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29 November 2016 NATO Skywatch 1 Photo by Melanie Becker The rst E-3A aircraft with a newly upgraded glass cockpit landed safely on November 17, 2016, at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. This aircraft has been at the Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, USA since Aug. 1, 2013 for modication. For story and photos, see pages 8-9 Volume 32, No. 11 29 November 2016 Aircraft #459 returns with major upgradeNot as simple as looking up in the skyStory and photos by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow With your cup of coffee, a newspaper in your hand and the television turned to the news stationeach morning you listen for the weather forecast for the day and the weekend following. The weather forecasters you see on TV are different than the ones stationed at NATO Geilenkirchen Air Base, Germany. The Meteorology Branch here are considered aviation weather forecasters and their job is a little more complex than stating whether it is going to rain, snow, be cloudy or sunny throughout the day. What is meteorology? The simple answer is the weather. The more complex answer is the scientic study of the Earths atmosphere. Geilenkirchens branch consists of ve weather forecasters, eight meteorologist specialists (weather observers) and one branch head, all from four different countries, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece and Belgium. They are split into three different shiftsnight, morning and late shift, with all different responsibilities. Night shift workers are doing most of the production, said Mr. Etienne Kerkhoffs, Meteorology Branch Scientist. These shift workers determine the weather forecast for the next day and prepare the weather briengs for the ights for that day. Each ight receives a specic weather brieng tailored to its mission. Each weather brieng prepared includes not only the temperature and if it is sunny or rainy that day, but also the winds and how strong they are at different levels in the atmosphere, if it rains, how heavy or light it may be and the visibility. But also runway condition, the cloud coverage during the ight mission and weather hazards are part of the brieng. continued on page 11


29 November 2016 NATO Skywatch 3 What do old people do when they have a chance? You guessed correctly, they tell stories of their life. I have a good selection at my disposal. Military life was good to me. More than 15 years of active ying with all the steps you could dream of, from Squadron Commander all the way to Wing and Base Commander. I experienced two different cultures in ying as a Reccepilot rst and a Fighterpilot later. Also, nearly 15 years abroad as a student, teacher, diplomat, Washington in former United States President Bill Clinton times and George W. Bush times, OSCE in Vienna when the Ukraine-conict started, twice as a section head in Germanys Main Operating Base for a total of seven years with two very different responsibilities. I was with the Luftwaffe International Affairs with all the bilateral and multilateral activities, and Military Intelligence to include everything land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. Been there, done that. And if you dig a little deeper, what comes to mind are the more close encounters, the ones where you have been lucky, to say the least. So, there I was in the Luftwaffes southern Recce Wing, Aufklrungsgeschwader 51 Immelmann, must have been in 1984 or 85. I was a young RecceLinepilot, not even an operations ofcer yet and the task was to y a mission simulating ghter manoeuvres. We loved those. The regular Recce mission at the time was a 90 minute low-level with three external tanks, cameras and infrared in all stations and three targets to be covered. Not boring in any way because you would y at 500 feet all the time, 250 in designated areas, meeting other military jets about every ten minutes and seeing a lot of army activity on the ground all over the place. But basic ghter manoeuvers (BFM) was special for us Recces. No external tanks or maybe just the High Performance Centerline, less drag and weight, higher G-limits and the like. While BFMs being boring for ghters as I discovered later in my lifeit was quite something for Recces. So, off we went as a two ship formation into the blue yonder above the Blackforest Mountains and the reserved airspace there. We did a few pitchout and rejoins to lose some weight, then two uneventful BFM-setups. On the third we had to try hard to get away from this other bird and after about a 100 degree turn close to our g-limit the aircraft ipped without prior nose slice or other warnings and entered something like a at spin. Which the engines didnt like, so we got a compressor stall on top of this other little problem. A Phantom without power has about the glide path of a concert piano and in a spin it loses up to 2,000 feet per turn. Not funny when you are at 20,000 feet, have to bail out 2,000 feet above the ground and the mountains underneath are up to 6,000 feet high. When this happens to you, your brain switches to emergency mode and all of a sudden you have all the time in the world. You try to solve the problems by clever application of pre-briefed