunately, along come new heroes for every child in Southwest Florida. People just like you, who are helping us reach the !nish line and build the Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida. Be a hero. Save someones days. Today. Forever.Be a Hero Today | $5 Gets You Started| On On On On O n n ce ce ce c ce ce e u u u u u u po po po po po po n n n n n n a a a a a a a a a ti ti ti ti t ti t me me me me e e me , , we we we we w we w w a a a a a ll ll ll ll l l ll b b b b b b b b el el el el el el el ie ie e ie ie ie ie ve ve ve ve e v d d d d d in in in in in in h h h h er er er er oe oe oe oe o s s s s s be be be be b ca ca ca ca a ca c us u us us us us e e e e e wh wh wh wh wh h w en en en en en e ev ev ev ev v v v v v v er er er r e e d d d d an an an an n n ge ge ge ge ge ge r r r r or or or or o r e e e e vi vi vi vi vi l l l l l mi m mi mi mi i m gh gh gh gh gh gh h h t t t t t t t t v ve ve ve ve ve ve ve v t t t t t t t hr hr hr hr hr h ea ea ea ea ea ea e ea e a te te te te te te t te t ne ne ne ne ne ne d d d d us us us u us us us u u , he he he he he he h r ro ro ro o r es es s es e e s s s s s s om o om om om o m m eo eo eo eo o ne ne ne ne ne e e ne ne s s s s s s av av av av v v ed ed ed d ed d t t t t t t he he he he he he d d d d d d d ay ay ay ay ay y ay . Fo Fo Fo F F Fo F rt rt rt rt t t un un un un u n at at at at el el el el e el e y, y, y, y, y, a a a a lo lo lo lo o o ng ng ng ng ng ng c c c c om om om om m e e e e e ne ne ne ne ne w w w w w w he he h he he h ro ro ro ro r r es es e es f f f f f f or or or or o o e e e e e e ve ve ve ve ve ry ry ry ry y c c c c c c hi hi hi hi hi h ld ld ld ld ld ld i i i i i n n n n n n So So So So So S So ut ut ut ut t ut u hw hw hw hw hw hw hw hw hw es es es es es es e t t t t t t t Fl Fl Fl Fl Fl F Fl F or or o or or or or o i id id id id d id a. a. a a a. a . Pe Pe P Pe Pe e e op op op op o op le le le le j j j j j j us us us us t t t t li li li li l li li ke ke ke k ke ke y y y y ou ou ou ou u , wh wh wh wh wh h o o o o o ar ar ar ar a e e e e he he he he lp lp lp lp p in in in in g g g g us us us us u r r r r ea ea ea ea ch ch ch ch h h t t t t t t he he he he h h ! ! ni ni ni ni n sh sh sh sh l l l l l in in in in i e e e e an an an an n d d d d d bu bu bu bu il il il il d d d d d d d d th th th th t e e e e Go Go Go Go G li li li li l sa sa sa sa a no no no no no o o C C C C hi hi hi hi hi h h hi ld ld ld d d ld re re re re re re n n n n n n n n s s s s s s Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho H Ho sp sp s sp sp sp sp it it it it it it al al al al l l al al l l of of of f of f S S S S ou ou ou ou u u th th th th t we we we we e st st st st F F F F F lo lo lo lo ri ri i ri da da da da a . Be Be Be Be a a a a h h h h er er er e o. o. o. o. o. S S S S S av av av av v e e e e so so o o o me me me me on on on on e e e e s s s da da da da d ys ys ys ys s . To To To T da da da da y. y. y. y. y F F F F F or or or r ev ev v er er er er . B B B B B e e e e a a a a H H H e e e e r r r o o o o T T T T o o o d d d d a a a a y y y | | | | $ $ $ $ 5 5 5 G G G G G e e e t t t t s s s Y Y Y o o o o u u u S S S t t a a a r r t t e e e d d d | | | F F F F F i i i n n n n n i i i i s s s s h h h h L L L i i n n e e f f f f o o o o r r r r r K K K K i i i i d d d d s s s s . o o o o r r r r r g g g g g g g Anybody can be a hero. All it takes is $5.Once upon a time, we all believed in heroes because whenever danger or evil might have threatened us, heroes somehow saved the day. Fortunately, along come new heroes for every child in Southwest Florida. People just like you, who are helping us reach the nish line and build the new Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida. Be a hero. Save someones days. Today. Forever.Be a Hero Today | $5 Gets You Started | From among more than 310,000 employees worldwide working for the Hilton family of brands, a former hotel housekeeper who worked her way up to operations manager at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton Naples earned the coveted distinction of the companys CEO Light 7 Warmth Award. It is the companys highest individual recognition. How did Desiree Dayhoff do it? With as much heart as hard work, plus big doses of integrity and innovation, says Jennifer Wallace, Ms. Dayhoffs boss and general manager of the Doubletree property. Ms. Dayhoff was also part of the team that has earned not one, not two, but 10 Connie awards (named after Conrad Hilton) for the Doubletree. The Connie award recognizes the leading hotel in each brand of the Hilton Worldwide chain. The Cuban-born Ms. Dayhoff has persevered and worked hard for everything she has earned in her life, including her right to become an American citizen. She came to the U.S. in 2006, and with the assistance of Catholic Charities was hired at the Doubletree as a housekeeping supervisor. She earned her citizenship in 2012 and today advocates tirelessly for refugees and asylees. Through the Catholic Charities employment program, she provides job interview preparation and cultural orientation for ESOL students. She teaches English at her workplace to newly resettled refugees and helps them to understand financial and banking tools. She assists with citizenship test preparation and developed Doubletrees H.E.L.P. (Hospitality Excellence Learning Project) training program for refugees, a three-week internship program which helps provide language, housekeeping and hospitality skills in preparation for their first job opportunity. Every day, she strives to enrich her work team members lives with genuine care and compassion. Ms. Dayhoffs parents are chemistry and geography teachers in Cuba. In her youth, she was always surrounded by school materials and started helping other kids learn when she was only 7 years old, bringing fellow students home after school to help them catch up when they fell behind. She had a chalkboard and a bench on the back porch for her after-school math and Spanish class. My mom used to make lemonade for our classes, she says. This is a sweet memory. She earned a bachelors degree in psychology and also studied hospitality management in Cuba, where a three-year hospitality management post-graduate program prepared her for various hotel positions. She worked in tourism in Cuba before coming to the United States. Ms. Dayhoff is vice president of the Collier Advisory Refugee Panel and served as speaker at the 2010 and 2013 State Refugee Consultation in Orlando. She represented Florida at the 2011 National Refugee Consultation in Washington, D.C., and was speaker at the 2012 and 2013 World Refugee Day celebrations in Collier County. She is a 2012 graduate of Growing Associates in Naples, a program of the Leadership Collier Foundation and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. She and her husband Jeffrey celebrated their first wedding anniversary in January. Bob Harden is the producer and host of The Bob Harden Show, airing from 78 a.m. weekdays at w h b t H P t bobHARDEN P R OF ILES IN P ARADIS EBlending heart, hard work, integrity and innovation Talking points with Desiree DayhoffMentors: My realistic approach to life I get from my dad. My striving for excellence comes from my mom. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A geologist and a psychologist were my favorites. Now that I think about it, that might have been the beginning of my interest in sustainability. What would you be doing if you werent doing this? I think Id be a trainer of some kind. I love taking people from being knowledgeable to being smart. Guilty pleasures: Having a Cuban meal at least once a week. One thing on your bucket list: Write a book. Skill or talent you wish you had: I would love to be able to play the violin. Somehow its melody ful lls me to the point of tears. Next vacation destination: Spain, where the roots of my Cuban culture are. There are so many traditions that I would like to enjoy from their place of origin. Something that makes you laugh: Irony. Smart comedy. Last book you read: Inferno by Dan Brown. I love his books! Its always great to read about hidden information left by people who made a change in humanity, about revealing symbolic messages that can help save our current world. Something youll never understand: Ungratefulness and people who waste their time. I deal with them using my professional tolerance, but sorrow for them is always the feeling left with me. Pet peeve: Procrastination. Future project: To create an English learning tool for immigrant housekeepers. I have prepared some for my team, but would like to have time one day to develop something more detailed and applicable for all hotels. It is a future project for my husband and me. He has helped me with all of the English class materials we utilize at the Doubletree Naples. What the Paradise Coast really needs: Some huge convention or celebration that could generate more opportunities for the area. Now that health tourism is in our vision, I think it could be a great point to start. What are you most proud of? The decision to live in America. I love the way myself and my housekeeping team are belonging to this country. Each realized success or dream come true fuels my life and inspires me to give more.DAYHOFF

PAGE 16 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA16 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 WOW!!!NEW PATIENT SPECIALPatient Consultation, Exam, Cleaning and Necessary X-Rays D0110, D0150, D0274PLUS FREE TEETH WHITENING$379 Value, You Save $282!ALL FOR $97.00 NOT VALID WITH THE PRESENCE OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE.MUST CALL BY 04/17/2014 (239) 300-9693 Located in the French Quarter MEET DR. GARY GORDON Dr. Gary Gordon The Friendliest Practice You Will FindNOT JUST FOR KIDS! Now available in Naples for Both Adults and Adolescents Half the TimeHalf the Visits Half the Price Treatment Often Completed in 3-12 MonthsAVAILABLE FOR $3995 OR LESSTAKE AN ADDITIONAL $500 OFF With this Offer MUST CALL BEFORE 04/17/2014FREE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE FOR Call 239-300-9693 & set an appointment CONSERVANCY COMMENTARY Donations to nonprofit organizations dont always have to come in the form of money. In fact, at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, many of the unsung donor heroes are individuals like former board member Gene Windfeldt, who recently donated a sturdy, high-performance fabric Zodiac boat to the Conservancys science research team. Mr. Windfeldts gift will help the water quality research team access areas in shallow backwaters and will also serve as the sea turtle rescue boat for future missions. With its 50th anniversary this year, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida continues to preserve the areas water, air and wildlife through the inspired support of the community as a whole. In addition to the option of making monetary donations, the public can help protect the regions water, land and wildlife by volunteering, becoming a Conservancy member or making a purchase or donating furniture at the Conservancy Upscale Resale Furniture & More store in Naples. Individuals like Mr. Windfeldt help the Conservancy of Southwest Florida take action to influence decision makers to make the right choices to protect our unique natural environment and quality of life. Voices can be heard through citizen action, like the Rally to Tally for Clean Water group that convened in Tallahassee earlier this year. From gathering to save the water quality in the Caloosahatchee River; to volunteering for educational programs that teach people of all ages about the importance of the natural world; to donating highend items for fundraising, each one of us has the potential to impact our region. To experience the ripple effect of the generosity at Conservancy of Southwest Florida, simply visit the von Arx Wildlife Hospital, where an excess of 3,200 injured, sick and orphaned animals are treated each year and many released back into their native habitats. The Nature Center, at every corner of the Conservancys 21 acres, is also a wondrous example of the impact of how generosity and combined efforts can influence nature. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is just south of The Naples Zoo off Goodlette-Frank Road. For more information or to plan your visit, call 2620304 or go to On behalf of the more than 6,000 supporting f amilies of the C onservancy of Southwest Florida, we thank the numerous citizens, environmental groups and organizations that attended the Big Cypress Swamp advisory panel meeting on March 31 to provide public comment against the proposed exploratory oil drilling east of Golden Gate Estates. I applaud the advisory committee for thoroughly questioning the legality of the permit and for listening to the peoples concerns. The advisory committee voted to recommend that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection deny the permit application based on numerous reasons relating to its inadequacy to demonstrate proper safeguards for protecting water and wildlife. Together we are making a difference. As you may know, the advisory committee was not consulted prior to the FDEPs notice of intent to issue the permit. Now, because of a court challenge, the advisory committee and citizens were given the opportunity to provide input on the project. The judge asked that the advisory panel review the permit and provide recommendations to FDEP. He will consider those recommendations as well when making his decision about the legality of the permit. Based on their own expert findings, along with input and support from citizens, the Big Cypress Swamp advisory panel correctly uncovered the threats this proposed drilling project poses to our water supply and to native wildlife. Our work is not complete. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida understands and supports the need for energy independence. However, we will continue to oppose drilling in inappropriate locations or by inappropriate methods that leave our water supply and wildlife unacceptably at risk, as this drilling proposal does. Working with other partner environmental organizations and concerned citizens, we accomplished something significant in protecting Southwest Floridas unique natural environment. But we will need to remain vigilant, because this is only one of many drilling proposals located in or adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas coming forward for our area. Robert Moher is president and CEO of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. For more information about how to oppose oil drilling in inappropriate locations or by inappropriate methods, visit and volunteers create a ripple effect influencing nature Keep up the momentum against inappropriate drillingSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________COURTESY PHOTOGene Windfeldt, center, with SCCF staff members Kathy Worley and David Addison. BY ROBERT MOHERSpecial to Florida Weekly MOHER


Devoted to Excellence in Health Care Lee Memorial Hospital Gulf Coast Medical Center Cape Coral Hospital HealthPark Medical Center Caring People, Caring for People Lee Memorial Health System Hospitals Rank in The Top 1% in the Nation as compared to 4,500 hospitals across the U.S.Our Hospitals Have Achieved More Than 40 Awards in Clinical ExcellenceOur hospitals are among the Top 100 hospitals in the nation in these specialty categories too: Americas 100 Best Hospitals for Cardiac Care, 2014 HealthPark Medical Center Americas 100 Best Hospitals for Joint Replacement, 2012-2014 Lee Memorial Hospital Americas 100 Best Hospitals for Stroke Care, 2014 Gulf Coast Medical CenterFor a complete list of our awards, go to Memorial Hospital HealthPark Medical Center Gulf Coast Medical Center HealthPark Medical Center Cape Coral Hospital Lee Memorial Hospital


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A18 Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Such a clich but so true. Even water from city municipalities is safe, however, it is treated with chemicals that can possibly have long term effects on our health. The water we consume for drinking is often purchased from large bulky bottles or the pricey smaller serving bottled water, which is a separate environmental issue. To properly treat water for human consumption, the city municipalities use a combination of chlorine and ammonia, called Chloramines. This substance is deadly to sh in aquariums and is not used in dialysis treatments for kidney patients. The long term exposure to chloramines is unknown. This is why many families opt to purchase drinking water. At Clean Water America, we can help you save money and live better by installing a system that is completely safe by creating an osmosis effect on your water from your kitchen sink. This water is ltered without huge costs and basically can pay for itself within a short time. This system requires very little maintenance and will allow your family to enjoy great tasting water. Clean Water America opened 25 years ago in Fort Myers, FL. Founded by Peter and Ginger Wakem. They are your neighbors and a great resource for all of your questions. VISIT CLEAN WATER AMERICA 15500 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, For more information call (239) 244-2155 for a complimentary copy of our book: The Water Treatment Buyers Guide for City & Well Water. It is full of information so you may make an informed, educated decision. There is an affordable option for any size home, condo or family. They currently serve over 37,000 customers and offer multiple store locations. Clean Water America is one of the largest residential water treatment equipment and service companies in SW Florida. This is not a franchise with sales goals to meet. Clean Water America is a reliable source to answer all of your questions regarding your water. CATARACT SURGERY CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! John W. SneadM.D., F.A.C.S.Founder and Medical Director GUARANTEED TO SEE YOUR BEST! CALL THE SNEAD EYE GROUP NOW! CURE YOUR CATARACTS... SAVE YOUR LIFE!Studies show that your mortality risk is reduced when cataracts are removed. Additional benets of surgery:. Reduced risk of falls. Physical and emotional well being. Continued independent living. Less risk of car crashesJob security in the paperwork mineThe trucks full of paperwork come every day, wrote The Washington Post in March, down a country road in Boyers, Pa., north of Pittsburgh, and descend into the earth to deliver federal retiree applications to the eight supermarket-sized caverns 230 feet below ground where Office of Personnel Management bureaucrats process them manually and store them in 28,000 metal filing cabinets. Applications thus take 61 days on average to process (compared to Texas automated system, which takes two). One step requires a records index to be digitized but a later step requires that the digital portion be printed out for further manila-foldered file work. OPM blames contractors technology failures and bizarrely complicated retirement laws, but no relief is in sight except the hiring of more workers (and fortunately, cave-bound paper-shuffling is a wellregarded job around Boyers).The continuing crisis In February, officials in Sudan seized at least 70 female sheep that had male sexual organs sewn on the result of livestock smugglers trying to circumvent export restrictions. (Ewes are valued more highly, and their sale is limited.) Authorities had been treating the inspections as routine until they spotted one ram urinating from the female posture. Karma: Michael Schell, 24, and Jessica Briggs, 31, were arrested on several charges in Minot, N.D., in February when police were called to a convenience store because Mr. Schell and Ms. Briggs had commandeered a restroom and were having noisy sex. The store is part of the Iowa-based chain of 400 serving the Midwest that go by the name Kum & Go. Democracy blues U.S. Rep. Robert Andrews announced his retirement in February, after 23 years of representing his New Jersey district, and in tribute, The Washington Post suggested he might be the least successful lawmaker of the past two decades, in that he had sponsored a total of 646 pieces of legislation more than any of his contemporaries but that not a single one became law. In fact, Mr. Andrews has not accomplished even the easiest of all bill-sponsoring to name a post office or a courthouse. November election returns for the city council of Flint, Mich., revealed that voters chose two convicted felons (Wantwaz Davis and Eric Mays) and two other candidates who had been through federal bankruptcy. Mr. Davis never publicized his 1991 second-degree murder plea, but said he talked about it while campaigning. (The Flint Journal acknowledged that it had poorly vetted Mr. Davis record.) Inexplicable The Internal Revenue Service reportedly hit the estate of Michael Jackson recently with a federal income tax bill of $702 million because of undervaluing properties that it owned including a valuation on the Jackson-owned catalog of Beatles songs at zero. The estate reckoned that Mr. Jackson was worth a total of $7 million upon his death in 2009, but IRS placed the number at $1.125 billion. (In 2012 alone, according to Forbes magazine, Mr. Jackson earned more than any other celebrity, living or dead, at about $160 million.) The North Somerset office of Britains National Health Service issued a formal apology in January to Leanda Preston, 31, who had accused it of racism because of the pass phrase she received to access the system for an appointment to manage her fibromyalgia. Ms. Preston, who is black, had received the random, computer-generated pass phrase charcoal shade, which she complained was offensive, demonstrating that NHS therefore lacked decency and common sense. Unclear on the conceptA Florida appeals court tossed out an $80,000 anti-discrimination settlement in February because the beneficiarys teenage daughter could not refrain from bragging about it even though the terms of the settlement required confidentiality. Gulliver Proprietary School in Miami had offered the sum to former headmaster Patrick Snay to make Mr. Snays lawsuit go away, but Dana Snay almost immediately told her 1,200 Facebook friends that Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. Suck it. Wrote the court, (Snays) daughter did precisely what the confidentiality agreement was designed to prevent. PerspectiveA controversial landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2005 for the first time allowed a city to force unwilling owners to sell private property not for a school or police station or other traditional municipal necessity, but just because a developer promised to improve the neighborhood. Consequently, longtime residents such as Susette Kelo were forced off their land because the city of New London, Conn., had hopes of a prosperous buildup anchored by a new facility from the drugmaker Pfizer. The Weekly Standard magazine reported in February that, nine years down the road, Pfizer has backed out, and the 90-acre area of New London in which Ms. Kelo and others were bulldozed off of is waist-high in weeds an even worse blight than that which New London sacrificed private property rights in order to prevent. NEWS OF THE WEIRDBY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A19 Velma is among one in four in Collier County who suffer from a mental illness. One in nine of us will experience some form of substance abuse. When a family member, friend or coworker battles a mental health or substance abuse problem, we suffer with them. Thankfully, David Lawrence Center is here for our community. A not-for-prot organization founded and still governed by community leaders, the David Lawrence Center is the behavioral health component of our communitys healthcare network. A true local resource, it relies on donations, fees and grants to invest in the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. When you or someone you love needs help, call on the highly compassionate, committed and competent professionals of the David Lawrence Center to inspire you to move beyond the crisis towards life-changing wellness. Mental health is a community issue. Fortunately, theres a community solution. Her Mind is Our Concern.After witnessing the unthinkable at 12 years old her mother shot at the hands of her stepfather Velma quit school and started picking in the elds of Immokalee to support her brothers and sisters. Velma remained upbeat and had a family of her own, but then experienced multiple, devastating losses and trauma and was diagnosed with a debilitating health issue. She felt suicide was the only way to escape her sadness, fear and pain. For her childrens sake, she nally asked for help from the David Lawrence Center. Here she found hope, healing and tools to cope with her mental and physical health problems by working with a case manager, therapist, and utilizing the Centers new, innovative telemedicine technology to meet routinely with her psychiatrist in Naples remotely from the Immokalee ofce. NAPLES 239-455-8500 IMMOKALEE 239-657-4434 FOR MENTAL WELLNESS Learn about local history by moonlightExplore Naples oldest house under the cover of dark on the next full moon tour at Historic Palm Cottage, home of the Naples Historic Society. The docent-guided tour sets out at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, and leads history buffs through the cottage, ending in The Norris Gardens as the full moon fills the night sky. Built in 1895, P alm Cottage was registered as a landmark in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The cottage-turned-museum is filled with period antiques, giving visitors a glimpse of what life was once like along the Paradise Coast. The full moon tours give visitors added insight into what living in Naples was like at the turn of the century, before electricity came to town. Admission to the full moon tour is $10. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 261-8164. For more information, visit www.


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Youll be absolutely thrilled with the size of the guest suites that are large enough to accomodate multiple beds. Special touches like t he oversized picture windows, custom tile work in the kitchen and baths, amazing trim carpentry, and you can expect to appreciate every little detail in this stunner! Enjoy the sunshine and Mother Nature in this one as you CAN truly have it ALL!


2013 T ODAY AT 239-287-6308 T ianyMcQuaid Watch. @McQuaidCo Door to Elegance! D R N $1,375,000 4+ Den, Absolute Stunner! Dont Lift a Finger! 4624 POND APPLE DR N $1,290,000 4+ Den, A contemporary stunner & traditional air! 13401 POND APPLE DR E $1,280,000 4+ Den, Good taste lls this delightful home! 13401 POND APPLE DR E $1,058,000 3+ Den, A Pristine Gem! Almost an acre of beauty.12902 BALD CYPRESS LN $840,000 3+ Den, Nestled among Beautiful Trees! 4255 SILVER FOX DR $798,000 4+ Den, Outdoor Entertaining at Its Best! 4855 POND APPLE DR S $755,000 d Drive and follow to Estates Gatehouse. Pick up Map at Gatehouse. OPEN SUNDAY 1-3PM JUST RESERVED12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 1 1 1 2 2 9 9 7 7 7 9 9 W W HITE VIOLET DR $2 3 3 9 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 7 7 7 9 9 9 W W W H H I I T T E E V V I OLE T D R R $ $ 2 2 , 3 3 9 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 W W W H H I I T T E E V V I I OLE T D R R $ $ 2 2 , 3 3 3 9 9 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 W W W H H I I T T E E V V I I OLE T D R R $ $ 2 2 , 3 3 3 9 9 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 W W W W W W W H H H H H I I I I T T T T E E E E E V V V V V I I I I O O O L L L L E E E E T T T D D D D R R R R R R $ $ $ $ $ 2 2 2 2 2 , 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 , , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 W W W W W W W H H H H H I I I I T T T T 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H H H H I I I I I I I I I T T T T T T T T E E E E E E E E E E V V V V V V V V V V I I I I I I I I I O O O O O O O O L L L L L L L L L E E E E E E E E E E T T T T T T T T T D D D D D D D D D R R R R R R R R R R R R R $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , , 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 , , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 W W W W W W W W W W W W H H H H H H H H H I I I I I I I I I T T T T T T T T E E E E E E E E E E V V V V V V V V V V I I I I I I I I I O O O O O O O O L L L L L L L L L E E E E E E E E E E T T T T T T T T T D D D D D D D D D R R R R R R R R R R R R R $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , , 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 , , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 W W W W W W W W W W W W H H H H H H H H H I I I I I I I I I T T T T T T T T E E E E E E E E E E V V V V V V V V V V I I I I I I I I I O O O O O O O O L L L L L L L L L E E E E E E E E E E T T T T T T T T T D D D D D D D D D R R R R R R R R R R R R R $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , , 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 , , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 12979 WHITE VIOLET DR $2,390,000 One of Quail Creeks FINEST! From the moment you walk in the door, you will realize just how special this home truly is. The ne utral palate will serve as the perfect canvas for whatever style of decor that you so choose! Custom built, you will realize from the elevation that this home sits tall and proud, as well it should. The perfect layout inside offers a split oor plan and each room becomes a retreat. You will also notice how uid it lives as it completely opens up and the doors pocket into the wall and envelope the lanai making it a simple extension of the inside. You will take such pride in owning this incredible residence in Quail Creek Estates! On On On On On On On On On On e e e e e e e e e f f of of of of of of of of Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ua ua a ua ua ua l l il il il il il il il C C C C C C C C re re re re re re re k k k ek ek ek ek ek ek s s s s s F F F F F F F F F IN IN IN IN IN IN S ES ES ES ES ES ES T! T! T! T! T! T! 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Custom built, you will realize from the elevation that this home sits tall and proud, as well it should. The perfect layout inside offers a split oor plan and each room becomes a retreat. You will also notice how uid it lives as it completely opens up and the doors pocket into the wall and envelope the lanai making it a simple extension of the inside. You will take such pride in owning this incredible residence in Quail Creek Estates!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA22 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 APRIL SEMINAR SERIESPatrick M. Flaharty, M.D. www.azulbeauty.comSpace is limited. Call to reserve your seat! (239) 415-7576 Recapture Your Youthful Beauty th th Fort Myers FORT MYERS 11380 LINDBERGH BLVD | 239.561.7215 | HOURS MONFRI 7:30 AM5:30 PM | SAT 7:30 AM5 PM NAPLES 3747 TAMIAMI TRAIL NORTH | 239.687.7215 | HOURS MONSAT; Please visit us online or call for store hours. ARTISAN GELATO BY NORMAN LOVE 239. 288.4333 | HOURS MONSAT; Please visit us online or call for store hours. Located right next door to the Norman Love Confections Chocolate Salon in Fort Myers. Chocolate Easter Eggs Chocolate-Covered Jellybeans Gift Baskets Gourmet Easter Desserts And More! The2014 Easter Collectionis available April 7 to April 19Embark on a photographic journey to the top of Mount Roraima, the most famous of South Americas table mountains, with Bruce Holst, Ph.D., of Sarasotas Marie Selby Botanical Gardens beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at Naples Botanical Garden. The presentation is the final program in this seasons Latitude Lecture Series at the Garden focusing on remarkable plants and botanical expeditions between 26 degrees north and 26 degrees south around the glove. Mr. Holst will share highlights of the botanical inventory he conducted in the Lost World of Mount Roraima. Admission is $5 for Garden members, $10 for others and includes light refreshments. Also coming up at the Garden is a workshop in crafting Hawaiian leis from plumeria flowers. Hetty Ford will teach the class from 10 a.m. to noon Friday, April 25. She will also discuss the cultural significance of plumeria in Hawaii and share photos of the iconic blooms in their native surroundings. Registratoin is $15 for Garden members, $20 for others. For reservations or more information about the above, call 643-7275. Take your orchid collection to the next le v el by including the Top 10 orchids to own. Learn what those orchids are at the next meeting of the Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance. It starts at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 24, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1255 Piper Blvd. Attendance is free, and all are welcome. Guest speaker Carol Holdren is an accredited orchid judge from the American Orchid Societys West Palm Beach judging center. Her Top 10 orchids to own list evolved from discussions with numerous orchid professionals and hobbyists. Ms. Holdrens love for orchids began with her first purchase of a purple Vanda at a garden show. That plant led to several others, as well as membership and participation in the local orchid society. As her collection grew, she and some orchid friends took a class in orchidology at the University of Florida. An AOS-accredited judge since 2003, she currently serves a vice chair of the West Palm Beach judging center and is a director of the International Orchid Foundation. Other highlights of the April 24 event will be a cash-only orchid bazaar with orchid plants from private collections, orchid artwork and orchid novelty items. Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance members are invited to exhibit their prize specimens for judging by fellow members. For more information, call 498-9741 or visit www.GulfCoastOrchidAlliance. com. Explore Mount Roraima at the Garden Learn about the Top 10 orchids to own HOLDREN


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A23 In the ROUND Lecture SeriesIn the Featured Speaker: Robert S. Cohen Wednesday, April 16, 2014 IBERIABANK 3838 Tamiami Trail North Naples 5:30 6:00 7:00Seating is limited. (239) 403-5123 Does Airline Security Weigh Heavily On Your Mind When Making Travel Plans? AFK AFFORDABLE FLOORING & KITCHENS239-4-FLOORS 2700 Immokalee Road, #14 (in the Uptown Plaza near Sams Club)Affordable Luxury! The Marco Island Center for the Arts final evening in this seasons Up Close and Personal series focuses on the 1,000-year-old Asian art form of bonsai and takes place from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, April 17, at the center. Marco Island Bonsai Society members Mike Mickes, Todd Murvine, Larry Kackstein and Harold Boston will discuss and demonstrate the basics of growing and caring for bonsai, which can literally be translated as tray planting. Though usually associated with Japan, bonsai tree cultivation actually originated in China, where the trees eventually came to be associated with the religion of Zen Buddhism. Bonsai uses cultivation techniques such as pruning, root reduction, potting, defoliation and grafting to produce small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-size trees. Every branch and twig of a bonsai is shaped or eliminated until an aesthetically appealing image is achieved. The evening will include a light buffet as well as wine and a sample of sake. There will also be a display of various bonsai specimens and a raffle with bonsai as prizes. Admission is $30. The Marco Island Center for the Arts is at 1010 Winterberry Drive. For reservations or more information, call 394-4221 or visit www. The Florida Native Plant Society meets at 6:30 p .m. T uesday, April 15, at Naples Botanical Garden. Guest speaker Karyn Allman will discuss Are All Wetlands the Same? Wetland Delineation in Southwest Florida. The societys final two programs of the season will be a Weeds of Collier County field trip led by George Wilder, curator at the Garden, setting out at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 3; and a presentation by William Sanders about heterotrophic lineages at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 20, also at the Garden. Guests are welcome. For reservations, call 597-7222 or email For more information about the society, visit Get Up Close and Personal with bonsai Florida Native Plant Society meetings set COURTESY PHOTOBonsai translates literally to tray planting.


FORT MYERS/CAPE CORAL/NAPLES 877-UFIRSTHEALTH 239.243.8222 12640 World Plaza Lane, Building 71 Fort Myers, FL 33907 Anne Lord-Tomas D.O.FACOOGCOSMETO-GYNECOLOGY Bioidentical Hormones/Pellets Labiaplasty/Vaginaplasty Labial Puff SmartLipo Liposuction Botox/Fillers U FIRST SURGICAL CENTER AAAASF CERTIFIED FACILITY MAKING COSMETIC SURGERY AFFORDABLE WITH ONE ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE Robert E. Tomas D.O.FACOSCOSMETIC SURGERYSmartLipo Liposuction Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Precision Neck Lift Male Breast Reduction Botox/FillersLaser & Rejuvenation Center Our mission is to make patient satisfaction a priority amongst your beauty needs and to make your journey as stress-free as possible. BEFOREAFTER BEFOREAFTER BEFOREAFTER YOUR SMARTLIPO LASER CENTER SmartLipo Liposuction Abdomen, Hip Rolls, Back & Thighs Only 1 Treatment, Local SedationPrecision Laser Neck Lift Treatment for Sagging Necks Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local Sedation Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment ONLY FDA approved treatment for Cellulite Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local Sedation Treatment for Excessive Armpit Sweating Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local Sedation Treatment GYNECOMASTIA (Man Breasts) Only 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, Local SedationCOSMETO-GYNECOLOGY LABIAPLASTY VAGINAL TIGHTENING LABIAL PUFFLaser & Rejuvenation Center here Health Meets eautyW B


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A25 Dr. Bradley Piotrowski, DDS, MSD Is A Leading Periodontist in dental implants, the permanent, hassle-free solution to loose or missing teeth. His expertise in having done thousands of your comfort and relaxation during treatment. What Are Dental Implants? Implants are teeth that are placed below your gum line as securely as your original teeth. They can replace a single tooth, a few teeth or an entire upper or lower set of teeth. Because they are permanently attached, they usually last a lifetime. You will have the same chewing power and natural comfort of your original teeth. Most patients say implants More Affordable Than You Think. Nothing should stand between you and the also accepted. Are Implants For You? out if implants can improve the quality of your explain your options. Call today to make an appointment. ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF DENTAL IMPLANTS! Throw away your dentures No more gooey, messy adhesives and feeling teeth DR. BRADLEY PIOTROWSKI, DDS, MSD1044 Castello Drive, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34103239-263-6003Helping You Keep Your Smile For A Lifetime Please Visit Receive a FREE SCREENING ($140 value) HURRY! Offer Expires 4/30/14 Baby Basics: 3 million reasons to keep up its good workIf you couldnt provide diapers for your child, where would you turn? While this dilemma might not affect you personally, it probably hits closer to home than you think. In Collier County and Bonita Springs alone, there are more than 1,500 families that have trouble providing diapers for their babies. According to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics (July 29, 2013), diaper need the inability to afford to keep a child in clean diapers affects one out of three low-income, working moms and babies in the United States each day. Baby Basics of Collier County has been addressing the local need since 2004, when it was formed by part-time Neapolitan Jean Ann Lynch, founder of several similar operations elsewhere and of the Baby Basics national umbrella organization. So how does it work? Families interested in the program are referred from local social service agencies and screened for qualification. Among the criteria: They must have at least one working parent or guardian, they must demonstrate financial need, and they cannot be receiving federal or state cash assistance. Those families who meet the criteria come to the closest distribution site once a month to pick up a free supply of diapers. Over the past nine years in Collier County, Baby Basics has grown from helping 10 babies to 345 babies each month. Total diapers provided recently reached 3 million. More than 160 donors, volunteers and friends gathered to celebrate the milestone raised more than $20,000 to continue the organizations mission. Distributing our 3 millionth diaper was indeed a major milestone in Baby Basics history, Mrs. Lynch says. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the families and children of our community, but we cant rest on our successes because the need continues to be so great. Baby Basics of Collier Countys next event is its Mothers Day Tea at the Ritz beginning at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 10, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. Tickets are $100. For reservations for the Mothers Day tea, contact Mrs. Lynch by calling (617) 510-4468 or emailing For more information about Baby Basics, visit www. COURTESY PHOTOBaby Basics of Collier County has more than 160 volunteers, including these men who recently helped hand out diapers at one of the organizations distribution sites.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA26 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 For more information visit TM FREE CONCERTS April 26Live Entertainment Featuring:FREE CONCERTS The Rachel/Hughes Band 3:00pmA staple in the SW Florida music scene.JJ McCoy Band 4:45pmThey recently exploded onto the national spotlight with Redneck, White and Blue.Sister Hazel 6:30pmThe platinum selling band is best known for their hit All For You. Edison State College hosts job fairEdison State College hosts a job fair from noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, at the Fort Myers campus. Businesses with full-time, part-time and internship positions will be on hand. Those who plan to attend are encouraged to bring resumes and to dress professionally. The following organizations will participate: 20th Judicial Circuit Administrative Office of the Courts, AAA Auto Club Group, A Better Healthcare, Alorica, Arthrex, Cape Coral Police Department, CareerSource Southwest Florida, Collier County Public Schools, Collier County Sheriffs Office, Computer Solutions of America, D.R. Horton Inc., Edison State College human resources and school of business and technology, Enterprise Holdings/National Enterprise car rental, Fastenal, Fort Myers Police Department, Health Force, Hertz Information Systems, Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, Home Depot, Jasons Deli of Southwest Florida, Labor Ready, Lee Memorial Health System, Lowes, Marco Island Police Department, Nurse on Call, Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida, PACE Center for Girls, Platos Closet, Primerica Financial Services,, R+L Truckload and Global Logistics, Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort & Spa, SCORE Naples, SunTrust Bank, Securitas Security Services USA Inc., Seminole Casino Immokalee, Shell Point Retirement Community, South Seas Island Resort, Spherion Staffing, Sundial Beach Resort and Spa, Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina, Waterman Broadcasting and Wells Fargo Bank. For more information, call 489-9394 or visit needed. His position has been that the health-car e needs of Est ero and Bonita Springs residents are provided by the 261bed North Naples Hospital. In Mr. Nathans message to Estero and Bonita Springs, he said Lee Memorial Health System purchased land along Coconut Road nearly 10 years ago. He said health system officials were aware their request to build a hospital might be turned down by the regulatory agency. Over the last several months we have been exploring our options, Mr. Nathan wrote. Envision a complex medical neighborhood where the patient no longer has to choose between his health wellness needs and his episodic medical intervention needs because he can access both at one comprehensive center. This concept goes well beyond a typical outpatient center or surgery center. Bonita Springs Mayor Ben Nelson received Mr. Nathans message via email and called it a reasonable and professional response. Mr. Nelson indicated he didnt want to get into a discussion about a preference between Lee Memorial and Naples Community Hospital. Mr. Nathan wrote in his message that he hopes hospital officials will be in a position to present such a model to the (Lee Memorial Health System) board in June. He concluded his message to the Estero and Bonita Springs communities by writing, Maybe it is trite to say that we are turning lemons into lemonade, but we are excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting with you soon to explore its possibilities. HOSPITALFrom page 1


