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Talking Türkiye
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Talking Turkey
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Izmir, Turkey
425th Air Base Squadron, Izmir Air Base
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serving Izmir Air Station, Turkey

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TALKING TRK YE JULY 10, 2015 N EWSLETTER VOL. 9 NO. 12 Serving Izmir Air Station Trkiy e Clean bike, why should you care? Story by Albert Stevens U.S. Customs and Agricultural Inspector If you have served overseas before, you may have wondered why the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector was so picky about how clean your items were when inspecting. The inspector really doesnt care how good of a housekeeper you are; they are try ing to protect the U.S. from invasion. Mi litary members worry about and protect the U.S. against foreign militaries and governments. USDA inspectors worry about and protect the U.S. against another type of attack. The USDA inspection program has a main mission of protecting t he U.S. agricultural industry. The agr icultural industry contributed $775 billion to the U. S. gross domestic product in 2012. That is a good chunk of change. Farms, of course, are a major part of this industry and would suffer the most from an attack by an invasive creature. You may have heard horror stories about the Gypsy Moth invasion that has decimated some forest land in America. Well, there are other invaders that can do more damage than that and have a greater impact on both the U.S. economy and you directly. Lets l ook at the potential of the golden nematode. This little creature can sneak across borders on the heel of your shoe, or in the tread of a bicycle tire. If it ends up in a ripe environment it will quickly reproduce and reduce a crop yield by up to 80 per cent. What is one of the favorite targets of the gol den nematode? Potatoes. If 80 percent of the U.S. potatoes were wiped out, much of the economy of Idaho, Maine and other states would be destroyed. Also, with reduced potato production, fast food restaurants would have to reduc e the number of fries served. Some invasive species go after animal, not plant products. You have all heard of the more publicized invaders, such as Bird Flu and the West Nile virus. But have you heard of the Whirling Disease? This disease affects fish and if brought into an area where it can thrive, it could impact on both the fishing industry and recreational fishing. As for birds, you have the Exotic Newcastles Disease. If allowed to spread unchecked this deadly disease c ould potentially put chicken restaurants out of business. (Story continued on Page 2) Dear Turkish Employees, On the occasion of Ramadan Holiday, I would like to extend you, your family and all your loved ones my best wishes for health, happiness and success. John M. Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Commander, 425th Air Base Squadron


2 Editorial Staff 425th Air Base Squadron Commander Lt. Col. John M. Thomas 425th Air Base Squadron Director of Operations Capt. David J. Bresser Host Nation Adviser Contents of Talking Trkiye are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense or the Department of the Air Force. All photographs are Air Force photographs unless otherwise indicated. The editorial staff can be reached by phone at DSN 6756694 and DSN 6756698; and by email at and at 425abs. The T alking Trkiye newsletter is published Fridays bi weekly Subm ission deadline f or articles is COB Monday before the publication date; submission by deadline does not guarantee publication. All submissions must be emailed or provided on a com puter disk in a document format. Articles are run at the discretion of the editorial staff on a spaceavailable basis and are edited to reflect Air Force style and news format. News, feature and editorial material of the newsletter conforms to the Associa ted Press Style Book and Briefing on Media Law. Clean bike (Story continued from Page 1) The beef industry is also a possible target for attack from over the border. The USDA is constantly protec ting against Mad Cow Disease, as well as Hoof and Mouth D isease. If either of these gained a foothold on the U.S. the catt le industry could be devastated, but the small Khapra beetle could sneak in and devastate stored grains that many ranchers depend on to keep their herds profitable. The Khapra beetle is con sidered the worlds most destructive insect for its ability to destroy stored grain, cereal, and stored foods; it is the only insect that requires regulatory action, whether encountered dead or alive. So, when a USDA inspector knocks on your door, dont worry about what they may see, worry about what they may not see. Action Line The Action Line is your direct link to me. I use the Action Line to help identify and address your concerns when normal command and agency channe ls havent been able to resolve them. To submit an action line, e mail: or complete a form at NATO Building # 1 or the Izmir Consolidated Center entry control point. Ed ucation c enter a nnouncement U niversity of Maryland is proudly presenting 2 lower level classes in Fall Semester, at the Izmir Hilton classroom. Speech 100 Hybrid format evening class. (8 class meet only) History 156 Live Streaming evening class. Term dates : 17 Aug. to 11 Oct. %100 AF Army Tuition. First time Air Force and Army students, this link is for you : get started Pl ease visit the portal to complete your application process Squadron announces awards The winners of the squadrons quarterly awards (April through June) were announced recently. Winners are: Airman of the Quarter: Senior Airman Samantha Albalos Security Forces NCO of the Quarter: Tec h. Sgt. Nancy Rouse, Commanders Support Staff SNCO of the Quarter: Master Sgt. Edgardo Pineda, Contracting CGO of the Quarter: Capt. Jeremy Bastian, Chaplains Office Civilian of the Quarter (Category I): Varol Can, Supply Civilian of the Quarter (Cat egory II) : Elif Kaynak, Command Section


