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ROGER WILLIAMS A2 OPINION A4 HEALTHY LIVING A16 PETS OF THE WEEK A18 BUSINESS B1 NETWORKING B7 REAL ESTATE B11 ARTS C1 EVENTS C6-7 FILM REVIEW C11 SOCIETY C20-21 CUISINE C23 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 INSIDE Vol. II, No. 44 FREE WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 POSTAL CUSTOMER DATED MATERIAL REQUESTED IN-HOME DELIVERY DATE: AUGUST 5, 2010 Pets aplentySee who's looking for a home at the Collier shelter. A18 The move to bring a world-class research complex to Collier County continues, and supporters say recent events which seem to have slowed, but not derailed, progress on the proposal were not totally unexpected. The Jackson Laboratory, an 81-year-old Maine-based nonprofit entity that is a recognized leader in genetic research, is proposing to build a state-of-the-art $70 million facility on land near Ava Maria that has been donated by The Barron Collier Companies. Jackson engages in medical research that explores geneticJackson Labs receives some funding, awaits more boca grandewhyis so BY BILL CORNWELLbcornwell@ One fine, sunny day in 1957, Barbara Whidden Chatham a beguiling beauty then in her early 20s dressed in a billowing skirt, summoned her best come-hither gaze, languidly draped herself across the hood of a spanking-new Mercury automobile and had her picture taken. The resulting photograph is an appealing amalgam of sensuality and innocence, and it can be seen in a scrapbook that is stuffed into a nook at Boca Grandes Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum, which about a decade back was fashioned out of an old fish house that adjoined Whiddens Marina (founded by Mrs. SEE BOCA GRANDE, A8 SEE JACKSON, A17 ERIC RADDATZ/ FLORIDA WEEKLY; LEE COUNTY VISITOR & CONVENTION BUREAU; BOCA GRANDE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND COURTESY OF NANCY LINGEMANCounterclockwise from top: Boca Grande features many sights to see, including the lighthouse, 19th Street beach, Sherman Black serving up a Moscow Mule, loggerhead turtles and tarpon fishing. Inset: Boca GrandeBY BILL CORNWELLbcornwell@ Boosters claim new facility will reshape economyCOURTESY PHOTO/JACKSON LABS Little terrorsWebsite documents stuff our kids destroy. C1 Old businessAntiques selling well despite downturn. B1 Commerce & politicsOld propoganda finds new life as collectibles. A14

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Mr. Williams, I much enjoyed your article I lift my lamp beside the golden door and I find that strange since, usually, you seem to write very conservative commentaries. I cannot get through them without disagreeing with you.When someone of good will wrote to accuse me of being a conservative the other day, I responded appropriately: I wailed in despair, gnashed my teeth, and tore out my hair the last one on top. I even considered dressing in black from head to foot for 40 days. I prefer pink, of course. A conservative, of all things. Call me the devil, why dont you? Call me a low-down Yankee liar (Shane to the black-hat gunfighter Jack Wilson in the 1953 movie, Shane). Call me a miserable muckraking SOB, a commie pinko, or even, if you have to, a Generation Xer or Yer or Zer. Im not any of those things, but you can call me that. Just dont call me a conservative. The fact of the matter is, Im an unrepentant, uninhibited, unaltered and frequently unintelligible liberal. Dyed in the wool. A lefty. A knock-kneed, flower-waving, openminded pissant, as my football coach and my drill instructors used to say. Ive never been sure what a pissant is, or a conservative either, really but it cant be good. When some thin-lipped, square-jawed, crew-cut block of chromosome X calls you a pissant at the top of his lungs from a point six inches north of your nostrils, you feel bad. Even your gas-operated, air-cooled, lightweight, hand-held, shoulder-fired M-16 rifle that fires a 5.56 mm round at 3,100 feetper-second, a creature not known for sensitive feelings, probably feels bad. But when an intelligent liberal calls you a conservative, thats even worse. Most likely, it violates the Geneva Convention. Its a form of torture, in my book. The thoughtful letter suggested first, that we should solve the problem of illegal immigrants with better laws to control immigration and a policy of amnesty for those already here; and second, that I should stick to writing about dogs (last weeks column) and not politics. Both very good points. The letter also forced me to think about those two work-horse terms: Conservative and Liberal.Conservative comes from the Latin conservare (conservo, conservare, conservati, conservatium): To maintain existing views, marked by moderation or caution (and) traditional norms of taste, elegance, style or manners.Could that define me or you? If, by those traditional norms you mean racism, sexism, religious intolerance, greed, self-righteous profiteering, and intolerance, then no. I could not be those things. But if by conservative you mean the willingness to live with others who hold different opinions in the moment (thats a traditional American norm), or the willingness to defend our universal rights to freedom of speech, religion, lifestyle or equal treatment with arms, or the unrelenting determination to make our own way and help those who cant (remember the traditional parable of the good Samaritan?), then yes. I hope Im a conservative, difficult as that is to admit. Oddly enough, all of those terms describe traditional norms or values, both good and bad. So the question becomes not, Are you a conservative? but What kind of conservative are you? Which brings us to liberal. The word springs from the Latin, liberalis, defined as freedom, or befitting the free. Could we be defined as liberals as people in favor of freedom, and things befitting the free, such as free speech, worship uncensored by government and equal opportunity? Well, of course. You and I arent interested in the freedom to abuse anybody we please anytime, or the freedom to compel our divine right to the exclusion of everybody elses, are we? Maybe I am, I admit. But I know you arent.Which proves that whoever you are, youre a Gdanged liberal, too, just like me. And here all this time youve been telling your friends and family youre a conservative. But come to find out, youre aaa.a GD liberal. And here I come to find out that Im aaa.GD conservative. If theres a closet close by, maybe we should hide in it. On second thought, lets not. The people who traditionally hide in closets might be hiding in there as we speak. It could get ugly. Nowadays, of course, the words conservative and liberal have slipped their halters and gotten out in the big pasture. Conservative, loosely applied, means a Republican. And liberal, just as loosely applied, means a Democrat. At best its sloppy. Is a conservative supposed to be against all government programs and social regulation, for big capitalism and unrestrained markets, against the little guy or gal and for big weapons and armies in a hostile world? I know some conservatives who refuse to be pigeon-holed like that. And is a liberal supposed to be for all government programs and social regulation, against unrestrained markets, for the little guy and gal and against big weapons and armies, whether the world is hostile or not? I know some liberals who refuse to be pigeon-holed, too. Just so you know, a conservative is not supposed to like preserved wetlands, a clean environment and fair wages for workers if they get in the way of the American greenback and its prolific multiplication, along with flag waving. A liberal is not supposed to like a successful corporation, a strong army, fiscal discipline and a competitive market if they get in the way of kissing and hugging, along with flower waving. Conservatives are not supposed to like liberals, either, and vice versa. But you know what? Some of the finest human beings and most faithful friends Ive ever known are GD conservatives, surprising as that is. And I hope some of them (perhaps the more foolish) could say that about a GD liberal like me. What I conclude from all this is that dogs are probably far ahead of human beings they dont worry about whos liberal or conservative. And my correspondent is probably far ahead of me. Which is why I should probably stick to writing about dogs. COMMENTARY What kind of conservative are you? rogerWILLIAMS


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PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 PublisherShelley Lundslund@floridaweekly.comManaging EditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsLois Bolin Susan Powell Brown Bill Cornwell Karen Feldman Artis Henderson Pamela V. 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No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.333.2135 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One year mailed subscriptions are available for $29.95. OPINION has done it again, publishing thousands of classified documents about the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The website provides a secure platform for whistleblowers to deliver documents, videos and other electronic media while maintaining anonymity. Last March it released a video shot from a U.S. military helicopter over Baghdad, exposing the Armys indiscriminate killing of at least 12 people, two of whom worked for the Reuters news agency. This week, WikiLeaks, along with three mainstream media partners The New York Times, The Guardian of London and Der Spiegel in Germany released 91,000 classified reports from the United States military in Afghanistan. The reports, mostly written by soldiers on the ground immediately after military actions, represent a true diary of the war from 2004 to 2009, detailing everything from the killing of civilians, including children, to the growing strength of the Taliban insurgency, to Pakistans support for the Taliban. After the documents were released, WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange told me: Most civilian casualties occur in instances where one, two, 10 or 20 people are killed they really numerically dominate the list of events. ... The way to really understand this war is by seeing that there is one killed after another, every day, going on and on. Mr. Assange described a massacre, what he called a Polish My Lai. On Aug. 16, 2007, Polish troops returned to a village where they had suffered an IED roadside bomb that morning. The Poles launched mortars into the village, striking a house where a wedding party was under way. Mr. Assange suspects that the Poles, retaliating for the IED, committed a war crime, concealed in the dry bureaucratic language in the report: Current Casualty list: 6x KIA (1x male, 4 female, one baby) 3x WIA (all female, one of which was 9 months pregnant) KIA means Killed in Action, and the tens of thousands of classified reports are dense with KIAs. Assange says that there are 2,000 civilian deaths detailed in the reports. Other entries describe Task Force 373, a U.S. Army assassination unit that allegedly captures or kills people believed to be members of the Taliban or al-Qaida. The Obama administration is running for cover and their response has been confused. National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones condemned the disclosure of classified information saying it could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and threaten our national security. At the same time, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, theres no broad new revelations in this. The threat posed by this historic leak is not a threat to the lives of American soldiers at war, but rather to a policy that puts those lives at risk. With public support already waning, this leak can only strengthen the call for the wars end. Ive been waiting for it for a long time, tweeted Daniel Ellsberg, the most famous whistleblower in America. Mr. Ellsberg is the former military analyst who famously leaked The Pentagon Papers in 1971, thousands of pages of a top-secret government study revealing the secret history of the Vietnam War. Many credit Mr. Ellsbergs action, with helping to end the Vietnam War. Ellsberg told me, this week: Im very impressed by the (WikiLeaks) release. It is the first release in 39 years, on the scale of the Pentagon Papers. How many times in these years should there have been the release of thousands of pages showing our being lied into war in Iraq, as in Vietnam, and the nature of the war in Afghanistan? Mr. Assange has been advised by his lawyers not to enter the United States. Homeland Security agents descended on a recent hacker conference in New York where he was scheduled to speak. He canceled. He said the Obama administration also tried to get the Australian government to arrest him. Speaking to me from London, Mr. Assange said: We are not pacifists. We are transparency activists who understand that transparent government tends to produce just government. That is our modus operandi behind our whole organization: to get out suppressed information into the public where the press and the public and our nations politics can work on it to produce better outcomes. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 800 stations in North America. She is the author of Breaking the Sound Barrier, recently released in paperback and now a New York Times best-seller.Wikileaks Afghan war diaryWhite House economic adviser Christina Romer is off-message. Her offense is nearly as grave as that of White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who let slip that Democrats are in danger of losing the House. Ms. Romers indiscretion is an academic paper arguing that tax increases kill growth ... just as the White House prepares to increase taxes. Published with her husband in the June issue of The American Economic Review, Ms. Romers paper is complicated and nuanced, befitting the work of a serious academic economist. It surveys tax changes during the past few decades in widely varying circumstances. But heres a crude, twosentence takeaway: Our estimates suggest that a tax increase of 1 percent of GDP reduces output over the next three years by nearly 3 percent. The effect is highly significant. In recent congressional testimony, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned against spending cuts or tax increases in this unusually uncertain economy. Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad, Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson are opposed to letting the tax increases expire next year on similar Keynesian grounds. They are all guilty of thinking about whats best for the economy, when the rest of the Democrats are thinking about how best to punish the rich. The rich dont deserve the current tax rates, theyll say, as if a top income tax rate of 35 percent rather than 39.6 percent is something that has to be earned. Of course, thats impossible to do if being rich itself constitutes a status offense. There is no expiation from the stain of wealth, no matter how hard someone worked to get there, no matter how many people his business has hired, no matter how much he invests. Never mind that higher marginal tax rates discourage work and investment. To see how taxes affect behavior, look no further than Massachusetts Sen. John Kerrys $7 million, 76-foot yacht, which he happens to dock in Rhode Island, where he saves $500,000 in taxes. The Democrats figure they can tag Republicans who oppose the expiration of the tax cuts as deficit-hypocrites, even after running up $1.47 trillion in red ink this year. In the recent fight over extending unemployment benefits, the GOP wanted to pay for them, while Democrats insisted on adding another $35 billion to the deficit, and prevailed. Despite the scorn they heap on the Bush tax cuts, Democrats want to extend the vast majority of them on the middle class, at a 10-year cost of $1.5 trillion. Where to look for spending cuts to offset maintaining the Bush upperend tax cuts? Unspent stimulus dollars and the other new spending that has hiked federal expenditures to 25 percent of GDP, the highest level since World War II. Thanks to President Barack Obamas exemplary profligacy, we have been reminded that government spending is not a durable basis of growth. Even Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said just the other week that we need to make that transition now to a recovery led by private investment. A tax increase is not the best way to start, as any reader of Christina Romers work knows. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.The no-matter-what tax increaseBY RICH LOWRY amyGOODMAN Special to Florida Weekly BY R IC H LO WR Y richLOWRY Special to Florida Weekly GUEST OPINION


Specialists in Urology Specialists in Urology


If you ask Rand Bass where he gets his wisdom, hell likely credit the literature to which he has devoted his life. Great life lessons may come from great words, says Mr. Bass, who is a huge fan of the poets Edgar Guest and Ogden Nash. They were poets of the people and high-school and college drop-outs. Mr. Basss greatest dream is to produce radio or television spots that present good literature, something he considers the ultimate in entertainment excellence for listening audiences. A lover of words and scholarship, and of the language of great writers and poets, hes a selfproclaimed good read finder. Not just good reads, he says, but particular books or movies or stories for particular tastes for people who are unable come in to the Collier County Library to make their own selections. Mr. Bass has worked for the library for 10 years as an outreach specialist, managing the Mail-A-Book program that provides library materials through the mail to more than 420 patrons who are homebound. As such, he spends his days helping people indulge in reading, a pastime he too, relishes with passion. He has a lot of good reads for wordhungry library patrons. He suggests The Roses by Leila Meacham about a girl in East Texas who comes up from poverty to become a cattle baron, and The Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris by Graham Robb, a collection of nonfiction stories about the City of Lights and its mysteries as told through the lives of its great, near great and forgotten citizens. When I discover a new book like War by Sebastian Junger, about a platoon on the front lines of the Afghan war, and the DVD of the book Restrepo: One Platoon, One Valley, One Year, he says for example, I know just which ones of my Mail-A-Book patrons will want to read or view it. He loves it when the books he recommends are also published in large print and on audio for need this extra consideration in order to have access to enjoy the literature. There have been some interesting twists and turns in the life of Rand Bass, a native of Fort Myers who has lived in Naples since 1956. He calls it all luck and happenstance, but it includes completion of a masters in educationadaptive physical education, a program on the cutting-edge of assistive methods for helping those in society who face various challenges. I lead with my heart and dont always listen to my head and logic, but I care about people, especially those who are needy, he says. Hes quick to note that his path, while usually the more difficult, is always gratifying. And he credits family and friends, especially his son, for supporting him on his journey along that path. I worked with as many differing types of groups of people as I could from inmates in jails to bedridden patients and autistic children, he says. Early on this helped me to learn to connect with others and to be a good listener and not just with my ears, but on many levels. In his sparse spare time, Mr. Bass (you guessed it) reads and studies to inform and enrich the activity programs he produces and presents for seniors. He also loves to swim, a mile swim twice daily if you please. He loves Collier County, and counts the diversity of its people and cultures from native peoples to early settlers, the vagabonds and the raconteurs, the resort visitors and beachcomber residents as invaluable contributors to the communitys colorful landscape. As for what Mr. Bass would like to see change about his community, his wish is simple: Less of everything please, he says. Lets turn back the clock and extend the off-season attitude a bit. Its funny, but when I was much younger I wished for more to do, he says, adding this thoughtful observation: Be careful what you wish for. There are many things he wants to stay just the same, and they include the picturesque sunsets and sunrises, pristine waters, beaches and wildlife especially in what he refers to as the magnificent Glades. His work at the library is a gift and a great joy to this bookworm, a labor of love that provides assistance to patrons every day who are most in need of the kind of services he provides. Sometimes it is a great struggle to carry on the good fight the daily struggle for them but I truly believe in this and do my very best for them, he says. And it would not be possible, he stresses, without the extraordinary volunteers who help me in this service. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 15 MINUTES Rand Bass a good read unto himselfBY KELLY MERRITT____________________Special to Florida Weekly e atest dream is to pr ote l evision s p ots t h at i terature, somet h ing e u l timate in enter e nce f or listenin g o rds and scholarlan g ua g e o f g reat o ets, hes a sel fo od read finder. r ea d s, h e says, oo k s or r i es a r e py baron, and The Pa r sians: An A d vent u H istory o f Paris b G raham Robb a c o le ct io n of n on fi ct io s tories a b out t h e C i o f L ig hts and its my teries as to ld t h rou g the lives o f its g re a near great and forgott e citizens. W h en I d isco v a new book li k War b y Seb a t ian Jung e a b out a p l to on o n th f r o nt li n o f t h A fgh a war a n t he D V o f t h boo


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PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Chathams father in 1926). That Mercury was my one and only new car, explains Mrs. Chatham, now 75 years old. Shaking her head while seated behind the counter at the museum, where she is curator, she elaborates: (The car) only had 7,000 miles on it when a friend of mine ran it into a palm tree. I let her borrow my car, and she was on her way to work and trying to light a cigarette when it happened. The only new car Ive ever had, and she ran it right into that palm tree. The friend survived, but the Mercury did not, and Mrs. Chatham thereafter began her practice of purchasing used vehicles. As historical yarns go, Mrs. Chathams tale is several rungs below, say, The Trail of Tears. But it is the sort of quirky, homespun lore youll find in Boca Grande, the sleepy fishing village on Gasparilla Island that may be the most misunderstood and leastappreciated place in all of Southwest Florida. The Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum juts precariously into a bayou, and it will never be mistaken for the Smithsonian (crowd four or five people into its musty confines and space becomes a serious issue), but as an affectionate and honest reflection of a place and its people, it does a pretty darned good job. To many outsiders, Boca Grande is synonymous with wealth and privilege, which is understandable and to a great degree accurate. Francis Crowinshield, a member of a wealthy New England shipping family, and his wife, Louise du Pont Crowinshield, and Henry F. du Pont, Mrs. Crowinshields brother, were among the first outsiders to discover Boca Grandes delights long about 1914. Rich friends from up north soon followed, quickly won over by the areas jewel-like winters, superb tarpon fishing and other joys attendant to island living. For about four months during the winter, the seriously rich still flock to the Boca Grande, where the population doubles to roughly 2,000 people at the height of the season. Galas and benefit balls abound during this time, and the golf course gets a good workout. But the notion that Boca Grande is merely a playground for idle rich a sort of scaled-down Naples or bargain basement Palm Beach is only part of the story. Boca Grande remains one of the last places that truly embodies the amorphous concept we describe as Old Florida. There are residents like Mrs. Chatham who have lived in Boca Grande for decades and still regard it as a place that is as agreeable for a dyed-in-the-wool Florida Cracker as it is for high-flying winter folks. During the dog days, bereft of its northern elite, Boca Grande is as laidback and congenial as Jimmy Buffett after his third margarita. It is the sort of place where golf carts (the preferred means of local transportation) might outnumber automobiles, and no one appears to be in a particular hurry to get wherever it is they are going. There are no traffic lights and no highrise buildings. The town is spic and span and just about everybody seems to know everybody else. In summer, Boca Grande belongs to people who regard it as home, whatever the season may be. Travel writers are belatedly beginning to take note. Yahoo! Travel, for example, recently selected Boca Grande as one of its top five little beach towns. A funky Florida spot with character, Yahoo! wrote, calling it an Edenic escape on the Gulf of Mexico (that) is a real slice of Old Florida. The locals (meaning those who live and work there all year) are a little baffled by the studied indifference that Southwest Florida largely bestows upon the place. And while they savor the slow times of summer, they wouldnt mind seeing a little more business during the hottest months. It is a wonderful, wonderful place, and you have to wonder who wouldnt love it here, says Ted George, general manager of Boca Boats, which specializes in cruises, charters and rentals. The 59-year-old Mr. George chucked a career in office supplies in Michigan for his life in the sun and he has never regretted a minute. We sell frozen bait, he says, and I have to defrost that freezer. Let me tell you, that is as close to winter as I ever want to be. If Boca Grande is indeed poised to for a takeoff as a prized destination, it will be due in large part to the indefatigable efforts of Lynda Lancaster, the peripatetic executive director of the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Lancaster sends out a daily barrage of news releases and other materials to writers and travel professionals far and wide. If anyone with a pad and a pen and a reading audience of almost any size at all cares to visit, Ms. Lancaster is ready in a heartbeat to pack them into a golf cart and trundle about the island for a few hours. Houston, Atlanta, we send material out everywhere, says Ms. Lancaster, a lithe, tanned blonde who on this day is dressed in what she calls Boca business a white Patagonia shirt (untucked), white shorts and sandals. There is this misconception that Boca Grande exists only for the benefit of the rich and that we close down when they are not here. Yeah, things do slow down some, but really the summer is one of the greatest times to be here. Hopping into her golf cart, Ms. Lancaster zips to a beach (all of Boca Grandes beaches are public access) off of 19th Street. Kicking free of her sandals and wading into the gentle surf, she makes a wide arc with her arms and says: Look at this! Are you going to find anything better than this anywhere? Even Sanibel cant get any better than this. In truth, Sanibel would be pressed to outdo Boca Grande at this moment. The sand is terrific (maybe not Sanibel terrific, but still plenty good) and the beach is being visited by a just a scattering of people. Perhaps the oil-spill scare has something to do with it, but Boca Grandes beaches long have been known for their sparse crowds, especially in the summer. Compared to the cheek-to-jowl conditions that can exist at other spots in Southwest Florida, it is almost like having the Gulf of Mexico to oneself. Ms. Lancasters enthusiasm is no false front brought about by her paid responsibilities as Boca Grandes promoter-in-chief. She absolutely, positively adores the place, and, as a result, fairly hums with the highly caffeinated energy of a true believer. She fell in love with the area about 18 years ago during a vacation. Raised on a farm near Springfield, Illinois, Ms. Lancaster was employed as a legislative aide for the governors office in her home state when she resigned to move to Boca Grande, where she worked, initially, as a waitress, carpenter, house painter and just about anything else that paid a wage. She also established a reputation as an extraordinarily talented artist. Her paintings and artwork appear in local establishments, and her brightly colored murals which mirror her love for all things Florida grace the exterior walls of buildings in Boca Grande. But Ms. Lancaster, 53, tired of the life of a starving artist, and when the chamber job was offered last year, she jumped on it. She remains puzzled that Boca Grande has not attained the all-year popularity of Sanibel or other spots in the area. I think part of it may be that a lot of people dont know how to find us or how to get here, she says. Indeed, an informal survey of four longtime Fort Myers residents yielded three different driving routes to Boca Grande, one of which proved grossly inaccurate. The fourth person admitted that she hadnt a clue as to how to get there and didnt really care since she thought it was mainly for the jet set. Boca Grande exists in two coun BOCA GRANDEFrom page 1 Top: Whiddens Marina. Above: Lisa Ianita owns Sisters Restaurant with her twin sister Paula. Left: Beachgoers enjoy a front row seat to a spectacular sunset.


WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NEWS A9 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY www.FloridaWeekly.comties Lee and Charlotte with the village itself resting in Lee. This geographic uncertainty, coupled with the perception of the village as a haven of the mega wealthy, tends to limit weekend visits and the like, especially in the summer, according to Ms. Lancaster. No one would argue that it is a cheap place to live if you are planning on moving there permanently or seasonally. The influx of well-to-do seasonal residents has pushed the price of real estate upward. A quick check at Gulf to Bay Sothebys International Realty in the village confirms this. There is a modest but tasteful two-bedroom, two-bath home that measures 1,900 square feet on the market for $550,000. Other random listings show a couple of offerings at just under $1.2 million, another at $2.9 million and, finally, a monster on Shore Lane that boasts 21,298 square feet and a price tag of $12 million. This family compound has all you ask for and more! Sothebys assures us. These high-toned and high-visibility dwellings tend to obscure the less ostentatious side of Boca Grande, the side that many permanent residents call home. One such area is the Damfi zone, which is southeast of downtown. It is a series of streets legally named Damficare, Damfiwill and Damfino. Its not just rich people coming here, says Sherman Black from behind the bar at The Temptation, a landmark Boca Grande restaurant. On a hot day, with a ferocious, glaring Florida sun beating down outside, the restaurants cool, dark-wood bar is the sort of place that could lead a man were he not careful and possessed of great discipline to miss an afternoons worth of business. If Hemingway didnt swill his daiquiris in bars exactly like this down in old Key West, then we have been misled for decades now by legions of literary biographers. Mr. Black says fishermen and billionaires alike mosey into the place, often to down the bars specialty the Moscow Mule which is made with Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer and a lime slice. The trademark concoction is presented in a copper cup that beads invitingly with ice sweat. I think we (Temptation) are like most people (in Boca Grande), Mr. Black says. If youve got $10 or $10 million, were glad to see you. Everybody gets treated well. At Sisters, a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine and pizza (its chef trained in Napoli), the owners twin, 45-year-old sisters originally from Batavia, N.Y., named Paula Beecher and Lisa Ianita say the laidback veneer the casual visitor to Boca Grande sees is actually no veneer at all. The sisters worked as waitresses at the restaurant before buying it from its former owner. These are island people, says Ms. Ianita, and island people are, for the most part, laid-back and take things as they come. And nowhere is the dont worry be happy essence of Boca Grande more evident than at Whiddens Marina. When signs spring up in town announcing that shrimp boats are in, the signs list no location, because everyone knows that Whiddens is where you go for fresh-from-the-boat treasures from the gulf. During the season, as the boats chug in, billionaires stand side by side on the dock with yardmen and day laborers, all eagerly anticipating the same delicious bounty. Ten years ago, the marina was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the rustic building is a favorite subject for artists. Isabelle Whidden Joiner, 76, manages the marina and recalls the days when Chico, a pet monkey who died in the late 1950s, practically owned the place. It is said that if Chico (who was reputed to be a keen judge of human character) took a dislike to you, he might express that displeasure with a nasty bite. Ben Whidden, Mrs. Joiners late father and the Marinas founder, usually kept Chico on a chain to keep him from feasting on obnoxious visitors. Mrs. Joiner is the sister of the previously described Barbara Whidden Chatham, who oversees the adjacent museum. Mrs. Joiner has lived in Boca Grande all her life. The place has changed over the years, she says, but shes not sure exactly how. I dont get out much, she explains. I stay here inside mostly. (Boca Grande) is a nice place. Good people. That hasnt changed. I know that. And what about those hoity-toity Yankees who migrate down when the thermometer plunges and snow starts to fall in places like New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan? Oh, theyre fine, too, Mrs. Joiner says with a trace of a smile. Besides, they go back home when the weather heats up. The locals know better, though. Theyre not going anywhere. They realize that the long, sun-dappled days of summer are when Boca Grande and its people are at their best. It is a wonderful, wonderful place, and you have to wonder who wouldnt love it here. Ted George, general manager of Boca BoatsLeft: The Boca Grande LIghthouse was used to guide phosphate mining ships in the late 1800s. Below: Girls practice kite sur ng on the beach before getting wet. Bottom left: Golf carts are the preferred means of transportation. Bottom right: Sherman Black, Bob Jewett and Lynda Lancaster enjoy Moscow Mules at The Temptation after work.PHOTOS BY ERIC RADDATZ/ FLORIDA WEEKLY; LEE COUNTY VISITOR & CONVENTION BUREAU; BOCA GRANDE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NEWS A11 Call: 239.995.82003420 Hancock Bridge Parkway | North Fort Myers, Florida 33903 C 95 0 0 Brie Parkway | North Fort Myers, Now its easy to own a waterfront condo starting from only $234,900 Huge Waterfront Condos in Fort Myers, Florida!PRICED TO MOVE! ACT NOW! *WITH THE USE OF PREFERRED LENDER. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. CONTACT AGENT FOR DETAILS.DIRECTIONS FROM I-75 Take exit 138 west onto Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. Make a right turn onto Monroe Street, followed by a quick left onto Main Street. Merge onto US 41 North. After crossing the bridge, make a left onto Hancock Bridge Parkway.Easy Financing Available Only 3.5% Down*FHA & Fannie Mae Approved!EXCLUSIVE SALES & MARKETING Follow Us OnView Our Video Online THURSDAY, AUG. 5, 8 P.M. Andy W illiams: Moon River and Me A collection of digitally re-mastered, full-length performances from the legendary crooners classic television series that aired from 1962-1971. Mr. Williams contributes his personal remembrances of each song. FRIDAY, AUG. 6, 8:30 P.M. C onnect! Cultur al Diversity Celebrating our regions cultural diversity through African-American history at the Blanchard House Museum in Punta Gorda; the Seminole art of chickee hut construction; community outreach at the Redlands Christian Migrant Association and Guadalupe Center in Immokalee; and commemorating Emancipation Day through Collier Countys Juneteenth Celebration. Hosted by Jim McLaughlin. SATURDAY, AUG. 7, 7 P.M. V ict or Borge: 100 Years of Music and Laughter! This unparalleled collection of Borges most memorable skits is combined with rare archival footage from the Borge family vault. Rita Rudner narrates. SUNDAY, AUG. 8, 9 P.M. Ed S ulli vans Rock and Roll Classics: The s From the late 1940s through the early 0s, millions of viewers saw great acts each week on The Ed Sullivan Show. This collection of classic, full-length music performances from 1963-1968 features the Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, Sly and the Family Stone and many more. MONDAY, AUG. 9, 8 P.M. T he Big Band Y ears This retrospective features the songs that brought the country through World War II and kick-started the baby boom in a mix of vintage live, rare and unreleased footage of bands and vocalists from the 1930s and s. Peter Marshall hosts. TUESDAY, AUG. 10, 8 P.M. Chet A tkins: C ertified Guitar Player A-list musicians gathered in 1987 to celebrate the enormous influence of the guitarist on their lives and careers. Taped in Nashville, Mr. Atkins performs with Mark Knopfler, the Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Michael McDonald and a band of Music Citys finest. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11, 8 P.M.The Canadian Tenors: Live in TorontoSee Aug. 8 for program details. This week on WGCU TV COURTESY PHOTOThe Ed Sullivan Show saw some great acts including the Beatles, above. The Naples Orchid Society will award two $2,000 scholarships to qualified students pursuing a program in botany, conservation or environmental science this year. More information and the application forms may be downloaded from Preference will be given, but not limited, to students who are studying or working in Southwest Florida on a worthy orchidrelated project. The scholarships may also be used toward funding internships at appropriate organizations. Applications will be accepted at any time and will be reviewed by a scholarship committee appointed by the societys Board of Directors. Recipients who are working on a project at a college or university will be announced at the societys Oct. 7 meeting. For persons who will be taking part in summer internships, the award will be made in the spring of 2011. The society hopes to make these scholarship awards annually. The Naples Orchid Society is a not-forprofit organization, devoted to the promotion and appreciation of orchids, as well as the preservation of native orchids. The society also provides information about the cultivation and hybridization of orchids for hobbyists. More than 100 native orchids have been identified in Florida. Because of the areas sub-tropical climate and large amounts of land held by various government entities, Southwest Florida abounds with federaland state-protected species. For more information, visit Naples Orchid Society announces scholarshipsKIT KITCHEN-MARAN / COURTESY PHOTOSeed pods ripen on a local native orchid, Prosthechea chochleata, commonly known as the clamshell orchid.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Agent Info hereThink of the cost of not being insured against flooding.Get a preferred risk flood insurance policy for as low as $119 a year. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods. And even a small flood can cost thousands. So call me today, and protect your biggest investment. (239) 325-8321 FLEXIBLE FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE FREEDuctwork Inspection(239) 417-2267NAPLES866-766-0975FPL PARTICIPATING CONTRACTORLIC. #CAC1813211 on your cooling cost SAVE UP TOSave up to $ 4430 on a new high ef ciency system TODAY!FREE Duct Sanitizing with purchase of new complete systemExpires 8/18/10. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer not valid on prior purchase.$9000Summer Tune Up SpecialExpires 8/18/10. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer not valid on prior purchase.$25 OFF Repairs and Service CallsExpires 8/18/10. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer not valid on prior purchase. Rated A+ FSD 7/10 FSD 7/10FSD 7/10 Bank of Naples, a locally owned and operated community bank, is a sponsor of the Neapolitan Family Back to School Expo. This annual event will be held on Saturday, Aug. 14, at the YMCA of the Palms, 3251 Pine Ridge Road in North Naples. The event is free and open to the community. The Neapolitan Family Back to School Expo will feature dozens of venders from throughout Southwest Florida to assist parents and their children in returning to school this year. Last year more than 3,000 parents and children attended the very popular event. Established in 2000, Bank of Naples serves the personal and commercial banking needs of local residents and businesses within Naples, Bonita Springs and the surrounding communities in Southwest Florida. The bank offers relationship banking through a complete line of loan and deposit products as well as Internet Banking. Banking hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday. For more information, call 430-2500 or visit the bank online at Bank of Naples sponsors Back to School Expo on Aug. 14Edison Mall and Coconut Point will be two of 20 Simon Malls across the state of Florida to host Look Smart. Book Smart, a back-to-school new clothing drive for disadvantaged children, in support of Dignity U Wear, a statewide not-for-profit with partnering organizations located throughout Florida, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, Creative Services, Hacienda Girls Ranch, Neat Stuff and more. Simon Property Groups Look Smart. Book Smart will welcome representatives from Dignity U Wears partner organizations to collect donations of brand new childrens clothing and school supplies during tax-free weekend from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 14 and 15. Edison Mall and Coconut Point will host a clothing drive with one of Dignity U Wears Southwest Florida partners, Our Mothers Home, a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping teen foster mothers and their children together, breaking the foster cycle, teaching transitioning skills, and overcoming histories of abuse. Items needed at this time include new or gently used clothing for teenage mothers, toddlers and babies. Coconut Point shoppers will enjoy a safety demonstration and fire truck display compliments of Estero Fire Rescue. Shoppers will learn how to protect their homes and families in case of a fire. The display will be located near Hollywood Theaters at Coconut Point from 10 m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14. For information about Simon Property Groups Look Smart. Book Smart. back-to-school clothing drive, visit For details on Dignity U Wear, visit Edison and Coconut Point malls to host back-to-school clothing drive John Marazzi Nissan is joining forces with the Boys and Girls Club of Collier County to outfit children with new sneakers and backpacks for the new school year. Stop by and collect information about a specific child at the dealership at 3640 Pine Ridge Road, then purchase shoes and backpacks and return them to the store in time for a student party at the dealership on Saturday, Aug. 7. The Boys and Girls Club provides after-school programs at its Arlene & Jerry F. Nichols Campus at 7500 Davis Blvd. For more information, call 3251765 or visit. Dealership collects school shoes, backpacksThe Shelter for Abused Women & Children is preparing for the next school year and seeking community support for the nonprofit organizations Back to School Drive. Throughout the year, families fleeing domestic violence arrive at The Shelters Beau Venturi Home without extra clothing, personal items or school supplies. To ensure the organization can meet the childrens ongoing needs, The Shelter is collecting the following supplies: Gift certificates, school clothes, school shoes, backpacks, Kleenex, lunch boxes and thermoses, #2 pencils, pocket folders, highlighters, black, red and blue pens, glue sticks, childrens scissors, white board markers, three-hole binder paper, rulers, primary color paint set, pencil boxes, construction paper, washable crayons, colored pencils and markers, erasers, binders, calculators, writing tablets, calendars, protractors, subject notebooks and Elmers glue The Shelter, a state-certified domestic violence center, provides programs and services crafted to prevent domestic violence before it begins; advocates for societal changes to end domestic violence; and meets the immediate and long-term needs of victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse. Those interested in seeking further involvement are invited to host a Back to School Drive or party to help raise awareness and collect donations. To learn more about The Shelters Back to School needs, as well as drop off locations, call 775-3862, ext. 235, or e-mail Shelter gets ready for back to schoolBACK TO SCHOOL BRIEFS COURTESY PHOTO


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 A13 YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOULL FIND, Open Monday Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 10800 Corkscrew Road, Suite 218, I-75, Exit 123 In Estero, between Naples & Fort Myers BUT YOULL ALWAYS FIND IT FOR LESS GUARANTEED minimum 50% OFF Reginald A. Reg Buxton For the Children... Through the Teachers... to the Community! Reg Buxton, a journalist, impressed the GNBGC with his commitment to the community. Buxton is serving or has served on the boards of ten organizations, all devoted to making Collier County a better place. Greater Naples Better Government Committee Endor ses Reg Buxton. District 3 Reg Buxton He says he brings a businesslike approach, and actually delivers. He spots the need for improved bottom up communication inside and outside the school system, and he wants the school system attorney and two new hires an internal auditor and public interest ombudsman to report to the board rather than the superintendent. He first proposed the School Boards current plan to gradually test Floridas budget busting class size rules, and says the way to get teachers input on a regular basis is simple You listen. Endorsed by Naples Daily News Editorial Board Visit E-mail 239-777-4294 Paid Pol. the Reg Buxton for Collier County School Board District 3 Campaign Fund Approved by Reg Buxton (n) Mayor Bill Barnett Luis Bernal Dr. Lois Bolin Ernie Bretzman Jim Coletta Joe B. Cox Fred Coyle Donna Fiala Todd Gates Bruce Gilbert Brian Glaeser Kaleigh Grover Bob Guidias Gina DeMartin Hahn Murray Hendel Tom Henning Matt Hudson Tina Haut Nancy Lasheid Bill Lasheid Chris Lombardo Peter Manion Leo Medivilla Bob Murray Pat Neale Joe Paterno Dave Pfaff Gary Price Renee Relf Garrett Richter Jim Rideoutte Ann Rowe Walter Schacht Wayne Smith John Sorey Ron Stamarro Fred N. Thomas Jr. Peter Thomas Vicky Tracy Jack Tyman Lou Vlasho Sandy Waite Dave Weston Don York The following Civic & Political Leaders are endorsing Reg Buxton Endorsed by the following : To see the video of this endorsement at www.naplesnews. com/election Classes are forming for two fall sessions of Youth Havens popular All About Me self-esteem building group for girls. The six-week program is tailored to address emerging self-esteem concerns impacting emotional development, peer relations and overall happiness in all aspects of young adulthood. Dates for the next sessions are Sept. 16 through Oct. 21 and Nov. 4 through Dec. 16. Spaces are open in both sessions. Open to girls ages 8-14, the classes are presented in an empowering group forum format by Melissa Sarantos, one of Youth Havens staff clinicians. The group will meet once a week at Youth Haven. 5867 Whitaker Road in East Naples. Cost per participant, including all course materials and refreshments, is $40. The societal pressures facing young girls nowadays to look a certain way or act a certain way in order to be accepted have never been higher, says Kim Weisberg, supervisor of Youth Havens Children & Family Counseling Center. The ramifications of not accepting yourself and having confidence in who you are undoubtedly affect all aspects of a young girls life and behaviors both at home and at school. The All About Me curriculum guides girls in discovering how to: Increase their self-confidence and sense of individualism Recognize their strengths and best attributes Interpret and dispute todays negative media messages and triumph over peer pressure Improve relationships with their parents and friends No one is perfect. We all have something uniquely beautiful about us. It is our hope that through this program, girls will learn to love themselves and appreciate others for their differences, Ms. Weisberg adds. For more information or to register for a fall session of All About Me, call Ms. Weisberg at 687-5172 or e-mail her at Youth Haven is Collier Countys only emergency shelter for severely traumatized abused, abandoned and neglected children as well as the sole provider of an array of homeand community-based parenting education, child abuse and homelessness prevention, crisis intervention and family support programs. In operation since 1972, Youth Haven provides services to more than 1,600 children and family members annually. Youth Haven seeks girls for All About Me group

PAGE 14 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 It made news in January 2010 when a photo of President Barack Obama wearing a Weatherproof Garment Co. jacket was used on a billboard on Times Square. The photograph was taken when the president visited China, but he did not give permission for his image to be used in an ad. Weatherproof was asked to take the picture down and did. Presidents do not endorse products, although they do endorse candidates. The earliest presidential ad was for a magazine. It was a copy of an 1811 letter written by Thomas Jefferson to say he was a subscriber to the magazine. It too was probably not approved by the president. During Victorian times, many ads appeared that pictured a president or mentioned his campaign and suggested he had made a product endorsement. Recently one of those advertising posters sold at a Cowans auction for $3,500. It was an 1890s ad for Warners Log Cabin Sarsaparilla picturing President William Henry Harrison and his grandson, President Benjamin Harrison. The poster says the liquid medicine cures scrofula, biliousness, dizziness, headache, constipation, salt rheum, erysipelas and other diseases. Also pictured is the log cabin symbol used in William Henrys presidential campaign and the logo of the medicine company. A poster with both a medicine ad and a presidential picture sells for a premium price. This brought $4,112. Q: I have a 1939 New York Worlds Fair combination purse-muff that belonged to my mother. One side is black velvet and the other is Persian lamb. Its 14 inches wide by 10 inches high. The zipper pull on the velvet (purse) side is a chrome circle surrounding the Trylon and Perisphere symbols of the fair. Its in pristine condition. I wrote to a group of Worlds Fair collectors, but no one there had ever seen a souvenir like mine. A: A few souvenir purses were made for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. The ones we have seen are decorated with images of the Trylon and Perisphere and sell for $250 to $350. One that matches the description of yours was offered at auction 10 years ago but didnt sell. Today a Worlds Fair collector would probably pay at least $100 for it. Q: My mother has an oak hutch with an inscribed mark that says, A Genuine Kuehne Product. Is this piece of furniture a rarity? I cant find any information about the company. A: Kuehne Manufacturing Co. made kitchen dinette sets in Matoon, Ill., from the time of its founding in 1932 until it closed in 1965. Its early sets were wooden, but by the 1950s Kuehne was making the chromed metal breakfast-room sets so popular during that decade. The value of your hutch is not likely to be more than $100, but its price depends on size, condition and what its made of. Q: A copy of the New York Herald newspaper from April 15, 1865, has been in my family for generations. The front page announces the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln the previous day and his death that morning. The center of the front page, right below a drawing of Lincolns face, calls the newspaper the Extra 8:10 a.m. edition. All four sheets, yellowed with age, were encased in plastic 30 years ago and are legible. It is a precious heirloom we have treasured. What is its value? A: You have a well-known fake newspaper that was printed in huge numbers between 1880 and the early 1900s. Most of the fakes probably were made to advertise the Herald or to hand out as souve-Commerce and politics merge to create rare postersKOVELS: ANTIQUES & COLLECTING terryKOVEL nirs at historic sites. They werent meant to deceive collectors. There are several clues that prove your paper is a fake and next to worthless: There was no original 8:10 a.m. edition of the Herald. Originals were printed on rag paper, which does not yellow with age. The Herald did not publish a portrait of Lincoln on April 15, 1865. And the original newspaper was eight pages long, not four. Family stories about long-held possessions are often more myth than fact. Tip: Do not wrap ceramics, wood, marble or other porous materials in old newspapers; the ink used to print will eventually stain the pieces. Newsprint is high acid paper and it can discolor other materials, especially other pieces of paper, over time. Recycled paper usually is bad but some photocopy paper is acid-free and good for archival storage. Watch out for cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. Many folders, scrapbook and plastic sleeves can damage old paper items like autographs, photographs or baseball cards. Terry Kovel answers as many questions as possible through the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or e-mail addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of any photograph, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The volume of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, Florida Weekly, King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.This poster, 32-by-46 inches, is a chromolithograph by Cosack & Co. of Buffalo, N.Y. It pictures William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, grandfather and grandson and both presidents of the United States. It sold for $4,112 at a Cowans Auctions in Cincinnati. d e f c s b m m t fhhi T i g B W a g a U $ t


