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2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 1 Volume 33, No. 5 2 June 2017 NATO Tigers Hard To Be HumbleNATO AWACS presents itself to RomaniaPhoto by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Squadron Ones desire for a tigerized aircraft became reality on May 19, 2017. Two employees from the German company ABC Beschriftungsbedarf worked for two days applying this Story and Photo by Andr Bongers Monday the 15th of May a NATO AWACS landed at Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest. During a special event the multinational crew demonstrated the capabilities of the aircraft to the Romanian press. The event was organized next to a quarterly scheduling conference where future plans are made regarding the ying activities of NATO AWACS, in support of the NATOs Assurance Measures. These missions are own to conduct air surveillance, enhance NATOs situational awareness and to unique printed vinyl adhesive lm followed by a coating to seal it, tells, Mr. Gary Simpson, from NAEW&C Force E-3A Component Logistics Wing, Production Improvement Group. It was interesting to see how precise this work was performed by these professionals. Once the lm is put onto the aircrafts surface, it cannot be removed without damaging the material. The material was not solid but perforated and this helped to smoothen it, ensuring there were no air bubbles, Simpson says. Aircraft tail number 458 has for the next one-and-a-half years, red tiger paw scratch marks on the fuselage and an artist impression of a growling tiger face on the Rotodome strut. These distinctive graphics are applied on both sides of this NATO AWACS aircraft. The cost were roughly 10,000 Euros.Before the company could start, the Components Logistic Wing prepared the aircraft for arrival inside Hangar 2, washed the areas of interest and placed the necessary maintenance stands.provide assurance to nations on NATOs Eastern Flank. From March 2014 NATO AWACS y assurance measures missions over Romania on an almost daily basis. The day after the event the NATO AWACS conducted an Assurance Measure sortie over Romania ying with Romanian guests. They eye-witnessed the crew conducting surveillance in an area over 312.000km2. The crew also controlled an exercise with Romanian ghter aircraft.Romania joined the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force in 2009 an having their rst crew members at MOB Geilenkirchen in 2011.


2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 3 With the Commanders Corner, our NAEW&CF Commander and E-3A Commander give the opportunity to wing and squadron commanders, and branch and division heads to share their thoughts about current topics taking place at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. Every month a different writer will highlight a specic topic concerning their discipline. NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Email articles and classied advertisements to For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (0)46 4529292, cellphone +31 (0)6 5472 6473, or Houx Digiprint at +31 (0)46 4582111, Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To read the NATO Skywatch online visit HQ NAEW&C Force Commander Maj. Gen. Dawn M. Dunlop Chief, Public Affairs Maj. Johannes Glowka Editor Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Volume 33, No. 5 2 June 2017COMMANDERS CORNER To the most inportant stepWhen military historians describe centuries old military organizations, I feel deep admiration for previous generations of soldiers and commanders. Knowing how limited their means of exercising command and control were on the battleeld only magnies my appreciation of these organizations. When huge armies confronted one another on the eld in epic battles of history, it is extremely difcult to understand how it could have been possible to effectively manoeuvre troops. For instance, during the battles of Cannae and Waterloo, leaders communicated using visual signals, acoustic signals, or by sending written orders with couriers, some on horseback. Picture the battles where 45,000 Carthaginians led by Hannibal defeated 86,000 Roman soldiers led by Lucio Emilio Paolo and Gaio Terenzio Varrone in 216 BC or Waterloo where 74,000 French soldiers led by Napoleon battled 115,000 soldiers led by Wellington belonging to a coalition of 6 States speaking three different languages in 1815. Prior to and during these battles, unit commanders mission planning played a key-role which was even more important than today for our crewmembers. Nevertheless, as we know, no battle plan survives rst contact... It is difcult for me to think that with such limited means of command and control, a commander could effectively manoeuvre his troops without having in place a clear mutual relationship of trust between a commander on the capabilities of his troops (on one side), and a clear understanding of the overall commanders intent and objectives (on the other). This is the only explanation for me on how it could have been possible for a subordinate commander and soldier from that era to effectively react to all unexpected challenges on the modern day battleelds. The concepts expressed above may be transferred to the aviation world. The same principles apply to the 1st World War pilots, who one hundred years ago were ghting in the sky and providing effective mutual support to their wingmen without having a single radio on board. When I think about this, I truly believe that we could learn a lot from our colleagues from the past. Stepping closer to present day, I cannot refrain from expressing my sincere admiration again to the people that have made early exploration of space possible. When I think