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ROGER WILLIAMS A2 OPINION A4 15 MINUTES A6 NAPLES HISTORY A10 BUSINESS B1 NETWORKING B7 REAL ESTATE B9 ARTS C1 EVENTS C6 & 7 MOVIE REVIEW C12 SOCIETY C24 & 25 CUISINE C27 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Vol. I, No. 42 FREE WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 DATED MATERIAL PLEASE RUSH POSTMASTER REQUESTED IN-HOME DELIVERY DATE: JULY 23, 2009 POSTAL CUSTOMERWhats up, Doc?Catch up with author Randy Wayne White when he signs his newest book. C14 Bird man of FGCUProfessor Jerry Jackson lives to learn and teach about the wild things. A13 W h t D ? Postcards from a bookHow and why Mary Joe Cartledgehayes turned her novel into mail art. C1 Taking the FifthMerchants, owners, officials on what should be next along the avenue. B1 TakingtheFifth Hope for Haiti receives $30,000 from Newmans Own FoundationNewmans Own Foundation has awarded Naples-based Hope for Haiti $30,000 to help purchase a Mobile Medical Mission vehicle. The truck will make it safer for mission groups to travel to remote areas of Haiti to treat people who often are seeing a doctor or nurse for the first time in their lives. Founded 20 years ago by JoAnne Kuehner, Hope for Haiti is recognized as one of the most important humanitarian organizations operating in Haiti. The effort supports 37 schools by paying teacher salaries and tuition for more than 12,000 children. Almost monthly, Hope for Haiti medical missions from Naples treat thousands of Haitians who otherwise have no access to medical care. Ongoing projects include providing nutrition to severely malnourished children and installing water filter systems in remote villages. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Recently, it has experienced mass demonstrations by starving people who can no longer afford even the most basic foods of beans and rice. Many of the poorest subsist on cakes made of dirt and lard. Hope for Haiti is ready to respond to the enormous need of the people of Haiti by expanding our involvement in the poorest areas of the country, Ms. Kuehner said when announcing the Newmans Own Foundation grant. Our success depends on monetary contributions in the United States, recruiting more volunteer doctors and nurses to work in our clinics, and identifying new programs and partnerships with proven records of accomplishment in Haiti, she added. Newmans Own Foundation wasSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYnews@ SEE FOUNDATION, A12 AT HOME WITH SEVEN ARCHITECTURAL GEMSA8 KUEHNER A We turned to the pros for their picks.>>inside: DESIGNS FINE

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 My brother, Scott, crossed his wires as a young man by studying both anthropology and psychology at the university. This was in Lawrence, Kan., where he just marked time, a lot of time, until he could get back to Colorado (now hes a fishing guide and sometimes furniture-maker in the high mountains, near Gunnison). He never quite recovered from the experience, but it gave him some interesting ideas. One of them married up God and dogs, of which he always kept a tail-wagging representative (of dogs, not Gods). Since dogs, then wolves, came into the human experience suddenly and inexplicably about 50,000 years ago thats when their bones begin turning up at sites inhabited by people perhaps they were put there by God, he proposed. Do you notice, he said, how dogs are always watching you? Somewhere a dog, often unseen by you, is studying your progress through a moment or a day or a life. Their eyes follow you wherever you go. You tend to do things in front of dogs you might not do in front of people. You bring them along with you into your camps or towns or cities. You wake with them, eat with them, work with them, play with them, sleep with them. And they know everything about you. Before we learned to domesticate them, they sat out beyond the circle of firelight and studied us, even then. Their eyes were not watching God, my brother suggested (to paraphrase Zora Neale Hurstons book title). On the contrary, their eyes were Gods, and they were watching us recording our behavior implacably, inscrutably and continually. Gods forward observers, if you will. My brother likes to think of himself as rational as an empiricist, perhaps, not a mystic so he gave me the idea and suggested that I weave a short story out of it, a tidy fiction. And I figured it would take a lot of weaving by someone who knew a lot more than I do about both dogs and anthropology, not to mention fiction writing, to get the job done right. So I let the idea sit there for about 20 years. And then I moved in with a bunch of dogs or more accurately, I let them move in with me. Somehow. Do not expect me to explain this process reasonably. I like to think of myself as a rationalist, too, but I dont give a hoot about appearing rational or reasonable every minute of the day. And moving in with dogs we now have six of them is a surefire way to flag yourself as completely and unmistakably irrational. It had to do, I think, with an ungovernable human calculus that combined pleasure and grief and greed and need and imperative the imperative to help something obviously in trouble. And probably a lot of other things. But unlike my brother, I didnt study psychology its nothing but palmetto scrub, to me so my self-awareness ends there. In my own behalf, let me point out that Im not the majority shareholder on our decision-making family dog board. But Im not evading responsibility by putting it off on the other voters, either. No. I voted with the crowd pretty much every time. We had a dog, one dog, a smart funny Catahoula leopard named Sally. And then Nash, my youngest son, found a tough little ochre cow cur under his Christmas tree one day, and called her Smoke. Two dogs, two kids, two parents the Family Appropriate, by contemporary standards (FA, for short.) Sure, there were four cats, various chickens, the guineas and geese and ducks and rabbits and paint mare, along with the sorriest donkey since Joseph and Mary rode into Jerusalem, but never mind all that. They were, and they remain, mere distractions compared to dogs. Then Sally got up one morning, breathed hard for about an hour, let go of her bowels in the back of my car, and died in my arms as I carried her across the parking lot and into the vet, followed by my family. For that last hour, though, she watched us carefully, recording not only our actions on her behalf but the quality and resolve in our love. As they followed me, her brown eyes appeared no sadder and no more alarmed than a dogs eyes ever do, I realized. They have a knowing look unmatched by other domestic creatures, I believe a gaze shimmering with intelligence and uncomplaining sadness and understanding, even in the best of times. Mostly, dogs understand mortality. Ive decided that they actually reflect on it, unlike cats, perhaps, and certainly nothing like cows or horses, that dont have a clue. Alive, a dog, even a young dog, understands death and its potential to enter a day as suddenly and unceremoniously as a light breeze better than anything else, probably including people. But dogs still manage to live exuberantly in the moment. That instruction right there makes having dogs worth any trouble they might cause. They do cause some, too. Smoke disappeared in a storm one night, forever, and we still dream about her. But by that time, to make up for Sallys loss, wed gotten others. And to make up for Smokes loss, we took on still more, becoming a canine camp of the abandoned, the wandering and the orphaned. And now every morning when we get up, there they are tails wagging, muscles quivering, bodies poised in eager expectation. Watching us. And now my brothers idea no longer seems like a mere confection. COMMENTARY Dog days of summer in Y w w ab t h rogerWILLIAMS Stacey Huber, DVM*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer Expires 07/31/09FULL SERVICEHOURS: Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri 8am 5pm Wed 10am 7pm Saturday 8am Noon By Appt.www.aovethospital.com239.431.79802700 Immokalee Rd, Suite 15, Napleslocated in Uptown Shopping Plaza (corner of Immokalee Rd & Airport Pulling Rd)FREE Initial Health Exam FREEMust present this ad at time of visit, and proof of rabies vaccine or be prepared to have Animal Oasis administer it.

PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 General ManagerShelley Lund slund@floridaweekly.comManaging EditorCindy Pierce Reporters & ColumnistsLois Bolin Bill Cornwell Karen Feldman Artis Henderson Pamela V. Krol Peg Goldberg Longstreth Jim McCracken Alysia Shivers Nancy Stetson Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographerJim McLaughlinContributing PhotographersPeggy Farren Marla Ottenstein Lori YoungCopy EditorCathy CottrillProductionAlex Perez Amanda Hartman Kim Boone Jon Colvin Iris Riddle Eric RaddatzCirculation ManagerPenny Kennedy pkennedy@floridaweekly.comCirculationPaul Neumann Gregory Tretwold David Anderson Carl FundAccount ExecutivesTauna Schott Melanie Glisson Nicole Masse nmasse@floridaweekly.comBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Street Address: Naples Florida Weekly 2025 J&C Blvd., Suite 5 Naples, Florida 34109 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2009 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.333.2135 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today. One year mailed subscriptions are available for $29.95. OPINION Barack Obama spent all of 2008 running against the sputtering economy, and warned earlier this year of a crisis we may not be able to reverse. Yet, as the unemployment rate climbs beyond the administrations projections, Vice President Joe Biden informs us that the administration misread how bad the economy was. Apparently we were going to experience a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis comparable to the Great Depression without a particularly high unemployment rate. This was the promise of the Obama administration, which indulged in hair-raisingly alarmist economic rhetoric while pumping out unduly hopeful economic projections. If the Reagan administration gave us the rosy scenario, the Obama administration has given us the rosy apocalypse. The rosy apocalypse is an artifact both of ideological naivete and knowing cynicism. The administration genuinely believed, against all historical experience, that government spending would boost us out of the recession. And it knew it had to assume an unrealistically rapid, robust economic recovery, because otherwise the already-horrid deficit projections would look worse. So Obama talked up the crisis to get the stimulus passed, and after that ... happy days again!If only the job market were cooperating. In a report prior to the passage of the stimulus, the soon-to-be head of the Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, suggested the unemployment rate wouldnt increase beyond 8 percent. It now stands at 9.5 percent and will go higher. The Obama stimulus is falling victim to the poor timing and inefficiencies of all such recession-fighting spending programs.Out of the $787 billion of the stimulus, roughly 60 percent goes to individuals in temporary tax rebates and increased entitlement spending. This will provide little boost to the economy. History says that people will only spend 20 percent to 40 percent of a temporary tax rebate for the very good reason that they know its temporary. Then there is the direct government spending. It will definitely make its way into the economy. The question is when. It has to run through various bureaucracies, which means delay. According to Doug Elmendorf, the head of the Congressional Budget Office, only about half of the $308 billion in spending will make it out the door by the end of fiscal year 2010 (i.e., by next September). Thats about $150 billion during the next year and a half in a $14 trillion economy in other words, a trifling 0.7 percent of the economy during that period. And this stimulus was touted as timely and targeted? Confronted by the inadequacies of the current program, its advocates have a predictable solution a new one. Since the worthiest projects were presumably already covered in the first stimulus, a second stimulus would have to fund even more marginal priorities, and it would get into the economy even later. In other words, it would replicate rather than rectify the failures of the first stimulus. Obama is resisting a second stimulus so far, but was foolish ever to go down this route. Now hes stuck hoping for the advent of his rosy apocalypse as soon as possible. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.BY RICH LOWRYThis week, after numerous delays, the space shuttle Endeavour lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on a mission to the International Space Station. Once docked, the shuttles astronauts are scheduled to make five spacewalks to continue the stations construction. Forty years ago this week, Cape Kennedy played host to a more ambitious launch, as the huge Saturn V rocket that would propel astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon lifted off on July 16, 1969. Four days later, an anxious mission control, nation and world heard Armstrongs voice announce that the Eagle Apollo 11s Lunar Module has landed. Hours after that, we saw Armstrong descend to the lunar surface in grainy black-and-white, becoming the first man to touch foot on a celestial body other than Earth. Thats one small step for [a] man, we heard him say, in what would become one of the most enduring quotes of the 20th century, one giant leap for mankind. The millions of babies and small children who were held in front of television screens in living rooms across America so that they could one day tell their children that they had seen history being made are in their 40s now and have children of their own. Should they pause this week and next to tell these children what they witnessed, that step that once seemed to have changed everything, they might well be greeted with a shrug. Or questions along the lines of And then what happened? The answer to that question is a complicated one that encompasses political change on Earth, a straitened sense of our national budget, and a certain failure of imagination. Not to mention that, after reaching out and touching our closest heavenly neighbor, any second act involving astronauts rather than robotic probes remains, even all these years later, incredibly difficult. These days, our space milestones are more prosaic; this weeks Endeavour mission will carry the 500th person into space. But not since 1972s Apollo 17 have humans traveled farther than low Earth orbit. For three years after that first visit to the moon we went back, explored, conducted experiments and then, nothing. We have sent machines to planets near and far and into the deep, open space beyond our solar system. But mankind, after that giant leap, has remained within the bounds of our home planets gravity. For those, like your reporter, who were awed by the great adventure of the Apollo program, this fact has been a slowly unfolding letdown. There have been, to be sure, triumphs in the intervening years, such as the gorgeous vistas into space (and back in time) afforded by the Hubble Space Telescope and the insights gleaned by the Mars rovers. But the promise of direct human connection with other worlds of returning to the moon and venturing on to Mars remains a remote one for our own space agency. As things stand, NASA will have to scramble to keep Americas launch capability alive after the space shuttles scheduled retirement at the end of next year. The plan, put forward by President George W. Bush in 2004, to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 as a steppingstone to a trip to Mars remains mired in budgetary questions. International efforts, such as those by the Chinese, to undertake similar missions on roughly the same timetable also seem uncertain. The most recent progress toward a mission to Mars comes from a Russian experiment in long-term human isolation more a baby step than a giant leap. With the future of manned space exploration unsure and distant, we might take a moment this week to thrill once again, four decades later, to remember a time when a moonwalk was so much more than a signature dance move. danRATHER Special to Florida Weekly One giant leap: 40 years laterGUEST OPINION The rosy apocalypse Buzz Aldrin climbs down the Eagles ladder to the surface in July 1969. Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong working at an equipment storage area on the lunar module in July 1969.PHOTO COURTESY NASA PHOTO COURTESY NASA


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PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 BY PAMELA V. KROL ____________________Special to Florida Weekly school where I taught (in Wolcott, N.Y., on Lake Ontario) was in an economically depressed area. Kids would often come to class with nothing, she says. I bought many a coat for kids who had no other means. In the five years since her move to Naples, Ms. Rowe says shes found the community to be filled with highly generous people who are willing to provide whatever help they can to the needy. Another of her other annual projects, and one she performs as part of her job at the Red Cross, involves collecting and sending Christmas stockings to military troops. We have a group of volunteers who sew about 1,000 stockings by hand and fill them with things donated by the community. Last year, 500 stockings went to soldiers in Kuwait and another 500 went to Iraq. Shell begin working on the donation drive to fill the stockings as soon as the back-to-school season ends. For our service people we are looking for anything they might enjoy or find useful. Some of the most popular items among the troops are UV sunglasses, Nerf footballs, playing cards, dice and bug repellant wipes. When it comes to donations for troops overseas or for children in our local schools, Ms. Rowe knows every little bit helps. Donations dont have to be large to be helpful, she says. If everybody gave just one or two items, we would be in great shape. 15 MINUTES She works with coordinators from area schools to ensure that the supplies are distributed to children most in need. As a teacher, she became accustomed to working with children who were economically disadvantaged and understands well the types of challenges that they can face just to attend school. The Pencils, paper, erasers, backpacks and all the other essentials for the first day of school are becoming increasingly difficult to afford, especially for the growing number of children in Collier County whose families are struggling to pay for even more basic needs such as food, medicine and housing. An elementary school teacher for 34 years in New York State, Denise Rowe has seen first-hand how difficult it is for kids to start school without the proper supplies. And for the past three years, shes made the grade organizing an effort to help make sure children in Collier County have what they need on the first day of class. The children shes most concerned about are homeless, and this year their numbers are more than ever before. Two years ago, Ms. Rowe says, there were 300 identified homeless children in the Collier County, and last year the number grew to 500. Today that number has jumped to 800 And thats the 800 we know about, she says. These kids have enough to overcome, she says. Providing them with new school supplies eases one burden for them and their families, and helps them look forward to the start of school rather than dread it. Ms. Rowe is a volunteer and the parttime assistant health and safety coordinator for the American Red Cross in Collier County. Although the local chapter does not officially sponsor the school-supplies drive, it does support Ms. Rowe in her effort to gather up warehouses full of pens, paper, notebooks, binders, glue sticks and assorted other must-haves for the first day of school. But shes concerned about having enough to go around this year. With economic times being so tough, there are more needy families than ever, and fewer spare dollars to go around, she says. Many local charities are feeling a real pinch, and their services are needed more than ever. Still, shes hopeful. I was concerned last year as well, but the bulk of the donated supplies we received came in during August, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that again this year, she says. Marco Office Supply has donated supplies as well as warehouse space to use as a drop-off location at 220 Industrial Blvd. Anyone who has items to donate can drop them off there or at Red Cross headquarters at 2610 Northbrooke Plaza Drive. Ms. Rowe is hard-pressed to say what supplies are needed most. Anything that kids use during the school year, from notebooks and backpacks to pens, pencils and new sneakers, is helpful. There are children in need of just about everything. Back to school means back to collecting supplies for needy childrenCOURTESY PHOTO Denise Rowe


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PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 DESIGNS 1 5 6 7 3 4 2FINE AT HOME WITH SEVEN ARCHITECTURAL GEMS hen Florida Weekly asked members of the local chapter of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA FLaSW) to pick some of the most notable residences in and around Naples, they embraced the task. Innovative architecture is rare, they said especially when compared to the number of homes that have been built in Collier County in the last century and they were happy to point out some excellent examples. Good design is not a function of size, they reminded us. Instead, its the result of myriad factors: a particular time, the layout of the property, the clients needs and money. Inevitably, trends and even fashion will play a part in determining how a house looks. But in this instance, style was not a determining factor. The collection of architectural accomplishments singled out by the AIA FLaSW is made up of original houses that have or will stand the test of time. They all function in the context and climate of Southwest Florida, as well as for the homeowner. The list is brief and by no means complete. Two outstanding homes one designed by Richard Meier in the late 1990s and another by Addison Mizner in the 1920s are not included because we couldnt get the right photos. And there is no hierarchy; each home stands on its own merit. Architect Joyce Owens, vice president of AIA FLaSW, coordinated the submissions and with fellow board members selected the residences. Before establishing her Southwest Florida practice, Ms. Owens owned a design firm in London, where her projects included private homes and retail schemes for clients including Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy, TAGHeuer and the late Isabella Blow. >> 1. PALM COTTAGE 137 12th Avenue South >> Year built: 1885 >> Owner: The Naples Historical Society >> Original owner: Walter Haldeman, publisher of the Louisville, Ky., Courier >> Construction: The landmark cottage is a ne example of tabbie mortar construction, a handmade concrete consisting of sand, shells and water. A widely respected symbol of Naples history and heritage, Palm Cottage is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information, call 261-8164 or visit Photography courtesy of the Naples Historical Society >> 2. HALDEMAN CREEK HOUSE The David Corban family residence 2832 Arbutus St. >> Year built: 2007 >> Architect: David Corban, AIA >> Builder: Tom Packard >> Awards: Award of Excellence, AAI FLaSW 2007 Design Conference Quite possibly the greenest home in Collier County, this residence is raised on pilings over a Gulf-access canal (which means the owner can park his boat under the house). The location over the water forms a microclimate that cools breezes passing through the numerous glass sliders by about 10 degrees, allowing the owners to go without air-conditioning for most of the year. Fiveto 12-foot overhangs, venting skylights and lightre ecting sunshades reduce the heat gain in the home. The builder demolished the old boathouse on the site by hand and retained the old-growth cypress framing and pecky cypress siding for use in the new home. Rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo ooring and recycled materials such as homasote board are also incorporated. A xeriscaped lawn reduces the need for watering; replacement of seawall with riprap provides a natural habitat for sh and wading birds. Photography by Ed Chappell >> 3. PRIVATE RESIDENCE Avion Park >> Year built: 2008 >> Architect: Dwight Oakley, AIA >> Builder: Mike Nourse Construction >> Awards: Award of Merit, AIA FLaSW 2008 Design Conference This quiet residential design distills modern and traditional characteristics into a light-hearted, comfortable and understated home. The project establishes its identity through a series of complementary exterior and interior details, mature landscape selections and the use of sustainable building concepts and materials. Floor plans and building cross-sections encourage natural ventilation and light qualities, while deep roof overhangs help minimize solar gain. Photography by Dwight Oakley >> 4. PRIVATE RESIDENCE 3777 Gordon Drive >> Year built: 2000 >> Architect: Dwight Oakley, AIA >> Builder: Newbury North Associates >> Awards: Award of Excellence, AIA FLaSW 2001 Design Conference Partially within Champney Bay and partially on land, this residence and boathouse of entirely new construction are within the original footprint of a 1930s working boathouse. Plans provide four independent bedrooms and associated living, dining and kitchen spaces with the living room physically and visually linked to the covered boat storage. While water, house, pavilion and expansive lawn all serve as components of this design assembly, they are organized to suggest a larger sense of family. Photography by Dwight Oakley >> 5. PRIVATE RESIDENCE REMODEL Ninth Avenue North >> Year completed: 2003 >> Architect: David Poorman, AIA >> Builder: Hagedorn & Sons >> Awards: Award of Excellence, AIA FLaSW 2006 Design Conference This house renovation transformed a typical suburban ranch-style house into a home for a small family relocating from a Midwest city. Taking former loft-apartment living patterns of the family as inspiration, the architect nearly stripped the house interior main living space walls to create an open space and unobstructed views. Sustainable principles utilized include reuse of demolished lumber ( rst-growth Southern yellow pine), recycled wood siding, terrazzo oors and bamboo ooring, carpeting tile made from recycled material, and plastic lumber decking. Photography by David Poorman >> 6. THE ZN RESIDENCE Quail West >> Year built: 1990 >> Architect: Andrea Clark Brown, AIA >> Builder: Carlson Harris General Contractors >> Awards: Award of Excellence, AIA FLaSW 1999 Design Conference This special site, with several tree hammocks and dense indigenous palm groves, provided a peaceful and private setting for a newly retired couples 5,200-squarefoot pavilion residence. Secreted among the wild growth, a Zen-like garden includes koi pond, natural black pool and boulders that serve as stepping stones from inside the residence to outside areas. A contemporary departure from the typical estate home, this residence has an open pavilion/loft layout with entry gallery, kitchen, dining, living and music media areas contained under a single ceiling canopy. Colonnades inside and out merge exterior and interior views for all sides. A minimalist expression in all functional elements provides a meditative setting and respite for the owners. Photography by Dan Forer >> 7. PRIVATE RESIDENCE Port Royal >> Year built: 1998 >> Architect: Andrea Clark Brown, AIA >> Builder: A. Vernon Allen Builder, Inc. >> Awards: Award of Excellence, AIA FLaSW 1999 Design Conference This 8,000-square-foot residence is symmetrically organized around a center entrance with garages to either side. As one enters the foyer, only a glimpse of a view can be seen of the next room on axis through an upper window between two sets of stairs. After walking around the stairways to the living room, one can enjoy the view of the in nity-edge pool that visually continues into the waterway of Gordon Pass. The family room, kitchen and dining room are adjacent to the living room, each with views of the water through screened porches. The twostory-high cypress ceiling of the screened porch continues into the house and becomes the ceiling of the master bedroom, located along the central axis. The symmetry is completed on the second oor with two waterfront bedroom suites, each with a screened porch, and two garden bedroom suites with access to the front porch. Skylight alleys separate the central living and master suite areas from the rest of the house. Photography by Dan ForerFLORIDA WEEKLY STAFFnews@ W


30sq. ft.


fled to Estero holding tight to his vision for a communal utopian community. While working as a medical doctor in Utica, N.Y., in 1869, Dr. Teed had a vision, a religious illumination, where his theory on a concave earth took hold. Whether his illumination was due to an electrical shock or exhaustion, he nonetheless experienced an angelic woman who spoke of universal truths. These truths became the underpinning of the Koreshan belief system. Dr. Teed (who changed his name to Koresh after the illumination) moved from town to town practicing medicine and spreading his doctrine. His thoughts attracted many members especially women, as his theory on womens rights gave them the hope of equality. But then, another of his tenets was celibacy, which explains the religions short life span. But thats another story. To test Dr. Teeds theory that the earth was a hollow sphere, Ulysses G. Morrow, a convert and member of the Koreshan geodetic staff, developed a rectilineator (the name of the tool that Mrs. Gaynor could not bring to mind) to measure the curvature of the earth. On Jan. 2, 1897, the geodetic staff reached their operating station at the home of Mr. Haldeman in Naples, where they planned to remain for five months. With them they brought the rectilineator and other instruments they deemed necessary for disproving Copernicus heliocentric theory that the earth revolved around the sun. At 8:50 on the morning of March 18, 1897, using his rectilineator, Dr. Teed NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 UNDERCOVER HISTORIAN How the Koreshans were connected with the founder of Naplesdocumented (at least in his mind) one part of his theory, that the earths surface was concave. Of course, the news quickly hit Mr. Haldemans Kentucky newspaper and subsequently became headlines around the country. I dont know if the Koreshans had a huge surge in converts or if Mr. Haldeman closed on the sale of any more lots as a result of this study, but I do know this much: It was a brilliant marketing tactic, and Copernicus world view still reigns supreme. On an almost completely unrelated note: The accompanying photo shows some of the Koreshan geodetic staff in front of their operating station at the Haldeman home in Naples. Note the interesting pattern of tiles on the roof, which is how homes in Naples were identified long before concrete street markers were installed. Two weeks ago I wrote about a concrete marker that was thought to be the last one. After that column, I was contacted by Lisa Fleming, who wrote about the markers three years ago and was the propelling force that saved this piece of history now firmly in place at the corner of Third Street South and Third Avenue South. Ms. Fleming told me Sue and Hobb Wilson of Trophy Case of Naples had graciously donated the plaque on top of the street marker. The final frontier of Southwest Florida attracted all walks of life, men and women who were connected by the common thread of adventure and freedom. Perhaps nowhere is this connection so unusual as the one between Walter Haldeman, the founder of Naples, and Dr. Cyrus Teed, founder of the Koreshan Unity settlement in Estero. What was the name of that thing they used in the experiment? Lavern Gaynor asked of herself as she showed me a photo she had received from Charles Dauray, a former president of the Naples Historical Society and the current president and chairman of the College of Life Foundation (which holds the remaining assets of the Koreshans). While Mrs. Gayor couldnt remember the name of the tool Dr. Teed used, she did remember where he conducted his experiment and what he hoped to prove: that the earth was a concave sphere. The experiment was carried out on the beach in front of Mr. Haldemans house next to the Naples Pier. What better place to conduct a monumental study that could attract converts to a new religion as well as customers for lots in the new town Mr. Haldeman was touting? (Of course, it didnt hurt that Mr. Haldeman was a respected newspaperman and owner of the Louisville (Ky.) Courier. Just like the Puritans fled to America to practice their religious beliefs free from harassment and persecution, so too did the followers of Dr. Teed, who BY LOIS BOLIN ____________________Special to Florida WeeklyThe Haldeman House, headquarters for the Koreshan geodetic staff. CHARLES DAURAY / COURTESY PHOTO Lunch k DinnerTry the most beautiful dining room in town10154 Heritage Bay Blvd. Naples, FL 34120(East of I-75 off Immokalee Rd.) 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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A11 Father Richard Sanders, one of the heroes in the historic story of Immokalee, will be the subject of a free lecture at Moorings Park Learning Center at beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 29. Father Sanders was a Trappist monk who founded Naples first Spanish mission at St. Peter the Apostle Church in 1978 and was later transferred to Immokalees Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. He died there at age 47 and is buried next to the church. More than just the story of a monk called from his abbey to help the poor, this presentation will be an overview of modern history, including the effects of the writings of Thomas Merton, the Cesar Chavez farmworker movement and the struggles of the immigrants to make a home in their new country. Carlene Thissen, the author of several books on Immokalee, will present the program that is sponsored by The Frances Pew Hayes Center for Lifelong Learning at Hodges University. Attendance is free, but reservations are required and can be made by calling Christine Wheeler at 598-6133. Hodges University presents free lecture on history of ImmokaleeThe Naples Newcomers Club is designed to help women who have been permanent residents of Naples for no more than five years meet and develop friendships with others who are new to the area. Members encourage one another to learn about Naples, its culture and lifestyle and to develop friendships by sharing interests and hobbies with each other. The club holds a luncheon meeting on the second Thursday of each month, year round. Orientation for prospective members is held on the first Thursday of every month. Groups within the club meet for outings and to share varied interests, from mah jongg and duplicate bridge to gourmet cooking and discussions about philosophy. Club officers recently elected for the coming year are: Betty Hughes, president; Mary Davis, Diane Pribanic, Nance Kinney and Brenda Kefauver, vice presidents; Mary Hoeh, secretary; Karen Dautrich, treasurer; Jenny Anton, luncheon reservations. For more information. call 298-4083 or visit Get acquainted with the Naples Newcomers Club We Will BEAT Euro Kitchen Designs 234.1587 | M-F 9-5pm | Sat 10-5pm|| Up to 50% off select designs ask for detailsSUMMER SAVINGS 20% OFF SANDERS Visit the Family Transtion Blog at Follow me on Twitter@LifeBridgeSolns