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PAGE 16 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA16 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 TO YOUR HEALTH HEALTHY LIVING In the summer, senior management traditionally recommends compensation changes for the boards Human Resources Committee to consider. These changes take into account a multitude of factors the general economy, health-care reform, local and regional wages, the economic health of NCH and, most important, our desire to reward the staff for its contribution while remaining prudent in an uncertain economic environment. At its core, NCHs pay philosophy is to maintain market competitiveness and continue to be the communitys health-care employer of choice. Our pay history over the past three years has been as follows: 2007 We celebrated a good economic year. As a result, all RNs received a 10 percent base rate increase and all other eligible employees received an 8 percent base rate increase. Also, all eligible employees received a 3.0 percent board-designated bonus. 2008 With the economy sputtering, all eligible employees received a 2.0 percent base rate increase. 2009 With the continued uncertain economy, all eligible employees received a 1.5 percent board-designated bonus but no base increase. What about 2010? While unemployment in the nation and region is still high and the economy is still unsettled, were having a solid year at NCH and want to reward and thank the employees for their efforts. Consequently, we are planning a board-designated bonus of up to 3 percent for all eligible employees, payable in November, after the books on our fiscal year are audited and closed. Based on a labor compensation analysis, the overall economy, and anticipated further decreases in reimbursement under health-care reform, we are not increasing the base rates for most positions. The exception is in certain critical needs positions where labor market competitiveness, turnover, and/or recruitment challenges have created a need to increase base wages for example, direct patient care RNs and lab technologists. Beginning in this next (2011) fiscal year, we are contemplating an employee performance bonus focused on improving our patient satisfaction measurements, which directly impact our systems success. For this employee performance bonus, we plan to use the Press Ganey scores that correlate with the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems metrics employed by Thomson Reuters. These metrics are public knowledge (www.Hospitalcompare. and www.ThomsonReuters. com). I will provide more detail as this plan is finalized. As we round into the final quarter of our 2010 fiscal year, my overriding message is: So far, so good. We are ahead of last year and ahead of budget. These improvements are due to everyones hard work, diligence and prudence. And we intend to reward you for it. At the same time, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are in a tough economic and health-care environment. We must remain vigilant, not only to ensure job security for 3,400 people but also to guarantee that we will constantly improve and grow in serving the health-care needs of our community with the highest quality. Thank you, as always, for working together to build a more responsive NCH. Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System. A solid year means employee bonusesSTRAIGHT TALK allenWEISS Dr. Teresa Sievers wages a daily battle against the one enemy that medical science will never fully conquer: time. No pill, potion or injection will completely counteract the ravages of aging, and Dr. Sievers who is board certified in both internal medicine and aging, regenerative and functional medicine, knows this full well. But she also knows that proper medical care, combined with commonsense nutrition and cutting-edge advancements in natural and holistic practices, can prevent, alleviate or greatly delay the onset of many age-related illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, strokes and cancer. Laymen often characterize Dr. Sievers, who maintains a practice in Estero, as an anti-aging specialist. She accepts that description with qualification. Anti-aging means many things to many people, she says. Too often, (anti-aging) is associated with the quest to look eternally youthful or to be slimmer something that is mostly cosmetic. While that is fine, my practice involves finding imbalances in the body before they reach the disease state. And even after disease is present, Dr. Sievers believes that a healthy state can be achieved, often with minimal use of prescription medications. Im not against prescribing medicines at all, she explains, but I am against the wholesale and indiscriminate administration of medications. I dont want the (side effects) of a medication to be worse than the condition I am treating. An example of this approach might involve a patient who comes to Dr. Sievers with a dangerously high blood pressure reading. The first order of business, she says, is to quickly reduce the blood pressure to prevent a possible stroke. Then she can work with the patient on different ways to bring the pressure down with less or no medication. Dr. Sievers sees numerous patients who suffer from what is known as metabolic syndrome, which is used to describe a condition that involves elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or triglycerides and unhealthy blood sugar readings. I would estimate that three-quarters of my patients have metabolic syndrome, she says. When metabolic syndrome is present, Dr. Sievers says she uses all the tools at her disposal traditional medical practices, diet, exercise and stress relief to restore the patients chemical balance. (Treatment) really is a partnership, and the patient has to be committed to making a change, says the 41-year-old physician. Ann Lisa is one of those patients who was committed to getting better, and the results, she says, have been nothing short of life-changing. Ms. Lisa, 47, suffered from a sluggish thyroid that left her listless and prone to weight gain. Repeated visits to specialists brought little relief. Dr. Sievers placed Ms. Lisa on a regimen that greatly reduced her medications, but added vitamins and supplements. The doctor further made dietary and exercise suggestions that led to renewed energy and weight loss. I dont know how many pounds I lost in the process, but Im down two sizes in my jeans, she says. Mirtha Rubbo of Estero is another patient who credits Dr. Sievers with revitalizing her health and, in turn, her life. Mrs. Rubbo, 65, had been plagued by rheumatoid arthritis and constant stomach discomfort. Dr. Sievers, through nutritional therapy and supplementation, was able to bring an end to Mrs. Rubbos abdominal distress. It was like a godsend, says Mrs. Rubbo. Dr. Sievers says she is in the best shape of her life as her 42nd birthday approaches. She feels an obligation to practice what I preach to my patients, and she believes that her personal story provides an example for those she treats. On a more personal note, the doctor says she also hopes to set an example for her two daughters, ages 6 and 3. I had a difficult time when I was younger, and I want to show my daughters there is a better way, she says. Dr. Sievers says some patients mistakenly believe that good health can only be attained by the young. That is simply not true, she says. People in their 70s and 80s can greatly improve their health and the quality of their lives. Unless there has been some catastrophic medical event, it is never too late to make healthy changes and enjoy the benefits. The body is an amazing machine that can take a lot of abuse and still function. Anti-aging doctor practices what she preaches BY BILL Dr. Teresa Sievers New community mental health services availableRecognizing the need for more choices in the mental health services community in Southwest Florida, Felix O. Padron, Psy.D., LMHC, and Rey Gomez, program administrator, have opened a community enrichment services center in Naples. FACES (Florida, Adult & Community Enrichment Services Inc.) offers in-home, on-site, community-based programs designed to provide intensive, in-home, support services to children and their families. The location is also an AHCA-certified mental health center. We believe that individuals have the right and responsibility to make choices about their own health. Our services are consumer, family and community focused, says Dr. Padron. The clinic is accepting referrals for children ages 6 to 18 who are on Florida Medicaid (Medipass) or in the foster care system. The clinic will launch a psychosocial rehab program this summer. The center is located at 3050 Horseshoe Drive N., Suite 197, Naples. For more information, call 403-9400. Bereavement support on MarcoJoell Canglin, a licensed clinical social worker and bereavement manager at Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, leads a weekly bereavement support group on Marco Island for those dealing with loss. Sessions are from 10:30 a.m. to noon every Thursday in the boardroom at IberiaBank Marco. For more information, call Ms. Canglin at 384-9495 or Keith Dameron at IberiaBank at 734-1021.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NEWS A17 Hwy 41 at Coconut Rd.STEPHEN E. PASCUCCI, MD, FACS Not anymore.Our Dual Vision LASIK corrects both distance and near vision This innovative treatment allows you to see near, far and in between without compromising balance, depth perception or night visi on. Best of all, this is not monovision! Come learn about Dual Vision LASIK. Youre too young to let your eyes slow you down. Call (239) 949.2021 or visit for your FREE Dual Vision LASIK consultation today. I TOO LATE LASIK? Garment District 239-393-6300www.keepintouchstore.comShops of Marco, 135 S. Bar eld Dr. Come meet our dog Lucy!UNIQUE CARDS & GIFT ITEMS PRINT YOUR BOARDING PASS HERE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS FAX & NOTARY SERVICE SAVE 10%WITH THIS COUPONExpires 10/1/10. Not valid with any other offers. 239-261-7157 141 Ninth Street North Naples Must present coupon at time of purchase.Must Have CouponWynns Store made 9 Key lime Pie$4.99 with couponLimit one per customer Good thru 8/11/10Must Have CouponGeyer Peak 750 ml. Sauvignon Blanc$4.99 with couponLimit one per customer Good thru 8/11/10 For over 70 years offering Wholeseome fresh products to our customers. Wynns is now carrying a large selection of Natural, Organic, and Gluten-Free products.approaches to the treatment of diseases that range from cancer to diabetes. Proponents say the facility would serve as an anchor for a wide-ranging complex of research and medical facilities. The University of South Florida has announced that it would like to build a research facility in conjunction with laboratory. And Edison State College thinks it would be a fine site for a charter high school that specializes in scientific studies. Jackson is seeking $260 million in public funds half from the state and half from Collier County to get the proposal off the ground, and that has generated opposition from groups and individuals who say the county simply cannot afford to fund the project, regardless of its merits. Last week, the Collier County Commission voted 4-1 to float a $28 million loan to keep the idea going. The commission did not act on the full $130 million proposal. Likewise, the state has put forth only $50 million in funding for the proposal, and lawmakers in Tallahassee say the remaining $80 million must come from federal stimulus dollars, which are awaiting approval from congress. Despite the halting progress, supporters of the plan insist the idea is right on track. This is all part of a larger process, says Tammie Nemecek, CEO of the Economic Development Council of Collier County. When you are attempting to put something like this together, you are not going to get everything done in one fell swoop. Weve been working on this since 2008, and we are committed to having this process play out in plain view, where everyone can watch all of the pieces being put together. Ms. Nemecek and other backers insist that it could be one of the most significant economic developments in the countys recent history and would be a significant step toward permanently diversifying Colliers financial base. Michael Reagen, president and CEO of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, boldly predicts that a biomedical research complex near Ava Maria would dramatically change the face of eastern Collier County forever. While Jackson asserts that thousands of jobs could eventually be created, the research center initially would employ only around 200 people. Of course, Jackson officials say, hundreds of other jobs would be created by the construction phase. Much of the opposition to the plan centers on the countys $130 million investment. There is no guarantee, of course, that the research park would grow to the dimensions its supporters predict. And opponents also note that the record of such research centers is mixed in Florida, with fewer jobs actually created than had been promised. Even those who favor bringing Jackson to Collier concede that the timing is at best unfortunate. The notion of shelling out $130 million during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression makes it a hard sell on the most basic level. Also, reports that increases in property taxes or new utility fees might be required to generate sufficient funding do not resonate at a time when taxes and fees are extremely unpopular. Yet, for all the obstacles, the idea continues apace. Ms. Nemecek says she believes that the more attention the plan receives, the more popular it will become. When you go out and actually talk to people and explain what is going on, you see some of the opposition softening, she says. In that respect, full disclosure benefits everyone. Once people understand that this probably would cost no more than $30 to $60 per year per household, they are less likely to be opposed. Although Ms. Nemecek says she is content to let the idea proceed at its own natural pace, she also notes that, naturally, at some point a decision must be made. She refuses to set a deadline, but she says the next hurdle to clear is the state funding. If federal stimulus funds are not available, and the states contribution tops out at the current $50 million, then non-public areas of financing will be explored, for it is highly unlikely that Collier could increase its proposed contribution of $130 million. If (state funding stalls), then we will have get another partner or entity (to take its place), she says. And no one, at this moment, can say where such a partner could be found at this late date. JACKSONFrom page 1COURTESY PHOTOJackson Labs would initially employ about 200 people locally. NEMECEK When you go out and actually talk to people and explain what is going on, you see some of the opposition softening. In that respect, full disclosure bene ts everyone. Once people understand that this probably would cost no more than $30 to $60 per year per household, they are less likely to be opposed. Tammie Nemecek, CEO of Economic Development Council of Collier County

PAGE 18 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA18 NEWS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Pets of the Week >> Angel is a sweet tortie kitten. Shes quite active, too.>> Gator Girl is a brindle pit bull whos about 3 years old. She does well on the leash but is rather shy.>> Sarge is a 2-year-old pit bull. Hes a strong guy who likes to play and go for long walks.>> Stormy is a playful little guy who would love to be your pal.To adopt a petCollier County Domestic Animal Services is at 7610 Davis Blvd. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Adoptions begin at 11 a.m. and are processed through closing time. Adoption fees are $60 for cats and $85 for dogs and include spay/neuter surgery, a bag of pet food, pets license and a micro-chip ID. Call 252-PETS (7387) or visit to search for a lost pet or to nd a new pet. Bedroom, Dining, Living Room Furniture Sink Vanities Outdoor Furniture and Accessories WHOLESALE to the PUBLIC! UP TO 50% OFF ON SELECTED FLOOR SAMPLESSHOP US LAST FOR THE BEST PRICE!!! No Reasonable Offer Refused! Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-1 Sun closed Inside Out Furniture Warehouse592-1387 2097 Trade Center Way Naples NEW VANITIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED!! 25%DISCOUNT ON EYE GLASSESSTUDENT EYE EXAMS $69 STUDENT SPECIAL Eye Exam Cataracts Glaucoma Lasik Glasses Contacts Adult and Pediatric Care 21 and underGood vision and healthy eyes are key in academic success. Rick Palmon, M.D. Richard M. Glasser, M.D. Penny J. Orr, O.D. Leonard Avril, O.D. Brian Marhue, O.D. Cannot be used in conjunction with any insurance or other promotions. Offers expire 10/31/2010NAPLES 594-0124 ASK ABOUTOUR SUMMERLASIK SPECIALOffer Expires 8/14/2010 BY DR. MARTY BECKER & GINA SPADAFORI_______________________________Universal UclickA few simple steps can help prevent cancerbenefit with greater health and a closer, more vibrant relationship. Spay or neuter your dog. Spaying and neutering have been shown to be an effective method of preventing cancer. Spaying has a significant impact on preventing breast cancer if it is done before a dog goes into her first heat cycle. Discuss the timing and the options with your veterinarian, though: Waiting to alter until later, especially in breeds prone to bone cancer, is worth considering for some male dogs although the majority of pets are better off neutered. Choose clean living for your dog. Eliminate exposure to environmental carcinogens such as pesticides, coal or kerosene heaters, herbicides, passive tobacco smoke, asbestos, radiation and strong electromagnetic fields. Each one of these factors has been suggested to increase the risk of cancer in your dog (and in you). You may do everything you can and still end up with a cancer diagnosis for your pet. Dont despair. Cure rates and an improved quality of life are increasing because families are working with veterinarians to identify the disease in its initial stages and to employ new technologies that are highly effective in the early stages of cancer care. Even for those dogs who cannot be cured, most who are treated are still able to enjoy an improved, robust life. In most situations, animals undergoing cancer treatment experience limited to no decrease in their quality of life. Almost all dogs with cancer can be helped, and you can defeat the darkness of cancer with knowledge. Work with your veterinary team to learn as much about the disease and its treatment as possible. Be proactive. Ask questions and obtain resources to tear away the many misconceptions about cancer and cancer therapies. Tackling the emotional aspects of cancer can enhance your ability to think clearly, make decisions, and begin to find the hope and opportunities that lie before you as you deal with your dogs cancer. Understand there are no wrong decisions only decisions that are right for you. Do not worry what other people will think about your choices. You know your dog better than anyone else in the world knows him. Once you are empowered with the information you need, listen to your heart and you will make the right decisions. Prevention is always a better option, no matter what the problem. Its usually easier, less expensive and certainly less painful. Thats never been more true than when it comes to cancer. While cancer is more treatable than ever before, veterinarians also know more about what steps can be taken to help prevent the dreaded disease. To reduce the risk of cancer in your pet: Make sure your dog has good nutrition, weight-management and plenty of exercise. Help your dog to maintain a fit body for life. A fit dog will have a wasplike waist and a tucked-in abdomen. Feed your dog a high-quality diet made by a reputable company or a homeprepared diet prepared with the help of your veterinarian. Start with the amount of food recommended for your dog and adjust accordingly with how your pets body responds. Cut down on extra calories by substituting baby carrots as treats or by adding volume to meals with green beans. Consider adding omega-3 fatty acids (also known as n-3, found in fish oils and other sources) to potentially reduce the risk of developing cancer. Get regular exercise, and you and your dog will PET TALES Prevention is key Keeping dogs exercised and lean can help keep them healthier, including keeping cancer at bay. COURTESY PHOTO


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NEWS A19 YOUR INEXPENSIVE ANSWER FOR A NEW BATHROOM SERVING LEE & COLLIER COUNTIES Residential & Commercial Free Estimates Help us make sure that every child in our area has the basic school supplies they need to get the best education possible. Were proud to partner with education foundations in South Florida to collect school supplies for local students in need. To help, drop o your supplies at any Fifth Third location in South Florida.August 16 September 3Thanks for helping to make education possible for every student in our area.Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. My mouth is poised on the edge. The rim is a cool presence of promise. I breathe in deeply, preparing for what it is to come. This is amuse-bouche supreme, wonderful inkling of the feast, in slow, seductive, time lapse approach. Liquid bouquet. In this eternally now suspension, like T. S. Eliots hollow between desire and spasm, in the shallows of my rapidly receding capacity for naming, it is like this. The castle gate of my teeth is so open that lips and tongue evanesce, not caring for themselves, but only for the empty space they worship. This mouth as space is only in relation to the nectar that gives it meaning, that promises to fill and to fill exquisitely. This nectar promises to fill abundantly, like kaleidoscopic visions that are lovelier with each disappearing. The first touch first bemuses. Sight is set on site of edge, self defined by this pirate as ships keel, principle structural member running lengthwise long and longing along the center from bow to stern. An imperative voice, Keel over, comes from within, a first recognition of the need to know more by knowing less. For this off keel is now more breast bone MUSINGS Rx Quaffof flying bird and pairs of united petals. The shape that had many names is merest mist and smoke. For there are no eyes here in the shadows. Or mouth parts, no lips or teeth or tongue. No ears, no nose, no edgy skin. No identity of gender or race or nation. No occupation or pre-occupation or history or whatever information you might pursue. No crashing drum, no clanging symbols. Lets get impersonal, transpersonal. Lets put ourselves in position to yearn beyond satiation. Piracy is mere suggestion, merest outline of possible, an offering to the realization that any saying of me or thee is less than this sacrifice of praise. This sacrifice is freely offered, no strings attached. It is love. In the see of love there is fluid mix, one body so confused with another that nobody remains. The yearning of the pirate is for that, not only in the brief orgastic moment, but in the asymptotic approach of annihilation birthed in each moment of its own petite mort. Invisibility is a sign of the yearning for new seeing and new saying and new mind. This pirate remains invisible, but connected. The connection is the vision of what emerges between, the stuff of nectar. Nectar is taste beyond telling, sight for the blind, music of the spheres, musing of the pirate. I do not want to give less. I do not want to give the eternal recurrence of Nietzsches despair, or the death instinct of Freudian transference, or the crystallized categorization that says this is mine and where are you? Lay hands on me to anoint my nefarious, omnifarious love. Rejoice that I give more than any what or who. In this play we become this together. We come together. We come to gather all the parts, written and unwritten, bidden and unbidden. Pirates together, we are in the embrace of the see, water mixing with water, bubbles rising out of the mix and popping before visibility ossifies. Rx is the FloridaWeekly muse who hopes to inspire profound mutiny in all those who care to read. Our Rx may be wearing a pirate cloak of invisibility, but emanating from within this shadow is hope that readers will feel free to respond. Who knows: You may even inspire the muse. Make contact if you dare. Anton E. Coleman, M.D. Behavioral NeurologistBoard Certi ed APPOINTMENTS mammograms, cholesterol, blood-sugar, thyroid function, heart disease by 50,Why not your MEMORY ? words or disorientation, could be the cause of a serious illness change your mind... Before your mind changes YOU !RETAIN YOUR MINDFULNESS, PREVENTION IS THE KEYIf you are OK with screening Cognitive & Behavioral NeurologyScreening for years is a must Screening for years is smart Screening for over 50 years is PREVENTION


146 individuals dedicated to childrens health careThe Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida is the only accredited childrens hospital between Tampa and Miami. More than 5,000 children were admitted last year. 101-bed hospital specialized medical programs: neonatal neurodevelopment follow-up, medical day care, cystic brosis, neurobehavioral, cancer, sickle cell, neuroscience center, and cancer counseling center of the top 3 ranked neonatal intensive care units in Florida 56 fellowship trained pediatric specialists 6 certied child life specialists 2 certied pediatric pharmacists 1 certied music therapist 1 certied full-time school teacher For more information, call 239-433-7799 or visit of the Florida Association of Childrens Hospitals Member of the National Association of Childrens HospitalsAnd, our numbers are growing!The Childrens Hospital is opening a specialty clinic in Naples in January 2011. Quality Counts at Your Childrens Hospital


BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES BUSINESS INDUSTRY BSECTIONWEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 WEEK at-a-glance On the moveCheck out what local business men and women are doing in Collier County. B4 Money & InvestingGet thrifty by following tips for deal seekers. B2 Setting sailN.A.P.L.E.S. Group boards ship for networking event. B8 The public is invited to attend the next series of free events and seminars presented by Miromar Design Center during August. For a complete list of events, visit 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7 Palladio Italian Villas Presented by Jean Renoux Immerse yourself in the legacy and history of Palladios architecture of the Renaissance; an architecture reproduced all over Florida. The program is presented by Jean Renoux (ASID, ALLIED AIA, CEI, AQS and member of the Society of Architectural Historians) of International Art & Architectural Tours & Seminars. 2-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14 Designing Green Interiors Presented by Melissa Allen of MGA Interior Design Learn how to enhance remodel your current home or your future home with environmentally friendly solutions. Melissa G. Allen, principal of MGA Interior Design LLC, provides easily understood concepts related to the environmental issues in home furnishings, finishes and indoor air quality. 2-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21 Enhance your Home with Faux Art Presented by Art Morehead of ArtFaux Designs, Inc. Join artist Arthur Morehead of ArtFaux Designs for a faux finishing seminar and demonstration of a tissue faux finish. This versatile textured finish can be finished in multiple ways and Mr. Morehead will demonstrate one-application processes anyone can do. 2-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 28 Secrets of a Successful Mural Artist Presented by Artist Jan Ellen Atkielski Murals are a great way to add impact to a space, visually enlarge a room and create cohesive color harmonies. Miromar Design Center is located on Corkscrew Road in Estero across from Miromar Outlets, I-75, exit 123, between Naples and Fort Myers. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 390-5111 or visit Miromar Design Center offers free Saturday seminarsSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYIn with the oldJoe Fink pauses in mid-sentence to welcome customers into his Pearls Place antique shop in Arcadia. Sitting behind a glass case displaying antique baubles and assorted glassware and trinkets, Mr. Fink says his business has been holding. You have to remember, were a want shop, not a need shop. Whatever it was they wanted, customers on a recent Saturday afternoon continued to enter the boutique and browse its selection of primitive farm tools, wicker pieces and late 1800s wood furnishings, including a needlepoint-topped wood privy with the original bowl. Sidewalks along West Oak Street, the citys main hub, were also busy and downtowns tearoom had run out of fixings for its signature sandwich. With 25 shops, some of which have opened in just the past year and offer multiple vendors under one roof, Arcadias downtown boasts one of Floridas highest concentrations of antique shops, earning it kudos as the states best antiques town. Arcadia is known all over Florida as the antique capital, says Howard Lacourse, the newly elected president of the Antiques Association of Arcadia and the owner of Tokens of Tyme Antiques & Collectibles, which relocated here after Hurricane Charley claimed his Port Charlotte building. The joy of this place is you can park and cover four blocks without having to get into your car. Other places are really spread out.The snowball effectMany credit Flo Rife for the citys rebirth from cattle town to antique destination. She hung a shingle for Maddys Antiques back in 1993, and others soon followed, turning the once-failing ghost town into a day trip or weekend getaway for hunter-gatherers in search of art glass, folk art, pottery, furniture, jewelry and primitive pieces. The association also attracts shoppers by sponsoring a fourth Saturday of the month antiques fair that during season attracts as many as 150 sidewalk vendors and wall-towall people on the sidewalk, according to Mr. Lacourse. Other Southwest Florida antique shopSEE ANTIQUES, B5 BY NANCI THEORET ____________________news@ oridaweekly.comI just checked our year-to-date numbers and were up 13 percent. That probably puts us right back where we were four years ago ... Our average ticket sales are up. Richard Gannon of Gannons Antiques & ArtAntiques business holds steady in hard times ERIC RADDATZ/ FLORIDA WEEKLYFrancette Guy sees loyal repeat customers coming in to Auctions Neapolitan & Gallery where she works as assistant to the owner.