of the three men on board their Lunar Module on July 20, 1969, their exceptional professionalism, outstanding preparation, shared common goal and mutual trust were on display for the world. Despite wrong information provided by their systems, they were able to safely land on the moon, just in time before running out of fuel (only 10 seconds of fuel left when they landed). It is clear to me that to successfully accomplish their mission despite all unforeseen challenges, as in many other human enterprises, the deep understanding of their overall strategic objectives and the deep mutual trust between the crew and their leadership in the mission control room in Houston must have played an extremely important role. The reason why I am focusing on this topic is because I see similarities of our daily lives in the NAEW&C world. When I see our people playing vital roles successfully, in spite of all odds and unforeseen difculties, it is, in many cases, because these people were fully aware of their overall strategic objectives. Regardless of how important their role may be, or how giant the leap they are about to jump, they get the job done with an overall understanding of their mission and their commanders intent. On the other hand, for a commander, it is essential to understand that, every time a soldier executes an order or follows a guidance, that soldier is indeed expressing his/ her trust in his/her leadership and therefore it is extremely important that a commander doesnt misuse this trust but that, on the contrary, well aware of his/her own responsibilities, makes the best use of his/her staff every time an important decision has to be made, to minimize the risk of giving not appropriate guidance. The reason why I am stressing this point on mutual trust is because this is one of the most important things I have learned at the HQ NAEW&C Force GK, perhaps because of its unique multinational nature. This multinational perspective, more than in any other national military organization, makes mutual trust the real glue that keeps everything together and the real fuel that keeps everybody going. It allows the Force to, if not do more with less, for sure do better with less. For this reason, for all I have learned, in all these years that I have spent, from all the wonderful people I have met (in this one of a kind world which is the HQ NAEW&C Force GK), I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and my absolute respect. To these people, that made or are making the real difference, as I walk out from the E-3A Component, at the end of my assignment in July, I want to tribute my most respectful salute, because no matter how giant the leap we were involved in, your contribution was and has always been the most important step.Col. Arturo Di MartinoOperations Wing Commander


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2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 5 Markus GrbelParliamentary State Secretary to the German Minister of Defence 5 May 2017Angela MerkelChancellor of Germany 13 May 2017Nato Investment Committee 22 May 2017Baltic Defense College (BDC) & Joint Command and General Staff Course 16 May 2017Frank-Walter SteinmeierPresident of Germany 25 May 2017


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2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 7


Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Did you know it takes approximately eight hours of unscheduled and scheduled maintenance coordination for one E-3A AWACS to take off here at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany? This includes servicing fuel, liquid oxygen for breathable air in case of an emergency, inspecting the aircraft for damages from previous ights and repairs. This coordination is all done by a 17-person team of Americans, Germans, Danish, Polish, Belgium and NATO civilians. Behind the scenes: Before the AWACS lifts o Most commonly referred to as job control, the correct terminology is Maintenance Operations Center. This is the hub for all information pertaining to aircraft production. Most people only see aircraft on the ightline, but do not realize that its not sitting there waiting to be own, said Master Sgt. Andrew Stokes, Maintenance Production Squadron, Pro Super. There is a logistics requirement that must be met. An aircraft is not like your automobile and most denitely not like a rent-acar lot. It is not possible to park an aircraft for a 30-day period, walk out, put a key in it and it will start right up. It takes an enormous workforce to produce aircraft at a reliable rate. The entire maintenance footprint is utilized from the moment the aircraft lands until it takes off again. Aircraft production has two very unique and distinctive positions Production Superintendent, known as the Pro Super and a Maintenance Operations Center Controller (MOCC). The Pro Super directs the overall maintenance effort of each unit. To simply put it, Stokes said. It is the ability to control the inuence of what happens in the daily aircraft maintenance environment. Each maintenance action is unique and requires priorities of which will be worked rst and by which specialist. If done correctly, Stokes said. These decisions will close time gaps and provide serviceable aircraft to the community, at a more efcient and reliable pace. Aircraft Production is one of the few organizations on base that operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and with a permanent on-call representative through the weekends and holidays. A standard shift for Pro Super/ Controllers is around nine to ten hours starting with turnover. Turnover determines priorities for the daily maintenance and how to effectively utilize 240 personnel across 13 work centers.