emergency procedures and while doing that you even have time to think about your family and your life in general. When the aircraft was ying again with one engine running, my Weapon System Operator (WSO), thats the back seater in a Phantom, said Boy, that was close, and that was the rst and only thing he said. Since we couldnt restart the other engine, we decided to do a single engine landing being chased by our lead, who had managed to nd us again despite of our very low altitude. The weather in the Rhine valley wasnt that brilliant, so we asked for and got a straight in GCA approach. This GCA-controller his name was Rolf and we were members in the same gun clubwas talking us down like a dream. When we got out of the haze with our hearts still beating a bit faster than usual, the place down there was crowded with help. What a view! More yellow and blue than runway lights. We did an approach end arrestment, were drawn out of the aircraft by the strong hands of our re ghters, evacuated from the scene by our medical team and escorted by the Flight Safety Ofcer, checked out at the Flight Surgeons and even got a glass of champagne afterwards while telling our story. The best mishaps are those, you can walk away from. And the two of us, my WSO and I got our next mission on the next day which was helpful and a very good idea. Never in my life have I forgotten this quick change of perspective from deadly danger to the feeling of coming home with dozens of people working and waiting for you. And that is why those people have my deepest sympathy and respect. On a big clock, you see only two moving parts, the big hand and the little one. You do know, there are hundreds of moving parts to make it all work, but normally you dont see them. Today I would like to thank all the people in the Base Support Wing, who make our success story possible every day. The story of the E-3A Component and its Force HQ, providing vital services to NATOs Air Forces since 1982. Your nations are grateful. Your families are thankful. And I could not be prouder to be your Commander.Col. H. Henning PradelBase Support Wing CommanderWith the Commanders Corner, our NAEW&CF Commander and E-3A Commander give the opportunity to wing and squadron commanders, and branch and division heads to share their thoughts about current topics taking place at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. Every month a different writer will highlight a specic topic concerning their discipline. NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Email articles and classied advertisements to For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (0)46 4529292, cellphone +31 (0)6 5472 6473, or Houx Digiprint at +31 (0)46 4582111, Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To read the NATO Skywatch online visit HQ NAEW&CF Commander Maj. Gen. Dawn M. Dunlop Chief, Public Affairs Maj. Johannes Glowka Editor Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Volume 32, No. 11 29 November 2016 COMMANDERS CORNER Ask the CommanderIn this section, our leadership will answer questions from personnel working at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. If you have any work-related questions and you cannot nd the answer, dont hesitate and call ext. 2476 or email If you want to be a little more anonymous, use the question boxes located in the Rotodome next to the Skywatch newspaper stands near the entrances. Answering your questions will not only help you, but can also serve others working on base.


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29 November 2016 NATO Skywatch 5 On November 1st of this year the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (NAEW&C) Force reached a key milestone in our new force structure. The NAEW&C Force declared Initial Operational Capability (IOC) with the transfer of Operational Control (OPCON) of the NATO E-3A eet from NAEW&C Force Headquarters to Allied Air Command (AIRCOM). Furthermore, we are addressing key deciencies and closing critical mission gaps to prepare the Force for the future through the on-going Force Optimization Study. What is IOC? The NAC-approved Force Review dened three key criteria for the Force to declare IOC: Moving the NAEW&C Force Headquarters from Mons to Geilenkirchen and executing a 30% personnel reduction and associated organizational restructuring. Achieving a Force manning level of at least 80% trained and ready. Transferring OPCON responsibility from the Force Commander to AIRCOM. As a result of the great teamwork across the Force, each of these criteria was met and the Force declared IOC on 1 Nov 2016. Considering we are in the midst of the largest structural reorganization a NATO Headquarters and an operational unit have ever undergone, this step was only made possible by innovative thinking, dedicated team-work and leadership at all levels across our organization. When you take into account that we have added Counter-ISIL support and Tailored Assurance Measures for Turkey to our long-standing Assurance Measures operations, and simultaneously managed the largest cockpit modernization program in AWACS history, our ability to achieve IOC is an effort that every member of the Force should rightfully be proud of. The rst requirement