3 Candy and dessert sales normally skyrocket during the Sugar Holiday when it is customary to present family, friends and co workers with delicious treats. Rama dan holida y in Trkiye 425th Air Base Squadron Host Nation Adviser Ramazan Bayrais the threeday religious holiday that follows the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a month of fasting. The Sugar Holiday, which starts July 17 and ends July 19 this year, marks the end of Ramadan and is one of the two great religious holidays of Islam. The first day of the holiday is very important because it is the first time in a month that midday meals are eaten. The holidays Turkish name r , means sugar or candy. It refers to the custom of offering candy, sweets and desserts to visiting guests, family, friends and neighbors. The Sugar Holiday is a time of visiting friends and paying respects to relatives and elders. People share candy and gifts with each other. After the hard days of fasting, everyone is in high spirits and in the mood for good food, visiting friends and spoiling children. Children go door to door, ringing your bell asking for sweets and money. Families pay visits to fr iends, relatives and neighbors. During the threeday religious holiday, offices close for the half day of Arife, the last day of Ramadan, and the three days of the holiday. Wearing new outfits is customary during this religious holiday, so parents buy clothing and shoes for their children. A few days before the holiday, the house is thoroughly cleaned. Food and desserts are prepared for the first day and gifts are wrapped for the Sugar Holiday morning. Everybody wakes up early, about an hour before sunri se, for the morning prayer. Fathers dress and go to the mosque for a special prayer session attended only by men. When the calls of mezzin, a person who calls everybody to pray, are heard from the mosques minaret, the faithful spread prayer mats and pray wherever they are. In the meantime, mothers and children prepare and wait for the fathers to return. When the fathers return, families congratulate each other and exchange gifts. Children kiss the hands of parents, and parents kiss children on both cheeks. Then, they open gifts and eat breakfast. Some families visit the cemeteries to pay respect to relatives or friends who have died. This is usually done on Arife, (pronounced ahree feih), which is July 16 this year. If cemeteries are visi ted on the first day of Sugar Holiday instead of Arife, a visit to family elders is in order next to wish them a happy bayram and say iyi bayramlar, (pronounced eyee bai rahm lahr). The practice of gift giving during the Sugar Holiday is often extended to maids, doormen and building superintendents, as well. It is proper to present a box of candy, baklava or something else depending upon the relationship. JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER FROM THE SAFETY OFFICE: Swimming Safety Make sure you have at least one BUDDY with you when swimming. Avoid staying in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Avoid eating heavily before swimming. Do not go swimming while intoxicat ed. Do not use inflatable toys in the water under windy conditions. Make sure you drink enough water. Make sure you are prepared. Include sun block and other items with you. Know when to call it quits! Dont overdo it. Come back home in time to give yo urself time to rest and recover.


4 MOVIE NIGHT AT THE IZMIR CLUB THIS COMING SATURDAY July 11, 2015 July 11, 2015 5.30 p.m. 8 p .m. Get Hard The Gunman (R ) (R ) Get Hard Plot Summary: When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. The Gunman Plot Summary: A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier's successful ki ll shot forces him into hiding. Returning to the Congo years later, he becomes the target of a hit squad himself.