Behind the scenes: Before the AWACS lifts o Production tracks all open maintenance discrepancies and plans a course of repair for the highest priorities based on the need of the aircraft. They start with what is best to facilitate the ying schedule for the day, then what is required to meet the next two weeks of commitment around the globe. We coordinate logistics for our E-3As anywhere on the globe, Stokes said. This could be part replacements; engineering modications (glass cockpit upgrade), scheduled inspections, aircrew training and Public Affair events (paint schemes for events such as Tiger Stripe decals and 35 year anniversary). These are just a few of the things we have to consider, Stokes said. First make a plan, Stokes said. Second, execute the plan and third is expect the plan to go off the rails, adjust and re-plan. The work force reduction has caused an increased workload for maintenance to produce aircraft at the same rate as before the Peacetime Establishment (PE). We in productions try to mitigate this by providing clear priorities to the specialized sections so maintenance occurs in the most efcient sequence, Stokes said. Although there may be a few obstacles to overcome, their accomplishments do not go unnoticed. The biggest accomplishment within Productions was the adaptive attitude of the personnel when the PE went into effect, Stokes said. Production went from an all-military work-center to a 50/50 split with civilians. In doing so, some of the most experienced civilian personnel were placed in Productions. Information is power. The more you learn and share, the more powerful NATO can become. Everything that is related to the E-3A is communicated, coordinated and managed within my work center, Stokes said. The best part is being given the freedom and responsibility to take the information, use our very own experienced workforce and make decisions to execute and produce a ready, safe aircraft both at GK and at TDY locations.


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2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 11 Q1: Im confused and disappointed by the changes at the Rotodome. They used to have a nice lunch salad option in addition to side salads. Now, instead of a pretty plate of salad, the only option is the extended side salad bar, which you have to pack into a bowl and weigh. I havent tried the toasties, but they look like something I could make at home, but at home I would use nicer, healthier bread. Q2: Would it be possible to pay with contactless payment methods at the Rotodome? Q3: Why is the salad so overpriced at the moment? A: Thank you for the 3 questions related to our Food Services. There have been several changes in the Rotodome recently, which were initiated primarily by the feedback received from the MWA survey conducted in Spring 2016, as well as feedback received over the past year by the Food and Services Branch (SWCS). While over 60% of the personnel commented that the Rotodome is the most valuable service SWCS provides, approximately 20% of the survey comments also addressed the need to improve specic elements of the Rotodome. As the Rotodome is the only full-service dining facility on base, improving the quality, cost and variety of the food is one of our top priorities. Several of the 2016 MWA Survey inputs were related to the desire for a more expansive self-service salad bar, as well as healthier food options at more affordable prices. SWCS has made several targeted changes in the past months and will continue to make improvements over the course of the year. We agree that the implementation of the salad bar was probably a little quick and therefore we faced some challenges and are working to x them. Some of the improvements already made include a price reduction, standardizing the use of plates, including drinks with a main meal salad, implementing a set price of .50 for the popular side salad, as well as improving the variety by offering various popular mixed salads on a regular basis. In addition to the salad bar, the toasted sandwiches were added to ll a requested sandwich option. We started with pre-made local sandwiches which as you point out didnt really hit the mark, so we are looking to transition to more of a panini or wrap bar, where you will be able to make-your-own sandwich. We have also just re-introduced the monthly Specialty Meal Program that will be a specialty themed meal we put on every second Wednesday of the month, for a bargain price of only .00. And nally, after several months of coordination we should have a credit-card machine implemented in one of the cashier lines by the end of the month, with a view to adding a second offering contactless payment in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and suggestions. We are here to serve the