is selfexplanatory and was met throughout the past year beginning with T-Day, 1 November 2015 and ending with the IOC declaration on 1 November 2016. The second requirement was met over time with 83% of our posts now lled with trained and qualied personnel. While this is good news, and the projections are for this to continue to improve it does not mean that each of our branches and divisions are fully healthy. I know we have areas where we are still struggling to ll our positions, or to get the right training for our personnel, and we are working diligently with SACEUR, his staff, and the nations to ll these gaps. In the meantime we should continue to combine efforts and work together in order to ensure that every possible measure is undertaken to optimize our Force, in how we organize, in our processes, and how we operate. We will get some assistance in this through the Force Optimisation Study, which has commenced in October and will continue through the end of 2017. This study will seek to permanently rectify key deciencies uncovered in executing Force Review, particularly identifying and closing critical Moving Forward: NAEW&C Force Reaches Initial Operational Capability (IOC)mission gaps. Force Optimization is a huge responsibility and part of that responsibility is to ensure we rst optimize within the Force and provide detailed justication if we cannot x the problem internally and are requesting outside assistance. This will be our last chance to recommend major changes to the Force structure and every contribution helps to design our own future along the given goals and priorities! The transfer of OPCON to AIRCOM on 1 November 2016 met the nal criteria for IOC. I have received several questions on this so allow me to provide some clarity on what this means. One of the rst tasks I tackled in the job was to work a balanced division of command operational responsibilities between AIRCOM and Force Command. I was pleased with the initial dialogue and followon support from AIRCOM who fully agreed with our proposal and cosigned the framework document that simplied the OPCON transfer process. This transfer implemented a separation of the responsibility for the use of AWACS in NATO operations, which now lies with AIRCOM, and the responsibility to generate mission capable and adequately manned E-3As in order to support those operations, which remains the responsibility of the NAEW&C Force Commander. In practical terms and depending on your position in the Force you might not feel much of an impact, which I hope is a good thing and important to NATO for ensuring continuity of operations. For the men and women in the OPCON cell at SHAPE, and the OPCON liaison cell here at GK, thank you for your dedicated efforts to make the 1 Nov transition so seamless. So for many of you 1 Nov came and went without notice (yes, it was a Component holiday), but the IOC declaration that took effect that day is worth highlighting. This Force could only achieve such an impressive milestone in such a short amount of time because of you. Your dedication to progress made it possible to completely reorganize the Force, holding on to our best practices and discarding some old ones and all the while sustaining the operational capability of NATOs only Air C2 eet. Together we have brought the Force to a performance level, and an efciency, that is highly recognized throughout NATO. It is now up to us to continue that momentum and turn it into a permanent trademark of the Force. General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. Its time to stand up and to move forward. Thanks to each and every one of you for standing up and helping this organization move forward, retaining the best of the Forces history and reshaping it for a successful future. You should all be justiably proud of this milestone achievement. Well done!Major General Dawn M. DunlopCommander, NAEW&C ForceStory and Photo by Polish NSU As one person I cannot change the world, But I can change the world of one person. Paul Shane Spear Christmas is coming! You have probably noticed our NATO HELPS CHILDREN event started! We would like to organize a wonderful celebration for 250 children from orphanages and raise funds to nance their winter holidays. So far, our initiative has been supported by NATEX, AB Chapel, the Foundation of No. 303 Fighter Squadron, Polish National Support Unit Brunssum, Ms Ewelina Niska and as always the kind E-3A Community. If you would like to help, there are three options: Go to Polish NSU website, choose a child and buy a gift (adequate to their age and gender) up to 30 Euros. Make a donation to one of the collection tins that can be found all over the Component (e.g. NATEX, Deutsche Eck, Squadrons). Search for NATO Helps Children logo. Buy a gift and leave it in a basket at Natex Retail Shop. Come to the Weihnachtsmarkt at German NSU on December 8th, we will be collecting money and selling badges with our logo. Check our website for more info and a photo gallery. Remember we are doing it for kids! NATO helps Children during holiday season