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Offer valid while supplies last. No escape from realityScientology trains its leaders a good deal more aggressively than other religions do, judging by the revelations by four former church officials to the St. Petersburg Times in June. In an exercise concocted by founder L. Ron Hubbard, leaders who screw up are taken out to sea and forced off a gangplank with the admonition, We commit your sins and errors to the deep and trust you will rise a better Thetan (immortal spiritual being). The rituals can also take place in a cold swimming pool, with the transgressors in business suits. Also, to test leaders commitment, the head Scientologist, with a boombox, conducts games of musical chairs to reward the last man sitting (using the music of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody: Is this the real life? / Is this just fantasy? / Caught in a landslide / No escape from reality). People with issuesLawyer Larry Wilder, who works part-time as city attorney for Jeffersonville, Ind., was found by police in the early morning hours of June 3, sleeping off an apparently heavy night of drinking. He was discovered in a neighbors yard, his head and torso inside a garbage can that was tipped over on its side, with his legs sticking out. He had recently represented the city in a highprofile case in the Indiana Court of Appeals. NEWS OF THE WEIRD BY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATELatest religious messages The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Prayer order in La Crosse, Wis., is now in its 131st consecutive year of around-theclock prayer, in shifts, at its Adoration Chapel. The Sisters ritual is based on an 1865 promise by the orders superior that if God graced their ministries with success, they would build a chapel and pray non-stop. Ms. Dyker Neyland is one of the few parents who have successfully challenged a school boards restrictive student dress code for adolescents. Neyland persuaded the board in Irving, Texas, this spring that devout religious modesty (as prescribed in the Bible by 1 Timothy 2:9) should take precedence over the districts no-untuckedshirttails rule, in that the extended shirttail provides additional cover for her 7-yearold daughters backside. Questionable judgments A June Government Accountability Office report revealed that people on the U.S.s suspected-terrorist list tried to buy guns or explosives on at least 1,000 occasions in the last five years and were successful 90 percent of the time. One suspect managed to buy 50 pounds of explosives. Federal law treats the suspected-terrorist list as no-fly and no-visa but not no-gun. The normal way that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons transfers low-risk inmates between institutions is to buy them bus tickets and release them unescorted with an arrival deadline. In the last three years, reported the Las Vegas Sun in May, 90,000 inmates were transferred this way, and only about 180 absconded. Though supposedly carefully pre-screened for risk, one man still on the loose is Dwayne Fitzen, a gang-member/biker who was halfway through a 24-year sentence for cocainedealing. (Since the traveling inmates are never identified as prisoners, Greyhound is especially alarmed at the policy.) established by Paul Newman and continues the late actors commitment to donate all net profits and royalties earned from the sale of Newmans Own products to charity. The Newmans Own Foundation grant of $30,000 to Hope for Haiti is just a beginning, however; another $40,000 must be raised in order to purchase the Mobile Medical Mission truck. Hope for Haiti plans to serve 30,000 people a year through its medical missions in the rural areas of Haiti. Indirectly, upwards of 500,000 people will be served, as the truck will deliver $15 million worth of medications and medical supplies to clinics, hospitals, nutrition centers, schools, pre-natal centers and orphanages. For information on how you can help Hope for Haiti, call 434-7183 or visit FOUNDATIONFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOHope for Haiti co-founder and board president JoAnne Kuehner and volunteers Francesca and Richard Copeland, Lynne Redmond and Tom OReilly with Survival Buckets and emergency medical supplies bound for Haiti.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NEWS A13 as young as you feel ookBotoxTM TM Nadia A. Kazim, MD Eyelid & Facial Cosmetic SurgeonEva Maloney Esthetician and Certied Medical ElectrologistFor a personal consultation, call 418-0999 12731 New Brittany Blvd. Fort Myers www.bettervision.netTHE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAY MENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT WHICH IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATIONS, OR TREATMENT. THE RISKS, BENEFITS AND ALTERNATIVES WILL BE DISCUSSED DURING THE PATIENTS CONSULTATION. Save $50 SUMMER Discount Offer not valid with other discounts. Must present ad at time of appointment. Offer expires 9.22.09 LJerome A. Jerry Jackson plunges into his jam-packed office on a quest that would discourage most mortals. He maneuvers past the whisky bottle shaped like an ivory-billed woodpecker, shipped to him as a token of respect for his acclaimed book, In Search of the IvoryBilled Woodpecker. He moves past photos of his six children, past books hes written, stacks of paper, boxes of correspondence and assorted birds nests. Past photos hes shot in Cuban mountains and remote Southern swamps where hes heard, but never seen, the elusive (and likely extinct) ivory-billed woodpecker. He even has to slip past boxes of movies used in an undergraduate class, Issues in Science and Technology, which explores the science behind big-name films wolf habits and habitats depicted in Never Cry Wolf, for example, or the clown fish and coral reefs from Finding Nemo. Finally he tracks down his quarry, hoisting aloft a chunk of metal and wood, a prize that bears the inscription: The Margaret Morse Nice Medal for Lifetime Contributions to Ornithology, 2008. Jackson, an FGCU professor of ecological sciences and former Whitaker Eminent Scholar in Science, wont say it, but its the Oscar of ornithology, one of the most prestigious awards an ornithologist can receive.Given annually by the Wilson Ornithological Society to individuals with significant contributions to science and ornithology, the medal celebrates Jacksons lifetime of discovery and achievement. In other words, this award is big unlike his office, which measures about 10 feet by 8 feet. Within this Lilliputian habitat resides a leviathan mind, with a passion for learning and teaching to match.He has ambitious plans for what you need to learn, and he doesnt let up on you, says Patty Borden, who has studied ornithology and biogeography with him. Borden is a student with undergraduate and graduate degrees, returning after years away from academia to gain a contemporary understanding of environmental science. Dr. Jackson has a remarkable capacity to invoke a sense of wonder and awe in the natural world, she says. He subtly transforms all of the students in our class into stewards of the earth. And his enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity are contagious. At the end of each class, we all wish we could stay for even just a few more moments. After 30 years at Mississippi State University, Jackson came to FGCU a decade ago, sharing his enthusiasm with students, while teaching them to approach science devoid of wishful thinking or fantasy. He demonstrated that approach two years ago, when Cornell University ornithologists introduced a low-quality videotape of a bird they claimed was an ivorybilled woodpecker in an Arkansas forest. The revelation brought instant acclaim and international excitement, but Jackson, ignoring the potential dip in his own popularity, studied the evidence more skeptically. He concluded that his colleagues likely had mistaken the more common pileated woodpecker for the ivory-billed. (A year earlier, after years of research and serving on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Advisory Committee, Jackson had published a book on the ivory-bill and was considered the expert on the species.) In a report that gained national and international prominence, he called the faulty sighting, faith-based ornithology, which earned him no love at Cornell, he recalls, but garnered the respect of scientists from around the world, who studied the evidence and concurred with Jacksons conclusions. Thats not the role he relishes most, he concedes. The joy and yes, I mean real joy that I find in learning and teaching about the living world comes from student recognition of the tremendous diversity of life, he says.He shares that joy for the natural world with radio listeners each weekday at 7:19 a.m. on WGCU-FM, 90.1 on the dial, concluding with his trademark line: With the Wild Things, Im Dr. Jerry Jackson. FGCU Professor Emeritus William Hammond, a celebrated scholar and teacher in his own right, calls him, the Godfather of all the wild things. I like just about everything about him. Hes a gifted teacher, a gifted scholar, a gifted parent, a gifted photographer. And hes world-renowned for his work on woodpeckers. If youre a wild thing, a student or a fellow scientist, you couldnt have a better champion unless youre an invasive species, such as the black spinytail iguana. An invasive species expert and member of the National Invasive Species Advisory Committee, Jackson studied and helped Lee County officials determine how to rid Gasparilla Island of thousands of the destructive pests, beginning three years ago, encouraging them to take a broader approach than merely trapping or shooting them. Pointing out that iguanas can lay 80 eggs at a time, have no natural predators here, may carry salmonella and have other unpleasant habits, he rethought the approach to eradication, suggesting that the burgeoning population be attacked in the winter, when its most vulnerable. By closing their nesting burrows and getting rid of exotic plants that theyre feeding on (especially Brazilian pepper), he told National Geographic News, we could exercise a natural control over them, to some extent. Thats simply applied science, one of Jacksons many talents, says Win Everham, professor of environmental studies. He really is an eminent scholar, Everham says. He has such a deep background, he knows so much, he has written so much, and what I think makes Jerry unique is the fact that he straddles the border between science and the humanities. Some of what he writes is very much for the general public, including some of his books and his radio program and hes just such a good writer. It helps all of us other scientists at FGCU to have such a good example of someone who makes all those connections. Jackson modestly ascribes that capacity to FGCU itself, which he calls the most collegial place Ive ever been. Donna Price Henry, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, praises both his scholarship and his teaching, a skill at which many famous scholars fail, she says. Jerry is uniquely qualified to fit in here, she says. Not only does he bring his eminence and world-renowned knowledge of ornithology, but he has this uncanny ability to teach at any level. Ive seen him reach students who are pre-k, elementary, high school, university or grad students and he can work so well with other scholars. Jackson teaches in the universitys lifelong learning program, the Renaissance Academy. He also accompanies middle-school students from urban settings to the Amazon River basin or the Arctic Circle each summer as part of the international Global Explorers program. He is, says Henry, what anyone would call a master teacher, with a very strong scholarly expertise. Jacksons zeal for learning and teaching seems imbedded in his DNA. Its been that way his entire life, says his oldest son, Jerry Jackson Jr., photo editor at the Baltimore Sun newspaper. Our family trips were always different, his son says. We always went to Iowa (where Jackson grew up), but I remember one summer when he was studying cliff swallows or barn swallows, I think. We would stop at almost every bridge on the highway and look for them. So we were always having an adventure and doing stuff nobody elses kids did. For two Christmases, we volunteered as park rangers on Horn Island (off the Mississippi coast where the family relieved the rangers to give them vacations). One year half our presents went in the drink, trying to make the trip. Inevitably, though, the family came back with the gift of greater experience and knowledge, gained by doing something nobody else would do. Such is Jacksons approach to life, and one he sees no point in changing. I cant imagine a better life for me, he says. Retirement? Ill never retire. This is too much fun. Reprinted from Pinnacle magazine, Florida Gulf Coast University Bird man of Southwest FloridaProfessor lives to learn and teach about the wild thingsSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY Dr. Jerry Jackson with a whimbrelCOURTESY PHOTO Facts of Life Born: Fort Benning, Ga.; raised in Burlington, Iowa Age: 65 Education: Bachelor of science, Iowa State University; doctoral degree, University of Kansas Favorite living bird species: The red-cockaded woodpecker, because its endangered and we had one that lived in our house for 17 years. We found her as a fledgling with broken wings and legs, and had to have a permit to keep her. She became a member of the family, and became the oldest known red-cockaded woodpecker on record. Favorite non-living bird species: I better not say the ivory-billed woodpecker, because I hope they still exist. Maybe its the dodo bird, simply because it is so important to conservation today as an icon of extinction. They probably became extinct in about 1600 A.D. Its the first species of anything known to have become extinct. Prior to the recognition that it was gone, the Catholic church believed God had created everything, and it would exist to the end of time. The idea that humans could cause extinction wasnt thought possible. Family: Dr. Bette Jackson, FGCU chair of biological sciences; six children, six grandchildren Favorite adventure: Probably the first time I was in Cuba, 1987. I had been invited there in my capacity as a director of the International Council of Bird Preservation to evaluate the status of conservation in Cuba. For five weeks we had total freedom to go everywhere, and at the end received an engraved invitation to appear on a reviewing stand for the May Day parade with Fidel Castro. Heroes: My wife is my hero, and beyond that maybe (renowned ornithologist) George Sutton and Jim Tanner (author of The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker). Most important thing to do before you die or quit working: Whos going to do either? I want to see my kids grow up and be successful, hold my grandkids on my knee and take them into the field and show them some of the wonderful things in nature. COURTESY PHOTO Great white heron

PAGE 14 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 HEALTHY LIVINGArt Bastianello, 64, of Roswell, Ga., says hes alive today thanks to an automated external defibrillator. During one of his routine workouts at the YMCA in January 2006, Mr. Bastianello had a heart attack. While he doesnt remember the event, witnesses told him later that he was on a circuit training machine when he collapsed. Before an ambulance arrived, a YMCA staff member revived him with an AED. Mr. Bastianello says the AED absolutely saved his life: Theres no doubt about that. If I had been home, if I had been in my car . It was just a convergence of luck.The AED differenceAn AED is a portable electronic BY STACEY SINGER ____________________Special To Florida WeeklyPHIL SKINNER / COX NEWSPAPERSArt Bastianello works out at the YMCA in Dunwood, Ga. An automated external defibrillator helped him when he had a heart attack there in 2006. Trying to condense her dads colorful life into a few paragraphs when he died unexpectedly at a young 73 gave Susan Soper an all-too-keen awareness of the difficulty, if not impossibility of the task. She got the call at 1:30 a.m. and had only a few hours to write her beloved fathers obituary while trying to contact her siblings (one was on vacation in a remote location) and simultaneously packing for an early-morning, six-hour drive to help with funeral arrangements. As a former journalist, Ms. Soper actually had an advantage as she struggled to recall specific dates and facts for the required notice. Even so, she feels she did the writing job on the fly. In the aftermath, partially to deal with the grief of her dads untimely death, Ms. Soper became a bit obsessed with reading obituaries wherever she happened to be. And she made some surprising discoveries. I am always amazed by what I learn about people I thought I knew when I read their death notices in the paper, she said. For instance, I never knew my best friends mother was a biology major in 1935.Ms. Soper eventually came to believe that because each persons life is a treasure, it shouldnt be committed to a shoebox or someone elses memory. That belief in turn spurred her to create ObitKit, a quick and sensible (but sensitive) guide to help anyone personalize their obituary.Boomers are such control freaks, said Ms. Soper, the director of marketing and communications at Olgethorpe University in Atlanta (where shes class of ). We want to control everything, not just till the end of our lives, but beyond. And by overseeing that final resume, we can make sure its accurate and thorough. Since its hard to anticipate what it is you want to know, Ms. Soper tried to make the questions in ObitKit comprehensive, covering not just the markers of a persons life, but also the personal, intimate things. Even so, the book doesnt require you to actually write your obit: ObitKits friendly, fill-in-the-blank process just prompts you to supply the right information for those wholl do the writing when the time comes. The questions ensure that plenty of quirky, individual details will be at your familys fingertips when needed. Many require perspective only you possess: Any regrets or roads not taken? What was your favorite job? Any lessons learned from a favorite mentor? Happiest trips and the circumstances. Favorite things about yourself. Space is also provided for details about education, job history and family members, along with practical matters concerning such things as organ donation, insurance policies, the location of the safety deposit key and passwords for the computer. All too often, people postpone thinking about their death until a health scare, but Ms. Soper, whose work history includes jobs at Newsday, CNN and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, hopes her book will change that.The best time to fill out the ObitKit is when you are really living your life, feeling good, working hard playing too when the idea of an obituary is the last thing on your mind, she writes. If you wait until youre ill, the work could take on a gloomy tone and your life wouldnt be represented in as upbeat a way as it deserves.Soper even pictures how fun the process might be with girlfriends and a glass of wine, away from the pressures and interruptions of life, having conversations about whats been meaningful in your life. A group process adds layers, she said, because its not just your perspective, but also those of people who are close to you. Just as 20 years ago there were no wedding planners, Ms. Soper believes that in 20 years, funeral planning will be an industry. Funerals are already being produced, she said, with soloists, personalized music, booklets, you name it. From the Beatles to the Episcopal hymnal, anything goes. Since uncertainty about the deceased persons wishes can add to sadness, Ms. Soper favors planning. Its not in bad taste, she stressed. We all have to prepare for this. Its the one universal thing we share. Were all going to die. Hopefully later rather than sooner, but why not be prepared the same way we prepare for college or marriage or raising kids? Sometime the stigma has to come off, and I think thats happening with us boomers. ObitKit prompts baby boomers to record details for ultimate obituariesdevice that automatically diagnoses potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of the heart and attempts to stop them with defibrillation. The American Heart Association estimates that more than 95 percent of people who go into sudden cardiac arrest die. However, in places where defibrillation is provided within five to seven minutes, the AHA says the survival rate is as high as 30-45 percent. The automated part is a big factor in those higher survival rates. Dr. Van Crisco, an interventional cardiologist at St. Josephs and Northside hospitals in the Atlanta area, says that with the old, manually activated defibrillators, the user had to grab paddles, put them on the chest, crank it up to the right voltage and defibrillate the person. The general public was not trained to use that effectively, he says. But now, with the easier-to-use automated defibrillators, he says, The general community can participate in the resuscitative care of patientsAED accessMore public places are offering AEDs, says Liz Zaharopoulos, preparedness and education manager for the American Red Cross, Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter. Every airport has AEDs, federal buildings, sports arenas, schools, universities, school systems have gotten grants for them ... many faith-based organizations, anyplace where the public gathers, says Ms. Zaharopoulos.AEDs saving more livesMore public places have them, and they are now easier to useAEDs are equipped with voice instructions so that anybody even without training can use them.BY ANNE RODGERS ____________________Special To Florida Weekly Home useSo if AEDs are so effective and easy to use, why doesnt everyone have one in their home? The cost could be a hindrance. Benjamin Karp, president and owner of Georgia CPR, an AED distributor, says his AEDs range from $1,275 to $1,800. But despite the hefty price tag, he says he sells a lot to individuals. One of the units that I sell, which is called the Philips on-site, is available for home use without a prescription. All other AEDs require a physicians prescription for purchase, Mr. Karp says. Its important to do your homework when selecting an AED, Mr. Karp says. There are reliability studies; there are ease-of-use studies. There are AEDs that are plagued with recalls.TrainingAEDs are equipped with voice instructions so that anybody even without training can use them. However, the Red Cross encourages everybody to have CPR and AED training for two reasons: If the initial shock doesnt work, the AED will instruct the responder to follow up with CPR. Also, It gives the person confidence, Ms. Zaharopoulos says. Theres a greater chance of them actually using an AED.Mr. Karp says that the beauty of the AED is that it cant hurt the patient. We as lay responders dont have to make the shock or no shock decision, he says. It wont allow you to deliver a shock unless the patient needs a shock.


Amazing. Grace. New Regional Cancer Center Treats Mind and BodyLee Memorial Health System took a holistic approach when we created the Regional Cancer Center, a multi-disciplinary hub that treats nearly every aspect of cancer care, both physical and emotional, all under one roof. Oncology physicians are partnering with LMHS to create a destination treatment center with todays best practices for cancer treatment, including the Trilogy system that uses threedimensional imaging to deliver incredibly precise treatment exactly where it needs to go. The Commission on Cancer has designated Lee Memorial Health System as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer program, its highest accreditation possible.World class health care is closer than you think. certied pharmacists & technicians resource library quality of life patients


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA16 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Community Blood Center has launched its Ticket to Paradise sweepstakes for those who give blood between now and Labor Day. Donors at the CBC in Naples and Bonita Springs, as well as those who visit the bloodmobile on its rounds, will qualify for a chance to win one of four Lovers Key Resort staycation packages for two and one of four Cruise Naples boat packages. Community Blood Center of Naples, 311 Ninth Street North, Suite 108 in the Medical Plaza Building: Regular hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday. Call 436-5455. Community Blood Center of Bonita Springs, 9170 Bonita Beach Road. Suite 102: Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursdays and Friday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). Call 495-1138. Upcoming bloodmobile sites: Friday, July 24: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Uno Chicago Grill, 2380 Vanderbilt Beach Road. Donors will receive coupons for Sports Clips and Uno Chicago Grill. Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26: Noon to 6 p.m., Hollywood 20, 6006 Hollywood Blvd. Donors will get a free movie ticket. Monday, July 27: 1-4 p.m., Fifth Third Bank, 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road. Donors will receive a coupon for a haircut at Sports Clips. Wednesday, July 29: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., TIB Bank, 8100 Health Center Blvd., Bonita Springs. Donors get a Sports Clips coupon and a chance in a drawing for TIB Bank gift basket.Friday, July 31: 1-4 p.m., the Collier County Health Department, 3301 Tamiami Trail East. Donors get a Sports Clips coupon.Friday, July 31: 8-11 a.m., Wilson Miller, 3200 Bailey Lane. Donors get a coupon from Sports Clips. For more information about donating blood, call 436-5455 or visit Joseph Bernard, chief operating officer with Physicians Regional Healthcare System, will discuss the issues surrounding health care reform and the challenges of health care delivery at the next Orion in the Round program at Orion Bank on Marco Island on Wednesday, July 29. Following a 22-year distinguished career in the United States Marine Corps, primarily as a helicopter pilot, Mr. Bernard retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel. He gains his experience and expertise in health care management at medical centers in Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte. The free event will begin with refreshments at 6:30 p.m., followed by Mr. Bernards presentation at 7 p.m. A questionand-answer session will follow at 8 p.m. Seating is limited. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 403-5169. Orion Bank on Marco Island is at 605 Bald Eagle Drive. Blood donors will quality for Ticket to ParadiseMaking sense of the health care reform maze 62 Years and OlderBefore You Re nance ConsiderA REVERSE MORTGAGE ATTENTION SENIOR CITIZENS!!!California Finance Lender #CL0703944Ask For RM Dept.Call Today Senior American Funding954-985-2482 (Across from Bass Pro Shops, next to Bar Louie and Border BooksThe MBT SuperstoreMens $ offWomens & PHYSICAL THERAPY THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE PAIN MANAGEMENT Pain Medication Injections AQUATIC THERAPY WELLNESS SERVICES EMG/NCV STUDIES Nerve TestingOur highly skilled staff treats every patient with compassion and dignity.Committed to listening to each patient concerns, we use our diverse resources and abilities to improve function and decrease pain. 90 Cypress Way, Suite 60Conveniently located in North Naples on the corner of Immokalee & Airport Pulling Roadswww.JAFFESPORTSMEDICINE.COM239-254-7778 Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Assignment Most Insurance Plans AcceptedJAFFE SPORTS MEDICINE AND REHABILITATIONPHYSICAL AQUATIC THERAPY AND PAIN MANAGEMENT NO REFERRALS NEEDED TREATING THE WHOLE PERSON . NOT JUST THE PROBLEM!MEDICALLY SUPERVISED BY A BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIANsports medicine and rehabilitation KELLY INSPECTION SERVICECGC058908WIND MITIGATION INSPECTIONSYou can save up to 50% on your home owners insurance by having us inspect your home forONLY $95.00. CALL TODAY TO SAVE! (239) 572-2400CGC058908YOUR COMPLETE COPY CENTER 239-262-7400 info@myblueprinter.net1450 Airport Road North Suite B Naples, FL 34104MY BLUEPRINTER INC.Large Format DIGITAL & COLOR Reprographic Services Scan Copy Archive Enlarge Reduce Mount CD Burn Email 40% OFF VACCINES With This Ad -THE PATIENTS AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT WHICH IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 62 HOURS OR RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE DISCOUNTED FEE OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT. INCLUDES Anesthesia & HospitalizationCat Neuter $40.00 Cat Spay $60.00 Cat Declaw $90.00 Dog Neuter Dog Spay $80.00 $90.00 Medications & Blood Test Not Included DOGS Reg. Price OUR PRICE Rabies $15.00 $9.00 DHPPC $27.00 $16.20 Bordatella $16.00 $9.60DELMAR VETERINARY CLINICDR. PATRICE JACKSON D.V.M.239-331-38517785 Davis Blvd. Ste. 104, Naples CATS Reg. Price OUR PRICE Rabies $15.00 $9.00 FVRCP $20.00 $12.00 Bordatella $16.00 $9.60 NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS OR PRIOR SERVICESNOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS OR PRIOR SERVICES WITH THIS COUPON. NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS OR PRIOR SERVICES. EXPIRES 08/31/09 WITH THIS COUPON. NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS OR PRIOR SERVICES. EXPIRES 08/31/09Medications Not Included


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NEWS A17 BEFORE THE STORM & HEAT WAVE WINDOWS & STORM PROTECTIONStorm Protection as low as $10per sq.ft$1500 Energy Tax Credit*ACT NOW! www.clearchoice-sw .com Locally Owned & OperatedCALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE VISIT US ONLINE*set appointment for details $ 185 ANY SIZEWHITE VINYL SINGLE HUNG REPLACEMENT WINDOWSUp to 52 Wide, Dual Pane Plus Standard Installation. 4 Window Minimum Impact Resistant WindowsAVAILABLE OUTDOORS Too often when people around here are dissatisfied with something, they mention how things are done up north, implying that Florida is the drain of the nation in terms of policy and logic. Starting Saturday, Aug. 1, Florida anglers will be required to buy a license to fish from shore. This is the way its been done in many northern and western states for years. But this is one case where I wouldnt argue that the up north places were right, but that its actually about time Florida start doing this. Sure, the economy is depressed and this isnt the greatest time to hit coastal anglers with a fee. But it seemed rather odd that no license fee was being collected from shore anglers to funnel back to the natural resource that continually is feeling pressure thanks to population growth. The money will help fund marine resource research, management and law enforcement. Plus the feds hold a card in this that Ill tell you about in a minute. Bottom line for now: Resident anglers who fish for saltwater species from shore or a structure affixed to shore must have a $9 shoreline fishing license or a $17 regular saltwater fishing license. Things stay the same for out-of-staters. They need a regular nonresident saltwater fishing license to fish from shore or from a boat. Short-term and annual nonresident fishing licenses cost between $17 and $47. As with any new law, exceptions exist: The license fees listed above probably wont be your true out-of-pocket expense. Additional fees may apply to both inand out-of-state licenses, depending on where you buy the license. I always buy mine over the phone on a toll-free number, which costs me a few bucks more but which is completely convenient. People who fish in their home county using live or natural bait on a line or pole without a line-retrieval mechanism dont need a license. Not many of us hook-andline fish without a reel, but if youre one of them, youre spared. If you use nets, traps, gigs, spears or gather your seafood by hand, you dont get that exemption listed above. Thats just for the cane-pole or Cuban yoyo crowd. If you qualify for temporary cash assistance, food stamps or Medicaid, you dont have to have the new shoreline license. Just be sure to bring proof with you when you hit the waters edge so you can show the officer who stops to check your license. If youre over age 65 or younger than 16, you can fish without a license. Im glad they didnt tamper with this part of the law. Active-duty military personnel can fish without a license while home on leave in Florida. If you fish from piers, check this out: Licensed fishing piers have other licenses that cover everyone who fishes from them. Confused? Consider this suggestion from the Florida Fish and Conservation Commission, the governing body in this regulation. The FWC suggests the $17 regular saltwater fishing license may be the best option for most resident anglers unless they are certain they will fish only from shore or a structure affixed to shore all year.By the way, if you already have a regular saltwater fishing license, you wont have to purchase one of these saltwater shoreline ones. Youre covered. Ultimately, FWC officials say theyre just helping us anglers out by creating this shoreline fishing license. It means the Florida Legislature arranged for Florida anglers to be exempt from a more expensive federal angler registration requirement that will take effect in 2011. To find out more, go online to www. Click on Newsroom and Media Resources.Gone to the birdsIf the license fee makes you want to get out of fishing, then try bird watching. You wont be alone. A recent report shows bird watchers and wildlife viewers spend $3.1 billion a year in Florida, which means they support roughly 35,000 jobs as they travel around the state and its Great Florida Birding Trail. The trail has 489 sites and offers a showcase for the 504 bird species counted in Florida. By the way, you should feel lucky. Roughly only 800 species are recorded in the entire United States. More people travel to Florida to see wildlife than any other state, said the FWCs Mark Kiser, who handles the trail. The economic boost from birding is enough to encourage communities to conserve their wild lands so the wildlife viewers will keep coming, he said. Its easy to start bird watching. Grab binoculars, a bird book and a camera. Bring a pad of paper to record what species you find. Who knows, you may see one of the 135 species that are considered exotic and just think, you wouldnt even have to own a passport or travel far to add such a bird to your brand new life list. Betsy Clayton is a freelancer based on Pine Island and also is Lee County Parks & Recreations waterways coordinator. Contact her at betsyCLAYTON Shore fishermen will need a license beginning Aug. 1FLORIDA WEEKLY FILE PHOTOFishing from the shore at Turner Beach. Beginning Aug. 1, shore fishermen must have a state license. 593-6879Visit Surroundings showroom to nd the perfect treasure for your home. Whether you are looking for a whole house, a room, or one special piece you are sure to nd a whole lot more! Accepting and Selling Consignments Daily. Fine consignments for e Home

PAGE 18 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA18 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Pets of the WeekTo adopt a petAll dogs and cats adopted from The Humane Society Naples come with a medical exam, vaccinations, sterilization surgery, ID microchip and 30 days of free pet health insurance. Visit the ne pets ready for adoption at The Humane Society Naples, 370 Airport-Pulling Road North, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Call 643-1555 or visit >>Gertie is an adorable 1-year-old Shih Tzu mix whos very ready for a new home. Her adoption fee is $125. >>Werner is a 1-year-old Weimaraner whos smart and energetic and enjoys being around people. His adoption fee is $75. >>Betsy is a beautiful and athletic 1-yearold who loves to play games. Shes a bargain, too, with an adoption fee of $27.50 during July. >>Kasia is a 6-year-old Siamese mix. Quiet and shy, she really wants to be in a loving home. Her adoption fee is $27.50 during July. HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SUN SOLAR POWER YOUR HOME & SAVE Up to 30% Presidential Models Limited Instant Rebate Offer Valid Through 8/15/09 1-866-558-0312lably. Use your best judgment as to when to let a dog off the leash in areas where doing so is allowed, and be sure that your dog isnt annoying other people or pets. Pick up after em. Take your dog to out-of-the-way places on resort property to do his business the corner of the far parking lot, not the grassy inner courtyard. No leg-lifting allowed near rooms and eating areas. Make it so the pick iest dog hater on Earth wouldnt notice that your dog has been around. And finally, dont forget to show your appreciation. Those of us who travel with our pets realize its a privilege, not a right, to have a nice place to stay in. So along with keeping your pet from being a nuisance, dont forget to say thank you to resort staff, and tip generously when appropriate. Pets mean extra work for the people who work at these places, so lets try to keep them on our side. Shorter vacations and destinations accessible by car are perfect for canine travelers. This is the summer when people are discovering the wonders close by, skipping that exotic jet-away for a vacation thats shorter, cheaper and accessible by car. And that means a lot of pets are going, too. The trend toward taking dogs along has been building for a long time, with both low-end and luxury hotels increasingly not only accepting dogs, but also actively welcoming them with such previously unheard-of lures as room service and dog walkers. The best way to plan your pet-friendly vacation? Check out Web sites and guidebooks dedicated to traveling with pets, and look for ads in pet-related magazines and newsletters. Youll find information as to which restaurants welcome dogs on their patios, which beaches or other recreational areas offer legal off-leash exercise, and even the locations of the nearest self-serve dog wash. Youll always want to know the location of nearby veterinarians, as well, just in case. Dont rely on any listing or book too much, though. Policies change, which PET TALES Pets? You bet!is why its essential to always call ahead and confirm that pets are still welcome where youve made your reservations. And dont forget to ask about weight limits: Some hotels welcome dogs, but only small ones. Even though more people than ever are traveling with their dogs, there are plenty of people who dont like sharing space with the four-legged tourists. There are also plenty of resort properties that are one pet mess away from changing to a no-dog policy. That means you and your dog must be above reproach, to keep a great place open for future pet travel. Three rules for considerate pet travel: Keep em clean. Your dog should be healthy, well-groomed and clean-smelling. Always dry off wet dogs and wipe off muddy feet using your towels, not the motels before allowing your dog inside. Cover furniture, carpets and bedspreads with your old sheets and towels. And if you need to bathe your dog, be sure, again, to use your towels and clean up afterward. Keep em under control. Your dog should be obedient, friendly but not annoying, and never aggressive not to people, not to pets and not to wildlife. Do not allow your dog to bark uncontrol-BY DR. MARTY BECKER & GINA SPADAFORI_______________________________Universal Press SyndicateTough economy pushes out welcome mat for canine travelers to a nd e e r e g s,


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NEWS A19 Rx It seems that I have seen the hot dancing summer sun. He danced shamelessly behind shimmering rainbow veils, one after another lifting only to tease into sight the next veil. No woman has ever danced more lasciviously, not Salome, not the succubi. Neither has any man, not David in front of the ark of the covenant, nor Bruno flickering on cinematic screens, nor any he/she tribal shaman in jungles or on the stages of strip clubs. And as I watched, transfixed and powerless, he burned me, branded me, bandied me, sealing me with an impression of his mystery as afterimage, retinal memory. Would I ever see anything again? Did the caveat echo in my minds ear too late? Do not look directly at the sun. How stupid am I? Even children know this. Only the ordinary peripheral visual images remained, dwarfed by a central vacuole of infinitely receding light. Do birds see like this, with their eyes on the sides of their heads, right and left worlds as unimpressive dichotomy flanking the centrally compelling possible? A memory emerges: I am child again, in an urban back street unpaved alley. There are lilac bushes growing nearby. I only smell them, for my eyes can only look MUSINGS Unseemly Rx is the FloridaWeekly muse who hopes to inspire profound mutiny in all those who care to read. Our Rx may be wearing a pirate cloak of invisibility, but emanating from within this shadow is hope that readers will feel free to respond. Who knows: You may even inspire the muse. Make contact if you dare.down. In front of me is a rain puddle, the site of my first ships sailings. Infinitely deep is she, this ocean newly created by the afternoon summer rain. She is calm at her surface and simultaneously turbulent in her depths. Into her ever-swallowing blackness he comes: the Sun. I cannot look away. How can he be so black and yet so bright? How can he be so strong, with the ripple of muscles cut deep, incised, yet dance weightlessly on the less than single celled thickness of the waters surface? If it is unseemly for a child to know this, it is less seemly for an adult. For we both worried, this little one and the I that is some sort of extension in time of this little one. We worried that we would never see again. At least not what others saw. We would have to pretend. We would have to shift our heads the way birds do when they confront the pragmatic needs of food and defense. There would be infinite space between ourselves and our mothers, an unnegotiably broken seam. We would eventually stop trying to translate our experiences into the lingua franca. But before that, we would cry oceans to fill holes so we could sail across. And in the crossing, over and over, there would be a looking perfectly at the profound perfection of wisdom, a looking perfectly at the emptiness of inherent existence. And this vision would not belong to anyone. Not even the risen sun. I know now that it only seems that this perfection of vision rises out of the sun. My me-child saw only that sun exploding into worlds, farming out energy that seemed to become shaped in various fleeting forms. And the sun was credited with the accomplishment of this spectacular spectacle, with the dancing that is dancing into existence. But as Daedalus mourned for Icarus, as David mourned his son Absalom, wishing for his own death if only his son could live again, as Father must mourn for Son, whether perfect or prodigal, I, too, mourn. In my minds eye, the sun has now imploded, the site of creation has shifted. The final rainbow veil is in my hand. The existential imperative, the only real decision, calls out in an unseemly stridency of passion. The Sun asks me if I am ready yet. Are you serious about our rendezvous? Are you ready for our docking mission? Or will you flee again into the anesthetized ostensible safety of the peripheral? Only you can pull away the last veil. Only you can allow me to create. You, yourself, are the space into which I pour myself. You are the void, the emptiness, into which I emerge. It is unseemly for me to refuse. It is unseemly for me to accept. I can only hold the veil, sailing across tear oceans brightened by the brightness which is destroyed retina, loving it all, dichotomous periphery and ecstatic vision, poised yet already gone.


Excellence has an address. Make it yours.Few places in the world can claim excellence in its entirety. uail West canand it does. Discover an exclusive sanctuary, reserved for only those who appreciate and desire a awless community of complete tranquility, timeless elegance and vast natural beauty. uail West is here. Were open. And youre invited. Visit our sales center just south of Bonita Beach Road on Bonita Grande to preview our newest r esidential oerings. Limited membership opportunities available.


BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES BUSINESS INDUSTRY BSECTIONWEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 WEEK at-a-glance Taking stock in StockClaudine Leger-Wetzel heads sales and marketing for Stock Development in SWF. B2Good morning!Wake-up Naples with the chamber of commerce and other business affairs around town. B7 555 on FifthOverlooking the avenue, urban-style residences start at $645,900. B9 Nothing is private on the Internet. And yet, many of us continue to upload photos, forward jokes, download programs and post daily happenings without giving a second thought to the potential implications. Since many of these activities are occurring during work hours and on company time, employers are taking a closer look at their policies and procedures. Steve Stephenson of Lykins Signtek is one business owner whos rewriting his companys policy. After having some computers crash and chunks of data lost, Mr. Stephenson is trying to regain some control. While he admits its tough to enforce an Internet usage policy, he believes its necessary to protect his small business that designs, makes and installs signs. People almost consider it a right. They forget that its my computer; it belongs to the company, he says. As expected, many of LykinsSignteks 38 employees are not happy about the impending changes, which is why Mr. Stephenson invited Carrie Kerskie and Jenny Craig of the Cyber Safety Institute in to help his staff understand why these modifications are necessary. Mrs. Kerskie and Ms. Craig offer a series of seminars focusing on Internet safety, identity theft, digital EQ, cyber bullying, and FACTA Red Flag Rules compliance. In less than two hours, they taught Mr. Stephensons employees how to spot some of the most common online dangers and educated them on just how fast information travels and spreads on the Web. We encourage everyone to think first before posting a photoProtecting company data is a growing concern for business owners POWER POINTS AlysiaSHIVERS Which way do we go on Fifth Avenue South?As the national economy struggles to right itself, shopping and vacation destinations across the country are working to realign themselves with the new reality in order to attract customers now and position themselves for a changeable future. Deciding to regroup is one thing, however, and determining what to do and how to go about doing it is entirely another especially when everyone involved, from merchants to property owners to elected officials, has not yet agreed on the best course of action to take. In many ways, this is the situation on Fifth Avenue in downtown Naples. Long an elite destination attracting the wealthy and famous with high-end boutiques and tony restaurants, Fifth Avenue has also become Naples unofficial Main Street, with community services such as art, theater and recreation for the towns swelling year-round population. Its ability to succeed as both has become a topic of discussion in recent months, as a number of longtime merchants and restaurateurs have closed their doors and left Fifth Avenue behind. When faced with a similar downturn in 1993, the city of Naples hired famed Miami-based urban planner Andres Duany to develop a plan to transform what was then a quiet avenue into an upscale destination for shopping, dining and nightlife. In 2004, the city paid $14,000 to bring Mr. Duany back to update his original recommendations. He suggested building four new parking garages two of which have since been constructed, on Eight Street and at Sixth Avenue South as well as making improvements to the northwest corner of Fifth Avenue South at Goodlette-Frank Road. The busy corner is owned by Naples developer Jack Antaramian, who has halted his companys plans for Renaissance Village, a mixed-use community slated for construction before the real estate downturn. Now Fifth Avenues merchants, property owners and restaurateurs want to bring Mr. Duany back again, to help them develop a plan to market and merchandise themselves based on current market conditions. But this time, the City Council has voted not to pay for the urban planners services. If the businesses along Fifth Avenue want Mr. Duany, theyre going to have to organize and pay his fee themselves. Lou Vlascho, the owner of Vergina restaurant on the avenue and chairman of the Naples Community Redevelopment Agency, views the streets current challenges as mostly the result of the overall economy, as well as part of the regions ongoing evolution. Hes very much in favor of bringing Mr. Duany back to Naples and says that so far, 30 of the 47 property owners on Fifth have agreed to pay for it. As yet, we dont have a meeting date set, but I am hoping it can happen some time in August, he says. Certainly Mr. Duany doesnt have all the answers as to what needs to happen next along Fifth Avenue. Whether or not he revisits the avenue and renders another plan, tenants, property owners and city officials still will debate such things as whether there should be tax incentives and subsidies to attract or keep merchants along the avenue, whether rents should be dropped from highs that are currently as much as $60 and $70 per square foot, and even whether additional parking will be necessary once the economy turns around and crowds come back. BY PAMELA V. KROLSpecial to Florida Weekly SEE FIFTH AVENUE B5 The merchants need help. Rents have climbed to astronomical levels and theres just not enough business out there to support them right now. Just about all of the merchants are struggling. Regan Reed, owned and operated Renaissance Imports on Fifth AvenueSEE POWER POINTS, B5 COURTESY PHOTO/ NAPLES, MARCO ISLAND AND THE EVERGLADES CVBFifth Avenue South


For Claudine Lger-Wetzel, family means everything. As she spoke of her 18-year-old son, who recently was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy, there was no mistaking the pride in her voice. In fact, while preparing for her phone interview for this piece, she was also putting the finishing touches on a care package, the first of many to be sent to him in Colorado. The importance of family is something Mrs. Lger-Wetzel holds in high regard, not only in her personal life but also in her corporate life. As vice president of sales and marketing for Stock Development, shes responsible for creating and effectively publicizing a lifestyle that todays families want and need. Being a wife and mother herself only enhances what she is able to bring to her company position. Her family influences, however, extend further than her husband of 22 years and their three children, ages 12, 15 and 18. Mrs. Lger-Wetzel comes from a family of 10 siblings she being number eight and the youngest girl who remain close knit. It builds character, she insists while laughing. They all grew up in Montreal, Quebec until their father, fascinated by the space program, moved the family to Cocoa Beach, Fla., when Mrs. LgerWetzel was 6 years old. Though she loved the beach and the endless sunshine, she chose to return to Canada for high school. I wanted more than a little high school in Cocoa Beach, she says. I wanted an adventure. She lived with her grandmother while attending a French high school. When it was time for college, however, she came back to Florida to study marketing and hospitality on a scholarship from Florida State University. Still eager to see the world, she took an internship at a country club in Atlanta, met her husband and was prepared to stay in Georgia until an opportunity to join the team for the opening of The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, presented itself. It was a wonderful, wonderful opportunity, she says. It really was the opening of Naples to the world.She took on many roles at the luxury hotel, from restaurant manager to accounts receivable manager to catering and sales, until Westinghouse Communities selected her to help open a country club in Fort Myers. It was my first role for a developer, she notes, adding that back in those days marketing was essential for clubs because there were no members. She spent 10 years with WCI in the amenities division, and then Stock Development pursued her. The family-owned company offered her the chance to take on all aspects of marketing and sales.Today, nearly 10 years later, shes marketing three communities: Lely Resort Golf and Country Club in Naples, Paseo in South Fort Myers and Vivante in Punta Gorda. Working with the sales team, Mrs. Lger-Wetzel helps showcase Stock Developments residential products to potential buyers by creating a lifestyle and a concept they can visualize as their own. She collaborates with staff and vendors to design a package that a family can view firsthand. She also develops print and radio ad campaigns that spread the word about the companys offerings. The model homes are really our greatest marketing tool, she says, adding she also coordinates events at each property. This is a social job and I am a social person. I like to get to know others in different fields and bring them together in a creative format to sell a home. Even as other developers, including her former employer, file for bankruptcy or close their operations, this multiple Pinnacle Award-winner remains unfazed. While she admits its sad to see, and yes, there are challenges in the industry, Were just hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel, she says. If we all work together in the community, we will come out of this. But her focus isnt merely on pushing forward through this real estate crisis; shes also lending a hand to the public education system by assuming the role of chairperson of the Education Foundation of Collier County this year. Having three kids go through the countys schools, Mrs. Lger-Wetzel knows the impact a great teacher can have on a child. This is a personal passion of mine, plus Stock Development is passionate about fostering the youth in the community through education, she says. Her goal is to help the foundation board revamp its events in light of the current economic conditions and to encourage the community at large to really get involved in its public schools. Theres an incredible amount of support that our community gives to our students, she says. We just want to pull all those components together for one mission. And, always the consummate marketing professional, she cant help but close with, Its a great time to buy a new home. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 BY ALYSIA SHIVERS _________________ashivers@ BUSINESS PROFILE Family, work and community all get the best of Claudine Lger-Wetzel Claudine Lger-WetzelAccount ExecutiveFlorida Weekly is currently seeking an experienced Account Executive to develope a new client list in the Napless/Marco market. Media sales experience highly desired. The ideal candidate will live in the respective market; be able to make presentations, prepare written contracts and inform customers of contract standing. Tact and persuasion to effectively close sales and handle client objections; ability to aggressively make cold calls; confidence and knowledge to call on and maintain long-term relationships with small and medium sized clients. Strong organizational, presentation, time management, and communication skills to work with a variety of clients. Valid drivers license, clean driving record and accessible transportation to make account calls. Typically 2-3 years experience in marketing and/or sales. Working knowledge of advertising layout, black and white, and color printing. Computer skills to include MS office. College Degree Preferred. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, life insurance and 401(k). Background check and driving record verified prior to employment. Florida Media Group LLC is an EOE employer and a drug free workplace. To learn more visit To apply, please send resume to Visit us online at Florida Weekly Job Opening sound advice. COURTESY PHOTO


Surround sound package (pre-wired capped only)Diagonal tile throughout main living area Granite countertops Designer interior paint throughout Keyless entry Designer fans in every room 2 Faux wood blinds on every window Wood cabinets Pull-out cabinet shelves in kitchen Washer and dryer included Security system Glass entry door Screened entry ARE BACK!*See your sales consultant and visit communities for details. Offers, incentives and seller contributions subject to terms, conditions and restrictions, including the use of designated lenders and closing agents. Offer good for a limited time only. Lennar reserves the right to change or withdraw any offer at any time. Copyright 2009 Lennar Corporation and Universal American Mortgage Company, LLC. Lennar, Lennar logo, Universal American Mortgage Company and UAMC logo are registered service marks or trademarks of Lennar Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. QB 3682. 7/09 866-201-518019 Communities throughout Southwest Florida from Naples to Bradenton. As low as SAVINGS OVER ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT TO SAVE $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ HUGE SAVINGS ON LUXURY UPGRADED PACKAGES ENDS JULY 31 ST

PAGE 24 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 2240 Davis Blvd Naples, FL 34104 Open 6 days a week! Complete Collision Repair 24 hour Towing Rentals239-775-6860 Email : If an ACCIDENT gets you off course Remember.......ALL ROADS LEAD TO US YEARS PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ALL INSURANCE CARRIERS WELCOME ON-SITE RENTALS STATE OF THE ART PAINT BOOTHS DIGITAL PAINT MATCHING SYSTEM DIGITAL MEASURED FRAME MACHINES PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE PEST PROBLEMS?Call Larue... We Know Just What To Do.Larue does an outstanding job for Hope Hospice. Larues professionals call back, show up on time and are customer focused. John Cioban, Hope Hospice of Southwest Florida Big, Tall, Short, or Small??? Solution...Custom F Cbt Cnbf Joel Soorenko, BrokerVR Business Brokers 5627 Naples Blvd Naples Myers239-277-1662Naples239-596-8200 30 Years of Successful Guidance Existing Business Sales Mergers and Acquisitions New and Existing Franchises Recast of Financial Exit Strategy Business Valuation Business Financing Global Marketing BUSINESS BRIEFS Small businesses seeking to expand will be able to refinance existing loans used to purchase real estate and other fixed assets as a result of permanent changes to the U.S. Small Business Administrations 504 Certified Development Company loan program. Authorized in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the changes will allow small businesses to restructure eligible debt to help improve their cash flow. Lower interest rates mean lower payments and less money going out the door each month in debt repayments. That means more cash on hand to keep their doors open, their employees working and to even expand and create more jobs, Karen Mills, SBA administrator, said. The 504 loan program is administered through 271 Certified Development Companies across the nation. Legislation allows 504 program projects to include a limited amount of debt refinancing if there is a business expansion and the debt refinanced does not exceed 50 percent of the projected cost of the expansion. Expansion includes any project that involves the acquisition, construction or improvement of land, building or equipment for use by the small business. The following are some of the conditions under which borrowers will be eligible for refinancing: The debt being refinanced was incurred to acquire land, to construct a building or to purchase equipment. The assets acquired must be eligible for financing under the 504 program. The existing debt is collateralized by fixed assets. n The existing debt was incurred for the benefit of the small business. The new financing provides a substantial benefit to the borrower when prepayment penalties, financing fees, and other financing costs are taken into account. The borrower has been current on all payments of existing debt for one year prior to the date of refinancing. For more information on the 504 loan program and eligibility requirements, go to or recovery. Southwest Florida International Airport earns FAA award Changes to SBA loan program designed to help businesses expandThe Federal Aviation Administration Office of Civil Rights has honored Southwest Florida International Airport with the 2009 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Advocate and Partner Award. The award, which was presented to the Lee County Port Authority at the 25th annual Airport Business Diversity Conference in Baltimore, Md., recognizes airports that have demonstrated excellence in meeting the letter and spirit of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program that encourages innovation in eliminating barriers and increasing business opportunities. This award is a tribute to the dedication of Port Authority staff and our commitment to the advancement and inclusion of women, minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses in all aspects of airport contracting, said Robert Ball, executive director of the LCPA. Southwest Florida International Airport served more than 7.6 million passengers in 2008 and is one of the top 50 U.S. airports for passenger traffic. The Leadership Collier Foundation is accepting applications for its 2009 Growing Associates In Naples class of young business professionals. Deadline to apply is Thursday, Aug. 13. In six sessions that take place over the course of four months, emerging leaders in the workforce make meaningful connections to the community and to each other and take advantage of leadership development opportunities. GAIN is designed for working professionals in Collier County ages 21-40. Workshop and networking sessions begin in September with a focus on professional development and the challenges facing emerging professionals in Collier County. Participants also learn about the communitys charitable foundations and nonprofit agencies and how to become involved as an effective contributor to those organizations. For more information or to apply, visit Looking for work? If you arent, count your blessings. If you are, start counting the reasons why a makeover could be the confidence booster that gives you that all-important edge over your competition in the job market. Craft your story into a brief essay and submit it in to the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, and you could be one of three winners to receive a hair and makeup re-do and a style consultation as part of Makeover in Paradise. Its What Not to Wear without Stacy and Clintons surprises and brutal sarcasm, a kinder and gentler way to effect an update that could have a positive affect on your search for work. Lets face it, first impressions are hugely important in an interview, and perhaps now more than ever as more and more people compete for fewer jobs, says Erick Carter, co-owner of Torys Total Hair Care in Naples. After having a number of clients come to him seeking an updated look for their re-entry to the job market, Mr. Carter pitched the plan for Makeover in Paradise to Brenda OConnor, the chambers senior vice president, as a way to help job-hunters who might not be able to afford a full-blown salon visit. Mrs. OConnor knows theres a market for the contest. She says the chamber sees 25-30 people each week for its free job search support group that meets at 10:30 a.m. every Monday at chamber headquarters. They come for networking and sharing leads, and for advice on interviewing skills, and they come from all professions, she says. Some of them no doubt will want to nominate themselves or perhaps a friend for Makeovers in Paradise. Anyone who is out of work is eligible to vie for a makeover. Send nominations (250 words or less) along with a photograph via e-mail to by the end of the day Friday, July 31. The initial nominations will be narrowed down to 12 for interviewing by a panel of judges who will then choose the three winners. The makeover package will include hair by Mr. Carter, nails by the staff at Torys and makeup by Nancy Joseph. The Makeover in Paradise wardrobe consultant has yet to be announced. Before-and-after photos will be taken, and the big reveal will be a cocktail party hosted by the Bay House restaurant from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24. Apply now for Leadership Colliers next GAIN classMakeover in Paradise will give three job-hunters a new look


FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 RE B5 Although one recently closed business, Lady from Haiti, has a Coming Soon sign up at new address on Fifth Avenue, in the last year more than a score of stores on the avenue have gone out of business entirely or moved elsewhere in town to take advantage of lower rents. For more than 12 years, Regan Reed owned and operated Renaissance Imports on Fifth Avenue. He closed he home accessories shop in June, however, citing the combination of increasing rent and dwindling customers as the reason. The merchants need help, Mr. Reed says. Rents have climbed to astronomical levels and theres just not enough business out there to support them right now. Just about all of the merchants are struggling. Since closing Renaissance Imports, Mr. Reed has opened Art and Home Naples in the Shirley Street Antique Mall on Goodlette-Frank Road. With lower rent and other fixed costs, the shared space is ideal for a small business like mine, he says. Mr. Reed still loves Fifth Avenue, however, and believes the city and the downtown associations need to do more to help small businesses there. There are a lot of shopping and restaurant choices in Naples now, so we need to give people a real reason to come to Fifth The whole street needs a more unique and interesting cache, he says. Fifth has great restaurants, but so do other Naples destinations. We need to offer compelling reasons for people to come to the avenue, experiences that people can get here and nowhere else things such as sunset parties that spill over on to the avenue after dark, live entertainment and programs that give tourists and locals reasons to return to downtown again and again, he adds. Cathy Christopher, chairman of the Downtown Naples Association and director of sales and marketing for the Inn on Fifth, tends to agree. She has introduced a number of ideas for generating business and renewing excitement on the avenue, including; a large-scale farmers market as a destination on the western end of the street; plays in the park; more varied musical entertainment; and a variety of fairs and festivals, such as a science fair for students from elementary school to university, cultural fairs that would include music, food and entertainment from around the world, and a local history fair. To date, Ms. Christophers concepts remain on the drawing board. The DNA, a business advocacy organization, works in partnership with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce to promote and improve Fifth Avenue and to make Naples the best place to live and work in America, according to its stated mission. As an important and historic Naples destination, Fifth Avenue should offer something for everyone, from tourists to local families, Ms. Christopher says. To that end, we are doing our best to draw high-end merchants and restaurants to the street, as well as some more modestly priced, family-friendly shops and eateries. Over the past two decades, the City Council has been highly involved in helping to manage the overall evolution of downtown Naples. Still, City Councilman John Sorey describes some of the councils decisions as anti-business and hopes for a stronger partnership between public and private enterprise in the future. Mr. Sorey opposed the citys decision not to pay for urban planner Mr. Duany to come back. If the local business people can pay for it, thats great, but if not, I believe the city should do it, he says. Fifth Avenue is a centerpiece of Naples, and keeping it vibrant is in everyones best interest. He also believes the city should have followed Mr. Duanys original advice to build four parking garages in the downtown area, instead of just two. Until the downturn, parking was a major problem that I believe caused many local Fifth Avenue customers to consider other options for dining and shopping, he says. We always have to be mindful of the fact that Fifth Avenue is not the only game in town, he warns, adding that at present, parking is not a major problem, but that it is likely to become one when business on the avenue picks up again. The councilman thinks the avenue will always be better suited as a tourist destination than as the citys main street, largely because of the cost of renting there even though he does think some of todays rents are too high, not just on the avenue, but in other retail locations around town as well. Bringing main street-type amenities to Fifth, such as a food store or barber shop, would require tax subsidies to enable them to survive, he says. And so far, our studies have shown that the majority of taxpayers would oppose this use of their tax dollars. Mayor Bill Barnett remembers that when he first came to Naples 36 years ago, Fifth Avenue was the only spot in town for recreation. But a lot has changed since then. Nowadays theres a great deal of competition from other shopping and dining spots in town, he says. But, the mayor adds emphatically and with confidence, Fifth Avenue is still the only spot where you can walk out of a restaurant and down a tree-lined street to the beach. Ultimately, Fifth Avenue will be fine. or checking their e-mail on a c omp any computer, Mrs. Kerskie says. It creates a backdoor to viruses. It circumvents the whole companys protection. She and Ms. Craig started the Naplesbased Cyber Safety Institute last year to help employees follow their companys computer data security measures, which are typically difficult to understand or are not strictly enforced. We bridge the gap between policies and end-users, she says. Ann Hughes of Hughes McGrath Marketing & Public Relations attended a Cyber Safety Institute identity theft seminar to not only help protect herself and her business but to also look after her clients. They count on me to protect them and their reputation, she says. Mrs. Kerskie and Ms. Craigs presentation explores the different types of identity theft, how each occurs and how to reduce ones risk. As a result, Ms. Hughes now conducts periodic Google searches on her clients to see whats being said about them on the Web; she shreds all documents; and she never e-mails, but rather faxes or hand delivers any private information. Ive always been leery, and this seminar definitely validated a lot of things I had read. It was eye-opening. Meanwhile, Mr. Stephenson solution is to create a separate computer station at Lykins-Signtek that offers Internet access yet bypasses the companys server. This allows his staff to surf the Web and check their personal e-mail on lunches and breaks. Its not the act of them checking their e-mail, its the exposing of my system, he explains. In todays world, my data is my business. For more information on the Cyber Safety Institute, visit or call 435-9111. FIFTH AVENUEFrom page 1POWER POINTSFrom page 1 O ces to go in 24 hours as low as $500! Sunbelt O ce Furniture239-566-2857O ce Furniture & Design239-337-1212 Moving O ces?Let us show you how to and new o ces. Purchase any Hoagie, Sandwich, Entree, Small Pizza or Stuffed Roll. Mon. thru Fri. from 11am 2pm, and receive another item of equal or lesser value free. Dine In ONLY. Restrictions Apply.BUY 1 LUNCH, GET THE 2NDFREE!BUY 1 LUNCH, GET THE 2NDFREE!Happy HourMon thru Fri 3p-6p Mon thru Thurs 10p-2a$2 $4 $5DOMESTIC BOTTLES/DRAFTSALL WELLS & HOUSE WINESSPECIALITY MARTINISIncluding Patron Ritas and Absolut Cosmos | 239.435.9333 Visit website for Calendar of Events and Menu1410 Pine Rid g e Rd. | Open 7 Days 11a-2aLive Music 7 Nights a Week! 1/2 Price Appetizers and Small Pizzas(at bar only) Live Acoustic MusicEvery Friday 5:307:30City Oven Bar Music SOUTH STREET

PAGE 26 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 How to Get a Business Loan is the subject of a workshop presented by the FGCU Small Business Development Center from 2-4 p.m. Friday, July 24, in Lutgert Hall on the main campus of FGCU. Cost is $20. Online registration and details are at www. Lee-Collier Networkers meets for lunch once a month in Bonita Springs and also in Naples. The Naples meeting is at 11:15 a.m. on the fourth Friday (next meeting July 24) at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club; $30 at the door or $25 in advance. The Bonita Springs meeting is at 11:15 a.m. on the second Thursday (next meeting Aug. 13) at the Elks Lodge on Coconut Road; $21 at the door (cash only), $16 in advance. www. The Neapolitan Chapter of the American Business Womens Association will meet to induct officers and enjoy casino night from 7-10 p.m. Friday, July 24, at the Hilton Naples. For more information, call 513-4652, e-mail info@abwaneapolitan. org or visit How to Sell Your Services in a Tough Economy is the topic of a workshop presented by the Collier Building Industry Association from 9-11 a.m. Wednesday, July 29, at CBIA headquarters, 4779 Enterprise Ave. Linda Blackman, coauthor of The Sales Coach: Selling Tips from the Pros and contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, is the presenter. Cost is $37. Register at www. or call 436-6100. The Gulf Coast Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America holds it next lunch meeting at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, July 30, at Northern Trust Bank, 4001 Tamiami Trail N. Guest speaker Ann Wylie of Wylie Communications will discuss how to write creative, concise quotes and testimonials. Cost is $24 for Gulf Coast PRSA members and $29 for future members. Reservations must be made by Monday, July 27. E-mail Kathy Saenz at For more information about the local chapter, visit www. Taking the Mystery Out of Doing Business with the Federal Government is the title of a free SCORE workshop sponsored in conjunction with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce from 9:30 a.m. to noon Thursday, July 30, at the Naples Library on Central Avenue. Daniel Telep Jr., a procurement specialist in the Small Business Development Center of the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University, will conduct the session. To register, visit The Naples Area Professional League of Executive Services N.A.P.L.E.S., meets from 7-9 a.m. on the first and third Thursdays of the month at The Club at Naples Bay Resort (next meetings Aug. 6 and 20). For more information, visit The next Accelerated Networking Luncheon for members only of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, at Buca de Beppo, 8860 Tamiami Trail N. Cost is $15. No walk-ins. Reservations must be made by July 30 at www.napleschamber. org/events. BUSINESS MEETINGS THE MOTLEY FOOL A company goes bankrupt when it runs out of cash to pay its obligations (such as rent, employees, vendors and debt). The first thing to look at when assessing bankruptcy risk is a companys debt position. While debt can boost returns in good times, it can amplify risk in bad times. A debt-laden company suddenly facing declining sales can cut its dividend but it still has to make its interest payments and eventually its principal repayment. Worse still, when the economy goes bad, access to additional financing gets expensive or simply unavailable. How much debt is too much? Acceptable levels vary by industry. High debt can be manageable for a utility with predictable cash flows, but its worrisome in tech firms, retailers or restaurant chains all of whose cash flows can vary widely. (It can be useful to compare a firms debt level with its competitors.) Regardless of industry, view a companys debt position in the context of its cash what it currently has on its balance sheet, Bankruptcy Red Flags What Is This Thing Called The Motley Fool?Remember Shakespeare? Remember As You Like It? In Elizabethan days, Fools were the only people who could get away with telling the truth to the King or Queen. The Motley Fool tells the truth about investing, and hopes youll laugh all the way to the bank. Dividend Drops Q Do companies reduce their dividends? L.N., Hartford, Conn.A They try hard not to, because its often seen as a sign of trouble, but sometimes companies have to reduce or eliminate dividends. In our current struggling economy, many companies have done so, including big names such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, General Electric and Toyota. Many companies (especially young ones) pay little or no dividend, preferring to reinvest most of their earnings to help themselves grow. For example, Dell, Cisco Systems and Amgen pay no dividend, while Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, MasterCard and CVS Caremark pay modest ones. But strong dividend-paying stocks can turbocharge your portfolio. In The Future for Investors (Crown Business, $27.50), Jeremy Siegel reports that an investment in the 10 highest-yielding of the 100 largest S&P 500 stocks would have returned more than 15.7 percent annually from 1957 to 2003, turning a $10,000 investment into more than $8 million. Compare that with an annual gain of 11.2 percent for the overall S&P 500.Q Where online can I look up historical price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios? C.C., Sacramento, Calif.A For a companys high and low P/E over the past five years, visit, enter the ticker symbol, click Search CAPS, and on the stocks main page, click on Ratios. For more detailed P/E data, visit http:// investor, enter your companys ticker symbol, and click Get Quote. Then, in this order, click on Financial Results (via the blue column on the left), Key Ratios and Ten Year Summary. Sites like these offer all kinds of information. At, you can even order free annual reports. Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us. Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest InvestmentTo Educate, Amuse & Enrichand what it can generate. Ideally, it can pay any debt due in the next year with cash on hand and make its interest payments many times over with its free cash flow. (Thats cash flow from operations, minus its capital expenditures.) Cash and debt aside, look for other red flags. Does the company have an underfunded pension plan? Is it invested in risky derivatives? Does it perform in an industry that is susceptible to rapid obsolescence? And then theres plain old corporate stupidity: Is the company buying back shares with money it should be saving to ride out the recession? Is it paying dividends, when its clear that it needs that cash to fight for its life? Missteps like these can push an otherwise solvent company right into the arms of bankruptcy court. Its smart to stay away from companies that are likely to end up filing for bankruptcy. By definition, they arent stocks you can hold for the long term, and their underlying businesses have clearly experienced some missteps. In the early 1980s, the stock of a teletape company I worked for had done well. The demand for video services had skyrocketed, as cable television spread and production for many new channels made life very good for people in the business. After I moved on to a new job, I inherited some money and invested $10,000 in my former employers stock. I sold it for $3,000 several years later. The problem was that Id had no idea what I was doing, and I let sentimentality guide me. Having worked for the company for so long, I felt as though I had inside knowledge. I ought to have bet against it, realizing that its infrastructure was crumbling and that cash flow was an issue. I didnt look at the present, but let my memory of past performance guide me. I know that intuition can sometimes lead us to high performers but make your investments via reasoned, rational decisions. Phillip Schloss, Hillsborough, N.CThe Fool Responds : Amen. And remember that some businesses become obsolete. The digital age has caused pain for many industries, for example. The Motley Fool TakeWhat do Monopoly money and old shares of General Motors have in common? Well, theyre worthless. Dont get caught up in the excitement of GM emerging from bankruptcy recently. The shares of the old GM literally have no claim on the assets or earnings of the newly reborn General Motors. Consider these words from GM itself: GM management continues to remind investors of its strong belief that there will be no value for the common stockholders in the bankruptcy liquidation process, even under the most optimistic of scenarios. Stockholders of a company in Chapter 11 generally receive value only if all claims GM: Worthless Stock Name That CompanyTracing my history back to Minnesota in 1870, today Im one of the largest American supermarket companies, with annual sales topping $40 billion. My regional brands include Acme, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbachers, Jewel-Osco, Shaws/Star-Market, Shopn Save and Sunflower Market. My in-store house brands include Culinary Circle, Wild Harvest and homelife. I run some 2,400 stores Last weeks trivia answerFounded in 1957 and based in St. Louis, Im the largest car-rental company in America. I sport more than 7,000 offices (including more than 240 at airports) and will pick up my customers for free. I have more than 700,000 vehicles in service, up from 90,000 in 1990 and 500 in 1970. I rake in more than $10 billion annually. Im a privately held company, though, so you cant buy stock in me. Ive been named a Customer Service Champ several times by BusinessWeek and am one of the largest recruiters at colleges. Who am I? ( Answer: Enterprise Rent-A-Car )and 900 in-store pharmacies and employ more than 180,000 people. Ive paid a dividend for more than 70 years. My mission is to serve my customers better than anyone else could serve them. Who am I? Know the answer? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and youll be entered into a drawing for a nifty prize! of the companys secured and unsecured creditors are fully satisfied. In this case, GM management strongly believes all such claims will not be fully satisfied The shares of the old GM you might own have no relation whatsoever to the GM that just emerged from bankruptcy. They are completely separate corporate entities. Sadly, it seems many folks dont understand this, as theyre still buying shares. Its almost certain that someone buying these stubs today will end up losing their entire investment.So sell your shares of the old GM, if you can. Youre not hurting America, GM or anyone else by selling. The new GM will be leaner and far more stable than its predecessor, but its shares wont debut for quite some time. Do you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Oops, Tele-Typo y y h e o m$ 40 ud e C u b s t, e t. e n d o res a c 18 di v ye a m y c u o n e els am I ? Kn ow with Fooli youll be ent nifty prize!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 BUSINESS B7 Installation of new officers for PRACC Wake-Up Naples at the Naples HiltonPublic relations and marketing professionals gather at McCormick and Schmicks Breakfast and networking with the Greater Naples Chamber of CommerceAngeline Plesek and Frank Orsini Jacob Tuchman and Ursula Pfahl Maria Lettman, Stephen Rowe and Cindy Dobyns Mike Roseman, Donica Dawson and Cyndee Woolley Judy Evans, Donna Egdes and Rena Arellano JoNell Modys, Clark Hill, Maria Sabala and Patrick Neale Blase Ciabaton and Diana Murray Michael WynnNETWORKING CINDY PIERCE / FLORIDA WEEKLY See all the images from this event and more at Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ COURTESY PHOTOS