GK community and welcome any and all input to make us more effective in doing so. The easiest way to provide feedback is in the new Rotodome comment boxes, near the cashiers and Skywatch stands. If you have any questions for the Commander, please contact FHP at ext. 2476 or their inbox at If you want to submit anonymously, you can use the boxes at the Rotodome next to the Skywatch newspaper stands. Asking questions and receiving answers will not only help you but others working on base. Communication is the most critical element in every organizational success, and your questions are helpful for ensuring that together we make smart decisions for the NAEW&C Force. The Ask the Commander forum in Skywatch is an opportunity to provide suggestions to the leadership team on how we might do things better here at GK. While there are many areas in which we are doing well, there is always room for improvement and your feedback is critical to this. THANKS FOR ASKING! Story by Wing Commander Claire Adamson Photo by Melanie Becker Earlier this month the HQ NAEW&C Force GK hosted Mr. John Miller, Chairman Board of Directors of the NATO AEW&C Programme Management Organization (NAPMO). The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and governance of the NATO AWACS program in the areas of technical, nancial and contractual support. The Board of Directors is comprised of members from each of the 16 partner nations. Additionally seats are given to the United Kingdom as a limited participant; France also attends in an observer role. The Board of Directors is supported by the Operations, Plans and Logistics (OPL) Committee and the Policy and Finance (PF) Committee. The OPL provides expertise in the areas of operations, interoperability, technical, Board of Directors Chairman visits the Forcelogistics, sustainment, conguration, requirement and Industrial Benets. The PF Committee supports legal, nancial, contractual aspects, Industrial Participation and strategic planning within the programme. These committees make recommendations to the Board of Directors based on updates received throughout the year from the Force. During his time at MOB Geilenkirchen, Mr. Miller ew on an Assurance Measure mission with Flying Squadron 1. On the ight he was able to see rst-hand how the international E-3A crew comes together to accomplish the mission. On the following day Mr. Miller received briengs on various topics including the Force Review and an overview of current Force operations. Mr Miller also had the opportunity to visit the MTC and see the DTOC training mission capability. Additionally, he was shown a CNS/ ATM modied aircraft. Both the ight and the tour enabled the Chairman to see many of the issues that NAPMO is helping to address through numerous modernization programmes, from CNS/ ATM to IP Comms, MODE 5/Enhanced Mode S to the Final Lifetime Extension Program. This rst-hand exposure to the set-up and activities at Geilenkirchen, will allow Mr. Miller to provide feedback to the Board ahead of its next formal meeting in June. During this months 1st Thursday event, the team that enabled the use of the Distributed Training Operations Center (DTOC) was recognized by the Force Commander, Maj Gen Dawn M. Dunlop. Bringing this capability online was a major milestone for the Force and will radically change the way in which we train our mission crews. With the culmination of this 5+ year project, the Force is now able to receive high quality training with objectives that are tailored to the needs of the crew on a daily basis. Among those highlighted for their work were members of the Operations Wing, Support Wing and PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc. Recognizing members at First Thursday


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2 June 2017 NATO Skywatch 13 Continued from previous Skywatch edition Origin of the term Zapfenstreich The term Zapfenstreich originates from the time of the lansquenets (Landsknechte). It was in 1596 that an evening signal was rst mentioned in connection with the Zapfenschlag (striking of the tap). By striking the tap of a barrel, the provost (the ofcer responsible for military justice) gave the signal for night rest, which had to be observed strictly. From that moment on the innkeeper was no longer allowed to sell drinks, and the lansquenets had to retire to their tents and keep quiet. Contraventions of this order were exemplarily punished (exemplariter abgestraffet). Grand Tattoo Ceremony The Groer Zapfenstreich (Grand Tattoo) is performed by Pipes and Drums and a military band, accompanied by two platoons under arms and torchbearers. The commander of the Grand Tattoo is a line ofcer, at least in the rank of a eld-grade ofcer, who issues the commands ordered for the Grand Tattoo. The bandmaster acts as a