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Aircraft #459 is worlds rst glass cockpit E-3 AWACS By Maureen Geraets-Head Photos Melanie Becker The rst E-3A aircraft with a newly upgraded glass cockpit is now a reality: at 0933 hours tail number 459 landed safely at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen on November 17, 2016. This aircraft has been at Boeing Field Seattle, Washington, USA since August 1, 2013 for modication. The Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/ Air Trafc Management (CNS/ATM) trained ight deck crew experienced a perfect ight while using the digital cockpit instruments for the rst time ever in the history of NATO AWACS. Upon landing, the aircraft taxied through a water arch performed by two trucks of the Fire Department and parked in front of Hangar 1 where this historic event was formally celebrated by Major General Dawn Dunlop, Commander NAEW&C Force:Today, we mark an incredibly important milestone for the Force and for E-3 eets around the globe by welcoming the rst glass cockpit, or CNS/ATM aircraft, into the NATO AWACS Fleet. After three years and four months of modication and 56 test ights to verify the operational performance of the new conguration we welcome the rst CNS/ATM and its crew back home to Geilenkirchen after a safe and uneventful 10.2 hour transAtlantic ight. My thanks to the operators, the maintainers, and the program managers who have dedicated their talent and expertise to making this day a success! Also known as the N-1 Project, CNS/ATM is another success in the NAEW&C Forces history, several organizations, agencies, and military units were involved in supporting and planning the development, testing and nally delivering a new ight deck for NATOs most legendary surveillance and battle management aircraft. The level of effort to successfully complete this rst phase of development of CNS/ATM required Photo Courtesy Boeing


Aircraft #459 is worlds rst glass cockpit E-3 AWACS close coordination within the Force Headquarters and the E-3A Components Wings and Divisions. Within the Force Headquarters, the Requirements Division (FHR) took the lead, assuring continuous coordination between NAPMA, the E-3A Component, MSEC, NSPA, and Boeing with its subcontractors. This upgrade is necessary to meet current and future CNS/ATM airspace requirements. It reduces the cockpit crew to two pilots and one ight engineer; removing the need for a navigator. To ensure all ight deck crews receive stateof-the-art training in CNS/ATM standards, a major modernization to the E-3A ight training device (FTD) and E-3A full ight simulator (FFS) located at NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen is also under way. For the rst time, new virtual Desk Top Trainers (VDTT) will not only provide proper qualication training to ight deck crew, but also to maintenance personnel.At this moment, two E-3As are undergoing the CNS/ATM upgrade lead by Boeing, at the Airbus Company facilities in Oberpfaffenhoven/Manching, Germany. The remaining E-3As will be modied, at the Airbus Company, over the next two years. The modication of each aircraft will take an average of 150 calendar days. The entire modication contract will be completed by the end of 2018.


29 November 2016 NATO Skywatch 11 The morning shift will take over and brief the aircrews on the weather before their scheduled ights during the day. With night shift is mainly producing, the morning shift is the busiest, Kerkhoffs said. It all depends on how many ights are scheduled for the day. Late shift workers produce and give weather forecasts for late ights in the afternoon and into the evening. To determine the weather, several software data systems are used, such as satellite and radar systems, Kerkhoffs said. And, very important, the observation in the tower is used. Each hour, an observer in the control tower walks out on the catwalk (platform on the top and around the tower) to detect weather changes. The observer is looking for rain, sun, clouds, visibility and wind. This hourly observation is the basis for a weather forecast, and is required for aireld operations. It is important for the safe take-off and landing of the airplanes. We keep an eye on the changes and watch the development of the weather throughout the day, Kerkhoffs said. Not only in the local area, but all areas of interest are watched very closely. Every day during OPERATION Afghan Assist, weather was being forecasted for the ights out of Afghanistan in support of ISAF. Continued from page 1 Although we didnt have any of our own forecasters on the ground in Afghanistan, we were very busy to ensure the ights safety each and every day the crews went on a mission. We do the same for many other operations, either own from GK or from elsewhere. The work continues on weekends and holidays. Not only does the Meteorology Branch conduct weather forecasts and briengs for ights, but they also send out warnings to the base populace, such as thunderstorms, lighting, wind chills, extreme heat, freezing and strong winds. The forecasters also provide information on the weather for events held on basepool parties, Oktoberfest, International Childrens Festival, Sports Days and CrossCountry and 5K events. The winter season is the most challenging of all seasons, Kerkhoffs said. And the most challenging being a weather forecaster is forecasting the weather accurately.There is extensive training to be a weather forecastera long theoretical training, minimum six months of practical training and upgrade training through the years to give forecasters more knowledge of all the microand mesoscale processes in the atmosphere. Every day, dangerous weather conditions can delay and cancel ights and severe weather can turn a ight into a threatening experience.We are here to analyse the weather and to issue weather forecasts to save lives and protect property, Kerkhoffs said. Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow On 24 October, ve of seven former E-3A Component Deputy Commanders, (DCOM), visited the base they worked at years before. I played around with the idea of having the former deputy commanders visit the base, said Col. Ren Moerland, E-3A Component DCOM. I wanted to pay respect to what they have done in the past for the Component and show them what has happened at Geilenkirchen since they left. Also, I wanted to catch up on old times. The previous DCOMs indicated to Col. Moerland they would like to come and visit. This type of visit hadnt happened before so he jumped at the idea and started planning. During the visit, Col. Moerland gave the gentlemen a presentation on where the Component was focusing on in todays current position. I explained to them our presentday conditions and pointed out the differences with their period here at the Component, Col. Moerland said. A common theme during discussions was about noise complaints and trees related to the Dutch community across the border. All former DCOMs felt this was a difcult yet important topic they all had to deal with when they were in ofce. The former deputy commanders toured the base, noticing the transformations from when they were stationed here. They visited an E-3A AWACS in Phase and the Mission Training Center/ Division Tactical Operations Center, MTC/DTOC. Below are the names and dates of ve former and present deputy commanders listed in order from left to right. Colonel (retired) Jos van Dam 25 July 200029 October 2004 Colonel (retired) Jan van Harmelen 1 July 199725 July 2000 Our DCOM, Colonel Ren Moerland 7 December 2012Present Colonel (retired) Kees van den Hoven 1 November 19881 February 1994 Colonel (retired) Ton van Happen 13 June 20087 December 2012 Colonel (retired) Jelle Zijlstra 29 October 200413 June 2008 Former DCOMS visit old stomping grounds


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29 November 2016 NATO Skywatch 13 Photo of the monthMr. Luigi Musto, Logistics Wing, Electronic Maintenance Squadron, is responsible for performing maintenance on three E-3A AWACS systemsthe Mission Computing System (MCS), the Electronics Support Measures (ESM), and the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) system. It is his and his co-workers obligation to maintain and update training material for these systems. Our job is paramount for mission accomplishment, Musto said. By performing professional and accurate maintenance for our systems, we make sure that both the Flight and Mission crew operate on reliable systems so they can accomplish their mission in the safest and most effective way. The MCS is the brain of the E-3A, thus the capabilities of the active and passive sensors (Radar/IFF and ESM) as well as the links cannot be used to support the E-3A operational mission if the MCS is unserviceable. The ESM system offers an augmented surveillance capability by providing passive target assessment and threat warning capability. The LAIRCM, when operating in hostile operational theatres will provide self-protection against a wide range of heat-seeking missiles. Before coming to the Component, Musto was enlisted in the Italian Air Force at the age of 17. He joined the Component as a Mission Crew member in 2004 and became NATO Civilian in 2007. Working at the E-3A Component provides a unique opportunity to see how a common objective can be reached using a standardized model, which is optimized on inputs coming from people having different views and aviation backgrounds, Musto said. Never assume that the way you have been doing things for years, must be the model for all. Anyone here at NATO Air Base brings something to the table. In other words, do not simply hear, but listen. Photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Mr. Luigi MustoPrincipal Technician Computer 13 years at Component Dont just HEAR, but LISTENStory and photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow As you open the door you see darkness. When the doors are shut, you start hearing noises and small bits of light are coming from strobe lights and fog is dispersed throughout the room you just entered. You have no idea what will come next. All of sudden you feel someone following you; you look behind you and see a zombie creature. You scream, walk backwards almost run into another zombie crawling on the oor in front of you. What a fright! This year, the MWA sponsored a Haunted House, themed with Phobias. Each year, between 250 and 690 adults and children walk through the haunted house. The Haunted House was started as a way for the local community to experience what we (Americans) do in the United States for Halloween, Capt. Samory Abdul-Raheem, Haunted House committee member said. Plus, we