PAGE 22 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Sunbelt O ce FurnitureNaples239-566-2857O ce Furniture & Design239-337-1212Let us create a healing environment for your patients by New York Style Pizza | 239.435.9333 Visit website for Calendar of Events and Menu1410 Pine Ridge Rd. | Open 7 Days 11a-2a M-F 11am-2pm 6 Lunches for $6 18 Lunches under $8Happy Hour$2DOMESTIC BOTTLES/DRAFTS$4ALL WELLS & HOUSE WINES$5SPECIALITY MARTINISIncluding Patron Ritas and Absolut Cosmos NEW MENU! NOW 24 BEERS ON TAP! $5 APPS & 9 PIZZAS(Toppings Extra) MONEY & INVESTINGSavings abound for savvy deal-seekersSince the onset of the Great Recession (the name given to the current, prolonged malaise), thrifty behavior has become very much in vogue." Shopping for values and asking for discounts have always been behaviors largely characteristic of those impacted by the Great Depression, those whose childhood was economically harsh or those whose core values embraced such. Truth be told, Southwest Floridas economy depended on luxury homes, extravagant vacations and retirees spending freely. So, even for locals, the solution to cash-flow challenges was often to grow income/ revenue and worry less about reining in expenditures. These were pervasive mindsets. But all that has changed and even those who previously experienced great financial freedoms are now looking to save money.There is plenty of news coverage about cost cutting, and many ideas have merit. Here are a few ways that are not often mentioned in press coverage some are unique to snowbirds but some apply to permanent residents. Certainly those locals involved with seasonal services might want to share these ideas with seasonal friends and customers. After reading these ideas, you might find that thrifty thinking has taken seed in your own mind. Soon you will be generating additional ideas ideas good for all and some unique to your household. The important thing is to get the thrifty seed planted and then give it the time and opportunity to grow. Credit cards There is a lot of counsel about wise use of leverage and about paying off high-interest rate credit balances. Another idea is to review the past years credit card bills and look to see if there were any late fee charges, as these can be $25 to $40 per occurrence. You should consider calling your credit card company and asking for a refund of such fees. It is a courtesy often extended to customers. Most credit card companies limit it to two in the past three months or three in the past year; most recently incurred late charges are more likely to be refunded. You can also ask banks to reverse their fees for accounts that used credit card lines of credit, which is often a $10 per occurrence charge. Auto insurance Before making any changes to your auto policy, you should consult with your agent; these ideas might not be applicable to your situation. First, ask your agent how much money you can save if you are not using your car for an extended period of time. You might be able to suspend collision portion of coverage and, generally, the largest portion of the insurance bill is collision coverage. Many insurers have clear policies about suspension; some allow it for a minimum of two weeks and for others the threshold is one month. For those planning a month away or for the snowbirds who are gone for nine months, this can be a significant savings.Another auto insurance idea focuses on coverage of children. Most parents know about the good student discount on premiums but not all know that premiums can be lowered for students who are at boarding school or at college, if the school is a specified distance from the parents home. Further, should the college student be age 18 or older, you can take them off the policy if, and only if, they are only an occasional driver (e.g. vacations). It might be that the insurer has the flexibility to add the student back on the policy when the student returns for the summer or times of full usage. Most insurance companies do not consider summer usage to be occasional. Unused items to be returnedThere are several national store chains that have a gracious and generous return policy in that they take back purchases made a long time ago if there has been an unsatisfactory product experience. Some high-end retailers and some warehouse stores have a policy of no or few questions asked about returns. This is not to suggest that you should take undue advantage of these return policies. Dining outSouthwest Florida is noted for its abundance of restaurants; the dining specials (two entrees and a bottle of wine for $29.95 or half-price drinks and appetizers) have almost become de facto standards for summer business. These offers are hard to beat. Beyond that, sells $25 certificates to local restaurants for $10 and, sometimes, for as little as $2. Some local restaurants list very few conditions for usage. Pharmacy cash couponsSeveral chain pharmacies offer cash coupons attached to register receipts. The only problem with their use is that they often expire soon after being issued; frequently people dont return before expiration or they lose the coupon. One solution is to divide your purchases in half and pay for one portion first and, if the receipt generates a cash coupon, you can immediately use it for the remainder of your purchase. DecoratingWhether for new homes, renovations or preparation for resale, the services of a professional decorator are often used. But before committing to their services for the entire home, consider whether you can have the decorator do the difficult part and you finish with the easier assignments. For instance, the decorator might create the theme for the entire house and decorate the key rooms (living/family rooms, den, kitchen). The savings will be realized by decorating the bedrooms yourself. Auto servicingIf you consider an oil change to be generic, then check for specials offered online. (Last week, a major local dealer had a $5.95 oil change special.) After reading these ideas, Florida Weekly readers most certainly will have examples of other ways to stretch their dollars. Please forward these ideas and they will be included in future columns. Jeannette Rohn Showalter is a Southwest Florida-based chartered financial analyst, considered to be the highest designation for investment professionals. She can be reached at jshowaltercfa@ jeannetteSHOWALTER, CFA


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 BUSINESS B5 owners have also launched similar snowball effects. Dottie Simpson took the plunge, thinking bigger may be better when she moved her now 20-year-old Treasure Island from Second Avenue to Central Avenue in Naples. Her 12,000square-foot multi-dealer mall offers Oriental, French, English and American furniture and antiques, Dutch pottery, English majolica and high-end and costume jewelry. Ms. Simpson specializes in sterling and anything English. First-time visitors to Gannons Antiques and Art Center, a multi-dealer mall in Fort Myers, are always surprised by its size, says owner Richard Gannon, who relocated from College Parkway to Tamiami Trail six years ago. From the outside, it looks like a nice, mild-mannered building. But inside, we have 80 different vendors. We have Tiffany and a lot of things you wouldnt expect to find in sleepy Fort Myers, he says. Business may not be as good as it was during the height of Southwest Floridas real estate boom in 2005, when residents had extra money to throw around, but sales have been fairly steady, and even on the upswing. I just checked our year-to-date numbers and were up 13 percent, Mr. Gannon says. That probably puts us right back where we were four years ago. Last year we were up 10 percent, so weve seen two years of double-digit increases. Our average ticket sales are up. Mr. Gannon credits the 13-year-old business success to a best-of-everything, bestof-anything business acumen. Weve done a good job upgrading through the years. We now sell $25,000 paintings. We realized the knickknack stuff wasnt cutting it. A shop selling $8 teacups is not going to survive. Since moving from Naples Third Street Plaza to a nearby storefront between popular restaurants Sea Salt and Tommy Bahama, sales and traffic have increased at The Englishman, a dealer specializing in 19th century English and European antiques. Its a prime location, and we keep long hours, says Rob Thomas, general manager. Most years we sell more paintings than anything else. This year weve done very well with furniture, probably because furniture is more an essential item. A $24,000 carved Italian buffet, a piece Mr. Thomas calls a traffic stopper, was one of the items sold this year. In Arcadia, theres more of a mixed reaction. Last season was quite good, says Arcadias Mr. Fink. Were seeing customers coming back. Not the case, ironically, at Maddys where Ms. Rifes inventory of early Americana pieces includes a turn-of-last-century pie safe and a corner cupboard from Pennsylv ania. Although she recently sold an apothecary cabinet, Ms. Rife credits sales from scented candles for helping her survive the slow summer months. Year-wise, were doing fine but the summer has been bad, agrees Mr. Lacourse, who sells century-old lamps, furnishings and glass. Weve had a high heat index and storms. Judys Antiques & Jewelry in Fort Myers also falls into the lukewarm category, according to owner Judy Haar. The 21-year-old business specializes in girly stuff vintage estate and costume jewelry, perfume bottles, sterling flatware, art glass and pottery. Among the recent top sellers: sterling and American Indian turquoise jewelry. People used to collect a lot of little doodads and cutesy stuff but the trend now is for a more subdued look, says Ms. Haar. Now they dont want a lot of cl utter. They dont want something unless its functional. Lamps and candlesticks, theyre buying that kind of thing. We do have a market for tabletop frames for old pictures, art pottery and majolica. But Flow Blue (blue and white pottery) has gone down the tubes. Sure, the state of the economy is to blame but local dealers cite other factors, as well. Ms. Haar says the Internet has brought down prices as items become more readily available to the masses. Its taken away the thrill of the chase, she says. Several dealers speculate media reports of the gulf oil spill and closed beaches have kept away summers usual influx of European tourists. Theres also a growing interior design trend away from antiques and disinterest among Generation Y-ers. These days, few people want a house full of antiques and nothing else, says Mr. Thomas. Parents and grandparents are selling their antiques to us because their children or grandchildren dont want them. Those who are buying from the store are furnishing second homes in Southwest Florida or primary residences up north. Theyre 75 percent of our business, Mr. Thomas says. We also have international clients. While most antiquers fall in the 50to 60 age category, there are younger buyers, often raised by collectors or tapping into the nostalgia bug. People have fun in here, says Tommy Childers, co-owner of Arcadias Yesterdays Today, which opened last October. You hear them all the way through the store saying how they had that, their mother had that or I cant believe I threw it away. Look at what happened with the book Ferdinand the Bull after it was in that movie The Blind Side. It was going for $250. Vintage colored Pyrex dishes, Tonka trucks and 1930s Buddy L trucks are popular with Childers 30and 40-year-old buyers. Theyre collecting what their mothers or grandmothers had, he says. Ms. Rife says her younger customers want the country and primitive look. They dont care if it has a pedigree as long as it has the look, she says. They dont care if it was owned by Paul Revere, just as long as it looks like it could have been owned by Paul Revere. Buyers are also looking for deals. And generally theyll find them, particularly if an item has been occupying valuable showroom space for a while. If we have something thats two or three years old and the market has dropped, were willing to take a loss and replace it with goods we can buy at a lower price, says Mr. Gannon. The face of Arcadias antiques district is continually changing. Businesses come, businesses go, says Mr. Lacourse, noting shops vacated due to death, marriage or retirement fill quickly as new or existing stores leapfrog to bigger spaces or more visible locations. BlackRidge Antique Center co-owners Mark Holdridge and Fred Blacker selected the district because of its reputation as an antiques destination. The store, which sells American primitive pieces from the 1800s and earlier, opened nine months ago. Keep em comingSpecial events also drum up business. Like Arcadia, Gannons offers an in-season monthly fair that attracts as many as 3,000. Mr. Gannon is also shooting a commercial that will air during the Antique Road Show, and Arcadia is patterning its Sept. 11 Appraisal Day after the popular TV show. The association will also sponsor an Oct. 2 fall festival/Octoberfest that will play upon the citys small-town, old-fashion feel. Holiday open houses, a chocolate festival and tea party are also planned, says Mr. Lacourse. Come Labor Day Ms. Rife will offer her fifth annual country antiques show. Its become a tradition, she says. We get country dealers and people from all over the state. Mr. Fink says the associations advertising efforts have been paying off. Were getting customers from Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers and the other coast. Guestbooks at the Hot Fudge Shoppe, Mary Margarets Tea & Biscuit and various stores were inscribed by visitors from Sweden, the Netherlands and a Spanish signee who declared the ice cream shop the best in Florida, maybe the world. People drive all the way to Arcadia and want to buy something, says Mr. Childers. ANTIQUESFrom page 1 ERIC RADDATZ/ FLORIDA WEEKLYRichard and Ursula Gannon, owners of Gannons Antiques & Art, offer a warehouse of vintage collectibles.COURTESY PHOTOBlackRidge Antique Center co-owners Mark Holdridge and Fred Blacker selected the Arcadia district because of its reputation as an antiques destination. The store, which sells American primitive pieces from the 1800s and earlier, opened nine months ago.

PAGE 26 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Blinds and Drapery Concept has leased 1,400 square feet of retail space in Pelican Village at 24830 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 1700, Bonita Springs, from Crandall Commercial Group LLC. Bill Young of CB Richard Ellis, Fort Myers/ Naples negotiated the transaction. Quest of Naples d/b/a Zazou has leased 2,235 square feet of retail space at 390 12th Av. S., Unit 100, from 382 Building Development LLC. Patrick Fraley and Paige Eber of Investment Properties Corp. negotiated the transaction. Rambeh LLC has purchased 25,405 square feet of professional/medical office space at 6610 Willow Park Drive from Neapolitan Ventures LLC. Purchase price was $2,987,500. David Stevens and Clint Sherwood of Investment Properties Corp. negotiated the transaction. Silverleaf Advisors LLC has purchased 8.14 acres (14 vacant residential lots) in Whiskey Creek, Key Marco, from Associated Bank for $500,000. Enn Luthringer and Michael Orden of CB Richard Ellis, Fort Myers/Naples negotiated the transaction. Simpson Strong-Tie Company has leased an additional 3,286 square feet of office space at 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road from FTC Naples LLC. Craig Timmins of Investment Properties Corp. negotiated the transaction. Sinclair Financial Group has leased 1,112 square feet of office space at 2640 Golden Gate Parkway from Poinciana Professional Park. Clint Sherwood of Investment Properties Corp. negotiated the transaction. Vincent Prestige Properties LLC has purchased 9,700 square feet of commercial/residential space at 602 Fifth Ave. S. from Everbank for $2.4 million. Craig Timmins and David Stevens of Investment Properties Corp. negotiated the transaction. Alico Lakes Commons LLC has leased space in the Seatech Center, 17595 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, to Rent A Genius, Suites 200.1 and 200.2; and LPS, Suite 107. Michael J. Frye, CCIM, RE/MAX Realty Group Commercial Division, negotiated the transactions. RECENT TRANSACTIONS THE MOTLEY FOOL If youre ready to invest in stocks, you need a brokerage. (Even if you already have one, you might want to seek a better one.) Opening a brokerage account is not much more complicated than opening a bank account. But before you do so, consider these factors as you compare brokerages and choose the best one for your needs. Costs. Traditional full-service brokerages can charge $100 or more per trade, but there are plenty of terrific brokerages charging $10 or less. Look into what other fees are charged, too (IRA fees, wire transfer fees, account inactivity fees, annual fees, etc.). Minimum initial deposit. Some brokerages require at least several thousand dollars to open an account, while others have no minimum. Usability and service. Check out the brokerages online trading interface if you plan to use it, and see how easy it is to use. Ask questions of customer service to see how responsive they are. Banking services. Some brokerages now offer check-writing, money market Choose Your Broker What Is This Thing Called The Motley Fool?Remember Shakespeare? Remember As You Like It? In Elizabethan days, Fools were the only people who could get away with telling the truth to the King or Queen. The Motley Fool tells the truth about investing, and hopes youll laugh all the way to the bank. Investing in Do-Gooders Q How can I be a socially responsible investor? P.F., Norwalk, Conn.A First off, understand that there are many social issues to consider. A company may have many women in management and not produce tobacco, but it might pollute the environment. Its hard to find completely objection-free organizations. Still, you do have several options for socially responsible investing (SRI). For starters, you can invest in a socially responsible mutual fund. As with most funds, not all SRI funds have above-average records. Still, some do, such as the Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund (NBSRX), the Appleseed Fund (APPLX) and the Parnassus Equity Income (PRBLX) Fund. Learn more about SRI investing and issues at,, www.csrwire. com and You can also visit the websites of firms that run responsible funds, such as,, and others. Alternatively, seek out companies whose practices you approve of. One spot where you can research various individual firms social track records is If youre not online, check out these books: Socially Responsible Investing for Dummies by Ann Logue (For Dummies, $25) and Compelling Returns by Scott J. Budde (Wiley, $30).Q If a mutual fund closes its doors to new investors, is that a bad sign? T.N., Mankato, Minn.AIts usually a good sign, suggesting that the fund managers recognize that theyre having trouble finding enough top-notch places to invest their growing pile of shareholder money. When a fund grows enormous, its harder for managers to earn high returns because they have to spread the money out more. Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us. Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest InvestmentTo Educate, Amuse & Enrichaccounts, credit cards, ATM cards, direct deposits and more. Research. See what free research reports on companies a brokerage provides. Of course, theres plenty of free research available online anyway. Mutual fund offerings. Many brokerages offer a variety of mutual funds. If youre interested in some particular funds, check to see which brokerages offer them. Know, though, that you can usually purchase no-load mutual funds directly from their companies, too. Non-stock offerings. If youre interested in bonds, for example, see whether theyre offered. Convenience. Would you rather place orders through an actual person, touchtone phone or online? Some of these factors are more important than others. For example, if you trade only twice a year, commission costs might not matter much. So list all the services you need and then evaluate each contender on each category. For more on brokerages, visit and www. reviews. About 13 years ago, a friend who worked for sound card maker Aureal Semiconductor told me I should invest in it. Since I was a computer geek and thought Aureal made the best sound cards ever, I sunk $500 into the stock. About six months later, the company went out of business. Helping drive it into bankruptcy was the cost of fighting a patent infringement lawsuit from Creative Labs. Aureal won the lawsuit, though. Yay. Mike Lindley, -Davenport, IowThe Fool Responds: This is a sad story, as Creative Labs ended up buying much of Aureals remaining assets and its technology, and then didnt have to pay royalties to it for its use. The lesson here is that its important to pay attention to a companys cash position and how effectively its gaining or losing cash, and also to be mindful of any ongoing or potential lawsuits. Its not always enough to have a superior technology. You also need the resources to protect and sell it. The Motley Fool TakeTicket sales for theatrical releases digitally remastered for IMAXs (Nasdaq: IMAX) screens this past quarter clocked in at roughly $115 million, up 37 -percent from a year ago. Even excluding Avatar completely from our 2010 results, our per-screen average through the first six months is $647,000, a 13 percent increase over the same period in the prior year, CEO Richard Gelfond points out.IMAX will have to share those millions with movie studios and exhibitors. However, its recent moves to team up with AMC and Regal through joint-venture deals give it a little more skin in the game.More IMAX to Love Name That CompanyHeadquartered in Tokyo, Im a giant in both the entertainment and technology arenas, with more than 160,000 employees worldwide and annual revenue nearing $80 billion. Im involved in movies, television, recorded music, video game consoles and more. Im the co-developer of the CD, DVD, Super Audio CD and Blu-ray Disc. Some of my biggest sellers were named something like StrollGuy and FrolicBase. Last weeks trivia answerI trace my roots back to a construction company founded by Swiss immigrants in Wisconsin in 1890. Today, based in Texas, Im one of the worlds largest publicly owned engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance (EPCM), and project management companies, involved in industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals, life sciences, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure. I toiled on the trans-Alaska pipeline in the 1970s and recently worked on the worlds largest polysilicon facility in China. Ive built refineries, pipeline pumping stations, missile sites, copper mines and power plants, and have worked on six continents. Who am I?. ( Answer: Fluor )Im a leader in developing, producing and distributing 3D sports, music and game content. You might know my Handycam camcorder, Memory Stick flash media, VAIO personal computers or Betamax technology. Who am I? Know the answer? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and youll be entered into a drawing for a nifty prize! Success on the big screen also helps IMAX grow its global empire. It recently announced a deal for five new screens in the Philippines, upping new screen signings to 89 so far this year. There were just 35 new screens scheduled at this point last year.The larger IMAXs base of theaters is, the more lucrative each theatrical release becomes. Some multiplex chains are trying to cobble together rival platforms, but they typically cant do much more than just play the same film on a larger screen with a beefed-up sound system. It takes millions to remaster a movie for an optimized IMAX experience, and thats where IMAX will continue to stand alone. (IMAX is a Motley Fool Rule Breakers recommendation.) Do you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. A Costly Victory y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y nd th an a nd i on. ion, o nel i o m y es e. I p 3D c o n H a n o ry p erson a t ec h no lo Know t h Foolish Triv entered into a Modern Service launches new websiteModern Service for Home & Business has launched an interactive website with added content for current customers and the community as a whole. The site is intended to provide the clients and the public with an informational resource that can be used to answer questions about air conditioning. The Click to chat function allows one-to-one live conversations with Modern representatives. The Click to call feature will allow a user to input a phone number to have a representative call back within a number of minutes. Additional information can be obtained online at


Family Owned and Operated for 21 years A top 25 Toyota Dealer in the U.S. The number 2 Toyota and Scion Dealership in 5 state SET region:** North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida 2009 Presidents Award Winner*** 2009 Board of Governors Award (Top 60 in U.S.)*** 2009 Customer Service Advisory Award*** Two Service Departments with 105 bays to service all makes and models, New and Pre-owned. The Only Toyota Certified Collision Center between Bradenton and Miami Areas largest selection of Toyota Certified, domestic and import vehicles UNLIMITED TIME UNLIMITED MILESNationwide Lifetime Ltd. POWERTRAIN Warranty is Non-factory & good at ANY participating ASE Service Center. 75 41

PAGE 28 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB8 BUSINESS WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ The N.A.P.L.E.S. Group aboard the Naples Princess PEGGY FARREN / FLORIDA WEEKLY1. Kevin Borders and Tim Jackoboice 2. Janice Vasquez and Michelle Borders 3. Jose Torres and Carol Prats 4. Mauricia Hurley, Rob Meister, Kay Marie Bork and Dani Taverna 5. Kena Yoke and Jacqueline Glasgow 6. Pierre Bruno and Dawn Lutz 7. Pam and Andy Retz 8. Cheryl Lampard, Bob Saltarelli and Heather Jackoboice1 4 6 2 3 5 7 8


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 BUSINESS B9 We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ NETWORKING The Naples Beach Hotel hosts annual meetingThe National Association of Wedding Professionals ABWA Neapolitan Chapter new officer inductions, celebration at Pinchers Crab ShackPEGGY FARREN / FLORIDA WEEKLY1. Toby Buerger, Jessica Macera, Kelly Lauman and Jennifer Zeigelmaier 2. Shirley Rose, Kena Yoke and Jennifer Zeigelmaier 3. Lynne Sapere and Susie Mehas 4. Sandy Waite and Rachelle Youmans 5. Cyndee Woolley and Linda Bellinder 1. Jim Dalia and David Fromberg 2. Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi and Tori Lawless 3. Meg Kerrigan and Sue Savino 4. Sandy Lacefield and Dale Kubala 5. Tammy Mercer, Melissa Read, Dale Kubala and Carol Heitz 6. Maurica Hurley, Karl Rouwhorst and Nanette Dorbeck 7. Javier Araujo, Britney Riley, Fatima Brosious and Billy Hill 8. Deborah K. Elias and Marie Jeanluis7 NINA CHRISTENSEN / COURTESY PHOTOS 1 23 5 4 1 78 23 5 34 6