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A27 *SOME RESTRICTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS/DISCOUNTS AND VALID FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED APPLICANTS AND ALTERNATIVE FINANCING AVAILABLE TO NON-QUALIFIED APPLICANTS. SEE OFFICE FOR DETAILS. ADA CODES: 0150, 8070/8080/8090, 8660, 8670, 0330, 0340, 0350, 0470 & 8999) THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT WHICH IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT. SHOOPAK LIC#DN9319 EXPIRES 4/15/2014. Dont have a down payment? you can get started with braces forA MONTH WITH NO MONEY DOWN! Get $ 500 For Your Braces Well match your $500 Down Payment! Dont miss out on this FREE money o er. Ends April 15th! $ 129 *ORTHODONTICSpecialists of FloridaKids can dive into summer at free water safety programThe Collier County Sheriffs Office, in partnership with the Safe & Healthy Childrens Coalition of Collier County, invites all middle and high school students to the second annual Making a Splash event from 5-9 p.m. Friday, April 11, at Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. Programs and activities emphasizing the importance of water safety will include a mock drowning/rescue, a CPF demonstration and a competitive swimming demonstration. Attendance is free. Students must present a school ID card for admission and are also asked to sign up ahead of time at Summer ARTScool registration openThe Naples Art Association is taking registration for its ARTScool 2014 summer program for children ages 5-14. The camp is at The von Liebig Art Center off Park Street in Naples from June 9-Aug. 8. The NAA ensures that each student will receive a STEM-integrated educational experience in each class, with lessons in core subjects such as math, science, world culture and history woven into art classes in sculpture, tie-dye, LEGO bricks, drawing and more. Most ARTScool instructors are statecertified teachers in Collier County public schools. ARTScool classes are offered from 9 a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m. Students can be register for one class (a half-day) or two classes (a full day) per week. Early drop-off and late pick-up is available. For the full list of classes and registration information, visit www.naplesart. org. Needand skill-based scholarships are available. For information, contact Chelsea Ziton by calling 262-6517, ext. 100, or emailing Kindergarten Round-Ups underwayCollier County Public Schools has started its annual Kindergarten Round-Up orientation events for parents and incoming kindergarten students for the 2014-15 school year. Each CCPS elementary school has scheduled its own session in AprilMay. The complete schedule is at www. (go to Whats New and click on Kindergarten Round-Up 20114).The sessions are for children who turn 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 and their parents. School staff members share information regarding kindergarten and school procedures as well as about the new online kindergarten registration process. For more information, visit the website or call 377-0547.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA28 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Look younger Now!Recapture Your Youthful BeautySeminar April 15th & 17th www.azulbeauty.comSeminar Dates:th thAlso hear the latest on Space is limited. Call to reserve your seat! (239) 415-7576 Come hear about: All participants: 2802 THOMASSON DRIVE, NAPLES, FLORIDA 34112 (ON THE WAY TO BAYVIEW PARK BOAT LAUNCH) DELS STORE 24 HROPEN 50 YEARS THANK YOU NAPLES!(239) 250-7754 or (239) 774-3853 COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPON COUPONMust have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14. Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14. Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14. Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14. Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14. Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 4/30/14.BudweiserorBud Lightor Coors LightorMiller Light 24 Packs $17.99Per Case. No Limit.11 LB. BLOCK ICEBUY 2 GET 1 FREESAVE $2.7524-HOUR LIVEBAIT SHRIMPBUY 3 DOZEN, GET THE 4TH DOZEN FREESAVE $4 BUCKSRUSH LIMBAUGHICED TEABUY 1 CASE, GET 1 CASE FREESAVE $17.993 FLAVORS TO CHOOSE FROMSUTTER HOME750 MLCHARDONNAY OR WHITE ZINFANDEL2 FOR$9.99SAVE OVER $5 BUCKS305CIGARETTESKINGS OR HUNDREDS$33.74 A CARTONSAVE $4 BUCKSWatch out for traffic deputiesThe Collier County Sheriffs Office gives drivers a heads-up that traffic enforcement deputies will be posted at the following places the week of April 14-18: Monday, April 14 Santa Barbara and Davis boulevards: Aggressive driving U.S. 41 North and Pelican Bay Boulevard: Speeding Lely Cultural Parkway at Lely Elementary School: Speeding Tuesday, April 15 Immokalee Road at Gulf Coast High School: Speeding Bayshore Drive and U.S. 41 East: Red-light running Airport-Pulling and Pine Ridge roads: Red-light running Wednesday, April 16 Vanderbilt Beach Road and U.S. 41 North: Aggressive driving Sunshine Boulevard: Speeding Titan Way at Golden Gate High School: Speeding Thursday, April 17 Collier Boulevard and U.S. 41 East: Redlight running Shadowlawn Drive and Davis Boulevard: Aggressive driving Pine Ridge Road and Vineyards Boulevard: Red-light running Friday, April 18 Immokalee Road and Wilson Boulevard: Speeding Santa Barbara Boulevard at Calusa Park Elementary School: Speeding Airport-Pulling and Vanderbilt Beach roads: Red-light running Brush up on road skills at AARP classThe AARP driver safety class lets older drivers learn about new traffic laws, refresh their driving skills and reduce their risk for tickets and accidents. Drivers over age 55 may be eligible for a discount on auto insurance. The fee is $15 for AARP members and $20 for others. Heres whats coming up in April. All classes are in Naples and take place from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the number listed next to each class: Tuesday, April 15: Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 15600 Tamiami Trail N.; 269-6050. Wednesday, April 16: Hunters Ridge Country Club, 12500 Hunters Ridge Drive; 498-5734. Thursday, April 17: Germain Toyota, 13315 Tamiami Trail N.; 269-6050. Thursday, April 17: Marco Lutheran Church, 525 Collier Blvd., Marco Island; 775-2968. Thursday, April 24: St. Williams Ministry Center, 750 Seagate Drive; 775-2968. Tuesday, April 29: Village Walk, 3200 Village Walk Circle; 913-9430. Hotline open for info about home invasionsThe Collier County Sheriffs Office has established a hotline for anyone wanting to call in tips in connection with five recent home invasion robberies in Collier County and the city of Naples. The number is 252-0300. Anyone with information can call the number above. To remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward, call Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-8477.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A29 Dr. Jensen Dr. Carr90 Cypress Way E, Suite 20, Naples, FL 34110239-596-5771 E x p e e r i e e n c e e th e D i e r e e n c e 6291 Naples Blvd Naples 239-513-9005 Im Meg. And Im an Iron Tribe athlete. Having three boys in three years took its toll. One day I looked in the mirror, decided I needed to be healthy for my family, and got to work. Hard as it was, my real battle wasnt losing weight. It was keeping it off. Weight loss is a lonely battle, but Iron Tribe is really the key to keeping it off with a family of people who keep my spirits up and encourage me. I now have so many wonderful friends whove kept me on track! Just as importantly, Iron Tribe taught me that fitness is also what I eat. Their Paleo diet has changed my life. I feel better and I have energy. You eat Paleo for a week or two and trust me youll feel amazing. So now the weight comes off for good. And, because of Iron Tribe, Ive gained a ton of new friends, energy, confidence, and a whole new outlook to keep me going. So try Iron Tribe. Youll have weight to lose, and everything else to gain.SPECIAL OFFER: If you join Iron Tribe Naples, well guarantee that you will get in the best shape of your life, and youll have so much fun that you wont even realize youre working harder than you ever have! If you give us just 120 days, youll look incredible for swimsuit season and get in the best shape of your life, or well refund 100% of your investment. This offer expires at 5:00 PM on April 21.Need more information? Simply request our Transformation Stories and Free Report at: I lost 100 pounds. And picked up a whole NEW attitude to life.Read here how I kept it off. GET OUT FOR A GOOD CAUSE The Relay For Life of Marco Island is set for Saturday, April 12, at Mackle Park. This years theme is A World of Hope. For more information, visit or Girls on the Run of Collier County, in partnership with The Glitter Foundation, holds the inaugural I Dont Sweat, I Sparkle! 5K run and 1-mile walk Saturday morning, April 12, at Vineyards Community Park. For more information, visit www.GOTRCC. org/events-2. The 2014 Everglades Ride to benefit the Naples Pathways Coalition, Friends of Fakahatchee and Friends of the River of Grass Greenway sets out Sunday morning, April 13, from McLeod Park on Marco Island. Riders can pedal a 62or 16-mile on-road course or a 27-mile off-pavement course. All rides are SAG-supported. Registration includes lunch. Sign up at Grace Place for Children & Families hosts the third annual A Swing of Grace golf outing Friday afternoon, April 25, at Imperial Golf Club. A cocktail reception and dinner will follow with a performance by Grace Place Childrens Chorus. Registration is $150 per person. Tickets to the dinner only are $35. Proceeds will help Grace Place teach literacy, language and life skills to children and families at-risk. Sign up at First Baptist Academy holds its 12th annual golf tournament Saturday morning, April 26, at Old Corkscrew Golf Club. Lunch and an awards presentation follow the competition. Registration is $150 per person. Sponsorship opportunities from $75 to $2,000 are available. For more information, email or visit The charitable foundation of the Collier County Medical Society hosts the inaugural Docs & Duffers golf tournament Saturday morning, May 3, at Grey Oaks Country Club. Awards and a cookout lunch will follow the game. Registration is $150 per person or $500 for a foursome. The mission for the new foundation is to provide support and leadership to programs that address access to health care, promote health education and serve the communitys public health needs. To sign up for the tournament or for information about sponsorships, visit The Collier Building Industry Associations spring golf tournament tees off at 9 a.m. Friday, May 9, at Quail West Country Club. An awards ceremony and lunch follow the tournament. A portion of proceeds will benefit the CBIA scholarship fund for local students. This years tournament silver sponsor is Hill, Barth & King LLC; the firms Kevin Deardorff is event chair. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. To register or for more information, visit www. The Education Foundation-Champions For Learning host the Take Stock in Children Golf Tournament on Monday, May 19, at TwinEagles. Registration is $200 per player, $1,000 with a foursome including hole sponsorship. Hole sponsorship without golfers is $300. To sign up or for more information, call Marylee Tirrell at 643-4755 or email MTirrell@ChampionsForLearning. org. Send items to cpierce@floridaweekly. com.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A30 Mention this ad GET 10% O Fifty Shades of GRANITEOver 27,000 Kitchens installed on Florida's West Coast239.768.3950FT. MYERS SHOWROOM OTHER SHOWROOMS: LARGO TAMPA OCALALICENSE NUMBER: #C 12370 Metro Parkway 1/4 mile N. of Daniels Pkwy. FREE In-Home ~ THE CLAW BAR at TIERNEYS TAVERN ~ OPEN ALL DAYTHE BAY HOUSE & THE CLAW BAR AT TIERNEYS TAVERN 799 WALKERBILT RD., NAPLES OFF US 41, 1/4 MILE NORTH OF IMMOKALEE RD. JOIN US FOR LUNCH ON THE BEAUTIFUL COCOHATCHEE RIVER!LUNCH DAILY 11-2 DINNER DAILY AT 5PM, BRUNCH SUNDAY 10:30-2 HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM LIVE ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY e eological Center in Naples 16th AnnualLenten Soup for the Soul 2014A Luncheon Series for the Greater Naples Community e theme of the Beatitudes continues...Hodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial Gardens Hodges-Josberger Funeral Home April 16: Verses 10-12 Persecuted, Falsely AccusedPresenter: Rev. Dr. Dan Lamey (Lighthouse Congregational United Church of Christ) Location: Tree of Life (2132 Shadowlawn Drive South o Davis, West of Airport) Please Post! THE THEOLOGICAL CENTER IN NAPLES IS COMMITTED TO RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND OUTREACH AMONG COMMUNITIES OF FAITH, WHILE FOSTERING DIALOG, TOLERANCE AND HARMONY Last Lunch!38th annual Great Dock Canoe Race a sure sign summers on the wayThe 38th edition of a beloved Naples tradition, the Great Dock Canoe Race, is set for Saturday, May 10, at Crayton Cove. The fun begins at 11 a.m. with a parade of boats decked out to this years Zombies in Paradise theme in hopes of winning the $1,000 best-dressed prize. Long-time emcee and race founder Vin DePasquale of The Dock restaurant will be joined by co-emcee Jerry Conti. John Cox, president and CEO of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, will serve as grand marshal of the race. An important element of the race is the $5,000 grant awarded to a local childrens charity each year. This years beneficiary is Drug Free Collier; funds from the Great Dock Canoe Race will support drug and alcohol abuse prevention clubs, known as the CORE Society, at Naples High School and Gulfview Middle School. Funding will provide materials for the school-wide and community outreach initiatives led by students and compensation of the faculty advisor who works with the students each week. New CORE clubs are starting at other schools throughout Collier County. After the parade of decorated boats, the Great Dock Canoe Race sets out in three heats. First up at 11:45 a.m. is the Tippycanoe VIP Sprint, which features canoes paddled by principals of local organizations in a madcap dash through a 700-yard course. Two traditional races follow on the full 3-mile course; handicaps for male-female teams (two minutes) and female-female teams (four minutes) lend extra excitement to these two races. This year, for the first time, paddlers vying for the Practically Professionals overall trophy will set out at 12:45 p.m. About 10 minutes later, those who are racing largely for the fun of it will set off. Those race categories are: Ambitious Amateurs, Next Generation (12to 17-year-olds paddling with a parent or guardian) and Truly Tenacious (both canoeists age 65 or older). This means therell be some contra-flow as teams pass each other racing in opposite directions, with the hoped-for result being a tighter race overall and more interest for spectators. In addition to The Dock, this years race is sponsored by Riverwalk at Tin City. Underwriting for the VIP Sprint is provided by the Lutg ert Companies/Lutgert Insurance/ Premier Sothebys International Realty and First National Bank of the Gulf Coast. Wiegold One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is sponsoring the Ambitious Amateurs race, and the Cove Inn is sponsoring the Truly Tenacious race. This years media sponsor is Renda Broadcasting, including Mix 104.7 and 98.9FM WGUF. Naples Extreme Family Fun Spot is sponsoring the safety boats, Bleu Provence French Restaurant is the canoe crew sponsor, and Sierra Grande and Childs & Childs Cosmetic Dentistry are the trolley co-sponsors. The city of Naples also is a long-time race sponsor. In addition to awards for each race heat, the traditional Broken Paddle Award for sportsmanship will be presented. The award honors the late Chuck Bruce, first winner of the award and a loyal event contributor over the years. Winners names are hand-painted onto a broken paddle and added to the permanent collection on dis-SEE RACE, A31


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A31 positively great free upcoming seminarsPositively Committed to Our posit ivelyMembers of the medical staff Minimally invasive pelvic surgery offers many benets, including smaller or no incisions, faster recovery times and a reduced incidence of infection. Learn about the options available to treat broid tumors, ovarian cysts and more. Wednesday, April 23 | 6:00 7:00 p.m. Rafael Haciski, M.D. Education Room | 8300 Collier Boulevard RSVP: 348-4180Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery: What It Is and Why You Should Care Dont let back pain keep you from enjoying life. Attend this informative presentation by a fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon to learn about the latest technology and leading-edge advancements available to treat your back pain. Thursday, April 24 | 6:00 7:00 p.m. Aldo Beretta, M.D. Education Room | 8300 Collier Boulevard RSVP: 348-4180Relief from the Pain of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Attend this informative program to learn about your surgical weight loss options, including sleeve gastrectomy and the Vaser liposuction procedure for post weight loss body contouring. Tuesday, April 29 | 6:00 7:00 p.m. Moses Shieh, D.O. Education Room | 8300 Collier Boulevard RSVP: 348-4180Bariatric Surgery and After Weight Loss Body Contouring Procedures Swimmers from around the world will make splash at Miromar LakesMiromar Lakes welcomes top swimmers from around the world to its 700-acre freshwater lake for the annual Open Water Festival on Saturday and Sunday, April 12-13. Miromar Lakes has hosted numerous open water swimming events, including two Olympic trials, and partners with Gulf Coast Swim Team for the Open Water Festival. This years event includes an international race and the Florida Open Water Swimming Championships. The festival also features short races and fun-filled events for swimmers of all ages. Spectators are welcome. The inaugural Crippen Cup 10K Marathon Invitational invites participation from the top mens and womens swimmers from the United States and the top 25 finishers from the World Championships and the World Cup. Both take place on Saturday, April 12, with the mens race starting at 9 a.m. and the womens at 11 a.m. There is a $10,000 total cash purse to be awarded. The late Fran Crippen was one of the top open water swimmers of all time. In 2012, USA Swimming held its 5K and 10K National Championships at Miromar Lakes. The 10K silver medalist from that event, Haley Anderson, went on to become the silver medalist at the Olympic Games in London. play at The Dock. Trolley service from parking areas along Eighth Street South at Sixth Avenue South and Eighth Avenue South will be available from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on race day. Spectator boats must stay within the designated area, and safe boating rules will be enforced. For race entry forms or more information, visit RACEFrom page 30


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA32 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Frederick F. Buechel Jr., M.D.Fellowship Trained in Adult Total Joint Reconstruction855-85-GREAT PhysiciansRegional.compositively specialized. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY JOINT REPLACEMENT SPORTS MEDICINE SPINE CARE REHABILITATION ARTHRITIS CAREIndependent member of the medical staffcan become another reminder of days gone by.When the aches and pains of joint conditions turn the joys in your life into challenges, your running shoes owned a jet? AIR CHARTER: WWW.AIRTREK.AERO AIR AMBULANCE: WWW.MEDJETS.COM (941) 639-7855 (800) 633-5387 PRIVATE AIR TRAVEL is what we do, and we are the best.PRIVATE AIR TRAVEL is what we do, and we are the best.Ever wish you We make that dream a reality, without the capital outlay. 6150 Diamond Centre Court #1300 Fort Myers, Florida (239) 344-9786 Dr. Raheb is accepting new patients. He accepts most major insurances. Call (239) 344-9786 to schedule a consultation or visit sur Surgical Practice Specializing in Bariatric Surgery, Body Contouring after Weight Loss, Advanced Laparoscopic AntiRe ux, & General Surgery The surgical practice of Dr. Moses K. Shieh introduces to you....John G. Raheb, DO, FACS. Dr. Raheb recently retired from a long illustrious career from the U.S. Navy, as a general & bariatric surgeon. He will partner with Dr. Shieh in providing exclusive and compassionate, 24/7 bariatric & surgical care. Visit our website for more details on Dr. Raheb. Moses K. Shieh, DO, FACOS Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. CALLING ALL ALUMS The Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club of Naples invites members and Pi Phi alums in the Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Springs area to the annual Founders Day Tribute and Golden Arrow Ceremony beginning at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 12, at the Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs. All Pi Phi alumnae who were initiated in 1964 are especially invited to attend and take part in the Golden Arrow Ceremony. Cost is $25. Reservations and payment in advance are required. Contact Donna Issenmann by calling 431-6524 or emailing, or Jan Maiocco by calling 216-2332 or emailing Kappa Kappa Gamma alumnae gather for their final luncheon of the season at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 12, at the Sandpiper Restaurant. For reservations or more information, call 430-3012. The ninth annual Boston College National Day of Service takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at St. Matthews House. Alumni will help prepare and serve lunch at the shelter at 2001 Airport-Pulling Road. To sign up, call or email Ms. Van Parys. Send alumni association news to Soup for the Soul series concludesThe 16th annual Lenten Soup for the Soul luncheon series hosted by The Theological Center in Naples concludes on Wednesday, April 16. Using Matthew 5: 4-12, The Beatitudes, for inspiration, the series has focuses on issues facing the world, the nation and the local region. The final session takes place from noon to 1 p.m. at Tree of Life, 2132 Shadowlawn Drive. Rev. Dr. Dan Lamey of Lighthouse Congregational United Church of Christ leads the lesson taken from Matthew 5: 10-12, Blessed are the persecuted, the falsely accused. Attendance is free, but donations are welcome to help cover expenses and to support the mission of The Theological Center in Naples. For more information, call Rev. Sam Sewell at 591-4565 or email Naples church reenacts the Last SupperNorth Naples United Methodist Church presents Last Supper Alive! at noon and 7 p.m. Thursday, April 17. In addition to a Maundy Thursday service in preparation for Good Friday and Easter, the program takes it up a notch by including a realistic reenactment of the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples. The 7 p.m. service will also be streamed online at www.engagemenow. net. All are welcome. North Naples United Methodist Church is at 6000 Goodlette-Frank Road. For more information about Last Supper Alive! and other Holy Week offerings, call 593-7600. NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN2 Blocks North of Mercato Primary Colors


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A33 Family & Cosmetic DentistryOur Services For New PatientsComplete Exam Including Xrays(D0150/D0274/D220/D0230)Personal Consultation Professional Cleaning* (D4355) *(Unless Gum Disease is Present)$69a $421 Value Call now & take advantage of our Financing Program. omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certi ed Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certi ed eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 04/30/2014Naples Bonita Springs Ivy Fest 2014 drew a crowd of schoolspirited Ivy League and Seven Sisters alums to the lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club for the afternoon and evening on April 6. The Brown Club of Southwest Florida hosted this years get-together.1. Amy Manley and Jack Lieber 2. Bob Naegele, Joe Batchelder and Bob Sanchez 3. Prentiss Higgins and Polly Higgins 4. Carol Goode and Larry Goode 5. Carol Schwiers and Peter Schwiers 6. Parker Paddock joins the Naples Dixie and Jazz Band7. Tom Potts and Annie Wood 8. Rena Jordan and Raud Johnson 9. Karen Coney Coplin and Carol BlazarSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 89

PAGE 34 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA34 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Skin Cancer Institute Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Camisa Psoriasis Center Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Medical Spa Melanoma MayFree Skin Cancer ScreeningsFor new patients only. Must have an appointment. 1-800-591-DERM (3376)Bonita Springs 25987 South Tamiami Trail, Unit 90 Saturday, May 10 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. A Melanoma InitiativeThei on P ass Volunteers making a differenceSomeone once said the heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. That sentiment perfectly summarizes the role and contribution of the 1,200-plus volunteers we have throughout the NCH system. This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary our downtown volunteers and, next year, the 25th anniversary of our North Naples Auxiliary. As much as I wish I could name every single volunteer who means so much to us, instead I will point out a few in particular who embody the good works of all our volunteers. Bill Rank has been with NCH for 22 years and is one of the first people our visitors encounter as he transports them around the downtown campus in his golf cart. Beyond his transporting duties, Bill has truly made a difference in the lives of others by donating blood and platelets (51 gallons as of this month). Our White Elephant shop reopened in November with the assistance of many volunteers and now has a new look, a new layout and an additional sale day. It was many years ago that Beatrice Briggs, first chair of the NCH board of trustees, and a few other volunteers organized our very first white elephant rummage sale. The success of that event led to the White Elephant that we know today. This legacy lives on in the person of Thelma Hodges, who next year will celebrate her 60th year at NCH, first as an R.N. and later as a volunteer at the White Elephant. One recent Saturday, the volunteer NICU Snugglers joined forces with the NICU staff for their first-ever reunion with the NICU babies and their parents. Carolyn Bellefeuille, chair of the Snugglers volunteers, recalled the moment that a stroller came rolling into the Telford Auditorium carrying triplets who had been NICU babies; HEALTHY LIVING SEE WEISS, A35 SEE INITIATIVE, A35 Three doctors blend their talents to better serve children and familiesAt the end of every day, I know Ive made a difference, says Dr. Maribel Rivera, David Lawrence Centers adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist. Dr. Rivera works with migrant farm workers and their families living in Immokalee, where nearly half the residents live below the poverty line and many struggle daily to access adequate healthcare. She sees children at DLCs main Naples location off of Golden Gate Parkway and also at the centers Immokalee satellite services office. This isnt easy work, she confesses. The issues these people face are complex, and their needs are vast. Immokalee isnt like Naples. Without access to adequate treatment, behavioral health problems go undiagnosed or untreated and can affect all aspects of life, be it school, work and/or family. Recognizing that the most effective way to foster and ensure the future health of any community is in the early identification and treatment of its children, the Naples Children & Education Foundation launched the $4 million Childrens Mental Health Initiative, teaming Dr. Rivera with Immokalee-based psychologist and professor Dr. Javier Rosado and psychologist Dr. Emily Ptaszek in an effort to design a holistic system of mental health care for children. Mental health issues cut across all families, all communities, says Anne Welsh McNulty, NCEF board member and co-chair of the foundations 2014 Naples Winter Wine Festival. The initiative, she adds, aims to fundamentally transform and expand mental health care for at-risk children in Collier County. Through an NCEF grant, a team of professionals from DLC, Florida State University College of Medicine and the Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida has come together to create better overall access to mental health care. Their program integrates mental health treatment with local pediatric practices and other primary care professionals and strengthens the links among providers such as the school system, social service agen-cies, health care and commuBY CARYN HACKER-BUECHELSpecial to Florida Weekly HACKER-BUECHEL


nity mental health professionals. Those who historically have been without support and direction are too often lost in the shuffle of a confusing and intimidating health-care system, Dr. Ptaszek says. Frequently, those in need of mental health care arent able to follow through on referrals made by their doctor due to unmet basic needs, acute stress, lack of transportation, inability to plan, etc., she adds. By integrating behavioral and primary care, she explains, the Childrens Mental Health Initiative makes it possible to visit with a behavioral health provider in the pediatric office, where the child/ family is already comfortable with their pediatrician. Drs. Rivera, Rosado and Ptaszek utilize a team to identify and treat varied physical and mental health issues. From the local pediatricians office, where screening occurs, to treatment planning and ultimately carrying out the plan, families receive the best of care in a holistic and often bior tri-lingual environment. Depending on the severity and complexity of the childs case, services can include clinical evaluations, comprehensive psychiatric assessments, medical management, outpatient counseling, family therapy, community-based therapeutic services, case management and crisis stabilization. Dr. Rosado grew up near Plant City and says he knew when he accepted the Immokalee position that the effort would be challenging. I realize how important it is to understand and respect the lifestyle of the people who live in Immokalee, he says. They are a strong and resilient community. This isnt a job that most people are willing to do, but my life is richer for knowing these families. The Childrens Mental Health Initiative allows for early detection and treatment for the poorest, most underserved children in Collier County. The symbiotic effect of combining resources can only serve to exponentially help these families in need. We know that the earlier you indentify a physical or mental health issue and the earlier you treat that issue, the better the prognosis is, David Lawrence Center CEO Scott Burgess says. At times, the families of Immokalee seem distant from the Naples community, and yet they are an integral part of our small city life. Drink our local orange juice and enjoy fresh local vegetables and you can feel the spirits of the hard workers who helped create them. The Childrens Mental Health Initiative recognizes their participation and unique hardships, as well as those of their children and other family members. Integrated care helps these families overcome barriers to seeking treatment, making prevention and early intervention much more likely, says Dr. Ptaszek. Thanks to this grant, this is not the next generation of health care in Collier County; it is health care today, right here. The initiative is one of several inventive countywide initiative partnerships with DLC that blend the talents of other professionals and providers to increase the value and effectiveness of treatment. The partners have also worked closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to reduce and eliminate duplication of services, maximize resources and increase the availability of high-quality, best-practice approaches. The center also pairs with schools, sheriffs departments, hospitals and other intervention programs to treat the local and extended community. For more information about the Childrens Mental Health Initiative or other services provided by the David Lawrence Center, call 455-8500 or visit Caryn Hacker-Buechel is a mental health advocate, freelance writer and David Lawrence Center board member. She worked as a childrens psychotherapist for more than 25 years and is the author of a childrens book and parent/ teacher guide about bullying called A Bully Grows Up: Erik Meets the Wizard.all three were sitting up, observant and smiling. And there wasnt a dry eye in the house. Last August, Heather Baker, director of the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging & Rehabilitation, and Amanda Smith, director of volunteers, started the brain injury peer mentor program at the 54-bed center. NCH was the first health-care system in Florida to form a relationship with the Georgiabased Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association. Through this alliance, local brain injury survivors are trained to become volunteer resources for our patients and their families, fostering recovery and serving as role models in connecting with people who have had similar events in their lives. Thus far, 111 survivors and 106 caregivers have benefited from our volunteers. Soon, NCH will expand this program to acute care and outpatient rehab areas. We are thankful for every one of the 1,273 volunteers who so heroically and graciously represent NCH in our community. Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System.NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 A35 9960 Business Circle #14, Naples, FL 34112 License Number DN14337 Monday Saturday 7 am 7 pm Scan for more savings! $1Emergency Exam (D0140), X-Ray (D0220) and Photos (D0471)With Coupon Only. Expires 5/31/14 $695Partials and Dentures (D5110, D5120, D5130, D5140, D5211, D5212)With Coupon Only. Expires 5/31/14 *Starting At 239-227-2125 Same Day Crowns and Root Canals at Truly Affordable Prices The Patient Has The Right To Refuse To Pay, Cancel Payment Or Be Reimbursed For Any Other Service Or Treatment Which Is Performed As A Result Of, And Within 72 Hours Of Responding To The Advertisement For The Discounted Service. $49Cleaning & Exam Including X-Rays (D0150, D0274, D0220, D0236, D4355)With Coupon Only. Expires 5/31/14 Everything you need to remodel your kitchen...all in one place! SKIN CANCEREvaluations and RemovalFLU SHOTS$19.00*Shingles and Pneumonia VaccinationsNow Available at Both LocationsPRIMARY CARE AND FAMILY PRACTICEby appointment30% OFFFirst Doctors Visitfor all patients without insuranceMINOR SURGERIESPreformed by a Board-Certied General Surgeon1713 SW Health Pkwy, Suite 1, *Rates may vary for insured patients. NAPLES URGENT CARE WALK-IN MEDICAL CLINICESTERO URGENT CARE WALK-IN MEDICAL COURTESY PHOTOFront row: Bonnie Fredeen, Dr. Elena Reyes, Dr. Maribel Rivera, Dr. Emily Ptaszek, Kathryn Hunter, Dr. Doug Johnson and Alma Littles. Back row: Larry Phillips, Daniel Mendoza, Dr. Javier Rosado, Lt. George Welch, Mike Ellis and Scott Burgess.INITIATIVEFrom page 34WEISSFrom page 34

PAGE 36 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA36 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 You get what you pay for. What appears to be a better deal may get you nothing but headaches. Why risk it? Stick with the tried and true. U.S.D.O.T. #385723Other transporters may say to lure you into letting them ship your car North. The snowbirds favorite since 1980 Reserve (239)513-9050 Dr. Spa Dr. Spa Before After $395.00* *With ServiceSalt System From CLUB NOTES Toastmaster Academy presents Body Talk: Lets Get Physical at a workshop from 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. An estimated 93 percent of a persons message is nonverbal. Is your body betraying your secrets? Are you sending the right message to the right people? Award-winning speaker, Toastmaster, author, entrepreneur and certified financial planner Christine Cargnoni will discuss and demonstrate techniques to ensure successful nonverbal communication in both one-on-one and group settings. Attendance is free for Toastmaster Academy members and $10 for guests and members of other Toastmasters clubs.For more information or to reserve your seat, call Marianne Oehser at 2163030 or email The Neapolitan chapter of the Embroiderers Guild of America holds its final meeting of the season at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 16, at Moorings Park. For more information, call Pat Russell at (773) 848-1736 or email The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is April 17. Call 5134568 for location. The Naples Press Club members and guests will hear from member Randall Kenneth Jones, the owner of MindZoo marketing and public relations and the author of the Business Class column in the Naples Daily News, at the clubs luncheon on Thursday, April 24, at the Hilton Naples. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Cost is $24 for members, $30 for others. Reservations are required and can be made at (search for Naples Press Club). For more information, email rsvp@naplespressclub.,org. Chess players of all ages and levels of ability are welcome to join Chess at Moorings for friendly competition from 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday at Moorings Park, and Chess at Lutheran from 9 a.m. to noon Monday at Marco Island Lutheran Church. Participation is free. Bring your own chess set or use one provided by the Moorings. Moorings Park is on the east side of Goodlette-Frank Road just south of Pine Ridge Road. Stop at the entrance gate for directions to the Chess at Moorings meeting. Marco Island Lutheran Church is at 525 N. Collier Blvd. For more information, call Wade Keller at 3892525 or visit Naples Newcomers Club welcomes women who have moved to the area within the past five years. In addition to a monthly luncheon, members get together to explore Naples and to enjoy a variety of interests, from books to bridge and mah-jongg to gourmet cooking and conversations over coffee. A coffee for prospective new members takes place on the first Thursday of each month. For more information, call 298-4083 or visit Toastmasters International teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. Guests are always welcome. Local Toastmasters chapters, meeting times and locations include: Bonita Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. every second and fourth Wednesday at the Bonita Springs Fire Station, 27701 Bonita Grande Drive. For more information, call Pamela Houze at (214) 355-6069. Collier Communique Club: 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Call Robert Rizzo at (407) 493-8584. Marco Island Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Centennial Bank, 645 Elkcam Circle, Marco Island. E-mail Chris Pritchard at Naples Sunrise Bay Toastmasters Club: 7:30 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday in Moss Hall at Moorings Presbyterian Church, 791 Harbour Drive. Call Steve McCann at 777-8851. Naples Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday at Naples General Aviation Center, 200 Aviation Drive N. Call Steve Jallad at 776-5398. Toast of the Coast Toastmasters Club: Noon on the second and fourth Friday at the American Cancer Society, 5020 Tamiami Trail N. Call Kathy Feinstein at 594-0900. Naples Advanced Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Call Linda Valentine at (954) 780-6683. This club has prerequisites for membership. Email club news to Cindy Pierce at PHOTOThe giving circle of 100+Women Who Care of Southwest Florida, a group that most recently met at Temple Shalom in Naples, presented a check to Meals on Wheels of Bonita Springs as recipient of its most recent donations. Pictured from left: Patsy Carter Rattigan of Meals on Wheels; Debbie Laites, co-founder of 100+Women; Eileen Johnston of Meals on Wheels; and Barbara Wolfort, co-founder of 100+Women. Bedtime Bundles of Marco Island received $8,000 from the group earlier this year. For more information, visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A37 Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery Featuring the Bausch & Lomb Victus System Increased Precision and Safety Multifocal Lens Implants to reduce your dependence on glasses Rick Palmon, M.D. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR CATARACT CONSULTATION! 2612 Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida 34103 Phone 239.331.3441 Fax 239.331.3445 TFP 888.616.4472 TFF 888.616.4471 Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy T opical P ain Management Dermatological Wound Care Podiatry Pediatrics Clinical Compound Pharmacy can work with your physician to customize medications speci cally for you. Options include: medications free of dyes, gluten, soy, lactose, sugars, alcohols, preservatives, etc. and/or commercially unavailable medications. Call us today for more information! CLINICALCOMPOUNDpharmacy Chad L. Stoneburner Pharm D and OwnerMOST MAJOR INSURANCES ACCEPTED! FREE SHIPPING! BERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 2 3 6 4 5 7 8Members of the Southwest Florida chapter of the American Airlines Kiwi Club met recently at a members home in Naples. The club is a social and charitable organization of present and former flight attendants of American Airlines, TWA and other airlines acquired by or merged with American Airlines. The chapter supports PACE Center for Girls-Collier at Immokalee and the Collier County Hunger & Homeless Coalition. New members are always welcome. For information about the upcoming meeting on Saturday, April 26, call Eileen Pearson at 595-1761 or email Barbara Traci at 1. Barbara Traci, Beth Lambert and Elaine Elwell 2. Mary Bifulco and Maureen Denman 3. Seated, left to right: Maureen Denman, Gerry Egan, Marilou Barton, Carol Doherty, Jean Atherton, Elaine Elwell, Linda Mullen and Barbara Traci Standing, left to right: Eileen Pearson, Sandee Norris, Beth Lambert, Donna Tracey, Mary Bifulco, Louise Goodwin, Kay Sutter, Pat MacAniff, Dottie Gough, Debbie Solon, Kathy Durso and Jane Buenz 4. Eileen Pearson and Susan Ngondo 5. Gerry Egan and Linda Mullen 6. Jane Buenz, Marilou Barton and Carol Doherty 7. Emily Goodwin, Louise Goodwin and Audrey Wood 8. Kay Sutter, Pat MacAniff and Maureen Denman

PAGE 38 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA38 NEWS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Living with back pain? Dr. R. Rick Bhasin, MDNeurosurgeon Clinical Af liation, Department of Neurosurgery University of Florida Minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat neck pain, back pain and spinal stenosis. Neuroscience and Spine Associates Of ces in Naples and Ft. Myers(239) 649-1662 Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins & More Treat Your Body Like A Temple 239-596-9017 www.GenesisNonGMO.com877 91st Avenue North, Suite 4 MondaySaturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.Who We Are:Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins & More is a wellness store that is dedicated to bringing you only the best products to keep you on your path to ultimate health. Serving Naples the finest products for over 70 years. FREE WITH AQueen Anne Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries or Blue Berries 6.6 oz FREE WITH ARuf no Lumina Pinot Grigio 750 ml PET TALESTrick and treatAn Easter safety tip for cats and five neat new products BY DR. MARTY BECKERUniversal UclickAre there straitjackets for dogs? Thats what Ive been wondering lately as we struggle to medicate the ears of Keeper, one of our cavalier King Charles spaniels. Cavaliers are supposed to be among the most biddable of breeds, but you wouldnt know it from him. Its like wrestling a bear to get him to hold still. One night, I waited until he was settled on my lap, which worked somewhat better, but I still think I got more medication on the sofa than in his ears. The next morning, I used a little psychological tactic that has worked well in the past when there are multiple dogs in the home. Gather some treats. Call the dog you dont want. Usually they will all come running anyway if they know you have treats. Pick up the dog who doesnt need treatment and put her on the treatment area (on top of the dryer in our house). Give her a treat, comb her or fondle her ears, give her lots of praise and then give more treats. Set her down. (Adjust this advice as needed for large dogs.) By this time, the dog who needs medication or grooming is eager to undergo treatment, too. Repeat, giving lots of treats and praise before, during and after medicating the ears, brushing the teeth or whatever it is your dog doesnt like you to do. Voila! Medicated ears with a minimum of fuss. Easter is coming up, bringing the reminder that Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats. The leaves, flowers, pollen and even the water in the vase can all cause severe and possibly fatal kidney failure in your cat. Do not bring these flowers into your home. If you receive them as a gift, pass them on to a catfree neighbor or friend. Your wallet will thank you for saving it from a very expensive veterinary bill. More cool pet products. Dr. Becker attended Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., last month and chose 10 products as Beckers Best. We featured five last week, and the other five are here. Check out all 10, with photos, at Does your dog wolf his food and then throw up because he ate so fast? Slo-Bowl helps dogs slow down and relax while they eat. $14.99 to $24.99 at I always break a nail every time I try to attach tags to dog collars, so I think this was a genius pick. The Links-It Pet ID Tag Connector is an award-winning solution to easily, quickly and securely attaching tags to collars. Bonus: The diamond shape eliminates the noise of jingling tags. $7.99 at Keep your dog busy with this tough 10-inch ball. You can increase the weight of the Tuggo Dog Toy by adding water, bringing it up to as much as 20 pounds. The attached rope allows your dog to play by himself, with another dog or with you. $29.99 at If you live in a condo or high-rise or have a puppy or old dog who needs to potty frequently, but youre not always home, the Piddle Place Pet Relief System could relieve your woes. The unit has a drain for urine, carrying it out of sight until you can empty it, and a cleaning solution prevents odors. The grassy cover is even machine-washable. $99 to $119 at We havent forgotten cats. The Kong Glide n Seek Cat Toy uses magnetic levitation technology to encourage cats to bat at the enclosed feathers. Its a simple and fun way to provide them with indoor exercise. $24.99 at petsupply stores. Lilies are highly toxic to cats. If your cat eats an y part of a lily including licking pollen off his fur, take him to the veterinarian immediately for treatment. Pets of the Week>> Cleopatra is a beautiful and playful, 1-year-old terrier mix who still has a lot of puppy energy and would do best with an active family. Her adoption fee is $75. >> Diva is a sweet and gentle, 1-year-old domestic shorthair who loves to play and snuggle. Her adoption fee is $55. >> Flowergirl is a bright and colorful, 1-year-old calico who loves attention. Her adoption fee is $55. >> Marge Simpson is a sweet and calm, 3-year-old short-coat Chihuahua mix who loves to go for walks. Because she has been at the shelter for more than 180 days, her adoption fee has been waived.To adopt or foster a petDogs and cats adopted from Humane Society Naples come with vaccinations, sterilization surgery, ID microchip and 30 days of health insurance. Visit the animals ready for adoption at the main shelter at 370 Airport-Pulling Road N. (11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), or at the satellite adoption center at Coastland Center during mall hours. Call 6431555 or visit for more information.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NEWS A39 NEW $10 MILLION CLUBHOUSE NOW COMPLETE!Call today for a complimentary tour and learn more about membership at Wyndemere. A limited number of non-resident golf and social memberships are also available! For more infor mation call Cheri Martin, Membership Director at 239-643-6336 or visit Join the fun and make new friends at the newly renovated Wyndemere Country Club, which is now unmatched in quality and value. The $10-million renovation has enhanced the following amenities perfect for your active lifestyle! 27-hole Arthur Hills championship golf course 12 Har-Tru tennis courts State-of-the-art tness center Resor t-style in nity edge pool Outstanding and varied dining options Numerous social events & activitiesFITS YOUR LIFESTYLE TO A TEECheck out our new website: 700 Wyndemere Way, Naples, Florida 34105 239.643.6336 THE DIVA DIARIESIts not the lines, its the steps involved in the Divas latest roleFlamenco, my friends, is NOT for sissies. I have learned this recently because when Im not sparkling at soirees, I fancy myself an actress. Ive actually been doing this acting thing for about 25 years (I started when I was 2 OK, that is a lie), and while Ive had to learn some challenging things for various roles over the years, nothing measures up to flamenco dancing. The play Im in rehearsal for now is a brand new one, Heart Song by Stephen Sachs (read more about the show on page C1 this week). It opens Friday, April 25, at Florida Repertory Theatre, so the good news is that I have a couple more weeks to continue honing my flamenco skills. The even better news is that Im playing one of six women in a flamenco class, so I dont have to be that good. I mean, if my character was an awesome dancer, she wouldnt be in class, right? This is what I keep telling myself anyway as I trip over my own feet in the noisiest stomping shoes ever. And while stomping is great for getting out aggression, stomping also hurts. In fact, a lot of flamenco hurts. Then again, its sort of supposed to. In fact, our gorgeous, talented choreographer, Carolina Esparza, often asks, after weve been holding our arms in the air (chests out, stomachs in, elbows rounded) repeating munecas (I dont think theres an English word to describe munecas its rolling your wrists and fanning your fingers, and it looks pretty), Does it hurt? Yes, we pout. Good! she responds. That means youre doing it correctly. When it comes to dancing, I truly make Elaine on Seinfeld look like Shakira. Not only do I posses two left feet, I lack any sense of rhythm whatsoever. But I love to dance at parties and such, and in my mind, I am quite good. (As long as I dont catch myself in a mirror, everything is fine.) When I was a younger actress, I was certain that I could sing. I sang wonderfully in the shower and I could really belt out a tune in the car, so I decided to audition for a musical. In fact, I was certain that I was such an amazing singer that I auditioned to play Maria in a community theater production of The Sound of Music. I didnt really know any musical theater songs, so I treated the director to an a cappella version of Happy Birthday. You can imagine my dismay when he told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was clinically tone deaf. Ive tried to prove him wrong ever since then, but even very close friends and loved ones continue pleading with me not to sing. Luckily, there is no singing in Heart Song. But the dancing is plentiful. And even though my technique isnt the best, especially when it comes to moving my feet and arms at the same time, Im hoping doing this show will have the Kirstie Alley Dancing-With-The-Stars effect on me and all this sweating and kicking and undulating will reduce me to a size 2 by the time the show closes in mid May, just as swimsuit season begins in earnest. What with all the munecas, at least my wrists will be skinny. Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week stephanieDAVIS VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLY Stephanie Davis practices flamenco in rehearsal for Heart Song.