like scaring people. This Haunted House is no little project. The committee begins working in April. They start with bouncing ideas around for the theme and the next step is putting together a shopping list for all props and decorations. The biggest preparation is building of each room, Abdul-Raheem said. We dont just throw up sheets; we want each room to feel different and be its own scene. We want to draw you in and scare the pants off of you. Each room is built with modular walls which makes changing things up easy. The house is comprised of two closed school buildings, Buildings 92 and 93, with 16 rooms. I wont give away too many secrets, but what I can say is that things have been well engineered with infrared sensors, automated heads, life-like body parts, scary clowns and zombies, Abdul-Raheem said. The sounds, smells and lighting are all there to infect the senses. A Childrens Festival was provided by the US Team 5/6 to entertain the young children while giving parents the freedom to enjoy the Haunted House. All proceeds go to the MWA and will help with costs of the Haunted House the following year. So dont be afraid. Come on out and enjoy a night of frightening delight!A secret of the Haunted House


14 NATO Skywatch 29 November 2016 (Open to all U S and N A T O identi cation car d holder s)JUNEVisit the Services Br anch W SS W eb P age for the latest pr ogr am information and upcoming e v ents POC: IY A Ev en ts: Mr s N euhalfen, ext. 4954; Sports Ev en ts: Mr Henrichs, ext. 4902; F ood Services: Mr P eeters, ext. 4990 December3 Dec: IYA Christmas Market trip to Trier 0800 2000. Get in the mood for the season at one of the loveliest Christmas Markets. Enjoy the festive atmosphere between the enchanting Christmas booths on the historic squares against the backdrop of the cathedral. Stroll through the oldest German city bathed in Christmas light offering you Roman sights, great shopping and wonderful places to eat and drink. Our luxury bus departs from outside the Main Gate. 25 without MWA-Card, with your valid MWA-Card pay only 17. Registration and further information is at the IYA Ofce at ext. 4954 or 0049 2451 63 4954, until 26 October and again from 14 November. 7 Dec: Take your photos with Santa at the IYA Christmas Party E-3A Club, 1600 1800. Seasonal games, music, and refreshments. No cost. Registration and further information at ext. 4954 or 0049 2451 63 4954, until 26 October and again from 14 November. Please note that Santa will be available for photos until 1700. 8 DEC: 3rd German Christmas Market (Building 98 Deutsches Eck) At 1500 hrs, we are offering typical German drinks such as Glhwein and other traditional Christmas drinks and food in a cozy Christmas Market atmosphere. The German NSU and DUK would like to invite our international comrades and their families to this special event. 9 Dec: IYA Moonlight Family Steam Train Ride with Santa Claus 1900 2100. Santa will welcome all the children and present them with a bag of seasonal goodies on the way from Gillrath to Schierwaldenrath, where we will enjoy refreshments and Christmas music, before returning to Gillrath. Tickets at 8,00 per child and 12,50 per adult, including seasonal bakers goods with hot chocolate, coffee, Glhwein or a soft drink, can be purchased at the IYA Ofce, further information at ext. 4954 or 0049 2451 63 4954, until 26 October and again from 14 November. 21 Dec: Christmas lunch at the Rotodome The IGA will hold its AGM on 15 December in the old Sentry Club where the new Association Committee will present their plans for the future of the IGA. If you are a golfer or would like to start playing golf with your colleagues in our international environment dont hesitate to contact the International Golf Association via their website for all details. On 29 October the International Golf Association held their yearly end-ofseason Tournament and prize giving Ceremony at the Brunssummerheide Golf Course. The Tournament was blessed with some wonderful autumn weather and we played as members were teamed up for the exciting challenge on 18 holes. All IGA participants showed great comradery and cheered In the hole on numerous occasions. IGA End-of-Season Tournament / Committee ChangesIn the evening the yearly endof-season banquet was organized including the season prize ceremony took place. The IGA organizes different tournaments and competitions, the Club Championship, player of the year on away tournaments, weekly club nights, most improved player and IGA Ryder Cup. 2016 Trophies Club Champion (gross): Rex Clarke Runner-up: Roland Mayer Club Champion (net): Wolfram DeGavarelli Runner-up: Norman Northcutt Player of the year: Henk Hendrickx Most improved player: Kevin Conquergood Unfortunately the IGA Ryder Cup could not be organized this year but we have high hopes there will be enough North American & European golf fanatics to participate next year, said President Robert Smit as he thanked all organizers for the fantastic golf season. After the NAEW & C Force review, most active IGA Committee members left the organization and a complete new Association Committee had to be formed. The current IGA President, Robert Smit and Treasurer Lothar Boeven made big efforts in forming a new Committee.