SOLD Built in 2007. 6,350 sq ft. 9,400 total. Bay views. $5,500,000 in the Moorings. 7,668 sq ft. 5bed/6bath, furnished model. Lakeview. $4,995,000 in Mediterra. 5,807 sq ft. furnished model with long lake/golf views. $3,495,000 in Mediterra. SOLD 4,357 sq ft. Former furnished model with amazing views! $1,799,500 at Tuscany Reserve. 3,049 sq ft. furnished villa decorated by Collins & Dupont. Golf course views. $1,998,500 at Mediterra. 3,534 sq ft. Bank Owned. Built in 2008. 4bed/4bath. $1,099,999 at Mediterra. Build your custom Mediterra home on one of the few remaining lots. From $398,000 at Mediterra. 2nd oor townhome, 3bed/3bath. 2,685 sq ft. Amazing lake/golf views! $729,000 at Mediterra. 1st oor 3bed+den/3bath. Wood oors. Lake/golf views. $549,000 at Mediterra. 239-273-1376 David William Auston, PAAmerivest Realty (239) 594-2209Bridgette Foster (239) 253-8001 Gene Foster(239) 253-8002 U Pbtn Nftr Bbnf St Estate home/guest house, 1.4 acres, 9640SF, exceptional detail! $3,950,000 Pine Ridge 60 North Street10 Acre w/home, can be subdivided, west of 75. $3,900,000 Livingston Woods 6520 Daniels Rd.Elegant 4669SF, 4+Den/4.5Ba. w/private guest cabana. $2,495,000 Mediterra 15204 Medici Way4+den/3.5, upgrades, private lot, lake & golf course views. $1,399,000 Audubon 148 Chesire WayAuthentic beach cottage, 2642SF, amazing views, replace. $999,000 Estancia Bonita Bay 4801 Bonita Bay Blvd. #603Completely renovated, lake front, gourmet kit, 3233SF. $897,000 Imperial Golf Estates 2119 Imperial Golf Course Blvd.3+Den, oversized pool-extended lanai, like new. $734,000 West Bay Club 22129 Natures Cove Ct.Wiggins Pass views, direct Gulf access. Sharp 2/2. $349,000 Anchorage at Vanderbilt 12945 Vanderbilt Dr. #306FURNISHED! Immaculate Home, spacious lanai w/ 33'x13 pool. $259,000 Spring Lakes 11600 Red Hibiscus Dr.Refurbished, 2/2, Hi-Ceilings, top oor. Owner nancing avail. $248,000 Bay Forest, Bermuda Bay II 15465 Cedarwood Ln. #303LOA of 125'/24', close to 5th Ave. $1,349,000 Old Naples Seaport 1001 10th Ave. S. Boat Slip #11Well maintained, new A/C,carpet, paint, lake view, 3/2. $242,000 Laurel Oaks, S. Ft. Myers 5769 Elizabeth Ann Way32'x14'x4', slip is permitted for a vessel w/ LOA of 32ft. $94,500 Marina Bay Club 13105 Vanderbilt Dr. Email: thefosterteam@comcast.netCondos: $839,000-$1,699,000 Boat Slips: $82,500-$249,000 Pelican Isle Condos & Boat Slips Available


REAL ESTATEA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY B11Several local companies were awarded Aurora Awards during the annual Industry Gala at the 2010 Southeast Building Conference/Green Building Show in Orlando on July 24. K2 Design Group of Bonita Springs won the top award, the Gold Aurora Best in Show. The single-source architectural, interior design and construction management firm also won four Aurora Grand awards for highest achievement in a category and another four Aurora awards for a total of nine awards. Stock Development received two Aurora Awards for its work at Lely Resort, and Covelli Development Group won an Aurora for the Mariana in The Estuary at Grey Oaks. Lely Resort won Auroras for Residential/Mixed Use Land Development and The Players Club & Spa was honored in the Recreational Facility Category. We are gratified to have been given these national honors by our peers in the building industry, said Claudine Lger-Wetzel, vice president of sales and marketing for Stock Development. They confirm what the local market has been saying: Lely Resort is Naples most dynamic community. Lely Resort offers 11 neighborhoods showcasing flats, townhomes, casitas, coach homes, twin villas, single-family homes and custom estate homes with prices beginning in the $180s. Amenities at Lely Resort include The Players Club & Spa and three championship golf courses designed by legends of the game Robert Trent Jones, Gary Player and Lee Trevino, as well as two golf clubhouses. Covelli Development Groups winning entry, the Mariana in The Estuary at Grey Oaks, was named the Best Home in the category for detached single-family homes over $3,000,001. Covelli Development Group is very proud to be recognized by industry peers, says John Covelli, president of Covelli Development Group. Our custom home models are planned with meticulous attention to detail to provide only the best of the best. The home is offered furnished for $4,995,000. Each year, the Aurora Awards are presented to builders, developers, architects, planners, interior merchandisers, landscape architects and other disciplines actively involved in projects in a 12-state southeastern region plus the Caribbean who have demonstrated excellence in building and design. The Aurora Awards are the Grammys of the home building profession, says Patti Guthrie, 2010 Aurora Award chair. The Aurora symbolizes tremendous achievement, honor and distinction among building industry professionals. D.R. Horton now sellingin three Naples communitiesBRIEFSREAL ESTATE Ronto Group buys villa neighborhoods Miramonte and Torino, two luxury villa neighborhoods within the Grey Oaks community, have been acquired by the Naples-based Ronto Group. The acquisition includes 18 developed lots in Miramonte and 38 developed lots in Torino. Also included are three professionally decorated villa homes, one in Miramonte and two in Torino, each of which is available for immediate purchase. The Ronto Group was the sole bidder at a court-approved auction of the property. The Ronto Group is a familyowned development company with over 40 years of experience in the creation and completion of residential, commercial and retail projects. The company was founded by Jack Solomon in 1967 and is currently managed by Mr. Solomon and his son, Anthony Solomon. Ronto is in discussion with several local builders and will be finalizing its Preferred Builder Program soon. What will be built will be in line with the quality and architectural style of the existing neighborhoods and the Grey Oaks community at large. Grey Oaks is located on AirportPulling Road just north of Golden Gate Parkway in Naples.Positive projections for housing marketTwo top economists recently offered encouraging news for the housing market. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun and Moodys Chief Economist Mark Zandi are predicting a slightly stronger demand for housing going into 2011. The two expect mortgage interest rates to remain historically low and the availability of jumbo loans to improve. According to Susan Ackerson, president of the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors, the Marco Island market mirrors the projections. In a comparison of first quarter 2010 statistics (January through March) with second quarter 2010 statistics (April through June), total all property types closed on Marco Island increased 39.34 percent. Prices are stabilizing. The average sale price first quarter compared to second quarter, as well as the median sale price for the same time period, all property types, showed declines of 2.34 percent and 3.90 percent respectively, while the average sale price for a single-family home increased 8.48 percent first to second quarter 2010. Total inventory has declined from first quarter by 8.89 percent, and new listings coming on the market in the second quarter have declined bySPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYAmericas Builder, D.R. Horton, is now selling new homes in three Naples communities: Valencia Golf & Country Club, Horse Creek Estates and Il Regalo. Valencia Golf & Country Club in Naples is a private, gated golf-course community, close to shopping, dining and entertainment. Homes offer fairway, lake and preserve views and range from 1,554 square feet to 2,676 square feet. Standard features included granite countertops in the kitchen, a twoor three-car attached garage, tile roof, and paver driveway and walkway. Prices start in the $170s. Valencia features a Gordon Lewisdesigned 18-hole championship golf course. This 7,200-yard course is currently undergoing a major upgrade, including re-grassing, re-contouring the course and upgrading the irrigation system. Residents will also enjoy access to the clubhouse with a resort-style swimming pool. To visit Valencia Golf & Country Club, take I-75 to Immokalee Road and head east. Take a right at Randall Boulevard, then left on Approach Boulevard. Call the sales office at 354-0243 for more information. Horse Creek Estates offers estate style living in a North Naples location and is very close to golf and the gulf. This new community features 109 single-family homes built in a natural preserve setting. Homes range from 2,260 square feet to 3,869 square feet. Standard features include solid surface countertops in the kitchen, a twoor three-car attached garage, tile roof, and paver driveway and walkway. Prices start from the $290s. Horse Creek Estates offers single-family estate homes without the maintenance. Services covered include lawn/ yard maintenance, irrigation, pest control, high speed Internet and cable TV. Horse Creek Estates is located west of I-75 off of Immokalee Road. Head west to Cypress Way and turn right and continue north to Saddle Brook Lane. Call the sales office at 593-1633 for more information. Il Regalo is the third of D.R. Hortons Naples communities. This quaint, neighborhood-sized community offers only 35 estate homes with two floor plans with living areas ranging from 2,260 to 3,041 square feet.Area firms earn Aurora AwardsSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY SEE BRIEFS, B14 SEE HORTON, B14 COURTESY PHOTOValencia Golf & Country Club


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB14 WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 Jacki StrategosSRES, G.R.I., Richard Residential, LLC $265,000-$299,000 Stunning 2BR units. 1st oor. Granite, upgraded cabinets. Lake/fountain view. $385,000 Beautiful coach home w/over 2,100 s.f. 3BR/2BA 2nd oor. 1-car garage. $315,0004.77 acres w/large lake. Cleared & ready. Ideal for your residential sanctuary. OWNER FINANCING Visit your new house today!www.OpenHouseSWFL.comThe rst stop to nding your new house!OpenHouse Southwest Florida lists the open houses for any given day in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero. Customize your search by choosing location, living area, price range and more, quickly and easily.We make nding your new home easy!The Of cial Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero REALTORS Website 7152 Falcons Glen Blvd., Naples FL Lely Resort Golf Front Villa, 3 bed 2 bath, 2-car garage, new heated pool and cage, LOW fees, turnkey, REDUCED!! $325, OPEN HOUSE Sunday August 1st 24.25 percent compared to the first quarter, said Ms. Ackerson. In regard to foreclosures, Mr. Yun predicts a fairly even level of foreclosures, with home prices potentially rising 2 to 3 percent this year. Mr. Zandi forecasts a rise of foreclosures later in 2010 before easing in 2011. John R. Wood Realtors ranked 89th in nationREALTOR Magazine, in its annual report of the nations top 100 companies, announced that John R. Wood Realtors ranked 14th in closed sales per agent. Compiled for the year 2009, the report gave the company an overall ranking of 89th in the nation with $942 million in sales, regardless of company size, number of agents or geographic location. And that number is only for closed sales, says Phil Wood, president. When we include those sales not yet closed at year end, our 2009 total was $1.1 billion, just shy of a 3 percent increase over last year. Mr. Wood cited the firms award-winning sales and administrative staff for its excellent performance in a tough market, but also credited the companys ongoing enhancements to its numerous websites and its presence on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Buyers need to be able to search all properties, see all open houses, and set up automatic notifications when a hot property comes on the market, he says.Lennars sales strong at Heritage Bay Club Lennar reports it sold more than 100 new homes since January at Heritage Bay, a gated golf and country club resort community located on Immokalee Road five miles east of I-75 in Naples. Matt Devereaux, director of sales for Lennars Southwest Florida Division, said value is the key ingredient to the homebuilders success in the Southwest Florida region Heritage Bay offers a range of singlefamily homes and condominiums that are both affordably priced and rich in amenities, Mr. Devereaux said. That all adds up to tremendous value when you are a retiree or empty nester trying to live the good life, he said. New home buyers at Heritage Bay receive free membership in the Heritage Bay golf club with its 27-hole championship golf course. Pricing starts from the $160s for terrace condominiums and verandas to over $500,000 for luxury coach and estate homes. Homes range in size from 1,194 square feet to over 2,900 square feet of living space. Community amenities also include seven lighted Har-Tru tennis courts with stadium seating for tournaments, a wellappointed 42,000 square two-story clubhouse with state-of-the-art fitness center and resort-style swimming pool with Chickee Bar. Eighty percent of the land at Heritage Bay is comprised of lakes, golf course, conservation areas and open preserves, Devereaux said. For information about Heritage Bay, call 348-1087 or visit Standard features included solid-surface countertops in the kitchen, a twoor three-car attached garage, tile roof, and paver driveway and walkway. Prices start in the $290s. There are only a few homes remaining in this exclusive enclave. To visit, from I-75, exit at Pine Ridge Road. Head west to Airport Pulling Road and turn right. Make a left on Orange Blossom Dr. Il Regalo is on the left. Call the sales office at (877) 321-9642 for more information. All D.R. Horton homes are built solid with steel reinforced first floor concrete block construction, durability is enhanced with a metal insulated garage door, code-approved hurricane storm panels and an insulated front door. Cement roof tiles, a paver driveway, entry and walkway and decorative garage coach lights are among other architectural details. Kitchens include a self-cleaning oven, an energy efficient dishwasher, double bowl sink, recessed lights, and custom designed kitchen cabinets, plus ceramic tile flooring and laminate countertops and backsplashes in a choice of colors. Bathrooms also feature ceramic tile flooring and laminate vanity countertops in a choice of colors and full vanity mirrors. Numerous other safety, convenience and energy-saving features are standard and every home is backed with D.R. Hortons 10-year RWC builders warranty. D.R. Horton Inc., Americas Builder, is a publicly traded company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker DHI. Models are open daily. For more information about D.R. Horton, visit www. BRIEFSFrom page B11HORTONFrom page B11


Behind the gates you are welcomed by fountains of fire and water. A private beach embraces you with serene sunsets and warm waters. The concierge, beach and poolside services cater to your every need. Few beachfront residences remain where inspiration and location await.Picture yourself living in the last, new beachfront residences in North Naples. EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVES 239.514.5050 11 125 Gulf Shore Drive. Naples, FL 34108Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this brochure and to the documents required by chapter 718.503, Florida statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.New models shown by appointment. Residences from $2.5 million.


OVERALL GRAPHIC DESIGN Division A circulation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly Second Miami New Times Third The East County Observer ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK at-a-glanceBFashion mogul Oscar de la Renta visits area 2009-2010THENEWSEASON Mari ssa Collecti ons, Botani cal Garden on the li st of stop-offsThanksgiving from Hell Charlotte events GENERAL EXCELLENCEDivision A circulation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly Second The East County Observer Third Osceola News-Gazette V a A c K e Va &LEGENDCOLLIDEWHERE FACT REPORT SPECIAL>>A14-19 TSTORY BY: BILL Division A circulation over 15,000 Florida WeeklyOVERALL WINNER European tourism INSIDE Summer reading Success story E u r o p e a n t o u r i s m Southwest Florida brainpower pairs with leading thinkers Tinside: >>local color >>down time >>goods & services >>fresh air COMMUNITY SERVICE Division AB circulation 7,000 and over First Florida Weekly, Evan Williams Second The Orlando Business Journal ThirdThe Islander HOPE Its very personal thats what makes this organization strong.Stefan Strickland, national director of affiliates, Susan G. Komen for the CureKomens young SWFL affiliate is fast becoming a major presence in the fight against breast cancerSymbols of FEATURE STORY Division A circulation over 15,000 FirstFlorida Weekly, Bill Cornwell Second Florida Courier ThirdClearwater Beacon EVILEVILTHE ULTIMATE PERSONIFICATION OF THE ULTIMATE PERSONIFICATION OF 25 YEARS AFTER FREDDY GOODES EXECUTION FOR THE ABDUCTION AND MURDER OF CAPE CORALS JASON VERDOW, MANY ARE STILL HAUNTED BY THE MEMORY OF THE MAN CALLED ...Prologue OUTDOOR WRITINGDivision A circulation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly, Roger Williams Second Miami New Times ThirdOsceola News-Gazette THEPUTTING DExperts go after the growi ng and elusi ve python populat i on Burmese pythons have grown from $20 pets to 20-foot monsters E Z E E U Q SON SNAKES CRITICISMOpen Circulation First Florida Weekly, Nancy Stetson SecondThe Islander Third Largo Leader C8 A&E ARTS COMMENTARY NancySTETSON Shirley Valentine a stage triumph If you go EDUCATION Division Acirculation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly, Evan Williams Second The Bay Beacon ThirdEast Orlando Sun choppingblockART:on theMany classes and 84 arts teachers may get the ax i n Lee CountyArt and musi c are not somethi ng were gi ven money for. We have to pay for that above (state fundi ng). C A8>>inside: HEALTH Division Acirculation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly, Roger Williams Second Miami New Times ThirdEast Orlando Sun The elite corps of nurses on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit help make them happenL MIRACLESPRECIOUSWe arent tryi ng to save just one li fe, were tryi ng to save many: the parents who love thi s chi ld, the future generati ons an enti re hi story that thi s chi ld mi ght represent. CITY AND/OR COUNTY GOVERNMENT Division Acirculation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly, Evan Williams Second Largo Leader ThirdMiami New Times In Jeopard y DefensePublicT The court system, in effect, is imploding under this weight of the bad economy, State Rep. Darryl RousonLawmakers cuts could mean some criminals get off scot-free >>Inside: A9 20th Judical Circuit FRONT PAGE MAKEUP Division A circulation over 15,000 First Florida Weekly, Eric Raddatz SecondThe East County Observer ThirdFlorida Courier INSIDE Marketing pros Home style Lobster season Thousands of purple martins roost downtown each summer CREEPYBEYONDD i v i ng i nto the m i nds of sexual predators, ser i al k i llers and psychopaths T A8 >>inside:47,000 74540 2009BETTER WEEKLY NEWSPAPER AWARD WINNERSBY THEFLORIDA PRESS ASSOCIATION{{ Other Florida Weekly winners:HUMOROUS COLUMN Second Florida Weekly, Artis HendersonNEWS STORY Second Florida Weekly, Roger Williams IN-DEPTH NEWS REPORTING Second Florida Weekly, Bill Cornwell PHOTO SERIES IN ONE ISSUE SecondFlorida Weekly, Brynn BruijnENVIRONMENTAL OR CONSERVATION Third Florida Weekly, Evan Williams BUSINESS WRITING Second Florida Weekly, Evan Williams SPECIAL ISSUE, SECTION OR SUPPLEMENTS SecondFlorida Weekly COMMUNITY HISTORY Second Florida Weekly, Bill Cornwell


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Quail West Golf & Country Club is offered by Quail West Realty, LLC., a licensed real estate broker. Prices, features and availability subject to change without notice.MODELS OPEN DAILY e Perfect Match.SINGLEFAMILY VILLAS AND QUAIL WEST. Spacious residences with over 3,000 sq. ft. Spectacular golf & lake views Carefree, maintenance-free living Member-owned Country Club Community and Club are debt-free A Quail West, Naples address Ex ecutive homes from $1.5 million Luxury estate homes from $2 million Oversized estate homesites from the $300sJust south of Bonita Beach Road on Bonita Grande 6289 Burnham Road, Naples Excellence has an address. Five new designs remarkably priced from $ Opportunity isnt just knocking... its kicking in the door.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE CSECTIONWEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010WEEK at-a-glance Thats ItalianNaples family runs classic, classy establishment. C23 Fleeing civilizationReflecting on the darker side of camping. C2 Innovative InceptionFilm an intriguing mix of action, food for thought. C8 Florida WritersSanibels Robert Hilliard delves into the Holocaust. C13 A A A A G G U U U U I I I I D E E T O T HE N A A P P L L E S A R T T S & EN T ER T A INMEN T S C WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 201 0 0 ruinedkidssh tl ll l BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ Sounds of the Caribbean will fill the air at First Fridays on Aug. 6 at Mercatos Summer Reggae Concert. From 6 to 9 p.m., the streets of Mercato will play host to the monthly street party. On the main stage, across from The Pub, enjoy the island sounds of Pieces. Lead vocalist and Jamaican-born Sanjah Bailey has been performing since the young age of 10 and formed her first band at age 14, entertaining crowds throughout Jamaica. Pieces is comprised of seasoned musicians who have performed all over Southwest Florida. Aug. 6 is a celebration in itself for Jamaica as it celebrates Independence Day. Jamaica acquired its independence from the British colonial powers on Aug. 6, 1962. Cool Runnings Duo perform R&B and Top 40 hits next to Swim n Sport, and inside Whole Foods, enjoy summer wine sampling for $10 and live entertainment. First Fridays also kicks off Restaurant Week, which runs through Aug. 12 with special offerings at Mercato restaurants. Log onto to learn more. Mercato stores include Bobby Chan, Books-A-Million, Byte Shop/Style, Coldwater Creek, Gigis Childrens Boutique, Jos. A. Banks, Pandora, Signatures, Simply Natural, Spectacles, Sportalm, Swim n Sport, Sur La Table, and Z Gallerie. Diverse eating ranges from AZN Cuizine, Bravo! Cucina Italiana, McCormick & Schmicks to Piola, Pure Urban Oasis, Stage 62 Deli, The Pub, Whole Foods Market and Yogurbella. Silverspot Cinema brings the latest Hollywood films and independent shorts to its 11-screen theater with leather seating and state-of-theart sound. Blue Martini features more than 25 superior martinis and a tapas menu. Mercato is located at U.S. 41 North and Vanderbilt Beach Road. AVING CHILDREN IS SOMEWHAT AKIN to creating your own personal demolition team. Because kids are just naturals at wrecking stuff. Theyll destroy any organization or punctuality you possess. Forget about schedules or getting enough sleep. Forget about having a clean house or car. Theyll wreck your sanity, your privacy, your dignity, your social life and your sex life. And your possessions? Kids think the VCR slot is a great place to stuff sandwiches. that white walls and white leather couches are calling out for their artistic flair with a Sharpie that their baby brother or sister need their haircutting skills. You can read all about it and view the incriminating photographs on the website Sh#t My Kids, which bills itself as the strongest visual birth control on the market today. Theyre not kidding. Mercato First Fridays goes CaribbeanWEBSITE BILLED AS THE STRONGEST BIRTH CONTROL ON THE INTERNET HWWW.SHITMYKIDSRUINED.COMParents post proof of their childrens destructive behavior, sometimes anonymously, online. Top: Hank helped himself to his mothers box of tampons. Middle: A photo titled Nesquik Dust Storm. Bottom: This boy tried unsuccessfully to help his father repair a laptop.SEE STUFF, C4 m ySPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY FlidWit

PAGE 42 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 This is how it begins: with an escape from civilization, a hard thumping desire to step outside the daily grind, to drink in sunlight like pond water, to sleep beneath a flimsy tent, to expose ourselves to the elements, to step out and more importantly to return, unscathed, having braved the darkest wild. Camping has an especially powerful lure for suburbanites, couples who like to pack the RV and head to a campground for the weekend, confident in the belief that theyre roughing it. True, the RVs have AC and the tents have electric fans, but its still the wilderness, and in its own way, an escape. Only the escape is not the way we imagine. Camping takes us away from our ordinary lives, but it allows something more primal to creep in. It strips us down to our essential elements. With relationships, especially, its hard to keep a good face when all the civilizing forces things like make-up and deodorant, air conditioning and feather beds, Starbucks and Publix are suddenly gone.During my own backwoods adventure this past weekend, I had a front-row look at the slow unraveling of polite romance. On the way from our campsite to the washhouse each evening, I passed the sites of Haven in the woods has a gritty side ArtisHENDERSON other campers. I walked by unnoticed in the dim twilight where couples sat together beside burning campfires or huddled inside tents, their shadows thrown large against the thin walls. They spoke in hushed voices, but it was enough that I could hear them clearly as I trespassed through their intimacy. In one tent, the soft voice of a woman asking if a man would like to take a sleeping pill. He murmured yes. In another, the sound of a light smack, the kind a woman makes when shes flirting, when a man has just done something naughty, tested some boundary. Youre so bad, she said. She giggled as I moved up the path. The next evening, I again toted my toothbrush to the washhouse, and I walked past the same campsites as the SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS Camping takes us away from our ordinary lives, but it allows something more primal to creep in...wife in the campsite opposite ours.Where you left them, she yelled back. He threw up his hands; she stomped into the RV. The other couples around us also bickered as they loaded their camping equipment. But soon they would be out of the park, back onto paved highways, stopping at fast food joints for iced coffee. The conveniences of civilization would come flooding back, and they would wonder why they had been fighting in the first place. night before. The atmosphere was different somehow, heavier, strained. The couples inside had spent the day outdoors. I had seen them swimming or hiking or lounging in camp chairs. The women wore rough clothes; the men spent the day barechested. They talked less as the day wore on, and the veneer of civility peeled and cracked until there was little left by nightfall. During my walk to the bathhouse, I passed one tent where a man spoke in a rough voice. Further on, a woman cried softly in the dark.The next morning, voices were strained as the couples packed up. Wherere the keys to the van? a man yelled to his o th e r tant ed t h e cia ll y u p les d to a f ident T rue, e l e ca nd in w e o m e I t t ure o ok at e. On w as ht es o f ma k es w h en s h e s fli r ti n g w h en a man h a s ju st done somethin g nau g hty, tested some boundar y. Youre so b a d s h e sai d S h e gig gl e d as I move d up the p at h. T h e n e xt e v ening, I agai n tote d my toot hb rush to the w ashhouse, a nd I wa lk e d p ast t h e same cam psites as t h e w b i n g be h ig h for civ i a nd been fi rou gh vo i ce. F ur th er on, a woman cried so f t ly in th e dark. The n e xt m o rni ng, voices we re straine d as t h e co up les p acked u p Wherere the ke y s t o t h e van? a man ye ll e d to h is Fine Italian Cuisine.Well Guarded Recipes.pasta fresh seafood daily specials homemade desserts Naples 935 Airport Pulling Rd. N. 239-566-1100 Monday Saturday Lunch: 11am 4pm Dinner: 4pm Close 15 Years of Culinary Excellence in Florida.Now Serving Homemade Pizza! BUY ONE LUNCH OR DINNERGET ONE 50% OFF PLEASE PRESENT AD