Naples TOP 1 % Experience Counts. Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyPort Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group brings over 28 combined years of experience serving the luxury market of Naples. | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Olde Naples $1.925 M 1355 4th Street South Marcello at Mediterra $2.297 M 29010 Marcello Way Open House Saturday 1-4 p.m. INSIDEHouse HuntingA Mediterra estate (above) for $3.975 million, and an Imperial Golf Estates home for $679,000. B11, B25 Before the BashLegal Aid Service hosts reception for Barristers Bash honorees, and more Networking photos. B7-9 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 The Fool knowsWhat Boca Raton companys 100-plus brands include NUK pacifiers and K2 snowboards? B4 BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ There are seemingly endless events at which fruitful business connections can be established. One every day, three times a day, you can make a meal out of it: breakfast, lunch and dinner, said Trish Leonard, marketing director for the Florida Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University. And she wasnt entirely joking. There are rise and shines and lunch and learns and business after hours and after after hours and weekend warriors, and then youve got your church and personal networking Some people seem to naturally make connections at the theater, parties or on the Internet in addition to established events through a chamber of commerce or business association. Others seem to appear and disappear in a crowd like ghosts. But with all the options, where do you start or end? How do you form lasting, instead of shallow, working relationships with people? What if youre new in town? Professionals of different stripes from Southwest Florida, and seasoned networkers, spoke to Florida Weekly about these issues. They offered their best tips, insights, and a few tales about meeting people, and how thats g ood for business, and sometimes friendship. Here are Working the network COURTESY PHOTONetworking provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.SEE NETWORK, B6 Local professionals share their strategies for meeting people, generating businessNetworking is not hard work to me. Its every single day putting your best foot forward. Tim Harris, Realtor and networker

PAGE 42 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 We are a direct lender offering the following loan products: Let our experienced loan of cers place you in the very best loan product that suits your needs. Making dreams come true... SW Floridas Fastest Growing Mortgage Bank! ...and much more! Contact Us Heidi Bruner 239.552.1848 or hbruner@f 0214 NMLS# 486539 YOU! Revisit your life insurance policiesMention life insurance in social conversation and your listeners eyes might glaze over. Cold calls from life insurance professionals are often met with short, terse terminations. Print the words life insurance in a column headline and some readers will automatically turn to another page (if youre still with me, stick around). Such is the unfortunate characterization of a much needed financial product and some of the professionals consulting in this asset class. Why the range of reactions from disinterest to intense dislike? Possibly, as David Jones of David M. Jones & Associates says, because life insurance is the most misunderstood... and poorly explained financial product. Many in the industry have narrow financial exposure, having brokered a sole asset class of life insurance; some are young in life and experience, having gained entrance through merely passage of a test (on the heels of a 40-hour course); some are career agents, only selling their firms products (unless the insurance applicant is denied by their firms underwriting). Many of the products are complex and, even with clear explanation, they are misunderstood. Many of the assumptions used to create the illustration of how the life policy will look/ expected to perform in future years have changed. And there are changes by the client: many a policy was created in earlier years to assure a familys financial security (e.g., basic coverage in case there is pre mature death of the breadwinner) but in later years, the purpose of the life insurance policy changes to become part of a sophisticated estate tax minimization plan. It is not for this column to sing life insurances praises for old or young; it is not for this column to explain the ins and outs of all policies. But it is to sound an alarm that policyholders really need to bring their inforce policies to their existing and/or original underwriting agents to get an up-to-date assessment. The owners of the policies need to intermittently understand how the policy is performing relative to original expectations and illustrations and understand how older policies are performing relative to new types of life insurance products previously not available. You should review your policy not just with the issuing agent or companys representative. You should take your policy and the current in force illustrations to other insurance agents, especially those who can offer a multitude of different products from different companies. According to Mr. Jones, Many agents owe their duties to their employer if they are a captive agent of that company. Recommending a superior replacement policy with a competing carrier is often forbidden. How might a comparative assessment of your excising policy help? If you have term insurance, you can visit with your agent to see if a life insurance company is offering term at more competitive rates. It is certainly true that within a 10-year period of time, term rates have dropped as term polices have been repriced to reflect improved longevity of the overall population. A new policy might reflect those new mortality tables. If you have an older life policy, you absolutely need to understand if the policy is performing in line with the assumptions made at the time of its original issue. For policies that were issued in the 1980s and 1990s, a lot has changed much to the policy holders detriment, says Mr. Jones. Because interest rates have dropped dramatically in the past 25 years, it would be surprising if an older non-guaranteed policy is in line with original policy illustrations. These older policies assumed a continuation of then existing higher interest rates to be paid on their large bond portfolio and, in turn, the new policies assumed the insurance company would be able to pay their insureds rates of return on the cash value at rates higher than the guaranteed minimum rate. Assumptions of 8 percent in 1990s were common. Nowadays, if you want that return, you will have to make a switch to policies that give you some of the upside in the equity market such as an indexed universal life policy.You want see if a replacement policy would offer a net benefit (after the cost of a replacement policy) based on todays more favorable mortality tables. In the past 20 to 30 years, great strides in medicine have appreciably extended mortality for men and women. When insurance was priced 25 years ago, the policy was more expensive as policyholders were thought to die sooner. New policies sold today generally have a more beneficial mortality table. You might think you can keep your old policy and ask the insurance company to update the mortality table but thats usually not how it works. The net of it is that replacement of a policy, long held to be unacceptable and costly to the insured, might really save the insured money by taking advantage of new insurance products, exiting policies that will never perform in line with expectations and might soon lapse, and taking advantage of better mortality rates. Older policyholders should not be forlorn; there is possibly some very good news. If theyre still healthy and are able to be medically underwritten and they have built up a large cash value in the older policy, they will have options to replace their policy with a new policy that can still get them to their goal, said Mr. Jones. Many who bought a policy 20 years ago when aged 60 can now find a life insurance policy at age 80 that is less costly and offers better returns. Bottom line: Take the time to make a review of your life insurances a priority. Mr. Jones regularly reviews older policies to determine if a policyholder may secure increased mortality and benefit while reducing premium payments. He can be reached at 649-7600 or at Jeannette Showalter, CFA is a commodities broker with Worldwide Futures Systems. Find her on Facebook at Jeannette Showalter, CFA. c e y ( m l p jeannetteSHOWALTER, CFAshowalter@ww fsyst MONEY & INVESTING M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 Hour Towing RentalsMention our ad in Florida Weekly and get a rental car UP TO 3 DAYS FREE.(with collision repair services)239-775-6860 NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN2 Blocks North of Mercato Light Up My Life


Visit us daily at The Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Livingston Road, approximately 2 miles north of Immokalee Road. To Schedule a Private Showing of Our 7 Luxury Model Homes, call 239-494-5398 or visit Member Owned Club. From the $800s to over $7 million A London Bay Homes Community HAVE IT ALL INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST NEIGHBORHOOD: CABREONew Models Now Open for Viewing NAPLES8 TIME WINNERCOMMUNITY OF THE YEAR2013 BEST COMMUNITY IN 12-STATE REGIONAURORA AWARDS2013 BEST LUXURY HOME IN 12-STATE REGIONAURORA AWARDS At Mediterra, we dont think you should have to choose between an exquisite home, a stunning golf course or a breathtaking beach. To make sure youll never have to compromise, we created the most sought after address in Naples: Mediterra. Its the one place that having it all is not merely an expression. DISCOVER MEDITERRATwo Tom Fazio Designed Golf Courses Private Beach Club on the Gulf of Mexico MODELS NEW DAILY OPEN 3,101 T otal A/C By London Bay Homes $1,373,900 THE BETTINA in CABREO

PAGE 44 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Based in Boca Raton, Fla., and sporting a market value recently north of $8 billion, Im a consumer product company with more than 100 brands under my roof. My offerings include Ball Mason jars, Coleman coolers, Rawlings baseball mitts, Shakespeare fishing rods, Crock-Pot cookers, Bicycle playing cards, Oster blenders, Yankee Candle candles, Sunbeam mixers, Mr. Coffee coffee makers, Health o meter scales, Lehigh ropes, GrillMaster grills, Holmes humidifiers, NUK pacifiers, First Alert smoke detectors, Marmot apparel, K2 snowboards, Quickie brooms and much more. I employ more than 30,000 people. My ticker symbol is a Rastafarian deity. Who am I?Know the answer? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and youll be entered into a drawing for a nifty prize! THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answerDo you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. How Millions and Billions Are MadeIf you think youll get rich by buying and selling lots of stocks frequently, think again. Some billionaires have made their fortunes by trading, but a more common path has been simply sticking with a healthy and growing company. Billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison have accumulated billions by owning a single strong company, often one they founded.Fortunately, we dont have to found our own hugely successful company. We can simply find a few and invest in them for a long time. So what are the shared characteristics of the companies many billionaires have owned? A sustainable competitive advantage that keeps them at the forefront of their industries. A shareholder-friendly management team that, preferably, owns a big piece of the company, giving them a meaningful stake in its success. A solid balance sheet, featuring little or manageable debt. A business that pumps out lots of cash. Remember that such companies were small in their early days. You can find promising smaller companies with billionaire-making traits at index.aspx. Remember, too, that you can decrease your risk by diversifying, spreading your money across a bunch of companies perhaps 10 to 15, as long as youll have the time and skill to follow their progress. Many people dont have such time or skill, though, so consider taking the wealthbuilding advice of a billionaire. Warren Buffett has explained in his most recent letter to shareholders that the average investor should own a crosssection of businesses that in aggregate are bound to do well. A low-cost S&P 500 index fund will achieve this goal.Buffett also notes that investors should accumulate shares over a long period and not sell when the market drops. He even notes that in his will, hes instructed a trustee to put 10 percent of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90 percent in a very low-cost S&P 500 index fund. (I suggest Vanguards.)Great wealth can be built with patience. Catch a Falling Knife On the basis of a friends recommendation that he based on a marketing report, I purchased 300 shares of WorldCom in early 2001. As the price plummeted, I purchased 400 additional shares and rode this investment all the way down to zero. S., onlineThe Fool Responds: Youre in good company, as many investors have made this same mistake, seeing a falling stock as more and more of a bargain as its price drops. Remember, though, that while its not uncommon for a great companys stock to temporarily fall, its also often the case that a stock is dropping for a good reason.Never buy shares of a falling stock without undertaking extra due diligence. You need to be confident that the companys problems are short-term ones (such as the completion of a new factory running late) and not potentially long-term ones (such as a flagship product falling out of favor or deteriorating profit margins).If you find that you dont have confidence in the company anymore, consider selling all your shares, even at a loss, and moving the remaining dollars into a more promising holding. in FlightMight you be interested in a stock that features average annual growth of nearly 50 percent over the past decade, and that still seems undervalued? Thought so. Meet (Nasdaq: PCLN), the growth leader in the online travel industry.You may know it as the name-your-ownprice site for getting plane tickets, but it has grown into much more. Its Priceline Group offers online airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages and cruises, serving more than 180 countries and territories. Its service is the global leader in online hotel reservations. In 2013 it bought KAYAK, a top site for comparing prices of flights, hotel rooms and car rentals.Priceline is well diversified geographically, and emerging markets in Asia and Latin America offer enormous potential. The company is also adapting to the mobile revolution at full speed, with sporting more than $8 billion in gross mobile bookings in 2013.In recent years, Priceline has been outperforming its competition and gaining market share. In fiscal 2013, it took in $6.8 billion in revenue, up 29 percent over 2012, and $1.9 billion in net earnings, up 33 percent.Despite that rapid growth, the companys forward-looking price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was recently only around 20, suggesting that Priceline still offers plenty of upside potential, especially in the long run. (The Motley Fool owns shares of and its newsletters have recommended the stock.) I began in 1969 as a national wholesale food distributor. Today, based in Houston and raking in $44 billion annually, Im the leader in supplying food and related products and services to anywhere meals are prepared outside the home a $235 billion market. (That means restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, cruise ships, sports venues and more.) My 48,000plus employees serve about 425,000 customers and operate from nearly 200 locations. I deliver roughly 1.3 billion cases annually and offer more than 400,000 products, including 40,000 bearing my own name. Im a Systems and Services Company. Who am I? (Answer: Sysco) Meet MyRAQCan you explain what President Obamas new MyRA accounts are? T.S., BaltimoreAMyRA is short for My Retirement Account, and its designed to help workers whose employers dont offer retirement accounts such as 401(k)s. As President Obama explained in his 2014 State of the Union address, Its a new savings bond that encourages folks to build a nest egg. MyRA guarantees a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in. Contributions will be made via payroll deduction, and they can be as low as $5 (though, of course, the more you sock away, the better). The accounts will charge no fees, and employers will not have to administer them or make matching contributions. MyRAs will work like Roth IRAs, with ultimate withdrawals in retirement being tax-free. Accounts can move with workers from one job to another. A MyRA can be rolled into a Roth IRA at any time, but doing so is mandatory once it grows to $15,000. Unlike many retirement accounts, MyRA accounts will be protected from market losses and backed by the U.S. government. Funds rolled into a Roth IRA wont have that protection, but, importantly, money in a Roth can be shifted into fastergrowing investments, such as an S&P 500 index fund. ***QWhat is a trust? M.R., Flagstaff, Ariz.AOften part of an estate plan, a trust is a legal structure that features someone (a trustor) giving control of property to a person or an institution (the trustee) for the benefit of someone else (the beneficiary). The beneficiary owns the property, but the trustee controls it usually for a limited period (such as until the beneficiary reaches a certain age).Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us r t $ 8 n y o f. s, s, k s, x o t er fi er de a p bo ar an d mu m ore t My tic ke f arian d ei Kn o w t h t o u s with F o to p an d yo u f h. BUSINESS MEETINGS A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at or visit www. Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704. The East Naples Merchants Association meets from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 10, at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. For more information, call Shirley Calhoun at 4359410 or Natalie Anguilano at 643-3600, or visit www.eastnaplesmerchantsassoc. com. The next Business After Five event for members and guests of the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce is set for 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, at Ciao Bella Ristorante. Call 394-7549 or visit The Collier Building Industry Association holds its next member mixer from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17, at Clive Daniel Home. Guests are welcome. $15 for members, $215 for others. Call 436-6100 or visit www.cbia. net. The next Business After Five for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17, at The Players Club & Spa at Lely Resort. Sign up at The Public Relations Society of America-Gulf Coast chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 22, at the Hilton Naples. Guest speaker will be Manny Garcia, editor of the Naples Daily News. Cost is $24 for PRSA members, $29 for others. To register, call Donna Heiser at 687-5402 or go to www. The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Business Before Business mini-trade show from 8-9:15 a.m. Thursday, April 24, at the YMCA of Bonita Springs. Exhibitor space is $50 and includes a 6-foot table, two chairs and admission for two ($75 for a space with electricity). Call 992-2943 or visit Email business meeting announcements to


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 B5 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RE-ROOFING SHINGLE TILE FLAT DECKS METAL GUTTERS SOFFIT FASCIA WIND MITIGATION FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED 45 YEARS EXPERIENCE WE SERVICE CAPE CORAL FORT MYERS NORTH FORT MYERS LEHIGH ACRES FORT MYERS BEACH ESTERO SANIBEL CAPTIVA BONITA SPRINGS NAPLES PORT CHARLOTTE AND ALL OF SOUTH WEST FLORIDA! 239-567-72234005 DEL PRADO BLVD S., CAPE CORALwww.NastarRoong.comLicensed & Insured CCC1328470 2 2 FREE ESTIMATES! A DIVISION OF NASTAR ROOFING 239-541-99114005 DEL PRADO BLVD S., CAPE CORALWe Do It Right the First Time! 2 2 ALL BRANDS SERVICED COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL FULL SYSTEMONLY EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS! HIGH EFFICIENCY UNITS SERVICE CONTRACTS HEAT PUMPS SYSTEM CLEANING DUCT WORK FREE ESTIMATES!NEW SYSTEM2-ton From $2,475.00 2.5 ton From $2,655.00 3 ton From $2,895.00 3.5 ton From $3,165.00 4 ton From $3,395.00 5 ton From $3,689.00Lic# CAC048058 Lessons learned in infantry school also apply to the business world SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYIn many ways, the knowledge gleaned from four years of college does not compare to what a person can learn at infantry school, says Texas businessman David Smith, author of The Texas Spirit. Because most students in MBA programs nationwide will never have that military experience, he adds, he has condensed what he learned in the service into 10 essential principles. Here are his aphorisms that apply to both military and business endeavors: Take the offensive to win. Defense alone never wins. There have been numerous efforts in history to construct some form of impregnable defense that will withstand all invaders; ultimately, none were successful. Whether in war, sports or the business world, victory depends upon taking some kind of offensive initiative. When defense is necessary, fall back carefully, with a plan and while firing. Your best defense is often your best offense. Be prepared to use your last option to decimate an invader, but only if you must. Infantry officers call it the FPL final protective line. Like an overdrive on a vehicle, an FPL uses all weaponry to fire at once, continuously firing down a single pre-planned, narrow lane. Depending on the stakes, parties at a business negotiation, for example, should know their FPL option. The counterattack. Remember, the easiest time to resume the offensive is immediately. If youve been forced off a hill or into an undesirable position, regroup and counterattack. A good general always has enough troops. Whether youre a general, lieutenant, private or middle manager, make sure you marshal your resources wisely. For the layperson, that might translate to never making a purchase you cant afford. Never take a weak front. In war, a weak front is often just a lure to tempt the opponent to attack; taking a weak front is like taking the bait in a trap. In business, be skeptical of potential weak fronts. Never sleep while on guard duty. At Texmark Chemicals, sleeping, dozing, napping or drifting off is an unforgivable sin for a shift operator, which is the equivalent of guard duty during wartime. Vigilance is the key to surviving and winning war, even during lulls in the action. Do not heed the voices of caution too much. If the general listens mainly to the quartermaster, who is in charge of supplies, the army will never maneuver. While supplies are essential for survival, it is the risk takers who enjoy victory. Have a primary and a secondary objective. In a military unit or in a business team, you should have one clearly defined primary objective, understood by all persons in the unit. If a secondary objective becomes absolutely essential, it is better to have one in place than it is to be forced to create one during the heat of combat. Clean the lint off the helix. This quote refers to the screen on clothes dryers that catches lint and frequently needs to be cleared. Cutting corners (overlooking the helix) can ruin an officers uniform an important part of the military and business community. Little details are often very important; when overlooked they can have large consequences. Call us TODAY to list your property! (Ref #001820) (Ref #000986) (Ref #002334) (Ref #002329) (Ref #002160)(Ref #002214) FOR SALE 200 acs with 3,500 frontage on SR 82, just west of SR 29. Currently planted with 23,000 palm trees, ideal for row crops. $11,000/acre FOR SALE 3 acs. on SW corner of Pine Ridge Rd. & Logan Blvd. High visibility & trac counts. Easy access to I-75. Strong retail/residential growth area. $450,000 FOR SALE 13,090 SF warehouse/oce on 1.09 acs. in Billy Creek Commerce Center. Easy access to I-75/exit 139, ideal for service/product distribution. $65 PSF FOR SALE 5 ac residential site in Collier Co. Zoned AG, located in the Belle Meade Overlay District near the intersection of Garland Rd & Markley Ave. $50,000 FOR LEASE 2,450 SF ex space with oce located at 5385 Jaeger Rd, Naples. Fully airconditioned, one roll-up door, 3 PH electric, impact doors, ample parking. $2550/mo FOR SALE 56,416 SF warehouse/oce on 4.06 acs., CLIMATE CONTROLLED, interior sprinklers, fenced yard w/truckwell, overhead doors. Minutes to I-75. $52 PSFPhone: (239) 425-6000 Fax: (239) 425-6001 P.O. Box 60151, Fort Myers, FL 33906 Pinebrook Park, 12995 S. Cleveland Ave., Suite 219, Fort Myers, FL 33907WOODYARD & ASSOCIATES, LLCCOMMERCIAL REAL ESTATELicensed Real Estate Brokerwww. wa-cr .com 239-425-6000 Experts in Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals

PAGE 46 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 edited transcripts of what they said. Trish Leonard, marketing director Florida Small Business Development Center at FGCU It may appear obvious, but its worth repeating: do what you said youd do, Ms. Leonard said. So many times when you go to a networking event you collect millions of cards and say, Hey Ill call you and do you? And if you meet someone with shared interests, she adds, try to meet in a more personal setting. Try to at least set up smaller coffee settings. All the different chamber functions or after hours, its very difficult to do business because people are socializing more. Lunch and learns, youre educating yourself. Light breakfast networking you can probably get a little bit more one on one time with the people We tell our small business (owners) at least network once a week, but look at whats out there. Melissa Cofta, marketing and public relations account manager, Priority Marketing, Fort Myers I wouldnt suggest going to a meeting and just walking around throwing your business card at people. I would really engage in some meaningful conversations and ask a lot of questions and listen. Engage in a real conversation and make it like a two-way dialogue and not that youre just pushing your initiative, but that youre genuinely trying to get to know someone else. Over time if you have meaningful conversations with people and connect on a genuine level I think youll see that really return. And then it becomes more fun. Learn about a project theyre working on or a cause theyre passionate about, follow up and connect them with what theyre looking for. That sets up ongoing relationships where I can call on them down the road Most of my friendships have started with meeting someone in a professional setting and then its turned into friendships. Always my most meaningful networking connections have to do with making an impact on someone else. Those are always the best, or helping someone get a job or an interview. A lot of people tell me they see me everywhere, but there are only really a small handful of things that I go to so I just try to choose: what am I interested in? Who am I trying to meet or connect with again? What causes or businesses mean the most to me professionally or even just whats good for your schedule. Brenda OConnor, executive director of membership, Naples Yacht ClubIf your networking opportunity takes place at an event with a roomful of people, try to scan the room when you arrive and make note of those you wish to interact with, as not all encounters will be random. However, when you are in a conversation, give it your undivided attention. It is so rude to look over the persons shoulder to see who you want to talk to next. If the event is large and features few guests that you already know, assume the attitude that people actually want to meet you and walk right up to them and introduce yourself. Ask them a polite question to start the conversation. Otherwise you may be relegated to grazing the buffet tables trying to look busy. A difficult task for many, but so important: do whatever it takes to remember names of people you have met. Take business cards everywhere. They may seem old fashioned, but it is said they are making a comeback. In my opinion, they never went out of style. Besides the obvious planned business encounters, have them with you while running errands, even at formal social events. Be sure to collect cards. After an event, follow up with those you have met within 48 hours. Use the cards to make notes to self regarding an article you promised to forward or whatever the case may be. To not follow up leaves a bad impression. It is also wise to send notes to those new contacts, handwritten if possible. You will be remembered for sure. Barry Seidman, fine art photographer, Palm Beach Gardens My wife and I, we go to the parties, we go to the openings. If you saw my email and my Facebook page its just invitations every day to go somewhere. You go there and you have your business cards in your pocket as every real estate person does as well. I prefer to think of it as socializing because networking sounds like Im working all the time and Im really not, Im having a good time. Im shooting a series. Ive been stalking the green markets during season and Ive been photographing vegetables. My working title is food Id rather photograph than eat. This past week one of the farms that sells at the green markets they were having what they call a pig roast. It was up in Indiantown so we went up there and there were like 50 people and farmers at one point we met a woman there who does some writing she said, when youre ready to show, just send me an email, Id like to cover it. The idea of networking and meeting these farmers, meeting this food blog person, it sometimes pays off. I dont do it consciously to drum up business for myself but how can it hurt? I have no specific goals that I go to an event to accomplish I just dont do that because its not all business, because Im there to have a good time, to have fun. Terri Williams, relationship banker Calusa National Bank Punta GordaPeople always come to me and say, I hear you know how to break into this community. Its all about repetition. The whole adage, who you know, who you like, who you trust, is never more true than in this community. To go to a meeting once or twice, its not going to resonate with them. But its showing up to community events, its showing up in our community, its going to multiple chamber events. Its making sure people know who you are. And at events, Ms. Williams said, instead of talking about the bank itself, she talks up her clients businesses instead. People want to know, shes talking about her clients I want her, when I cant get away from my desk, to talk about me. The biggest thing is you have to work it. Its a lot of business after hours. Its a lot of ribbon-cuttings, its a lot of lunches. Consistent visibility is the most important thing in this community. Im in sales so I have a thirst for knowledge and I love just listening to somebody and getting to know someone. Tim Harris, Realtor and past president of the Realtors Association of the Palm BeachesThe thing that really stands out for me the most with respect to networking is respect. Some of the groups I socialize in are very red politically and in contrast to that I have friends that are on the extreme other end of that political spectrum and are very liberal and democratic, and so it takes a certain amount of respect to make sure you treat everybody fairly and honestly and friendly. And I think that for me is why I do well in these social circles. I dont really go to a lot of quote unquote networking events, to tell you the truth. I do go to things I care about. I go to Realtor events because thats my business and I enjoy that. But I dont go to networking events that I dont enjoy. If somethings going to be too extreme one way or another or confrontational, I think thats a waste of time. Thats the other part of networking is your credibility and if youre seen as unswaying and not willing to compromise and at least allow for discussions, you wont be invited to a lot of different types of networking events. There are so many networking events and what they really are is social events. Even though they may be business oriented, it all revolves around how you socialize with other people and how youre willing to put yourself out there and be friendly to everybody and be respectful. Networking is not hard work to me. Its every single day putting your best foot forward. NETWORKFrom page 1LEONARD COFTA OCONNOR SEIDMAN HARRIS WILLIAMS COURTESY PHOTOSTOP: Tim Harris, center, at an event. ABOVE: A mixer with Kendra Sutton, Stephanie Davis and Melissa Cofta. New tool measures states progress using 21 metricsFloridas Regional Planning Councils received a new suite of economic development tools recently, as the Florida Regional Councils Association launched a new website on regional metrics. Each of Floridas 11 regional planning councils will now be able to compare statistics ranging from high school graduation rates and trade imports to employment by industry and relative housing prices. This new website enables Floridas Regional Planning Councils as federally designated Economic Development Districts to see our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies in action, said Brian Teeple, chair of the Florida Regional Councils Association Executive Directors Advisory Committee. Its our responsibility to be good stewards of economic growth across Florida and by partnering with the Florida Chamber Foundation and aligning our metrics to the Six Pillars were able to show where we are making progress in each region and where we need to close gaps. Regional Planning Councils and their state, regional and local partners are now able to view measurable results in 21 separate metrics that align to the Six Pillars framework developed by the Florida Chamber Foundations Six Pillars Plan. The original plan was developed in 2010 to secure Floridas future into the year 2030 and beyond. The aggregate data allows regional and statewide comparisons. Each regional planning council became an official Six Pillars Community last year and began developing their future strategies to strengthen economic opportunities. Our partnership with the Florida Regional Councils Association is pivotal to our mission of statewide solutions, said Tony Carvajal, executive vice president with the Florida Chamber Foundation. The ability of each Regional Planning Council to evaluate their trends and data within their own region will help serve their own strategic planning efforts moving forward. We are excited that we can continue to secure Floridas future alongside this important group. To view the website and data, visit The Florida Chamber Foundation is the business-led, solutions development and research organization working in partnership with state business leaders to secure Floridas future. The Foundations Six Pillars serve as a visioning platform for developing the first-ever, long-term strategic plan for the state. The foundations work focuses on: 1) Talent Supply and Education, 2) Innovation and Economic Development, 3) Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, 4) Business Climate and Competitiveness, 5) Civic and Governance Systems, and 6) Quality of Life and Quality Places. Founded in 1968, the foundation is a voice for improving the states pro-business climate to enable Florida to grow and prosper. For more information, visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 BUSINESS B7 Like us on / NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events t han we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ reception for Legal Aid Services of Collier County Barristers Bash award winners NETWORKINGThe Domestic Estate Managers Association at Purely You Spa COURTESY PHOTOS SUE HUFF / COURTESY PHOTOS Brad Galbraith and Tabitha Canalda Jennifer Phelps and John Phelps David Steckler and Carol OCallaghan Marla Ottenstein and Yvette Carballo Matt Mendenhall, Donna Feinsmith and Mark Gabel Jason Abidin, Barbara Seyez, Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi and Jim Henderson Jeff Ahren, Georgia Hiller, Nancy Randall and Logan Meester Mitch Williams and Sandi Williams Laura James, Vonna Waeckerle and Amber Phillips Karynn Cavero and Brad Galbraith Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi and Dennis Linguidi

PAGE 48 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB8 BUSINESS WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 At Central Bank, we value the relationships that we build with our customers and the communities that we serve. Were proud to be part of the SW Florida community and to provide the highest-level of service and innovative nancial products for all of your banking needs. Stop in to Central Bank to enjoy a greater level of service and convenience today! 1520 Royal Palm Square Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33919239.274.19004099 Tamiami Trl N, Suite 100 Naples, Florida 34103239.430.2500 Proudly Serving Southwest Florida Equal Housing Lender NETWORKINGThe Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce expo at the MarriottLike us on / NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events t han we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY Nicole Partin Nancy Pelotte and MJ Scarpelli Kody Wilson and Donna Beckett Elizabeth Carrington and Nancy Carrington Brian Sweeney and Brian Gilmore Lorenzo Williams and Janelle Jusino John Harris and Leo Rodriguez Deanna Fitzgerald and Brittney Thoman Joanie Worsdale and Barbara Malloy Al Schettino and Joe Granda Dianna Dohm Mary Lou Von Der Lancken, Steven Sanderson and Elizabeth Morano


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 BUSINESS B9 Your local hometown hero BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY 4089 Tamiami TR. N., Suite A203 Naples, FL 34103 239-261-0428 Insurance.BBT.comA btnb frfrf nf, f f tnf nfr f f fr Our experienced, friendly insurance professionals will advise and recommend protection for your specic insurance needs. For experienced, local insurance advice talk to BB&T Oswald Trippe and Company today. 2013 Branch Banking and Trust Company. NETWORKINGCypress Trust Company hosts open houseLike us on / NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events t han we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ CHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLY Bob Stommel and Bill Pearson David Ciganek, Kathy Ciganek and John Clough Colleen Murphy and Jay Spiller Carl Westman and Candy Westman with Bill Helmly Massimo Santicchia, Kenny Goodman and Patrick Dillon Jay Spiller, Amy Dalen and Bill Clements Brian Skarbek, Barbara Hassett and Adam Kerlek Robert Kleinknecht and Kathy Kleinknecht


Call 866.600.6008 from your smartphone and enter the code for our mobile brochure. Coldwell Banker Delivers Instantly! ColdwellBankerFLORIDAMOVES .COM Naples, Pine Ridge $1,299,000 5/4.5 Lois Kluberdanz 239-263-3300 MLS#214011497 95451 Naples, Naples Bay Resort $699,000 2/2 Sharon & Art David, P.A. 239-262-7131 MLS#210016101 80128 Bonita Springs $577,500 3/2 Michael Landino 239-992-0059 MLS#214017890 79688 Naples, Park Shore $799,999 3/2.5 Becky Mato 239-263-3300 MLS#213025051 79865 Naples, Pelican Marsh $649,000 3/3 Yochi Melnick 239-269-6527 MLS#214012778 55993 Open Sun 1-4PM 1961 Timarron Way Naples, Pelican Bay $524,000 2/2.5 Judy Hansen 239-262-7131 MLS#213507519 55900 Fort Myers $550,000 4/3.5 Mike Reeves 239-992-0059 MLS#214018749 79720 Naples, Naples Park $537,000 3/2.5 Robert Mooreeld 239-263-3300 MLS#213511366 73178 #YourHomeDiscover your dream home! Choose from hundreds of open houses April Naples, Quail West $2,675,000 Desirable Wide Lake Views! Lots of detail/style. 5985 sq. ft. 4BR/Den/Exercise Room/5.5 BAs. Pool/spa, 4+garage. Kathie Soller 239-262-7131 MLS#214019372 95426 Yes, you can buy peace of mind! Contact a local Coldwell Banker associate. Administered by American Home Shield Nothing contained herein is intended to create an employment relationship. Any afliation by you with the Company is intended to be that of an independent contractor licensed real estate sales associate. The property information herein is derived from various sources that may include, but not be limited to, county records and the Multiple Listing Service and it may include approximations. Although the information is believed to be accurate, it is not warranted and you should not rely upon it without personal verication. 2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International, the Previews International logo and Dedicated to Luxury Real Estate are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Naples, Talis Park $1,495,000 3/3.5 Kathie Soller 239-262-7131 MLS#213504183 55953 Naples, Pine Ridge $829,000 4/3 Lois Kluberdanz 239-263-3300 MLS#213020212 95465


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRYREAL ESTATE B11 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014House Hunting:Exquisite architectural details and the highest quality appointments define this custom-built, 7,000-square-foot estate home in Mediterra. The cream palette punctuates the rich dark wood cabinetry, doors, wood coffered ceilings and warm tone travertine/onyx and hardwood flooring. The family room opens seamlessly to the loggia and beyond to outdoor spaces highlighted by a summer kitchen, fireplace, saltwater pool, spa and fountains bordered by stately Italian cypress trees and manicured gardens. For the ultimate in entertaining ease, the chefs kitchen has a walk-in catering pantry and the formal dining room has an adjoining butlers pantry. The master wing includes an office, private lounge area with morning bar and his-and-hers spa baths. A winding staircase leads to two loft bedrooms with balcony. Among the many other amenities are electric screens on the loggia, Andersen impact windows and doors and a five-bay garage. This property is listed for $3.975 million. For more information or to arrange a showing, contact Emily K. Bua or Tade Bua-Bell at John R. Wood Properties by calling 595-0097. COURTESY PHOTOSSales have reached 97 percent for The Strada residences at Mercato, with 89 of the upscale enclaves 92 total homes sold. Modeled after the European approach to living with residential over retail, The Strada, overlooking Mercatos tree-lined main street, provides a walkable lifestyle in a familyand pet-friendly community. Premier Sothebys International Realty is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for the residences. For a limited time, purchase of the remaining three-bedroom residences includes a social membership at the nearby LaPlaya Beach & Golf Club, with private dining club, spa, fitness center,Three models remain available at The Strada at Mercato 29080 Teramo Way Mediterra SEE STRADA, B29 COURTESY PHOTOResidences in The Strada occupy the floors above the retail stores and restaurants of Mercato. SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________ Rental DivisionSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.239.262.4242 | 800.749.7368 NAPLES FORT MYERS, ESTERO & BONITA SPRINGS Port Royal4BR/4.5BA pool home with theater room. Unfurnished. $14,000Bonita Bay | Vistas2BR/3BA+den 4th oor condominium. Stunning views and amenities. Unfurnished. $2,000Pelican Bay | St. Pierre2BR/2BA 19th oor condominium with spectacular views. Furnished. $3,250Tarpon Bay | Cayman2BR/2BA+den residence with 2 car garage and tile throughout. Furnished. $2,000Meadows of Estero3BR/3BA coach home with 2 car garage, 2,875 sq ft and 2nd oor views with privacy. Unfurnished. $1,700The Moorings | Lausanne3BR/3BA stunning beachfront condominium. Remodeled in 2012. Unfurnished. $3,650Bonita Bay | Woodlake3BR/2.5BA + den remodeled estate home with pool and golf course views. Unfurnished. $4,900Royal Harbor3BR/3.5BA + den luxurious pool home on canal with boat dock and lift. Furnished. $7,200Stonebridge | Carrington2BR/2BA ground oor condominium with country club amenities. Available 4/15/14. Furnished. $1,500Bonita Bay | Woodlake3BR/3BA+den exquisite pool home with dynamic views of golf course. Furnished. $4,500Estero | Fountain Lakes3BR/2BA pool home. Amenities include tness center and tennis courts. Furnished. $2,000Old Naples5BR/3.5BA 2 story home, close to 5th Avenue South and beaches. Unfurnished. $7,500Bonita Bay | Oak Knoll3BR/3BA+den exceptional pool home on tropical stocked lake. Furnished. $6,250Pelican Marsh | Clermont2BR/2BA+den residence with garage, tile/wood ooring and plantation shutters. Unfurnished. $2,000Downtown Naples2BR/2.5BA+den 3rd oor condominium right on 5th Avenue South. Cambier Park views, rooftop pool.. Furnished. $2,800Park Shore | Park Plaza2BR/2BA 17th oor condominium on Park Shore beach. Unfurnished. $5,200


Over 97,000 Agents Strong in North America! Naples 239.449.1000 KELLER WILLIAMS Realty NAPLES Office: 239-449-1000 Fax: NAPLES Mediterra MLS# 214011044 $2,290,000 3 Bed + Den/4 Bath Ann Willis ( 239) 229-1442 Mark Benson (230) 593-7800 NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 214018053 $1,075,000 4 Bed/ 6 Bath Sally Masters (239)253-1579 Gold Course View NAPLES Carlton Lakes MLS# 214019998 $289,900 3 Bed/ 2 Bath John Steinbach (239) 289-0095 Awesome Water View BONITA SPRINGS Bonita Bay MLS# 212006433 $1,999,000 4 Bed/ 4 Bath High Rise Views of South West Florida Coastline NAPLES Park Shore MLS# 212034902 $1,195,000 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Townhouse Brand New Renovations NAPLES Park Shore MLS# 213504264 $800,000 2 + Den/ 2 Bath High Rise Spectacular Views of the Gulf and Pool NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 212033613 $749,000 3 Bed/ 4 Bath Low Rise Wide Views of Lake and Golf Course NAPLES Tiburon MLS# 213502933 $715,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Penthouse Condo With Waterfall View NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 213001053 $649,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Completely Renovated NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 212032165 $599,000 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Single Family Double Fairway Views NAPLES Golden Gate Estates MLS# 213503798 $554,900 4 Bed/ 4 Bath Single Family Over 5 Acre Lot Including Lake NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 214008396 $549,900 3 Bed + Den/ 3 Bath Low Rise Private Elevator NAPLES River Reach MLS# 214001072 $549,000 4 Bed + Den/ 3 Bath Single Family Double Corner Lot With Huge Side Yard BONITA SPRINGS Windsong MLS# 213023728 $515,000 2 Bed/ 2 Bath High Rise Renovated Penthouse NAPLES Naples Park MLS# 213015157 $499,900 4 Bed/ 3 Bath Single Family Pre-Construction Home NAPLES Heritage Bay MLS# 213501146 $499,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Upgraded Kitchen NAPLES Laurel Lakes MLS# 214015219 $474,000 5 Bed/ 3 Bath Single Family Spacious Corner Lot NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 213020563 $469,000 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Low rise Lanai With Views of Lake and Golf Course NAPLES Naples Bay Resort MLS# 212034464 $449,000 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Overlooks Canal and Marina MARCO ISLAND Marco Beach MLS# 214010115 $439,000 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Private Deeded Boat Dock and Lift


KELLER WILLIAMS Realty NAPLES Office: 239-449-1000 Fax: HEADER HEADER Contact one of our experienced agents today for all of your buying and selling needs. NAPLES Lely Resort MLS# 214005735 $435,900 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Villa Attached Bountiful Upgrades BONITA SPRINGS Spanish Wells MLS# 214016287 $415,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Excellent Location NAPLES Naples Park MLS# 213015148 $399,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Pre-Construction Home NAPLES Berkshire Lakes MLS# 214018960 $393,500 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Low Annual Dues NAPLES Vineyards MLS# 214021014 $349,000 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Private Pool Villa BONITA SPRINGS Spanish Wells MLS# 213506385 $348,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Wonderful Golf Course Home NAPLES Madison Park MLS# 213513408 $329,900 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Location Backs Up to the Preserve NAPLES Golden Gate Estates MLS# 214011320 $329,900 4 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Remodeled with High End Designer Finishes BONITA SPRINGS Vasari MLS# 214016965 $309,900 3 Bed/ 3 Bath Low Rise Brand New Appliances NAPLES Lely Resort MLS# 214019704 $299,000 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Villa Attached Beautifully Renovated NAPLES Crowne Point MLS# 213017514 $289,220 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Light and Bright with a Water View BONITA SPRINGS Spanish Wells MLS# 214020632 $289,900 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Western Exposure Overlooking Fairways NAPLES Bridgewater Bay MLS# 213512865 $277,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Split Bedroom Coach Home NAPLES The Strand MLS# 213500810 $262,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Overlooks Golf Course MARCO ISLAND Marco Beach MLS# 214010298 $259,900 2 Bed/ 2 Bath Low Rise Great View of the Pool NAPLES Berkshire Lakes MLS# 214021184 $255,000 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Single Family Updated Kitchen MARCO ISLAND Marco Beach MLS# 214001511 $245,900 2 Bed/ 3 Bath Low Rise Great Location on Southern Tip of Marco Island NAPLES Whippoorwhil MLS# 214010060 $249,000 2 Bed/ 3 Bath Low Rise Location Cannot be BeatARMAND PROCACCI239-494-2100 aprocacci1@comcast.netCJ HENDERSON239-216-1120 cj@naplespropertiesteam.comEDWARD LORENZINI239-839-6765 ealsr51@gmail.comJENNIFER BONAMARTE239-595-5015 jbonamarte@gmail.comMELANIE NERO239-450-6611 melanienero1@gmail.comSALLY MASTERS239-253-1579 Now in 12 Countries Worldwide and Growing! Over 100 LOCAL and EXPERIENCED agents to serve your real estate needs! Naples 239.449.1000


No Application Fee! Call Today (800) 3511 Vanderbilt Beach Rd Naples, FL 34109 Professionally Managed By Active Senior Living We welcome our residents with two legs and four.At Sandalwood Village, we know that your pets are your family, and that you will only live where they are welcome too. Thats why we have established a pet-friendly policy. From our outdoor recreational walking paths to our indoor clubhouse and community room, your pets are encouraged to enjoy all the amenities that Sandalwood Village has to offer. So go ahead and tell your kitty or pooch about their new home at Sandalwood. Pets are welcome.* Temp Leasing Ofce: 141532534109 *Restrictions apply. ving OPEN EARLY 2015NOW PRE-LEASING! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB14 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Design center welcomes celebrity interior designer Carleton VarneyInterior designer Carleton Varney, the president/owner of Dorothy Draper & Co. Inc. in New York City, comes to Miromar Design Center for a program at 11 a.m. Thursday, April 10. In a program titled Once Upon A Time, Mr. Varney will reflect on his four-decade career in the interior design industry, reminiscing through his archive and sharing anecdotes about his decorating experiences with celebrity clients including Joan Crawford, Ethel Merman and Polly Bergen. He will also offer advice on how to achieve his signature look of grand manor elegance. Copies of Mr. Varneys newest book, Decorating in the Grand Manor: A Design Memoir will be available for purchase, and the designer will sign copies for guests. Guests will also be welcome to see Mr. Varneys newest fabric collection at MP Interiors in the design center. Tickets for $15 are available at www. Proceeds will benefit Golisano Childrens Hospital. For more information, visit the website or call 390-8209. Above: Through his design philosophy that stresses the use of bright colors and the rejection of all that is impractical, uncomfortable and drab, Carleton Varney continues the tradition of Dorothy Draper, a doyenne of interior design in the United States from the 1920s to the 1960s. Mr. Varney is the president/owner of Dorothy Draper & Co. in New York City. Right: Carleton Varney at Dorothy Draper & Co. Custom-built 3BR/3BA pool residence with boat lift and direct Gulf access via Wiggins Pass. Where Real Estates A Breeze and 1.5 miles from the beach and low fees. www.JackiStrategos.comJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro239-370-1222JStrategos@att.netRichard Droste Immaculate water indirect home. Quick out to Gulf. Desired south end and a beautiful street surrounded by lovely homes. Large pool and gorgeous lanai. DOCK/LIFT421 Pheasant Court $597,000Own the viewstunning direct southern exposure with endless Gulf views as a backdrop. 3BR/2BA end unit. Close to beach and great complex amenities. Must see. GATED COMMUNITYDela Park Place $599,000Delightful 2BR/2BA rst- oor condo located on a choice street. Close to exciting Esplanade. Amazing amenities. Hurricane shutters. Offered furnished turnkey. NEW TO MARKETSmokehouse Bay Club $175,000


Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club brings together in one luxurious setting a 700 acre freshwater lake, three miles of private white sandy beach and signature championship golf. It also brings together a community of people from all over the world who desire an exceptional lifestyle from sunrise to sunset. Miromar Lakes has exceeded all of our expectations, said resident Dr. Daniel Dries. My wife Mary Jo and I could have lived anywhere. Im so glad that we bought at Miromar Lakes. It truly is the leader for luxury and amenities, but people who live here are also the most outstanding group of quality, fun loving, energetic and friendly people we have ever met! We wouldnt want to live anywhere else. I love every minute here, from morning coffee on the beach to magnicent sunsets its magical. The entire Miromar Lakes community is a meeting place for those who really enjoy life! said New York native Barbara Heine. Unsurpassed lifestyle amenities make Miromar Lakes a community like no other in southwest Florida. Water-skiers test their skills on the 700-acre freshwater lake, others relax in dreamy white luxury cabanas on three miles of sandy beach, and kayakers paddle across the clear blue water. Some begin the day with a little pampering and a luxurious treatment at the European-style spa, or a round of golf. As the sun sets, the waterfront is alive. Friends gather at the Blue Water Beach Grill, couples enjoy romantic beachside dinners; live music and laughter ll the air. Miromar Lakes dynamic, vibrant lifestyle wins the accolades of its residents. We have a boat here on the lake, belong to the Golf Club, we have dinners at the Blue Water Beach Grill, and enjoy the beach. Living here makes me not want to ever go away on vacation! said Martin Wolfson and his wife Janice. Miromar Lakes is the only Florida community in the 33 year history of the National Association of Home Builders awards (NAHB) to win the Gold Award for #1 Community in the United States and #1 Clubhouse. The uniquely designed and exquisitely furnished Beach Clubhouse is comfortably luxurious, perfect for an evening of dancing and gourmet dining or a wine pairing in the outdoor courtyard. The Blue Water Beach Grill is always a hot-spot full of energy, entertainment, great food and good times! The beachside open-air From sunrise to sunset Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club exceeds expectations!Exceptional Living Al fresco dining on the waterfront at the Beach Clubhouse. Miromar Lakes European-style water-taxi. Fine dining in the outdoor courtyard at the Beach Clubhouse. Residents water ski on Miromar Lakes calm, clear water. Golf at Southwest Floridas only Arthur Hills Signature Championship Golf Course. Fish at sunrise from your private backyard dock. A full service salon and spa offers the ultimate in relaxation.pavilion has panoramic lake views and boat docks. Youll see residents boat from their backyard across the lake to join neighbors for a waterside lunch or dinner. The award-winning Beach Club also includes a European Spa with full service salon, Fitness Center, 7 Har-Tru Tennis Courts and Marine and Concierge Services. At the Marina on the Peninsula a picturesque thoroughfare includes a parterre garden, regulation bocce courts, tness stations, boat slips, and pavilions for entertaining. A European style water-taxi service shuttles residents between the new marina and the Beach Club. And within Miromar Lakes is Southwest Floridas only Arthur Hills Signature Championship golf course and an award-winning Golf Clubhouse. Miromar Lakes has everything we want for our lifestyle, said Andy and Pam Visinski who moved from Longboat Key for the waterfront living at Miromar Lakes. We water-ski nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. We can be on the lake, go to the terric restaurants here and use the beautiful beach club amenities. And the staff is wonderful. It is perfect, just perfect in every way. We are where you want to be ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATION OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, M AKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DE VELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. This is not intended to be an offering or solicitation of sale in any jurisdiction where the development is not registered in accordance with applicable law or where such offering or solicitation would otherwise be prohibited by law. Prices, plans, artists renderings, photos, land uses, dime nsions, specications, improvements, materials, amenities and availability are subject to change without notice. Copyright 2014, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Lakes is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. New construction homes are available from the $500s to over $5,000,000.04091014-0876


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME.RoyalShellSales.com239.261.9101 Florida: Bonita Springs, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Naples, Ocala, Sanibel and Captiva Islands North Carolina: Cashiers, Franklin, Highlands, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire Valley


any right, title, interest or otherwise to use all planned Club facilities, but rather an opportunity to join, subject to the payment of assessments, fees and applicable regulations. Development and construction of these facilities is contingent upon receipt of all applicable governmental permits and approvals. All club facilities and the private golf courses as presently proposed are not constructed nor will all proposed facilities be located within the property encompassed in the Fiddlers Creek PUD. Development and construction of these facilities is contingent upon receipt of all applicable governmental permits and approvals. Gulf Bay Homes Ltd, Fiddlers Residential, LLC, Fiddlers Creek Realty, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker. ORAL REPRESENTA TIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER, BROKER OR SELLER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATION S, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND, IF APPLICABLE, THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY FLORIDA LAW TO BE FURNISHED TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. All features, amenities, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Ownership of property within Fiddlers Creek does not entitle an Owner to EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY P P P reC onstruction from th e r r r e e C C o o n n n s s t t r r r u u c c t t i i o o o n n n f f r r r o o m m m t t h h e e $ 30 0 $ $ $ $ 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 s s s 2 2 2 2 20 20 20 2 20 20 2 2 2 20 20 20 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 20 0 0 0 0 20 20 0 0 0 20 0 20 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 20 0 2 2 0 20 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 06 06 06 06 06 06 6 6 06 06 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 06 06 6 6 6 6 6 6 06 0 0 0 6 06 0 06 6 6 6 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 01 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2006 201 4 Sonoma Offered by Lennar Homes 3157 Aviamar Cr #2912 3BR/2BA 1,741 A/C Sq. Ft. $286,655 Millbrook Of fer ed by Lennar Homes 2990 Aviamar Circle 2BR/2.5BA 1,850 A/C Sq. Ft. $429,990 Runaway Bay Offer ed by Lennar Homes 3421 Runaway Lane 4BR/3BA+ 3,542 A/C Sq. Ft. $849,917 Majorca Of fer ed by Stock 8592 Major ca Lane 3BR/3BA 2,719 A/C Sq. Ft. $899,990 Mahogany Bend Of fer ed by Stock 3768 Mahogany Bend Dr 4BR/4.5BA 3,525 A/C Sq. Ft. $1,229,715 Isla del Sol Of fer ed by Stock 3824 Isla del Sol W ay 4BR/4.5BA 3,597 A/C Sq. Ft. $1,573,230 Mulberry Row 7710 Mulberry Lane 3BR/3.5BA 3,025 A/C Sq. Ft. $845,000 Callista 2731 Aviamar Cir. #10-104 3BR/3BA 2,502 A/C Sq. Ft. $339,000 Marengo 3053 Aviamar Cir. #8-204 3BR/3.5BA 2,488 A/C Sq. Ft. $289,000 Serena 3195 Serenity Court #7-201 3BR/3BA 3,010 A/C Sq. Ft. $389,000 P P P l us l l u u s s ... . .. M ov e-in-Ready H o me s M M M M o o v v e e i i n n R R R e e a a a d d y y H H o o m m m e e s s d D ollar WINNER COMMUNITY CO CO MM MM UN UN IT IT Y Y COM O CO M O O T T OF THE O OF T T HE O O Y Y Y Y Y Y A A EA R EA A R R 2 2 2012 & 2013 20 20 12 12 & & 2 2 01 3 3 Fiddlers Creek Information Center: Open 7 days a week, 9am to 5:30pm 8152 Fiddlers Creek Pkwy., Naples, FL 34114 | (239) 732-9300 | CHIASSO by D.R. HortonFrom $541,990 plus lot premium MILLBROOK by Lennar From $342,990 plus lot premium RUNAWAY BAY by Lennar From $627,990 plus lot premium SONOMA by LennarFrom $281,990 MAJORCA by Stock From $659,990 plus homesite MAHOGANY BEND by Stock ISLA DEL SOL by Stock From $759,990 plus homesite From $979,990 plus homesiteFor a limited time Stock Signature Homes is offering $15,000 towards options & upgrades | $15,000 Social Membership included