PAGE 28 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB8 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 DALE WILHELM & DAVID COLE info@dunesluxurycondos.com239.687.4242DUNESLUXURYCONDOS.COM Grande PhoenicianResidence 704 Bay & Gulf Views Professional Series Appliances Private Elevator & Decorator Ready Asking: $925,000 USDBarbadosResidence 505 Gulf Views Casual Island Dcor Steps to the Resort Amenities Asking: $699,500 USDBarbadosResidence 207 Fine Designer Furnishings Rich Marble Floors Manicured Garden Views Asking: $749,000 USDGrande ExcelsiorResidence 1002 3353sq/ft of Gracious Living Professionally Designed Backgrounds Concierge Services Asking: $1,359,000 USDGrande DominicaResidence 205 Private Elevator Vestibule Handcrafted Moldings & Cove Lighting Private Floridian Club Membership Asking: $935,000 USDGrande ExcelsiorResidence 403 Unique Architectural Features Warm Transitional Finishes Swarovski Crystal Fixtures Asking: $1,190,000 USD Downing-Frye Realty Inc. has been ranked 85th in the nation among all real estate companies based on closed sales volume, according to a report published in the July 2009 issue of Realtor Magazine. This is the fifth consecutive year in which Downing-Frye has earned recognition on the Top 100 Companies list. The Naples-based firm reported total sales of more than $1.03 billion during 2008 with a total of 1,968 transaction sides. Downing-Frye Realty was among just six real estate agencies in the state of Florida to be included in the 2008 Top Real Estate Companies list by Realtor Magazine. Downing-Frye Realty is the only Naplesbased real estate office to have made this list every year over the last five years, said Mike Hughes, vice president for Downing-Frye. This is a tremendous achievement for our organization and is particularly gratifying considering the tough real estate market that existed throughout much of last year. Mr. Hughes noted that 2009 represents another challenging year. But the firms continued investment in new sales associates, agent education and Internet marketing is paying off. Educating our agents on the short sales process has become a priority, he said, Naples-based Downing-Frye Realty makes industry magazines Top 100 listSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYadding, Whenever theres a challenge in the market, we see an opportunity. Until two years ago, most of our people hadnt even heard of short sales. Last year, Id say 60 percent of our agents were involved in at least one. Weve brought in a corporate trainer to work with our sales associates regarding short sales and other emerging trends. Downing-Frye Realty has full-service real estate offices in Naples and Bonita Springs. The Downing-Frye name has been a fixture in Southwest Florida real estate since 1961. HUGHES Fifth Third Bank is offering a free seminar for anyone who is considering buying a home. Topics will include the benefits of home ownership, pre-qualification, preapproval, refinancing, the loan process, mortgage terms and understanding and improving the credit score. Two sessions are offered this month: Thursday, July 23, 6-7:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Fifth Third Bank center at 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples. RSVP to Caterina McEwan at 591-6342. Monday, July 27, 6-7:30 p.m. at Fifth Third Bank at 650 East Elkcam Circle, Marco Island. RSVP to Wendy Atkinson at 393-6600. Fifth Third Bank hosts seminars for homebuyers brendabergin@earthlink.netBrenda Bergin, Realtor Boating or Beach?Oyster Bay, 1165 Clam Ct. #6 Boat dock is included in this spacious waterfront condo. No membership or docking fees. Unique 2 story oor plan just minutes from 5th Ave. and the beautiful Naples Beaches. $449,000 Open House Sunday 7/26, 1-4pmVanderbilt Towers, 1 Bluebill Ave.Walk to the Vanderbilt Beach from this beautiful, totally renovated condo. Over $110,000 spent on redesign and professional decorating. The open oor plan makes this unit seem much larger than it is and what a great location! The beach is just steps away$490,000


NABOR report shows summer sales continue to be strongREAL ESTATEA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY JULY 23-29, 2009 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY B9555 on Fifth has the ambiance of Old Naples with the comforts and conveniences of city lifeThis just might be what architect and urban theorist Andres Duany had in mind more than a decade ago when he envisioned Fifth Avenue South as a sophisticated urban setting amid the lush tropical paradise of Naples. The residences known as 555 on Fifth bring together all the elements sought by those who see themselves living in the sunshine and enjoying the refined lifestyle of European elegance along the Southwest Florida coast. The best of both worlds, 555 on Fifth retains the ambiance of historic downtown Old Naples but couples it with the conveniences, safety and comforts expected by todays discriminating homeowners. Residents will be able to stroll to beaches, fine dining and shops, or simply lounge around the private rooftop pool and spa. In the evenings, they can watch the scene along Fifth Avenue South from their private balconies. Marketed exclusively by Michele Harrison of John R. Wood Realtors, the residences at 555 Fifth Avenue were inspired by Angie Warwick, a secondgeneration Neapolitan who watched Naples go from a sleepy village to a stylish, metropolitan destination for travelers from around the world. Ms. Warwick has been absorbed with design, restoration projects and construction for 40 years. Her passion is for creating environments that are as comfortable as they are charming. The best compliment I have gotten about 555 on Fifth is that it looks like its always been there, she says. The project was designed by Dyehouse Comeriato Architect, a Naples-based firm with more than 30 years of designing in Southwest Florida. The builder for 555 on Fifth was T. Jerulle Construction. Four floor plans are offered, with prices beginning at $645,900. For more information, call 298-5399, e-mail or visit www.555onfifth. SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY555 on Fifth occupies two stories above storefronts on Fifth Avenue South. COURTESY PHOTONaples area market activity continued to improve in June, closing out the second quarter of 2009 with encouraging signs for a good summer of housing sales, according to a report released by the Naples Area Board of Realtors. NABOR tracks home listings and sales within Collier County, excluding Marco Island. The report shows inventory decreased 14 percent to 9,681 in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 11,211 in the first quarter of 2009. Average days on the market decreased 19 percent to 161 in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 198 in the second quarter of 2008. Pending and closed sales increased in every geographic area in the second quarter of 2009. Homebuyers are seeing the value in all of Naples areas and are taking advantage of the favorable environment, says Bill Poteet, president of Poteet Properties. The second-quarter report provides annual comparisons of single-family home and condo sales (via the SunshineMLS) including price ranges, geographic segmentation and an overall market summary. The statistics are presented in chart format, along with the following analysis: Overall, pending sales saw a 92 percent increase with 2,989 in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 1,558 in the second quarter of 2008. Properties under $300,000 saw a 179 percent increase, with 2,193 pending sales in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 785 in the second quarter of 2008. Single-family homes sales increased 48 percent with 1,093 in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 737 in the second quarter of 2008. Condo sales increased 26 percent with 942 in the second quarter of 2009 compared to 747 in the second quarter of 2008. Overall home sales for the 12 months ending June 2009 increased 40 percent year-over-year to 5,675 from 4,067. The average days on the market decreased 18 percent to 161 compared to 196 in June 2008. The overall median closed price for properties over $300,000 decreased only 2 percent to $548,000 for the 12 months ending June 2009, from $557,000 for the 12 month ending June 2008. To view the entire June and second quarter report, go to The Naples Area Board of Realtors and the Womens Council of Realtors Napleson-the-Gulf chapter are signing up vendors for their annual expo. Team 2009: Realtors, Affiliate Members and Allied Members Working Together will take place from 4-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24, at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. Vendor booths are now available, with discounts offered to those who register and pay before Aug. 1. For more information, contact Robyn DeVille at 253-6275 or robyndeville@ RENTNAPLES.COMFeaturing our Portfolio of Southwest Floridas most Luxurious Rental Properties239.262.4242 800.749.7368 RENTAL DIVISION BONITA SPRINGS & ESTERO AREAVasari/House ....................................$5000 The Colony/La Scala .........................$3300 Pelican Landing/Florencia .................$3200 Bonita Bay ................................ from $2500 Miromar Lakes/Bellini ......................$2300 The Brooks/Oak Hammock ..............$2200 The Reserve/House ..........................$1650 Coconut Point/Residences .................$1495 Rapallo ..................................... from $1200Furnished Annuals from $1395 ANNUAL RENTALSwww.premier-properties.comUNFURNISHED CONDOMINIUMSBay Colony/Trieste .................. from $6500 The Vanderbilt .................................$6500 Parkshore Beach/La Mer ...................$3850 Old Naples/Cambier Place .................$3500 Pelican Isle .......................................$2995 Parkshore/Colonade ..........................$2995 Park Shore Beach/Solamar ................$2200 Tiburon/Castillo ...............................$2200 Kensington/Westchester ....................$1900 Banyan Woods ..................................$1800 Dunes....................................... from $1600 The Strand/Turnberry ......................$1495 The Orchards ...................................$1300 Moorings/Binnacle Club ....................$1300 Stonebridge/Carrington .....................$1200 Imperial ............................................$1200 Hidden Cove ............................ from $1100 Carlton Lakes ...................................$1100 Berkshire Village ..............................$1000Furnished Annuals from $1000 UNFURNISHED HOUSESGrey Oaks ......................................$13000 Park Shore .....................................$12000 Moorings ......................................... $8500 Port Royal ................................ from $6700 Mediterra .................................. from $3500 Longshore Lakes ...............................$2500 Pelican Bay/Villa Lugano ..................$2400 River Reach Estates ..........................$2200 Palm River Estates ............................$1600 NABOR, Womens Council seek vendors for annual expo


OLD NAPLES 616 Fifth Avenue S. 239-434-0101 CENTRAL NAPLES 3255 Tamiami Trail N. 239-261-6622 UPTOWN 2600 Immokalee Rd. 239-598-0059 e symbol of local knowledge BONITA / ESTERO 26269 S. Tamiami Trail 239-498-9200 SANIBEL 630 Tarpon Bay Rd. 239-472-2411 CHARLESTON SQUARE 225 Banyan Blvd. 239-643-3636 OLD NAPLES, 92 Gulf Shore Blvd S Situated west of the boulevard & approx. 100 ft from the sand w/views of the Gulf, easy access to all Old Naples has to offer & pool. 5,949 sfua. 5-car garage. 5+Den/5+2half (H4224) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $6,975,000 OLD NAPLES, 136 Gulfshore Blvd S Situated west of the boulevard & approx. 100 ft from the sand w/views of the Gulf, easy access to all Old Naples has to offer & pool. 5,865 sfua. 5-car garage. 5+Den/5+2half (H4233) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $6,950,000 OLD NAPLES, 150 Gulf Shore Blvd S Perfectly situated west of the boulevard and approximately 100 feet from the sand with panoramic views of the Gulf from all living levels. 4+Den/4+2half (H4234) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $5,995,000 OLD NAPLES, 495 2nd Ave N What youve always wanted, a perfectly proportioned home of striking design and superior craftsmanship, not too big, not too small but just right. 3+Den/3.5 (H4013) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $2,585,000 PELICAN BAY, 711 Hollybriar Ln At last! A classic Pelican Bay home COMPLETELY remodeled to 2008 style and storm standards. If you have been seeking a perfect home this is it! 4+Den/4.5 (H2947) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $1,850,000 AQUALANE SHORES, 1529 3rd Wonderful opportunity to build your dream home on a prime waterfront lot (200 x 110 x 165 x 110) with Direct Gulf Access and covered Boat House. (L1063) Claire Licciardi, 250-4564, Carol McElroy, 659-6395 $1,805,000 MEDITERRA, 16622 Cortona Ln Private Southern lakefront. Custom appointed London Bay expanded Asti model. Old World Mediterranean charm and tradition. 3+Den/3.5 (H3585) Michele Harrison, 580-9889 $1,799,000 LIVINGSTON WOODS, 6411 Sable Ridge Ln Your very own resort. Exceptional quality and detail in this unique and very private Livingston Woods estate on 5 acres. 4+Den/4 (H4289) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $1,795,000 PARK SHORE, 4000 Gulf Shore Blvd N, #1000 Elegant living directly over the water!!! First oor at, completely renovated with exquisite touches everywhere. Spectacular views. 3/2.5 (V1226) Michele Harrison, 580-9889 $1,575,000 COVE TOWERS, 425 Cove Tower Dr, #1801 Unbeatable price for a Penthouse in Naples! Gulf views, over 4200 SF living area & great location close to beach & shopping. Beach shuttle, tennis & dining. 4+Den/4 (C5057) Claire Licciardi, 250-4564, Carol McElroy, 659-6395 $1,495,000 PELICAN BAY, 316 Carlton Pl This lovely property is one of just 28 rarely avail. Carlton Place villas tastefully remodeled. Walk to tram. 3/3.5 (V1195) Jacques Groenteman, 659-6382, Jill Rogers, 450-6856 $1,495,000 COLLIERS RESERVE, 12640 Colliers Reserve Dr 1st class lake front setting in Colliers Reserve. 2 story home w dramatic screened lanai featuring raised pavilion and lagoon pool. 3+Den/3.5 (H4317) Lisa M. Richardson, ABR, CRS, GRI, 250-8008 $1,400,000 LIVINGSTON WOODS, 6510 Sable Ridge Ln 2.73 acres, 2-story home w/3 car garage, pool, family room w/FP plus upstairs media room. Commercial pole barn w/1750 SF of storage/work area. 4+Den/3.5 (H3865) Lisa M. Richardson, ABR, CRS, GRI, 250-8008 $1,199,000 OLD NAPLES, 555 5th Ave S #Ph-1 Penthouse Beach Club Retreat, up and above Old Naples Beach, just 3 blocks from the Gulf and center to the vibrant Village of Old Naples. 2+Den/2 (C5114) Michele Harrison, 580-9889 $1,195,900 PARK SHORE, 4031 Gulf Shore Blvd N, #10D Outstanding upscale renovation from top to bottom; marble, granite, stainless, cherry cabinets. Floor to ceiling windows offer magni cent Gulf & Bay views. 3/3 (C5614) Scott J. Lepore, 2502800, Danni Sadler, 248-0678 $1,150,000 PARK SHORE, 508 Devils Ln Remodeled classic on large lot in desirable school district. Beautiful pool, lanai, private back yard. Access to private Park Shore beach. A must see! 3/2.5 (H3803) Pat Kennedy, 449-2809, Gerald Murphy, 877-2002 $1,095,000 VASARI, 28642 Via D Arezzo Beautiful inside and out. Paradiso estate home w/ stunning views over zero edge pool to lake and golf course. Beautifully appointed. 4+Den/3.5 (H3933) Michele Harrison, 580-9889 $995,900 GREY OAKS, 2598 Lermitage Ln Extremely well priced villa home. Meticulous 2-story courtyard home w/views of pool/spa. Granite, diag. tile, soaring ceilings & more. 3+Den/3.5 (V1120) Susan Wall, P.A., 285-5033 $995,000 MOORINGS, 2170 Gulf Shore Blvd N, #83W First time offered. A truly one of a kind 8th oor penthouse with approximately 1900 sq.ft. under air. Breathtaking views of the Gulf, Bay & marina. 3/3 (C5473) Gerald Murphy, 877-2002, Pat Kennedy, 449-2809 $995,000 MOORINGS, 657 Binnacle Dr This residence has it all! Natural light, Plenty of Storage, 2-car garage, beautiful pool and outdoor patio space to entertain. Updated and renovated. 3/2.5 (H4221) Liz Chamberlain, 877-4390 $995,000 LUSSO VILLAS, 4882 West Boulevard Ct #102 Investor loss is your gain. $300K below current appraisal. Top nishes. Upscale kitchen w/gas cook top. Impact glass. New & spacious. Pool & spa. Walk to beach. 3+Den/3.5 (V1212) Jim Mayer, 290-9685 $950,000 VINEYARDS, 6664 Glen Arbor Way Sophisticated elegance describes this estate home in this economically solid country club community. All the quality features youd expect in a luxury home. 4+Den/3.5 (H4282) Bobbie Dusek, ABR, CRS, GRI, 659-6132 $940,000 NAPLES LAKES CC, 5071 Cerromar Dr Beautifully appointed home. Crown moldings, coffered ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/granite. Open & light oor plan. Pool/spa. Bundled golf. 3+Den/3 (H3851) Maggie Sanders, 269-4499, Constance Spitzmiller, 449-2746 $889,000 OLDE CYPRESS, 7540 Treeline Dr Gorgeous Empire-built custom home looks brand new! Expansive preserve views from pavered lanai w/waterfall, custom pool. Granite kitchen, 3car garage. 4+Den/3.5 (H3048) JoAnn Aycock, 777-2743, John Aycock, 777-9898 $850,000 MOORINGS, 1947 Crayton Rd Charming renovated pool home, over 4000 T. sq. ft. Lge cream tile thru out, turnkey furnished. Nr. pv beach club Circle drive, dble garage. (H3039) Margaret Hutchison & Audrey Carmony, 272-7000 $849,000 COVE TOWERS, 425 Cove Tower Dr, #1001 Beautiful end unit w/panoramic southwestern views over the Gulf, Bay & Naples skyline. Shows like a model w/many custom nishes. 3+Den/3 (C5492) Claire Licciardi, 250-4564, Carol McElroy, 659-6395 $835,000 MONTEREY, 2122 La Paz Ct LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Triple WOW of locations! So. rear exp, long lake views, quiet cul-de-sac. Beautiful & bright open oor plan. 5/3 (H4122) Jim Scartz, 877-9726 $824,900 IMPERIAL SHORES, 4865 Regal Dr A Boaters Dream & priced to sell. Unique Key West style home w/ boat dock, lift & seawall. Super southern views of canal & bay to Gulf from bilevel lanai. 3/2 (H4238) Margaret Hutchison & Audrey Carmony, 272-7000 $799,900 MOORINGS, 2309 Gulf Shore Blvd N, #113 Spectacular value in Admiralty Point w/wide views of Pass & Gulf. Resort style amenities plus boat dock. Modestly updated. 2+Den/2.5 (C5564) Craig Jones, 280-2238 $768,000 MIROMAR LAKES, 10811 Vivaldi Ct, #1803 Spacious penthouse w/private elevator overlooking lake. Luxury resort style living w/golf, marina, walking paths, tness center and spa. 3+Den/3.5 (C1413) Anita Colletti, 250-0700, Sally Pratt, 280-2219 $699,000 OLD NAPLES, 475 Central Ave Charming and beachy Old Naples home with cathedral ceilings, open oor plan, split bedrooms, and lots of windows. Freshly painted. Front & back screened porch. 3/3 (H4257) Kim Case, ABR, 860-3837 $690,000 MONTEREY, 2095 Mission Dr Newto-market 3000 SFUA lakefront pool home completely renovated 7-08! New SS/granite kitchen, gor geous cherry ooring, neutral paint, granite baths. 4/3 (H4039) JoAnn Aycock, 7772743, John Aycock, 777-9898 $675,000 BANYAN WOODS, 4928 Rustic Oaks Cir Value with $250,000 price reduction! 4+Den, 3 Bath, Marble Floors, Oversized Pool & Spa! Best Lot! 3-Car Garage, 3180 sq. ft. LA! 4+Den/3 (H3730) Joyce Adamo Thralls, CRS, 784-6878 $649,900 WATERSIDE AT BAY BEACH, 4198 Bay Beach Ln #164 Corner unit with Golf Course, Bay & Gulf views. Updated with granite counters & brand new stainless appliances. Enjoy boating, gol ng & great views! 3/2.5 (C5438) Heather Wightman, 450-1891 $649,900 OLD NAPLES, 555 5th Avenue S #203 Low price...Brand new...Prime location!!! Clearly the best strong value. Introducing newly completed On 5th. Up and above Old Naples Beach. 2+Den/2 (C5116) Michele Harrison, 580-9889 $645,900 PENDING July 12th OPEN HOUSES from 1-4pm are Highlighted in Yellow




premier THE VILLAGE 239.261.6161 OLD NAPLES 239.434.2424 THE GALLERY 239.659.0099 FIFTH AVENUE 239.434.8770 MARCO ISLAND 239.642.2222 OLD NAPLES & SURROUNDS NAPLES.COM MARCOISLAND.COM BONITASPRINGS.COM AQUALANE SHORES tCypress walls, 3 bedrooms, authentic keystone replaces, granite kitchen, covered, cut-in boat slip and 135 on water. $3,300,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529AQUALANE SHORES tNew construction waterfront home! Spacious rooms, six bedrooms, intricate ceiling detail, formal and casual living areas. $5,195,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741AQUALANE SHORES tViews of Naples Bay! No bridges to Gulf, 7,370+ total SF, 5 bedrooms, den, media room. Pool, 2 boat lifts and 3-car garage. $5,500,000 | Michael Lawler | 571-3939AQUALANE SHORES AREA tSizable lot with magnicent Gulf views. Walk to Naples Pier and 3rd Street from this charming home. Being sold as is. $8,300,000 | Richard G. Prebish II | 357-6628 ROYAL HARBOR tBrand new! Open oor plan, over 6,000 total SF, four bedrooms plus den, a 2-car garage and pool/spa. No bridges to the Gulf! $2,595,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-7420AQUALANE SHORES tApproximately 167 of waterfront! 58x195x167x136 site with cut-in boat slip. Direct Gulf access. Older home on property. $2,895,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231OLD NAPLES tElegance, up-to-date construction and quality material throughout this 3 bedroom plus den pool home with over 5,125 total SF. $2,900,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529ROYAL HARBOR tViews of Bay! Expanded/remodeled in 1995 with three bedrooms plus ofce. Pool/spa and summer kitchen, 660 SF boat house. $2,950,000 | Isabelle Edwards | 564-4080 AQUALANE SHORES tTotally renovated, two bedroom canal front home. Over 2,550 total SF, bamboo oors, granite countertops, and generator. $1,795,000 | Mary Johnson/Vincent Bandelier | 659-0099OLD NAPLES ROSE VILLAS tDynamic villa featuring Bosch appliances, elevator, wood and tile ooring, 4 bedrooms plus den. Private pool. $1,949,500 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741OLD NAPLES CASA BELLA t458 11TH AVE. S. Updates include faux paint, hand rubbed finishes and built-ins. Elevator. Plunge pool, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. $2,150,000 | Beth Hayhoe McNichols | 821-3304ROYAL HARBOR tBermuda-style 4 bedroom plus den, 4.5 bath home. Coral stone replace, hazelnut wood oors, and elevator. Heated pool. $2,395,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231 OLD NAPLES tPrivate pool and wide views of Alligator Lake. Warm terra cotta oors and neutral decor. Detached guest house. $1,595,000 | Karen Cosentino | 571-6329OLD NAPLES tFlorida cottage offers three bedrooms plus den and a separate living area in a peaceful, tropical setting. Close to beach. $1,625,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231ROYAL HARBOR tOne of the largest waterfront lots in Royal Harbor. Revamped kitchen with new granite, cabinetry, and appliances. $1,699,999 | Ann M. Nunes | 860-0949OLD NAPLES tTropical gardens, Koi pond and Balinese orchid house grace the grounds. Fourth bedroom has outside access. $1,750,000 | Carolyn Weinand | 269-5678 ROYAL HARBOR tOne of the best waterway locations in Royal Harbor. Very quiet. Very livable 3 bedroom. Pool. Dock, on 67 seawall. $895,000 | Ray Couret | 293-5899OLD NAPLES OLD NAPLES VILLA t1070 5THSTREETSOUTH Over 2,100 SF of living area, three bedroom plus den in the downtown historical area! Heated pool, 4.5 blocks to beach. $999,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231OLD NAPLES SHADOWMOSS tThis 3 bedroom plus den, 3 bath is surrounded by terraces and lovely landscaping. Wood oors, granite counters, wine cooler. $1,195,000 | Lodge McKee | 434-2424OLD NAPLES LAS DUNAS tThree blocks to beach. Townhome with four bedrooms, study, three baths, gourmet kitchen, private courtyard with pool. $1,395,000 | Gary L. Jaarda/Jeff Jaarda | 248-7474AQUALANE MANOR 320 14th Avenue South #CCarefree 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Walk to Gulf beaches and shopping. Deeded covered boat slip with lift. Turnkey furnished.$799,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529815 21st Avenue SouthDirect Gulf access. Building site 1 lot from Naples Bay. Deep-water, approximately 80 dock, covered slip and boat house.$2,795,000 | Beth Hayhoe McNichols | 821-3304CHATHAM PLACE 350 8th Avenue South #9Three-story, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath residence. Private splash pool, 2-car garage. Saturnia marble oors, high ceilings.$1,749,000 | Lodge McKee | 434-2424NAPLES BAY RESORT THE HOTEL 1500 5th Ave. South #314Luxury resort nestled on Naples Bay. Southern exposure view of marina. Spa, tennis, marina, and yacht club.$769,000 | Fred Alter | 269-4123NAPLES BAY RESORT THE HOTEL 1500 5th Ave. South #360Brand new waterfront resort, 2 bedroom, 2 bath hotel condominium with upscale furnishings. First class amenities. Turnkey.$629,000 | Linda Piatt | 269-2322NAPLES BAY RESORT THE HOTEL 1500 5th Ave. South #A322Top oor, corner 2 bedroom. Sunset city/bay/docks views! Owners can occupy alternate months to generate income.$595,000 | Mitch/Sandi Williams | 370-8879SUNTIDE ON TENTH 653 10th Avenue SouthLight, bright and open top oor condominium has garage, walled pool, privacy. Only 2 years new! Stone-look oor.$595,000 | Karen Van Arsdale | 860-0894THE PIERRE CLUB 1222 Gordon Drive #20Walk to 3rd Street shops, restaurants, Naples Pier, and white-sand beaches. Furnished and ready to enjoy.$499,000 | Lodge McKee | 434-2424FIFTH AVENUE BEACH CLUB 175 5th Avenue South #102One block to beach! This 2 bedroom is totally redone! Granite countertops, tile and turnkey. Weekly rentals allowed.$399,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231TOWN MANOR CLUB 1021 3rd Street South #204Beautifully renovated, turnkey furnished 2 bedroom. New appliances, tile, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry! Walk to beach.$398,000 | Mary Yon | 572-3274BEAUMER 803 River Point Drive #307-BTotally and beautifully updated two bedroom furnished residence. Awesome kitchen, tile oors, and updated bathroom.$299,000 | Jeri Richey | 269-2203TOWN MANOR 1021 3rd Street South #104Walk to beach, dining and shops. Bright corner 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1st oor residence. Co-op with land lease. Turnkey furnished.$265,000 | Judy Perry/Penny Lyle | 261-6161VILLAGE GREEN EVERGLADES CLUB 661 12th Ave. S. #661Two bedroom, 1.5 bath residence situated close to downtown historic Old Naples. Turnkey furnished. 55+.$175,000 | Isabelle Edwards | 564-4080195 Central AvenueOnly 1.5 blocks to beach and a short stroll to 5th Ave. shopping and dining. Lot is 76 X 150 with a total of 11,500 SF.$1,395,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231SEAPORT 1001 10th Avenue South BS #21On Naples Bay. Gated live-aboard oating dock. Approximately 70 x 18, 60-foot nger prier. Walk to downtown.$425,000 | Kathy Morris | 777-8654NAPLES BAY RESORT 1480 5th Avenue South BS #B-43What a value for a 40 dock! Marina with hotel and shops, Yacht Club, and Private Club with spa. No bridges to the Gulf.$295,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-74201571 Bonita LaneExciting opportunity to build a home of your dreams on this vacant lot. Waterway views from backyard.$699,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-7420FOUR WINDS 1200 Blue Point Avenue #A-2Lovely view from waterway to bay, 3 bedrooms, renovated/expanded kitchen, granite counters and breakfast bar. New A/C.$399,000 | Kathy Morris | 777-8654FOUR WINDS 1140 Little Neck Court #D-34Enjoy the view from this 2nd oor, 3-bedroom condominium directly on Naples Bay. Includes a 26 boat dock.$399,000 | Kathy Morris | 777-8654SANDPIPER BAY CLUB 3011 Sandpiper Bay Circle #205Overlooking a lush, tropical nature preserve. Only minutes to downtown Naples and Gulf beaches! Updated kitchen.$160,000 | Patrick OConnor | 293-9411MARINA COVE 5085 Yacht Harbor Drive #201Spacious coach home with view of lake. Bright and light 2 bedroom, 2 bath plus den with double garage and lanai.$409,000 | Rod Mease | 659-0099 WINDSTAR ROYALHARBOR AQUALANESHORES ROYALHARBORAREA OLDNAPLES OLDNAPLES OLD NAPLES COLONNADE ON 5TH tSpacious and lovely oor plan with 2 master suites. Granite counters, built-in wine refrigerator, and hurricane windows. $999,000 | Kevin Rathburn | 269-4575ROYAL HARBOR tOver 4,600 total SF and 4 bedrooms, 142 of seawall, large dock and 2-boat lifts. Direct access to the Gulf (no bridges). $1,200,000 | Isabelle Edwards | 564-4080 OLD NAPLES t181 15THAVENUESOUTH A classic Old Naples cottage located 2 blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath offered as-is. $1,650,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529 OLD NAPLES tRoomy, nicely updated three bedroom, three bath home with writers retreat. Pool/spa area, and replace. Open air balcony. $1,975,000 | Karen Coney Coplin/Lodge McKee | 434-2424 OLD NAPLES tTo-be-built home by one of the Premier builders in the area. Four bedrooms plus den, 5.5 baths, 3-car garage, heated pool/spa. $2,995,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231 OLD NAPLES NAPLES BAY RESORT THE HOTEL t#342 Top oor 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa suite with southern exposure. Private corner porch with marina view. Turnkey furnished. $785,000 | Michelle Thomas/Cathy Owen | 642-2222OLD NAPLES NAPLES BAY RESORT THE HOTEL t#244 Turnkey furnished, 2 bedroom with an expanded patio and southern exposure. Marina views. Rentable by day, week or month. $895,000 | Linda Sonders | 860-0119ROYAL HARBOR AREA GOLDEN SHORES VARESE t#1601 Custom 3 bedroom, 3 bath en suite plus 1/2 bath. Built-in spa on terrace overlooking personal dock and canal. $929,000 | Ann M. Nunes | 860-0949 OLDNAPLES Lots/Boat Slips Lots/Boat Slips OPEN SUN.1-4 OPEN SUN.1-4 ScottPearsonHosts OPEN SUN.1-4