musical director. The Grand Tattoo formation marches in to the sounds of Yorks March. Once the troops have proceeded to their positions and dressed, the report is made to the person in whose honor the ceremony is being held. This is followed by a serenade, generally consisting of three pieces of music. The commander of the Grand Tattoo then orders the formation to stand to attention. Story by Maureen Geraets-Head Photo by Infrastructure Branch The heating system and ceiling lights inside Hangar 1 are roughly 35 years old and are currently being replaced with modern, more powerful and ecologic systems. The old heating system did not sufce anymore. As soon as the outside temperatures dropped to below zero degrees Celcius, the heating did not have enough capacity to warm up the hangar to a 10 to14 degrees, a condition necessary to work on aircraft with paint, oils, greases and glues, Mr. Thorsten Wahl, Head of Infrastructure, tells. He continues, On top of that, when one of the 14-meter high hangar doors was being opened, the cold air would Groer Zapfenstreich (Grand Tattoo) Hangar 1 gets new heating system and lightsThe Grand Tattoo ceremony is performed in the following sequence: Call for retreat (pipes and drums) Retreat march (pipes and drums and military band) Trumpet calls for Retreat (traditional retreat of the mounted troops, military band) Sign for prayer (pipes and drums) Prayer ( pipes and drums and military band; the weapons platoons and the commanding ofcer take off their helmets) Roll of the drums after the prayer (pipes and drums) Call after the prayer (military band) The Grand Tattoo is concluded by the national anthem. After the national anthem has been played, the Grand Tattoo troops are dismissed and they march off to the sounds of the Retreat March. The duration of the Grand Tattoo ceremony is approx. 45 minutes. Together with the Wachbataillon (Guard Battalion) and the military band, the Grand Tattoo formation comprises approximately 300 servicemen. Basic sequence of events during a Grand Tattoo ceremony In the course of time it became customary to give the signal for night rest also in musical form. The cavalry used trumpet calls (the retreat) for this purpose, the infantry special arrangements for pipes and drums. The currently established Grand Tattoo ceremony dates back to the German Wars of Liberation (1813 1815). It is from this time that the custom of having the retreat ceremony followed by a short evening song turn the metal of the aircraft into a giant ice cube. It took days to heat up the outside of this jet to a workable temperature. As a temporary solution, Logistics Wing was using external heating lamps. The disadvantage these infrared lamps was that the re detection system had to be disconnected. Since January, one half side of the hangar is construction site; leaving the other half available for aircraft maintenance. By mid-2017, this will swap and the nished half can be used by Logistics Wing. Parallel to the renewal of the heating, new ceiling lights are being installed. The LED lights increase the hangars illumination and it is a noticeable improvement, Wahl informs. originates. King Friedrich Wilhelm III was so impressed by a custom in the Russian Army that in August 1813 he ordered a prayer to be spoken by his troops after the retreat ceremony. On this basis (call retreat ceremony prayer), Friedrich Wilhelm Wieprecht, the legendary pioneer of German brassband and military music, composed the form of the Grand Tattoo that is still valid today. This project has shown the good cooperation between Logistics Wing, Ground Safety, Fire Brigade, Security and the Construction Ofce (Bau Amt).The complete works inside the It was performed in this way for the rst time in Berlin on 12 May 1838 to conclude a grand concert given in honor of the Czar of Russia, with 1200 performers. The program at that time already outlined a basic concept, which despite having been slightly altered in many places until 1918, has run through the ceremony like a red thread until the obligatory program in its present form was established.hangar are scheduled to be nished by end of 2017. Total cost 1.2 Million Euro for the heating system, plus 480.00 Euro for new LED ceiling lights. Schedule 1930 Hangar 4 opens for audience 1930 Refreshments and food sale 2205 Find your standing place at indicated ight line area 2220 Announcement start of GZS 2230 Start of GZS 2320 End of GZS 2321 Departure using Northern Gate (as indicated)Information for NATO ID card holders:Base entrance for this Grand Tattoo is thru the Main Gate only. Food and refreshments will be sold. Food and refreshments or folding chairs will not be permitted. No photography/video with ash light will be allowed. All visitors will have to stand throughout the entire performance.