The initial market response has been overwhelming and this extraordinary downtown address Another Ronto OpportunityORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECT STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS BY THE DEVELOPER, MAKE REFERENCE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTE, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BU YER OR LESSEE. Obtain the Property Report required by Federal law and read it before signing anything. No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property. Equal Housing Opportunity. Downtown Livingfrom the $500s to over $1M Now Accepting Reservations | GRAND OPENING | Pre-Construction plesSquare239.228.5800Sales Gallery Hours Monday Saturday 10am 6pm and Sunday 12pm 5pmLocated at 100 South Goodlette-Frank Road, NaplesFor best selection and pricing visit our Sales Gallery today! Prized Downtown Location Providing a Walkable Lifestyle 7 Open-Concept Floorplans One and Two Story Residences Resort-Style Amenities Maintenance Free Living



PAGE 62 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB22 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 $7.995 million home underway by Borelli in Estuary at Grey Oaks SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYThe Georgetown, a West Indies-inspired, 10,000-square-foot residence by Borelli Homes, is under construction in the Estuary at Grey Oaks. Completion is expected by the end of the year. The two-story design by Stofft Cooney Architects of Naples has six bedrooms and 7 baths, with 6,963 air-conditioned square feet on the first floor and 2,278 air-conditioned square feet on the second floor. There is a separate guesthouse. The ground-floor master suite has an exercise room and sitting area. The kitchen has Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, a walkin pantry, a china room and a wine cellar. There are formal living and dining rooms as well as a great room/family room, his-andhers studies and a game room with bar and wood flooring. A semicircular stairway with custom metal railings leads to the second floor with four bedrooms, four full baths, a playroom, utility room and laundry room. Balconies on both the front and back of the home have views of holes 10 and 11 of The Estuary Golf Course. The residence also offers an elevator, a full-house generator, a concrete-encased vault and a five-car garage with room for a golf cart and extra storage space. A breezeway connects to the 865-squarefoot guesthouse with a bedroom and full bath, kitchen, living room and laundry room. The Georgetowns outdoor living area, with retractable screens and shutters, has a summer kitchen, fireplace, lap pool and spa with lake and golf course views. Exterior design features include a concrete tile roof, decorative cypress wood corbels along the roofline, brick paver driveway and entry walks, and Andersen impact glass windows and doors. A number of environmentally friendly solutions are being used in building the home, including extensive LED lighting. In addition, natural gas is available for the appliances and pool and spa. At 1262 Gordon River Trail, the Georgetown model is priced at $7.995 million. The floor plan is available for purchase to build on another site in the Naples area. The Estuary is a joint venture between the Lutg ert Companies and Barron Collier Companies. Borelli Homes has been building in the Estuary since the communitys inception and has home sites available. The show home may be built on one of those lots or an owners lot of choice in another local community such as Port Royal, Pine Ridge or Pelican Bay. For more information, call Parker Borelli at 263-7900. New residences under construction at Grey Oaks SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY Three new villa models and three move-in ready residences are underway in Torino at Grey Oaks Country Club. With base prices beginning in the low $900,000s, the villas will feature interiors by Naples-based Design West. Completion is on target for later this quarter. The two-story Camargo, with 4,311 square feet under air, has four bedrooms plus den, 3 baths, formal living and dining rooms, an island kitchen with breakfast nook, family room and a loft. Optional features include an outdoor kitchen and an elevator. In addition to the first-floor master suite, one of the three upstairs bedrooms is designed a second master suite. The single-story Biella, with 3,738 square feet under air, has three bedrooms plus den, 3 baths, formal living and dining rooms, an island kitchen with breakfast area and a family room. A sitting area in the master suite overlooks the pool and outdoor living area. Options in the Biella include a wet bar off the den and an outdoor kitchen. A great room design with 3,032 square feet under air, the Arenas has three bedrooms plus den, 3 baths and a formal dining room. A summer kitchen is optional.Standard features and finishes in Torino at Grey Oaks include brick paver driveways and walkways, mahogany front doors, golf cart storage in the garage and outdoor living areas with paver decks, covered terraces and pools. Interior features include tall ceilings with custom detailing, 20-inch porcelain tile flooring in the main living areas, crown molding and 9-inch baseboards. The master baths have marble flooring and countertops, private water closets, soaking tubs and walk-in showers. The kitchens come with granite countertops and JennAir appliances.At build-out, Torino will have 54 residences. The 33 remaining home sites in Torino are being developed by Halstatt Partnership and CC Devco. The amenities at Grey Oaks Country Club are member-owned and debt-free. Grey Oaks is off Airport-Pulling Road just north of Golden Gate Parkway. Grey Oaks Realty is the exclusive sales and marketing representative of Grey Oaks Country Club. For residential opportunity information, call 2625557 or visit the sales center. For Grey Oaks Country Club membership information, call 262-5550. The communitys website is Completion of the Georgetown is anticipated by the end of the year. The two-story Camargo, with 4,311 square feet under air, is one of three new floor plans offered in the Villas of Torino at Grey Oaks Country Club. Charming Coastal Cottage 651 7th Street North, Old Naples Blocks from the Beach and 5th Ave South Fully-furnished, two-story home 3 bedr ooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3,551 A/C sq. ft. Featur es a study, family room, loft, and kitchen with a built-in desk, island, and walk-in pantr y Outdoor living area including pool and spa London Bay Homes is currently offering select homesites in the Naples downtown area and will also build on your homesite.Copyright 2014. CBC057242 London Bay Homes. Pricing, features, specications, products and availability are subject to change without notice. See a sales associate for complete and current information. LONDON BAY HOMES WELCOMES YOU TO TOUR THE SOUTHAMPTON and inquire about other custom home opportunities.PRIVATE LABEL LIVING FLORIDAS PREMIER LUXURY BUILDERFor more information, contact Toby Cloutier at 239-280-7367 or Visit our website at Monday Saturday 10 AM 5 PM Sunday 11 AM 5 PMOPEN HOUSEDAILY


26951 Country Club Drive in Bonita Springs 239.330.2272 | BonitaBayHighRises.comSky Homes from $1,272,000With only 3 residences available, time is of the essence. Now is your chance to live in a Tavira sky home in the luxurious, vibrant Bonita Bay. Enjoy natural splendor, spectacular views, Gulf of Mexico magic and the spare-no-amenity-lifestyle that Bonita Bay is known for.Tavira gives you the luxury of everything. Except time. ORAL REPRESENTATION CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY ST A TING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Sotheby's International Realty and the Sotheby's International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Prices subject to change without notice. Membership may be required for full use of select Bonita Bay amenities. OVER 97% SOLD


For directions and complete listings of all our models & communities please visit BLACK BEAR RIDGELot# 79 Montessa 3/2 2,293 sq.ft. $555,615FIDDLERS CREEKLot# 6 Scottsdale II 3/3 2,719 sq.ft. $899,990 Lot# 24 Ponte Vedra Grande 4/4.5 3,525 sq.ft. $1,219,715Lot# 31 Grand Calais II 4/4.5 2,293 sq.ft. $1,565,005 Furnished Model/Lease Back AvailableLELY RESORT ALDEN WOODSLot# 7-101 Montego 2/2+Den 1,657 sq.ft. $289,990LELY RESORT THE CLASSICSLot# 66 Muir eld III 4/3.5 3,255 sq.ft. $969,990Lot# 75 Majorca 4/4.5 4,064 sq.ft. $1,425,350LELY RESORT CORDOBALot# 6 Triana II 3/3.5+Den 2,213 sq.ft. $674,400 Furnished Model/Lease Back AvailableLELY RESORT LAKOYA PHASE ILot# 76 Jasmine II 3/3.5 2,876 sq.ft. $743,970Lot# 74 Orchid II 4/3.5 3,158 sq.ft. $788,315LELY RESORT OLUnit# 4405 San Fernando 2/2 1,227 sq.ft. $220,825Unit# 4403 Santa Isabella 2/2.5 1,520 sq.ft. $221,550Unit# 4404 San Benito 2/2 1,501 sq.ft. $249,010OLDE CYPRESS LANTANALot# 2 Tivoli III 3/3 2,062 sq.ft. $664,990 Furnished ModelLot# 72 Ruf no II 3/2.5 2,585 sq.ft. $676,420 Lot# 41 Orchid II 4/3.5 3,158 sq.ft. $793,140 PASEOUnit# 3503 San Clemente 2/2 1,404 sq.ft. $221,115Unit# 4602 San Monica 2/2.5 1,509 sq.ft. $239,585Unit# 3504 San Pablo B 3/2 1,774 sq.ft. $251,420QUAIL WESTLot# 34 EscalaMarlowe 4/4.5 3,239 sq.ft. $1,085,415Lot# 140 North LakeWindsor 4/4.5 4,155 sq.ft. $1,930,847 Furnished Model/Available for Immediate OccupancyLot# 50 Estate HomeCortona 4/4.5 4,139 sq.ft. $1,895,000Lot# J79 Estate HomeCapistrano 4/5.5 5,599 sq.ft. $3,495,000 Furnished Model/Lease Back AvailableTREVISO BAYLot# 2 PaviaMajorca Grande 4/4.5 4,207 sq.ft. $1,064,990 Choose your own optionsTWINEAGLESLot# 47 HedgestoneMuir eld IV 4/4.5 3,333 sq.ft. $942,490 Choose your own options!Lot# 31 WicklowGreenbriar II 3/4 2,949 sq.ft. $1,129,220 Furnished Model HOME advantage BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. STOCK Development | 2647 Professional Circle | Suite 1201 | Naples, FL 34119 | 239.592.7344 Join us this weekend and choose from a limited availability of quality-built and ready-to-move-in homes with end of season pricing. Brought to you by one of the best-selling developers in Southwest Florida. End-of-season inventory pricing


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 REAL ESTATE B25 You Could Win a New Car! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE CHANCE OF WINNING. Esplanade at Hacienda Lakes Free Car Giveaway promotion (the Promotion) is subject to the Ofcial Promotion Rules. Promotion is open to U.S. Legal Residents only who are at least 21 at time of entry as well as residents of the State of Florida at time of entry and meet all other eligibility requirements as dened in the Ofcial Promotion Rules. One (1) Grand Prize (the Prize) will be awarded to one (1) winner (Winner) who has registered for the drawing no later than 2:00pm at the Event located at Esplanade at Hacienda Lakes on April 12th, 2014, and include: One (1) new car with an APR of approximately $50,000 determined by Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc. (Sponsor). All included features subject to change without notice and determined by Sponsor. All other non-included features or upgrades shall be allowed only if permitted by Dealer and paid for by Prize Winner. Prize to be awarded to person to drawn as winner who then chooses the winning envelope from the drawing drum during the event and at the time of the Promotion, 2:00pm. By participation, entrant has agreed to being videotaped for verication of adherence to the Ofcial Promotion Rules. Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Additional rules apply and winning the Grand Prize is contingent upon fullling all requirements in the Ofcial Promotion Rules available (1) during regular business hours at CEA Marketing Group, 2233 Nursery Rd., Clearwater, FL 33764; (2) at the Event or (3) by contacting CEA Marketing Group at 727.523.8044. All rights reserved. Sponsor reserves the right to change/modify the details of the prize value, date of give away and number of winners. Sponsors decisions are nal. Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. All information (including, but not limited to prices, availability, incentives, Floor plans, site plans, features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists renderings and community development plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change or delay without notice. Maps and plans are not to scale and all dimensions are approximate. Please see a Taylor Morrison Sales Associate for details and visit www.taylormorrison. com for additional disclaimers. April, 2014, Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc. All rights reserved. (FW)AN INSPIRED LIVING EXPERIENCE FROM AT HACIENDA LAKES Join us on Saturday, April 12th, from noon 3pm, for a backyard BBQ to celebrate the grand opening of our newest community, Esplanade at Hacienda Lakes. Bring the family and enjoy kid-friendly activities, music and prize giveaways all while touring our six new beautifully appointed model homes. Grand Opening Event NewSOMETHINGBARBECUEDirections: From I-75, take exit 101 (Collier Boulevard). Head south approximately 3 miles and take a left at Rattlesnake Hammock Road. Community entrance will be on the right.Introducing a new gated community located near downtown Naples, upscale shopping and dining, cultural attractions, and beautiful Marco Island and Gulf beaches. Drawing architectural inspiration from award-winning Taylor Morrison designs, these homes include spacious open plans with luxurious features such as spa-like master baths and dream kitchens for every chef. The amenities are planned to include a resort-style pool and spa, tness center, sports courts, re pit, tot lot, dog park and much more. Resort-Style Living from the low $300s. w ntown on s, a nd Hurry!This premier Naples location is in high demandLocated on the east side of Collier Blvd off Rattlesnake Hammock Road Naples, FL 34114 GRAND OPENING EVENTSaturday, April 12th | 12 3pmESPLANADEATHACIENDALAKES.COM | 239.249.5844 House Hunting:2240 Imperial Golf Course Blvd., Imperial Golf EstatesWith more than 3,100 square feet of light and bright living, this beautifully updated pool home nestles on an oversized lot overlooking the 18th tee and fairway of Imperial Golf Club. Formal living and dining spaces that open to the lanai play to the entertainer in you, while the family room, breakfast area and open kitchen cater to quality family time. Upgrades include 20-inch tile floors, granite-topped vanities, Kohler fixtures, new stainless appliances and new double-pane Pella windows and sliders. The four-bedroom, three-bath split-bedroom design ensure privacy for family members and guests. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliders from several access points open onto the lanai where a fiberglass pool takes center stage among a summer kitchen, an outdoor shower and a covered eating area. Electric storm shutters, new air-conditioning unit and an alarm system add peace of mind. This property is listed for $679,000 by Alysia Shivers of John R. Wood Properties. For more information or to arrange a showing, call 877-9732.


THE NEW WAVE IN LUXURY WATERFRONT LIVING At Pelican Isle NEW MODELS OPEN HOUSE DAILY EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY A boutique tower condominium unlike any other, AQUA offers its fortunate residents the ultimate in waterfront living. With only 48 residences, you are assured a sense of privacy. Brand-new three and four-bedroom plans combine Amenities include boat slips for purchase with direct gulf access, a resort-style pool, state-of-the-art movie theater, Sky Lounge with expansive rooftop terrace, and so much more. All in the heart of Naples and the consummate lifestyle this world-class destination has to offer. Come for a visit. Stay forever.Values From $1,250,000 Spacious Residences From 3,500 to 5,500 Sq. Ft. of Living Area Visit Today To Experience Luxury At Its FinestOffered Exclusively by PACT Realty 13675 Vanderbilt Dr. at Wiggins Pass Rd. | Naples, FL 34110 |(239) 591-2727 MON-SAT, 10am-5pm SUN, Noon to 5pm | www.aqua-naples.comORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, M AKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. MAGNIFICENT 4BR/3.5BA with 3-car garage! Stunning open oor plan offers plenty of room to entertain family and friends. Updates throughout this meticulously-maintained home, newer A/C, complete hurricane protection, private pool and more. $549,500. ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIES Serving North Naples and the Surrounding Area Joanne Ciesielski 239.287.6732 Brian Carey 239.370.8687 OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY View tour with smartphone, scan... GREAT LOCATION OAKMONT 3BR/2.5BA+DEN! Light and bright single-family home offers an open oor plan, tile in living areas, built-in entertainment center, newer A/C, freshly painted interior, planation shutters, private pool with lake views; just steps from the amenity center. $379,999. View tour with smartphone, scan... Gorgeous 3BR/2BA, 2-car attached garage MELROSE GARDENS (BERKSHIRE LAKES) villa! Pristine; updated throughout. Totally renovated kitchen with new cabinetry, newer stainless appliances, granite counters and marble backsplash; all living areas boast 20 diagonal tile. View tour with smartphone, scan... VILLAGE WALK NAPLESRENOVATED! REFRESHED! READY TO GO! Better than brand new! Why wait for new construction when you can live in the original Village Walk in North Naples. Capri Model has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 2-car garage. Projects just completed include: new A/C unit, all appliances are brand new, granite in kitchen with new backsplash, crown molding, entire inside and outside of home repainted, new hot water heater, new wood oor in great room, granite and new sinks and toilets in the bathrooms, garage repainted and more. This home is clean, fresh and ready for a quick closing too! Middle of community locationnot near any road noise. Asking $314,900


Prices and availability subject to change without prior 239-353-1920 | 800-749-1501 | 75 Vineyards Boulevard, Naples, FL 34119 Ask about our new No Initiation Fee Introductory Membership 239-353-1500 | VineyardsCountryClub.netPlease follow us on With less than 30 homesites remaining, your chance to own the home of your dreams at Vineyards is fading fast. 3 new oor plans with endless designs to choose from. Single-family home too big? Try one of our coach homes at Avellino Isles or spacious condominiums at Vista Pointe. Plus, with every new home comes a wonderful array of amenities and services, the likes of which you wont nd elsewhere. Also included with every new home is a free full lifetime golf membership.Enduring. Luxury. Home. Values.Vineyards Priced from the $400s Vista PointePriced from the $600s Avellino IslesPriced from $1.6 Million Venezia Grande EstatesPriced from the $800s Hammock Isles Wi th less than 30 homesites rema in in g, y ou r ch an ce t o ow th ho me f d Lets check it out together. The only new-home community with all of the above!Exceptional PricingAll-Inclusive HomesFree Golf MembershipNo Club Assessments No Debt No CDDGreat LocationHoney,A NEW Home at Vineyards includes all of this: F F F F N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N A A A G G G G G 239-404-8222 ROBYN PFISTER GRIFFIN AQUALANE SHORES 1910 4th Street S. $3,950,000 CAP FERRAT PELICAN BAY 6597 Nicholas Blvd., #1701 $3,150,000 MOORINGS 725 Ketch Drive $2,895,000 MOORINGS 600 Putter Point Place $2,195,000BRITTANY PARK SHORE 4021 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., #1106 $2,295,000




NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 B29 Both of our championship golf courses are Tour quality.Even better, so are our superb new Minto homes.minto creates better places to inspire life See new home professional for details. Minto Communities, LLC 2014. All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced, copied, altered, distributed, stored or transferred in any form or by any means without express written permission. Artists renderings, dimensions, speci cations, prices and features are approximate and subject to change without notice. Minto, the Minto logo, TwinEagles and the TwinEagles logo are trademarks of Minto Communities, LLC and/or its a liates. CGC 1519880. 4/2014For location, hours of operation and further details about our awardwinning communities throughout Florida, visit New Minto Single-Family Estate Homes from the low $500s to over $1 million. Golf Membership Initiation Fee IncludedIn an area famous for extraordinary golf communities, one stands out. TwinEagles boasts not just one championship course named Best New Private Course in America by Golf Magazine but two 18-hole, tour-quality courses. Golf membership initiation fee is included in your Minto home purchase and, best of all, limited memberships mean securing preferred tee times is a breeze. Home base to all the action is the spectacular 47,000-square foot country club lavished with every imaginable amenity. Within minutes of home you will find the endless cultural allures that make the Naples lifestyle so enviable. Within TwinEagles you will find magnificent Minto residences that offer you astonishing beauty, fine craftsmanship, and incomparable Minto value.Two new furnished models now open!(877) 467-6091 ~ Located off I-75/exit 111 on Immokalee Rd. East in NaplesNo CDD fees!Unlike other communities, TwinEagles does not burden you with Community Development District (CDD) fees, which saves you thousands of dollars during your home ownership. Welcome to Minto at Talon course voted #1 in the Naples Daily News Dream 18 Series of Golf Holes. several pools, cabanas and a tiki bar. Social memberships also include specific golf privileges at the clubs golf resort, rated the top Florida Golf Course Resort by Conde Nast Traveler for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. Two furnished models are available for viewing, and a third model will be ready at the end of April. The three available residences range from 2,101 square feet to 2,418 square feet. Each has three bedrooms and three baths. Model 5502, priced at $1.199 million, has 2,101 square feet and an interior by LeeAnn Salvato of International Design Source. I wanted this unit to be chic, yet inviting, since Mercato is such a vibrant and sophisticated area, Ms. Salvato says. I kept the color palette neutral, using gold and cream tones with touches of black and aqua accents, which creates a very soothing atmosphere. Priced at $1.260 million, Model 5514 has 2,283 square feet and is designed by Charlie Hansen and Rebekah EtrettPilosky of Clive Daniel Home. Model 7510, the final model in The Strada at Mercato, is underway. Interior design is by Clive Daniel Homes. Steve and Debbi Grimaldi purchased their home in The Strado two years before completion and live there with their dog, Shadow. They chose a two-bedroom plan and designed the second bedroom as an office. Weve been here for more than four years now, and I have to say, its all as promised and more, Mr. Grimaldi says. We ride our bikes even more than we expected, and we still take a picnic dinner down to the beach at least once a month for sunset. Each residence at The Strada includes secured parking, private rooftop club with a clubhouse, fitness center, 52-foot heated pool with waterfall, spa, gas grills, fire pit and resort lounge seating. The Strada at Mercatos strong sales have been complemented by the ongoing success of Mercatos retail division, with new tenants such as Pr etty Women, a clothing and accessories shop owned by Michael and Beckie Lapidus. Also new to the retail roster at Mercato are Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, Yoga Loft, 345 CaffItaliano, Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, and Cavo, a Rocky Patel partnership offering small plate dining in a lounge-style setting. These new retailers, along with perennial favorites Silverspot Cinemas, Whole Foods Market and Venture X, add to the cosmopolitan lifestyle where it is possible to live, work and play within walking distance of home. For more information, call 594-9400 or visit STRADAFrom page 1COURTESY PHOTOModel 5502, priced at $1.199 million, has 2,101 square feet and interior desing by LeeAnn Salvato of International Design Source. The rooftop at The Strada has a 52-foot pool and a private clubroom and fitness center. Fifth Avenue South hosts its first-ever Real Estate & Broker Open House from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, April 10, in conjunction with the monthly Evening on Fifth event. The avenues commercial and residential real estate agents and property owners/managers will hold open houses to showcase the areas boutique retail and office opportunities. Refreshments will be served at the following locations: Aadvisor Rentals, 485 Fifth Ave. S.; Amerivest Realty, 478 Fifth Ave. S.; Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, 621 Fifth Ave. S.; Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, 550 Fifth Ave. S.; Engel & Volkers-Olde Naples, 837 Fifth Ave. S.; John R. Wood, 787 and 824 Fifth Ave. S.; Keating Associates, 850 Fifth Ave. S.; Olde Naples Real Estate, 536 Park St.; RE/MAX Affinity, 821 Fifth Ave. S.; Royal Properties, 400 Fifth Ave. S.; Royal Shell Real Estate, 601 and 589 Fifth Ave. S.; Selling SWF, 300 Fifth Ave. S., Ste. 213; and Tropics Real Estate, 539 Fifth Ave. S. The following office/retail locations will be available to view: 400 Fifth Ave. S., upper story office suites (Royal Properties/Clemens Wirschke); and 375 Fifth Ave. S., first floor office/retail and second floor office (Courtelis Company). Evening on Fifth adds real-estate angle

PAGE 70 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB30 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$100,0001 WORTHINGTON COUNTRY CLUB 13630 Worthington Way #1805 $108,000 Premier Sothebys International Realty Ryan Batey 239.287.9159>$200,0002 NAPLES LAKE COUNTRY CLUB 4695 Winged Foot Court $299,000 PSIR Susan Payne 239.777.7209>$300,0003 FIDDLERS CREEK LAGUNA 9292 Belle Court #102 $334,900 PSIR Maureen Joyce 239.784.12884 FOREST GLEN 3902 Loblolly Bay Drive #202 $339,000 PSIR Jesse Moreno 239.405.0065>$400,0005 THE STRAND 6069 Ashford Lane #704 $425,000 PSIR Jutta V. Lopez 239.571.53396 OLD NAPLES BAYFRONT 401 Bayfront Place #3207 $450,000 PSIR Cynthia Corogin 239.963.55617 WATERFRONT IN NAPLES 2174 Anchorage Lane $459,900 PSIR Linda Ohler 239.404.6460>$500,0008 THE BROOKS SHADOW WOOD TAMARIND TRACE 23227 Foxberry Lane $565,000 PSIR Cathy Lieberman/ Cindy Reiff 239.777.24419 THE MOORINGS ORLEANS 383 Harbour Drive #107 $599,000 PSIR Angela Allen 239.825.8494>$600,00010 ESTERO RIVER HEIGHTS 4931 Riverside Drive $625,000 PSIR Michael Patton 239.994.777011 PARK SHORE SURFSEDGE 4001 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #805 $699,000 PSIR Janice Fonda 402.208.2276>$700,00012 IMPERIAL RIVER 27548 Bayshore Drive $745,000 PSIR Suzanne Ring 239.821.755013 VILLAGES OF MONTEREY 7641 Ponte Verde Way $799,500 PSIR Ann Renner 23 9.784.5555>$800,00014 KENSINGTON 5286 Kensington High Street $859,000 PSIR Fahada Saad 239.595.850015 THE DUNES GRANDE PRESERVE 280 Grande Way From $875,000 PSIR Call 239.594.1700 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm 16 VANDERBILT BEACH CONNORS 128 Heron Avenue $895,000 PSIR Jon Vollmer 239.250.9414>$900,00017 PELICAN BAY ST. ANDREWS 708 Heathery Lane $949,000 PSIR Jutta V. Lopez 239.571.5339 Open 2-4pm>$1,000,00018 MERCATO THE STRADA 9123 Strada Place From $1,000,000 PSIR Call 239.594.9400 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm & Sunday 12-8pm19 OLD NAPLES 601 7th Avenue South $1,139,000 PSIR Richard Culp 239.290.220020 OLDE NAPLES SEAPORT 1001 10th Avenue S, #203 $1,150,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009921 OAKES ESTATES 1540 Oakes Boulevard $1,200,000 PSIR Diana Frey 239.908.165022 BONITA BAY TAVIRA 26951 Country Club Drive From $1,272,000 PSIR Call 239.495.1105 Open MondaySaturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm23 PELICAN BAY ST. RAPHAEL 7117 Pelican Bay Boulevard #204 $1,285,000 PSIR Jean Tarkenton 239.595.054424 PARK SHORE HORIZON HOUSE 3951 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #PH2A $1,650,000 PSIR Ruth Trettis 239.571.6760 25 BONITA BAY CREEKSIDE 26111 Red Oak Court $1,735,000 PSIR Ray Felitto 239.910.534026 GREY OAKS ISLA VISTA 2056 Isla Vista Lane $1,795,000 PSIR Erik David Barber 323.513.639127 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $1,795,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm28 OLDE NAPLES 1355 4th Street South $1,925,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0099>$2,000,00029 COQUINA SANDS 780 Banyan Boulevard $2,250,000 PSIR Pat Duggan 239.216.198030 PINE RIDGE 367 Ridge Drive $2,975,000 PSIR Sharon Kaltenborn 239.248.193431 ESTATES AT GREY OAKS 2955 Bellflower Lane $2,999,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0099>$3,000,00032 QUAIL WEST 28950 Somers Drive $3,850,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009933 TERAMO AT MEDITERRA 29080 Teramo Way $3,975,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0099>$4,000,00034 PORT ROYAL 3280 Gordon Drive $4,850,000 PSIR Lisa Tashjian 239.259.7024 Florida Weeklys Open Houses 8 2 5 3 6 16 7 11 17 18 14 15 12 20 9 10 13 19 1 21 23 24 26 29 25 28 27 30 31 4 32 33 34 22

PAGE 71 888.592.4699Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 2 0 1 3 Pr e mi e r Sot h eby s In te rn at i o n a l R ea l ty. All ri g h ts r ese r ved. Thi s m ate ri a l m ay n ot be r ep r oduced, d i sp l ayed, m od i ed o r d i st ri buted w i t h out t h e e x p r ess p ri o r w ri tte n pe rmi ss i o n o f t h e copy ri g h t h o l de r Marco Island Naples Bonita Springs Sanibel Captiva Venice Sarasota Lakewood Ranch Longboat Key St. Petersburg Tampa Clearwater Happily, in partnership with over 650 oces in 52 countries, Premier Sothebys International Realty is ideally-positioned to take your property global and speak the language of buyers who choose to purchase a home along Floridas Gulf Coast. Our competitors claim international networks that are really ju st loose aliations of independent brokers. But the quality and integrity of the Premier Sothebys International Realty ne twork is real and a real advantage to you. With us, you can depend on the same high standard of service. From associate to associate. Oce to oce. Market to market. We speak the language at in the world, theyre talking about your home in Florida.


From the thrill of championship golf tournaments to the quiet beauty of a perfect sunset, this is a place designed to help you celebrate life. Visit us today and get a taste of it for yourself. Our naturally magni cent community has stunning new homes priced from the mid $200s to over $2 million, a sensible membership plan with no initiation fee, luxurious amenities and lots of friendly folks who savor every moment. Naples nest championship golf community 239-352-8000 Isnt life delicious? PHOTO COURTESY OF OCTAGON SEVERAL MODELS BY THE AREAS FINEST BUILDERS ARE OPEN DAILY


A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTION INSIDEBROUGHT TO YOU BY:The High-Rises at Bonita Bay 495-1105 Estuary at Grey Oaks 261-3148 The Strada at Mercato 594-9400 The Village 261-6161 The Gallery 659-0099 Broad Avenue 434-2424 Vanderbilt 594-9494 The Promenade 948-4000 Fifth Avenue 434-8770 Marco Island 642-2222 Rentals 262-4242 Hes known to virtually everybody around the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre as Busty. Simply Busty. Or, on a slightly more formal level, Busty the Bartender. Hes been there since the place opened its doors in 1993, but Busty will soon wrap up a very long run, probably the theaters most enduring hit show ever. Bustys last shift behind the bar is April 11, the day he turns 71. Its time, Busty said recently, sitting down for a few minutes before another night behind the lobby bar. He does have a real name Sebastian Lanza. But to patrons and co-workers and actors hes simply Busty, his nickname since infancy. Always has been and remains so. Only Broadway Palm owner Will Prather, who hired him in 1993, addresses him as Sebastian. Busty, despite rave reviews, doesnt get up on stage and sing or dance or act. People say to me do you want to get up on stage and do anything and I say this is my stage, Busty said. My stage is behind that bar and just getting to know people. Actors need to know their lines, and bartenders, Busty said, need to know their customers names and drinks. THE WOMEN SIT IN A CIRCLE, CLAPPING rhythmically to the flamenco music in a style called palming. It starts soft, like a light spring rain, then builds to a ferocious downpour. Then suddenly, in unison and without warning, they all stop and, pleased with themselves, laugh with delight at their mastery. The clapping starts again, and this time, one by one, the women of various ages, races, ethnicities, body types and sizes go to the middle of the circle and dance, doing whatever steps and movements compel them. Theres clapping, finger snapping and foot stomping, swirling hands and twirling skirts. And plenty of attitude, passion and fire.Longtime Broadway Palm Theatre bartender busts into retirement Powerful, liberating dance form is at the heart of Heart SongBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYAbove: Michelle Damato dances flamenco for castmates Beth Haely, Kathleen Moye, Jonita Martin, Stephanie Davis, Patricia Idlette, Jo Yang, Cindy-Lee Overton and instructor Carolina Esparza during rehearsal for Heart Song at Florida Repertory Theatre.SEE FLAMENCO, C4 BY GLENN MILLERFlorida Weekly Correspondent BUSTY SEE BUSTY, C18 Alive in the WorldJazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany headlines annual concert. C5 Last I HeardFort Myers Beach festival offers film about mobsters life on the outside. C8 A new sleuthBook critic Phil Jason enjoys a new mystery with a Cold War backstory. C12

PAGE 74 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTSThis is what aggressively flirtatious looks likeI recently met up with an old friend who was passing through town. Hes older than I am and some might say wiser. Hes also French, which comes with its own set of rewards. Over coffee, this friend and I compared notes on the people we know in common, and through the course of our conversation we discovered that we both had run into the same young woman, Claire, in different circumstances. I met her three years ago during a stint overseas; my friend was introduced to her just last year in another location. We laughed and shook our heads at the smallness of our world. You know what else is funny? I said. It turns out I was good friends with Claires boyfriend. Before they were dating. My friend looked unsurprised. Oh, yes, I know, he said. You know? But how? He took a sip of his coffee and gave me an appraising look. She said you had been aggressively flirting with her boyfriend. I sat back, stunned. Aggressively flirting? We had been friends, thats all. And mostly before I knew they were dating. Still, I could feel the color drain from my face. In the coffee shop, my friend shrugged his shoulders in a very European way as if to dismiss the entire matter. After all, hes from France, where flirting aggressively or otherwise is a national pastime. But the accusation stayed with me, not just that night but in the days that followed. To tell you the truth, Im still thinking about it. People say its impossible to be friends with the opposite sex, that if closeness grows between a man and a woman its because there must be some underlying sexual tension. Personally, Im a platonic friends apologist. Why shouldnt men and women appreciate each other and still have no intention of sleeping together? But then I read the relationship advice book Women Men Love, W omen Men Leave (no romp in the park, that one) and was startled to learn that one of the basic requirements for a solid relationship is that both partners give up their friendships with the opposite sex. It seemed like everyone was against me. Reluctantly, I started to reexamine my situation. What if what I considered friendliness was interpreted as flirtation? Could my spirited niceness be seen as flagrant invitation? And then, some time later, in a particularly lucid moment, I recognized my circumstances for what they really were: Of course I had been flirting. I wanted that friend to like me, not just casually but as someone he might consider dating. My niceness was an excuse. Or, more accurately, my own way of flirting. Flooded with this insight, I thought of all my seemingly platonic male friends, men who for one reason or another I have not dated. Were we really friends, in the truest sense of the word? Or were we just orbiting each other, waiting for the moment when our friendship might slip into something more? For a moment, I had the terrible idea that all this time I had been fooling them about my intentions. But then I realized, of course, that they had been fooling me. Artis Henderson is the author of Unremarried Widow published by Simon and Schuster. h ey rr d Skin Cancer Institute Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Camisa Psoriasis Center Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Medical Spa A Melanoma InitiativeThei on P ass www.RiverchaseDermatology.comFor new patients only. Must have an appointment. 1-800-591-DERM (3376) Melanoma MayFree Skin Cancer ScreeningsDowntown Naples 261 9th Street South Saturday, May 3 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Drive Friday, May 9 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Marco Island 950 North Collier Boulevar d, Suite 303 Wednesday, May 14 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Medical Director: Andrew T. Jaffe, MD, FAADComplimentary Consultations 239-313-2553*Restrictions apply. Individual results may vary. BEFORE AFTER Transform your bodywithout surgery or downtime. North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Drive Downtown Naples 261 9th Street South Fort Myers 7331 Gladiolus Drive Cape Coral 413 Del Prado Boulevard South, Suite 101COOLSCULPTING AVAILABLE AT: Revolutionary Fat FreezingGuaranteed Fat Reducing Results*EXCLUSIVELY AT RIVERCHASE: WHEN YOU TREAT-TO-COMPLETE WITH


Ft. Myers | Bonita Springs | Brandon | Tampa | Clearwater | Sarasotawww. We Specialize in the Worlds Finest Leather Furniture Manufacturers: Floridas largest leather galleries

PAGE 76 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 The rapid-fire staccato of stamping shoes sounds like machine-gun fire. Its exhilarating, says Patricia Idlette. It is intoxicating. When we are clapping and chanting and stomping, its like a trance. Its liberating, powerful, very sexy, says Stephanie Davis. Youre doing sexy stuff with your arms, your upper body, and empowering stuff with your lower body. The women are actors preparing for Florida Repertory Theatres next play, Heart Song. It tells the story of Rochelle (Carrie Lund), whos mourning the loss of her mother and feeling disconnected from everything. Rochelles massage therapist Tina, played by Jo Yang, invites her to join the flamenco class shes taking. (Ms. Yang, a New York-based actress, has appeared in movies such as The Squid and the Whale, August Rush, The Namesake and the remake of Alfie.) Playwright Stephen Sachs sits against the wall of the Fort Myers 1st Danz dance studio with director Robert Cacioppo, sipping coffee and watching the women. Mr. Sachs is in town for a week to sit in on rehearsals and tweak his play, which is still a work in progress. He then flies to London, where his Bakersfield Mist opens on the West End in May with Kathleen Turner and Ian McDiarmid. (Its a two-character comedy-drama about a wacky woman who buys a painting for $3 and is convinced that its a Jackson Pollack masterpiece, he explains.) The playwright will return to Fort Myers for the opening of Heart Song at Florida Rep on April 25. Mr. Sachs is co-founder and co-artistic director of the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles, which, in addition to staging plays, has been the foremost presenter of flamenco in Los Angeles, he says. For a long time hes wanted to write a play that features flamenco and drama. I tried to think: Who would be the least likely person to dance flamenco? he says. He ultimately based the character of Rochelle on his mother-in-law from Bayside, Queens. I knew if she could dance flamenco, anybody could, he says. Heart Song is about a woman finding her voice with help from the power of flamenco. At the start of the play, Rochelle is voiceless. Shes disconnected from her community, from her Jewish tribe, from her faith, Mr. Sachs says. Through her journey, through the most unexpected way possible, through her friendship with these women (in the flamenco class), she discovers community and feels connected to a tribe again. Its a mother-daughter play, he says, about a woman coming to terms with the barrenness of her own life. Rochelles mother died a year ago, and in keeping with the Jewish tradition, the one-year anniversary is time for the unveiling of the gravestone. Mr. Sachs own loss triggered the play. Im the only surviving person in my family, he says. My mother, father and sister have passed. I identify with the ache that she carries. You start to think about your own mortality too. You think, I can be next. Doing flamenco releases all this feeling. It can be extremely cathartic and therapeutic for people. People take classes for all different reasons, sometimes the least of which is the dancing. 1st Danz owner Cindy-Lee Overton, who choreographed the show, agrees. Very rarely do people come to a dance studio to be a dancer, she says. There are many other reasons: I lost somebody. Im sick of sitting at home and watching TV. I want to connect with my significant other. I love the play. (Stephen) has an understanding of how dance moves peoples lives. Instructor/choreographer Carolina Esparza has come to Fort Myers from St. Petersburg to serve as the flamenco consultant for Heart Song. Some of the plays characters remind her of her real-life students. She offers as example the story of a student who told her the music and movement of flamenco made her feel wonderful, despite a cancer diagnosis. For the dancers in Heart Song, flamenco is their therapy, she says. Between the music and the movement, they are healing some life wounds.Following her destinyMs. Esparza grew up with flamenco. Her mother was from Seville, Spain, and instead of enrolling her daughter in tap or ballet lessons, she signed her up for a class in Spanish flamenco. It was part of my destiny, she says about what ultimately became her lifes career. It sort of happened to me. I respected and fell in love with the art form so much that without realizing it, it ended up being my answer. Flamenco is a dance that came from people who suffered: a mixture of nomads from India, Moors, Jews and Spaniards 300 years ago in Southern Spain, Ms. Esparza explains. It started with a beautiful and haunting song called Cante Jondo, she says. It captures whats called the duende of flamenco that soulful moaning and wailing throughout the dance. No matter whether its happy or sad, suffering or joy, she adds, You can learn all the steps and moves, but without that duende its not flamenco. She leads the actresses through the steps, slowly at fir st. With their arms moving gracefully in slow motion, it almost looks like a Spanish version of tai chi. Then she takes them through a 12-count, having them rapidly and repeatedly strike the floor with the toes and heels of their shoes, which have nails in them. Toe-heel: It should sound like a galloping horse, she tells them. Later she cautions, Flamenco isnt about loud, its about rhythm. The women dance with passion. Ms. Esparzas arms twist and turn sensuously in the air. Feel it, just feel it! she calls out. Thats whats new about flamenco, the element of surprise.Relating to the charactersMs. Lund is grappling with her characters personal temperment more than with the flamenco steps. Its a long, fun stretch for me, she says about playing Rochelle. I have a happy disposition, but this character is in a desperate way. I try to imagine this sour, dour disposition hell-bent on just doing away with myself. This is different than other roles Ive had. I want to have a genuine understanding of this character. Mr. Cacioppo, the director, related to the play instantly when he read it a year and a half ago. His father had died a year or so before. (So when I read the play) I was close to dealing with the death of a parent, reflecting on the relationship, he says. He appreciated the fact that Heart Song had a great deal of humor in it and was about regular working-class people, which my audiences relate to. And I love stories where (the character) can be in a crisis, and you see their journey, how they get out of it. This is the story of a woman in crisis, and a series of things, such as taking this class, help her get through it. Staging Heart Song is part of Florida Reps commitment to presenting a world premiere or a new play every year, Mr. Cacioppo says. Our audiences will see something and experience something no one else has experienced yet, he says, noting that the play has only been previously performed at the 80-seat Fountain Theatre where Mr. Sachs is based. We also get to help the author shape the work, he says with excitement. I dont know what its going to be. Its not the process of doing something thats been done 32 times at other theaters. (Were creating) something that never existed before. FLAMENCOFrom page 1 VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYCarolina Esparza, above, a professional flamenco dancer, is brought in to help teach an attentive class, left. Below left: Carrie Lund works on her moves for the performance.SACHS Heart Song>> When: April 25-May 11 (previews April 22-24) >> Where: Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers >> Cost: $40, $45 (previews $25) >> Info: 332-4488 or www.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C5 Jazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany headlines Alive in the WorldAcclaimed vocalist Kevin Mahogany will headline the 2014 Alive in the World concert benefiting The Foundation for The Developmentally Disabled. Presented by the Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists, the concert and auction take place Thursday evening, May 8, at Artis Naples. Only 200 tickets will be sold for the performance in the intimate Daniels Pavilion. With his gift for bebop, ballads, blues and swing, Mr. Mahogany bloomed early as a performer. As a 12-year-old in 1970, he was playing the baritone sax and working professionally with Eddie Bakers New Breed Orchestra. By his senior high school year, he discovered he was a singer. At Baker University, he formed his own vocal jazz choir. After graduating, he returned to his roots in Kansas City and its music scene. His debut album, Double Rainbow, was released in 1993. Since then, he has released albums on Enja, Warner Brothers, Telarc and finally on his own label, Mahogany Jazz. Mr. Mahogany has been an in-demand sideman and guest artist with a select cadre of jazz stars. Hes recorded with T.S. Monk, The Ray Brown Trio, Marlena Shaw, Roseanna Vitro, Carl Allen, Barbara Morrison and Elvin Jones. He also teaches at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the University of Miami. Naples attorney Bob Goldman, the director and founder of the Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists, calls Mr. Mahogany the standout jazz vocalist of his generation and promises that his dynamic and down-home artistry will make for an amazing show. TARA was founded as a result of Mr. Goldmans interest in autism and other developmental disabilities. The Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled is committed to ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the support they need to be full members of the community. The foundations efforts encompass all ages and all spectrums from autism to Down syndrome, Fragile X, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and various other developmental disabilities. Just supporting the cause is reason enough to come to this event, Mr. Goldman says about the annual Alive in the World concert. But, people also get a great performance by artists they might otherwise never get to see. Previous headliners include Arnold McCuller, Ben Taylor, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Rodney Crowell, Brandi Carlile and Phoebe Snow. For his May 8 appearance in Naples, Mr. Mahogany will be accompanied by his own five-piece band. The Community School of Naples all-star jazz band will open the show. The event kicks off at 7 p.m. with cocktails and a silent auction. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 919-0408 or visit www.gigforgood. org/tickets. For more information about the Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled, call 594-9007, email or visit COURTESY PHOTOJazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany HopFeaturing the voices of Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie and Hank Azaria Rated: PG TUESDAY, APRIL 15th, 8:00pOn the lawn across from Naples Flatbread and Yogurbella Free Admission Lawn Chairs Welcome SPONSORED BY LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.254.1080 | Universal City Studios, Inc. SUNDAY, MAY 4 NOON 4 P.M. Outdoor Bar | 2 Bands Lawn Games | Bounce House Face Painter | Stilt Walker Dress Collection PartyBENEFITING