NORTH NAPLES 239.594.9494 THE PROMENADE239.948.4000 COMMERCIAL 239.947.6800 DEVELOPER SERVICES239.434.6373 RENTAL DIVISION 239.262.4242 OLD NAPLES & BEACHFRONT premier NAPLES.COM MARCOISLAND.COM BONITASPRINGS.COM 244 4TH AVENUE NORTH tCustom-built in 2006, fully furnished, 2 blocks to beach. Over 4,700 SF of living area, 5 bedroom plus den, heated pool/spa. $3,595,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231155 20TH AVENUE SOUTH tOne block to the beach! Built in 2008. Over 5,300 A/C sq. ft., four bedrooms plus den and bonus lounge. Heated pool and spa. $4,695,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231GULF SHORE BLVD. SOUTH tGulf front building site. Just south of Naples Pier and walking distance to 3rd Street. Lot Size 100x400x230x100. $6,950,000 | Michael D. Browne | 272-3331BROAD AVENUE SOUTH tCharming beachfront home with guest house circa 1901 has been completely renovated with upscale, modern amenities. Secluded pool area, wonderful Gulf views. $8,950,000 | Karen Van Arsdale | 860-0894 15TH AVENUE SOUTH tTwo blocks to Gulf! four bedroom plus den, 5.5 bath Bermuda-style home. Saturnia oors, tray ceilings, replace and pool/spa. $3,497,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-7420 1355 GORDON DRIVE tNew luxury construction. Four bedrooms, each with private bath, summer kitchen, sitting area complete with replace. $3,495,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231 14TH AVENUE SOUTH tTwo-story, 4 bedroom home with den/ofce. Hardwood oors, brick replace, elevator, granite, and summer kitchen. $3,395,000 | Karen Van Arsdale | 860-0894SOUTHLAKEDRIVE tSerene lakefront property just 3 houses from beach. Exceptionally large Alligator Lake lot is a rare offering. $3,395,000 | Linda Sonders | 860-0119 CHATHAM PLACE t#5 This 4,000+ total SF, 4 bedroom plus den, 4.5 bath offers luxury living on 3 levels. Three blocks to the beach. $1,984,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-7420BEACH BUNGALOWS tIn the center of downtown, this villa has over 2,500 SF of living area, 3 bedrooms, den, 3.5 baths. Heated pool. $1,990,000 | Lindsey Forte Smith | 572-2663RIDGELAKE tBuilt on 200 x 104 homesite with three separate dining and lounging areas. Private pool, spa, waterfall, koi pond. $1,999,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741VILLASESCALANTE t#C-6 This villa has 3,881 SF, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 4 terraces. Marble ooring, private elevator and 2-car garage. A Christeis Great Estates Property. $2,195,000 | Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell | 213-7420PALM CIRCLE WEST tClassic Florida architecture with a large courtyard entry, 3 bedroom suites, formal dining, pool. Furnished. $2,199,000 | Virginia/Randy Wilson | 450-9091GULF SHORE BLVD. NORTH tOver acre site on Alligator Lake. Build a new home or enjoy the existing 3 bedroom cottage surrounded by landscaping. $2,395,000 | Chris Yanson | 450-75842ND AVENUE SOUTH tSpanish-inspired Mizner West Palm Beach-style standout! European stone area with pool, spa, summer kitchen. $2,795,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741GARDENTERRACE tElegant and innovative new construction on a beautiful street. Steps from the beach. Private outdoor pool and spa. $2,995,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741 RIDGELAKE tSophisticated cottage with guest house, lakefront setting, coral oors, replace, walls of glass, close to beach. $1,795,000 | Virginia/Randy Wilson | 450-90917TH STREET SOUTH tExpansive 2-story living room, wraparound porch, oak oors, 3 bedrooms, and outdoor living area. Furnished. $1,795,000 | Karen Van Arsdale | 860-089414TH AVENUE SOUTH tGulf, beaches, sunsets, and Pier are just steps away. Lofted, paneled ceilings, open decks, 3 bedrooms and 4 baths. $1,880,000 | Karen Coney Coplin | 261-1235PALM CIRCLE WEST tCustom-built home with 4 bedooms, 5 baths, den and reading room, a loft/media area. Maple oors, granite, heated pool. $1,899,999 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231 NAPLES BAY RESORT THE COTTAGES t#A-104 Beautiful decorator furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium. Resort amenities. Near shops, dining, and beach. Weekly rentals. $600,000 | Michelle Thomas | 860-7176 NEW LISTING780FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH CONDOMINIUM t#307 This 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath has high ceilings, 2 skylights, and beautifully detailed mouldings. Completely furnished. $975,000 | Judy Perry/Linda Perry/Penny/Bob Lyle | 564-4405CATELENA tLush tropical landscaping wraps corner condominium built in 2004 in privacy. Two bedrooms plus den. Well-appointed. $1,295,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231VILLASVERONA tTwo blocks to the beach and 1 block to 5th Avenue South. Two bedrooms plus den, private heated pool/spa and 2 lanai areas. $1,350,000 | Marty/Debbi McDermott | 564-4231 Single Family Homes 520 9th Avenue SouthInspired by Addison Mizner design, 3 bedroom plus den, 4 bath home being built. Cypress ceiling, stone, pool/spa.$2,494,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741689 13th Avenue SouthAn enchanting home on a nice size corner lot. Warm wood walls, large family/dining room. Close to dining/shopping.$1,495,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529 Condominiums/Villas SANDY CAY 300 3rd Avenue SouthClose to beach and 5th Avenue shops. Five bedroom, 5.5 bath with family room, private elevator, replace, and built-in cabinets.$2,545,000 | Lodge McKee | 434-2424TIFFANY COURT 1071 8th Street South #202Second oor, 3 bedroom to include new carpet, crown mouldings and baseboards. Bathrooms updated with tile and marble.$669,000 | Cindy Thompson | 860-6513WHARFSIDE 830 River Point Drive #4Situated on Naples Bay! Sunsets and long water views! Recently updated 3 bedroom townhouse. 30 boat dock included.$490,000 | Julie Rembos/Paula Sims | 262-6600 Lots LAKEVIEWTERRACE 300 5th Avenue SouthUnique site 1/2 block off 5th Ave. S., 3 blocks to beach. PUD approved for 10 condominiums, zoning is in place.$3,900,000 | Paige Reddick | 239-272-5767PARLA VILLE 355 4th Avenue SouthMulti-family site zoned for six villas, each being 3,000 SF. This lot is located three blocks to Naples beaches.$3,650,000 | Jerry Wachowicz | 777-0741205 South LakeDriveMagnicent views of Alligator Lake from this secluded half acre lot. Close to the beach and 5th Ave. S. and 3rd St. S.$2,950,000 | Karen Van Arsdale | 860-0894115 5th Avenue SouthSELLER FINANCING EXTENDED. Corner of Gulf Shore Blvd. and 5th Avenue South. High, natural elevation.$2,950,000 | Jim Barker | 250-634281 Gulf Shore Blvd. SouthHomesite is ready-to-go for your dream home. One block to Gulf. Plans for a four bedroom Stofft Cooney design available.$2,375,000 | Ruth Trettis | 403-4529 LUXURY BEACHFRONTLIVING Condominiums/Villas Lots PARK SHORE LE JARDIN t#803 Nearly 3,800 square feet of A/C living space. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and family room. $3,495,000 Marion Bethea/Bette Helms/Anne Killilea | 261-6200MOORINGS SANCERRE t#503 The ultimate choice in luxury beachfront living. This 3 bedroom plus den, 4.5 bath condominium lives like a single-family home. $3,550,000 | Richard G. Prebish II | 357-6628MARCOISLAND MADEIRA t#PH-201 Beachfront penthouse with 7,414 total SF. Rookery Ambassador Membership included. A Christies Great Estates Property. $6,950,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130BAY COLONY REMINGTON t#PH-2104 Breathtaking panoramic Gulf views! Contemporary elegance, approx. 6,400 A/C SF, four bedroom, rooftop cabana/spa. Furnished. $9,499,000 | Tom McCarthy/Dorcas Briscoe | 243-5520 MARCOISLAND CAPE MARCO BELIZE t#PH-2102 This penthouse has stunning views with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, library and over 4,765 SF. Decorator nished. A Christies Great Estates Property. $3,250,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491 PARK SHORE PARK PLAZA t#PH-5 Dramatic views to Sanibel/Captiva! Walls of custom millwork, 12 ceilings, wood ofce, gourmet kitchen. Superb. $2,375,000 | Susan Barton | 860-1412 COQUINA SANDS LAURENTIANS t#3A Unequaled views of sand, surf and sunsets. Top-of-the-line stainless appliances, granite counters. Sun-lled living. $2,150,000 | Judy Perry/Penny/Bob Lyle/Linda Perry | 261-6161 VANDERBILT BEACH GULFSIDEII t#505 Preferred 3 bedroom corner residence with wraparound vistas of Gulf. New A/C system and electric hurricane shutters. $1,450,000 | Pat Callis | 250-0562 OPEN SUN. 1-4 OPEN SUN. 1-4 OPEN SUN. 1-4 MitchWilliams Hosts


41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Blvd. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road M Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB14 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Florida Weeklys Open HousesCall 239.325.1960 to be included in Florida Weeklys Open Houses. 19 OLD NAPLES 181 15th Avenue South $1,650,000 Premier Properties Ruth Trettis 434-2424 20 ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS 1485 Anhinga Pointe Priced from $1,795,000 Premier Properties Call 239-261-3148 Mon. Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 12-5>$2,000,00021 OLD NAPLES CASA BELLA 458 11th Avenue South $2,150,000 Premier Properties Scott Pearson 282-3000 22 BAREFOOT BEACH BAYFRONT GARDENS 209 Bayfront Drive $2,595,000 Premier Properties Cynthia Joannou 273-0666. Call agent for entry 23 VANDERBILT BEACH ESTATES 222 Channel Drive $2,970,000 Premier Properties Roya Nouhi 290-9111 24 PARK SHORE 537 Devils Lane $2,995,000 Premier Properties Michael Lawler 571-3939>$3,000,000 25 OLD NAPLES 244 4th Avenue North $3,595,000 Premier Properties Marty & Debbi McDermott 564-4231 26 BAREFOOT BEACH 105 St. Eustacius Lane $3,895,000 Premier Properties Cynthia Joannou 273-0666. Call agent for entry 27 PORT ROYAL AREA 3541 Gordon Drive $3,995,000 Premier Properties Beth Hayhoe McNichols 821-3304>$4,000,00028 OLD NAPLES 155 20th Avenue South $4,695,000 Premier Properties Marty & Debbi McDermott 564-4231 29 PARK SHORE 350 Neptunes Bight $4,695,000 Premier Properties Michael Lawler 571-3939>$5,000,00030 PORT ROYAL 777 Kings Town Drive $5,950,000 Premier Properties Richard G. Prebish II 357-6628 >$9,000,00031 PORT ROYAL 963 Galleon Drive $9,900,000 Premier Properties Jerry Wachowicz 777-0741 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 21Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$300,0001 THE STRADA AT MERCATO Located just North of Vanderbilt Beach Rd on US 41 Contemporary living from the $300s. Premier Properties of Southwest Florida, Inc., REALTORS Call 800-719-5136 Mon. Sat. 10-8 and Sun. 12-8 2 PELICAN MARSH CLERMONT 1575 Clermont Drive #202 $399,000 Premier Properties Pam Hartman 312-415-4058 >$400,0003 LEMURIA 7172 Lemuria Circle #1801 From the Mid $400s. Premier Properties Tom Gasbarro 404-4883. Mon. Fri. 10-4 and Sat./Sun. 1-4 4 OYSTER BAY 1165 Clam Ct. #6 $434,000 Downing-Frye Realty Brenda Bergin, 248-7284 5 MOORINGS HARBORSIDE GARDENS 3400 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. #M6 $469,000 Premier Properties Keith Alexander 250-5156 >$500,0006 PARK SHORE VENETIAN COVE CLUB 3500 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. #404 $549,000 Premier Properties Ed Cox/Jeff Cox 860-8806 7 BONITA SPRINGS VANDERBILT LAKES 3796 Saybrook Place $592,000 Premier Properties Meghan Reed 825-0736 8 MEDITERRA CALABRIA 28541 Calabria Court #102 $599,000 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 2137420>$600,000 9 BONITA BAY ESPERIA & TAVIRA 26951 Country Club Drive New construction priced from the $600s. Premier Properties Call 800-311-3622. Mon. Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 12-5 10 TREVISO BAY 9004 Tamiami Trail East Priced from $600s Premier Properties Call 239-643-1414 Mon. Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 11-5 11 MOORINGS SOUTHERN CLIPPER 3333 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. #11 $625,000 Premier Properties Jeannie McGearty 248-4333 12 PELICAN BAY INTERLACHEN 6732 Pelican Bay Blvd. $699,500 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 213-7420. >$800,00013 SEAGATE 5133 Seahorse Avenue $899,000 Premier Properties Lodge McKee 434-2424 >$900,00014 OLD NAPLES SPELLBINDER VILLAS OLD NAPLES VILLA 1070 5th Street South $999,000 Premier Properties Marty & Debbi McDermott 564-4231 >$1,000,00015 MEDITERRA VILLORESI 15628 Villoresi Way $1,225,000 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 213-7420 16 VANDERBILT BEACH ESTATES 470 Egret Avenue $1,399,000 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 213-7420 17 KENSINGTON 5212 Old Gallows Way $1,475,000 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 213-7420 18 MEDITERRA MILAN 15429 Milan Way $1,649,900 Premier Properties Emily K. Bua/Tade Bua-Bell 213-7420


THE VILLAGE 239.261.6161 OLD NAPLES 239.434.2424 THE GALLERY 239.659.0099 FIFTH AVENUE 239.434.8770 MARCO ISLAND 239.642.2222 NORTH NAPLES 239.594.9494 THE PROMENADE239.948.4000 COMMERCIAL 239.947.6800 DEVELOPER SERVICES239.434.6373 RENTAL DIVISION 239.262.4242 premier NAPLES.COM MARCOISLAND.COM BONITASPRINGS.COM MARCO ISLAND & SURROUNDS MADEIRA t#PH-202 Beachfront penthouse with 6,500+ SF of living area. Gulf, beach and island vistas from 2,140 SF of multiple terraces. $7,495,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983 HIDEAW AY BEACH ROYAL MARCO WAY t Exquisitely furnished. Rare beachfront home, 6 bedrooms, 8,894 SF under air. A Christies Great Estates Property. $9,400,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133CAXAMBASCOURT tSlocum-Christian, waterfront home with 243 ft. of direct access water frontage. Great docking facility. Furnished. $9,500,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133SHORESCOURT tBreathtaking panorama, 691 of direct access-protected water frontage, 6 bedroom suites, boat lifts. Furnished. $9,900,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH tSpacious beachfront estate home built in 2003 with 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 3 half-baths and 9,200 SF. Exceptional views of Gulf. $10,800,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 CAPE MARCO VERACRUZ t#2210 Over 4,700 SF A/C! Expansive beach views, luxurious 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath. Gated Gulffront community with fabulous amenities. $3,200,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133BARFIELD DRIVE SOUTH tViews of Caxambas Pass! Four bedroom pool home with 80 dock and 16,000 lb.lift. A Christies Great Estates Property. $3,395,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133SOLANACOURT tMajestic custom home with spectacular panoramic views of Smokehouse Bay. Featuring 5 bedroom suites plus a study. $3,695,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983HIDEAWAY BEACH SEA DUNELANE tCustom-built modern architectural masterpiece with 152 on pristine beach. Luxury appointments abound. FURNISHED. $5,700,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133MADEIRA t#PH-201 Beachfront penthouse with 7,414 total SF. Rookery Ambassador Membership included. A Christies Great Estates Property. $6,950,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130 MEADOWLARKCOURT tThree bedroom plus study, 3 bath home. Great room design, 13 tray ceiling, crown moulding. Pool/spa and summer kitchen. $1,550,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983WINTERBERYLANE tNew model home. Tray ceilings, stone ooring, innity-edge pool, direct access. To be completed late Fall $1,680,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491CAPE MARCO VERACRUZ t#1105 Spectacular sunset beach views. Decorator nished, inlaid tile design, replace accents and crown moulding. $1,750,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491MADEIRA t#102 Sunsets on your oversized terrace. Private steps to beach and pool. Concierge, guest suites, theatre and more. A Christies Great Estates Property. $2,197,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491SAN MARCO ROAD tCustom-built home within walking distance to Residents Beach. Six bedrooms, dock/lift, spacious lanai. Views of the bay. $2,950,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 LAUREL COURT tDirect access and beautiful views! New home by Marco River with great room plan, 3 bedrooms, den, 3 baths and Viking appliances. $1,195,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983PELICANCOURT tAn absolutely gorgeous custom-built 3 bedroom, 2 bath pool home. Dock with direct Gulf access. Lush landscaping, oversized lot. $1,200,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133TRAVIDATERRACE tA mansion on the hill with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, elevator, faux nishes and approximately 5,400 A/C SF. Lavish pool/spa. $1,295,000 | Dave Flowers | 404-0493CAPE MARCO MONTERREY t#1505 A $600,000 dollar remodel was just completed! Breathtaking views, new designer furnishings included. Resort living. $1,399,000 | Dave Flowers | 404-0493MADEIRA tSituated along Crescent Beach, Madeira embraces pretty panoramas. Amenities invigorate mind, body and spirit. FROM $1,547,000 | Laura Adams | 404-4766 VERNON PLACE tOld Florida style home with quick direct access and 160 ft. of waterfront, large wraparound verandas, new oors and paint. $899,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983THE ESPLANADE I t#303 Gorgeous bay views from balcony. Tommy Bahama motif. Esplanade offers 77boat slip marina, restaurants, shops, spa. $900,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685WHITEHEARTCOURT tGreat open oor plan with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths. Outdoor kitchen, Jenn-Air grill, screened pool. Dock with lift. $925,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685HIDEAWAY BEACH THE HABITAT 816 Hideaway Circle East #232Top oor 3 bedroom penthouse with Southern exposure and golf views. Spacious lanai and covered parking. Furnished.$595,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 Single Family Homes 871Copeland Drive WestBig view, tip lot location with 242 feet of direct access water frontage. Very spacious, 5 bedroom, livable home.$3,395,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-11331411 CaxambasCourtGulf and Caxambas Pass views. Spacious 4 bedroom with 3,600 SF of living area. Offered at lot value. Dock included.$3,250,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133999Caxambas DriveOne of the best tip locations with 197 of direct access water frontage. Wide water views of the 10,000 Islands.$2,999,999 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-11331190 Mimosa CourtThis price reects $1,000,000 under the cost to construct. 100% generator power; 4 bedrooms, 3-car garage. A Christies Great Estates Property.$2,295,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133580 Hammock CourtBeautiful key lot home built by Slocum & Christian. Southwest exposure with 167 ft. of waterfront and Bay views.$2,000,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH 616 Waterside DriveViews of Gulf, skyline and beach. Custom 3-story Eastwood-built home with 3,000+ SF, elevator and rooftop sundeck.$1,999,999 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133660CenturyCourtIncredible tip lot home with views of Smokehouse Bay; 169 feet of water frontage with 15,000 lb. boat lift and dock.$1,699,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH 854 West Hideaway CircleCustom home has private loft-style masters quarters with study and balcony. Spa, negative-edge water. Elevator.$1,495,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133720South Barfield DriveBeautiful inland home on an oversized homesite. Great oor plan, hurricane shutters plus an open lanai with pool/spa.$1,450,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH 871 Sea Dune LaneBright, exquisite home boasts a built-in pool and spa. Pickled red cedar ceilings, replace, 2nd oor loft.$1,260,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133499 Adirondack CourtPanoramic views of Marco and 169 of waterfront from this furnished home with Gulf access. Beamed ceilings and replace.$1,250,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133633CrescentStreetIncredible custom 3 bedroom, 3 bath pool home. Direct Gulf access, 70 dock, 30 boat slip and lift. Many special features.$1,175,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133658 Bamboo CourtElegant home has vaulted ceilings, gas replace, and outdoor kitchen. Expansive water frontage. Quick out to Gulf.$995,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491171 Geranium CourtCustom built 3 bedroom plus den, 2 bath home. Screened lanai, heated pool and spa. Quick, direct Gulf access from dock with lift!$849,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983450 Joy CircleFurnished 3 bedroom on a huge lot (210 deep) with 166 of waterfront with southwest exposure. Dock, lift and new seawall.$849,000 | Michelle Thomas | 860-71761160 LudlamCourtWell-maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Direct access to Pass and Gulf. Updated kitchen, dock with lift for 12,000 lb. boat.$795,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685243SeahorseCourtGorgeous 3 bedroom home, beautifully landscaped tip lot. Wide waterway views, 40 ft. dock, 14,000 lb. lift, new A/C 2009.$795,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133KEY MARCO 786 WhiskeyCreek DrivePreserve views from this 3,000+ SF A/C, 3 bedroom plus den, large lanai with pool/spa. Three-car garage. Direct access.$700,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133165KirkwoodStreetOver 3,600 SF living area, two-story, 6 bedroom, 3 bath pool home. Large 2nd oor playroom. Corner lot, circular drive.$699,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130951 Ironwood CourtTwo blocks to beach! Gourmet kitchen, faux painting. Custom pool, 12 ceilings, tray ceilings, granite, fountain.$695,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491355 Marquesas CourtLovely 3 bedroom plus den or 4th bedroom totally updated in 2007. Over 2,689 total SF, large pool, dock with 12,000 lb. lift.$689,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133ESTATES 1036 East Inlet DriveOffering 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, volume ceilings, crown mouldings, spacious oor plan/lanai area and much more.$599,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133601SomersetCourtTigertail Beach area home includes spacious living area, updated kitchen and tropical lanai/pool. Turnkey furnished.$490,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983394N.Collier Blvd.Large home in mint condition! All Thermopane windows and a great investment as owner desires a 3 year lease-back.$389,000 | Roe Tamagni | 398-12221504 Biscayne WayGreat family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and pool. Oversize yard with spacious lanai, and screened heated pool.$299,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 Condominiums/Villas CAPE MARCO VERACRUZ 940 S.Collier Blvd. #1902Beachfront, luxury 4 bedroom, 4 bath condominium. Great beach and Gulf views. Over 3,800 A/C sq. ft. Guard-gated entry.$2,450,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH ROYAL MARCO POINT II 4000 Royal Marco Way #526Beautifully upgraded front residence with panoramic views of beach/Gulf. Shows like a model! Decorator furnished.$1,880,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133MADEIRA 350 S.Collier Blvd. #501Beautifully appointed three bedroom corner condominium. Three covered balconies with fantastic views.$1,575,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130CAPE MARCO COZUMEL 980 Cape Marco Drive #1906Absolutely stunning beachfront residence. Spacious 3 bedroom beautifully furnished. Marble ooring and crown mouldings.$1,450,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH ROYAL MARCO POINT I 2000 Royal Marco Way #PH-EPenthouse with Gulf view and private elevator. Vaulted living and dining areas, plus glass-enclosed lanai.$1,250,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 HIDEAWAY BEACH ROYAL MARCO POINT I 3000 Royal Marco Way #PH-LLavishly appointed 3 bedroom, 3 bath penthouse. Marble ooring, columns, crown mouldings, plantation shutters. Gulf views.NOW $1,178,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 REDUCEDCHALETOF MARCO ISLAND 520 S.Collier Blvd. #201Rare front residence, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, furnished. Fabulous views of the Gulf and beautiful Crescent Beach. $995,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130THE PRINCE 176 SouthS.Collier Blvd. #1007Beautifully decorated condominium with Gulf views and numerous upgrades. Faux painting, granite, stainless and more.$949,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491MARBELLECLUB 840 S.Collier Blvd. #705Beautiful views from this large 3 bedroom, 3 bath residence on the beach. Great parking and storage space.$899,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130THE ESPLANADE I 720 N.Collier Blvd. #204Magnicent Smokehouse Bay views await you in this waterfront condominium. Crown mouldings, new tile throughout.$895,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685SHIPPSLANDING III 1100 S.Collier Blvd. #1121Gulf views from this furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath residence. Southwestern exposure. No bridge to Gulf of Mexico.$750,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685PRINCE 176 S.Collier Blvd. #903Views along the beach and Gulf to Cape Marco! Decorator furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath with spacious balcony.$735,000 | Dave Flowers | 404-0493MARCO BEACHOCEAN RESORT 480 S.Collier Blvd. #501Private courtyard, updated corner 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium. Professionally decorated, marble ooring.$720,000 | Roe Tamagni | 398-1222THE ESPLANADE III 760 N.Collier Blvd. #205Views of Smokehouse Bay. Two bedroom bayside residence. Granite countertops, built-ins and 2 balconies. Offered furnished.$650,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133SANDCASTLE II 720 S.Collier Blvd. #106Tasteful beachfront condominium with Gulf views! Redesigned kitchen, new ooring, new tile, and wraparound balcony.$649,500 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133SOUTHSEASTOWER IV 440 SeaviewCourt #601Gulf sunsets and panoramic views of Tigertail Beach. Turnkey furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath with new A/C and updated kitchen.$539,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983CAMELOT 961 CollierCourt #305Remodeled, turnkey furnished 3 bedroom retreat. Two large terraces. Rooftop garden, bayside pool, walk to beach.$519,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983BAYSIDECLUB 838 Elkcam Circle #205Enjoy magnificent Smokehouse Bay views from this pristine 2 bedroom condominium. Offered turnkey furnished. $375,000 | Elizabeth Summers | 269-4230SANDSOF MARCO 133 S.Collier Blvd. #C-206Enjoy Gulf sunsets from this 2 bedroom, 2 bath island retreat. Turnkey furnished. Large pool/spa, cabana and 2 tennis courts.$358,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983SANDSOF MARCO 129 S.Collier Blvd. #B-404Steps to Residents Beach! Enjoy sunsets from your patio in this freshly painted and well maintained condominium.$317,000 | Natalie Kirstein/ML Meade | 784-0491BEACH VIEW 169 S.Collier Blvd. #H-202Across from the beach access walkway. Updated with new sliders, windows, tile, carpet and shutters. Turnkey furnished.$285,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983ISLAND VILLAGE 542 TallwoodStreet #7Beautifully renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse. New tile, wood ooring, windows and complete kitchen makeover.$245,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983SEABREEZESOUTH 190 N.Collier Blvd. Maria House #Updated rst oor corner residence features tile throughout, crown moulding in main areas, and newer appliances.$229,000 | Roe Tamagni | 398-1222SEABREEZESOUTH 190 N.Collier Blvd. #Regina 2Furnished one bedroom garden style residence just steps from the pool and one block from Residents Beach.$158,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983MARCOSHORES TROPICSCHOONER 1518 Mainsail Drive #8Tropical retreat in a great location. Two bedroom residence with scenic lake views from lanai. Offered furnished.$154,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983 Lots HIDEAWAY BEACH 875 Sea Dune LaneOne of the largest (almost 1/2 acre) and highest elevations in Hideaway. Beautiful lot with possible Gulf and Lagoon views.$1,495,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133KEY MARCO 1279 Blue Hill Creek DriveA beautiful location in Key Marco offering sensational wide water views on which to build your dream home.$1,295,000 | Darlene Roddy | 404-0685KEY MARCO 1211 Blue Hill Creek DriveBuild your dream home on this high elevation lot. Gated community with only 134 homesites. Boat dock included.$995,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133228South Barfield DriveLarge, corner .52 acre lot zoned C-3 for mixed use. Great location. Convenient to shopping and restaurants.$875,000 | Elizabeth Summers | 269-4230HIDEAWAY BEACH 971 Royal Marco WayThis homesite is ready for your dream home. Guard-gated, newly renovated beach club, tennis, tness and golf course.$850,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133HIDEAWAY BEACH 331 Seabreeze DriveBuild an elevated home on this great southern exposure site with Gulf views.$750,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133930 Heron CourtCul-de-sac lot with bay views and direct access to the Marco River and the Gulf. Deep-water with 155 of waterfront.$649,000 | Brock/Julie Wilson | 595-5983MARCOSHORES TROPICSCHOONER 1542 Mainsail Drive #8Located at the end of the development, this 2 bedroom offers golf views and 1,043 total SF. Minutes to beaches.$129,000 | ML Meade/Natalie Kirstein | 293-4851 #PH-2102 Beachfront living at its best! Marble and wood ooring, 12 ceilings, 4 bedrooms plus den & 4,765 A/C SF. $3,250,000 | ML Meade/Natalie Kirstein | 293-4851 #1803 Three bedrooms, 3 baths with 3,320+ total SF. V enetian plaster and faux painting. $1,699,000 Darlene Roddy | 404-0685CAPE MARCO BELIZE tSpectacular views of the Gulf and 10,000 Islands from these exceptional residences. Tennis, tness center, theatre and more. On the southern most tip of Marco Island. #1806 Estate sized residence offering a modied oor plan and 3 bedrooms. Built-in bar, elegant oors. $1,799,000 Darlene Roddy | 404-0685 #2105 Beautiful dream home in the sky. 3,600+ A/C SF Three bedrooms. A Christies Great Estates Property. $2,075,000 | Chris Adams | 404-5130 #403 Three bedroom with 3,320+ total SF. Luxurious Ethan Allen, Henredon and Robb & Stucky furniture. $1,490,000 Roe Tamagni | 398-1222 #2107 Stunning 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath with over 3,844 SF of living area. Furnished. Views of the Gulf. Beach access. $2,298,000 | Jim/Nikki Prange | 642-1133 Single Family Homes Condominiums/Villas


OLD NAPLES 616 Fifth Avenue S. 239-434-0101 CENTRAL NAPLES 3255 Tamiami Trail N. 239-261-6622 UPTOWN 2600 Immokalee Rd. 239-598-0059 e symbol of local knowledge BONITA / ESTERO 26269 S. Tamiami Trail 239-498-9200 SANIBEL 630 Tarpon Bay Rd. 239-472-2411 CHARLESTON SQUARE 225 Banyan Blvd. 239-643-3636 THE DUNES, 325 Dunes Blvd #405 WOW! The Lanai gives you outstanding views of Turkey Bay to the West and North. All the upgrades you would expect, plus fabulous amenities! 3/2 (C5090) Jacques Groenteman, 659-6382 $635,000 COVE TOWERS, 430 Cove Tower Dr, #802 Best Value! Least expensive condo w/bay & Gulf views. Open oor plan w/ custom features, plantation/hurricane shutters. Club membership, amenities! 3/2 (C5623) Sharon Grabau, 910-4040 $599,000 PALM BAY ESTATES, 26773 Hickory Blvd, #2 Immaculate turnkey townhouse on Estero Bay. Boat dock w/Gulf access, easy beach access, renovated baths, rec room. 2 lanais overlooking Bay. 2+Den/3 (C5556) Maggie Sanders, 2694499, Constance Spitzmiller, 449-2746 $599,000 GRANDEZZA, 20018 Grande Lake Dr See the lake form the front door! Den can be used as a 4th bedroom. Extra long driveway. Saltwater pool, nightscape lighting. Must see! 3+Den/2 (H4299) Kellie Brown, 738-3696 $559,900 MOORINGS, 2100 Gulf Shore Blvd N Port au Villa. 4 units available. Beach & Boating, 2/2, 1200 s.f. Turnkey furnished. Large custom tile. 2/2 (C5125) Margaret Hutchison/Audrey Carmony, 272-7000 $349,000 TO $549,000 MOORINGS, 222 Harbour Dr, #302 Unending SW views from glassed in lanai w/breathtaking sunsets! Many upgrades, remodeled kitchen & baths. 3rd oor end unit. 2 boat slips included in price. 2/2 (C4987) Karen Champion, 450-3676 $525,000 AUTUMN WOODS, 7046 Sugar Magnolia Cir Reduced $200,000! New Paint! Immaculate pool home in one of Naples most convenient neighborhoods. Built in 2000 w/volume ceilings, spacious island kitchen. 4/3 (H3841) JoAnn Aycock, 777-2743, John Aycock, 777-9898 $499,900 BAYSHORE PARK, 3200 Barrett Ave Excellent well built home w/private huge lake plus canal front (not deep enough for boat access). New electric, plumbing, 2 yr old roof. 3.44 acres. 3/2 (H1927) Don Carter, 649-6017 $499,900 WORTHINGTON, 13771 Southampton Dr UPDATED! Plus one of the best views in Worthington. The long unobstructed sunset views of the pool, the entire 6th green & fairway are just fabulous. 2+Den/2 (H4328) Sharon HammondTurnblad, CRS, GRI, ABR, 851-6918 $490,000 KINGS LAKE, 2532 Kings Lake Blvd Lake Front Beauty! 3/2, Heated Pool, Oversized 2-car garage, 2250 sq. ft. LA., Immaculate! 3/2 (H4214) Joyce Adamo Thralls, CRS, 784-6878 $474,900 LITTLE HICKORY SHORES, 225 3rd St W Bring your boat and settle in to this charming and comfortable home with dock and hoist on canal. Ten minutes to Wiggins Pass by boat, Gulf access. 2/2 (H4175) Jim Scartz, 877-9726 $474,900 IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES, 2025 Prince Dr Fabulous Lake & Golf course views from this spacious 4-bedroom pool home. High ceilings grace all living areas. This kitchen has a wonderful open plan. 4/2 (H4274) Debbie Frost, 250-8701 $469,000 COPPERLEAF AT THE BROOKS, 23291 Foxtail Spacious furnished 2-story home, quite setting w/golf & lake views in bundled golf community, Heated pool/spa, 2-car garage & private beach club available. 3+Den/3 (H3775) Maggie Sanders, 2694499, Constance Sp itzmiller, 449-2746 $469,000 WORTHINGTON, 13881 Tonbridge Ct Stunning & updated! Shows just like a model! Here is a great home in a nancially sound neighborhood that includes bundled golf & tennis. 3/2 (H4334) Sharon Hammond-Turnblad, CRS, GRI, ABR, 851-6918 $465,000 COUNTRY CLUB OF NAPLES, 277 Burning Tree Dr No HOA fees & optional golf/club mbshp. Ranch style home w/pool. Large corner lot w/oaks & tropical foliage, tile roof, 2-car garage. Close in location. 3/2 (H1046) Lisa M. Richardson, ABR, CRS, GRI, 250-8008 $459,000 STONEBRIDGE, 1829 Winding Oaks Way Stonebridge Golf & Country Club offers a challenging 18 hole bundled golf membership with purchase of property. Stunning Villa with Private heated pool! 2+Den/2 (H3929) Sandy Weldy, ABR, CRS, 370-1270 $444,500 DELASOL, 16181 Parque Ln Reduced 40 percent! Modi ed Marina oor plan offers 3+den on most picturesque lot in Delasol. Wide lake views from private lanai w/pool, granite in kit/baths. 3+Den/2 (H3159) JoAnn Aycock, 777-2743, John Aycock, 777-9898 $424,900 ROYAL HARBOR, 1240 Blue Point A ve, #B-12 Location & view! A fabulous view of Naples Bay and a short 1.5 miles from 5th Avenue and the beaches. All this and a 39 boat dock! Totally redone. 3/2 (C5482) Elli Taylor, 860-2064 $415,000 PELICAN BAY, 5964 Pelican Bay Blvd, #412 Classy renovation to convenient rst oor unit with beautiful view of lake & fountains, owers and famous Sanctuary grounds. You wont be disappointed! 2/2 (C4596) Merry Coolidge, CRS, GRI, 450-4924 $409,900 LELY COUNTRY CLUB, 189 Palmetto Dunes Cir Dont miss this gem! French doors, large lanai w/pool & spa, fresh paint, double crown molding & new tile. Come see for yourself! 3/2 (H3569) Elli Taylor, 860-2064 $399,900 VILLAGE WALK, 3461 Donoso Ct Rarely available extended Oakmont plan featuring white tile, high ceilings, newer a/c & appliances w/lake view. Community pools & tennis at Town Center. 3+Den/2 (H2548) Merry Coolidge, CRS, GRI, 450-4924 $385,000 VINEYARDS, 931 Fountain Run Only 70 homes in intimate, gated Fountainhead enclave. Single villa w/pool & lake view. Move-in ready. Lush landscaping. Stable country club community. 3/2 (H4284) Bobbie Dusek, ABR, CRS, GRI, 659-6132 $362,000 ACREAGE, 20590 Sandy Ln Single family country living in the heart of Estero. Easy access to shopping, dining, airport & more. Room for all your toys in extra boat garage! 4/2 (H4201) Heather Wightman, 450-1891 $350,000 PELICAN BAY, 5815 Glencove Dr, #1201 Glencove. SUITE TREAT. Pelican Bay. First oor with split bdrm Cambridge, most soughtafter model. Furnished, lanai glassed and screen, 1606 T. Sq Ft. 2/2 (C4999) Margaret Hutchison/ Audrey Carmony, 272-7000 $379,000 PALMIRA GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, 28660 San Galgano Way Beautiful golf course home built by Centex. Wood cabinets, crown molding, tumbled marble backsplash, tray ceiling in master & much more. 2+Den/2 (H3953) Erin Paparella, 810-0745 $342,500 GLEN EAGLE, 224 Glen Eagle Cir Golf community minutes to 5th, 3rd & beaches. Open oor plan w/2124 SF, granite kitchen, diag tile, coffer ceilings, water softener, pool/ spa. 2+Den/2 (H4019) Jim Scartz, 877-9726, Douglas R. Smith, 682-0414 $339,900 FIDDLERS CREEK, 3842 Cotton Green Path Dr Cotton Green is a quaint little neighborhood within Fiddlers Creek that gives you a feeling of quiet serenity. Come see this beautiful home! 3/2 (H3667) Elli Taylor, 860-2064 $329,000 CARRIAGE CIRCLE OF NAPLES, 3137 Carriage Cir Full lightening protection, 3M impact lm on all windows & new roof in Mexican tile oors, brick terrace off screened porch. Large private backyard. 3/2.5 (H3848) Peter Van Justinius, P.A., 248-8641 $299,000 IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES, 13240 Wedgeeld Dr Excellent villa. Light & bright. Fantastic view of golf course. Nice lanai area w/ spa. Small HO Association. 2-car garage. Nice and quiet in great neighborhood. 2/2 (V652) Don Carter, 649-6017 $289,500 LELY, 1020 Peggy Cir, #102 Completely turnkey furnished with Tommy Bahama air shows like a model! Granite counters, stainless appliances, designer paint, high-impact glass. 3/2 (C5677) Susan Wall, P.A., 285-5033 $279,900 GLEN EAGLE, 1416 Athol Way Immaculate attached villa with extended lanai and lots of privacy. New A/C in 2007. This wonderful home features California closets & much more! 2+Den/2 (V1207) Elli Taylor, 860-2064 $275,000 THE STRAND, 5980 Pinnacle Ln, #2701 Tile throughoutWindow treatments, walk-in closets, Lakefront, Electric shutters, Pool, Gated Community. One Year Home Warranty for Buyer. 3/2 (C5387) Grace Monahan, 404-3400 $270,000 WILLOUGHBY ACRES, 163 Madison Dr Large lot 180x135 2/2 1924 sq ft of l.a. fenced yard, room for pool. 1 owner home trust warranty included. Decorating allowance credit. 2/2 (H4179) Grace Monahan, 404-3400 $269,900 THE STRAND, 5641 Sandlewood Ct, #2101 Sparkling water view awaits you! Downstairs spacious 3 bedroom, well kept end unit. Award winning Cypress Cove coach home with large 2-car garage. 3/2 (C5380) Judy V. Richardson, 216-1388 $269,000 STONEYBROOK, 21248 Braxeld Loop Great neighborhood for families & snowbirds alike. Updated home ready to enjoy! All one level w/split oor plan. Short sale subject to bank approval. 3/2 (H4301) Heather Wightman, 450-1891 $250, July 12th OPEN HOUSES from 1-4pm are Highlighted in Yellow