14 NATO Skywatch 2 June 2017 (Open to all U S and N A T O identi cation car d holder s)JUNEVisit the Services Br anch W SS W eb P age for the latest pr ogr am information and upcoming e v ents POC: IY A Ev en ts: Mr s N euhalfen, ext. 4954; Sports Ev en ts: Mr Henrichs, ext. 4902; F ood Services: Mr P eeters, ext. 4990 June12 June: Registration starts for summer Soccer Camp (14 18 Aug) On Monday, 12 June the registration for the Summer Soccer Camp starts. For children 6 15 years old. Cost: 135 per child. Registration will end on Thursday, 06 July or as soon as the maximum capacity has been reached (i.e. 50 participants). The Summer Soccer Camp starts on Monday 14 August, from 08.45 till 16.00 hrs and will last till Friday 18 August. T-shirt, Surprise gift, Lunch and lessons are included. 14 June: Asparagus Lunch at the Rotodome On Wednesday, 14 June from 11.00 to 13.30 hrs come to the Rotodome, and enjoy an amazing Asparagus Lunch. 26 June 18 Aug: IYA Summer Break Program for children aged 5 and older, 0745 1745: fun games, sports, beautiful playground, swimming, movies, arts and crafts, eld trips. 28 June: IYA trip to Beekse Bergen Safari Park for children aged 5 and older, 0815 1730, 34 without MWA Card, 23 with MWA Card. 30 June: Bavarian Breakfast at the Rotodome On Friday, 30 June, from 06.00 till 10.30 hrs come to the Rotodome, and enjoy our Bavarian Breakfast. Experience quality Temporary Living Facilities with a warm family touch, all located within 15 minutes of NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen, JFC Brunssum & AFNorth. Our family-run Guesthouse has been accommodating and assisting NATO Members and their families for nearly 15 years. Complimentary Cars & Airport Shuttle ServicePhone: +49(0)2451-72015 Cell: +49(0)178-4140855 Web: Email: us now for reservations or inquiries. We hope to see you soon! Karins GuesthouseOffering 8 fully equipped, family & pet friendly quality accommodations Vacancy AnnouncementStaff Assistant (Life-Cycle Management), Advertisement Numbers 170220+170221, Grade B-4, assigned to the Civilian Personnel Branch, Personnel and Manpower Division, HQ NAEW&C Force GK. These posts are due to be lled as soon as possible. CLOSING DATE: 15 June 2017 For further details, please visit the HQ NAEW&C FORCE GK (WSS) Portal under HEADQUARTERS NAEW&C FORCE/Personnel and Manpower Division/ Civilian Personnel Branch/CPB Recruitment/Recruitment, the ofcial HQ NAEW&C FORCE GK Internet Home Page (, or review the advertisement posted in Building 8. NOTE: Only applications of qualied personnel will be considered


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