Theater Distracted By The Naples Players through April 19 in the Tobye Studio at the Sudgen Community Theatre. 701 Fifth Ave. S. 263-7990 or All My Sons By Gulfshore Playhouse through April 19 at The Norris Center. 755 Eighth Ave. S. 261-7529 or Les Miserables Through April 12 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Dixie Swim Club Through May 11 at the Off Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 2789-4422 or The Odd Couple By The Marco Players Childrens Theater April 25-27 at The Marco Players Theater in Marco Town Center. 1055 N. Collier Blvd. 6427270 or Heart Song April 25-May 11 at Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers. 332-4488 or Forever Plaid May 1-11 by TheatreZone in the G&L Theatre at Community School of Naples. (888) 966-3352 or The Seagull The Naples Players ETC Readers Theatre presents a reading of Anton Chekhovs The Seagull at 7:30 p.m. May 4. $10. 2637990 or Motherhood Out Loud May 9-18 by Lets Put On A Show Productions at the Golden Gate Community Center. 398-9192 or Thursday, April 10 Good Energy Join a tai chi energy-flow practice from 10-11 a.m. at the Naples Botanical Garden. $10 for Garden members, $15 for others. www. Library Matinee Naples Regional Library presents a screening of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (USA, 1948) at 2 p.m. Free. Registration required. 650 Central Ave. 262-4130 or Book Talk Headquarters Regional Library hosts a discussion of Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nations Treasures from the Nazis by Robert Edsel at 2 p.m. Free. Registration required. 2385 Orange Blossom Drive. 593-0334 or Jazz & Wine Decanted Wines hosts an evening of wine and jazz from 5-7 p.m. $15 in advance, $20 at door. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 434-1814 or www. Reception Sheldon Fine Art hosts a champagne reception and book signing for German seascape artist Carolin Wehrmann from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 460 Fifth Ave. S. 649-6255 or on Fifth Enjoy live entertainment while strolling Fifth Avenue South for the monthly Evening on Fifth from 5-9 p.m. Fashion Show For a day at the beach or a night on the town, see the newest spring fashions for men and women from 5-7 p.m. at Lovella Fashion. 505 Fifth Ave. S. 919-3672. Block Party Miromar Outlets hosts a block party from 6-8 p.m. with live music by the Mark Kobie Duo and food and drink by Fords Garage and Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar. $50 per person, $75 per couple to benefit the Dancing Classrooms program of the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools. Sweat the Small Stuff Its trivia night at the Naples English Pub starting at 7 p.m. 5047 Tamiami Trail E. 775-3727 or Just for Laughs Michelle Miller Harrington takes the stage at Off The Hook Comedy Club on Marco Island tonight through April 13. 389-6901 or Friday, April 11 Brushes & Paint The Marco Island Foundation for the Arts presents more than 20 Marco artists demonstrating and selling their art from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Marco Island Historical Museum. 180 S. Heathwood Drive. Sold! Leslie Hindman Auctioneers holds its Naples Spring Auction starting at 11 a.m. Up for bid are more than 400 lots including fine art, furniture and decorative arts and property from several prominent local estates. Admission is free. 1300 Third St. S. 643-4448. Make A Splash Kids in middle and high school can dive into summer with an evening focused on water safety from 5-9 p.m. at Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. Free. School ID card required for admission. Piano Tunes Larry Moss performs from 6-9 p.m. tonight and April 12 in the piano lounge at Capers. 2640 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 431-7438. Free Concert The Naples Concert Band presents its final performance of the season at 7 p.m. in the band shell at Cambier Park. 263-9521 or www. More Laughs BJ Odom takes the stage at Old Naples Comedy Club at 8:30 p.m. tonight and April 12. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. $15. 455-2844 or Jazz It Up The Jerry Stawaki Trio performs from 9 p.m. to midnight in the lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. 598-3300. Live Tunes Orange Juice takes the stage at South Street City Oven & Grill starting at 9:30 p.m. 435-9333 or www. Saturday, April 12 Kitty, Kitty, Kitty In anticipation of kitten season, Humane Society Naples holds a kitten shower from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the shelter. Refreshments and storytime for children will be from 1-2 p.m. Bring donations of bath towels, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, bleach and cleaning supplies, paper towers, cat litter and canned kitten food. 370 Airport-Pulling Road N. Get Cooking The Good Life hosts a class about Easter brunch and baking led by Chef Kristina San Filippo from noon to 2 p.m. $50. 514-4663 or Art & Craft Show A fine art and craft show takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Cambier Park. Burgers & Bubbles The Promenade at Bonita Bay celebrates its grand reopening with unlimited burgers and beverage samplings from 16 Southwest Florida restaurants along with live music and childrens activities from 2-8 p.m. $45 per person. 949-1573.Dont Stop Believing Keating & Associates sponsors a free concert tribute to Journey and Bon Jovi at 5 p.m. at Sugden Regional Park. Its the final show in the seasons Sounds from the Park concert series. Art After Dark The Galleries of Crayton Cove host an evening of art and culture from 6-9 p.m. 403-8393. Smooth Jazz The Marc Vee Trio plays from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at The Bay House Restaurant. 799 Walkerbilt Road. 591-3837.It Takes Two Pablo Repun Tango hosts a beginners class from 7-8 p.m. and milogna from 8-11 p.m. $15 per person. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or Sunday, April 13 Bend & Breathe Naples Botanical Garden hosts yoga in the Garden from 10-11 a.m. $10 for Garden members, $15 for others. Foreign Film The Renaissance Academy of FGCU presents a screening and discussion of The Forgiveness of Blood (Albania) beginning at 1 p.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. Reservations required. 434-4737 or Jazz it Up The David C. Johnson Trio headlines the seasons final Jazz on the Green concert presented by the Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts Center from 2-4 p.m. on the lawn at Edison State College-Collier Campus. Free. Bring a blanket or chair for seating. 7752800 or Strike Up the Band The Bonita Springs Concert Band performs marches, folk songs, concertos, waltzes, big band hits and more from 2-4 p.m. at Riverside Park in Bonita Springs. Free. Monday, April 14 Passover Dinner The Carlisle hosts its annual Passover seder beginning at 6:30 p.m. $30 per person. Reservations required by April 10. 591-2200. Mad Men Monday Decanted Wines hosts an evening of Mad Men characters and wine tasting from 5-7 p.m. Prize for best Mad Men character costume. $10/advance RSVP; $15/at the door. 434-1814 or NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 239-643-3330 We Deliver!Book Your Bunnies and Balloons for Easter Events Now! Check Out Our Photos on Facebook! WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY The Naples Concert Band presents its final performance of the season starting at 7 p.m. April 11 in the band shell at Cambier Park. 263-9521 or


Movie Time The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs hosts a screening and discussion of Enlightenment Guaranteed starting at 7 p.m. $9. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or www. Jazz It Up The Naples Jazz Orchestra performs audience requests from 7-9 p.m. in the band shell at Cambier Park. More Jazz The Dan Miller Trio performs from 7-10 p.m. at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen. 492 Bayfront Place. 261-2578. Tuesday, April 15 Bingo! The Greater Marco Family YMCA hosts bingo for grown-ups beginning at 12:15 p.m. Complimentary coffee, tea and snacks. $14 for a small packet, $22 for large. 394-9622. Happy Hour Marco Island Brewery holds happy hour to benefit Meals of Hope from 5-7 p.m. $10 admission includes complimentary hors doeuvres. A 50/50 raffle will help raise additional funds. The evening is organized by Kiwanis Club of Marco Island and the Marco Noontime and Sunrise Rotary clubs.Local History Tour historic Palm Cottage and The Norris Gardens, home of the Naples Historical Society, by the light of the moon beginning at 8 p.m. $10. Reservations required. 261-8164.Hop To It Mercato hosts a free screening of Hop starting at 8 p.m. on the lawn across from Naples Flatbread and The wine Loft. Sing along when South Street City Oven & Grill has karaoke night beginning at 9 p.m. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 435-9333. Wednesday, April 16 Wine Tasting Naples Wine Collection hosts a tasting with a choice of two flights, each containing four samplings, from 5-7 p.m. $15 and $25. 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 513-0095. Ballroom Dancing Brush up on your social dancing skills with a free lesson from 7-7:30 p.m. at the Naples English Pub. Coming up Just For Laughs Long Island Mary and Robin Savage take the stage at Old Naples Comedy Club April 18-19. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. $15. 455-2844 or www. Garden Egg Hunt Naples Botanical Garden holds its annual egg hunt for all ages from 9 a.m. to noon April 19. Regular admission apples. 6437275 or Easter at Waterside Waterside Shops hosts a morning of fun with the Easter Bunny from 9-11 a.m. April 19. Activities include face painting and manicures for kids. $10 donation per child benefits the financial aid program at Community School of Naples. www. Movie Night Fifth Avenue South hosts a free screening of Monsters University starting at 8 p.m. April 19 in Cambier Park. www.fifthavenuesouth. com. Earth Day Celebrate Earth Day with buy one, get one free admission from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 22 at the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center. 300 Tower Road. 417-6310 or Laugh It Off Roz McCoy takes the stage at Old Naples Comedy Club April 25-26. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. $15. 455-2844 or Scholarship Recital The Naples Music Club introduces the top winners of its 2014 student scholarship competition in recital at 2 p.m. April 26 at First United Methodist Church. Reception to follow. Free. 353-2216. Rock On Rock on at a tribute to The Rat Pack from 5:30-9 p.m. May 3 as part of the Rockin on the Bay series at Bayfront Place. Free. Also coming up: Bruce Springsteen (June 7). 331-7371 or Food Festival Mercato hosts the third annual International Food Festival from noon to 4 p.m. May 4. Canoe Races The Great Dock Canoe Race themed Zombies in Paradise begins at 11 a.m. May 10 at the Naples City Dock. See story on page A30. Submit calendar listings and highresolution photos to Email text, jpegs or Word documents are accepted. No pdfs or photos of fliers. The deadline for calendar submissions is noon Sunday. WHAT TO DO Marco Island artist Tara ONeill hosts her 11th annual end-of-season exhibit at Goodlands Little Bar Restaurant from 1-4 p.m. April 12-13. Ms. ONeills Half Full and Blue Palm are shown here. Fellow Goodland Arts Alliance members photographer Celeste Navara and shell artist Judy Wittwer will also have works on display. 642-0528 or FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C7 ONSHOP ANIBEL SHOP WELL Tahitian Gardens1975-2019 Periwinkle WayThe Village Shops2340 Periwinkle WayOlde Sanibel Shoppes630 Tarpon Bay RoadTown Center2496 Palm Ridge Road Retail Hours: 10 a.m 5 p.m. Daily Services: By Appointment Restaurant Hours: Cafes open 7:30 a.m. SHOP WELL ShopOnSanibel.comClothing Shoes Jewelry Accessories Toys Cards Specialty Shops Home Dcor Family Dining Take-Out Tropical Wine Ballroom Dancing Yoga Mens & Womens Hair Care Art & Photography Galleries Pet Needs Real Estate For Up-To-Date Store O ers and Merchandise Visit: FINAL BROMELIAD SHOW OF THE SEASONFeaturing Bromeliads by Appointment With Sanibels own Judy HicksTHE VILLAGE SHOPSApril 18th & 19th

PAGE 80 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 : One-On-OneAlways. Medically Approved.To nd out more info visit us at www.naples.concept1010.comGood-Bye Back Pain! 2 LOCATIONS: North Naples: 431-7143 Naples Last I Heard: life on the outsideRetirement can be a rough transition. Some embrace it and seem to thrive, while others feel lost, not sure how to deal with this new phase in their life. In Last I Heard, playing at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 26, Joseph Scoleri (played by Paul Sorvino) is struggling with an enforced retirement. Hes a Mafia captain who just spent 20 years and 6 months in jail. When we first meet him, hes walking out of a Pennsylv ania prison, a heavyset senior citizen in a nondescript beige windbreaker and light khaki pants. He looks a little lost, bewildered, more like someones harmless grandfather than a dangerous capo who was once feared and respected. Written and directed by David Rodriguez, the film doesnt play it for laughs but takes its subject matter seriously. Mr. Scoleri known in his Queens, N.Y., neighborhood as Mr. Joe has a bad heart and has been sent home to die. But he cant figure out how to live in the meantime. Legally prevented from seeing any of his old associates, he lives with his 43-year-old daughter (Renee Props), seeing his probation officer weekly and going to doctor appointments. Things have changed, he says. What have I got left? Who am I going to socialize with? Youre not the same man you were 20 years ago, his lawyer, played by Chazz Palminteri, warns him. The life you knew and loved is gone forever. Mr. Joe doesnt seem to know how to function in todays world. Hes amazed to discover an entire TV channel devoted to cooking. He doesnt know how to operate a CD player, though someone in the joint has turned him on to the Buena Vista Social Club. Hes dismayed that Shea Stadium has been torn down. He tries to connect with his daughter, but he has missed almost half her life. In some ways, Last I Heard, with its emphasis on relationships, is almost like a Hallmark movie if Hallmark movies included choice four-letter words thrown around like loose change. Mr. Joes neighbor, Bobby (Michael Rapaport), the owner of a local gourmet deli, tries to befriend the ex-con, driving him around for groceries and doctor visits, but grows a little nervous when the FBI pays a visit and then starts trailing him. The movie has played at the Austin Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival and the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles (even though its a full-length feature). Mr. Rodriguez, the director, has said that his favorite movie is The Godfather: Part II and his biggest directorial influences are Martin Scorsese and Steven Soderbergh. (No wonder hes made an indie movie about an aging mobster.) Last I Heard is a unique take on the aging process. What do you do when you feel youve outlived your usefulness, when the world has changed and you no longer feel vibrant or needed?Festival highlightsThe Fort Myers Beach Film Festival begins with a sunset cruise departing from Fish Tale Marina at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 22. A free family film, Teen Beach Movie, will be screened at sunset Friday, April 23, at the Outrigger Beach Resort. For those who want to learn more about filmmaking, the festival presents Self Propelled: An Inside Look at Low Budget Filmmaking, a workshop and luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Friday, April 23, at the Beach Theater. Tickets are $30. And at noon on Saturday, April 26, a panel discussion with film industry professionals will be held at the theater. Tickets are $40. The festival concludes with an award ceremony at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 27, also at the Beach Theater. Some film festival offeringsThe Fort Myers Beach Film Festival offers a variety of indie films and shorts. Heres a look at some that seem interesting, with descriptions provided by FMBFF. A Short History of Decay 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 23, and 9 p.m. Saturday, April 26 A comedy from an original script by Michael Maren, its about a failed Brooklyn writer, Nathan Fisher (played by Bryan Greenberg), who visits his ailing parents in Florida. His mother (Linda Lavin) has Alzheimers and his father (Harris Yulin) has recently had a stroke. Hollywood and Beyond 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 26 Johnny Martino is having a race with time. In the 1960s, he rode the rock n roll wave with a hit song on Dick Clarks Bandstand. In Hollywood not long after, he was cast as Paulie in The Godfather. Johnnys race to movie stardom proved to be even more spectacular than his instant fame as a singer. Today, Johnny is racing toward a new goal. He has been to Hollywood. Now he is ready to go beyond. Music City USA 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 23 Nashville wasnt always called Music City. Find out how this printing and insurance mecca became the music capital of the world and see how, when the devastating flood of 2010 tried to get them down, the city was reborn thanks to a thriving music community. Pink Gold Rush 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 23 They discovered it by accident in the dark of night, and by the time the full moon shone, the Pink Gold Rush was on. Florida shrimpers first found the nocturnal pink shrimp in 1949, bringing a frenzy of fishermen with trawlers and nets to Fort Myers Beach, ready to pan the sweet, delicious pink gold. Hundreds of boats once offloaded at the local shrimp docks. Today, fewer than 40 come to port. Through seven decades, shrimpers have struggled against adversity. How much longer can they survive? This documentary was produced by WGCU. The Beach Chronicles 9 p.m. Friday, April 25 Set in a style reminiscent of the hard-boiled movies of the 1950s, this short film follows Dirk Jenson, a South Beach private detective jaded by a life veiled in duplicity and steeped in death and murder. Hes a cog in the machinery moved by the inner workings of death, billionaires, sheiks, barons, whores, fast cars, slow rides and lots and lots of money. The cast includes William Shatner and Daryl Hannah. Tough Aint Tough Enough: Conversations with Albert S. Ruddy 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 26 Twotime Academy Award-winning producer/ writer Albert S. Ruddy candidly reveals how he fought against all odds to produce some of the most iconic motion pictures and television shows of all time (The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby, The Longest Yard, Cannonball Run I and II, Walker Texas Ranger and Hogans Heroes, among them). BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ The eighth annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival>> When: April 23-27 >> Where: The Beach Theater, Fort Myers Beach >> Cost: $6 for individual movie tickets, $30 for Friday workshop, $40 for lmmaking discussion; VIP package, $100 >> Info: 314-9234 or www.fmb COURTESY PHOTOA scene from Last I Heard playing at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C9 PUZZLE ANSWERS *Fares are per person, cruise only, based on double occupancy on selected sailings and reflect the 2 for 1 savings. Government fees and taxes are additional. Shipboard credit is per suite based on double occupancy. Subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Ships Registr y: Marshall Islands. (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay Wilma Boyd CEOAdditional Departure Dates and Itineraries Available! CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS ABOUT EXCLUSIVE OFFERS!WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN & THE RIVIERAS 7 to 11 nights departing: Apr 25 Nov 7, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $2,799* EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN, GREEK ISLES & BLACK SEA 8 to 21 nights departing: May 3 Oct 30, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $3,399* WORLD ODYSSEY VOYAGES 11 to 35 nights departing: Jul 8 Nov 30, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $5,199* SCANDINAVIA, RUSSIA & BRITISH ISLES 7 to 20 nights departing: Jun 3 Aug 27, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $3,599* CANADA & NEW ENGLAND 10 to 15 nights departing: May 7 Oct 20, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $3,849* ALASKA 7 to 12 nights departing: May 9 Aug 23, 2015Veranda Staterooms from $2,799* LIMITED AVAILABILITY PROMOTION ENDS JUNE 30, 2014 2 for 1 Cruise Fares* Early Booking Savingsup to $5,000 per stateroom*Free Pre-Paid Gratuitiesfor Veranda Staterooms & Above*50% off Deposits* ALL NEW! 2015 Summer Collection Trim and Tone SpaWhere Technology Meets Beauty. Wins As a way to celebrate Exilis Wins best Skin we are offering a FREE TREATMENT WITH EACH PACKAGE! Today Show The Doctor For more information visit TM FREE CONCERTS April 26Live Entertainment Featuring:FREE CONCERTS The Rachel/Hughes Band 3:00pmA staple in the SW Florida music scene.JJ McCoy Band 4:45pmThey recently exploded onto the national spotlight with Redneck, White and Blue.Sister Hazel 6:30pmThe platinum selling band is best known for their hit All For You.

PAGE 82 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 1080 5th Avenue South (one block west of Goodlette-Frank Road)ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Youre doing better on the flexibility issue, but you still need to loosen up a bit to show you can be less judgmental and more understanding about certain sensitive matters. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your personal aspect continues to dominate this week. But try to make time to deal with important career-linked matters as well. A change of plans might occur by the weekend. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Excuses are not really needed for much of the confusion occurring this week. However, explanations from all parties could help in working things out to everyones satisfaction. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) That surprising (but pleasant) recent turn of events continues to develop positive aspects. But be prepared for a bit of a jolt on another issue that needs attention. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Creating a fuss might bring you that attention you want. But are you prepared for all the explaining youd have to do? Better to use more subtle ways to make your bid. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) With education continuing to be a strong factor this week, this could be the time to start learning some new skills that can later be applied to a bid for a potential career move. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You might do well to reconsider some of your current time priorities before you get so deeply involved in one project that you neglect meeting a deadline on another. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) With an important decision looming, you need to be careful about the information youre getting. Half-truths are essentially useless. Get the full story before you act. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Find out what everyones role is expected to be before accepting that workplace proposal. Getting all the facts now could prevent serious problems later on. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A flexible position on a workplace matter could be the best course to follow during the next several days. A personal issue also benefits from an open-minded approach. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Involving too many people in your workplace problem can backfire. Remember: Allegiances can shift. Ask trusted colleagues for advice, but dont ask them to take sides. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Before submitting your suggestions, take more time to sharpen the points you want to make. The clearer the presentation, the more chance it has to get through when submitted. BORN THIS WEEK: Your clear sense of who you are gives you confidence when you need to tackle difficult situations. PUZZLES HOROSCOPES COMPONENTS IN COMMON By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C9 SEE ANSWERS, C9


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C11 Is it worth $10? yesClearly darker in tone and more dramatically ambitious than any film thus far from Marvel Studios, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a resounding success. The action scenes register with the power of a Hulk smash (no, he doesnt cameo), and the story is surprisingly tense as it tackles thoughtprovoking questions in the midst of dynamic popcorn entertainment. Taking its cue from The Dark Knight (2008) in terms of pulse-pounding action (note the truck that flips over its front end), music thats tense and brooding and a narrative that prompts its protagonist to question his motivations, The Winter Soldier keeps the Marvel Cinematic Universes (which includes the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man) winning streak zestfully alive. Living in Washington D.C., Steve Rogers, aka Captain America (Chris Evans), continues to fight for S.H.I.E.L.D. and its leader, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Rogers is disheartened, though, by the construction of three heli-carriers, which Fury is completing in cooperation with Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford). Fury maintains that with the heli-carriers, potential attacks can be neutralized before they happen, while Rogers is understandably concerned that perceived threats could be erroneous and innocents could be hurt. Hes so concerned, in fact, that he considers quitting altogether. This is the military-industrial complex and foreign diplomacy impacting a superhero tale, which is an unexpected moral/ethical dilemma for a movie in which zero depth is expected.Once S.H.I.E.L.D. is compromised, Rogers is forced to work with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), to try to save the world. Later, Rogers friend Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) dons some wings to become the Falcon, which Marvel Comics readers will appreciate. The opposition is whoever sabotaged S.H.I.E.L.D. and a Russian assassin named The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).After Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and The Avengers (2012), this is the third time the good captain has played a prominent role in a feature, so it would not be a surprise if things went a bit stale. This is where directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely really shine: Though we never truly doubt that Steve will keep fighting, the circumstances that lead to his consternation allow The Winter Soldier to work well in terms of both dramatic tension and action/entertainment something that doesnt always happen in big-budget, effects-driven superhero movies (ahem, Man of Steel). Speaking of the action, its fantastic. Among the highlights are Fury in a tense car chase, Captain America taking down a plane with his shield, multiple fights and escapes from The Winter Soldier and a high-impact, high-flying finale. No new ground is broken here, but credit is deserved for a job very well done. Captain America: The Winter Soldier does what it needs to do: It improves in every way on its 2011 predecessor, and more importantly, it keeps the Marvel Cinematic Universe in fine form, which has the byproduct of keeping audiences eagerly awaiting its next project (see below). Dan Hudak is a nationally syndicated, Miami-based film critic whose work has appeared extensively in print, radio and television. Read more of his work at LATEST FILMSCaptain America: The Winter Soldier a p s S t W b CAPSULESNoah (Russell Crowe, J ennifer Connelly, Emma Watson) Noah (Mr. Crowe) faces grave moral dilemmas after God chooses him to build an ark to save animals when a forthcoming flood wipes out mankind. The visual effects are impressive, and Mr. Crowe gives the movie all he can. Too bad theres so much going on, and so many gaps in logic, that it just doesnt hold together very well. Rated PG-13.The Grand Budapest Hotel (Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Owen Wilson) In a fictional European country circa 1932, hotel concierge M. Gustave (Mr. Fiennes) takes the new lobby boy (Mr. Revolori) on a series of adventures. It has the cotton candy visuals and innocence weve come to expect from writer/director Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom), even when the main characters are being naughty. Rated R.The Lunchbox 1/2(Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui) In Mumbai, a mistake in the lunchbox delivery service leads to an exchange of letters between a lonely widower (Mr. Khan) and a forlorn housewife (Ms. Kaur). Its from Bollywood, but its not a musical as one may expect. Rather, its the type of calm, thoughtful drama thats appropriately heartwarming and sweet, emboldened by a simplicity not often found in modern movies. Rated PG. >> The futuristic and seemingly unrelated Guardians of the Galaxy bows Aug. 1, followed by Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015. On another note, be sure to stay through the credits of The Winter Soldier. There are two scenes one shortly after the credits begin and another at the end you dont want to miss (the rst one is a mustsee, while the latter is simply cute). THE NAPLES PLAYERS PRESENTIn Blackburn Hall at Sugden Community Theatre Gift Certicates AvailableTickets: Adults $35 Students 21 and under $10Tickets: 239-263-7990 or www.naplesplayers.orgNaples Players at Sugden Community Theatre 701 5th Ave. South, Naples, FL 34102 11 times awarded Best Live Theatre April 23 May 17Theatre has-beens, George and Charlotte Hay, are performing Cyrano and Private Lives in New York ...Bualo, NY. But their dwindling dreams of stardom are once again ignited when Hollywood lm director, Frank Capra, decides to drop in on their matinee performance in hopes of casting them as the new leads in his lm the Scarlet Pimpernel. But what show will he see, Cyrano, Private Lives, or perhaps a mash-up of the two? Ken Ludwig, Lend Me a Tenor and Leading Ladies, pens this hilarious showbiz satire that has all the ingredients of a good farce; slamming doors, mistaken identities, costume calamities and utter mayhem, where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Sponsored By: Performances: Wednesday Saturday 8:00 p.m. Sunday 2:00 p.m. Call (239) 649-2275 for Naples Princess Naples P rin cess Join us aboard the... Easter Sunday Enjoy an Early Easter Dinner Cruise or aSunset Cruise *Price does not include port charge, tax or service charge. 3-day cancellation policy. No coupons or discounts apply. On The Menu... Rolls & Butter Green Beans Sweet Potato Casserole


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 FLORIDA WRITERSA Cold War backstory energizes the debut of a relentless sleuthThe Second Letter by Robert Lane. Mason Alley Publishing. 330 pages. Trade paperback $14.95.This is hefty, solid, tough-guy mystery writing. A character named Jake Travis is screaming for comparison with Ernest Hemingways world-weary Jake Barnes, Paul Levines Jake Lassiter and, of course, John D. McDonalds iconoclastic protagonist Travis McGee. Robert Lanes invention holds up well while carrying its own distinctiveness, blending a noir outlook with posh settings. Too smart and too mouthy for his own good, Jake Travis lives in a moral twilight that threatens to plunge him into total darkness. A retired Special Forces operative, he performs contract work for his former boss and has as his partner on such missions a man named Garrett. Jake and Garrett are tasked with working out the terms of a possibly compromising letter being turned over to the U.S. government. The man who has the letter, Raydel Escobar, would like to exchange it for his IRS debt of $7 million. Mr. Escobar lives an elegant life from the proceeds of his (largely stolen) carpet and rug business and the three gentlemans clubs (better known as skin clubs) he runs in Tampa. He has a gorgeous wife, a lovely home and a position in the food chain of illegal enterprises that puts him under associates far more powerful and ruthlessly lethal than he is. The author has structured the novel to rock back and forth between Jakes perspective and Mr. Escobars, a device that is highly serviceable in raising suspense and deepening reader interest. The letter, going back to 1961, is thought to be connected to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It had been in the possession of Dorothy Harrison, who lived on Long Key off St. Petersburg. A friend and colleague of her late husband delivered it to her several months after Jim Harrisons death in a CIA plane crash. Dorothy chose not to read it, instead asking her Cuban gardener to hide it. After her own death decades later, her home became a museum. And now Mr. Escobar has somehow come across the letter, and the government wants it. Why is it so valuable? Well, lets just say its from CIA LANE31. CALLand pick up2. DELIVERYto your home3. ORDER ONLINEfor pick up OR deliveryAnd so much more... Order online and earn Deli Dollar rewards! jasonsdeli.comeasy ways to-go!Sarasota / 5231 University Pkwy. @ Honore / 941-351-5999 Port Charlotte / US Hwy. 41 & 776 / 941-235-3354 Fort Myers / Reections Pkwy. @ Cypress Lake / 239-590-9994 Cape Coral / Santa Barbara near Veterans / 239-458-8700 Naples / Immokalee near Airport / 239-593-9499 CELEBRATE SPRING WITH THIS $10.00 OFFER OUR SPRING GIFT OF $10.00 TOWARD YOUR NEXT VISIT WHEN SPEND $30.00 OR MORE THROUGH MAY 10TH, 2014.Does not include alcohol, tax or tip. Dine in only limit one per party and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer Valid thru 04/17/14. FUJIYAMAFUJIYAMA


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C13 Director Allen Dulles to Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. And its not the only letter in the envelope. As Jake, Garrett and Jakes neighbor Morgan scout out the Escobar estate and plan to make their m ove, readers get to enjoy the authors masterful handling of the Southwest Florida setting. They also get to f eed their gluttony for descriptions of weaponry, elite boats and special covert operations. Well, covert up to point. In these various areas of thriller interest, Randy Wayne White now has a rival. Theres got to be a girlfriend, right? This is genre fiction, after all. Jakes Kathleen, who sports a new identity to protect her from past doings, is as alluring and complicated and sensitive and smart as they get. Mr. Lane builds powerful interest in this relationship, turning its chances for success into a second element of suspense. Of course, the issues come together. Why would Jake want to put someone he loves and who loves him through the tortures of his dangerous assignments? The main plot progresses in devilish and disgusting ways. Mr. Escobar is maneuvered into participating in the trafficking of young girls to be sex slaves at worst, the lucky ones just plain slaves. Yet in this dilemma, Mr. Escobar proves his humanity and gains some sympathy. He has been cornered by his overlords and his conscience, as well as by Jakes crew. The Second Letter contains splendidly described mayhem as well as highly pressured plan refinement and improvisation for Jake and company. Jake is having trouble accepting the callousness hes had to develop to pursue assignments like this. Its like a shadow on his soul, and thus a problem for his relationship with Kathleen. The author, who splits his time between St. Pete Beach and Dublin, Ohio, has created a winning hero in Jake Travis, someone who is superskilled, superfit, glib, oddly bookish, funny as a stiletto and with a somewhat banged up moral compass. Mr. Lanes second novel, Cooler Than Blood, will be out in the fall. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. mobilegrows .com 888 429 0777 sales@mobile g rows.com52% of All Local Searchesare from a Mobile Phone If your Competitor has a Mobile Website, they are taking marketshare, money, clients and referrals from your business! MOBILE SEARCH STATS, WITHIN 1 HOUR OF SEARCH:* 95% Search for a Business Location 61% Call a Business 59% Visit a Business 44% Make a Purchase converted BeforeCall Now for FREE Mock-UpSources: Google, Nielson AfterMobileGrows

PAGE 86 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC14 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Naples filmmaker set to introduce Wings at Sarasota Film Festival SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYNaples resident and third-generation filmmaker K.C. Schulberg will introduce a screening of the landmark film Wings, which was produced by his grandfather in 1927 and became the first film to win the Academy Award, as part of the Sarasota Film Festival at noon Saturday, April 12, at the Sarasota Opera House. Joining Mr. Schulberg to introduce the film will be Patrick Harrison of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Mr. Schulberg is in preparations for his own film, A Dream Last Night, to be shot in and around Naples this fall. B.P. Schulbergs Wings was not only the first film to win the Academy Award, it was the only silent film to achieve that distinction. Directed William Wellman, it starred Paramount darling Clara Bow, Charles Buddy Rogers, Richard Arlen and newcomer Gary Cooper, whose career the elder Mr. Schulberg was credited with launching. The film was made for $2 million and featured aerial acrobatics by the storys World War I pilots that rank to this day among the best ever filmed. Though released in 1927, it did not receive the Academy Award until 1929; the statuette, not yet known as the Oscar, was presented by Douglas Fairbanks to Ms. Bow on behalf of the producers, Lucien Hubbard, Adolph Zukor and Mr. Schulberg (who served as head of Paramount from 1927-35). The 2014 Sarasota Film Festival has partnered with several organizations including The Patterson Foundation, Legacy of Valor campaign and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honor and celebrate the experiences of American soldiers/veterans through a wide range of films and shorts. The festival screening of Wings is courtesy of Paramount Pictures in partnership with the Academy Film Archive. I am honored to introduce this film, which occupies a unique place not only in my familys history but in the history of American cinema, the younger Mr. Schulberg says. His introduction to the screening will include a few amusing anecdotes passed down from his grandfather, his uncle and his father about the challenging production process of making the movie, he adds. Those working on A Dream Last Night with Mr. Schulberg include director Pierre Filmon and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, who won the Oscar for Steven Spielbergs Close Encounters of the Third Kind and whose body of work also includes The Deerhunter, Deliverance and The Black Dahlia, among many others. Two-time Grammy nominated Universal recording artist Jacky Terrasson will both act in the film and provide the score. Academy Awardand Golden Globenominated actor Eric Roberts is already attached. Additional casting will be announced shortly. The screenplay for A Dream Last Night is based on a 1953 short story by Budd Schulberg, Mr. Schulbergs aforementioned uncle. The film returns to many of the same locales as his father Stuart Schulbergs 1958 film, Wind Across the Everglades. His daughter, Chloe Schulberg, joins the Dream team as production coordinator. The Sarasota Film Festival continues through Sunday, April 13. For information about screenings and special programming, visit www. RANDALL JONES / COURTESY PHOTONaples filmmaker K.C. Schulberg with a photo of his father on the set of Wind Across the Everglades in 1958. heyoungerMr m f o h b A H S c D du T F es thro m y ts r h At the Shoppes at Vanderbilt2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road #178 | Naples(239) 596-5044truefashionistasresale.comMON-FRI 10AM-6PM NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARYResale! Consignment! Trade! Coupon required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 4/30/14 FW$5.00OFFPurchase of $50Coupon required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 4/30/14 FW$10.00OFFPurchase of $100 Pre-Owned Womens, Mens & ChildrensDesigner Fashions with Impeccable Style and Sophistication 475 Seagate Drive, Naples, FL 34103 | Hop in for a Memorable Holiday*Per person price is exclusive of tax and gratuity.Celebrate Easter in style at the iconic Waldorf Astoria Naples, and savor the divine creations of our new chef, including a chilled Seafood & Raw Bar, carved to order local Honey Glazed Smoked Ham, complete with a sweet dessert display. Easter Sunday Buffet, Vista Ballroom April 20, 2014 9am 3pm $85 per person* | $42 per child under 12*For our menu and your holiday reservation, please call 239.594.6058, email or book using OpenTable.


FREE EVENTApril 26 and 27, 2014Seminole Casino Immokalee presents a colorful celebration lled with wonder and amazement, including: 506 South 1st Street, Immokalee, FL 34142 800.218.0007 TM Watch Balloons Take Flight 6am Each Day Tethered Balloon RidesSister Hazel Concert On SaturdayKids Experience Polo ExhibitionClassic Car ShowAlligator Wrestling For more information visit seminolecasinoevents.comFree Parking at Seminole Casino. All activities weather permitting.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC16 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 University presents Bloody Poetry Florida Gulf Coast University Bower School of Music & the Arts presents Bloody Poetry by Howard Brenton and directed by FGCU professor Barry Cavin Friday-Sunday, April 11-13, at FCGU. Staged to acclaim in London and New York, the drama has in its cast of characters Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Clair Goodwin. The story about radical ideas of love and humanity focuses on the characters famous relationships and the turmoil that might have inspired works like Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online at the door one hour prior to curtain. For more information, email Mr. Cavin at bcavin@ Veranda E hosts Dinner with ArtistsThe Naples Arts Associations next Dinner with Artists takes place Thursday, April 24. Naples silk artist Leigh Herndon and executive chef Bryan Bubba Sutton of Veranda E at Hotel Escalante combine their individual artistry into an evening at the restaurant that includes a presentation by Ms. Herndon, cocktails and dinner with wine. A pop-up boutique of the artists work will be featured in hotel courtyard for the evening. To prepare for each Dinner with Artists event, an NAA visual artist and a master chef visit one anothers workspaces to learn about their respective creative processes, motivations and techniques. Proceeds from each Dinner with Artists evening benefit the NAA ART Connects programming that includes lectures for the public and professional development workshops for artists. Ms. Herndons designs on silk are often inspired by nature, especially the sub-tropical plants of Southwest Florida. B before joining Veranda E, Mr. Sutton work ed at restaurants including Naples Tomato, Dish and Tropical Reef. Tickets are $100, all inclusive. For reservations or more information, call the Naples Art Association at 262-6517 or visit Silk artist Leigh Herndon in her Naples studio. Call (239) 649-2275 for Reservations Naples Princess Naples P rin cess The Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water. Naples Princess... O ering Daily Public CruisesSeabreeze Lunch, Dinner, Hors doeuvres A ernoon and Sunset Sightseeing Upcoming Events:6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Live Tropical Steel Drums with J Robert 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Songs of Billy Joel with Billy Jollie 239.431.6341NaplesDesignerDivas.comThe Shoppes at Vanderbilt Suite 1362355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples naples designer divasNo Appt. Necessary Resale Cash on the Spot We Buy & Consign Items in Mint Condition 12-18 Months Young 10% OFF with this ad. Expires 4-17-14 excludes sale items now buying and selling all fashion trendy clothing DESIGNERS ANTHROPOLOGIE | BCBG | BURBERRY CACHE | CHANEL | COACH | FENDI FREE PEOPLE | GUCCI | JIMMY CHOO JUICY COUTURE | KATE SP ADE LILY PULITZER | LOUIS VUITTON MICHAEL KORS | TIFFANY & CO. TORY BURCH | VERA BRADLEY WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET New Items Below Wholesale Prices! Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options.


Ben NelsonBonita Springs MayorFran PetersSan-Cap Chamber Chair Elect Gina Birchmedia celebrity 2 P.M. 8 P.M. AT PROMENADE AT BONITA BAY Entertainment Florida Purchase Tickets Online at Ages 9 and under are free Ages 10-20: $20 per ticket Adults: $35 online $45 at gate $70 per VIP Ticket (Includes all demonstrations & seminars) $10 per ticket for Seminar & Demonstrations Valid with admission ticket A portion of proceeds will bene t the Bonita Springs Assistance Of ce in celebration of their 35th Anniversary.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Around the barArt Littlestone, 75, has been a Broadway Palm regular for many years, finding a spot at the bar for different drinks on different nights. Mr. Littlestone never orders drinks. Busty knows what the man he calls Artie wants. He sees me walk in and the drink is right there, Mr Littlestone said. On Wednesdays he has a gin martini. I dont order a gin martini anywhere else, Mr. Littlestone said. On Fridays he drinks what he termed special bourbon, something Busty told him about. Its called Rare Breed bourbon and it is, Mr. Littlestone said, 108.2 proof. This bar is a special place for Mr. Littlestone. This is Cheers for me, Mr. Littlestone said, referring to a popular sitcom set in a bar. Im Norm. Hes Sam. Mr. Littlestone, a widower, said he and his late wife, Barbara, who had been married for 46 years, were regular theatergoers, taking in 25 or 26 shows a year at various theaters. Now, Mr. Littlestone doesnt attend the shows but he still pops into the Broadway Palm lobby two nights a week, walks up to the bar and has the right drink waiting for him on the right night. All served by a great bartender. What makes you think hes a great bartender? Mr. Littlestone said in jest and loud enough to make sure Busty heard his good-natured comment. Also at the bar this evening as the theater began to fill for Les Miserables were Mary Lou Juergens and Bob Kliphon, who have been coming to the bar for eight years. Hes a loyal friend, Ms. Juergens said. And a bartender with a sense about his customers. He always knows your mood, Mr. Littlestone said.From the beginningBusty recalls the first night and the first show ever at the Broadway Palm, Me and My Gal. As he prepared for his first customers, Busty had to go back in the service area to get something and noticed workers busy painting the walls. When the curtain rose on the first show, of the first season, the paint was still wet. Busty started bartending in his native New Jersey in the late 1960s. He worked various types of places there and he and his wife, Sunday, once owned and operated a fast-food restaurant. Nothing, though, has equaled the Broad-BUSTYFrom page 1COURTESY PHOTOSBusty through the years as bartender at the Broadway Palm Theatre. DONT MISS OURGIANT STORE CLOSING SALESTARTING FRIDAY 50%-75% OFF ENTIRE INVENTORYONLY AT THE PLAZA 1170 THIRD STREET SOUTH J J J J e e n n n n n n n n i i i f f f f f e e e e r r r L o o o f f f f f s s t t t r r r r a a a a n n n n d d d d d A A Al l A Ab ou u t C l o os e et s i is a l ll a a b bo ut t i nn n ov v a at iv e e de e sign, im m pe c cc ab b b le c c ra f ft sm m a an s sh ip a nd d a aw le e ss s s er v v i ce. Our i in n st al la ti on n s s re e e c ct y o ou r r dr ea a ms s a n n nd y o ou r pers on al it y y, w h h i le d ra ma t ti c ca l ll y e en ha a nc c in n g y yo ur r h o om m e. Let m m me nd t he e p p e r fe c ct s o ol ut t i o n f fo r y yo u u. 5606 6th Street West Lehigh Acres, Fl 33971 V V V i i s s s i i t t o o o u u r w w e e e b b b s i i i t t e e : : w w w w w w w w w w w . a a a l l l l a a b b o o u t t c c l l o o o s s e e e t t s s c c c o o m m m m . w w w w w w w w w w w . a a a l l l l a a b b b o o u t t c c l l l o o s Call for a Free Professional Design Consultation! 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 3 3 3 0 0 3 3 5 5 5 8 8 8 2 2 9 9 9 TOLL FREE 866.344.5083


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C19 way Palm. This has been the best gig for me in my whole life, Busty said. Mr. Prather didnt think it would work out that way for Busty. When he first interviewed for the job more than 20 years ago, Mr. Prather told him he doubted whether the lobby bar would generate enough income to make it worth Bustys efforts. Busty asked Mr. Prather how many patrons he expected to put in the theater every night. He was told about 400. That sounded good to Busty and he told Mr. Prather that. Ill show you that this bar will do money, Busty told Mr. Prather. It did. The Broadway Palm has thrived through more than 20 years, during a time when many dinner theaters closed their doors for good and through a severe recession and through an explosion in entertainment options from DVDs to the Internet and the streaming of movies. These people really know what theyre doing, Busty said of Broadway Palm management. First of all, they have it down to a science, from the box office to the gift shop to the bar and the kitchen and performances. Busty helped make the theater succeed. One of the keys to bartending, he said, is knowing customers, remembering their names and drinks. He advises younger bartenders to learn names and drinks. He talked about a couple from New Hampshire named Peggy and Dick who come once a year to the Broadway Palm. Busty said he made sure to recall their names so when they pop in for their annual trip he greets them. Peggy! Dick!, he said he tells them. How you doing? Thats part of customer service for Busty. People love to be acknowledged, Busty said. Busty will soon get some acknowledgement of his own. Mr. Prather plans a going away open-house party at the theater for Busty from 2-6 p.m. Sunday, April 13. Palm Sunday, appropriately enough. The public is invited.Matters of trustMr. Prather and Busty go back a long way. They met, Mr. Prather said, when Busty worked at a place called the Toucan on West First Street in Fort Myers. Mr. Prather said he was only 24 at the time he hired Busty, who was the fourth or fifth employee and the first bartender he hired. What is now the Broadway Palm was a Publix and had to be converted into a theater. Mr. Prather said he trusts Busty with everything at the place. Busty closes the theater at night and makes sure the doors are locked and the security system is operating before he goes home. Ive always had a sense of security, Mr. Prather said. Busty became more than an employee. He took ownership in everything, Mr. Prather said. He also, Mr. Prather said, has a commanding presence behind the bar and is a handsome man. More than that, he became a mentor of sorts to younger workers. He really became a surrogate uncle to a lot of our employees and actors, Mr. Prather said. Thats all now coming to an end. Its been a great run, Busty said. Im ready to go and of course Im saddened and will miss everybody but Im going to be around. Im going to come to the shows. The next show at the Broadway Palm will be The Music Man. Look for the Busty the bartending man in the audience, but dont look behind the bar, his home for 21 years. Those days are over. Maybe somebody will buy him a drink. Im a scotch guy, Busty said. Little rocks. Little splash of water.