Saturday 7:30 11:30 a.m Third Street South Farmers MarketFruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, fresh sh, food, owers, plants, herbs, soaps, and much more can all be found.Music lls the air. Located behind in the Neapolitan parking lot between Third Street South and Gordon Drive. Lunches $10 Monday Friday 1209 3rd Street South(Behind Concierge Gazebo) (239) 261-2253 Daily 8:00 am 3:00 pm Breakfast & Lunch, Sunday Brunch Tickled Pink Celebrate Summer with

PAGE 44 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 If you dont already have kids, this site will certainly cause you to reevaluate any maternal or paternal instincts you think you possess.How it all beganIt all started when Julie Haas Brophys then-3-year-old son spilled a quart of black paint all over her Oriental rug. I took a picture of it; it was a spectacular blob, she says. She posted it on Facebook for her friends. It got a huge response. People were horrified. Some offered tips. Some said, This is what happened to me. Everyone found it horrifying and funny. It was cathartic to share and commiserate with people. The next morning, she was talking with a friend, and she said, They ruin all my sh#t. And that phrase stuck with her. So she checked to see if Sh#t My Kids Ruin was available as a domain name. It was. So was Sh#t My Pets Ruin. She purchased them both. Whatever my boys dont have a hand in ruining, the pets do, she explains. Living with kids, pets, husband, whoever, is messy. Things happen, despite our best effort to childproof or pet-proof. And she says, every parent knows its impossible to watch toddlers 24 hours a day. You have to go to the bathroom, change the laundry, she says. I was no more than 6 feet away (when my son spilled the paint.) He was not unsupervised. My older son is the sort of person: What if I did this? What if I did that? Hes experiencing the world as curiosity, rather than mischievousness. These are not bad-intentioned guys, she says of her two sons, now 3 and 4, but they find trouble. She posted the photo of the black paint on the Oriental rug on her new blog site. Next, she posted a photo from the previous year: the side of their white leather couch that had been scribbled on with Permanent marker, Clearasil zit cream and nail polish. Then she added the comment, Were so proud. Other photos followed: a legless Spiderman doll looking at the head of the Green Hulk, who is missing his entire body. Oh No, You Too? the comment reads. Parents, who could relate, began sending in their own photos and commentary.Its all in good funTheir comments arent bitter, though sometimes theyre bittersweet or rueful. The site refuses to be snarky. As Ms. Brophy explains on her blog: The only unwelcome visitors are those who are here to be mean or judgmental or offer a parenting critique. This is not the place for you. The more I thought about sh#t they have ruined, the more I thought about the intangibles: a phone call, changes to my body or to my life, she says. There are people who see the site in a different light, and are sensing some bitterness that really isnt there. I try hard to control the tone. Its intended to be lighthearted and funny and for sure non-judgmental. No ones bitching. Were posting these photos (and the reactions are): My kids did that too, or, Thank God I dont have that in my life. Thats been one of the fun things about the site, she says, seeing the reactions of various people: those who are childless and glad, those who have children and can relate, and those whose children are grown. People have found sharing very therapeutic. Very early on, it became clear that other parents were enjoying that aspect of it. (The site) grew exponentially over the first few weeks. I was getting submissions from strangers all over the world in (a matter of) weeks. Many of the photos are lowresolution, and Ms. Brophy thinks they were taken with cell phones. When her son spilled the quart of black paint, she knows she wouldnt have run upstairs to get the camera. But her cell phone was in her pocket, so she took a quick picture. The photos are unique, but also universal. Theres a photo of a kid who spilled white paint down a flight of carpeted stairs, and another who tore open a playpen to rescue her baby sister. Theres the kid who poured flour all over himself and the kitchen floor. (Its titled The Day He Learned to Open the Fridge. The mom comments: His Dad was watching him enough said.) Theres a photo of a melted Mr. Potato Head, which looks as if it was taken by Salvador Dali. The comment: Farewell Mr. Potato Head!! Although you were only in our home from Christmas to February you will be missed, but rest assured, the smell of burnt plastic shall linger forever. My 2-year-old threw him into the gas fireplace. He started to melt, rolled out of the fireplace and onto the carpet nearly burning the entire house down.Some popular themesAnd then there are certain themes that reoccur: breaking eggs is one. Destroying laptops or cell phones is another. Dropping things into the toilet. And more than one family has had a white couch ruined by their childs permanent marker. But its not just toddlers who ruin their parents stuff. The site includes a middle-school-aged boy who shaved off parts of his eyebrows, teens who wrecked their parents cars (a Porsche crushed by a garage door is a particularly sad example), and a couple of 20-somethings who decided to stand on their parents SUV, permanently denting the roof. Apparently, the destruction never ends. Reading the site straight through can be overwhelming. Seeing item after item, scene after scene of messes and sheer destruction, the totality of it all is quite an experience, Ms. Brophy says. This is not one home, it is not every day. These are cases that everyone has had to one extent or another, but the constant day-to-day life isnt like this.Gaining media attentionThe blog Ms. Brophys first began in March. Then in May, The New York Times ran a story about it. That was a big turning point, she says. Early on, with this thing, Id call my husband: There were 100 page views today! After The NY Times story ran, she had 1.2 million views in that one week. The site was mentioned in the Huffington Post and in picked it as one of the top blogs of 2010. After The NY Times story came out, literary agents began courting her, and one suggested she put together a book proposal. She did, and different publishers wanted to purchase it. Random House won the auction. Her book, Sh#t My Kids Ruined: An A to Z of Things Children Made Filthy, Distasteful, Gross or Painful, will be published by Villard on Nov. 23. I cant believe it, she says. If anyone had told me in February this year, that this is what Im up to in July and August, I wouldve thought it was hilarious. The blog has turned into a full-time job. She and her brother Brian Haas, who has an MBA and shares her sense of humor, formed a company to oversee the sites and projects. They call it Sibling Thrivelry. Her brother is now in charge of the Sh#t My Pets Ruined site (which is hosted by her Pug, Columbo.) The two sites share some similarities, and not just in design. Maybe kids are just as destructive as animals, and vice versa. For example, on May 15 theres a photo of two German shepherds and the futon they tore up. On July 29, theres a dog looking down at the remains of an allegedly indestructible dog bed. (Its the third one hes ruined. The company has given up on sending replacement beds and just refunded their money.) And on the Sh#t My Kids Ruined site, on April 12, theres a photo of two kids whove pulled stuffing out of the couch. It looks as if someone has turned on a fan in a feather factory. On the Sh#t My Pets Ruined site theres a photo of a woman with cat scratches on her face. On the Sh#t My Kids Ruined site, there are a couple different photos of moms with eye patches, because their kid accidentally hit them or poked them in the eye. On Sh#t My Pets Ruined theres a black Lab with a streak of yellow paint on her side. And on Sh#t My Kids Ruined, theres a photo of two kids sitting in a tub, orange and blue paint smeared all over them. Some have pointed out the similarity in name to Sh#t My Father Says, a tweet that became a book and will soon be a TV series starring William Shatner. Unfortunately, we share the first two words, but thats as far as similarities go, Ms. Brophy says. Mine evolved out of my comments to my friends: They ruin all my sh#t, thats how it came out of my mouth. It strikes me that people who are suggesting that the site is a copycat havent seen the site. It couldnt be more different in every way. All photos are submitted from different families. Its not all about me. And Sh#t My Father Says is about all the stuff this kid Justins dad says. Its just the same first two words. The fast changes her life has gone through this year are overwhelming, but exciting, she says. Shes working on finishing up the book, which will be mostly photos, anecdotes, and some tips. Sh#t happens, she says. Having kids might accelerate it. STUFFFrom page 1 my vi e A sh we H u m it c c s S w H b A B a f t i i P b o f the fildtthtl si M tiv Fo p h a n J u d e d t h c in r t h A k t h f ac t O s M ti SHITMYKIDSRUINED.COMTop: Nail polish on carpet. Middle, bathroom artwork. Bottom: Farewell, Mr. Potato Head.COURTESY PHOTOJulie Haas Brophy started the website after her son spilled paint on an Oriental rug.


Quick Pass Lunch Specials $9.95!Last Wine Tasting of the Summer Wine Series!Monday, August 16th 5:30pm-7:30pm Wine Tasting and Complimentary Appetizers $10 advance/$15 door Featuring Wines From Around the World Stacole Advance Tickets Purchase: Quarterly Prix Fixe Steak Feature: Spinalis $39.95!Comes with a choice of a caesar or wedge salad and served over sauted mushrooms and topped with tobacco onions. These hard to nd steaks are as tender as a let mignon but with all the avor of a ribeye!$20 SHULA CUT New York Strip Steak! August All Month Long!VOTED BEST STEAK HOUSE 4 YEARS IN A ROW!Less than 1% of steaks qualify for the SHULA CUT. Our custom center cuts of Premium Black Angus Beef accompanied with our aging process make up our award winning SHULA CUT Scotch Tasting! Thursday, August 19th 5:30-7:30 PM Sampling of Scotches paired with selected heavy hors doeuvres 3 scotch sampling Johnny Walker Red, Black, Green $20 advance/$25 door 6 scotch sampling Johnny Walker Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue, King George $50 advance/$55 door Advance Tickets Purchase: www.NaplesBest.BlogSpot.comHAPPY HOUR! M-F 4-6 PM Half Price DrinksWEDNESDAYS! 3-6 PM Dave Elliot 98.9FM Broadcasts Live! Complimentary Appetizers! FRIDAYS! 5-8 PM Live Jazz with Bob Zottola! Complimentary Appetizers!

PAGE 46 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO Theater Auditions Creative Theater Workshop holds auditions for Jungle Book (ages 5-13) and High School Musical (ages 13-18) at 10 a.m. Aug. 7 at the Alliance for the Arts, 10091 McGregor Blvd. Improv Group Naples City Improv performs a dinner show at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 7 and 21. 2700 Immokalee Road. Reservations: 431-7928. Cats By KidzAct teens and youth Aug. 10-15 on the main stage at Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990. Seussical the Musical By the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre through Aug. 15. 278-4422 or www.BroadwayPalm. com. Thursday, Aug. 5 Erotic Hypnotic Anthony Potmesil performs at 9:30 p.m. tonight through Sunday at the Off the Hook Comedy Club on Marco Island. Rated R. $20. 389-6900. Village Nights Village Nights is set for 6-9 p.m. at the Village on Venetian Bay. Enjoy live entertainment, waterfront dining and shopping. Jazz Jam Jebrys Jazz Jam happens Thursdays at Capri: A Taste of Italy, 11140 Tamiami Trail. 594-3500. More Jazz Freds Food, Fun & Spirits presents the Expandable Jazz Band from 6-8:30 p.m. Thurdays with Bob Zottola, Stu Shelton and John Lamb. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928. CJs Thursday Thing Enjoy live music from 6-11 p.m. every Thursday at CJs on the Bay, Marco Island. Outside entertainment from 6-9 p.m., inside from 8-11:30 p.m. Open Mic Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar in Miromar Outlets and on Naples Boulevard hosts open mic nights from 6:30-9:30 p.m. every Thursday. Quiz Night The English Pub hosts Quiz Night at 8:30 p.m. 775-3727, 2408 Linwood Ave. East Naples. www. Friday, Aug. 6 Art Walk Downtown Fort Myers comes alive with art and music from 6-10 p.m. during the monthly Art Walk. 3320161 or 278-5236. New Exhibit The Hodges University Falciglia Art Gallery in Naples hosts Its All About Women through Sept. 24, with an opening reception set for 6-8:30 p.m. tonight. 243-6253 or Friday Tunes The First Friday Summer Concert at Mercato is set for 6-9 p.m. with a tribute to the sounds of the Caribbean. Big Trucks A Monster Truck Spectacular starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Lee County Posse Arena, 17401 Palm Creek Dr. Kids 2 and under are free. VIP ticket includes free dinner, parking, and pit pass. $15 adults (13 and older), $10 kids (3-12). Exhibit Opens An opening reception for Summer Essentials is set for 6-9 p.m. at Sweet Art Gallery, 2054 Trade Center Way. 597-2110 or Live Music Bob Zottola and the Expandable Jazz Band performs from 5-8 p.m. Fridays at Shulas Steak House, 5111 Tamiami Trail N. Naples. 430-4999. Saturday, Aug. 7 Buffet Tribute Caribbean Chillers, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band, performs from 2-6 p.m. at the Seminole Casino Immokalee. 800-218-0007. Story Time Kids are invited to story time in the Childrens Garden at the Naples Botanical Garden from 10:3011:30 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday. Regular admission applies; free for Garden members. 643-7275 or Jazz Tunes The Naples Jazzmasters perform from 2-4 p.m. every Saturday through the summer at the Norris Community Center. 213-3058. Fresh Produce The North Naples Green Market is open from 8:30-12:30 every Saturday through Sept. 25 at the Collection at Vanderbilt. 249-9480. Weekend Concerts Gulf Coast Town Center offers its free Weekend Concert Series in Market Plaza from 8-10 p.m. Tonight: Reggae by Yaad Music. 2670783 or Chess Anyone? The Southwest Florida Chess Club invites players of all ages and abilities to find a partner at Books-A-Million in Mercato anytime between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. 898-0458 or e-mail Experience the haunting beauty and whimsical magic of Andrew Lloyd Webbers world renowned masterpiece, Cats, at the Sugden Community Theatre, home of The Naples Players and KidzAct. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for those under 18, and are available at The Naples Players Box Office, 701 5th Avenue South, or by phone at 263-7990. This is a limited engagement of only eight performances, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday, Aug. 10-15, and at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 14-15. Interactive Friendly Pirate Fun for the Whole Family 239-765-7272 2500 Main Street Ft Myers Beach Located at Salty Sams Waterfront Adventures Arrive 30-40 minutes prior to departure. Call For Times and Reservations 239-765-7272 BARBECUE IS WHAT WE DO LET US DO IT FOR YOU!In Lee & Collier Counties Call our Catering Manager at (239) 209-0940 Catering Services from 25 5,000 0 0 0 0 Our Award Winning Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Beef accompanied by our homemade Cole Slaw and Baked Beans can be brought to your event by our mobile char-grill. COURTESY PHOTOSSweet Art Gallery, 2054 Trade Center Way, hosts the opening reception of Summer Essentials from 6-9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6. The exhibit features works that celebrate this time of year in our tropical paradise. Included in the exhibit are these three pieces, Creation I Sa w, T rio of Trumpets and Tropical Paradise, all by Shelly Houser. For more information, call 597-2110 or visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 UPCOMING KEY WEST EVENTS GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN*Round trip required. Minimum 8 day advance pre-purchased ticket, non-refundable, no cash value, cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes weekend fee. Expires 08/31/2010 $56*SUMMER SAVINGS*Round Trip RequiredEACH WAY Its never to early to book your trip to 1-800-593-7259Depart from Marco Island at Rose Marco River Marina08/06: Key West Lobsterfest 08/09: 4th Annual Midsummers Night Dream & Spectacle 09/07: Womenfest Key West09/10: S.L.A.M. (Southernmost Light-Tackle Anglers Masters) Celebrity Tournament. WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO Sunday, Aug. 8 Live Tunes Bob Zottola and the Expandable Jazz Band perform from 6-8:30 p.m. Sunday at Naples Flatbread, 6434 Naples Blvd. 687-3454. Biker Event The Shell Factory and Nature Park hosts Hawgs & Dawgs from 2-9 p.m. every Sunday. Enjoy live entertainment by Daniel Cook and a special menu at The Swamp Bar, which also caters to four-legged friends. 9952141, ext. 117. Pet Gathering Its Dog Day Sunday from 3-5 p.m. every Sunday at the Calusa Nature Cerner & Planetarium. Families can walk their dogs on three different trails. Families with dogs enter for free. 275-3435 or e-mail Monday, Aug. 9 Band Performs Bob Zottola & the Expandable Jazz Band play from 6-9 p.m. Mondays at Capri A Taste of Italy in the Riverchase Plaza. 594-3500. Jazz Tunes Enjoy Jebrys Jazz Jam session from 5-8 p.m. every Monday at the Island Pub, 600 Neapolitan Way. 262-2500. Love Trivia? The Pub at Mercato has Trivia Night every Monday at 7:30 p.m. 594-9400. Tuesday, August 10 MoTown Tunes Freds Food, Fun & Spirits hosts MoTown from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesdays, with Omar Baker performing favorites from the s, s and s. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928. Pet Party Every Tuesday is Yappy Hour at The Dock at Crayton Cove from 4:30-6 p.m. Pups and their people can get acquainted, have a drink and a snack, with contributions accepted for the Naples Dog Park. Movie Night Gulf Coast Town Center hosts Cinema Under the Stars on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. in Market Plaza Courtyard. Tonight: The Spy Next Door. Bring the Team Boston Beer Garden Team Trivia is played at 9 p.m. every Tuesday at 2396 Immokalee Rd. 596-2337. Wednesday, August 11 Steppin Out Vergina on Fifth Avenue hosts a Dancing Under the Stars Summer Dance Contest at 8 p.m. every Wednesday, with prizes for winners. The contest finals are Nov 17. 659-7008 or Pirate Night Join The English Pub every Wednesday for Pirate Night and Hermit Crab Races as well as live entertainment at 6:30 p.m. 775-3727 or www. Song Night Wednesdays are Singer/ Songwriter Night from 7-10 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits, 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Upcoming events Night Out Evening on Fifth starts at 7 p.m. Aug. 12. Stroll the avenue, shop, dine or enjoy a cocktail while listening to live bands. 435-3742. Sock Hop Swing dancing and hula hoop contests are part of the fun when the Naples Area Board of Realtors holds a sock hop to benefit Laces of Love from 5:30-9 p.m. Aug. 13 at NABOR headquarters, 1455 Pine Ridge Road. $20 in advance; $25 at the door. 249-2850 or Laugh a Lot Comedians Michael Mack and Vic Clevenler perform at 8 and 10 p.m. Aug. 14 and 15 at the Laugh In Comedy Caf. 479-LAFF. Trucks Galore The Monster X Tour comes to Esteros Germain Arena Aug. 13 and 14, with shows at 1:30 and 7:30 p.m. 948-7825. Funny Guy Comedian Bruce Bruce performs at the Off the Hook Comedy Club on Marco Island at 9:30 p.m. Aug. 13 and 14. 389-6900. Live Tunes The Bean Pickers perform from 7-10 p.m. Aug. 13 at Freds Food, Fun & Spirits. $5 cover. Pet Party The Bell Tower Shops host Yappy Hour and Bowl Stroll from 6-8 p.m. Aug. 13 at Center Court. Bring your pooch to the furriest happy hour in town with proceeds benefiting the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Craft Show Bucklers Arts & Craft Show comes to the Lee Civic Center Aug. 14 and 15. 543-8368. Dinner and a Movie After dinner catered by McCormick & Schmicks in the lobby at the Phil, adjourn to the Daniels Pavilion for a screening of Alfred Hitchcocks Notorious, starring Cary Grant. The evening begins at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 14, and is a benefit for the Naples International Film Festival. 597-1900. Send calendar listings to COURTESY PHOTOFrida La Sufrida by Ana Abreu will be exhibited at the Hodge University Falciglia Art Gallery in Naples Aug. 6-Sept. 24 as part of the exhibit Its All About Women.


C8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Bha!Bha!A Persian Bistro (239) 594-5557 I was one of many who flocked to the theater when Inception opened. (The movie made $68.2 million during its opening weekend.) I was so blown away a month or so ago when I saw the trailer that I couldnt wait to see the whole thing. Christopher Nolan wrote and directed it, and I loved Momento and The Prestige, two of his previous films. Inception, of course, is the blockbuster about Cobb (Leo DiCaprio), who has the ability to invade peoples dreams and steal their secrets. Then hes hired to plant an idea in the dream of a man whos about to inherit his fathers corporation. A rival wants the man to break up his fathers monolithic company, so his own company can prosper. It was so entertaining and thoughtprovoking that I want to see it again. Its certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate. In a world where Hollywood keeps churning out sequels, movies based on TV shows, remakes of previous movies and gimmicky 3-D flicks, its refreshing to see something so innovative. Will the success of Inception open the door for other creative movies? I dont know, but I certainly hope so. Here are six reasons I loved Inception. 1. Inception is an intriguing mixture of action and food for thought. It satisfies moviegoers who love car chases and explosions. But it also pleases those who hate dumbed-down movies. What other film could appear simultaneously on the covers of Entertainment Weekly and Film Comment (which is published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center)? Its like meeting someone whos attractive and intelligent. 2. I love the way Inception makes M.C. Eschers artwork come to life. Theres an Escher staircase that goes around and around, always returning to where it started. And in the scene where a chunk of the city is bent up and twisted over itself (so rooftops are curling over to touch the rooftops of buildings that were previously standing next to), it looks as if theyre meeting and joining together like puzzle pieces. Mr. Escher was known for playing with positive and negative space, where the allegedly negative space was actually another image. 3. Inception makes you think. As movie critic Roger Ebert has complained, so many films released today seem to be aimed at 12and 13-year-old boys not exactly an audience thats searching for stories that call on your brain cells. After you see Inception, youre just bursting to discuss it. And the great thing about it is, it gives you a lot to think about. Not only that, but its written and filmed in such a way that it allows conflicting theories and viewpoints to make sense. 4. This movie pays homage to previous films. With its snow scenes, some feel Mr. Nolan is giving a nod to James Bond movies, while others see him referencing Alfred Hitchcocks Spellbound. Others have noted visual references to La Jetee and Last Year at Marienbad and : A Space Odyssey. And, like The Matrix, it makes you question what is real and what is a dream. Marion Cotillard, who won the Academy Award for portraying Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, plays Cobbs wife in Inception. I found it interesting that Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein, one of Ms. Piafs songs from La Vie en Rose, turned up in Inception as a way to help draw the dreamers out of their shared dream and back to reality. In his interview with Film Comment, Mr. Nolan says he had made the decision to use that song 10 years ago when he wrote the script, and that the fact that Ms. Cotillard has portrayed Edith Piaf is pure coincidence. 5. The entire film up for grabs when it comes to interpretation, including its open-ended conclusion. Mr. Nolan refuses to go the typical Hollywood route and tie everything up with a neat bow for his audience. In fact, he gives us an ending thats definitely open for debate and, depending upon how you see it, can cause you to reinterpret everything youve just seen and thought you knew. 6. With its creation of new worlds and transporting of people to imaginary alternative worlds, Inception can be seen as a commentary on filmmaking. Just like a filmmaker, Cobb causes people to inhabit a world of his making that is not real, but illusionary. And what else is going to the movies but a magical experience in which you share the same images and narrative with others? ARTS COMMENTARY Come dream with me: Six things I love about Inception NancySTETSON WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENTInception is an intriguing mixture of action and food for thought. In a world where Hollywood keeps churning out sequels, movies based on TV shows, remakes of previous movies and gimmicky 3-D flicks, its refreshing to see something so innovative. COLLECTIONS AT VANDERBILT 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Suite 150239.514.5009 luxnaples@gmail.comBUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFFON REGULAR PRICE ITEMS NOW THROUGH AUG 14TH *Does not apply to sale items, Kimmy Keys, Sandie Howe or Lindsey Toppino jewelry* OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE.


FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 C9 GIVING The Immokalee Foundation is creating many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for its students this summer ranging from art school in Chicago to prestigious summer camps in New England. Instead of enduring a long hot Florida summer, eight students packed their bags and attended two prestigious summer camps in New England. Six students attended Kingsley Pines in Maine and two attended Camp Deerwood in New Hampshire.Our Immokalee children are meeting kids from all around the world, and exploring their own talents and gifts, says Liz Allbritten, executive director of The Immokalee Foundation. What an incredible gift to give these young people. Jaine Flories attended the Maine camp for two weeks. I didnt know that this much fun existed, she says. I made lots of friends and my summer was not as boring as my other summers. Jessalyn Walker didnt expect camp to be so much fun. I did waterskiing, played Lacrosse and biked up a mountain, she says. But my favorite part was meeting people from all over the world. Those kind of experiences are just what the foundation is trying to create. One of the hardest things to do in Immokalee is to get the kids to think beyond Fort Myers, Miami and Orlando, says John Henry, vice chairman of The Immokalee Foundation. But once they see whats out there, they can dream even bigger. More exciting events continued throughout the summer for many of the students: Jonathan Cantu had a summer he wont forget. The aspiring fashion designer is spending a month as an art student at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. My chance of a lifetime opportunity is about to come to an end and all I really want to do is cry, he says. Then I want to jump up and down in joy and think about how lucky I have been. I learned so much and my time here has been incredibly valuable. A group of college bound students visited half a dozen colleges including University of South Florida, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of North Florida, University of Central Florida and Florida Atlantic University. We want to keep our students on track, Ms. Allbritten says. Our goal is to show them how to reach for their dreams. Touring a college campus is one of the best ways to do that. Three dozen Immokalee Readers helped tutor more than 160 students at Lake Trafford Elementary School this summer. This programs goal is to maintain and improve reading levels during the summer, so by the time summer arrives they havent lost ground, Ms. Allbritten notes. Many students are enjoying paid internships, including Johnny Gonzales, 18, who continues to work at Salazar Machine and Steel in Immokalee. The 2010 First Tee of Naples/Collier Summer Camp allowed more than two dozen students to spend more than a month playing regional courses and honing their golfing skills. The Immokalee Foundation partnered with local soccer veteran Manny Touron and the Soccer Pit to host a girls summer soccer program. The program, which expects to grow in the fall, is the first of its kind in Immokalee. Ave Maria University and TIF worked together to provide a Boot Camp for incoming college freshman. Five current college freshmen volunteered 30 hours each to help plan and mentor incoming students. The camp offered tips and guest speakers to help ease the freshmen transition. About 30 students participated in a leadership/team building training with Adventure Training Concepts in Naples. The group participated in this event to explore their inner strengths, says Elda Hernandez, vocational success director at the foundation. Students participated in obstacle courses, team-building exercises and physical challenges. In order to be successful one must have self-confidence, our youth need to know they are strong and can accomplish anything. Ms. Allbritten added that the summer isnt over yet. Since 1991, The Immokalee Foundation has been building pathways to success for many of the children in Immokalee through a variety of programs that focus on mentorship, after-school activities, college scholarships, the development of vocational skills and incentives for educational growth. In 2009, The Immokalee Foundation served 2,700 children through its core programs. The Immokalee Foundation offers a road map toward a brighter future. It helps manage seven core programs, including Take Stock in Children, Vocational Success, College Success, Direct Scholarships, The First Tee of Naples/Collier Program in Immokalee, Immokalee Readers and Community Grants. TIFs Take Stock in Children program has been recognized as one of the best in Florida. For more information call 430-9122, e-mail or visit Foundation kids arent saying Im bored this summer PUZZLE ANSWERS Diamonds are bright, white and lively!FULL SERVICE JEWELRY REPAIR ESTATE JEWELRYDavid Yurman | Tiffany | Kabana MikiMoto Pearls | Chopard | Rolex COURTESY PHOTOTeam-building exercises 2010

PAGE 50 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 SEE ANSWERS, C9 SEE ANSWERS, C9 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. FLORIDA WEEKLY PUZZLES Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.HOROSCOPES I LOVE NEW YORK By Linda ThistleSponsored By: Moderate Challenging Expert Puzzle Difficulty this week: LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big Cats energy levels should be rather high these days, and you might do well to tackle any tasks that still need doing. This will clear the way for those upcoming projects.VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Someones criticism might not be as negative as you perceive. Actually, it could be helpful. Discuss the matter with your critic, and you both could learn something valuable.LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A business matter could cause some friction among your colleagues. But once again, that logical mind of yours comes to the rescue. And the sooner it does, the better!SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) There might still be some heated temper flare-ups out there. But your sensible self should advise you to stay out of these situations until things cool down and calm is restored.SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Changing your mind could be the right thing to do if you cant resolve your doubts. You might want to discuss the matter with someone whose advice you trust.CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) The Sea Goats merrier side dominates this week, and this means that, despite your usual busy schedule, youll be able to squeeze in parties and all sorts of fabulous fun times.AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) An educational opportunity could lead to something other than what you had planned. But keep an open mind, and before you decide to turn it down, check it out.PISCES (February 19 to March 20) The Piscean wit and wisdom helps you work through a situation that might have been accidentally or even deliberately obscured. What you unravel could prove to be very revealing.ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A previous misunderstanding continues to taint the atmosphere to some extent in the early part of the week. But cooler heads prevail, and the situation eases by weeks end.TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) While the artistic aspect of the Divine Bovine is well-served this week, that practical side is also getting the sort of recognition that could lead to a new and well-deserved opportunity.GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) With home-related matters taking on more importance this week, now could be the time to make some longdeferred purchases. But shop carefully for the best quality at the best price.CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Congratulations. While that family problem might still rankle, it should be easing thanks to your efforts to calm the waters. Also, a workplace situation seems to be moving in your favor.BORN THIS WEEK: Loyalty is important to you. You demand it, but you also give it generously and lovingly.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 C11 Sometimes a movie just makes you smile. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore made me smile with its humor, good-natured story, quirky script and spirited visuals. And for a kid-friendly movie of this nature, smiling is all it takes. Cats and dogs are natural rivals in director Brad Peytons film, but they agree on one thing: Humans must be protected at all costs. So when Kitty Galore (Bette Midler) plans to unleash a sound that will make all dogs barking mad, secret agent canines and felines must band together to stop the mad cat. They are: German Shepherd Diggs (James Marsden), the new recruit who doesnt take orders; Australian Shepherd Butch (Nick Nolte), the grizzled veteran; Catherine (Christina Applegate), a female cat who puts all nine of her lives on the line; and a pigeon named Seamus (Katt Williams), who holds secret information. Theyre helped by a bevy of supporting animals, most delightfully the dangerous cat Mr. Tinkles, a Hannibal Lecter-type wonderfully voiced by Sean Hayes. While the animals are (mostly) cute and amusing, far too often kiddy movies offer little for adults. Not here. In fact, there are so many James Bond references youd think this was an Austin Powers movie. A few: The opening credits; the name Kitty Galore comes from the character Pussy Galore in Goldfinger; Kittys henchcat has metal teeth and is named Paws, a direct ode to Jaws in Moonraker; gadget cat Peek (Joe Pantoliano) serves the same function as Q; and lastly, Sir Roger Moore does the voice of Tab Lazenby, and that last name should ring familiar to true Bond fans. But its not just Bond references that offer cheeky humor. There are numerous animal-related puns throughout, such as Butch telling Diggs they cant let it become a cat eat dog world out there. When youre willing to believe cats and dogs have secret organizations designed to protect humans, a line like this is absolutely delightful. And if youre having trouble believing the premise, a) have a soul, and b) lighten up. If toys can warm our hearts by coming alive in Toy Story 3, surely our animal companions can do more than we expect as well. As for the 3-D, dont waste the extra money. In order for it to be worth higher 3-D prices the animals would have to appear so close and have such finely detailed fur that we literally feel like we can pet them. That doesnt happen, so although theres nothing wrong with the visual effects, dont bother with the 3-D. Do, however, bother with the rest of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, as its fun for kids, fine for adults and great for animal lovers. And, most importantly, itll make you smile. Dan Hudak is the chairman of the Florida Film Critics Circle and a nationally syndicated film critic. You can e-mail him at dan@hudakonhollywood. com and read more of his work at www. Bone (Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Dale Dickey) Ree (Lawrence) is 17 years old and raising her two younger siblings in poverty because her father is gone and her mother is mentally ill. When she learns her father used their house as collateral for bail, and that theyll lose the house if he doesnt show for his trial, Ree goes on a desperate and dangerous quest to find him. Its a star-making role for Ms. Lawrence (shell next play a young Mystique in X-Men: First Class, due next summer), and she is excellent. But note the way Mr. Hawkes, who plays Rees uncle, sneaks up on you hes superb as well. As for the movie, its cold, harsh, distant and touching, as it should be, but it doesnt quite have the dramatic punch to be great. Rated R. Ramona and Beezus (Selena Gomez, Joey King, John Corbett) When their father (Mr. Corbett) loses his job, clumsy young Ramona (Ms. King) and teenage Beezus (Ms. Gomez) try to help the family make ends meet. Its a wholesome and harmless family film thats a bit too cutesy and sweet for adults, though there are some amusing moments. In fairness: The 10-year-old girl who saw the movie with me said it was amazing. So there you have it. Rated G. LATEST FILMS CAPSULES Cat & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore REVIEWED BY DAN ............Is it worth $10? Yes Is it worth $14 (3-D)? No >> With the exception of Seamus and Paws, the lms leading four-legged roles are all played by real animals with some animatronics and CGI mixed in. did you know? danHUDAK Be In the Know. In the Now.Subscribe now and youll get comprehensive local news coverage, investigative articles, business happenings as well as the latest in real estate trends, dining, social events and much more.Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$2995*PER YEARPlease allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of first issue. *Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscriptio n will cost $29.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. Call 239.325.1960 or visit us online at


C12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Recognizedby Parents and Health magazinesFortMyers13550Reflections239-590-9994 CapeCoral2311SantaBarbara239-458-8700 Naples2700Immokalee239-593-9499 FREEKid sMealsAugust16-22Dine-inonly.Limit2FREEKidsMealspereachadultentre anddrinkpurchase.Forkids12andunder.Childrenmustbe presenttoreceivediscount.GoodAugust16-22,2010onlyat SouthwestFloridaJasonsDelirestaurants.deliciouBac--SchooSain Tastier +Healthier= Happier FLORIDA WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE Rain, stop, thats what Larry would say when we would get the occasional thundershower at camp. It was 1968. I was 13 years old and had volunteered to work as a counselor at Camp Blue Skies. Larry was one of the special needs kids who had the opportunity to attend the camp located on property owned by one of the partners in Brown Brothers Cadillac that was just a short bus ride east of Louisville, Ky., where the dealership was located. Larrys attempts to control the weather through the use of his mind were fun and actually quite impressive, as he was successful about 50 percent of the time. Larry used to greet people with the same question, Hows your mother? The predictable greeting was also characteristic of a close friends younger brother, Lonnie, who, depending on his mood, would ask either, Are you going to spend the night? or say, You go home, when I would knock on the door of the house. That friendship got me involved with Teens Who Care, which was associated with the Council for Retarded Citizens and was a pathway to the counselor position at the camp. My first day on the school bus Lynn, a girl with Down syndrome sitting in the seat in front of mine, turned to me and said, Youre my boyfriend. I thought I should play along, smiled, nodded my head and replied, Yes, yes, Im your boyfriend. The statement and reply form of the conversation continued with slight alterations in content through several repetitions when suddenly, she started shouting, Help, help, hes kissing me! All heads turned my way. The joke was on me as my first day on the job got off to a great start. I was a shrimp at 13 but somehow I was assigned to the older kids. Some of the guys I worked with looked like they could be 40 years old to me. There was Rick, who looked like baseballs Bob Gibson and enjoyed horseback riding, but when asked about the experience said, I want to ride a cow. Then there was Truck, so named because he always carried a model truck. He wore colorful plaid shorts and seemed to have a perpetual five oclock shadow. One morning during the Pledge of Allegiance, I was asked to accompany Truck to the porta-can, which was down the hill a ways from the location of the start of day procedures. Truck, I asked, Do we need to move a little bit faster? Yep, he said.My summer at Camp Blue Skies Tell us about your craziest, most fun, most disgusting, or most rewarding summer job. There is no suggested word count for this writing challenge. Feel free to include a photo if you have one. E-mail your story to opadilla@floridaweekly. com and we will print the best ones in the weeks to come.Kids and counselors played games like Duck, Duck, Goose, and laughed and enjoyed the summer together on the grounds of a beautiful estate. By 1984, I was working with the homeless in Lexington, Ky., and those who were considered in the parlance of mental health to be end-stage alcoholics. A more credentialed counselor than me said that he thought I had a lot of positive unconditional regard. As one raised in a Christian household, and fond of Jesus saying, In as much as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it also unto me, it was something I was pleased to hear. These days, Im sure I have less positive unconditional regard than I did, but for what little bit I have, Im grateful and feel I owe it to my summer at Camp Blue Skies. COURTESY PHOTODoug Carman at 13 yearsBY DOUG CARMAN Dancing Under The Stars Winning Prizes every Wednesday & a Grand Prize at the Final Contest!AMATEUR DANCING CONTEST EVERY WEDNESDAY 8:00 PM FINAL CONTEST NOVEMBER 17TH 700 Fifth Ave. S. Naple, FL 34102(239) 659-7008 VVER INAGHAPPY HOUR 57 PM DAILY HALF PRICE DRINKSDINNER: CHOICE OF SALAD, ENTRE, DESSERT AND GLASS OF BERINGER, $19.95. O ered 5-7pm VERGINA GOES TO NEXT LEVELG GREAT FOOD, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT, GREAT AMBIANCE, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT DANCE CONTEST!LUNCH SPECIAL: SOUP OR SALAD AND ENTREE, $9.95


WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C13 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY www.FloridaWeekly.comFLORIDA WRITERS Phillipa plumbs the psychology of a Holocaust heroinePhillipa is the best self-published book Ive read in years. Robert Hilliard, a major force in communications education and professor emeritus from Bostons Emerson College, is the author of more than 30 books about radio and television broadcasting. Now, in his retirement on Sanibel Island, he offers a brilliant novel examining the incremental rise of the Third Reich, the nightmare and aftermath of the Holocaust and the unusual sensibilities of his remarkable and imposing title character. Phillipa Kohn was born into an upper middle-class Jewish family in 1910. Her father was a Munich stockbroker and her mother a status-hungry woman who insisted that her daughter think very highly of herself and be given the tools of education and culture to assure her social prominence. Nothing, no one, was too good for Phillipa. This beautiful young woman developed a calculating, prideful personality. She achieved an unusual degree of control over herself and her situation but at the expense of spontaneity and a deeply felt sense of lifes flow. After marrying the non-Jewish chair of the Philosophy Department at Heidelberg University, Phillipa earns a prominent place in the communitys intellectual and cultural life. As Mrs. Walter Pennman, she continues to hold herself above others while projecting an attractive cordiality. Phillipa is never truly bonded to Walter, however; rather, she manipulates her infatuated and frustrated husband. Proud of her self-containment, she never sheds a tear. She seems invulnerable, but emotionally hollow. Mr. Hilliard uses the university setting to illustrate the effects of Nazi policies on people whose grasp of the situation is far better than their response to it. The authors convincing delineation of the psychology of denial unfolds as human rights are slowly, then rapidly, stripped from dissenters, outsiders and those accused or merely suspected of less than total allegiance to the governments policies. People, including these college professors, become zombies teaching BY PHILIP K. JASONSpecial to Florida Weekly Phillipa, by Robert Hilliard. Parlance. 425 pages. $17.95. only approved topics with approved texts handed down from above. Resistance, too long delayed, is meager as well as quickly and violently suppressed. As the wife of a well-regarded faculty member, Phillipa is safe for a while, but soon she is torn from her comfortable life and becomes one of the millions of Jews, other minorities and alleged dissenters crushed into slavery and potential extinction by the Nazi regime. After a long, hideous journey crammed into a boxcar, she ends up at AuschwitzBirkenau, the Nazi empires largest killing factory. With torture and death all around her, Phillipa finds that her ability to suppress emotion, to think clearly and to be constantly observant allows her to keep herself alive. Certainly luck plays a part, but her deeply instilled pride and her ability to control her situation are factors as well. After a time spent scrubbing human skins for a tanning factory, Phillipa gets herself assigned to an easier work detail, packaging prisoners uniforms, and manages to wait out the years until Russian forces liberate the camp. Meanwhile, Walter, feeling threatened and ashamed, leaves Heidelberg for Cologne, where he falls in love with a woman half his age and joins her in the anti-Nazi resistance. In time he discovers a truer, fuller self: passionate and courageous, he is never more fully alive than when Phillipa is gone from his life. However, his life ends abruptly.After the liberation, Phillipa journeys to Paris and becomes the aide to an American army officer charged with scheduling cultural events for soldiers stationed there. The position fits her well, and so, as it turns out, does the officer. Phillipas new life, which includes a high level of sexual fulfillment with this forceful yet respectful partner, echoes Walters.The novel concludes with the new couple living in an American college town, where the officer resumes his career as a mathematics professor. As Mr. Hilliard takes Phillipas journey into the 1950s, he shows her stunned by the machinations of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, wondering if she is seeing the beginning of a new fascism and a repetition of public indifference to menacing pressures. In Phillipa, the author masterfully plumbs the psychology of fascinating major characters and convincingly dramatizes the avoidance mechanisms by which people forsake their individuality and their moral grounding. Phillipa is available at www. s e t rv e r al h er, h er ru so u d ment onl y w it h han d abo to o m e as l e n A we u l l i w s h l theNaziregime HILLIARD Q:Dear Seafood Professor,In my travels around S.W. Florida I often see a pick-up truck parked in some vacant lot, tail gate open with an ice cooler atop, and a hand written sign advertising FRESH SHRIMP. Are these guys regulated? Is it safe to buy seafood from them? Where do they get their seafood? June M., Golden Gate Estates A:June, thanks for the great question. The Florida Department of agriculture classifies these operations as Mobile Food Establishments(MFE). Florida, perhaps because of the favorable weather, seems to have a lot of these types of seafood vendors selling all kinds of fresh seafood to the public out of the back of trucks. Yes, there are state regulations on MFEs. They are permitted to sell headless shrimp, head-on shrimp, and whole or eviscerated fish. However, they are not allowed to do any processing on the mobile unit. Processing must be done at a licensed and inspected commissary prior to loading of the MFE. In addition, the MFE selling seafood must have a state license to sell retail seafood, the operator must have certification as a food protection manager, the seafood must be protected from contamination, there must be a state certified scale for weighing the product, a means of refrigeration is required with a thermometer to monitor product temperature, containers for solid waste must be provided, a potable water supply and hand washing capability is required, as is a container large enough to hold all waste water generated within the unit. In reality, many mobile seafood vendors do not meet the state requirements. The regulations are difficult to enforce since these operations are, by definition, mobile. They constantly move around and usually operate on weekends. This is why the seafood professor advises against buying seafood from the roadside vendors. If you are tempted to do so, verify that they meet the state requirements, and as always, use your nose. 239-593-5555www.randysfishmarketrestaurant.com10395 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, FL 34108 Retail Seafood Market HoursMonday-Sunday 10am 9pmRestaurant HoursMonday-Sunday 10am 9pm HAPPY HOUR IS BACK!MONDAY-FRIDAY 3pm 6pm SATURDAY-SUNDAY 11am 6pm1/2 Price on Selected AppetizersBeers(domestic) $2Drafts(domestic) $2Well Drinks(one shot)$2 SHIPPING NATIONWIDEVisit Paradise Shrimp Company On Line!


Three Dog NightC14 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Join Jacks Club!Join the Fun at Jacks! Poolside Food, Drinks & EntertainmentFeaturing Local Musical Talents Happy Hour Wed Fri 4 pm 7 pm239-213-1441Located at the Naples Harbour Yacht Club 475 North Rd., Naples, FL 34104To come by boat go under the bridge at Tin City past Bayfront, 7 minutes and we will be on the right hand side.Open Noon Close Wednesday Sunday FridayDoc Dennis or the Groove Kings upstairs in the Club 6-9 pm SaturdayDoc Dennis from the Mambo Brothers 2-6 pm SundayPatrick Mitchell 2-6 pmBuy One Entre Receive 2nd FREEEqual or lesser value with purchase of two beverages.Valid Wednesday Friday only Organizers of the 14th annual Undy Sunday event are preparing for more students than ever to be in need of items to be ready for another school year. During August, about 50 Collier County churches and synagogues will be asking their members to donate new underwear and socks for school-aged children along with donations of money for other necessary school items. Participating religious communities will set out donation boxes on two Sundays, Aug. 15 and Aug. 22. Donors will be asked to bring new socks and new underwear for boys and girls sizes six through 12. Monetary donations also are needed to purchase backpacks and school supplies. It is undeniable that the economic problems that have affected us here in Southwest Florida are particularly acute among the children of the underemployed and unemployed, says Armando Galella, district director of Catholic Charities of Collier County. The agency is organizing the event. In all of its 14-year history here in Collier County, the 2010 version of Undy Sunday may be fulfilling the greatest need, Mr. Gallela says. We are again fortunate in attracting financial contributions that will allow Catholic Charities to supplement the clothing donations with other useful school needs for the underprivileged children of our community. Around 15 Collier County public elementary schools, Bonita Springs Elementary School in Lee County, Youth Haven and the Shelter for Abused Women and other social service agencies will receive the underwear and socks and school supplies to distribute to children during the school year. Since the initial Undy Sunday in 1997, the number of churches and synagogues participating has more than doubled. About 600,000 undergarments have been given to disadvantaged children in Collier County during the past 13 years. A group of volunteers from Catholic Charities of Collier County will distribute collection boxes to participating local churches and synagogues prior to the two Undy Sundays. After the event, with help from students of St. John Neumann High School they will collect the donated items, and sort and distribute them to the elementary schools and social service agencies. Donation items also can be dropped off at the Catholic Charities office located at 2210 Santa Barbara from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. on Fridays. For more information about the Undy Sunday Program, contact Catholic Charities of Collier County at 455-2655 Its not the season for art shows, but summer is the time for area artists to prepare entries and submit applications for a host of exhibits and juried shows on the calendar in the months ahead. In Naples Online registration at is now open for five national art festivals taking place in Naples between November 2010 and March 2011. Four of the festivals sponsored by the Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center are held in conjunction with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Naples Association. We are excited to offer local and national artists these opportunities to show and sell their work, says Festival Director Marianne Megela. Naples is known as a community with savvy art buyers and patrons who appreciate the quality and variety of works we present at these shows. The festivals are: The Naples Fall Fine Art & Craft Festival (formerly the Naples Renaissance Fall Art Festival) on Nov. 26-27. The application deadline is Sept. 1. The 15th annual Downtown Naples New Years Art Fair on Jan. 1-2, 2011 (application deadline Sept. 29). The 32nd annual Naples National Art Festival on Feb. 26-27, 2011 (application deadline Nov. 3). The second annual Mercato Fine Arts Festival on March 5-6 (application deadline Dec. 1). The 23rd annual Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts on March 26-27 (application deadline Dec. 29). For more information, call Marianne Megela at 262-6517, ext. 103, or e-mail Visit for complete registration details for the individual festivals. In Bonita Springs The 2011 Bonita Springs National Art Festivals are set for Jan. 15-16 and March 12-13 at the Promenade at Bonita Bay. Entries for the jurying process must be received by Oct. 8 for the January exhibit and by Nov. 8 for the March festival. For more information, call 992-1213 or e-mail Annual Undy Sunday gears up to assist needy students Arts organizations issue calls to the creatives


phone: lets get planning! Custom Destination Wedding Coordination Packagesyour own private balcony overlooking the famous duval street! Please mention FW when contacting our of ce.