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTA GUIDE TO THE NAPLES ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE CSECTIONWEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009WEEK at-a-glance News for foodiesThe Wine Spectator Awards, summer deals and more. C27 Calling all artistsFestivals seem far away, but application deadlines for artists are not. C16, 18 & 19 A league of their ownExtraordinary Gentlemen on the town, and a crowd at SummerJazz on the Gulf. C24 & 25 Harrys growing upHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is funny, smart, dramatic and fun. C12 ARY JO CARTLEDGEHAYES SPENT YEARS CAREfully choosing just the right words in just the right sequence while writing her book, Grace: A Memoir. As a writer, words are precious to her, and she has a reputation for weaving them together in unexpected ways. Now shes taking apart the book she so lovingly constructed, literally ripping out pages, tearing out sentences and paragraphs. A year ago, she decided to take her published book and make mail art from it, creating one postcard a day. She determined shed try to send a postcard to anyone who asked. All they had to do was send her a postcard with their name and address. Initially, the idea was easier to conceive than undertake; actually cutting up her own book, she discovered, was difficult.MBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ CARTLEDGEHAYES Deconstructing Grace: How Mary Jo Cartledgehays turned her book into postcard mail artSEE GRACE, C4 Postcards created by Mary Jo Cartledgehayes from her book Grace: A Memoir Frank Smith, Kat Eppel in concert at Six Degrees Exhibitions Guitarist Frank Smith and Emmy Award-winning flutist Kat Epple will perform live in concert Saturday, July 25, at Six Degrees Exhibitions. The music will be accompanied by a slide show of photographs taken by Mr. Smith of the temples, markets and people of Thailand during his recent travels. Mr. Smiths repertoire of original music features his own musical style that is full of emotional energy and is guaranteed to relax and resonate deep within the soul. His most recent CD, Gardens of Hope, won the Lifestyle Music Award in 2007 for Best Instrumental Album-Acoustic. It was produced by Will Ackerman, the founder of Windham Hill Music. Ms. Eppel has won eight Emmy Awards and was nominated for a Grammy. Formerly with the groups Emerald Web and White Crow, she has released 18 music albums internationally on various record labels. She composes original New Age/Jazz/World/ orchestral music and has produced film scores and television soundtracks for National Geographic, Nova, CNN, Carl Sagan, Another World, The Travel Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, History Channel, PBS, and NASA among others. She was the music director for the featurelength film, Captiva Island. Saturday evenings concert is open to the public. Tickets are $10 at the door. The wine and beer bar will open at 6:30 p.m., and the concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. Six Degrees Exhibitions is at 1100 Sixth Avenue South. For more information, call 821-1081 or visit SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________news@ SMITH EPPELCOURTESY PHOTOS e ctat or m er o re

PAGE 38 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Free ConcertSaturdays 8-10 pm Market Plaza Cinema Under the StarsTuesdays 8:30 pmFREE Market Plaza A joint venture of The Richard E. Jacobs Group and CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.For details visit GULF COAST TOWN CENTER Contact Artis >>Send your dating tips, questions, and disasters to: steeling myself for his brush off. But it didnt come. Instead, he just laughed and said hed see me on Friday. On the message boards, one poster sums up the experience of speaking her mind. On the rare occasions that I DO assert myself and express instead of withhold my thoughts or feelings, I find it to be so much easier than Id imagined. Shes right. Being open isnt easy, but the rewards are worth the risk. And now I get a double dose of hunkiness. New Yorkers have a knack for telling it like it is. On a recent trip to the Big Apple, I encountered this penchant for straight talk on every street corner. In the Financial District, a construction worker barely looked up as I passed. Whats up, delicious? he said. It was more a statement than an invitation, propelled by some higher New York order to state his mind. Later, on the Upper West Side, I stood on the corner of 108th and Broadway, searching for the man I was supposed to meet. Im across the street, he said when I called. You probably cant see me. Im pretty short. When I did find him, I tried to gloss over his comment in polite Southwest Florida fashion. Youre not short, I said. No, I am, he replied, matter-of-fact instead of put-out. And bald. While some out-of-towners find this straight talk too abrupt for their tastes, I think its refreshing. After all, dissimulation takes work. What a load off to be able to express ourselves fully, not only saying how we feel, but what it is we want. Although this goes for both men and women, women have historically had a harder time verbalizing our needs.Assertiveness training SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS ArtisHENDERSON On the rare occasions that I DO assert myself and express instead of withhold my thoughts or feelings, I find it to be so much easier than Id imagined...In fact, the Womens Movement of the 1970s gave rise to Assertiveness Training, an entire discipline geared toward empowering female expression. On the Web site, Dr. Mark Dombeck and Dr. Jolyn WellsMoran situate assertive behavior between aggression, which is all about dominance, and passivity, which is all about submission. Assertiveness is about finding a middle way between aggression and passivity that best respects the personal boundaries of all relationship partners, they write. It is very hard for people used to acting passively to understand how to act assertively. When it comes to relationships, Im the master of beating around the bush. But recently I got called out on this passive behavior. A friend from out of town hunky, hilarious, the kind who toes the line between friendship and love interest promised to help me move into my new apartment at the middle of the month. I wont lie: I was looking forward to seeing his man muscles work to schlep my stuff. When my move-in date got pushed back two weeks, I was more disappointed at not seeing him than having to bunk at a friends place for another 14 days. When I told my hot mover friend about my disappointment, he asked boldly What do you want? I thought it over for a second, running through my usual hemming and hawing, then took a decisive step. Id like to see you both weekends, I said,


Happy Hour5-7pmFree Appetizers!

PAGE 40 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 xxxxxxxShe started a blog called Its Only a Book, which tracks her progress. (www. God only knows what happened, she says, looking back a year ago to the beginning of her project. The blog, she says, begins with dithering, because Im thinking, Im going to do this, but not quite able to take my book apart. On the blog Im going, Im going to do this today. OK, I didnt do this today. Well, yes, Im going to do this, but today is not the day. And the next days or next weeks post is, Ive got two copies of the book, because Im definitely going to do it today! On her blog, she wrote: When am I going to start this project? The moment I convince myself its only a book and not my entire life that Im ripping to shreds. One day she sat down with her book, about to cut it up, when her partner, whom she refers to as her compadre, walked into the room. Yourre not really going to rip that book up, are you? he asked. No! she said, and the project was delayed yet again. Finally, on Aug 25, she found the courage to do it, and posted her first piece, Its About a Revolution. Since then, shes worked in spurts, posting postcards every day for weeks, then taking time off, then returning to the project. For those horrified that shes ripping up a book (two copies, actually, so she can use both the oddand even-numbered pages) she wrote: Yes, its only a book. No, this isnt sacrilege; rather, its an exploration, an experiment in ritual, and an adventure.The birth of a bookGrace: A Memoir is the story of how God unexpectedly called her to the ministry. She was middle-aged, twice divorced, and the mother of two children. Plus, as she points out, she didnt think God was calling her because she was the one who always got the punch lines to dirty jokes. The memoir relays her experience at seminary, including her professors and fellow students blatant sexism, pastoring her first church with its joys and infighting and politics. Ten years ago, Ms. Cartledgehayes wrote the first draft of the essay that eventually grew into her book. The book went on sale in January 2000, and her husband Fred died of multiple myeloma a few months later, in April. It was 200 pages, and the publisher wanted 300 pages in October 2000, Ms. Cartledgehayes recalls. But death being what it is, we did not wind up with the final version of the manuscript until spring of 2002. The book came out the following spring, in 2003. Grace: A Memoir, was well-received by critics and readers. It received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and positive reviews in Kirkus Review and O, the Oprah Magazine. Some compared her to Anne Lamott and Kathleen Norris. But then a number of events seemed to conspire against its success. USA Today was slated to run a review, but then the Iraq War began, and the review never ran. Her sister died unexpectedly. And because the book was published two years later than originally scheduled, everyone involved with the initial contract and everyone who had worked on it, were no longer at the publisher. So my book was kind of orphaned, Ms. Cartledgehayes says. It was that sort of thing. As is true with many, many, many books, a lot of forces were at work all at the same time. And sometimes that works to a persons benefit, to a books benefit, and sometimes it doesnt. And mine was a case where it didnt. Her memoir went out of print in 2005. Ms. Cartledgehayes bought a few hundred copies or so, and stored them in a second bedroom. She went through a period of grieving the deaths of her husband and her sister. She moved to a different state. She left the ministry. For the longest time, I just felt I was slogging around, she says. Change came, slowly. She met another man and fell in love. They adopted a yellow Lab named Koko. She started writing poetry again. One day, she visited a quilt shop. It wasnt the type of store shed frequent; she hated quilts. But her mother needed some Halloween fabric. Ms. Cartledgehayes was astonished by the selection of fabric in the store. I had no idea there were so many darling fabrics in the universe, she says. So I got Mothers Halloween fabric, and then I got some cute pieces for myself, and then I kept getting little pieces for myself. And then suddenly, I had so many pieces that by the end of the year, 2007, I knew I had to either make something or stop buying them.Learning to work smallAnd thats how the woman who hated quilts started making them. After making a queen-sized quilt for her compadre, she wanted to start working small. So she started making postcard mail art, working in 4-by-6-inch rectangles. Part of it, she says, was a response to how publishing companies are now owned by five or six major conglomerates. The mail art idea is about rejecting corporate control of art, she says, that art belongs to human beings, not to whoever happens to have the most cash. Mail art is also about non-judging, she says. You dont have to be professionally trained in order to do mail art. Certain artists will put out a call for mail art, stating a theme, such as diaries, or fish, or green cats. Historic tradition is, the mail art is always exhibited and every piece is always exhibited. The person receiving them doesnt judge them and say, Oh this is a really good one that this one is crappy. Theyre all respected as art as that person is doing it today. Thats the rejection of the gallery idea of: we will determine what constitutes art. And mail artists send each other mail art. When I started I wanted to have that sense of, Im just tossing this out there, Im tossing this out into the world. So I would put mail art into Google and wander around some sites and find an address and mail something to somebody. Which is not unusual. Its what a lot of people do. It adds to the sense of adventure, she says, because you never know what youre going to receive in the mail each day. On her blog, she posts all the mail art she receives, as well as the postcards she sends out. Shes created over 150 postcards from Grace and the variety of styles astounds her. Isnt that interesting? she says. Because Ive always worked with words. Isnt it interesting the immense variation that you can do with art, which is something that artists already know. But my doing it in this daily way, over time, its really been experimental and freeing, because Im putting fewer demands on it than I do with writing. Because you know, this is art. This really is curiosity but its also play. When Ms. Cartedgehayes gave sermons as a pastor, shed start at one spot and wind up somewhere totally unexpected. Shed talk about all kinds of things that seemed unrelated, and show how they connected. Shed doing the same with her postcards now, using collage to bring disparate things together. Only now shes working with images and composition and color and textures and yes, words. Shes torn out pages and used chunks of text for design or background. She did a series in which she chopped up a calendar and incorporated that, using words or sentences or phrases from the book. Shes used beads and feathers and fabric. She did a series in which she used American and foreign stamps. That just evolved, she says, because it was a way of adding brightness and taking us to something larger than ourselves as well, getting outside of this tiny world we live in. Which is another aspect of mail art, the international aspect. Ms. Cartledgehayes has sent postcards to people all over the world, and people from 42 different countries have visited her Web site.A major tactile componentThis was an experiment in playing with an artistry in which words change dimensions, and sometimes are more important and sometimes are more subsidiary, she says. And its tactile. And after being engaged with words for so long, doing something that has such a major tactile component was wonderful. And then a couple months ago, I suddenly started noticing again that parts of this book are just beautiful. I have a distance from it, that I could look at these pieces and think: Oh, this is just beautiful! And I feel that really differently than I did when I was in the middle of writing the book, and Fred dying, and Fred dead, and publication, and being on the road and doing things. Just a pure appreciation for it. And I just go, Oh my God, I caught that. Oh my word, I nailed that one! And Oh yeah, I remember thinking that. Because its been more than 10 years since the book project began. If you happen on the book now and you read it, you think the person who wrote it is the person I am now. And Im not. There are those two different people. Theres that person who wrote the book, and theres me. That was always true, but the 10 years is a really significant distance, because Fred died and I left the ministry, and on and on and on. Will there be a follow-up memoir? Readers are asking for one, but publishers arent, she says, explaining that theyre more interested in celebrity packages. So shes playing with art because she doesnt know what else to do. Though, she admits, it would be pretty charming if her postcards became a book. Each postcard is complete in itself, she says. It truly is deconstructing. Whereas in the book, I took all of these incidents and welded them together into this 300-word whole, now I truly am deconstructing it and creating the visual, contextural, complete universes, where they are complete in themselves. One copy of Grace: A Memoir has maybe 15 pages left in it that are attatched. Its basically the book cover and a couple pages, she says. And every time I look at it, I think, Oh my God. It just looks pitiful. It does. It looks pitiful, it looks wan, it looks as if its perishing, as if its starving to death, or has been starved to death. I do have an emotional or physical response to it. Im shocked when I look at it. On the other hand, I think, This is so cool! Ive actually done a whole books worth of these. And look at this range, look at what Im creating here. I look at this book that was whole, and now is sort of not. Which is symbolic of my life, that was whole up to 2000, and then was not. So there is that aspect of change, transformation, transition, thats been another element of this process. Its been a long journey, but shes happy, she says. Shes created a whole new life for herself.In the same way Ive created this whole amazing 140 plus postcards. Who knew? Who knew I could do that many pieces? she asks. Who knew there was that much art inside me? GRACEFrom page 1 >> Send your name and address on a postcard to: Boo @ Its Only a Book 1029 Mallard Creek Road Louisville, KY 40207 want a postcard? COURTESY PHOTOOne of the many postcards created by author Mary Jo Cartledgehayes from her book Grace: A Memoir


WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C5 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY One day, Mary Jo Cartledgehayes began receiving postcards with writing on them. Written in script on a blue paint chip card, it read: If you are on my mailing list its because Im in your fan club. Mail artist Richard Canard had discovered her Web site, Its Only a Book, loved her art, and began sending her postcards. Isnt he fabulous? she says. I love him. I started this blog and posting this mail art, and one day I got a postcard from Richard that said something or other, and two days later I got another one, and three days later I got another one. The two have never spoken or corresponded, other than sending each other mail art. What you see on my blog is everything I know about Richard, she says. She sends him her mail art postcards, but once sent him a Night of the Living Dead postcard when she attended Zombie University in Louisville, Ky., and appeared in a production. You see other peoples mail, or you see their address somewhere, and you feel you might like to hear from that individual, so you write to them in hopes that in turn, they will respond, Mr. Canard explains. I wouldnt call it correspondence in the traditional sense, but it can be. There are no rules or regulations. It all depends upon the individuals involved. But then the only rules that there are, are the ones that you make up yourself. Mr. Canard sends out well over 700 a year, he estimates. Presently, its almost a daily activity. On a good day, you get out a couple. And on a bad day, a few more, he jokes. A North Carolinian now living in downstate Illinois, he started doing mail art while in college. He read about a show Ray Johnson had in New York City, and wrote to him. Mr. Johnson, who is considered one of the pioneers of mail art, wrote back. I like to write letters; I was trying to keep in touch with old friends when I went away to school, he says. And here was another artist who was into mail, so I wrote to him. And lo and behold, he wrote me back, and introduced me to this whole network of individuals, which he traditionally did, which was a great beginning and great introduction for me. Mr. Canard developed his unique style of writing sentences or observations over time. Over the years, it seemed to be a way of honing the whole process down to what its really all about, he says. I mean, communication is communication. It seemed to be more direct I consider myself a nave writer, like a folkartist writer. On his postcards he writes observations such as: A postcard is just some kind of primitive little blog. There is a lot to be said for the postage stamp. It just sits quietly in the corner doing its job & eventually gets someplace. The postcard is a simple enough format. It is the mail artist that is confused & complicated. Im not opposed to change. I just want a guided tour when all the rough spots & details have been worked out. Reality can be quite rude. Ive noticed that it constantly interrupts any preconceived movie about life that I might choose to play. Most mailboxes lead lives of quiet desperation. He writes his observations on whatever material is available, such as pieces of cereal boxes, store paint chips. Whatever comes across your path is potential material, he says It all depends on whether it speaks to you in some way, or lends itself to the medium. I have said, if it fits in a mailbox, its fair game. It begins as a daily ritual, staring at the back of cereal boxes, oftentimes. Thats the whole spark for me. Mr. Canard, whos 67, is retired. He taught school, then worked in museums. He worked at the North Carolina Museum in the education department for a while, then at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston/ Salem. Making postcard art is all about fun, he says. A postcard is not unlike a blank canvas in many ways, he says. Plus the fact that youre sharing with other individuals. Its joining the world. Its anti-technological in some ways, and sometimes its a way of maintaining contact with other people. Or as he wrote on a postcard he sent to Ms. Cartledgehayes: There are lots of things more important than mail art, but I dont have time for em. Please hand me another postcard. Postcards from RichardBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@

PAGE 42 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO This weeks live bands The Bay House 6-9 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday: Stu Shelton and Patricia Dean jazz duo. 799 Walkerbilt Road. 591-3837. Bayshore Coffee Company Thurs-Heres what the United Arts Council of Collier County suggests you work into your plans for July 24-26 (call ahead for open hours and specific show times): Naples Jazz Masters Saturday at the Norris Center. 213-3049 or www. Thoroughly Modern Millie Final weekend for The Naples Players summer musical at Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or Ask about Dinner and a Show with Vergina. Jungle Book A Naples Players/ KidzAct production at Sugden Community Theatre with shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 263-7990 or Kathy Spalding The Rookery Bay Continuum and ARTScool 2009 Student Exhibition Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center. 262-6517 or Art-Official Reception Friday at Sweet Art Gallery. 597-2110 or www. Palm Cottage Tours Saturday at the Naples Historical Society. 261-8164 or Frank Smith & Kat Epple Images of Thailand Concert Saturday at Six Degrees Exhibitions. 331-2678 or 821-1081. Foreign Film Series: Life & Death Lenfant at the FGCU Renaissance Academy on Sunday afternoon. 4344737 or Hook and Peter Pan Best bets for the weekend Thursday, July 23 Friday, July 24 This weeks theater day: Dinner show with Compton and Bennett; Friday: Frontline Bluegrass. Saturday: Banks Banxley and Something Real. Monday: Singer-songwriter night hosted by Jen Mac. Wednesday: Open mic night with Matt and Jason. 2727 Bayshore Drive. 775-5676 or Freds Diner Wednesday: Singer/ Songwriter Night hosted by Tim McGeary and sponsored by Robert George Productions from 7-10 p.m. Uptown Plaza, 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928. The Island Pub The Island Sounds of Trevor Earl, 5-8 p.m. Friday. Jebrys Jazz Jam, 5-8 p.m. Monday. 600 Neapolitan Way, in the Park Shore Resort. 262-2500 or Noodles Saturday: Paul Rozmus and the Funkyside Dance Band beginning at 8:30 p.m. 1585 Pine Ridge Road. 592-0050. Olio Reggae from 3-7 p.m. Sunday and jazz from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday. 1500 Fifth Avenue South. 530-5110. Paddy Murphys Thursday: Justin. Friday: Barefoot Geno. Saturday and Tuesday: Maxi Courtney. Monday: Patrick. 457 Fifth Avenue South. 649-5140. Riverwalk at Tin City Thursday 5:30-8:30 p.m.: John Lowbridge; Friday 5:30-8:30 p.m.: Merrill Allen; Saturday 5:308:30 p.m.: Sal Desantis; Sunday 3-7 p.m.: Sal Desantis. 1200 Fifth Avenue South. 263-2734. Sea Salt Thursday and Saturday, 7-10 p.m.: Cougar and the sounds of flamenco guitar. 1186 Third Street South. 434-7258 The Silver Spoon at Waterside Shops 6-9 p.m. Thursday: Tom DesRochers with classic rock from the s, s and s. 591-2123. Kevins Piano Lounge at Stoneys Steakhouse Thursday and Friday: Robert Williamson from 7-11 p.m.; Saturday: Wendy & Co., 7-11 p.m.; Sunday: Robert Williamson, 4-7 p.m. Bayfront Place. 435-9353 or Thoroughly Modern Millie See best bets for the weekend, above. Mulan Jr. Broadway Palm Childrens Theatre in Fort Myers presents Mulan Jr. July 24, 26, 30, 31 and Aug. 2. Travel back to the legendary, storytelling days of ancient China with this action-packed stage adaptation of Disneys Mulan. 278-4422 or Peter Pan Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre presents the highflying adventure Peter Pan through Aug. 8. Performances are Wednesday through Sunday evenings with selected matinees. 278-4422 or One-Act Plays Thespian Production presents An Evening of One-Acts, a showcase of three original plays, July 24-26 at the Foulds Theatre at Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers. The plays are: Global Bi-Polar Warning, Menu Driven and Oh, The Lies We Have Told. Tickets: $16 at the door or $12 in advance. 866-811-4111 or Quiz Night Exercise your brain beginning at 7:30 p.m. at The English Pub, 2408 Linwood Ave. 775-3727. Indie Screening Catch some indie shorts and hob-nob with Naples International Film Festival judges from 7-9 p.m. at Six Degrees Exhibitions, 1100 Sixth Avenue South. 331-2678 or www. Trunk Show Marissa Collections presents the Resort Oscar de la Renta trunk show July 23-24. 1167 Third Street South. 263-4333. Kids Free Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, 300 Tower Road. 417-6310. Free Ice Cream Social 1-4 p.m. at Sugden Regional Parks Lake Avalon. Live music, fun contests for children, free ice cream, a rock climbing wall and free kayaking and paddle boating. 793-4414. Hair that Makeover in Paradise O f cial salon of Bonita Beach Rd.I-75Wiggins Pass Rd. Immokalee Rd.Old 41 951/Collier Blvd.Thomasson Dr.Tamiami Trail E US 41Airport Rd. Rattlesnake Hammock Rd. Games CASINO CASINOS13500 Tamiami Trail N., Naples(US 41 & Wiggins Pass Rd., Next to Walgreens)(239) 591-21964937 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd.(US 41 & Rattlesnake Hammock Rd., Next to Sunshine Ace Hardware)(239) 352-9200 $5 Match Play New Members with this ad. FREE Food & Drinks Smoke FreeUS41 CHOOSE FROM GREAT LOCATIONS! 2Progressive Jackpots! NewCome Check Them Out! Come Check Them Out! www.ribcity.com10 Southwest Florida Locations 10 Southwest Florida Locations Saturday, July 25 Third Street South Farmers Market 7:30-11:30 a.m. in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahamas. Nearly 50 vendors sell locally produced vegetables and fruits, jams, baked goods and seafood. Cooking Class Tony Ridgways Third Street South Cooking School covers meat and chicken from 10-11:30 a.m. at Ridgway Bar and Grill. 2625500. Naples Laughter Club 9-10 a.m. at Cambier Park, 755 Eighth Avenue South. Made in Florida The Collier County Museum presents a free showing of movies shot in Florida at 1 p.m. every Saturday. Today: The Creature Walks. Waterside Entertainment Enjoy live music while strolling the shops of Waterside from 2-5 p.m. Free Music Gulf Coast Town Center presents classic rock by Both Hands beginning at 8 p.m. Picnics, lawn chairs and blankets are welcome; no alcohol permitted. 267-0783 or Fireworks The Fort Myers Miracle hosts Mid-Summer Fireworks at the stadium on Six Mile Cypress Parkway.


WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A&E C7 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Upcoming events WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO Monday, July 27 Tuesday, July 28 Wednesday, July 29 Trivia Night Play trivia for free beginning at 7:30 p.m. at The Pub at Mercato. 594-9400. Fly Me to the Moon Watch the family flick in 3D under the stars in Market Plaza at Gulf Coast Town Center. The free show begins around 8:30 p.m. Sea Turtle Talk Learn about the sea turtles lifestyle and their fight for survival in a free program beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. To register, call 597-6196 or stop at the ranger station. Park entrance fees apply. CUISINE BEVERAGE & CONFECTION AFTER HOURS BEAUTY & HEALTH HOME & FASHION PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Collection at VanderbiltWHERE A GREAT EXPERIENCE LEADS TO ANOTHERNW Corner of Vanderbilt Beach Rd & Airport Pulling Rd. Naples, Florida 239.596.2807 www.collectionatv anderbilt.comAbsinthe Restaurant AM Trust Bank Bank of America Bump Maternity Diva Doghouse Elements Massage Emock & Bollo IceCream Fashion Nails Fed Ex Of ce The Good Life Hair Design by Avantgarde Lets Eat Lifestyle Family Fitness Luna Rossa Italian Restaurant Management Of ce Maximum Tan Merle Norman Cosmetics Metro PCS Naples Trust Realty Co. NutriShop Omaha Steaks Pei Wei Asian Diner Persona Boutique Salad Creations Starbucks Stewart Travel ZAZOUCertain restrictions apply. Product color may vary. Phone not actual size and selection may vary by store. Visit or a MetroPCS store for information on specic terms and conditions of service, local coverage area, handset capabilities and any restrictions. Offer available for new activations only. Nationwide long distance available only in continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. Rates, services and features subject to change. Taxes and fees not included. Cost of phone not included in $50 monthly rate plan. 9343 888.8metro8 Samsung FinesseTMBlackberryTM UNLIMITED JUST GOT SMARTER. More high tech features. Two new high tech phones. One low price. Blackberry enterprise email for only $10 a month more No contracts. First month of service FREE! No activation charge. Touchscreen a month. $50 Naples 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Blvd. 239-596-8550MetroPCS Corporate Store STEWART TRAVEL 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 146 Naples, FL 34109 239-514-2211 www.etmNaples.comBring in this ad and receive $10.00 off your massage! Cannot be combined with any other offer or membership rate. MM22276Open 7 days a weekMon. Fri. 9am-9pm Sat.-Sun. 9am-7pm $10 Off CouponExpires 8/15/09 A Trusted Name In Travel Since 1985 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Ste 160 Naples, FL 34109 239-591-8183 Subject to Availability Pre-assembled entrees ready to pick up, heat and eat! BUY ONE ENTRE & RECEIVE SECOND ENTREat 50% OFF! Call 239-596-4111to order your entrees. Open Tue. Sat. Must bring ad. One coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/09 Auditions Auditions for fall main stage show, Lend Me A Tenor, take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8, at the Naples Players, Sugden Community Theatre. No appointment necessary. 434-7340, ext. 10. Fun Run Naples on the Run, a running store boutique, sponsors Tuesday Nite Fun Run on Aug. 11. The run starts at 6 p.m. at Naples on the Run at Gateway Center. Join the group for a 3-5-mile run followed by free pizza. (239) 434-09786. Much Ado Auditions Auditions for The Naples Players fall show in the Tobye Studio, Much Ado About Nothing, take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, at Sugden Community Theatre. No appointment necessary. 434-7340, ext. 10. Marc Vee Free Miromar Outlets presents the Marc Vee Band in a free outdoor jazz concert from 6-8 p.m. Friday, July 31, in the shopping centers restaurant piazza. A Lot of Bull Germain Arena hosts the PBR Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour at 8 p.m. Friday, July 31. www. Basically Bluegrass Concert and pick-in hosted by the Acoustic Music Society beginning at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 2, at the Lee Civic Center in North Fort Myers. Three acts perform: the Sawgrass Drifters, the Cape Coral Cutups and Impromptu Assembly. Pickers are welcome to join the jam session under the shade tree. Cost: $6 at the gate; $25 annual membership. 248-8906, or e-mail Local History The Naples Historical Society has guided tours of Palm Cottage from 1-4 p.m. 261-8164 or www. Bayfront Chefs Market Stock up on fruits and veggies, watch chef demonstrations and enjoy live music from 4-8 p.m. 200-3477. Its a Miracle The Fort Myers Miracle hosts Dog Daze at the stadium on Six Mile Cypress Parkway in Fort Myers.