2612 Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida 34103 Phone 239.331.3441 Fax 239.331.3445 TFP 888.616.4472 TFF 888.616.4471 Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Topical P ain Management Dermatological Wound Care Podiatry Pediatrics Clinical Compound Pharmacy can work with your physician to customize medications speci cally for you. Options include: medications free of dyes, gluten, soy, lactose, sugars, alcohols, preservatives, etc. and/or commercially unavailable medications. Call us today for more information! CLINICALCOMPOUNDpharmacy Chad L. Stoneburner Pharm D and OwnerMOST MAJOR INSURANCES ACCEPTED! FREE SHIPPING! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 THE ALL NEW NAPLESRADIO.NET INTERNET RADIO FOR NAPLES FLORIDA WWW.NAPLESRADIO.NET BEACH READINGChronicling the West for Harpers: Coast to Coast with Frenzeny & Tavernier in 1873-1874 By Claudine Chalmers (University of Oklahoma Press, $45)REVIEWED BY LARRY COXDuring the summer of 1873, two artists, Paul Frenzeny and Jules Tavernier, hired by Harpers Weekly magazine to document the American West, boarded the newly constructed transcontinental railroad. Accompanied by their beloved pointer, Judy, they departed New York City that July. Harpers Weekly traced its beginnings to John and James Harper, who established their first printing press in New York in 1817. Sixteen years later, two more siblings, Wesley and Fletcher, joined the company, and it became Harper and Brothers. The first issue of Harpers Weekly rolled off the presses in 1857. It offered its readers 16 folio pages filled with news of America and the world, all for 5 cents a copy. The newspaper became especially essential during the Civil War, as it set the standard for illustrated journalism in the United States. Chronicling the West for Harpers showcases 100 illustrations that Mr. Frenzeny and Mr. Tavernier made for the magazine during their cross-country assignment over a two-year period, 1873 and 1874. For readers around the world, these drawings brought to life the newly accessible territories, their diverse inhabitants and the turbulent, changing frontier. Author Claudine Chalmers, an independent historian, focuses on the life and work of these two remarkable men as they visited such places as Pittsburgh, Missouri, Texas, the Neosho Valley in Kansas, Fort Gibson in present-day Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona and Utah, eventually ending their journey in San Francisco during the summer of 1874. The illustrations are extraordinary, from branding cattle in Texas to quarrying stone for the new Mormon Temple in Utah, and from Chinatown in San Francisco to encountering a prairie windstorm in Kansas. With pencil and woodblock, Mr. Frenzeny and Mr. Tavernier redefined American journalism and captured the American frontier as never before. s n s e Au th O k t i n su NAPLES ARTCRAFTERS Fine Art & CraftsSaturday, April 12th10am 4pmIN CAMBIER PARK, DOWNTOWN NAPLES580 8th Street SouthJUST SOUTH OF 5TH AVENUE 239.262.8111 esh, Fast DELIVERY PIZZAFUSION.COMTWITTER.COM/PIZZAFUSION FACEBOOK.COM/PIZZAFUSION WE COME IN THE NAME OF PIZZA.But not just any pizza. Fresh, natural, avorful pizza. Handmade with only good stuff, like organic and local ingredients. We also have amazing sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and more. And thanks to our vegan and gluten-free options, everyone canand willenjoy. GRAND OPENINGNEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN2 Blocks North of Mercato Unnatural Beauty Join our free text club to receive special discounts! Just Text Naples to 90210.Medical Director DR. ANDREW TURK 898 5th Ave, South #204, NaplesMonday: 9am-5pm Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-8pm Friday: 9am-4pm Saturday: 9am-3pm NAPLES NEWEST AND FINEST MEDSPA IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN NAPLES!Smooth Summer Specials!NAPLES LASER AND MEDSPA IS BUILT UPON THE IDEA OF HAVING ONE GOAL IN MIND: TO FULFILL YOUR DESIRE TO ATTAIN HEALTHIER, YOUNGER, MORE VIBRANT SKIN. LASER HAIR REMOVAL OR BODY CONTOURINGBuy one area get a second area 20% OFFFIRST VISIT VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.NAPLESMEDSPA.COM FOR MORE SAVINGS! EXPERATION: 4/30/14TMDERMATOLOGICAL Skin Growth Removal Keloid RemovalPRIVATE HAIR STUDIO Haircuts Blowdry & Style Color Non-invasive hair restoration239-228-7491BOTOX/FILLERSJuvederm Radiesse Sculptra NEW! Volumathe newest lifting llerFACIALSAcne Facials UltraSonic Facials WaxingLASER TREATMENTSLaser Hair Removal Skin Resurfacing Newest Forever Young BBLBODYBioidentical Hormone Replacement Asclera/Leg Veins Venus Legacy


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C21 COLLECTORS CORNER There are some big events coming up in Naples, Fort Myers and Sanibel. The CROW auction no doubt will bring in some interesting lots, as will Leslie Hindmans Naples auction an the Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry event at the companys new digs. If youre on the east coast, check out the Kofski and James & Jeffrey sales in West Palm Beach. Naples Spring Auction The auction, set for April 11 by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, will feature paintings, contemporary art glass, mid-century design, 19th-century bronzes and French provincial furniture, among other things, from some prominent Naples-area estates. Preview is 10 a.m.-4 p.m. through April 4, 10 a.m.-2 pm. April 5; 10 a.m.4 p.m. April 7-9 and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. April 10 at Hindmans auction facility, 1300 Third St. S., Suite 201, Naples. Catalog is at Info: 643-4448 or naples@lesliehindman. com. Auction The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, or CROW, the nonprofit wildlife hospital and education facility on Sanibel, will hold an antique, fine art and estate jewelry auction April 12. There will be 100 Buy It Now! sale items from 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and a live auction of more than 100 items from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; preview is 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Appraisers will be on hand to assess items from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Cost is $5 per item. The event is at The Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel. Admission: $5; 472-3644 or Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry The company, which was at Royal Palm Square in Fort Myers for more than 20 years, has moved to a 10,000-square-foot location at 14181 S. Tamiami Trail in South Fort Myers (across from Scanlon Lexus). It will mark the occasion with a multi-estate jewelry, collectibles and coin auction with more than 1,000 lots at noon April 10. Info: Kofski Estate Sale This highend tag sale typically features items from Palm Beach estates. You never know what youll find. Its 9 a.m.-3 p.m. April 12-13 at 5501 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach; James & Jeffrey Estate Sale The long-time shop from West Palm Beachs Antique Row has a warehouse just down the street from Kofskis. Look for a sale there 9 a.m.-3 p.m. April 12-13 at 5704 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach; Send your event information to Sc ott Simmons at ssimmons@ scottSIMMONS Art and Antiques Across Florida 239.434.6533Its Here! e ird Street South AnnualSpring Sidewalk Sale April 24 SALE THURSDAY & FRIDAY 10AMPM SATURDAY 10AMPMSUNDAY NOONPM Discover great deals in the chic and original clothing, jewelry, shoe, home & garden stores on Third Street South. And when youre ready for a shopping break, choose from over a dozen award-winning restaurants and outdoor cafes to please your palate. Connect with us today at 239-594-7400 or Experts@TravelExperts.com6646 Willow Park Drive, Suite 5, Naples, FL 34109 (off Airport Pulling, between Pine Ridge & Vanderbilt) Betsy Patton CTC, DS Judith Stang CTA, DS Charles Wolfe Lois Moran CTC, DS William Mitch Mitchell, Sr. VP Pamela Hurley-Moser, CEO Susan Kokx Babette ODwyer Pat Wilcock Brenda Cadman, CTA, DS Michelle Ferris, DS Beth Skypeck, DSLimited Time Exclusive Offer! Please join us at our ofce on Tuesday, April 15th, from 3 5 PM to Explore Old World Retreats and Discover Easy-to-Reach Destinations with our Crystal Cruises representative!A limited time booking incentive will be announced at the event.


KOVEL: ANTIQUES Wines growing popularity leads to rise in helixophiles BY KIM AND TERRY KOVEL Wine spoils quickly if exposed to the air. It was not until the 18th century that glassblowers were able to make bottles with narrow necks that made airtight storage possible. The best seal for the bottle was a cork, and when the English began to bottle wine in the 1700s they also invented a corkscrew to open the bottle. At first, corks were removed with an existing tool used to clean muskets. But soon other types of openers were invented. Early corkscrews were usually T-shaped devices that pulled the cork. It is said that the first patented corkscrews were made in England in 1795, France in 1828 and the United States in 1860. There are many types of corkscrews. The single-lever corkscrew and the double-winged-lever corkscrew, patented in 1930, both screwed into the cork. Raising and lowering the lever removed the cork. Hundreds of other clever designs can be found, so collecting is a challenge. By the 1970s, collectors could find books and clubs for corkscrew enthusiasts. A corkscrew collector is called a helixophile. Prices have been going up during the past 20 years as the supply of old, unusual corkscrews gets smaller and interest grows in wine and its necessary accessories. A figural brass corkscrew named Hootch-Owl, patented in 1936, sold for $1,725 in February 2014 at a Jeffrey S. Evans auction. Q: I have a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Double R Bar Ranch metal lunch box that pictures Roy on Trigger, Dale Evans waving her hat in greeting, and their dog, Bullet, running alongside. The back and sides look like wood grain and there is a brand on the back. Can you tell me when it was made and what its worth? A: Your lunch box was made by the American Thermos Co. in 1953. A nearly identical box with blue or red sides and a wood grain back was made in 1954. It came with a matching thermos. It was the first completely lithographed steel lunch box made. The lunch box with thermos sells for $75 to $100 today; the lunch box alone for $50 to $80. Q: I am stumped by a piece of wooden furniture I inherited. It looks like a three-drawer dresser, but the dressers top and the hinged front of the top drawer lift up to reveal a trouser press next to a small storage bin. And the bottom drawer front opens on hinges, too. The only mark I can find is Pat. No. 112843. Its impressed on both the press and the back of the dresser. The press can be unscrewed from the dresser. Can you tell me who made it, how old it is and what its worth? A: The patent number refers to a British patent, not an American one. The patent application was filed in England in 1917 by Frank Henry Miles, a cabinet manufacturer, Crown NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 BARBECUE IS WHAT WE DO LET US DO IT FOR YOU!In Lee & Collier Counties Call Our Catering Manager at (239) 209-0940 Catering Services from 25 5,000 Catering! Our Award Winning Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Beef accompanied by our homemade Cole Slaw and Baked Beans can be brought to your event by our mobile char-grill. OVERWEIGHT?$249 FOUR-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMOffer includes: Complete comprehensive review of BMI, BMR, total body fat %, waist-to-hip ratio, lean vs. fat body mass, 30-days diet supplements + (3) Laser-Lipo treatments & (1) B-12 shot *Must call before 4/17/14 Must mention Florida Weekly when booking to get offer. (a $699 value) www.naplesweightloss.com2590 Northbrooke Plaza Dr., Suite 103, Naples, FL 34119 Located on the corner of I-75 & Immokalee Rd. Naples Weight Loss & WellbeingLose up to 30 lbs in 30 days! The Hootch-Owl is a combination corkscrew-bottle opener-nutcracker thats 6 inches long. It sold for $1,725 at a February Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates auction in Mt. Crawford, Va. WATERFRONT GRILLE | 239.263.442141 to Park Shore a the Village on Venetian Bay tapassteaksseafoodorganicsNaples Freshest Catch info@naples-botox.comI will come to your home or host a Botox/Dermal ller party for you and your friends. Noninvasive medical treatments will restore a more youthful appearance to your face.RACHEL KASOFFRN, BSN, Certied Botox/Dermal Filler 1100 6th Ave S., Naples FL 34102(located inside the Parrot Bar & Grill)Tickets $15 per person Call for reservations or buy tickets online at 239-45-LAUGH239-455-(2844)Private shows and group discounts available.April 18-19CO-HEADLINER: Long Island Mary CO-HEADLINER: Robin Savage April 25-26HEADLINER: Roz McCoyFEATURE: Brian Corrion April 11-12HEADLINER: BJ OdomFEATURE: Matt Price


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C23 Independently Owned & Operated The OriginalSince 1991 Italian Dinner For Two $29.95INCLUDES BOTTLE OF HOUSE WINE Choose From Noodles Original 24 Year Running Favorite Dishes: Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Must present ad. THURSDAY 6-9 IN OUR LOUNGE 1585 Pine Ridge Road, #5, Naples, FL 34109239-592-0050 Southwest Floridas ONLY CASINO where you can play DICE AND ROULETTE!(239) 765-PLAY FREE CRUISE* (239) 765-PLAY450 Harbor Ct. Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 *Free Cruise (excluding the $5 port tax) May not be used in combination with any other Big M offers or coupons. Must be 21 to cruise with us. Expires 4/30/2014 FWNAll AM Cruises with this ad. Must be redeemed at ticket of ce. Excludes $5 port tax. ~ THE CLAW BAR at TIERNEYS TAVERN ~ OPEN ALL DAYTHE BAY HOUSE & THE CLAW BAR AT TIERNEYS TAVERN 799 WALKERBILT RD., NAPLES OFF US 41, 1/4 MILE NORTH OF IMMOKALEE RD. JOIN US FOR LUNCH ON THE BEAUTIFUL COCOHATCHEE RIVER!LUNCH DAILY 11-2 DINNER DAILY AT 5PM, BRUNCH SUNDAY 10:30-2 HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM LIVE ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY net Works, Redcross Street, Bristol. The patent was granted on Jan. 31, 1918. It relates to Miless invention of a trouser press & cabinet combined. The patent application states that the press could be adapted to any piece of furniture as desired or if required made as a separate press. It is likely that your combination trouser press-dresser dates from the late 1910s or early 1920s. The storage bin was meant to be used for small wearing apparel (such as collars, etc.). As a piece of furniture, your press-dresser might sell for $200 to $300. Q: I found two Bevo metal trays in my great uncles attic. They have a red border with the words Bevo the beverage at the top, The All-YearRound Soft Drink at the bottom, and a center lithograph of a carriage pulled by six horses. A man in a suit is driving the carriage and a fox dressed in a suit is sitting backward at the rear of the carriage. I have never heard of this beverage. Do you know anything about it? Are these trays worth anything? A: Bevo was a near beer, a nonalcoholic malt drink, made by Anheuser-Busch from 1916 to 1929. It was popular during Prohibition. Reynard the Fox, the footman on the carriage, is an Anheuser-Busch mascot. The mischievous character first appeared in European folk stories 800 years ago. Because few people remember Bevo, there are not many collectors who would want to buy the trays. The graphics are interesting, though, so each tray could sell for $75 to $100. Q : I have a plate that has a stamp on the reverse that reads J.K.W. Decor, Carlsbad, Bavaria in an ornate circle of gold. There is a crown above the initials. The plate is 12 inches wide and has a gold rim circling a wide turquoise band with gold decorations. The picture in the center looks like a mirror image of the Jean-Francois Millet painting, The Angelus, showing a farm couple praying over their vegetables. Does this plate have any value? A: The mark on your plate was used by the Josef Kuba Werkstatte, a porcelain factory founded in Karlsbad, Bavaria (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic), in 1930. The factory was occupied by German soldiers during World War II. After the war ended in 1945, the factory moved to Wiesau, Bavaria, Germany. After Kuba died, his son took over the business. The company closed in 1989. Many of Josef Kubas plates feature transfer decorations based on famous paintings. The plates were made as inexpensive decorations and sell today for less than $20 each. Tip: Never dip a piece of rhinestone jewelry in water. It will cause damage. Kim and Terry Kovel answer questions sent to the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The amount of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

PAGE 96 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC24 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 THIS WEEK ON WGCUTV THURSDAY, APRIL 10 8 P.M. 2014 Makers: Women Who Make Southwest Florida, Part 2 Portraits of women who have impacted Southwest Florida highlighting Nancy Lascheid, Rita Bertler, Michele Valencourt, Darla Letourneau and Theresa Ink. Produced by WGCU. 9 P.M. Doc Martin Season 6, Hazardous Exposure Martins mother returns to Portwenn with some interesting news. Penhale spreads pandemonium throughout the village at the drop of the word asbestos, and Bert has a question for Jennifer. FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 9 P.M. Live from Lincoln Center Jason Isbell: Moving Forward Born into a family of musicians in a town just a few miles from Muscle Shoals, Ala., Jason Isbells career choice could seem pre-destined. His most recent work is the critically acclaimed Southeastern, with personal songs about atonement and redemption. SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 8 P.M. As Time Goes By Lionel and Jean rekindle their relationship after four decades apart. SUNDAY, APRIL 13 9 P.M. Masterpiece Classic Mr. Selfridge, Season 2, Part 3 The start of WW I spurs enlistment fever among the male staff. Ladies organize a benefit for refugees. 10 P.M. The Bletchley Circle Season 2, Part 1 Subtitled Blood on Their Hands, the season opener reunites the codebreaking women to help free a woman they believe is wrongly accused of murder. MONDAY, APRIL 14, 8 P.M. Antiques Roadshow: Kansas City Highlights include a 1955 El vis Presley concert poster, an 1812 Marklin Puritan toy boat valued and a 1919 Leon Gaspard Portrait of Young Girl oil painting. TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 9 P.M. The Address Ken Burns tells the story of a tiny school in Putney, Vt., where each year the students are encouraged to memorize, practice and recite the Gettysburg Address. The students, boys ages 11-17, face a range of complex learning differences. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 8 P.M. Nature: Touching the Wild Joe Hutto has dedicated se ven years of his life to becoming a wild mule deer, As these keenly intelligent animals come to regard this stranger as one of their own, the experience rocks him to his core and sends him back to his own kind. The Bletchley Circle, April 13 Touching the Wild, April 16 The Show www.bobharden.comNews and commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.Streamed live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 a.m. The show is archived for your listening convenience. Brought to you in part by like us on facebook


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 C25 KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress TOLL FREE 888-539-2628 $ 119 GET AWAY FOR ONLY... Vacation Spot of Pirates, Poets, Presidents and Party Goers! ROUND TRIP!* *Minimum 8 day advance purchase, non-refundable fare. Cannot be combined with other offers. Weekend fee applies to any travel Friday thru Sunday. Expires April 30, 2014. Make Key West Your Spring Fling! CELEBRITY EXTRAHutson keeps designing for a cause BY CINDY ELAVSKYQ: I really miss Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, especially designer Tracy Hutson. What has she been doing lately? Pamela T., Waco, TexasA: You can still catch Tracy decorating for a cause this time she has teamed up with the Design Network ( to star in Momtourage, an original video series focused on lifting up deserving moms who have done so much for their families and their communities. Each episode will follow Tracy as she pays a surprise visit to each womans home, listens to her story, learns about her family life, and offers a fun and inspirational interior-design intervention all in the span of one Saturday. Q: I finally was able to watch Hatfields and McCoys, and I absolutely loved it. When can I see Bill Paxton in something like this again? Paul T., Scranton, Pa.A: Well, I cant tell you exactly when just yet, but I can tell you what. The History Channel has ordered an eighthour television event called Texas Rising, with Bill leading an all-star cast featuring Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olivier Martinez, Michael Rapaport and many more. The series will detail the Texas Revolution and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers, and is set to premiere in 2015. Q: My book club finished reading The Astronaut Wives Club, and one of the ladies said she heard that it is being made into a TV show. Is that true? Danni W., via emailA: ABC is indeed airing a 10-part series called The Astronaut Wives Club, based on the bestselling book by Lily Koppel, which tells the story of the women who were key players behind some of the biggest events in American history. The series premieres at 9 p.m. July 24, and stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Odette Annable, Zoey Boyle and Azure Parsons. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or email her at Tracy Hutson BETTY MACLEAN TRAVEL Inc. e Adventure Travel Company Call: 239-513-0333 or 800-865-8111 Explore Our Website: 35BETTY MACLEAN TRAVELYEARS OF TRAVEL EXCELLENCEYEAR ANNIVERSARY Call today to enjoy extra bene ts and savings courtesy of the only locally-owned Virtuoso agency in Southwest Florida DATE VOYAGE TO/FROM June 22, 2014Mediterranean SunsetsMonte Carlo to Barcelona June 28, 2014Castles, Crowns & FjordsStockholm to Oslo June 29, 2014Iberian Passage Barcelona to Rome July 9, 2014European Masterpieces Rome to Venice July 29, 2014Ancient Wonders Istanbul to Athens August 8, 2014Black Sea Sanctuary Athens to Istanbul August 22, 2014Mediterranean CompositionAthens to Barcelona October 31, 2014 Legendary Sands Istanbul to Dubai January 20, 2015Secrets of French PolynesiaSydney to Papeete February 5, 2015 Jewels of the Orient Hong Kong to Beijing


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC26 WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 CONTRACT BRIDGEA highly unusual discard BY STEVE BECKERWhen is a signal not a signal? Answer: When it obviously does not mean what it says. For example, take this case where South gets to four spades on the bidding shown. It is not clear whether West should lead the ace of hearts, the suit his partner bid, or make the more aggressive lead of a diamond, hoping to get a diamond ruff. Be that as it may, West fortunately elected to lead a diamond. Had he led the ace of hearts instead, declarer would have finished with an overtrick. East won the diamond lead with the jack and continued with the ace and king. It was on the third round of diamonds that West made a most unusual play he discarded the ace of hearts! Under the circumstances, there was no way East could construe this play as a signal for him to lead a heart next. Rather, East reasoned that his partner was trying to stop him from shifting to a heart. So East continued with a fourth round of diamonds, and Wests jack of trumps became the setting trick. Observe that if East had shifted to a heart instead of leading another diamond, which he very well might have done without Wests extraordinary discard, declarer would have had no problem scoring the rest of the tricks. But West had recognized that a heart shift by East could easily prove fatal, and he headed off a potential disaster by making the most dramatic discard he could find. Maximum tan239-597-9222Shoppes at Vanderbilt (behind the CVS) Best Equipment in Naples $15 00CUSTOM AIRBRUSH No contracts Cash or credit accepted $19 00UNLIMITED TANNING No contracts Cash or credit accepted HAPPY HOUR 3-6 pm Margaritas & Draft Beer BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! LOCATION #2EAST NAPLES3785 Tamiami Trail East (239) 262-2582#1NORTH NAPLES3126 Tamiami Trail North (239) 304-8629 Buy One Lunch or Dinner Entree RECEIVE 2ND ONE FREE With purchase of 2 drinksMax value $13. Expires 4/24/14


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 SOCIETY Planned Parenthood welcomes Ashley Judd for A Choice AffairLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ PHOTOS 1. Ashley Judd, Stephanie Marshall and Helena Mahler 2. William Villafranca and Courtney Glaubach 3. Barbara Teaford, Marci Sanders and Stephanie Marshall 4. Kathy Ripin and Jeanne Findlater 5. Ashley Judd and Marla WeissBoys & Girls Club of Collier County Youth of the Year celebration es s Flo Flo id rid rid W aWe kl ekl ekl t yt os ee mor ep ht hot hot os. W We t ta k ke ke mor es i oci t ety an d dn dn t etw k ork ork i ing h ph ph t oto sa t ta rea ev t ent t st h han han we we cantin the the ne n wsp ape r. 1 2 3 4 5 Dick Vitale, Tony Orr and Shaquille ONealCHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1. Lee Tobin, Megan Shaw, Teresa Shaw and Michael Shaw 2. Jay Baker, Patty Baker, Ralph Stayer and Shelly Stayer 3. Scott Campbell and Gayle Campbell 4. Harold Weeks, Akita Cannon and Wunn Watkins 5. Regina Pena and Manuel Pena 6. Tasheeka Perry and Colleen Miller 1 2 3 5 4 6

PAGE 100 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC28 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ OTTENSTEIN / FLORIDA WEEKLY Brenda Gignac and Koko Angelika Kade, John Serrian, Joyce Ogrodnik, Valerie Ghoussaini and Annete Newton Eddy Ferraro, Claire Ferraro and Mary Markel Sue Cohen, Ronnie George and Ann Lindahl Bill Enlow and Claire Ferguson Jackie Sturges, Mike Sturges, Joyce Ogrodnik, Kim Morris and Joe Ogrodnik SOCIETYLife at the Beach for Friends of Foster Children of Collier County Spring Into Fashion for Make-A-Wish at the Village on Venetian Bay COURTESY PHOTOS Carly Phillips on the runway in an ensemble from JK Collections 2 Brittany Schneider in an outfit from Lux Boutique Krista Fogelsong Melody Weber in an outfit from Lux Boutique Wish recipient Matt Milligan

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C29 SOCIETYLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ Grace Place for Children & Families hosts its Deans Circle luncheonMICHELLE BULLOCK / CHARLIE MCDONALD PHOTOGRAPYCliff Ryan and Sig Ryan Terry McGann and Jean Burke Fran Lopus and Barbara Evans Jean Walker Humphries, Marlys Walker and Kristen Petry Francis Jefferies and Muriel Jefferies William Van Domelen, Julia Van Domelen, Leo King and Gail King Ashlea Heck and Gerri Miller Stephanie Munz Campbell and Robert Furek Phil Plessinger and Grace PlessingerRichard Gast and Marci Gast Stanley Russell and Carole Russell Stephanie Munz Campbell and Connie Byrne

PAGE 102 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC30 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 SOCIETY Mediterra model home showcase VIP party for Golisano Childrens HospitalLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ PHOTOS Kris Christiansen and Jim Christiansen Jim Gordon and Joanne Gordon Stephanie Swank, Stani Crittenden and Melissa Alvaranga Gwen Geletka and Paige Geletka Marla Williams, Jeff Williams, Cheryl Kuhnmuench, Nan Currie and Pat CurrieBERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLYA fundraising luncheon for Bosom Buddies at Kensington Country Club Mary Libretti, Gail Tauriello and Jean Vanasco Cathy Houston, Paula Jennings and Cookie Carino Rosemary Curran, Phyllis Punk and Karleen Hagan Stacy Lederer and Mona Nagib of Yamron Jewelers Ralph Feraco Alex Hinding Joetta Abbazio, Robert Crissman and Lillian Ashton

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C31 Barb Duba and Joe Duba Carolyn Balogh, Jim Balogh, Jan Balogh and Joe Balogh Don Corcelli, Diane Corcelli, Lou Davis and Mary Corcelli Jack Finley, Lu Finley, Bonnie Quagliata, Chili Aveni and Gena Aveni Jim Mancuso and Maria Mancuso Tom Ganley and Eleanore Ganley Tom Chiudioni and Barbara Chiudioni John Pangonis and Barbara Pangonis Mary Breen and Jack Breen SOCIETY The Cleveland Club spring soiree at Spanish Wells Country ClubLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY Micky Montesanto and Tony Sabatino Tom Moran and Carol Moran, Barb Duba and Joe Duba, Carl Panek and Carol Panek

PAGE 104 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC32 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 SOCIETY Opening night for The Barber of Seville by Opera Naples at ArtisNaplesLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Linda Restituto and Vincent Restituto Richard Mower and Marianne Rhodes Shannon Larson and Sue Larson Darrell Christian and Elaine Christian Connie La Penne and Courtney Rynne Roberta Goodwin, Phyllis Titlebaum and Mae Riefberg Roger Krech and Sharon Krech Trey Farmer, Eileen Fuller and Moira Fennessey Tom Lauri and Benita Lauri

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C33 SOCIETY An Opera Guild luncheon for Opera Naples at a club in Port Royal Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 3 6 7 9 10 2 4 5BERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY 4 E G 4 BE PA G 1. Tenor Robert McPherson, center, with Karin and Michael Standen 2. Susan Langer, center, with Linda Noel and John Lyngaas 3. Jerry Goldberg, Joanne Wyss and Karl Wyss 4. Baritone Timothy Lafontaine, center, with Gudrun Wunderer and Mary Jo Nolin 5. Mezzo soprano Deborah Domanski 6. Ingrid Jansons, Rosie Taylor, Moira Fennessey and Inge Mueller 7. Taryn McBride and Gerry McBride 8. Baritone Joseph Flaxman with Steffanie Pearce 9. Natasha Lidow, Eugene Lidow, Patti Wachowicz and Maureen Russell 10. Janice Burrus and Julius Maurer 8

PAGE 106 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC34 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 Key to ratings Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previous restaurant reviews: The Chapel Grill, 811 Seventh Ave. S., Naples; 206-4310Casual yet stylish, this restaurant in the 65-year-old former First Baptist Church is packing the pews, so to speak, with a wide-ranging menu that puts a new spin on some very familiar dishes. The calamari, for instance, is strewn with chorizo sausage and tempura-fried julienned carrots. Marinara would be too mundane for such a concoction, so the chef dreamed up a delicious mangorum sauce that complements the calamari nicely. Seafood or steak, Chapel Grill seems blessed for success. A New York strip was perfectly grilled to medium-rare yet achieved a crusty exterior that most home grillers would envy. The well-marbled 14-ounce cut was dry-aged for 21 days, which imparted a noticeable richness. Red rock cod Florentine was a hefty fillet with thick flakes of moist white meat within its crisp, oven-baked Parmesan crust. Inventive cocktails such as a vodka gimlet with balsamic-laced strawberries and fresh basil, or a bourbon highball spiked with The Kings Ginger liqueur and a kiss of cloves are sinfully indulgent. Full bar. Food: 1/2 Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: Reviewed December 2012 Cirellas Italian Bistro & Sushi Bar, 25265 Chamber of Commerce Drive, Bonita Springs; 948-3885A restaurant that serves both sushi and Italian food? It doesnt seem to make sense, yet Cirellas somehow pulls it off. We found much to like and little to criticize on either side of the menu, despite the sense of cognitive dissonance involved when you start your meal with raw fish smeared with wasabi paste and move on to pasta Bolognese. The sushi chef here does not skimp on the fillings, producing larger rolls that dont leave you hungering for more. Classic dishes such as eggplant Parm and linguine with clams are present, but Cirellas doesnt lean too heavily on long lists of American-pleasing piccata and Marsala variations. The pasta dishes are available in two portions, which is a nice gesture. The housemade gnocchi with Bolognese were tender, perfectly rolled and oh-so-fresh. The vitello di Parma was marked by delicately caramelized meat with bits of the salty ham, zesty slivers of garlic and mellow, milky cheese a delight for the palate. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed July 2013 Escargot 41, Oak Shore Shopping Center, 4339 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 793-5000Ignore the somewhat tired shopping center in which Escargot 41 sits. Once inside you will be enveloped by the charm, hospitality and fine cuisine of France. Chef/owner Patrick Fevrier and his wife, Jackie, are the consummate hosts. Revel in a superb wine list, crusty French bread and any of seven escargot appetizers. Also noteworthy is the house-cured salmon lightly rubbed with coffee. Yellowtail medallions were dressed in lemon-butter caper sauce, and a nightly special called Bacchus began with a tender filet mignon topped with escargots, portobello mushrooms, green peppercorns and merlot sauce. Sides of unadulterated mashed sweet potatoes and green beans were just right. There are lovely souffls for dessert or moulleux au chocolat, the chefs elegant and excellent take on lava cake. (Have it with the suggested glass of Rasteau, a sweet wine with chocolate notes.) Never mind the location. This is an exceptional restaurant. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: Reviewed October 2013 FISH, Village at Venetian Bay, 4369 Gulf Shore Blvd., Naples; 2633747At this stylish bistro, you can have your fish cooked or raw and, either way, be assured of a well-executed meal. Space is tight in the dining room, so those who need more of it might want to sit on the patio, weather permitting. (If you dont mind tight spaces, small tables by the window afford great views of the bay.) Oysters Rockefeller were tasty but pricey ($20); a grilled octopus appetizer was skillfully rendered. Blackened redfish with etouffee sauce and a heaping bowl of cioppino had nearby patrons enviously eyeing our table and for good reason. Both were excellent. Should you have room for dessert, skip the creme brulee and opt for the tiramisu, which was expertly rendered and large enough for sharing. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed March 2013 Thai Udon Cafe, Magnolia Square, 5926 Premier Way, Naples; 596-7331Tasteful artwork, soothing earth tones and soft (volume, not genre) jazz greet customers at Thai Udon Cafe. Thaiborn Khwan Sawai and her husband, Naples Philharmonic cellist Adam Satinsky, have created this multi-cultural oasis where the menu overflows with Thai and Japanese specialties. A classic papaya salad shrimp, shreds of green papaya, carrots, green beans and peanuts was sweet, tart and spicy, as ordered; tum kha soup with shrimp and miso soup both proved to be faithful renderings. The special pad Thai studded with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp was a symphony of textures and tastes. The kitchen also did a fine job on seafood and vegetable tempura. The standout: mussels basil, with vegetables and savory brown sauce. And, for dessert, we finished with a lovely dish of sticky rice and mango. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: Reviewed September 2013 THE 2380 Vanderbilt Beach Road(corner of Airport & Vanderbilt)Locally owned and operated. Best Happy Hour in Town: 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m., daily Menu items subject to change.Easter BrunchSunday, April 20 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. MENUEggs Benedict French Toast Omelet Station Smoked Salmon Platter Smoked Prime Rib Roasted Stuffed Leg of Lamb Lemon Pepper Chicken Salads, Sides and Homemade Desserts Complimentary Bloody Mary, Champagne or Mimosa$35 per person (plus tax and gratuity).Space is limited and reservations are required at 239.598.3473. AT THE INN ON FIFTHIts a treat for the ve senses and Naples premier dining experience. With an enticing selection of your favorite land & sea appetizers and entres, over 300 select wines and a superb downtown location, Avenue5 at the Inn on Fifth is the talk and the taste of the town. Serving lunch and dinner daily.699 5th Avenue South, Naples 239.403.7170 www.a Smart

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF APRIL 10-16, 2014 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C35 CUISINEPiccobello worth seeking out for Italian-style comfort foodWhile exploring Italy by car some years back, one of my greatest joys was driving the back roads and ferreting out little neighborhood trattorias where locals gathered for convivial evenings of hearty food and good wine. I hadnt expected to happen upon such a place just half a block off of bustling U.S. 41 in North Naples, but thats indeed what Piccobello is. You cant see it from the road. You have to meander behind the Walgreens at the corner of U.S. 41 and Wiggins Pass Road to find the modest storefront in a small strip of shops that are part of the Wiggins Pass Cross Shopping Center. Piccobello has been in business for two years in what I believe used to be Gatsbys. There are a couple of cloth-draped tables out front and even more along the side on a spacious covered porch. Inside is a cozy dining room with 14 tables dressed in brown linens and a long bar that opens onto the kitchen from which emanate the sounds and aromas of serious Italian fare under preparation. Pendant lamps that resemble small bird cages shed warm light upon the room thats a study in earth tones. Framed photos of Italy add context between large windows. It was early on a weeknight, so things were slow inside at first. Gradually, the porch collected diners and, eventually, a few wandered inside as well. For a small restaurant, the wine list is laudable, with some nice Italian selections available by the glass or bottle. We enjoyed a good bottle of San Polo Rosso di Montalcino, a ruby red wine with notes of cherries, berries and light tannins. The menu contains dishes with which most Americans will be familiar: cacciatores, Parmigianas, piccatas and pastas such as Bolognese, ravioli, Alfredo and carbonara. We saw a couple of handsome pizzas pass by as well, and although we didnt try one, we made note to return to do just that. I was particularly intrigued by one topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, onions, black olives and capers. Salads come in small and large versions; soup is also offered for a starter. We tried a small Caesar salad ($4.70 small, $8.50 large) and a bowl of stracciatella soup ($6.25). The Caesar was a simple mix of fresh romaine, croutons and cheese in a well-balanced dressing. Although my dining companion and I both thought a couple of anchovies would have enhanced the salad, it was good nonetheless. But better than the salad was the soup, presented in a large bowl that allowed the fragrant steam to rise up and envelope the senses. The Italian-style egg drop soup contained, of course, egg, as well as cheese, tomatoes and fresh spinach. It was a harmonious blending and, with bread and a salad, would have been hearty enough to serve as a meal. From the menu, we sampled the spaghetti with red clam sauce ($19.95), consisting of perfect al dente pasta napped with excellent marinara and topped with fresh clams still in their shells. With a light application of pepper applied tableside by our charming server, Marcello this was a soulful and satisfying dish. Pork osso buco ($25.50) was among the nights specials, and Marcello urged us to try it. His advice was solid. Served over cream risotto, the meat on the large pork shank was fall-off-the-bone tender, the flesh tender, juicy and full of flavor. The chef, who like our server was clearly from Italy, came by to see how we had enjoyed our meals and to offer desserts, proudly describing the ones he makes in house. We tried one of each of the house-made treats: a smooth and delicious panna cotta ($6) with shreds of orange rind, strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate on top, and tiramisu ($6), that incomparable pairing of light-bodied cake and ethereal cream with a drizzle of chocolate sauce for good measure. Both desserts were excellent, although we couldnt quite finish either one after the ample meal that had preceded them. Service was both efficient and pleasant throughout the meal. Our server was happy to make suggestions, quick to refill water and wine glasses and generally kept a close eye on our progress. It was clearly a slow night, perhaps one of the first of the year, but I could see a fair number of people socializing on the porch. I can envision the dining room alive with laughter and conversation on a night when its full. Even on a not-so-busy evening, Piccobello is a charming place in which to savor some well-executed Italian food once you find it. Email items to Ristorante Piccobello>> Hours: Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. MondayFriday; dinner 4:30-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 4:30-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $4.70-$13; entrees, $11.75-$20.75; pizza, $10-$22 >> Beverages: Beer and wine served >> Seating: Tables indoors and on covered patio >> Specialties of the house: Italian >> Volume: Low to moderate >> Parking: Free lot >> Website: www.piccobello-ristorante.comRatings: Food: Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: 13510 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 260-5161SuperbNoteworthyGoodFairPoor KAREN FELDMAN / FLORIDA WEEKLYAbove: Pork osso buco over risotto is a wellexecuted nightly special. Below: A simple Caesar salad is a good starter at Piccobello. RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY FOR A MEMORABLE HOLIDAY! 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.659.7008 Visit For Full MenuVergina, The Taste Youll Never Forget in a Place Youll Always Remember! ROASTED BEET SALAD Roasted Gold and Red Beets, Orange, Baby Arugula, Feta Cheese, Walnuts, Champagne Vinaigrette GRILLED OCTOPUS Served over Garbanzo Bean Cream, Over Easy Quail Egg, Drizzled with Sheeps Milk Crme SEAFOOD GRILL Grilled Lobster Langostino, Scallops, Salmon, Grouper, Served with Baby Arugula, Beluga Lentils and Salmoriglio Sauce VEAL WITH ARTICHOKES Pan Seared Veal Tenderloin, Fresh Artichokes, Prosciutto di Parma, Black Olives, White Wine OPERA Cake Layered with Almond Sponge Cake, Soaked in Espresso Syrup, Coffee Buttercream and Chocolate GanacheRegular dinner menu also available.

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$2.990 Million I Pine Ridge Estates 226 Tupelo Road $1.775 Million I Isla Mar in Olde Naples 1010 5th Street S #401 $1.775 Million F. I Waldorf 3377 Gulf Shore Blvd N #3-C $7.995 Million F. I Treviso at Mediterra 16996 Treviso Way $3.999 Million I Estates at Grey Oaks 2835 Silverleaf Lane $3.975 Million F. I Bonita Beach 27540 Hickory Blvd $3.975 Million I Teramo at Mediterra 29080 Teramo Way $3.850 Million I Quail West 28950 Somers Drive $1.250 Million F. I Villa Lago at Mediterra 18051 Lagos Way Open House Saturday 1-4 p.m.