2e paasdag geopend 12-17 uurDiverse bankstellen van Machalke aantrekkelijk geprijsd. Stoel 1 nu 279,| stoel 2 v.a. 130,| stoel 3 v.a. 329,Tafels met industile onderstellen op maat Prijsvoorbeeld in eiken 220 x 100 cm vanaf 1095,Industrile onderstellen van gietijzer Boomstamtafels in vele maten leverbaar tot wel 4 meterHet adres waar een mooi interieur begint. 7000m2 vol inspiratie en sfeer, een unieke mix van leeftafels, industrile tafels en verlichting, boomstamtafels met landelijke of juist designstoelen. Mooie bankstellen en oude meubelen uit India en China en natuurlijk onze meubelen uit oud teakhout. De zesde stoel gratis bij aankoop van een eethoek. Kom langs voor de voorwaarden.Venlosesteenweg 389-391 3640 Kessenich Belgium +32 89 56 26 61 Openingstijden ma. gesloten di/za 10.00 17.00 Iedere zondag geopend 12.00 17.00 like us on facebook Onze Landelijke eetkamerstoelen Stoel 1 vanaf 334,| Stoel 2 314,| stoel 3 390,Unieke Chinese meubelen Enorme keuze in unieke leeftafels Bu ellederen Bank 285 cm breed uit voorraad leverbaar Meer dan 7000 m 2 fascinerende, stijlvolle en exotische meubelen.... 2e paasdag geopend 12-17 uurDiverse bankstellen van Machalke aantrekkelijk geprijsd. Stoel 1 nu 279,| stoel 2 v.a. 130,| stoel 3 v.a. 329,Tafels met industile onderstellen op maat Prijsvoorbeeld in eiken 220 x 100 cm vanaf 1095,Industrile onderstellen van gietijzer Boomstamtafels in vele maten leverbaar tot wel 4 meterHet adres waar een mooi interieur begint. 7000m2 vol inspiratie en sfeer, een unieke mix van leeftafels, industrile tafels en verlichting, boomstamtafels met landelijke of juist designstoelen. Mooie bankstellen en oude meubelen uit India en China en natuurlijk onze meubelen uit oud teakhout. De zesde stoel gratis bij aankoop van een eethoek. Kom langs voor de voorwaarden. Venlosesteenweg 389-391 3640 Kessenich Belgium +32 89 56 26 61 Openingstijden ma. gesloten di/za 10.00 17.00 Iedere zondag geopend 12.00 17.00 like us on facebook Onze Landelijke eetkamerstoelen Stoel 1 vanaf 334,| Stoel 2 314,| stoel 3 390,Unieke Chinese meubelen Enorme keuze in unieke leeftafels Bu ellederen Bank 285 cm breed uit voorraad leverbaar Meer dan 7000 m 2 fascinerende, stijlvolle en exotische meubelen.... 70000 SQF Unique FurnituresHuge choise in bespoke dining tables from reclaimed wood Bespoke oval tables in reclaimed teak or oak Bespoke oak tables with iron legs Unique cabinets from India huge choiseDiscover our 70000SQF showroom and warehouse. Located at the dutch/belgium border. We produce and import furnitures from Indonesia, India, Europe and China and build custom tables in our own workshop. In our 70000 SQF showrooms you will also nd beautifull couches and dining chairs, decoration, lighting. Industrial tables with solid wood tree tops Bespoke Industrial tables with solid oak tops Bespoke cabinets made from reclaimed teakwood Opening Hours Ma. closed di/za 10.00-17.00 Every sunday open More then 70000 square foot of unique furniture from all over the world More then 70000 square foot of unique furniture from all over the world


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