C8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 90 Minute Swashbuckling Show Holiday & Birthday Parties, Field Trips & Private Charters Available Call for Schedule, Reservations Required 239-765-7272 2500 Main Street Ft Myers Beach Located at: In one episode, the city editor shows the young reporter a photograph of a man. He has no idea who is it. But the more-experienced reporter sitting in the cubicle across from him knows everything about him and has the phone numbers and sources to call; he winds up getting the assignment and writing the story. Its his last hurrah, because of course hes the victim of a layoff and its his last day. This is happening all over the nation: newspapers are losing their most experienced, most talented reporters. The ones who know the history, who understand the context, who have the phone numbers and contacts. And, of course, I was saddened by the news of Walter Cronkites death. The man was an icon. I remember watching him get choked up when man first went to the moon, and this was a time when TV news anchors didnt show emotion or editorialize. There were only three major TV networks back then. No cable. No Internet. Now journalism has fractured into many different pieces. The evening Mr. Cronkite died, Rachel Maddow, on MSNBCs The Rachel Maddow Show, devoted the entire hour to him and interviewed various newsmen about him, including Brian Williams, managing editor and anchor for NBC Nightly News, Dan Rather, former anchor of CBS Evening News and Tom Brokaw, former managing editor and anchor and current correspondent for NBC Nightly News. (The program can still be seen online.) Im saddened by his passing. It feels like the end of an era, though truth be told, that era ended long ago. Now its all about cutting corners and doing more with less, 24-hour celebrity coverage and gossip, tabloid journalism and innuendo, lack of depth and being snarky. Its about being a content provider rather than being a good writer with insight and analytical skills.Im terrifically disheartened by all of that.Im sure there are people who have no clue who Walter Cronkite was. And sadly, some of them are probably even journalists. to still do the same amount of work with fewer people.) Reading the comments was just heartbreaking. One person wrote about how their editor called them into inform them they no longer had a job, then asked them to evaluate how well the editor had done the task of telling them. Another said that someone had explained their severance package to a roomful of employees whod just lost their jobs, and that all the information theyd been told was wrong. Another said they were supposed to learn who still had their jobs and who didnt, but the company didnt tell them, and they were left hanging. Many of these people had given up holidays, nights, weekends, birthdays, their kids plays or soccer games, all for the newspaper. Now theyre discovering that despite their years often decades of hard work and sacrifice, the paper just doesnt care. Theyre disposable. Also, because its summer, Ive been catching up on TV shows I missed during season, or was only able to watch sporadically. One of them is the HBO show The Wire, one of my favorites. Set in Baltimore, its a show that has depth. Unlike network dramas, everything isnt tied up with a nice, neat bow at the end of the hour. Stories develop over the weeks, with plots and subplots. People are complex; theyre not all-good or all-bad. The fifth and final season focuses on journalism. (Previous seasons had focused on the educational system, politics, the docks.) It makes sense, because David Simon, excutive producer and creator of the series, was a reporter for The Baltimore Sun for 13 years. In this final season, he turns the spotlight on print journalism. I caught some of the episodes on TV, but am now watching the entire season on DVD. And Simon just gets everything right in how he shows the state of journalism right now. He has upper management walking around, making pronouncements. One, in suspenders and pin-stripe pants, keeps telling his newsroom that theyll have to do more with less, a phrase that virtually every print journalist is familiar with. (If an editor or publisher ever proclaims that all the layoffs and buy-outs wont affect the quality of the paper, that theyre still provide you with everything they did before, when they had a bigger staff, theyre lying.) Of course, the paper winds up doing less with less, and misses many of the citys big stories. The Wire also has a character that many journalists are familiar with: the young reporter whose ambitions outweigh his talent. In this series, the reporters worked a few years at two different papers, but thinks he should be on the staff of The Washington Post. Hes impatient. He doesnt want to do the work. So he starts making up quotes, making up people, lying to his editors. He even claims that a serial killer has called him. (The killer hasnt, because the killer doesnt exist.) Of course, upper management takes a shine to him and urges his editors to put him on bigger stories.ARTS COMMENTARY Journalists can be an introspective lot, but it seems that in the past couple weeks, Ive been thinking about journalism more than usual. Its like looking at a sculpture Ive been looking at the profession from different angles and perspectives. First of all, I watched the six-hour BBC series State of Play. (An American version was made, starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren. It was released this year, but despite my best intentions, I didnt get to catch it. And right now, its in that in-between space between playing at the theaters and being available on DVD.) The plot is a little complicated. In its starkest form: a politicians research assistant is murdered, and its discovered that he was having an affair with her. A reporter, a long-time friend of the politician, covers the story, and falls in love with the politicians wife. (He also, at one point, hides the politician at his own home.) Its a British show, set in London. Apparently, journalists have different standards there, because throughout the reporters pay for interviews, lie to sources, and also misrepresent themselves. I was dying to see the American version, set in the States, to see how the story was reframed. Though the original came out in 2003, its still timely, because it has to do with big oil companies leading government around by the nose, and government trying to dictate to newspapers what they can and cannot print. Then, Gannett newspapers recently went through another round of layoffs. I used to work for a Gannett paper, and have friends who still do. Theyve had to take furloughs (weeks off without pay) and work feels like living in a combat zone: youre never sure whos going to be picked off by a sniper next. My friends arent crazy about the furloughs (who would be?) but say its better than losing their jobs. I read a couple of blogs about Gannett papers and the layoffs, and employees from all over the country wrote about what the experience was like: people who had just lost their jobs, people who had been let go earlier, those who were still employed but suffering survivors guilt (and also wondering how they were able t w w p t i NancySTETSON Some thoughts about the state of journalism today COURTESY PHOTOWalter Cronkite WORLD OF THE OVER 55 ITEMS $ 5DOLLAR MEALSMISTER FIVE RESTAURANT1716 Airport Pulling Rd. S, Naples FL 34112 (on the corner of Davis Blvd. & Airport Pulling Rd.) CALL FOR EXPRESS PICK UP! 239 262 1555 Burgers Pastas Phillies TRY THE BEST FRIED FISH SANDWICH IN THE WORLD $ 5 Breakfast Served All Day Long! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7:30am-2:30pm Dinner 5pm-9pmFINALLY HERE FOR DINNER!


FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A&E C9 GIVING Now more than ever, the essential services of nonprofits are critical to our community. The Community Foundation of Collier County, through its Center for Nonprofit Excellence, offers seminars and training on the best practices of nonprofit boards. Nonprofit organizations and their boards do not function in a vacuum. There are fundamental legal principles and complex tax laws that govern their work. All board members have the responsibility to act prudently in the oversight of the organizations resources. Personal liability can result when a director breaches the standards of fiduciary responsibility. Herre are the three Ds of nonprofit board responsibility: 1. Duty of care This requires that directors of a nonprofit organization be reasonably informed about the organizations activities and participate in decisions. These responsibilities are carried out by: Attending all meetings and participating in committees; Staying informed by reviewing all materials and reports; Obtaining any further needed information, before voting; Frequently reviewing the organizations financials and financial policies; and Ensuring compliance with all regulatory filing requirements. 2. Duty of loyalty Board members must exercise their power in the interest of the organization and not in their own interest or the interest of another entity. This duty is carried out by: Full transparency and disclosure of any conflicts of interest; Adherence to the organizations conflict of interest policy; Avoidance of the use of corporate opportunities for personal gain or benefit; and Nondisclosure of confidential information about the organization. 3. Duty of obedience: The duty of obedience requires that directors comply with applicable federal, state and local laws, adhere to the organizations bylaws and remain guardians of the mission. This duty is carried out by the following acts: Ensuring the filing of annual regulatory information including applicable taxes; Reviewing of all documents governing the organization for compliance; and Making decisions that fall within the scope of the organizations mission and governing documents. Mary Ellen Barrett is the vice president of programs for The Community Foundation of Collier County. For more information about the best practices of nonprofit board members, contact her at 649-5000 or mbarrett@ The Daphne Fund Established 1992Daphne Pfaff established this scholarship fund to sustain her belief that by educating single mothers with young children to support, you advance the entire family. These scholarships enable recipients to return to school and advance their career skills and thereby their employment opportunities. As a result, they better their lives and the lives and fortunes of their children. Thus, the Daphne Fund will be able to enrich the community for many years to come.A well-kept secret is that Mrs. Pfaff, as the clowns Flowr child and SssizZ, has made the most extraordinary contribution of her time, creativity and compassion to the ill and elderly. For nearly 30 years, the quiet Flowr child and hot SssizZ have brought smiles and sometimes even hopes and dreams to patients of all ages in hospitals and nursing homes. Ms. Pfaff believes what you get out of life is in proportion to what you put in to it. She is proudest of the fact that her hospital clowning has grown into a program for training other clowns in the art (more than 30 people have learned to "clown around" under the Arts in Healing program of Naples Community Hospital in the past four years) and that her scholarships support education. So many lives are beneficiaries of Ms. Pfaffs talents and generosity. She also believes that you start small with what you have to offer and the small beginning, if correct, will grow. Long active in mental health and womens support programs in Collier County, Ms. Pfaff is chairman of the NCH Hospital Clowns on Rounds program. Her joy is contagious. She encourages anyone interested in letting their clown out to play to contact her to learn more about the fun and rewards of clowning. With assets of more than $51 million, the Community Foundation of Collier County manages more than 400 funds established by charitable individuals and organizations. Investment earnings on these funds are used to address community needs. Since 1985 the foundation, together with its fundholders, has granted $30 million back to our community. For more information call 649-5000 or visit Ds summarize responsibilities of directors on nonprofit boards FOCUS ON FOUNDATION FUND HOLDERS BY MARY ELLEN BARRETT _______________________Special to Florida Weekly PUZZLE ANSWERS

PAGE 46 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 +=HealthierTastier Happier Cape Coral 239-458-8700 Fort Myers 239-590-9994 Naples 239-593-9499 Port Charlotte 941-235-3354Our kids meals are winners... and all under $3.60! FLORIDA WEEKLY PUZZLES Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.HOROSCOPES DAFFYNITIONS By Linda ThistleSponsored By: Moderate Challenging Expert SEE ANSWERS, C9 SEE ANSWERS, C9 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. Puzzle Difficulty this week: LEO (July 23 to August 22) Another chance to shine (something always dear to the Lions heart) might be resented by others. But you earned it, so enjoy it. The weekend brings news about a family member. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A suggestion that never took off could become viable again. Dust it off, update it if necessary, and resubmit it. In your personal life, a new relationship takes an interesting turn. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Confronting a new challenge to your stated position could work to your advantage by settling all doubts once youre able to present a solid defense backed up by equally solid facts. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You enjoy doing nice things for others. But this is a good time to do something nice for yourself as well. You might want to start by planning a super-special getaway weekend SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Some changes you feel you need to make might be reasonable and appropriate. But others might lead to new problems. Think things through carefully before you act. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Good instincts usually keep the sure-footed Goat on the right path. So, what others might see as stubbornness on your part, in fact reflects your good sense of what is worth supporting. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A period of introspection could lead to some surprising conclusions -and also equally surprising changes -involving a number of your long-held positions on several issues. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) The financially practical Pisces might want to take a sensible approach to spending as well as investing. Being prudent now pays off later. A romantic situation moves into another phase. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Technology snafus tax your patience. But before you throw that computer or other bulky hardware into the trash, take a deep breath and call someone knowledgeable for help. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Dont be too upset if your generosity goes unappreciated. These things happen, and rather than brood over it, move on. A new friend could open up some exciting new possibilities. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A loved one helps you get through an especially difficult emotional situation. Spend the weekend immersed in the body and soul restorative powers of music and the other arts. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You are pretty much in charge of what you want to do this week. However, it might be a good idea to keep an open mind regarding suggestions from people you know you can trust. BORN THIS WEEK: Your sense of curiosity keeps you continually alert for whats new about people, places and things.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 C11 Undress Me in the Temple of HeavenA lot of travelers claim they want to experience the real world when they travel, eschewing sightseeing tours and luxury hotel rooms in an effort to live like a native. But the truth is, not everyone is cut out for this type of adventure. Susan Gilman learned this the hard way when she and her friend Claire spontaneously decide to circumnavigate the globe together. Fresh out of college and flushed with youth and invulnerability, the two Americans choose to begin their trek with what amounts to a trial by fire throwing themselves into the decidedly foreign culture of the Peoples Republic of China. Traveling to Maoist China in Cold War 1986 is no lark. The countrys bureaucracy is insular and labyrinthine, requiring pages of paperwork and days of waiting just to buy train tickets. The extreme poverty, choking pollution and unrelenting dreariness of the industrial cities shock the girls, and the language barrier complicates everything from ordering a dinner that isnt still alive to finding a doctor in the midst of a medical emergency. Theyre definitely in over their heads, but for a while it seems like theyre getting the hang of it, making friends, collecting memories and celebrating the small victories. However, as tensions both external and emotional keep piling up, Claire retreats into moodiness and paranoia, while Susan grows depressed and ill. Then something truly disturbing happens to Claire, and it is instantly crystal clear how very far away from home they are. With her witty and clear-eyed humor, Gilman relates both the wonderful and the tragic sides of their journey with a skill that keeps the reader riveted. She hammers home the idea that making things as difficult as possible for oneself in pursuit of authenticity is a pastime born of a particularly privileged point of view, and that for the unprepared, that sort of baggage can be the heaviest of all. Books reviewed in this column are available online or at your local bookstore.By Susan Jane Gilman (Grand Central Publishing, $23.99)REVIEWED BY EALISH WADDELL___________________________Special to Florida Weekly BEACH READING 489 Bayfront | 239.530.2225 Where Goodlette Frank meets 41 in downtown Naples NEW HAPPY HOUR BAR Menu! Naples ONLY waterfront sports bar with the largest BIG SCREEN HD in SW FLORIDA BUILD YOUR OWN BURGER NIGHT! Our Famous Tavern Burgers starting at $ 3 99 $5 Offwith the purchase of any 2 lunch entrees.exp. 8/15/09 Tavern on the Bay Fun Fare Sports & Spirits Open 7 Days a Week Open 7 Days a Week $2 Drafts and $4 Wells Happy Hour THURSDAY PRICE PIZZA NIGHT STARTING AT 4 P.M. MONDAY 40 Wings $3 Margarita $5 Nachos TUESDAY 1/2 PRICE HAPPY HOUR 7 Days a Week! 3-7pm GREAT SPECIALS! 403 Bayfront Place NaplesOff Goodlette Rd. North of US 41239-435-9353Half price Wine Cellar Sale voted Southwest Floridas best steakhouse Major league baseball games every night!www.stoneyssteakhouse.comLive Entertainment Thur-Sun STONEYS STEAKHOUSE Great Seafood Night Live Maine Lobster ....1 lbs for with salad & potato$24 Early Dining & Happy Hour 4-7pm Half Priced Cocktails 25% off Family Menu Featuring a bottle of Mondavi Wine 3 course menu Sunday Thursday ....per person$2450 The One & Only Great Prime Rib night ....with salad & potato$1595 Great Steak Night 12oz USDA Prime NY Strip ....with salad & potato $ 16 95


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 For a movie based on the penultimate book in perhaps the most famous literary series ever written, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a fine effort that is funny, smart, dramatic and fun. But the density of the source material often leaves cinematic holes and motivations unexplained, meaning the film fails to fully appeal to those not familiar with the novel. With Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) by his side, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) learns about Voldemorts early years via the memories of Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and new potions master Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent). ProfessorSlughorn also gives Harry a book that once belonged to the Half-Blood Prince, but Harry is too consumed with Voldemorts Death Eaters, who are wreaking havoc on the wizardry world, to worry about the books origin. Teenager Harry also has his mind on girls, namely Rons little sister Ginny (Bonnie Wright), and he wants to know why Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) has made an unbreakable vow to help Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton). Arguably, the most admirable thing about J.K. Rowlings books is how deftly she handles teen awkwardness, crushes and first kisses in a story about a boy wizard in an unthinkable situation. Accordingly, the best parts of the movie come in the stolen glimpses and jealous glares of Mr. Radcliffe, Ms. Wright, Ms. Watson and Mr. Grint, all of whom are old enough to know why these glances are offered. Better, the generation of kids Ms. Rowling is credited to have inspired to read are now old enough to understand these tortured looks as well. The visual effects are the best the franchise has presented. The long-awaited return of Quidditch is nicely rendered, as is the opening sequence with the Death Eaters flying through London. In fact, this is director David Yates (who directed the previous Potter film, the gloomy Order of the Phoenix) most visually accomplished work to date, highlighted by some ingenious framing when Ginny looks up the stairs prior to Harrys arrival at the Weasleys. Screenwriter Steve Kloves faced a number of challenges in adapting the 652-page book, and has kept the key elements intact. But the movie is long at 153 minutes, and it feels long. The fault for this goes to Mr. Yates, who doesnt keep things moving swiftly; the movie could easily be 10-15 minutes shorter, or at least it could have had 10-15 better minutes of plot/character development. Whats more, youngsters will likely grow restless due to the length and themes that are too mature for a pre-teen to understand. In the end, Half-Blood Prince is not much better or worse than the other five films. Hopefully Mr. Yates will continue to evolve as a filmmaker and take the series to the next level. Ms. Rowlings work certainly deserves it, as do the fans that have made the franchise a worldwide phenomenon. Dan Hudak is the chairman of the Florida Film Critics Circle and a nationally syndicated film critic. You can e-mail him at and read more of his work at FILMS Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceAfghan Star (Setara Hussainzada, Lima Sahar, Rafi Naabzada) This fascinating documentary follows four finalists on an American Idol-style show in Afghanistan. Two of the contestants are women and all four are from a different area of the country, which allows the film to explore Afghanistans cultural divides, all of which are united by national hysteria for the contestants. Producer/director Havana Markings film is informative and entertaining, as all documentaries should be. Not Rated: Some adult content, but generally mild.Adoration (Scott Speedman, Devon Bostick, Rachel Blanchard) A high school student (Bostick) starts a controversial debate when he invents a story about his father planting a bomb in his mothers (Blanchard) luggage as she travels alone to Israel. There are some twists and turns that you dont see coming, and some that you do. In the end, its an intriguing story thats too scattered and pretentious for its own good. Rated R.Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen, Josh Meyers, Gustaf Hammarsten) Austrian fashion reporter Bruno (Baron Cohen) comes to the United States seeking fame and fortune, only to find trouble in chasing the American dream. Its just as outrageous as Baron Cohens Borat, and done in the same mockumentary style, but Bruno both the movie and the character lacks the innocence and naivete that made Borat so appealing. Still, its pretty darn funny. Rated R. CAPSULES REVIEWED BY DAN ............Is it worth $10? Yes danHUDAK >>Filming has already started on the seventh and nal book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The nale will be split into two movies, with part one set for release in November 2010 and part two due July 2011. Did you know? COURTESY PHOTO Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter 2770 Davis Blvd. Davis Village Shopping Center(Corner Davis Blvd. and Shadowlawn) Tickets for August 15th Party & Drawing have already begun!Captain Jack is Here!!!!!Flippin every Tuesday!PotOGoldTournament Every Saturday! Coming Soon!! Progressive Jackpot Bonus on all machines!!!! Flippin 1 2 3


The most exquisite collection of linens and accessories for your bed, bath and table...and of course elegant lingerie. World Class Desingers call Gattles their home. 1300 3rd St. S. #202239 435-0004239 435-1166 Fruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, fresh sh, food, owers, plants, herbs, soaps, and much more can all be found.Music lls the air. Located behind in the Neapolitan parking lot between Third Street South and Gordon Drive. Third Street South Summer Farmers Market


C14 WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY New York Times best-selling author Randy Wayne White will sign copies of his latest novel in the Doc Ford series, Dead Silence, at the Fort Myers Beach waterfront restaurant named for the series. Mr. White will be at Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille at 708 Fishermans Wharf Drive/Channel Marker 22 from noon to 2 p.m. and from 4-6 p.m. Sunday, July 26. Dead Silence is the 16th in the series of Doc Ford novels about a marine biologist and exgovernment agent who yearns for the quiet, contemplative live of a scientist but who cannot seem to avoid tropical intrigue and adventure. For more information, call 7659660 or visit Love that dress you wore to the last charity ball but dont want to be seen in it at the next event? Then donate it to Love that Dress, a fundraiser for the Lee County PACE Center for Girls set for 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, at Embassy Suites in Estero. Cocktail and formal dresses can be dropped off at Marbella Fabrics in Naples the week of Aug. 24-28. Everyone who donates a dress will receive a free admission ticket to Love that Dress. If you dont have a dress to donate, you can attend for a $10 donation to the Lee County PACE Center for Girls.On the night of the event, dresses will be sorted by size and type and sold to attendees for no more than $40 each. Dressing rooms will be available. For more information, contact Melissa Simontis at the Island Coast AIDS Network, 337-2391 or Doc Fords hosts Randy Wayne WhiteLove that dress, but wont wear it again? Randy Wayne WhiteCOURTESY PHOTO IN A JACUZZI HOTTUB THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD DISAPPEARS Dont Be Fooled... We have the BEST PRICESin Town! Up to $1000 off!Voted BEST place to buy 12 years in a row! We Love Warm Water Naples 239-591-0733 Sarasota 941-923-4455 Bonita Springs 239-948-7444 1/2 PRICE PIZZA NIGHT FAJITA-MARGARITAChoice of Steak or Chicken THURSDAYS Y entree every Monday that entire month! (Valid ID required)CloseFRIDAYSBIG ALS FISH FRY BIRTHDAYS9 OZ LOBSTER TAIL $999 $1999 SUNDAYSALL DAY BABY BACK RIB COOKOUT MONDAYS$1099 SATURDAYS4 COURSE DINNERS $1299 $999 STIMU-LUNCHSPECIALS!$499MON-SUN 11AM 3PM DINE IN ONLY!Smokers Welcome on Our Patios TUESDAYS We welcome you to the new Publix at Publix is Open Mon. Sat. 9am 8pm & Sun. 9am 7pm Directions to Publix:From Oil Well Road:Take Oil Well Road (East) to Ave Maria Blvd., then make a right on Avila AvenueFrom Camp Keais Road:Take Camp Keais Road (South) to Pope John Paul II Blvd., then turn left on Colby Street Pop e Joh n Paul II Blvd. Oil Well RoadCamp Keais RoadColby St.Avila AvenuePublix AnnunciationCircle Ave Maria Blvd. O T O y ou wore b a ll b ut e n in it at n d o nat e it a f undC ounty Girls e sda y S uites o rmal pp e d b ri cs o f r eceive a free admission ti c t hat Dress. If you dont ha v donate, y ou can attend for a t o the Lee Count y PACE Ce n O n the night o f the e v w i ll b e sorte d b y size a s old to attendees for n $40 each. Dressin g be availa b l e F or more info r tact Me l issa Si m Is l an d Coas t work 33 7 mo n s w


Island Grooming Formerly Island Grooming by LisaHas moved to The Promenade(across from the post ofce) 695 Tarpon Bay Road Suite 1239-472-7297. Sanibel Art and Frame2460 Palm Ridge RoadMoving Sale 50-75 % off selected items. Huge selection of assembled frames of all sizes. prints, posters, framed art, mirrors..Suncatchers DreamHere comes the sunencore! Steel Drum Suns are back: 24 $115, 36 $225. Custom made and back in stock after a hiatus.Island PawsDogged days of summer call for sun protection for the dog walker! Show your love for your pooch in style. Choose from these fun dogcentric caps.Sanibel Art & Frame Coming in August! Moving Sale at current location 2960 Palm Ridge Road until selected items are gone. Sale items include preassembled frames and art.Amys Something SpecialSave the TaTas brand ts & tanks. A portion of each sale goes to breast cancer research. For more information go to: K WHOS MOVING Over Easy CafAn award winning caf Open daily 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Serving Breakfast and Lunch. Outdoor & indoor seating in a French Caf atmosphere. Pet friendly patio. Serving Beer & Wine. Take Out. Daily Specials. Baked Goods.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC16 A&E WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009, Southwest Floridas community-driven social networking, video sharing and informational site, is launching IN TUNE, to be live streamed Thursdays at 7 p.m. on the site. IN TUNE is hosted by Symon, a musician who made Southwest Florida his home in 1999. He is a recording artist and performs live throughout the area. Each week the 15-minute live show will showcase a local entertainer who will be interviewed on IN TUNE. The first Webisode will feature Tequila Tom, a local solo entertainer who has worked with Symon on numerous occasions. The launch Webisode of IN TUNE is scheduled to be broadcast on July 23 at 7 p.m. live on After the live streaming, the show will be available for on-demand viewing on the site. Feature or performance clips of the guest will be presented during the show, as well as an itinerary of upcoming appearances. In addition, Symon will present approximately 10 area acts along with their itineraries, to keep viewers informed about the local entertainment scene. This is so exciting, said Robb Stan, president of MyitownTv. To see the site evolving so quickly into the local information source we envisioned at the inception of this venture. Our quality production of live streaming local events and Webisodes are innovative, and represent only a small sample of what we can, and will be offering to the folks in our area, and anyone interested in Southwest Florida. Scheduled to appear on future IN TUNE shows: David C. Johnson, a local musician who also plays with Aaron Neville; Keith Raygor, a sleight-of-hand magician; the duo Soli and Andre; and the young solo artist Derek Trenholm. For more information, visit or call Symon at 248-1806. For more information about the host, visit Live entertainment Webisode coming to local social media site 239.947.3434 Bonita Springs Bay Crossing Plaza U.S. 41 www. D iamond D istrict USA .com Next to Robb and Stucky Diamond District Southwest Floridas Southwest Floridas Southwest Floridas D D 10 LUNCHESIN 10 MINUTESStarting at$629 IncludingAll You Can EatSoups/Salads/Bread Sticks $5OFF$20 orderHappy Hour 4-Close All Day Sunday Not to be combined with any other offer.2380 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Naples, FL 34109 239.566.7866 9510 Market Place Rd. Fort Myers, FL 3912 ArtFest Fort Myers has put out the call for artists for its 10th annual juried fine art festival that will take place Feb. 6-7, 2010, along the riverfront in downtown Fort Myers. Entries are accepted in 16 categories: ceramics, digital, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mixed media 2D, mixed media 3D, painting-watercolor, painting-oil/acrylic, photography, printmaking, sculpture, wearable and wood. Cash prizes totaling $5,000 will be awarded. The deadline for artists to apply is Sept. 19. For an artist application, contact ArtFest Fort Myers at 768-3602, e-mail or visit ArtFest Fort Myers issues call for artists


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A&E C17 Time on your hands?Sign up to help out at Goodwill or the ShelterVolunteer opportunities abound throughout Collier County all year long, but the summer months often see a drop in the number of people who have time and talent to offer. Two organizations that are welcoming new helpers this summer are Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida and the Shelter of Abused Women & Children in Naples. Goodwill needs volunteers to assist with a variety of events including fundraisers, donation drives and office assistance at its numerous locations. Call 9952106, ext. 249, for more information. The Shelter relies on volunteers for many aspects of its operation. Current job descriptions include but are not limited to: Thriving Thrifters: Retailing, pricing, organizing and sorting merchandise for resale at The Shelters two resale stores, Options Thrift Shoppe and Another Option Thrift Shoppe Customer service specialists: Greeting shoppers and donors at Options and Another Option, assisting with donor paperwork Administrative and special projects: Assisting the administrative staff with daily operations and projects in the Naples administrative office Hola Immokalee!: Help answer phones, assist with child care and office duties in the Immokalee office The New You committee: Professional hairdressers, chiropractors and massage therapists donate their services to program participants, helping them find their new you The Kiddie Care Club: Assist with child care duties while adults participate in support groups, seminars, etc. Pick-up/delivery volunteers: Pickup/deliver donations (Options, Shelter & Immokalee office) Hotline counselors: Answer the 24-hour crisis line, provide support, peer empowerment and resources to individuals in crisis (requires specialized training) The Shelter has served more than 50,000 individuals since 1989. Programs and services are designed to prevent domestic violence before it begins as well as to meet the immediate and longterm needs of victims and survivors. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, call 775-3862, ext. 235. LIVE MUSIC 5-9 FIRST SEATING 3 COURSE DINNER $ 18.09 5 to 6pm EVERYDAY 239-430-62734236 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. (The Village on Venetian Bay Naples)Open 11:30am 3:00pm 5:00 Close WATERFRONT DINING IN NAPLES LUNCH SPECIALS $ 9.09 11:30 3pm HAPPY HOUR 4-6 BEST PIZZA IN NAPLES1/2 Price Drinks Beer, Wine, Well Drinks 1/2 Price Drinks Beer, Wine, Well Drinks You are Invited!FREE SATURDAY SEMINARSOPEN TO THE PUBLIC45 Showrooms Featuring For a schedule of upcoming events visit our web site at Some trade showroom hours may vary on Saturdays. Please call for specic showroom hours. s Saturday, July 25 at 2 p.m.How Fashion Affects Our DcorSaturday, August 1 at 2 p.m.The Allure and Environmental Safety of Hand-Knotted CarpetsRSVP is greatly appreciated. Call (239) 390-8207. FURNITURE FABRICS FLOORING LIGHTING KITCHEN BATH ART


The call for artists is out from the Naples Art Association for its 2009-2010 schedule of festivals. For more information about any of the following festivals, contact NAA Festival Director Marianne Megela by calling 262-6517, ext. 103, or e-mailing The Naples Renaissance Fall Art Festival, Nov. 28-29, Thanksgiving Weekend, along 10th Street South near the Naples Depot This is an invitational festival for 145 national, regional and local artists who will sell their original watercolors, paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass, jewelry and more. The 31st annual Naples National Art Festival, Feb. 20-21, 2010, along Eighth Street South and in Cambier ParkThree hundred of the nations top artists are juried into this show to display and sell ceramics, fiber/leather, furniture, glass, graphics/printmaking, jewelry, metal, mixed media 2D, mixed media 3D, painting, photography, sculpture and wood. Artists are invited to apply online at or to download an application from www.naplesart. org. The downloaded applications deadline is Sept. 1, 2009. The poster contest deadline is Sept. 7, and the online application deadline is Oct. 1. View a call for artists video on YouTube entitled st Annual Naples National Art Festival A Call To Artists. Mercato Fine Arts Festival, March 6-7, 2010, at Mercato, U.S. 41 and Vanderbilt Beach Road in North Naples The Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center announces the inaugural Mercato Fine Arts Festival, a juried show that will feature works in all media by 125 artists from across the country. Deadline for entries is Nov. 1. The 22nd annual Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts, March 27-28, 2010, along Fifth Avenue South This prestigious festival was previously coordinated by Howard Alan Events and is now hosted by the NAA in conjunction with the Downtown Naples Association. The juried festival features 250 fine artists looking to show during the height of the season in Naples. Artists and festival guests alike enjoy the set-up along the street, which provides easy access for parking and other resources. Artists are invited to apply online at www.juriedartservices. com or to download an application from Deadline for entries is Dec. 1. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 A&E WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Last years Naples National Art FestivalCOURTESY PHOTONaples Art Association invites applicants for four shows AFE LUNAAFE LUNA $29.9921 Ft. Myers Ke y West *Minimum 8 day advance pre-purchased ticket, non-refundable, no cash value, cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes weekend fee. UPCOMING KEY WEST EVENTS 1-888-539-2628 www.seakeywestexpress.comDepart from Ft. Myers Beach Just 31/2 hours to Key West! Air Conditioned Cabins Satellite TVs Full Gallery & Bar Group Rates Available GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN July 25th ReMARCable Ice Cream SocialJuly 25th Helplines Hemingway Street FairJuly 25th Celebration of the Sea Music & Film Fest.July 29th MINI Lobster Season ESCAPE TO ESCAPE TO KEY WEST KEY WEST $109*ROUND TRIPwith this adReg. $139