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LUXE LIVINGNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYTHE NAPLES LUXURY HOME REDEFINED APRIL 2014 Shop TalkShopping at West Indies Home Collection. D16-17 Gallery RoundupArt is all around. D18-19 behavior MODEL Bring your toothbrush and make yourself at home Page 9 Designer Q&ADiane Torrisi blends passion with experience. D3 TITAN HOMES / COURTESY PHOTO

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TH STREET SOUTH NAPLES, FL ,, USD Search for your own inviting at premiersothebysrealty.cominvitingA home that welcomes you, an extended invitation encouraging you beyond its entryway into unique rooms, passageways and outdoor spaces. It draws you in, insisting on relaxation and repose while gently suggesting you be inspired.Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each obce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Based on information from Southwest Florida Multiple Listing Service for the period December 2013 to February 2014. These properties were not all listed and/or sold by Premier Sothebys International Realty and were listed and/or sold by various MLS participating obces. Information deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

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BY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly CorrespondentAlthough Diane Torrisi brings a wealth of experience to her job, the chief ingredient in her work is a passion for design. In her residential design business, she draws from many resources that inspire the detail and artistic appreciation for which she is known, including time she spent living in Europe and the casual Florida lifestyle our area affords. Ms. Torrisi is also known for her over-the-top table designs and is the go-to designer for holiday tables and special occasions throughout the year. Shes one of Miromar Design Centers table designers in April and the LUXE choice for this months designer Q&A. Q: Whats your favorite design trend right now? A: The return of wallpaper. Im head over heels in love with the new, largerscale, bold patterns and amazing colors. Also, the trend toward furniture with cleaner lines; gone is the over-scaled look, although comfort remains a priority. Mixing metals is no longer taboo. Think Cartiers eternity rings. Oneofa-kind pieces/antiques are also popular as people are yearning to stand out with that special piece only they have. Im also excited about the powerful return of navy, which is my personal favorite. Think navy velvet tufted sofa! And with the ever-expanding choice of outdoor fabrics, I also like the trend toward using outdoor fabrics inside, which is perfect for families with growing children, teenage boys or pets. Q: What design trend are you glad to see gone by the wayside? A: Over-scale furniture along with the Naples Tuscan look. Fussy window treatments and overuse of the word eclectic as well as the use of cute signs and quotes on boards. Q: If you could have any designer decorate your house, who would it be? A: Hands down the celebrity designer I would love to hire would be Martyn Lawrence Bullard. I was lucky enough to meet him when he came to the Miromar Design Center. He was beyond charming, and I love his fearless approach to color, which he combines with exuberance and ethnic exotica. Locally, we have so many different and wonderful designers, but if I had to choose one, it would be Kevin Steffanni. Besides being one of the nicest guys youll ever meet, Kevin is a visionary. His designs are timeless and beautiful. He has the finely tuned talent of mixing styles and yet managing to leave a touch of himself in each design. Q: What dream decor or amazing items would you most want in your home if money were no object? A: Original art. It doesnt need to be expensive. If you love it, it will find a place in your home and stay in your heart forever. On my own personal wish list is a Hermes wool/cashmere throw, a collection of Ralph Lauren brass hurricanes, Hermes porcelain vide poches (change tray) and a set of Louis XV dining room ghost chairs. Q: If a homeowner wants to go it alone, please share any advice you have for decorating resources. A: Well, first of all I compliment them because the task of designing can be daunting with so many choices in the marketplace. Designing a home is not done in a weekend as certain TV shows would have us believe. If you dont have the desire or budget to hand over your project to a designer, do your homework, decide on your colors, styles and budget, and consider hiring a designer even for just for an afternoon or even a couple of hours to ensure youre on the right road. Diane Torrisi Diane Torrisi Designs 595-3384 APRIL 2014 LUXE LIVING 3FLORIDA WEEKLY DESIGNER Q&ADIANE TORRISI blends passion with experience COURTESY PHOTOOne wall of bold wallpaper makes a bold statement in a guest bedroom. O btnf Sfrn f A b rtb b r rtf Pf b 30% n r Home Dress Fabrics & More.NrnFrtfrT.f 239.234.2505 1610 Trade Center Way Suite #4 Naples, FL 34109Lbbb Frtf | Cb W Tr Dfr Pnn | Un | B Hrtr | A M Home Dress Fabrics & More EXTRA 20% OFF IN STORE FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL More than Just Custom Bedding ... Unique & Inspired Interior Designs for Todays Living.239.262.5004 The Bedspread Place & Custom Window Gallery Locally Owned for 35 Years in Naples!

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Re-do in The Dunes salutes owners art and inner gourmetBY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly CorrespondentWhen Dawn Harmons clients needed to transform their home in The Dunes from claustrophobic to free and easy, she led the charge to completely remodel the kitchen, all three bathrooms, media room, master bedroom, lanai and entry. As the principal of Little Palm Design Group in North Naples, Mrs. Harmon has seen her share of remodels in her 20-year career. From old cottages of Naples to new places that people wanted to make their own, she has replaced shag rugs and old cabinets with charm and fresh updates. This particular home underwent a transformation from a closed-in space to a contemporary coastal feel. Stripped down to the concrete floors and studs, this home received new custom cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting, appliances, tile, moldings, hardware and countertops. Several luxury additions were installed, including a custom theater room and den. Grass cloth wallpaper and a custom metal railing were added to the twostory stairway/entry to warm up what used to be a sterile space. Mrs. Harmon also added new window treatments and furniture. The homeowners drew inspiration from magazines and Houzz, and I worked with them on their vision and how to pull it all together, Mrs. Harmon says. But there was a bigger picture to this remodel, quite literally. The client had a lot of artwork from years of traveling an attribute to the home design but a feature that made it a unique challenge. She was tasked with incorporating a lot of art collected from their travels around the world after her clients sold their second home in San Diego and brought their favorite pieces to Naples to be included in the new space. In addition to collecting art, Mrs. Harmons clients also entertain and cook frequently. They wanted a plan more suitable of the time and their lifestyle, so 41 West was chosen as the con-4 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 DESIGN MAKEOVERSEE MAKEOVER, 6 Closed-in madness to open-air magicCOURTESY PHOTOSWood floors are part of the overall clean and contemporary look. What was once a dark, closed-in space, inset at right, is now bright and open.

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Fort Mye14125 S. Tamiami Trail Mon Sat. 9:30 6Naples 5015 Tamiami Trail N. Mon Sat. 9:30 6Sanibel 1025 Periwinkle Way Mon Sat. 10 5Fine Furniture | Heirloom Rugs | Custom Window Treatments Unique Accessories | Award-Winning Design Services Evenings & Sundays by appointment OFF MSRPFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY SAVE 50%spring: the season of renewal, rejuvenationand redecorating. Distinctlnorris

PAGE 114 FLORIDA WEEKLY6 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 tractor with Paul Widhalm directing the construction efforts, while Little Palm Design Group collaborated with the builder and the client to create the new home. Just a few of the structural changes included opening up the kitchen into the great room and dining room and installing a center kitchen island as a gathering spot. Beams were added to the ceiling to create more interest, as ceilings are more important now than when the condo was initially built years ago, and updating that meant more attention to the detail, Mrs. Harmon says. One major kitchen update included cabinetry custom made by 41 West with matching panels that pulled everything in the kitchen together, and the result was a streamlined gourmet kitchen including Taj Mahal quartz countertop, which is a little different than granite and glass backsplash with a hint of green. The new wood floors transformed the entire space, along with custom cocktail tables made to fit the unusual layout and to match the clients desired neutral color scheme accented with aqua and punches of coral. Dawn Harmon Interior Designer/Principal ASID, Allied Member Little Palm Design Group 9051 Tamiami Trail N. 598-2001 www.littlepalmdesigngroup.comMAKEOVERFrom page 4 DESIGN SOCIETYJO-GI GALLERY HOSTS A RECEPTION FOR POETIC PALETTES FROM PARIS & PROVENCE 1. Peggy Hamstra and Wilbert Hamstra 2. Debbie Day and Marilyn Cahill 3. Rita Taxner and Frank Carleton 4. John Gilhodey and Jean Walker 5. Steve Day, Debbie Day, the artist Rody and Amber de Lisser 6. Kathie OBrien, Tom Felton, Susan Gohl, Jerry Nerad and Ann NeradSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY123 45 6 MY SHOWER DOOR is Your Frameless Shower Door Specialist!STATE CERTIFIED CGG131150191My Shower Door Customer NAPLES239.596.325513500 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL (AT WIGGINS PASS)FORT MYERS239.337.366714261 S. TAMIAMI TRAIL (NEXT TO BONEFISH GRILL)TAMPA813.962.600814443B N DALE MABRY HWY (IN THE GRAND PLAZA)SARASOTA941.926.36674035 CLARK ROAD (IN THE EXPO ON CLARK) www.MyShowerDoor.comVOTED BEST SHOWER DOOR IN AMERICA BY: $50 OFF ORFREE REMOVALWith a frameless shower door installation. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 5.8.14

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Bingo! This Port Royal place might be the next big winner! Renovation by BCBE. Interior Design by CDH. Now if I wer e a betting man... OMG! Theres like, so many awar ds, totes! Best Kitchen. Best Flooring. Best Use of Wood. Total Home!2777 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Florida 34103 239.261.home(4663) ShopMon through Sat 10am to 6pmand Sunday 12 noon to Hmmm...BEST SHOWROOM for 2 years in a r ow divine. Seems like these CDH people wrote the book on design! Follow us on Instagram at clivedanielhhmlocal. original. exceptional.CLIVEDANIELHOME CD Shot on-location. For info on this Port Royal home, contact Karen Van Arsdale | Premier Sothebys International Realty 239.860.0894

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Open Mon-Sat 10:00-6:00 Sun 11:00-5:00 NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! 9465 Tamiami Tr. N. at 95th Avenue 2 blocks north of Mercato WEST INDIES HOME COLLECTION 9465 Tamiami Tr. N Naples, FL 34108 239-596-7273

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APRIL 2014 LUXE LIVING 9FLORIDA WEEKLY COVER STORYLeft and below: The newest coach homes at The Isles of Collier Preserve by Minto Communities include the threebedroom, three-bath Hibiscus Grande with a nautical-influenced dcor. The four-bedroom, 4-bath Regency Manor by Stock Signature Homes in Quail West has 3,700 square feet under air and a total of 5,500 square feet, including the three-car garage and expansive outdoor living area. BY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly CorrespondentSpring fashion abounds along runaways in New York, Milan and Paris. But the hottest models are here in Naples, in luxury model homes springing up that would give even the most beautiful supermodel a run for her money in pleasing the eye. Numerous models are available for purchase. The draw of buying one is simple: Gather your toiletries and favorite pillow and move right in. Of course, its a little more complicated than that. But the experts say many new homeowners dont want to think about the details; theyre ready to rock n roll with a home as is. LUXE sought out builders who have spent years perfecting the art of creating model homes, and we took a behaviorMODEL Bring your toothbrush and make yourself at home ...COURTESY IMAGESSEE MODEL, 10

PAGE 118 FLORIDA WEEKLY10 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 COVER STORYTop: The expansive outdoor living area in the Cypress Grande by Titan Homes has several seating arrangements for dining and conversation. Above: The Cypress Grande model in Quail West. Right: The wine room in the Cypress Grande has storage for 400 bottles and a glass wall that allows for viewing from the outside. On the cover: The formal dining room in the Cypress Grande is a rotunda design with a 20-foot ceiling and a plank-style marble floor. peek inside a few of these stunning showplaces. The person who will buy the Cypress Grande in Quail West will probably say, This is for me this is my style, and its just the way I want it, says Titan Homes CEO Bill Spinelli. I have built 80 models in my career, and this is the first one in Quail West, but it really is a convenience factor. People fall in love with it and its easy, plus they dont want to wait. Titan Homes Cypress Grande is listed at $2.3 million, and its highly likely that a buyer will plunk down the cash and call it good. Thats a big part of model behavior: Homeowners are finding out just how convenient and less stressful it is to not have to make any decor or structural decisions, or to have to wait on builders or designers to get moving. Homeowners waited and waited through the recession. Now they dont want to wait a year and a half for their dream house, Mr. Spinelli says. Model homes fulfill that desire for a new home sooner rather than later.The person who will buy the Cypress Grande will probably say, This is for me. This is my style, and its just the way I want it. Bill Spinelli, Titan Homes MODELFrom page 9

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The Cypress GrandeThe Cypress Grande is a home of understated elegance extremely sophisticated and streamlined. With no hint of the dark accents that can drag a mood or make a home appear heavy, it likely will remind people more of The Hamptons than of traditional Naples. The look was achieved by Cinnabar Designs Diana Hall, Laurie Walter and Elizabeth Gonzalez. They managed to create a showplace that makes people feel relaxed as soon as they walk in. The secret to this home is the luxurious layout and tender color scheme with accents that dont overwhelm. Its over the top without being pretentious, light and airy but solid as though it could withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. And its much larger than it appears from the outside. Four bedrooms and 4 baths isnt unusual in Naples, but the ceilings are unique, and the 10-foot doors custom designed to fit the massive front entrance certainly make a statement. The butlers pantry is a big seller, and the circular dining room adjacent to a 400-bottle wine display room is an instant attraction for anyone who entertains. (Vintner dinner, anyone?) The study is larger than many master bedrooms, and the kitchen has two beverage centers. In the great room, a massive Corsi custom-built entertainment center is made from alder wood and has a breakwater painted finish. That manufacturer in particular is so upscale, Mr. Spinelli says, they fly qualified customers to their headquarters to meet with designers. Another custom detail: a Ceruse finish wood beam that supports the 20-foot ceiling in the formal dining room. The patio is equally impressive. Mr. Spinelli has built about 350 summer kitchens and says he has learned through the years to listen to his customers. The patio reflects some of that wisdom. One thing Ive learned is dont put the grill where the guests are, he says. Theres a $2,000 fan that removes most of the smoke, but its better to locate the grill where its convenient, but far enough away from guests so they are comfortable. Taking Stock in Lelys LakoyaStock Development recently debuted its own impressive model in Lely Resorts new luxury community called Lakoya. The Marlowe model open house attracted dozens of potential buyers who oohed and ahhhed as they meandered through the spacious showplace. The effort Soco Interior Design professionals invested in the Marlowe was reflected everywhere, in the placement of every vase and chair, every pillow and painting, all working in tandem to seduce even the most jaded shoppers. Were there a Naples model home wish list, the mighty-yet-graceful Marlowe would certainly be at the top of it. Stock now has 70 models open in eight communities throughout Naples. What you build is what people will buy, and we are building in many locations, explains Claudine Lger-Wetzel, vice president of sales and marketing for Stock. You have to have models to show your quality of work, but often times the average buyer wants a home theyve seen completely designed. If you think about the amount of time designers selecting the furniture and the builders put into the home, the time it takes to build is extending, Ms. Lger-Wetzel says. There is a pent-up demand, and I will certainly confirm there is an upward turn in families wanting everything done and a turn-key home. How do homeowners buy models? Some buy them outright; others engage in a lease back that means a little waiting, but not as much as building a home from scratch. If its a brand-new model, we may need that model to sell other homes; if someone buys it, we might lease it or rent it back for a year, she explains. And it works because the new homeowner is getting a good price and its ready for them to move in. One Stock customer saw one of the companys model homes and instructed the builder to replicate it exactly down to the last detail. There is a wow factor involved, and we realize if we put things in our model homes, people will visualize that for themselves, she adds. Stock opened 16 new models in Lely Resort and four in Twin Eagles in February. The builder also has two models at Treviso Bay and 13 in Quail West, with square footage going up to 6,300. Stock is also building in three villages at Fiddlers Creek: Isla del Sol, Mahogany Bend and Majorca Villages. Theres also a furnished model in the Park Shore neighborhood of Old Naples.New from Minto CommunitiesMinto Communities Vice President William Bullock is excited about one of his companys newest neighborhoods, Bonita Isles, where four models are admired visitors. The first phase of Bonita Isles sold out last year, and the company is quickly selling the final phase the last chance to own a new home in this section of Bonita Springs. In Naples, Minto recently opened three captivating luxury coach home models in The Isles of Collier Preserve. Reflective of the classic coastal architecture of Old Naples, coach home and single-family home designs complement the communitys natural surroundings. The Orchid Grande has two bedrooms and two baths, a sunroom and third-floor nature observatory with a balcony in a total of 2,950 square feet. The three-bedroom, three-bath Hibiscus Grande has 2,960 square feet under air and a total of 3,694 square feet. The Caribwood model has three bedrooms plus den and three full baths in a total of 2,873 square feet (2,214 square feet under air). The three newest models in The Isles of Collier Preserve are in addition to four single-family home models that opened in February. The one-, twoand three-story coach homes range in price from the $400,000s to the $600,000s. All feature high-ceilinged great rooms, private elevators and two-car garages.The Cypress Point at Miromar LakesSlightly north of Naples, another model called Cypress Point in Porto Romano at Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club in Estero has heads turning, with interior design by Naples-based Kathleen Sullivan. The hallmarks of this model include lots of aqua, taupe and sand accented by espresso finishes and glass accents. Nearby, the Augusta model at Miromar Lakes has gone to the greener side with organic textures and patterns, clean transitional lines and finishes. WCI built both the Cypress Point and the Augusta.Mediterras Delfina modelThe model-home show continues in Mediterras new Delfina model. Built by London Bay Homes and with interior design by Jennifer Stevens of Romanza Interior Design, the Delfina has almost 6,000 square feet and boasts four bedrooms, 4 baths, formal living and dining rooms, a study, game room and a significant outdoor living area with a covered verandah and summer kitchen. The Delfina was designed to capture the imagination from the moment you approach the home, London Bay CEO Mark Wilson says. Weve added a number of details that enhance the presentation from the moment of entry. Colors such as blue and citrus with gold accents work together with modern audiovisual elements such as the hidden television that emerges from custom cabinetry. In the study, grayish wood floors lend a certain sturdy elegance to the space, while the cabana guest room and game room offer bonus space that add value to the home. Dazzling design details such as twin chandeliers make this house. Home cooks will sing about the walk-in pantry and breakfast area with a bay window that overlooks the pool and lake. In the Serata neighborhood of Mediterra, the Delfina is available for $2.439 million. London Bay Homes also completed construction on a smaller model, the Bettina, in the Cabreo neighborhood of Mediterra, which has a sales gallery thats open daily.The Brighton at Quail WestIn Quail West, London Bay Homes Brighton model is more palace than house, ringing up at more than $4 million and offering four bedrooms and five baths. Romanza Interior Design outfitted the Brighton in a tailored look of white-on-white with dark tones for a soaring, dramatic effect. The Brightons butler pantry connects the kitchen and dining room, and again, the 80-inch wine refrigerator is made for homeowners who, well, love wine. So many aspects of The Brighton call out to luxury, but a few of those attributes, including the master bedrooms ebony bamboo floor, are dramatic contrasts to spectacular touches of gold in lamps and accessories, along with the French door topped by a trio of transom windows. APRIL 2014 LUXE LIVING 11FLORIDA WEEKLY COVER STORYCOURTESY PHOTOSTop: In the Delfina by London Bay Homes, the predominantly white living room has tumbled walnut travertine flooring set in an ashlar pattern. The model is in the Serata neighborhood in Mediterra in North Naples. Middle: The Delfinas formal dining room is spun with gold accents, including twin chandeliers and scroll overlays on the buffets mirrored doors. Above: Touches of gray, shimmering accents and bold statements in citrus offset the crisp white of the master suite in the four-bedroom Delfina.

PAGE 120 FLORIDA WEEKLY12 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 DESIGN SOCIETYGRAND OPENING OF TRE GALLERIA ON THIRD STREET SOUTH 1 4 2 5 7 8 6 3 1. John Sorey, the artist Theresa, Theresa Marie and Alfonso DOrazio 2. Lena Mendez, Veronica Winters and Anna Fleischmann 3. Marc Fletcher and Alfonso DOrazio 4. Ribbon cutting 5. Dick Kneedler and Suzette Kneedler 6. Jack Dunn and Shirley Dunn 7. Carolina Rodriguez 8. Andres FoianiniSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY AFK AFFORDABLE FLOORING & KITCHENS239-4-FLOORS 2700 Immokalee Road, #14 (in the Uptown Plaza near Sams Club)Affordable Luxury!

PAGE 121

FORT MYERS:13170 S. Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33907 Phone: (239) 415-2800NAPLES:355 9th Street South, Naples, FL 34102 Phone: (239) 732-2400 Store Hours: Mon Sat: 10am 6pm, Sun: Noon 5pmPROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES LOW PRICE GUARANTEE CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS & FLOOR COVERINGS WORLDWIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE *Sale prices are marked off MSRP. RSI never sells at MSRP; our prices are always lower. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, American Leather, and other value collections excluded. RSI is not responsible for typographical errors. SAVE UP TO 40% OFF MSRP STOREWIDE* SELECT FROM 200 + UPHOLSTERY STYLES AND 350 + FABRICS AND LEATHERS. ALL EARTH-FRIENDLY, MADE IN AMERICA AND DELIVERED QUICKLY.MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMSSPECIAL ORDER UPHOLSTERY FOR A LIMITED TIME ENJOY20%OFF MRP*

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Outdoor LivingSpring is here, and were all pining to get outside while the weather is on the cooler side of the season. Turning the pages of Selina Lakes latest book, Outdoor Living, with photography by Debi Treloar, you can almost feel the breeze on your face and smell the flowers. Its full of outdoor space inspiration and practical suggestions for everything from transforming a yard, courtyard, deck or porch to turning a small balcony into a lush outdoor space. It doesnt stop there. What better time of year is there to barbecue, picnic or throw a block party? Ms. Lake has ideas for all of those, too. Flowers, lighting, fabrics and decorations all factor into her suggestions, along with step-by-step projects. Some of the most interesting aspects of the book include tips for arranging settings for dining alfresco and a look at the restoration of a vintage travel trailer. FLORIDA WEEKLY14 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 DESIGN NEWS MUST READ Design to DineTake a seat at the table at Miromar Design Center for a free seminar about tabletops at 11 a.m. Tuesday, April 15. Its part of the Design to Dine theme throughout the showrooms April 14-May 3, with a focus on the latest products and styles in tables, seating, buffets, linens, lighting, flooring, fabrics and more to complete your dining room design indoors and out. Designers Diane Torrisi, Irene Farano and Mary-Meghan Barone Fisher will host Picnic at Versailles, serving guests ideas for centerpieces, china, flatware, linens and accessories to set the perfect tables for everyday meals and grand celebrations. Sponsored by MP Interiors, the seminar will take place in the design centers Duralee showroom. Sign up at www.MiromarDesignCenter. com. COURTESY PHOTOSAll set for romantic alfresco entertaining from Dedon.Miromar Design Center designers Diane Torrisi and Peggy Oberlin created this casual tabletop with furnishings from Jardin de Ville. Everything you need to remodel your kitchen...all in one place!

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239.776.6817expressbathroomsofnaples.comLicensed & Insured Call For A FREE Estimate! Affordable. Functional. Beautiful. Complete.Most bathrooms completely remodeled within 10 days. We will replace existing tile, shower or tub, toilet, vanity, xtures and more plus paint. By Dorian Construction 10DAYGUARANTEE 52 TENTH STREET SOUTH | NAPLES, FL 34102 | 239.262.6561 | @btn.f NAPLES ORIGINAL HARDWOOD SPECIALIST

PAGE 124 FLORIDA WEEKLY16 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 SHOP TALK Each piece has a story at former East Indies Trading CompanyBY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly CorrespondentEdgar and Tiffany West began designing their signature line of plantationstyle teak furniture, handmade in the British and Dutch Colonial style, 15 years ago. With names such as Mandalay Bamboo, Havana, Island Cove and Java Loft, todays collections reflect the companys roots. The couple recently changed the name of their East Indies Trading Company to West Indies Home Collection. Drivers along Tamiami Trail in North Naples cant help but notice the impressive storefront on the west side of the highway just north of the entrance to Mercato. Inside, the spacious showroom is filled with furnishings and accessories for indoors and out in authentic tropical style, from rattan sofas and etegeres to hand-carved Balinese day beds and armoires that are as much art as they are functional furnishings. (It can take two or three weeks to complete the intricate carving for the back of a single chair, Mr. West says.) We have learned to have an appreciation for these amazing craftsman, Mr. West says, adding theres a story behind every piece at West Indies Home Collection. He and his wife have been working with some of their craftsmen for 17 years. The Wests design team either creates everything featured in the store or they find craftsmen to do it for them. Whether you want to make a statement, have a conversation piece or are just rounding out your relaxed coastal design, we either design or have these items made for us, Mrs. West says. The Wests are also lending their years of expertise to help the community. For example, a trip they are organizaing recently brought a winning bid of $100,000 at the Southwest Florida Wine & Food Festival and will benefit Golisano Childrens Hospital in South Fort Myers. You choose to live with things that have meaning to you, Mrs. West says. That might mean Thai silk pillows in a color that reminds you of something you love, or it may be a work of art that speaks to your soul. West Indies Home Collection 9465 Tamiami Trail N. 596-7273 A visit to West Indies Home CollectionCOURTESY PHOTOSEdgar and Tiffany West founded their company more than 15 years ago when they recognized the craftsmanship of plantation teak furniture while visiting Southeast Asia. They continue to design and commission works of original furniture, art and home accessories for their new showroom in Naples. The Wests, with daughter Thai and son Jospeh, are shown here on a trip to Thailand that combined work with a family adventure. Driftwood table lamp Wind and water shape the design of this lamp, created with natural objects and modern fittings found wood, black base and the rectangular linen shade create an unusual sculpture and a source of light.Balinese sculptureThis rustic bronze figure representing a traditional character in Balinese dance would make a dramatic statement in an entry or garden. Standing 50 inches tall, the piece is cast using the ancient lost wax method and has a patina that will deepen beautifully over time. IMAGINE. DESIGN. BUILD.C G RENOVATIONS-PLUS.COM 239.593.620011983 TAMIAMI TRAIL N., SUITE #110, NAPLES, FL 34110EXTERIOR INTERIOR INTERIOR DESIGN

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APRIL 2014 LUXE LIVING 17 Thai silk pillowsThai silk is one of the worlds most precious fabrics, with weaving processes that create iridescence when the light plays on it. Decorative silk pillows in all colors, as well as a selection of famed Jim Thompson silks by the yard, are available in The Studio, which is West Indies custom, in-house textile workroom.Solid teak four-poster bedMaster carvers create every headboard, seatback and wall carving by hand for West Indies Home Collection including this fourposter bed in solid teak wood.Celadon vase from Northern ThailandHandmade by a master craftsman, the celadon vase showcases stylized ripples of the blue-green water pattern repeated in subtle tones. It measures at more than 45 inches high. DISTINCTIVE HOME REMODELER Pictured from left to right: Wanda Pfeiffer, Interior Designer; Chris Reed, President; Ryann Minkler, Design Assistant; Dale Harvey, Production Manager; Nichole Claprood, Interior Designer; Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer. PROVIDING AN EXPERIENCE THAT ENRICHES LIVES AND REFINES HOMES Showroom Hours: 9-5 WeekdaysBy Appointment 13500 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 10Naples, FLFlorida Licensed Contractor CBC #1259565 Meet the National Award-Winning Designers, and Enjoy Receiving New and Fresh Ideas for Your Remodeling Project!

PAGE 126 FLORIDA WEEKLY18 LUXE LIVING APRIL 2014 GALLERY ROUNDUP ARSENAULT GALLERY 764 12th Ave. S. 263-1214; Through April 20 Land of Sinbad: Recent Paintings by Paul Arsenault of Dubai, Oman, and Qatar 6-9 p.m. April 12 Art After Dark in studios and galleries throughout Crayton Cove. April 30-May 13 Visions of My Homeland, featuring paintings by Naples resident and Haiti native JeanDaniel Dornovil, and including paintings of Haiti and the Caribbean by Paul Arsenault. Reception is from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 30. HARMON-MEEK GALLERY 599 Ninth St. N., Suite 309 261-2637; Through April 18 New York collage artist Dan Rizzie has had 50-plus solo shows at museums and galleries around the United States,. His works are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Harmon-Meek Gallery showcases a large selection of some of the artists newest works. April 21-May 3 The gallery wraps up its 51st season with Moonscapes, a group exhibition featuring paintings depicting the moon by gallery artists including Hunt Slonem, Richard Segalman, John Falato, Elliot Orr, Darrel Austin, Richard Haas and newest gallery artist, Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso. JO-GI GALLERY 1080 Fifth Ave. S. 659-5644; Through May Poetic Palettes from Paris to Provence, an exhibit of works by Parisian artists Rody, Nadee and D. Jordaine-LaFleur and Naples artist Kevin OBrien. ROSEN GALLERY & STUDIOS North Line Plaza 2172 J & C Blvd. 821-1061 Through June 3 Moment In Time, an exhibit of recent paintings of landscapes and figurative subjects on canvas and paper by Nancy Wood-Woltz. SHELDON FINE ART 460 Fifth Ave. S. 649-6255; April 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Champagne reception and book signing with seascape artist Carolin Wehrmann. Represented exclusively in the U.S. by Sheldon Fine Art, Ms. Wehrmann is from the rural countryside near Lbeck in northern Germany. For her contemporary seascapes and aquatic scenes, she uses a glazing technique that was defined by At Trudy Labell Fine Art, clockwise from above: Clematis Bouquet by Amy Brnger, Flowering Meadow by Robert Striffolino and Unfolding III by Jean Larson. All The Ingredients To Create The Custom Home Of Your Dreams. Welcome To The Passion Of Harwick Homes.Well create a home masterpiece that expertly matches your vision, so that you can spend your time creating your own masterpieces whether in the kitchen or anywhere else in your dream home. Call us today at 239-498-0801 to speak to our award-winning team about creating a home that connects you fully with life.

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APRIL 2014 LUXE LIVING 19FLORIDA WEEKLY GALLERY ROUNDUPthe old masters including Rembrandt and Titian. Ms. Wehrmanns first book, Water, was published in March and showcases 81 of her artworks. The gallery showcases works from her series Clarity, Backlight, Clearwater and Reflections. SWEET ART GALLERY Fine Contemporary Art Work 2054 Trade Center Way 597-2110, 6-8 p.m. Friday, April 11 Reception for A Lifes Work, a woman exhibit featuring the works of master abstract expressionist Mary Ann Flynn Fouse. 6-8 p.m., Friday April 25 Opening reception for the gallerys annual sculpture exhibit featuring works from Marton Varo, Fidel Aguiar, Dennis Elliott, Dominick, David Gonya, Joe Ricciardi, Richard Rosen, Krystna Sargent and Armand Verrier. THOMAS RILEY STUDIO 26 10th St. S. 594-1098; Through April 26 Material Explorations, a mixed media group show, features traditional and non-traditional explorations in material and objectness by artists from around the country. TRUDY LABELL FINE ART 2425 Tamiami Trail N. 434-7778, Through April The Weeds, Seeds & Buds exhibit celebrates nature through the eyes of Robert Striffolino, Jean Larsen and Amy Brnger. Mr. Striffolinos strong, sensual paintings straddle a middle ground between recognizable images and impressionistic interpretations. Ms. Larsons rich and dreamy compositions are influenced by her travels from Southern France to Iceland to the Congo. Ms. Brngers paintings capture the bravura of delicate flowers plucked from the garden. Study for Varos Moon by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso at Harmon-Meek GalleryFrom the Backlight series by Carolin Wehrmann at Sheldon Fine ArtDhow Bones, Oman by Paul Arsenault at Arsenault Gallery From Visions of My Homeland by Daniel Dornovil at Arsenault Gallery W plcclosets.com1408 Railhead Boulevard Naples, Florida 34110 O 239.260.1890 F 239.431.5972

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*Agent and office numbers for the Coldwell Banker Previews International program include all Coldwell Banker-branded offices in the Coldwell Banker franchise system as of December 2012. 2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International and the Previews logo are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 7741FL-12/13UNPARALLELED GLOBAL CONNECTIONSThe Previews program is exclusively available to Coldwell Banker and its 82,200 sales associates and 3,100 ofces spanning more than 50 countries*. Previews Property Specialists are among the most well-networked real estate professionals in the business, boasting powerful connections with afuent home buyers across the country and around the world. It is that kind of exposure that has led to exceptional results for 80 years. Whether you are seeking exceptional representation for your estate or negotiating a secondary residence abroad, we invite you to speak with one of our Previews Property Specialists. INTERNATIONAL OFFICE LOCATIONS Aruba Australia Bahamas Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Canada Cayman Islands China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt France Greece Guatemala Honduras India Indonesia Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Kuwait Lebanon Malta Mexico Monaco Netherlands Netherlands Antilles Nicaragua Panama Peru Puerto Rico Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Spain St. Kitts/Nevis St. Martin Switzerland Turkey Turks & Caicos United Arab Emirates United States Venezuela Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (U.S) Global Is The | Bonita Springs 239.992.0059 | Marco Island 239.394.8121 Naples North 239.263.3300 | Naples 5th Avenue 239.262.7131 Property Management 239.434.7727

PAGE 129 @PremierSIR @PremierSIR @PremierSIR @PremierSIRSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 01/29/14. Uniquely unlike any other shorefront home, this captivating beachfront estate is the ultimate retreat. Situated on over two acres, this Caribbean-style manor home oers over 200 feet of Gulf frontage and soft sand beaches.Captiva 16660 Captiva Drive Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1 7,000,000 Modern meets elegance in this beautifully appointed wraparound 2BR/3BA w/ glassed-in lanai oering Gulf and beach views, kitchen w/ distinctive cabinets, high-end appliances and abundant storage.Marco Island Royal Marco Point I #610 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $1 ,200,000 Premier estate property w/ 5BR/6+BA, SW views of Caxamas Pass, 293-ft. seawall w/ 255-ft. teakwood dock, 33-ft. hand-painted ceiling, hand-carved stone arches, pillars, FPs, chefs kitchen, game room, pub, theater, gym, pool/spa, multi-tiered lanai.Marco Island 1549 Heights Court Cathy Rogers 23 9.821.7926 $1 2,950,000 Luxury living at its nest! Gorgeous, direct access, River-area home completely remodeled in 2008. This 3BR/3.5BA features a spacious lanai showcasing expansive waterway views & lush landscaping.Marco Island 1816 Woodbine Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.1133 $1 ,260,000

PAGE 130 Page 10 Horizon House #204 Adrienne YY oung 239.825.5369 $795,000 Terraces #505 Polly Himmel 239 .290.3910 $77 5,000 Surfsedge #805 Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $69 9,000 4052 Crayton Road Richard/Susie Culp 239 .290.2200 $62 9,000 Terraces #1803 Polly Himmel 239 .290.3910 $550,000 Allegro #22 Marlene Suarez 239.290.0585 $549,000 Park ShoreGlistening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend of desirable living. Enjoy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the Gulf, beach and boating. Naples & SurroundsWith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN apl es has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 1320 Osprey Avenue Patrick O'Connor 239.293.9411 $2,795,000 76 Seagate Drive Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $2, 650,000 6720 Hunters Road Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $2, 350,000 Baypointe #PH105 Julie Rembos 239 .595.1809 $1,9 95,000 585 Ridge Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $1,870,000 goldeGOLDE N shoresSHOR ESNaples NAPLES C aA Y L iviIVI N gstoGS TO N W oodsOODSNaples NAP LES C aA Y P iI N eE R idgeIDGE 5789 Hammock Isles Drive Sherrie Pfeer 239.734.0539 $975,000 Lesina #801 Darlene Roddy 239 .404.0685 $94 9,000 Lesina #1106 Helga Wetzold 239 .821.6905 $89 9,000 838 Wyndemere Way Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $87 5,000 5286 Kensington High Street Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $859,000 V iI N eE Y ardsARDS H ammockAMM OCK B aA Y H ammockAMM OCK B aA Y WY N demereDEMER E K eE N siSI N gtoGTO N The Seasons #1803 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.213.7227 $6,450,000 The Seasons #1903 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $5,9 95,000 160 Tahiti Circle Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $3, 900,000 367 Ridge Drive Terri Moellers 239 .404.7887 $2,97 5,000 24 Pelican Street West Laura/Chris Adams 239 .404.4766 $2,925,000 NaplesNAPLES C aA Y NaplesNAPLE S C aA Y I slesSLE S ofOF C apriAPR I P iI N eE R idgeIDGE I slesSLE S ofOF C apriAPR I 5271 Mahogany Ridge Drive Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 $1,150,000 5851 Bromelia Court Julie Rembos 239 .595.1809 $1, 150,000 324 Edgemere Way East Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $1, 100,000 Lesina #2101 Roe Tamagni 239 .398.1222 $999, 000 420 Terracina Way Pat Callis 239 .250.0562 $995,000 L ogaOGA N W oodsOODS V iI N eE Y ardsARD S WYN demereDEMER E H ammockAMM OCK B aA Y V iI N eE Y ardsARD S Baypointe #1404 Julie Rembos 239.595.1809 $1,799,000 Baypointe #501 Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $1, 650,000 5251 Sand Dollar Lane Joe Garabed 239. 571.5700 $1,56 0,000 5180 Old Gallows Way Laura/Chris Adams 239 .404.4766 $1,3 95,000 Baypointe #503 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $1,390,000 NaplesNAPLES C aA Y NaplesNAPLE S C aA Y seagateSEA GATE K eE N siSI N gtoGTO N NaplesNAPLE S C aA Y 508 Turtle Hatch Road Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $1,195,000 737 Park Shore Drive Gordie Lazich 239 .777.2033 $89 9,000 Allegro #7C Marlene Suarez 239 .290.0585 $825 ,500 Terraces #606 Polly Himmel 239 .290.3910 $825 ,000 Vistas #1906 Ed Cox/Je Cox 239 .860.8806 $799,000

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Terraces #1803 Polly Himmel 239.290.3910 $550,000 Allegro #22 Marlene Suarez 239.290.0585 $549,000 Gulfside #103 Larry Roorda 239 .860.2534 $53 9,000 Jacaranda #3 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $29 0,000 Willows #109 Ann Marie Shimer 239 .825.9020 $22 9,000 Park Shore Resort #212 Susan Barton 239 .860.1412 $190,000 Page 11 585 Ridge Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 $1,870,000 5286 Kensington High Street Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 $859,000 1401 Hummingbird Lane Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.216.1980 $745,000 102 Edgemere Way South Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $73 5,000 167 Edgemere Way South Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $69 9,900 2043 Swainsons Run Patrick O'Connor 239 .293.9411 $67 5,000 Vista Pointe #3606 Amy Atherholt 239 .860.2167 $595,000 NaplesNAPLES bathBATH teTE NN isIS WYN demereDEMER E WYN demereDEMER Ehawksridge HAWKSRIDGE V iI N eE Y ardsARD S 212 Via NN apoli Kathryn Hurvitz 239.290.0228 $575,000 Bequia #1002 Amy Kodak 239 .877.6319 $56 7,000 264 Edgemere Way East Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $56 5,000 2217 Paget Circle V.K. Melhado 239 .216.6400 $54 9,900 Aversana #701 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $54 9,900 WYN demereDEMERE C oveOVE T owersOWE RS WYN demereDEMER Ewi WI N dstarDSTA R H ammockAMM OCK B aA Y 1024 Michigan Avenue Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.4231 $549,000 7473 Lourdes Court Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $535, 000 910 Wyndemere Way Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $529 ,000 88 Cypress Point Drive Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $52 3,300 Legacy #404 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $515,000 badBAD aA X eEberkshire BER KSHIRE lakesLA KES WYN demereDEMER Ebig BIG cC Y pressPR ESS L elEL Y R esortESO RT 24 Pelican Street West Laura/Chris Adams 239.404.4766 $2,925,000 Naples & SurroundsWith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN apl es has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 420 Terracina Way Pat Callis 239.250.0562 $995,000 Baypointe #503 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 $1,390,000 390 17th Street NN W Marlene Suarez 239.290.0585 $499,000 204 Via NN apo li Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $49 5,000 4028 Kent Court Celine Julie Godof 239 .404.9917 $49 0,000 127 Via NN apo li Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $485, 000 4023 Recreation Lane Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $479,000 G oldeOLDE N G ateATE E statesSTATE S WYN demereDEMER Eforest FOREST parkPA RK WYN demereDEMER Eforest FOREST parkPA RK 221 Monterey Drive Dayle Cartwright 239.595.7853 $475,000 Aversana #704 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $47 5,000 Waterfront In NN apl es #2174 Linda Ohler 239 .404.6460 $45 9,900 157 Edgemere Way South Patrick O'Connor 239 .293.9411 $44 9,000 18402 Royal Hammock Boulevard Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $446,600 V iI N eE Y ardsARDS H ammockAMM OCK B aA Y waterfroWAT ERFRO N tT iI N NaplesNA PLES WYN demereDEMER Ero RO Y alAL palmPA LM golfGO LF estatesES TATES Vistas #1906 Ed Cox/Je Cox 239.860.8806 $799,000 Park ShoreGlistening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend of desirable living. Enjoy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the Gulf, beach and boating. 199 Via NN apoli Kathryn Hurvitz 239.290.0228 $435,000 Commons #103 Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $42 9,000 2 Golf Cottage Drive Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $41 5,000 120 Water Oaks Way Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $39 5,000 156 Palmetto Dunes Circle Brock/Julie Wilson 239 .821.9545 $390,000 WYN demereDEMERE WYN demereDEMER E WYN demereDEMER E WYN demereDEMER Elel LEL Y couCO U N trTR Y clubCL UB

PAGE 132 Page 12 Naples & SurroundsWith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN apl es has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 3481 29th Avenue SW Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 $389,000 104 Water Oaks Way Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $38 5,000 Champions #602 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $38 0,000 176 Via NN apo li Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $36 9,000 2640 10th Street NN orth L eah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239. 289.0433 $349,000 G oldeOLDE N G ateATE E statesSTATE S WYN demereDEMER E L elEL Y R esortESO RT WYN demereDEMER ENaples NAPLES I mpMP C oO L ittleITT LE F armsARM S Bishopwood West I #202 Jesse Moreno 239.405.0065 $339,900 34 Hastings Place Susan R. Payne 239 .777.7209 $33 9,000 Legacy #101 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $33 9,000 Windward Cay #823 ML Meade 239 .293.4851 $325 ,000 1123 Cooper Drive Lindsey Smith 239. 572.2663 $319,000 forestFOREST gleGLE N berkshireBER KSHIRE lakesLA KES L elEL Y R esortESO RTwi WI N dstarDSTA Rcaribe CARIBE woodsWO ODS Lake Arrowhead #104 Susan R. Payne 239.777.7209 $299,000 Palomino Village #40 Janna McCan 239 .222.3433 $28 4,000 Bent Pines Villas #D-5 Marlene Suarez 239 .290.0585 $279 ,000 103 Amblewood Lane Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $26 0,000 6176 Woodstone Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $250,000 NaplesNAPLES lakesLAKES couCOU N trTR Y clubCL UB L elEL Y R esortESO RTbe BE N tT piPI N esES villasVI LLAS WYN demereDEMER Ewoodsto WOODSTO N eE 3852 Isla Del Sol Way Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 $1,880,000 8508 Bellagio Drive Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $1, 275,000 9314 Chiasso Cove Court Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $1, 275,000 3275 Hyacinth Drive Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $1, 250,000 8531 Bellagio Drive Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $939,000 8504 Bellagio Drive Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 $910,000 7656 Mulberry Lane Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $89 5,000 8543 Bellagio Drive Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $84 5,000 7742 Mulberry Lane Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $79 9,000 7676 Mulberry Court Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $665,000 Serena #202 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 $649,000 9072 Cherry Oaks Trail Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $59 9,000 Menaggio #202 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $58 9,000 Cascada #201 Michael/Maureen Joyce 239 .285.6275 $49 9,000 Cherry Oaks #202 ML Meade 239 .293.4851 $479,000 Montreux #104 ML Meade 239.293.4851 $449,000 Varenna #201 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $44 9,000 Serena #202 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $44 5,000 Varenna #201 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $43 9,000 Cascada #101 Michael/Maureen Joyce 239 .285.6275 $419,000 Fiddlers CreekFiddlers Creek is a master-planned community oering luxury residences, resort-style living, golf and access to a full-service marina. Deer Crossing #202 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $194,000

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2640 10th Street NN orth Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239.289.0433 $349,000 Page 13 1123 Cooper Drive Lindsey Smith 239.572.2663 $319,000 6176 Woodstone Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 $250,000 Bear's Paw #622 Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 $249,000 6152 Mandalay Circle Jesse Moreno 239 .405.0065 $24 7,000 Silver Oaks #3201 Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $24 0,000 Veranda #1623 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $21 7,900 Fairways II #1622 Michael/Maureen Joyce 239 .285.6275 $19 9,900 bearBEAR r sS pawPAWma M A N dalaDALA Y V iI N eE Y ardsARD Scedar CEDAR hammockHA MMOCKmarco MARCO shoresSHOR ES Naples & SurroundsWith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN apl es has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 36 Water Oaks Way Kathryn Hurvitz 239.290.0228 $190,000 Wilderness Country Club IV #3116 Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $19 0,000 Commons #304 Susan R. Payne 239 .777.7209 $179 ,500 Dover Parc #1303 Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $17 5,000 NN apl es Bath & Tennis #1510B Carolyn Weinand 239 .269.5678 $174,000 WYN demereDEMEREwilder WI LDER N essESS WYN demereDEMER Ebriarwood BRIARWOODNaples NAPLES bathBA TH teTE NN isIS Tarpon Village Apartments #B-8 Cynthia Corogin 239.393.6747 $150,000 Countryside Country Manor #613 Bobby Long 239 .776.4650 $13 5,000 Country Manor #804 Bobby Long 239 .776.4650 $13 0,000 Courtside Commons #202 Kathryn Hurvitz 239. 290.0228 $127 ,500 Country Haven #1210 Bobby Long 239 .776.4650 $119,500 I slesSLES ofOF C apriAPR Icou COU N trTR Y sideSID Ecou COU N trTR Y sideSID E WYN demereDEMER Ecou COU N trTR Y sideSID E Montreux #202 ML Meade 239.293.4851 $384,900 Cherry Oaks #101 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $37 4,000 Cascada #101 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $36 9,000 Montreux #203 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $36 5,000 Varenna #203 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $364,500 Varenna #101 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $349,500 3835 Cotton Green Path Drive Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $34 9,000 Montreux #104 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $34 9,000 Serena #102 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $34 5,000 Laguna #202 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $339,000 Marengo #202 ML Meade 239.293.4851 $319,000 Marengo #203 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $29 9,900 3794 Cotton Green Path Drive Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $29 9,000 Deer Crossing #102 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $22 0,000 Hawk's NN est # 102 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $20 9,900Fiddlers CreekFiddlers Creek is a master-planned community oering luxury residences, resort-style living, golf and access to a full-service marina. Deer Crossing #202 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $194,000 Whisper Trace #201 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $17 0,000 Whisper Trace #106 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $16 2,000 Whisper Trace #203 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $14 5,000 Whisper Trace #102 Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $12 9,900