C16 A&E WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Bistro Italiano 239.262.85002500 Tamiami Trail N., Naples CATERING AVAILABLE Dinner parties are our specialty! In-house or on premise, we come to you! No party is too big or too small!SUMMER HOURS WEDNESDAY SATURDAY 4 PM-CLOSE2 ENTREES & BOTTLE OF WINEINCLUDING VEAL*SOME RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY.$35HAPPY HOUR 4pm 7pm AT THE BAR25% OF ALL APPETIZERS 352-68003106 Tamiami Trail N., Napleswww.sweethartz.comThe best place to get your Birthday Cakes! Cookies ~ Cakes ~ Chocolates Made to order. HURRY! Next Camp Starts SOON! (Cambier Park in Naples) NESTA Certied Boot Camp CoachNASM Certied Personal TrainerMasters Studies in Health Promotion2001 Midwestern Figure Champion URRY! H H H H tC a mp Stat N ext N N N N Ne N e t t ex N e N e ext ex xt x t t Women Only Lose 3-5% BODYFAT! STRENGTH SELF-CONFIDENCE! All Ages, Sizes & Fitness Everyone is SUCCESSFUL! NC S E L F F C C O O N F F I D D E C E N C C N C E C E A A A A A A l l A A A A A A A g g S i & & F t A A A A A A A Al s % L L L L L L L L o o e 3 5 % % % O O D Y F A T B B O D A T ODY D Y YFA FAT A T T! S T R N G G T H NG NGT G T T H v e r r y y o o n e e i i E E v E E v v e v v e e r r S U C C C F F S S U U C C U U C C C C C C C C E E C C E E S S E E S S S S S S S S F L! S S F F U F F U U L U U L L L L ! 4 weeks of fun, energizing, outdoor activities designed to help you reach your tness goals FAST! CALL OR SIGN UP ONLINE! 239.776.2162 Photo club meets Aug. 12The Digital Photography & Imaging Club of Naples meets from 7-9 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at Edison State College Collier Campus, Building J. Next meeting: Aug. 12. For more information, visit Get acquainted with newcomersThe Naples Newcomers Club welcomes women who have been permanent residents of Naples for no more than five years and who CLUB NOTES want to meet others who are new to the area.The club meets for luncheon at 11:30 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month, year round. In addition, groups within the club plan outings and dates to share varied interests, such as mah-jongg and duplicate bridge, gourmet cooking and discussions about philosophy.Prospective members are invited to coffee at 10 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month.For meeting locations and more information, call 298-4083 or visit Bonita Newcomers welcome members Membership in the Bonita Springs Newcomers Club is open to women who have been residing in Bonita Springs for less than three years. Annual membership dues are $40. Bonita Springs Newcomer Luncheons are held on the third Thursday of every month at local country clubs, except for December. Due to the holidays, the December luncheon is the second Thursday of that month. Members are required to attend five out of 12 luncheon meetings in the course of a year and to pay their annual dues of $40 to maintain member status. A wide variety of other club activities are organized and directed by an all-volunteer board of directors that is elected annually. Activities encourage members to learn about Southwest Florida, its culture and lifestyle and to develop friendships by sharing interests and hobbies with each other. The monthly newsletter keeps members informed of the various events available to members. For more information, visit or e-mail Zonta Club plans spring fashion showThe sixth annual Zonta Club Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon is set for Friday, March 25, 2011, at The Club at The Strand. The beneficiaries will be the Naples and Immokalee Teenage Parenting Programs as well as scholarships for women in the medical field at Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology and Zonta International service and scholarship Programs. Tickets are $80 per person. For more information, call Honey Gardiner at 5989058 or visit Guild supports Opera NaplesThe Opera Naples Guild has been formed to foster community outreach and cooperation among arts organizations throughout Southwest Florida. Membership is open to all, and members will become involved with Opera Naples in numerous ways, including: volunteering in various capacities during the performance season and throughout the year; participating in educational outreach programs; attending dress rehearsals; participating in opera study groups, lectures and demonstrations; assisting with fundraising events; and traveling to performances by other opera companies. The guild will also sponsor and/or assist with activities such as luncheons in advance of each new production, opening night cast parties and end-of-season events. Annual membership in the Opera Naples Guild is $35 per person or $50 per couple. To become a member or for more information, call 514-SING or visit


C18 WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY RODORODOOne of Naples Finest Consignment Shops Rediscovered Womens Fine FashionSpecializing in Designer ClothingClothing received by appointment only. Cannot be combined with sale items.North Naples 239.598.1222975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd. Mon-Fri: 10-5 Saturday: 11-3 www.RodeoConsignment.com20% OFF On one item with this ad. 403 Bayfront PlaceDowntown Naples239-435-9353voted Southwest Floridas best steakhousewww.stoneyssteakhouse.comLive Entertainment Thur.-Sun. STONEYS STEAKHOUSE 1 for & potato$2995Monday& Friday Sunset Wine Dinner for Two 3 course menu for two$4995 & potato$2195Tuesday & Thursday & potato $ 24 95Wednesday Naples Best 489 Bayfront | 239.530.2225 f| f | Where Goodlette Frank meets 41 in downtown Naples BUY ONE ENTREE GET ONE FREE*not to be combined with any other discount or special oer. Must present coupon.Good Mon-Wed. Dinner ONLY exp. 8/30/10Tavern on the Bay Naples ONLY waterfront sports bar with the largest BIG SCREEN HD in SW FLORIDA Where G W h e r e G B B Ta v Napl N a p l Fun Fare Sports & Spirits Open 7 Days a Week Open 7 Days a Week $2 Drafts and $4 Wells $2 $ 2 Happy Hour 3-7 daily THURSDAY PRICE PIZZA NIGHT STARTING AT 4 P.M. MONDAY $4 Margaritas $5 Nachos WOK $9.99 Martini Maddness $5 Apple Martinis TUESDAY C reate Your Own WEDNESDAY 3 Course Italian Dinner (any pasta on our menu ) $14.99 $4 House Wine Major league baseball games every night! Friday the 13th PRE SEASON FOOTBALL BASH! Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Skins 7:30 P.M. Serving BEEF on Wik all night.Tavern on the Bay is THE OFFICAL HOME of the: Bualo Bills Backers! $2 Domestic Drafts $3 Vodka Shots $9.99 Beef of Wik Platters ALL NIGHT LONG! Wear your Bills jersey and 1st Domestic Draft is on the house!Swing dancing and hula hoop contests will be part of the fun when the Naples Area Board of Realtors holds a sock hop to benefit Laces of Love from 5:30-9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 13, at NABOR headquarters, 1455 Pine Ridge Road. Laces of Love provides new sneakers to deserving kids and raises awareness about the needs of children in the local community. Sock hop tickets are $20 per person in advance and $25 at the door. Guests are encouraged to bring new shoes and socks in any size to donate to the cause. Sock hop auction items and sponsorship opportunities are available for those who want to get more involved. Sponsors to date include the Naples Daily News, Bank of American Home Loans, HomeCheck Systems and Homes & Land Magazine. For more information, call Marti Conrad at 249-2850 or visit Lets go to the hop for Laces of LoveOpera Naples holds its third annual Eurofest fundraiser celebrating the music, culture, cuisine and wines of western Europe from 6-9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14, at the home of maestro William Noll. The music salon will be filled with the voices and instruments of emerging professional artists performing opera and other vocal pieces from four centuries. The evenings soloists include baritone Stephen Andrew Mumbert, mezzo-soprano Melissa Vitrella and soprano Deborah Berioli. Sopranos Steffanie Pearce and Florida Gulf Coast Universitys Carolyn Greiner will join Ms. Vitrella in a performance of the trio Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss. Pianist Robin Shuford Frank will provide accompaniment. Tickets are $100 per person. Seating is limited, and reservations can be made by calling Opera Naples at 514-SING (7464). Opera Naples brings a taste of Europe to town OperaNaplesholdsitsthirdann u zosopranoMelissaVitrellaandsopr a


WINE TASTING/LIVE MUSICSample summer wines for $10 from 6:008:00 p.m.(INSIDE WHOLE FOODS MARKET)COOL RUNNINGS DUOR&B, Top 40 hits and more!(NEXT TO SWIMN SPORT)PIECES ISLAND BANDe rhythmic sounds of Reggae will ll the nightdrums, bass, guitar, vocals and bongos!(ACROSS FROM THE PUB NAPLES) CARS ON DISPLAY COURTESY OF Menu varies at each restaurant. Tax and gratuity not included.Visit for all the details!LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.594.9400


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C21 FLORIDA WEEKLY SOCIETY We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ CATLIN / FLORIDA WEEKLYFifth Avenue South welcomes new pet boutiqueGrand opening party at Pucci and Catana Staying up all night, for your pleasure...The French Bread Oven Team Special Events Special Orders Holidays BAKERY COFFEE BREAKFAST s MENTION THIS AD & RECEIVE 1 ADDITIONAL DVD FREE


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Sirloin HamburgerItalian Style made with Provolone, PAESANOS FAMOUS STOREMADEFresh Stuffed MushroomsGreat for Dinner FREE1 Dozen Jumbo Eggswith purchase of $10 or moreMust present coupon Exp. 8/10/10 PATIO CAFEFor Cafe Take-Out Orders Call 549-5849Cafe Hours CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEFLean Sirloin PattiesorGround Sirloin PAESANOSChicken Breast Oven Roasted or Buffalo Style & Honey Roasted FRESH FROZENQUAIL$899 IMPORTED ITALIANFilippo Berio$11993 liter$599each100% pure olive oilno cholesterol, no salt PAESANOS HOMEMADESeasoned Olives$499LB CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEFTenderTop Sirloin SteakGreat on the Grill PAESANOS HOMEMADEBaked HamMade with 100% Pure HoneySliced to Order $399LB$299LB$299LB$399LB$299LB$379LB$399LB A MARKET LIKE NO OTHER Sliced to Order Avg. 28oz. The grill has become an extension of the gourmet cooks kitchen. A creative home cook may throw a burger or hot dog on now and again, but its more likely to be steaks, seafood, choice cuts of pork and even vegetables that feel the heat. Some grill mavens have even mastered pizza and desserts. More palatable grilled food rightfully deserves a better beverage than beer in a flip-top can. With that in mind, Ive consulted some wine and food aficionados to suggest appropriate wines to accompany grilled fare. Red meat remains a popular choice at backyard barbecues and tailgating soirees. Its robust flavor pairs well with a host of red wines. With filet mignon, Thom McKay from The Wine Merchant in Naples likes Nenow Cabernet 2005 (about $66). It possesses nice aromas of ripe blackberry, raspberry, black currants, coffee and tobacco leaf, he says. On the mid-palate you can taste black cherries, plums, and maybe a little cocoa. This is a soft cabernet that goes well with filet. At Decanted Wine, Beer, Tastings in Naples, co-owner Al Fialkovich chooses Solena Pinot Noir 2008 from Oregon (about $25) with grilled steaks. It has typical good red fruit, but is burgundian in style, he says. It has a little earthiness mixed with slight mushroom flavors, balanced with good acid. Lovers of white burgundies will appreciate the 2007 Manciat Poncet Saint Veran from France (about $17). Its a full-flavored, 100 percent chardonnay, but clean and balanced, says Jason Adams, owner of Real Wine in Fort Myers. Theres plenty of crisp acid and the oak is minimal and balanced. It drinks like a much more expensive white burgundy. With a fatty steak such as T-bone or New York strip, Mr. McKay suggests Justin Cabernet 2006 (about $27). On the nose, blackberry and raspberry mingle with caramel and vanilla, he says, while on the palate you taste red berries and black plum. The wine itself is dry and palate filling, with a soft but wellstructured, velvet finish. Chicken, pork and veal are lighter meats that pair equally well with whites, roses and reds. Chris Gross, owner of Gulf Points Liquors in Fort Myers, likes Clos du Val Carneros Pinot Noir 2006 (about $30). I like pinot noir and pork, he says. This one is lighter and more fruit forward than big cabernets, and has complex flavors and finish. The ripe strawberry and cherry flavors and a hint of cinnamon pair well with grilled pork chops. He also likes Veramonte Primus 2006 (about $17). This is nice blend of syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and carmenere, he says. It shows good earthiness and depth of flavor with mid-palate jamminess and a smooth finish. For Mr. Adams, lighter-bodied wines, such as Chateau Pierreux Brouilly 2006 (about $16) work best. When we want reds with grilling we almost always choose lower alcohol wines that can be chilled, he says. Spanish wines pair well with lighter meats and are often a good value. Muga Rosado 2009 runs about $12, while Monte Oton Garnacha 2008 is about $10. This Rioja rose has a little bit of oak for spiciness and body, says Mr. Adams. It has a deep rose color with an earthiness that most roses never achieve. The garnacha is a lighter red that sees no oak. Its great chilled. For lighter grilled meats, Mr. Fialkovich chooses Spanish wines like Tarima Monastrell 2009 (about $10). This wine starts with passion fruit up front, he says, good fruit with a little pepper, and good berry dark flavors. King Estate Pinot Gris 2008 (about $17), pairs well with lighter meats as well as seafood, says Mr. McKay, citing the aromas of grapefruit, green apple, peach and apricots, with melon, citrus and honey on the palate. Although white wine is widely paired with seafood, there are other options. For red lovers, Mr. McKay recommends Torbreck Juvenile 2008 ($29). It will pair well with a dish like seared ahi tuna with olive oil and pepper, he says of this Grenache-shiraz blend, which has soft tannins. He also recommends Atticus Pinot Noir 2007 (about $30). I get aromas of blueberry and raspberry, with hints of rose and leather, he says. This range of options provides plenty of latitude for creative grill cooks to be equally adventurous in selecting wines to accompany their creations. jimMcCRACKEN Creative grilled food calls for equally worthy wine VINOCOURTESY PHOTOAl Fialkovich and Jessica Palmer of Decanted Wines


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF AUGUST 5-11, 2010 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 food & wine CALENDAR Friday, Aug. 6, 7-9 p.m., Whole Foods Market: The First Friday wine and cheese tasting features live music in the lounge and tastes of some 25 wines from around the world plus paired cheese; $10 (proceeds benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, South Florida Chapter), Mercato, 9101 Strada Place; 552-5100. Register online at Friday, Aug. 6-Thursday, Aug. 12, Mercato: The restaurants of Mercato will offer a variety of specials and fixed-price meals during Mercatos first Restaurant Week; U.S. 41, North Naples. Saturday, Aug. 7, 14, 21 and 28, 7:30-11:30 a.m., Third Street South: The weekly farmers market features fruit, veggies, cheeses, desserts, breads, flowers and many more items along with music; parking area behind Tommy Bahamas between Third Street and Gordon Drive. Saturday, Aug. 7, 14, 21 and 28, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., The Collection at Vanderbilt: More than 30 vendors gather for the North Naples Green Market, an air-conditioned indoor farmers market, featuring fresh produce, jams and salsa, smoked meats and dish, prepared foods and artisanal products; northwest corner of Vanderbilt Beach and Airport roads; 249-9480. Saturday, Aug. 7, 6:30 p.m., Freds Food, Fun & Spirits: Naples City Improv teams with Freds for an evening of food and laughter; $29.95 (for show only, its $15), 2700 Immokalee Road; 431-7928. Reservations recommended. Tuesday, Aug. 10, 6-8 p.m., Whole Foods Market: Chef Eric Delano, from Roys in Naples, takes participants on a world tour of appetizers featuring dishes from Japan, the United States and Italy; $10, Mercato, 9101 Strada Place, Naples; 552-5100 or register at Wednesday, Aug. 11, 18 and 25, 6-8 p.m., The Sauce Lady: Ela Vivonetto, aka The Sauce Lady, is a second-generation Italian chef who will demonstrate how to create 5-minute meals at weekly cooking classes through October; $20, 1810 J&C Blvd.; 592-5557. Reservations required. Wednesday, Aug. 11, 5:30-7 p.m., Whole Foods Market: The monthly Summer Recipe Smack-down features a variety of interesting foods to taste with recipes to take home; free, Mercato, 9101 Strada Place, Naples; 552-5100. Wednesday, Aug. 11, 5:30-8 p.m., Decanted: Sample sparkling wines from around the world and learn how to incorporate them into a variety of meals, rather than just serving them on special occasions; $10, 1410 Pine Ridge Road; 434-1814. Reservations requested. Submit event listings to FLORIDA WEEKLY CUISINE Family-run Sophias Ristorante takes Italian food to higher level o, p les; 11, 5 :308 e sparkli ng wo rld an d te the m r athon 10 4. Sophia Cherr is one lucky little girl. Not only is she blessed with two parents who obviously adore her, but she even has a restaurant named after her. Sophias Ristorante Italiano is an establishment shes sure to be proud of, although at two weeks shy of her first birthday, itll be a while before she appreciates it. Meanwhile, the rest of us can rejoice to find a classic, classy establishment run by a local couple who care so much about the food and service they are at work and one the floor seven days a week. And thats in addition to running their Marco Island spot, Susies Diner. Im at a loss to explain how owners Jay and Camille Cherr found the time or energy to have a child, but expect to see at least one of them proudly parading from table to table with the adorable little girl in their arms, a pink chefs hat jauntily perched on her head. The charm of the place doesnt end there. Sophias, which occupies the space that previously held Tuscan Brick Oven, has a wellappointed dining room with large windows and faux textured walls surrounding individual tables and banquettes that run the length of an Italianate room. Tasteful chandeliers and matching sconces shed a glare-free glow on the tables. A musician strolls from table to table, playing a guitar and singing. One whole side of the room holds an open kitchen in which staff in black or red jackets efficiently craft dish after dish. Theres nothing that escapes the Cherrs attention. An in-house pastry chef makes bread, pasta and dessert from scratch. The wine list offers an impressive range of selections, including more than a dozen by the glass. A musician strolls from table to table singing and playing his guitar. Jay Cherr keeps a watchful eye on the dining room, checking in at tables to make occasional suggestions and to ensure that whats delivered satisfies. Sophias offers familiar fare, such as fried calamari, pasta fagioli, pasta Bolognese, spaghetti and meatballs and veal piccata, but there are also some less-predictable options, such as risotto with truffles and champagne and filet of sole, that add interest to the menu. What makes Sophias so special, however, is that whatever the dish, it is painstakingly prepared and presented, leaving no doubt that the kitchen has as much pride in the food as do the owners. Fresh Italian bread, hot and crusty, arrived with our glasses of Conn cabernet. Tender-crisp broccoli rabe, spicy homemade sausage and crisp polenta ($12.95) was attractively plated, triangles of polenta framing the fresh greens and sausage. I love broccoli rabe, but all too often wind up disappointed by a bowl full of oil-soaked greens. That wasnt a problem here as it was perfectly cooked and lightly dressed with olive oil. The vivid red tuna carpaccio ($13.95) was thinly sliced, fanned over the plate, then topped with caper berries, arugula, shaved Parmesan, truffle oil and lemon, creating a heady blend of tastes and textures. Both a house salad with delicate vinaigrette and a lively Caesar salad were served crisp and cold. We chose two house specialties for entrees: Bella Sophia sole ($26.95) and zuppe di pesce ($35.95). The sole came with chopped plum tomatoes, garlic, onions, kalamata olives, capers and a white wine balsamic sauce. The fish was somewhat soft, as sole tends to be, but the sauce was yet another delicious study in how judiciously balanced ingredients combine to create a sum greater than their parts. The zuppe di pesce was a marvel of seasoning and engineering. The wellconstructed mountain of succulent seafood included a split Maine lobster tail, clams, mussels, calamari and scungilli atop a mound of tender house-made linguini, all bathed in an oh-so-light tomato sauce and topped with three gigantic leaves of basil grown in the Cherrs garden. It seemed an impossible amount of food to consume in a single sitting, but with the help of my reliable companion, we managed to polish off about twothirds of it and took the rest home for yet another meal. Sophias version of this classic seafood soup is well worth ordering, although Id recommend that two people share it. We completed the meal with an ethereal piece of tiramisu ($6.95) and two warm, sfogliatelle ($5.95), multi-layered, shell-shaped pastries filled with citrusscented ricotta. With the number of Italian restaurants doing business in the region, I cant always remember what I had where. But the food and service at Sophias was so exceptional, it was a meal Im not likely to forget. t t f i i A s karenFELDMAN Sophias Ristorante Italiano, >> Hours: 4-10 p.m. daily >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Major cards accepted. >> Price range: Appetizers, $7.95-$13.95; entrees, $17.95-$35.95 >> Beverages: Beer and wine served. >> Seating: Banquettes or conventional tables and chairs >> Specialties of the house: Calamari fritti, mussels in white wine sauce, broccoli rabe with sausage, clams oreganato, pasta fagioli, veal Milanese, zuppa di pesce, spaghetti Bolognese, penne with shrimp and broccoli, risotto with trufes and champagne >> Volume: Moderate >> Parking: Free lotRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: 3545 Pine Ridge Road, Naples; 597-0744 Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor If you go KAREN FELDMAN/FLORIDA WEEKLYA personable musician strolls through the dining room, serenading each table and taking requests. Top: The house version of zuppa di pesce features a mountain of seafood atop homemade linguine. Below: Sophias homemade tiramisu is light and airy and a refreshing finish to a meal full of garlic and spices.

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