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A&E C19 Fort Myers art center seeks artists to apply for monthly juried showsThe Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is seeking submissions of twoand three-dimensional artwork for its ongoing juried exhibits, with opening receptions held the first Friday of each month as part of Art Walk in Fort Myers. The theme for Mechanical Elements, the exhibit opening Friday, Sept. 4, is based on A Clockwork Orange, the theological drama by Anthony Burgess. Images related to clockwork, industry, mechanisms and machinery are appropriate. The exhibit will hang through Sept. 30. Housed in downtown Fort Myers historic federal building, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center hosts concerts, festivals and charity events to support the arts and serves as a platform for local emerging artists to showcase their work. Florida Arts Inc. is the nonprofit organization that leases and operates the center for the city of Fort Myers. The federal building opened in 1933 as a post office and was converted to a courthouse in the 1960s. It was later vacated and left in disrepair until Florida Arts Inc. received a 99-year lease from the city to repair and revitalize it. Last year, more than 60,000 visitors toured the building. The structure itself is a work of art, an impressive example of neoclassical architecture, with 20-foot ceilings and 8,000 square feet of available exhibition space. While there are no specific guidelines for dimensions or sizes of the pieces that will be accepted for exhibit, the curator encourages innovative and unique installations. Artwork of immense proportions can be hung on the walls or from the ceiling, or displayed on the centers granite floors. Applications for the monthly juried exhibits must be submitted online. For more information, visit www.sbdac. com. Naples Finest Stylist & Coloristalso servicing Wigs & Hair PiecesSalon Delphine7700 Tamiami Trail, Ste. 105 Naples, FL 34108239-566-9907 Next to Longhorn Steak House US 41VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD PELICAN BAY BLVD. SSALON DELPHINEN Longhorn Steak HouseAnthonyHAS RELOCATED Monday through Thursday$24.95Three Courses$6 MARTINIS All Summer Long at the Bar!Come Listen to Flamenco Guitar Sounds ofCougarEvery Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights from 7-10pmPlease check our website for summer menus and special offers.www.SeaSaltNaples.comSeaSalt is located at 1186 Third Street South, in Old Naples. Please call 239-434-7258 for reservations. Thank you locals for a strong summer season!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 A&E WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 House Specialties tamales, salsa, guacamol and excellent desserts made fresh daily. 10823 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34108 239-597-5855with true Mexican dining your taste buds will love.Spoil Yourself BRING THIS AD FOR A FREE NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE OF YOUR CHOICE! Summer Hours:Monday-Closed Tues thru Thurs, 11 am -9 pm Fri & Sat, 11 am 10 pm Sun, Noon 8 pmReservations are not required but call aheads are welcome for 5 of more. Happy Hour every Friday & Saturday from 6 to 9pmfeaturing DJ Dave Devereaux Nightly drink & dining specials, dancing for your pleasure.A radio professional DJ 30% Federal Tax CreditNew showroom now open by appointment only. PRIME RIB 8 oz. portion Roasted to Perfection Served with au jus, Garlic Mashed Potato and Mixed V egetables. FRENCH DIP Our Famous Slow Roasted Prime Rib Thinly Sliced and Piled High on a Toasted Ciabatta Roll. Served with French Fries or Potato Salad REUBEN SANDWICH Corned Beef Brisket, Slow Cooked for tenderness and layered with Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, and Thousand Island Dressing, served on Grilled T raditional Rye Bread. Served with French Fries or P otato Salad BLACKENED CHICKEN ALFREDO Blackened Chicken Breast over Gemelli Pasta with Creamy Alfredo Sauce, Green Onions, and Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese. BARBECUE BEEF SANDWICH Thinly Sliced P rime Rib Simmered in Our Tangy BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion on a Kaiser Roll. Served with Choice of French Fries or Potato Salad HA WAIIAN CHICKEN SALAD All White Meat Chicken Salad Mixed with Seedless Grapes and Pecans, Layered between Two Grilled slices of Golden Ripe Pineapple. P resented over Baby Greens with Fresh Mango, Strawberries and Grape Tomatoes TURKEY BURGER Grilled Turkey Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion on a Kaiser Roll. Served with Choice of French Fries or Potato SaladExpect only the Best From Naples Best Steak House There is only one Perfect NFL Season And only One place to enjoy The Perfect Dining Experience 5111 Tamiami Tr N, Naples located inside the HiltonFor Reservations Please Call 239-430-4999 Q UICK PASSLunch Specials $9.95Served Monday through Friday Flamingo Vegas Style Games PROGRESSIVE Machines . NOW HERE! Drawing 4 Times Daily From Our Prize Wheel Wednesday Sunday Weekly Drawings for Visa Gift Card 7:30 & 9:00pm Friday Complimentary snack & beverages All Day Daily Jackpots Huge Weekly JackpotsNow that vegetable gardens are in the news theres one at the White House and cities are encouraging residents to plant them on vacant lots collectors are looking at farm-related toys with more interest. Toy manufacturers made cast-iron farm toys in the early 1900s, lithographed tin toys by the 1930s and, after World War II, aluminum and plastic toys. You can usually date a toy tractor by the material its made of and by the design of the tractor. Most were made as models of full-size machines. Other details, including how the wheels and tires are made, how its painted and what the drivers are wearing, also help. Some of the companies that made toy tractors wanted by collectors are Arcade Manufacturing Co. (1868-1946), Hubley (1894-1965), Marklin (1859-present), Weeden Manufacturing Co. (1883-1942) and Vindex, the trade name used by the National Sewing Machine Co. (1930-38). More recent companies are Ertl (1945-present) and John Deere (1837-present). Todays full-size tractors are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats, guidance systems and radios. They look very different from old ones. Scale-model toys of new machines are interesting but probably will not go up in value for at least 50 years if prices follow the pattern of past years. Dont buy farm toys as an investment. Buy them to enjoy them. Q: I recently purchased a four-color woven jacquard coverlet at a local thrift store. Its in excellent condition. The corner block reads, Made by H. Hersh (with a backward s), 1848, for R. Birely. Any thoughts on what its worth? A: If your coverlet is a genuine antique, it was woven by Henry Hersh, a native Pennsylvanian born about 1808. Although he lived until 1882, his known coverlets date from 1846-49. He worked in Lancaster County in eastern Pennsylvania. Prices of Hersh coverlets that have sold recently ranged from $200 to $550. But copies of antique coverlets are common. Current prices Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions. Bakelite Scottie Dog brooch, pumpkin color, painted black dog collar, two-tone eye, 1930s, 3 inches, $75. Roberta Ann doll, plastic, blue sleep eyes, open mouth, tongue, gold blond Saran wig, 1950s, Roberta Doll Co., 14 inches, $90. Farm-related toys pique collectorsKOVELS: ANTIQUES & COLLECTING terryKOVEL This 5-inch-long cast-iron Fordson toy tractor with a driver is marked Arcade. The tractor is painted, the driver is nickel-plated, the wheels are solid metal and the tires are rubber. Tom Harris Auctions in Marshalltown, Iowa, sold it for $224.COURTESY PHOTO l e s e s toys to e n Q fo COU RTE SY P H O T O


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 A&E C21 Designers at Robb & Stucky Interiors present a variety of complimentary seminars every Thursday. Heres whats coming up next at the Naples showroom, 2777 Tamiami Trail N. All seminars begin at 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Reservations are requested and can be made by calling 261-3969, ext. 7000. Thursday, July 23: Wallpaper vs. Paint Design consultant Lynn Scott Royal and Pelaez & Etury Studio representative Linda Cozza will discuss creating various effects with different types of wallpaper and paint applications. Thursday, July 30: Going Green Interior designer Meghan Garrett will share ideas and budget-friendly ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. Thursday, Aug. 6: The Art of Hanging a Flat Screen TV Robb & Stuckys Fred Rondina and Sligh representative Stephen Bowles will guide you through the steps of determining the perfect place for your flat screen TV, without disrupting the unique theme and style of your home. Thursday, Aug. 13: What Every Guy Wants: A Man Cave Just because its his domain doesnt mean it should stick out like a sore thumb. Design consultant Merrlis Weed will discuss how to make his room flow with the rest of your dcor while still providing a masculine atmosphere. Thursday, Aug. 20 at 2 p.m.: Stump the Designer Bring your design dilemmas to this interactive presentation and a panel of Robb & Stucky experts will provide solutions. Thursday, Aug. 27: Window Dressing Design consultant Jim Shafer welcomes Robb & Stucky drapery workroom manager and national spokesperson for Window Coverings Magazine Joan Willis for a presentation about how window treatments can frame a stunning view or enhance the mood of a room. Solve your design dilemmas at Robb & Stucky seminarsHanging your flat screen TV is the subject of a free seminar at Robb & Stucky on Thursday, Aug. 6. www.VerginaRestaurant.comAppreciation Rewards Visit to sign up as a registered customer and receive a New Summer Menu, New Summer PricesAlways Vergina Classics!Happy Hour Daily 3-7:30pm 1/2 Price Drinks & Bar Menu 239-649-0559At Corner of Airport-Pulling & Pine Ridge Roads In Carillon PlaceVisit our website : www.wildsidecafe.orgBUY ONE Entre& receive secondEntre at 50% OFF*with purchase of 2 beverages** Must bring ad. One coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer. Will accept comparable coupons. *Coupon valid 7 days a week.EXPIRES 7/29/09ALL DAY! EVERY DAY! BUY ONEBreakfast EntreGet OneEntre FREEwith purchase of 2 beverages**Not valid on Sundays Must bring ad One coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer. Will accept comparable coupons.EXPIRES 7/29/09 Join us from 7-10am at Carillon Place is OPEN7 Days A Week 7am-2:30pm Show your AAA card and receive25% offyour meal! SUMMERSPECIALSTOO GOOD TOPASSUP...5117 Sea Bell Rd. Sanibel, FL 33957 239.472.6981 | Fax: 239.472.1489*Restrictions applyInquire now for our Summer Rental Rates* 2 Bedrooms from $540 for 4 Days and 3 Bedrooms from $715 for 4 DaysMake Reservations Now! ROBB & STUCKY / COURTESY PHOTO


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 A&E WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 Served Mon-Sat 6:30AM until 11AM Mon-Sat 11am until 4pM Happy Hours at Mels all day everyday price draft beer and house wine Shirley Street Auto Repairs CERTIFIED MASTER MECHANICS Check engine light on? Call UsFREE CHECK UP FREE A/C CHECK Brakes Tune-Ups Transmission Rebuilding Diagnostics Air Conditioning5950 Shirley Street Naples, FL HOURS: Mon.-Fri 8am-5pm WE DO IT ALL 239-592-5714 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS$4995 OIL CHANGE STARTING AT$1395 1550 AIRPORT-PULLING ROAD N., NAPLES (239) 643-1559 Open 6 days a week Lunch 11 a.m. 4 p.m. Dinner 4 p.m. 10 p.m.Free Wi-Fi for our Patrons MONDAY RIBS THURSDAY PRIME RIB EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Monday-Thursday (4-6) Daily Lunch Specials Available until 8pm Celebrating 25 Years in Business Dine in Naples most unique atmosphere, Nostalgia reigns Supreme in this Delightful Eatery. Seafood, Steaks, Prime Rib, Soup & Salad bar, BBQ, Pasta Dishes, FULL LIQUOR BAR. $500OFFValid with any purchase of $30 or more. Expires 10-31-09. Not valid with any other o er. The popular North Goodlette Farmers Market has closed for the summer, but promises new offerings and a larger space when it opens at a new location this fall. Formerly at North Naples United Methodist Church, the market is moving to the Collection at Vanderbilt shopping center at Vanderbilt Beach and Airport Pulling roads. In addition to changing its location, the market is changing its name to the North Naples Green Market. It will be open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday from Oct. 24 through May 8. We are fortunate that all of our existing vendors will be joining us and we will have space to welcome new ones, says Merida Hines-Tyler, business manager for the market. At the Collection, we will also be able to offer entertainment, special events and chef presentations without losing our open market ambiance. Shoppers at the North Naples Green Market will be able to buy fresh local produce, organic fruits and vegetables, herbs and plants, gourmet breads and pastries, fresh flowers, seafood, meats, tropical fruit jams and salsas, local honey, personal chef creations and a unique selection of upscale artisan items. To inquire about vendor space or to join the North Naples Green Market e-mail list, call Ms. Hines-Tyler at 249-9480 or e-mail info.nngm@gmail. com. New name and locationNorth Naples Green Market coming this fall to Collection at Vanderbilt

PAGE 59 The Adventure Continues Get your copy of DEAD SILENCE the latest in the series of Doc Ford Novels. Randy Wayne WhiteDead Silence Book SigningJoin us Sunday, July 26th From 12-2pm & 4-6pm At Doc Fords 708 Fisher mans WharfLast right before the Ft. Myers Beach Bridge DocFords.comDoc Fords Ft. Myers Beach708 Fishermans Wharf Dr. 239.765.9660Doc Fords Sanibel975 Rabbit Road239.472.8311 Tropical Flavors from the Caribbean Rim Live Entertainment Ft. Myers BeachFriday thru Sunday Entertainment Schedule Online Love Doc Fords? Then Youll Love the Whale! Its All Aboutthe Food & Drink NEW AC,Coldestin Town!Ladies Night July 23rd DJ TicoLADIES DRINK FREEFrom 9 to midnight!


C24 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYFLORIDA WEEKLY SOCIETY See all the images from this event and more at Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1. Looking forward to next year 2. Masamba and Mandissa dig in 3. Masamba 4. Carlos Gonzales, Brandon Reiff, Craig Bamberg, Corky McAvoy, Cedric Beauchamp and Rob DescianoHappy Birthday, Masamba and Mandissa The League of Extraordinary GentlemenThe Naples Zoos lions turn 1 A night on the town at The Keg, Vincente of London, AZN at Mercato, Sway and Pelican LarrysCOURTESY PHOTOS COURTESY PHOTO 1 3 2 4 NY WATER BOILED BAGELS On the corner of 7th Ave. N. and US 41272-0143 Daily Breakfast & Lunch SpecialsThe Quality You Expect, The Service You Deserve!BAGEL BREAKFASTBacon,Egg & Cheese$4496oz Burger with Fries& drinkwith Bacon, Ham or Sausage$650


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C25 FLORIDA WEEKLY SOCIETY Send us your society photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ or mail them to Florida Weekly, 2025 J&C Blvd., Suite 5, Naples, FL 34109. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like photos returned.See all the images from this event and more at Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1. Lisa Warren and Gigi Amols 2. Natalie Massaro and Allison Lahurd 3. Late Night Brass vocalists 4. Geoff Mead, Michael and Carol Gennest, Lesley Mead 5. Late Night Brass 6. Marilyn Varcoe and Sue Huff 7. Hundreds enjoyed the show.SummerJazz on the Gulf at the Naples Beach HotelPEGGY FARREN / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 2 4 6 5 7 3


C26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY We all know the age-old wine rules: well-chilled white with fish and poultry; room-temperature red with meat. The absolutes about which color goes with what foods broke down a long time ago. Now wine lovers are also warming up to lightly chilled reds. Its a perfect trend for a sticky Florida summer, but there are a few common-sense rules to consider when selecting a red that chills well. Few reds show well at 45 degrees or less, which is about the temperature they would be if refrigerated. There are not that many reds that will benefit by serving at that temperature, says Jason Sanders, an experienced sommelier and manager of The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. What happens with most red wines when they get cold is the fruit curls up and youre left with the tannins. Find something with low tannins if you are going to chill it. He illustrates his point with a little taste test. First we try Terres Dorees LAncien Beaujolais 2008, by producer Jean-Paul Brun. Served at 46 to 48 degrees, the wine seems a touch subdued but tasty, with obvious red, ripe fruits. Next we try a Cote de Brouilly 2006 from the same producer at about the same temperature. Its a bigger wine with more structure, tannins and complexity. It seems a bit more subdued but still retains good fruit flavors. The third wine, Morgon Cote du Py 2007, was produced by Louise Claude Desvignes. This wines darker-hued fruits are more subdued when first poured but still detectable. As a contrast, Mr. Sanders opens a Honig Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006. Served cold, this highly rated wine is flat and astringent, with the tannins overpowering the fruit and an unpleasant oak aroma. After letting the first three wines warm a bit, I find the first two develop a bigger, more fragrant nose but dont change dramatically. The Morgon takes longer to come around but also opens nicely. Its the Honig that changes the most, revealing delicious blackberry and plum notes as it warms. Mr. Sanders recommends setting Beaujolais on ice, especially if youre serving it outside, so that it remains bright and fresh. While youd normally serve a chardonnay at 40 to 46 degrees, and champagne at 44 to 46 degrees, try Beaujolais and other light reds at 46 to 50 degrees, he says. Other wine aficionados agree. We never serve a red as cold as white wine, says Cindie Barker, manager of Bistro 41 at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers. If the wine is too cold it loses the fruit and is no longer fresh and vibrant, but Im chilling all of our wines this time of year; nobody likes reds that are too warm, especially in the summer. Adrian Dedering, assistant manager at Haskells, The Wine People in Naples, says, Some wines do well served very cold. You can serve Beaujolais fairly cold, and most lighter reds can be served around 50 to 55 degrees for best aroma and flavor. Mr. Dedering suggests two wines from the Loire Valley in France, made from the Cabernet Franc grape. The Clos de la Lysardiere Chinon 2007 has a ruby color with aromas and flavors of plum and raspberry with a light finish. He also suggests Bourgeuil 2005 by Catherine and Pierre Breton, with a light spicy nose and fresh red fruit flavors. Harold Balink, chef/owner of H2 Tapas and Wine Bar in Fort Myers and well-known wine devotee, has a philosophy about wine and food. Temperature is an opinion choice, and everyone likes it their own way, he says. I believe every food product has an optimum serving temperature. Scallops should be medium and pork over medium. Wine is the same; each red wine has this optimum temperature for serving. Some pinot noirs get flabby when served too warm, he says. He likes the Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne 2006 wellchilled, when it reveals its light raspberry flavor and a touch of cherry. Light reds benefit the most from the colder temperatures, said Mr. Sanders. But it is easy to make them too cold. Experiment with lighter-bodied wines if you are looking for that perfect red quencher on a hot afternoon. And if the wine is too cold, and the fruit curls up? Its easy to fix. Place your hands around the bottom of the bowl to warm it, wait a few minutes and taste it again. JIM MCCRACKEN / FLORIDA WEEKLY jimMcCRACKEN Jason Sanders at The Grille And now a few cold facts about red wines VINO


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 23-29, 2009 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 diningCALENDAR Thursday, July 23, 5:30-7 p.m., ABC Fine Wine & Spirits: Choose from among 50 wines to sample along with hors doeuvres while chatting with wine experts, then head outdoors to try some fine cigars; $10 (with $5 credit toward any purchase that night), 6425 Naples Blvd.; 5142316. Friday, July 24, 5:30-7 p.m., Tonys Off Third: The 13th annual Summer Sippin Tasting includes an array of value-priced, summer-appropriate wines; $15 (includes a $10 coupon toward a purchase or dinner that night at Ridgway Bar & Grill), 1300 Third Street South; 262-7999. Friday, July 24, 5:30-7 p.m., Tonys Off Third: Learn some simple and delicious raw food recipes with raw foods Chef Debbie Greene; free, 9101 Strada Place; 552-5100. Saturday, July 25, 7:30-11:30 a.m., Third Street South: The weekly farmers market features local farmers, artisans, chefs and fishmongers selling a variety of goods; Third Street South and Gordon Drive; 4346533. Saturday, July 25, 10 a.m., Ridgway Bar & Grill: Chef/owner Tony Ridgway demonstrates how to pan saut beef and pan sear burgers and rack of lamb; $25; Third Street and 13 Ave. South; 262-5500. Reservations required. Saturday, July 25, 3-5 p.m., Naples Tomato: Learn how to make mozzarella cheese while sampling cheese and wine; $35, 14700 Tamiami Trail N.; 5989800. Reservations required. Monday, July 27, 6 p.m., Whole Foods Market: Capital Grille Chef Nick Karagiannis shares secrets for pairing hors doeuvres and sparkling wines; $5, 9101 Strada Place; 552-5100. Advance registration required. Wednesday, July 29, 10 a.m., Whole Foods Market: Kids Club participants learn how to start their own herb gardens, growing greenery they can use for cooking; free, 9101 Strada Place; 552-5100. Wednesday, July 29, 6:30-9 p.m., Total Wine: Brushes & Bottles art instructor Annette Watkins teaches adults how to create a 16-by20-inch acrylic painting in about two hours, while students enjoy wine and hors doeuvres; $35 (includes all supplies plus a $10 Total Wine gift card), 5048 Airport-Pulling Road; 826-0737. Wednesday, July 29, Angelinas Ristorante: Explore the flavors of the French countryside at Angelinas International Wine Dinner Series; $89, 24041 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs; 3903187. Submit event listings to Cuisine@ floridaweekly. com. a l ne r 2 40 41 T rail s ; 39 0nt lists in e@ kl y. FLORIDA WEEKLY CUISINE karenFELDMAN Naples restaurants capture 23 Wine Spectator awardsThe much-sought-after Wine Spectator Restaurant Wine List Awards have just been announced in the magazines Aug. 31 edition. This year, there are 33 Southwest Florida winners. Thats two more than last year. That doesnt mean these are the only wine-worthy local restaurants, but it does mean they are the only ones that applied for the award and met the criteria. In all, 2,957 restaurants received the Award of Excellence, given to those that offer a well-chosen selection of quality producers along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style, according to the magazine. They typically offer at least 100 selections. Most of the regions winners received this award. The Best of Award of Excellence went to 816 restaurants for restaurants that clearly exceed the requirements of the Award of Excellence, Wine Spectator reports. These show great depth and typically offer 400 or more selections. In Southwest Florida, these included Bleu Provence, Escargot 41, The Grill, Naples Tomato, all in Naples; and Sale e Pepe in Marco Island. The Grand Award for restaurants that show an uncompromising, passionate devotion to the quality of their wine programs, offering 1,500 or more selections went to 72 establishments, the closest of which is Berns Steakhouse in Tampa. Local restaurants new to the list this year are Angelinas, Baleen, Capital Grille, The Grape, Olio on Naples Bay, Sea Salt and Tastings. Posthumous recognition goes to Ruths Chris and Trilogy in Naples. Following is the list of all the area restaurants that made this years list: Boca Grande: The Temptation Bonita Springs: Angelinas and Chops City Grill Captiva: Keylime Bistro Estero: Blue Water Bistro, The Grape and Ruths Chris Steakhouse Fort Myers: Tastings Marco Island: Arturos and Sale & Pepe (Marco Island Beach Resort) Naples: Andres Steakhouse, Baleen (La Playa Beach & Golf Resort), The Bay House, Bleu Provence, Caf & Bar Lurcat, Campiello, Capital Grille, Chops City Grill, Escargot 41, Flemings Steakhouse, The Grill (The Ritz-Carlton, Naples), HBs on the Gulf (Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club), Naples Tomato, Olio on Naples Bay (Naples Bay Resort), Pazzo, Ruths Chris (closed), Sea Salt, Shulas, Stoneys Steakhouse, Trilogy (closed), Trulucks, The Turtle Club and Yabba Island Grill.Naples Originals sponsor Restaurant WeekThe 40 independent restaurants that comprise the Naples Originals are celebrating Restaurant Week through Sunday, July 26, offering customers $10 lunches and three-course dinners priced at $15, $20 or $25. This economical offer is designed to reward regular customers and encourage new ones to try establishments they havent yet patronized. Its an impressive lineup of local culinary talent that includes such restaurants as Bayside Seafood Grill & Bar, Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro, EVOO Market & Bistro, HBs on the Gulf, Parkshore Grille and Ridgway Bar & Grill. Even during this summer of neverbefore deals offered by businesses everywhere, Naples Originals Restaurant Week stands apart by offering the best dining quality at the best savings, says Lisa Kelly Boet, Naples Originals founder and president. And that is the true meaning of value. See whats being offered at various restaurants by visiting the groups Web site, Concepts raises big bucks for CMonCustomers of the five restaurants that comprise Culinary Concepts contributed more than $230,000 over the past year to The Childrens Museum of Naples. Events and promotions at Pazzo! and Yabba Island Grill in Naples, Chops City Grill in Naples and Bonita Springs, and Blue Water Bistro in Estero raised the money that will benefit the museum thats scheduled to open next year. Through a range of fun and challenging activities, it will help guide children on discoveries about the region and beyond. Among the events that contributed to the successful fundraising campaign were the sixth annual Chops City Ball, the fifth annual Pirate Ball, September Wine Week and sales of Dreamtinis and Dreamshots at all of the restaurants. Amy Austin, president of the Childrens Museum of Naples Guild, says company founder Skip Quillen and his phenomenal team at Culinary Concepts are incredibly generous, creative and good-hearted, and Cmon is immensely thankful to have their ongoing support. More fundraisers are planned for the coming year. Visit, the companys charitable Web site, for details. Here's to wine deals at The RitzEffective now through the end of October, all bottles on The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, wine list are available at a 50 percent discount. Through the same period, the corkage fee for bottles brought in by diners will be $75. The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort is at 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road. Call 598-3300. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort is at 2600 Tiburon Road. Call 593-2000.Give a buck, get a biscuitContribute $1 to United Way on Thursday, July 30, and participating Chick-fil-As will give you a free chicken biscuit. In Naples, the offer is available 8-10:30 a.m. at Coastland Center and 6:30-10:30 a.m. at the 5825 Airport Road location.Cruise and dine The Dock at Crayton Cove and Riverwalk at Tin City now offer cruise-and-dine specials. Heres how they work (steak, lobster and stone crabs excluded from both offers): The Dock: 90-minute catamaran cruise departs from the City Dock and tours Naples Bay for sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Includes dinner entre and cocktail or dessert at The Dock. Cost: $40 (plus tax and gratuity) per adult, $20 per child. Riverwalk: 90-minute Cruise Naples sightseeing or sunset tour departs from Tin City and tours Naples Bay. Includes an entre and cocktail or dessert at Riverwalk. Cost: $40 (plus tax and gratuity) for adults, $20 per child. The Dock is at 945 12th Ave., next to City Dock; 263-9940. Riverwalk is at 1200 Fifth Ave., at Tin City; 263-2734. Get more information on both restaurants by visiting breast cancer with pizzaVisit California Pizza Kitchen on Tuesday, July 28, and 20 percent of your check can be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southwest Florida. Simply head to the organizations Web site,, click on the California Pizza Kitchen link and print the flyer. Present it to your server before paying the check and the restaurant will make the donation. In Naples, California Pizza Kitchen is at Waterside Shops.Cafe Italia runs Laces of Love driveDonate a pair of new shoes for a child and receive a glass of house wine and a $10 gift certificate valid toward dinner at Caf Italia through Aug. 15. The shoes, for children in preschool through grade 12, will be distributed through Laces of Love. Cafe Italia is at 14700 Tamiami Trail N. Call 596-5600. Wine Spectator awards and other news for foodies to t h e l ist t h is a l een, C ap ita l on Na p les g s. Poste s to in s tands apart by offering the best dining q ua l ity at t h e b est savin g s, says Lisa p, p cent discount. Through the same period, t he cork ag e fee for bottles brou gh t in b y s i C t h p m P C a n $1 C fo 12 L T Suki Honeycutt and Tony Ridgway of Ridgway Bar & GrillKAREN FELDMAN / FLORIDA WEEKLY


802NA52442 $2,299,700 802NA14993 $927,000 802FM17808 $399,000 802NA24785 $294,900 802NA10010 $250,000 802NA21636 $179,000 802NA20947 $119,000 802NA23651 $71,300 802NA08843 $1,631,000 802NA36451 $679,900 802NA03517 $399,000 802NA34578 $289,900 802NA24393 $249,900 802NA24291 $149,999 802NA46224 $119,000 802NA21472 $65,000 802NA07703 $1,329,000 802NA14662 $525,000 802NA20964 $354,900 802S22244 $279,900 802NA17984 $239,900 802NA37262 $130,000 802FM45829 $119,000 802NA25225 $63,234 802NA14988 $944,000 802NA03840 $415,000 802LA17986 $329,900 802NA19122 $275,000 802NA13893 $215,000 802NA18132 $124,900 802NA22647 $82,900 802NA20673 $54,900 802NA14984 $927,000 802NA31351 $399,000 802NA30621 $299,990 802LE25246 $270,000 802LE03439 $205,000 802NA33623 $120,000 802NA45562 $73,900 802NA46206 $40,000 To be completed Late 2008-Only 2 of 7 units left. 3+ den 3 1/2 bath On Canal w/ direct access no bridge 20% down. To be built new 9 unit condo on Collier Blvd Marco Island. Several plans from low 900s. Can be rented weekly! 2 Bed 2 bath beautifully decorated cabin on 4.2 Acre Island in the Fishing Capital of Florida. Private Ferry to Island. Gated community,golf course views, open lanai, No appliances, kitchen has center island wood cabinets.walkin his and her Like new 3/2/2 overlooking preserve. Upgraded stainless steel appliances. Water and golf course view with morning coffee. Close to down town Naples and major shopping. Clubhouse pool etc !! This 3 bed 2 bath home is located on a large 2.27 acre wooded lot. The home features granite counters, Move in ready Foreclosure Available. This home offers 5 bedrooms and 2 baths with large front and back screened porches on 1.14 acres Building design is fantastic 3 Bed 3 1/2 Bath Under construction. Boat slip available-mins to Gulf South end of Island. This lovely home sits on beautifully manicured property of 4.78 acres that includes 2 ponds. Turnkey, 3 balconies w/ awesome views on top oor.Downtown Naples. Serene views of lake and 7th green. Being sold furnished, if need be. Gorgeous clubhouse, tennis courts and exercise rm 2 bed plus room that can be converted to a 3rd bedroom by adding 1 wall, 209 deep and 380 frontage This charming home is located in the boating community of Henderson Creek Park, which has direct access to the Gulf. Potential Short Sale, spacious 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 car garage, tile throughout, vaulted ceilings. \n2,020 sq under air This cozy 3 bed 2 bath is a great opportunity for a rst time home buyer or investor.Call and make an offer. Palatial Estate Two Pools 5 Total Garage Spaces 8 Total bedrooms Custom tile ooring throughout. Charming 3 Bed 1 1/2 Bath Home in Everglades City with 25 Ft Dock leased from City. RARE FORECLOSURE IN LELY! This property is located in beautiful Lely Resort which has been rated as one of the best comm Wonderful home in Cape Coral. Bank owned, being sold as is with right to inspect. 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with pool Foreclosure, sold as is with right to inspect, tile oors and master suite downstairs 2 Storyreplace and much more Spacious 2 Bed 2 Bath on the Golf Course oversized Lanai many up-grades. New AC / Hurricane Shutters Must See Furnished very convenient location close to shopping/ Vacant-good size lanai. Exterior newer paint and roof. Must see Tile throughout priced to sell we are working with professional mitigator, con dent we can get bank approval. Pre construction Mixed use...only 9 condos...great location across the beach from the new Marriott Stainless appliances Model like home situated in cul-de-sac location with your own private side yard. Ground oor end unit, 2 bed plus den. Large Eat in kitchen with island. Private back yard and great Florida living 3 bed 2 Bath home with pool, extra large lanai. One 30 by 60 out building 17 to eaves 3 roll up 14 X 12 doors. 2 Bed 1 bath upstairs Of ce 1/2 bath and work shop on ground oor. Front and back garage doors for easy access. As is with right to inspect. Beautiful country home with new paint interior, stainless steel appliances ForeclosureLight and bright 3 bed 2 bath concrete block home available. Here is your chance to own a quality home FORECLOSUREHandyman special! This home is in need of work but will make a great property for an extended family. Pre construction Several oor plans from the low 900s Volume ceilings-Stainless steel appliances-One block to beach Investment property with 3 houses on property that county says can be divided into separate 3 lots. Located at Southwest This home is a must see. The main home is upstairs with a mother-in-law appt. downstairs. It has two separate air condit Great family home, split plan, family room, pool bath, screened porch, cathedral ceilings, walking closets in every room, 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage almost new home overlooking a private preserve, community pool and tennis. This house is in good condition, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, two car garage. Tile oors, under truss lanai fruit trees. What a view! 4/2/2 with long lake view a little TLC makes this a great deal.Cute 3 bed 2 bath home situated on a cleared, gated and fenced .50 acre lot. Recently remodeled with tile oors.Pre Construction Mariners Harbor Marco Island New Construction Hemingway Cabin On Private Island 2 story 5/5/3 car garage bank owned Private Heated Pool / Spa On Preserve 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Carport Condo Great Home Great Price Golden Gate Estates New Boating Condo Direct Gulf Access Oasis In Paradise 5 Bed + Den 4 Bath Bayfront place 1bed+den condo Beautiful 2-2 Plus Den End Unit Beautiful Home Gulf Access Golden Gate Estates Great Price Great Buy In Golden Gate Estates 5 Bedroom Estate With Guest House Three Bedroom Home With Dock Two Story Beauty Bank Owned Gulf Access Golden Gate Estates on 2.27 Acres Over Looking The 17th Tee 2/2 End Unit Condo Great Location Short sale 3/2/2 pool home 1 Block To Beach Marco Island Great Gol ng Community Napa Ridge Vineyards At Its Best R V Garage Boat Storage Golden Gate Estates Minutes From Downtown and Beaches Golden Gate Estates 3 plus Den 2 Bath Golden Gate Estates Possible 6 bedroom Pool home Marco Island One Block To Beach Naples Florida Investment Property Wonderful 2 Story Home on 2.72 Acres Beautiful Home In Quail Crossing Tuscany Cove Golden Gate Estates 3/2/2 2.50 Acres Large Spacious Home Short Sale Foreclosure Priced Right