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3123 Dahlia Way Dan Guenther 239.357.8121 $3,195,000

PAGE 135 Page 15 Vanderbilt BeachVanderbilt Beach is home to The Ritz-Carlton, trendy shops, cafes and a host of businesses. Single-family homes, luxurious beachfront and waterfront condominiums and mid-rise living are found here. 291 Oak Avenue Jane Bond 239.595.9515 $2,199,000 414 Palm Court Pat Callis 239 .250.0562 $1,7 79,000 9207 Vanderbilt Drive Erik David Barber 323 .513.6391 $1, 649,000 327 Flamingo Avenue Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $1,59 9,000 Vanderbilt Gulfside #104 Pat Callis 239 .250.0562 $799,000 Vanderbilt Bay #211 Pat Callis 239.250.0562 $695,000 279 Heron Avenue Ruth Trettis 239. 571.6760 $600 ,000 467 Seagull Avenue Celine Julie Godof 239 .404.9917 $585, 000 Marina Bay Club #706 Suzanne Ring 239 .821.7550 $54 0,000 Barefoot Pelican #249 Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $365,000 Grey OaksGrey Oaks 54 holes of award-winning golf serve as the centerpiece in this heart-ofNN apl es community interspersed with luxurious single-family estate homes of a grand scale. 1261 Gordon River Trail Sam Heitman 239.537.2018 $7,995,000 1223 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $7, 495,000 1235 Gordon River Trail Sam Heitman 239. 537.2018 $6,99 5,000 1234 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $6,99 5,000 1213 Gordon River Trail Dan Guenther 239 .357.8121 $6,995,000 E stuarSTUAR Y E stuarSTU AR Y E stuarSTU AR Y E stuarSTU AR Y E stuarSTU AR Y 1271 Osprey Trail Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $5,699,999 1394 Great Egret Trail Sam Heitman 239. 537.2018 $5,4 95,000 2133 Canna Court Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .659.5113 $5, 200,000 1834 Plumbago Lane Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $5, 100,000 1245 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $4,795,000 E stuarSTUAR Y E stuarSTU AR Y I sleSLE R oO Y aleALE I sleSLE T oscaOSC A N oO E stuarSTU AR Y 1610 Chinaberry Way Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $4,595,000 1911 Cocoplum Way Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $4, 400,000 1486 Anhinga Pointe Dan Guenther 239 .357.8121 $4, 295,000 1473 Anhinga Pointe Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $4, 280,000 1456 Anhinga Pointe Dan Guenther 239 .357.8121 $3,200,000 greGRE Y oaksOAKSgre GR E Y oaksOA KS M iradaIRA DA E stuarSTU AR Y E stuarSTU AR Y 3123 Dahlia Way Dan Guenther 239.357.8121 $3,195,000 2708 Buckthorn Way Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $2, 995,000 1708 Venezia Way Lynn Anderson 239 .290.6674 $2, 495,000 2351 Alexander Palm Drive Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $2, 495,000 1713 Venezia Way Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1,875,000 E statesSTATES V eE N eziaEZIA P almALM I slaSL A N dD V eE N eziaEZIA 1517 Marsh Wren Lane Dan Guenther 239.357.8121 $1,810,000 2056 Isla Vista Lane Erik David Barber 323 .513.6391 $1,7 95,000 1264 Osprey Trail Dan Guenther 239 .357.8121 $1, 700,000 2932 Bellower Lane Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1, 650,000 2438 Indian Pipe Way Lynn Anderson 239 .290.6674 $1,650,000 E stuarSTUAR Y I slaSL A V istaISTA E stuarSTU AR Y E statesSTATE S E statesSTATE S

PAGE 136 Page 16 Royal Marco Point II #922 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 $2,000,000 Belize #1903 Cullen Shaughnessy 239. 248.3978 $1, 699,000 440 Heathwood Drive South Cathy Rogers 239 .821.7926 $1, 650,000 1781 Barbados Avenue Gwen Tolson 847 .208.2754 $1, 425,000 1191 Breakwater Court Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $1,350,000 1570 Doxsee Terrace Brock/Julie Wilson 239.821.9545 $1,125,000 1211 Ember Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $1,0 95,000 115 Landmark Street Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $98 5,000 859 Wintergreen Court Darlene Roddy 239 .404.0685 $97 5,000 1113 Whiteheart Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $935,000 818 Elm Court Laura/Chris Adams 239.404.4766 $899,000 Ebb Tide Club #2B Sue Shaughnessy 239 .248.1138 $79 9,000 374 Red Bay Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $79 5,000 150 June Court Cullen Shaughnessy 239. 248.3978 $75 9,000 Hideaway Beach #310 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $749 ,500 Sandpiper #1403 Cynthia Corogin 239.393.6747 $720,000 929 Caxambas Drive Laura/Chris Adams 239 .404.4766 $68 5,000 1241 Bluehill Creek Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $64 0,000 829 Palm Street Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $600 ,000 South Seas #704 Cynthia Corogin 239 .393.6747 $545,000 608 Somerset Court Roe Tamagni 239.398.1222 $530,000 Sandcastle II #107 Dave Flowers 239 .404.0493 $49 9,000 855 Hideaway Circle West Paul Strong 239 .404.3280 $49 9,000 865 Sea Dune Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $49 5,000 Gulfview Apartments #1910 Helga Wetzold 239 .821.6905 $475,000 Esperia South #1103 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $699,000 1227 Gordon River Trail Dan Guenther 239.357.8121 $1,500,000 1231 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239 .248.7238 $1, 500,000 2095 Rivoli Court Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1,0 99,000 Terra Verde #2452 Carolyn Weinand 239 .269.5678 $60 9,000 Terra Verde #2376 Carolyn Weinand 239 .269.5678 $599,000 E stuarSTUAR Y E stuarSTU AR Y T oriORI N oO T erraERRA V erdeERDE T erraERRA V erdeERDE Grey OaksGrey Oaks 54 holes of award-winning golf serve as the centerpiece in this heart-ofNN apl es community interspersed with luxurious single-family estate homes of a grand scale. Belize #2506 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 $10,500,000 850 Sea Dune Lane Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $3, 000,000 1458 Buttereld Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $2, 495,000 1026 Bald Eagle Drive Paul Strong 239 .404.3280 $2, 195,000 Belize #507 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $2,085,000 Graced with miles of powder-white sand beaches, Marco boasts luxurious real estate, shopping, dining, entertainment and a bounty of recreational activities from boating and shing to golf and tennis and more. Marco Island

PAGE 137 Page 17 Esperia South #1103 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $699,000 3330 Montara Drive Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $67 9,000 3391 Riviera Lakes Court Daniel Pregont 239 .272.8020 $639, 000 Azure #104 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $59 9,000 Bayview II #405 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239 .860.4661 $569,000 Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's Gulf Coast. Luxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas are intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. Tavira #2204 Je De Angelis 239.287.2449 $2,489,000 27680 Marina Isle Court Sharon Kiptyk 239 .777.3899 $1,7 95,000 4431 Deerwood Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $1,7 95,000 4060 Arrowwood Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $1,7 95,000 27840 Riverwalk Way Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $1,775,000 26111 Red Oak Court Ray Felitto 239.910.5340 $1,735,000 Horizons #1204 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239 .860.4661 $1, 657,000 Tavira #304 Deborah Belford 239 .292.2675 $1, 499,000 Tavira #301 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239 .860.4661 $1, 499,000 4091 Marshview Court Cathy/Jim McCormick 239 .850.4278 $1,495,000 Horizons #703 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239.860.4661 $1,429,900 4248 Sanctuary Way Jack Despart 239 .273.7931 $1,2 99,000 Tavira #302 Deborah Belford 239 .292.2675 $1, 272,000 Horizons #304 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239 .860.4661 $1, 259,000 27861 Riverwalk Way Peter Simmons 239 .822.7745 $1,245,000 Estancia #1602 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239.860.4661 $1,235,000 26191 Isle Way Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $1, 149,000 26203 Isle Way Teresa Rucker 239 .281.2376 $1, 100,000 3857 Woodlake Drive Cathy/Jim McCormick 239 .850.4278 $78 5,000 3918 Woodlake Drive Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $749,000 South Seas #1008 Helga Wetzold 239.821.6905 $455,000 1083 Old Marco Lane Brock/Julie Wilson 239 .821.9545 $45 0,000 South Seas #1908 Cathy Rogers 239 .821.7926 $44 5,000 Camelot #205 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239 .642.1133 $44 5,000 South Seas #203 Vince Colace 239 .260.3333 $379,700 Riverside #601 Brock/Julie Wilson 239.821.9545 $278,500 Vintage Bay #A-2 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $225 ,000 Palm Paradise #603 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $19 9,700 1415 Belvedere Avenue Denise Sands 215 .327.9930 $19 8,000 Estuary of Marco #104 Larry Caruso 239 .394.9191 $115,000 Terra Verde #2376 Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $599,000 Graced with miles of powder-white sand beaches, Marco boasts luxurious real estate, shopping, dining, entertainment and a bounty of recreational activities from boating and shing to golf and tennis and more. Marco Island

PAGE 138 Page 18 Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's Gulf Coast. Luxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas are intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. 3244 Montara Drive Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $529,000 27102 Lost Lake Lane Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $49 9,000 Vistas #405 Ray Felitto 239 .910.5340 $44 9,900 Wedgewood #301 Harriet Harnar 239 .273.5443 $448 ,900 3631 Sawgrass Court Harriet Harnar 239 .273.5443 $429,000 Wedgewood #501 Suzanne Ring 239.821.7550 $397,000 Waterford Teresa Rucker 239 .281.2376 $36 9,000 Harbor Landing #203 Harriet Harnar 239 .273.5443 $36 5,000 Bay Pointe #103 Cathy/Jim McCormick 239 .850.4278 $29 9,000 Crossings #202 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $295,000 Wedgewood #204 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239.777.2441 $243,900 Sandpiper #723 Ginger/Michael Lickley 239 .860.4661 $22 4,000 Sandpiper #623 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $22 0,000 Wild Pines #206 Linda Haskins 239 .822.3739 $16 9,000 Wild Pines #106 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $159,000 Bonita Springs, Estero & SurroundsJust minutes north of NN aples, these established communities are well-positioned to enjoy NN aples amenities. Family neighborhoods condominiums and villas enjoy access to beaches, water sports and a host of businesses and restaurants. 102 Felipe Lane Robert Sansone 239.898.8456 $5,395,000 71 Southport Cove Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $2,0 99,000 28509 Rani Lane Teresa Rucker 239 .281.2376 $1, 350,000 18961 Knoll Landing Drive Harriet Harnar 239 .273.5443 $1, 175,000 26973 Hickory Boulevard Mark Maran 239 .777.3301 $799,000 B arefootAREFOOT beachBE ACHbarefoot BAREFOOT beachBE ACH P almiraALM IRA G olfOLF C lubLUBshadow S HADOW woodWOO D preservePR ESERVE B oO N itaITA beachBE ACH 27400 Arroyal Road Linda Roberts 239.450.2864 $779,000 27548 Bayshore Drive Suzanne Ring 239 .821.7550 $74 5,000 10700 Wintercress Drive Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $69 5,000 3490 Lakemont Drive P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 239 .691.3541 $67 5,000 4931 Riverside Drive Michael Patton 239 .994.7770 $625,000 arroARRO Y alALimperial I MPERIAL riverRI VER T heHE B rooksROO KS P elicaELIC A N L aA N diDI N gG E steroSTER O riverRI VER heightsHE IGHTS 24721 Lyonia Lane Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239.777.2441 $575,000 23227 Foxberry Lane Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239 .777.2441 $56 5,000 3791 Catbrier Court P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 239 .691.3541 $56 0,000 21961 Longleaf Trail Drive Debbi/Marty McDermott 239 .564.4231 $559 ,995 28656 Pienza Court Aysim Eserdag 239 .404.6891 $520,000 P elicaELICA N L aA N diDI N gG T heHE B rooksROO KS P elicaELIC A N L aA N diDI N gG T heHE B rooksROO KS V asariASAR I C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB 191 Bayfront Drive Saundra Hinton 239.206.6868 $499,000 27253 Galleon Drive Mark Leone 239 .784.5686 $49 9,000 The Colony Castella #3102 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $474 ,900 25259 Galashields Circle S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 239 .825.3470 $469, 000 28601 San Galgano Way Ryan Batey 239 .287.9159 $459,000 B arefootAREFOOT beachBE ACH B oO N itaITA farmsFA RMS P elicaELIC A N L aA N diDI N gG P elicaELIC A N L aA N diDI N gG P almiraALM IRA G olfOLF C lubLUB

PAGE 139

Crossings #202 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239.777.2441 $295,000 Wild Pines #106 Cathy Lieberman/Cindy Rei 239.777.2441 $159,000 26973 Hickory Boulevard Mark Maran 239.777.3301 $799,000 4931 Riverside Drive Michael Patton 239.994.7770 $625,000 28656 Pienza Court Aysim Eserdag 239.404.6891 $520,000 Page 19 Sanibel, Captiva & SurroundsLong beloved for their white-sand beaches, prolic seashells, and ora and fauna, the Islands provide a haven for families, vacationers and those who simply enjoy a slower pace of life. From condominiums to resorts to villas to cottages, the Islands are the perfect refuge for living year-round or as a getaway in the sun. 16682 Captiva Drive Jane Reader Weaver 239.850.9555 $11,900,000 16428 Captiva Drive Jane Reader Weaver 239. 850.9555 $10, 750,000 3411 West Gulf Drive Jane Reader Weaver 239. 850.9555 $3,7 40,000 428 Bella Vista Way East Augustina Holtz 914 .648.8888 $1,8 95,000 2514 Blind Pass Court Jane Reader Weaver 239. 850.9555 $1,398,500 C aptivaAPTIVA C aptivaAPTI VA S aA N ibelIBE L S aA N ibelIBE L S aA N ibelIBE L 2543 Tropical Way Court Jane Reader Weaver 239.850.9555 $1,100,000 2449 Harbour Lane Jane Reader Weaver 239. 850.9555 $87 8,000 13830 Sophomore Lane Vanya Demireva 239 .565.0550 $76 0,000 1 Island Stephanie Bissett 239. 292.3707 $74 9,000 Shores at Gulf Harbour III #417 Maxwell Thompson 239 .989.3855 $475,000 S aA N ibelIBEL S aA N ibelIBE L F ortORT MY ersER S F ortORT MY ersER S F ortORT MY ersER S Bonita Springs, Estero & SurroundsJust minutes north of NN aples, these established communities are well-positioned to enjoy NN aples amenities. Family neighborhoods condominiums and villas enjoy access to beaches, water sports and a host of businesses and restaurants. 23456 Olde Meadowbrook Circle Ginger/Michael Lickley 239.860.4661 $369,900 Reserve #202 S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 239 .825.3470 $34 5,000 The Residences II #3111 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $279 ,000 Copperleaf Wisteria Pointe #704 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $275 ,000 27277 Barbarosa Street Marilyn Moir 239. 919.2400 $274,500 meadowbrookMEADOWBROOK P elicaELIC A N L aA N diDI N gGcoco COCO N utUT poiPO I N tT T heHE B rooksROO KS B oO N itaITA farmsFA RMS 15124 Estuary Circle Fern Ritacca 239.405.6210 $258,500 28043 Dorado Drive Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $23 9,000 Toscana #101 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $22 7,500 Toscana #101 Dean/Kim Rose 239 .404.7466 $21 9,000 Lighthouse Bay #203 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $209,000 villageVILLAGE walkWA LKvillage VILLAGE walkWA LK V asariASAR I C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB V asariASAR I C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB T heHE B rooksROO KS Hammock Greens #104 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $172,000 Spring Run Winding Stream #2507 Terri Moellers 239 .404.7887 $16 9,000 Waterford III #912 Ryan Batey 239 .287.9159 $14 9,900 24377 Stillwell Parkway Mark Leone 239 .784.5686 $10 9,000 Waterford V #1805 Ryan Batey 239 .287.9159 $108,000 P elicaELICA N S ouOU N dD T heHE B rooksROO KS W orthiORTH I N gtoGTO N saSA N carlesCA RLES estatesEST ATES W orthiORTH I N gtoGTO N 28601 San Galgano Way Ryan Batey 239.287.9159 $459,000 13281 Bridgeford Avenue Ryan Batey 239.287.9159 $449,900 Altessa #201 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $42 9,000 15359 Bonesh Trail Douglas Davlin 239 .272.5060 $425 ,000 Cassia #201 Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $409, 000 14184 Giustino Way Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $399,000 W orthiORTHI N gtoGTO N V asariASAR I C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUBvillage VI LLAGE walkWA LK V asariASAR I C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB P almiraALM IRA G olfOLF C lubLUB Island Reef Club #103 Stephanie Bissett 239.292.3707 $380,000 13624 Gulf Breeze Street Fern Ritacca 239. 405.6210 $28 4,500 Estero Cove #455 Michael Patton 239 .994.7770 $24 5,000 Santa Luz #201 Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $24 5,000 Colonial Country Club Jasmine Point #1505 Janna McCan 239 .222.3433 $189,900 F ortORT MY ersERS B eachEAC H F ortORT MY ersER S F ortORT MY ersERS B eachEAC H G atewaATE WA Y F ortORT MY ersER S

PAGE 140 Key West-style 4BR/4BA w/ 2BR/1BA guest house less than 2 miles to beach has 2 garages for 5 cars, RV pad, A/C storage shed, full-size lighted tennis court, basketball & soccer nets, pool, stateof-the-art kitchen in main home, cupola.Pine Ridge 23 Banyan Road Susan R. Payne 23 9.777.7209 $1 ,350,000 Beautiful home located on a corner lot in the Knightsbridge neighborhood with amazing views of the golf course and lake. This home features four bedrooms and three and a half baths, formal and causal sitting areas and a library.Kensington 2633 Finchley Lane Fahada Saad 23 9.659.5145 $1 ,350,000 With approximately 150 feet of waterfront overlooking the wide waters of Treasure Cove, rarely do properties of this caliber reach the open market place. Eligible for immediate Port Royal Club membership. Adjacent property is also available.Port Royal 2545 Treasure Lane William Callahan 23 9.272.5756 $8 ,450,000 Fully furnished 4BR/4BA luxury estate residence with Italian stone oors, tray ceilings, crown moulding, spacious family room, formal dining room, bonus leisure area, master BR suite and pool.Olde Cypress 3088 Strada Bella Court Jane Bond 23 9.595.9515 $1, 299,000

PAGE 142 Port Royal ................................................................. 4 Ol d Naples | Aqualane Shores .......................... 4-5 Coquina Sands | The Moorings ......................... 5-6 Pe lican Bay............................................................ 6-7 North Naples ........................................................ 7-8 Park Shore .......................................................... 8-1 0 Strada Residences at Mercato ............................... 9 Ba y Colony ............................................................. 10 Pe lican Marsh .......................................................... 11 Na ples & Surrounds ........................................... 11 -13 Grey Oaks .......................................................... 12 -13 Estuary at Grey Oaks............................................ 14 Va nderbilt Beach ................................................... 15 Ma rco Island ...................................................... 15 -16 Fiddlers Creek .................................................. 16 -17 Bonita Bay ........................................................... 1718 Bonita Springs, Estero & Surrounds ............... 18 -19 Sanibel, Captiva & Surrounds .............................. 19 St rada Residences at Mercato ............................ 20 Thursday, April 10, 2014 over 14,500 associates. nearly 750 oces. 52 countries worldwide. 22 locations.T HE V ILLAGE ..4300 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Suite 100 Naples, FL 34103B ROAD A VE N UE ..390 Broad Avenue South Naples, FL 34102F IFTH A VE N UE ..500 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 505 Naples, FL 34102M ARCO I SLA ND ..760 North Collier Boulevard, Suite 101 Marco Island, FL 34145ESTUAR Y S AL ES C EN TE R ..1220 Gordon River Trail Naples, FL 34105T HE G ALLER Y ..4001 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 102 Naples, FL 34103 REN TALS ..1395 Panther Lane, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34109VAN DERBILT ..325 Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples, FL 34108BON ITA B A Y S AL ES C EN TE R ..26951 Country Club Drive Bonita Springs, FL 34134M ERCATO S AL ES CEN TE R ..9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125 Naples, FL 34108T HE P ROME N AD E ..26811 South Bay Drive, Suite 130 Bonita Springs, FL 34134SAN IBEL ..1640 Periwinkle Way, Suite 1 Sanibel, FL 33957VEN ICE ..400 Barcelona Avenue Venice, FL 34285PLAZA AT FIVE POINTS ..50 Central Avenue, Suite 110 Sarasota, FL 34236C APTIVA ..11508 Andy Rosse Lane Captiva, FL 33924 LON GBOAT KEY ..517 Bay Isles Parkway Longboat Key, FL 34228C LEARWATER ..321 Indian Rocks Road North Belleair Blus, FL 33770L AKEWOOD R AN CH ..8141 Lakewood Main Street, Suite 101 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202SOUTH TAMPA ..202 South Moody Avenue Tampa, FL 33609ST. P ETERSBURG ..102 2nd Avenue NE St. Petersburg, FL 33701 P REMIER S OT HEB YS I NTERNATIONAL R EAL TY R EN TAL D IV ISIONExplore our collection of properties available for weekly, seasonal and long-term 239.262.4242 LIVE LIKE A LOCALSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 01/29/14.

PAGE 143 Page 4 Port RoyalSurrounded by water, this elite residential community has direct deepwater access to NN apl es Bay, Gordon Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. Exclusive Port Royal Club memberships are for residents only. Old Naples Aqualane ShoresVintage cottages, contemporary mid-rises and majestic manors are interwoven among lush, mature ora in Old NN apl es. Just south is the community of Aqualane Shores with waterfront estates on deepwater canals that overlook NN aples Bay. 1145 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $7,995,000 775 Galleon Drive Rick Marquardt 239 .289.4158 $7, 995,000 3595 Gin Lane Ruth Trettis 239. 571.6760 $7, 950,000 3750 Rum Row John Sekely 239 .404.7272 $6, 900,000 2525 Treasure Lane William Callahan 239 .272.5756 $6,750,000 691 15th Avenue South Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $9,450,000 2022 5th Street South Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $5, 250,000 141 Gulf Shore Boulevard South Sharon Kaltenborn 239 .248.1964 $4, 495,000 1889 4th Street South Heather Hobrock 239. 370.3944 $4, 395,000 596 3rd Street NN ort h Celine Julie Godof 239 .404.9917 $4,195,000 AQ ualaUALA N eE S horesHORES AQ ualaUAL A N eE S horesHORES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES AQ ualaUAL A N eE S horesHORES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES 210 11th Avenue South Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $3,995,000 605 Palm Circle East Debbi/Marty McDermott 239 .564.4231 $3,4 50,000 1355 Marlin Drive East Tom/Tess McCarthy 239 .243.5520 $3, 395,000 940 7th Street South Heather Hobrock 239. 370.3944 $3,1 50,000 1540 4th Street South Ruth Trettis 239. 571.6760 $2,950,000 O ldLD NaplesNAPLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES R oO Y alAL H arborAR BOR O ldLD NaplesNA PLES AQ ualaUAL A N eE S horesHORES 509 1st Avenue South Tom/Tess McCarthy 239.243.5520 $2,895,000 1620 3rd Street South Beth McNichols 239 .821.3304 $2, 850,000 356 11th Avenue South Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $2, 500,000 602 5th Avenue South #301 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239 .248.7474 $2, 295,000 690 Bougainvillea Road Heather Hobrock 239. 370.3944 $2,295,000 O ldLD NaplesNAPLES AQ ualaUAL A N eE S horesHORES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES 602 5th Avenue South #201 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 $2,195,000 1100 Sandpiper Street Tom/Tess McCarthy 239 .243.5520 $1,9 95,000 1263 4th Street South Celine Julie Godof 239 .404.9917 $1,85 0,000 1570 Chesapeake Avenue Tom/Tess McCarthy 239 .243.5520 $1,54 9,000 469 10th Avenue South Jeannie McGearty 239. 248.4333 $1,499,999 O ldLD NaplesNAPLES R oO Y alAL H arborAR BOR O ldLD NaplesNA PLES R oO Y alAL H arborAR BOR O ldLD NaplesNA PLES 1100 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $18,900,000 1251 Galleon Drive Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $11, 495,000 1001 Spyglass Lane Frank Sajtar 239 .776.8382 $10 ,500,000 3605 Fort Charles Drive Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $9, 750,000 1270 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $8,250,000 1060 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $5,650,000 3380 Rum Row Sherree Woods 239 .877.7770 $4, 995,000 224 Little Harbour Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $4, 875,000 3280 Gordon Drive Lisa Tashjian 239 .259.7024 $4, 850,000 3060 Green Dolphin Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $4,695,000

PAGE 144 Page 5 Old Naples Aqualane ShoresVintage cottages, contemporary mid-rises and majestic manors are interwoven among lush, mature ora in Old NN apl es. Just south is the community of Aqualane Shores with waterfront estates on deepwater canals that overlook NN aples Bay. Coquina Sands The MooringsThese quiet, tree-shaded neighborhoods are a mix of single-family homes and condominiums; some enjoy waterfront access on Moorings Bay, Compass Cove, Venetian Bay and Hurricane Harbor. The Moorings has a private golf and country club. 2525 Treasure Lane William Callahan 239.272.5756 $6,750,000 596 3rd Street NN orth Celine Julie Godof 239.404.9917 $4,195,000 1540 4th Street South Ruth Trettis 239.571.6760 $2,950,000 690 Bougainvillea Road Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 $2,295,000 469 10th Avenue South Jeannie McGearty 239.248.4333 $1,499,999 1140 6th Street South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 $1,395,000 Broadview Villas #7 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $1, 300,000 Bayfront #4507 Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $1,2 99,000 1075 5th Street South Virginia/Randy Wilson 239 .450.9090 $1,2 95,000 1085 5th Street South Virginia/Randy Wilson 239 .450.9090 $1,295,000 O ldLD NaplesNAPLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES 2571 Windward Way Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $5,900,000 1839 Hurricane Harbor Lane Sherree Woods 239 .877.7770 $5,1 95,000 1831 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $3,99 5,000 Admiralty Point #701 Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $3,9 50,000 261 Harbour Drive Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $3,500,000 T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS 825 Wedge Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,995,000 611 Rudder Road Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $2, 950,000 2805 Leeward Lane Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $2, 895,000 740 Coral Drive Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $2, 495,000 780 Banyan Boulevard Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $2,250,000 T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS C oO Q uiUI N aA S aA N dsDS C oO Q uiUI N aA S aA N dsDS 368 Hawser Lane Chris YY anson 239.450.7584 $2,085,000 475 Putter Point Drive Larry Roorda 239 .860.2534 $2, 000,000 723 Mooring Line Drive Patrick O'Connor 239 .293.9411 $1,9 95,000 Gramercy #6 NN Je C ox/Ed Cox 239 .777.0078 $1,85 0,000 Westgate # NN -6 Li nda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $1,595,000 T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS 530 Anchore Rode Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $1,595,000 Admiralty Point #708 Larry Roorda 239 .860.2534 $1,2 95,000 Surfside Club #301 Ruth Trettis 239. 571.6760 $1,2 95,000 Martinique Club #401 Beth McNichols 239 .821.3304 $1, 250,000 Martinique Club #101 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $1,050,000 T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS C oO Q uiUI N aA S aA N dsDS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS Embassy Club #203 Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $995,000 708 Springline Drive Carolyn Weinand 239 .269.5678 $98 0,000 Admiralty Point II #504 Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $89 5,000 Lausanne #501-S Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $78 9,900 Jamaica Towers #502 Larry Roorda 239 .860.2534 $785,000 C oO Q uiUI N aA S aA N dsDS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS 1270 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $8,250,000 Bayfront #5511 Jane Bond 239.595.9515 $1,175,000 Parkside O 5th #203 Richard/Susie Culp 239 .290.2200 $1, 139,000 Bayfront #3207 Cynthia Corogin 239 .393.6747 $45 0,000 Oyster Bay Four Winds #D 38 Lura Jones 239 .370.5340 $44 4,000 Village Green Fairfax Club #618 Bernie/Joe Garabed 239 .571.2466 $259,000 O ldLD NaplesNAPLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES O ldLD NaplesNA PLES R oO Y alAL H arborAR BOR O ldLD NaplesNA PLES 3060 Green Dolphin Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $4,695,000

PAGE 145 Page 6 Coquina Sands The MooringsThese quiet, tree-shaded neighborhoods are a mix of single-family homes and condominiums; some enjoy waterfront access on Moorings Bay, Compass Cove, Venetian Bay and Hurricane Harbor. The Moorings has a private golf and country club. Pelican BayPelican Bay is home to many distinctive neighborhoods, comprised of majestic single-family estate homes, towering high-rises and a wide spectrum of coach homes and villa enclaves. Its set amidst hundreds of acres of natural habitat, with large lakes and preserves. Discover all of NN apl es nest amenities here. Private golf and club memberships. Lions Gate #103 Carol Sheehy 239.340.9300 $740,000 Billows #9 Carol Sheehy 239 .340.9300 $73 9,000 Royal Palm Club #503 Ryan Nordyke 239 .776.9390 $68 9,000 Lausanne #312S John D'Amelio 239 .961.5996 $66 5,000 Madrid Club #5-D Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $529,000 T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS T heHE M ooriOORI N gsGS Cap Ferrat #1706 Jerry Wachowicz 239.777.0741 $3,175,000 6621 George Washington Way Clint Parsons 239 .273.1474 $2, 999,000 6955 Green Tree Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $2, 800,000 684 Annemore Lane Jerry Wachowicz 239 .777.0741 $2, 695,000 705 Hollybriar Lane Jane Darling 239. 290.3112 $2,295,000 St. Lucia #PH5 Jerry Wachowicz 239.777.0741 $1,999,000 Grand Bay #17 Jerry Wachowicz 239 .777.0741 $1,9 45,000 704 Hollybriar Lane Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1,7 90,000 813 Bentwood Drive Ellen Eggland 239. 571.7192 $1, 499,000 Coronado #1102 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239 .404.7052 $1,150,000 Coronado #1002 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $1,095,000 Pointe #201 Jerry Wachowicz 239 .777.0741 $1,0 50,000 Crescent #15 Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $1,0 49,000 Crescent #122 Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $95 9,000 708 Heathery Lane Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .659.5113 $949,000 713 Heathery Lane Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $895,000 630 Bridgeway Lane Cheryl Turner 239 .250.3311 $84 9,000 504 Bay Villas Lane Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $68 0,000 St. Raphael #G-14 Friley Saucier 239 .293.3532 $64 9,000 St. Vincents #15 Amy Atherholt 239 .860.2167 $575,000 Pebble Creek #4-201 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $539,000 Lugano #104 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $525 ,000 Hyde Park #C-104 Jane Darling 239. 290.3112 $525 ,000 St. Kitts #205 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $525 ,000 Chateaumere #303 Heidi Deen 239 .370.5388 $499,000 Willow Brook #905 Martha Kelly 239.877.4569 $425,000 Pebble Creek #102 Gayle Fawkes 239 .250.6051 $409, 000 St. Simone #1 Carol Sheehy 239 .340.9300 $38 0,000 Barrington Club #101 Heidi Deen 239 .370.5388 $37 5,000 Laurel Oak #104 Terri Moellers 239 .404.7887 $364,900

PAGE 146 Page 7 Madrid Club #5-D Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.216.1980 $529,000 705 Hollybriar Lane Jane Darling 239.290.3112 $2,295,000 Coronado #1102 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 $1,150,000 708 Heathery Lane Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239.659.5113 $949,000 St. Vincents #15 Amy Atherholt 239.860.2167 $575,000 Chateaumere #303 Heidi Deen 239.370.5388 $499,000 Laurel Oak #104 Terri Moellers 239.404.7887 $364,900 North Naples NN orth NN aples boasts beautiful beaches, ne dining, shopping and essential businesses. Single-family homes, villas an d towering high-rises dot the landscape. Public and private golf courses, water sports, tennis and more. Aqua #610 John D'Amelio 239.961.5996 $1,950,000 Residences III #1005 Suzanne Ring 239 .821.7550 $1,85 0,000 Aqua #506 John D'Amelio 239 .961.5996 $1,7 95,000 11864 Hedgestone Court John D'Amelio 239 .961.5996 $1,7 25,000 Aqua #606 John D'Amelio 239 .961.5996 $1,725,000 P elicaELICA N I sleSLE P elicaELIC A N I sleSLE P elicaELIC A N I sleSLE T wiWI NE aglesAGLE S P elicaELIC A N I sleSLE Aqua #607 John D'Amelio 239.961.5996 $1,725,000 242 Haydon Circle Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $1,6 95,000 2924 Tiburon Blvd. East Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $1, 645,000 2743 Olde Cypress Drive Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $1,5 95,000 4502 Pond Apple Drive NN orth F ahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1,565,000 P elicaELICA N I sleSLE A uduboUDUBO N C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB T iburoIBURO N O ldeLD E CY pressPR ESSQuail QUAIL C reekREEK Grande Excelsior #1106 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.273.7731 $1,400,000 Grande Geneva #902 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $1, 275,000 13501 Pond Apple Drive East Fahada Saad 239 .659.5145 $1, 255,000 12997 Coco Plum Lane Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $1, 225,000 1540 Oakes Boulevard Gennifer Garcia 239 .273.2188 $1,200,000 T heHE D uU N esES T heHE D uU N esESQuail QU AIL C reekREEKQuail QU AIL C reekREEKoakes OA KES estatesEST ATES The Strada #5502 Mary Kavanagh 616.957.4428 $1,199,000 Grande Dominica #202 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $1,1 95,000 Grande Dominica #T-3 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $1, 150,000 5920 Bur Oaks Lane Patrick O'Connor 239 .293.9411 $1, 145,000 Grande Geneva #T-3 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $999,000 M ercatoERCATO T heHE D uU N esES T heHE D uU N esESNorth NORT H NaplesNA PLES T heHE D uU N esES Sea Grove #202 Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 239.287.7921 $949,000 213 Charleston Court Roxanne Jeske 239 .450.5210 $925 ,000 5935 Barclay Lane Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $925 ,000 Ventana #C-305 Sherree Woods 239 .877.7770 $89 9,900 Grande Geneva #404 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .594.1700 $899,000 T heHE D uU N esES A uduboUDUBO N C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB T heHE S traTR A N dD T iburoIBURO N T heHE D uU N esES Aqua #210 John D'Amelio 239.961.5996 $4,450,000 2569 Escada Drive Michael G. Lawler/Terri Moellers 239 .261.3939 $3, 495,000 15243 Medici Way Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .659.5113 $2,7 95,000 5817 Glenholme Circle Paul Gray 239 .273.0403 $2, 499,000 4341 Brynwood Drive Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $2,150,000 P elicaELICA N I sleSLE T iburoIBURO N M editerraEDIT ERRAQuail QUAIL W estES TQuail QUAIL W estES T Pelican MarshPelican Marsh is located in NN ort h NN apl es, 1.5 miles from some of the nest beaches on Floridas West coast. Inside this exclusive, guard-gated community, enjoy tennis, tness, spa facilities and more. Sophisticated shopping and dining are just blocks away at Mercato. 9069 Terranova Drive Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $1,599,000 1337 Little Blue Heron Court Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $1,1 95,000 Osprey Pointe #202 Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $59 9,900 Seville #921 Terri Moellers 239 .404.7887 $47 5,000 Ravenna #102 Kim/Dean Rose 239 .404.7203 $369,000

PAGE 147 Page 8 North Naples NN orth NN aples boasts beautiful beaches, ne dining, shopping and essential businesses. Single-family homes, villas an d towering high-rises dot the landscape. Public and private golf courses, water sports, tennis and more. 783 Brentwood Point Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $899,000 7641 Ponte Verde Way Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $799 ,500 2093 Mission Drive Gayle Fawkes 239 .250.6051 $79 0,000 14681 Beaufort Circle Sherrie Pfeer 239. 734.0539 $69 9,900 6897 Wellington Drive Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $695,000 A uduboUDUBO N C ouOU N trTR Y C lubLUB V illagesILL AGES ofOF M oO N tereTER E Y V illagesILL AGES ofOF M oO N tereTER E Y iI N digoDIG O lakesLA KES C rossiROS SI N gsGS M illILL R uU N Castillo III #102 Jean Tarkenton 239.595.0544 $695,000 2893 Lone Pine Lane Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $639, 000 123 Forestwood Drive Beth McNichols 239 .821.3304 $61 9,000 6465 Marbella Drive Julie Rembos 239 .595.1809 $585, 000 5117 Inagua Way Dina L. Moon 239 .370.1252 $560,000 T iburoIBURO N O ldeLD E CY pressPR ESSpalm PALM riverRI VER estatesES TATESmarbella MARBELLA lakesLA KESisla ISLA N dD walkWAL K 6375 Old Mahogany Court Bobby Long 239.776.4650 $534,900 10378 QQ uai l Crown Drive Erik David Barber 323 .513.6391 $53 4,000 1981 Imperial Golf Course Boulevard Tess/Tom McCarthy 239. 207.0118 $52 7,900 8042 Cadiz Court Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $49 4,500 Lemuria #1501 Tom Gasbarro 239 .404.4883 $475,000 autumAUTUM N woodsWO ODS Q uailUAI L creekCR EEK villageVI LLAGE I mperialMPE RIAL G olfOLF E statesSTATE S V illagesILL AGES ofOF M oO N tereTER E Y L emuriaEMUR IA Middleburg #202 Amy Kodak 239.877.6319 $450,000 1850 Mission Drive Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $44 9,000 Villas #D-202 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $43 5,000 Castillo III #101 Mark Maran 239 .777.3301 $42 9,000 Turnberry Woods #704 Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .659.5113 $425,000 stoSTO N ebridgeEBRIDGE V illagesILL AGES ofOF M oO N tereTER E Y astoAST O N gardeGAR DE N sS T iburoIBURO N T heHE S traTR A N dD The Strada #7309 Mary Kavanagh 616.957.4428 $425,000 7653 San Sebastian Way Dave/Ann Renner 239 .784.5552 $425 ,000 15900 Delaplata Lane Rhonda Dowdy 239 .404.8070 $424 ,900 3094 Santorini Court Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 239 .287.7921 $399, 900 Bimini III #1803 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239 .273.7731 $369,000 M ercatoERCATO V illagesILL AGES ofOF M oO N tereTER E Y delasolDEL ASOL O ldeLD E CY pressPR ESStarpo TARPO N coveCO VE Park ShoreGlistening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend of desirable living. Enjoy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the Gulf, beach and boating. Regent #PH 1 Bet Dewey 239.564.5673 $13,700,000 Regent #4 NN Bar bi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $8, 200,000 334 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $5,95 0,000 Regent #6 NN Amy B ecker/Leah Ritchey 239 .272.3229 $5, 900,000 Regent #5NN Bar bi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $5,500,000 Provence #PH3 Susan Barton 239.860.1412 $5,500,000 311 NN eapolitan Way Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $3,795,000 Park Plaza #600 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $1,775,000 6071 English Oaks Lane Dean/Kim Rose 239.404.7466 $328,900 6665 Edgecumbe Drive Katie Benham 239. 222.2268 $29 9,000 2861 Inlet Cove Lane West Michelle Thomas 239 .860.7176 $28 8,999 Laurel Greens #202 Jane Bond 239 .595.9515 $21 8,000 Carrington #102 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $189,900 oakesOAKES estatesESTATESQuail Q UAIL W estES Tvale VALE N ciaCIA lakesLA KES CY pressPR ESS W oodsOODSsto S TO N ebridgeEBR IDGE Contessa #PH-22 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.213.7227 $6,000,000 Salerno #1404 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $2,295,000 Mansion La Palma #304 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239.289.0433 $1,395,000

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6897 Wellington Drive Dave/Ann Renner 239.784.5552 $695,000 5117 Inagua Way Dina L. Moon 239.370.1252 $560,000 Lemuria #1501 Tom Gasbarro 239.404.4883 $475,000 Turnberry Woods #704 Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239.659.5113 $425,000 Bimini III #1803 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.273.7731 $369,000 Page 9 Regent #5-N N Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.213.7227 $5,500,000 Provence #PH3 Susan Barton 239.860.1412 $5,500,000 4215 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $4, 995,000 308 NN eap olitan Way Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $4, 800,000 316 NN eap olitan Way Karen Van Arsdale 239 .860.0894 $4,7 95,000 320 NN eap olitan Way Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $4,650,000 311 NN eapolitan Way Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $3,795,000 319 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $2, 995,000 Aria #603 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239. 571.5614 $2, 995,000 3991 Gulf Shore Boulevard NN ort h Terri Moellers 239 .404.7887 $2, 950,000 4010 Old Trail Way Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $2,695,000 750 Fountainhead Lane Sherree Woods 239.877.7770 $2,295,000 4790 Whispering Pine Way Debbi/Marty McDermott 239 .564.4231 $2, 225,000 Park Plaza #1704 Michael G. Lawler 239 .261.3939 $2, 199,000 Le Ciel Venetian Tower #603 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $1, 875,000 Park Plaza #700 Sherree Woods 239 .877.7770 $1,775,000 Park Plaza #600 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $1,775,000 Brittany #305 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $1, 675,000 Horizon House #PH-2A Ruth Trettis 239. 571.6760 $1, 650,000 Park Shore Tower #12B Amy Becker/Leah Ritchey 239 .272.3229 $1,2 95,000 Meridian Club #1403 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239 .216.1980 $1,269,000 Carrington #102 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.216.1980 $189,900 Bay ColonyBay Colony is the very denition of privileged living. From the beachfront high-rises to the golf course estate homes to the villas in quiet alcoves, this is luxury living at its best. Golf and beach club memberships. Contessa #PH-22 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.213.7227 $6,000,000 377 Cromwell Court Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239 .213.7227 $5,95 0,000 Trieste #101 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $2, 995,000 Trieste #1006 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $2, 495,000 Trieste #1104 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $2,295,000 Salerno #1404 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 $2,295,000 Trieste #405 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $1,8 95,000 Salerno #301 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239 .213.7463 $1,6 95,000 Mansion La Palma #504 Jerry Wachowicz 239 .777.0741 $1,55 0,000 Toscana #204 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239. 289.0433 $1,495,000 Mansion La Palma #304 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239.289.0433 $1,395,000 Toscana #202 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239. 289.0433 $1, 225,000 Toscana #203 Sharon Kiptyk 239 .777.3899 $1,1 95,000 Mansion La Palma #402 Amy Becker/Leah Ritchey 239 .272.3229 $1,0 50,000 Park ShoreGlistening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend of desirable living. Enjoy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the Gulf, beach and boating. Like.@PremierSIR Tweet.@PremierSIR Pin.@PremierSIRWatch.@SothebysRealty